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Edgefield advertiser. (Edgefield, S.C.) 1836-current, April 22, 1863, Image 1

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rrni.isHr.r? KVKRT wmxai.n?tt aVaM"*?.
A- SIMXJ58, D- K. D'-RISDZ. &^?jSS?
f H o r H jgcrwp a ? .??. ;
IV?RM.s OF ?g^RIPTl'?N.
Two l'OLL*n??|*"|!&^?t^S^-Twf>
D??u,A-f? and PITTY ?JrwTe if not T'Ud within six
?o.>uth?-and Tam? L'OULAH? il poi"paid befur*
tho expiration ?it the ycart JV ' V v ? ?' Jw
KA I'KS OF AT?y^-i-3^i^O
All H'lverti.einnnta will ??* m*er-ed?tXw?.?>oi.
l..\h p?r Square CA?it ?H -Million, (ines .? lew
f-r the Brat insertion, and Ose DOLLAB for
??ch subsequent insertion. ' .
\n uuuueiiip * Caa Jiu -ito ;' not inserted until paid
f?r.) Ten Dollars'. .. ;;V / //. i
All o?uituunieetious of a persona* .character,
Obituary KoticusjKeporta,,Botohrdon^ ur Pro
..?edins- <?C3r*9^>.'.*:i Asa^^oJpt'Corpora
ti<m. will bi? cjiar^?dti* s^r.orttfem^nta^ % j.^
...?> _ '. ii. Tl* " ' ^ L\.
U - <p\>rrtbfl Ad-rortise*. ' - .
KrIiow-fiti7.cu5 ol Edge?cSd District:
Tho Honorable ^esat'ur. from Jtdgofiold, and
tbe Kditorof tbe'E^field^?*^?:f.??r/ in bis pa
p*r -f-last week, niider iW????* Jc'w The^Leg.fc
Uiure." say*, ""This b*^ .adjourned on Friday
.vening ?af, ?*er ? week>- Potion, -whian ww
marked by va^lW?W ^ merit""; Amt ??
'?y.? <<Kg: '<yy\,i?r it all in all wi thjn^ifwould
b?ve ticen latter if ibo- Log?3litaro i?d-BO*.bu?a
eHllrttoo?M?." Star?
With la^d^Mfts^t fjto iwt^onoD^d? ?ouater,
I dtMoo*ftda$"W x)uio"h?si.? l^T*??ro5T?-the
actfou^f tbe^e^ialM?r? s^4?'4o^?^?>#:
i'? vontro<^rM?^\A*a1d.^>i,'T h*^etr?d*>j ^?^*J
from bim and ?y colleagues on the Bill to pw
blKit and vpuni?h th? planting niora than one acre
>r r.ir??n v^tpVlM)^ '?.^njrjn' a-^.semej&l
tha-r??4irtnrf?rj?ij?- n>toon"ibaVbitfc- --? .?*..-.
If. .-auuot he <ieu?<vi thai 'the A^e;wft?rid t,??1
?.?.f nrh?ti p?*se?T t?'ptoi^i&??^?i?, *aa^.*^H
?|!p?*r?i??? n?, ex;r^rdhr*ry hsgwlatioji? an it cab'
nwt'tx? jurU&cd eSaBft on ibo ?rou ti J that a'j e:
?m. ml wary ?tata of th ii g s'ex is ts to ?a^T^t sncl
? u i'xereuojotj^ttwerTby^?i? Le^Ulature, Do .suer.
<. xirn..niin?ry fa,?iS-exist-as' to warrant the Leg
islature-to interfere in a matter ?f such prim?
importance es that''of prohibidng. the^oitixen frott
planting on his ono land, and uabivuliug will
bis own bands, any crcp-bo may think bent am
most proStalle fur hint? i!I answer vos. In ny
opinion aueh fac!s do exist?,,and I believe tho Ar
of t^a-,Le^?JBt^Jrere?eH^^'U right.und?;tb<
circil oiata?ceit iu which, tba. couutry is placed,.atn.
ll:at II j e..ust?tutional right of tho chirrn iv vio
lat?<l by it. It ii to be regretted th at-the Act wai
b>>l p-i?o>?<l earlier, as thereby soto? rabvr woul<
h*v? inyyi gnved ? fm(. th? ?xt, not having- beoj
passed nt au earlit.r -\ny lt ww r\'?btr to pois it ii
April .a* the axtna- Session ; and-our p*trioib
tJovornor dewveir the'cowmendiitiHn of the coun
try for convening.the Legislature U> considers
tbis.anX utt^t,nialt?s of-prime bnportadea. tu tb<
.-.?juntry gwoaral?y.f --....(..
'Tbe-TMiaOt action ?f tho lig^lattire^ aa I lool
at it, was mur Lei by'much of merit Tbe Learnt
]a.iaru'is,cotnpnscJ mainly of tur mers and plant
era. lt looked ?tern facts in the face.and shb'wei
?fsotf >.|Oal to the la^k.of yielding - tbe expes.Utioi
of private gab to tba public weal, which ii one o
tb?'higha?t evidences of true patriot]'.'tn.
But What ara tte facts to justify tba passago o
tba Cotton Act ? 'ibo people J of ibo Coniedotati
States are cnpL^od in a- strvzz'o " for' their indo
pendeaco. ? struggle -which dem*?da all tbei
, powers and energies. To maintain thia strnggli
irntfro white male population cf the ?onfederati
Slates, between the age? bf . eightee? and fort;
years, ls under arms In the tented field: A largi
proportion of the men who are in tba field fight
in;; nobly and heroically for. Southern indepeu
dence, in tiiae* of peace and quiet are the labo
rer s of tho cou a try. They havejlbeir families em
their household?, comprising a rery largoptopor
tiou of the population of ?he Confederate States
Many of them aro not slavrhol.ier?. -Tn;ordin?r
times tbey support' themselves and their families
t.y tiieir awn..labor..,.;Ihei? l*bor being main}]
. In eMod to the pro Juc tica of the prime neceasarle!
?f life, ia times of peace.adda vastly to .the acta
al amount of provista-in .tb?: country, and I
one of the chief^o'urces from which tbo-surploi
provisions Sows. ..Ibis .elass .of lab?.ia'.'ajiaojf
en tircly witbdrami/ruai agrie oj taral pursu Ht, a n<
iostejd ol feeding thern?clvcri and theh* families
as they are accustomed to do,.they'and 'their fam
Utes most be fed (wp other source*.-. Let -no on
cone.' oje that tie amount cf provisions from thi
qt!arter U inconsiderable, becao?e. ibo amoun
prodnced by each ono ii .amafi,' Tba aggregati
products of this clam of our people is large, an?
when. \qpt lo. the country and forced tot be mad<
np ? rom other suurccs must ba seriously felt. A c<
toon*who ls forced io look at things as they are
ead wm7.eMn^t.?vojAi^'
' ? .-.on him ai ar legislator, and whose duty it ia ti
laeet tho contingencies of these trying timer
Uirly and tirmly, with a due re-?rard to the rixbt
of ail, parties, Uja aooM?d?si?i5.?t fiaxtiiag im
P^ftfUHII*^ ki K^?-?i --o .?--??l -v -.--J' y ^?
