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Edgefield advertiser. (Edgefield, S.C.) 1836-current, March 25, 1863, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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.J^t'*?-i?''-*V?r < a--?' - .' &iik'%?ti*>*y '
ax*?**' "
- .??-iv??.? -??..yc*' r**^'' .*??
?tr?? '..?ir**:. **AZ -?-**-4f^? '
/.?.. > - ii? ,, -wmytfc'W']?
.>-. .i .Jii/ir*'^ . . ?.,,?.:*?? ii?. '. .'?- -'i*--! .
'ii* -."inr v . > :t ."'rf?ly> . ?>'. . 4-rf? i'"'-*.
.... t??-.?.. . ii ?...?..-^u??>l*-,,'<'>
....*-,*. ?jfcV? ?: .- '--?'
%'/'% i . v . ?^i?**V ' **- * r> 'S*1'''"'
i>* i . V v.* "?.. 1 ???... l CJ?* '?.J*.
. J?- ?..J:'. .? ... IsV;, '*..?.
i-. / ....a,. v. '** *******
" ' ^ - - . * - ' :.--<.. - ? ' ??"- - J- .-; ii .1 . J..:.: . WILL fJtiKib? _ ?.Ubi ?H] E?I'T." ^ .>--?.-?.? ... ^?.V,V..,.; ?V"-.-^ .- il..,
'4*' * * *- .**. ? .
I,- .* .-'AW-* . .... ,
. . .*/.*. ??MM .???. . .
.?w?-BY..JtfISS.CLARA -V.JxiiifUNi
'?, v,?, r \ <? -, , -??e-w- . '..-?-?.- ? r A 4
'WK?ffiSr W'f?tj^kr*^ ? *7
-The-viakt whore itK-Vipp+evbreafc- i
^'.^b'otnidre^ ""^ .
-e* Tb*'-r?so'*inpeMrfo*Vwk&. twilight d*wr . ? .?< \
"Sweet Hepper rWwmcrrr^Aj'er^fDWaret .*?!** '
Than are thine eyca-i^.;,^^^., *..'-^T.*~r">
?yt-*.'. ?vf.?,-- **v'A^r/--?- '...-vi*v !
'.Sa.Calm. tiev ,1 ul I. rny^at^bSiictOjcJrV* , -. - - .
And still each restless irish to rove ;
,J>o truejtnd. .ten?ejti- WasUTOCJ^ife .. ^.r*
Witbotsfcthy minwbrio?'ofMoT?^-?-r-. ? -
*Vh, SweeVlTo?'?r?ir^'1, .*-."".?.*.".':.
nv- -!?-?*... . z-x??tef??2< " r**" ** J . *?v ?'. i
ri&&? t?er -SW?IIO?-; jetara* rwklx-S^ringv'^sa |
l?i?hd? re??jrn^itQ"pn?sl)?rTTf:* *,Wb'?r*r7?fr- I
twr^c.ajci&rOjj- with.?>U-rn ?itco.aad icy-bteatk,
those who were '?rtrV-'us's^ii^rlbo^r^-W-?'oS'?s |
in the8we?tS?mme'r-YirBP,^e"d^ I
e?skjeaandsijno^erj.a^d^;. anA.'throi.ajl.the |
l#Of? -?jark .-??e^B^:.-Tpe^?n?r4n\'SC^rtud ?
fi68jT?0*sVnft?tfi???7"no tfin^?ofc?. lo'cbcbh I
Pe^baps it.??? as W?ll- . licttec- -to ?ea^-ciulu- j
rlih'ce i?fJfffl^^^ ;
tittisa b?rd^iig'gi?i. for' .fb?.. ni^st?K^thcSi; ]
rtnel rjattl<^'whif^e'? vWTrbt?fU Wc mttv I
hfttfUP QueJ^and ^liA??^,^?rS^^d,j
hie arJ^l-'^, nstgbty - tOfcefcve-rV^One h*art-1
^?J^t^^^^SS?^ [TJB^..Jb?SW; of:
doubt ; -throUtorins *f- pAS?ion ; t,-thr<).;.,<iar!v--. i
tte?fer anrdan$e?a^a9^iff.lirtoifi *b?ttloi j
us i:. a friend'ia ?ced^5,' ii a X^kt^tv s^^?Mri,
etn-!hh^U<iiw.?^ ...!.!
and pone; the flowers appear on the wtrtli?;.
The.time of theVmgin-i; of birds isoomp^ar.d
the joice Ot tb^turtfe**d?ve?}teite?rd ftlVu^;
ianti'' \S^V^?j^fc^g?*?7 ^wa?owi;'
awi Pri?rrd#-*?o??t'-fifen?? they rMhV.t??em ,fj
selves- and with sweet vrjTces arid'Tit?gl?t''
?.miles woo.. us,toJor^ei ?he?r de^pxtlon, and j
<)nly~reniember'tlio^app^dRys wo "Isp?ntao- f
geth?Vr' Th?a^&h^thtn : comes tho danger. ?
],et ai h?wiii?' l?sl We* lall ihtb " temp^?Ticn, ?
devpj]L?! reasotx.; i^s aijectionjs. .mersly.-?n.- j
itiact;' God.Jias twight.il.pnly to.:lo?-?fright
;kies and sunny bower?. To-Vi?? he has giv
en-nobler-gifts. I.earu U*-?so-<4i?m-l>eHetVi
- - - - . H* 0. V. I>.
Wlie^e Heaven is.
ripxy.ofieii .-do .we trpublp. oiirselyes with :
tltisVTMXi question ! Itis.of little couse jntne'e,
since nbe preseuo?\ of a (?ods infinitely holy j
and just and^pure:- -would Ire all retrurrei for j
the perfect'happihes-f of ."His Saints,' whetlier j
cn'this earth affeV its* renovation by fire, " or j
beyond the stars.' A little boy wTiose r?nb-:,j
cent spirit was pluming itself for a flight j
wit*' ?he angels into eternity, turned his gla- .j
zing eyes upon the father who sat besideJoina
and asked-... . .. . . I
;'Papa,-where is Heaven ?" .. -.
