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BY HMK3S.:;rii?cfe:* co.
For the' Advertiser.
Air.-3fy lone Huvk by the Sea.
Oh, toll u* obi t>f glories pa?t;
We know to whom "intone
Thc ?ioiicJVu,.,*.wt euiu?- an J court
That grace tho pos Li song :
As sweet to us the past'hatbbeen,
So shall the future bc
And thus woo the smile again,
Oh fair maid Liberty !
To drive the oppressor from our shore,
To break the tyrant's chain,
Unto our burning*hearts are more
Than ali tho past bath been.
Then strike, ob gallant soldier, strike !
Till once again we're free
And we'sball greet thy smile again,
Oh fuir maid Liberty !
The following words, from a piece of music
just published by B. Duncan A Co., Columbia, S.
C., will go home to many hearts :
Mother, is the battle over ?
Thousands hare been slain, they say
Is tay father coming, tell me
Has the South gained fae day ?
Is he well, or is he wounded?
Mother, do you think be's slain ?
If you know, I pray you toll me,
Will my father come again ?
Mother, dear, you're always sighing,
Since you last these papers read
Tell me now why you're crying,
Why id that;cap upon your bead ;
Ob ! I see you cat nut toll me,
Father's one among the slain ;
Although be loved us very dearly,
Ile will never come again.
Yes, my boy,-your noble father
Is one numbered with the .?!.. in !
We shall meet no more on carib,
But in Heaven we'll meet again.
Your father fought for bis country's cause- j
Your father tell among tho slain ; I ^
Let's hope his noul now rests in Heaven, j j
Where wo all three idiall meet again.
Dismissal of thc British Consul at
The following are tLe letters referred to in
thc telegraph relative to the dismissal of
George Moore, Esq., Brit i h Consul at the
port of Richmond, published irv our hud issue:
Richmond, otb June, I8d3.
SIR: The President nf the Conf?d?rale
Slates oas been in ipr med that, in cons' quenco
of your tiasumitig to ucl in behalf ol the Gov
ernment ol Her Britanic Majesty un matter."
occurring in the Stale of Mississippi, you
were r< quested to submit to this Department
your consular commission, as weil as any
other authority held by you, to act in behalf
" of IL r Majesty's Government, before further
e^rret-potidence could he lo-ld with you ?s j
Brit uh Consul for the po t of Richmond. lit i s(
hss Inri ber been informed that you have liol I V(
acceded to this request, and that, in disregard I jj.
ol the legitimate authority of this Govern
ment, you have again lately corresponded a?J
Her Majesty*.- Cousu! ior this port with the
Secretary of War of ihe Conf?d<-ia:e State.?.
The Pr?sident Considers it as inconsistent
with tbe rr.-pi^t which it is his "Ume tu enforce
towards this Government, that yon s?oulu ,
any longer be permitted to exercise the lune- j c
tiona or enjoy tho privileges of a Consul in j .
thrso Confederate Slates. IL? bas cousu- | \'
qnently thought proper, by the letters pit' in I 1
of which 1 enclos* you a copy, lo revoke tin
ex> quatur heretofore grant? d io you, and to
make- public these letters patent.
I have the honor to be,
Yonr idV.'t serv't,
(Signed) J. P. BENJAMIN,
Secretary ol' Mate.
GEORGE MOORE, Esq , Tier Britanic Majesty's
Consul, Richmond, Va.
President of the Confederate States of
To all idiom ii may concerti :
AYiiEREAS, George Moore, Esquire, Her
Britanic Majesty's Consul for thc port of
Richmond and State of Virginia, (duly re- j tl
cognized as such by the Exequatur issued hy j ec
a former Government, which was, at the time | th
of ihe issue, the duly authorized ageut for i ??
that purpr,. c of the State of Virginia,) did j h:
recently a?ume to act as Consul for a place j tc
other than the city of Richmond, and a State ?
other than tho State cf Virginia, and was, ? (
thereupon, on the 20th day of February bet, j ?
lSb3, requested by the Secretary of State to : {H
submit to the Department o? State bis Con- j ,
sular Commission, as well as any other au- . yj
thority he may have received to-act in behalf j ^|
of the Government of Her Brita' ic Majesty I .,?
before lurther corresrondenr-e couid he held Jjj
with him as Her Majesty's Consul nt th? port j 0I
of Richmond, and wnereas the said George ? D(
Moore has lately without acccdiug to said re- j -
quest, entered into correspondence as her j ^?
Majesty's Consul with the Secretary of War j rt
of these Confederate States, thereby disre- I
garding the legitimate authority of this Gov
ernment, j Jt
These, therefore art! to declare that I do no 1 n
longer recognize the said George Moore ns ' in
Her Britanic Majesty's Consul in Any part of rn
the Confederate States, nor permit him to jiu
exe reise or enjoy any of the functions, powers ? VP
or privileges allowed to the Consuls of Great I .tc
Britain. And I do wholly revoke und annul i c<
any exequatur heretofore given to the said j ni
George Aloore by the Government which was | ?t
formerly authorized to grant such exequatur ? it
as agent of the State of Virginia, and do de- I
clare the said exequatur to be absolutely null'j
and void from this day forward.
iu testimony wheieof 1 have ceu-cd these : ";
letters lo be made p.itent, and the seal of tl/e j l*
Confederate Sutes cf America to boherev.'ilh j f,
Given under my band this fifth
< V day of Juoe, iu ihe year of our
( v^v-k' j Lord oce thousand eight hundred
and sixty-three.
Bv tho President : P1
(Signed) J. P. BENJAMIN, [&{
St'cretary of State.
Tris LATE STORM.-We hear of great dam
age being done to growing crops by the late
Rtorm, but the injury is Hot nearly as great as
was anticipated. Tbegresfestda.nago seems
to have been done on the Florida coast. T4f6
Tallahassee ?jtidinel says:
It is es'imated that the crops in this imme
diate vicinity were damaged 20 per cent., and
the amount of property on the co.i-'t is put
down at a low estimate nt not less than
S5O0.?O0. Of course this is somewhat con
jectural. It ia ascertained that between twa -
ty and thirtv human lives were'Jost. On
Dickerson's Bay aloneaome nineteen persons,
six whites and thirteen blacks, were downed.
