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Edgefield advertiser. (Edgefield, S.C.) 1836-current, April 29, 1863, Image 1

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$?p3|- ^tensor.
Two Uuk'iiXtt?' n>r >u.ir it imiJln advance-Two
DOLLARS oud Firrr CUNTS if not K.id within .?ix
inirnthr l?wd'T?iran DotBA?H if not paid heforo
tli?- expiration of thu yesr.
All advertisements will beinsertrd at Two I>OL
i.\n per Sejnewo C.VSil (10 Mitron lines or le?*
f-r th? first insertion, and Ose l'ot.LAU for
each suhfrqnent insertion.
\nn'"ini ir-? s Candidate (not inserted until paid
f.??-.?- Ten Dollars.
All C"U1 munica tien S nf s personal character,
Obituary Notices |KepoTt#. R?solutions or l'r?
cee-iinsr-of nn.v Society, Association or Corp?ia
lio?, will he eiutTged SM adrerttsutni-nt?.
The ft ?ht mp nt Su tn? i L, Ac.
FitRPBRit-KSHFHC, April 21.-Fr?iu ne N. Y.
//-..aWot' Satiisday, thc ISib in-t, wcinnkevp
a som mary nf the OCWH it ro-t-inp :
A di-patch, da'cd ; April Nih. fi<>m Lieutenant
Com. Cusbing, ol tuc lT. i*, ?Uo.iuicr Com. itarney,
to the N -vy lx-p ?rt incur, says: . '
Toe ves-ols lr<"n above eu me down thij roTn
viz. ine Mount Washington uisul??. d. Al Iii A.
M.. tue muiiy's. artillery openid ?n us wita a
C.'*-fir a. At oi.er we went into ..?.'?nui and ei
leered them io i n boor Al 1 V. Td. the ene?.y
opeued on the Monnt Wwhingt? o (which wu.
./rounded) w"*h artillery and idiarpaheote'S ai
'/HO yards. 1 k?pt el-no to the riiraoled Mount
W?t<hio>;t?u nod louttit untu high water, a.-ttl
then ordered the Stepping Steno to take tier io
low, although uiuk-r H hw.-tvy riro, and at 5 1*. M.
silenced the enemy's Imttery. Lees. 3 kided ano
7 wounded. Cnsuatie* on other ve.-sols yet tu -
known. My ?riijzine i* not disabled, altoou?h j
hu ve eight raktiig shot". Tho Lainey and crew
are in ?u"d lighting trim, und will beat the eiic
ujy >.r tin* ai our posts.
A di.-p.? cb dated ..?.fi'Newport News, April
1 ii ?i. 1'. io.." say f :
Ko-, i A d io i ml I.-e's r-p rt, says rHpoi-ti fr-m
Lbll ? I utli ig i nd Lau on; ur? levi ivod. 'fur
tUMUjr h ?ve ut-: musse l ?a. river There utevvry
ei?deuce tout hu is ri-tr teing. Wc ?!!..: d .w. n
nu uiK r o' their men to-day on tko Xiuipetu-j >?
witb canister. In ri! our l?-s* i* five killed a
oii'ht wouurto-l io our lrttle H< tilla. :? which .:.?.
luoi h?s i<e- n prrtty mindi e >iuii eil
J J? I'orTesi .M > ti loe nornaip iide?t c- y.- l.o ?.;
rtrjet bas IXClVfi 1.-1 iii llOWn puUtoO-lS, ? Ul ??-.>
ilriviiU od by unr Paired g?,us. Ti.? .Mi ttioli
ina tua was coiupieiily rWllnd by r r! U field ar>
till-fy on tbe N in. c ti'.nd, Pnesday ?ight nit.
oilier steamet >*?.. Bred i-.?'> ." ming tro;... Suffolk
Shiriuisbing i? ?.?.?.siuntlv going on. Longsfreei
has 6u,lilli? lueu. UeHirters soy the troops are ho
iu-; rapidly withdrawn from tim Knppuhanin el
and seut lo Eastern Virginia ?mil North < ;-.r-';i: ?
lira. l>a lm> gone ki X'urlulk a: d prohibir l
Suffolk. No fonr? ol' Suff-d?t W-:.:.? cu: off.
The Hervid say* .' there is ? s--"d deal of fi ol
ing in this city about ibo affuii" of Oorcorau'i
killing Kial Hall. Iii- said ia? drew hil? sw rd
h*ttod Coicoran without uuiboriry, used ,? -:;!.'.' .
I^uguiftee, uu-l swore i:o iihnuM uot pas*, otc,
A WashingtouBJcligrsni says tb? roads in Pta:"
ford aro Hgniu ituptteoable.
Fivehn-idred negr.,c? are to lie-sent to F?cyt
b.r the Adiu?nistratii.n. Thu /.': ?..' ' IIUJ tb-j
wdl be ?autoJ afttr the w:ir to el tb i vu le conon.
Th<s - l?riiirh <;uvPM hus Hrriv> d ia*J??-w Y?ri
fr-ui Xasiuu, arith dalea^oi thc ISib. Lt give. .
Net of arrivals :iutt clonraticve .-i i.lockMilo run
nn<--.--24 :i"ri\H1.j, ? !>f ^Lii h were with cutt' i
from Wilmington nod Charlo'ton, snd lt) clear
arieef, wiih c-t?-o, suit and s?* Tied cargoes, am
4 of them for Confederate port.".
A FrencL'olfic?r, who'sow ih? Cba-'cs'Ou fight,
say? tho ouly way to attack reLel bat tories ih l>;
razeed Latteries, pjifecily.li^hl, with uo tauyibli
object above deci, covered all ovar with ir?u
and two rows of guns, p'asaJ one or tao feel
above watt,"-". The tarred offer too Ir.rgo a sur
f-tco. The rebels hsrenot the best implementi
it -ff mo-lero warf~ro. Thc Fr?n?b have n j.i
tilo which goes through any iron platnj liowewi
tbiok, at 4?0 yards, und explodes with loree Bcf.
licieut to biow up a Monitor.
Tbs New York Hernia libikK th" Cocfcd-.'turei
purpose to altHck Norfolk, or Washington, N. 0
and sayb there will bo no exciu-e for Jb?ocker if hi
. ??.ti Leo -ttl away a? McClellan kt Johnston ?rei
off from Uatuwtna. It acids that tho r-jbels, h?v.
iog ex h au a ted the couutry between Proderioss
- burg nud RUhmosd, veiy wisely abandoo it ti
Hooker. " We eppreoend that thc W?r OIHee ii
s-till s-?lici'ons aoimtthc gaiety af Washington
and hesitates tc maka a forward asovomcnt uot s?
much becaase of the muddy roads us to gel L^>
hack to Kichmond and out of the leach ni Wash
ido ton.
'ihw Herald has th* 1.-lioning oa the Confoder
atc loun in England :
A subscription for thc relief of the rebel l?ov
ernmont-now reduced to Ihn mon iitdig?.-ci cir
cuuii-iaiiceM, and iu peril of immediate dia>o)utioi
-bns boen started in E-glaou nuder mo guise o
a loun, lue security lor which is the cotton ra
Diaiutug unburnt by the rebels or uudvized by thi
United St.ite.?.
The Herald adds: The Joan is already ?ta dis
couut. There is not thc remotest prospect of i
single shil-ing being repaid. KngUnd'a obj eat ii
the desiruciMu of tho- U. S. Government, and it
inoifferent whether the money she subscribes ti
i he belligerent mendicant is expended in pirat?
ship? or in support of African barracoons. Tb?
licruld is content Jeff Davis phoulil swimtlo rni
pid Hritishcrs, and regards il as one-if t ie bigges)
things that the Hebels bara yet dunc, not ?-vet
excepting John LL Floyd's operations. " When
wo get over our present little dilficnliics tve can
See what i? tho best way ot' creating this last mun.
ifestatioii ul' Ur'Kub ueuimlity."
Airs. Scuiauij, aifu of Capt. Scmmes, of iLc
Alsdiauiu, o.io. bticn ordered, under Burnside's
|iroclaaiaiion, to prepare to kavo Ciacinnnatiand
cross ia tu Dtxte.
Tho heretld proposes to uso Ihe " Aid fer Ire
land" fuad io " bringing out the Irish poor to
n this country," and if oily of the abie bodied ?ire
ompo-id lo fight thoy eau got good bounties .is
nu institutes, aud food and clothing, and pay.
Tuc LOL Jon TVatea? correspondent, writing frem
Yie'lcsborg, Buys: " The orly plan to lake \r.i-ks
Lurg, is to Und in front nnd attempt to storm tl.?
batu-ries; but ibis requires more bravery than
tue Feder?is possess."
A telegram from St Louts, April 17th, stiys:
Col. Phil.ii s has swept thu north hide of Arkansas
river clear of Rebels.
New JLO?C ot Punishment.
Thc Shelbyville, Tenn., corrtspondont of tho
Abbeville PHI? furnishes the following ucw
mode of punishing disobedient soldiers :
Recently wc observed a man standing upsn a
?tump a? the " position of a soldier," while ten
or ? dozen men were tnarcbi-ir; in ii circle around
bim iu "quick time," with " ?xed bayonets,"
nod their gun? nt the "right shoulder shift," to
ibo words of an old song that may bs fuioiiisir lo
?orne of your readers
" Here we go 'round the rosy bush
The r ?sy bus\ the ro^y biiih,
So imly in (he morning," etc.
Upon enquiry, os to the mcaniog of this u u-i.*l
proceeding, we were inlorroed thot ti.cv Were or
. lered, tor s?me mistlctneiinor of theirs, ta p?rf 'ira
this duty, leg< pleasia'g to IjiemselveH than to tl*.
Sj'x.-ctator.s, for ihn.-?; consecutive ho ir.'.