H My son," theRtrirken parent replied, "we i
do not know; but where God is, there"is I
Heaven." ,c Then,"* cried'1 h?' dying child, 1
"Heaven is every'&ner? V* and sifikmg back .!
w\^.fjfismile of ?.xquisite 'joy upon his"face j
as^rJie had already entered into the glorious j
presence of the God' he adored,, murmured?1
softly again and again- . , j
n Heaven is everywhere
,;Little Saint!'thou knowest 74010/ Lst ?
ttis satisfy us-" For ichere I amr lhere ye\
shall be aiso."
Tne. RianT ?V?E or. TRHI-ORAL Bi,r.sst50s;. j
"Wish for them cautiously, ?.. ' " (
Ash for them "ubmissivelv, ' j
Vant them contentedly) .
Obtain them honestly, ;*" "*.-;
Accept them humbly, ?',
Manage them prnrtently, . 1
Employ them lawfully, . . . - .
? Impart them liberally,"
. ?Efteem .them moderately,
.. Increas-.'them virtuously,
Uss tbotn subserviently, ' .-. -
'Forego ihe?ieasily,'
Resign th??-willingly. .? -'.
Prize them inestimably,.
'.Court Jhem earnesilv^.^.
Seek for them djli^oatly,
Ponder theea-frequentlyy ; - - .
. Wait f(-r them patiently, . .,. .
.Expect-"them bopcfnlly, * **r
R?'ceive them joyfnliy,
Enjoy thea?.thankfully, '
]inprove tbc?n calefally,
Retkin them wateb/ully, * .. -.
' Plead /or. them tnaijfully,' "~ . " .
-HeU-thejn dependently,
(Irasp them eternally. . r
Enigmn.for tliejiays.^. . .
T anr composed if 1.5-l,etteM. - .-.r ';. :v JL.
.My 1?, ll, 8, -i, .1,TS^-Bird, - --.
.'i?y ?2, 7, 0*"T, ?, is >; musical comprfiition; .*' '
My 'J, 14, 12, wa.' a elan of Northern Barba
.My lt, 15, 3, hi&*ir?J
Mr 10, 13, 6, is a Latin pr ?u?un.
3iy ii 7r5,-3j 10, is a e'rfy ?11 ?Wh'AmsrkAj^*
My yibbie Wits an appellari-iu '-^iyen '(.j.a cruet1
warrior?asttumeutal iii thc overthrow uf th'e ilo
pah Empire. C. Y. D. .
n^^^QS^$^?kO^ vtQ gi ve, to
jrfe.aatjr.'?a of.a.^r^^dapng. character; and
? sages-i^-tlwiwttiEl liveg-of-t??e: irmrciedipasr.
f -ftenghhT??pfdTr' laOT^es-rritff the-*T*-prrn,
j Tie?choice; "axt? fSfff^tn?li??Vicnt' Ihat'slie
UR??S. wojpan ifi ni^D4ptbe Jo hi?..
t-v-w-? *v A-light />-v*-?~~' ?
-?hjun^jT??in^?iWi.jULwitkiiu L^. "_..,
I ^^uard?an'abgel ?'ej Iiis life presiding, ^ :
|U'W.T^^^^u??Wim'ba^!?,"WThfin? nrogt-mgifi tbwtlireog,-.
.. F ram ii.ru.ij> wo i-1 j ^4ove,?'iiS/yttylorhg, ?t?i,,, .
; l?lt?s t with that charm (be certain tv to jilease."
: -?.*-;*.-. **? .-r?**..r," '. -y/--.w-^-cv - 'T-rv-J
j. .,JIome>is th^d?ipir?po ox^whj^t?^jfc
j-.if opppinie?vta^j^^d.J^^ j
Mie,an^t.-caes titat-t^o?lie-tte-hours a?- lite
with- swio^<wrBtfln*rt>eut's??? JOT
tl^rsreafe'ih^Ti^iije "^rbi-tai^a^
Vitlrn^f^inn^ft?b: *****
"""^"e^asc?ncs her ?Erone Tn^'th"e"m?ou,'~'?o
-**>*? *v*r K -ir----" -""v*sr*-'.? , - r >
;sway'by^entlcueas, and diasipa.te the som
-bjre Jbues_that oyiwljadj)"w^ijr,^'ujsl^pd'^bw.h
elophocd.; and iiLsbe, jd QOS,., not quiiu..o'er
.the^^fe4ter-s?v^pja?th>''> thwrwip.?jhe fault)
.mast, ; rfffvfcTpmany inf-Untr^^rert^?tirelj-:
?rith bttm]1:~~''>; - - . - .
f ^lie^'rrfv?Kfcd wi?S"|?bweM? r^t?eefl'it-with'
j grace tbat7onslu?fe3 th?'s&r'?rc?ga charm of
I wjora?hhdodj ^up'?T;?h'??all?Ta?^ert aer pre
mj>prtrcjtf\r^ixift,. ax...?tdccL ...Jakixig..lue,
tHq,sR-o?-faiU;Pf?r -^d-looking at them coile?
'tively: w^reineKoesl-ie ihiak4,haJ where ao j
.ptyftrOn of "the .bh^e t??rls^wth the- husbawd,
fhey mtrM^efe'^ti'rito^ ifr?'fwo'ftjr
trier ?ns?is-:iTi?n flic'r?tfer. ."Tf^ 'Ohl?'a^nce
iau*?OfCa^?pJ .d?? eert?r?H" alw?ys ch"at-m
'^yiv^'v^j^?H^fe yjfe?.'ji?ters?er ?pin ven
twh^?.Ju??nrw?a*t s_be,. ?qjisjd?rs ^ gjp?ri
ment? du-naaagepii nt,.; and.in, lier^sturlied
RD\i?ty to- be ..<?rjr^^.be-falls, b/i?k upon her.;
^^?rw^on-^^at^r^ netafl^of ulomea
"f inrthiry7r!ati?d 15 t h?-' ven fa<y-#iV3fcn3 -. created;
hones' d?slfe?irT^rt?il. '^itiuitaljin^^ht?'?^,.'
ki?17~??1*i?'?r ma^Wr't?g!^wTlh"th? W^Vn+A?,:
caref?fe urftT iudluei-enfV^^e hr.r ??r*5nply nf
RfiSp ? PU. ?1 ! ? !&?iaL rar?;lyjq.c<?url"if^tie Vouhg
nunied woji^^.coajm^ :
.distia?t^rQjrn^tj^a-.of. ter duties.--?iid a.gen
etH.ns^?vd-i.-nlari?'ed a^iprex-iution vi] tho. char- J
?..ctt>r sm? value of.-honjf. -. ... . J
. -O?-. -C?atiiM?*-. J. s\i H*tfiH*f.-!ftRy?t) anjionf to;
eneourageithe expaiisitin .of:youthful i??o<ls> ly. a"":
gqnwsaJ jv cubivatio? a? po%?bVlfc-of variou.s. fa?ul-.
lie^i wo-tit-g to. itiv'tu ?tte^tiiin tn the, following
ciitabin?tion of (!r:inua?ir. l'oetTyr ontl r^ln*\e.
