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Edgefield advertiser. (Edgefield, S.C.) 1836-current, June 10, 1863, Image 1

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rr m.is.?K" KVtiHV WBuMfeilAT ttvKNMO.
A. iiAIKItf*; ?- -i. D.h?o??< ?t ?. HixE1, '.'
i- ?i U I- K 1 K *l v rt S . * " j
TKi'tM.s OK s?i?s< ? iffier roNn
TWn L?OI I. W> n.;r vo ir it paid u advi-u?-*-'J *
JJOLLAUS iiini firry CE?TS it o?i paid*iihin ti
mouths-and Tauge JJoLtAK?-if uot paid- bv?>~r-\
thu bxpirdliou ?i' thj^vu-.r. ?? >
All ativer&einvMta will bc ia sari? i ai-?Wo?u^,
LAR pur .Square UArfUilO MiuiuU tifie* urja*.-'
f-r the first tdM-itiuu, aud Ox? I>orh.AV !b?"
ouch ..uk-i.,:ii TI: insenion.
&nn?iiiii<**n;r, u Cjn liJ ile (uot fcigcrtbd until bait
for. ) Ten Dollars. . * -
Ail euutuinntea'ioni! of a p.-rs on al ?. barara
Obituary N'itt?--"!.;!Report*. R?-?ohitioni> or Prn
ceedin:?- of any ?-icie-y. Association or Corpora
tion, ?ill be charged aa advertifeiuonot.
Late From Vicksburg und the Wes*.
J\r-K??os-, .lune 1-Mr. J. 'K. Saunders, ?V
Seisia, who left the vicinity of Yiekrdvirv op
S -.tnrday, an am o?*cr?rt to ?he w f* of Col.
IlimHl.-y, of the 3lst Alar>a?i-a, reports th? I
h? hu? been in the Yu"ki e lines ever sh e? i
rhp hive-rment nf Vn-kshurg. and fr> q loath |
ar. Gnni's headquarters.^ \*T ".;*** ?1
fo ?he fleh', of the 2ol they acknowledge :.
los- "f 20.000.
Ot the 2t**i WP ?mik too ??f the enemyV
pi)nlv>fit.s-tit? N'atohrz and Ni-rhiinirsV
S-V-TU! hon-ns have been btv red br tl *
envoy** shells, ate! som?* women a ul -cUililr*-?
k?H"d. bur brrfp ?eher dupa/p d'? P.
Thirly-on?? Kns- Tennex?*?ian??.of Vanaban*,
brin ide, des?"'e.i ?'. toe Fedora!* and' Uni.
* t fu* oath of ni H?ia?:re. 'I ber reported Peni
berton's bi?, at 1 OOO.
Th?* Fed^nli be? from ;")0 to 4(M daily. b\
fckir'itishttw nod rth*r*?shooring. '
(?nut speaksdisparavinirly of Johnston, an'1
boasts th<tt he xviii whip hun. mid bra^-o;
heave r?>ii:???rr>MM ni-.
Tb" <i>'ie!i lr>i?i the Ytnkei? dead t's . fl*?ii
R?v..f?r>i\ illili?* fr?en \'..k-h-ii?f. (?o ''t.i
P- inherlnn yent nuts i! '2 of tnt''** ?b?m*i di'?
of Gran! '<> bury hi-? dead and KI ?end to in
?r?uitdp?! that bud bppn Ivir^r ..n thu t! I l ti.,
fi VP .l?ys. G?*a'<t vvas Pomplyieg ?Uh th- de
mand a? well a*1 he coti'd. g J
The Hhi.ii tr?)M)is refri.se to ::es?ru!r agaiii.
The F>'i'< ral los? is from thirty live to for
ty ih'?i?au?4.
'! he Federals, when th? y appro^c-ien" Y;ek<
burs.', were p?riecllj fi nv n ne ??f an mum-diute
enr?'.?ire of <-ur .-.rr-o ?1 o d. ami " i?rvM?*d ' Ur*
lit?li?s ?uto Vicksburg io V-P tin ir ..^v'-Hln^tvlv
nt th" r?'l)p|-> iv^r" a?l tr? ho sent N'oi-rlr. eli ?
After the terrible slaughter on Friday, Gen.
Grant Rstio i au m 1er fur t.ew ladder*' r?t*V?e
IU.n"a and rhe as anti I" be renewed oil Pat
nrhiV, af 2 ??vloek, but ihe iu?n relucid t',
h??led atfain to ino "sbni./l tcr peiu' The
twexiliet.h {Into >ent a petition to (?en. Me
(?lernaiid, ntid positively refu?>d to parriei|intf/'
ag-iin in the murdervo.? work.
Mr. Saunders beard In quent convers it:oi"
between the Federals and Gol. Wo ea? k
Chief?fGrant's siatT, express) the ??ptfi"i
that \'iek?.hurg woiil.I not bp taken tor .-i*
rpuntha, it ever. They iuiajrine i?iiw that nm
f ree in Vir ksbe.ro; is tr m 7?,Vf'0 to lOh.?KW
IMJP PH??rt-Federal loss around 'hp .*n,ren'*!i
m??nis ?it Vieks^'i?-?.' '< esiin.nccl liv them ai
from 30,00?) rc 40.000. - .
G?r erai Grant sent in tn know why ) ?.
fired railroad .-pikes ard ).' ? Med lialls ?1
thom? Tho oriv answer Gem ni IVmb- itr ti
made to tiiis qoesthm wa-* ?bat that th?; wl?o|.
?tory was ? fie. Tbp Fs'/Wala an? scizinj;
nj*"n all s rrr.* et'pret".\ts ts? acCulin?Tor fin it
tremendous loss -s. T '
One of our ?birp?.*iootrri has airoady im
inortai'z-il hinisoirin thc- I'ankeo army, ile
tells them be is a onif-cyml u a?', a nt as he
hhootH a Belgian ri Hu, ivheuever the peculiar
whix'le of that weapon is beard the Yitrtkew
cali ?'u'j '. L'<ok out boys, ilwre is old one
eye!5' . ^
They .^ay bc can kill u'?>tie thousand ya. ?a,
e.nrl never mi-ises. One day two Yank** csp
tain? wore loi king from ?iehi id a cotton b-i|.?.
ur;;.' old O.oc.Eye kiilid thnn both ar ?t!>e
^t,,..-. Mr. S- nt d'Ts al o saw otnr ?V i-'fr, chjl
t i!n ?iib an amputated leg, which he />.&.-**'
to rhe s^me uukuowii ,uiaii. Cul. I {uv 'ley
kt?"W?. Iii.? ' fin, t'tid says hi? name i* ?rji/^t^
nnd m?t h . Uilontfs ti? tba thirtieth Alubama.
He i-" known f-i Alabama es the be#t mark?-?"
man in the State.
A cispa'cn troto R-nlney tootha "??atebe*
Ciiitricr state-, on the auth?ifty oT a/p"?ro*fiil
priso'ter tL-ui tl?? ene.tny's ?|pad weni'five to
?;?e of outr- oil tho battle-field of liitker>
Creek. ^t B'fC I?lack brtdjie"our loos Waa
len. the enemy'0 four hundre?!. Tne eftetnv
liad taken, ii? all the operatiens, 50*>0 pr*rra
rrs, of which ItiOO were cap' urvd ai'l?r cross
ing Big IjUck,
Gen. Osterhnus was mortally won nd; tl at
the battle neuri?Kaym??nd, which was a des
perate fis;ht on b>)th sides, with elubhed nois
kets-a real hand lo ba id fi?hr. This iiYv'
pcrvrs to refer to a part of the operations kti?wil
a- the battle of Pal ker's Geek. , " .'
Iiilere>!i:)g details of TLur-day's? and Fri
rivy's fights nt Vkk.-sbarg nrc comuig tin.
tirant used cotton bales for moveable. breaRt
works iii the attack. Gen. Fetnlrerton 'fti'i'irn
t-td 200 p funders, and dircctcd^tte foe at'tiie
cotton baies, m-iwiog down whole platoons of
the enemy. Official dispatches btate that
1 hr* enemv's Io8-?, iiicludint? the action of ii?.
k?-r's Creek, amounts X& 'Jijlu (IKMSOJHI .'.'
Gontider.ce in (Jen. Pemberton Mince his'
answer to Grant bas been fully restored.
Xo fears are felt in ngard to the jesuit
either atV'.dt>bnrg or Fort- Hudson. .
MoltlJ.lv, June 4.-(?en. Joseph K. Jirhnstrn
ootiiroenced to advance from Cantoti towards
Vicksburg, via the Yazco, on the nitih May.
ii ? anny is in splendid condition and their
.spirits buoyant
., ? ? *
I LUM Louisiunu.
Two hundred and thirty seven p?Nontr.s
.paroled and sent lyu? from Nor Orleans, ar
rived in Mobile, June 2-1, nuder fiag of truce.
They are a portion of tnose taken h;- ijanks
<faring his operations in the TvChe. J hey ali
agu?etn retiresetiting his losses in that catn
p-iicn as tar grenier than i.?nrs.
lt i?i pretty well understood that our droops
have reposaessed themselves nf the country
west of the Atchaialaya. One of our men
who had taken the oath of allegiance, wanted
to go to Franklin, and was told be could not
g i outside the lines that Franklin w.is 30
Jongrr include 1 in them, ?jome ol the pris
oners understood that Banks' train had been
cut otC .>
Some reports state that such of the Yankee
officers commanding the negroes as were ta
ken at Port Hudson were hanged, lt is re
|?ortfcd that thc loss in otfieer.s above the rank
of M ."JOT was about thirty, it was ?aid th;tt
Banks .-ent a flag of truce to bury his dea?!,
vhich was refuser!. Accounts differed as to
ihe ground^ of the refusal. One statement
Aas that the Confederate commander would
j'lot entertain* a flip of truce on any subject
dtft^sm cted with negroes, whether aliveorn?ad;
."SA.i?niver was that Banks was nquired to
vrttt?d*liw from the immediate vicinity of our
wo/Jks-before sending a (lng.
