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Torn Hood to His Wife. -
Those eyes that were so bright, lo*ve,
Have rew a dimmer shine
But all they-ve lost in light, love,
Was what they gave to miune.
But still thse url. reflect, tore,
'The benut .f forter boer-",
That iieu'.i a11 a.y j""ys. ley love,
And tinted ll uany dlowers !
Those la.skm were brown to ree, love,
That now are turned t" gray,
But the years wore spent with we, love,
That stole their hue away.
Thy locks no longer rhare, lore,
The gulden glow of nom,
but I-ve seen the warmt 1..k f.,ir, my lore,
Whena -iered by the me.-n'
That. aunw wog sath nr.-l fair, uve,
That lnoke are sbaded nnw,
Eut for rue it hIere the care, loIve,
That spoiled a bunny brow.
And though no longer there, lure,
The gluse it ha- of yore,"
.ill .Mfemory looks e'd dotas, my love,
Where liope adnmired lefore!
The Ruffles.
s i is no u~e, Mrs. ltutile, I am de.
ternined never to do an act of kindness
ag:alu !"
Rla611e wa. eminently known as a good.
natured man, always ready with an open
hand to assi't his fellows. If one of his
tiWm.miitln was in pe-cunitry difficulty,
who but the iaginainous R utile could re
live him, or raiht r would do so ? Like
m-uaiy others who find it hard to use
the word " no," he was som~etimes in
'.,sed uotn,,, andti on such iccasions vowed
with eonsiderable vehem.nee that he
would never la'.: himsxself ini a position to
be victimiiize--d again.
lie w... in exceevlingly il.as.ant-lnok
ing msan, usually ; but when he entered
i it house that inurning. his countenance
wo.r a most ferocious expression. An
unoffetding chair, w hich happened to be
in his way, was very unceremoniously
kicked across the room, and then noting
the astonishtient of his wife he quietly
picked it up, tossed his hat upon the ta.
i-Ie. and sealing himstelf, gave vent to the
er..:ilaiation with which we.t have abruptly
opeied our sketch.
" % by, Mr. Rufft,-. what is the mat.
ter !" inquired his tife.
-Matter!" he ejaculated-; and in or.
de-r to give tlho word a proper mphasis
he struck fiercelv at the table. But a,
the hat-a new one, by the way--hap
pented to be within the circuit of the de
eending blow, it bore the full weight
wbich was decidedly a crasher.
Well, you have done it norw."
-I believe I have Sally; but wh<
would have thought of the hat being ex
aetly in that place ?"
Why, you put it there yourself."
Did 1? Well, I think, I did ; but af
ter all, it is only my luck."
" Your luck is more sinned against that
sinning. Robert. The fact is, if you were
more of a careful man, and le. precipi
tate. yo.u would find your lock, as yoi
e.all it, very like other people's.".
"I don't know about that,- but if eve
there was an unlucky moan, then I am one
Even a mniister cans enjoy the luxury c
pounding his pulpit unmil he raises a dus
sufficient to snteeze his whole congrega
tioan, in enforcing hia arguaunents ; but I
tharsooth, cannot give force to asingle ex
elamnation without smas~hing may hat, o.
bringing the housse about my ears.'
"You forget ho'w you etetared the. house.'
" That was beenuise I was in a dleucet
passion, and if any body is justitied in in
dulging in that sont cf thing, why I am
under existing circumt~stetnces"
"lPrav. what has occurred ?"
" You' remaembe'tr Simpson, that sleek
amooth-faced-no matter 'Ahat, whom
loaned, last week, two huindred dollars
to set him up in business?"
"es, a very worthy young rhuan, aiti
I anm surprised to huear youn speak thus o:
-You are ! Perhaps you will he more
so, presently, when I tell yon that tht
scamip. in all probsability, sailed yesterday
for Californtia and has left moe to whisth
for my money"
"Who 'would havre thought it ?"
"Served mue right-foold that 1 was!I
f'or trying to assist himt. What had I t<
do with Simnpso.n, or he with mue. that
should busy myself about his atleirs ? No
Sally, I am resolved never to perthrm
genterous5 actagi.
" Yes yout will."
" We shatll see. I want you to under
Mazud that I am not willing to remain a
public spaange for every one to sqjueeZ
acc.ording to their iking. I have atcte<
in that capacity quite kog~ enough al
"Not qis so bad as that, flblaben, io
y-ou will allow that our wealth iS conl
.'fatly 'roereming, andi this wou anli hrl'
happenr if, in (lur tendaeav'ors to assist on
fellows, we were consanjtly the victim
of' imposition."
"There is. sonme truth in what you say
but a few more such loses would muaki
en unacowfortable holae in our income
besides such swindling pro~vo.kes me maori
itan the maone~y is .worthi. At :l! even~ats
I am determined not to lbe caught again.
-An occasional wrong should nlo
uaake us close our hearts against all symt
-Sally, you know that I huavae lost thous
o?5d ianamy foolish endeavors to assis
-.'a ' abut mre."
"Still, Providence Juts wondfullfa
hlcetsed us, andm we; yet hae enaough andc
to. spare. laa prosperity, we shjould not
forget tLat we enjoy our presenlt positior
sohlyi by the disintterested assistance wi
received' int early life."
"ITrue', Jac'k Neweomnb was the making~
of mec. We were p)oor etaigh, before hea
etablished' it" in business , Int now I
would gi v'e a cool thaumand for one be.y-ty
*ehaket of his' hand. I fear I shall never
haV.- that plneasure."
"It is long since we hav'e heard from
- More than ten years have passed since
we recived his Lbst letter."
" What can have become of him."
" I know anot, uniless &e hats gone to his
koug homae, where in :c few yeavs, at mhost,
we -must f ,low himt."
-"Btir. that case his wife would have
niotified y*u, knowing, as she must, of
your intim.1ey:"
" I t'hou'd have thought so, certainly.
