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Naval. Pi ght in Wa rs a w'jS c u n ? - - S u rren .
der of thc Ir?n-cia-.l
About 10 o'clockthiie f reno-:,', i.iioli^r.ce
retched the city which ?i?e-.l ever/ Lc:vu.wilh
: jegreli-it was no les.-* t-h?n i ho -io^ of th?)
splendid Confederate States iron efed" steanrcr
Atlanta, form?ly the Finsrr.? 7?,e e?rcnm.?
stances under whictVuij -~..*u..-Lo adair
toqk place, are-as. f?liows:
The Government has long desired to put
the Atlanta to -active servie??, and to thia end ^
Were made the various-official changes in the1
Navy which have been noticed injthis'paper,
the oat going officers and t'.ie Secretary of the
? Navy differing regarding' the capabilities of
the steamer. A farr week;? a??o Cajtt, Webb
wa3 placed in command, and froji that dato
until now has been busily engaged io prepar
-. ing the Atlanta tor action. ilvetything being
in perfect order, -and splendid crew, as to ca
pacity "oh boards about daylight this (Wednes
day) morning,' faa Atlanta moved forward
into Warsaw Sound. When off -Warsaw
Island she encountered two iron-clad Yankee
. monitors, lying ci?se in shore. ? . *
The Atlanta tired first shot at ten minutes
to 5 o'clock, and second at .five minutes after
5. The monitors replied, andi he engagement
was kept up. un td the Atknta had fired four
shots and the monitors five. The latter lay so
closo in shore, in shallow water, that bur
steamer -found it impossible, owing to ber
heavy draft? to get as near ?is abe would. At
SJ o'clock the firing ceased on both sides;.at
. 15 minutes to C o'clock s?mil boats "were seen
to pass, from both mouitobi to the -Atlanta,,
and a wooden gun-boat, down the spund was
.signalled to return, which sib's dkl.- The ene
my boarded the Arlauta at tea minutes to 6,
. and at 6 30 the Confederate flag, which had
fixated over her nnol theu, was taken down
. and the Abohtiou flag hoisted s in tis shad.
One shot was seen to strike the A; Un tu, it is
supposed tear her stem, and a shell burst on
her deck, but with what effect is unknown,
The. officers of the Co.nfcderare State?
steamer I-ondiga-who were in 6igat and
witnessed the entire engagement and surren
der, state that the Adapta appeared tobe
aground .several times during the action. Th ny
think she was cl? ar!y so when the firing ceasr
ed and perhaps bilged, asher pumps were
actively at work aud she appeared soon alter
the surrender to be careening..
Some suspicions exist, as to the fidelity ol
the crewf? .vi.it is evt-n ru DJ red that diaholi
cal threats were uttered by a portion of tiiem
previous to the departure of the vessel, but
we doubt if this is trut*;;. ?it. all eveuts, wv
shall dd them the justice nf wtitiug them
down as loyal and true until the contrary
shall have b -en proved. Such," wo are iufurm
ed, ia the o; "inion of all naval officers in port.
We hear that Capt. Webb addresstd r.is tuen
just before going into action,, and they ie
sponded with tue greatest euibu-insm ; gs dag
- io their quarters wita alacrity and ie the beat
of spirits.'
The real cause of the disaster V.PS. proba
bly, the intlliciemy of the A'lanta, own-g to
her heavy draft^-to cope successfully with tlu
.foe ia our shallow waters. She wat distrust
ed by most of our naval ??iiitors on tkis'ae
-count andi he weakness ot" her hull', compared
- with tire immense su? etnieuiube?t w. ight ol
iron. In cc?-p water hhe is ? far better craft
than auy ni?;?rclad put m commission by the
enemy, thongm in?ni the d fiieuTly *ut:ge8ted,
they will fi?d il trouble to Utse her a^mtist, lie.
She draws vver"fil'ieen feet o( water, nnu^in
curs immiueut risks in feing aground.
The crew ci the Atlanta eiiii8i*teJ of 14(1
officers cud men, all told.-f-?avaun?h Repbii
can. . . \"
The Waria Xississsippi.
We give to-day several . items from the
Mississippiani of the !4tb, coucerning the
progress of events in Mississippi, lt s?etu?
but little more is known, or made public, at
. Jackson than here, and everybody must for
the preaent "possets their souls ot patience."