Our force at Port Hudson is r* presented to
amount lb 6,000 men. I? inks' entire army is
understood tv.? bo 47.000, bot they had nOt all
While tho FtVst N. ?. Mr^uted Bifles
-were ont ak?rm:?hing in Virginia they were charged
.upon by the Confederates, WbrrRifltiJu u,n?" wound
ed a number, an'Tii is supposed took thirty-two
prisoners; as that number are missintr.
Thc E^crfiy'ajBnja on the Ba?!i? of (hf
Uouibub?. c.
Wo ^aye.giihoieJ som* aJ-'"nomi pntticu
l?u> ?>l rb> n'f ; ^?' dt .iir'i>?**tve" Yai.k< e raid
il mit ?he^'U?nk>t'i'? ?he v^'tubahee! The 1?.- I
'f?t . ffi?"l*j '.lKp?.fp!j ..??.m L\> \\. Wfaikrr, JH'^1 I
ir?-ei ]\>:?ri._ rluveti n'cUf K. Tjn-sdaji .mell', ?
mil ??it'll Was lt.'" ?<lf*l ht re. ?m->\-ed,hwriM*
..orni"tr.'<; iru*Ov .ii"*iit*'l|???-.i?v thai the enemy I
ni ptttirXh* diaarj|>?*Kfi**t. " ? j
li s?*t-irt* tfiHt rti.-1ii-.-r li HU?iur of th? Van .
?-il . wilds f*rt$i ??n^i^tf'd niaWy nf threi j
" o infr'r.liiiij?*" cotu;?ui?i??>, o?lie? r?(' by white*. |
ui >k pliiC" at fields .??ir, i.n ilie plantation
?I !?r? ll L l>ok?r, -a iii? tiiutiilj ui"j.j e ? un
bi'.cc rircrf. After.?r??rt?)W therv-sdvntte.
iud ou*buildings, th* hicendi&ru* pn?<x-|?dijd.
i Inns ibo,civ. r bunk. .vi<Ui,??.. sueatsssiyl'-'
th? phi?tnt mrs ol Mr. ?liyer- .Hiddleton, Mr
A nd rev-! kV.. Buceo?, ?Mr. Vfms K?rVl(*nd---M r.
Josi.aa N'tclVrtU 'Mr. James Fr-ui.iUt Mai?
gauit. Mri Cbaf.' T.'Lowndes and Afr.
C. Ueyvard. An?-r'pr?acrirgthe premfccVof
fuese gentlemen, the e?i hfr feet n?jj'to "the j
t^shi?i.ces, outbUiJilitio ?tuT' whatever jrfaib',
e^, they co.dil ?noU . i'LeTw^plwce.at which,
ihyjr >i<^)|-dd wat? the. ?.?ai.taton. of V. tn. .C.
Urij wnni, and. afitr ibitr work of de vus; a
a>n li.e.e nud Ix-iCri" i^sonrtmrievt^-nhelrde*
?iT?-j.-d t e r^o tooti bTT(?t>'k?"?r tVnfahee F -r
rf.'' Th ,y their oV'V *oi},vfak?ng with 'b*?*}^
h-twve^i (.0 ' ard 7o0 \\tgn*?*, btd^n*?!'^?
.-h el!r,^s Ve'?re inf rmtlfu)' Mfr'" Wirf.-?.*'
ll 2*'if^%u^^r!^'TP^tt^^'a'T "V
' j*fLe'r ^leVs Vs. />.] J&vK* ^di???%*?H?
|.??nt|^m ,idj?ia:.;?i-r^ m
.d (ii'rei.t ^ .PS ^iwrj* KW?R t?. two n.tV>". tin
t?iH |**ait*atioii of Mr. Nicholls bttwern H.IJtOfi
turf 10 000J?.n.sh??,s uT y\c?r. V''PC'rf,K!ri,y?'<iv
\'r-~\ 'c!~ Ids r*??idence. annouibuv<T?iu,Vt which
Arri" b?fr; ( il^hVb>?t n rfioi?v> di^riiry of rare
.'hil-kv. v?mH'-M ?'O.FmM. ' Srveral nTt-rs-iTS
?%rr? missing, >t?'d iv i s MM-posed that th^y'nrV
oi ?be hand's td" tho enemy.
TU? M!<\-ess of.a marauding, expedition of
rbi* t-batarter is eerlH?rtly a very nu ?rt i lying,
..?rf-iniisranr^'. : W?^a-e*iriiWm??? that "TUT
llltHf. "iovvti I'-e" ritT hrd-'tw the plantation-ot ?
ilr. Burne?, com-iiands th? Comhnhce, mid*
t.v.t n few w-dl ??r^,gauw :tt tU?^ -pniui
>v?vdii prevt*i?t rito>o?t.i. Vt/.u} ?> iuy.U|i riie.
ri-ff. A nd. in lik-j-,aiauu?r t* triX9k*'t^
m- i.'il that atWwttiru??! ?akvbuljy jitarm?rmi, U?
pl.:c.*.| :ii <'h;ip:;uiit's?7?>vrt-rbi. lb? A*b?-p*<a
kiv?r, wN?^rw?^ef?lt^?e?^i?ts?? ^hbt stream.'
Iso diffii'uli ft? ?'ie'/warigili, i*f du-Ynt-i?*'^
i !i?>pr?Mi-b. and wficn^nujyiUt V<???'.^fiVfti:?^?
|5 >Ai?t."ri?!it a'i ?]?iii(:4?t tnilitaci/ ?iiedW
-tllarl?i^rl TiJWetW^J4??M ' ' : ?
If O'-itri?A?fci?ti ?bv ?iplt? facts, ahd'??lv
sia-aklly 't?d?V/'; *' ' .
.tT?i. ri-. is'?iiV'Iiiihit but that this raid ba.s
Jme^'i. it: efiiitt-iiijdKlir.ii fur s/ime lime. Aboi?t
i ksrjnisht it^o.^idt^iiVjBg^roVs-OTIO ?ieiong^it:
]lr i'; /ib ih A * > - i1 ' S ?ti
rone ?o.iij^-^vvj- ir^-Jy^Far^^rii?! W'W
i'e^iip'-d to rjhjri erw>'^;.(t'i.v4uy.-it is suppom^i,
ibii ti:f./?toitj>U<wb>tbjW to ?biard-1.;? ri?*i
r> *f-s-. *
From i'el?ue^sce.
.T'ii? nharranboira Italiel of tho 5th ?ws
i tTat troops nutt td?Te\bt|'t?s?jtVtd -n pi?^
\ (i-f. Jubiiatnn'1 ihW?ii^ip^n^re ''hviirjr ??Viii
? li n'k to the Grand Anny ol Middle Te.nnes
j sb??. Oura'drioes frtim Missi.-sippi u n of .thc*
j m -t c' ei*ri:ip ? biracter, yet vre .'?re at a l.-ss
1 u> e .inp'-'ebeod why <i 'it?rai*Jdhnatun ?b..ulii
j hive sent (?-ti. Ilreck lindie's co'ps ba?*k to
. Mt'idle Tenues?c". Ile isviist b- in a secure
?.ondition either trotu his puMitiou or from au
'.?ibtindaiK-e of tromps !
' r?Knnn I'I^ front vari ?is ruinon cune ap
! n!l of them foi'esli-i-lowin^ ail early advance
i.i i.ur lotcciH L>-t us ."clear ibu decks and
pre^iar^ lor acioiil"
trouble with tbc firitiah Consul in
t? i i'll mond,
j Hu ti.M ON ii, June .'>.-The Pre*ident liP.sre
vokvd and tiuiitflietii the exiquator bitliti-tu
iriveii by (j J v. Mttote to the Jiritii*b consul ii.
ibis tityj in eons? ipicnee of bis nsyjitrniog to
af'lli! iiel^jr^ed'iJ?r ^rUaniu-j^Iitjesiy's ?^v
^.eriiiiieui'Ou '?antl?iw o?XiiCtU:g\m.ilie ?lute of
.\ii*^i-<ipoi. titi wa- i?.q.it-ted to suiitiitt lo
ibo S-xi\t*l*y ?f.^StHto io* consular coiumis
Kitni I el?t-* .turtjie-c <:<>cr-:n^(.*i:der:re copid lic
htdd ?Ai;?i4rHii a^'i?rit: :b cj.usul at fl?e poit'of
It'Cliiiioml. . - , < - .i . o
t"\V,tiutni>- aaeifng lo t?i.t i^oue^t,' he en
ier.-d into a, uumepoudei ce aa, U?T Maje-sjy'a
?rou'-ul, wita rWdM-retary ol W'?r, .lUeiebv
[ fi tn rrtt; H rd ? n g <^be-lc^tt iran t^aut horiiy- o?. U is
Lttorttri'inenr^*1 ?
r^M ci!4iy^?f4he leiten .?5t?^r?roi\tfijf 'his
i fcXvtptaiUP.wnt.ud published to'-myj-r?iv<.
. [dpeaial L?i-p?u-b tu the ilob:lc Tribune.j
rurthtr Details ol'tbc Fight at Port
PA?CAOO,CJ.A, . Jitqei?.-^-I^learn from pqj
?engei'b.,vvli<i. arr ved liedut U'at-tb^ie. baa
IMOII a g:e.it battle, at Fon liudson4 f?,. ;,
I (ion. .-?berman ;;s wuut.iled and in a critical
o->tiduioii.-. tietivNeal Dow b.idly woundud,
ft'erieials Nichols, Avcnil and I'ayno..killed,
an't between tw?ri? *i?'forty-?jlonels and
;A1U] -rs Iftit?d.
