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Dum Vivamus Vivamus.
Yes, u let us live while wo live." What's
the use of moping aud groaning when there
is a bright sky above us-aye, and " Our
FathersV smiling face-a green- earth be
neath us,, flowers, and music, and sunlight, arid
love ? Do the diamond eyes bares weep ? Do
" the mocking-birds mourn ? Do the flowers
sigh? And they have not the half-not the
thousandth part of your happiness. They
liave no mind filled with the jewels of knowl
edge ; no heart overflowing' with love to God
and man ; uo soul with immortal hopes and
desires which will live fore*.or. Poor little
birds and flowers ! "Their exigence is but
for a brief day, or at most a brief season ;
and they die never to live again. Surely,
then, wc should be happier. . Look up, and'
take heart of .grace, believing all will be fi r
the best There's no use fretting, friend.
Pull down your vest (if you have one) and
hold up?your head. Look honestly at Jiff,
and Hfe will look honestly at you. Remem
ber whether you are poor-or unfortunate, or
friendless- . ?
"A mau's-a man for a' that.-" (
Nobody's going todeny it, unless you begin
to suspect your own right to the title. Re^pt ct
yourself, and you will be respected; but never
go-runting about, threatening to brenk the head
of the first person who does not respect you,
because nobody can 'enforce reverence where
it does not flow spontaneously. Above all
things don't mope-J pray you, don't mope !
/.et gamblers aud thieves uud dishonest ?nen
generally, looage?t eor.ier.', an 1 wait for
their prey. Do you pic!; up your hat and
your heart, aud look for something to do, and
when you lind it, do it wit-h all your might.
Xever say-".leant!'* and do be in earnest
at all times.
A laugh is the best medicine for all sor
row, and goad Hard work foy all trouble.
.Mind, 1 do not say frivolous mirth, with an
unmeaning, foolish sound ; " the laughter ol
fools is like the crackling of thorns under a
pot :"' but thc sunshine ol' a cheerful heart,
and contented spirit, without which no ort
on this earth can 'oe truly happy. I'uder al!
circumstances, and at all time*, remember
roar Father in Heaven, who careth for you
-srho has numbered the very hairs i f your
head, and will never forsake you thro' ev.l
i*nd good report. Religion and cheerful neg.-,
are inseparable, however much had been said
. to the contrary. Til* merriest, happiest,
kindest person I ever krew was-we have
sometimes said since the daisies grew over
bis grave-"an angel" v.hom we *'enter
tained unawares." If ever the love of God
shone in any bunnin face, his b'ue eye?, uow
clostd forever, beamed with that glorious
li?;lit. Ile was never sad, never Ca-vt down,
never discontented. Flowers of affection and
tru?t bloomed In bis p-.tbwsv wherever Le
went; the sunshine ofunclouded faith-Stream*
ed around him ; the**purt; air of untainted
truth hallowed all his presence. Dut be is
??one,' Amid alt temptations-in the llu?li ol
youth and hope-in the agonies of disease
and death, bia faithful iieart sustained him :
Le never doubted Clod's promises. "Bsyond
the sun'' be now bathes bis soul in eternal
love; and that voice so musical-in every
cadence so joyous und inspiring, UQW swells
in immortal sweetness before tho throne of
Jehovah. Lst us like bim tire, that we m*y
like him die. C. V. 1).
We all know the utter miaery of being de
ceived. No one of Adam's SOILS, or Eve's
daughters, has escaped the curse since the
-Angel waved his flaming sword over tho
barred gates of Paradise, and the first man
and woman caught its fearful glare as they
fled from the scene of their ain.' Verily, we
aro oftimes tempted to believe there i< uo
truth on earth ! All the fondest dreams of
youth deceived us ; all the hopes of riper
years deceived us ; the fairest fruit proved
but Apples of Sodom-dust and ashes !-and
the. flowers were Upas blossoms, or, ai best, a
- " Are you honest V was the thrilling ques
tion of Hamlet to Ophelia, and well might
.sh? start. Cau one of* us hear it with com
posure ? We dread to be doubted, yet we
know there is no truth in us. How absurd
thin ia the charge of ovecihonesty. Poor
Ophelia ! with all your true , womanhood
your pure love and earnest pleading-your
flowers and-wild, sad song-*-ymir heart bro
ken lunacy and sorrowful death-nobody ever
charged you with being " too honest." In
f ict, your lover seemed to bare doubted it in
. sjiite of evidence ; and so effectually, that to
this day, one is uncertain whether he .were
not the greater deceiver of thc. two. Duj. we
are running away.
For all this, no ono < an say there are
not some who bWi n'eVf r ' disappointed us
-whose '-'yea. is tea," and whose ';j?ay is
Inay." These, and these only are worthy
of trust and affection. A weil 1'r.owu wri
ter has said, "The truest love ever repo
' ses in A eiop^eW'n^b.y j; Jo trua? anyy;;Liitj?n;
: honest man is but a-'.'thorn in the flesh"-a
perpetual source of unhappiness and regret.
Not a word do they utter but we are pre'
pared for ita falsity f not a sentimentdd they
express but we trcoiblc lest it should pro>e
untrue. Unless perfect and entire confidence
is given, love is, nud must rem?iii, rn?t'ntr.
Of the many unhappy households we have
seen, distrust was at the foundation of all.
There were little evasion* and prevari aliona
--a setting, lort h of false n.oiirc.s-a leeann
lou.-?, uncertain uir of dishonest}-in bltdrl, a
complete system oj theatiny going on that is
po.-itively sickening. Oh, why wiil people
not throw aside tho hoi-low mask of co veu
liona?Mn, and be honest 7-]>.it there is odi?
who never deceives-whose p:v;i;?-<.-: never
?ail-who " stioketa cad-air than ? bwiher.''
Il? alone i? wort/ of the unbounded f.iiih and
iove which exist* ia every human hear;, a-:d
ernst he bestowed on some object, if, in
th? wordY of the beautiful cid song " There's
nothing true but Heaven," let us there fix
our affections, and then we-may be assured
of perfect happiness both now and forever.
Otherwise, we may be certain that no bajen
b?dow ?8safe for our tossed and troubled bark.
Continual bickerings, and strifes, and restless
roaming to and fro in search of something to
depend upon, will weary, the strongest and
bravest heart ; and amid dark cloudB of do
spair it will siuk into fatal Stoicism. - -
C. V. D.
For the Literary Corner.
Three Extracts from Wy Journal.
; March 12th, 1861.
"Off for thc wars!'" Yes, bebas gone!
The words fail heavily on my heart, while
the last-falling tear? almost blind me asl
write. But,-Journal, you-kuow not bow dear
he is to me-Wallace Hunter, roy betrotLed.