En o the other hand. if' he is lvni
must be in altered circumstances, for I u.
know Jack so well, that if by any mishap in
he has lyst his property his deuced pride
would itnake him conceal it from his of
friends ; and as tfor assistance, he would
-'ooner die. than ask it." ' 19
lie mzarried a tfreign lady-d:d he
-' No, in Aznerian-the daighter of a1 h
pioir artist who w as pursuing his art at at
Fiurence. There they were united, and n
there they resided, you remember, when k
we last heard from them." i
At that minient, the iior was sofCdy
opiied, and a handsome fee obtruded Y
itself. I
" Alt, Isob-Vu scamp !'' exclailedlI ti
Mr. It e tflw; " what has brought you so si
earl y this morning ?"
"My two feet peirtid that duty for f
:me, I believe, ily gootd uncle." ti
a1 am not s,) sure it' th.t, my sage ii
nephe~tw -, didn't yo i u borrow somelbody's I+
hIorse without leave ?" P
- No uncle ; but I will take elne (df it
yo.urs upon my return, if its all the sam e .
to vo'.l."}i
-Will you !" C
Certainly-and thank you in the bar.
gain for your kind i'ffer. The titet is. I
that I anticipated i, less, and therefore p
tuhl'l John to saddle black Kate for me. u
' as to .ir e you the trouble (if gi l iug t1
the order." et
-- Well, itf all impudent-" I
" Don't flatter, l'nee Iobert, tr I
h-aven't the time to listen, being here on s
;nl por~t t usiness." . 11
\fhat buisiness c-an you have, exeejpt If
that of r:iing the very-" t<
- Not ex'tctly that individual, bit only fi
. certain sumli of money 1ar one of my I
-- Ali mnev-i it ' And how much a
does our disinterested nephew want ?" T
A thousi:nd doilara will ante er, I h
think." I
" A thousand dollars! we hit in the deuce i
do you take tme tor, -ir ?"
"A kind, rich unc!e. who is alw:ivs
ready to help the untortunia'. But tohbe
seri'.us, sir-you know the Lake finily, r
who came here some three years since t"
-But precious little do I know of them. ,.
they have kept so ciifoiunded close." t
-' Weil, sir, when they came here, you t
remember they bought their cottage of :
Gripe, the lawyer, for twenty-five hun. L
dredl dollars-"
" A thousand more than it was worth."t
)'rue, uicle; but they paid hiun fif
teen hundred dollars, and he allowed the t
balance to remain on molr:age. 'Their
time is now filp, and he threatens to fore- N
close itiiyediately, uniless the money is J
fortherining. Mrs. Lake is a stranger
here, and auparently friendless, and knows
not how to avert this calilitv."
" If report is true, you are not alto- I
gether a stranger to them. I have heard
th-t the daughter has some clains to per
sonal beauty, and that Master Rlobert <
Ruflie is of en seen there. Conic, Bob, 1
. now tell me-you know I hate duplicity
:-diid no t lie womani send yo OtUp)on this,
er-rnd 2"
r ton y word, sir-no ! She has
. inever allhided to herv circunstanlces in miy
I pre~senice, nor has her daughter. It was i
u nh- by accident that I learned of their
.enbarrassmient and overhiead the threats
.f "4 W~ell, it s ertainly a hard case, but
- cannot help them."
" You .urely. do not mean that, uwele."
'" But I do. thiughi. if you had come
llast eveningt~, plerhaps I miighit haLve b eeni
1. - l' nugh to. have listened to youn ; but
,this mournitng I have heard of that afinair of
Simpson, atnd I amr resolved1 in fi ture to
atten~d to miv own atiidirs and let the uin-t
,fortunate tske care of themnselves. It is
useless to plead, nep-hew, fihr I am inn on
that point as the rock of Plymnouth."' I
"T1hien He[taven help them !" exclaime-d
the y-Jprg mtan ; and sorely disaippointred,
he left t he houise-not. -eien taking hi<~ fat.
vorite, "hblack Kate."
Mr. Rumfe sat for some time uneasily I
in his chair. nolt noticing the calmn, ex. I
upon himt, an'd which seemied to read~ his
innermo'st thoughits. A t. lenlg th he rose
abrupt ly. cauight up :is hat-which inth
hands of his carefuil .,pouwfr had resiitied
sowithting of1 its t"ermner appilearanice. while
le had ben enigaged with his inephew.'
and said:
"Sall.. I biehieve I will walk as far as
the vilbige'. foar I have a little business to
attend to thailm orningit."
The g' "d ladyv smiled. b ut mnade no re
ply. She- was~ contident that she knew
whant that business wa<. When he passed i
out, obse-rviing thait his nep~jhiew had niot
taken th-- ho rse, het iiitly leaped inito the
-addle, and' ini a few miiiutes was at the
- dooF of' Y idoW Lake' cottage.
r said, as he e-ntered', " biut 4i haue ::;;;.e to i '
olr y'ou tuy serv.ice- t'i auid y'ou k i e
adjstment ''C youir aifltirs, w.lhih lac-ci
,dently learned were perplexing y.ou a:
litle?' I
;His advanee j;;' very greatfuilly rec-|
ceived. Contversation ene~ :smd the re- I
,fined, graceful mianners of the fi.y greut.L-;i
L whia hje was compe~illed to aceknowled'ge 4
- as very besntiful, was busily entroged in:
coloring a large engaing. Th'le order
and neatnc.-s which prm~iled e-very w heru !
within, gave their- little cottage ant ar of
cofotrt which seemed to bid dlefiance to
the approaceh of aiiythiing like poverty. l
IHaving asked permnission to see her
deed anid the' papers relating to he-r pu-I
.hsa, Mirs. La4ke passed into another
room. wien spee to be. thir sleping
aprtment, ini Iirly ta .9;: .ilem AsK
hs gaze followed her, theraigh tfe opej
door he beheld a pictuite whinh broughl.