REAPY A5t> WiLLiNc-A lotter fr tn a soldier
in the Tennessee army speaks of o ir troops ns
libing not only ready but anri-nis to meet tho Fed
erals. It is in character with nil thc intelligence
we rrceivo from tho gallant soldiers in that ar
my. The writer says :
Everything is remarkably fj-jicl at ?;<-c-- r,t. bul
it u the calm that', proceeds the storm I tbiti!;
Tho enemy is planning so'extensivo oarnpnigii
: ?r the summer, und it must soon begin tn devc!
. ..e itself, tor iln-y cannot Hff-,nl tu lose mach tone,
..- ri it se? tn" ?o mo that they will not let :!... river
. d befcro they uyagain t?i ciu-h ?ins r.en:y.
. )>? n tin: ,!?..<.]; of baltic comes, it will fijid
j !,o]arcd. ?nd in ibo milder scieson our t oops j
i?, i bj itble t" sustain n mimh longer ..embat than I
. onld bo ex poi ted in mid-winter. The .-iriny liss '
?be greatest confidence in its commander, tie?, i
nrsgg, wh?i is, 1 am gl?vl to >av, beginning to l e j
bpiter ?ppr< cin'ed and lhere is less feelin-r nfl
?liseootont in the army thao I hare ever known
/;Li-e my oonnccfion wi'b it. All iheec i regard
,<i fav.ir.ibli: circumstances, .md ?ben m \t we
meei thc foe, they will show their infliicoci in a
desperate .and unflinching determination lu win
u cvmpiete victory over tho mercenaries who ?re
devastating our beautiful country. Ibo general
health of the troops-was acver butler.
Thc ?Zifiklcg of fUt'f??tUvU,
A Yankee cn|v?%H.DA:a?. Writi u? of thc fir
o.' tba A"*.-kirk. '>n thc dar ?h>??r 'he be't'e, i
At dayluhf thia'rn? rn.:;; ?Le ?iii wis "ula
tresbly frtm th? cr'.t u.; ar? 1 a lo.:; swa!
in mikie*? th? ?nclvi.r ifiu <f lat Kfokol. ui
'orrni'!?' and uriVafc. I.- ha J burn kopi s
J-win* th?- uv;ht through too ???ir'::;; rsc:
of Ld irew. and beV pumps I n : ! car. activt
wuk tV.'?:n the meme.-.t i?'re?*n?-"< Hie rcvr.e (
t-o-1 Ycry ni'l'irrly !!i~ Water licgnu ">
?ip.or. thuin. D*- S.'ocum. 'he rvrtr*??> ?flue
su', wkfiV'o uttitntioij ti 'Iii Wim? led ?ti i".*.?'
?o' ?tabt.anil it'-r imiuin?, w.:s one of ihr- ea
tn d?His'iv?r hcrwilil?*):, Sn d H;r"Ugh hw
.-m,?! CJter?i?r? lin.- wqiiudcd were r> u.nvcil
the rio'< bay tu tho it pm r'dwk ah?*r?fy hft*r i
u'c'ofk. Through tuc lird?is in her Imws tb
?fr ?'?Ii rurbitig in with gr.-a: fury, and sl <
? in to rettie p.-r.-ei t?hl y by tba L in! j yal co
b .ard scouted to compn-bend IMT imminent
?. : n . i I a hoc I eight o'clock. At (bat hour tb
r;. Hod ii iia'l a hawser ?ut- to the Krr knit's :
HH'1 wai endeav'trini.' to 'ow ber to a position
0>e ironside*, when ut ..ne i'iotnoi t il e. ot
an?l ?.row became ?: warf, i-f lli?:?- peril, and tb
.vas biiilrd tn ciona ulThc Woiindrd
His: r< in \* <. Pr. Alocua' bca'ir.g onai.lrd i
aro.F ibu heavy fo.:n .if ti a si ?rn Molninsh
the sitlktug craft 'o -I..- l)&lTi;dil. The in,
wir.- {.:?. rem.'Vod fi a pl vc of safo ty, .md
bidding his mci ?o save thom selvas best
,.r?ulU. Captain Rhiiid wan assisted to thc
Officers and men Lud no time to save thei*
so::itl efiVct?. The Captain's charts, thc
master's funds and ?he Doctor'* instrain"
.loch ?- bad remained utides.troyetl dr.rin;
fi^hi-w*?rv got off; but beyond 'tl.'.'.?. liti
a:iyt!:ii:g. ? . s pr..-,-, ved. Al :i few inowenti
eivh: 'i'cliiirk di? wave- rbi?ed : ver nor, ani
nu tv lies ou tLu bo lulu,
A 3* tactical W*?yi*me?t Yowarda" Pc
The Legisle tun.- ..' Ni*w J rtey, h> a vote
to H. bas altered a seven .r.st H *-.>?. s
usn rf talons o'' i:i^ bii.ooln (.?.%--rum-tut
meinst a fu'tber coininirmco of rbi* war, am
p??***d, among otbtr rosoio'ions, tho foll*
which, airange to say, c*>ut>in no wards
L'nion or reconstruct} >n :
Resolved. ! . 't th- l.?cis'.a'ure of the S?ti
NPW Jersey >? li ?ve thai tbi appt-iutnicnt of
mi-:.<?;. in:'? npoii i lie part rf the Federal ?"
wnt -o tn** i C taxi * otor-i situ 1 rly .-'i \ .
Kv the insurgen I States, to i.o:iVcU3 'ii Soor: i
b'o pine -, fir li o purpose oj eousi -. riiii wi
any, MI I ?.. any, ?vh. t plan :::ay : v a'loj t?.d
si* ? m -.> i L ?I;, h nor and dijjui'J of th? nal
g?remu nt. by tvii?rh tbs plissant civil ...ar
j lie br U^'.l I? il eli i-? uvt IunoiiSirlcni
I tb;> lu'eg i.y. uoi.or and !j/'i'y ofib? Fe
?.> crniir T-i, hui as an ir.iircatton ol iii? i
I wh?fh a limite- :h?- adhtTlnjr, v..ul :. lu . y -
tend '.o streng iii? i as in tho ofdnui'i ot otb?
! lions : and hoping, as we s??ec'?ij do. 'ba
Southern Stales would rwcipruaAte tjio jw:ie?l
? if.i ions i-'a? eviiiccd. .. I.icliurb a? ?
ihatuad-rt'ao !.:... ? ii ^ t? od; gvcnl lo
vroid I r.ri t- irru? ioieh . ci li! r n -. wa mosi
? nc tly rccoinutend thc M: ,: .' :. thf r nf'tdci
L of itic g'ivernmeal 'I oe I uitid Elates, ai
qm st tts ..? -optfati >n tiicrc ti.
: Rcso! veil. Eli wi !ii? :?'..:?:?'.<ency thc (?:<v
' bc requ si d to fiirw.ifdci?pi?s oj to r-iv 'ii
' to tri' ti-'* ri;ii'c:ii ?o :hr Voiir-i Mn'.-1;, om
afors'and P.epreH! utiyns io Congress; stu! i
; < tioveiiiors and Legislatures of our si?".?r S
with iii' ro-.?;L-.-t it'ii' they ^ivo ..'>?<. ..uij.-rt
. i ii-..-! iii sir - r .... r. fr,,::: di??e -i. o
. R?Soive'L i !.?.*':?. te -o' T>
J ?i.?c?:' tu tuch , i-.-ii.;-T nc.ioii ?IJ-?HI ibo ?..t-j.
. ciitoC irsululitiiis n? .'.ill ^i.'f :'*'n ;?M'.:io:il
I iiU'C-vli-ii. iv I'jioti t':i.- ?? .iiCurnsiie.i! ..: conder
1 I of the .isv.v.'.i.-.. au i [.ogisLtlurc5"? -i ter S
I .
1 DcprcdatlioKu ??:t thc St. ^o!:us-?On
? cs <?! tjjc.lisicny.
, j PAI.ATK \. M-ivcb 1'!'.-On Monday Vt, .:
. I sido-whuul siram-r carno \i]> io ibeaUce, and
; . f ur . ';:...!< over IL? ?nm. ?lae than r-.tur.i
j Orang: .Mil!, and t on lKrerr! a uepr-i li'
j John lfie't b-lm giwgto Mr. Frr.sV. Lenin'
r I und butchered sever;:] cow?, siuep. A"., and
e went down the riv ^r.
On Thnrrday morning, alarga propeiier i
i up to Mr. i' L>npont's. and landed cvinpa'
. noiroisp, t.'kiug Air. Dupont's hors - i
i .the strimer ; D?ceeding wp to Orange .
- nruni ink MI/cv*ry pai li?lo of fur-iltur? :
. v? nai.'es from tho r?sol.-ii'-? <.' J)r. K. G.
.' A. F. Cuio and li. C. Simians; cn.-." t:;- ..; .
this j-! ?cu in :ii.< evening, 'isl ! uidod 9 :
? v! iien:oi-<. riirri.uni??U ibe :.. m ?
, tonia Baya ...ft Morris .-'???asa, taainr, all et
S mchrz's nejcrees, c iutiilerely siri^wig ihest
i places of cvirvthiu;. h jr??,?. bo^s, pouifry,
l< taloc*, Cte., leaving iii? ramdies etuireiy J
tnw cf everything. Tb? prepr.Hcv rrmair.i
? anchor derm.; tue n'tr'it at Mr. Baye s p'n:- s
. inc a lain force on !::;.d, su-reoin?t ? ? \? .
w th (,.?.. h'ipebf c.;'..-..''::..- Mr. H...ii ..I.il Mr,
, cii?z, but do! r,ot >I>Ji cced.