Air-"Believe tuc, if nil tkvse endearing young ?
ifhl?n^* . .. ? ..-?.',{ -.w. j
The gerunds of vcrhtt end in di, flo, ?"nd'dttni 1
But Ute supine* oPvorhs are but twn'; '*' "j
For Insta'iioe, the a'e?Tve, which ?nd?tb in ita?, ' 'j
'And th? passive, wliii'h etnleHh' in i?.
Amandi, ol lovingj ki;jd reader, beware :
Atnaudo, in loving, be brief ;
Amamlnin, lo love,.if you're doora'd, bave acaro I
To the goblet to drown .ill your ^riof.
Atnatnm, arfiaiu, to love and be loved,
Should it be' your'felicitous (?) lot,
May thc fuel so needed be never removed
Which serves lo keep boiling the pot.
...'I'AUI.TS?^-AS there are some faults, that
hare been t?rtned faults on the right side, so
there are sonic erm:* that might be denomi
nated. errors on the^afc ?ide. Trius we sci- '.
dorn regret Juvin*"; been too mild, too eau- j
tiqus,. or too humble;, bnt we often repent
having bee n,.too. Viole ut, too precipitate, or too
proud**. - - - -. .
of the physical evil?-the want of vigor, the
inaction of syfitem, thc-languor and hysteri
cal affections-which are so prevalent among !
the delicate young women of-the present day, ?
may be traced to a want ol' well-trained wen- j
tal power and well-e.xercised self'coutrol. and i
to an aos?nCa of fixed habits of enaployment. i
Ke?l cultivation of the intellect, earnest ex
ercise of the moral power?, the enlargement ;
lof the-mind by the acquirement of kpowl-.j
j e.dge; and the strengthening of its capabilities j
j for t il'crt, for endurance of inevitable evils,!
! and for' energy in combating such' as they I
j may overcome, are the cr.d.s which education j
bas lo attain. Weakness but bc omcs infirm- '
j it)-. The power of the mind over thc body j
j is immense... Xet tba.t power be called forth;
?let it be trained and exercised, and vigor:
j both of mind ?nd itody will be the result.
; There-is a homely, unpolished saying that ' it
i? btitter lo wear ont than to rust Out ,*' but it
tells a plain truth-rust consumes faster than
use. Better, a, million times belter, to work
hard, even to the shortening of existence,!
than.to sleep.3i.ad e?t away this precious gift ^
of.Jiie, gi-ving soother cognisance "fits pos- !
; session:- -}?y y/oTk-.ttr industry., of whatever
I kind it insy'be^.w.'e'gn'C a practical acknowh
[?edgemeut of the valde of life-of its'high in
I lciitions, of ils ?naniib?d' duties. Kai nest,
j active industry is a living hymn of praise, a
? never failing _source of happiness : it is obe
j dience, fbr it. is God's, great laiv for. moral ex
I i.sterice#.. ? - , - ,. - .
[[ A.v Al.l.i;CO,av.-.1 .hi;m,ming-bird met a
butterfly;, and, being pleased with the beauty
of its person aud'tb? glory of Tis wings, made
an t tlV-r of j^pefui? fr'etids?iip. " J pshhot.'
:, thiu'k.-.of it,*'... ww .--Ute reply, _.j;ou't?hce
ifpnrned m?-^aivi oil?ed mtra tTaa-jpi^doJ-t.''
[*' Impossible1!'' ?xeraiined th? h?Wmin?-b?rd
I " 1 always entertaiued tho highest respect for
I Meh^eajrtifWweateres^^you/1;*"
? you do uow,u"*s?rd -tli? Ottiei", ,fc'b?t-wfcen yo
m^tedvTnei^?'c?terp1I?afr * So 1ST m
' glve'y?u'^?^tece' ot ?dvic^'^n'evcMnsotrtK
Eu mbje^' as~t??jTms^r' some 3ay f?come.you
: Sperj^r.^' ~. S- -J" I ???? ~Z
-.--? ty. ?------.
-?carls^ slipping off a broken| ,s?in? jJbjit j
.wpr^.?i jcj.rjdrjje.??, j8.a,eidpjn "H&SA ..fl-Wifl
.?L?s.a. .seed ?.vhmk,.es?n when ..dropped. bj
?.ehaaefl,-sprk>?*^ap-<t flower. .
,. ^ Js^wre- any ajiguUh like Jihalof. losing los)
:bj/.a?uvlt2.-r-ai}j- pain ?loiJbat slaw bitter
. neM-wbioh?-w?es-HpoB he- heart whea--tui
??rtaTTfty ofHt? .actaa^>oK?^fecol?*s^ly^)e^
(!eT)tibnrtr>it ? TteaSt??^said Ititflagr nSW
?i^m?fio?" ?ntle?^atedlt,* 7ear sh?ai?^frt?n
.'f? Ipjsre^ittfelf stood tremulous, and^ur?be
.?lievjrijg, ??11 (.hat certainty fell, upon^ lt; anc
^usbed,.^ ajjjd.t?saJt .%?jjllt.b<efjeath jjj?
Vf eight, Staiuied aiui.tnoiiun] i?ss,.bui.st ilLaJivc
and- ?v*)g forever^-'tbo-'-liviag eoly- to su?er
- -\Ybcj;. yp.u.ask a./ayo^ijpi5u^e^?n.-.liynojv
.y.OUE.inaiu...'It.ia-uoi .?xpry. one .iwho-wxaei
.yeu-a: polite-note ending.with}^' YouM). tru
Iyf ViKTWMrld- gire yon-ftie criwt-tjR?sMaAt
rori orih& h?^d oPh?s'lasrlierriiig.v Pr'dt??Ts
?s*'?fe g?ner?ny^?j??p% d?rt?'an*dTcf?a wonk
: aT?iometfmcs femark'aoly' "p??rity rvid cheap
Jor c?sh.^We have^niore,"than once ' seen, a
. ?rxeath? arou nd a.basket, .llytt :dida'X ?ave. ii
-b?rry in it.- s- ? . .-??.'