I have told you he was my* childhood's play
mate, my girlhood's friend, but I cannot ex
plain,to you how it is. that, sad as I am, bis
last words '. Mine, mine only, forever,*' echo
in my heart, awaking it from gloom ; Yrs,
yes, iu my inmost soul I feel that I am his,
his only, forever.
"Off for thc warn to-morrow," he ex
claimed as he entered our wicket gate ; and
despite my pride-lor I would not hr.ve bim
T?pow my love was given unsought-the cow
ard blood retreated to its source, and my lips
were white with unspoken anguish. Bat
soon he culled the crimson torrent back, and
brought the tremulous smile to my Hps.
Shall I tell you the magic words ? Suffice it,
I b?ve promised thai ere another Spring shall
make verdant the hills ?nd forests, I shall be.
' 's wile, if ?he war is acer. Oh terrible wai!
Ju.H punishment to take him,from me. ; I hud
not felt it else.
* Joly, 1SG1.
Once more <:Qff to thc 'wars!'' Gone
again ! Scarcely bud I whispered " Joy !
joy ! I.o is with me"-scarcely hud my Cjt
tage hoine grown vocal with our wonted
songs, ere the parting came. Once more my
heart i* wrung, but a lay of God-given sun
light cheers me when I think he is unchang
ed, not only iu his love, but no traces o! thu
demon of camp life, are in his eyes, though a
shade of deeper thought is on bis noble brow,
. und the shadow ol' the bitter war seem* lo
jj.tymper his old hilarity. But not changed!
thank Thee, Vather, and still implore ill)'
j shielding Arm ? '
March, 18G2.
Gone f.-rever now! They tell me he is
dead-that a mjuud o? ?esh turned clay, cov
ers my noble lover. They 'say he bravely
fought, until, as he stooped to iave m.\
wounded brother ?from the tramp of our ad
vancing cavalry, the deadly missile entered
i bis .?ide, and fulling lie exclaimed "Jesus!
forgive"-and with an effort " Tell my Net
tie"'-then-the heart that dictated, and the
j lips that spoke this message of love, were .si
j lent fore\cr. It is strange bow calmly 1
write-strange that 1 should stern to cure so
little. 1 even smiled aa a gossiping neighbor
romv.-k.ed to my mother. " ? thought Nettie
{ would have felt il more."' Did I say smiled?
j A ghastly Ebadow of my former mirth, f-.r
tLe " ?rou has entered my soul/' and when
the birds have built their nosts iu the aca
cias m.der whose swinging boughs Lo told his
? love I sliuil have ? lined him in the Forcier.
j Our borne is silent now, Lr ? no more chal
! lengo in merry i?valry the mockingbirds'
strain, but. up yonder, Wallace, our voices
shall mingle as of y or*.
Ile has only preceded me a little, I must
not weep. Weep! vain word, my eyes are
tearless ; why should I weep when be beck
ons roc onward ? I come, Wallace, my be
loved, I come !
JFor the Seveu-ycax-olds..
? Miss C. V. 1): Will you please accept this
Enigma, composed by a littlo girl who is very
' much iuter-?teJ in your Paper and wishes'tu add
] her little miff.
I am composed of twelve letter;.
My ?, 12, lt), is au imtiuin?rit ?se 1 ia writiug.
My 3, ll, G. 5, is the sea.
My 1, 7, 2, is a public house,
. My 8, 1, 12, is a stamp used in coining money.
My 1. ll, 9, is conjealed water.
My 7, 4, 'J, S, is want.
My whole is what every true-hearted Southern
er desires. VIOLA.
The Impressment Bill.
. We give below u carefully made "and com
? penditious abstract of the Impressment Bill,
, reported to Cougress by the Committee of
Conlerence, and which hasp used both Houses:
j SECTION* I. Whenever tuo exigencies of an
j army in the fiel J ar : such as to make im
' pressments for its support necessary, prop?
j ci ty may be impressed by the officers whose
duty it is to furnish such property to tb- army,
j When the owner of the property und tbcini
, pressing officer cannot agree upon .the value
j of th* property, the impressing oilier, upot:
1 the affidavit of the owner or his agent, that
' such property was gr,own, raised or produced
j by the owner, or is held, or has been pur
i chased by him, not for sale or speculation,
j but for his own consumption, shall.cause thu
value to be ascertained by the judgment of
two loyal and disinterested eiliger..? ol the
l etty, county or parish where the impressment
i muy be made, one assessor to bc selected by
the impressing officer, and the other by thc
owner, a ?id in case of a disagreement be
.liveeu the appraisers,' the latter shall choose
? an umpire, whose' judgment shall be .final.
The impressing ifiiar shall administer nn
oath to appraise fairly and impartially to Ute
appraiser^ who -?hai? then prue ed to assess
just compensation f.>r the property impressed,
whether the absolute ownership or the tem
porary use there'll'only i-t required.
Snr. 2. TLO cflnjcr impressing property
.?hall, at the time id impressment, pay to the
?iwner or bis agent the compens?t ion fixed
hythe appraisers; and shall also g.ve the
owner, over 'his oilieial signature, ii certiji
cate that Mild properly is e?i?enlial-to the use
ol'the army, and thai it could not be other
wise prweurud, and wm taken throush abso
l?t* necessity.; setting forth ihe time and
puco when an;1 whore tilden, thc amount of
compensation ni'ed l y the appraisers, and the
sum, if any,, part] (ur die s?>rne. Whe i the
impressing .iJiicur -"ball (ail lo pay fur proper-!
ty imprwssectj the owner -diaW |,Q entitled to
tti? speedy payii'.eiit'l'OT'the saino by the j r >[.
<-r disbursing officer. . . '
?fcc. 3. WTi~n*v?r thu Appraisement pro
ver a i -r i;j tbe first ifectioh shall ('rora any
.ciust* lu iuipra*ii<Mtj;le ?it the time bf im
pressment, in that case thc value of the prop
! erfy impressed shill be nsaegsed ?8 POI
! poe-dble by two loyal and disinterested
! 7..'iis, i-f th? city, couufy, o?parish wh
' tue property waa taktn. chosen, one b;
i owner and oue by the Couimjssary or (
i ter master- General or his agent, who in
I ol' disagreement, hindi choose a third pi
of like qualification as umpire to di-cid
metters in dispute, who, being duly sv
chall bear the proofs of the value of the]
erty and assess a ju?t compensation tber
according to the testimony.
SEC. 4. Whenever the Secretary of
shall think it necessary to take private;
erty for public usc, bo may by gener.il 01
through the proper subordinate officers,
ibotize such property to be taken, thc <
pensation for the 6ame to b*e ascertaicc
provided.in the first and second sections.