The q?ertion.of adequate cuppliics bi ono of vi
tal importan cot It lies at tho bottom of all -o the;
mevemen-c, abd witnoat supplies ail other Beve
rn rots .mast terminate aud cease. The vandal foi
who Li firing oas utter ?estracti?n has been and
is pow ?alwUa^ag/^tt bur f?j?ra to wwlr oui
oar IndopeT.deaec.bscauso they expect to starve ut
met a Hunger and- starvation ? ara a vi's 'thai are
/aucb'inore fi.rm'id?i)le jth??. t^p'jalio?ition armiaa
<bit? ji*?u??r. py ;?bejr atjrat?gjv BM "f?reaigbt,
Lacked by toe ?alar aat^strong arma of iBoiitaern
soldiers, nave.been alia to meet And .to /pil tba
attempts of rAaYaakae' borda; Gsd the prod o?
live industry of tho patriotic cltisaas at lloma can
meet all tie praising demanda cf 'dar' armies for
.vppli?a If taeirenergies are directed la that eban>
?el. It ic gravely eoajtgpded by the oppoaenta a!
chd Catto? dec thai there ix atv' ?bun dont supply
of proviso** in tho country to feed oar armW in
tho field and for homo con sump lion. ?ut thiias
Mrtm?ins made in the- fa?? of tbe startling fact
that our annies bavo been previous to tie Crtt of
A pr?t* ?nd' ara apiri * OB half rat?en*^- dad ia tba
face of the fact too that eil kind* of providion j
are selling at .norm^mj^lejp^'and that area at
ibe present exorbitant prices thcro are noue err flt
\muttXw vary aoaar** quaaiity' for aal?.' Tba- beat
kvldenoe of plenty and abundance of wy eoia
?od?ty is the qdantitj if)-tho .market at fair and
rr vocablo prices. No Wj if wo apply .this test to
n.-ct rt airy whether th ero is an abundant supply of
provisions ia tb? coantry,,.we-rnu*t oom? to the
iniiclasion that tfc ere is not only notan abundance
"1 provision**,ant that t&era \t non?if aacar?ftp
And ff*"our*armtair'.Wj ptr half ra'tidas, thia early
r* the year ?l?,iaf^L?? I^atX^rJre/yr^t?ia
, r v; of lbs present yew shall be gathered ? The
^mall ^*ia crop is a^premnt protaiaiag/aad otrr
. t??j>le *re ?oaking ^^caka*atrona upon that
t-r?>p. aaa tao^^WfrT that crop should
r?4*f aV lt "did }&Y*J&f'H j^?^ Jot s^red^addk
a f oar nop** cW-WjWU^t^'
and wbeU ind fl od/ may bo kept, np at the pr?s
eat exorbitant^**-' \Wppoae *i?o ?at DUT jand
rtv.tild be afflicted with ? protracted drouth id- ibo
seaeoc for makiny tl^jco?r crop, and that erop ;
ahotrldbe.icul.?ff^ w ba* thea .would b^Jb? con di
tioa of &*'tm*&?h Sipaaaa^thia?e^jBTO}^
?ball mea* *** dbamta* aad-bsrfoaea? *t> --fatire'
from the gi*** 'eBaineia if #?a*porUuon, aad
attac being ?omft??ed to'-dlairey t?ioir atoree,
jigmiA ba driven back into Ovo iatarier of (ba
eona^-and -toreadla rely?apoi$; ^^T3?Jtou??<?
! certain communities to ?uhsist ?poa ? In ruck *
j eootlbgeaoyjwhH w?oldjbt^oal b?ctijf W puffer,
j the eiuiy or thc penp?p at koroop _Nor in (he all.
I I? the at?jat vHr.k?riiijea MO Un ven . b ick hy. thu
] enemy. w? will he compelled to- auhsist' nn^oirly
; our own petipl? *t bcmc and ?uf ajt?io*l WU wo
may be e.-inpel.led uise-.to ;'?too tbe Y", like? arniit-s
. lo s <<ro3 tr fient, fur-(hoy aro not over sc-ru'puiou;,
lieder saehMriem?^^ I* any ?v??t, we '?n?l>
j be ubH_t. feed thc popaletie^?^h^ ?j?h.oe*^
in tl e M-iuy-tin.t have gone out. Iroui .jiDi'.ng ut>"
-, ?n?f e^n? ribble'?ur fair*prop?rirpn ?ow4?rd?-V?4>si?-':
t?i^tho^ wtt^aSjdT taVtr- ^?me^Kod ^
are no ranger able to- ?netaia. themaclvea. ,. ? J
Then? M another eonaVter?rroa^tba'? "is bv cu
me ,\ i, s o 11 i mpor t H ri t i n m uk i ti ir "!ia^a"6pnoiflir|<>n fOji
'"hjifieiri?n j>t apppHw.; "Ti ihe,
very- munro of thins? there &ast andViii be gmt j
! ' wa.< to '? i d de? t r u c t ? o n o f pro vi? iu na ic eu r tim ie?,
roeuriiug In some inatances '.D-nm tbe^caxel?asri?sa J '
-j. and Li? lori and in coin pe ts nov of agents ; aad ita
ether instances to the--uoavaio!ahje.atrts?'ef.t!ir
numaiane?r neceeserttj ?f??e?t t?-fhimo'reme'^tii
of largo armies. ; And what .might be an maple
i supply of the necessaries of life under a petes es
tablishment 'wuld, in timos like those, be very ].
.iaadeooite.--- . ^ja^/X % . *"
. There i? still sotfBkr consideration not tnico
portant in itself. -It is tilts : .It is estimated that
Lhere a rowboat femr. milliotf; bales of .Cotton n 3* j i
in frbe^CcTafod^ weull' go'to ua,ir-}
ke't if th,. blockade were mijed," which, added to
thew "a oTthe presen i ? y car, will "btf am ply iiftt-irl
(t:alttje tiSplKyiaij the^^ma^tinery hf Europe JlW; "
a/i?>?aV,'% unfff? Vf^ife.t^l^t.^e TMpjV
j now oD.hand coule? b? sold for mach higherpri?es, ' '
?than could bei- realized froto: Rrlf th?" quantity
should bodargely mcrealod.-. So-tbat.lt is riot un
likely- that tbe-prodeeer^wltlfe&ive rejy Beerly^if-j
not quite aa much money, for the. Conon he non
h:-s, m he- w.-u.'d roeeive if be vero ?Howed aa. .
tncrrase'largeiy the . supply -4>jHfio.crop' of th ir
; year. ?
. lt ia contended hy iiome that wo tn c's ? tawe C?t-?
^jfr^tt^JyCJ^yp^ "Wff*^SNSFR?
. interest in the Confederate Slates; cling'r?g to
the idea which bar -been io ia tai-to ny,- that ".Cot
ton is' Kia<," they would h ?sc rd .nil at "home to
produeo an article, which, ia not' ooceasary at
L j present, in order to bribe England ' and Franc* to
reterfc.ro ?nour behalf.-Tbe conduot of-tbese ua
tioni for the last two yeats should tie. a'warning
to us for tbe future. Jf>wo*read. the ; bi? Ur j of
!.. th e past y en" bf our Struggle, for independence',.
J- tu profit, we ?iii c?\39 to "calculate upon anfc io?,
terfertint^ of ttlgland and Fniuce in our behalf.
V\'o must tako. care of curse!vej, and wbon - we
shall h;?ve worked out our independence without
any foreign aid wa will prit* our liberties hot the
m ire, and we ein theo outer upon our earoer.as wo
pb Ja?, being under .obligations to ' ?o. onOf ?with
the mea ne io .eur own- h&mls to-eentroll the cem
meroe of the world, not fearing that wo can no:
b?intai? our position among the nations of fife
earth. But-we have not yet achi?vVed our indn
pendehce; oar a rm ie? are yj?t.ia tba fieicT, heiring
bravely, ned dohlyall'thtf hardships and prifafioiia
incideni^to the life of the soldier. "They^are tHefe'
uut bcennso they choose to be theta,.hut'they u)re
tbi-.ro ly cnmpulsioa. - They are Dot gro-riag rich
many at home arc. They receive eleven dol
lars per month and no more, while many at boone
are making 'fortunes: Their families they are
j compelled to Icavo behind to be-supported and
' cared for by th? S:ute. Supplies we taust har?
if wo w*u\? Jje puc cess ful. The ?oldie rs.and tho
soldiers' familiee mu n be fed.- ? The* desire for pri
vate gain inq<tyield to oocsidorali -DS of tho pub
tic^ood. Ho who would hasard the success of
our straggle for independence for.the sake of
making money is wanting in patriotism^ I believe
thc people are fight in their sentiment, and that
they will cheer (ally acquiesce ia any sacrifice which
the exigencies of the times may require.
