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Legislature of Sooth Carolina.
Mos DAT, JAN CARY 26, 1863.
SBSATB.--A'ter organization, Senn e re
n?vrd Irotn the House tbs report of the M li
f*--y Committee ou so much .-f MeHnage N>>.
i ut tbe Governor BS wm referral TD them ;
resuluti.-n to pay the C'-etk of in? House for
eJCtra services ; re-obuion to restore- the re
cord* of the Ordinary'' office of Charleston
district to Georgi Bu'ut, O.dina-v ; resolu
tions in reference. t>? un ae? n**y Rf Richmond
^ tho a-eiistanee of S <u?b Carolina soldery.
whit1-, were severally rHerred.
Numero;u reports on petitions, bilis, ?i,:.,
wera m*J?r from committee*, when Seiw?e
pruceede-l to th? speciel order for IO oVl?cfc
_tb? report on the ?'ill to cont; icr i:t loree
the-Act io eXte ri relief to dttbtor^ttc. and
tho report ott a Bill to prevent the sacrifice
pr?>p?*rty at public Hale?!.
Arter iHimc time spent in diseusriiot?, ll???
Bill* wera nm-ie the order <>f th? day fur lo
morrow at tho ?-nru- hour.
Xotic? o? B U? were given br several Sen
au rn; "hen Message No. 2 ol' th? Governor
wft* :c^c.TP'i and read.
Peadiug th?; cuD?id?-ranon of the B ll '..
u'-utua tb? Act to supp y ncg."o lalioc li s
coa. a defubCe, Senate aoj -urncl.
HoCSS.- Alt? r the oruaniz ilion, anil tbc
ptt??litk.'t1ou of petitions, tuc-uiorh?!-- &?-.
Mr. Yeadon (from the Coiuiui'tee on Oom
mere? and Muuulaoiureit) reported on the
re*oluUou* of Florida, in relati-m to the frye
Biauu&ciure ot"?alt ; which wa? aji.reeJ lo.
Air. iiu?*on (fVo'ui the Military Cotiiiiiitiee)
reporto-i-un a o.ll tu revive and ai?tntd lio
Act cxua?ng* Board of Ordnance an i O?d-:
on.ico Bu:baa <o*-t on a bli! to amend o e
Act jjra.??nji r.:.;ei I" thu finniU-u of .Millier*;
ah>o, OL ? bili ft'r?iii the Sennit1)' to vacate
Wie commissions of midna.;iii.:er.-, ; al.-H>, on
a bill lu pcovkie a moro <rlf elive po.ic? lo
toe i)uirieta o;? the ..-ea- o .ni, which were or
cer.id tor consideration toiu?>rruw.
Mr. Tre-cot,' f.\.m tb?? Special C?Vmhlttte??
on resolutions of inqu ry on th..- PrOe amaino,
o' tue Governor, QM i- a report.
Mr. B..F. IVrry, ?rom ni? wine comm it?,
submitted die minority r? p rt; WM? h Air.
ordered for conM ?etaiiuu tomorrow, ah '?
dared to bo priatoJ.
Mr. ti. F. Pet ry luiruduced the lollown y
resolutions ; which were ?rdertd twre-JiiS.it
eratloo to-inorrow :
Whereas, ?luring the la?t full, 1 i? Excellen
cy and tue E.-xcutive CoUi/cil uaw proper li'
call tut the Militia ot the Stale, between th?
i:f thirty-five .'and fifty years, iwg?uiis<
lineal iuto He?ci?l ri'giu eM? ol' lt'>ei v.-d. ann
temitir them to the Confed?rale trim-rnitt?-ni
for the itrio of l'ii*?;e montbs, hllbougli th*
sud Goveiument bad railed lor no soldier*
io a*iy of the ?.at -ft, *u-^r the 104e of foi I)
yearn, Tery properly ooiiuideriiig that thone
over that ??M ?hi.uhi be left ut home fur ajrn
cultural purp les. And whereas, ii i* higlili
iaiportant that, all perrfwia now m serviee, i.
tba ?aid retjitnenU of lieserves, %vbo ate uv. 1
tiie age required l'y tho C .nfeoet-ate ant h in
tifrs, should return booie in titnv to plan: the r
crop* for thc present year. And wiierea-?, ii.
the ab?ence of such por.-ong, there will he, ti
many ?minus of the State, ?cn-ely any on
left to cultivate their latins Br.ii niake pr>>vi>
; inn for the support of their |U : i?iei durn.^
avnotber year :
Bc it therej'uie, resolve'', That in the opin
ion of thin Legislature, all the sohliem lu . h?
several South Carolina R gimeut-s of Be
serves, uow iu Couiederate nervice, ov?-r th?'
?((e of forly yeeri. are entitled to their d?>
c:iarge tt the expiration of the term (3
moid hs) for which ihey wer*/ cabed on', ano
tb at to continue them in CoulV-iem c sci vic
altor tbat period, ^rould ho iu violatiou ol
???.<M1 faith on the part of tho CJufedcratK
GoTerameut, sud work great injustice to tue
.sol! riera.
Resolved, That his Excellency the Govern
or be, and ho is hereby, instructed to tee that
' all thou* in said regiments who are not liable
to Conscription, under the Acts nf Congre*?
a-;d the call of the War Department, !>e di?*
charged and returned home at tho expiration
of their torm of service.
On motion ol Mr. Dankina. a resolution
wait adopted authorizing the GoVerno- tc
eau*? to be erected, or tu aid and assist any
person orootopany to erect, a manufactory ol
Cvtton card?, aud the sum of $ 10,000 is ap
propriated for the parposo.
The extortion tall (n special order) was de
bated and a motion to indefinitely postpone
voted dowe-yean 30, nays 70.
Message No. 2 from the Governor waa re .
eeivod and read, together w.th evidence thal
Sergeant Horace A. McSwain, of Spartan It:
fies, captured the flag of the Michigan Regir
Den!, which was s-jnt to the Legislature, with
others, by Governor Pickcos.
The extortion bill waa further considered.
Mf. Yeadou moved to strike out ail after the
etvscting ciauee, and insertan amendait n.t.
which was agreed to-yeas 64, nays 3i>.
- Several propositions to au ond ;tie MTl?iid
meot were made and voted down, sud pen-l
ing the consideration of (he bill,
The House adjourned.
SKJ>'\T?;.-After reception of papers from
the Hcuse, reports of Committee*, ?c., Sen
ate proceeded with the ordern, and agreed to
the report ot tho Special Committee on the
bill lp ?ni?nd the Act granting; a'd to the fain
ilia* of soldiers afcer amenomeut.
The jpeoial order--Acts to grant relief t'?
deb ors aud to prevent iacii!i?es of property
at public sale*-coming up, the first mimed
bid was read a ne corni time-ye-.s 2'J, haye
S-and ordered to tbs Houie
1'he ?<>cond named biil was ordered to the
Resulting the General orders, the bill to
amend an Act to soppiy negro labor for co ist
defence, and the bdl to prevent, and putiiih
the planting and cultivating over a certain
quantity of cotton during the war, were read
a second time and ordered to the House. On
.the latter bill, by yean 28, nays ll.