2 Une negro regitn^ut pf nine hundred" lust
seven b3Wr?C /} Z 10.1*51^^1 A J!
j ' Thc .negcuus, and. men, l^te..tillie .was
I ni>.iriv,outl,wej:ep^Jt\?iJfrot>t.
''..' T.;e Federals report that tho black ?JJ* waa
j Tfiis-Ki on"th??fi?^ri)?* ani-tlioirTirnt?r?. ? - .-**
The lo??3- of oTTtC!?!^ was so ^r*(tv \nAt ON1
J dei s ii.-ive*'be??ris?iit??'fbr 'a^f oft?c^
! tacii.;d duty.^o rejx^t lo^e?iiitely tit rJaty
j atj'ort ll?'.lson.'' * - :* . A .
, "Ilie tuilrtary courts have adjourned until
.j'i?y. r.z>:lorA
1 J?.-ery ttvatiaMe man is b-shig sent from tue
?.city. ..
A friend'{say*! fh^'Jsrkson Mtsstsirippidn)
: bas pKttnittn.'ti its ty copy.fjie'/olbiwiiig extract
i front a private loiter, dated al Mobile the 1st
j inst, written by a gentleman recently from
>??w (?rleans. Ho iMtysc-.j ?j J/. J*-;
.: tt l joined .the "trtng at Pi?rt Tludaon, near
. wh?? li pjoee'l Vap'tii(ed on the21 of May..
I have bven jiarolej ami am now lu.r?J.. Ih'j
1 rnre been rightitig a'. Fort Hud-on, :at intor
! vals, for a week or more. Banks marched a
t regiment and a half uf negrees?4D Iront and
j atttithmi the l< nificaamaC 'Onry". 75 ol the'
' negroes e*<iiip??d; ? .'Hereat wwre s atiirbK-red
' in tue attack.' -f-J^iter&ls Dadiey and Shur?
? niau (Yankeei-) weie'kfHeti; ' l?e also''hear
i that UeneraJ CrroVe.r wiji.kille'?. ;.Th"ey lost
j yery hravily hi officers*. :Sher.inan v as riddled
.^rit-J btlla. The Yankees in MeW Orleans.
are low fjpirtt'-d sbico the late ba,??lea in- V'ir
ginia, ai Vicksburg und^vJ^bjfjiid^on.3'
?ACKSO.V, Jun-3 -i.r-vouuers rupQci^lbit.
Gen. Kirby Smith cro.-sed to Port Hudtoii on
Sunday, rte gonb'?*w made a furious ?s
ganle. We Ptiuk oiiP steamer and drowned
700 men. Tbe siego of Pori liu son wiil be
raised. Jio doubts ?re felt in regard to the
A PKISONEU SHOT.-On Monday afternoon
last, one of the guards at the Old Point p:!
son. ?ll ?he execution of his duty, shot a pris
I oner,-who died sh rtly alter wards (rom the
j wounds thus in?itt?d. The. dcoeaaed was
j named John Hardca-ile, and claimed to be
j a Kn tish subject. Ho had been employed
i by the rebel authorities in Richmond, aiding
i and abci?iu?r the rebellion as an -inventor ol'
I military appliance?, for which he 1 al much
j genius. H? persisted in thrusting bis person
j tiit.dije of a window of thc room in which he
j wa* confined into the wooden ventilator
j attached to it. Though repea' ed ly ordered tn
i ?yiihdrftw into tho room, and warned of tho
1 (*o?fAe4i^3n(*m of his. further persistence, he
refused to obey *ri?n o^rjis and defiances, and
. waa accortiirjgly tired at.-Washington Star.
- \V?UNJENDAV,.JI N'E.40, I8n'l,
j-fiF j^^.jpjr banka ?rvliijaJUr. Jons nnu
?.\s f>r .?(ru*! i i'aiw? <.? M-rolay . afternoon.
"Tbs.Te*? ;?'**'ulda]cV?riT?j?*ry contained in thefo
paner" will "bu ffuiid in v?nr N*ws f'olnmn.
Chi rokve . t'tMJil.- laking the- ht ail in
.the-(?uod \Vork.
M> uro prtmft nt'W.-i?je to state that a Comp?
.ny fe>r rttW(liftJICO y?"-s organized at Cb''r"kce
i'onls ??4'T??a*y'li?t. The rbl??wint C?Rcci6
wer? u?eet?5iJ J. .t?AMMv?xn, Ci:pt : T. W. LAN
'M?r, I**^?*UI^W,?J{? A??J)?R?ON, 2d Lb-ui.- ll.
A. OHAwrjr..2*1 L??o:un;mt,. All honor tu Cant
HAU MON n-and his . nu her odin?T,.for f hoir prompt
ail i decided movement'in ibis-Antiar-of such
vit ^importance. Theirs ia the proud diclinclion
of being the'P?'i??crs.'5,1 ? ' ' ' ' '
Friin' itfl we see-tir!?* bent though, rmr patrirrrtd
,cHtrseos,i0,a!l parta of the fTi>tr*et are preparing
*Vr full?*. lh*etr exohrpla. y'scrt. below a call
ti i ho ci t'r?e o s of" lu^S^jida. H giment, .and ie 1
??i-fured it wili he promptly respond-d to. Th?iste
d^.ng,,8iti,i,es<ful.aai<l dw'rUowve raias-.upon <nr?
?u/g S -uyh'.CaroHDiv-?wiiif, speak Ut ns iu-irumpat
t>ncs la ha up and i'.o'mij-ta Wrearfy/aaid ou ?he.
w^reo". ' ** *. .* -.' - ----i - :
? y A m^eling nf the citizens of the fi ul nd a Kc^i
\jli?i1 -wHl^? nil! nt rtirrjarilsnus ou Saturday
next,.li<tu'?fi?f., i? prepara Rirb??w uef?acj,
<?en. PeWbHrt?ur has Beeb vVronired.
l'o (Jiu W -ni? ?'ipied below, souud. like Jthe
words O?; a traitor and ?rn nu Lucile ? No ! 'they
have ral h cr.-, tho U-;t?> ar.d-uuin^ia.kahl" e'ang vt
Itd'ty I aV7??'i-m.' ?Hidyiug;ooursiri> and eal ni pi
--t-i vc ; lae ii Tili ul ?aiqui wiUi .xhcjestinaouy ?.
i e-ion conscience, and with mural courage to 1HC?
calmly tire, st^rWi yiJff?Tp?bir'r?proach. W*.}T?Z
aid ibe [-'tetti?wtar'that" theT>nd wilt.^ftrTy 1'rosl
^dewt I "".A V is in' J^iVh'it?i ":iupri.ciuti?ii ?f Ibe^njei im
r???uriticsAi? ?lj??. jV?j?st-HiQX. ict, this bu
another w.irniuk; to us a?'i n.-; :hai ongcr, , wi liv
ering.''??. pr?iu.:iurc con.demua'iou of inga tuiii
j-ta-ry voicers, which has 'already dune so Knuth
n<r.iii ?^aaf??tuse. ll ' -.-?i-: .'
*.'." tyAvhsrttl??*ird'ths? I w n? Intern potent ?trd ?
t ri> i ; or. yyi \ n *t-iu.w?**iny i : i ten I ian lo aol I . V aclu,
tihr^.j iJfje*l0?<* fi/K rtii(t-yvU.-^.M.ste?ire t?m* at
'(?Wb. I Viii sji-j.S" fk^lyir^L JVti?^ thejaitt pound
Wr hr:tt, hav.on a|i'i tj^.tir.; Mi* hmt |C,-ai? of e ?xu,
tue U>t'coW,' ioid b;,i|?, *iniir.u*rie, mid' diiVidutll
?IT?III ii?rSj bL^'erinz-uuieil, an-t tlio lHyrT*nianS-l'i'OI
have pf-iWi.-d rn" the'tretches; tien,- and cbly
then, ?will 1 ?ell Viek#bunc."
Wbat iv Our linty to the Poor. -
What Li our duty toward the indigent and de
^iMidaut f.uailiciyof the poor mea of our country
. a.Ilia army,?. Let every man who. roads thu
j-ouMiiou, propound-il tt> hiioeliand to bis uei.;h
\>urt. Letal|,earetuily. and sarjeusly refiettta|it?o
"Bi and thea do what duty and a eJearconseieiiee
tells th-'Ul. - If (hoy will tlu thi,-, thcru will he but
little sirffeiihg'iu'bur land, while ?ny ?re able to
help. Rcrtu-uibcr ihxt amidVt sickiress, huuger,
fainliie, sorrow and death ?t h..mc, thu poor sol
dier is ?tai diuf,', or 'Itiiif?, in hattie far away.
I ho present ?iud ibe fuiure vf that poor ^ohli?r ia
. .no of deipest glo./iu^ while the condlt?ell of his
f 'iiiily at hume, i? truly sud and horrifying. He
ii fighting and making all the sacrifices poj.'ib'.e
fur hiui to mike, fir mir liberties, our homes arni
our property. II-i is making commun cause with
i aud lor the rich, *he coinioriahlft", thcp"or. bbottld
?iot t eu thc rich, to?eoi?f rubie) the pour, make
eomuton cause with and For him and bis family,
tor theirsupport? Let us reflect for a momee I,
and \r? will seo that, ill view "f ihe high prices of
! salt, mea', meal, cards, wool, shoes, clothing,
medicines, ?n., (hu Slate and District taxes for
their relief cannot hy nay means supp'y their ab
solute wants, and thal the deficiency uiu>t be
ni ?ie up by private charity from those who cnn
an-l should heMow il.