Thus, I? ?I Io w-ci tb ces, i bife endeavored to
state Mimili of tba considerations that influencer!"
my voto on tho bill? restricting' toe planting cf
Cwaofl^/jr?oeiicitocV.i^vlie?? jtb>-at?;tter" WajT un d c r
consideration that tho mea-?uro was.right, .and I
have not changed my opinion. Ocoapjing. tho
relation I do; you bavo a right to know what!
bare doua.and my reasons for ao doing. _,
?;. ' . ? i? -;
'. Onr Prison ers at Camp Dong las.
Among- the priaooera brought up by . the
Hag of tro??- boat, ort la<4 Monday,- were sou e
frora the; Weat,' who Lave been confined ul
Camp Dquglaij.aVChicago.' Th? very.Sght
ot' th J poor fellows i's enough to strike pity to
the heart. Wo wish the Government could
hear their tales of sn tiering and distress, and
we hope-tbat they- wi 1! take some step to Jay
their gri?y?ncei beibre the authorities hera
Camp Douglas is worse than the Hole of
CalcQtu. Nut satisfied with putting- oar mer,
to death by *u!Tcrmgand torture, the Yankee
demons have UkeD to poi&onwg them!, Tbe
tittle thraga sbch as Tjeaa and cakes, that our
poor prisoiiere would buy oat o?* their lew re
dntatng cent?, bad killed a number of on:
luem, and.on an Investigation being orirjpred;
and the food analyzed, poison was pl ala ly
detectod, and its presence admitted by.the
Yankee surgeon ! - Tbe authorities' tried- to
exculpate themselves by laying it to an Old
Irish woman wlio 'was permitted to' peddle
cake?; among the' prisoners. . '
The death ot uur meu at Camp.'Douglas
hss been appnil inp. 0>c of oar prisoners es
ti ma les that in the ahort space ol three months
there were-river seven hundred and fifty
deaths. This, waa^cauied'b^a co?.htn'atiph'
of atU8C?,-7-tbe ?ow.'wett ?nd marshy wtatvrlon'
oi.^Vj?tnli* Jh??ng half th water ; the", filth
and vermin of the place, and tho long arid, j j
doty date confi ne m eat of -oar- mes; In -fact,
t?ine 'of tba prisoner? who -hearne - up . by the
Issi flag ?f .trj?cje bad Ifttfgorahed-there for
nearly two yetvr?, aod thei defected, sorrow
stricken and emaciated farjSs bore testimony
of more than ali triov told of their suffer?n?.
The Buffering to which our brave man have
been subj*ct*d4*y\t?ie? dtMr?orjsihV enough u<
melt 'tbe he?rttu? taarsv. -Rgan^ in tho-.cold
winter, when our'prisoner* were'taken, there
from the ^e?it;-in^ midwint?r^bey-^W?
thn?wnfi?t?>'prison with nothing mbre tqijn a
pallet of wet straw as a bed, and Without a
particle o! clothing to protect -them from Ute
cold and piercing blasts ; and one who knows
an-, thing of Western life knows how fearfully
they sweep-over the prairies. ?n all'the cold
oar men lay eVj*?s?d to thc storm-coTd;'and
shivering, and benumbed. A sold snow storm
"Came, aud tha^esclt' was thr?nwenty-fiye or
thirty of o^'m?n s^aJIy'frb?e^ des^h;. We
have ihisyoureliable.anthority; and; tl?:story;
is sijbstautially coojarmed, in every ^mrticn
Isr, by an account,-wb/ch wo published Borne
time -since from t&e ?hia^^me?t^^
, Onlh?ir way from the Weat, our prisoner^
were still otjecU of persecution and;.roaligui
ty of the Yankees, and. jere^made tor travel
two live long days without a morset Of food I
They. left, at Camp Douglas about I wo thou
sand pwonera,- who'were to J?e eichrjigod,
arnd wer* Jeav?of/ irrbodiea^of four and ."five
hboo?edl *l?ybs'. hppe?- hy-oor raen-^that
they Woutd1 Soon be ont of the-eluteh?a-;'of
tbe.dem?oa who have kirded H ovet them
with a tyranny and- cruelty worse than that
of the dark ages.-^i?h'^4'?l**o?iher. -
sr *< ~r"-a ?. e i
JtJL; aajd thai ?eefetary' M?mminJ$$'; whoali
boma ?an C^a/^stou, "sent word te Gen. ,3eaa/e
gard at thSL time ? tbe ,f>f pee ted attack,ao let his
boase fd if ae????ary, h?i ^ti^Wa^^d ??peot
hWVab/c?c? cae 7?tV. Wi $tWt, ^??<** ?>
wa? bat-a t^xae expr*?jioo cf -tba ?enoiral ?enti
vont sf thc oitixeaa.
AUTHUR U?Kli?', ?DITOtt.'.
? wttifnUp?V&f APRII/W? ASM. - :
' * . * , ? -. ,_"; ; , . ?
M>?jor %>TL COLS*** su^soTib-s rer~-ru>?H<y
>ept?^rtire ?i&trtt?er for 'the 'tdgc^eha b
Mers-?noo?sp<T.,to Resent. fo-??ojh coippairj /or ^
. Dr.'.?;*.*???* 'rotfrfiXatr*" -1 ?ff \ha vt ka o on -I
ind. ?.basb?dspf ?Wior tho 'Wadi fa? ?ot?iir** 1'
Smilies.V ' *?'
pkr/??l^W8itrwt P^-M'fcyrai?) r?sist?npo^p?y-vj.
?Bf* tai BBb?Vipri?m pri??. ? Thani y-ra.-* " -"-"???j
?f? fays/'^jjarmk^
?g.cor?-very fuw .planting cntton.-whos.t a n d |
3fti8 uro backward but look promising." - ?**
.e*?? .> .-j?.???.."--4m .?' ? x '\-<*' ?
\ Bear- Wttb- VB* * ". .*** * ^
'P. beooaiiesi w'^t?f??p?rt to*bag5the rauders
)f th? jlc/i-?r?ifr to benr with us in cur extremi
ty for.paper.. .We hara palrouiaed ofr/y the Bath
Mills far a number af years. . It was rur own dis
trict establishment and we stuck, to h without tsv
ria^oB^Iiit'wasrk?n^ 4At?f(b*^&f?^tft?j?.'
Bat it has-boon destrcryed, whilo an urder frem ns
iras in process of monufuctnre. We were just a
tUte too lat? ; .and it .eawu^b*^e*d.
a? are to de, ia a matter of doubt -as yat. We
have applied ?v'eryarbere/. sBidTiopo to>??k? sari
ran ga ra on ts to eon tin ne a fall sheet. WebesycakV
the in du Igen co of bur friendfin iheao-ubexjicc/ted
and difficult fyVdagj^L .". " tt-ffi*"?? gi*
I The past week h?jr been clear, genial and calm,..
-eminently adapted Vo farm purpos**-^"?B**.
wheat and outs look nell, and corn is coming up'
toiorabl y. ? round i as. .baa? in (rood. ordor for |
plowing and .farmers har?- mads tho most or it
srlsB^??tatoe?^ "?fc
Kali poa/; are ic full bloom-so mo pods nearly full.
The woods are white with dog wo od blossoms and
pi ak with ho?* js?*ki?s?* Tb? -If?v?igf tho. oak.'
.raToTOrogTS^Q^y, ind* eren tb? w'?lndtdrbud-'
ding. The wf?t'ip*^p*^&t*e^^-]i?r, -and the
thermometer has xakebsarlt'.. ~r'jm
_?-..?-Se?.V> '. 'V-'^- . 6*4*r ' '
TJse PjaJlr <^t^cd?Jratjt?. . .