At Goose Creek some live or sig uegroca per
ished. ?nd two or three- elsewhere,
.. Itornefrtic Recipes.
Ur*. Dr. GAGE, of IjhiotfiHs?-iet, >>ei
stale Agricultural Society ol Sou* h I
u 1858, the following recipe for tntifcii
:ester Sauco wbidris'said to be ?xeel
Take ou? g?llou ripe tomatoes, wt
[immer them in three 'quarts ot wal
Chalf down and" strain this through"
rVhen allis drained, add two-tabiesp
if-ginger, two of mace, two of wbol
lepper, two of salt, *one' of cloves,
ayenn?; let them simmer in the.juii
educed to one quart,, pour in half a
?est vinegar) tie?-pcjur .the 'whole tht
lair-jeive, ltottl?in?ihklf pint bottlei
?own, tightly seal, anak?ep i ti ^a coo
?oppy heads ate ripe, with a very kee
oak.e vertical incisions in them about s
et the incisions extend" just through th
kin. A cream-colored juice will exud
ach incision.- Scrape ott' the juice ver
n the morning, before- the sun has t
vap?rate it; .put hito a saucer, plate,
up; place in the shade to dry ; shape
hying. Phe poppy heads .are generali
rom three to four days after the peta
tameus have lallen.
ne bushel of sugar-beets, worth tweni
ents, and which any farmer eau rsi
ittle cost, will make from five to six g
I vinegar, equal to the best made oT ci
fine. First wash and grate the beets
xpress the juice ia a cheese press, ur i
tlier way wuich a little ingenuity cai
est, aud put the liquor into a barrel ;
he bung with geuze, and set it in ttii
nd in fifteen or twenty days it will be
?se. By this method tue very best nf
ar eau be obtained without any trouble
hope all who like good vinegar will i
EGGS FOR BURMA.-The white of .ai
as proved of late the most efficacious i
y for burns. Seven or eight successil
lierions of this substance soothe the
nd exclude the burned purrs from td
his Muiplu remedy ?ems to us lar pro
le to colludion, or even cotton.-Scie
i merican.
;rd sied, put m a bairJ of cider, will
?rV? it sweet for several mon'hs. 1
tunk fall ci'ler in the month of May, w
as kepfsweet by fhis'meaiis.
?tl.lo to mildew. 1 have left on short Ht
ithin three br four inches of thc gronnc
dey commence swelling oil' for ripening,
hieb ir seldom appear.-". Should any apj
..verine sucu eluau-Td with loose earth, I
(w days, is a good remedy. Then ti
.ellis. La-<t year I saved a li.ie vim
weet Waters in thia way, wbi'e clos
iioiher Heady ail bligliteu, iiotwitbstam
used sulphur, which is ai ways offen:
lorougbl}'. 'J'i-is is my experience. Pori
Ibers have n feed V at there is a certain
lent pervading the atmosphere, near
lound, which is uiieritr.pfital to the gro
f mildew. T. C. A.-I Country (Jem.len
VINEGAR.-The quickest mode of mal
i' eii'ir is to mix five quirts of warm :
?Uer with t wu qn ins of molasses, four q t
' yeast, and a half pint of whiskey. J
tort time you will In Ve the bent Vin*
>u e-vri- taste? 1. So we ate i obj by olio "
xs tried it.
BLACKBERRY WINE.-The following is.?
i be an excellent recipe for the mai.u'ac?
' superior wine from blackberries:
Measure your berries and bru'.;'- thwn ;
rory gallon adding one quart of boiling i
r; ha tue mixture/"Lind twenty four hon
irrmi? occasionally ; ihuiiS*tr*tiii efl the ?iq
in j. ea-lt, io every g?iHmi adding on? on
itimis ut* Migar; cork light, und i"t su
! following Ociob r,-ami you will have v.
adv for uso, with;.ut any further .si rn in
boiling, that will make iips smack as t!
sver smacked under similar ititi ueuce hefc
leJjriK tit oi ( Of Indy leaders, the lullovl
.cipe to dj? jt:l bl ,ck, which has bee.-i f
shed the Atlanta Intelligencer;
One pot of red oak ouzo ; one do. of maj
ie ; ot e de. of s'r nz ley ; one rn-, ol siro
>ppet*as ",-a..er. Dip u.e tia uk in the r
ik, and next in the ley, and luen in thc o<
?ras water five limes, lt is uo liumbi
ry it.
' the Mobile Tribune has been shown n k
uVe which had been dyed by a Imlv friei
bis io the f?>lK****i?g mau lier: The glov
ere originally of au olive olor. She p
iem on and with a piece of sponge besines
I and tubbed them ov-r wita writing in
len with a soft tooth brush sh? rubbed tin'
rain with mutton suet. When dry, tin
ive a beautiful suit glossy black color, itju
i the best black gloves.
uautily of la?ow, put it in a large vessel
ear water, boil three or four hours, th;
,ke it ott* sntl cool it; pour off the.watt
id adi clear water. Continu** to boil, poi
1, and add clear water until the tallow
ouched. To the fourth boiling a?d ha
nt of boiled lye, and a like quantity to tli
th, then lo every pound of tullow ?dd on
ice of alum, put it on the fire simmer tw
mrs; strain after simmering. Have th
ick of medium !??*., of fine bleached threat
p it in spirits of turpentine ; when dry it i
lady for molding.
CHEAP "NATIVE'' INK.-The Wilmingto
mrnal says: We write this paragraph wit
very black, free flowing ink made by boifiu,
i water the bark of the bay or dwarf mas
jlia, cut into small pieces. The ink pppear
? us to be equal in every respect^toauy otbe
o have seen, and is cagily made from a mu
rial obtainable almost anywhere in thc Un
luntry. Ii seems as thounh it would perma
ently retain its color ; at lca>t some writin]
une nearly a month ago looks blacker thai
did at first/'
ne ounce gum camphor; eight ounces "run
lyrrh ; two more ounces cayenne pepper
co pints brandy, whiskey or alcohol. AftCi
ul ver ?zing the solid article?, put all, .wit!
ie brandy or alcohol, in a stone jug; set thc
ig in a kettle of boiling water, and let it re
iain ?here-in, unstopped, about thirty min
tes; then add three tablespoonfuls of tur
entine, arid a small teRcupftil of sweet oil,
: will then be ready for use. Bathe thc
arts affected from ten to twenty minute*",
"Cording to the severity of th>- case, before
Are; then wet a llinnel with it and a. ply
to ihe ?flecte-l pul. Repent ibo Anphca
nn every twelve or twenty hours UiUil Weil.
