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8?MKIN8, MJRISOE & CO., Proprietors.
EDGEFIELD, S.:C., APRIL 1,. 1863.
The Efficacy of l?roomsticks.
" Dbi it eyer^ strike you-not the .broona
?tick, bat the ikct-tjitt yben.ar^meots fail
to conti nee. blows, are conclusive evidences?
If yoa don'-t believe it, just wait awhile- and.
I'll tell you'anower true tale.- Fill your
pipe*, boys, and sit close ; ibe Yankees are
beyond the Rappahannock, and'n ) danger of
an alarm. So' ?ir the fire, and let's be mer
ry thia dark day in spite ot wind and weather.
You all know Slocum. . If you took throj
that chink there yon'll see hi? tong, lank,
limbs stretched before the fire like St, Igna
tins on a gridiron." Ile look* Terr com plaie
ant now, for blew jon I'he's* glad to be "bert*,
aefeirom the "danserons insinuation* of broom
sticks and 11 ?ic like" winning Ways." Doyou
know bow Simon happens to be in the army.!
No? .Well; I'll tell yon.. Slocum nasa
wife, and -?-'C-C: u wife-abade of Mrs. Caudle,
protect "tts ! Sabra ay. Slocum ii what you
might call a strong-minded woman, and
strong-limbod too for that matter, for the
handles a broomstick as well ss the rt?xt, and
so Simon can'testify. A taller, more angu
lar, vinegar-faced shrew ts riot to be found,
and Simon not being particularly .brisk was
continually iu . " the old. woman s" way.
Wnenever he, roor devil, entered the house,
sb <. began
'Simm Sic. eitn j don't you ?ce the mat ?
There you go shuffli?' along with your splay
feet, dashin' the mu 1 right and left.' Oo
right etra:pht batk, and wipe them SLOCK
ole?n, or take 'em off. I do wish you was off
pj the war ! Go 'long I say, don't ?jand .
there gapiu,' and Simon was- fain to do as he
was bid. - The chief weapon in thc Lands of
this amiable spouse till she took lo tue broom
stie'< aa a dernier ien>rt. * as-the teflection
which she ever cast with great indelicacy up
on Mr. Slocum i hat 4 heTd never been to the
war.' * You old sueak !' aha would say when
Simon dared lift his feeble vok e in rxpoet:i
lution, don't I kuLW you're as grand a coward
as ever broke the bread you couldn't earn the
salt to ? Don't I know you'd trimble like a
leaf if ?..bod* M just say lo? "-^.a^h^Ti^iSft^
cum did jump a? the frightful exclamation
was uttered in a voice more distinct than
musical ;* ? There it is ! There it i>, ju^t as I
Baid. Ile a'-m ot t jumped out of his skin
then. I do wish they'd conscript you, for rou j
ain't uo.manner -accourt to do Que banda j
turn, and you are just the lr.7.i.-*t white man. ?
Simon Slocum, that ever'I see'd. You might ;
j:ne the army, and let the Yankees sheet at !
jon to save a better man. Get ont of my j
tight, ybu agravatin ' cretter ot creation !'
So Slocum would rlope to Save hi* feelings yr
-his bead ! ? . ". '
Bat the time ita1, coming when S.br."iiy'n
authority waa. to be disputed. Sitnou was.
appointed Deputy Clerk of the Court in lieu
of no other oft-ri.ng; ind ribing *udderrly>o
high in his own'eat!mat??h, determined' to
Hake a stand,1 and open Mrs. S's. blinded
eyes to' the fact that he waa one of the 'Lon'.-*
of Creation' and didn't raetn to be henpecked j
any Ipngej".. Woe'* .the- dayl., lt. waa. one
bright Saturday morning ..that. Simon rod? ;
a?o?g from tbe village, -hie oh&grpy trotting.j
meekly aa was big wont, and-came to-this un-}
fortunate conclusion. 'Ktvet Nr? any of Lis !
brethren more mistaken, who, from the days '
pf So^ratesb dared, urge this plea- As Mf:
Slocum .drew near his ' home, sweet home ' j
a vision of bliss - met bis eye-S abri ny, with !
ber skirts gracefully caught np, swabing the ?
.scrubbing-broom back and forthin the front':
.piazza. In other words she was as u'eual- '
scouring, the plague of her. life, she averred, !
bat yet-aa ??'very natural with her contra- (
dietary sex-continually at it- Six days in f
the week did Sabriny Slocum devote , to the ?
Lares and Penates-if those deities are sup
posed to preside over sand, ?oap, and scrub- 1
b?B? brush ; the seventh, all things bj a hm
ry-sknrry finale Saturday night being set
ia order, she laid aside as emphatically a '
u day of '."eat, wherein the brooms and brush
M leant supinely against the wall iu CL nie rs
and behind doora as if tired out with their
perpetual gallopade."