. We aro late tn. acknowledging an, exchange
with this ?cw and promising paper. The negli
gence was unintentional lt affords ns 'pleasure |
now '??"ioltif^-t?its.trorthi" and-to-mention/ -the
Ctn/t?^o/e-?s' one "of tb^^??iy, jomrna?," that
naya enough paper -ta continuo, publication . os
usual, dc?pits tho Bath MMB 'disaster and tho"!
gtowhigawcltyjof matoTisis. : *:'"'" *Y,
Congressionai Quietude.
. How little d? wo eyer heat of Congress these
days ? What ? ts" tbtr-matter* And wiry 4s thal
body remain in g at Bichmond, from week to week
tub ?Htmtxo f Wt? suppose they ara the grand
-conserratori-oT tho public ?Weal, rand ara' on th?
lookout co? tima Hy to prevent error in the admin
istration of our affairs. So be it. But really th?y
ar? a *?>y- iodate setbf fellows. If ?Sey would
mix-in just enough spice in iheir proceedings to
attract attention once a week', that would do. ' We
dont erato bunkum ?twagaaias, but only*
little life s.nd sert to relievo tho heavy mon o to my
of Congressional hatching: Dont r?f always.
Jump off and. cackle now and then/ by Bil that's
Mr. Garlitigton's Resolutions.
' Th? following ar? th? resolutions upon the cur-*
roney to which we alludecTin onr last issue. They
seethed to us altogether right and proper, and we
roted for them .gladly. They wer?-however kill
ed in fha Senate by the rejection of the Srd of
the series'; the mover then withdrew the whole
of them. - .We anbin it to thc peoplo of tho State
that they may well consider the matter in their
primary ajraniblies. We submit to the soldiers
of the State that they also might, with effect gi y o
utterance to tho ir sen ti tu on ts in the premises. -Wo
are persuaded that tho voice'of tho people wjll
be almost ? unit in favor of the entire Resolu
rioQs ; and that voice ihduld now be outspoken.
Th?Legislature may meet again before long-no
one knows-and by tko time it does moot the
popular branch should sic ar tn m and csrry ont
the will of tho people on thia important subject
The Senate thon will s careo ly epposo that'-ex
pression of sentiment ou a question like this.
Iha jolie wing 4Utr)ets rotead fdr thoresolntion?,
risr: Onion, Newberry, ' Lancaster, .?Tangebarg,'
Ptckons, Che lier, Yc.K, Spartan burg, Fairfield,
Edgefield, G reen vii, e, .Mari on, and St Paul's
Parieh. It will thus be saan that the up-country
went almost ma body for. tho resolutions. Tho
ssa atora from Anderson and Abbeville wera ab
sent, and there is a vacancy in Laurens. Other
wise we kelieve the resolutions would haye boen
easily paaaadt;-<A?'M jr**, it wUl -be seen .that
senators representing (bp bulk of the- people
went for thom, but wore defeated'by those repre
senting a minority. We therefore say, it it not
an expression of sentiment which the State Will
countenance ; and ire trust thara will bc an out
burst of ponnlar'opinion, especially in Charles
ton and Columbia, despite the contrary influen
ces of nMnVy-dealerr-and-^
.' But to the rosolntibns : . " - ..
llfolctd, 1. That ?k.o success of the Coafsda
rato States o? America," in tba war now waged'
against their rights aud liberties, and the ostab
lishmentof their in dopenden oe on a iura'and per
uiMieiic foundation, are intimately connected with
the measures that may be adopted to sustain their')
eratft ."':'.
ketolved, 2. That in the opinion of. thia Gen-'
?rai Assembly the ab;ltty of tba Confederate Gor
srnhrehtto redeem, Ultlraatisfy, all its debt? :and
obligatlons, depends solely upon tho' solution of
the que*lion of the Independence ef these States,
which ctn now no lunger be regan!it'd a doubtful
issue, if tho people remain "trau to themselves,
la^hopoj:.- ' S v ' " v A f A*f 'r*
Jtetclved, X That any attempt to depreciate tho
:iirroncy of tho Conffldprato Ststps by refusing
thaaama in pnymeot. of debts, or by any other
Deans, while it exhibits a.want of patriotism apd
?delity to Ibo cause in which wa ?re engaged,
aw a "direct ton doney to Imperil tho ?bet t les arid -j
ndependenco of theso'States, and ohould bo die- [
:ountancod by all g?od and true citlxons. .
?esdh?4, That it 4?^L ?ixfjM. th e. States
>fibo;Confedoracy, acting io redrawn sorerejgji
ip'ccrp, tc adopt all ooo;: ti tu ti onn? measurci which
?ill hu vo tho effect to sustain tho credit .'of tho
Confederate Go vern mont, an d lo provide against
he depreelatien.o? ity corrcncY. . /.^ .^ , VA
Rooked, 5. That it be' referred to the Coo -
nittoo on the Judiciary to inquire . nnd report as
o tho constitutionality and cjcpediency of_an
H ct to authorise ?nd oompol ail pablio officers of
His SUM, oharged 'vith "the-reoaipt - of tawney's,
?thor for. tba Stato or. lndirbieiiralUleV^p^.Vhe
treasury Notes of the ConfederpAjiv skates, when
end ?red ;' and, also, to compel creditors to receive
aid notes in payment of dcbtR,-when tendered,
u tko penalty fer refusing, of being debarred
rom collecting tho interest which may. theresfter
ecrus on such doht,. and, also, '. fro ia bringing
ult in aa? of the CoarU of this Suite Cpr the eol
:ctitm of the samo,'within two years after a rat- {
icati in of poaoe bctwoo i the Confederate States
od W ygfrtxi StMaa.;, B v, t s\ .- ' ..
-.???*) ?t?iv -r ??. .
Letters from Bragg's amy a tate that onr troop?
re anxious to enter K?ninck y anee mure, In or
ar to gtv? ti? ..pa>pler7?T;.MW a
banoo to raise th?lr?rop? . T. . .J 1
+f rits ? i?'?J?1 '?'? ? j '-. :,,rji'
fSkf' Tba' Georgi? ' Lcgialsture adjoamad ott J
io ii*. .L ?
fT^^\?t<wtmk^n?lrfwiQ?M,^^rt sJTsyaifrs?r?
hos'ol.jocted tn tho ori?in*ria*.lrmf?e^nie pre- -
duoiiot. of eOtton. It u'ar iitrrpfld fa' tere? *erts
Hw pu!icy;un.i?r ^*:>ot?il?i^far^mitot^
dile cuse wereaerienU" to. ^afcoothrn wv~c*J?l?i*?
/""i? 'f TirV^Tri?rniti ""Vwiig^i'i?iftViT? ru Vt
wk*nthsi JC4e??i?tta???t?d?oii^Myj, .it?p^ plow
,U,;>H^PI?*1- 'V**-* fl,a">?3 V???ae Ihlng^?isr/
or BCifiS^ ?4r eyenU.'
Ts is vii i h jr:, snotty work, but dimbtlcii .'.tho
rWsMralMA . boy tu rr' tbo-?xecativo Legisla,
.tur? WtfeX-Tti?* tk?^rwuttti^oT?oTl: ' Ig3^
ottr Uga'nr ?oils? tb ii meas-jr* ?Ul bw?actU?t4 the
planting of.eurn lt least cix- w&?lrs' lac?" than rt
ong?Ttff^ay^ ?er>By;r??!i{?|Jl^
?^W>fejM?lJ*l jSr&Maj*^inoT^ho?t*.;, rfi?
Ike wot, eoU, crawfisby laadi it spay work well.
*no^gbv Y??~TiVfare mi a^yt?ritty 'By ta?
'nisMurs;"jjfoj? 4P no^h*raV '&jht{ .otoer~ .Jcaft}
ye u Uris fona?ity. ? . Ceil y ou if tqxvart / n? /??> '
Ciir you it "looking at things as they ara r -
' Tho i member . te: 1T no tb at the ima] 1' farms
a?i4eaojW^"*<?^ faaybatraa
to aome extent,-arrd the lax of January wai in
tended to-provida for tbir sid other ?aussi of
'tai^ity^'^ma^f^'^a: ^?^^.S^Ofa^p^ [
'?'tho?tate v last year.many planted largely,
in ?allen and had Deroora to apafcl - Tbs ? Legis
Ul ti re feared that (kia might be the csie a jain,
s^^'j^rjtrfora, Ie^iiTa^eid?io ^?i^?;iila?|wf "jfr.
