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BY So:r, rT-HOE & co.
T?r i!.o Ad\otu?er.
A pallid moon looks IkrV aad clouds,
That strive to hide her gleamiugs
On rain-drenched flowers that long havo watched
For moon or starry Learnings. N
Alas ! the moon is cold and palo
And not as erst they kuow ker,
When balmy winds stolo trout the South,
And she beamed clear thru' ether.
The dowers droop to earth again,
And lean their petals sadly,
And long for morntng's'genial sua,
'2o smile upon .bom gladly.
' .IV.
Thus our bowed hearts see earthly joys,
In the dark night of sorrow ;
Turn from them to a sweeter hope.
And wait for Heure?'* morrow.
? That Honest Creature, Becky By
How refreshing it is to beheld ber ! Such sim
plicity, such candor, such artlessness ! lteally, I
don't tbiuk the equal of Becky exist? in this Con
federacy. Bc? ky is one of thoso kind-hearted
people who are so much interested in the ?Buirs j
of her fellow-oreatures that she ba6 no spare time |
for her own ; and such is Becky's utter unselfish- j
ness that ?ho devotes her days to propagating the j
most delightful little bits of news; perfectly j
harmless, you know-Becky never talks ?caudal 1 ,
-and when she, generous ero-tu re, drops iu upon I
you some bright morning wben Snooks has gone ?
off to the store, and you ar- left iu disconsolate j
solitude to darn stockings aud meditate, it is so ;
pleasant to sec this honest creature's Itoman Duse j
enter your sitting room. She throws aside that j
cunning little bat with its flouting plum.' -(Beck) i
still wears ringlets aud hats as sue did tu my eer- 1
tain knowledge twenty years ago-but then, you
know, some people Lever grow o:d : " The heart
retains its youtbtul trust";-and draws out from
her pocket a sock-(Becky beiuga pLi'authropint,
H devoted to the soldiers; knitsinuumerable socks;
in fact, i? Vice-president of tbs ".* Soldiers Belief j
uud Aid Association")-aud fulls to work in u,
kia 1 ol' pleasant, trilling, desultory way to tull:
and knit. What a blessing it is to bea good
talker ! As I often tell Snooks, Becky By nu m is
ar. accomplished talker, thu' 1 dou'tverily believe
she knows it, ?be's so unpretending uud bumble
but Becky By nu tn, says I,- would go this world
I'Vtrand nevrr get into trouble: she could entertain j
the old (jkniieoan himself. So winning and j
pleasant ?md artful-I mean artless.
I dun't wish you to think by this that Becky ?j j
?.nc of your so ';, persuading kind of people. Oh,
tu>, she is genuinely candi'!. As she says hcrcell
-.. ?ly dear Mrs. Snooks, I have a great many
faults, but deceit is not one of them. Would to
llaavou"- and hero she clasps ber bauds and
rasia up her eyes so pathetically it always most
makes mc weep- " Would to Heaven 1 wereiioi
s ? impulsive-so apt to forget my.-elt'. and ?pen
my nvnrt ?o tito ga io of the cold end unfeeling !
worid."-end that night. Itell Snooks that night, i
that Becky Byr.um io certainly au injured crea- I
ture, n?.d I know if any body ever did, sho de- J
serves a home iu some celestial sphere abete ;
pcoj-le cnn speak out without fear nf inUcon: ?vue- I
lion. Snooks always says "Yes" in a Very \
sleepy, indifferent kind of a way, tho'I don't i
believe he ever understands what I am snyirg. j
These men are so unjust to poor b-nely women ?
like Becky Byuum. Some of them,* .Mr-. Pi r
kins' husband for one, bail the unkindness tu say >
- she was a meddling, impertinent old maid; but j
if I ever hear Snooks say such a thing I'll, I'll,- |
Well, I don't know what 1 would do, but 1 think j
I wouldn't call bim V Honey" for a mouth, and j
that would we'! nigh kill bim.
I was teated in the aforementioned manner u '
few mornings ago when Becky entered.
'* My de ? Mrs. Snooks," she cried, in hcrgny,
artless wa;, .' I have just run iu to chat a lillie
with you; it's such a comfort to be able to tai k
openly with aDy oue, and you are thc only ?a Iv
tn ibis community I can be honest with, for yu ?
ure caudor itself." So with a little ?.qu< ese and ;
a little kiss, Berky scated horsclf. Off went the ?
cunuiug hat with its black plumos, and out came i
tho inevitable sock, while I sent Anna Maria out ;
of the room-for I don't tbiuk cbiiuren eau up- !
predate Becky's honesty-and we were quite t
ready for our "little chat."
" My dear Mr?. Snooks," ?bc began, " I wnn't
to tell you something which has been on my mind j
a long time, but dared n?t mention it for fear of j
misconstruction. I know it witl lie safe with you." ;
Sho smiled, nodded, threw br.ck thc "clustering j
ringlets," and went on. I don't think I can re- .
peat here what she did say, for it was a strango I
story ; hut as Becky told it I believe it all KS
Qrmly as I do Bulwer's. I am astonished to hesr j
such things of Captain Wiggins, but, HS Becky i
says, "ono-balf tho world never knows what's j
going op in ibe other naif." If this is what's gu- '.
iug on I'm content to daru Snook's socks and ro- !
main in ignorance. To think of such heartless- j
ness. But I don't believe Becky minds ?tat al!
as she confesses herself, she bas bad two ninny I
.'affaire* rfu coeur" to lot it affect ber deeply;'
but sho wishes poor Euphrosyne Huggins' eye? ;
could be opened, for he bad been gallanting and j
visiting ber over since be deserted
" Yet my darling Mrs. Snooks, I wouldn't have 1
you mention it for thc worid. Vou know what a
simple, honest creature I am, and that I coufa?? ;
these things on the impulse nf the moment. I :
would bo utterly miserable if 1 thought poor dear
Eupbrosyne should ever find ii out."
I am ture I never betrayed Becky, hui ?orno- |
body did; and I hear that Captain Wiggins went I
off in a rage to Virgil ia tnt-, morning, sweaiing I
ho nevor ?poke a dozen words to that-I Tont re
peat the hard names bu called poor Becky. That !
silly creature Euphrcsyno Buggins is cry.ug ber 1
eye? out after having ?nt bim kif. Lu! thc?e j
I confessed it all to Snooks this evening, r?rd '
instead of sayiug "Yes," In his old sleepy way,
bo begun lo gi? on just like Mrs. Perkin's h lisbon di
and Captain Wiggins : and, tho' I did it with tours
in my eyes, I was obliged to promise never again
to see that "good, honest creature,? Becky By
num. C. V. B.