, The company tba: was landed ;.i M.-. Dnp
. jilnr.c, down tlir. river, n-i-rrbu! by Iniid to
Darcey's plantation, and rob'oed that Mn suet
. nd in cetohitit! two nf his iwgroes. of- of .
afterwards gul away. Tbuy then returned ti
. riv..-.- und ratiisrlted the Colonel's id i?*, on
. river, and tben ., roceedvd to Mr. Uayu i, opp
i ti.i.- p-ac?*, joining the inber force.
{ Ou Friday morning, after I'ruakfcst, the
. poller, leaving one company of negroes guan
j ih~- piaevs :;'> ?ve meiiiioticil, esme over to
place [Palaika) and sb.wly R|ippoaeb1ng
wtia*f. cunmenced boding a force of n ;r
i whet' they w.re li re ri into.by Capt. .1. J. Die: i
( s n's company. Th.?, reception was so very w
i that tho propeller backed elf, as speedily a.
, could carry ?hem, to :i r.?-p?-table ni t.i -r. v.
. they commenced shelling thc town. They she
. a'vhile and then went down.'he river to Ora
. Mill, signalling tho cmaany on ilie Kas>? sid?
the river to j.rin?i-^d to ina! p dti?. Ti" romp
; .accordingly marrthcil birk M Orpxgv Mili, i:?k
nloiig suvrrai. beevits in carts sio'nn fio??i I! e
'izeusi Tba pinpeilcr again ci: her '.>..<- .!.
stopp?d a: Mr. C. Dup u-'n atm ordorud !..:..!
gu and g?i toe balin<*e of Ms reirrofs "rbich
ha ! hid, ur ihoy (tho ensmy) rrould S. t ?-is ho
an?! ha acioirdin-? y e ?n plied.
Iba r. L'iiue:it of negroes is culled the i
South Carolin i Voluuteerj?, ami iiumtiivi lcd
Col. M'< t.oin r\. Thi: ircgruiii-irr t!;eL';o.: ?
p?rate sot'-f wretebr. :?.ist c?a bc iA; gi: ii. I'i
jaro under no dis inline, und . : <.
j Lu ?caer every wi.;:- i . .i :,i -. ?;.. . -
Col. Mo'ntgouwry .. ir. ... inj; i i.
pro snjd??r< itin'ii: "? -i .. - iii ?ri moa, n .
j be in..-i Vu :.. v..oih ?bj.w ? wav -.
I-thrall ?d' ?ni ti:.?? T.::- oJ.!y ...(??ig /itV i :.
{ wiy. bal iii?-.-, wo.iii'?i?i! i " made ' ?> (e?! VT-.:-.. ..
. ac'.ua'iy <.:;??. Col. A?.'-i i- ot.- rv a ... .i;.;; .-;
! en'jm HJl ihn ptirj.: ol ;.cr-a.iii ..: .;. '
j ir.-- pj'a.sa with :' bir;'0 ?i c, anti in ' .. Vi
! s'urine Flotida :.. i"o (luiin.
Tloiv Cot. Kt wit. n-AS i'tmr -Thc Tv k
?econnts H :. -i ? 5:
tho foi;o>ii:.- par-.ciliar.? .<:' !.: ': .. nj hi?!
Col. K;i:.' rii!. l>y lien 1 . r-'i...i :
; At three o'clock :;.'..- 01 ?.. i i.-r il??n Come?
j wii-; procce '.. " . IV mi of hi- divisi 1. bj .
I d.-r of (?vlli rel !' ?. ':, wiii;n bo ?.<-::.? I.altvd
j sh or? distance fr- 10 -.wo!" seme ml : ..
I him nokriown. Ti. - ;?- s :i wlm '. i'-.- . : . ..
I said li? i.id imt i.-s-s, und |, .j .. i:n
Who ho wc *. Thc .:..!.or .I replied I . : ... >,
be wai "'?.:ni,'l ?' .-....-.-.'.:, \.j- .-.. . ? ? ;'
fr mt hy ?..rdtjr of ?it'ioor.l P;-.!<." Tjo. 7 ..
he caiib! not naas witliout -i"' . ..::;:.. .r.-i vt 'i.
Corcoran said he should vi '. ? ?.'. ., ; .
t'mt bc ssiiiiiM.not. tim- ."':, : ;
movement to draw bis ?A*or : -.;.... c., qu
ilttiuandoil to know wi.o ?-..; - ^'...,\i\?
rink, Ac. wa-m tho ! ' ~ r-- : 1 '.'. . .;,
i!-;r tif! tmii'".?; i it? ilia! ('.*>!; !-.'.! : .) ?. ?> ??
rt nisto!. iiut.uii.'y '!,"-v I i- :l. ., :: j.
Hm neck; mi'! !?<. .it ..: : a ;'- w . 1 -; !?. v.
rjn*t tl. (ionri- riii r ( ? .'< ..... -,
cr>,J. .. Wh., ?rail tin' picw; ?" " M ti ..; y .-. ;
! sahl the Goncra*. On .? ? j^ng.?h'?tM'nijTjv-i?:
I ?wer, thu t?o?cral told tim ?;;:.it-.ri.?-.---H. |. .
; nf'or :lii '?? rurel pa'rtv, thal v - : 1 ..
fir the /.-.-irr-: - :. . i.d p t.-^-.i 'J ?. ? .., ,
wound wis t'jo'i foiiiol tri Itav-j !?ei*i' 1
Li-st. Co'-- --! Iv! ti' of Ibo Nlnt'b N't.. V . -
; who was ?o ?otntnin?liiir Hie Jt iw'in s /*. o?-;vci
I T.V? 3? naves had bu; j<ist arrivts! ..s
! mcnts.
AxTiTRnn VA'XTCRC Dnrn, Goxi; Hc;;r: - 7*
; J?o?v Vor-. TIM*, of Fri lay. COIIIAII?S SO acciitit]
uf 15e?i v i-:' :ii<- I':ii'i-i v-fa-^s rtwa -r Sari
ter, wliieb !...!.? Ihttci'y "a tho 2f-\ tihiir.n, sjtrSrl
tuc gie:? t Viinkue suls'iinrina Lattery A Higa*? ii
lot? {or '<' ir '.: ??. I, !?i ? f'.il-li -M? i u.jpjllet* a?
si ress of weather to 1 .1-1 r. Kew Vr rk, aft*.
Imvlrg lost ike Alligator. In t!i?? s'orw. fey? th'
nee ii::*. " A<.?inr- T:,.-i r U. Hwnsion, itu; *?!...!
eriek AVay, ordinary so-iiuan, worn w*..il?cd i.- r
b -srd. ami liiT hatches, bmit*, l.::l??.-.,;k?- nm! .'*.
mil :^t?.inn battery Alligator wore1 \?f\. Tb>
.Sun?.tor alsjispran : 11 leal,-, and su?i i. ..
cr?bio damage tu *'t;r m.ic?.b-?ry.'' '. ' . f.r
a?i-l crew cf t? . Sumter iv.-.-o t?r; j .- ? ,., .?
per i!, and casie very near acceiapanjiag "their
devil to Davy J jan' locker.
WE?!CBS1>AY, AFK's L29, )?C:?. '
^fir Tht iidi p-riti?u of iiic KO.;"or f r tho
?j.?fL ?*?d?ys will accouut for thc ".b?:r.eo of edi
i-rir." rbi, wscl:. '
jffST* Tho obituary notice ari-nun.-iiig tho Joiifh
of that va'u .bc'tir.n and much cr tee? tu i-entlo
mon Mr. WM. T"M:Y, who died on the ISlb of
this m >n:h, will s-vp'-r in our nest is.?ue.
Chnngc ol' Schedule?
The ticiiednle lime of thc mail froia Aucusta te
Nin? :T-S?J baa been rlu>t:ged. Tho mail from
Aroota i" now due hereat 2 o'clock ot? M-ndsys,
Wednesdays and Friday. Th? mail, r-ithe-r f-r
Augu*ti ur Ninfciv-Stif, ie closed at 12 a'clock M,
on thc day cf departure.
The Post Master rrques-s its to stat.-? that ir
fm ur? the ofijee trill he ci?sct! al 5 o'clock, P. M.
ciccp-. on the evenings of the nrriral of ihe Co
lumbiu mail.
?\'otic<: Punitive.
F..r the tanoftt of the incredulous we again au
n .uti-c that AcTortisoments Obituaries, Tribute
of Respect, or eoiumnnicaticni of a personal nu
tur?f will not bc Inserted until ps id for. We cuti
net afford to w*rk now cn promues tr pay-tb
cs sb L.-!u>t c -ni? it. advance.
?Sf Oar ccrrcspoBdeul at Locust Hid. I.nx
.njrton Disiric:, is respectfully informed rhat he
papar i* mailed rernlarrly from this office. Il
Don.arriv.?] ia ro fault r.f ours, but is due to th
doroHetioo ol 6onic of Mr. KAG.?*?'S Agonis O
the r .ut*.
Confederate sinte* Appraisers*
11 ... .?ir.g ui'.aio i pets me nur;- been iippoic
.uti ApprMsere under thc impressment Act:
Ii. V.". Hubbard, VirViuia ; Henry IC. Iiurgwyj
North C?rol?tiv: B r. I\r-.?. South Cjr !io?
J- .. .H. Xt> r#itn, .'< > r<i:? : .). bu Finlaya?o, Fl>-r
-a; U.C. l;-.<-?? Alabiiuia ; - J. ?V. C. W.'-oi
iii siii.?ij it: Rich: r.. >..>:...?.-..:. iwutfUnaj Wr r
li -.4':ir'. l'.x?; VT. C. Bcm-rr,- Arkaustisj V
ii. Travis, Ti niw?**o.
t*riu?ruHititv JLiberality.
