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BY snccrjrs, DUBISO E~*CO. "
Naval Fight in Warsaw^S sunii - -3 arren
?1er of the Iron-c!a:l ..,.u?;a.
About 10 o'clockthi? ? reno-;,}, i.iiJ?i'^nc?
reached the city which lilied every benrcwiib.
jegrefc-it vas no los? tl-an tho j??y of tiijs
splendid Confederate States iron clad steamer
Atlanta, forint* ly thc Finfh?'. TSo ?ir<*Wrri
stances under whkii; iLis ? adair
toojc place, are- as. follows :
The Government has loug desired to put
the Atlanta to active Ker vice, and to thia*: end
were made the various official changes is the
Navy which have been noticed in thn'paper,
the out g'oing officers and the Secretary of the
Navy differing legardinfr the capabilities of
the steamer. A few week? azo Ca^tt. Webb
was placed ia command, and froji that date
until now bxs been busily engaged i ri prepar
ing the Atl; uta lor notion. -Everything being
in perfect order, and splendid crew, ns to ca
pacity "on board, about daylight this (Wednes
day) uorning, the Atlanta moved forward
into Warsaw Sound. "When off "Warsaw
Island she encountered Two iron-clad Yankee
monitors, lying close in shore.
The Atlanta tired first si..<t at ten miuu'es
to 5 o'clock, and second at five minutes after
5. The monitors replied, and the engagement
was kept up un td th* Atlanta had fired four
shots and the monitors five. The latter lay so
close in shore, in shallow water, that our
steamer found it impossible, owing to her
heavy draft, to get as near as she would. At
5} o'clock the firing ceased on both sides \ at
13 minutes to G o'clock small boats .were seen
to pass, from both mouitors to tho - Atlanta,
and a wooden guh-bo?t down the s/uind was
^signalled to return, which she dkl. The ene
my boarded the Atlauta at ten minutes to 6,
and at 6 30 the Confederate fhg, which had
floated over her mud theu, was taken down
and the Abolition flag hoisted in its stead.
One shot was seen to strike the Atlanta, it is
supposed near her stern, and a shell burst on
her deck, but with what effect is unknown.
The ofiieers of thc Confi dence Sure*
steamer l-ond)ga-who were in sigat and
witnessed the entire engagement and surren
der, state that the Atlanta appeared io be
aground si veral times during the act ion. Th??)
think she was cl? arly so when the tiring ceas
ed and perhaps bilged, as her pumps were,
actively at work aud she appeared soon alter
the surrender to be carteuing.
Some su.-picions exist, as to the Gdfdtty ol
the crew^ >d it is evtn rumored that diuboli
cal threats were uttered by a portion of them
previous to the departure of the vessel, but
we doubt if this U true at ali events, Wv
shall dd them the justice of writing them
down as loyal and nuc until lae contrary
shall have b en proved. Such, we are ?uforni
er], is the o; inion of all naval officers in port.
We hear that Capt. Webb addressed r.is men
just before going into act top,, and they re
sponded with tue greatest emhu-hisir. ; gtqng
to their quartern with alacrity and io tho beat
of spirits.
The real cause of tho disaster ?pg, proba
bly, the inilSciemy of the A'lanta, own g to
1er heavy ?rnft, to cope Miceesslu iy- with the
.foe in our shallow waters. She WHB distrust
ed by most of our naval ofliccrs on this ac
? couut and ihe weakness of her hui!', compared
with the irrinei^e .?>:i? eiiin umbeul w. igiit ot
iron, in te?-p water she is a fur better trait
than auy ?o;?rclad put m cnmriiist;.?:i by che
enemy, thotic^o lr<>ni tbe d flicuily ^uugesttd,
they will fit.d it trouble to use lier a?aiti.->l tia.
She draws vverfil'ieen feet o( -waler, and in
curs immiU'-ut risks in (toing aground.
The crew cf the A'lania consisted of 14li
officers end men, all tol?.-7-?;ivaiuuu Kepbii
Tte War in Mississippi.
Wc give to-day several items from the
Mississippian^ of the 14th, coucerning the
progress of events in Mississippi. lt s'ieru*
but little tr ore is known, or made public, at
. Jackson than here, and every budy must fur
the present " possets their sonis ot patience."