The movements oa the river are becoming
significant.. With Gen. Price at or near Hel
ena, and Kirby Smith on the Louisiana shore
opposite Vicksburg. r:e eau confidently expect
at least a large snare of tne reiniuieeuieula'
. intended for Graut, viii find ehiplovment
west of tba tiver, a? indicated by our ?peoitd
dispatch.' ?_ Ah the reports we bave t-eeii trali
' mate Gen, brice's strength ai; four brigades,
and if be has attacked lie leu a, we have nu
idea the garrison could resist iii m.1 as it had.
been'weakened to kwell Grant's J?rces.
We have a priste letter from Jackson, of.a
^ late date, which says it is tkij opinion of the
. public generally,, based upon r^piora that
t reach the city, and-ia military circles tbrmod
upoh mere detinue knowledge, that Gen.
Pemberton arid his men will have no difficulty
in- holding his position until Johnston can re
lieve him. The latter was moving, in what
direction we cannot repeat. The same in
formant asserts, that Kirby S ni i th is at Mil
liken's Bend, and that Magruder wus ue*r ut.
hand for th? relief of Gardner, at'Port Ilud
son. A number of beet cattle forwarded hy
him had been crossed te the garrison by swim--j
ming. A brigade of troops, it.was also sla
ted, had crossed.at Bayou ?arfi.
Our forces have uestroyed the New Orlea'ua, j
Jackson and Great Nert hera railroad, from
Manchac forty miles.North, and the Yankees
" were engaged in repairing it. If they use it
to advance North, as.is probably their inten
tion, a further destruction is provided tor.
Atlanta Appeal. *
-:-->-.-*-;- , - :
.DiSAsraot'8 FSESMT.-A very disastrous
freshet feir in the neighborbocd of this place
on last Saturday night and Sunday morning.
Some of the streams were higher than ever
known to haye been before. ?The. coro on
the bottom lands waa ia a nice growing con
. ditipn-a great deal of which was washed up
by the root? or revered with Band ; a great
deal cf wheat, almost ready -fy? tho harvest,
waa destroyed in like manner. We. learn
that the .heavy rain waa coi?aed to a small
territory, constquently the amount of daciago
done has not been alarming; a iejv individu
als, however, have suffered materially.-Ab"
beville Press, . V
-:-'-.? y?-1-.
fSF Tb? Angosta ConttitittionaUtP inforra?? nc
tart Fleur U OB the declino ? that city,
Northern Ncvrs.: - ?
? Nashville pApnrvof the 16tb,and the New
York, Tim$y ot' the 16th, saya Lee and an*
army .ninety thou*aud stron?, ja. marohing
Nori?W^rd. . Hookev'a.arujy. ia marchinp; on.
to prevent 'an advance. The .Governor of
Ohio bas called for 30,009 troops, BTT?I the
Gov?ruor. of Pe msylvafua bas called for 50,
000,''o pre^nt invasi?n of pacb Siate.
W AS u i NC ro s, J une 15-Lincoln bas issu
ed a proclamation calling for lOO^OO.rn.^n to
repeL?he?invasion of Maryland, Northern Vir
girth, Pennsylvania and Ol:io.
. HAUUISBUKG, June 15.-Despatches from
Chu|pbeiii?:rg and Hagerstown state that the
rebel cavalry were at Perryvtfle aud Martius
fcur? on the I4ih. . Hard- fighting'waa 'going
on. and the rebels had" driven Reyuolda from
Perry ville and were advancing dn the capital.
Tbe towus and cities throughout Peuusylvu-'
ni? are in danger. ' .
. Bet?re the capture of. Winchester, Milroy
notified the rehels that he would barn the
town if au attempt waa made to storm the
position. EwJl replied that he would bang
every Yankee captured
It is reported that Ewell has taken Har
per's ferry,, with i ruineuse stores, a?d is*
eit roule. . .
lt is .reported,that Linc-.>la has called for
tw<> bun-'re,! Jhoiisandmen tp repeal the in
vasion of Pennsylvania.
BcouCi report G,0t>M rebid cavalry it Cum
burlan-1, Mil. 'line iiiliaoiunts are dj iug for
safety ti>nH vrpVr's.F?:rry.
HA.RMisjNBUit^,' June" IC.-Business su?.-'
pended.. All important loeuments'havo been
removed from the capital.
Milray" telegraphed ofiViaMy -his- repuls?')
from- ids fortifications by 15,??? rebels,, losing
2.9*10 ra-.n.
Governor Curtin bas culled on the citizens
of Pt rms vi vania* to defend t lie ??tate, saying
t hat Philadelphia has ?tot r>wp ?mied, 'while
the enemy are in Ghambersburg. ld? ri
prpache-s the Pennsylvanian-* for? sniffling
about th? lenirth of service, when au exka-i';T
px?*t?. Ditspatches-suce everyuijng gl'outp*
aud uo saviug the country St-utk of tte Sus
quehanna. . ~.