.. .. iga! \. j ; g ....
Gen. Pillow and th? Presidenta ..
? Wi* confess-to-- have-, slut red somewhat? in
the pr*? nd irte that i\nm --Pillow. &a*%xcited
*ia*the [ftrWicinind ; - bat l^'\T spr!eclr*1re' re
centfymade fo plat'?fe'rs Tn'?li?ba'in?,'lo" in
duce th?uT?o" p?rrahf tb??r slaves to eiil?r
Govern_me,ntcm ploy as teamsters, etc., he
uttered some sentiments- that ought to re
deem him. _ ?Toshowr that he waa not ask
ing LherojQ make '?a^ijjpeB Jbat k.ev}iimself
ACiMiJd r^t makefile told of.. bia. Q wa losses.
400 negroear,foup. gin bqust.-s worth-,$10,000
paeb, -lOfl.mi?-ponnd? of ? ba:!on. '??OG? --hogs,
iiOO head"bf cutili*; . hi?-honwwa.id planta tiona
iltstVoyed,' arid-r?^fM?rjo^ mid ' S^f?O^B?les uf
his coifon blirn?d Ry h??^wn'Goverhtii?rih r
Restated that Genf fihei-'m??fliad ?ritten
oll'eijng. trJ.-?t?lf?f )4lCsr^"nJt%.'T?>' htraKajnr to
inde?inify.hiat for alibis losses, if be "would
aband?rit lite- Confederate sejrviee. il is an
swer was: V*. .- . y-.s.
" "tl<TenifttI; ^bii?i'l th.-.n!." y-Mi "fo^ your
courteous letter, let. Eie^ny to voit, tho prop
erty vohr Govern'tn'?ut" bits taken froth "nie
was.niy own. Your jffpyeronteqt^lias ibe
pov>;er.to rab me cf i \> but. lt is too "poor to
buy me/; Concernitig.. j're-iderit-Davis,. he
^taid The. PresidwU is the very .man lor
thc position he hohis; rf he cannot".-condupt
UK llifoitgh this revolution no man cMildhe.
is :\ ti'ian ol delicate lorin, Int bf* largr- brain
anti pafriotio beart.'.'irid eminently Qualified
in every respect for the Ch iT Executive of
this Confederacy." Although he thought the
President bad not done him justice, yet he
preferred bim for President to any other man.
We were not now fighting for President Da
vid nor au y other niau, but for our rights ns
freemen : and as for. himself be would, if he
had it to do over, vote for Jefferson . Davis
for President, if he knew that he would place
Lim ill a'dungeon during this whole war.
Such remarks evince a noble and unselfish
patriotism, that sets the country above self,
and wc take pleasure in recording them and
commending them lo .the notice of whatever
selfish churl may be looking to bis own gain
and-honors, rather than to-his country's weal.
-Christain Advocate.
COLN WITH -roo Mut TI Pov,-?:n.-The Chicago
Times, iii reviewing the posture of afiairs in
the North, and the investure of Lincoln with
absolute and unlimited power, say3 :
The people w'll at once see- that if they
submit to.thcfe unconstitntiDnal acts, there
will only 'ne ouc step more. The. President
will is>ue one more proclamation, and it will
bc the last.' it will reeile tha.t - congress bas
nuw conferred upon hinrunliaiited power, and
therefore, that ile may use th'?ae powers ellec
tually, he'proclaims himself dictator, or king"
fur life, with the power to nominate his suc
cessor, is ow, does any man doubt "that be
will take this step?.. Who would have be
i'.evod a year ?go that the Adminis: ration
wutitd-dare to do what it his done? .Sec
bow, btep by step, the liberties of the people
have been taken away.- This is the only
! step that remains to be taken, and it will be
takeb. He may not us? the word King"
. at first. He -may not ev?n use the word
" Dictator." It may be perhaps, n proclumA
" lion that under ihe^prcsent excited ' slate of
thc public mind'.-a lair Presidential election
catin?t be held, and . therefore he w;jll con
tinue .to..exerxise the cfiice o:i President, ipr
some years to come," &,c . .
The Kew York Herald ?Iso holds tb? sanie
ma?ly htnguage, and.lhe -Waahrogtfin^Chroni
! cle calls^fot handcuff vor ?traight jackets for
: tho editors/oftothjourftabi.; . '*'
J' ' . -ri- +r*t>r..*ri<^--1- '' '. . " '' .
! Tn somo patts pfjf Indifaiiu, jili?oi? nnd
Iowa;.a bu?bel and a ball'of corii.wi?f'ljuy but
,.Q:IO pound of sugar, and. three bnsh?itr of 'eor,u
or a bushel of wheat will.buy but one pound
of.ceilee.' T.ie price of labor lfUs so'in?rea^-.
'ci that the corp crop.on tbotsaudsof farma
viii not' pay th? eost bf gathering and pre
' jiaring for market.
. A' .t?as* itt clrm-ett* 'Warr
finaUe^Y^o?jjw JJJ?&^S?I^I?^.,^^^
. those-from Me^achtftiftWivto .stanjL,,brav?y
.up-totk? ?gbt^?ei^'U?s ^as -a 4?assacbu?>eUs
Wtarr and therefore -irTiery troc--son ?f ttbat
. StStfe ShoTfll? ti?:IrtPBist ftTt^Ifoltr its ' gl?ry
and honor^.?n?'l?jri^^^'war^to''a* glorious
termination-byj?obdai?g.- .tha.'{*Eobels of the
South?"-- 1faA&tiafc~?B& -"emphatically a
''MassaT&tlswtrwa^^^ -that never
:8upp?rte3 &n|*#?r,'fepjfcveTTionf ftiTtawr of |
ij?%creftt?or?j3ije eilige 'soldier to J?pp?rf?he
Government of the ?hitef ?S?M, ""IB .fairly
entitled to all tbe honors-if Loror.- there be
-inf^^B^t ?t?^ .. ?-"<
? *WT?3?TBaT?m?rfc
e'??la b^U*e^r1nsnti? "thc war of~?fc'i2;'Mr.'
f?nico ni ing^ frora J^saafch?setts. ' ??? t. when
A.fa],sp.AO?i/)yliah. pcetep.ee jig^set up tjia?.