Kcoolleet that thousands of poor men h?voleft
their families dependant, and in grief at:d di<
treTrs ; their hom s, their Tittle fields, their stock,
?.ni- ev?ry'ihtt?i:,a'?rr^ro?ec.teu and ?ndefonded.
li?iij-, in the meantime, are'i(one to'stind'as ear-'
Tieri between the destroying enemy' and.you and
your homes and property. TJ.idvr these circum
stuncei, all t'hey'hslc is that yon keep their furol
! lice from suffering." ft Ts A feinonabfc demand,
' ked dne to them' beyond all question. *If you do
oat dp ft," "din" yu ii be aurprised to see the poor
^.l?ldier desert the army,'or cap you look upon bb
eiaoecu frum'lSS army' ih the-light of de.-eriion
^rtBd*?rsiicb circuui?tanoesf Sickness, death, /am
in?, and cries of ?u'trcsty fi?r help, in ibe poor
fadiily pf the soldier, 'libw'cver brave and Ir?ynl io
enf cause be may he, are fir more terrible to him
t!;au all'tho baronets.'powder, steel and bullet?of
the .enemy ; ?nd'bo (s"'Hioro than patriot, moro
than citizen, more than soldier, more thatibuman,
"wbo cun? under ?uch circumstances, romain in the
service, a true aud ston'df.-isf soldier.
1 Jiirt us icqjiire into thc true condition of our '
pia?r, land know why they are so pyor and aopcu
d&t, <aau devi-e "ways an? means for their.reljef.
-ter us scud ?.Liii.l-aeu!), t-ura, ea'.t, cotlon-cardp,
ycyo'l, medicine,*ic, .and let us send out a few of
oar^ncgro'es, and dist'ribate them among tho pour
'families of soldiers as a loan, to cult?vale their lit
jile farms. Lot us mpX<j .J"h^o or poldar-?nd his
faiuily alike n juco To"kbow' rh'a?'we? appr?cia to
Ai? services, ii'tid tAriV eacrillces, andar? indeed
bianud^bnir. friends in.ne?d,-?cd in a :common
r-iiiVe. ']At*i Uod will look down upon" nfl such
chir'itiss, and', will remeOabur 'Ifia words.?," For'
inasmuch as ye have done it auto noe of the least
of these, ye hare.douait unto ino."...
Stonewall Jack-sou's- Message to the
? Women ol' thc Confederacy'.
.^A c'orrwpttudeut ,of. lii'e^ Kqo.\viile Hojittrr
[Svrltes os rehWwa o( aa interyUw with Stonewall
J 4*ek.-im a few days before his Heath :
j After a visit to the rUppahannork army, the
J writer JJI ttatit, made .a ?lartlng call on .Ueueial
j JackKiflT in his tent.* As \veftoodreX!ibanging'tbo
; latt words some rd'u-aiic??wa*au.ulv tu what our
I ladies are doin^iLS'taotiil' sid'i-ne^^butU^aimjt
i tfof-'ciiiiee. tho -jiuen away from the urmy. You <
?may -te?l.-'lLe'm so .for me.'.We are fighting for
rpritjefpU, tyrho??r, fur evfcry thing we hold. dear.
! It' we faii,. we l?s?^verylhing. We snail the&'be
j traves, Wo ^nall be worse thitn slavos--wo shall
huve npt?iiig's>-rtb livia^ for."
[ A Cci?didlV?itnes8.
eorj-esppndent of tho "Milwsukio JVewi, wri
j ting from sjtrkansas gives some very itrong te'ti
rnony us to tho iuBuonce and results of Yankee
? meddling and effects on the condition and pros
j pucts of the negro. Wri'ing from ^elena, Ar
I katlin, ho says :
With on ono to care fur them, without food,
t clothes or Wi-d'nines, they sicken and die here by
, Miulreds-freed at last. Back of General I
I-Washburu's "j;,,''uti-ir'er*? but a short distance, is
! a peach orchard, ino liiuV in .?t?,0? ?
that one can hardly step*between .C,' i
about two feet u?uier gr..mid, aro over attiou?auu
deuil negroes, mid day after day others who h?vo ,
starved to ile.itu uro" being added to the nameless
Itot. And thero are H dozen negro gruv'evards in !
Helena, each being rapidly fiUe.t with iiegroes,
who were once happy and contented, in health ;
and cered foi, of use to themselves and the world, j
p^" Wo aro glad toTloirn that the damago td
tho paper mill of J. W. Grady dc Co., near Green
ville, S. C., is not as serious as at first supposed, !
and that the mill will be in runuing order again
In sixty days.
Tis a glorious June a-?r|?fee,^,Hiar?, and-'wt
ft re seater) willi m:? lice - pl-cj^D.io t?j' ?ttfl?et u poi.
ym a b.ig letter. N?r>rJ;y<?far^lre,s-?n'-l bssr
wiib, ?hat fortitude you raiiy '-s. t?, suurm'o?n
tu yr-u- alf!, ibo burden weare ?tj.,r*i t? lay irpr.n
you, It bas no: pleased-ogti Maker su tu ?ot.ati.
luii'bif cbiUi?E tua't tbemftiij be that evy, ut
le?iriiincJ intercourse iu "?Vis epit-tolnrv w?v.
face to fares- with fong?*}'?iind eye. But il' wi
cutnot see - nd talk tn.y-Wftiiee tu fo.ee. Iel us ot
. . -igt.
le-if-? cuino as near to ita* possible. Tbc only
way,to do this is to substitute our pen for.our
tongue, and, without Pffijog too much attention
to tho strut pp'Pjiefie?r f?kn itbi?;'L"
And Urst ?nd form?os',, jii?}/riuiig ?nd primai il;
we.on ter upon tho rains af?i refreshing showers
thc past two w-.eks. Yes,?*re haye had what jp
called '' u. due season," awl the fruits of the earth
are growing and il uriahing in thc moat abi-uiid
ing and. muting mannerr _yP-itai<?e8 have beef,
plautod wit.iio?t any limiVc(ijnd should they suc
ceed, there will be enoug?in the country nen
wiutcr to. build a chain of a>n'.les. The aco untf
of the abur dant wheat croft become more wonder
ful tvc?y doy. m Famine, rim sc .rcity, and till that
.sort.of thing, is now perfect "bosh;" you will
hare more to oat in futuro th in ever since "the
Wir began. Spring has left ns in thc in<>st suui
dury ihinner. For some tjino past, we have Ead
i'l'tbe symptoms of sumter-dry days, w?fm
but ocV''yd 'opprt^ivc-*>o! nights-g'ofg'ebin?
"guu-rislngs-'-und " short^sharp and' decidive***
iiiuiuiir showers. If'wc ifpre Iii soe, for lat fir?f
time in i-ur lives, any oneovthe constantly occur
ring pheiioiaeua of naturi)* wo -Should bc struck
with uoyieiikuhle ivooder'gud. amazement (p?r-'
.baps with lightning !) Thas the Kb<rwer'pri?ePM'*"
? Ihe warm sun-stretching >ng fingers or ligh'
'nmi gathering up frort) river und pond .md ere? k
moi.sC particles, ?nd salt! drops from tba sea
pi?i?g these up in whiit Tehi-yon CHI?S*' f.ir'fofd-''
cd .mi"ts,1' masses of feathery, ' fk+i'y' ffo'irfn'
?l-.'a-l8-tRen iipri-afing theni' pull like' over rh?
sk?, discharging th m in floo-'s of earth""fructify
ing ifffrs (n*ttw*hint that ? re'gn'rfr > ititi P er * '. 'Wt"
i Moth for If. Kat arlow it hvreinain as a sp e? i die ti*)
iif-'ttie tirrft i frliritai,) fi'(lin g nil hearts with
joy-aP'ty.ifnsSrlth grain "and lung forage.
And after the showers, we have had Northern
;brcexos;*cal*h4rringln?r, hitf beart-sickonuig, Ia *
that, ifl**- Saul, th?y'breatuo '. Ibreatee?fjrs arti:
-alaughtorV* and waft rumors' of woo and ?*r. -Bui '
the br-tfre thai* brea'Ties mofe of slaugrfter ut-this
tiiua tb*?fl*anj* other, is the western.- dust iuMgiut
the twenty thousand dead Doodles .?t'YIeisbn g.
what a -.grand, gloomy and poculiar (might wt
not ad i; j>U?",,,"t >> .t their puirit'j ing oorcaanes
mu?t present! Woe botido the misguided bim-ird
that shall touch the poisonous ooropoet, for in the
d iv that -bo eateth thereof, he t-hall surely die
You poy wt satisfied that Vicksburg still re-'
mains under the control of- toe Confederates, and
that it will be neither surrendered nor captured,
J. It is strongly .forti?ad both in front and roar, pro
visioned to withstand a seige, and there is not
tho slightest reaton to believe that the brave nen
?ho ronstitato its garrison, or tho brave and
wro.iged o theo r at their head, wii! ever consent to
see tho batod banner of tyranny floating over the
Hill City, while they oan raUd an arni iu iu dt
Lust ruleday in our old t?n, w is v.'ont muy he.
railed, under present circut&s?.inces. "a high old
tim? " Thtre.wt-re more rajpi than wo liad im
agined could now bo gai bored together.. A furble
attempt was made to soil A piece of land at pub^j
lie outcry, but the voico of the cryer sounded like
an echo in a cavo, and tho ceremony was very
i. poo.;i y eone"!mt*vil.'~Th^,inWW."t-ff7 forhlfo" (.fi* into
little knots here and tbern, and discussed, in a
sort of undertone, Vicksburg and the cr ?u?. The
cow and ihe two hens looked ujion tho novel sight
with a stony gaze of amazement and horror,
and finally slunk away behind thc Hall, leaving
tho invaders in possession of the field. At. sis.
o'elock P. M. however, Ihsy again ocrnpiod their
originul position, and have not been dislodged since.
In the vast concourse were many soldiers, whose
honore 1 names we chronicled in our Inst issac.