A Tnot fiiiT rot: Yoi N<: Mes.-Xo wreck is o
shocking to behold us n dissolute young mun. Oo
thc p?rsoti of the debauchee or inebriate, infamy
is written. How nature bungs labels t.; er bim t>
testify ber distrust r.r. ibo rxnmple! How she
1 losens ail bi.? joints, sends tremors ulong bis mu?,
oles, and bends forward his frame ! TLo Wielen
whoso life-long pleasure it bas been 1.1 debase
himself atti to debauch others, whose heart h?s
been spotted with skin tbut it. is bl .ck all over, is
an offense to the heart of 'he unblemished.-Ho.
rac* Hann.
"Vd h?** butterfly
JJwu iii a bu wer-"
I But I wouldn't, under any con cid?, rn; inn, lr n
1 masculine gender when nfier six hours hard dan-?
oi''g, with ocensiona] (only ofcwtoww/, you know;
introdnctions behind thc scene, the signal conics
for breaking up. It' ibero ever was a uiiscrublc
crcaUirc in the world it is a iu?n when he has to
hunt for his hat.
Now you know as well as I do that next to his I
horse, a man loves his dog ; and.next to his dog, j
bis hat ; and then, if ho be of an affectionate dis- I
position, conics his wife! Let mo satisfy you, '
ladies, ifyour place stands anywhere near the bat,
you mny be assured of domestic felicity, und a
new bonnet every season.
Now, wo all admire bats in a roneral woy
every ferber's daughter of us. There isn't a wo
man under a " certain vga" whose heart does not
pulpitnto audibly nt thc sight of those adorable,
saucy little caps all filagreed over with gold Ince ;
and even the more unpretending ones wjth a re
spoctablo bluck-glnzcd cover, excite a secret thrill
-a kind of " How-much-H-remindii mc-o'-John'' j
emotion. But those abominable abortion!, of!
taste and nature-those lazy, don't caro, good- |
f<i-nothingold slouched hats, white, brown, black,
grey, cr dirt-cob.red-can any body tel! me what
in thc name of a.1 that's ugly they irere made for?
Not fjr beauty, I'm sure. With a faded ribbon
kujlted carelessly around them, ' ne .-ide jciked
up, und tho other sido pulled down-the front
bent this way-the back twisted that way, men
toss thom over their dishevelled locks, with a kind j
of devil-mc-care air, and awny they *trut wiih j
the everlasting old pipe between their lips, to be j
admired. Shades of D'Orsay and Brumell ! And .'
yet I'm firmly persuaded thar, consistent with the j
inconsistency of human na*ure, these very apelo- I
gles for chapeaux occupy the wurmest pliicts in I
their uffi'."lions ; auds'inebow or other I have a
misgiving they actually believe tbese cherished
object!' handsome and. becoming ! Miserable de
lusion !
(it course you have all seen thc game of bat?
hunting performed after a regular bleak down, ou
ibo pnrt bf those unfortunate moria's whose wive?
h.-.Ua't taken pvssessb n uf tho prccioii? article, and
held it a.- a pledge of good behavior; and who. j
Could not, ns un excu?o for longer lingering, turn
tu bi? faithful spouse and sny
" I'll sw-, I'll declare, Marihy, I can't go till
I find my bal."
Ah, the wild tunning to and fro ! 'Thc anxious
search, the furious ro search, thc maniacal search
over- .vu i uJ And last of all the overwhelming
despair iu Mr. Toodle* ftiee as he implores in hoi
low ucocnts;-" Miss lietsy, Miss Betsy, if I can't
lind my ba', ?ileane send it over in tbs morning!"
Gentlemen, did yuti ail find your hats thc other
night? C.V.D.
Blessed ure 'i bey Hutt .ll cu rn.
Oh ! "deem vol lucy are tiles SeJ ab.tio
Wh?se lives n peaceful t..nor keep:
The power that pities mun has shonn
Ajblcsriug for the eyes tLat weep.
Tue light of smiles shall fi'l again
The lid that overflows with teare;
And weary hours of woe and pain
Are promises of happy year?.
There ia a day of sunny rest
F?r every ?lark au-J troubled night ;
And grit-f tuny bide un evct.ing guest,
But joy .-.bail come with early light.
And tin u, who o'er thy f: ?end's low bier.
Sbeddest the bitter drops like ruin.
Hope ti)Ht a happier, brighter shore,
Will give bim lo ihy arms again
Nor let ?iie good Ulan's trust depart.
Though lifo its common gifts deny,
1 bough pierced and broken Le bis heart,
And spurned of men bj g"e.- IJ .?ic.
For God has marked each sorrowing day,
And numbered every scent tear:
And hean n's long ugo of time shall pty
For all it-! chiidn n stifler her.?.
il.tri'i.vss.- ? mu incline 1 to tbil I thal if or.r
minds wera capable "t i.pprchoudiug tba essential j
facts nf dic lile we M C, we tbonld be convinced i
thar hain in'--- is one of thc niu>l evenly distribu- j
tod vf all benian pestes-im.*. Ibe laborer loves
bis wife and child cn ns well aa (be lord, and lukes
tutu hts Soul all tho ten.Kr and precious influences
thnt flow to bim through their io?, es as well as Le.
Food tHStes in .-weeily to the plowman us thc
p'aeetnan : if tho la'K-r have tho daintier dish, tlc
former bus thc keener ajpeiite. Into ell ears,
the bro? k pouts ti.o rame ttrtain of music, ni.d
the birds never vary their programme with refer
once to ibu audience. Tue spring scatters violets
broadcast, and grass grow-; by the roadside as
well n? in the park. The breexo thal loses the
curls of your little ones and mine, is not softer in
its caresses of those who bound over the velvet to :
meet it. The sun shines, the rain fal!?, the trees j
dress themselves iu green, thc thunder rolls, ar.d ?
thc s'ats fla>h for all alike. Health knows noth
ing of human distinctious, and abides with him j
who treats :t bett. Sleep, the gentle angel, doe?
not come at llic cu.l of [iotver, and never j ruffler*
i's mit.is'ry fur gold. Tho senses lakes no bribes i
of luxury, but deal as honestly and (.-coeruu.-ly by |
the poor ns by ihe rich : and thc President of ibo I
Confederacy would whistle himself blind before
he could call our dog from HS.-Timothy Titeinnh, j
?3?" Tine LicnTLr Oran Tnoe BL-:
Trip lightly over trouble,
Trip lightly over wrong;
Wc only make grief double
By dwelling on it long.
Why clasp woe's bind so tightly :
Why sigh o'er blossoms dead '!
Why c ing to form* unsightly 'i
Why not sock joy instead?