As I said Sabrir.j waa. as usual scouring.
u Now," thought Simon, "the Unlucky, 11
sm so tired and warm, and ? do ?um | could
lie down awhile, and yent ott the new chintz
lounge in thc company-room. I know the
old woman will be wratby if I walk over ber
clean floors, but I'll just (ell her I'm appoint
ed Deputy Cleik of the Court, and master of
ray own boose; and here Simon jerked his
tak form np like agi-affe with dbe ?gnfc
and dismounted, walked up to the housepret
tjtriuchas Xerxes might baye walked .up
to Greece, supposing Greece tj be a Virago
scouring tbe Temple of Jupiter Olympus
t.'tnens nihilMrs. Slocum took no notice
of this unprecedented manner of spptoach,
went on busily swaying her broom from side
to side, now pulling-the tab of watvr to this
c'.doi ?n?1 lbpD *? tbat> "cult*r'nS ?P8P? a,l$
niDging sand es if her life depended upon it.
Thus encouraged Simon {laced bis .cacrile
gious foot upon the first ftep, and advanced
firmly to the charge. A? *.? reached th.a top
s\ep he paused, dismayed at hin own daring
Courage. Mrs. Slocum p*u<ed Jil??o. H? sting
upou her besom, che turned, and Ckst upon
kim ii look of speechless amaeement.
* " Sabiiay," quoth Simon, in accents atone?
dignified -and pemiiaive, Sabriny, ..L. am
Deputy Clerk of the Court; and if-you have
no objections, vev?-g as how I am a little
wann and fired" I will He down on the chintz
lounge in tte eompahy-'rob'iri for a while." So
saying, he took-.another. step forward in J
paused again. It waa a picture for a paint? r!
There stood Mr. Slocum, and there stood
MrW Slocum-the one an image of hesitating ?
prejinmpiion,-the other of unspeakable aston
L?h'R)?mf.'' Agaiii Simon spoke.?- il Sabriny,
you have been mistreai hero a good" many
years, and (deapera'tcly,) if you "bare'no ob
jections, 'Mr*. Slocum,' I'll be master kr
awhile^' _There, was another pause. Sar
briny moved- not. bul there was. ?' a mocking
devi! in her eye.J' Simon ?aw and-inarked it.
One minute' later and it might be too lat?.
I forever. " You may finish your souring, !
Sib.iiiy-I'll not'interrupt you-and then you j
can come and get dinner.*' '
Deluded Slocum ! A rush,-a whiz,-and j'
th? faithful spouse werft flying down th*front
walk in the wake of the Deputy Clerk of 'the !
C?urt, j*ko, with flapping coat, * hirts and ex- j
teiide-i-arms: rushed^ forward crying in Lia
ag'T*- . ? ' - . .. - ' '
*' Don't hit, Sabriny,- don't-bit I Its a dread
ful biir_ broom ! Oh; L->r' don't hit me with
it Sabriny! I'll never walk'ov?r your floors
a?ain, no,. I won't-don'j hit, Sabi inr, tfoaVj
h:r:''-and away down the roadiho piteous
acceuts echoed ,s Don't hit. Sabriuy !"
Anil that wa? the last ! ;Boys, Simon Slo
f.im urtver stopped lilllie wis safe tn Camp
L- j and I doubt if hVever'leaves H'again.
S ?briny 'can ii?w go pt\ scouring to the end" of j
her life, and ly) warrant ur "-.ody will everin
tvilerij. So much fur what broomsticks will
atcxunpluh when arguments fail. -If you
want to ace Slocum lura ci<flce-colored, a*k
htm how Mi*. ?S. was when he last i-aw her.
Then- he comes- uow ! - Pas.? round-the to
bacco, b ivs fctrty pipe's oiit."
' C. Y. D.
. *f The Southern! illustrated News."
. We have received this valuable j'?nrria 1,
and i nr sincere thanks are dup its Editors.
As the only ptriudical of lliekiud published
in the Coitfcderuoy, it should meet with the i
encouragement arid patronage worthy bf an
nY-il'T''--J^i''f""?^ -a^-J
e.Tpeu>e. lt is edited by Me?.?!-.. Ayres and 1
Wa<!< wbo have taken every pain? to reudet i '
it a superior publication ; and the first Ultra j
ry talent of the ?uuth, Simm*, llayntt, Thump- j1
sou. Tiiur?><i,- Ba?liy and athen, ace engaged j '
a-t rejfffar contributor?, lt is issued weekly I
it K'n-LaiHiid, Ve. Tsrni?, $ ld per annum. ^
Sss?-8. II. (ior.Tr.Ki. d' Cu., of Mobile, ire j i
publi?injf Rome reprint*'ol Knglish Werks l?
among which we observe 41 Greut Experte- ! ?
fions,'1 by DitxKss. Tho sanie publishers j
announce a Monthly Magazine to be coin- ! (
menre<l.on-or liefoff. thc 1st of June. . j
. ?feaj^affif. HAKKV FLASH ?uam?ur?-d of H
'old Pinta? r'?ni. tj.cw 'i We chance to'find j1
two of hi:} compositions (both ch-vpi) ju pa- ;
.per? that emmie hy the lust mail trout differ"
er.t points. In one ol' them Mr. Fusu says j '
ot.iumebody :
.. We ira'i'd in til yu JOH, fir aid I -
l At fuir a Maiden ut eter tent ??rr.,
JJ'.'rA m-fur ki 0,nt a pott *e*? in Lit^le^t . , *J
And <t fq?t like Pio*9ipin*.", ,
Tri the other he bas it :
'. / 'rs teen ?ott'i,<if.' 0 1"ih; fut
Au,-Ance J teer tey* -
- The tinder tye* etnd yriuu ?te 'fur?