- Virginians were.go?ig4a .atuck. thc CapJLtal,.
Massachusetts-was% alL-aRve.with patriotism,
atr?' bor V'bTnv?-an?vc&i?iJrous 80ns!:<promp?T?
ly responding,'drewtho -first- bloodftcTtu-the
surpriSerT?r?d a?a'rn?fl? citizens"of Baltimore.
Sfr/LniCoTn hadsc'sr&ly enfercd'ilie tVhite
iipusCjjind J?orn_ Xeali? to ^aasachuseUs,
.before ayegiipent fjio^that jState was seut to
?garrison ForLMontoe, arid,, thus Jto puj,rage
the ieoliugs-.and-ir.6uU-thc amor .proprei of |
" ' Finally, 'Rutter, tte ^ew bf 'Massachu
3?tt.Vy even "hM*nroTfhe regii?S?"inva>1 On' ~of j
Virginia, Was'put"u^ccnnmahf?TPoVT'ATon
roe, and'expected pf course to insuit asa h?
uiil^ate,tjie .V irgiraah8,^toTh& .utmost extent
oCbis-capac?ty- ^Arterwarda,. .when New.Or
lcjans had .been captured. by the ?rave- old.
navy of the country yampinMassachusetts-was
thrtrst rn the foreground, . and -Butler.-placed.j
i ii 'eomta?r.d of 'fhe ^fltiR*. ' 1ndteed, ?very in
stance where" power** was to V* won' and
money made in'ihewar, Afassuch lisetta waa
in the advance, Whether ft^was lo carry off ?
State Ubjary,.Htp^j.jthe>w,orsjs pY brave'"men, '
or,pl?Gder the pronely., of. jjpn.eombata.nts.
W>H, it is? all rigb^Jpt^ w - tbii-onV/ - war .she
ever supported, ?nr"i-?t her claim the honor!
?'Tt^K? TRICK.^A-letter from"Salm!m
rv, N\irth Carolina, says that sever?TYai'rkee
prisonersescaped from the pinson at" chat
pace by the tallowing rnse:_
.There were some.eight jtrisoners who play
ed a.stnan4-l.rMjk a week, or twp ago,.to make
good their escape^ which succeeded; very well
sir Tar M t hey were. ( oncerned. . A -ease ? or j
two' of imall po.rbrc-ke- out among the;, prig-,j
oners a?d'vuarifj when it entered into soirte j
of their hoads" That they would' have the j
smallpox'. So thev'l?ok'a hot fr?n andi
stuck pins in one another, and then went lie- ;
fore. Dr. JU \W Hall, Surgeon at the post,'
and he sent them to a hospital about half a j
mile from the garrison. They did not stay j
there but a-few hours, aud that was only to j
wait until dark,.wjiea they made good their j
escape, and have not bees heard from since. ?
We called the attention of our capitalists
planters, kc, a few days since tb the impor
tance pl a Railroad from. .Augusta tQ Colum
bia.- thereby making a great saving of distance.
We allude to it agaia in order to inquire ii
any move has- yet leen made 'towards inau
gurating so important a wotk. Tue present
isa good time tb-build the road-a road that
must form a most important link in the line
of communication between the Northern and
Southern portions of the Confederacy. Men
of means, of enterprise and energy, who have
the interest of our city and common country
at heart, should givo-the matter their imme
diate attention. Let the proper bteps be tak
; cn at once to. push forward the work- Money |
: is plenty, and it cannot be better invested
j than in a Railroad from . this city to Colura
; bia. It is bound to i: pay." ? Think of it.
j and act upon it !-Augusta Chronicle Si Seu
i tiuel. .
j?3?"'i'be south ir ia DO real peril, says
ti the Richmond Examiner, while it ha's bread
i for its nrmy. Let this be supplied, and the
j rest is .certain. III view of the. new tiiru
j which a??airs have row taken, k is plain that,
not only patriotism, tut interest, require that
all the sgrioultuial ppwer of the country
should he devoted to the production of grain.
Cotton and tobacco will haye only a specu
lative value Tor years lo come ; but corn and
nats are worth five dollars a' bushel as fast as
they can oe brough); out o?" the grottnd. Let
every .man and every woman in the country
plant corn now. The wheat crop, of this
year will bo a failure, but it is uot too late tu
replace it with a auperabnndant. harvest, of
Indian'corn. Every part of- the Sonthern
country can produced in perfection and pro
fusi?n. It is the natural crop of the ; coun
'try. 'Every larrher in tlie'South-wni hdcome
|? audileniy rich, if he will this yeaV Utterly
! renounce cotton and' tobacco, and plant eve
I ry acre at bis command in corn aud oats.
! * Wbbse pigs are those, my lad ?" " Whoy,
t bpy hefting to that there big s?wv' u.Now r
I mean, who, #is .their . master ?" " Wboy,"
again answered the dad, " that little 'un--he'.*
a rare 'un to fight !'! . .
A w.mdewr in^Nicarag4in,"w%iLe--^ssrrg
tirWw?rb-tfle?'flI'age ofTu?file a?vrt.Tlrsc?v
1 ?fja ^j?c^^^era^^J^ Bramar,
. .sfe.jf?sp?va, Minister .to !tb?;courtfry*.,in
Ih? f Jr m-*of*a,ip<aet?eal. efinsion.- -d tdflcarfed-to
'?ie -beUe-of n"poltcd?-^-lhtr ? D?aghter-'Of
M?^adaB?V'; ' - f-H ? .
. .v-PJ?nd-to me"sw?et nightingale,- ;
. . .-i..^flnr^flUM?e^^.feont^nsV r ?>. *i~?
?Aad-le?4^o<nietyonr ?cadenee?, .> - - '.. . -. t
. * .. 0 hriver-?f fbo mo?ntat?rs-, . -. -.
.That Tttiay einjiay'^ay^rn^irtTti^. * i
''A'di?nfbnd'?JJaik, in* coral"s?'f/''' 1 "
"tiem for' a'pr?r?c?s coronet
. f ,', i'be dangktcr^f, Mendoza.