But am >ng them were three'wounded vefeTiins
with whom wo Osed to stand rifle hy side in Old
Virginia, und thc hare sight <>f whom recalled
proud memorios o' BS bravo and true a hnr.d ot
heroes and patriots as over left the soil of South
Carolina , wc refer to Capt. Binu?ss, and Privates
LiKien and tDIBECKr.n .of Co. K, the glorious
color Compnny of the old 7th. And we, regret tu
udd-tbat those beruio follows are not yet in a con
dition to resume their piucos beneath that pruud
Your friend, Mr. W. F. DtmisoB departed from
among us'on Saturday last en mule for ihe Ur h.
And apropos of the name of Darisoe, Lieut. Mitts,
commanding Co. D, says in the course bf a Ute
lotter to Dr. EL T. MIMS of this place, that ho bas
reeomraonded \V. F. Dtmisor., jr., for promotion,,
rm auconnt of bis gallantry in the battle of Chan
oetlorbville We learned this only casually, but
still we think it our duty to m ike all such things
public. Mr. Dt'ttisoE, Sr., carries with him thou
sands of pounds of provision.?, and n'v?r bofo'c'
wes there such a feast of fat things ns wifl be'
Herd iu companies D and K, upon his arrival.
(Jive him three cheers, boys, and ring bis old
right band clean eli with cordiality, for aa has
been at immense trouble for your sakes and de
serves your fullest moed of gratitude. Wo wou"r?V
like to be there nt thc feast; io ii**"?inati<n'wo
sec the table (?) spread, and tho daini.es " dissolr
ing?j?ko tho baseless fabric of a vi.-ion." Ah,
Soldiers, could you have seen the " old folks ai
home" bringing in the boxes and bundle*! AH.
stich wero landed'at the Aden-liter Office, and -ds
iDbny a day since our eyes havo tiebold a sigbt so
beautiful and affecting. Aged mothers came; un
protected and alone,-but filled with love und prid?
and sadness, todtpoi-it oflerings for their brave '
soldier bovH by the distant Ruppahannock. We
viewed it with, moist eyes, soldiers, and turned j
?way, giving human nature a broader and deeper
crodit mark than ever bofuro. While such iimtbers
j and sisters and. fatbors are hore, you will never be
[long in want. But lest -we muke you feel Watery
about the eyef, we will turn about to sume other j
" *OHr honored Chief Magistrate, Gov. M. L.
.Uofrn AM, is now at hi? home in our midst, and has
b'eoo for s-auo weeks past. Very serious illness
in ?is family detains our distinguished foliow
citizen furn hts post in the oupital ; we are.glad .
1 owe vcr to be ebie to lay to bis many friends,
'fir and wide, that this sickness is now steadily on
the docrease/ -?.*"*" ~ - "
Major JosErn ATWEY, whose model Battalion
of Sharpshooters bas lately been removed from
Pocotoligo to James' Isjand,. and Liout. PJCK
BI;TLRB from tho renowned First Regitncnt'on
Sulllynn's Island, are now with us; drawi} hither
by the charms of rfomu* ?f plaepm upor. There
is a good timo coming, when you will oil get bump
and experience the charms of dumm et placen*
vxor. Ye?, the future has in store for each one
- a. *' gentle Desdemona," who will love you
of 7'"* K*TI passed." Ana) with
" for the dangers you .
that hopeful sentence, I think I had .
my conge. But hold ! It has just occurred to us
that this old District sheet wil! roach you about
Saturday night, and early next morning, while
you are reading it, will como the connd of rap tap,
rup tap, rap tap : " Fail in men for inspection !"
Whereupon, officers will buckle on their " trosty
blades" (iron and sadly rusted,) end men will I
shoulder their grimy muskets, and all will.hie i
thera to the " tonteo* '?e?oT tb*'5f? mrajrh the I w
ademe Sun.! .y "farce' of lt lns*poc'ioi?a- omVir? f m
"oAVlug fir 'clean ?un?. fekaVVW'rts'-and ireafi j ?
botris, without'ib?! slightVft rj ?x$?S.
tirti'Vi of finding ono <?f either, A nd Ju lb.? ?iflilsl
nf tho confusion y?ii.?;lj 'ait otjJo ' jjip p<">-. old j'Ti
Md. Adn and ucvrr fin I it again, and .all 'dir , (,
'?iraic-1aUi:>|drani rvi'l'' upoa Johri-ou's Djctiooi^. | h
arr ?nd Shait-p ii-c, will go fornotl?t/g. .J?iighfcr?p>
ful and u.0. i yin?; ta' ug'it ?i-Adltu-j K . -.??? | g
. n
Iii >lciimrram.. ., '
On lht^2Q^h>?!''pt*ui'>cr 1S?2nrt eisiiiut #*ry
l?ndi fur trooufricide. ki ml red .lid.'O'UiNtQh pua?
vl awav..lr-in oa?th' EDMU?? M. PENN, 2nd
Lieut of.Co. A, 22J ttegimeiit^S Cu\%*
. By UM. broa IJy-o. wing Potomac, ( lt .W-VI.OJ?
daioed L.h'it a lifo ail love, an i airulnk*?, a,n 1
honor; should end '."Pao heart ?? ?Jojai/^aiiiar'??
gfuVr?u* a'oldilir ha? foresee* eeased to "baut; J?
heart tainted with'np'guil^na'?^foae uo-errvy.-j I
qo illibPrar^?tVsi?n* ArirT 'tboirgb" ??o?vh? hBVe M
passed, tlfon^h"'se:tsoiisTi?v?'; ?M,'f ifirln?rf >-?oy'
moona ht-ve waxed ?lid wanc?, "y?t" his youri/
**tfe, his stricken pWenta, Hw nianar tdvi?g'frlebds,
foel jbnX tliey m?at ?Jill Weep ?i
" Weo$>. fur tlie^irit'a.flod^. ; \?ZJ\\?
* 1 Tlie so?eurn w?r** aro seokeo ; ,
. ! VTe?p; W rne'-s?'.r/c^fd ' *A*?* *
. ? And*gi'ldeu'b-iwl ^atc broken." ''*.
. Eoa?i?b M.i'PRN^'W.cerl.fsDt df iv did and f1
\'.noraUle "y*i cpo iiifumify, ?r d a'naijveof E?^je-"
t? j?d. E4,G.f,wa?rboruj ijjugu^ 2^k,"l3^l, kndm?r.r
.-w'*u"?du J j" ^ . bi?>.Jy - 'dip uf ?o^iis'.iuroj ?'
Jaid d'ownjifci lifeYfor^f* country &e^'Mub^r;tWv) y
JSu'2. 'fburi* .ire bu; few >u his' nativo tow? ?nd-.
.Piotr's'., who knew hat Emir lfemcnr-his uugaging
T/if.e. [bis -frank and'open bearing, his cordi il,
ingenuous and spfightj^mftaujijr attravfed all, a od
drew tu him^ajr^ljj^n^
and all c?aseos, j, .... . .
Of the UMi.y.tli'Jiui.tnda who hart) gone forth i>\
balda iii tb* CHUSO ui Siwthui-n, friioilonx, and, tu
uphold'tba glory ?vt South -Can?'? na's ..banner, po
ona has stood moro brandy. Ah l.po.ooe Jins fal'an:
more jmblyi tbart'Lieuten'uu't Erm U-Sm PK -C?
We; wlyjsc SKd'y-pleaab^jmrneg* it ls to pen
this unwortliy^tMbutc, Ifnew him intimntoly fr??iu
his brigl?est s"clrool-boy iayS lo bis last Ifni*
sleep in tho PatrjuL,- .grave; ajxi agaju, do ?ri
siy bisjife. wa-':^li.:Jovc,.kinJi.e..i avad.U.?ao.r... (
A derided father's. unt?rii??.-eff?rt.i iuiye fniiuji
'to secure Un> remains of -thia.-noble du: .j they,
sleep peacefully, interred by trmds-thai: did-their
'work with''?yinpa'rryvand'bl)^irr^irfthe csmet*ry
ut Trojjjrirk .City, Marylati f, . PeTuapi when
"Orl'iit eyed Poice ?ng?ltn .<m?lea 'AP ?uj* gli'rforts'
thnugh Bt'lToring country, "tbes? honored r?mains
will IKS brought and laid by the side of those two.
-sleeping maidens, his young and bgroly aud l?y?
^ing'sisters, wbom we aU-rcmoiu^r s > arel). .And,
whon this is rt-ine.. though ye5r.i-ra.iy have.elans
cd, around tlint grave will.?orno troop.- of- kirmiy.
r uembering frirtndj?) and- IdaSAsriea rrf nonie
ijuiUiues and kind actions Will arise- tht-rk 'and
fist, ,t'. . :''"'
And when.wc s\aud tbcro in*t reiyf tbe'scant
yoHT8'up<in those throe\grave<tonis, a uf w mder
at the inscrutablo, ways of (iyj, jet Ud bpw our
h al H with humility, aud let .our hearts ; whi-p-jc,,
to-us : Ile that givutb, kno weih best when to UKO
-? ? ?-. ?
Nr. Vullandigham Agmu.
This guntleuian ie si?d. u> bu eu?Jil* w>ty to Vj/.
*ioi.i; wo trust that bis ?tay-tboreiwill. be sbo-.t.
We say this for several reds 'Ile. lu th? hr?', place,
it is a piece of Yankoe insolence hi the U. S. gov
ernment to send its disaffected ciriiens iutb oar
ooutilrv ; it suits the purposes ol' .Mr. Lincoln ro
simd Mr. Vallundighiiui int ? our Territory, and
Hurt/ore il does not suit our purposes to entjrtaiu
him. Aud Li u ti liv, we are not satisfied tb.it Mr.