.SEC. 5. It shall be the duty of tho P
dent," immediately after the passage of
act, to appoint a Commissioner in each S
where property shall bc taken for public
and request the Goverhor of each of
States iu which he shall appoint sud Com;
Moiler, to appoint another Comtnissionc
.act in conjunction with thc Comtyissionei
pointed by the President, .who shall rcct
eisnt dollars a day compensation and lon c
mileage, to be paid hy the Confederate C
ernment. Said Commissioners shall co:
lute a Board, whore duty it shall be to
upon a price to bo paid by the Hover fm
for all property impressed or taken, sol a
.adord just compensation to the owners th
of. Said Commissioners shall agree tr
and publish a schedule of prices-every
months, or oftener if thev shall deem pro}
und jn the event they ?hall not agree in
matter confided to them, they shall have JJ
er tn appoint an Umpire, whose decision s'
be the decision ol the Board. The Corni
moncra shall be residents of the State
which they ure appointed, and if the G
ernor of any State refuse or neglect to
point a Commissiouer within teu days'tifti
request to do so by the President, the Pr
dent sball appoint both Coin missioners,
aud with the ctms^nt of the Suuate.
SEC. (J. All property impressed in thc ha
of any person other than the persona v
have gi own. raised or produced the same,
persons holding the Same for their own
or eouJumpiton, shall be paid for accord
t) the schedule prices fixed by the Comrr
stoners. But if tho impressing oliioor or l
owner sball differ as to.the quality of.the
tide Unpressed, thereby making it ?'.-.ll wit]
a higher or lower price namul in the sch.
ule, then the owner or agent and the olii.
impressing may select each a loyal and d
interested citizen, duly qualified, to dei
mine the quality ol'said property, who,
case of disagreement, appoint an umpire
like qualifications, and his decision, ifs
proved by thc impressing officer, shall
Jinul. If not approved, the impressing o
eer shall send the award to the Commissi.:
ers of the State, with his rea-ons for dtsti
proving the sime, and said Cominis swat
may Lear testimony, and their t e Vision sb
belina!. The owner -may receive the pri
offered ly the impressing officer, with.,
prejudice io his claim to receive higher coi
SEC. 7. The property necessary for t
support of thc owner aud hts family, and
carry on Iris orajuary agricultural or m
chailicitl business, these facts to lie aseertai
ed by the.appraisers provided in the Isl si
tion, shall not be taken or impressa 1 f >r tl
public use; and-when tbe impressing oific
and the owner catino: agree as to tbe qu ml
ty of properly neces-ary a? aforesaid, lb
?"h.! decision of the said appraisers sball I
binding on the officer and uti other person
SEC. ti. When property impressed for cet
porary purposes is lost ordesroyed within
the default of tho owner, the Governing
shall pay a just compensation therefor, tc I
ascertained by appraisers appoin ed and qm
died ns provided in the third section. Woe
such property, when returned, has. in tl
bpin on ol the owner, been injured whilst i
the put-lie use, the amount ol' damage theiel
sustained shall be ascertained in ibo manu)
I prescribed in the third section, the oj)ioi-rr
j turning the property bei og authorized to ai
on behalf of mis Government j Aud uj?u
snob inquiry the cerlilicales of the Valu* i
ihe property when originally impressed sha
?ni received a? prima Jarte evidence i l' th
value thereof.
SEC. 'J. Wiierc ?laves are impressed to h
bor on fortifications At other public work
the impressment shall be made according (
the rules and regulations prescribed in th
laws of the ?tato wherein they, areim presset
and, in tho absence of any Mich laws, in ac
cordance with such rules' nnd regulations mi
inconsistent uffh the provisions ol this ap
as the Secretary of War shall from lime t
time prescribe, provided no impressment c
slaves shall be made when the) can be birt
or procured by-tho consent of the owner o
. his ugent.
SEO. 10. This section prolidea for tho pun
ishmiiil of any idlieer, non-commissioned edi
cer or private who shall violate the provision
ol' this.act; and provides that ihe bili beet
titled *' An Act to regulate impressments."
'rij'elr Mljitnyy Honor.
Some cf the Yankee journalists profess ti
I consider tho continuel prosecution of thi
j war essential to the vindication of their mil
I itary honor. It strikes us that military bou
i cr, or honor of any kind, so far ns they an
j concerned, has very ' little to do'with thi
( whole proceeding. When a nation make
,. war upon* another nation, boasting tint i
: outnumbers iws opponent four to one, that i
j hi}* ten times the resources in money ?tnt
manufacturing power, ajjdjjye. hundred time
! ihe naval force, we snould say tljat very Jit
? tie honor could be achievod in such a war,
i even if completely successful, Four stou
' highwaymen, who stould' succeed in over
powering 'one solitary traveler, might lil
their pockets wilh the il-lgotten gain, bul
would scarcely bot up.a claim to courage
: and chivalry on the strength ol' that achieve
I i'm'm..
j "Whilst we have never Imneaphed tj?2 gen
. eral courage of the North, or any Other ract
( of mankind, we feel quite sure that thia wat
, is one of the most unblushingly-toward war?
: recorded in tho annals ol history. They
! have never bated tLotr own hopes of sbccesu
; for a moment on anything bul euperior. brute
? force. They declare thal they have bad in
the field over a million ol' men, a;;d there ha-i
scarcely been a battle in which tney have not
outnumbered us two to one. In those Wes
tern coi.fl.cts, iii which they have sometimes
ga-ned advantages, it "has been by odds
against ns the most overwhelming, What
j does all tim. prove'/ Superior chivalry and
j courage ! Military honor J They, now pro?
I pose to bring three millions nfpre,"and crush
i'us under an avalanche. But where, even if
i successful, would be the military honor cf
I that proc&edhtg'f
r If thc Yaukees wan I to vindicate their mili
: tary honor, let them pick out twenty five, or
I fifty thousand cf their best fighting men,'let
1 tb? South select the saino number, and then
j let the question of utiljtnry honor depend
! upon the result of that battle, Tue*? i-> a
1 chance for them, to gain mur?is and glory.
Every ono knows that they have outnumber-,
j eJ us, according to their' ilwn accounts, -lour
.j to one; that, they have had over a m'illion of
men iii the field, and I hat ?ven if t hc7 had
boe?u uniformly successful, instead of alniost
uniformly whipped, it woi|li| bo nothing to
bra-r of. if they canyon tu" sr av ac L'ncoiii
. proposes, making superi r numbers, instead
of manhood, tb.oir reliance, future .victories
j could ttiey achieve tai LI, would be equally
indecisive of tho question of honor, and fu
iure dcfertts equally humiliating. Thsdpnnlly
chance of miliifiry honor ia to meei us rn
equal terms, fifty thousand to fifty thou
sand, end then, if thiy wh'p us, they wi!|
have something to boast of. For our own
part, we would not only be wilting to Icare
the point of military honor, but. the whole
cause of our country, to Ihe resuult of such a
battle-Richmond Dispatch.