LEATIXG Hour.-I can conceive of no picture
more interesting than ono which might bo drawn,
fruin a young mun leaving ibe b'-ire nf bis child
hood, the sccno of w'A his carly associations, to try
his fortune in a distant country, setting out alone
for tho "forest." A falber on thc decline, tLc
downhill of life, gives h.s parting blc-sing, invo
king the best gifts of Heaven tu rest on his odor
ed off-pring, and to crown nil bis efforts with suc
cess ; tears gush fr? ni his eyes, and words aro
forbid utterance. A kind, a most affectionate
mother calling after bim, ns he is dep.nling from
the parental abode, nrd wish ail the dan gt rs to
which be is about to be exposed lushing into and
pressing on be.- mind, fbe my?, "(?", my ?on,
j remember that tie ic ia a ri^ht way and ?t arong
I way." Her advjco is Lrief. Language U ?pad
j equate . the i X| ressi'in of the feelings that there
i crowd on thi ii.ind of a virtuous child. livery
! reader has sein a ca>e "f (his I'.tr.d, and m?J have
? bijen thc subject of i.ne in M.tun respecta siaii'ar.
j Here may he fourd cloqui-L'cc IUOIC louehii-g tn
j him to whom it is delivered,' than were thc ora
: lions of Cicero or B? Hiosikei.'cs.
j As ul?! gentleman, natu? d Page, fell in love with
??young lady, [na b-l'.-r >o:u the young Inly
dropped her glare, tcstamly h..-picked it up,
j and, bandin*! lt t<? bi.r. addrbvsed h.r iu th.- ful
! lowing maimer ?
I .' i' fro n glove you trkc tin* litter ft,
j Ilicn glove mnkes love, which I present lo Ibcc."
IT,? which she r-plied :
" And if from Pago you take thc letter P.
Thou Page makes age, and that Wfin't do for no."
J CORRECT SPEAKINO.-We advise nil young peo
I pl? to acquire in tally lifo tko habit cf using good
; langu*>s*oj holh in speaking and writing, ?nd to
; abiiiic'un ns carly ns pos.'ib'o anj me of slang
i words and phtascs. The longer they live the
! moro'difficult the acquisition of such language will
I he; and if 'he goiuVn age of youth, tho proper
I reason for tho acquisition of language, be past
! in its nl uso, the unfortunate victim nf neg coted
education is very pr. b- My doomed to talk slang
for life. Every tuan has it in hi? power. E.u ha*
inert, ly to use thc language which ho reads instead
'of I Le slang which he hears; to form his tn tte
from the best speakers and poets of tho country;
to treasure up choice phrases in his memory, and
hubitttato himself to their usc-tvuiding tit the
s.imc time that pedantic prcci-ion ard bombast,
which show rather thc weakness of vain nmbiiion
than tho polish of nn educated mind.
??r~ Goethe says, somewhere, thnt each of us,
the best as tho worst, hi les within him something
-some failing, some remembrance, that, ?fi known,
wjuld mnke you hate him.
. High and beautiful is the ?ot of tba gront
poet His lyru is tLc world, and the strings on
which he plays arc tho souls of men. When ho
will- it, these tents are culled forth, and ra^lt to
gether in divine harmony.-.Miss BKKMK?I.
/?SP Timid natures are ever, in danger of being
diiven into dissimulation, when too severely "axed
about their actions, or \i.-itcd by their urryrs.
How very deso?ale that heart most he,
Whose only joy.mce is in memory.
Ii. E. I,.
There is this ciiuronce between happiness and
wisdom : ho that thinks himself thc happiest man
really is so ; hut bo that thinks himself thc wisest,
is generally the grcaUft fool.
ss -
If any one rpeak ill of thee, flee Lemo ID thy
own conscience and ex;.rainc thy heart: if thou
ho guilty, it is a just punishment ; if not guilty,
it is a f..ir instruction. .Mukc use of holli, so shalt
thou distill honey ont nf gall, und an cucmy mako
a secret friend.
/"rom the Southern (J.dtivntnr.
Thc Chinese Sugar Cane.
5 Y ll ur.
The Chinese Sugar Cano, during this War',
which will hist tito years longer, is debt n.uti
to piny .m important part in Southern Agr:
ctiUure, and to funiisb our peuple and army
with Hie only Syrup within our reach.
The extravagant pretentious claimed fur it, in
1855-"5C, .when first introduced, and when
novelty ?.uve point and emphasis tu enthusi
asm, uiav-now be considered obsolete; and,
henceforth, thia plant will rank, according to
its intrinsic merit, fur its furnge and Syrup
pi tiper! its. During lin 'Blockade, il. will pay
belter limn any crop prowl?, except. Tobacco,
and furnish ?yield ? '* S\rup nearly equal to
that of the \Vest India Sugar Cane. There
fore, its proper culture and tnanulaeture into
Syrup should be generally ki.owu.
' 1st. Its Culture.-lt convenient, select a
rich si?miy bani, or auch lands as are com
monly kJo<vti ns Ht ut mock*, or alluvial study
bottoms. Where tins can't be don?, any bimi
will do. which will tunke cort:, with precisely
similar ivsult--, as to yield,except, that in no
case, are hard still1 clayey la?.ds suite 1 to this
plant, lt is true, ?nd bear ic in mind, that
your land planted will yield as many guUun* \
of 'Sorgho Syrup per uae, us it would pedi*
of corn.
Break np your land broad cast w ith tun:
plows, open furrows fbur feet, apart with j
scooter*, drill one peck of seed tj tLe rere ?
continuously v.\ these rows, and fiver wile !
scooters, by.running up one aide und down j
th? other. lu eight days knock ofl the drill I
rows with boards, if planted i:i March, or iu j
/ire days ii in April, Hud, at any time, aff.tr a I
hard iain, before tho earth bakes. This ?rill
ensure a yoe.'! stand. I have 1'jo acre-, most? j
Iv planted this way. on iii? 21-.I and 2:? i ot j
March, and Um stand is exctUieut, the plants
eotning un in 1 ? t" 1" days, after flooding
rains und much cold weither.
Where -e-d are vrry ?-cure*, 1?}' elf the
drills four fret.apart. '?ro?. ti to l?s.vd every
f ml apart. Mid cover with the fvot lightly,
if you plant in April or Maj ami lb? ground
is damp, soak the seed 24 bouts before p.atil
As tl.e Chinese Sugar Millet niatitrci its
seed aud stalks in fice months you may plant
from thr 2'*Uh nf .Varch lo tie l5//< of May,
bat as in ease with ;;ll cereals, in this latitude,.
the earlier the belier.
The First working i.? boil. delicate and im- j
portant. The plant now is srotill, rescmWps I
gross, and of -slow growth. ?Je ir in mind, j
i oar object, now is to clean the drills, and gel ?
a good stand, upon which your success- t?ir
a large crop essentially depends. Here the
cultivator must use bis good sense, aud judg
ment, .md either put me hoes before the j
plows, if v-ry grassy and the plants small, or
the plows b fife tbe lons if not grassy, as thc
condition of the land may indicate*.
in this way, lie Qins't hoe anil plow it nut
to a stand, say lo two or three stalks pvory
12 or 16.ir.ches, orto one sfaf./c every 8 inches.