The mevage 01 th<i Hou<e, propo?iin^ to
re*ciad tbs order fur adjournment on Fri Jay
next was ordered to lie on ti?? table.
Mr. Wilnon offered the following preamble
and rca?lii?on* which was ordered for coiin?-i
?ration to-morrow :
Whereas., the Superintendent of Labor his,
ander the instructions of the Governor, and
ia o.-nfbrm ty with the official opinion uf the
Attorney Geaeraj, published a declaration
that the Act of th's General A^einl'ly, PR.??-,
on the 18th day of December, 1?62 providing
f.?r tho'supply of stave labor to the Confed?r
ate military authorities in the State of South
Carolina, ii inoperative, and baa issued his"
?ail upon curtain District? of this State for
?ne:r aiiegec quota thereof, under the author- !
? y of Lariam resolutior? cf tbe isle Exccu- !
live Conked. Tiieref'ire, Le it
jfa?'Aved, Thaf iii i.be opinion of t'.?e Sen- ;
ale, t>? Act bf the I.8:h December. lri;;2. is j
t?f.'W the law of the lani* and ur, ;mpr.*sf rn*;:it
. I" !***>r -ia le^al whteh is not made ia acoo'- !
J ?VJ? with. >ls provisions.
Aetmte adjourned to ;u?^t at li oV-lock to- \
.I'liriiK.-After the orj|iiiizstien, aud the
r- -ispfi'in of petitions, ?tc., and reports iroui
iVJr. Trenholm introdaced a Bill to auond .
rfbe Act autlorieing- the City Council oft
'Cbariesv.on to :-?sne small notes, receivabie in 1
.t-Ufe?) wh???h iras read and reforreil.
The Extortion Bill, as tie special order, be !
.\atr tnk?>n hp, . j
Mr. Tireribobn moved ifs indefinito p->?t- !
ponement; which was rejected--jvsai 50, !
. ?ers 53. .... j
3, D. Jones moved to smcod th? bill,
that *!*r'Fnecalntor or denier shall he indicia- M
ble lindar thu b;jl. who sells at a profit not ex- I j
o el mg. 20 p-r C'?nr. j
Aft**r 'he failure <?t" a motion lo lay thin
, a.uetidyiipnt on lie ipul-:-y>;i6<i2,> naya 50, j'i
.Mr. M.kt,d fim\*n rim indefinite po?rp;rne- '
men* of tue r?it?? wuiou pfiaaed lu tbc athV- j 1
. mati.e'-v?as 5:?,-nays ?32. j i
I A message 'vas ?rdti.:d to tu > S'Mi;re, pro- j I
. j oMiig ji? im?ud- tlie order for a.?jv!iromeut 1
! ut: Fridjly'lliiM.
.A?i**rM.ii?' reception of n huge numl.er, ol [ I
pap r-J^om Senat?*, . ."
i " The .House adjoiirni d. j I
i.^ \V*>:ij.vP.si).iv. JANUARY 2S, 18.;:i.
! SEN.?TK.-Alter th?* meeting ol* Senate, tee
j rwfptiihi ot' paper- Lom tue House, report*
j of C miuiitt'-es,
TUM Spi-cinl' older wn< dischnri/ed until t<>
I marrow;, nod i tintiiln-r ? t reports on private
matti r?.wer.' a&?eeii to.
I 'I'm*. ,Ti poit ol ?he Committee on Claims
i and G. winces on th?* report of the C'immit
] iee ou Claims oi the House of Representa
: titres on*? resolution of iiupiiry in relation io
: ibo i?>nviif?'t fir slawr.? h)?t in th-* servio*, of
; the St ata*?* was ag'reed lo, and. pursuant to til"
; rt'coitinv.ti ia'Uni of tlie C m??iitu*e. a mr*s
I sa^e .vas, ??Hitt t.; the lionne i>f R'-presenUiives
i proposi'jf the f lowing re-oiuliims in lieu ol'
! those r.e~iiiiuei]ued by the Committee of the
! II use ol iw-pi- scn'a'ives :
Jia<i>'v--ii. Th it it is the opinion of this Ceil
j eral Ast&mhly, ttiat it is proper and just, that
j t ie St?!?, si.o'ild' co me'ii i'e th?* i) >"iers of
j slaves tf^'ven by U.e au thur ?ly of the State
j t-'r ttie public -ervice. who have ?lied front
I d s-'ase ir*ni neted in said X'TVHV. and win wc
I death or ross has been weasiontd by reason
; ol such serv.i:.'.
j /?/r.o/V?*/. That .James Tupper, Esq, Audi
, tor of Chums, no req tired lo p nem e e?rtifii?d
? copies of :the evidence lwsb?re the L?gislature
I i?i all on>**s of the c'inr*"ter iiidicatetl liv tte
j fircjioit'e re?olu:io... which uiiy be acred ;ip
I on favorably duriug th?' present s?*?*?i>ii nf this
' Ii iti-1 'turi*, tog-t'ier with s?t?:h ad li lc-na! e..
? idence as-m-iv lu? !i?'c?*ssnry. and posent MI h
. claimWitb i e i vvle?n*?*. to tltn (hitif? defnti?
i 0 ?..(lies-?, oi Mimi C ' ir! ' f Claims a-* may lie ?
j eHtabbs I#M] for th? '...n-?ido' a:io:i of thu sn me; ?
j aly?, that Ole s:i-d James Tupper do procure, |
j as noon a-. priteMetCide. inform ition ns to the
I character and forms of evidence whieh may
j l?e require?] by tb?'. 0.?nf?*ilera<**"G?'V?riim?fnt
j for t h.? In'u'v. use of this Legislature ; and
j 11.at. alter sn li information bus been obtain**!
I and published, all Tature application?, t?*? the
i L?*j?ii?laUire tor*?*<m?Mm?ati<>n lor negroes lost
? ni tin' public service, ahull IM- m] ut red to con
? form thereto.
j- Mr. Le.<e>np introduced a resolution in
structing ihe Committee on Agriculture to
infini e and report whether any, and what
legislation is mcessary to prevent the expor
tation of grain Oom tin* Slaie. Agreed tn*
Oil ini.f'O'i, Senate adjourned tu 12 o'clock
i to-morrow.
Huts:*.- After organizing, a nun.ber of
I on pe rs wore ri*ft*ived from thu Senate -
j anion.; tlu'.'u a bill t . supply neuro labor for
I th? e. ?st ;
j A !):!l to prevent nm! puni-.li planting more
J thai H given amouni ot cotton ;
A b? i to n'a n i the A;t fm the reih? of
-oMier's families ;
A bill to extend relief to debtors, tte,
which were ttevt rally read a first time and re
1* litton*, reports from cmuaittees, and
.-.u b like pupers ?ere received ;
Whets a inesS'Age wa^ received from Senate,
Concurring in the >rder to rescind (he reso
ditton fixing Friday next as the day of ad
On motion of Mr. Perry, both reports
majority und minority-on the proclamation
of fie Governor, were ordered to lie on the
table. . j
A hill to dinner the Tradh'g Company of
the Cotil'ed-rate State?, was read a second
time ?nd ordered to ihe Senate.