;?'<? neigb.bgrb03.cbj should plant, Oer? /?ry? y &,
e o : -n. Why could wc ho t wai t an dr t ry tb o law f '
.There'ciUBO'vbe a doubt tnetjeaough would bara
beni toado.nader' it for ail our purpose. An io
tbi c?cdy .families of ioldiera, 'they matt aird
,W?ll ba-pro^ldW'foTr;" "Tney^?s? provided'torhy
tspjctsibn^inj'eh^ .2 ' -^S *n . .
, We' are ojl.-.-os- antipas QB the jfaesabsr from
Ed je?eJd that the poor should tot ratfor.'" Bet
hoir you propose to avert this- suffering by intor
r ti cling tko whole planting in tores t at a critics,!
period of tho cropping year,--we do not yet uo
darsian?. *4g tWVjii? .' ? Ettie; mqft?
cori, but it .will -not. co mpare'?n" vs! no wi tb. th o
eotton bo. would bsvT?'vrod'uead. Your law, with
out ??ter??iTy/fe^aa?ag xfca^ojrn erbp' e?aaTd-'
erais?y ?^?ifato ?
conioqueoco, j.bis ubilitj.to help his country and
his n.Bc?y countrymen, Bear ia mind all the
whilo that a law wiu already tn existence in ob'e
? ie 11 c. i ?) Wh ich . b e'; w a s ' pl tin ring' front thirteen to
sixteen acres of eora ? to"the"liand, which would
bo 4, t lo ts I'thirty two acres cf corn tc tho- horse
dua,b laborer two, more acres to be first planted
aud . tben plowed ia corn,-and every- farmer
know? thc diff?rend?,to* (Jr* ?Wee, between culti
vating eora -and cotton. This will require higher
feeding for- the hort?, and tho additional, eoxn
tb ui e oma med, fc?i t d u ring' the cr o p - tnak iu g an d
then "afterwards to mend up the overtacked hack
^bi*'e?rnk w?'s?y. *nd the cotton seed lost-for
it is of no ae'eoun t for m anuro putin ? II uk i Ile d
and barely eovored banetvth-the surface-tbir cem
and cotton leed,, wc jay, counted with the proba,
ble osi in production by tko farm erb ?ia g thrown
out of hil labor calculation? at a.vury praising
season'of tko crop-year, will, all together, cancel
any increased abunda?ce yen propose -te attain
by your untimely legislation.. How then -ii all
.this to benofit Ike poor or anyfcone el s o ? Ie this
what you call " looking at things as tkoy ar? ?"
Bat the army must haye bread we are told, abd,
we would add, shall and utfl have bread. Presi
dent Davis says, tho army bas an abundance of
bread. The Georgia Legislature vjeeted the
prop osed limitation on cotton the other day by a
largs majority, because upon comparing notes
they found that this hue. and cry of famine had
orlgi naiad in -the townsend villages where they
wan :ed corn (already the cheapest "commodity in
market) to become still cheaper, asid that, in-point
of fret, Georgia already held nr 9 corn than
ibero wai transportation for. They therefore
boobsd the cotton '.imitation. The President indi
cate; that the difficulty af trnr,sportatjon is a great
I ono, and wo doubt not bis appeal ls ic tended
specially to urgo those States nearest'the front to
j do all they oan in raising heavier supplies than
tb ay have dono for the last year or two. Yet bs
does say that thc army is on short rations in "the
artioit of meat. This is unfortunate. Bat bow
does your cotton. limitation proceed ta remedy it ?
Saylnatl?ttle more' corn will be raised,-does
.that necessarily, increase the meat ? . By co means.
The farmers would have fattanad all tho hogs fi
to ba fattened, under tbe: lair of Janairy they
pan do no mere under the law of April. Bat un
der the law of Joe nary they would have added
somewhat to the only article of exchange (Cotton)'
whieb oat), shouldthe wont some to tho worst,
induce aueat, likepther thiags. imperatively ealled
for, tc run the bloekado -But we ar?seing further
than we'iotended. Of the cotton.ostimato orl?rad
by o ur member, we regard it greatly elaborated.
That iiiUria hap?t?jas lpatinj. tfee.cpijnirjr iajift
0U6 channels throughout the war. It isstUl doing
so. ' ?pecu?ators ere buying it up ahdpusning it
off by erery , opportknity ; and ne man: eeo new
make any calcnlativn of the Cotton'ia the coun try.
We only knOw that cotton goads are already dis
tressingly high and l?E?ly'to sdvancs much Lighsr, '
espcaialty. -natter" euch 1 ?gis 1 at i s n as th o law of
April p and wc caution ?anticuen that in cheap
ening broid they may doubly enhance Ike cost of
dot hin g. .
Ip conclusion and to cut tho matter short, we
desire to express onr regret at anding our esteemed
rcprcsimtati^a Teduced to such extreme rupposi
tious t-D susuin bis argumoct. ;. First, ho supposes
a t?rrii??V.d'rouib, wni'ch nay k th'd%?a'ye'B fore: 1
fond! -Next, he : supposes defeat by our armies,
which, in the present aspect of oar -good canse, i
we 9?*Jphly-imagine. ATnd, Usfl'y, "he supposes
tha^.ii? ??Uti?p to feoding our own people and
our own armies, wa.nay olio have to feed thc
Yt?p:?tii'!??^^'thhPfl? the :iaagna|o of 8?oyr
in ^e^i^io^iea'soellj
?o hoyt ytlfPfl?^
e . ,.*.'.ei' *r-r-,- ...
? J- s 4ift^r*rs ,
The Augusta C?tisri7utietia/w^pf tho 21st, saw?
" A man was mn over by a train of-,cars, on the
B.*0;3i^ad:'V^ Sftohxay *tght.
last,jap,d bad bis hjsnd^oat eft*. J^'
Yesterday afternoon, a pariy of m'en Were ?aaaC
Ung a pistol, when it 'fell from tbs hands of one
of^Mtydff hpoltahol wilhwhkA it ??noadkd]
passing b?twe?t the^legs of two of the patty=ttid^
inwritTjr^o."tts^of.fbi third. V ?? ~
Alter-diligent inquiries, we hare boen-anable to-;
[earc the naines of either of'the injured parties ; |
jut understand they aronior dangerohsly burL" C
- ; -Cw . fugal Bagal
Wo-want Rugs-Cotton Bags-Linen Rags
ikon Hugs, and if we ?an get? ?len*y of Bags
be can lieop the Adt>crli?er fiBoftt undi-tbs war
inila.: string op your._Rogs and. help aa. to koop,j:
bo jikoertisiy one of the fixod iostUulions of tho.j'
f^N? Sj j-'- ? -tir'va.j.r'i Z \' ?
"Chev liaa?BT have- eurroadorod Williamsburg,
f si., MtMS ^h? wwrV greeted mjr ibm pta
Ai. of th u aocion t town 'with' narkal m ac if?> ta
ioat of. Wight. A. considsrable cumber ct" ooo- I
icripU ao?' oootrabaods ware ??>l teti bj our ,
f^jjVf ft>.t .?WI II bitA .etrfH^*
li Tb? Ricbraoud pre?*,' ?a ?'njrotta Chr**ictet !
inj; tho i Uo. uf aay-fuob *pJit? Lictire?anb Welt, !.
ero S ta ie? a? -wilf ? red.io rid ' ?? the bkne?? "or (kV .
sontb'srn ciurt. J^TT^t?^^fjl^\>i^eV r^t^ gZ^^^fJ^?^^v?^*? ^?j"'?!
the.matter, in.??di?eren?;Ii*^{,;-?u4-rej?rdV,wilh- ,
grcit hepe the uphe? vi og 'erfrf]p*-d'cn>?rif<t?e' np- -
p^?'Hsi ta*&r pOT?fTmWr?e B?1 V?l'oai
.'poiut :k?d-is id?ilbrt.e?a.mi.rfj-correctly, diifuimed
.?pt?'&VyaaY ?3W?W7r leittffleT&rW^ '
mass?? tuf tjji.. S?^?f 'bj?
boyoad ? -duubt, ibiUbostilriy <Ur. LI.HC /:.s'g al-,
su ?ri.station- U'steadily .' -on tb? hiOTojmo lo J Sat
mosd ps per?}., tk^<?o?V..p?'c. raeau' "friendship "lo
oa rd?.th?. Sopib.- ?. Whatever,it nay tacan,.. it i* ?r. j.