After a Little While.
Aftor a little while .
When nil the glories of thc night ami day
"Hare fled for aye ;
From Friendship's glance and beauty's winsome
I pasB away
After a little while.
After a little while,
Tho snow will fall from time and Trial shocks
Down these dark locks;
Then cleaving onward to the Golden Isle,
I pass tito rocks
. Alter a little whilo.
After a little while,
Perchance, whon youth is blazoned cn my brow,
As hopa is now, . -
I droop and wither in tb ta dim defile)
A fruitless bough
After a litt Io while.
After a little while,
And clouds*that shimmer on thc robes of June,
And vestal moon,
No moro lny vagrant fancies can beguile; ***
[ slumber soon
After a little w'.ili.
After a littles while,
The birds will serenade in bush and tret,
Hut not-for me.
On billows duskier thou the gloomy Nile,
- My barquo must be- ' .
After a little while.
After a little while,
Toe cross will gliiteu aud tho Ihisllci wave
Above my grave,
And pl.-.ncts smile
Dear God! thou pillowed on thy gentle bronst,
I fain Would rest
Atter a little while. -
J.uir.s R. RAIMA M..
ti ho Will be ilcsponsible !
A writer in tho Jackson Appeal, who claims
to he. familiar with the planting districts of
Georgia aud Alabama, says the farmers are.
preparing to plant large crop-;, of cotton. Ho
hud conversed with many intelligent gentle
ttu-rt. who ii:forint d him that thc planters of
Middle Georgia and South Alabama intended
planting not only alj tho new law allowed
tli-m, but that they intended disregarding en
tirely a law which they cims'idtlred uncon
stitutional. We have beard these rumors
from sources nearer home, and ?have sofne
reason to fear there is s'<me truth in them.
We have heard it intimated-that, the Legis
lature had no right to transcend ihe. bounds
of the Constitution l>y dictating to men xchnt
they shall plant or sow, and then hy seizing
whatever provisions they shall raise at one
third its value. This is some fd* thc legiti
mate frtjits of government seizures. It opens
to our view a wry dark future. Our Con
gress, h is exhibited, nothing but imbecility
during the whole of its present session. Ap
parently members have been too bu-ily en
gaged in making personal explanations, vu
liaaftr resolutions of thanks to pelly military
officials, expelling reporters, discussing ?be
merits of .Mime proposed model for a (lag and
seal, or indulging in empty declamation con:
corning the law of Hdockado, to give their
attention to the currency or to the convnis
sarjal. ?drae of our .Slate Legislatures and
State Executives have boen rendering their
names illustrious by in-ane at tempts to de
stroy the rights of private property, the qnes
lionable enterprise of breaking down ali law,
ami by attempting to rc.volutioniz.-j society
generally. The results aro now looming up
before u\ and wlit-re shali the end be? Let
the Legislature oj th's Siajo guarantee *.:?
?ts citizms the anuiciii'rlgbt-s nf private prup
fjtty, ami the pr W?MO.I crop will always pruVe
adequate to the demand.
On the other hand, let the planters Onto
gard the u-gent demands of the country;
let them disregard 'he peri!? which surround
them, and turn a dont ear to the eal's of
their countrymen, who aro now serving in
the field on half rations, and whose families
arc at home famishing for bread; let them
laugh at the distress everywhere apparent ju
our Intnl. ant; pjanl colton in? aulicijpitinn ol'
amassing mammoth fortunes. Will it not
then beeyiue tho imperative dut}' of every
soldier now in the Hold to return to his rlis
tre-MM tl famjly, and endeavor by InOie.st ?Ps
dustry't? save thom from the horrors ol'star
vation ! Which has thu most to lose by sub
jugation and confisca: ?0.1, the poor soldier or
ihe wealthy planter! Men ol the plow, bt
tcare. All eyes are now turned upon you.
lu your deci.-iort rests the fate of tills Confed
eracy. Il"we are subjugated within the next
twelve months for want of food, who will be
responsible ?-Col. S.un, 2.>d.
HlOnWAY ROBBERY,-'Tho Savannah Hf
publican of the .'list ult. Ima the following:
t)n Sunday evening about dark two sol
diers way-laid a negro man un the Middle
Ground Hoad as ho was returning on horse'
back lo the country, whence he liad-como to
bis masters house. Seiz-ng' the bridle, they
stopped bim, demanding " a pass." He an
swered that he bad noue. '* Well, got down
and go to tho guard house.'' Tho servant,.
; obeyed, but he had hazily discounted a beu,
with a vjo'ent blow above the temple, lui
was knocked down, and robbed of everything
he had, bis pockets' rilled, ?e. ppon recov
ering he caughfTthe horse and returned, with
a deep"*gash iii his hdatT und covered with
blood; to his owner, saying, ' " Massa, I uin
killed! Onr own soldier knock-me down,
and steal everything Irom me ! They is worse
fhau yankees, sir!" ?
One activo ?peculator, in breadstuff*, says
the Macon (Gu.) Tcl'ijra'ph, is a more clfec
live and dangerous foo to thc Confederate
cause, in our opinion, than a battalion, of
Federal troops. Ile does immense mischief
himself by stimulating prices; but he does a
great deal'tnore by Btimulating'the spirit oF
speculation-fur men need ??light induceraierifs'
i rf the way of preceptor example to go-into
a business certain to produce wealth, though
unfortunately it amy be at tho expense ot
WMcjeooe a.-d country. A single speculator
may often poison a whole uommuniiy by his
pernicious inlluenccand example.
-The Federal treasury department has
given notice I hat the laws does not provide a
bounty to those soldiers discharged from dis/
ability from other cuiisea than wounds. (July
those wounded and discharged obtain the
-* ?
The ship Prince of Wales, from Melbourne,
reports' lhat she Was boarded 0:1 Ute Tl 1 ot
February, in latitude 30 degrees, longitude
.l l degrees west by the pirate Alabama, "?"rho
reported having destroyed thirty-lour Federal
Teasels during her cruise.