Ihim upon his feet in an instanit.
" Whete. madun,'' lie e'xelaiimed, "did Ji
yo bti that :>ainting'?"
.jisa po.Jr 'work of my own, when n
jife wore g. jighter prospect titan it does
" And4*ou 'know thec .s3'9l46
eyes filled with twiars and she lektned ypuo
a chair for supirt."I
SMrs. Lake, I will gzive you one thous
and dollars for that portrait, which is the
e-aa countterpart of a dear friend of mine:
of whom for; ;poyu years past 1 have beeni
unable to obtain kny~ intrlligence."
"Your liberal oifer overwhelms mie
...:, g.atinud Liui nardlon nti inn cn
t bring my mind to tit eonsent of part
with it except with life."
HI-e must, then, have been a dear friend
yours, to be so aiTeet innately cherished."
" Alas, sir, I will conceal it no longer
in you-he was my husband !"
" W h:t ! Jack Neweonb, your hu-.
mnd ! Excuse ai., iadai- I caiznnt
.lp1 it," he said, embracin, her heartily
id then kis-ing the fiir girl ; but I shall
ver forgive you for not making- this
own to me sooner. Poor Jack, then,
no longer among the living!"
" lie left us some five years since.
fu know, Mr. Rufile, h:: was at very
rood n:n, and the utbrtunate speeui~a
on which involved his property, preyed
> terribly upon his mind, that he sank
eeath the weigiht of disappointcmet.
luring the last hour. of his life, he men
oned your name frpuent.ly, and made
i p'riai'ise t he if ever I was reduced
> extremity. to apply to you. You will I
rdon a little native pride of my own.
I have lived in this il:ce minder an as
,d name and have r.frined from
inking you aequaintled with these facts
" Not a word. moy dlear friend- for so
must call you-hut give te your pa.
ers, for we must de-patch this business
ith Grape. the confounded usurer. and
wnt you shall see whitler Bob Rlufile
umot he your friend as well as your
In the passage of obl Timte. 'we imiust
up to record that the Newconibs lundl
temnselves literally surrounded with the
ixuries of liti'. despite of their endeavors
, repel the profuse generosity of their
ihnd lRutile. Iis nephew also persuaded
:5se to enter with hiiii into an unlimiited
artnership in the great atiirs of life, and
r. Muflme declared that it was the hap.
ie.t mtuoent of his life when he saw the
appy itiiily cointbirtably bestowed in an
legant cottage. which he had presented
is nephew.
Dow Discovers a Thief.
After Lorenzo Dow had retired to his
[om, after a hard days travel, in the
Vestern part of Virginia, a number of
rsons collected in the bar-room to enjoy
heir usual revelry, as was the &ustomi in
hat part of the country. At a late hour
the night, the alarm was given that one
f the company had lost his pocket-hook,
uid a search was proposed. W hereulion
he landlord renarked that. Lorenzo Dow
vas in the house, and it' the money was
here, he knew that Lorenzo could find it.
'lie suggestion was instantly received
6th approbation, and accordingly Mr.
low was roused from his slumber, and
irought forth to find the ahoney.
As he entered the room, his eye ran
over the company with searching inqjuiry,
ut nothing appea:red that could fix the
uilt upon any one. The loser appe:ired
ith a countenance expressive of great
oneern. and besought Mr. Dow, for
leaven's sake, to find the money.
".iave tua of the company left since
ou lost your money ?" asked Mr. D)ow.
"Nofi'," said the loser.
'IThetn," said Liorenizo, tut niingr to the
andlo rd, " go ande' bring ie a large dinner
This cr'eated no little surprise: hut, as
uentua po'wers wvere universally conl.
beyed. The pu.it wasi brought ini antd set
athe middle of the roomi.
he* old chicken cc k from the ro ost."
EThis was also donei, :mid, by Lonr.tzo's
lirectiotns, the cock wa~s placed bewtith~
he' pot.
" Let the doo's now bee fastened antd
he lights e.xtinisihed," said Mr. Dow.
Th'lis was also djoae.
\ ow," saidl he. " every personm in t hi
cofilmust, place his hands uipon: the poit.
id when thle gil Ity hand trambehiis it the
ock will crow."
Accordlintrliv each one in hi< turn't camei,
,rward an:. touched. pretendied to touciah
he pot t t tio cock crowed.
" Let candles no~w lie lighted," said L>
eizo ; ." there iS noi guilty personi here.
f the mani had any moaney, lhe munust have
tst, it somet where else, lBut stopi,"' hei
ddei, wheni the candle Is were lit "~ let
i ex:uuinre the hand ."
This was the mosat imoportant part of '
he ataidr. fir, on examinatiion, it was timd
hit (one muan had noat touchelid the poc t.
lhe others' hands hieing black with soot,
as a proof of their inunocence.
"IThere." said Lorenuze, poiniting to the
nan with eilean hands: " there is the mn:m
Vho took youtr p'ocket hook."
The culprit, seeing lhe was detr~ete. at
mee acknowledged his guilt.
Aeehamed~ to tae IThou;;ht P'oor.
Why .hi'uild we h~e ashamend to be
iought, poor?~ or to have outr povecrty
mown to the wor!ld ? Is it beca'ise thle
m utward re.,pect of the wiorld is gradled
gwealthI, and th.'e por aire despaisedi ?