V'allandighum is our friend. If .Mr. Yallaudig
haui stays ijuietly six w-Hskn in our Confederacy,
h'e will be-politically defunct ; it will dostroy all
sympathy for him in the United ti tate?. This he
ni ist see himself, atid wc presume ho bas no de
sire lo rum .in auinug ut. Hero, be can do Lincoln
no harm ; on the Brilidl side nf thu Sf.' La wrence,
j, however, ho can qontipue lu'troublo bim. lt will
suit both Mr. Vol lan.ligligin., aud wur^ulves thora <
lore to facilitate hw juurmy. to those regious.
B<:sidcs, we havo a b?w requiring citizens ui? tiVt
United States residing atnung us to .lake-the oath
of allegiance. If Mr. Vullandigham was localed
on the Northam balik of Lake Erie, be-would K_>
within a few' boar's salt of bls'?wnin'm?,' and \
coln defiance, i* . ? ri i :- *
We are not tit'sfled, we say,. tbabMr. Vailan
digbam la' our friend. The IlVotrmondf Equinr
ss ??er ti t>os\tively that he is euf enemy.:-and that
tho?gh ne'?s opposed to the abolition war against
us, that be is iu favor ufa JJculucruiic War for oar
su'hjugiujuti., This opiuion is eased solely, it
seems upon the evideneo giveu by one Cook be
fore the .Court Martial at Valla^di^bam> trial.
This opinion of tho Enquirer ia utterly.roiuted by
Mr. Valls.udigbain's owu speevb delivered . iu ibo
U. S. Congress thu 15th of Jnauury lS6if. .The
only' possible'doubt is, ^hVahrfr 'b?'hite totally
changed his position since- bnt?-January. - His
policy then was, to-stop the > ir,? withdraw.their .
tr>iops from'OUr fcrritorv, 'nod endeavor by-king
craft and diplomacy to-restore the Union-at toa 1'
s'tmc time, refusing to r'ecog??ie oor indep?ndeno?. ja
rfnch a manf>)f not our enemy, iii certainly nor
oar friend, and wh?le for his virtues we should*
~ * ' - ::-.r-.' ;t? .rn ? '.Si.i
trout bim wuk kindness and resjarct, ne should
give'him no homo among us. .-.turn a course juay
seem harsb, even lUpgeberuits.. is; pur.(j.overnnieM,
.but.it is tba only truo . kiudueso to Air. Yaii.ui
d i-j; ha m.- That aud that alooo ?rill make 'bim a
great mao, mch ns oth'orwise; he wit 1 never be..
Tho game bf the martyr is noi# tb? bnly one-lcft
him ; lie has commenced ?t'vfiil? T^lot Lim play it'
ont boldly, and then ha will leave to po. terily a
name worthy of his high moral and .lutellccual.
nature. ,
It would bc-aa absurd in . Mr. Vidlandigh ira to
deaito tn remain in tao Cunfederauy at ibis tune-,
as it wa? in Charles XII to ? take-up his abode m
tho Ottoman Empire in d'tfinnVc of (he'Julian:
Woe be to him if he " tarry "li^JerTcho until hi
beard be groWn.'
" I.ouisiimn cnn nev4>r cry. io^ vain tu
SOTUb Carolina." ~
We publish the followiirg article flora the Char
leston Conner, and honor the nun who werne it.
('Not one word that we could say, would enhanco
the burning eloquence of. thia appeal, or present
the casemore^ully to ourreaders.-C?liiens, through
out, our distrlot this cau-o ls a holy nao; iherefoi c
"come up with anstlotod hands." Send your
con tribu'ions to us at tho AdrtrtUer Office-with
your names. We will niako it our duty tu ack
nowledge the receipt of nil Bitch con tribu tiuus,
and to forward tho sum so collected, to pruper .
hands for distribution :
Help', Jle }t? fur mit Urethren of LuuUiuna.
We insert this morning the proceedings of a pre
liminary meeting, bold yesterday, ol ibo repre
sentatives of tho several Bunks of this city, in
roforenoe to providing moans of relief for the out.
cant refugees from our sliter atty of New Orloans.
-?nod with nil our heart, their proposed i
We " with all fervor upon all i
aet?on, and would uiB . Ai
' ... oia*.es of I
our moneyed institutions, and upon . I
our fellow-citizens, to come up with unstinteu
hand, and overflowing heart, and pour out their I
o H?rings in aid of those who aro suffering forrigh- j
teouaness sake,-in a cause which is our? as theirs, i ^
-who are at this moment bearing inflictions, j
M?kWLW??mkmmBmm'ttl -rr
h?*-h;onr diaboHrat'To'tfvWi e.iv"'nVn !
i as wall as upon lin upon ?
iir *etir$1tfkYfr?Tjt'*tlA nwii'th*rtwi>ui-u/ w1r\rh F.'
? jet, haVbce? sf ?ar?*!fo' n*?.*. ?ifist''sfr?'.-o dessp
n.l trnmp -l. f"*ng?ed into nar heart o?" heurta,
?socapi-l men, -irnon*itndinx wom,*n.._hei!iWi.iii>
winy, .rr; ?ow Liiiitadjiurn.?nfl divan fr .ti their
ore?* hy tho ed itt jof Lincoln's ?**^ilesxv*i**T* wa
to?*>nlr a?! then:. ??Ute*' oonfiaraeed" rftVid: rb; ir I.
.vt** despoiled, .but t\taf~?reiySsM orchin mir
*r?. hy>*riv .'PpWe.V**! foft; ^BT?tity" s^r*r??led
nd ?e?HtVo v?f-B^isrWrN*. ^HbwMng. .V*1*M ?
?iw lensihrirl'lth'f Vi^irTi-n? restrain i's visitr?-'|
wi? fW doly ?? "J?lain. TbS re?ponso' of th1tH
,- 7- ?." , - fi I- i ". V. . "....<(!
i j, a te trilj be asjon?* jn'jrr! ^T. ^um.in UH. e.-in^nevcr
t/jjto vain tp S?u?i ^r??lipa! t. '.. .'
"Nu Charlest^nian can lingor in-jd .uig^^atever;.
i? ainr apd that,, ? with u.U. :iu?cbt,. .wi*** a
>aurbter<>f New Orlear? dem?:*!? ii^jqcor.
lol ot* By iho b!o d.y uirfrcorieaaf Secei riorrtitie
-hy the mln^Uu! I if?-ott rr ont of i h ?-galla-1 L?ui
iarm ? Ra tu I ion rnid??*3f^'?wi? Cfl*?flfo? la?hrfi*-,
^unianio^me^wm'in? WI.tflff&? 'iWa ?fu?e?,
:Ptr?!-we will hot j?ttlhe* ! \ ' " * ' " \ '
la bi. MU-it ni accordance, with the sjinh..! un t?e
ItMQBX of bor/overeigntyt. jjke.jber otr?.^tsU?***.,.
joui-?uu h<va succM'-.'i.her.sisters in ttlo.C .?rjfcli?
aoy: irorn -Utruvm bos>?ro.._ Uer. chi.uren. J)?ve
baned .lucir ? words" un thorne nar st-iodaids tri
tmphant' cm*\*>ty bi?XTle;fletd,' -Wo-wi** -ot)t f/d
:he?,' hMtVe, **isnerooi?-sUt?r ! 'fVtti?n rlrt'M'rnioj?'
ironer.* ye? ?Inriid" ?liiin?nrb?d Tn y?Wef streeli?,4
pilek fifift t?vls?i carne 'tfry offering t?cnfr'lrome
esfl. people.AjQtl nt (Ins..moment, with* Sear 5'
.ratet'nl /or oa?. recen' rescue, manhood^ VaJur
iud iiai-Un pu ri ry jo ju ia lou.l acrUjioAo .Ji ita
who, with, ti lie I der-H?iQ, epapts /'<?. fanwuoaly the.
rtehei* r>,.CMiisr beert? oait f/ie? mutiier. ?s o.?. tats!
tty the loareis whio'i -wren.tb.e-/*> Boauregtird, w6
will nw (Wf tke? !"!"' b?JAiW rip-.-j-i, .>.::..'..?.
._!_. ... r.^_i-.^- -.^_. ? ,y 1 ^i'..
' J . I rorn .the -.Snathwem.- . .?
JACKSON-, .lune :i.-li i..psinlu)!y dult 'ter? rr.,
day'. . r?Cre'W not even1 ? ntmor froitf the' frAr"'*?
The rfew?^??^h?*1)ajtl3,yht-rw'r't, ffrfd?on M?**fr-'
rohf?rate?i' f|vv fhe l^slw-conilts!**'''*
ever, friir^balp^ajOj in mo?ienTin
mure definite tK'oount?. . ..
-i.All tlie siek have b?efr'OTII?TH from this rlty.
.f^ [s?coSD-l>r*n?>lt?u^I,'-?'i,?''*
. ''Port HuJf?D. -nt Isac ace ilirii-' WUP *ro? alv"bi -
f-'ieged. -1 he liVws ff^m that f|Udrtf'fis*i(WJf?trbg''
*rhere is. however, .no donbt ?nt?:rtalned"* iba"t!*?*e
rWul-ed the" t/rierny seve'firl'time?: - ft ls 'b?lft-rta
thiit the'accon'nfs boretorpre reposed of Iii e uffp'r
are exigera:td. t _ '' ' .
'/'The Y*?ILB uavr- bad* big toaro... Tba,- MI,SD
<lou?J tho >'ew l>l?nne ?ntl Jaitks'in-.Knilrosdj,
turned the Ittandbae-ittidgv, destroyed.tbs fuTtm
earton4tb?y bed ecoetotl, ?nd throw trreir gtins tn
tbe*phfs.- Kirl^-Smllb^ayb? the't?tw?. V1**
' Sothio'g fniiii l'iet?b'u'rg! ": 1 -4
nr., II? ujm iiMCDi w-fialttS. A COU "lt T, ?OW-.