Seven of ttie different Rituks-Uf Savannah'
have acceded to a proposition made <-y lile
l':v.-';{ei:t of the Marine Bunk oftu.it city, to
loan tlju city ^Hi.liliu ciel;, c.';ti)o;{t ?i,le.:y.-.;,
and one a louu of^jti?J, to be invustod iii
provisions, which are to be sold at prime cost
to tho needy and others of Savannah.
j As en?ne> et qniry lia.? lately been D'.ade by
; pers ns holding funnV in trijU t-.r ot'.er", in
j ri pin) to their authority to invest the fame
: in Corded, r.ite. boyd , w . puhli-h below, V-T
i t'<e benefit (if oil ciineei ned. an Act of the
i Cenoral Assembly ijf S"Uth Carolum. pushed
j tn December 1801, entitled u An Lrt to nn
I thorne Trustees to niven funds in the. L5oiid>
of the Confederate Stat*'*."
. " I. Be it en ic'ed by tile S-nut". and lions*
of Representatives, now met. and sitting in
General Assembly, and bri Le authority of
the (.ame, That Guardians. Trustees, Ad
ministrators, Executors, Hesters and Com
missioners in Equity, and all other persons
holding furds in trust for investment', are
hereby authorized to invest the ?ame in bonds
ol' thc Confederate 'States ol'America: Pro
vided, That as-tn Masters and Commissioners
there be no order .of the Court directing a
different investment."
HAV?Nti nenapted th?-Agency of ?n extensive
SALT WORKS, 1 nil! le able in furnish
SALT ?ti lar^u ur MUUII quantities, an<l ?rill l>o
giivern-ij hy ibe lowest niurkel pneo in Haml.u-g
<T Augusta.
8. E. How LUS, Agent. .
Hnmhur..',. Mar 311 . Sin 1.1
Attention All !
Til F Subscribers having buuglit tho I?AM
Unir? ibruucb these indur?os tn return (habits ru
the public fur tbo liberal patronage thus tar bv
lowed un them. They pied gu theatre, res ns. svy;t
SS tho times will jus'i.y it, torolay thc Roitd, and
give you a Road worthy bf travel. In order to
do lili?-they expect nil thus? who use tile Komi to
pay tall. Tim privilege* given lu person* through
who.>e land the hoad run? aro hereby, withdrawn.
They will exocet all ito pay who V<> ibo Road.
They will mu ku terms reaBonabl.;.
Persons -travelling ibo Road from thc Pino
IIuuso to Liruuircville. will pay ti>ll at .Julius
Day'?; and thine uriug thu Ruad below the Tull
Ciifto cnn ii,^Lc arritugiuicnla Hy tho year. Tiny
'would, ;be ?d for every one to feel ic to his inte
rest tu uso ibo Knud.. Rut ikey ure not willing for
j. this tu be dune v.i'hnut pay, and with a generous
B^ristance from ibu people, they will convince thc
.in\<rrNV#V?4>bv.l that thc li. .fe E. P. R. is no
.bqinbugr . .JULIUS DAV.
: . . . JOEL OlIKRY.
Mar "0 U 13
.->----,-.---_>- . ___--, _
; Tax Collector's Notice.
?. WILL attend at ibo times anil placed herein
afb-r'wciirinned to collect rfic State and Dis
trict Tax for the yetir commencing the Irrst day
ur Ootohon Jt>t)2: . . . .
Cher .kee Pondj, ,t .Wednesday, Sib April;
J.ihn Curry's, Thursday; Pili
Pine l?bale? .*.'. :i Triday, ' ' 10th "
Dr. John Mobley's; . '"Monday, l.'trlr "
Mri Norris', . .-. . . luesdiy, . )4ib ?*
George'Addy's, . Wednesday,.15th "
Mrs. tlib.-oii'?, " Th umbi v, I ?th '.'
Mt. Willing, * Fritlsiy, 17th ?
Mi.Vier's, * .?lltnnUy, 18tb .<*>
John .tannings', - Jsuiue evening 9 o'clock.
IMebardson's, Munday, 20th "
llthci's Store. Tuesday, 21st "
Perry's. Wednesday, 22d "
Chapman's Storp, Thursday, 2,",d ?
?ahaiii Culbreatb's, Sumo evuuintr, 3o'clock.
Haltawangcr's ?torc, Friday, 24'h "
Allen Kemp's, ' Saturday, 25th "
Kouutree's Store> Monday, 27th u
>hnltertield, . . . Tuesday, 2Sth "
Liberty Hill, . Wednesday, 2'Jth "
White House, Thursday, .loth "
j: M. Talbert's, Friday, ' \it May,
pleasant Lane. Ssiurday, 2d "
.lohn Qheatbain's, Monday, -Ith "
Red Hill, Tuesday, 5th "
Fd ward Hewie's,. Wednesday, Cth "'
Woodlawn P. 0., Thursday,.; 7:h "
A. MorgiinV, Friday, S-h "
Hamburg, Saturday, ?th "
'.Vbiteiimu'i S.' It Monday, lilli " ,
C-dlk/V Tuesday, 12th "
Edge-field C. H., Wednesday,l.?th ?
.' ? " Thursday. Hta "
Dora's Mill-, Fridny, 15th. "
J 'S. Stnyly's, i-aturduy, Tfkh u
' After which tiino ray booka T/111 close- for the
present year.
Tax Payera must make their r-.'turns io the time
above named <>r they w'i'l he subject to double tax.
Free N?groes not now nor bavin-; beeb in thc
Confederate service ure subjoct to Tax,-those
IV nm the ares of l? to 50 years.
Tax Payers aro hereby pplifbtd that tl|o Con
fnler?ilc Utils "f thc Hoycr.t; ludwig plate, da teil
S**||'eUtbf t. 2d, pf the denomi?r.Mon of $2(1.
:;.'?:> and Sibil,'will tint ho taken lor Ti.xeS, ns tm-y
were aallod in last year, and tho plate having
heen eonnterfeitad there is sumo discount en the
genuine bil!.< unless rctnrned to tho proper au
th'iritips. Other Confederate money will be good
Tor Taxes; ' TUKQ. LEAN, T.c a.n
Mar 17_If_ll
COLUMBI A. March 1?, lSli:l.