BALTIMORE, June IG.-Gr-v. Bradford bas
called on the people to rally for tue defence
of Maryland. .- .
L? :"pa:c!iw from Rhode 'Wand, dated th'o
16.a, srate thar. Gov. Smitt> e-uiven-J tbtf
Legislature on Thiisday, for,the purpose ol.
raisii'p tromps.
Pm L.K D'KLEH t A. June 10.-The Mayor ha-?
issued hi's proclamation", closing the stores,
so that the oreupaiits can join .nifiilary orgl?nt
zttMiii.vto defend the city. '.
Nnw YOKK. J'uie 1G.-All tho regiments
arege'titig rctoiv under ?rois, lu Brooklyn,
the ut-ils were run/; at midnight, summoning
men to jon r?gimeuts leaving im mediately
for Philadelphia.
G-iv. Anlrvw, of Missuclru'sett?, tendered
Lincoln all his available militia force.
Thc; English and Aii<triau Consuls arrived
iii Sew York on the lu\h, being ordered du*
of the Confederacy by ihe reboi . authorities.
;--& ' .' '
.. ? The ?aivui.
--- ' '
.- RICH.\?>.ND; June 2'?.--Tnu Herald of. the
18th* ivpx'jis the retreat i f ibo r.-he's from
Cimntbersb'iir^ bul SST s they are in drung
force at Wil'i^m-pi.rt- ai d Cumberland, s
The Coiilederatrs also occupy tho South
Mountain. .
Five huiidre4r-l>ni"n cavalry we*? raptured
near G ret ?.? a-i li!. [Grotijeastle is a town of
L&OC ii! ubi'au ts, ?G ttiileH south-west ol
fclarritbnry, and iii ilitr rail mitti from Cliam
befsbargjii Ha^erslown. lt i? a place bf
c?nritdyrablel?wiiiesR. En CON.J
Harper's F< rry is evacuated, hut the -Ma
ryland He*"gh(s *jo_8:.rong!y fortified and still
ueid by the Fed?rala. .
Hoobc-r's ultuv, ?II the 15th, were ,on or
m-ar the *id Bu l Ron bal tie-field.
9brtiiit-atioi.a.coM'ti ucted on the bills op
DtKirtelhirrlsburg. are consioVird sirtfu-irut
proturtiou for the city. Thj pi'dc is- over
there, and the people aro disposed t<? under
rate; tbc.datier id' the linc of Che Shenandoah
uc-eiluiiig the S?at of war.. *'[
South Carolina ??Holl oXKou?r."
In n?|ii)!ise to numerous application*^" tho*
aubacriber ;mn- unces the |reparation ot
"Jlruflt Vnt"fii,aa HvUuf H nor'-a ^oi
ume whose design ts to p??p. iii?'w the uuiuu
of every soldier sun of the Stat? who'hns
?allen by u'ise Se or in battle during tue war."
I n l'Uiucrani^j -of thi.s onUerbikiiij;, the re-.
quest is made oi'^every family who have befen
tuns alli .ci ed to send.promptly to the address
here under-jgnud, a bri.'f biographical sketch
of the deceased embracing name, age, place
of bir; h. occupation, regiment und co m pt; .y,
and incidents of battle or attending death. (
and egpe.-ially such (lying dec?a atiops ?w ma)
reflect ti>? tdiaracter tit tlje-p??ri<>t anti'; hero, j
l5he whole wiil tht?? be revised and arranged j
in ulphabetical form, and.pul,li-ibud as soon ?
after the war as possible. U ^ desirable that "
a 8eprate record should- be devoted to tho ?
many Souih Curolirrians who have fallen-!? '
the service of other S'ates. l? f.he expense
and dimensions of tJ,e work?4**i not too ?re?t,
it will etuhruce.niany engravings of the dead,,
but at present tb? Utter is n-n required.
Wu ti generous co operation on the part nf
the eitiziw^if the State iu this initiier, South'
Carolina will jiqj, have occasion to . erect a
monumental column "to the nietuofy of tho
uuknown and unrecorded dead."
. The press of tho Statu will confer a favor;
by ireely circulating the above request and.
Urging attention to the subject.
F. G. ?t.F?NTAlNE,.Spartanburg, S. C.
We learn that the**' Campfires," Alarches .
and Battle Fields of the So untern R?volu- .
lion," by Personne is nearly ready for publi
cation, und but for tho desire to embrace re
cent importatit eventi, would have been is
Eued before, lt will embrace from six to
seven hurUK pages, aud bd an interesting
compendium- of the-history, heroism, ro
mance, aud fiicetiie cf the war. ;
was received hcie Wednesday morniug of the
capture of the steamer Oalypso; Capt. Biauk.