. - O?fQied Prvterpi?, ; " ... , ". /
But ?ct my fit'"}I ?esnyio^srjfs, ,v ,v ,.
The'glviy qi'd tie groe,
7hn( Iff.e. a ha'o cliuys aboi.l
. Thr.t Mythologie face." * "
Pluto will surely have reason to be jeulous
of the poer beyond the Styx. Have a care,
BIBBY !-But we. raise no quarrel with Mr.,
FtAstfon account of this repetition of a pet i
.fancy. J ilia .noble Hues ou the Death of Z?L- 1
LIC?FKKR would cover a multitude of such
firtifcav,,, . ^ . - . .
,: --n-r*-^"?-. i
A week well filled up with selflshnesa aod-j
the Sabbath .at?ffed full of religious exercises, ;
will make a good Phr'riiee but a poor Chris- !
lian. ^There are many' prtople who" think j
Sunday ls a sponge, with which to wipe out j
the ?in? of the week..
Don't rely npon friends. ' Don't rely upon j
the name of your ancestors.. Thousands j
: have spent the prime of life in the vain hope !
. of those whom they called friends j^aud thous- j
jands have starved bccavsei they bad a rich
: father. '? Bely upon the good name which is
made by your own exertions ; and know that
better than t he beat friend you cati have ia
?rjqu est jouable d?terrait atibn, united with
j,tlectsion of character and integrity.
j ? Coi.. 6A.MCEI. G. Eini^..-It ia. the inourn
! ful privilege of . South LV.rolma to pay a trib- I
' ute of. sorrow over the fall of ?ons who went
? not forih directly from her soil to Ike' field.
J A goodly prop S?i?h cf lb? heroes who have
' illustrated-the banners of dater States have
' acknowledged nativity ,and nurture under the
Palmetto. It is our fad duly to record the
fall ol' pne of this class-ono who. ably and
honorably served his native Slate, with the
' petr (as editor of the Anderson Gazelle,) and
waa ready to serve her with the sword, but
before tho onset of this war had chosen a
borne of adoption in ile Went. Col. Samuel
(j-. Eurie, of the Third. Ai kansas Cavalry, was
killed in the bliiliaut and daaf.irg affair qn
.! <jer Van Doro ard Forrest, near Franklin,
I Tenu.-Chalet ton Courier,
From tho Augusta Constitutionalist:
Lamar .Aid Association .of Hamburg.
! The society bearing thia name numbers on
j ly seven attending members. Tho ladies'of
i ibe society have eontribufed most liberally
! towards aiding in clothing the brave soldier?
j of Edgefield, who will be-known as the Spar
tans of South Caioljna, as they were the first
[ soldiers, in the State to volunteer, and Edge
field District bus the largest army in the State
on tho field. The District has the honor of
giving the first two Governors of the State
in the new ?overnnu . I?dgefieid soldiers
have disiing.uird.ed themselves in almost .eve
ry battle where a South C.,ralina Regiment
was. present. Thc ladies appreciate such he
roism'as Southern soldiers-have ever displayed,
and will be mindful of the wants'of the brave
soldiers on;the.field. . -----
Many persons Lave boon asking what the"
ladies are doing now for the soldiers, and
what became of the^ money collected last fall
ai:d winter to meet Mr. Gregg's proposal?
\yhen the ladies make their return, those
wielling to know "will see that 'it bus been
properly *pent for the soldiers. They- ask,
where .is"the five or six thousand dollars ?
They may- ask where is thu ten or t wo ve
ibouscr.d. the sum pai3 out of the Hnmbnrg
Bunk to thc Presidents of the different S< -
cieties. Over ten'thousand dollars was paid
put after Mr. Gregg, paid.bis part.
:.. The Lamar Aid Association, composed of
B?von ladies, have 6entofFsince Oeluber 18G2
529 garments. They sent 147 garnieuls to
Bragg's army. A return of thanks was made
to the Ladies of Beech Ida nd, us the officers
thought Botch Llnud and Lamar Aid Assu
ciatious are oue.. Miss Mill?, Preaidont of
Beech Islau'd, sent a lot ot blankets to Ciijs
tuin Cruft, of tho 221 South Carolina liegi
moM.- HM returns his thanks to Hamburg in
stead, of Beech Lland.
The Hamburg ladies gent 2-10- useful arti
di-s and garments to the Uospitai at Ring-,
?old, f?eo. They sent lui garments Ut the
7th S. C. Regiment iu December, l?i(i2, ma
king o?O articles of clothing, blankets, coi
Forts, etc., sent rfl by nev?n Indies "since tl
ls: day of November, l,sG2. They LaVo tum
np and had made a" bale of cloth .thia \c:\
The ladies of this Society have made np m;
i)rnis_iftr j?r XJAIUM?IL-J. j?.-i,?.jl?a-ix<ic_h?/ri.
?nd given liberally all thc time. They ba\
?pent since October, over two thousand do
.irs. and have on hand one thousand dolla,
L cash, l ive hundred and fifty doilaro wt
;ivcn them by Mr. Wm. Gregg. . J
Aa I atnie lueaA facts, it is not. improper Jo i
>uy, that ?he sum Mr. Gregg gave ha-; never ;
a-.eii returned. Ile p .ld inore than wus re
[iinifd. IL gave 2} to Beech Islaiid,
?td >'-'H)0'iu lied 0,k Grove, which was nev
er reluciie?. .