PMCti:? ??TtBg ah^
Sou tb/4?d U at I?sH th us ;for ot be V?c.p t*J 'as' a,
' propitious; wind ia ^nr s vi?. 'And. when we*, loot
w thc m*?y?ubst?otfal.raojoucf
-abip'aa'l amit/b.'twWti?;6??th w'dUbeT?orth
w?s? laj?sfj?y^f*yi^ L^sItFi^wiwf
.anti-Lincoba . demonstrations iuio a positive. fa
raring o^firmth'ern ?ndependenie. We bi??fV?r
light-1j beam upon as from-ibe ;)emocraoy,of, th'e
North 'West. Tho -thundering* of popular senj?-"
:ment ?rh? ehVriachid'nir 'so'ra o' we ik s ago hava die i :j
?wa? for the.n?hoe, only to ?oiae With:, renewed
power upoaJtbs. iccuBdlre. - Let is look for it
and fc..pe foY H;-to doto,; is- no -durruskof our
own ability, tc conquer our ind. per.den??-,--it ls
j rat her an'in centi va. to .strike sue h' quick and ta'r
?rible blows cs will secure -tat friendship-,?nd fix,
th ? e mb ry o p obeyof ' o u r ' no < u ru r0f/?W ' bYyo&d
Tierad ven hare. ?tf1$?')$.&i'$fr$l
Wc at: b e. give a to no datsMftd.?'thal-lite. Sou th, whUfl
I tare?V?'; aOUsmea *a;abaU notbe neompetiblewith .
the independence of the SoutEor.i Confederacy! ' j
* '.* u..4 '- .T?t.iha.?4r?rt?frV:
To %e ^tf^ **
Pr.-a.ow Cmzass .-The President otthe-.Con
fedora ts States h aa ? ad dVcsse d iL . -pe o pla oft}.*
(Vufederaey^^ori ?bo^tjjpo) .'.?.%. enb?f?mes?'
.f -the people, and.tho ? army, - Ile- bas iistinctty
informed them that the only danjrr nour to. bo ap
prehended, arisoa from thc w>q*r of food for the
?popr ?t hplra,.aoVl^r^^e-?^r^4sira in the jarvie* ;
of ihc ir c fun: ri/.- He tells tb a m . that, -thc QXtfij'M
put on W/ ?oKon? ; and .wY p saume that- tho
poor, at homo. We *o rai.'orn ot att, if %Vm?jr
judge from the recent food, riots in some of our
principal cities. Ho administer, a rebuke,to ?poch--,
la??ra j|ho ?rVeo?o?r??df ?rtEe' ?aWati?ti ?oTthaf :
gouqrat ilstreas^ ?nd ?aila;'ppim'''.tFe^jpWphj "tb 1
aril tc. their energ?as and efforts - fir the prevouuon
of ibo <ii.'y dinger that -no.? menJre's the rndepec
dt^orthoVYa?ojfi^ "
You have then clearly before y e a fd low- eiiirena
th e mcaija by which- the freedom of juur ooun try cao
bc act iii vs J, and maintained oUd'yoiuaow know- 1
by whore instrumentality, this aegean be accom
plish od, and upon whom Bow rests- tho,, solomri
responsibility of i U fail uro or su co eat. T cere are
Only tico dunc/ aow >nccessfuUy engaged in tho
accumulation of wealth. And thogc aro the pro
due tri aad tho ip t u u I alon ; and : upon t h oso tm
-clasaer, dependa the fortuno of th? Confederate
States. If the mire groHtllir.g isttfuct of gain,
should nd nee the farmer to. plan ; cultivate, and.
gather, bia orop, solely that he jouy sell it - oat of
his District, for a bigb prwhou there-is/want
at home ? or if substituting the - cultivation of a
more vaiiuabts product, for th3 pilrpoae of gain,
I h? ntglocli tho production cf the essentials of
life, that class unquestionably is inimical in fad
to.the best interests of tba country, is??/e.e?r mag
ht itt ir ? rn ? ions end pr of cilium f for It manifei tly
abstracts' from it, tho accessary elements of exis
tence. I'pon tba farmer then xerti the miserable, '
and unhappy, Of- fort np a te -term nation of this
war. 'Our arms aire aueseaafo? ?v?ry whare ; and
on? enemies are only jubilant now at.the prospect
of our eobjugation by starvation. Tho issno is
reduced lo a. singla po ip t. Tba t x a tia 6 - of t b ?
responsibility jn a def nile dun is certain. Lat
no man hereafter , pf that. c/ota pretend tqsnafo,
beon ignorant of tho knowledge or means bf Buc
ees s. 'Th* i?*Stt of' individual gain,: er rn OM ey wlo
ktng during f Ai? ip qr ??-^H.&e al?AdcM??i atincon
tiittnl with National tuce fi. lt- UJneeni?trnt
With pmtfiot-'tm. The channels - of nearly all of j
the industrial ocon pattens iroTmpedod/if not dried
np. The few cannot ba t .. en upon the m is fort nu . s
of tha-'Ssa&y. JA? fanning interest* .ar* alan.*
??rorpero?.'. . There ia on itnperioaj demand for [
the necessaries of life, ?nd Hat, superabundant!
money cf the speculators, seeks that channel of j
inveitcon',. Hecco among other thiage, thebigb
prices of proririons.' The desire of making 'money,- j
cuma men to bc rjn^rdUt?,,of ti?, o?r . ?j^?etc,
md ferge^futUtfitn soldier* abrade', i .Et*r$.e*at.
added to ti* prief ?fpty?itiontf ?p" th* prttf?t
criiii, re-nlttfroni th* c*-operotion oj the produite
and the iptculntor,-Uni tl the- benfftt. oil?i'no6?e
?y the lolaieri frock their pay,-,ncr xatiwUki eiifS
?rilty of ?iTta?VV^'^a>'''^.^'?t ^n**?^*u?t"
manta tho expenses of Government,-calla for "a
rene wed o;tpaosian of thc.currency, wbieh. results
in tho n ..ural and unavoidabla- icflalion of
prices,; bj. whic?a??r?e^'thV pro^?s?s 'aad ?he
tneciiiufon are benefttted. Are not'jbo proo'weeri
thea c en ce r n ed Lu ? tb e - cl ev at io n ith prices, '< ac d J
are they nV.thsjably elass ii tha to'iiiirp h??ofc'u
ted f wh ils t ?peen filters !a fifi*}?j
are tho ether ?