Sue wail on ber'way to Wilmington wlien her
niacbu.'Ty broke down, and the Yankeecruis
etff, who" had been chasing,. overhauled and*
took her as a,prize. .Some of her passengers
haye been lauded at WUrningtJU ?ode? a flag.
of truMi-Co?rieri
State o? South Carolina,
lui-iaiiM, iiuu.iuiu, in, woo. ..
OUR ?randal fie. unabtB.to cope with (he Con
federate force* in the open field, hare resorted
to a mode bf warfare which aronscs the indigna
tion of-Wery heart eapabie of ir patriotic emotion.
Not content w:th wresting' peaetful Citizens from
their hones and confiniiig thom in - Jbathosome-.
dungeon i, und with seizing oar contented playea
and inhumanly placing thuin in m il HAryv organ
izations, tn be set down itt the front of battle, they
h>ive inaugurated a'syste n of raids into ike iuto
ri.>r of the ?5taten, stealing negroes, burning cilios
i?nd faring destroying live, stock and -growing
onips aud.spreiidingidBsohtti'on.everywhere in thair
track.. To meet this cone ition of .things, and to
render pi acti?abl? greater concentration of our
f>rce? already in the field and tilford adequate in
ternal protection W the States,, the President of
the Coufadoracy deems it expedient, to call fora
portiuii ot'(heir resorve force fur service within^
'hair.refp-^tiv.o.limita.a Upon "tho Governor of'
Si'Uih. Carolina he . eilis ti>r five thon ?and men.
fwr the peno I of ieii mon'bi tnm the fir?t day of
August DvXt, t? ?rt iur'ui'hed lr/ draft, uiilesiT in
tho imeruiedutte lime .1. volunteer forue, organized
nn?hr the Act herewith published, J,' To- .pravido
for local refende ?od,special "service,"- at leust an
iiqtjal nun.h.rhe ?Ustenid and' reported Ap .thc
War Department as "subjettt to tho cali of tlfi-Bl'res-^
idont for i ervico within "ihn Ktato. "'. .
. Thef-i organ iza'riuJtis may be voluntary, as will
be>eeu bj anexamination -of tho Act, and art
for special (t?rrico only within the. S tube, under
tiffi-jurs of their owaseiection, aud with ihe priv
iU-gc-of remaining nt borne in the pursuit of their
ordinary uyocations ualesu e.illod for a temporary'
ixisjeucyito active dut v. '
Now, ibBi?fore,' I," Ain.LRPGE L. BONHAM,
Governor und" C"mman<lor-in Chiof in and over
the Sute of South Carolina, call upon-the people
ofthe State te assemble on tho day. fixed in thc
unjioro l orders, at .ih-dr rsspoctive Regimental
Para>to Ground*, and to mi-fe. and p-gnnizo thc
force)? c?d:<-d f.?r by*the President for the defence
nf ?bu Stat u. For .two long years, your brothers
bi.VJ b.irnu th" brunt of. mid war, fur indepen-.
dence on tiie Irnnt&rs of t"ie Confederacy. The
time bas uow arrived tophow yourselves .worthy
of those gallant mon hy. prutoocing their homes,
ttitflr wiv?-d and thor children, in' common with,
your own. . ' . '
Until tb tea boye orgauizati in takes place,, it is
rc-oumieuded to the citizens of the State to con
tinue ex'iKii'ng voluntary organizations anti to form
immediately others, with such arms as they have.,
for the pro .cclion of every neighborhood, espc
oially ulong the rivcrs*anil arms of the sea. Itany
a.ieadly volley rnly bo successfully! delivered at
the raiders in their boats from the bluffs and for
ests lining their bank?.
lmuiednifely uff r the ifqui.-ilioii of tho Presi
dent is tillcl, the Governor will take steps-fur a
mure? complete orgaoizr.t.iorj for neighborhood
protection, of such as ?re less fitted, by yo*rs, or
other?iso, lor thu Relive duties of a campaign.
'.Giran uridnrniy baud und seal of the State, nt
Columbi*; this sixteenth day of .Juno, A.
[U- s ] D. ono thousand eight hundred'-?nd miy
. - tire;'. Af. h. UOXli.OL
Wa. li. iritirTT^ecrebvry of State. .
Aa Act . to^Prucide for Lna.il D'j'enzc and 'Sp*.
r.ittl'Survint. -.