Wheii euch society riinks-s its- rein nus, the
lurit/tii, nud those wishing to know if tho
Edgefield ladies have lo?t their UliefgJ and I
liairiotUm, will s'ee tiitl &ey are much mit
lirken. No people in the Confederacy have
u-CuUipHsLied more in the sam?: time than
thc ci?iit?iiR of K Igefu-l.i District in securing
Sou i he rn Independence. Many tint csnnect
L-d with thc societies .do a prcat Jeal. They
slothe-lhei: sous and fe*d thc poor. As the j
Lamar aid Association numbers so few mern- !
hers aad accomplishes "s ; much in such rt c?ui- \
at mariner, I presume it is two' nerts>arv touf
iV'tVan apology tor this irib?te toi iLc 'pvt riot -
ic- petiple v f ihe Banner District ol ?i-.juth
?aroljiia. We aro not nariv? s ol' Edgefield,
but Lave.boen.identified with hu for a lung
time before tho war, and since the war. We
feel a prid' iq all .that reflects honor upon |
Edgefield soldiers or citizen's.
Lamar Aid Association is in Hamburg. !
Any one hairing readj mad? clothing to send j
lo thc anny, can procure free transportation
by applying to me at, the Starr Hotel, liam- !
burg. I have all the necessary papers from I
the War Department- M. 4. BUIK. j
etteville Ob crver says :
" Letters from our North Carolina toldiera '
who have been sent to Charleston and Savan
nah to defend those places against tbc com
mon, enemy,, relate.thc extraordinary fact
that the North Carolina Treasury notes which
some of them carried with them were every
where promptly refused iu payment for pur
chases ! . What sort of people cam they be
who thus treat soldiers engaged, iu the de
feuco of their property and their lives aud
the lives of their families i Suppose the shop
keepers'should be put to thc expense bf on*
cent on.eTery dollar to get current, funds for
those Treasury notes, would.cot that bea
nm si 1.contribution to the comfort ?nd conve
nience of Ihe'ppor and Hl-paid ??liJie?, who
expose?, his life for the safety of Said shop-'
keepers? Shame, shame, ?n;sacha mean
I apiri ltd set.
We say nothing of the disconrtesy offered
j 1o the State.by the rifu.sal-of its notes, though
j that might be commented on with severity."
-!-?-o~ *-i.
! Tbs Detroit Free Fr?te of March 5 h'says :
! Auoiher departure' of draited tuen took
j place on Wednesday morning, souit: of thom
. ia ebains. Tte tendency of these men toske
i (laddie has compelled thc authoriiiea to be
1 vi ry strict with regard lo them. Hence we
' noticed that soine of ibtui, with wild eyes
and dish? Telled looks, and seedy garments,
also wore iron biacclet* upon their wrist*.
Col. Earle, of Arkansas.
A few days since, a brief bul .tin from tie
4 seat of war ia Tennessee contained tbe sim
' pie announcement that"Coi; Earle, of thc
Sd Arkansas cavalry, was killed while lead
ing his regiment in a Charge," in the recent
brilliant affair of Yan Dorn and Forrest, near
i Franklin.
.The death of so good, and braye a man?
falling thus gloriously in the arms of victory
in.defence of his country/ calls, even in these
days of great and crowding events, for soroe
thicg more than a passing notice". For
five mouths'of active service, ir duding seve
ral hard fought battles, Col. Samuel G. Earle
and myseif were members of the same bri
gade in Gen. Priced anny; and during that
iime Thad the good fcrtnne to t'?corne w.,-11,
if not entirely, acquainted with him. It is
.thc warm respect, nay,' affectionate admira
tion, inspired "by that acquaintance and as- .
sedation in the trials and hardships of camp
life and the perils of battle,, which inspires .
this Humble tribute to his now glorious mern
ory. .
" Col. Earle wai a native of South Carolina,
and at the time of bis death was about thirty
yen rs of age. His educat:- :: was completed
at Bethany Culb ge, Virginia, an institution j
of learning, presided ovtr by that great and
good man, Alexander "'Campbell. At col-1
rrge ho stood high ia all his classes, and was j i
universally beloved. -Marrying tn South Car- | i
ulina, Col. Earle emigrated to Arkansas, I j
am informed, in 1859, arid refiled near Cam- j
d< II. As a Iawj er and planter he was there I 1
pursuing the even tenor of his way, and liv- 11
ing the life of a useful citiz*n, when the great' i
cst r?volution tbe'world ever saw broke out. j i
'Of courte, he was one of the first to UBsheafh I
his sword for the mighty Conflict. A friend j <
informs us that.be raised a troop of cavalry, i <
was elected captain, and joined the re?i- '
nr'nt originally commanded' by Dr. Solon ! 1
Borland, and afterwards, ' at the time of bis i <
death, by himself. I am not in po-sey-ion 1 t
ol fi'll particulars of the mili'ary can er of . 1
tie? of on? of' the truest soldiers thut c\tr ? J
shod !i> blond for thc Confederacy, Colonel j ci
lille's character us a man and as ari officer, r
was attractive to a degree amounting to en : t
thusiastn in every one who had the honor cf v
knowing hijo well-a rhariicler, ; li
Omrcd tv:;h all good grier, j
To greoe ? Rcutlc?iHr,
and A Christian. Need I fisy more ? Q :iet, ; ^
uiiassutnw.g, and apparel.t>? taciturn,bia i.ear ? ^
.friends knew thal under a pain, scriou--, prac- j
tic'sl exterior, there .-an as "ich a vein of ?en- j.