Vu-rt -:?q . ?ja J.jyi! :>iV*--'N 7
niTiirily expected wno
.a: a .:? o
k<.We find thc io?-.wirg ^dupatia ip. tlc jUunls^
ville Confuliyate:, , ..... j .. v
?-. .Mov.jLii, Juuti.-r?ui'*rt n, ineiitEepvhments,
bu.- Liijly et pulsed 'every utoauJ; ut drai. L Jobo
Hton, * i iii tony (boaraud-inen,- has unvod on thv
eucmy. A greaJSbS'ttle must <Jec:de the rjnestiVrti
iu a jew d..ys, unless Qtant rakes to his boa's,
lia?ki* bl'baiUy H hipped at Por\ JTudsa.n. The
prospect pj m? U very hopeful.
t; ', i * Jo SN Fons y TIT.
Skimiiihiug in Tennessee.
Bu RLS Y viwjK Jure 5.-Tbe ennoy wns in bat
tle Hue y?Me'r>iny tibout seven mile? tr tn Mur
frei*5boro', un Mutie river. Tbero was some artil
lery tiring and ekiruiUbing ^elwceu the po-kcls,
hut nothing M<riou-. '
All quiet to-<i: j. Weather stormy, wiih'he; vy
CnATTASOoicX, June 6. "
Tho report that Ibvcner?tiic waa haling bick to
Nuabv?l? Li not contiruietb
Heavy fkirmifhing uccured jesterd*;? at UoO
Vtr's Uap, twelve in ii OJ truui .Mt-clre.-.-.b. 10. r< r^
The enemy tell ha.;k-betuna eur troops. ...tir ? I
Ko further dt luountration. 14 u J
? . - ***** : . ? '",
1 '. Frot? Y?tfeinl?tui>v'^'* b-'" "J
, ' ' " *': * *.*" ' . KicuMu j?J?ne 7. ' '
.: rLetters from tf^UfoVi "crJbVjjg'sta'te'^'?t a
brigade t? . Yatikei*? wit^slx. pi?oes^. of^'tja-^v?
hove cru-M>tl tbe Kup:iah;iiuJLck..r^c*r>t'reJoriw*:
b'ufij, and Uken pfiBiiiuo.ia: tbj-.nVi?ipl.'-.jot, the.
site bl toe ber oura iiquse. : lb? U^Vam^iit ik-su^
pesed to be a feint. . lirA'BBuiwa ? .'>..: ??..*
'l'hrcfftra?isjterteand *on? gnnbouttevnt up tie
Mattapont on Friday last. ' HeavyUHef'ha's iSiethi
heard in that'rtlreeiiuij-cause ?t/t ajrcerudnwl.''?"'
Tbe Yankees burnt several mills and li ii is in'
King W1IIL1 m's county, Va., ??TTf is; reporte-?
thal thoj ainu.curried oil'a.nuiubcr otne^r?sa. t
. ;- * ; ?? - '<?->? i ti fig
A Iltur-* on tho ?tippo linn noe tr. '
The Yankees who t'r?McJ'/tbeuKappahanu6ek"
advanced ou 'Salur'day to' ' fake "^udaes?ion \>\
Uamilt-iu'a .cro?s1?ug,'. h?ppoMug tbS\ our forced
had removed t'rou^lii^yie^niry. When i?ey,liud
a._pj)ivauhed .within aiuiie and a _half ot the li.iii-,
ruad, twtuif tarepiH' ^tKib^lg^e?.made^^-Jadh
tu them. The Yankees, without tiring, a gun,
fled to iluir enlre?i ht-j- nt? ?t Ueep lluu. ??? SM
? Daring UiwHnryi"dei^tif 'fheiiSsycibe dtflsmy.
keptiijuiet beh'ifrd iheif ?utrtncbtneut''.-v '
' 5?^iS'T?iilr*;K'ccTj*Jy erreVe*? thw c?rV," Cir
Ije?? d.goliarg?iLr^ . .^^ -.(, .. *,
t* . * .'... i:t7V :*.-ro t*#d ~~ -tl-.u.
. I rora tile Nortl.. " ; r ,Ay
Ki niuo,'--); J-UUL- 7.-At the ValbihdigbiMS meet
ing'in New'"Y6rk* r?s?itill?D.s .'W?Tfc ad-rj-Wd: d?-'
cl.iritjg it tho eu ry- oflhs-' peiiplw t*i ^oT?miobT-ef
the *auniUi i.?tratioi*? " onne'. ntid' idrwvef,'*.to' disbft'
i'rtim such "deed/''uV?e'*f|iotSi?* an?" crime ; tfist
there is reason to' fear il i? tile futilcd .i.iirbo3ei*ul
f- .' i , .. . '.<?" Pp S 5T0<
the adniipiatruiiun tu ca;ue:ii:lt 1v.ue3po.UMU-.uud
it lite time ehuaiil urrivu ?ben. tho. rulors'sbouid.
madly ntteoipt 1 ^deprive iu?jK.'ople ol', KU, spjitai
to thu Uu?'iWbi xv it.il ibeir rj^ht ..ami-daiy to
wilbdrasi lroiBsuch agoveruooat. (Load iia?e?.)'
A lertrr-Wastvud' fr>.m Seo. Porter In ftivoriT
tren spev'ch-thnselifliis name und blood will not'
rail to fight Wr it. ' '. * ^ 'c * ?
.-A letter will also read%/fr6m'"-Thonia-s*0f." S.ejr^
urbar, of Cynue'oiicut, in faior of fioo'tpetLh. "
The Kew York World publishes a -peech de
livered in 1'bii adelph ia beforu the llewuoratio
As-oe'i*tioc, hy Senator l*taU of Kew Jersey, ju
tv hu h he declares iu favor of a cessation, of hos-,
tilities. Of three alternatives-subjugation, an
nihilation or separation-he prefers tue latter a
liousiind times. .
The " Southern Sistors' Aid Society" acknowle
dges tho receipt of $10 from Col. Thoa. U. Baoon.,
Mps. R. H. SUMS, S. c'ry A Troas.
?ST We have boan authored hy many friepd?
if Col. TIIOS. ?. BACON, to nominate him s
Dandidate for Stato Senator from E ??efleld, tr,
lil the raoanoy therein existing in ooncequence
if tho death of the Hon. A. SIUKt.ws.
May 12, to 19
rjwrE havo now on hand a goo l supply of EN
fT VELOPES. Enquire at thii Offloe.
May 27 tf
tan i
21 I
Dien, on the 25ih"M?y ISo.Vi?EONIDAS RV
Atf.BOVCK,-*?>n of Mr ?. rf. and Mrs. A.. H. E.
ROYCE in ;h? 2?ri>jv*ar of his ape.." -*."i<5 TS
Tn thc ri-ath of tilt?; youoe roan Rdcrofield "?rfil
South Carolina di ive ?aorifiood ,in tho caueetlf?'
Southern Independida . au ?ther??f ber truest,
bravest and host ?oMi.rs: and aa i<*o'i?i?nc; ov'thr..
.wand a Mud Lither li iv? given to th-'ir country
aibehivc l ??on-on?, th?y tell .!?, that wai . dull- '
fab, goid md rt' ctii>n?iie.:'. '
.. EjUrjy iii A'i?."i^r 'fi'. y>nn^ Bu.vc?^ withe kf-nit
aglow.??th palri'itisui nijd w.tp a burning cnuiiry
towards tb tue woo wiinTn* dir?"' p<ffl?te nia Acrid ' ' *
Hofi ed'h fruir nih ilUwed^ina^iw^.'- Jained-Card.
V<sM>\* <'oini'?njjf>i4^).S. ?..Y . andu.wa? wifi I
rJMPt TA aU, f?oia nrivaSope nod hardships .until
abtutt jrr?^Vru Doe 'G^/atwIiiefi ifiuenv was sent
to^bp ?Hospital, whither he should hayeVurtu,or- . ,
dorod Months previons, asno liad for a Lande 'imo
>ecn aurferinjr with Chronl^^mrTiSnia>'ai^d''C'a'ftp
Tteh. In January li.st, bia'timber brOBgbt- arm
boure fr.nu Kicliuiond ir. s-bejple-irc'^i'?tion. en? .
reffaining the h+e howurec 'but wi'li,* kind
rn??ter's ire. tie nursing, adm fne companionship
ot:bw}ng sistors-lrndliratft^ri-iW.Krleriil*,tt?r'he
jiff ubi Speedily he rcstorpd tin braliir ngmrk. y Jdtit .
?la?t! what a sud dvaapp^ii^m.ept. .waited thomar ,
oit' < ut bnuie ! For several months h<> lingered
'witB* them, enduring trreal bodily. v%it\ -Jj>b>'
Hite patience and f'^iU';d?i ^uulTa? JepgtbjeJ>_..
;hauA?r| nature cou:d not longer wo sustained, nrf?T ' '
-beesliuly und sw?ee>y feWdsWep* m'.feat IT.* ' A*d,J*
-??tlwogb the signet of tberT*>l-;n>treai? ?R-eapes. ii* ?".
thua^early placel ?P^h^n^ihbji prof,, ire. tjuai^ r
"that'the spirit of.the departed' soldier-boy" is ak * "
'r?Stin au upyef i&l'BeefeVwdrfif. *
ri Young llovcanas noteH .ftip'.bisi c<vd bravery .
afTd"jralhint ho?ring op iba "?ti io-tn dd, and. .wai ..