-Selma Reporter.
imilies in which love.is not abused as fur
ishing a license fur uripolileiics**. A bus
md, or fa"her, or brother will speak more
ar*h t?i tho.u that ?ie lows the bes', and to
io?;*? thal love l im tin" best, simply because
ie sccority of love and family pride keeps
im tn si'jtting bi?; head broken. J", ia a
tame tiiat. a man. will speak uopolitely-at
mes to his wife and r ist ir. (t is thua that
ie holiest affections or man's tinturo prove
i bo a weaker protection to a woman in the
iiuily circle than thc restraints of society,
nd a woman usually is indebted for the kind
<t politeness" of life to those not belonging
i her own household. Things ought not so"
J tn hi?. 7 he man whx^.beeaasri-it -will n<<
resented, inflicts hcv.aplu-?v :~rd ;b.><j t-n
J unon ihose pf his. hearthstone,, ;s not a ;
tl"H un. Kuyl words uro the cirwihting
. dipm between true f-Malerncn und true l?
at hom*, tfnrj no polish exhibited in sor
'can atone for the har*h language and. di
flpectful-treatment too often indulged ia
between those bound together by God's <
tie of blood, and tie still' more sacrod bo
of conjugal love. ,
-?-?* ? ?
From tho Rebol.
In a Box.
The soldiers of Gen. Bragg'.; army areT
for a fight-not that they delight in carna;
but they know ?hat thc job of whipping j
sencranz and his marauders, soon or late, !
to be performed, and they arc anxious to
it with as little delay ?s possible. While t
is the feeling of ninety nine h und rod thu
the" soldiery we oro occasionally pained
bear of a black sbaep iii their Hock. )
have just" been told of-one whose explo
should bc conspicuously registered. We ot
regret that we ar* not able to give his nan
therefore wo shall call him .Tobo Smith. ]
belongs, to thc 25th Tennessee regiment, C
Hughes. The facts are tbesc :
A few days ago an old gentleman who i
sides either in Jackson or Putnam emir
drove a little wagon into Wartrace, load
with a large box of pies. After he had st
out his eut-re stock, he chanced to meet
soldier of bis acquaintance-the aforesn
John Smith. John very gravely inform
bim that he was very desirous to go hoi
and take another look at the scenes of 1
childhood. H? now saw an opportunity
gratifying hi- Iring'pent up wishes. The sn
box was sidiicieiitly capacious to hold JJ
corporoxHn, and lie asked the privilege
becoming its inmate until he could bo drav
iieyujd Hie pickeJs. The pie merchantthoug
it would be decidedly naughty for him
haul our, of Wari race, in this ?.trance at
unique manner, so precious a load of ku mai
ty j -but finding that John had lixed his who
heart on the scheme, and no argument cou
change the direction of his thoughts and d
sires, be told bim to bundle np hi* cloth
and be ready for shipment at a moment
warnii'g. Wlhereupon the old frentlcma
alias thc pie merchant,*called on John's Col
Hid and unfolded the round, unvarnished fae
already given. Col. Hughes' ridiculous bupi
was manifestly touched, and he at once said
"Box him np and carry him as far as til
river. There you will find me fud some i
my mon ready to charge you with bavin
contraband goods in your buX, and tb doman
a search." lt was not. Jong before thc pi
.merchant made his appearance on Tie na
designated with bis wagon and box, au
when he had reached the middle of the rivi
he was ordered to halt ! " What have you i
your box?*' was the inquiry made. *'i'ies,
replied thc old man. "i do not believe il
\ t.u have whiskey, and T intend t>> make RI
boVS throw your box ?LMO the Stream." " 0
with it," cried he. Two of bis moldier
.promptly obe\ed this order. They not on-;
lumbled the box into tho river, which wu
about three feet deep, but they jumped cpu
it. Poor John now found himself in a I> K
box and how to get tail was the q ?eslion- ?
a sort of instinct he kicked oil' a sido plank
and out protruded one leg. Then: WM not ?
moment tobo lost ir. his watery quarters with
out herculean rff-irts at extricaii m, and inns
gallantly did John use ?ll the implements Mi
inn; had given bim. Having cleared awa*
the obstructions at bi* leet, be made a pluogi
at the oilier end ol' ihe box, almost equal lt
the force fifa battering ram, when out pupp*?
his head, anJ he *h*nliefl lik*- a wh ile, "'nba
I w?*re y??u doini: in thal 'iox ?" demanded th'
Colonel.*' 44 I was only after a little fit i,"
muttered John. Well," said Col. Hughes
! " J ria Icon yon have found it-now pa? bael
I io ymir regiment." J need not add thai ,l..hi
returned a wi.-^r if nut a heiler IIL?. ; and as
ttie .'lory passed from e\?ni|?iuy to uuinpany
thc woods rc*M>und"d will) shouts ol lau^l.t'.r
The Black iicsisteiits.
IIl<\i!tS l)t:i''r PF THK Sot-Til, I
Port Uoyal, s. C., April 2.', ?.>;.J>. j
\ J KIT KI; SON- 1>AV;S, Richmond, Ya:
Tb- United Stales li ig must protect all it.*
I defenders, white, black or yellow. Several
? negroes in the employ of thu Government in
the Western Department have been actually
murdered by your authorities, and other."
soitl into slavery. Every uutrage^lf thi*> kind
against the laws of war and humanity wuich
may take place in this department .-.ball be
followed by the imm?diat) execution ol' the
rebel ot' nighest rank 'ii roy poises-don ; man
lor mun, thee executions will certainly take
place for every one murdered, or sold into
slavery worse tu:.n death, (ju your authori
ties will rest the responsibility of having in
augurated this barbacoas policy, ami you will
bo beid responsible in this world and in the
world to come for ali the blood thus sbed
lu the month of August last you declared
all those engaged iu nrinlog the negroes to
fi^'htfor their country to be felons an*, direct
ed the inim-Viiute execution of al] Mich as
should be captured. I have given you lung
enough to relied On your folly. I now gj ve
you notice I hat uuless this order is immedi
ately revoked, 1 will at once cause Ide execu
tion of every rebel officer and every rebel
slaveholder a my possession. Thi^ sad state
of things tn-ty be kindly ordered by an all
wise Pro vid mee, to induce the good people
of the Non : to act earnestly and to lvalue
thu they fl'--! at war. Thousands of lives
may thus be aved.