The Angufth CAromV/a ?fc i*>.t>ti*>sl says: "J
...';?..*.. a/ivct :>t picaMira t? tjiicur'l acts oT Rana
<. atilt *>; i-ii- l y M ibis Urne, arc:, tho poi
o, II:-.- mu II try er* fi'.fferins ni-re ?*r less f? r tl
r.-.-i; r.'c ol lifo. Win. J?ek
li-, Au<;nsta Fact toy, hus donated fifty dallara fi
thc ^v?iir, aud f ..-.i-!.-..? cloth at G ?TC mme;
price- to ir..* '-ie up for destitute soldier?' fi? m i: ie
an'i ot htm-whs may be necesritaus. Two thoi
.-iii j> . ? .i:T.i-t.'i Factory ci'.-t?i were soi
..; -i-r. rV t',.. Atiguaui i'ue>??ying Aseocil
. i'\i on V.'-day, :.: ii- w ra iceni rate?, f ud t!
Fsr >ry bas : r..;-i>e-J f-r wonks '-'.Ht large ',uoi
title* for this i.- ..ev -:cr.t ..I-j. -i. Mr. Ja*k.v?n bi
dtput i Xiii Uu:s lo hum ont poor familias who
annus i rs r. d i.. thc list th? Put tv; ?hg As:
c:.i;io.n. aud itdnibier t i their wants ibrtughh
j.;.-.; rt r.il- ir credit upen thc i-uVis of ut
M?ywr asd oth?.rs,.io7sr.\, ;.,..t MiwR. linda t?
A-? wbii Lt? ai ? '.. ?c r lievi 1 th; nigh the ?
svci?tioB, or some kindred age! ?-y; Tbc neci
Snd cbasi f?*! ead ;>'->r-.-i- atij ce, whonev
ai.j witeraver their '..?:. v.i e;omei kuowu.
When Ihe ai.-*?imouv prices are c< i isidcred. f
wbkh fncf .ry e.'i tb cnn hi ? bc K-M, Mr. Jae
sou'; liberality bcc?nws iu.leod munificent.':
i. f
P j
t's i
:d I
[?hh followir.?; ia from a new and bitti'.r-a
uijili?bcd co.-re.-pr.ndi.-tit st Cafn;i ?irr_;g, Vu
Vr i lil rr Ci >:;..: ? IM ?.
Ai the JLU.1V >: Ww 'tr i-icai ?'. ..<.! il
..hurders of active . .*.i.,:.ii.? :.r. begining
op-.??* ulong oar l>es. ii i 2* ui?. DJ mi *;?-r ?.
at the war-be?e? we r.n . liitti -
0.:r Army i?-.vi*ra Cfc t: . : tw< :.:;. TJ
separate Artr.y Corti.rlsa conilgu ur, bu! .i- i-.it
apart. The .-.-\.:i?; Divi: nus ' -- r i . e::<
I'lhiir. Tba Brigades cb-ser' still; While tlie^si
ter ?leftime.i-.N ??c.tic w. boring I
like the lillie {;.iU:l?'.-?Jiriiif ?1.1 ueii-vij - ; ii
mouuiKin regions; ela-ays in oftim in fe
le I hundred yards, and n iiictiwc* witbin sumv-lLro
of each olbcr.
It is of tue Regimental Wiulcr Quarters tb:
wc ?ire io speak. Four hundred yards nf . i
cumfercncc ?'ll embrace thc spac '. '.
str-.-ri? ?.f ibo several cotupuiiies ?rr ger. m ,
quite ?rrvgtdar, and s-m.:,..ir.:. i.-.i .guisbjbi
tba habitations rre UU'IJHC; bnilt --.i:.t ti.-.. .-.
logs as high ac four or five feet, covered w::h
?,',.it ro .i of mixed boards and plank;,. r oirh
i?-'.? Hy sirc-tciicd over -bc j on rind faM.::i->d ;.
ni.li ropes, Tlie lng sidesr.r*?alwaysdM?ib?d
11 id. tlc r . f tr? ?cb depend? OL tho s- i! whic
:s geurrallj a Lu-i of faint yeih w, bat ihi- d iul
i"? S*" <..> ?be ci?-- tn thc Quarters. These bul
...,..!. .iui m. I.: -j 1 i i!iUcrwii? model and nf rlitTci
?,t uimcusions-'1 CM: LU fiiiocn feel i?^aa?
! -tand e. m-tim-h biuirbin?; ?ter other 1.- rctnot
? c?l a feet Of a iVw y?rils, tr ! strur.j! ont in
! g-v..: rrcgclur:]?uo B?J?RC !'.<. s i roc L Chiuiiiej
. an . ever) .-u-, ri- -,:?. -?.?i: a', i ?i:-K:
: -i--.c! w.:tli i.-,- j i^ raii'tig but' iuu ! r.n liv
:*..?.?: > ,M.S au* ---i..tc, . I: -'ir l-.,-.|? -. daut
: !.!. : ?;. </ :'..< in-.*ipi?-i?i ii?.:*-. ! ;.i-.: ia ,?
? i jim, i;i.-i'.-. ...... !..?>;.IJ:.vd >:. -u:
;:..-'... i ;-t . :i.? Otsra
? ci-. !*! >?-.-., -.i ii-.}.:>.- gtlicruih nsistd
r .". 5? ?i" :V'-::i tia '??'?. al??* v^if su.-j-lir
; Wi'b'.rtr-iW, iii. .;, b."?.V, ; :..T .?
i upnii abie:-. ^ ?,? theMi?j.d>b< .-:.r..:. .-.-i,.
iriv... ? i:-, l i..-.. . c?iriridgi-b?>x?,s. gi':-,
o-; -i.-.i. .-.-..??...i. ... ... t-u-.ki; uy Hw lai.i
Icy I.:-.-,, ii. iii.: T.. ii'.-fl-, tm w.iii. itiii.i
Ou iippivvi-..; pat ,.;?, inbibii, susi-rack ? db
c..<-..*.!!,,, . .-..i illv. Stuuips .ir
pros - i v.:-. .. - ;. ;. v.< ? .:?.? ,:.?-?.. 1?.. .t.- af
>yor.:.-? ac ewen: co ? .
F.?i.f r .?-... ii-.i.,-. villf. - hiiitgihjr "'i >: S:ii?i i*
nc^r ?ic r-.-..i. X-j'i .. -ir.
:r.?. . it!,:..: 1. * t.:!;./:.? 57.il r.. !-.T ;.i-.-?:i njitv
:.; f a. -|,..r
.'. i itv..:' )t?. .?:?I!, if.? l-:,c:
. ??i.^ i . d ri:e r. turu ps sj'ii
1: to itu Ti w i. in:o;.iiii:c;r-d ?r.d loaij
.i 0 ? -, - i t! -, e b....i".i. :ui.
:. ft' X- 1! il
ii : so . i? ,'or mi rf.
ec:i u.-cd ur* for
III . Otu.
.1.' l.iutil .i : r
Mi Vf
luii'.cs :.. -fi t.
tiicb ;?... gil iij,:. of v. iat-1 f?? r ?.? in I.j:*:'f
..'?.iv ..: ti:., il;:: 'i ;,cr^ si.?;? wt
w.,:.rr ii< .t * y.".:r ? Kui ibvra is bevy (irina,
heard i.;. riv?; ; end wo must bo ?-;T .n.<m.
SO Lis AT.
. .'. iii Yi.-rn I.'ART.-The advances daily
? uiaiic ii. ?ho i.u-.-.-j.. hs i f lits siioald Mn.nd
j awry ;. -."..i die man :u;d w< man i-f ihcitupiirtanci
oj' aiding tha dtstiiulc; 'J i.viv arc nist.y'soldiers
. ->-i?: ?> ..:.? cbilrjicn, as nid! ?... yeor wiiiowa r?;.d
. h.-:, ic.-- -f. ' :n.'-. wii-i ......of S iv j lbr?iu<;!i this
I t'?'-^i-i- i'^r <..:!. country's ?M?*ipr.n ?enco without
. RS.-if ".?nc* su i jaar- j.?vr?: vh<? has i .!.:..
J a? .:. A her;: :hrt :.- bc to? ii. Brer*. . .(
.-hoiiiii ?io bi? '?..rt iu B?aisiirj?; ibis . Ttion ?ur
' eotsmnflity.
f?3?* The anny emespt iid'?nt nf the Chtca?>i
T??r* fays :i..i' Jid?'Stoii's ;..r.-c ?a Tcii:ics*co is
7? ?:?O nie?. !?.- ?::;.;?: "it a t- ...j;!rka?,s? .;;:-.
.. . '. . . tr. ' i .. -,?.! . ? . - ..
mor do of that urtuy, mai thc r-.!.e!-i are now
lyiiag very f?r.v from dctcrti-jij.''
Fur.the Advertiser.
The Red Oak Ifcovo Aid Society met-cn the
j 25i>i A?-ril and nd?pt*d ,the followinrr p'nn fV the
! disposition *f theffnuds so generously furnished
j then:. Tba?, Late now on hand ti tsrgc lot of
? Kuck?, f hces, Shirts ?nd Drawers, and also pevc
I r^l li"ii? of Dcracspna. whirh they propose to
; district* free to destitute Soldiers ur Soldiers'
? frnii'i-f or ro:>t>e'? whe si?.j apply to an of the
I Ape; njcnii-jntid.lielow, .either personally or in
j writing. We spprint the To lin wi y g named gen
i tletuci: our Agents to ?s-itt us in extending cur
I benevolence us we desire, Tis: Mcsi-s. Thomas
j Gsrrett, James Collins. A. Sharpton, Sr., G. M.
Murgau and Siarling Freeman.
For the Advertiser.
Lu ni ar Aid Association.
{ ; HAJ?BPtto. April 22d 1S6.1.