SK?T'ON I. The Ojniire*i o/.iie. Cuu/tderatt
S:atct nf A merica -do en id, That lbs President..
be and be iii hereby' authorized t > accept tho sor
vitro* of volunteer* of ruim kit. 4 and ;n s ich pro
portion SB JO may deem expedient, to serve for
-mell time nu he may pru-cribe,- for tho defence ot
exposed pluies or localitiott, or such-peewi sui vic?
?8 ho may deem *xpndi>;ii t.
SKCTION 2, And,Mich forces sha'l bo mustered
iutd the survico of tho di n federate Stitt-SM, for the
local dofonos or^pfciiil sorvieoafureiaid,' tho mus
ter roil setting form distinctly the services tobe
performed ; and tba said volunUio-s. shall not bc
considered :n actu?I service until thereunto spc
emily ordnrsd by the President" . And they shall
i>'e' entitle! to pay or subsistoLce only for s*)ieb
lime ?is th?y may pe on duty under the orders ol
the Prpsidi'i.t ur by bis direction. :
'.V-CTION Such." volunteer forcc3, when to ,ac
eeptel aud irdered into service, ahull bc organ
ized- i 1 Bccriidancc with lind subject to ail tho pro
visfons of tr.o. Aetentitltid, ''. An Act to provide
for the p'iblv. delenco," approved jflarch "C, 1361,
and ni-jy bo attached to, ?tieh l?vision?, brigade;,
regime -its or battalions as -ario President maj
direct, arid w'?ou not orgmized'iato buttalions or
re^inHiiis before h-3ing muslomd into service, the
President shall appoint tho ti -1.1-oSi.i-irs'ot' th 1
baUiiliyn? und rf gim-juts nhjh organized an such
by him. ; ' . . wV
Approved A.tgust 21, 1S61.
,1'OI.UIOIA, JUNE 16, ls63.** ?
G EXE RAL O lt Viii S Mp. m. .
To oorry into c?T?ct tho proolamntion of his Ex
celleacy the Comminder-in Chief und the Act o'
Congress, " J'o provide for louai /leieoee aud. sp?
cial service," it is hereby ordered :
L That the command! ig officers'of the Militia
Rftgimeuts ?L':tO:iibl? . at dioir usnal-pl.icea ot pa
raile, on TUl'SDAr, ' the- '7th of Ju.y n*xr, alf
persona within the limiui af their respective oom-'
ai iud/ liable to any military sorvico by tho laws
of the State : and c-ill for.volunteers to niett thf
requinition of tho Prfesident of tho C?nfedcrr.t?r
Staies on tbi? Suto'for' troops for lorftl.defe..oa
pemo'nn beiffi cn tbe atrui of forty and forty-five
to be iticlitdiT-d in thc edi. \ m
ll. Qu Miy "fttgiui :nt lulling lo hrfniih by vol
uiifefirini: ir j- gumti- of trbop'?^ w'h'ch 13 fixed by
Geticrul -Oidiir N'o-2r, nce*'iiipanyiflg this? order,
ibo o->??matiding.j?<Oiccr irf.such .A'-gimmt wilt
immediately liruw1, l'rord those -ltahlo to 'f iiotoal
military i-erv ce'-bty.ir.d thc liunrs'r.f ih.-.ir rc
spocth'e l)i-tricts,". botweeri thc ug'es'?if i'orty ami
filty' (10. und 6?) years, a'sufficient number of men
ti mateo up said quota?
vtllL. Tbe cotomanding oEoers of Regiments are
required immediately' to organize the troops thus
raised into coaipauies, of not.loss than .sixty-four
(fitJ and not more (han one hundred and twenty
five". 12i>) privates,' by holding elections for 00m
puny offioors, Viz :Ioue Captain, one First Lion-'
tenant and two Second Lieutenants, enon-tfom
mis'sioned offiours-- four Ijc 1 -.ts and. four Cor
porals- to;bo A ppointed hy. t Japtains,. and im
mediately return to this office certificates of said
elections and rolls of the companies.
.IV. The commanding .ofilcera of Boat Compa
nies aro rcquirod to prepare and retumbo the ciin
piandi?g otlicers of their respectivo R?giments on
tho day above mention id, accurate rolls of all
males residing vfi??n their respective boatsbotween
tho agoj of forty, and .fifty (40. and 50) years.
V. Offioors of tho militia between the ages 0f
forty andHfty J cari, will be subjqet to draft. .