liment, wit-, fancy and gemine humor as ever j.
gladdened social intorrourtf or brightened b*'
the link3 of friendship a?c fraternity. Hi?':
manly face over shone brietest in tb* (lay ! 1
of battle, and it was a conmon remark ofj?
his companions in anns, wlcu " the cannon's !
opening rou? ' heralded the near approach cf j j*
the conflict, "There goe Earle , with, big j ^
bat tl?-face on-see how ny . and smiling) ,
he is." ? j
Thousands of the best mn in the Confede
rare States, in and out of tb army, have shed
manly tears over thc newi of his nntimely
but all glorious death ; bri they may solace
themselves with thc reflecrm that ho died in
a aurred canne, and as thescl-lier prefers to
die; and they will cherishvith pride forever
the remembrance that try possessed the
friendship of so rxcellentao noble and so
bravo a man.-Memphis Apcal.
"NOTLONG SINCE,"sa; a humorous sol
dier correspondent, " a bot us were quar
tered in several woodenenements and in
au inner room, of one y the corpse of a
secfBh officer, awaiting uriah The news*
soon spread to a village nfaroff, aud down
came tearing n sentiment, not bad looking
specimen of a Yiirginnj??tue. '?'Lot-me
kiss him for his mothe" she cried,, as 1.
interrupted her progress."Do let nie kiss
him for bis mother!'" "bs whom?" "The
dear little lieutenant, thone wholiesdead
Vi ?bin, 1 never saw him, ut oh 17 I led her
through a. roora in wh? Lieut.-lay
stretch' ci out upon an uarned trough, fast
asleep) Supposing bim toi the ari icio sough t
for, she rushed'op excising, " Let ne kiss
Jbitn for bis mother !" ' ai approaching ber
lips Lp his forehead, wt was her aston
ishment when the " corr." clasped his arms,
.aroundbfcrjandeXclam^ "Never rotod the
old lady, M.ss, go it on jr own account. 1
hatti'i tho slightest objeou."
-. ~+t^- - -
. Ax EXTENSIVE HE'AJ. has been in
progress.for some timet Frederirkaburg,
Va., Kev. Mr. Owen, Ihodist, Dr. Jos.
Styli s, Presbyterian, ailtev. Dr. Burrows,
Baptist," have ail been acting. An exchange
says of it :
" Our eighty, converbaye crowned tho
efforts of tbose engaged^ the revival of re
ligion progressing here.rhelargest chui?h
in the city is scarcely plc enough to ac
commodate the congrqions of soldiers at
tending, and largo nums of penitents dai
ly and nightly crowd tbltar,"
. . Official Orders.'
Adjutant General Cooper, of the Confede
rate State army, lias issued tho following im
portant General order:
I. Any employee off- Governm?;rit establish
ment who shall leave such employment,
shall not he received at any other Govern
ment establishment, or by any contractor
under the Goveinm?nt, unless he exhibits a
dbcharge from the employment which hi
.leaves .
II. Any contractor under the Govern men I
who shall, employ any workman leaving*
without proper discharge,aGovernrnentesfab
Hshmfntr'of the employment of another con
tractor under the Govi-r*"ment shall bo nott'
ned at once that the detailed men and con
scripts in his wnpioyineiit be returned to
their proper idiu trs upon report of the fact*
to the Chief of Ordnance.
Iii. The orders heretofore given are re
pealed, that consciipts cr detailed roen leav
ing their employment without written 'per
mission shall be reported to the nearest en
rolling.officer, to be tried and' punished 'as
In consequence of numerous application!:
made by various persons to the War Depart
ment, it is obvious that [some misconception,
in regard to the instructions of the Secretary
of War in. relation to the impressment of
supplies must exist on the part ol' the people
ur that the agents of the Government have
violated their instructions; tow, then fore,
for the purpose of removing such misconcep
lion, and to prevent any violation of those in
ktrucli'OMSj it is hereby ordered,
'I. That no (.dicer of the Government ?hall,
nr.di-r any circumstances whatever, impress
thc Mippiies w hich a party has for bis own
ioiioiimptton or that of his family, employee*
uv.? res.
Ii. That no officer ?.ball, at any time, un
ess specially ordered so todo, by a General
.Mnmundin,?," in a ease of exigency, impress
lupfrltt s which are on their way to marke;
"or ?-ate.on arrival, j
These orieis were included in tho in
ms originally issued in-relation ti
suent by tho Secretary of War, and
leers exercising fuck authority ari
A\tied that " any one acting without
*il" tLii frnfhffifc i>l*?n' 'jii^hyeUn^
is will beheld strictly rcapoiisible.. *
rhenpou commissioned of?cer-i, uiits:
privates entitled to furloughs un
?I r tile act of December ll, or that o?