So long its the organ Of aerjn tait ir otitia r-re
dons??atoii? aaaofend;^Eft Wff pf 'ojir'ti*'*1 b??rr
are^mW'M,o>?rtii?j^ hy aa. jpajpjfllJ
body, td operate upon obj ecu in Mgsxd.to whh*.
tho Logikln ?ure c'arjriot be Said to beeip?ert?. T?er?
it no, remedy hg legislation forlh*.*Ttu qhde'iyAicA
ut lalor. :Tk* remedy i* (dake itt- thc* e>Ui>g -ii,tey.
rSSK lefty f alript v#ni, on tl t-el ig ivui di colton of the j
|/orrnf'r? o/. fAc ?"?atc'fo 'lfte COI.?? cf frei??rr. To
them thc appoal of tho President .is properly'ad- j
dressed' ni tho arbiters of their eonutry'a deasiay, ;
? To them ^rs sppl-al ' in 'the. name of! tat" army,
.wherej?wifvtwns, t^l^rs, r.ela?v)ss ?na,'itf?V
\ ettisens aro'bat tiing for. tha-iacrcd atid inherent
1 ri ?Tiof ini.n ;' witbep t oren the ?noeeis'aries of j
1 ?la^a^d'th'e^^ P'^S&m?f^h
naked s>nd hungrg.. To them wo appeal,ip tie i
nr.mo of tho decimated and heroic Reg?me'nts-tbat
i hsVff^orae pjo^dlyTtlbTiihir e%#lgn>- VP^IH^Mbj
public ?rat d the storm of battle. To ta emi wo ap
poal.'in. the name of tqe
bocas wbitcf tjkp. hanks of tho PutoiBj>c/ and tiro j
fleldi of 'Shiloh ?ad -of-MnrftealsfsBtia . T?-la?# 1
jtfjgjf? Inj?i*nfc^e Vf-tiosir ^?t^sii*?i?ie;^.
'whose.bruised arma.?rp ?u'a^jup .(bt.^p^Ma^ i
of their proiress lu dal ince of th air coaotry. ? To
thom wc appeal by'thc broken hearts cf thc aged
mother, and ...ho youthful wife ; arid above all, to
them we appeal in tho n.cio of freedota, without
which Ufo ii despicable, to arouse ?iEaseivei to
the grapdoor of 'tho 'part thoy. are cuUed 'on to"
height of thu groat argument.!' U-poa -their ac
don in this m itter,' bingi tho dot?ny -ol' the Cen -
feder^? 0J?^?h(w^^^^?^ tai)
p^^s>tla?i?i| Ifrm.t?***?* felLilt?kVsU.
na, db voiras Tipou yoa topwfor? ! .. Sin; II. yon ha
weigh od inirchmd W???B^?- Go4 UKW
i. -i?-? .-> ii/ i-?- \TL Ja?? SSafPB ^i?
At Tampa, Fiaron tho ?Tth.nlt., a bxiaLo?rri
ing Cwe?iy^ve &ep, ?1?? Wis, ' Seaf l?sho?e/ ta ?
ito litt howeva. to make ^^t&t??rWril0?fc
lata? and -porb^j)? tho pr??ht)w<U9^cat?
'dueedexelaaivelj ty^^cw-xffS.of .JJjiaa ?0^?Jps?t
of ??f?r.- -TTxe? following eitrSK? frota--* dair-Cfcar*
?aal-.ot. tijia^tjtiB^ Otho^usw.of. ?/..I^rii^.
noslodeie ?btract^
tflte'?lr?e?off* * *=? ??.?? ?SnflPiW?ir. - ?
"T7 .-?f>3t'l>~ .?*.> 't^'*.'?*' ti"?
J ujr gffUtffrpnf? W|llull)ljl?'lj ^jPJW cf
hare commanded ?I jtht dollars i? ordiotrj .ti??.
money he ahowed fi vc gold, dollars. -With ^?W>
like tuet ?L?cTOltfflto-oT*r .ftd*t;c*r?aBi, fb* seller
of tho .coat.eagerJy.^parked, J??ifi?5l?
gold', ^?^i?*?iej^?i>44r^'^^
In anotkarcasc.T?o aT?. J
*?vBQiy-?T?:dol!?rsi? bjlTJ ww MkeAj.was i
for ten dollars in ipeeio. Bow far can inch
ba camed?" . K?J j*? "V . V r.w*ri'f
i ir+r; M -? .?<e>r?e>?'? '?-?,...:>.i.'?:;^ -.;
af . , .??.tfc?'iAi*rtiMfe-c ^
! Tke Bdiaficfd? ViftigrAid A?loebUo'u grate
fu ! ly ' tck n o #ledg? I . tba r ecejp t of. ike.. f o Ile wrng
donation?. From Min Bc iii J IJiaghci, 2 pee. ot
Reecke; fro? Mr?. Joba Ral tilford ?pw. of saos?,
,.*ud ? jirge'baak>f v?^
?pao and' give? bj aa old negro woman.," eighty
jaar? old, balonging t&kii.-J. D. Jonas**.
. 8 e yaourt-de feit io Con ne etienf caisos ;g?eai
rejoicing ar?ong.th* AhoM??oilaV-i^^
V ?everj thousand negroes har?*, beep .set nt, Wur)
jSrld^lai?JEatlii*^f.- iart?Wl?W^W^^
> ' La tn from tb e North and Weit. .
J-tex JG y.-2d ?is., April 2(.-Uoc. Cuaiairs ha
gallantly repulsed four thou ?and- Yankfcea, oom
truing eevitlrjj. aidiijery ?n j 'bifaatrj, apon ?ht
Coldwater/ -The anemy retreated great basti
aud-coufuiriori, Chalmers pursuing energetically.
Tl? wada ww ?ejfj hai*^.' jWr*"mea; b jhav?c
well, thoug h. m any worn fu r tho .?rs t ,time una ol
fir?. Th? enemy's less is unknown ; oar los?, OBJ
killed and aiz woaaded. ? . - *? * '.T*
A ?poe?al despatch to the Appeal, states'on au
thor i ty of the Chicago . Ti m ??-. ?C-' the..' H th, th ul
there will bo no ilkmedlate rctumpUon of hos
tilities against Charleston.'
The Chicago Titres says that the entire Munitoi
flout ia U h? sant to the Misilasippi rirer. '
Gor. Curt?a, of ?ccnsyivania, offers twenty
thousand militia, to protect Washington.
. f ,L'i.\?, ..'? , Ht ..-?<! SAS)?
Front Mississippi. -
Ja eis ox, April 20.-A dil patch from G re a ?da,
tb? 20 tb, ??ya that the Miss .ssippi af Qualin hag
fallen, slaven foe: be.'ow the k igheii paint. It fei]
. ^ashtlaiJ^ with^r^ ?T^?j?:
leon?, with jkiffs, have'gone down tte .-river.. r, .
O en. Ch almo ri ii marehiuj ou T?U?hocvji? will
a feroe on?^ the
aot^'judjacf %OiC^lo^ratWf.. - ':'.Cr
' .-. Spteial te tho/Mo?tg?^tX^?dnartittyl^^ J
.IVa-a^indabta?a. ta. QoK.W^4l*aavxt^i?afcL
lowtagj i?p??oh frot?t-Wa^ahU?-; $ *4 i""""* *
Tqa?t'*Bi2,' April 18.-th ire waa Boayj Ighf.
reg yesterd*y.we3tof bore. 1'oar r*gia ? c ?, KoJ;
dy's, Julian'* and Baxter's battalions were: ali ?n
g?ged. They fought?!!'day, ard camped'witbia
ana aile af eaea ether last ni jht Ten mile J w??t.
of hare the-eue my hare fi varo giaen ts of. -cavalry,
two of infant ry andi ten pieetia' of firtillary.W?
. whipjuadvithfxj} iip?jff?^ ^yfc
and captoi'Dx 15? priloaeraaad.^ yijce? ?? ttr
UUory. The fight is expootec? y y roulait<f to-:
V . ***.?< ".>.:?.-ii 4.- ?--.-UC-. . :. . it
W'?\ |..??r : rf . ..-^ v- r-'4 ?if C"
' ... &tjtt<n ?'..'. \y.~. ??ii.? ^.r.:*. e?a>?5vi.?:-a.-?a
? _ *.? - J rilrfittiS. ?S?1* ?-tiisW
Stiff ot*.--A Captain ast'd ;twelve .piitrates
w/^aieSr-at* Bctfbl t^vid^^??&a^c?li? Tri^*1
Aayr^Thaw ia^d^clal, noni from ^UMC
but a. couriar irt-m.-Gen, Loigstt^ti (?ya thc.
o venia g. Every a venue of i c gross* and egresa
wa? etcepwd by our Uoops;'. The trscbt of the
6cafj?ard- aad Norfolk railroads1, ia ?ar-of Saf-'
folk, had been lora up ; pebtoo ?slad been thro wa
across ilitJWipfcw^Ojlffil ajndL?l?ihW ?W?
tiear oec?piod by Tour beary gt m, \a th? evact of
tay attach by -the enemy'a'gui boats. It waa not
kn o wn thal: Gen. ' L??g'stro?f ir tend?d W 'niaitri ah '
effort, to ca'rij the'enotaj.'? furtiffcatl?ai.'at faff,
folk hy dirtttalsaalL- -Many opiidob
Longatreet win resort to thia etpedieat. ?:- .