11 w's lur; ;.1;. thatsteps of our Lordl
mid .-ter we shli' i.as -s;.-; and why
houbl tha., servant. expcect to be~ above m..
ir.' " If lie, w ho a.aaale all was ipoor,
urly you ie im atl ord to be so withlout
e.ling haiumihiated by the conidiioni over
rhaichz la, :;'vw such grace. W hy a rich
;brit, a lu'.uriius ,CL~syt, '. girgeousaly~
pparel lcd Clhrist, we slou iu not knzog;
id would lnt ownl. "Th1 are you friendt.
es1 was despaised anid r-jected of
tan, A ri 3 IU houtseless, hor beless ! le
with you, for lie had iut. where to by'
li head. Do you suffer hnger9 / a
d le tr iarty days, until Satani temupi ,
d Ilimt to turn aeies into bread to sat is
lI s ap~petite, ie has gone thrtengh it
II, fft it all, anid sympathises with you
it all. " If we suatler with Ilim we
all mlso, be glorifled toiget her,"
"'f en go , an bel!I gracefully poor,
either Lavs-ua, noar A brahanit, mor l'aul
r Christ, wil Ibet aishiataed if' him.
FO'0151LMJKT(1 '{.' I I1.
For ialitby C. W. .1.J. B. jip:.~
Envelopes !
O)l Sale at thae A uvucimlssa Ottcc aiguinal suge
ply of LET'TER RNVELOPES. Price. 25
.per pakage, Cash.
State of South Carolina. I
EXECL. T! i'E CO iSUI L (!,.l3IEIR,
T HE following Resolutions were aduptedi by
the GOvernor and Executive Cuuncil and
were ordered to be published:
The Cotngrass of the C.nfederate S:ates of ,
Amoerieu having paystsed an Act entitled " An Act
to fturther provide ti-r the. public defence," Al-i
proved April -, 184 2, whih nuthorize- the Pres
ident to call tout and place in the ylilitary serviic
of the Cunfederate States for three years, unless
the war shall have been seober enled, tll white
men who are re.sidents of the Cnt'ederate Stated
hetween the ages of eighteen (IS) :dti mnrty-tire
(:35,) except~ thase exempt bty l:ie, '.he Gove:rnor
and Corril. as representintg the anuthority of the
State, are indtt-ed to wivnie, for the present, all
objecti..ni to thJe inansure. and to give it a cheer
ful atd eneretie support. upon the gr.aad of ins
peri ots publie ntecessity. The operntion of the
Acr aftore:nidl t:ikes nell e inatterial i a rilies b'
t wen the fne tentioutt. from the ':ntrol of the
State, whether for active itty in the field or for
internal police and defence. To meet tbi+ new
condition of things, it c1.ente necessary that. the
Stai shall adopt further mrea: ures to orgatco its
f'orte. annd plroid for it: d!.efene.
'/-'I.o , . ;i. lisc l'.!, Thai a State teeerve
Force el::11 bte nrgsaizedl as itrp dy nc practica
bile, t.- .nri.t at o vwn corp:
_'. 'Thast he" fir-t (arpl: shall e:uhraecenll innle
e;tians itl thiu State, bettwctn the age:: of thirty
five :5) antid iny (5u) years, who shall be beld tr
aetive service, wherever ret,1irl ly the StIte aut
thoriti-.s, and h;: still mtlje::t to the perfortuancee
of patrol and police ,blty 'until culled into active
:'. That the second Carpe shall embrace all
thoe persins who are ly laiw exeumpted frota or
dinary militia duity. all tit-n restoits atin all
male uitizens between the :age 4t1' sixteen (It;)
and eigbteen (I j:anl tifty (.U'.)nnd 'ixty-tive (65i
yars, who shall be hell for the pertirtat:ice of
'atrnl anti Police luty and '0:- the internal ti
fen':e of the State whieu reptnired.
4. That to etice: the ur'axniz-ition of the several
Corps of teserves, it shall be the duty of the Ad
jutant and inpecttor Ganer:al to cause a. prolupt
tud accurate enrullutent of all persons emubraced
withiu the two classes ,poeitied, as well as those
embraced in the said Act of Congress, specifying
in each case, on the roll with the uanies, the ex
evnptions, if Any, and the causes and evidence
theretf; the age. anl the District, Parish, Itegi
went at BIent Cotopany within which the per
sons respectively, twiiy reside. Antd for thi' pur
pose, the Adlijutnt and In-pector General , ball
en..ploy the u::encies provided in the tirst recoIn
tion paised by the I toverntr and Council ou the
,;th '.f March, 1.62, 1" conply with the re-ui-i
tion tuade by the secretnry of War for live tiei
utents fromi this State-, and he will use such other
itstrumntalities as he tiay deem pruper.
BY order of the (lovernor and Council.
i. F. A RTH U'I, Sec'ry.
Apr :l It 17
State of South Carolina.
Cot.tar.x, M.iy 14, 1 7.
R E3~ . LE, That the Gohverner antd Ctoi:.d
e.tt,sier t he Coinstription Act ofC.nr
a oxaaniptinlg ri rin Cotisteripti'tt all piwrsiins at
the time le~:illy .-xetanpt. bty the laws oft the State,
itieltdinug, itn Suth CaIri!t ita, the e tt'gitn.t
maded tty the Cnvtenti.. nttui thonse nitdcl.y thie
Oluveruiitr :ttnat ('tonneit by n~iuttihty or the C..n
ventlion, andt thoce unida by the 1.'gislature andt
retatiined by the Cuotitneil ; the t ivertiir auid Coiuii
til hilling ?itat t Exempi~ti..n Aar oft Ctingre.u
do..s naot reptat the ('ntlerip~htin Act. btit ii con
enirr.iit with the existinlg exenipton laiws it tlaa
.Min 21 It 2
'State of South Carolina.
Cftil~miA, tMay I I, l utI.
* First Catrp- otf lIe-erve.,. o hnn Itrinied into
anid whenl 1,riiitol li-;iinenit', the tieldl ,,tiitr<
Atind thiaa: t.tmtitring the .eri'ti C.urlas if l!n.
serve .thall b~e r:ni:'l iin:* Caitnitiai. :und
lteginientte nd pie.- untler the euninutl itf the
enntition5it. lint this lIesoltiiion ch-ll tilt ialy
to the ty tof Ch.m resim. whe re i le re'terve fotrcei
is alIreadyv irgai l an itettredl.
liy trder oft the tiavertnor and Ctiiis-il.