The poor . egro is fighting for liberty in its
truest sense ? and Mr. -Jeilerson hi.s beauti
fully 6aid: " in such a war there is no attrib
ute of the Almighty which will induce him
to fight on tho Bide of the oppressor."
You say you are Inditing for liberty. Yes,
you arc lighting for liberty ; liberty to keep
dour millions of your fellow-beings in igno
rance and degradation; liberty to sep?rale
! parents and children, husband aad wife,
brother and sister; liberty to steal the pro
' ducts of their labor, exacted with many a
? cruel lash and bitter tear; liberty to seduce j
their wives and daughters, anti to sell your j
pwn children into bpr.dagc j liberty to kill I
these clullreu with impunity, when the mur
! der cannot be proven by one of pure while
I blood. Tuis ia the kind of liberty-liberty
to do "wrong-which S ilan, chief of the fallen
angels, was contending for when he was caM
into hell.
J have tba honor to ho, very respectfully,
your most obedieut servant,
Msjor-General Commanding.
j INO OFFICER 7-We published a statement ft
few days Hgo, made by acorrcspouderit of the
j Mobile A-lfCrliser, that Gen. Bragg held the
oldest commission in thc army,- and, there
I fore, outranked all thc other Generals. The
Montgomery AJceifiner says that ibis isa
J mistake, and that though Bragg was thc first
officer confirmed hy the Permanent Govern*
' ment, the commissions of the others who ?
? were confirmed by the Provisional Govern
I mc :t were dated al a period anterior to that
1 of Geueral ilragg.
pis" An exehange cautions the publia agalost
roorbacks and sensation reports from speculators j
about great' damage doue thu growing crops of
.wheat by tho present rainy season. Wo observe
j that they have coaimuticcd tao work already.
fc?f Good Flour sold in Augusta last week at
$27 per burrel.
( Wd?..* ?_Ta::]:- CATATTT frrrrD^
IM-A JU: WK RBAII vcr. in rv'? - T)>e r-U.-.w.
, ii g Ls ah editorial toni t' i< Manville Uni?n
I -a vile Aboiiiion thee' ?.Jit.?-I by a tool of
Andy Johnson, MjcLell, ui.d others ol' thal
?K'tidish pack o? cumies to thu Iiumaa race?
We culi upon the people of the country-^
everyman who cati ?boulder a gua-to be
rsady, and when tbj scoundrels come to give
them no quarter: ! .
,; The Southern lirresta uro sa?il lo lie very
floiirisliiri?r. Now lit- our cavalry, of which
we will soon bave ai immense force? dc-druy
these harvests in . ii directions, tu snob au
j extent as to make', tip m valueless for supplies
I tor the rebel amy, ?The negroes wi i I be thc
j very. oii.es to aid ourbxped!lions ia Ibis w?lk.
Hud lbj advice weirged upon eur miiitaiy
authoriiie-s bc> n adtpud la? summer, there
.would bave bneu no^icUd raids into Middle.
Tennessee, this >idevf Shcibjvil.e, for pro
visions, for there would have been none worth
duning for. Lot our troojs destroy all stores
winch they cannot lise: 'lo spare .them ia to
Jeave them to feed rebel frinies. Y?'e must
burn out treason w iib fire cid then drown ii?;
err. bera in blood.''
! We copy the following Iron tie Richmond
Enquirer. We would give something to hear
Eriwin Boothe read :
*. The Death of Euch ?ays Life."-Jn
sime pretty observations oifelceping, uno.tr
me above caption, byacouuuiptirary, wo lind
the following acceptable pangrupb, prescnl
i. g the subject in its poeticuspect :
"Night is thc death pf iay, the sleep of
planet Earth ; and bow very lear those bright
er worlds do come ; through wrest leaven We
see the clinging stars, as if Uisperian fruits
were ripening ; Venus at anchor, is just be
yond our hail, and Mars~ms.kc3 signala from
his decks of red.
"lt is a solemn thiug to sleep, whether be
n.-ath the watching stars cr at Ligb noon.
Whither shall we pass, in tLat noiseless going,
and when a'iall we, return? From world to
vvurld is hut a breath of sleep they say : then
give us pleasing dreams!
Strangest nf all journey* is thnt 1 g?ing to
sleep.' The fitful pulse grows softer ; tue
unid forgets its cunning ; tue daughters of
ii.usic are brought low ; ' they that look out
at the wiodows arcdarkeued ;' care'* ravcll'J
sleeve is kuitlod up; it is almost a dying.
" Happy is lie for reborn uo 'Glumi< bath
murdered sleep ;' whoso eyelids' uoiscle-s j
clo>e, is like thc droop cf lealleis laden down
with dew ; whose slumber, deep as thai which
fell on Eden's gardner, and wuusc dreams, as
lair ns Eve, that tirit born daughter of a mor
tal sloop.
Ab! that 'howlong shall we sleep' has
been the question onad times and tongues
since the morning stars were ninping.
It' a man di", .-lull ne ?ive again ? And.
once a yaw havr? thc Daieios answered it. und
Spring's little infant given its ?rugrant testi
mony ; and i very ii,ty, bas tho morning 'esti
Ked, and yet thc world is murmuring still, 4i! j
a man die, sLall he live again?'
" ' ??nv lum: shall we alct p ?' ask' lie who
h;;s cradled a living thought upon bia breast,
tye child ol his brain and his heart., as be
..ends it f<.nb orphaned in tee halla ut' Time,
turns r?sTace to the. wall and flies.
'. ' How long shall we sleep ?' sighs the poet,
us hu lays down the Lain of life, ' feels the
Daisies glowing over him,' and goes away
vviiere they sum thc 'new wing' forever.
Nut long, true ThJ'rker ; not long, sw eet
Singer ; for llie thought shall rise like a giant
and break the bands of sleep, and thou io ii ;
for ibo song shall (ly like a bird, from-spring
to sprint: again, and Jim music and ibe wd
come shall be thine !.