\pril IG, 1862, Lave died, cr may hereafter
lie. before the receipt' thereof, their personal !
.pr.-.tentatives shall bc allowed the c >romu '
.i-ion value of transportation from thc point
rhrre auch parties die to their homes and
V. When nop-cojnmisMoned officers, mu
icians or privates, entitled under either of I
lie pre? ding ac:s to a furlough,, shall have
icen, or may hereafter bp, promoted to thi
link of co m missioned officers, prior to th> j
cet ?pt thereof, they shall be allowed the.
ajne Ccmmuutiou as is provided iu tho prc- J
ioii?paragraph, or, when they go on have,
he try deportation in kind at their option;
VI. Claims arising- unJ.r paragraph I will
p settled by the 3d Auditor, those under
aragruph If by officers of tho Quarterma.
:r's Drpur'tncnt. In the latter class, the
icts must be attested by tbe certificate ot
ia commaqd^ng officer of the regimont lo
hieb the claimant belonged ct the date ot
is promotion.
an indisputable fact, says the Richmond"
Ipifafner, that tho South has within-her bo- -
un the richest mineral wealth that' cm bc (
mud upon the globe. We arc glad to see 1
mt. South Carolina is taking stops to woik
s fino beds ot' ?rou or? that run through. ?.e ?
pper part of that State. Wo notice that
lere -are now three iron companies ia.tie<
late, the South Carolina Manufacturing
ompltiy, at Hurricane Shoals, ou tho Puco
t River ; thc Magnetic Iron Company, at
herokee Ford, ?uion District, Broad" Rivi r; T
id thc pi g's Mountain Iron Company, in
otk DisLri?? These companies, .we .believe, j
'enow in full blast, and are furuishiug a
rgc amount of. the indispensable metal to
ie Government aad to the planters-in the y.
aper portion of the State.- We see also'thai
charter has been obtained from tbe Legisla- .
iro of South Carolina, for a rairlroad from ' !
?elby, Ni C., to the iron' region of our State. .
bis road, when built, connecting with, the j|
oirth Carolina railroad, will enablo the iron
asters to obtain an abundant supply cf min- 8
al coal, Bnd.plaoo them within reach of the- ,
arkota. *.?
South Carolina po-BCiseslron ores that exist ?
? where eire on this 'continent, and We ?see "J
? i ?ason why South Carolina iron should not
t?pete wi th tbe English and Swedish arti- 'R
e. In 1849. samples of this Iron were sent U
Washington and tested at the navy yard. n
; strength, it was declared superior to-any *
her iron ever tested there. ,In 1&57, some
ecimena of South Carolina iron, sent to Ea- .
pe from the Nesbitt Works, were mudo into,
eel at Sheffield, and pronounced equal to ,
e celebrated iron from The Dunne more
ines of Sweden.
J ?BOUU ASO WicDoM-Alen who are Jabo- b
ous succeed in life, if to their industry they ii
:uple wisdtan. Prosperous success in our uu . c
rrtaking is thc i fleet, rot only of toil, but a
.oper choice of one's work.
The Currency Act.
The bill to be entitled " Aft Act tr? provide
for th" funding and further issue.of Treasury
Mot's,"' han passed both Houses of Congress.
We BU!j->in a synopsis of its provision*
I. All Treasury notes, not bearing, inter
'Vt, is.>iied,pir,viuus to l?-t of December last,
?ball be fundable in eight percent, bonds ot*
stjck.unti 1 22d April, iS6:? ; thereafter, un^|
til 1st August next, in ecven per cents.; and
thereafter shall be no.. longer fundable at the
pleasure of tue holder,. but be ncrivable in
payment of public dues, except the export
duty on Cotton, and payable, six months' af
ter the ratification ct' a treaty of peace. Notes
issued after 1st December-last, and within
ten days after the passage of-this Act, ehsl
be fundable in seven per cents, until 1st Au
gust next ; thereafter rlmll b? . fundable in
four por cent, bonds. All such, notes not
funded shrill be receivable,- etc., as aforesaid,
All call certificates' outstanding on 1st July
next, shall, after that date, bo. deemed to be
honds, bearinp six per cent, interest. - .
2. Authorizes the Secretary of the Treasu
ry to issue, mon'bly, amount bf note's, not
exceeding fifty millions of dollars, fundable
within six nv'titus from date of *,0*UP, in ?ix
't>or rent, bond* ; thereafter in four per cen?.
bondi. "...
3. Notos fundable in six per. cent, bondi*
.nay lu converted into call certificat cs. bear'
inLr live per cent, per annnm ; and, if rot
reconverted within six months, 6ha!l be ex
changed, for a six p. r'. cent, bond. Njteh
mudable in (bur per cent, bonds may be con
verted, at any time, ir.to call certificate".
curing four pir cent, interest, Until recon
verted or paid.
4. All bonds or stock issued under ibis Act
to l e payable m'-t-les* than thirty years a'ttT
late, but skull Be redi .mable five )e?rs after
Isle, ?t pleasure >-f 'he Government.
5. Authorizes the purchas** of Treasury
nott s lien ring no interest usued after pas
?htfe of'tbU'Act rimil whale amount in cir
culation i\ a:l tint exceed S?7? UOO 00;.