. -ilea? brilliant, ie fcbe'?norti?ng starr--'--' '
. . .- -^'f he erring'..if?ir'-howretnl?r;' ' *' "*'""'
' "Tb?: llgt?t 'of "h t? th J? in "Ber eye?- ' '" "*
' Their softness and their splendor',
for tl??Tasb tfiat shades "their light,
And^wbonjjbc shpfj. them- aj? js,.night,....^ u
"Oh !fdfVh>igtft" addTeVurfouls'one,'*"""'.
* "Ifcw??acringTiuu Beguiling;* ..""'*
"The lute uvln ' thjTVilver. tonef, \ ~ J /
. .. ^%^*9^r*?*?iJ}X^uiPe ? -,v
? And.^iin.o ?8t ?oci,-o.'sr ?Ul annuel}? . '..< .
. ' ThcJioijuding of the .young j;aBeJle-? . , ...
~tEhe arrow's flight and oeean-'s-- sweller
Swootrdaughter-of. Mendoza*! ; .- '
What, though perchance, we meet no more ;
What, though too soon we sever:
' ' Thy'fOffff-will ffja't life ?mer'?Td'tight,
" 'BeTort'my vWnn evor ;
"f?fVh? cafi'sce,' a<rd*"fhen forget, ""
The glories o?'n?y ?ray"hri?neile-?
Thou art too bright, a ?tar to set
. <~... . .?...?..? %t ...*>
Kwe?t daughter of Mendoza.
Sp^^fJIjuqf Jfcg aia.sqn, th? Confederate
<.s^.+ .. -r ^J?.ojami^?iQ?cr..... . ..r"
'Q?'Wednemlay ^eHing, this g?fitletnan
made ? spleen" rn ptib?lc, at fc banquet at the
Mansion |Ionse{ th reference ,tp s(he existing
.relation* bel ween,the-Confe^erate . States-nf
America? of which he ? hr hero the accredited:
representative, ?nd"fbe Englitm'Gbver'nm^'t,
by' whom fie ia as j?t.ii.nrerogni^e??. Lie waa
a guest, with' Lord AJfxed .Churchill, -Lord
fftjorge Lmu.o.v, Lord- Colville? -General Sir
Gtorgir^?llock,'"MV Jiill?burton, Mr,' J. (!..
Kwa'st, tbe-'O^Coiinor J)on, f'olo?ei Frenrb,.
-A.C., ?l.?,duiUHr..aLwhii;b.Jlie.LorB!ilaynf-aod
vi??f Majrorbm^?fMfi?n>ilHhe" ?'Wbffii?tv ia9j
tl* HertftliP'r? nf th? .fJ?tirfi-rrtr Cpmm?irl i'onn
.Ml' for the'ward? ?i" Castle ?aj-na,^'Cheap,!
Coiernan, street,' C?rdwaioers, Cornhill, ?Cripv
plegare, (.within ami- without,) Dowgntu,"-and:
Farringdon within. The banquet was sefv-.
ed in tho Egyptian Hall.
-Towards-the -close- -of tbe entertAintnen.t,
thc Lord Mayor'propb?ed The toast uf * The
Visitors,'/ n^Vrrihg particularly to the iMayor
of OiiP.hffi Hi^dl Mr.- Marali." The r??Ktion of
the latter .'gentlemanV.?ame-elicted loud
rh-er?. -"His Lordship proceeded to say, al
ln'rfingio Mr.^fasbh, tliat ali hough Le could
not greet that, gentleman..aa ..a recognized
plenipotentiary to this country, he was per
iectly 'rustilied, l>_v virtue of bis po?ition as.
Chief Magistrate."ot the City of London, in
ottering to him, aud lo ail gentlemen who
came to this counjry on any important pub
lic business, a hearty- welcome in their ollicial
residence. They, as citizen? of London, deep- ?
ly dfpli^rtJ' 'the disastrous War which was
being waged tm the American Coiitinont, and
longed) iii oomroou willi . tho rest of their
coitutryurBn and "of the civilized world, to
see it brought to some satisfactory Germina
tion. ' He . gave "The Visitors/' 'coupling
with the toast thc Mayor of Quebec.
Mr: 1'ope, the Mayor, bruvtly acknowledged
the compliment iu an animated speech, iu
which he dwelt on the strong attachment of
the North American colonists to tlir- mother
country, adding that they regarded it as
their liigbcsjt privilege that they, were lei
luw subjects with tbe people'?Ot" England with
the same sovereigu. '
Mr. Miwion, rcspciifiiu^ to au urgent invi
tation of the Company; presented himself to
speak, anti was 'received with enthusiastic
cl.'osw. He ?aid : My Lord Mayor, my La
dy Mayoress, my Lords, ladies and gentle
men, but that I feel deeply the obligations I
am under to the honored Chief Magistrate ol
this city for permission to be present to-night
1 should feel strongly disposed to pick a quar
rel. His lordship has not. chosen to remem
ber that here, in Englani, I am not consider
ed of full 'agei that! am yet in my minority.
The ."Government of England-we all know,
honored from ages,, and always a wise Gov
'[ ernmeut in its generation-has declared that
the country which I represent beyond that
broad water baa not yet attained years of dis
cretion, and-is not capable of mannging its
own affaira ; (a laugh.) I eay, therefore,
that but fol* really being overwhelmed by the
kind and generous mariner in which I have
been received by. this, honored .company, juid
in the presence of -your Chief. Magistrate, I
should have been'disposed to say, iu the lan
guage of, a poet!
" You'd scarce expect one of,ay ago
To spo?k in -publio or. thc stage."
My-Lord Mayor,. I am a stranger in Lon
don-or rather, I was a stranger ; but I have
learned since I came to London that none of
:EngHsh blood from my- own Southern hud
are strangers among yon. (Cheero.) . I apeak
this from my heart, for I have been made'by
j every class of. society,. a welcomed and au
honored guest.' (Chi era.) I return wy-wit
; ncxe thanks to you for the kindness with
which you have listened ' to a stranger. The
day will come-it is not fur off--when the
I relationship oetW?ctrthat flbvernrnerrt-w
I ?3 now in its infant foYrrl'ri? 'n?cf yarrr'rwi
one of close and" iii fi m ale feTianpp." '{Che
I say,, this more especially as regards the
of London, which the great market tb
whole world.- My - country is
producer ofllnrgriat^rapiei'-of thc wi
??d F ifty t he VeTatich?-'-co'mmereitfT, do
l.^/^ljiical, ???taiuly' apcial-^beiw'eeb.
honored countrymen aud- the -people of I
don will before-tong- bc-of the- 'most i
mate ' character.-Lloyd's ' L'jhd?n 2\?w
pVr^.y^V!^./' ',".'.^' ? . ' '1 S'/
Ta ?M'Sfildiers* Relief 'Asscrciatrom
,7 '. ' ^oatft C?rolinn". "
^T?ie ?^egislatur? having peaced at the
.posahof the Central Associatiou.,at .Colunx
two htmdr?d tboosand'dollan?; to becspen
in providing"sta^
thc. ?arpJjija.syJiJjerSj ..tb? ?^s?,r.'a,li?n ?