1 insist that this is the proper culture, ns
against, the old mode of planting in checks
and giving greater distance. I have proved"
it. by exp?rience, and, besides, all the ch:!r:e>
leristic analogies of the entire millet family
sanction this culture.
UiUe"stund is missing^ irar,splr.ni of
rainy days', when thc laud ia wet. This is
better than replanting. After this, say ia 15
days, give one de'1]' and thorough plowing
and once cr twice af.eiward-, sweep, and lay
lin' crop hy, when wois?-li{gh|
'2nd. The Manufacture of' Sorgho or Confede
rate Syrup.-My uheclions are for (armers
and planters who have not, cannot, and would
not get tbe elab?rate apparatus of a scarar
bou8C ; but there ore essential |i\-tures, ?c.,
which most be had, to wll ; a mill, bviUcs, a
boili?K dipper of wood pf fivegallon capacity,
with a long handle, a cinnmn dipper, and
perforated ladhs or*skimmers.
The Mill.-Get one. mill for 50 acres,?ind
two f/r a hundred acres or moro: //;? ??c
1? inches in djatuctr.r, cad '?I Vnif, for the
ey lindi rs. They should he of cast Injit ;' the
foundries willfmakc them to order.
Thc boilers.-They should be proportioned
in size and number to the size of the crop ?
a., y one lor 20 Heres, hco or three fox ii? acres,
and, five or six lor 100 acres, moro ?r IQCK,
As niariy. ns five or Mi cati ne put in nao
'. La;'.try," and be f.penn ed by one furnace
running under nil. The rapacity of tte boil
epa t ftli be greatly increased, by lastenihoa
woodpn rim, 8 or 1" inches high around ihgir
top. Tbe brick wot k of i he furnace should
not rt-hcli higher on.Um inside than midie?t/
td the boil? n, otherwise the syrup will be
burnt hy the lire.
The cane should'not be cut until ^p,t>, which
may be. known by t-io. needs b^coning ol a
?miI tish black, and the .s'nlk* streaked wiih
red "ti a yellowish ground. It is well io know
and recollect that ike canes, if left et&nditi"
on the land whe.v. they grnw, with nil t!;Cir
leaves pr Rudder on them, will keep pood. qr.',
ti! the crop i* manufactured, if you wjli i,r.ro
lv n i "If ail t|i? jipe geed, }* yon pull Vhe
f-. l?l?-? Uni cane* will dry up, it being thc
un .nib ni il lungs of thc plant?.
Tlc. <l<i'Jur-i)uj of {tye MI,c.*.-Pul! tJ.c f0.\.
tKr rs? you dd corn ioilde'r, Oa?h day as vou
pilnd your canes? Cut thc stalks closeJtiTtlic
grouml with tharp hoes, and haul them" tb tho
mill Alel? thc zT?ilf cn, TT'th TT.?.1' ero
cut seed ofi'in 1 h?fflcW i/ M. hrg*?nj?. di
panicles in the bun one day tn;d I
Th? aced wi!l equal or txcttJ corn ai
?ame landslid Cuu'aining bj' chemical an
f)'J per cent, ut*starch, is al?.ut. two-thin
value of cuni ur rye for feeding stocl
" hurresco feieren*," for making whi*kej
will command ?jil per bushel in the marl
Titi; juice, aspr^-sol out by thc mill: H
j run through cloth fastened over tberect
I tubs, tu clear it of ali lra->b.
To Clan/;) thc juke- Fut thc juice i
largest boiler, ncarjy filling it, niid uti
gentle fire under it, KIHI put the jun
itimmeriny, nut b>ilins>, nlu\ keepit av
about l'.'? minute.-, until clarinet!. 'J bia
b'.i effected, by atlministencg 'some ilk:
'J Ac Jie'st Alkali for this purpose ia tb
p?r-carbonate of Soda. Put utie bei
teaspoonful in a pint of warr;!-, dissob
and pour it into thc boilerof shunterinjj
stir it up. and a violent eiilrvesccnce i
place, ming four inches high, and fi nally
tiing in a thick, greenish scum nil over
suruco uf tue juice. Skim this off, and
peat the proems every few minutes, 1er u
<J?) mimues-more ur less, but stop it as
as, but not before ad. 'ffcrctxcenct ceases.
Ibis process will tieuitaiiz.i th- snlph
ami phosphoric acids which abound in
Ch?nese Sugar Cane juice ; ?ind the Si
Curb, of Soda is the purest mid best a
fur'tliis purpose, as sodium, the bas? of
pemxyrl, is lighter thin water. The priF
ul'tba .mill torces out with tho j-iice a g
cieal of green fcculoua matter, wuich the I
alkali takes bold of by the attraction ul
acids, and bringt* to' tue surface, as sc
Tbe-e constant skimmings will soon give
a clear juice, capable "pf making a dear, tl
ucidless syrup, Tbh?lse of soda I di>cTo
cd in 1857 hy experimenting, and cxperii
has fully conlirtned its b'npcrioiity over
The Locian?sn<i Wert Indian Sugar p
ters use lime to purify'the juice.' It will i
irabze the acids, but I doubt its purifj
agency. The lime will readily .u^itc v
and neutralize tho phosphoric ami sulpbi
! acith, but arc not the compounds, the
pha'e ot lime, cr " plapfer of Paris," bc
j une, too heavy to elevate- the green wo
M.niter to thc otirfMce \ I think so, and
j this reason, unless you? wish to eat "pla?
of Paris," in mechanical solution in y
syrup, do not use lime in your cane juice.
1 am fortified in tlieae views, againstthc
nf lime io darify and purify !?!/'"uP> by
Robert Jlatley, one of the ahlefct practi
agricultural chemists ;in Georgia. Ile SJ
debberate'y-*' Lime answers n . uicf'ul p
pose, so fur us syrup is concerned, save
neutralize the free acid wuic'i exists natur?
in the cane. ]jin: darkens thc color, and,
my taste, detrar.-ts from the grateful ?hvor
the syrup." I regret that Dr. bttrev ?lid :
g.i farther, and give ther<KW/;i \ohij Lime tl
not clari/;/. 1 have already suggested
specific yrttrily, as a base, as being too lieu
us Ute rcs m.
If soda cannot be bad, have rcaily s(ro
tye from green hickory arius. Ibis alkali
solution ?s the next best lo that of Suda, a
apply it in the siine.way.