VI. .Companies organized undur this order will
hereafter-be organised, by orleTs issued from this
office,' into Regiments of ten oomponies ea'cb,. by.
the election of .field offioors ; and, when tailed into
tho fiold, wili bc mustered into'Confederate -oor
vicc, for local defence, anti .special service wVjjin
tba limita of tail State, for tho torts of lix BOBtbt
frea tb? fint dny pf &^ anti
VIL The*commis:!"3g>mcor? of Regiments
ar? charged wttfTthe prompt ?* tension and exe
cation ofJbU oid?i, ^a ???j' liL.?ll on their pi?*
or on the. nark "of any officer, .will be vlitted with
tue severed penalties of tho law.
. .. By command of-the Governor,
Adjutant and Inspector-General S. C.
.June.2-t . 2t ? ' 25
*COLC?BIA, Jnr.e 13, 1863.
OTICE ?8 hifroby. givon to the "Boards-ofj
. ."Soldiers1 R^lfef" throughout the State that
they will be ?applied,. a??iere?nfor8, with OCEAN
SALT, for'diatribution to needy families of sol
diers, at coat and expenses, on application to.this
Department. . y
By order of tho Governor,
- Liont. Col: and Commlaa&ry General S. C.
June 24 - . It - . . ,25
CeLuaaiA, June IG, 1863. -,
TUE Aci *f .Goneral- Assembly of April H,
-1883, entitled " An Act to suppress the dia
tillatiun of apirituoua liquor? ia thia Sute," con
tains the following provision, vii ; '. .
? " That bia Excellency .the Governor on being
satisfactorily assured ' that an' increased quantity
of spirituous l'ujtpi?, whloh cannot be othonrise
prbeared, is absolutely necessary for medicinal
purposes.in this Stato, ahull have powpr to bare
manufactured, at some central a*-d. convenient.
10*Ojvtion, j>y skilled, and responsible agenta," at
fi x?d salaries-; tobo appointed by him.-elf, auch
quantity of alcohol or pure spirits, as shall bo
darned ri.-? nisi to for the purple aforesaid."
Noliee is-hereby given that proposals in wri
ting will be received at this office until lat Joly
-next, fur faroitmin-t this Department with' .one
thousand*gallons "of ALCOHOL, and" fourteen
ih'ouaaad g\llo:isof PURE SPIRITS, dnringjhe
present .year; the sauio to be saanmactured by. j
skiliod ?ud responsible agentr, auder the super
.V Won" of the un de reigned, -*t or near -. Columbia, :
Booda with, adequate security will be required.for
tho faithful performance of the contracts.
Bv order of the Governor,*
Lieut. CoL and.Commissary General''8. C.'
June ?i ,4t 25
.... COLUMBIA, June 17, 1363.
IS answer to' many loiters upon Hie subjcct.of
the rsoi^jui m.ox" Magistrates, it is stated, tor
the information ol all concerned,-tbn'tjh'*' (i0v
dfcuwjlocs not frei oallod'apon to.'a-"",'n"p? M-tgis
trate? within the oonsQripr.? ?ge from military
Bery leo, lo.ism'ieh^A'. S;e Legislature" had that
subject un.>or ' coiuideralioa and did nut provide
?Q? it iif-thoir Act, .
. By order <i( Ui3 Governor.
. - B.P. ARTHUR,
Private Secretary.
P:tOM'tho*Sub 4cribe?|ou tho ll'.h inst, his.
nogro man DANIEL/nged 29 years, weighs
about 173 pounds, and i i near i feet 9 inches high,
twill p~iy a li Wt ra! roward fur his delivery to me,
or for hts t..vfa lodgement in the Jail of thia Dis
trict. . J. M. JONES.
- Lott's P. 0., June 17, . 3t 21 .
_?._:_e_ ?
Notice *to Bridge Builders!
WfL*L bo let to-the ?Weiil bidder OB Tuesday, \
the ll th July nojr, nt tire Bridge, the
jju^in?r..i .a^?r?d^.acj&?a^ Creek a?'
Garrett's old Mitt Tho ?ridge is to be abouV300
feet lung; A good ch:Wee to iii Akt? money, For
pacli-.'hlari f-Wj' u> -
? < ; " E. T. MI Md; Ch V.r.' Eoar.l..
"Juno 17, . 3t ' 24
Wool Cards. -
ryrE HUNDRED PAIR v: ry superior WOOL
\J CAHD?'?ii(it received and f?r sale by*
JIamt.urg, S. O ', June 8, ?_^_ 3t 23
ALL persons indebted to the Estate- ofW. Bur
? gea Bush previous to his death aro earnestly
"requested t-? settle up forthwith. And Hmso hav
ing demands against said Estate are requested to
render them in lawfully attested to tho undersign
ed who will settle the same. - . .