-upon all aimilar Associations . in the State
aid'.itfn-itiK great vorka- .. Deeply--imp res
with the importance <d these Voluntarv ;
sp?iatipns, and ijie/generp?s' 'ana -'sacrifie
spirit.wjjjcb has distinguished pur .people,
.wouktrespwtfuHyurgci upon^aU the most .
bfous add persevering exertion. jJct "TH
.snppose.tfiat'f lie', appropriation or? ??i? 4p
o?.the State has.'rend^rpd" injb vidual and j
vate effort unnecessary-.' When we thinl
ttr?'m?gnif?de' of the struggle in 'which .
a? e epgaged^ the determined spirit "of i
-unscrupulous .enemy, ^bejC.ornpar^t-iypJy,, li
ited resourced of. our- Government;, wa. 1
that thc appeal'is' ?rwle tn ?every marr--j
women in the Confederacy^ and that 'mr's
ress can only.bft .ardiitvcd Ly,the joint lal
of ail.- \Y**e.invitfi,.thiTi, the co-op ration
alUDistr?ct Associations, anil -would-he pie
ed'to Teceiveany ' lniOffiiUtioTfor suggestii
ip reference to our common labors.
' , ..M.?hbjiDEV
..'??.' Chairman Central Association.
!,".--*" / Naturalization.- . .>.
' " TiVp.wfut-oii of inquiry; s?bmht?d in t
House pf Repr?sent?t) ves the other ?l:iyr \ii
.r?ler??ce -tit a .hatch of Yaaikee jtfjsouer-C
war, who, on taking the oath ol' li Irliiy-itu
CcW?Befaf?\Siiti?s,"' wer? permitted tll-col
ni2? in one of the counties of Virginia' pt
seats thc qupstkw,-whether aftw .Ml that h
occurred,-w?' are to 'r?nrraue to ettend to tl
i'i's?il??i >'ic^' tW rights' lin'.]- prfvH?g?s''
citizenship among us ? Tlje.llichn'oiud ,V. h
takes -Uir,-oflcueiori'-tti make., some, remarks
the rig"ht stamp on thc subject of Xatorali?.
tio'?. '-'That paper says : .
'If tb-cse-outiaws,. who came .herc.-to mil
der, rob and pavage, taken red ninden in thc
work, are,'by the simple process of addi:
perjury to their other villainies, to bp receive
into full political and legal fellowship wi
those who are periling and enduring all
what i.VL'iti7.?ns!iip worth,' and what ?re?
lighting for? And if in the very agony
war wo penn it this.to be done, what will v
not aubuiit to amid the hallelujahs of peace
We had supposed that the great ol-jed. of tl
war was independence, rind that lo attain ai
uininiai'u this, no one doubted that it was n
ct'ssary to got rid of the Yankees, ?ot prdil
cally merely, but socially, moral!-,- and fro
'all-maimer <(f contact and intercourse. An
yet Congress bas allowed two years to pa
I without touching the naturalization law; an
? if pence were made to morrow, the x-atiki
has but to open -our gates and walk in, .witl
?ut so-much a? saying u by your leave'' *
.There should be np further .delay about th
matter. We have vastly more to fear frOi
the Yankees after than' during tho war. Ti
three millions of conscripts that they noi
propose to send agaiust U3 are far less to b
dreaded than the social inundations that wi
come when peace is ?nade, unless we buil
breakwaters how. . -They cannot conquer a
by arms,'but leave them free to enter o.ur di
main and enjoy hero rights equal with oi
own, and thny will pour over our borders i
such.number that all that we may have jraii
ed by successful war will be IOM ? we will I
suffocated by numbers, debauched and Yan
kee'iKed by the contagion of their presence
! For our part, .we could see but lillie reaso
I for continuing the terrible war in which w
j are'eagaged, if we knew tb'*t it was to en
h With thc free ami'full privilege of eitizenshr
f lefi open to tho Yankee. God known w<
have ?nough of Yankee laws and institution
?.now, have been already sufficiently demora 1
i- ized by their influence-and presence, to Pat
isfy the most c-oiiuopolitan politician. Lt
us ipjr the future keep the sangue.aztie ol'tb
South, free and pure from the base admix
ture. Let UB have a citizenship of which wi
may bo proud-and religion, laws, education
.manners and social habitudes uncorrupted b
the leprous infusion of Yankeeism.
BARNI'X.-Dftfiium is still afloat at hi
Musoum, and oilers great attractions, :;s wi
be seen by thc following extract:from Phineaj
announcement i ' . .
'.Little Minnie Warner, the empress t
beauty, sister of the lateMiss Lavinia Warnci
now 'Mes. General Tom Thumb, though nc
.half her size-a mere speck of humanity
the smallest natural lady ever known, will b
on exhibition at- all Lours,, aud appear i,
songs and dances, in company, winh Comme
More ls ult-tho ?30,000 nutt. Tile two maL
mg by/ar'lho smallest piir ol Luman being
ever seen-?umlief evtft than G cidral Ton
Tlnrtnb and wife.. Also.the great rosrihg Sci
Lion, Hoar Sampson, Great Aquaria, Mon
sti r Snakes, Happy Family, Wax Figures, tte/
I--wr. . . . wjzzi?#r? "? -i--"rrr.--3
foiiiiu ljia an J IfamJiUr? Railroad...