6. The notes si
not le-<* than $.">,
7. Authorizes
?nd ?-! no ?es, an
noto--, not fuiidab
-y<~A uthoria*;*
i-t Dt ec ai her lo
States its may dc? . '. .
.ir the'ialc of sue. Li.?d: n , ra iib i!
by any Sf nie to ari amount, not exceedinp
.5200,000,000. Also author:.:.-* the salo, at
par, .'of $?OOjOO^i-OO coupon bonds, rix'per
cei.t.-the Coupons U) be paid at tho piensan
if the owner lu currency, or in Cotton c?rii
lica'ea, which pledge the Government to pa)
-:lie situe in Cotton, attherate ol.8 sterling
per pound, to be delivered at any time with
in eix months after the ratjfic&ii'ju of a treats
>l peace*, at New Orleans, Mobile, Sav.mr.ab,
vJhar!e3t(inor Wiimington, as the -Secreta'}
ol' lue Treasury may oV?ct.
y. provide* for the, j uMieatio? <>J the
Act' . -.' ? i *'...>. Sd ue? .-.?'.,
Tita CouRJMCCV.-Gold waa sold eu Satur
Uy at 423 premium, an advance of two h un
irai per "'"Vut. within a week. "Wo make the
sm mm P cc me nt 'With ho design of trbing. inti.
* dwiiuiaiLi-m on. f,be subject,' We simply
propose to ?talebricily some of ti?o most.ob
riens cauaea which have' brought- about tbe
result :
lat.. AU winter our people believed thar
waoe would-como wilbthe spring, and that
hen thereiWonld be a cessation of the issue
>f Confederate notes. Spring has ? come- bot
wace appears more remote than ever. The
)?nple. can see not hi n g before them but long
?ears of war-aud shinplasters.-v'; . V
2-L A stidden spring tide of emigration of-j
oreigqers is netting; from thc ' Confederate^
?tates toihe United Slates.|j These --persons.'?
ja convert n g fell tbeic possessions, be the
ame proat or small,Into gold, rrgarllefs r>f
h* cost. ' This large and siidOen d?inand-jvt
ipon a.draiued market nnut.have a marked
nd immediate effect.
SI. The peoile believe OoagreSs willTtot
la.-s.a tax hill, and every one feels thatto'Ve"
kv only method by wbiehou^redundact fr
eney can be. reduced*within, healthy- bound?.:
4th. Smugglers have increased on hundred
rid within Iho past month. Jews and Gen
iles are flitting over the-border singly and
!t gangs. These; fellows, though they, .nae
an t notes and State coupon funds; mtiai have
old and will pay any price for it.
5tji. Arbltxary impressment? in .this". city
y sen di ag p:'? vivons up to famine prices and
reducing something, -near akin to a panici
aro f'oubtlein haj some tftect in deprecia
ng the money, of tho Confederacy, bVnhe
bovo are, we believe, the main cauie.t of thc
nexampled enhancemcot of .the precious
letal, which we venture to predict will be
rholly temp?irary.-Sichmond Examiner, ?6tb.
??cussing thc fact that Chase has been au
horized to issue nine hundred ''million* of
oilars, says he must take the back track to
reveiit destruction. In other .words, he must
eturn to specie jiaymenta and compel the
anks to do the same thing. Todo this it
? rjcommeridid that bc'should "purchase
bid IO th? amount of forty or fifty millions
y tho salo of bonds at whatever price they
lill bring." Ibo effect anticipated is a aud
len decline of prices for ?ill commodities, the
ee-Wiori'of sp?culation ?ud a restoration of
confidence. . '.
?.' Onr own-opinion is tbatif fifty or .even or.?
hundred millions of gold, were thrown into td
tlier the Northern or S u?Hera market to day
? I Kill) IjVl'JUi! .
x li rtliLr.de ri ve 4 lr JIU banks or from the Gov
vern went, the tum would.be swallowed up io . j
ivre*ty-lour h<.?irs, nnd' be hoarded awoy ia
nore old stockings and garret corner, tbaa
,?vc ever dreamed of,.
A Provision Lhop.
The.Tulliib'as*eeJFJorniitn has 60tne timely
md appropriate remarks about.the "Pjrovi
sion corp." The. editor of that sheet talks
in a practical common sense Way about the
matter, thus : ..
The Planters of our country have dene
.mich.to snRtain thc . Government ia tbe gig
antic struggle in 'which it^is now engtged,
S ext to ibe soldiers they have ?viu?ed a p*>
rkitisra unsurpassed a midst the mighty
throes of tbe present war; They -abandoued
b'i <oj!iish idea ?>r personal jr>iiu,'arid by io
;reasing the urain cr p .ennbled< us to feed
be <hoiiH*nds that are nobly conteudin? fur
"ouiheru rights and Sputbern independence.