Thei courler..%tber rtpor? 'that.'we Bad'^'j
countered .two of ' the: enemy'i. gn.nboata pn'^te'
^anseajond, ti vor, and.that onu of them wea de
itroyod and the other rc troatcd- ic 'a otippled coa
lition. It fa ..tated by ihhff vrWhaW;>a^^
been in Suffolk, that thc enemy(h?v? no jor'tiflpa
ii.ia't on-tho Errrtspioath. iide, liarjng uevar %uti
?pitii a?y %tf a^^Wlb fha i ?a??,1 afld] ballaTtng
:r ab la. If t h ( s W i or an il op r forces t eeo io th?
ncr ii jafytbing-iiko farmidable number?, Wc Blay
*1Pr?pared to bear if th'? capeara of Suffelk at
my moment. . .?...*!->ir?i? t.
KaLLr'?FotiD.-Twenty prisoners hare arrived
kt Rioamond, .tftkea in the fight at Kelly>. i'oid.
[tiicejaa^tljat tho enemy w.ere'npalstd, fire, ste
isasire 'times iB'Ihtir.efforts to croas tho^rirjitj
yd flntlly gav? ?p\l:ae- andertaking. - Their leas
,8 tintai ed at f? ta't wen ty fire to lb ir ty ia 4 iii id 1
lace ?a WadBejdaj, at JB ev er', ey's ?jpr^^^B
pper Rappa?aaooek, whieh drei ulled ia the Hg.
al repul?a of tbu .caem7 ar^: the. capturo of twea
y.one ot their tJ-oops, including one oHejjr. .
TA it h*Uev?d'iitat tb is ?od c thur demonstra
.ons upon thfe^rda oT ?h,:-B^.r?hanao?k, e-e
to terara chance ai boi?a ?wa is*
Lilies-a J he Hi-utb wilH la COQ. uer ?i by th? .
r-#ord, 1 i m\??mtiftt\ IffHlaHll) I ll
on *Vni<i be ?/?p?W i yew men. -
T*Mtat*&&i?&?.?> ^4to?*pte$itiax?MDi ia
^i?U^itia*?tortttj?? f? .<*wir r<at^ptf^?<
jrwt^irffiiiaga^^ tal, j***
.ira? * ta? ahora lit tia eiertet. Oar foe, a*3&e>f
San't bwil aa aa the battia-freld, mean to invert
[yiteh I^MDY?o jaiiatTJtfy Isw^rnfr-Wi** &aV
"bor aaasac, sai ai ?dar? ?aap aa* lh*ir> -oefi/frM
H? a? i jwfcj HW
->TT?ir\a^i^* i?a-rii? jj fe& a? " hCtLsim to*
mmkWStR ll?n?di?-i?rl|lf r^^-cea^
A?WJtA,. ?t -^UuBhSK.
?SnjctrY, o^eal^ia-B.^ ? bey
?? ; ?arta
? i>i Wa i
: . : ?ta>M titdf^^
-t after.tv*i anatebad. frota tte fond
^?a^j^^a^' mm WM < .
nor, for of Vtfeh irWlBm^c?orilea?^^*
aa 'la?aifearail '?aob 'ytact aiftri*?/- ?ad lar* Tex I
them wafl? ?ae^lM J^;.lt^*? ,
T co.ftleePitim tBer?:- Cab1
>?frfet?ii ??W*?- *'
i tl
?/ifl^#jr>?otr^frrS*-andera. .
Fro lerieicsbi *.' *
(tie' Chureh
tho sabraee^
Iwt words
caa. ' ife M num?ertt: wita tbf itr
i asa toa?
-?Wu ?n. arj?f
' COTT05--Tbcr<ihlM been, a fetf dentaad, for
coUc n -di: ring tko past OfOeapw Ith -bot d?tie djjit?r>.
at ??r^tf^
HCUS?M a* ada . >. . f?oliWtfc:
Wi?B3JvA?V.th? tr?,
Of. tbi&pMcrle^exttitami tb>.TOldierj>?
fedexi tey "J ojexeifi :. Aa4'jeJiara?i?i it. ia, '
for jpBcnttti??i. ----- i*4 ?7 fe**?*
SS iltniaje? ?V ^l??i WMl
Ooveimbr. of H?^t^k^SitSm
pitwujisetiaiiB ?nj-ii?dafi Oif: C
?tata, aa leane this, aay.~
dat?; Tniffl. -oiporitng;' bayiontt
Srji&f*n7-?etfc:Jxai^>?ie*?* jb?r?..*e?a, _
wbr^, flo?, ne*W^
inj|j per?oDV'iare <*oici9?ed>.:-vnt .' T?**.|tr\*TI
(^??b??arierr.tod ?tbeiirger^??^ .1^,.^
ara- Oor?i?iauiot . ptrech^iB^vPTo^riiun? ]r>
at?y> jvio ?uittiiAibitiii^iaf?stotj &iig**j&;
tbeir -offinial Tiaaeefttaf, aaaA mmmm^m^m?
froin otter Stale? *$<? p?ftdt??nMjV latl^eVd?|q.*-r
tata OM ead eonaumptUa ?rjtM9H IM?PV
. )??*i?i in mmt^Mtfrn^p^
hi?i<,^argofc?i>t? the t?osi*K^
f'aad rnrnutt ; for Xha ,a?*ofH'
Ctra&U ?hm reojrCredt of i
eurporai m(w, -And ,S?d
aatbertiy. t? puroba? ?uob
? ocir coctnBraA ioj?ofc^o3jarai?a?f
Boafd?o??ahef .for .p?tbriSi *Tf<rK.
t wa- at ?dita and ?&aigei,. * A jaat
prof t. - .
Sid t .mail cb y
. If ia
and aiso ol' th> Aotfof the
tided ATL Act
Gives nader aap band ? ead. tb
ra . Stata, a^ColiwiWaL.tiis.-e4lb'
[ua.] ApnU'A? ap?tboiiar-J
. aad-.aUty-tb/co,.. ^ j
Watt tb H ci rr, Secretary P. . c ^
Aprill 22 ?:,:'?'. >i e)t^ ????.yt <aj?
t tUj1 ^a ?.?m-tl ^ ?4ja U.'.. g
.ddaai to Miat>ty. t^^aty'
rather light, T?rj ?iii? teatlv'l
c r ooh ad- ?ka* ihoiia oi. t?Aft? shil?;
matioa of
t h rea feile? fl o rta of .
?a?*??: .< a<j?.y*l
April-- w >'--.-:' ?rj <r^t*J
-??-e*a rju' , ?>' ai j^, vtt.':?4
?: a'. r*c
^Y&?TltMj&T?r*) \-U V ??tn??
^irpora te dimit? af EdgefieXiJiUage.. Any^oea
paasing pa nfy land lying
noe vor, ?[
? ?j* fl kee
'->!?'> ?Ut?' g-'f ** t--'- ?? ^| ?j?j \??e?t?\A
manf foran-dabto ?MaiftSil|K?? JM?. '. .
>av??^?B??t> I? ia ejejaaj ?yittaltnjitTi|>?j??% v -a
r - ^ a, Crjc^aJii^aW?W^cd .
a? ,ta?W*>i*e^ v.dMOai & 4eMM?*< b? .tt? ?t?'>
rtflhal hea|

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