WUEREAS I am credibly Informell that large
quantities of provisional are being exported
from tbi? State for theTparpnaa of sp?culation, by
! rc;asop wLjreni-ibp price of provisions bas been
j iniich enhanced, to thc great disootafprt pf thc
oitizms of thu State; and whereas tho present
supply i? deemed important for tho subsistence of
the people and tho soldiers nf th?' Confederacy :
Now. therefore,. J, MILJ.F.DUK L. BONHAM,
Governor <?f South QaEoHna, hy virtue of iho
power vested in mc under tho Constitution nf this
St-ite, dnisstte thisrmy. proVlaiiinHon, and f?rhi.l
all persona, for the Fpacn-of thirty days from this
: dato../min expoctiug beyond .Hus Limits nf this
.j fitate, ?ny Salt, paeon/ 1'ork, Hcef, Corn, Meal,
j WhealV Flour, jlVce',' I'i as. 'Potatoes or other pro
i v^siona-of fmy; d^Tlnfion whatsoever. Thc fol
* lowing persun. araexcepled, vlsi ymirtcnnasjers,
Onuimissaries a,ud,ot,bur agents of the Confed?ralo
! Uoverntiiiiiii purcliiicbig provisions for .the army,
j whit niust ?rnit?it sirisfact'iry evidence of tlioir
'? nlnoTir; obaractor and authority ; ptrsons fr uit
1 other Slates who purchase for- their own. pnvute
use and cun.-uuiptinnj and not for re?alo, who shall
I uotke oath to that effect before the next magistrate
: previous lo tho removal bf llic-articles purchased,
whieh oath the magistrate ?hall preserve, and fur
nish for, tho usn of thp ?o)icit?f ,cf tho pir?t|it
Min)i teqOjUioil j adonis of counties, towiit, cor|io
j-ntioiis atiir .Stddiirg' Boards of Relief of oilier
! Slates, w'j? exhibit satisfactory proof of their nu
I thorlty to purchnse such provisious ia belndf of
suoh couoties, towns,, corporations or Soldiers'
; .Boards of Relief, for public use <>r for distribution
,.01 costs aird charge.-, and-not f,r revato or profit,
j' Salt mudo by non-reai'li-nts and ciirgoorfeulor
. -Hig ou^nocts ?rom,abroad aj-e al|iQ P5copi?d.' /
ir* *\ox5J ?tt.W. avtiutoe ?tut maj t)e stopped.tn
^r^li^Vrw?irbO'cohTl?catcd Yo tho*Jse of-tfie'SYnter?
It i?-etiJuin?d-'irpob-Alt mnjiitfatea-'and- militia
VitYoers. and ajl Rood, oitiiat a sra appealed to, to
f alfi"in tho enfor^cmopt-of. thj,vprcclsnation. .
! ?lv?u dndsyuny hant? und inj aeol of iho Stato
... nt OnluabU,' tfili cl^bi?etiih tiny of March,
tb. a.] A."D', ene Thon??tid,,ttifh* Hnndred and
Blxty-tbiec h . . JLiL. BONHAM.
WM. ll. HCXTT, Socrctary of SttUo. f ?
? March 2.5, . .. it .. 12
Negroes Wanted.
WE WJSJI to purchase F.I FT V LIKELY
y.?l?IWJ N1SGKO ES, and aro prepared
j ta pay thc HIGHEST CASH BRICKS. '
I We h'avo on Wnd a LUCE LY WOMAN WITH
FOUR'CHILDR/EN whli h wc will, bc ploded to
I,soil or caohange for other Negroes:
f ; Jan 28_ ,f 4
ALL porsons haring demands against tho E.*
tato bf Moses -Hillston, di?c*d.. aro requested
M prusedt thuin properly at le? ted to tho SiibserL
b r. on or be oro lb? fl.b day of May next, nnjj
t' J.J i ulelitud to .-in I (.slate nm reoiiestpd to na^
up i!.-.:t day. a's n linal scilTomenl ?Y sai-l 'Es
i t ito tv iii bc UKI-ic in ibu Ordinary's Otlicu on thal
I day. WILSON UoLSTON, Adm'r. .
Mar O ii IQ
interesting to T?achers.
EdgeRcld Female Institute!
IN consequence ut iii? death pf ihe,-bit? Princi
pal sari Proprietor. .Jons|R <? WALTSKT, thU
The LOT embraces fira-wreiv'*neart&e eentfi
"f ihn Villar*, md wiihni t-l.rce hniubod yards o'
three Church cc The IM PROV EME NTS are all
new-erected in 1 SOO. Th* Main.J3uil.linK ha? a
front of seventy-'Wn feet, with "handsome. Hoted
columns. The entre ha:! a depth of eighty feet,
?giving nil A L*L forry-?wn feet ty sixty. Then
are Rucios en. ugh fur Schmo1 purposes, fur tin
Principal's family, and for Twi-nty Boarder--.
Tho plan contempl?tes th'- addition of Wings
should it bc f..und necessary.
Edgefield Village ia near tho centre of ono of.
thc largest" add' wealthiest Districts in the Suite,
and oilers many inducements to the enterprising
Teacher. . As there is nu othor School of tho kind
in ibu District,.!! is confidently believed thnt/les
wilj con titi UH to receive ample*p?ti onnge, if nnd.-r
proper inanag.-ment. "I be lute Dr.-Wji. U. Jnji.V
sot iv us very successful here, ns a Teacher, for
Hi'-ri t ti II n twenty years.
-There h is Wen no cessation of the School. The
underSign..-d'w ?ll continue irs UMn-.jreinioit fur h's
brother'* family lill next July. H.! will lie ?lan
to send Caialoutte* to tUo^e wishing information*
orto Borrer pond with rho-o- *who way- desiro t?
purchase ur rent. Address
Edgefield, 8. C.
Feb il . -St 6
WE have 'tonight the entire- interest of ihr
f.inuor Proprietor. Mr. JOUN L. HAR
mid iutcud lo ktip H first C|M?<S Kons*.
Augusta,'ft?!.; Feb 10 :?ni ti
.awe . ii..? *m M -?sa ir, T mm ot j
MO Broad St., Augusta, Ga.,
ummm _ AM": JEWELER:
given to tho Repairing' of WATCHES.
CLUCKS and JEWELRY*. ' Every cfTort will be
lu,do to keep up my exttjtiai.o Stock of
To suit every detect of' vision.
Tho balance of mr Stock of CLOCKS, FANCY
O0U?S. PLATED WAKE, Ac, wili'be sold lo*
FOR CASH ONLY. .. , ,,. . ? ...
Augusta, J ui 20 * tf ii
HAYINti purchasedef tho Administrator the
in i trust ol' C. W. HODl.'ES. dec M.. in th.
brm of C. W.'A J. P.. HODGES, I wi 1 cootinm
tb? i-nMhcsj in my own nav.o, and hope 'hr strict
.i ti.-4i i ion to the wants of thepeopfe to merit tl-eii
pinr.iftuge. ,1 will endeavor 'u .keep up aa oom
p?ete n stock ol' DKUtiS. MEprci\KS, ic. ar.
IhcSC fili'Chnde-tiine? will allow, and will sell st
low ns 1 cnn ffdaiibly'sfiriird.
As tho Administrator wishes to rios? Ihc Es'aN
of C. W. Hodges, deo'd., ii is pat ti- ulerly requeu
ed thal all indebted to tho firm ul" C. W. ,t J. 15.
? llODOES will cull on ibu Subscriber and sctili
forthwith. J. li. HODGES.