After the juice is both neutralized of.
free acids and ptnified of it;- f?cula, whi
may be seen and known by the. cessation
etTervescsncdanil the transparency of the j,iii
then b ul down to tap syrup point.
in thc absence of 'instrument*, which cn
nor. now be had, be sure yu boil chough,
is safer to err by b .iling too much, than ri
enough. As a general guide, you have to ,
by eye sight, andas bur few in th>i South ev
paid any attention toit heretofore, I will gi
certain general rules which should be t
? 1st. H )ii down until the syrup is abo
|-5t!i of lue original -; quantity nf j'iioe, ti;
5 gallons of juice wiil averago one gallon
' 2nd. li ?il down until the syrup, being r
?bu:ed IO ?boot I Jib uf its original quanti!
will hiv'ig in (lakes un thc rim uf tb? djppc
as you pour it uqt, and suspend it in thc ai
:ird. il i down tint il nil water is apelle
This may bs teen and knoten, when the syn
being reduced to about l-5th its origin
quantity ni" j-iice, throws up jet? some
inches high : this latter is the waler escapit
as ates m ? continu? to 6?i7 until timse jc
cease : then strika nil JjOtl" syrup ictq tub
and when cou!, barre! itt
T"c Harre!*.-Put up your lyn p in cyprt
barrets ', while oak b .rrel.s will nutiiold Myra]
Several larg? planters, put up their syrup i
p'.plar troughs. These will hold the syruj
but tiie oxygen of the atmosphere will eel
(airily, ns it has dune, acidj'y it, as it thus hs
so much surface to act ou.
fn'conclusion, me Chinese Sugar millet;
an industrial plant uf great utility to th
South, in these our times ol trial, blockade
and war. hs fodder ia equal to that uf euri
it-; seed is equal to ? ls of Corn, and its syru
mtU'ly equal to that of sugar house molasse:
i yielding as m'iiy gnllvna of syrup per acn
j as thc land can ped:s of?brn.
Dened'ct Arnold, trembled on tho (tanks r
: tho lin ls m, as lie hentated, whilst await in
! th >'rr??s.'?age of<0lir?ton"an4 the appearance t
i Andre 1 'So th? Southern planter who not
j stealthily puts in dutton, is m iking terms wit
I Lincoln, and ready to sell his Country's :ndc
j penitence for g-dd.
j Let us cultivate ihis crop as largely as po;
: silile. It will enable us to feed our people a
j home, and to send meat, bacon and beef I
I our gallant armies, who arc now standin
j sentinels upon he canfines of our territory
' and, who'll] banger, now bivouac up m th
Melds of their gi ry, and id oiir lodopendeuc
or Egyptian blind?t**'.
Ku Junio, Ala., 18fi3. . .
j The l?icssings of a Kural Life.
Cultivate a love fur thc count ry : the s'-rent
; .ys which A rural life can allard are far pre
fer&bln to tho noisy, and abu*, too often, v]
! dons gratifications which wo seek amid iht
! whirl of n city:Hic. Tho/city, as it were, tici
j the Foul's affections lo Ihe earth-the work,
i and ways of the World in it ton often hidi
. from our eyes the fair face of Natur?, UtK
j lead us lp forget thc glorious fj-otj wfeo mad?
: u .. and lo whftuj wa are iudebtcd for life, ant!
I if al:li,' fiiid'a?V things.
! Vapid, empty and artificial arothejiysol
j a city life when compared wi:h the sacred
j delights which t^rural residence can givo tc
I a mind highly constituted. Solitary oetnutu
I nioti wiih nature is one Q:' tho holiest dolightf
? whic'i the wurl.l o??n bestow-a.delight.which
I ia sure to hutu lit tho alina, which 'enjoys it,
Parity is eneliiiDpcfl on I^at?r?''' forin j'and
! communion with' hor Ls euro io fill tho soul
i with all that is pure, ind lovely, and ofgnotl
j report.
in every Vcasori ni lue yeer, a residence in
I tho country' lias a l/eub;fi?i'al c?Tect On the hu
man xml. In Spring, wheh the trees again
I'Ut rui their s|ti'j;inl*rdji-s, and i?uriOlir forth
i the p.r.i?se.s nf litio who m>ub- f hem. Spring
! has a ip'ndcney to givebtinyancy'to thc spirits
!_?hat heart is ?allouj which dues n-'t awake
\ arid sing win n all things nrourt'd are beaming
j willi hopo and pinmlse.
In Summer, the Mashing flowers are. nei-n
' an.id rural retr?5ts, and scein: melhinks, Uko
! stolmi gh>Ho3 from Paradice ; then the singing
! birds trill forth melodics, the purest, and the
I sweetest on earth' and which may well raise
j Ilia thoughts away fruin this vanishing v.or??
! of oars tn thc gl'-ry-Und beyond.
; In Autumn, the countryteichos us wisdom
I lessons ; the whispers that aro heard when
i the leaves aro falling, seem, methinks, swcot
' echoes from tho angel, world, tolling that we
I too, inUsl L?a hu? vanish'ike tVe IPR**?*
of forest, ar.d lie found uo more on earth
! at al'.
In Winter, 0-3 arc !e! to reveretb*v?jfdom
. -iniiiiwerof Him who ci e'h ali th'nea weil
j w 10 Inn h liirj u.e fluweiH hent-ath n snowy
j tniiii i le tnenhaucc cur j ?yon again behold i nt;
tbi'tu ; and w ho Se?irJs l?i? storms to purify
i the atniosplit ry, and th . rain io causo the
I earth to bring forth fruit in its season.
To the tlioUgbtiul nrlini, reliction's isUi'la 3S
I these are MiggcHcd by a rural HU*, which
should not bs decried a? HMI )e.-s and unpleas
ant. Communion with Nature can gi\? more
real joy thau man ever lound in the piir-uk
of tLe ulea?nres of a city Hie.
Many of our soldiers being constant
ly subject, to change of water and trying ex
j poser*, stiller from tho flux. Au almost im
I mediate remedy li.r ibis painful affection of
the bowels ia lound, says an old head, in the
use ol'sage lea. with some red pepper stir
red in il. Let it be drank at intervals, and in a
short time the patiunt will lie entirely ie
: lieved.
j I)uv nit flit: Frail* and \~cuclohlcx possible
I this year, They A ?ii be needed by our ar
i mies. Brets,-carrots and other rout-, may
be grated and ilrieii, and tomatoes, okta, &>'...
sliced and dried, then packed aw?y in ci ith
bags or boXts. Fruits ol' all kinds ebould,
al-o, lie dried ?n quaiitit es lor our braye soi
diers. 'Wc will have an ar.ide on this >ub
I jeel in our next number ; but it ij now timo
to begin the work, as some vegetables und
fruits arc becoming plentiful.-Southern Cul
tivate. .