We tk?? officers of this Association, return our
grateful thanks to Mr. WM. E. JACKSO.":, President
of Augusta Fa^tojy Company for feiting us two
bale? of cloth st noYerntnent pricer-or two bales
j for thu prie* of ono. Wo appreciate such kind
ness, especially when coming from a citizon ol
cur sister State.
We taite tl i. occasion to.toader ourbo?t wishes
anil iinc?ro thanks to Miss BuiK, who hns reo
tiered her ascislnnoo in raising cusa and clothing
for us ui tho autant of three thousand dollars
Tba many acts ox kindness and liberality as ah?
daily displays yoi ever be cherished by us. Shi
liebly merits tho thanks of every South Carolin:
soldi:r, particularly tho gallant and noble son
of Edgo?eb" Di-?rict.
Mrf A. J. RAMCO! President,
HjTK R. G. T. A H AU, Secretary,
Mrc. WK. S ri RES, Tr-asorcr.
G?n?ral News Items.
?rj~ Pico which sold in Chtrlos'on a few wrek
ago tor 20 to 22jjjr*ut*, is nowdull at 12 to 16 cen I:
;it?r- A iknitjtime rince a band of negra troop
aud United Stat&fcTrgubri entered Lafayette couii
ty, Missouri, nii.C killed fifty unaricod mon, in
clading Uni- i.ir*'* and Sootberncrs, who had til
ken tue oath. Th? y also burned tldriy houses.
53^ The Kew Orleans raper? arc fearful tba
tho yellow leTtrftvill prevail iu that city* this sej
son. . % \
A vi ;;ri> ; mar. wat; sold In Richmond o
Mond?? for $:*.t55.
gjt^r Th.. Shreveport Gax.';ttcrecently pnbliehc
a card rignod hy scout a hundred foreigners, win
fearing they might b*. drafted in Lise miiitU, ad. p
ed tart coarin th notify tlie people tb i? they wu
French subjects and owed nu allegiance to Lon
?inna. Th? News says that Mr. B. Conriaie. MI
o' thc sjjrncrs di the card, was taken ont of h
bcd and .. farrell and cottoned" the ?anio nigh
and tho rogneiwniirch w.is played before tho bu.?
ns.-? bouses nt 'h.; balance.
;r-fj- Thi BaRtmora Sun Fays thu; C il. Zarvor
hts bocii exchanged, and, with other prisonors,
now on Lis waJtSoctli.
Sorthetn papers say that General Ilnnh
has recalled thSFiurida cxpedilien, lenv:::;: rmi
a few tr"ops t.? garrison Fernandina atol Kt
'?SBT Tho Mjyor of Mobile is putting all tl
iri??rttog men ira that city, who claim exemptit
on account sf l?>.-;,';ri birth, into ibo army.
* Jj
A. M. V't)<i cf Mississippi, hus now fit"
tb'iuiand busWs of salt for distribution t?. t!
poor of the f' trif..
-... -rt AfM'-i-h'-h P"ld in Richmond, ti
rlaj :i.:-? al $1 ptr pound. :- now soiling al i2,i
p-.r pound;
CST ' dispatch dated Savannah, Apr. vt, say
" The sloop Kugle, Capt. Brannon, laden wi
a 'ii ? ?ii i tobacco, outward bound, wes hench?
.. I ired tri War?nw Son;?! on Thursday nigi
: . eal captura by tho blockaders. Tl
crow ere safe. *
. ? lt. 0. R. Dickson, clerk of t':,c House <
. w.is killed ia Richmond; Va.. ?
. . ., I?y of his ?ate assistants, II. Il Ford
of '. ?:;tuc/y. T:.'J shooting occurred ou Bat?
...!... r r.f Tcutb. lt caused great exciti
7' z . TU? Sew X ?>:'*. Herald, Uiiitai.l. cnntaii
j information '? tiwi effect that tu're? Governor
*-* i fru?i? the North-western Mate.- had seat a joh
r" i nu cfo! : > Lincnin, in which they : tali?, cxp!i<
! war, ami thal lld- contest musi coate t.< a
j once;
* III. ?. I I ..,",'. -.; 1 lita??
: mr.ii nba bad -ne .., Iiei iicaui.t.n nnit.iitum
_ju?! ttl rpi fe her husband: Thu ie,; triispcr.fec
1 ? ly si uadj and bsd boen his spc ia! a lmirution.
b .7.-V- Tb.-.?. S;-Edwards, ..f lhy.v ....! comity
. >.'. C., n.?dii l'aTtycar is Hirphts or" 2.i Ou bushel
t, : ui ?-irr. f:.T>? h ba wu> i.fT.- vd ?.: I .r ' '."
. j Ut .c''\?:.i to :.-tr.? it, awi li_.i..>.- Adiiug ;t t.- tl
, i fatiiil'.Ci ol' liers at 7"' C<:nls a oo.-..i:?.
. ! Cai I??T. .?: tiio ^^.ul1 county, is furnishing ihulani
t ' i! . . of iir.s flour al ?J ll I t?i ? r I, v]..'w al
0 ; ui ev?ryl?wijj else i> asking
' . . f?sA w ,:. ?K4 KV." V.*" !t am by a g..:itl?
:u ?.. t?. itt ?..? (sayf lb? AiigMst? Chronici
.: Suii.it> ;. >b . f?rlj lo s'X'y ihousanJ dolla:
'. ?ti ."...i fi B bt ' >??i!.'g to til- Murehaiits' A V nu
. : -i .' ?I. td: ol' "- iv .'o. was stolon Inila h. ?or n
!!:. Ceu?Tid F'.i.!?'?...' v !.>...- iii trtni?V.ii'frow Ma
con i . .-,.<:..!.. io cbitrg-j ef a private !'.n-k mes
l^? ' fi . Atlnnla CttiAiileracy say* t larg
. .; tn-.- .." .. .'.:.*;.' ructived ibero over iL
:.:. * r i uii'ivr govcrninen! auspice.*, Inti wen
?iniiicdti'.tidy ttl th-: regular uindision housci
M ut :c il was i>oiil ttl t!ie tr.idr. Spccubttions v
i !.i . kind ?ire w.'-.r.g.
- (lie l?os York Hersh! mya n?tliiug bu
? si;t??iii';i ??iij prsvvat Jen*. D*VH Jr. m ticing ?
1 priaoder : ? ii?r..; inniilhs, ?nd ti.a n-.i-iii-oi sob
; llli"o.
ri*? :" . i- ?li!?g^i:iui . f Pu. -r ?l niTice
i- .bt?rs iii ? iii Kranvts?:i h iv? ben ri .. .ved. I
i : tn tel 'i t '\u:y appropriated loo much of lin
i puMii luiids-a failtiig of Foderul ofSoials gon
er i wy.
t y- Tl.-- f\r ifaei n: ssys : " Wc Irnra fr un ar
ufti ; nf the bmk !'. .ir ?ho cj n'i amount of Treas
. ::.*y nott : -i i:i i; per ccu:, b nd- in Colnm
bia, ?.t Sl?.Oiy.ufO n-iiriy a 1,000.000 ra re ih?n
we . I' -.i ; icrday; At Greenville, -'1- C., nearly
j |,0ti(:/,fi0 li irc lie-in fnnd??d."
j 7(i '. late Washington ili^t-n'ch antionnccs
i iltr,; a dctnchuicrjl 11* Cotiic?erate cavalry r.-..:cni
|y ti ti - ;. -.! t'i : famous Bud Rua bridge.
SST* Tho nurobcrof Fcdtral soldiers on the
il.'k An i; : 12.000.
. Thc Missouri pspors are afraid ll.at Gen.
Brien viii lu? r inness fal in his advances o.i toe
J'cii?r.!: foro?s in th-t Stale.
?s.rV' Th? PiRtcAville Factory in Grecnriile Dis
d ?ci ims loen sold for ?.1?0.U0? tu Mosses. John
r'mtcr .'. C ?....!' Charleston.
" Thc fsiu.ioti pi,it liopc?, by ih-r end of the
year, I ne ? '?.:. IV !?. ra le struggle will ba crowned
with .- icr-'s :?n.? it.? indc*.rcndoncc recognized.
"Jr- I'wcory i.un-s of women, calling them
y-ive.? " Wo iii'. it.i-;:-?rw- tn ni of lb? . - ? r y nf Ma
cau, Ga.," nm >:..?'.(. I hi-a n-'oicc in liso Macon
Toi-?5r-i;di. -.i!''.:^r -.?.tes ior w.-udiirig, and dc
nounciug as "ran" all who do not comply with
Circular ?itt Appeal.
Tn the Citizen* of Charlrtt,,* and the People nf
S;v<h Cun-liua genet ai/y. and io tlir Fa rn. rr*
und Flnntrr* especially, fruin ike mountain* lu
the eeahoird.
The ?er iMnrk?t nf Ch ?hes ton, one of th? r.-i
hlf?l tvA rno.it useful charities extant, after more
?'.?i a twalra mouth of successful operation, in in
dangur of Pitsf irjriAii, and tren fir.-l stoip?ge.
It is ?u inrtitutnn, founded by priv?lo p-.tri'-'i
nra nr.d Icnevulrnie, enrlor?ed by the eiry au
ihor?thM of Cb <rl?-?ion. and roeugnir.cd and t?n
couniged by the Legislature of the Sratc. lis
great and highly useful purpose? is t" supply pro
T?slnr.S, free of txpense, lo tue needy*,fainilic.< of
soldiers and soamen, fi/e.ting the battles of their
tonnlry. or dead in. her service ; and upwards of
eight hundred families Jepond on its beauty f r
their daily broad. If has become r. groat public
necessity, and it ii the duty of evory Christian
and patriot, male and female, rich and peor,
yoting an old, to contribute to its support, in pro
portion to means and ability-tho rieh mun out of
hi? wealth, thc po .r tuan out of bis poverty, the
widow with her mite- -?very lurga stream should
pour, orery lillie rill trickle it.? refreshing waters
into Ibis great r-poivoir of patriotic benevolence,
to bo dispensed in God's blessed bounty to the
wive? and children, the widows and orphans, tke
sisters and other fetnalo depcadeats, of oar brave
soldiers nod seamen.