Mu. KIUTGK--.lr is a . aonceded -point that
j if? rftilroad sh?uM bo built 'dtolng ' this war,
j but those which'art at'leasr, in at?me degr?e,
I ajailitary nece'wi.ty.. It was <iecide3jthat f?c
Greensborough, and. DaiiviLbx.Railroad,.Tas
rreieesBary-for-the mere-effective'e-artymg'on
of our; military o'pe'ratioh.9, '?nd Congress un
hesitatingly gave..;tji app/oya? to the, ?ri eas
ure, and the most.energetic means.used to
c?mplete it in the shortest "possible time. I
agree'that it,' at least, ""was a 'mil i tar v necessi
ty,, and may.si an y tj rae, becoiric, absolutely
Ludjspensab]e4o-u6..v Hence,- when the?are
pi-obabrntie? that -such -conti: geodes' may
atise whereby any connection prbpoacd or in
progress,, may be,cpp?e absolutely necessary *
far.uur.joperations, that connection should, bc
speedily completed. ? -view ia such a h?ht a
railroad corit?ectior? from Ooluiubid lo Augus
ta. -."Wo .arie all hopeful andjcoidi rut,, jct
canyot c?uiceal a.txemt?uuKnrs? of. the grand
attack to bc made ?rn Savannah or Charleston.
S?pprJRe thal CharfeeT??n is'taken, whsl?s to
pVeve"nt*'th?Vn?ray**'at'ltiaa't by raids, .from
continually i'ndaugetiug our- transportution
.via Branchville.-'-They .can-take -every sea
port With vc' had we tran light them mitriya
year yet, tut?ice^m?w" h?i? radi oath 'fur
IranspoiialioK., .... 'j
.Evan- conceding that- CljjttJeston will - not
be taken, atfdTdo.not'b?lieve- it'will as long
aa we bave -such ? General to command, and
as-Jong..as one. of his ? army is able ,toJire a
cannon, still there -arevinany other --reamonn
w^'t'h'is'coti?cctioit hhould 'be'rn?de. ' "'T
K\ji.:iiyricc of y?ars has tattqhi all railroad
me? that air lines arc the cheapest, and South '
Canilina ha* approved that system hy making
all -ber/roads almost .??act'' air lines.1 The
great' V which thW travUer -from ?ortii' to
-Stuitlif- frpiu Virginia to Georgia-makes by
goiug to Branchville', is S continued source-of
? v-?xuticft' and often of detention. \AIM>ogj
j netta 'riTn 'know* thai sometimes ? few hours
are worth thousands.pf d#jbw to .thew.. The
coonemion!dir?c.l. Troin "CiriumbiaUo 'Augusta
would-save at Teasl four ho'ursv^berfce--t'o all
who 'are*'eogag?t<l in trade, its' completion
Would.)*iof gre.at'.value. ; Again.,'suppose the
Covcrnment "wished suddenly to ntove- t-o-ops
trr/ur"A'?rftn??. SuHth. '. I frit il "they reach
Bi?nchv?TT?, 'ihesotropps-are dNfruStiied ciVer
:Two" r'oa?ls ? fhVre'tbVy harrow j dpw?.tfr oi?.
?.and jdiouUl some, accident'oc?ur,-the lata-of a
? vrrst- ronni ry might die decided against tts hy
j tH?f.deLiy. : " ' V ' *7 '
Why is not this connection built ? Some
! think because it may bo against the interest
,' of-the South Carolina Railroad Company. If
j they think, M), let that company build if and
i cmtrol it. But ic will not be-against the iri
? terest ofthat road; Trade will seek its course,
I and nature as clearly indicates the channel?
J in which trade, and. coi? roerce should flow, as
j ?he has the meanderings*of the noble-streams
\ whit-.H ourve gracefullv over our rocks,' and
. give sustenance to our rich fielda. Cbarles
i ton is. destined to be.the great City of the
South, because she is eligibly located, and her
merchants have that which ofton overcom<s
I geographical disadvantages-energy and en
j terprisc, with'such arterial conveyances pf
j trade as. .she may hereatter construct-this
;' will be without ? doubt, 'Hence trade docs
j and will seek Charleston ; w hat, jlien, the dil?
j ferencc. if it seek it ria Augusta or via Co
j lumbla ? The. tendency of all great trado is
j to thc seaboard, The Cullimbinaud Augusta
; Road will accorhmbdatea valuable iutercst in
Lexington and Edgefield Districts, iand give
them 3 more easy outlet to market than the
present slow process of wagoning: .The cot
ton and other produc?'bf these co'unlit-j will
seek Charleston through'one or thc other end
of the-road ; therefore,.its destination will bo
1 more certain ly-the stine ad;iiow, . while there
j will be iess . expeuso to the former. Iii fact,
.more of it will be, sent to Charleston, than
j now. for now the fannor wagor.a' to Augu&ta
( or Columbia and often sella theres hereas,
\ when he lo:ids his produce at his home depot,
I bc would as soon, or rather, send it ihrbugh
1 out tho line, than stop at.any intertnediate
j .market *; besides, thereby would bc thu stvin^
pt? the' CharlohCon merchant ol' commissions
1^ to Iiis. Augusta agent. Augusta and Cbarles
! lou i.avc always wot kofi haruun.iously iu tho
!. rcciprociiics of tnide,. and-lh?!re ia no doubt
t but ll.cy will coi.tiiilie to do so.
j The question as to the building of this road
: is now being' agitated, and if. .thc people of
jiColutnbia and Augusta would increase the
. facilities for reaching their respective cities,
j and if the citizens of Lexington and Edge-'
\ Seid would secure for themselves ucw meana
i of reaching \he market, they inuit each and.
! all aid more speedily and energetically in tho
! matter*.. .. ' SALUDA,
' . f.CoHtmblii South Oarolinlin. -
? j A federal oflicet1 who recently reacher1,
1 : Mctupltis froin Vickabtirg, evidently did not
. - entertain much hope of thc success ol: the*
f canal project, lia being, a^cd when the
I caual would'be compl?ted, he replied-" Ca
? ;nal( U-7-II, we have- not spades ciiougb to
'?dig th?^ecessary graves !"'. This ?as rather
j . pleasantly suggestive to a scccsh. who was
, standing near by.' First, that tho improve--,
. ment was a failure ; and second, that the in
. , v'aders were meeting their deserta without a
, waste o' powder. **" .
1 . Z^jgr A servait in B-ildwiu couutv, Geor
t gia, hT;s A:iU ]y sold S230 worth'of brooms,
? from lirootn corn grown and made up by hina
' j self iu his intervals of leisure.
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