And when lif/s rain is r v :r and . gone,
and the brow of cloud is bound willi a ribbon
that Hope did weave in the loot:.' "f fjod, a<.ii
ido '.cara oil the World are turned to pearla in
flietiiii.su!, what v.vir.ls iii'.r.; lu.Mut.iful Uno
tb<?s<> can we write upon thu new grave : 1 II.
sivulli His beloved sleep."'
VIRWXIA.-We Lave iuformation, Mic ti ti) b
i.fvbi?:h wc can vonch for, as tn die r?sidu
accomplished by the forces under G ener?is
.1 >ne? and luilaide". A large number ufoftt
ile (estimated at -1 U 10> were regularly pur
chased lor tb? (.T<:veriim*?nt and brougbi away,
and will be of tile utmost value to the army
of the Confederacy. Many horses, probably
2??00, wete also brought away, of which
number near 2.000 were irregularly taken by
Gen. Jones' Cavalry-that is, taken just aa
the Yankees took the horses of the people in
this part of the Slate during their recent
raid ; but unfortunately, with t da rJifT.vc.ice,
that ?i number of tile horses bitten in North
western Yirgii.it belonged to men (and even
women) of known Southern sympathies.
Gen. .loues' caral ry, after doing much dam
age to the Baltimore and Ohio and the North
western Virginia Railroads ami otherwise
en noy i tig and frightening thc Tories and
Yankees, mored for Wari I to (gillon, in Wiri
County, and destroyed that place, together
with all the oil fixtures and facilities. Un
der late improvements the oil had been ship
ped in large, tight boats, in volumes, to tee
Ohio river, and liiere put into barrels or other
vessels. In these boats they found 150,000
barrels (6,000,000 gallons)'of oil, which they
emptied into the river and burned, thua liter
ally "setting the river on lire." The proper
ty here destroyed WAS prjbubly worth live
millions of dollars.
At SummersviUe our forces, under Imho?
den captured a train of 27 lin** wagons, each
draw M ny six Bpleudd mules and laden, with
needed commissary flores. Gen. Jones re
j unod Gen. Imbodeu at this place. The whole
force tben fell back to some point which we
shail not designate.-Richmond Whig.
An ord r from the federal War Deportment
directs that within tb-: Slates of Tennessee
and Mississippi, wherever the Federals Lave
the rule, that all citizens shall be registered
in three classes: First, avowed cuemics;
second, neutral foreigners j third, ?oyal citizens.
Tlr.c Grat class are all to leave their lines by
or before the lo'th of June and their property
confiscated-the second aro io lake au ohio
ol iicutrai?ty-the third to bear certificated
ol' loyalty. No gootla of any kind are allow
ed to be Hold except by special permit, except
lo those showing evidence ol' loyalty.
ing incident was related by a lady who lives
about eight miles from Strasburg, Virginia;
A Yankee captain and a small squadron of
men rode up to thu gate, dismounted, and
cai?-: "... to i he house. The captain Oidcred
her to prepare dinner Jor himself nud men,
about thirty in number. Mrs. G. refused,
ami inrtiitr?t? luit sim Cjiuhl nit prepnrc din
ner for so many. The captain peremptorily
ordered ber lu do so and threatened lo r with
punishment should she longer refuse. She
then replied ibat sim Would furnish dinner,
but it would he late in thc day before site
could get. it ready, as she had engaged to fur
nish dinner for about filly of Ashby's cavalry,
and that she was expecting them in every
minute. H a sixty lour | o ind bomb-shell
had exploded over their heida it would nut
have produced groaior consternation. The
Ch ptain very politely infirmed her that they
were in a great hurry aid couldn't wait for
J3y? ltipe pcachos wero rathor id from tho gar
den ?if Mr. C. A. lids, of 3inc?n, Juno Sth. Thc jr
were of tho Early Tilluttcr vnricly, and aro sev
eral days earlier iu ripening thin usual., M Lieh is
from lue ICth to 20th June.
T!:c JTr^?;rtwil ?lui.l IH?O ''norcia.
YTi? sin!.,;1, ?i*, olin i.vuniiig -/dun ?n cf yoi
torria'- ir?"'J nt repii? hu ! r^icii'^i'liio cii.v 'o
i tie* -;*?'? -ct tliut a b>?dy ol ?aji.ec r? .ucio wer,;
cppiiacliing A' ?{u.;ra.
lae report YNUS i-ent to tie city, tiy ir-.Miile
mon wi ll known in this community, uud wu?
prum??tly communicated io bis Honor the
Mayor, who at once toole steps to place thu
city ia . a proper m aie of- defence to meet the
anticipated raid. An informal iseeiiugut' the
oj ly council was held, at which the prelimi
nary me?.<nr?s'wcro sugftesied aad adopted.
Couriers-were sent out to ascertain thc truth
or falsity ol' thc report, idid die several-v?l
untcer companies and cit'JtetiSwere us;ombic-d
ut the City Hall to.orgaiiize fur aciiou.
The promptitude and tho alacrity with
which thc cril Was nsponded to were most
gratifying, and I he numbera who appeared
underarm* ;ui)st hnvy sii.rpris>_-d even the most
sanguin?1 in reparti to tim extent tT our. ri?
Sources in that respect. ThOyoun?, the old
and thc middle aged, were ont and undi r
arm?, and gave assuranc?1 toHie fact I hat Au
gusta is Ibby ;. ?de io resist any raid which
the Abolitionists may make upon it. ** .
Wo aje. bt.ppy lo state that, during thc
evenittg, cooriers came ia, who stated that
the reporc was false ; bm it has had a good
effect, in shuwiiig lhat our peopli. are roady
for aoy emergency. Let us remember that
u eternal vigilance is the priee'of liberty"*" '.
?The gentlemen who Runt' tue inf >rm.itionf
though happily misitif-T"'.'deserve the
tburtks of tao public forth.* patriotic prompti
tude wi h which they took steps to convey the
intel!igi-nce lo the supposed t Riva tened dis
trict ; anti our authorities arc, also, worthy
ol'public commendation, for' the zeal which
they displayed in the affair.-Augusta Con
stitutionalist, Utk. . *~ . .