TI Tue final stoppage, or ovn th? sasrension, of
this charity would be one of tko diront calamities
that could befall our city aud S tito, lc would in
flict dis! rog, st'fieripg ned eren, starvation o?
number--, now comfortably fed by its bounty,-and
perhaps lead to broad-riols in our conservative
?d y, to h?r serious injury and dc-p disgrace.
Come." then, fallon* citizen?, to thc rescue, prom ot
ly, libera'iy, efficiently, and not only save the
Free Markot from destruction or suspension, b-it
sustain it, in healthful vigor, asa God-UefSed
and nj::t:-blossin,g institution. Let donntions in
money and in kind pour ia 'ivishly Iroui every
qur.rlcr of the city and SIHU. ; Rmi tho consequen
ces wiill be happy indeed. Not only will bread,
"and meal, and meat bc snstainingly furnished to
soldiors' and seamen's families, but thc heart o'
tho warrior will bc cheered and his arm nerved to
do victorious battle against thc vandal and ruth
loss'foc, by thc comforling eonriciion that his
wife and his little ono? are patriotically and suf
ficiently cared for by their fellow-c'nUcns athamo.
Lot . ur farinera and pliolers especially, in orery
aeolian of tho ritaie send libera) supplier of vej-u
t.il.lrs <<nd provisions frota their gardens, t?oi?
fu-; -H, theirbarns and their smoke bou ?rs : an?1
? well to ovorfljvs \A? tba great reservoir of fret
Market ch-rity.
Charity is twice blessed-it Hoitetb him tb-t
gives, an well ?s bim that rjceives-aud bltstei
t j the giver oven nor? than the receiver.
- j Come up then, uno and all, t-> tbe hallowed
work, and not only earii the soldier'* aud sea
m m's undyieg gratitude, but lay up trearore ii
llesveo. where neither moth u??r rust doth cor
rupi, nor tb ic res break in and ateaL
iii' HARD TB*I>OX, Ch'inn, )
V.'Ai. 1?. YATKS. } CommiUno.
i'rom tho Scuth Carolinian.
r./rn Associa lion.
Tiic Central Association, imprcised by thc im
portanrc of the trait which has been committct
to it, Iviih by thc people of the it.ito and tb
Oenerd Assomb y, and believing tint its past la
bort t.'?ve nut. been in vain, has reoenily doter
mined to Miake an effort to suapry at ?1 mod?rai
coat, tho needy fwiiilies of tho soldiers, and iii
poor generally, within its rcarh, with such bread
BtiifTr a* may be ??ven for distribution, or cnn b
purchased in the market. Corn is now furnishes
by the Association at $1.50 per bushel, und it i
h?pcd that wo will bo tilde to continue thc suppi
r.t thia pricoor lower. This will depend, howovei
upon inc amount ot' contributions in corn an
tu ?ney. As the supply cannot be kept up hy du
nations of corn, and the Association must pur
chris--, il is necessary that it be i-'cld in moat caset
and that contributions of money be made, or it
operations must soon cease. Corn has airead,
been purchased lo the exteut of our present pc
enniary resources at $11.25 per bushel. In ul
caws of extreme destitution, where the applicati
ia known to be without the moans' of purchasinf
it will be given without charge. Thia Associator
though established by Hie Central, has r.o otho
'eoattootion v idi ii tbwn thar which is. afforded b
tho laban nnd attention of its members. Tb
poi poso of the one is to furnish food, and th
other to furnish cioihinj. The funds uro distini
and independent, and contributions to the on
will never bo appropriated to the oth?r. The di.?
tribnlion nf food commenced on the IOth of tbi
month and already one hundred and liftj f.miilic
hnvo beor, supplied. If any precedent doubl
existed iu respect to the necessity of such ?n As
soti.uion they nm<t now be dispelled. Corn i
foiling in the stores nf Columbia at four dollur
p*r bushel, and nt tl.ii coorminta rate thc poo
und needy cannot purchase it. Ilrief ns has how
th.* existence of the Association, il is a high cou
.?ul.ition to know, that through thc generosity n
individuals who promptly responded to its call
many of the needy have already been fed, ani
their iu--ro pressing wxnts met for tho presont.
Wo would appeal to tho benevolent to give u
their help, lt i< a stern roa I i ty thur lhere i- sut
s j firing in i.ur midst. Wo are bold tbcrufore t<
.? open mir mouths and [dead the cause of th
po r and needy." There ia an abundance of con
an i other breads tu D's in thc country, ano we asl
th it ?. |i irtiuu I* given lo tho'wives and cbildrei
ur bcruie soldiery, "nd to oilier.* who cau&e
pr ? ure I'ubsistuncc. Tell na nut thal ho has th
. ? : ?rmtiiiei? ami affections which give human na
i ?ts proper dignity, who will nitbboirl hi
m ICI stich circuiaatu?ce?. Teil ns not tba
I irr..it, and i.-' doing hi.? duty in this gre.*.
:ri is . t i Mr country: who coolly calculates hot
fur ho can grind thc poor, lo ivhst extent bc eal
; .-. :ti.J ' r,, and thus pots in ?pcratiin thi
nu ... power from which d inger to our caes-! CHI
be . . :? hen li i. ir ?a a di/grace t-> the peopii
i f'thj S*>uth tii't the V--:ike- :.>ve of gain sbotib
?.are t f.!..ee niiuiii tltorn. To the men <f tbi
N -iii ir properly lieliitigs. and leaving them ti
( ezij iy ibeir aiiciv?t privilege, Iel us not di?puti
M-ir rightful pi.s i.vioii.
Cbairinan Ceutrul Aaswiation.
AritoiriTtra rr MILROY i:t YtncijfiA.-Accnr
.* j ??itig llieaveounta received, th-.' Federal (.rencra
^ j Milroy who ii lu ct'tntuaiid in an : arnuad iVju
j bester, is guil'y uf'n!l :iir.itti?r nf bruru,i
j no. thc l'ichni'-iid Kxaiiiiucr has ju t ;w ti gen
j tu.riuiu Iront titeas s dion ?sud i'.':\-?- tlteittciexeiJ
,- j 'i :?r ..i is:o e.v:-::nr .? -it .?f :ilf:ir^.
j .*! .roy e'.itl e- n.M-i'te? bi- : -i i-.?Mn ?vcr tb? p"e
j .. e. rn <i Iriii'.* tin ru i|?-wr. !ik> a hfiist .'.
I bi* prisy. Ti:?re i? i;.i such ihu*g.'ai merrv wH
o i bini. WV have bud rc! itcd lu MS 1,1:1ra'.'-. saud ex
0 I e-i!?e?, tlie very recil-?! wt which w.i- ?noiiyl! t
I cbilt toe bl?N)d. in uno ?ualanee .: lani?y was cz
1 i pcllctl frn?i lh< ir hornea, pile o' the UK-uih;r??, 11
:, ; U-ly ivs liier.ii'y dragi*ed from ocr sick Ijtnl, and
f j bul ti f??w hours gireii them lo bave. They were
j permitted to lake notliiog with them e.xri-p: ihei.
I necessary clothing, or sueh few nrtielw us rl-.?
t i wretches a do wed tnein, and no ?me was allowed
t j either tu gu in . r ?u: i?f ttie boase -i?::il ihey were
J:IC by iiire rt: b.dy si?ore?l iui? a wcgou nud driven
? ? il' iin-?ef r. gua: I. Ail appe.-ds to ilictn were in
I vain : thc aguiiixiug gr;:tns nf 11 sick inotber cuiild
. I u ji la-iT' them j ?iud i ?ic iaiuiiy thus ruiblca-ly
. torn from their homes -.vero driven of;', without
* I fo-.nl ?>r n il !<> Xaiiriown.
1 I l,i thia exploit M>-s. Milray is said ttl have po
. I aitivcty pnrticipated, and to ??.:re taken a purUcu
iar pleasure in 1 lit? affair. A.* the fen: ?lo menu hern
twr? ordered nb?ut by the armed rufliau.1, Mw.
j Milroy ltitgii-1 arj'i chuckled as if il were tiuj
fun, ami ti icil ni ercrj way ?0 a;i-l lo thc per>ceu
ti >n by hnr un its nod jeers. Addressing one ul
tho ladies tauntingly, in aome observa:ios nf her
hushunil'a power, it waa miro than the proud
spiri- of tho m-ther could bear, and quickly turn
ing, with brr eyes flashing lire, ?ho replied in a
tono that betp.dte ber feelings-'. M rs. Genera!
.Milroy? Mudara-wo aro completely at your mer*
i cy: wo iriii leave: yon may take possession of
j our homos, bul you ran never crush <-ur hearts._
j A liny t>'i repentance will yet over'.ike you."
This is but otic of tho many outrages -.re have
I accounts of, and our pen would tire wen: w..-io nn
j dertake to follow un thc wretch Milroy in bia work
I of villainy ?iud heartlessness, lt Would be idle
I for ua In do so, mid let the instance we have rc
! corded above ttiind na an illuatrctivn ol'tho injus
! tica and tho thousand outragea that uro bei ig
couiinittcd un ibo poor and unfortunate in that
p'.rtiun of \"irgini;i.
JST'Sirong hoarhoand toa, cell bolled and
dr ink freely, will cure thc most obstinate casa of
itiii.'ls on record, lt ii easily obtained, mid tho
remedy should bo known.