I:. I'. A ItTIIUII. S..e'ry.
Masy 2? Ii 20t
$25 Reward.
Ap~lril laist, his Noetro htty EI.EYA. $airi
Eze7.y is abiont :: taet .S ir 11 inthies hi;:h. ahn: ::nt
years otld, atn.l weigh; :.tutt lun ir I 7tt ponud..
lie is a inilito iOtl lti. light itnutnm-iu iud whia
kirit, ir btrind nerr the eye. :nttl thtin tlier, lias
a veary eiulhy :ippeariratne, andi ispeakcs .-diw whlit
mond's. Whent iai ha.1 i hurtl tutuit.h wis ini Abbil.
.villai 1)istri-tt, aund .-aitl that heIn wa' gtintg t , a tiee
I will hay Twteni -.';. e lo!bers fir his dilivery to)
tue, or lInte Itin gared I hIar:.fr his rectotery 't
evihiita gutlicienit to conviit~ . at hitle pertinuif
laer.'nadin~g him ott, ttr iif givinig timn am lit.. it lie
ha~s ..ta- L. L. 1IALh.
Uruiit ille, M1:y 12 -It Ill
H T. 11.ItITl Eu1i., is myt legnt A Itirney
eI during tmy liasence. All piersit.c itttle,ed
t, ite either bty Nit, itr Ate.-.tit, will caill amnl
ettle the .emiti with htimt. C. L.. 1187 .F
Mny 21 :: 211
j i KE[Y frbid idl ;uersttns huathing tar wa'h..
inig it lie Fi--Pandi itt the- premtisis I onmaU.
py. The doing sot, haii apulie a:t well ia., ia pr ivate
nitisanre. i nil inta islat proVe iuiritoum tto the
Fil-od At thle tttlitcitatittn taf the bonys I
prmoitted it. last ytnur, but otiw dlitictly recall
tt petrmisionit, umI reqjueit ptaretstt itnd guacrdi
an o tuntify) their chihlrent iixordiiurly.
t 21
$25 Rtewar'd,
R A NA WA V fratm Ithe lSubscrliernhiout the lituh
Jlune as hisli Negro miian J A C l(. Thai sil
Jackc is ahbout fifty years taf lao, lIve teet t~ight or
umt neeo highl, wteighi abouttt 1.t: piounds---his
hair is turning~ gray---hns a hand ctughi whitnt
-toriaid--Ucg tat htis tronlt teeth ii of a lulishi
ulir--very dar'' it"atoleeled-''Jturns hig toes out,
enidelarabtly whein wailkinug. Ilt!eu '- wigfe at.
Mr. D. T. Vaughnltt's, niear Edl~etihtlI C. lII. alI
n'et, tiu relativem at Kiiad's itt Newhierry 1is
ilt'e .2,1 ,1 uy bat e lurkintg abouamt onue of1 thwut
Thie ilative rwitrdl all bae pngt im: ll dlii.
in any jail 1-0 that I can get, hiu. Altdfnss tilte
a.t Ilatmburg, S. C.
Dy the direction of the Colportage Ilmard. at
Drlington, the work of supplying the South
Carolina soilliers with the New Testatnint. an.!
roligious reading, was be!gun first by us in South t
A number of devtel Pator, of ti State are
laboring earnestly antd etliciently as Culpiorter4 it
the hoard--saotde of them in Virginia and some
of theta on the South Carolina coast.
The cheering intelligence is reaching u- con
st:tatly that the soldiers receive with tratitudte
the New Testatment au-l Travts given them. 'they
weleursc all religii.its iustrueiions with, in tu::y
inls! uues, the gutiig tear and quivering liip.
The operations of the Board, to the 1st l'ehrtts
ry, are 11,500 i New Tesinimats and one usillion
seven hundrud t.cus:aand pages Tracts.
They nut only aecept this New Testatuent antd
Traetrs given then:, but they read thetn. in ne.t a
few instances, prayerftlly and etavinigly.
Thr.uagh the situpl, instrunentt ality of a. iltth
Trcact, the truth" of " bnd's word." presented t::
thema by the Colporter, the earne t prayer anal the I
pious cunsol of cach, as nunber hare turned t".
Uid, and are now rejoicing in Him.
Thaee who have visited the sick -i.ddier, as we
have in the vcarious Htepitali in tand! about Char.
leston, know with what rcadineI and thankful.
nes5, pr.ayer andlt rhligion.c instructietnd are re.
ceived: hw gl:dcly they r.caeive the New Testa
Thonainds of the latrioti.- sois of our own and
other States, who aor.: sacriticing all fur our con.
ton eouttry, have no Bible to point thet to God
and to " light up a dlying hed." They are willing
to read it-they ask for it. Shall the'y he denied
Onr Chaplain write.: "I la uast believe fifty neni
in the regiment have brought Testawents with
We circulate tno Tract or Bllok which any Chris
tiutaitta would ohject to, whether he be I/'.egy-'I
terian, .t/lhodirt, Epin..pia atn, L,nherta, or IlI.p
ti.. We, therefor, appeal to all Christians
t throughout the city and country to aid us in this
cotmon work. We pledge ourse!ves t", taeet the
spiritual wants of four soldiers to the full extent
,of the cneaus placed at our couuanand.
Saouth Carolina recgiuents in Virgiirat share
prparti:ndlly in all the operations tf this lBoard
-in Culporters, New Te.aanu:nts and Tracts.
[itny of the sins of North Carulint, Georgia,
Tennes-ee, ctud other States, are upon the coast of
Soth Carolina. Shall we not mninister to their
spiritual watit+ ?
The lloarl deire to publish a natmlaer tof " four
page Tracts," adapted to thes wants of the soldier,
and hereLy ;olieit such uanuscripts. Thu.' nanu
I scrip s't mudt hefree fromune deoiitwtttiuittI l~ia.