THE HAKAKST.-Tim compliments of the
season to " honest old Abe." -\Ve r.ro now
in the midst of tho wheat hurvast, and soou
will begariT,rM Iii.: most bountiful crop ever
known at U?c Sualh. We shall have enough
and to spare. The corn, too, is growing apace
-in snine localities, it is airead;." iti tassel
and every indication points to overflowing
cribs. The wnr.'ber hus been propitious, and
a kind Providence, has smiled upon our el
forts. Let us he thankful ! Wc mock-at tile
disanpoiniineni, ol our ba-.e foe, wtio exulted
iu the belief that starvation was io j in alli
ance with lire and sword io wipe us out from
the lace ol me earth. We eau point to our
noble ar'm'ips, to our devoted women, to the
universal patriotism of the people-tl p our
treasury notes in lue Yahco's lace, and defy
him still. Prices o? L>od have gol io com?1
do.vu. Both people and army will this year
have a comfortable subsistence np m easier
terms limn they have lieen accustomed to for
a twelve month. The relief which thoy w.ll
thus expcrxncc will ensure the vigorous and
successful prosecu;i.);i of thc war iu this its
moat important atage, and nuw victi rirs will
{ave the way to peace and independence.
Ii?*t thc (armers MOW hurry their surp'us to
the mids or thc market with ??il convenient
dispatch. Let consumers be patieul and bu)
sparingly, and the result will s.1011 be p'-rcep
nid** and cheering. Thus will lucy c''u-h oui
monopoly, and briiigducomtiiuri! to wouiu lu
speculators. Pi.miers should iJt; un tiicir
guard ag.o.i.st all men who s.-nrtn over anxious
lu purchase their wh at and i ll\r extrava
gant prices lor it. Let every one come np
to the true standard of a patrio;, and keep
down the prices of their products, to at least
the Government rates.-Chronicle & Sen
State of South Carolina,
? j?? El ? fefH *f
Col.I KBI.l, .lune 1'. I Slid.
aux s i: A f? o:; imus s.-, m.-?vtr.ct.
?KlCllAltD CALI. W ULI, linving been np
. poinu-d Coinmi?sary-t?aueral uf South Caro
litia, with rank nf Lieutenant-Cob .ul, is herewith
announced as such, and wid bo obeyed und re
spected urcor'dingly.
? ?._.'. a ?
By command, fi. A. FOLLIN,
x A. A. Genend.
Juno 17 lt 21
COLUMBIA, Juno s, isa?,.
TdE followineregulations Lave been adeptott,
with tiio apprend cf tba Governor, 1er tho
pr?sentation and pr.yr.ic. t, through this office, cl
requisitions und claim." upon tho Executive De
partment of this State :
1. Whenever practicable, all rco^ui.-itiors for
fuudi by the heads of uiilitary bureaux and w irks
of the State, and all claim? against tho Executive
Department of the Stute, shoal 1 ho transmitted
tu ibis offiee for examination and audit at ieasl
ono week before tho first doy nf- each month.
Requisitions end claims, approved bj the Govern
or, will be paid between tba fifth and tenth dnys
nf the month next succeeding the one in which
they were submitted 1er uudit.
2. Except under sn cc in 1 circumstances, funds
will not be remitted hy mail. Parties who desire
to receive amounts through agent?, will please
observe thc fallowing form of
I,-, do hereby npfioint
my mps and lawful attorney t.i sign receipts lor.
und receive payment uf, ail raubeyi which may
be now duo ur Coining lo ino fruin thc Executive
licpariiucnt of the Stale of Soutii Carolina.
Witness my hand anil ?ral al-, thia
-?-day uf-.--, 186?,.
3. Ko bil! will bo paid itn!e?s sworn to by thc
ob ita.mt, and no requhdtiou will Lo allowed uu
IOJJ propared, as near aa may be, according to
the forms prescribed by tho Anny ll?gala!iifus ol'
tho Confederate Slater, and ccrtdNd in dupl?cale
li^ the pruper officer of tba department,of terrica
for which the requisition is bude.
-t. All rcq deitioni andN;1,ai|^s :.f ieeeh'aructor
herein referred Itj ?j':nt were rendered pre?ititi4 to.
luo'diitii of*thli notice,-rind which have beeb au
dited and sppruved, vriil bb paid as beret, dore
upoa application to this oQice. . .
J A -M1 ' S TU ? I1 F. d -, -
Slate Auditor.
June 17 v lt '2t
ALL persons poglecling or refusing to sond their
hands to work on the fortifications on the
Coast arc hereby requoBted to caU on me and pey
their Uno? by tho 20th dny of duly next, and save
oost. After that time I will turn over tho nairne
of a l person? ?nrd rn the Clerk of tbs Court.
D. C. H. boiver Battalion-lith lte^t.
June 10, ?ii M
ALL persons indebted to the listete of W. Bar
ges bush previous tn his death uro earueitly
reiiumiod to settle up forthwith. And thotc hav
ing demands against said Estate aro requested tn
ren ier them in lawfully attested to tho undo dgu
sd who will settle the s imo.
J. A. LOTT, Agent.
June 10 * .*U_ 2H
ESTRAY NOTICE.--Tolled Uforu me
hy Mose? Ilorrw, living within tliree miles
af th.1 l'iuo House, Edgellold Uistrief, a black
maro MULE, nipp"scil to be ?0 year? old. brand
el on thc left shoulder with C S. and appraised at
3::?. A. JUNKS, M. E. 1).
iMay2?__dim_? 21
WK have nnw on hand a good cuppiy of. iiN
VELOPES. Cni?tdreat this Office.
^ay2'f ' tf 21
Y L,o orifer ff-iu the 0 liuary1 l?u? I proceed
to soil op-TUESDAY. tho Tth July next,
oe toe prem?ate, cauauienoing at IT-o'clock, t
tho above-named property belonging to the
late of John Ii; ? Whitney,, dec.'d. . .
Tb? property embraoei a* LOT .OF FOI ft.
ACREE", the MAIS BUILbp?G, oonstrtreted for
the R?onmm-dation of Boarder?, ai well al with
ampio School Room?, and all necMiary OUT
BUILDINGS, with a well of fine water, supplied
with'a g?Kid pump. All tho. buddings &e?r and ?"
good* condition.
Also, will be sold at Ibo same lim., thc Sch?