Ulirod by hi; rouirades for his affable and' gentle
luau fy. dep ortuient.aun? aor-fura' boc v?nt fliefiosi-.
tiyu~iod social i|U?Hiira. ^ad jejlJiAer.taJJjrjcf. ;
?iptbi??bt career, he hu been cut down in tho
Very_ Spring-lime of <nUV4rVraif3 anVralbrYBini '
hri-nisniorv is enshrined in the feeivmoAWsbro*H"i I
er* in linus, and hia,nu?ato. ?iiliotig bu ?ci??o,-t,bo.i
wita tomi pride and patrju^ic ujeasure^ Malin'
, ,W?th bis two gallant krotficrs dow in service tH
Vi?trj?ia, and bi's ollliiretf pArhil?? *M?ri Kai * * 1
itotbers ut hom*-, we-urintjift?otirj daapeAiiiSeuifiar r iA
*th"iej, boping I tut after a few more years in this
'?wl.Vl'l-of snrmw that *e erfctir ?alh-rr-yi.tayiin in < .'
ttpat-'borne " not uiade with h*n<l/} etMa^-J'Vhe ;
.boatos."* ? ,.y% ... ?.^ uj $Mt
* .?HHH, nt Murfr^tbare,, Tenn., Jasjmr: ilpti?* V
fr?cate W. M. KAt?yt.^. Cj?. D, l^?.A/.,WV
i":*Ib? deceased waa among the tir.'t taannu n?a . -
nain*) in the Company 1?*which ho belonged.' Tlo
Wua.mustered JJDUJ ti.e.-?l?n?eH?-iat?5 ?orv vee on. I ho -
?Sta day nf December, .l>p\l^ }io .w i kind,
obliging and agreeable, highly esteem*! hy all
who knew him. .Un>bad heon aconsisUyinaenv
?or of the Iltiptist Church fur, many y-r-Af, . lie. .
never murmured <>r complained 'at any au'ty that
ri?1 wa.? roqnire*l to p?wfof4n". HV wa.? efig'Agcd In ?
a beHvy skirmish a dav ra*?t*?^4i**?r?> Uto ensieuu- ;
?)t* <K Corinth, in wi???vb Ac evi.uciat lUiieh^diiijf.jr
jiud. ei?dnoss. Ile . inarched through Kentucky ,
yoder (Jen Bra tri" fa*?f?i'I,"'*n*(f Wien ?t bfe'cif??o '"'
necessary for bim to face? the ''enemy Inkpen eon-' *'
flirt at Miirfre*?b??r.?. ?au Ut? &k?t Uva*, ho wa? . . ;
Fonnd in the t'oromosl rank, pressing f?irwurd
coolly ?ni undauna'Uy." TKh waa-irr-tho'/ront
.rsAjt, cloiie to the rolnra^fl^ t*uv <{^egiinanb|Wbon..
?bo. was stn.ck dowij, hjs.thig'i b^mg broken,
?rpm whb'h ho died lu about three .weeTt'sMarter
. 'waid. within the eueiuy's"lines. " " >?''?
ft Ol iy rru'baidly. tte sard of .h'm t'iI't no.hettof / tl,
or"finnvr ?'d?lh?r ba? yo} fallen. Ho leaves sn,
..vff.vtlo 'im wile an-i 4-e'uiblren, besides numerous
.celatiVes nud.frieuds to mourn their'loB.*.' 1 * ' -
_ , . J.'WiD? ti** W
.-' Dun. ail- tbe't?:^pita,rTrfT'>,rorsburg. Va., March
TtbUrft*. 0. tV. MEWBY, Cu. -K, 4 >th Regiment,
a?0- V.,iB>lie,?Tih;ji?*.iof hi4?)gp,: .,U|M..o .
n The sulij->et of tliis notice was for a good many
, ye^sr* an' ?sleetned member 'ttf the Methodist
1 C lurch Ar Wepwl.Ii???, ,Abl>?ville! 'Distrp-t; 8. C.- '.'
th 'tho iipriugof J*2 Aa??nli?ted in thu servicei?f
'his bu un cry ? ijut.tb" ?requeoi snuwa.Hiid eUiltinie.
winds of Xortheru., Vir^iuia were ..mure than bis
!n?il eonsiitution, predisposed to. consumption,
/i..n'd brar, tin i ho di ?d a vielim nf itv ravngos.
,\V?tli d'eath? so bk? n gentle slumber upon him.be
has'gonet'i tW ta?d ?T peace where the friendleNi
retire hvynd the reseh of malice,. ir?i<l wht.re the
<ol.ftar. iindisiurbed by the. din-of tuttle,., reata .
with every ^irrow. oushe?l a id every .pain exiiu
irnistied. Ho hu gone li) th? grave, tue harbor of
-evil, upou whose d.iinp aii'l siieut luisoih a>. ago
u'ains (jarn, u?i wounding iu.amy ?wl no ruthless
foo wiit'Crer ag''in ?I stnrb his peia/kfol sb eff. As
a,fri?-n.l, he was kind and generous; as n husband* '
aiToctioiiaiu and <iei'?ited ; aud as a so.dier brave '
.m l coiiragouu-. His d alu luis b lt au schisg.
....?nj in immy .heans which can only be p:irt;ally
?ilLed'bv tiie happy .per.-Oasi.in ibat h'i home ii
uow am'orig th? sal o t?. Bui ai* moral depoftinent
.?bile ?vHg has1 left an example wnicb v?ill?eVor' '"?
:fic fresh itv Wir me?t*i>T?P?'?nd which we may ?var
Strive to emulate . .. .?. .*
. At a ?uoetin?; of.,tb?i -C?m.v>nny. thc followinj
, ft*itlutL>OtUwr?? iy{XHi<tr?J?JM?7-, - ? i .
vr.jKesr./aed, T^,^W^i*it.bT?s pl?a?e<l Ar'migb.^
.tv.Un I.ip lak?i frutt,?^ jjur. frittud ^ud Jellow:S'>l- '
iuex(}.\w. .NBWUV^ we |!eo|i1y Dt?urh bis lotf, ? '
wbtjo wu Kow \oT this dispensation Vfbis rjitdrJo
te^LlenW .-""^ ' ' -J ".' "
^Mttio^eel, Tlnta?"oo$f ^eWt' ?oHbw .?pers'ef 1
VVbevilliTAnrt fd^e?.! lW<rrt^"T.?r'rpuoiicbdo?V/ *n ;.
and*that oife K? ?>ni nrrheirldriw af.taeistJMrMd. ab**"
j** ^^pfT^H?^lt T tV\ nM'?*iTr?1^^ -
I ^Tthd ".i7d"'ric?.r<felvsv>ubithi?s ks-a'Company, ?rn-- ii*'?
fltW, befdwop'ai^l*ioew.-.?vf-* -?'4!f-iv-t: ;.. fd ?<rar
mu: . ?jxr?,,:.* Ac Mi >fc?^l^Awl^l?nafev.'. ?..': -
Miife ?K-"d?rjad? tkr'rr; < r.vu ". . ,fM '-?j ; . ... .
St?vens^Gr?ee^ ?
T" HEYa-V?3^.m''ortbis^n^in?^ W7** '
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'flide five rai?t?i,.'t.v."nty dk.vs' rr'Mho meriti.
'RI'C? o( .Tuition ?nd- -Tefiu?? 'ii---rnrue tm last .?>e?
-alon. Ni? s^jUjn^wiU-bii.c^vVd. ?applying^?ft;! r,_ .
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|ija|jpr^ented'Jhv a^ ' '
ina fe:excep>" in elis? nf ^f?*tTa>.ted ilin?sl'."*
.T,\ir?'-n1^lsbii?!f''th?i?t obHdren . tho^mltTrTf >bi- 3
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liberal ait? uti ow gbVeutium ia my S-b>ol. .
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- C*RiJ8-iVi?;r?o'i8ed and JT Polo t.y tvium
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WILL i^?^Ao()?)^, tpXi?s -'f?m ,
highest tmtrkjet .p-lce^witbont being coy-? '
.eriid wahMiieJjjio? d"tli.1 rt may 'tit pJcfMarld' J"
[;KeYl t^liir'Srrth sl.it*5'i?? My a'n.f 'TodtiVr orb'
picked, (treat ?Mention must he paid tn keep it . - .
clraV^saidsfaaxi.1 ?fo?> trarr. ' Puji-^ised .fodder -
and ti:iy i'n.Doot he t?k?o frotu-it wiJi iiuwhin<jry>
?t?drai^y?^^u?x?'7. <i ,..,.,:? ...}?t- -? :..:.,-,;t,.;,
v|'DST->T^lvedr,fln-aaiortment of sire? feom ?ld .. T
tu i8d?4-b?5S.t!:t?uality. -..--;f. , " -v.: ^ . ..
f-^'" ; s -'v. f! J^A..W?RLEYjJi j
- K^amburg, jjiiae a , . lui ;
\ GOOD an?) rt rn cut oo-'haiid tvad>f?>r sale by?
? ^ru < ?A* ra ii . . J- A. ffiWSt*
Himbufii.JuDo O ,'??-!<?? M
A-LL person.) of tb? Upper Dat talion, ?th Regi-v
j\. mant,. B?<jeotiQg or refusing to., wad. their,
bands to wo k on the fortifications on .the Coast]
ore hereby requested to call on me and pay their
fines by ?io first day of July next, and save ejit.
After ibat rime I -will turn over tho names of all
perstrnl fined* to the Clerk of the CoarC.
June 3 ?_tl
ALL persons neglecting OT refusing to send their
, hauds to work on the fortifications on the
Coast nre hereby requested te call on me and pay
their fines by the 2Uth day of July next, and save
eost. After that time I will turn.o ver the names
of ad persons lined tn the Clerk nf the Court. .
B. C. ft. Lower Battr.!iin 19th Regt,
. June 10, 3t 33
ALL persons indebted to the Estate of W. Bur
ges Bush previous-to his death are earnestly
rc?iu?:8ted to settle up forthwith. And those bav
in s demande against said Estate are requested to
rendar them in lawfully attested to the undorsigu
- J -hn.wiil s c. tie th? SUQO,^
J. L tfj?l*, Agerft.
Juno 10 . 8t .?

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