Thc Family Friend says: " We will
>t any, men who plant cotton are traitors,
j but we do s-iy that, their judgment is most'
wofiil?y bWhgred. Whatever patriotism they
may h ive possessed ba- lieen dispelled by
the glimmer of tb? a'rniguty doilar, a d that
lor gain, lb>v Would, il pidillie, bitter with
thc King ot' kitigs lor the ' livery ol' the court
of rienven,' for the purpose of selling the
same, nt an adv un e, to the Devil.
DEATH OK A BRAYE MAN.-We mentioned
in yesterday's Express that Liiut. Gambrill,
of Mississippi] a Confederate scout. w?s kill
ed on Sunday last, about ten miles Irom the
Blackwater River, by thc enemy's videttes.
A gentleman just from late of Vi iglit County
gives us the particulars of Lieut. Gambrili's
death. They stamp him one ol thc bravest
iiie-i this war hus produced. Lieut, li. was
overhauled near Barham's Cross Hoads, Isle
nf Wight-Countyj by twenty nine of theone
tny, who immediately demanded a surrender.
Ile instantly replied, M I never have surren
dered, and never itilend to," at tue sume time
drawing h's revolvers and emptying tiie bar
rels ol' each, belore ?ie full. Seven of the en
emy were killed and two wounded III the
briul ."ipuce ol lour minnies, when the Lieu
tenant it'll mortally wounded. The siirvivoi*
then repaired to tba house of MYs. Ely, ia the
i mm .-dit<tt6 vipiaity, and told ber that a par
ticular friend of han was lying dead iu the
road a short distasen oil". Upon asking h s
nam-, and being told tliut it waa Lieu:. Ga? .
brill, Mrs. Ely icplied that sne would bury
liim il ii co?I her nie." " You ought lo," rj
j.lilied ibe Yankee, " for a braver man never
lived,'' and they then related to Mrs. Ely the
particulars of h s death, and how desperately
lie defend?! himself. A Lieutenant who
commanded thc gang, said to Mrs. E., that be
thought at one time, Gambnll would have
killed him, but added, that had he done EO,
it would Uiive consoled bis friands to know
that he met. death aube bands of as brave a
man as ever breathed.
True-to lier pledge, Mrs. Ely procured a
cart, nnd ca ling upon a C?iiplu cw ladies in
tho neighborhood, scour d the body, washed
it, and with her own hands, assisted by brr
lady friends, gave the body ol'Lieut. G, sep*
ulure.-Petersburg Egpraaa,
To BE HUNG-Two ol' the Yankee officers
now in the Libby prison are shortly to be
hanged, in retaliation for the murder by or
der of Burnside of u recruiting Confederate
Captain and Lieutenant, arrested by his order
i:i TeniiKSSi e and ignominiously murdered
under his recent '' Death 0:derJ' The Yan
kee officers of the grade of Captain and Lieu
tenant tire to t]r;iw lots for the purposu ol
determining win shall sulfpr in their n? ad.
This n.'ws, wliioh must prove disagreeable to
the nificers of tho grades mentioned ? nus been
communicated to them, lt may delay thc
departure hy Hag of truce of the others, some
2.30 in numbat*. The Yankee hoat came io
City Point on Sunday, but left without wait
ind 'or any prisoner ^, lt is, however, proba?
ho lii.-it. most ot the Yankee prisoners will be
sent birnie before the end of this week.
A TRUE ITRROIKK.-When Geo. Forrest nr
rived at Black Cn'ek, three cites from Gads
den, Ala.', in hot pursuit of the Vandals, lie
found his progress chocked br a swollen steam
and demolished bridge, while a dctavhuioni of
the enemy lingered Rebind io dispule bis pas
sage to t^ie opposite side, ignorant nf thc
? ford, if in deed there was any, Gert- Forrest
himself rode bael; in ?nost.of the necessary
information. At the lirst house he made thc
inquiry whether lhere was any person who
could pilot his command across the stream, to
which a young lady marte reply-no male per
son being pr?s'-nt-that if she bad a horse ab?
would accompany and direct, bim. There.be
ing no time tor ceremony, Geri- forrest pro
pogfd that sh? should get up behind him, to
j which, w;tb no, maiden coyness, and nctintcd
? only by lh,e heroic impulse lo serve ber couti
\ try, she at once consented lier motlier,
I however, overhearing I he suggestion, and
? sonailively alive tu her daughter's safety and
honor, interposed the objection, "Sir, my
I ohi'd cunno!, tims accompany a stranger.''
j "Midn'ii," respectfully urge! (lie fir-tamed
! chieflein, " my name is Forrest, and I will
be res po siblc for this yoting lady's safety
! .' Oh," rt joined thc good woman, ;: it you are
j Gen. Forrest she can go with voft?S:
I Moun ed behind Iii? General, she piiotcd
j him across the stream, exposed to the whif
1 tiing bullets of tho cuo?6y j'nor did she retire
from.: h<UV post of da ger un Lil the last man
had safely crossed, and thc column seen in
continuance of ita rapid pursuit, accompanied
by her earnest prayers for success.
The name of this heroine i3 Misa Jane Sau
som, who deserves to bo 'bog'and gratefully
remembered.-Jacksonville (Ala.) Republi
can. . . !
-The Southern Express Company bad $?3,
OQD stolen on Saturday last between JDanvillcj
and Kichniond by. one of thc Com patty'a own
j ratisuougcro in whose hands the money waa,
j The messenger, wboN.c nairn is Wm. Girvuy,
; started from Danville with a safe cutiiaining
! the money, Hui in.-tem] ol' going tb Richmond,
I got oiV the train at Rarksdale and returned to
I DantllfeV Sendingthc safe onto Richmond.
' On examination'when it rencaed this city, it
\ was ascertained that- the money had been
I .stolen',, and immediate steps were taken to
I arrest tho tbie!; which, after ochase as far as
j S uilsbury, N. C., was effected. Seventeen
thousand dollars of. the money was found
upon til ? person of Gurvey tanti secured. Ile
hus been sent to Danville for trial.
General Morgan bud another fight with
tho Yankees thsi olber djy, on the Cumbcrlnnd
I r.vo?, above Carthage. A largo furco of tho enc
1 my moved up tho river from Carthago on tho 11th,
J Bitppcsod to bc goiii^ to tho as.-\sU;ieo of Ibo oom
I mani! defeatad by ^{ovgaa. tt appears thal Mor
i iran m.it'.o Ibo attack nnd ilrovo them across the
I river.