Af.er the reception from the Senate of a
nnmber of matters of a privare character, j
the House adjourned to ll o'clock to-morrow. ?
THURSDAY, January 29, 1S?J3.
The Senate met at 11 a. m. Prayer br Rev
Mr. Efird.
Tho following bills received th? third read
ing. and changed to Acts : A bill to alter and
amend the charter pf the Bank of Charleston, \
S. C.; a bill tn increase the fees of Sheriffs for ?
dieing persons confined tn jail j a b li to pro- j
vide ujfainst Hearths of Salt.
Message N ?. 3 from his Excellency the j
Governor was coraicunicHted to the Senate, j
arni w;is referred to tue Committee on Fi
nance and Banks : .'
Columbia, January 29, 18:!.'}.
Genilent of '/.'>*? Sin i'c an I Howie <>f Jlejtrc
?tnlulices :
In accordance with the j lint resolutiont of
the 0-moral i:.ssembly, t^assed on the Lfitb
?.day of December, A. !). Ky?>2, authorizing the
1-G- vernor to ir.ake contr .cl?' with certaiu per
! sons therein named, I have to communicate
j that I have mii'i? such contract on the 2d
du.' of January ii;s?. 1 .cal! your attention
ti the necfi-sity of providing by Act the-mean?
r ijui-iite to enable the Governor io ?omplj' j
? w'tli the terms of the couplet iu the alterna
tiv.*, as stipulate?I in the resolutions,
j J also ti"ausinit copies of a communication
! fro'?? Mr Jame-? Tupper, St?te Auditor, made I
j at my iti"'ane??, fontaitiiug estimates of ex- j
j penditurea1' of " pre??;;t uvailable means un- !
j de.- conl r-l of l\if. Execuvwe^1 and of " re- |
j s'MtrctiS y> meet deficiencies," the t?y?mmeu- !
j dations of wh'vh I clopr, and ask your favor- J
! able considtrravioi; of lin illirie.
Mr. Pickling ofi-jred the following rcaol?
tion, which was agreed to, aud ordered to be
I .sent to the Hollie of Representatives for con
I currence :
jfeifilreif, . That each member of the Com
mi-sii>n "? the Code of the Statute Liw, he |
allowed five dollars per diem while in actual j
session, and mileage i'roin home to the place j
of meeting or meeting.-t.aud returning, lo bo
pani by the Hank of fliii State, and placed to j
the charge of tht* State. "
IIofsK.-At ii iyr jt?j whjclj the House j
WH-s adj-?urned. Hie Clerk v*U?A"ti?b i'^.iJ, amj !
the d?lib?ration*} were opened with pirayei' b^ j.
Rev. Air. Pringle. , j i
Mr. Trenholm, from thc Special Committee i1
' of tho Cbarlc-toii Delegation, introduced the 1
foiiow??;^ ri-solution : which waa agreed r.o, ,
an?! was order'd .tc bc dent to the Senate for 11
JtettfUcd, That, the Commission?**; cf Pub- ?J
'ic Baijifengs for Qhariestpti District, be, und ; <
they ure hernby, instrttptesi io request thc <
military author?ii?? .?>' Gb.ari?ston*t6 remove j '
?ll.militar offices oe stations {rom th??o?tl ?
Hou-.e in Charlesion, that rho same may be (
prepared for the sessions of the Court. <
The following bill ; uc:e ordered to lie on ! i
t.]ie table": A bill to exten?! the benefns of M
tbt-. (.'^emption Act of the Contedetate Con- ? (
gres11 tv,L'ir.>t Corps i..f South Curoiiraj t
Rt-.ervcs: a biii to ?W;?*' I 'h-j cliarter of rho- ? t
liauk of Charleston, S-^niti ?^roliii? ; a bill tb j 1
increase ihe fees of jiil?ffl \ h. M11-I? corpo
rate ?the (fmpbrting and Exporting UotliprfiiV
p: S 'Ulli Carolina^ a jjiil to renew un 1 amend ; r
the charter of .the ?.veedisn J.-on Mauuftctur- j j,
i g CiiUipany of .S >uth Catonu^, auiji b;^!iaiige ? Q
the name there if; n hill to cbarter tho | ,;.
by and Br.) d River Railroad Company. '.
The House a'lj ?iii ied. j
- io
FRIDAY, JA?*. :>0, !bG3. j ai
Sn?iATe^--Af?er-ibe meeting of Senate, the ?'
.Ions?: jjeturnfj a m^ssagt* cortcnrring in tile I
jrtipijsal i?f Senate tu ballot for St rte Repor- !
CT al 12 o'eloCrf.
After reception of papers from tho House, j
?eporta of;cnnWtti?'trea jnrre ca"!-d.
Th? **p??ci?il order for 1 o'clock-tbe ext.ir- ;
.ion bil!-was Uken un ; when inverai amend
nents were pronged and"' njrr?edUo. ami ib.*
nil marie t! e spec'::;! order for Lo-n-oj-rD* at.?
I o'clock. j
?fier r^oop?i.irt nnd disposition' of payers ?
Vom t ip House, Mr. Roln-rd- announced that
!. S G. Richardson bad received ail tue hd- ,
oi< can lir-S ate It-porter. abd WHS declare!
hilt elected br the PrvsHnW,
tin motion ut'Mr. Moses, the bonds c.\<*cut*> t
m cmtnuts to inann'nei'ire ?nd deliver sa I ;
mulet resolutions ot Executif^ Council, wen; .
trat s fi rici lo the c;ire nf tilt? Auditor, und he ?
id Jir.'C'id t?? inquire whether .the rontracta
have been duly executed, and if not, that be.
put til? bond in suit.
Ifattlceil, Tim' tho new Board.? for Soldier's j
R-lief, appointed by tht; Act . t' the present
Lo?i>laturo, tie authorized and empowered to
n ijnsr. and pay out of tiie fnndt raised under
said Act. any sum or stuns which nwv iiave
IK-MI pui 1 out or disbursed by the old Hoards
nf Re ici* upon th?ir individual responsibility
sine:? the first, day nf. January, 1 t>G->, upon
satisfactory evidence being given that such
disbursements were mad?) in accordance with
the Act creatinir such new Beards.
The senate adjourned.
Unt'SE OF It t .1* K ES ENTATI V LS.-At ll o'clock
the House wan organized, when petition1*,
memorials and reports from committees were
presented ; when.
The Mons . ji ts-e ! tn thc general orders'.
A bill to amend an Aft tu charter a Cotton
Planters' L ian A-?sn.-.i?ition was read the sec
ond lime, and Kent to th? Senate.