.-."-'?. I ion. T. C. Parr n in his annual report, rc
.-; eeting ?he ti.eon viii? & Columbia Riilro.id, raja
liii.t .. moro than u hun-lred thousand puosougers
wore conveyed over tho road last year, and not
on? killocl."
"Watchman, What of thc Nicht?
Thoup-b now victorious, und possessed ~f ncaa*
which will ensure successful d.-;o>-?e through tho
year, many cidr.ena of tho Conf*d?r? y ure op
piosaed wi:h th? melancholy rofiuctiob, tbat noiu
ing nor: indicate* the cud ol ibe w-.r. They see
In th? futu'e a lu~g waste of fighting, f.v.i noth
ing beyond it. They see no exit. No one can
now say by wkat means^bis wei" c?u be coi eluded.
Europe w ll not raise u linger to prevent iis COH
tiauutien. Tho Northern people, act and then,
iu?iu discordant and disunited, but when thc ques
tion of peace or more war is Wted,* ?be vast
ni.\i irity supports the war. Tb? Northern Gov
ernment will of course, never nj-reo to any t?rais
of peace-they d-ro not. If any laconor to
Lincoln is oiected, it will probably bo one of bis
own party, for be aud they now control ul-dion .
How, then, ic is often a?ked, is this war tuend?
We do uot profess to bo better able to answer
the question than those who a.?k it. Indeed it is
quUc imposdhle now to imagine either tho prreiio
means by which peace will be brought about, or
to limit the duration of tho war. The causes
which can pot a terni to thin struggle are'not. now
risible, nor is there a gleam of light through tho
lurid cloud that corers tb* horisou. Yet we do
not share the melancholy anticipations of the fu
ture uhie'e affect many of our fell~w ciiizoiis.
All thine;'! sublunary have an end. Volent dis
eases are the shortest. It isqaite impossible that
an tfiori so ?{tremo and exhaustive aa ibis now
made by th- United States shouM last many years.
Th* war bas uot yet been felt by the resources ol
that country "uly because its ?feels have been
procrastinated ky a clever use of credit. But
they will only fell tb? more heavily wfcea crcdii
is exhausted ; and nothing bas a limit moro fixed
than credit.
Nor is pcaco necessarily tbs* fnrthor olf b?caus?
it is out nf sight. Thc scenes of war shift more
rapidly thu ii those of the theatre or a si-gie lan
tim. Who eau b-. ve f.irgotton how vo/y ofter
the prospect p^s changed winbin the last twe
years ? 'i'w!ce or four months ago, tho probabili
ties of a speedy cossation of hostilities, appeared
to be great. They disappeared as swiftly as the"
came, and their place was tilled by what seciaci
tuc certainty of a long war. Now it promises t<
be interminable ; but it is net impossible thai
thin promi/o may be broken by ibo events of or
Tho end of the first American revolution nevei
appealed to bc more rem?te than ia thc few week
wh ich prececde I tee capitulation of Yorxtowa
Writing to Governor Pownal at tho ti'ue, Dr
?Yacklin used i.bd following expressions :
" I wUalnoit heartily; with you, that thia an
euraed ivar w.is at au end; bul I dospair of seo
i??g it finished iu my time." "
Three d iys later lb j iatolligonce of Cornwall!'
surrender, immediately recognized as tho virtua
eondn?iuo of tho struggle, was received ; an-J k
writes to John Adam?, in Holland thus:
Most bear.ily do I congrat?late you on tb
glorious news. Tho infant Hercules has soi
fctrangled his second serpent."
A lesson may be fairly drawn from tb'n sin,*?
lar incident, Tho first revolution is full of trait
resembling those of tho present convulsion, an
the termination of the o.-..?> may not bu le's? sudde
and oncxpoctod than that of tho other. In th
summer thc war will come to its crisis-Kiel
mond Examiner.
Something Rieh. . -
" Patriu?" ?i correspondent of the MoMl* Ai
vtniter, gofotf thc following capital joke again
those who turn a deaf ear to the unmistaksb'
sounds of discontent among ike j.copie of tl
upper " i*f ie/ip-pi :
We once stood beside Echo Lake. Urdnani
diechtrged on ibo oppoiito there echoed by ll:
mountain at our buck, fell upon our et-r rr.ud
inply, ns if earth's Smiudatiens were broken ii j
yet thc reven lb echo (brown back from a far u
mountain range fell as sweetest, softest musii
Just uiiile listening with charmed astonish mer
a voles at ono side exclaimed: " Why dont the
lire tb nt caution ?"
Turning, wo saw a man who asked : " Whi
cou be the reason they don't fire that cannan i
und placed au cur trumpet to receive the rep.';
We shouted : " Il lias been ?iod." Ho shoo
his bead, with " I t'en ly flushed in tho pan." W
slowly 'hotiteti : " Perhaps-if-yon-kcrp-yoi
in-healing-the-next-discharge." W i bdruv
ing the trumpet, he. iratoly replied : " Use s
eai-trumpet to bear*-, cannon! -?-am-n>;t*.i
deafasrAa/-/ am ?ol SJ deaf as that."-Aga1
toe cannon's roar; again tho stunning eel
caught it up and enveloped us, as it were, i
sound. Just then that voice muttered; " Flan,
til in the ;>n? ayain !"
A sound comes from the Northwest-go cali
so firm, SO defiant, that to the North Atlant
?horo it mu-t i:oc(i.i sound liko a Government
upheaving. To ns of the Gulf, it id tba awe
lindie which tells nf active " diteouteni" then
heralding peuce here. Having long since a!
jared tliicourteous personalities, wo decline pre*
ing our COK.JIAT?.SOU farther!
Tur. Eurranixos or Viao?su.-Thc Jacket
Mississippian, commenting on a letter describin
the destruction of property ir Virginia by thc ot
erny, says :
It is mournful to read of the dovastutiin of tl
old homestead-i of tho glonoti s Oid Dominini
Her peupla have Fullered and endured more tba
all others iu tho Confederacy put together, an
jet tho sublime patience, and patriotism continue
to bu exhibited by thom stands without a puralb
in history. When yeera have rolled by ?nd tb
actors ?nd witnesses of this eventful war ba
lloon long crumbled into dust, the talc of Virgin!
trai's and Bullering-of her faithfulness in adverb
ty, her indomitable perseverance and gallantry i
ibo field^will present a psge which will foster
?ove for independence in ibo hearts of posterity a
King as tinto iasis, and furnish a bright oxampl
io the votaries of freedom to to the remotest ag
of civilization.
eorrc pondent who spent several duys in iho cit
..!' Richmond, after saying ibat nowhere, and nc
fe-.-'i: ? single individual, did he btar any allusio
to the war. proceeds thus:
I often asked, can it be po.?.?iblo ? Is this P.ieh
mond, ??th ?.'011,0110 Abolitionists within two duyi
inarch ? Every ei.iztn scamed inlent upon mono,
! j makin;. The shop? of tho tra Uspooplo wer
filled iri:'.i ..li?. Tho Jews were unusually hu?\
? and nrore happier fices than they havo for l?ii;
? yen M. The streets were crowded with soldiers
j or with tuen ncaring'thc path of soldiers. Th
arc ni:-.!, and rc?;-HI ru nts abonad will
! :;i.-..-.-1 ... n -i. --ir meal atone of thc** establish
; m.. ni-.i br fr i . II)? , one dotca-oysters und'eofla
f-- cos? $h. A partridge. $1.25. Tba hotels charg
i from ?.'i to C-," ; .-r liieiu. Apples cost 2icant
! each; .it: I whiie 1 rtui writing tl'is, in ibo giller
j of the Ji-.il?-.- of itcprcsentatires, a gentleman i.
making a spew h on government Ghuucos.
i _ - ? .
Tn ?/. DAM ter T . FORT S r.M rte R -Woltara hearr
various accounts and some very cxtraragint ste.
rici about ibe damage sut-taiucd by F->it Sumtei
in the recent conSict with tue iren c!a-!s. Th?
editor of thc Wilmington Journal, who visited t!.t
fir! since ilse nction says :
f'i c? iffe there ure always rumors . f nil s rt.
(.flout about .! linne;*' dune, and of c. iirae such ru.
j mors wore :i!l nt in mfcrcnci! t-i r-utotcr, lb? p-.r
.??.yt of which bu 1 ssveral bricas knocked u|f, ion
without iniorfcriog <v:th the working nf the guns
or ibo s'r-ngth of ibo work. Other paris r.f :! ^
wad .ir - tic.ddeil'y pitted, but neitiit-r rent, crack
nor h-e'-*!i made or anything liku it. Thc i-ij-ir,
tn thc.parapet has boen repaired, and thc v-buie.
work is believed tu hu aa strong as il was when
thu ??rsl gun was fired.
-.-? --?-?<i?>.>? i
A SmsTiTtrris roa LAGER BEER.-Now tha!
every thing tn drink is very scarce and high,
and when substitutes aro tho order of tba day,
j wa pr ?pose giving tho f-Mowing recipe for ?nanii
I f.ic'uring a snhjtitn'.c for Lager, which is equal
j in fi^iv.ir if not ?iip^riur to tho gtnuinc, heal brand
( ia-'-r:
Take ?ia old boot Icz ao obi ca?t off re l flin.
; rei skirt, and pus in a live ga'.loo keg of rain
? water. Le! it stand for two weoks and ferment
j wall. Thin put it into a ten gallon keg, adding
i two quarts of chinabenies (to make .1 b.iedj three
! gallons of water from .1 tub us?d by shoemakers
, to soak leather in, (three months old) to giro it
| tba righi ll ivor, un i one pound of Atatfoetida to
I givo it tn? needed suioil. Let it stand, for one
i week, and add a couple of Florida beans, when il
I will be ready for usu.