Ko'jietiel I, S. C.. Jan '-'I tf 3
THE Soi?crihiir oiTers for sale prp-iitcly tb
.Jennings; dee'd., in Edgejield District, containing
Situate on Stevens' Creek, oh the Road leading
t'roio Augusta to Calhoun's Mills, i's miles from
Augusta, and bounded by lauda of Dr. J.J. Curl
ledire, Mrs. Ciirtlcdgc, C. L- Bl. ir and others.
There aro on tho place a comf..Hubie Dwelling
House an i all necessary outbuildings. Tbero ?re
seventy-five Heres of g..od bottom land, and thirl)
acre1 of ?an.I sown in Wheat, and uD?Ut furty i.
Oats. Thc place is voil watered uud timbered anti
is in a high stale of cultivation.
If a purchaser can he lound soon, I will sell
willi the place Seventy-five Head of Sheep, ?Stock
of Cattle, ?c.
Dr. J. J. Cartledge or tho Subscriber will take
pleasure in showing the place to any one deairou.
of purchasing au excellent p'aniuliuo.
j'?t*Terms easy.
W. D. JENNINGS, Ex'or. -
Mar 4 tf ' 0
Ihnvn now on hand a large Stuck of BKD
ROOM FURNITURE. in Secs of from 8 tu
12 pieces, Mahogany, En.uueled and Fancy Paint
ed. A small lot of PARLOR FURNITURE.
CHAIRS, a fow MATTRASSES, an? all articles
usually kept in the. Furniture lino, most of
And will be sold lew for good paper when the
cash ia not convenient.
JBurial Gases !
I kecpoonstaully on a full stock of Mahogany
Octagon Lcd COFFINS. Also, Covered Raise Leo
COFFINS, plain but nea ly trimmed, ht f??.
Use of Hearse S3 per day, ur trip not over- a day
I will continue lu koop a supply on bund read,
fur delivery. . . J, M. WITT
Mar Ol _"tf_JO
/AAA LUS. <*001) lt YE ur WHEAT
4rUUl? STItAW, as lillie broken un a.?
possible, not machine tiireshod, euitaldo fur Rim*
of heavy Avtitlery and Ti :;ospoiution Harnes.
Ce>lur?, for which the bigb.-st market price will
be paid by
Augusta, Ga.
Mar 10 _^ _ Ol?;_10
Cotton Cards.
QftJtxJ CARDS ju-t reccivf'd, and for epla rc -
Mina ldc These Card* rcctutiy ran thc blockade,
and are a superior article.
... . C. HAMMOND.
Hamburg. Mar 9_ lui Hi ^
ALL persona ii*viiig demands ?irninJt the Es
tate ul* Witlium E. Miild et >o, dee'd., aro re
.iHtosted to prc??tit ihbm tu the ntnicrsitrnwl, end
those indebted to said Estate arc .u.^iictti d to
uiuko immediate piyment.
EMILY ?l.I^DLETON, ?ifm'ix.
M ir -i . - . . ^
Notice t? Creditors.
E I) Ci EF? ELD' iJ ISTRI CT-?. N" EQ Cf Itt.
Juba E. H irris, et'of, "1 Btill?r'P?rtUfon,
VB . t Aceuiinf. Settle
Ci. A; Addison. ! nieul, ?te..
W. ({. Harris, Ex'urs. ot ul. J
BY Virtue of au ordor of tho Court in this
cause, sll persons having demands' r.g"insf
tb? Trust Estate of Wo. Harris,fWd., are're
quired to present and prono their demands hof.-rc
mo on or bofore the 15th. day of M-iy next, or
olie payment of tseir tb want's win hr bn'rh d,
?8. W. CAf"WrLH,'c.e.t'..i.. -
M?r U, lSftg. Hi; c -m ?
A' LL person* having claims r.sainst thc Estate
of Willis V'hittle, sr., dee'd., aro rctpicstcd
lu present them duly attested ?etforil?tig to lat?,
' A.- WKITl^fr, -V- ,,
4s B. CR?Ucl?..- J Atl 0Tf
Mar ' "Um* . 1)
Strayed or Stolen,
PIOM DR. J. L. LARC.E'S Laboiat... v. neat
l?Smburir, S. C.. Lit Sund.y night. 22d ol
; Marett, two dark sonvl mare MULES, of ine-liinn
' s'ze. Any person finiiinir thu above Mu!oa,wil| bc
! lJ' i>r?H.v rewarded by r^turulog thom to Uio ubini
i establishment,
. liamhur^. Td ar 30 Itt*'' 1 ?,
?O.-T ab -ut ?bo 10th March a Noto on Danie!
jf (/uzi:', calling for .Ono hilndred-and ?eventv.
?iva ? : iii.i.;;rj. de? ibu 1st ,.i January lsd;
.bi cl ii .Mareil J?l?. Ail persuiu >tre forcWariivti
u a to trade ?or tho ?ni 1 Nor...
M.irCO 31? 13
NAT KA MY, Pr. .
T. H. CLAltk, . . " .
JOHN BLAND, 1 . ' M ..
. For TH? Collector.
0. M: MAY, . .
For Clerk.
S. n A BRI? ON, . \' ,7.
Medical Notice.
D?t. J.-F. ?RIFF!?! will Mtftid to PT?
?Vi-Kin al c?lii< tn thia ViMcMftmnti ita immnii
'.II.- n. hri'v. K?-? 'l^ii^ii-n?W,io Mr. H. iff. IvendVs.
Mg-Heid C. H., Feb 10 3u*i
DH. jil? 1'Atr?K.?K ?Ul. Le , in. , fris office
rviculttrljT. mien 'lay chifiiyr, .-&lc-d?y. ,we?? ;
out iii'ter eben be will < nly be ibero . occ??iou - Hy,
iui bin Professional eti'gugementa throughout the
District demand m neb pf hfa e'tenlfotf. ".'
?.yiluvinjr to pay ibo highest Cash price*fe?
Dontistrv ma:erin.a, Le will hereafter work ONLY
POR CA dil. . ? . >
.Sept, ll) tf ar*,
L?DE A?l?l HEAD !
Something of-teportance to
the Afflicted t
o'. '
THE undersigned bas localed at Aosrni . fur
U10 purpose .0^ treeing ?.CHROMIC -CO 11
PLICA'ILD COMPLAINTS of alt characters, ia
.Maier und Female., no matter of bow longstasd
? ri ur tbiic uutute may be Ile will say tliat be trill
core from oi^bt tn nine cases 'ont of ?very ten'
which come before Win. ' io froth" two:ru-fit.nr aid
Ax mwitbr. iieenrding M tue length of tithe the
duxes have buen standing. Mja practice non si? ta
of French, Germun and lt.djaru, combined. He
lill? two ways to 11-eo tain the uni ure nt comploitii?