A?THtR Siirri-H??.-fr* knew lim ax? e?teeatd
?nd admired him. and those who knew bim more
intimately admired him the mere, Ho wes biased
j with + genial ?nd vjrtati'e mind th.?*. tonehrd life
ut all points, and'with many frita'?nd gracos
which rendered him tho curra and central attrae
tion of any social grouj e. He Was, we snppe*e>
in about bis forty-fifth or aixt.h year, a muire of
hdgetield District au'1 -*n of tho late Eldred Sim
I kins, who waf at -a time th? law partner of
? George Mc Duffie . rthur Simkina graduated from
j the ?South Caro" .na Colicge in 1836, in a class with
Wade Hampton, Jr., now General Hampton, and
duhn J. Scihcls, lei ely Minister tu Brussels. Bn
i tering thc study and praeti'-e of law, he resided
near his native Tillage and wag keenly interested
; in. agricultural pursuits and occupations. He was
j Commissioner in Equity, and at the timo of his
death W:LA Senator from bis District.
I He wu.? for some time and at his duoease Editor
of the Edyrjield Aricfii?*tr, nod from the ind'ea
tiona of original and versatile genius indicated in
thia organ, he was considered hy many friends
and readers eminently adapted for success and
influence in K iitotial life sud labors.
As an Editor, friend, companiou and a citizen,
he will he l >ng missed t>.nd deeply lamented.
Charleston Courier.
LJ?F ll is reported ihut the French have at
length eapiurtd Puebla Mexico.
rXfifk SACKS N. C. SALT, old and dry:
fJxJXJ 50 " Liverpool SALT;
IOU Bbls. H. C. I LO I lt ;
150 " and lJall'Bbls. fi. a. Syrup;
100 Boxe? Fine Chewing TOBACCO ;
50 Bbls. Apple and Feach Brandy;
10 " Fine Corn Y)binkey;
41 Keir* Bi-Cnrb. SODA.
Tozoffier with a good assortment of FAMILY
GROCERIES,-on hand and f r salo hv
Augusta, G?o.
_May 20 Cm 20
Notice to Conscripts.
CoMscRtPT Orrtce,
Edenfield C. H., SJ. C., May 18th, \m.
THE MEDICAL BOARD will m?et at Edge
fiold C. II. on Mond iy the 1st of June next
for thc examination of Conscripts, and will re*
main in session until tba Sd June.
II. All are required to report who were previ
ously examined Ly the Medical Board and re
ceived tttufiorary exemptions.
HT. Any failing to obey this summont rander
themselves liable to arrest by.the Enrolling Offi
cer and to he treated ai deserters.
Asst. Surgeon P. A. Ct. 8.,
Chief of tba Unrolling Board Fourth Con. Die'.
W. M BURT, Ex. Surg
May?O 2t 20
Barley Wanted.
prr*A/\ BUSHELS BARLEY wanted ir
.Jv/T-M-F any quantity fr rn on? bushel upwards.
l .<r wiuel) the highest market pri?e will be paid,
on delivery at my Brewery, Schultz's Hill, Ham
M-iy 20_In _30
SOME few Nous arid Accounts of Col. A Sim
kins, doe'd-i luyo boen left with U. T.
Vv i ight, ?aiji. Those owing tho same and who
desire to settle cn do so bv calline on bim,
J. C. S1MKINS, Adm'or.
May 20 at 26
Ihn ve now on hand a large Stock of BED
ROOM FURNITURE, in Sets of from 8 to
12 piecer, Mahogany, Enameled and Faney Paint
ed. A small lot of PARLOR FURNITURE
CHAIRS, a few MATTRASSES, and all articles
usually k?pt In the Furniture line, most of
And will bo sold low for good paper when the
cash is not conveuient.
Burial Cases!
I keep constantly on a full stock of Mahogany
Octagon Led COFFINS. Also, Covered Raise Led
COFFINS, plain but neatly trimmed, at $20.
Use of Hearse $5 per day, or trip not over a day.
I will continue to keep a supply on hand read}
for delivery. J. M. WITT.
Mar IO _tf_'_10_
150 Broad St., Augusta, Ga.,
given to tho Repairing of WATCHES,
I CLOCKS and JEWELRY Every effort will be
! mudo tu heep up my extensive Stock of
To suit overy defect of vision.
Th? balance of mr Stock of CLOCKS, FANCY
GOODS. PLATED WARE, 4c, will be sold low
Augusta, J-m 20 tf 8
GRANIT?VIILR, May l?tb, 1863. '
PURSUANT- io orders from the Adj't. and In
spector lloner?l the Officers commanding
Bea' Companies in the 7th R-gimont are hereby
ordered to hold elections for all Officers of the line
rae tied ny tho Act of tho General Assembly, on
? Saturday, the oil th inst., and report to roe at the
|. Old Wells on Monday following. They will also
I return tho mimos aid nges nf all males between
tho ages of If, and ?fl. and -16 and 60, and the
dato of election ot all Officers not vaoated by the
said Act. JOHN BLAND, Col.
May 20 2t? . Sd
Negroes Wanted,
WE WISH to purchase FIFTY LI KT KY
YOUN? NEGROES, and are piepared
We have on hand a LIKELY WOMAN WITH
FOUR CITILDREN which TVO will be pleaBod to
sell or exchange for other Negroes.
Ja? 2^ . tf 4
FTUND, in the mad near Edgefiold Villnga,
about ibo 1st April last, tn OVERCOAT,
which the owner oan got by ealling on the Snb
scriher at Bonmnn's Turn Out on the Greenville
A Cob mbia Rail Road, proving property and pay
in-; for this advertisement. In one of tho pockets
was a letter addressed to Cant Scriven signed by
H. B Rahorn. DAVID C. B0AZMAN.
May M ? 24-. 20
" Please take Notice.
ALL perjons ?ho have In their pos?eislor? any
BOOKS of tho late Co]. A. Slrnhin?, Ire fe
j quested tr, leave rh? m with Mr. D. R. bliriaoe, at
tho Advertiser office.
J. C. SIMKINS, Adm'r.
..lay 20 2t 20
C\UTIOX?-All persons, aro hereby fore
warned from trading for a Note placed In
I my hands for collection on Mr. James A. Dosier,
I for $103, pnyahle to nora, Wise Jc Co.. and drawn
! I think about tho 1st Juno 19A1, at I bava lost or
I misplaced said Noto. L. ft, TILLMAN.
I May 2Q 2t? 30
Salt and Rice.
JUST received and for sale THREE TIERCES
verv superior SALT and ONE TIERCE
May 20 tf 20
Rags Want$4
sold for cash at. tho AeWfiW office
I Am.? ' tf *
nor ike**: .>rMr\\
T. H. CL A K (i, . .
A. ?. WEST, ,a -
For Tax Collector.
C. M. MAY,
For Clark.
Dentistry ! \1
H. H. PARKER will b. ia it? ofioa
_ regularly eaeh" day during tUtrSif ~*tttk
but after thea, he will ..cly bo there ttMasioealrf,
as bit Pr-jfesiii aal engagements threugheet th?