Thc following ii.Us ?vero ordered to Ire on
the lab'? :
A B ll to incorporate thc Carolina Woolen
Ftic'o-y ; to a ii'-'iri/s.* that fi,iv r io.- to pur
chase salt, I- r distribution to the poor und
n?"dy families t. imugtiout, the State ; to pre
vent the deprvci -tem of ihe currency ) to or
?..t <??/.:' an 1 s inp y n -tr . . la mr tor con?t de
fence, tu (*. .uipliMii? e With rt quiaidoiis of the
Confederate States ; to inerca.-e. the Compeii
aatiou for capturing runaway slaves.
S-nate returned a number of Acts to thc i
lion e, heretofore noticed a-i having been
li.nilly acted on.
Also, a bill for the better organization of
the militia: which was retid and referred.
The special order-bills to limit tlirf cttlti
ration ol' cotton-bein jr laken up, the Senate
bill un that subject wa< read a second time,
and returned tu that body-veas 7'J, says 'i".
'Mic Reason Why Barnside did not
Northern dates of thc 2'Jth have boen re
ceived. Th** special correspondent of tin
New York Post ul ates that for lour d.iys las'
week, beginning on Tuesday, and ending or
Friday, thc Grand Army attempted to cross
at Hnnk-'s Kurd, just, above Frederioksburg.
but (bat such was the condition ot* the roads,
it was compelled f > fall bude. The ditfioul
ties of i he Yankees are tints described
bi every gully, batteries, distill, supply wag
ons, nmbuiat and pontoons were mired
horses ai d mules up to their bellies in mud- j
soldiers on thc march sinkiug to their knees
al.mist every step. It. was impossible to draw
au empty wagon tb-utigh the dreadful mud.
The whole army stuck fast; guns and lion
toons were three days reaching the ford, and
had tobe dragged by the united labor of men
and horses. When it was seen that tho ap
proacbe* to the rive- were impracticable, on j
Friday the greater portion of the army was
back awaiti in camp before Fredericksburg.
RUMORS_The Mercury's correspondent,
Hertnets^^ay s t - *"
Another gentleman has just arrived from
the North with stories about peace ill sixty
days, Seymour being entirely on the side of
thc South, New York willing to take Davis
for President and anything els?* to gat back.
Washington in a pother, all tyranny dune
away with, cet a pass to go where you please
without difficulty, e.tc. Tim speech in Phila
delphia of Senator Well, of New Jersey, and
the inaugural ol'Gov. Parker, of .that State,
go to continu the iden of-pence by the first of
Jun*-but lhat is four months ofIr and in
h ilf that lime our fate may be stali*4 if we
do not toe the mark promptly.
It is stated that Gen. Lee has received an
anonymous letter from someonein Burnside's
lines, informing him that the Yankees refoeed
to obey the order to cross the Rappabannock.
Gov. Letcbe.r bas received a letter from his
riva!, (Joy. Pierpoint, threatening terrible
things in caso 'ne does not release certuin pri
soners now in close confinement. Gov. L.
has replied defiantly. A convention of all
p?'r8i?ns now in this city from North-western
Virginia bas been called secretly.
horrible nccic;-ence took, place in the town of
Woodstock, Canada West; December I7lh, at
the execution of a man named Cooli. The
criminal was a blind man, ?god seventy, and
had been convicted of the murder of bis wife,
which he alleged he perpetrated under the
|<*4ueiiceuf liquor; rn a ii rig very little defence
Of any pib'.r k'jiid. Tho usual grim apparat us
(/if execution, anil the'ciow;1. cctntnou to such
occasions, W{.-;c on tho grouncj (: ' put j,he laat
finisher of the law bud constmeted ? part qf
his machinery so badly HM to a>l<l doubla hor
ror to the usual di-gusting character of the
sprctacle. ile employed no long a rope that
the man fell much (arther than is usual, or
ti:*:; was r qsnreH, and tho jerk of his body
was consefiye^:];-' so great as fo completely
sever tile hean from tuy body. Horrible to
behold J " 1 ' ' '
ct.AM.uton.-Many nf the Northam pipers
ure denouncing Lincoln's emancipation pro
clamation. Tho Chicago Times refers tu the
effect it will have thus :
'flic deed is done-the deed which unites
the people of the South in th eir rebellion, and
divides the people of the Ncrth as to the fur
ther prosecution of the war-the deed wliich
enverts the war from a Constitutional con
test for the integrity of the Guion to an
?lUOfiiiC'itntio.ial crusade for thc liberation of
three'i^?liions cf nr/jro barbarians and their
liiifrai'cbisctnent a^l^ij?ftf-.ftb? dead which
destroys tho last hopo of the 'pre?oiivation oi
the old government, and Inaugurates a future,
dark, uncertain and dreary-the deed whinb
is as unwarranted as it is ?n civil law, against
ihe purposes of which the humanity of Chris
ter.doin will prolest, and to arert the conse
quences of sjrhi'cH European powers will 'in
terfere. The deed i? <*cr,P; The craziest ab
Zionism has actiieyed the vt ry ayt^ vf h's "j i
litres; The end Tor which r-the war' vsta j j
Mir.meuced Uy the dotnin?t^t paVty-the sep':- j )
traiioii ot'the Linjot) ii;id an armed anti sla-j i
-erv crtisuilo-h is-beoit reached, ft ie nof. a | j
leed without a name. ltwiili)e known it?
dj history as the most wicked, atrocious and
e Vol ting tlc'-'d recorded in the munis of c?vi
T?jgjA?i OF AK'KINS?S POST_The sur
eiider of A-rkaupu; Post to the Yankee land I t
nd tiav^l forces'is now fu^iy confirmed. A i i;
I mfederatu oilier, w -o'left the Post a rew i *?
Mi bpi'oi e it s CHU ure, states "rIi it our force i t.
Mu,-, st j.!is? time tiiiin'iered 3 50). "l|ut,'ac- j
irding to the PUcnjy's act?iinf,'1 the number i
t' prisonors taken was swoHen t? a consider- i ti
hie extent by the arrival ot Confederate re- g
iforcoiucnta during the aetiou. ' b
m '?<
The Navy of the Palmetto State Victo
nuns. ,
rnARu;.iT.?N, Jan. 3L-This mor-.iug the
int-Oyars Palmito .Stote.AC-i ptain Rutle igh
HIM! HI? Chieur?i Captain Tucker. aecompa
iiiK.i.bv th rm; small learners.' th? Clinch, th?;
ij?om?, aim C'.txUr/hJd, ?di ?"der tb? com
mum] ot Cum. Ingrabaih, nimio HM uMH':k on
th? blockader-, and Kucweded in sinking Wo
ol' timm and crippling a third.
Tue en^au' inent commenced nt 4 u'clock
a. m., th.-; Pulmetia Slain, with C ?m. Ingra
liam on bnirti, opening fire rm the. Federal
gunboat Xtnxdtia. currying ll irons and 1?8
men ; winch ?as s.xm sunk in five fathoms
iii' water. H:* commander, Captain Still-,
wagon, with a boat'? crew, came "on board the
Palmetto State and sunvii<Wed. One irifot
fmm th? Palmetto St?jk pierced the boiler of
?.ho Mai-ctulUa char through. Captain Still
Wagon and her crew ?v?re paroled hy Com.