Two years.have -oIiip*.ed,.and the minions
if Lincoln d?-*p\>tism --?till hover upon tho
iiit-kirts of our^CoTifetl.TaCv, unable to pri
trii-.e ?he brtKtlii.g Ba; onetg that * welocwa
h?.ui lo .hospitable gramj." Such bas V?u
ur wonderful success that many arc lookirg
i.mSderitly for an-reny p?-ace. ' Among this*
timber we lind .rpany-very many-J>f the
banters -.four cpuutry.'who, lucking to. euch
rwtiit s-i Hpeedyy are pntpariug lo.;plat.t
tr*e crops of cotton. Nu *-e?nrHi moro rain
.is to onrVpro?peri?V an.l fetal to our final
tire*-* could bc adopi?d. We tru-t. that
p-.lriotivtn. of our p?Hi>t?-r. h?, of ?-sterner
ntftbuiHo /ield the wHfare of ;h?ir ooun
v for sfriish.gn.in.afi?"r <he ex?n.ple wHi-'h
ley set last year. Bal tiiey.wiU tell us tb y
a Vc .large a mount* of com ott bund ?i.<:
'. . ., Cary thttet rvwo/u r that thc
' - c.?rn ti--, tint y?t nrr *..'.?.
. ?-1 ' . -?i :2'- per Wi . '
.: . in, j.. . :.* go PO fc'Ort
tbficg'i thy %nr wo.uid ?a?; ..??tr.ty y.ar- :
?t ns plaiit larqi'ly in trrain and un* every
Fort to PUIUHU our Government, ai the only
leiinSj Mcitb God's favi?r, of procuring our in
'.pi:uderit*i>. - dr is '
'..<-... ... . : .<. . ym '? ? : .,
Thc ?eu'?uu will soon be upon us for plant
? purpose's and it ts -with great regret that
c hear of many planters who'sire preparing, e
p!ant Urge i-rops of ' cotton. K*ch'think? ' 1
lat what little he plants v.ill not affect the
mera! result, ?nd .thus wo .fear many .aro.
rtoonaciuu ly endeavoring to surve oar un
ie arrriy into aubjection to Linc-d" hirtjinyr. . J
Co believe the w ur will toon ni long as -tb* ,
? . , . OJ ._- ? . v m~ > r .ZN ii
.ooliiiou patty can-prosecate itr-we see nu?'/ 7U
ope of penco while they can riiae u?*n and
ibnt-yr* With K>i?h higna before os, it 'ts -
-u-jsing to see jjlttnters . llH.i?ig| their ben el
?rts for our. failure.? ben that failure* nears- .
irily irkvolve?'tboir rowh .deatruction? Al lair
resent this section of country hus nothing to -
iii ice" the/ looney .luviug', YaaWeear-lef^ na,- J
i^wevef, i?u,,t .large cuUon crops^. ft nd wa "
fier a bait 'svlmbst irreeutUble lo..hia* cu-...-.,r
idity.^-^l W' '? ? ??' . i r??J*.'.-utoia
37e hprje that a just -public teatiment ant? ^iy
laudable epjrit upon; the part .ol our plan- .,7/
n will not all<-w them 'to heggar do? tor- . -
frs aad imperil our safety lor ?'few bales o?
. ?'??:: .?"'; -. . .i?'^?,?^!,
M ho ran Bent it. ti?-ix loi -
-- - ^- - ?.- -
An E'p^l'tsh Cow-quite a vom-rab'? old.j.
dy by th^--^y^thejp--0p?rrj? cf our fellow--.- -. .
litcen, Mr,.J"CH.' IVingl? Sr., has recently adi-N-r'l
id ;/sro tine healthy calves, ?tjkfflm^tjK
?jclf or'her ?*-n^^l iHutr this hcema to ua ?%> ; '
ta Very ten si bio " anim? P-ConsideriDg- tlsey sd*
Brci'ty of pieni, kbe''f^ls^^
T best, for .the" ."?>Htt>?-^
to this gre?t adiier??iiart^ii?^
eud> sh'ou]dl bnve fi?r : born? ^btns.1 v?ithf Q-*?
-r^.n; rvnj^K .?fa..
KNOTTY LA-W Qb ROTiw.^Jtfr. ?-tt. Smith's ., ?
v Tip owns h dog^ whrc^rft. 'fimith wb?ie.-?'-!
t allow 'to ata j .on^'^I^V^ ' ' '
fven off, ihfrc^tpt??^sW?W
.s at -Mr? Sf?ftn'sV-'-A -'iiw' ?tjt simrt .h* ?du
lowed ? negro boy -?f t?f?oii' (yfajri*-^^
er to Mr. Ufi?jp^t^^tat^.t|pi|^^^:10
t hada wife.- The^boy wtut W ^u?tWrir??,
X Uti'lrum's cattle, ??d Mt*. ? CoJe^ ?at?k- j
w, without an7n>)taf%jri, ?ror^ftd'ti? Jp**'
ce of the food, : 4W. boj', ?fof &f * '
r and injured her very ?mteHally, aud it is .
ired she'wlHdie,'" '1*0''-'''^ - ? ?:? <
It has been adjtiJged ' th?t Mrs, Ob!? hit
en damaged fifty dollars. The query lay *
io is liable legalPy or mora ly, to pay.H. ,
The ijuestion ''is.'the y^?ctpa?! cxemjat :
tn coosorip.tjon wLeu bi* svl*ti(u(e diea.be>
e thc 4att?r beo-?mc? brnnieif liabl?.u><^>?K.
iption ?" has b?*n r!ttermit ed in tbtuifir-.
,tivo by .fudge 'Featherstone, ' of Gfco'rgiK. '*
a ewe rei-enily brought Wi^Fv. hi tu ona,"
it of habeas eoi^nw.

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