Tihose who etntribute-to this work nay specify,
if this ii lesired, in what regiment or etltay
such fund shall b!. expended. All contrilutions
to this work wrill be avknuwlelged in the public
Let is lie rimctuberetl that $110 will ay one
tlaacusaud New Testatneuts, and thirt-nm renr., wiil
h.ay at singlh i:cpy. ::ach ecopcy nill supply r
Waill the Pn:staarc iroucghoiut :hais $rtte :ancjother
States hcavinig troopcj. inc Smith Ctaotinia. rena I time
I cbmoe to the~.ir cngregatioan., jad stid us the
free-will oiferincg.i ticide. ta this woark.
Scctcter. S. C.
.itCa; 'S.\ GA.,
*I.lc:.e aot tih.: Ma aT 1):E11iAtLsE PAPtERS
ipu!i:-hced in :iie Saiut. Itt its
Noc liabor is lpure.1 tmm give ithce catllist uncd uatoct
acc~uri a cintell i:;eane frmt all quiaartersa. Itcs
I1' filhl withI :n ~ple aicind reiato inifarain ofici
aicenirrec e.-c'. at tim' politie'l andc co:tneriiial ieen
In Pliics.
I *lE f')NST [hTtINALIST is thorougt~chly
5.ccuthern;. atn-llhrec', undelcr 11ur roQw thimvern
nientt, toa its~ priineilems oft S.\TE1' li111tilTS tad
STR I T c:a\Si'T Ca.! It :nvcaeas the ad.
mati.+:iin inctoc tht' Seat herun Conatfedeiracy.i~ oc:! lv
thoc"e S't.t'ao' which1
Itcogirctie Procperty in Slaices I
.\c: a. pat ilthir Siici:d Systont.
laily (Canita! i.idi't................$c,.aaa
TIn-weemk'y 4. ............. 5,tii
Weaalty " ...........'.t11
Noh aer u'ettt ur Ih- lthe Ciu'l ac :c.atupiiaies
th lioarde.r.
;:.s..amel'acien roiesm~ sent w ciin am i for.
.4Atl 'c ~l I 11lPropritor.
iI ahli tllE.\TilA.\l wall randl that 'l'IllN~m
. 1 iAF. t l'r 1 . at EdIgetild 1 . t I., in
I la.ilcdy., 'iTna.-day, WI~cdne-daylisiad Tthursdacys,
nn acii:t. liaricon aialbnaci's, sixc unile- l'art act thea
Uicirt lion.-e, the' retncaindier aof lie weeik. at
Tweityc. ftive .mil.a rs hin Seacimn, withl thme privilmy'
tf ien in. tiny c n am lro ~ oini ini toal thene
ea .on fr:e-.tt r:e
Ditli at f:lA'l.\ i.. at bhack hier.ee' c'even
yieics ichi this !pring, ablou, sixtaeen handsli highl.
hIb. wnug .ired hby lan. .\uion, lirst ama 'cy imtp.
I.evialltmii. 2.1 dltat bmy 1leht. :lm td dun lay Trop.
;:.aliat. -Itlh lban bay lamplighter, .ith dain lby
hlcala map. l'ijmn, ,t.!. hir,-laet wa.t- by I map.
I Litizen:a Topefgamllani.t~ by cud.tin. Icle~ b aimp.
liedifoard: l.cim;cli-:hter bcy lip. c.adhy.
ltIi (UlhEA'Til.\.al wcas a g,'a.. true.- hirSi.
'lThosw chlirinitt to breedm'i hr-cm haima ht.,.? he-i -endi
icurly inc thce !4i:i.tn wc h il co-.:mentte' I--i .\l.archi
lie. ;ill be~ t.an I whitie ut thme 'icura lituse, ait
alr. T1. .1. Whittnker'J Staubbri, whlii will takL., oaml
cren mit Mare' tat $15 perat mtaih, buat nttila h ianble
far ntecid..tsc ar esenlpe?.
l-'ha b . l isei 2ma ci
State of South Carolina,
:.111.#. Il'jl .1 ,
Crt F -lccmting,
rc'. i Thynvq ..fttach'nct.
.\ark E:. Sweency. J
T[lE PaintfiIfc itt thtoaboveictatettd mease, hbait
thidy l- hir techtirationc in my thlie,
nutad te lDf.ndant ahav Ing neither wife nacr Aaa'anr
naey k nowna t a reside writhcint theo liat.- ut t hea Sctatea
on~ whitmi iris oif 'ai Ibelaratiuna wvith ruala to
plte.mt runi be saervedi, Oat mtoatt Icy W. W. Maca
gomcery. Phtcintitf' A tiarntey, trdered thact thei'
satid lefenantiit tappaeiar utndl pitad tam ucaidl Dteelara- |
tion wt~tit i yea~r andc a dlay fricmt tha- ate, hemreaf.
or fthaud tacal ab~s.tttlu .iudagamentt with be giveu
a~aljat * ~. IIAFR lIfStaN, C. C. P'.
.1 atti 2, 1.cia2. O ga
N OTICE is heurebay given that thte Noites ue mttc3.
N Lahoirdle. Ex'aar aif thte Estcate of P'. F. Ln
turde,~ arne still ini miy htandsc for collectiion. The
Exeenatur is dhesiratas tof cluosingthe utlairsm of the.
S>ttaes as eatrty is possih!e, ti.al requcests early
li--.lu y f thce Noteca alue.
I aut auathornisdca to infoirm thcosea jiebaaed to the'
EIttats thtat Uaanfeideratec Noites andi luonds will be
*uivrda int ptuymnt if desired.
E. PEN Aet.
JaanS For M. Lallorde, Ex'or.
Rich Medal
C1.A 3E. 3P
Cornices, Bands, L
The largest Stock ever offered,
JAB. G. ]
Augusta, Sept 18
i .1ix:[ Itxi I . Y AND TiI- I L'E KL I
DAILY MERCUIIY, far 1cyear - - - $10.0'
" " fr- a month. .. - 5.flO
'" j" fr :s months - - 2.5
For less than three mantas, Si per month.