Inirraham. ?
Captain Tucker of th? Chicory, reports the
sinking nf unni.li -r Federal gunboat, and the
disabling of the steamship Quaker City. The
latter win Bet un fire hy tue UAicoA', and
hauled down her flag tf) surrender, but after
wards managed to escape, using only one
wheel. She was very.^badly damaged.
The number of blockaders ouV-idc at the
time nf the etfagement was thirteen, with
t wo first r.lai? Ked -ral-frigates-the Susque
Umina nw] Uaiiundauua.'' The Federal loss
is very severe. Ii was u c omplete .mcness on
(nw. par?,' .without a nan bein;/ kuri! Our
ffutthoitl* were not'even touched! All the
blockaders have disappeared. Not one is
now to be a^en within five mile-", with the
strongest kind of glades. Our gunboats ate
returning to the city.
The following is the official dispatch from
jin ?rn ii boat, Pa finit ld State:
I went out la-t night. This vessel struck
the Merced tl a, when she sent a boat on board
and surrendered. The officers and crew
w,-re I-at oled. Capt. Tucker thinks he sunk
one gunboat, anti set another on fire, when
she struck her flag.
The blockading fleet has gone to the South
ward and eastward, out of sight.
(Stgned) - 1). N. INORAIIAM,
Flag Officer on board Palmetto State.
Ninety-four prisoners, including three ne
groes, from the John P.'Smith, a Federal gun
boat captured on the Stono, arrived'here this
Return of our Iron-Clnda.
ClIAKLESTOX, Jan. 31.?-The gunboats Pa1
metlo State ami Ghicoru have arrived at the
wharf. They were cheered by the citizens,
and salutes were fired from all the forts and
bal l eries. Not a man was hurt nor one of
the boats struck. It was a completo surprise
to the blockaders, each one running away
without caring for the others. It is supposed
that nearly all tho crew pf the MerceiHtu per
ished. The Palmetto State having no boat-1,
and fighting all night, could not assist them.
The (Junker City was struck-twice, knocking
ont one side of lier almost complete')-. The
Federal loss on the gunboat. John P. Smith,
captured yesterday, was eight killed and fif
teen wounded. The chief engineer, Turner,
was killed. A Yankee gunboat came to the
mouth of the Stono, and threw a few shells
this afternoon, but soon left, Nobody hurt.
Official Declaration of the Raising ot'
the Blockade oi the Port of Charleston?
Charieston,J5. C., Jan. 31, 1863. }
At about the hou^pf five o'clock litis morn
ing the Quaf^^^^saal-iWoes on this ma
hon a'tacked tpe ifni ted States b'orkading
fleet olT the harbor of the city of Charleston,
and sunk, dispersed or drove off and out of
sight for tho time the entire hostile fleet.
Th refore, we, the undersigned, commanders,
respectively, of the Confederate Stales naval
an t land forces in this quarter, do hereby
formally declare the blockade by the United
States of the said city of Charleston, South
Carolina, to be raised by a superior loree of
the Confederate States, from und ufter this
3l?t day of January. A D. 18C3.
[Signed] ' C T. B&At'REGARD,
General Commanding.
Flag Officer Comd'g Naval Forces
in^South Carolina.
(Official.)-THOS. JoRtUff, Chief of Staff.
The results of the engagement are two ves
sels sunk, four set on fire, and the remainder
driven away. The foreign Consuls here held
a meeting last night and are unanimously of]
the opinion that the blockade has been legal
ly raised. Twenty blockaders are off i lie
Har to-t!ar.
Thc gunboat Smith is now safely anchored
nuder the guns of Fort Pemberton. She has
10 eight inch and one thirty-four inch Par
tot gun. She will soon be ready for sea.
Two prisoners captured while on a gunning
expedition on Rail's Island, were brought in
to day. They belong to the steamer Plum
beau, blockading the port of Georgetown.
--? ? ?
Capture of the Gunboat John P. Smith.
CMAKI.KSTON, Jan. 31.-Several days ago
Generul Ripley dispatxihed a force of artille
ry. commanded by (Lient. Coi. Yates, to i
.Janies r^iih(|', v:|th the design of. attacking j
the Yankee gunboats cruising |n thqno river, 1
about night miles from the city. Col. Vates !
pjated his guns, twenty-otic in number, in a
semi circle, stretching on both sid?'? of the
mer, aronui the gunbont John P. Smith,
and at four o'clock yesterday afternoon open
ed a concentrated lire upon her. She replied
with broadsides. The engagement lasted one
hour, yhen the gunboat hauled down her flag,
surrendering vncondit ional ly, with on . hun
dred and eighty prisoners.. Slje carried elcvor j
guns. Many of her crew were killed and j
wounded. Our loss was only one mau j
Other very important movements are in
progress here.
From North Carolina.
Wir.iiiNOTcy, Jan. 31.-Our pickets at
Swansboro', Onslow county, report that seven !
transports passed there yesterday afternoon.
The pickets at New River report that five
transports had pas*scd there since last uight,
gjl-heuud ?outjjward.
The'steamer f?ormi.bia arrived ct a Confed
erate port thia morning, M' '' *' " "
Another Exploit of Wheeler's Horse
CHATTANOOGA, Jan. 30.-Wheeler's caval
ry attacked a fleet of twenty-five Federal
transports in Cumberland river, and destroyed
[ive df then: on Jast Friday. The fleet was
iccomrhnie? by Wo gunboats and wa" com
ing down from Nashville; 'Qn 'Saturday thc
prairy destroyed a locomotive antj c?rs at
?iyergne, ajjd ?optured. tue guard of f?fty
vro men.
figlr Thc Paris correspondant of tho London
Mar says there is very little .doubt that, tho dis
nu su* ??U?Ul1ou nf the Manufacturing districts
a France incline. S^fe^ .? li'tyn mor0 j ?
?jt?ir?J to Mr. Slidcll, the Southern' ^?atilrfvn-^
r than be other*ia- ;,'ovl(t. j j
tW I1 Ia ca'd that Gen. Magrudor bas cap- j
ired another Ycnkec wnr vessel' at Galve?toff. I
be steamed ir.jtp' port not knowing that it had j *
eos recaptured by our loree*.
?\t Jab er tun.
^23-The Columbia E.. malo College ?a un inst'
tution of nach not*, and one worthy of thu ar
rention of those who wirb to giye their daughters
n complete and fit-ished education. Soe adverb
tiseuient cod terms ia th is issue.
Severe Weather.
On last. Tuesday night, and Wednesday' we hud
quite A lively snow storm, t<> th? greet delight nf
the young people; und on Monday night of this
week we were visited with more Biipw, s!?er ami
min.. So fur we have bad a soverc winter-cold*r
then \rc have experienced in a number of year?.