? Room and l?o. sob dd FURNITURE, PIANOS,
I will also*S'!ll a sep?rale lot of ONE ACRE
-OF LAND adjoining School lot; Also
' Two One Horse WAG "?, A good SADDLE uni
.J:RI,DLR a small of HOGS, one exocilont
.Milu C'AV, t'orpr urrs' Tools, a small lot
Paints,-Unrdra T- ola, *o.
Tho Building is well located and well suited for
a Bo-irding School. Th? f**t bi. lory of tb
ir'ehool, its prudent patronage add tho necessities
of a large corainuidty give a-suranrc that compe
r< nf Teachers will have an opportunity to make i
safe and profitab'c investment. ? ?
Terms mail? known on dav of sale.
A. G. TEAGUE, Agent for
Mrs. .Lucy Gwaltuey, Ex'x.
May 27_6t_21
Stevens' t3reek Academy
Till) Fud Session of this Institution wid be
resumed the third Monday in June and con
tiuue five months, twenty days to the month
Rates of Tuition and Terms thc same as bist Ses
Binn.' No student will be received, applying la
mr than two weeks aft>r tho torin counneuces, un
less prevented by sickness. No deduction wUt be
made except in case ol' protracted illness
Persons ttisnin* tocir children thoroughly in
s-ru.-led in a select Academic course will have
iib?ial attention given them in my School.
June 9
The Graniteville Compaay
WILL jiurcHaso GOOD COTTON . at the
highest market pi ice without boing cov
ered with bagging cloth. It may be packed und
held together with slats? aa hay ami fodder ure
packed. Great alte nibil] inuit be paid tn keep ii
clean and free from trash. Pulverised fodder
an I hay cannot ho talton from it willi machinery.
Graniteville, June 7 3fr 23
.Nails ! Nails !
JUST received uti assortment of sizes from 4rt
to 12d-best, quality.
Hamburg, Juuc 9
itu 23
Chewing Tobacco.
a GOGO o-soiluicot on hand add for sale hy
H imburg, June 9 1m .23
flrir- Wc hnvo been auMiorzied by the fri. mis ?\
W. F. DURISOE, E.q./to ann-mnco him a Candi
d-i'es for re-election to tho office of Ordinary of
Edgefield District, at tho ensuing election.
April 15, *to 15
gf9*Wi uri authorized by the friends of Mr.
TACC*D 11UIET to announce bim a Cundiduti
for Tax Collector at the ensuing election.
Maj 13_ie_2J_
SACKS N. C. SALT, old and dry ;
?JvJiJ 50 *? Liverpool SALT;
lao i;i?is. N. C. FLOLK;
150 " mid I!alC (ibis. N. O. Syrup;
100 Boxea Fine chewing TOIiACCO :
50 Ubi?. Apple and renell Urandy;
10 11 Fine, Corn Whiskey ;
M A Ti A fi A and PORT WINE;
.lt heps Bi-Cnrb. SOUA.
ItrCB. MEAL. SPICES, ie., ?1?.
T-ipi .her with a pood assortment of FAMILY
GROCERIES,-on hand and lor s-de hv
Augusta, Geo.
May 20 Rm 2?
Barley Wanted.
my quantity from one bushel upwards,
tor winch tiic highest market price wdl be paid,
on delivery at my Brewery. Schultz's rilli, Ham
'mir;:. S. C .1A t:0D KA UFE KR.
Mity20 Im .20
as I
is i
"/ i
A. :
of 1
have now on hand a large Stock of BED
I ROOM FURNITURE, in Sets of from 8 to
12 piece?, Mahogany, Enameled and Fancy Paint
ed. A small lot of PARLOR FURNITURE.
CHAIRS, a few M A TT R ASS ES, and all articles
lu-ually kept in the Furniture line, most of
And will be sold 1 w for good paper whon the
cash is not convenient.
Burial Cases I
I keep constantly on a full stock of Mahogany
Octagon Led COFFINS. Also, Covered Raise Led
COFFINS, plain but neatly trimmed, at $20.
Use of Hearse $5 per day, ot trip not over a day.
I .will continue to keelia supply on hand ready
tor delivery. J. M. WITT.
Mar IO tf 10
450 Broad Si., Augusta, Gai,
given bi tho Repairing of WATCHES,
CLUCKS and JEWELRY. Every effort will lie
m ido to keep up my extensive Stock of
To suit evory defect of vision.
Thc balance ?P my &ockof CLOCKS, FANCY
GOODS, PLATED WARE, ic./will be nold low
Augusta, J*n 2U tf . 3
Negroes .Wanted.
j TWTR WI-If tnpnrobaM rti'TY LIKELY
TV YO) i* fS?<? N K C KO t\ S, an d are preparad
lo pay tho H lu ll EST CASH. PJRICES. *
Wc have on hand a LIKELY W"DMAN WITH
FOURi CHILDREN which. We will be pleased lo
SJ 1 oe exchange for oilier Negroes.
Jan IS tf ?t'
S. (
. he
Administrator's Notice.
ALL person having anv demands against the
Es.ate of John A. Crowd-tr, deceased, are
requcstad to present thora to tho'subscriber on or
"before this 29th July next, ns or. that day a' final
settlement will ba made in the Ordinary's Office.
Also, nil porsons indobtcd to ea jd Catate r.ro so
licited ta pay up by that time.
tb M. SPEARMAN, Ada'or.
Mcjji_ ora_ 18
ALL porjotij indebted to the Estate of Wfc'ftey
Whitlock, deceased, aro requosted to make
payment forlbwlth. Now is thc tin'io ta pay debts
Ma? 27_6t_ 21 -
Notice. .
LL persons indebted to the Estate- ef Edr.a
. beth Whitlock, deceased, aro requested to
io ike payment forthwith; those having claims
against the Estate will present ihem properly
attested. GEORGE WHITLOCK, )!, ,
May 27
' Salt, Salt!
CYLL at thc Hamburg Post Office Rad buy your
SALT, in Sacks or Tierces, at tho lovait
market price:'.
Also, on hand, Confederate and English Letter
Hamburg, May 27.
R. L.
4t 2;
to i
th 01
or i
bo (
i-f- , ,
For Sheriff.
3?. V. COOPER,
For Tax Collector,
C. M. MAY,
For Clerk.