Newspaper Dealers and lietail Agents suplplied
on liberal termsu.
TRI-WEEKLY MEltCURY, for I year - $S.O0
'' " for 6 months 2.50
" for:months 1.2:'
For less then 3 months, 50 cents a month.
FROM Ti!LS DATE, an uhseriptiuns out *f
the city will be received unless accompanied with
the eash.
POST3MASTERS are authorized to act :n our
Regular Agents in obtaining subscribers :.ad fur
warding the money. for which they will be allowed
20 per cent. commission; only, however, when
paid in advance.
Sulscribers desiring their papers changed, must
mention the Post Office frotu, as well as the one
to, which they desire the change to be inade.
Gentlenen getting up Clubs of 5, 10, 20 or more
will be supplied at 2 I er cent. less than legadar
TIlE MERCURY he now the largest eireula
tion of any paper in :n2- State, andal is s:.o umi ir
this respect to but few papers in tl.e South ; it
therelore offers great ailvantages to business men
and others, whose interests reCuirc i,.::licity.
ONE SQLARE of 13 lines, solid N'atnareil,
each irsertiton, 65 cents, and for each adeiltional
line 5 eents.
CO3M1UNICATIONs of personal interest will
be charged as advertising mutter.
Orders from without the city to publish AdIver
tisetents, Marriage Notices or Obituarie-, will
not be attended to unless the cash, or an accepta
ble city reference, accompany the order.
,- On all bills of :i5t) und over, 2U per cent
discount is allowed.
pi- South Carolinnt Bank Bills taken in pay
ment for subscription to the Mereury.
' Charleston, July 1Stil.
JAKES GA RDN~ER, Proprietor.
T lIE Tillih olA1.E OFu Tnil FA\'vv -
coinmnatedwa with the inue aa' Maly 25tha, 191. It
is paublishcal at Autgus.-t. tieurgia, every Saaturea);
ee ntainitng torty~ cotlaumni of en tertaitting reiu
nItt:tter; derimed tt L ITE h AT I'RE, At ilt'lL1
T UiltlE. Ill~l'TlCl1'1!LT :tt the low nrivc s
Tlwo bllarat I:.e'r yer
.igricul~tar,l i.ist1:t. L;-:a:, .\1. 1'., i'rdates-.r -
.\.;riaulture int Geo.rgia Uniserpity llorrtiibur
" ts writer- tare the umt- a: a .i-hed ittn the
" Stnads it, thea ve-ry fra.: rnaa..
[Presbyter~iat, latrit..tau.
"A tustt ejetatlde p.aper."
I IC~hitan I liCX. Mac.
"t E.pu:al~ld bay !ew, sutrpaus~jd by toae."
"The best iuvestmntt at' two deallttrs thttt etnul
e ittade." [31 i.-saurian. St. Louis.
"lDeservess ft :tttat liberal patrottge."
' Wee taardially eummendttta it to Saulabernerr."
a ~[ Ettotuirer, It ichmondtaa.
[Ct ht Atynat e. N..w Orlentaus.
"t~ldcttl-tedl a'iinetly tot impjra':,' the anil :and
minde "f Etn.j airer, Memphalis.
"Fill c.l with tlt he ibieest reatliag muatter."
{.laatrnal .t 3Mescenger, Mnetn.
" An -excellenat 'oturnal. aadited I:. by acblupetett
eiatilainta." [ irit 'taraiaa .. - S eaal e *t~~
(Jt otinl, .anisv iie.
SA mthrle~s.-inr."
Staier unthern Arguts. Norfolk. Va.
-Every readhing muatt int the counattry shitsllI
aave it." { liplti. u;usta.
t tiiveas full vtalute for t he notney."
[Southlrtan, .1 tneksnn. MihSs.
"t Withouatt a rival--the lest that ctomes to uts."
Expess Vickshaur-d, Mi.-s.
"nt Th.best f(;amily lptper publishedl."
(Couarier. Charla'ton.
"A welcoame etest at every tli eshle."
[AaLvertiiser, Muntgomtery, Alai.
T'ertuas ofi tsubscriptionl.
l'.tvan'.ax~ A:.w.tys tts AtVNr. I
Single coply, per uinnutt .......... ..--.
TIlE FIEI.t dND) FIlRESIDE is rtnw tiraily
establised. It is l.haanately pt intted., itt folio
fart, for haittling t n atht b tles t luaJper, witht chl ar
lyp. lsvery exertiona is ade to vindienite its
~inas tot be "TIlE FIlRST WEEKLY PAPElt
All yishing tao heromae sublscribers, will planac
adres-s 'IAS. G;Alt fey ' . Praopritor,
A-r CutCnINT. . 4 .
A- WLEA 1' Ya ?L['jY P A PL?.
rIIS is the largest F'amily Paper in teSatuth,
anal is otfferedl to the dhomestic circle fair
Te Tales andl Stotries which nare olleredl to the
-ader.ca tof the IBannter are the effiarts of Soauthaern
jennag, whicht it is a pleasure tat foister. Original
Sktebs, Literurytiand Scientilile Eanaya. andal is
ell.aleous Selectionts, regularly mtake their ajp
earane in its columnts.
SUSClPT TON-Daily. S$l ; Ta i-Weekly, t;
Weekly $2 per annum, in advitance. All Papter,
;topped when subscriptilen expires.
R. W. GIJDBES, Proprieter,.
olmba, .Tuly 1861L f 29
lion Velvet
E T S.
oops, Tassels, &c.
BORDmS, n.
for sale by
tr -37
Successor to E. Tweedy,
Augusta, Georgia,
AS now in Store a large Stuck of FINE
Of celebrated anakers. Aloe, a Rich variety a
Setl of CORAL, CAMEO and LAVA in Etrus
can ani fine Gold.