Wo would hero remind the charitably disposed to
remember thu poor. And hoar in oiipd that, un
less tiiey receive assistance from those ?if you so
abundantly BM? to give, they must inevi'ah'J
Sale-day for February passed off quietly. A
few lind sales were made at good prices. And
that vcnerablo humbug, thc Hamburg A Edgeficld
Plank Road Company, together with all thc rights
and privileges appertaining thereto, which was
built s"tnc few your* since ot a cdst of about
SlO.Ofl), was sold on Monday aud bid off by Mr.
JCLlt'3 DAV at tho enormous sum of ninety dol
lars. What will Mr D. d ? with his purchase ?
echo ii ns were, What! k
- . * ?. - - . - -- . -
A Clever P. Al.
MR. KlCKKitson, p. M. at Rig Creek in this
District, has our especial thanks for the interests
be manifests in behalf of the Adt*rti$er. He
ever bas been a working-friend to our paper, aud
bitterly seems to be making even greater exer
tions to increiise our circul.itiou than he has hither
to done. Wc again thank him fur his kindness^
if Post Mastors and others would say a word or
two in our favor occasionally it would certainly
lend to enlarge our subscription list.' Try it, good
reader. Help ns all you can.
It is strange that Executive proclamations of
particular interest to tho people of tho Fourth
Congressional District should be ordered pub
lished in tho Charleston and Columbia papers,
while newspapers, with u large circulation, issued
in the Pistrlots oomposing the Fourth, ard not
authorized to copy them. The late proclamation
of thc Governor, iu relation to the result of tho
Congressional Election, will be found on another
column, and which wc publish giati* for the edi
fication of thc Edgefiold public.
Worthy of Mention.
We bare just learned from a reliable source of
a praiseworthy and commendable uct of one of
our bigh-toned and liberal-hearted citizens which
wo take pleasure in making publie, although in
so daing we know it is contrary to tho dosire of
the gentleman in question. Dr. J. C. RsAPY is
doing a goud port by soldiers' families,-ho bu.
- already sold some twelve hundred bushels of corn
to them at only $1,00 por bushel, when he could
have sold his entire crop ut from $1,50 to $2,00
per bushel. He sells to every soldier's family
that applies ; bnt speculators und extortioners he
spurns from his presence as he would a loathsome
viper. How ploasant it is, in this age of avari
ciousness and thirst for gain, occasionally to mcej
with real Chriatian kindness and docds of charity
suob ss this,-it is like tho green oasis on. thu
dosest plain, or whito-winged angels among the
sons of Mammon. The Doctor,' who hals fur
nished three gallant sons to ibo cause of bis own
dear sunny South,-one of whom, a'as ! now
sleeps beneath the sod-is creditably discharging
his fuji dp.ty in tho great struggle for indepen
dence. All honor to him, and all who do like
?XySee advertisement of (J ran ito ville Compa
ny proposing to barter -4-4 Sheeting for Persim
mon and Dog Wood. Turn nut your little 'nig
gers' and gather a cord or two.
J. A. Gurley, ol' Hamburg.
This enterprising merchant is striving assidu
ously "to keep a full stock of urtieles suitable for
farmers and planters and household use. Mr. G.
sells at ruinously ebonp (?) prices-but it is about
the best that can bo done these war times. Give
bim a call.
44 Dick Cheathnm."
This thorough bred Stallion, ?twill be scon, will
stand the Spring sonson in this vicinity. To tho.-o
wishing to engage in stock raising wo highly re
commend Dick Cheathnm. He has as well-formed
fine colts as can be shown anywhere; and his
terms are exceedingly moderate-only $25 tho
season,-whilst one of his year colts are worth
ten times the money. In fact we know of seve
ral of " Dick's" year olds that cannot bc bought
now for $300 cash down. Farmers, study your
.titi-' - i - .s-... . . . ..
;n tores'.
Plant Corn.
The Charleston Courier says: '.'The plan
ters of Alabama, Georgia, Florida and the Car
olinas, bold thc fate of the country in their J
hands. To them much id given and of them
t^ueh wjll be required. They must furnish moat
of the supplies mil oni? fo, tye urajeo in the field,
but for the people of the Confederate states!
Groat i? tho responsibility resting upon the plan
ters of these States. Wo have cotton onough on
hind for all purposed. Every acre of open ground
s'uould tic put in grain of sumo kind."
Tho Macon Mcumyr says : " Let them plant
abundance of corn. What would our army and
our people biive done in some sections hut for the
patrintic sacrifico qf thp pfitton crap by our plan
ters- particularly in Southwestern Oeorgia, whew
liomonse crops of corn wore made on mi lions of
acre?, which never before produced an eur? Most
of them have thrown it into market ut reasonable
prices. Bit thero are some who are bidding on
fur an ndvaoco of prices, nnd have '' none to sell."
Also some, iiot a few, peaked-nosed and snub
nosed speculators sliding about picking up every
bushel that ca? bc had, fur future extortion. Rut
wo think they will bo disappointed-at least eo
far as thia portim of the State is concerned.
]?H?i~ !f be Columbia Guardian announce the
death of Capt. Kingdon Gho.'ej MpCord, wei!
known as the comnunder of tho South Carolina*
Zouave Volunteers. This brave youn^ officer
died of the effects of a wound received in one of !
thc battles near Richnond. He wa? a grandson
of Langdon Chevos.
Hpf}* Horums, the, Pidimond correspondent of j
tho J??r?w?', says: Got. Hampton is not idle.
More prisoners't??ien by lix came down yester
day. Give him half a chanoo an3 be^will mako
? name as famous ns Horran. Stuart, Forrest?
Whoelcr, or any other of oij| dashing dragoons.
At Chrisllnnburg, Va, Jun. 1?, two ne
groes, a mun and girl, wera soil for the round sum
jf $5,000. The mau brought *fc,150, the girl $2,
UIL^IUJ;? |T? highest prias ever obtained
n this or any other eoumry.
Capt. doun Brown, son of dd Kansas Os- j
aaat'totnio Brown, hu been disputed from the j J
fan*oe servico for being ablest witio?t leave. ' fi
General News Items.
X5e7 In ISM tbe Yankee ra:-.dc and uni I ?P0>
01)0,11(10 worth ul' boots ?nil .-hues ; in I8?-2 nine
millions wi:l cover tbe amount. Tbe iwitb?rawal
of Soo them .1 uulo ?old In-thia line cf goods. .
..??r lt i? rumored that tbe Kentucky Le?isla
tore hus mnde tbe repeal ot tho Emancipation
Proclamation tbe ooudition of any further co op
eration with the Federal government. Il 'ibis be
so. Kentucky is redeemed.
??T Cotton sold in Memphis, January 10. at j
from tStty-tbrco to fifty-five cents per pound.
,>rft!r- Thc negro merchant tailors of Hartford, |
Court., have sent a remonsfrance to the Peder?} j
Congress protesting against being tsxed while j
they h?vo no representation in the government.