Salcratus or Sal Soda may ho added adlibitum
to make it rise.-Commonwealth.
It is announced that now regulations for trade
along the border nre to bo issuad hy tho Treasu
ry I)pp.trun.;!t :>t Washington. A tax of twenty
dollars is to bo laid on overy halo ofootton brougSt
out by private enterprise. Government ?giws
arc to bo appointed to take chargo of nil cotton
takon by tho army, or brought in by army, ota
BARIUM'S MEKEUU.-Ip thc lecture room of th?
. Marcum each day and evening app-ar? i corapa
I ny "f nude and female cortortioniits, juggler*, M
i r.'b.it' and jrymna'Li. They refer to the sands of
I Arabia as tbc locality of tlittfr^nativity, notwith
standing tha? som* rasy see in^thoir physiogno
mies char?eteri*:Ks of tho Wei-hawforKleu'tons
a class equ < Hy honored as b*cr-tnkors abd .tra
peze performer*. Tho Arubn nddress themselves
to the aui?en?*? through a series of spinal hiero
glyphics, t.isily translated by even the infant'in
arms and habitual distress. They resolve their
bodies iq t<> algo'T ie Vb?n?. tiley accomplish tx
I amn'es ot tb? cardinal arithmetical principles, ad
ditton? multiplication, subtraction, an.l division.
They advance potent urgumer.ts in favor of gutta
pershasued us verte'tru1. They indulge in expan
sive geometrical problems, and even go int? the
ronlms of spherical trigonometry and integral
calculus in search of capable* ' posers." They iu
dicata a readiness to write a series of II. G. edi
torials with both hands bound securely behind the
back, their fcet'susp'-nded from two elevated ri?e?,
and tbeir bodies tied up iuto four or more well
constructed ?ai or-knots. They appear to bo equal
lo tho emergency of taking tea in a familiar man
ner upon tho point of a wellbalanoed pole, two
inches in diameter and fifteen feet high. Ono lad
in particular seoras so admirably gilt.td that we
can easily imagine him rolling hioi-orlf up into a
a sm ill brown paper parcel, stowing it into his l?ft
band trowser's pocket, and then coolly walking
away with it. We were disappointed at finding
that ho did not do it. The girls climb ladders
with oriental grace, but at tho same time with
KM?IH dexterity- They indulge frequently ia
propounding physical emmdrums, which the spec
tators always " give up".at once, whsn the solu
tion is vouchsafed and the laugh comes in. Fur
ther we cannot now particularise. To the ju.
veniie community, the Arabians will bo a thou-,
sand aud ouo nights' entertainment; to Baroma,
a Bourne of unfailing fin&nuial blessing.-New
York World.
-? -* _
THU Cnor IN ALABAMA.-The Macon (Ala.)
Baneon, speaking nf the norning cr^p in that Slate,
gives tho following cheering intelligence :
" We took a short trip in the country last
week and found our planters busy witb their
spricg crops. Corn, corn seems to be the only
orop. Corn everywhere. Not a plantor among
at least two hua ired we hare seeu the p? . t twa
weeks, a M p'anting a hill of cotton. We hare
heard of a few who -will plant enough for seed
and homo uio, butas many have'a supply oa
hand, tba nio<t of our placiers will tgaoN a cot
ton crop entirely." /
DnX at Camp of the 19ih S. C. Regt, near
Shelby ville. Tenn., on tba 11th inst, of Conges
tion of the Brain, Corporal ALFRED HART, ia
the 19tb year of his ugo.
Having onterod the servico as a privato of Com
pany (C.) 19fh S. C. Regiment, on the i8th day
of December lu?l, he remained ?ith that Compa
ny until tho time of his death. He was slightly
woniided by Railroad accident on the 24u day of
April l8tJ.'-mirched with his Company through
out n long and weary march into Kentucky-and
fought with much coolness and bravery ut the
battle of Murfroesbori.
As a campan ion ho was ever agreeable and po
lir -. As a soldier he was inestimable,-a moro
wiiling, uncomplaining and a better oue never
enlisted in thc causo of kia country. A
It may to of some consolation to hisTercaved
parents and friends to ktiow that, although the
iilnns-i w t-, which bo died was su pudden and
?o eovr.ro, that he could nol bo removed to a hos
pital, yet ?io was onsr.inily attended by skillful
Surgeons and kind friends, i.ud that his romains
wer* carefully interred in the pjducip.it burial
ground of Shelby vii le.
" Ost* ev nts CowrA.viox.i."
DIF.D, nt tho Peace Institute Hospital, Raleigh,
X. C . De?. 10th U62, of Pneumonia. WILLIAM
B. H?GENS. Comp A, 22d 8. C. V.. son of W.
B. aud SuSAS HACK!>S, and step eon of SAMTEL
E L't'ito.vas. deceased. He was b m in Madison
Co., Miss., on the If.th July 1316, and enlisted
Fob. 10th 1S62. under Capt. C. AHAUS.
Awaiti has tho pitiless shaft nf d?uth visited
our rank?, another narrow mound ?i raised on tho .*'.
soil of North Carolina, and beneath it reposes the
remains of the gallant Soldier, W. B. HAARAS.
Tho loeain of war never callrd-froin his houii-# ,
butter soldier. In his death the family circle l&a.
JOjttt-one.of. i?? bjgji^st. prnuiueu^ , '
devotod mother and MIS sister and relatives and
friends to mourn his l-iss.-tho early morn of whose
life gave promise to a career of usefulness in the
futuro, while his obedient and exemplary deport- ?
uent cheered the heart of bis fond mothar with
the lu p : that his presence would shed a halo of
peace and happiness* around the family alar,
uow decked in mourning fur the loved ouo aud
tho lott.
Tearing biuis-df away from th? cuibrnces of
his devoted mother, ho prrsented himself a living
sacrifico upon the altar of his country. His cap
tain ans! tneiiSinaJes in arms sprak gool things
of hiui. ll.s quiet u'ni'htru'ire tuannur kept iiim
frolh recking . tfii-e; bc was ?Ming to remain
private, heine only ambitions to do his duty. Inj
lb? midst of dangers hu was cool .uni defiant in'
his bonriug. Ho was enjruged in the baltic utSo
eesfionvilte,. S. C., aud afterwards went with his
Regt, te Maryland and waa wounded nt B.mnsboro.
Farewell, kind friend of us all ! Ott will wo
weep whsn wo think nf you, *of your nob!? dar
ing, and of your devoted par :nr, relatives and
friends. Though the roroilio will no in ire arouse
thee from thy slumbers, nor your home bo glad
dened by thy cheerful voice, yet it is a consolation
to your p irent and friend* to know thal you died
in a glorious cuuse, and that your warrior spirit
n-sts in tho bosom of its God. A FniV.xn.
GnANiTKVit.Lt:, April 25th, lK?.'t.
PURSUANT to orders iroia tao Adjutant and
Inspector General, the commanders of Boat
Companies will order elections on Saturday next,
the 2d May, for al! offiees recetad by the A*t of
the (loner il Assembly, and met-t me at tho Old
Wells on Monday following wiih the Toturus of
the cl?cti?n, ami a roll of the names of all uia'o*
from IS to 6U, and from IC tu IS, and from ?0 to
f-0, and they must furnish lue .vita the dato of
election of all Of?eors not vacated.
Comm inding 7th Reg't. S. C. M.
April 29 li? _17
ALT. persons are cautioned agninst trading for
? Nu'? given by rne to J.-.tnes F. L'.-wry,
Auiu'iir, of tho Estate of Conrad L;wry, deceased,
?or Five Thousand Dollars, dated sometime in
Dec. 1 SOii. As I have offered, in the presonce of
witnesses, tn pay the Note in genuine Confederate
money and Mr. I...wry refused it, I c-msider the
I debi paid, and will not par ii unies? c. impelled by
April 29, Hi* _17
State of South Carolina,
BY W. V. Dl'RtSOE, Esq., Ordinary of Edge
lieid District.
A hi reas, A. T. Langford has applied to me
r Letti ra ?f Administration, on ail and singular
. ct; .] mles, right* and credits of S. R.
lats of the Di.-irict aforesaid, dee'd.
i . . .r.'. :'. e-i f rr, to eire arid aduinriih ail
and ii .: t: . kindred aud creditors of tho said
l?. e-ised. to . ; appear before me, at our next
Ord uary's Courl ! ir tko said District.to beholden
at Edgetlcld C. ii., i ti thc U:h day uf May next,
to show eau: , if. a tty, ... !,\ l?e i aduti?istra?oa
should not he granted.
Given under my baud nr..'. sen!, this ?.f>th day of
April in 'hu year of our Lon! ono thousand eight
hundred and sixty-three, sad. in tho s?tb yesrof
thfl Indcpendonce of South Cam ina.
W. t. DURISOE, o.r. r.
April 29. _2j_ _1_L_
The State of South Carolina,
BY W. F. DDRTS0E, Es^uiro, Ordlnarj of
Edgctleld District.
Whereas, Burdett Curley hs.* applied to tue
for Letters of Administration ??iib ibo will an
nexed, on all and singular the goods and chat
ties, rights and credits of Cynthia Curley late of
ihn District aforesaid, dee'd.
Those are, therefore, to cito and admonish all
and singular, tho kindred and creditors of iho
said deceased, to bo and appear before me, at our
noit Ordinary's Court fur the said District, tobe
holdcu at Edgofiebl CH. on tho Uih dsy of May
next, to shu w CHUSO, if any, why tho said adminis
tration should not bo gr?nled.
Given under my hand and seal, this twenty-sev
enth day of April in the year of our Lord one thou
sand eight hundred and sixty-three, and ia the
eighty-seventh your of the Independence ol'the
State cf South Carolina
W. F. DUR?S0E, 0. E. D.
April 29 St 17

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