Rings and Ornaments.
A great variety of GOLD FINGER RINGS,
CHARMS, Neck, Vert and Fob CR AINS;
U. S. Mint Standard of Solid Silver SPOONS
and FORKS, faney Sets;
FANCY GOODS in great variety suitable for
Holiday Presents.
Vint Silver Plated CASTORS, CAKE BAS
Splendid Cutlery.
Cheap Pocket KNIVES for Boye, and a large a.
I tortment of FINE E'EN und P'UCKET CUTLE.
RY, which cannot be undersold ; alo DIltRK and
C(Xlt'a, Renmmuington and Allen's REPEATER.
Single liarrel PISTOLS;
BELTS, CA PS, &c., in fine variety.
My assortoent is complete in Gold, Silver and
Steet Framies. And I ean buit any bight and pro
lWng good vision to old ago.
I have a greater variety and a larger number
than the whale market enn ,how, and at prices
frotn SI,U to SSU each, warranted '.erfeet time
Lamps and Kerosere Oil,
faithfully repaired at the lowest rateb and war
Jan. 1 ly . I
A Folitical anid News Journal,
Daily, Tri-Weekly and Weekly.
T: 'i.M.--.u z.v, Sil; Ta.-W1:Kz.v, S.4 ; W as
in nynr
rga llis .1') 'It NAL, neew euntering ulern its third
.yer nuder the p~resent propIrieto.r, is rapidly
*..zeung its siren!a rican isnld slytiene. Fou pde.4
..a.d eonduered uponl tihe principleks of spite iig Jte,
it en.joyz the zeward ot public confidence iJntif ru
lightceed ullttoval. Et.itirlely inrlept uldent, in i:t
muanage.*lent, it hus* stood with uunwavering ceuti
sence, and soundness, iuregrily aza. enajiztenecv
.f its pr incipales. l.r~ot;hlgt iv rert as welt as
Ihtuurit geud, iuz Voice l.ngs been~ heardt in defenes
.i the LQUAI.ITY iif the~ South;t itt ei. ...ela
huee ever been ande are for 11 ESISTANCE to the~
wvrsen~z atteinpzted to bie it:t up1)uu na by a Lection
.1 iarily.
Thze Sl0:TIIElIN G L'A1URD.AN look' l'or vup
iort t.. the State und aection whice tights, honor
untd inaterets~ it han ,rillhfully s.l.ouet and innii
Cumubi:, July lStil. tf 2u
ITI ise1SFur nlow-a-day fur the peropriletoeri
aepoellera ot peatent medlil~iea to array
ariare the p~ublic eye in the tuot glowing colora,
.secunts of neiuielItt etzrvn, anel at the same
:imt~e compelair. ol the pe. rty of, the Etnglizsh la
p in-.:e Ias hing inadtut.je to teeonvey idens that
.t..uld ii., jalrctt o 2"Iheir mnedienl jprepialr.tioln..
No l*~ it-r-prir et them shue-naintl~ prel-ara
ri el d..'t Iier ::.d I., p~ur-nle :ei-y iuc~h eeaurse, hut
'whi Ibe coenlt to iny. tetndiuly, to the peol*
what hiis pr -snitn ha es de.e inted ill do. The
I)Y8i'EpT3iC lRlEiEleY us.edltno esuch prepping
li,. p EI*l-T IC 1tE.tEla i.- the ednly re~abb, pre
parntien unSw tefi~e the peCO!.lb. Ir ALL DIS
EA$ES OF TIlE STI:3iACil, and thuse other
dieanues th:et hare thleir orligin in ditcenee of that
o'rgan. It bne lgin l ut-1 ugnin eured when all
ether percearatiotns leave failed. Its turts have
tbeen ti~euteldlby phlyaicinn.- 12u enun'itel. It har,
celtenl been pre-judged and thrown aside bey phy~
,iejilnS unde coningued to the tomb 6f qunack ehuwm
beugs, and afterwards restored to nu.fe cobgnnial
climet oun terra tirma, to be admini..lre'd 'ta thbir
cc rni-ut leld exhaust d peatienetse and' wititt~r
.il0s'T l'EitFET S.UCCEdS..It baa been teaieal
.oed recomtmenedelby the :nout z'-minenet. phyairiarna
eof thwleountr:.,-an~d one aned all- who hcave-Clior
uughly- tentedt it int good faith, are nnanitntiW itt
itn peraise. It will Cl W'RE TilE WOR ST FOINS Ut*
Liver Disease, Constipation,
having their origin in D.isaan of thie 'Stonashi
W'r the'above meiuoned lieas'es,'~it I1ov
ereign remedy, ened will not fail in effeeting a
cure if the patient is tnt too penrius to perre
veoia the taking of the Rtemedy. If. one pack
rige don'ut cure y,.u, try another, and still aneother,
a~id rest asturedl it will not fail in aecozunpliahinag
hll that is ;erotnisced. Anti lenother thing you
;iauy test assured oel; that you ennnot take it lung
a -thout seeinag aned feling that it has already be
full teo benefit yeeu t and if so,, conutitnue taking it
regutlarly. anid Ifolheiv tout all thle dlirections--and
The R1EMEDY is fo sale by Dr. C. W. & JT. B.
FIODG ES eund E. M. PENN. Edgefield, S. C., at
M per; peekege....
For Sale,
SSMIAJLL FARM enntnainineg One hundrced
zand thirry-three (1t%) aeres No. 1 Land.
.iauuured un the Plank Roadl, la~ mile. West of
,decliebel C. II. Uponn this leio Is a EI00D -
,W ELLING HDOUSE, with all the neeenry edut
euiilding'e which have been built within the last
svc. yeursl. Alas, 'a never failing well of the verf
.est water.
For further informuaion I refer you to Dr. RI.
r. Nimns at Edgceid C. H. E. S. MIMIS.
Mtar4 At 9

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