?&Y~ Cen. Wool has ordered all thc New York
Stalo Milita to report tn him. General Hall, the
commander of the State forces, hus entered a vig
orous protest againstjbis step, which caused great
,??)"? In a late speech delivered in New York,
Horace Creely said : " I do not see the immediate
result of the war. I am not sanguino thut we
will triumph under our present leaders ;- wo may
triumph, but-it is uot at all certain."
^Efr The Confederate Government ba? seized
12,000 barrels of. flour at Petersburg, Ya., and
allowed St 7.30 per barrel for it.
t5?f? Tho small pox ts raging in some sections
of North Corolina.
The Yankee Congress has on foot a scheme
for building a military road on an air line from
Washington lo New York; the roa^ to be com
pleted in eighteen months. By that timo we fancy
they wiill have small usc for any such road.
83^? Tho Yankees were treventod from cross
ing tho Rappahannock owing to thc impassable
condition of the rouds. One correspondent says
that it was impossible to draw an empty wagon
through the dreadful mud. The whole army was
stuck fast.
?&r- Tho Mobile Register says the number of
men enrolled and sent to the field in that county,
by the conscript officers, is 150j, and tbe number
.''aiming exemption on various grounds is 1070.
?3!r The last thing Nelson did was to die for
his country, and it is tho bist thing some men in
tend to do.
?SS*. The Legislature of Mississippi bas pnssod
an Act to provide a guarantee by the State of the
bonds of the Co'nfodemte Government. This ia
the fifth State that has adopted a similar nieasnrc.
They are South Caroliua, Alabama, North Caro
lina, Virginia aud Mississippi.
E3^" It ls stated that the loan tendered to our
Governmotrt by French bankers is seventy-five
millions of francs ; the terms ure not.yot divulged.
Some think that this loan, if received, will effect
the price of real estate.
?SS- George Francis Train, the great Abolition
lecturer, narrowly escaped lynching at Janesville,
W?cousin, a few days since.
$3r Mary Ann Bythers, of Grand Rapids,
Michigan, has applied for a decree of divorce
from her husband, because he is au officer and
doing ?or* icc in the rebel army.
?2d~ The Chattanooga Rebel mention* a rumor
in army circles, that Brugg has asked to be trans
ferred from the army of Middle Tennessee, to
some other department ind thinks it will be credi
table to bim if it shall prove true. It says that
the prejudice against him, both in and out of the
army, renders the change both politic and neces
fEJ1" The.Richmond Examiner, of the 2fith in
stant, says that Geu. Kirby Smith and sturt', who
were in that city last w;ek, and started for his
new department nf Texas and Loith^lia, returned |
on Saturday, having been called back by order? I
Gen. Smith will bo eithor o?s:gned to Frederick?- :
* i
burg or North Carolina.
I3f In Illinois the inhabitants aro thinking of
J importing far JJ laborers from England. Thousands
j of acrui of land need cultivation, but the army
? ha< absorbed till the cultivators.
! fSf* ltw stated that Gie number of Federal
j prisoners drowned by the giving way of a bridge
over the canal in Richmond, a few days since,
was twenty.
^Sr The Riehmond papers say that ol! chance?
for another fight on the Rappahannock are at an
end for the presont. Tho snow and rain which
j hos fallen during the past few da j s has put a stop
.to nil movements on the Rappahannock f?r some
For tho Advertiser.
Tribute of Respect.
At a regular communication of Mackey Lodge,
No. 52, A. F. M., held at Hickory Grove, January
.".1st, 1803, the foljowing Preamble and Resolu
tions were adopted :
WHEREAS, It lias pleased Almighty God, the
Supreme Architect of the Universe in Hi? .itl-wisc
providence to remove from our midst Bro: her !
-Hs Mtv OcZTS, a worthy rojjmber of our Lodge, i
who foll a. victim to disease llr? ?Oth of December I
lost, at the Chimborazo- Hui ??ii a'., in Va. -Bo it '
Re?olved, That we bow wilh revcrance and sub- ;
mission to thc will of God in taking from am mg j
us our beloved Brother.
Re*-laetl, Ibatin-tbe death ot" brother OUZTS ?
o'ir Lodge has lost one of its brightest ?nd best
Rkfotied, That in remembrance of his worth,
rr? wear the ir: ital badge of mourning for thirty
uuys. "' ' * ' " ? "' '
Jiwlrtd, That we sincerely sympathise, with j I
his bereaved family, offering the consolation That j j
although dead to the world, there is a here:'flor in ,
which.lie liveth. j ,
Rewired, That these proceedings bc published
in tho Edgetield Adreniier, and that a copy of
tho same be furnished the bereaved family of the
lamented dead. -
ELIJAH STILL, Secretary.
For the Advertiser.
Iii Memoriam.
NONTII EASTN. C., Jan. 25th, if'62.
The Rdgclleld Light Infantry held a meeting
to-day, and. ou motion of Private E. KEBSB,
passed the following Preamble and Resolutions
without a dissenting voice . >
WHKUKAS, lt hath been decreed by the A 1 wise
Dispenser of events that another friend and fcl
iow-solditr should bo removed from our ranks
through the agency .of that dread disease,-Ty
phoid fever. Therefore
? Remfeed, That the Edgsfield Light Infantry
ka' sustained a gPCH1 lo.";? in the death of JOHN
MALLET, Who nas over cherished and faithful in
tho diS'-bnrge of duty. .??-, f ' :.'.
Rewired, That this- Corp? take ?! melancholy
pleii'ure in culling to mimi the good nature and
tho friendly disposition of him that is now1 sleep
ing in the gravo far away from home and from
tho scenes of bia childhood.
Rt?olfd, That our warmest sympathies are with
the Father (B) ?nd other kindred of our departed
jomrado, , . -
' 7?eWuta, Tiint u copy pf those prccoedings bc
jufrlfshoil 'jp tho Edge^old ^doeriUer, luid.tha?. a
!opy ?l?o be "son;", io tho'uiuje'dt?to' family of t'uq
leceaspd.* ,
Um- JAS. M, LANHAM, Ciuin..
Ordor'y- T. J. -MUMU, Soo'ry.
*We have learned that old M*jor M?LLKT ls no
uore. He was hore on Monday the 5th inst,
he day after hi* son, JOHN MALLLT, was buried
t Wilmington, N. C.
A Washington correspondent alleges that
Jutler is thenpopular choice for the office of j d<
Secretary of War. I ct
For th? Advenif or.
Inscribed to Mr?. Edward Recd on Hie
Dteatb of her Husband.
. Wera ?pt(<tb<.' thy bird ha* fl'twu,
.'?TTilrcoT.e agi.-tn and sing .
Sigh fl?),~fbu' iby flowers ure ??rrcwn
.Tin y**.} b O'lu forth fresh ?D the Spring.
Wail aot;'tb'>' the voice be milled
That.luhed iheo oft to rori ; ' .? ?
Rejoice (hill now thine roten are ti iliad
"'On high mu?.i ibo blest.