' .- '. J. A. LOTT, Agent
' JuD0 10 3t . 23
Nails ! Nails J
and 12 i. For ride by E. PENN, Agt.
Juno V _tf 2t
Negroes Wanted.
WE. Wr.SH to purchase FIFTY LIKELY
YOl'iYG NEGROES, and aro prepared
W? luivw on hand a LIKELY WOMAN WITH
FOUR CHILDREN, which-we will be pleaied'to
sell ur exchange fur other Negroes.
Jan 28 _ ff
HAVING accented the Agcn?y_'?C aa extonaivc I
SALT M'.CR CS, I will be ablo'fo furnish]
SALT in large'Qr .small quantities,- and will be
governed' by the k>weat market price in Hamburg
or Augusta. ; _ V.
S. 12. BOWERS, Agent.
Hamburg, MHX 30 3m 13
Salt and Rice.
JUST roccived and for salo THREE TIERCES
very ..superior SALT^nd 'ONE TIERCE
*EW RICE. . ' E. PEN'xt, Agt
' M-.y gq - ._tf- 2?
KAA SACKS N. C. SALT, old and day;
DUU 50 ?* : Liverpool SALT ; - -
150 ?bis. N. C.. FLOUR ;
150* 41 and Half Bbls. N. O'. Syrnp;
.100 BoxcsFi?e Chewin?TOBACC? j
. 50 Bbis. Apple aod Peach liraudy;
10 ** ^Fine Corn Whiskey;
41 Kegs Bi-Carb. SODA.
Togethor with , a good, assortment of FAMILY
'GROCERIES.-oa hand and for salo by
. - ' - Auguhta, Geo. " .
Moy 20 * -, ; gm. . ' 20
inrE have now on band a good supply of EN*
1^*. VEtOPES. -Enquire at .this Office. > ?..'
May 27 . tf 21
Rags Wanted.
sold for cana at tba ?ivtrti?r ciSco. .
Alfi IT W?s H
BY an order fry m the Ordinary I ih?U p-uetod
to ?oil on TUESDAY, thu Uh: Joly ?st,
o : the premises, ocmraenoing at ll o'clock, A. M.,
tlia nbove-named .property helen ging tu ' the Es
ta? of John R. Gwaltney, deo'd."
Tho . property embrace?- a LOT Of POUR'
ACRES; the MAIN BUILDING, constructed for
tte accommoda ti o-i of Boarders, as well- M with
ampio Sohool Kooran, aud fill neceiaary OUT
BUILDINGS, with a well of tin? water, supplied
wiith> good pump. All the building? new ami m
good oondition. ,
Aiwa, will "be sold at the same timo, "tibe 8chool
Room .^Household FURNITURE, PIANOS.
STOVES, ?or '. - :
? I will also sell a separate Jot of O??. ACRB
OF LAND adjoining' the School- lot. Also,
Two One Horse WAGONS, a good dADDLE and
/BRIDLE, a .email lo-: of HOG?>, one excellenC
Milk COW, Uarimut*}?' TooJj; ? ?aalt lot of
.funis, Garden loolsj^kc.'
The Building, is well located and well raited for
a Boaramg. ?chooL. ^Tno; past history of thur;
.School, its present patronage, and the necessities
of a large- community gvre aes'uraneo .that?cojnpe
i>trt'Teachers will nave on opportunity to make *
sale and profitable iaVcutuieui.
Terms made known on day uf ealo.
A. G. TE AGUE, Agent for -
Mrs. Lucy Gwalu.*y?Ei'x.
May 27 ." ". 6t ;. ai
Stevens' Creek Academy.
Tl H E Fall Sesaiou of'tbu IiiB?tuiion will-oe
ro.-uuied me tuird Monasy in June and con
nu ae five months, ii, eu ty uay s u> the lumpur.
Rutes of Tuition and Terms tba sime ?a last des
sion. No Hidden t will be receirec:, applying-ia-:
ter than two weeks alter' the term commence?, un
ies: prevented by sickness. No doduotion will b?
uidio except in case ol protracted illness.
Persons wi.-uing their children thoroughly in
stracted in a select AcaUemic course will have
liberal auentiuirgiven them in my School. -
>'".*' . . . - JOHN W?MCCANTS.'
1 Juno 9 ? . -? : . 3t . 2V
-r *
The Gramtetille Company
WILL purchase GOOD COTTON at th?
highest market p?i^0 without, being ov
eree! with baggfogjBl**^,'. it may be.packed and
Held tog?'*her-^';th slat? as haysid fodder ari .
pv?tte?L. . C.eat attention must-be paid to keep it
and free ' fmm trash. Pulverised fodder.
and hay cannot bo taken from it with machinery.