-ono is hy consultation, tho?tkor^iy'preseoting.
ii -mali portion nf the morniug'is urine, in ease
any perron btdng unable u? give >fe* character ni
complaints when not present. My Ofirue. is up
.iii irs, over Brahe'* Jewelry ,Stor?, opposite the -
Cnu.-titution?li?r OfTicc, on Broad Street, No. 184.
When not st my office, maybe found at Globe
Medicines munt be paid foron' dellvery~in every
case. DR. M. H17, b EU A LT). -
. Autfin-U, Ga.
P. S.-Persons residing at a distance can re-..
-.'..ivp medicines by express. M. F., at. I)..
?lar 10*_ . _ lia 1U
State of South Carolina,
EUGEFI?'LD pis?iilo-l',
ry ou DIN AK v.
J. D. R. Miller, Adiu'or Applicant, ]
' : Ti- "' ?
Henry Miller others. Dwffaadaote. ? J .
WHEREAS; J. D. R Miller, AC mimst? t?r.*f
tbe Estme of Elisabeth F. Miller, dee'd;,
ba? applied lo me, by petition in writing, praying
that a part of t he pr-cecds nf tho I?enl Estate of
the said Elizabeth F. M Her, dee'd., may be paid,
?iver t? him, to satisfy, debts against said Estate ;
ind it appearing to my entiafacrun that Sins Mil-?
1er and toe children nf Nancy MeCarty, dseeaaed,
.mimes unko-wu,) Defendants ia this ease, reside
ueyond tho limus of this State. They are toere
ura required to appear at the Cour't of,Ordinary
in be holden Ht Edjrefleld C. H., for Edirefleld Dis
trict, on Saturday ibo- 23d May, A *D., ?$?3, to
.bow canse, If any obey o?n, why a portion of the
proceeds of the sale of the R-al Estate ef Klhfa
beth F. Miller, dee'd.,. sold by me for Partition
and division, should not be paid over to the said
J. D. K Miller, Administrator, to liquidate the
debt? against Said lis?ate,* erinair consent le""nre
jnme will be entered of r?oord. . ' .
Given under my hand and seal, this the 3S4
day of February, V D. IC63. <
W. F. DURIS?E, 0. E. B.
Feb 23, 1SR3._3m *
State of South Carolina
Elias C. B >berij?on, Guardian <st "\
Nancy llobcrtsun sud others, j Citation Mr
vs J- ."--citl.-raent
John P. Seit am hi* sureties, W. | and Aeeu
D. Jennings and John Elk inc. J : --. .
ON hearing the Petitiea in the above ease, It
is oroeieJ l.-iat tn-J an.re-ald DeieBdafilsde -
appear rn the Court of Ordinary for Edgrfield
District,, ? n rhe 2?Uh?Avril nevit^ to ^account for
their Guardianship ?f th? above minors.. A Mt?
tleraent and L)ecreo'win''be"m?n^ that (t.\y for the
jffiount due the said minora. -'^ '
?Wi*99 DUR?SOB* e: m. n.?r
Jan 19, 1S?3. -3m 1 i3
I C iv CHF^ATHAM wiil at?Bd "th? ens*,
in^ SP KING SK A.-?ON at Edge?.?? Kif."
on Moudays, Tuesdiy-, Wednesdays''krid Thurs
days.-nt Harmon Gullman's the remainder ef
tlc w ? e k. He will eommenoe his Season, first ef
rebrairy ?nd end 'ha 10th day nf June.. He will
rr mai 1 at his Stable until flret of Marth-after
that time he will alternate.
Twenty-are Dollar? will be charged for the
Season. I do n?t desire him te go to more than
?uventy-Gve Mares. -;
His pedigree is known to th? breeders ia Ed gar
field. THO. G. BACON.
Feb Z . _Sm.*-_? a . :
Notice. .
ALL Persons indebted to 4he Setato ?f George
Kersbav'r, dee'd., are requested to make pay
ment forthwith, and those having demands against
*aid Estftie are required to pr sent them, properly
attested*,'?n or'bef?re the flay of- May 1?93, as a
tinal settlement oh** 'that ~E?tar?e win be' nrade en
tbut day, in ibo Ordinary's Office.
D. A. BODDIB, Adm'or.
Apr 23_. .. ly? tft
ALL pinions iudehjed to toe Estote of J-raes
C. "HeuJerron,' ddc'di, ?r* r?q'nei!t?-d te make
oaymonetiy nie" isl d?y of Or.tnber. ISfla, and
those having demand* a^?thst t dd Esiato are re*
^nested tn present'them -tori hwttli, ac J desire te.
make 0 final seithuiient vp thal dn v.
L. CORLE ?, Adm'r.
Or'J;,:l,Sfi2. ly .
ALL persons indebted to the Est.-?t? of J?Sn TL
0waltney. dee'd.', ure ritrUesre?!.w matre pey
?ieiit ns enr-y ai possible, 'lupt*. h ..vin g claims
against the Estate will present them, properly
>itto-Uid, to Dr. A^ G. Teague, rov jiuthorised '
agent. . : LUCY. GWALTNEY, ExVr,
Dec ____ ' ly *9
, Estray Notice.
TOLLED before me.bv Wm."j. Waiker, .Esq.,
on tho jU??&. ?8W,' ?t-e BAT HT1RSK,
apprnj.-c.fi at $rr^..le ahou? 15 or l*fl yenri olH-!?
kw up at ?So 8 ro?e Uo'nw. .
*.* . " ' ft. ti. ?S??TRy; M fi. D.
?iiM?bnr?, 8. Oi, SAU gl/1 rta. l?4m 4_
Administrator^ Notice.
?AM prrpaVcri to settlf'nH dcmaWds n^slnst tBS
cstato nf S. Broadwater, d' c'd. Those bavin|
.lemnnds will please .present tbem at once.
- . H. T. WBIGlir, Adm'r.
? Mar 2;._?__}*2
LTJ persons having claims against tht Estate
?. of Dr. J. Harwood Burt, der'd., are notided
... present them, propvrly attested, aa fha under
l iiiiieil is pre|?ared to pay *fh? same. Those hv
dehted tosaid EsmtfraVe requestor to .ettleerompt
ly. W. M. BURT, Ex'er..
" Jan 21_ tf_"' ' ?_
Pea3! Peas !
Orkia BUSHELS PB A'S-the Speckle, <he
*?\J\f niuo ?r the Cow Poa-will bo purchased
a. lins i.>?i.?c, at $1.TJ por 'nusb?>l Cash on delive
ry. Wo;waiil thom f-r home n*e, and not for
pu rpo e? ot speculation. ' f . .
Mar 13 tf. 11

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