Grieve n-t that <bmi art left sloue,
Thy foiidest bopw H11 blighted;
Gr-tiin not tho! tbe loved one's gone,_
To wb'?m thy sml was plighted, ' -
Weep ?wt. sigh not, wnil not o'er
Thc dowers of life File's gathered;
Grieve not, groan n?<t more
Fur their sweetness t?to soon withered.
And from thy breast nil angui-h sever;
Moiirn not then the sainted' deiul, "
But hope on, hope on forever !
Glenmar!/, Jan. 20th, 18?*t. ' .
-? -.- ?-;-j
From Richmond.
RICHMOND. Jan. 31'.--The Secretary of
Stnte hr* notified foreign Consuls thathe'has
received official information of the opening
of the blockade olF Charleston.
The belief here is that'tbe blockade cannot
be renewed within Rixty day?. -
Some of .he Kentucky delegation- credit
the report that Gov. Robinson has cal lett out
sixty thousand men to repel the aggressions
of the Lincoln Government. The report WL ?
referred to in ' the House pf Represen uti ves
on the 29th by Mr. Foote, who proposed a
meeting of members after adjournment to
adopt resolutions expressing tueir grutifit-a
ticu at the event. The meeting was qot held;
On dil. that Commissioners from Induna and
Illinois have arrived here. Thisreport-is the
town talk to-day.
In the Senate to day, Mr. Barnwell, fiom. .
the Committee on Finance,, presented a bill .
regulate the currency, providing that, treasury .
notes, fundable hi seven percent, bonds, shall
be so futidetLon or .before the 1st of. July
after that date they will only be 'fondable in
lour per cent, bondi*. The" new feVries are to
be fundable jyithin ??ix months " from- their'
date it? six per cent, bonds-afterwards in
four per cent, bonds.
The bril to organize the Supreme - Court
was further discusped by Sommes and Yancey..
The House debated the Exemption bill tn
Committee of the Whole, and adopted an
amendment that no person shill be enrolled
who has a substitute in the army, furnished
in accordance with the orders heretofore issu?d
by the Secretary of War, unless the substi
tute bas or shall debert, or has or shall become
li?ble to military service. ?The Committee
ro-e and The Ho ase adjourned to Monday.
. The Latest News.from Lincolndom.
FRKnKiiiCK.suuKO, dan. 30. -The Philadel
phia Inquirer ot the 2.Sth has Iteen. .received.
A dispatch, dated Headquarters. Army of the
Potomac, says : This forenoon Burnside turn
ed over the command of the Army to Hook
er, who cathe td Headquarters fi?r the - pur
pose of assuming it. Aa. soon aa the change be
came knowu a number of superior officers
called on Burnside and took final leave, with
many rpgrets. Burnside, in'ins'farewell ad
dress, stys: In taking affectionate leave bf
the entire Anny from which he departs .with
so much regret, he may be pardoned if Le bids
an especial farewell to the long-tried ass>?c -
ates of the Ninth-Corps. His prayers are
that God may be with you and grant con
tinued success, until the rebellion is crushed.
lt is understood that Sumner and Franklin
also h?ve been removed.'in consequence of a
refusal tr? fight under Hooker fr-un a lark of ?
confidence in bisabilitv. The names of their
successors are not. jot known, if appointed.
Burnside, with most of his staff, aro allowed
thirty days leave of absence, and will go to.
New York.
The Inquirer editorially states that Burn
side avowed incapacity for command before
his appointment over the Army of the Poto
mac, which experience of the past two months
has shown. A brilliant career is predicted
for Hooker.
Tbe Washington cortespondent of the In
quirer says lit? appointment, of Hooker to
command the Anny of the Pott mac has giv- ?
en the most sincere gratification to the army,
and e-ven in Washington. A contrary senti
ment is rarely expre-scd, and then only by
sympathizers with treason. Slimmer and
Franklin are charged with prom >linri the de
moralization in Hie army. B.itb will proba
bly be r<ititinned through-the' reorganization
of thc army, which will . hu made beb?re the
resumption (>f offensive operations. The men
are being rapidly paid off to prevent a spirit
of di ?content.
RI?VIM?KI?; Jan. 31.-The Timm, of the
28th, contains the address of Hooker to tbe .
Army of the^Potomae. He says, in equip- , .
ment, intelligence and valor, the enemy is our
inferior. Let us never hesitate to'givo him 5
battle wherever we can fini him. '' '?'" '
Hunter has arrived ai I*-?rt K>7al, S. C.. J
The indications were that au active va in paign
will at once commence, and it was probabfd '
Sa va nn nh would be Iftttiifked before Charltls
ton, that, being Considered 'the weakest point.
The New York //cWtZtif.the 29th is re
ceived, fn the Senate.on Tuesday. Saulsbu
ry, <if Delaware, madea speech, ia which he
lenouiited Lincoln as an imbecile. Th?* Vice'
President called him to order Riverai times,
ind finally ordered the sergeant p.t anns ' to
take him into cusjjody. Sartlshtiry di'spbi'yed'
i revolver as he'went out ??t the hui'. The 1
text day OiaTk, of New Hampshire, offered ' . t
i resolution of expulsion, which lies ovet3. 1 taral
The latest quotations of .^?old in New York
ire 153 -, exchange ?C?U ; cotton 80c t "
The New York Herald say's Mrs. McClel
an has been presented by tbe friends of her
?usband with u beautiful and spacious resi- i
lenee, furnished in a superb and costly man- .
.er. . I . cai cwsl? '???'/.?
Wendell Phillips and other strong.minded .
nen of his stamp went in a body, on Monday
light, to the President's house and demanded
;he removal of Seward. ?
The Washington correspondent of the New ?
iTork Herald says that the radicals have de
ermined to prosecute the war with the great
ist vigor for three or four months. If peace '
s not conquered within that time,-they, will Ui
iccept the mediation of Napoleon, and recog- tc
tize the South on condition tbat ic will agree ? 7.
o a plan ot gradual emancipation.
The New York Council has passed r?solu- **1
iona r^pectip^tfitf^ John.
"?rter,*?tiri 1 rebuking'* the Adm1ni?tra?l?5?. .?. i
.'hey are-.pnenrisetl.-by the statement thht io > "
iews with alarm the removal of a General
rho has buen, and still ls, regarded as a per- 9
onification of all that is brave and patriotic. ^ '
Porter has been tendered the Governor's I**:
loom for a public reception. . . tjj
1-3 zn
'Government, " TdiQ wracks "of ?b,i^''ljV :'u
luging tc the expedition arc said tq qestrcwQ U; .
I along tbo'shore between New Orleans aud ....
ew York. Tbe New Orleauscorreipond'int
f the Philadelphia Inquirer asserts as his be
ti) baseii upon important, knowledge and in- m
ir mut ion derived from oihsreource*. that not ,
ss than fifteen ve-sela belonging ti) the ex
?dition " have been wrecked, disabled, c ?n
?mncd, or hive gonn down ac sea abd ooac
mot made of them."

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