GranitevUlc,-Jnne 1 . ?'. - gt " 33
Nails ! Nails!
^TlJST reoeived an aescrtment of/?Lee? from *d
tl to 12d-"be8t quality. *j
-, -J. A. GURLEY.
Eiamburg, June 9 ' la. " 23
??I Chewing -Tobacco. . /
AGO OD assortment on hand and for gale by
- J. A. GURLEY. '
~ Hamburg, June 9 fi ; Im ~ 23
J?r* We have, boen anthnrzied hy tho friends or.
W. F. DUR1S0E, Esq., to announce bim a Candi
d?Ui? for re-e?eotion to the office-of Ordiaaryof
Rdjjefio?d District, at tho ensuing o'ection.
April 15, '.?>. - " * .15
y?SSrWe are autlioriV.otl by the friends of Mr.
JACOB H?ET to '?nnouuco .him "a Candidate
for-.Tax-C'^ic'i??or/?t the ensuing election.
Miiy-13 ".' Uf 21
Administrator's N?tice.;
ADLpersun having any demands against the
Estute qr J?hn A. Crowd-:/, deceasod, sro
requested tn present them to the subscriber on or
before tho 29:b .liny next,' a's'on that day a float
sattloment wiil be mado in the Ordinary's 00,?.
Also, alt poru'.nn indebted ?o said JiaUU) ?re so
licitud t<r pay up by thattimo,
G. M. SPEARMAN, Adm'br.
. May 5 _; 3m . , ^8'
Notice. v
ALL persons indebted to the Estate of Winfrey
Whitlock, deceased, are requested :U>* make
payment forthwith. Nnw is tho time to pay deb?L
fray 27 Qc . ' 21- .
A .LL persnrij indebted, to tho Estate ef E'isa
j\. beth Whitlock, deceased, are requested to.
rnitko pay'ii ent forth * i lb ; those having claims
against the Estate will present-'them, properly
attested. GEORGE WHITLOCK, ) AllmW;
G. W. TURNER, | Adm ors.
' May 27- ._. ' Ct . ' 31
* Salt, Salt ! ' :
CALI, n?. tbs ITatnbur? Post OtSce and bay your
SALT, in. tucks or TiercesK at the l?woat.
market prices.
Alto, on hnnd, Confederate and English Letter
. R. L. ?ENT2?Y.< .
Hamburg, May 27 ' ,_ -it 81V..
? Stale of South'Carolina)
M. A. Ransom, Adm'r. of the Estate
of S. G.' G allman, dce'd.,
ys: . f
A. -Bushnell and wife Lucrotia, j
Mary E". TUlmaar and'others*. . J -
.Tr-CTflEREASJVI.A. RANSOM, Admln?strator
1 n pf the Estate of Barah R. ?Gailman, deo'd.,
has applied to m?^hy petition-in writing, praying
tbit R wi rt nf the proceeds of the Real Estate of
'.Ir? said Sarah R. ?atlman? deo'd., may be psid
uvor to him, to eatufy debts against ?he said. Es
rate ; aud it appearing to my batisf-ctioo that
Willinui .G. Coleman'a nd . Middleton 'Mosely and
.hia wilu Elizabeth, ?wo bf tho Defendant? in th?
Above ?tated.case, reside.bey-rd the limits of this
State. It i?f therefore ordered and decreed-tbat.
they clo appear at a Court of .Ordinary to be hoi*
den al. Edgofi?ld C. H., fir Ed gefiel d District, on
Monday, the 31st day of August, 1803, to show
cause, if any thoy can, why. a portion of th? pro
ceeds of the sale of-th? Real Estate of Sarah R.
Gall man, dee'd.. sold by me for partition and di
rision, shopld^not bti paid ever to the said M. A.
Ran bo ni, to liquidate thc ?ibis against said . Ea- .
tate, or their consent-to the some will he entend
nf recDrd.
Giri in under my hoad and seal, lula the 30 th
day of Mayr 1863.
... - IV. F. DURISOE,o.nJ)..
Juno 3 _ . 3m_ : -3i
ALI, persons neglecting or rofualng tonend their
r hands.to work on the---fortifications on the
Coast ore hereby requested te call on me and pay
their finca by tho 20th day of July.nextj, and eave
cos-w After that time I will, turn orar the natne* -
of -all parsons finod to tho Clerk of tho Court
. / r JOSIAH PADGBT?, Treae'r.
B, ?, ?, Low BfiWtoa Wfc wu .
.JwilOi it ? ?

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