Dentistry !
|U. II. PARKER will be -in bi? o?2ao
' regularly eaeh day during aare-day weok ;
after then he will only be there occasionally,
lis Professional enga-reuienta throughout the
tro t demand uiuub ot' bia attention.
^"Havinir to pay the highest Cash pricoavfor
oti?lry materials, be will hereafter work ONLY
:opt 10 tf _ _8(L
|HE Subscriber offers for sale privately tb?
mm gs, dcVd., in Edgefield District, cot lain ?Lg
late on Stcvei.s' Creek, on tho Road leading
a Augusta to Calhoun's Mills, 28 miles from
?rusta, and bounded by lands of Dr. J. J. Cart,
se. Mrs. Cartledge. C. L. Blair'and others,
'hero are on the j.luco a comfortable Dwelling
use anil all necessary outbuildings. There ara
anty-hve arres of good bottom land, and thirty
ea of land sown in Wheat, and about lorty in
4. Thu place is well watered and timbered and
n a high state of cultivation,
f a purchaser can be fonnd soon, I will sell
b tho place Seventy-five Head of Sheep, fetoek
Cattle Ac.
)r. J. J. Cartledge or the Subscriber will take
asure in showing the place to any one desirous
purchasing au excellent plantation.
EirTerms easy.
W. D. JENNINGS, Ex'or.
far 4_tl ' _B_
State of South Carolina.
A. Ransom, Adra'r. of the Estate 1
of S. G. G a li mau, dee'd.,,
vs. \
Bushnell and wife Lucretia,
ry E. Tillman and other?. J
rVlIEREASM A. RANSOM, Administrator
j of tho Estate of Sorih ll. Ga!.man, dee'd.,
applied to me, l y petition in .writing, praying
t a pur: of the proceeds of the Real Est?t? of
s:dd Sarah R. fl al ?man, dee'd., may he p?id
r to him, to satisfy debts against the said Es
I ; and it appeariug to my sutiaftction th?t ?
liam fl. Coleman and - Middleton Mosely and
wite Elir.aHv.tb, two of the Defendants ia the
vu stated case, reside beyond the limits of this
te. It i? therefore ordered and decreed that
? do appear at ? Court of Ordinary tn be bel
ar Edgefield C. H.. fer Edgefield District, on .
nday. the 31st dav of August, 1S6X, to '?how
se, if any they can, why a portion of the pru
ts of the s>ile ef the Real J?ctate of Sarah R.
hmm, dee'd., told by me for partition and di
on, should not be paid evtr lu tbo said M. A.
i sn un. to liquidate the debts against said Ea
i, or their cousent to the sum? will be entered
liven under my hmd and seal, this the ?Otb.
of May, 18tii.
W. P. DURISOE, o.m.
une 3 Soi_22
$60 Reward.
?VILL give the usual reward of ?30 each for
Jiu apprchen-ion and delivery to we in Camp
be following num.d deserters from Compauy
l?'h S. C. Raiment, Jenkins* Brigade : Private '
UN FORD, who deserted May, tbo Sch, If 62,
I Private BENJAMIN KIM BR ELL, who de
[od ?vptember, 19th, lt-52.
Hid JOHN FORD is 22 years old, 5 foot 8
hos high, blue eyes, light hair, dark ccmplex
. Ile lives four miles East of Uraniteville.
?FNJ.AMIN K1.VI BR ELL is 25 years old, 5
; 10 inches higH, blue eyes, dark bair, fair
aplexion. He lives at Bath Paper Mill,
ty order Jon* BRATTO.*, Cul. Commanding Otb.
J. Rogimeut.
Capt. Co. I), ?tb S. C. V.
:.irnp near Franklin, Va., May 22d, 4 ??2
iTCK CH. EATHA Al will stand the ansn
' ing SPRING SEASON at Edgefield CH.
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thurs
s,-at Harmon Gallman's tbo remainder of
week. He will commence bis Season first of
iruury and end the 1st day of July. He will
iain at his Stable nntil G rsi of March-after
t time be will alternate.
'wen ty-ii ve Dollars will be charged fur tho
son. I do not desire him to go to more thaa
cnty-five Mares.
lis pedigree is known to the breeders ia Edgev
?sy 6_2m _IS
LL persons indebted to the Estate of James
. C." Henderson, dee'd., are.requested to make
mont by the 1st day of October, 1863, and
io having demands against said EsUto are re
sted to present them forthwith, as I desire te
to a final settlement on that day.
L. CORLEY, Adm'r.
ict 1. 1862._ly 46
LL per?ons indebted to the Estate of John R.
. G walt -iey, doe'd., are requested to make pay
it ss ear'y as possible. Those having claims
inst the Estate will .-present them, .properly
stud, to Dr. A. G. Teague, my authorised
?cc 8,1862. ly 49
LL persons having claims against the Estate
, of Dr. J. Harwood Burt, dee'd., are notified
tresant them, properly attested^ as the nndcr
ted is prepared to pay the tame. Those ta
ted to said Estate are requested to settle pro mp t
W. M. BURT, Ex*or.
an 21 tf i! : ; 3
LL per?W? having demands against th? Se?
.tutu of William E. Middleton, dee'd., aro re*
sled to present them to the undor*hf*ed, and
indebted to said Estate at? requested ta
to immediate pavmcnt. ,
far 4 9ui? f .
'AYING accepted the Agency of aa extensiva
I SALT WORKS, I will be able to furn Uh
LT in large er small quantities, and will ba
erned by tho lowest market price in Kimbar g
S. E, BOWERS, Agent.
tamtarg, MnrSO 3m J?
Salt and Rio?,
JST received nnd for sale Tfift*13 TIERCE!
very superior S A Lt and ONE TIERCE
t? RICE. E. PENN, Agt.
hy 2d_tf 20v
obedience to orders from Regimen bil Ifea?
piartcra, I hereby notify all meoborr of my
m und, on sick or wounded furlough, that they
hereafter be required to furni?? Confederate
geon certificate of disabi'ity, regularly. AU
!e failing to comply with the above notice, will
:onsidcr?d. it? deserters,' and treated according-.
S. HARRISON, Cac tain,
? Com'd'g Co. A, 7th S. C. Regt,
uno 3, _~3t - 22
Rags Wanted.
sold for co.sh at the Advertiter office. *
Og. 27 t( - - ta : iv Hf a

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