District dem. nd much of bis atl?ntica.
Having to pay the highest Cash pri?es fut
Dentistry matar?ais, he will hereafter work ONLY
. Sept 10 t? M
THE Subscriber offers for sala privately rh?
Jennings, .dee'd.,'in Edgefleld District, ecaiaiaiag
Situate on Stevens' Creek, oa the Road leading
from Augusta to Calhoun'a Miila, 28'alias froa
Aagusta, aud bounded by lands of Dr. J.. J. Cart
ledge, Mrs. Cartledge, C. L. Buir and ethers.
There are on the place a comfortable Dwelling
House an i all necessary outbuildings. There are
seventy-five acres of good bottom land, tn? thirty
acres of land sown InWheet, and ?bunt Ferr/ la
Osts. The placs is* well,watered aad timbered *a4
i? in a high ?tate of cultivation.
If a purchaser ?-an he . found swan, J sr Ll ?efl
with the place Seventy-five Head of ?bo*p, 2 took
of Cattle. Ac. ' . '
Dr. J. J. Cartledge or the Subscriber vflT take
pleasure in showing the place te any one daiXraee
?f pnrchaning an excellent pl au urina, f
Terms easy.
W. D. J ENNIS GS, Ks'of.
Mar -t _. tf., , r i ( .?
State~of S??lW^Sijs^
N'accy Patcher Applicant \ ?
- .*. . . ?
Jessee Batcher, Guardian adlitem.' )
Y an order from the Ordiaary,. I shall, preeeed
to sell st E-lgefUld Court House on the first
Monday in June next, for Pariit!?a,"the Real
Estate of Robert 8 a tc ber, deceased, co t int In x ?
i tract or parcel of land lying and Wnw io (Aa
District and State aforesaid, containing T?o hun
Ired (20U) aeres, .more ur less, aud bounded by
ands uf Henry Cato,.Benj*mtn iltltoa and others.
Term?.-Oh a credit autil the first ct Janear?
lex t. Purchasers to give Bond saith good lecurv
iio? and a Murtgage to the Ordinary to * ce ure the
p>: rebater money. Coot to ba paid in Cash. Pot
.essiun U bo giren os the first January. Titles
?xira. . - LEWIS JONE;*, aar?.
May ll, la ?fl, ' at u
Administrator's Notice.
?LL port?n having anj demands against tba
Es ia te of John A. Crowder, deesa sod, ara
requested to present them te the sabscribor oa er
scfore the 2:3.h Ja.y neat, as oa that day a toed
settlement will be muda Ia the Ordiaary'. Ofike.'
Also, all persons indebted lo said Batate are eo
.ieited t-i pay ap by that time.
*>. M. SPEARMAN, Ada'or.
May ft 8a IS
ALL person? indebted to tba Batata of Jasaea
C. Headerson, dee'd., are requested ta maka
pay mea thy tba 1st day af OeUeer, Ital, and
those having demands against said Estate are re
quested to pr?-ect thea forthwith, as I desire te
maka a final settle-Beat ea that day.
L. C-OKLBY, Ada*?.
Oetl,_18o8.__ ly_ _ 4*
ALL persons indehud to the Estala of Joba B.
Gwaltney, dee'd., are rcaucsred tv snake pay
ment as early as possible. Thone having elsisas
against the Estate will present them, prepoiy
.He-ted, to Dr. A. G. Teague, my authorised
agent. LUCY -GWALTNEY, Ba'er.
Dec 8,1S62._ ly 41
ALL persona having claims ajralnrt the Batata
of Dr. J. Harwood Burt, dee'd., ara Botit.ed
u> present thea, properly attested, as tba under*
signed is prepared to pay ?the same. Those in
debted to tate Eitato are requested to ?el tie prompt,
ly. W. M. BURT, Bx'or.
' Jan 21 . tl . ' 8
ALL persons haring demande against the Es
tate of William E. Middleton, dee'd.,. are re
quested to pr?tent thean to the uadersif aed, aad
those indebted to ?aid Estate ara requested (a
LU ike immediate payment.
Mar 4 ga? 9
ALL persons negleeting or refuttas; te'?es?
their bapds to work, on the fortifieatioa oa
tue Coast, aro hereby requested to eal) on me and
pay their fin?s hythe first day of July next, and
save cost. After that time - J will turn over tho
names of ail persons fined to the Clerk of fha
Curt- J. A. BLAND. Treas.,
of fi. C. R. Upper Battalion, rta Bas/f.
May 18_? ? 8t _If
HAVING accepted the Agoney of a? ostensiva
SALT WORKS, I will be able ra furniset
S.-vl.T in large or malt quantities, ?nd will aa
governed by tho lowest market prroa ia Hanebarg
or Augusta. .
8. E. now Agoat.
Hamborg, Mer 30 , , fla , , . 1*
ALL persons having claim? against the Reute
of Willis Whittle, tr.,, dee'd.', ari. re?neetad
to present them duly attested accord-in* ta law.
A. WHITTU5. ? i,.^
8. CROUCH, j Aa<m
MarX . . . ?a? .- . : t
THE Granlteville Company will not sn f?H;re
tell at retail either for cash or barter. They
are now' largely supplied with Corn, p-set and flour,
but want good' Lard and Baeon for which they
give a yard of 7-8 shirting per pouod,- or other
cloth in proportion. Parties must negotiate with
the Treasurer by mail, otherwise they may foil to
exchange when they come here with produce ac4
find ut overstocked.
WM. GREGG, President.
Maj 13 I? ? , I? t
DICK CH t!) A TH A Itt will stand til-turu*
lng SPRING SEASON st Ediefiatf C H.
.m Mondays. Tuesdey?. Wedas?o'?yt atti Thurs
days,- a: Harmon Oallman'a the remainder of
the week. He will commente bil Season first of *
February and end the l?td?y of July. He will
remain at his Suhle until first of March-after
that time be will alternate.
Twenty-five Dollars will be charred for the
8casen. I do not desire him to go tc more taaa
seventy-five Mares.
' Hi? pedigree is knowe to the breeders in Edge
.field. TH os. e: BACON.
May 8 2m lt^
THE Board of CoaaUttoxsrreef Soada for' the?
Lower BaUalloa, latli Regiment, ?. 0. M"
will meet at Mt. WllMaft on Monday tba 1st day
June nexL All dafoulters that h?*e rafaaed of
vegleeted ta soast ^ir hands lp Uta, .Coast at tber
laat catt ftps-lMa?j? wUl *PP,IM' ^*{or* t*s???erd?
to show caaee for ?aid default. '
/08UH PADGWI.Ckarr:
Vary 20 ? ?..?*>
? ?J ' . f'VSTt *A ?

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