The movements on the river are becoming
significant. With Gen. Price at or near lie!
ena, and Kirby Smith on the Louisiana shorn
opposite Vicksburg, re eau confidently expect
at hast a large snare of tbe leinluiccinenUi
intended for Graut, viii find employment
west of the tiver, us indicated by our ?peela
dispatch. All the reports we have seen ?fitt
' mate Gen. Price's strength at four brigades
and if he has attacked Helena, we have ni
idea the garrison could resist nina,'as it lue
Leen'weakened to swell Grant's forces.
We have a private letter from Jackson, of t
t late date, which says it is the opinion of th?
public generally, based upon ngjnors thai
reach the city, and in military circles t'ortnot
upon more detlmte knowledge, that Gen
Pemberton and his men will have no difficult;
in holding his position until Johnston can re
lieve him. The latter-was moving, in wha
direction we cannot repeat. The same in
formant asserts, that Kirby Smith is at Md
liken's Bend, and that Magruder wus nesr a
hand for the relief of Gardner, at'Port Hud
son. A number of beef cattle forwarded b
him had been crossed to the garrison hy swiu
ming. A brigade of troops, it was aUo stt
ted, had crossed.at ?ayou Sara.
Our forces have uestroyed the New Orleau
Jackson and Great Northern railroad, fro,
Manchac forty miles North, ?nd the Yanket
were engaged in repairing it. If they use
to advance North, as is probably their intel
tion, a farther destruction is provided lor.
Atlan ta Appeal. _ *
DISASTROUS FKESMT_A very disastrot
freshet fell io the neighborhood of this plat
on last Satutday night and Sunday iuoruiit|
Some of tbe streams were higher than ev?
known to have been before. . The corn u
the bottom lands was ia a mee growing coi
cition-a great deal of which was washed u
by the root8 ox covered with sand ; a gm
deal of wheat, almost ready for the harves
was destroyed ia like manner. We. lear
that the heavy rain was cot-fined to a smu
territory, consequently the am/mnt of daiuac
done has not been alarming; a few indi vid
als, however, have suffered materially_At
be ville Press. . '/*
??3~ Tho Augusta ConiUtittionaUtP^uioxvad \
tint Hour il en tb? di clint in that city,
Northern News. . ?V
. Nashvillp pApnr-vof the 16tb,anrl the'New
York Times, ot' the 16th, says Lee and'an*
..muy ninety thousand strong, is. marching
Northward. . Hookfei-Varmy is marching on
to prevent an advance. The Goveruorvof
Ohio ha?? called for 30,000 troops, and tho
Governor, of Pe ? nsylvania has bailed for ?J,
000, 'o pre>i*nt iriynsion of each Siate.
WAS u IN eros', June 15-Lincoln bas issu
ed a proclamation calling for 100,000 m^n to
repeLtiio-invasion of Maryland, Northern Vir
ginia, Pennsylvania and Okio.
rLiiMiJsBUho, June 15.-Despatches from
ChufrbcFxijfirg anl Ha^eistowu state that tbe
rebel cavalry were at Perryvifle aud Martins
furg?n the liih. Hard fighting wail'going
on, and the rebels had' driven Reynolds from
Perry ville and were advancing du tho capital.
The towus and cities throughout Pennsylva
nia, are in danger.
Before The capture of. Winchester, Milroy
.notified th* rebels that he would bara the
town if au attempt was made to storm the
position. Ew. ll replied that he would hang
every Yankee capturen1: ' .
It is reported thal Ewell has taken Har
per's Ferry,, with immense slorts, and i3
eu roule.
lt iq reported lint Lincoln has called for
two bum're.1 ihous.ind men to repeal thc in
vasion of Pennsylvania.
Scouts n-pori 6.000 reb.d cavalry in Cum
berland, .'?M. 'ijie inhabitants ace dj ing for
safely ttj.il .irp.-r's Ferry.
HARKISJ.NJJUK^,' June IG.-Business sus
pender1. All important .locumeuts have been
removed from the capital.
Milroy telegraphed oili-'iaMy bis repulse
from his fortilicatijns by 15,000 r* bels,. losing
2.900 men.
Governor Curtin has called on the dozens
of Pt riTis>. Ivania'to defend tlie Siftlti. saying
that Piiihi'lelpnia has not rei?t? ttided, while
the ?nemy are in Chamber-burg. H? re
proaches the Pennsylvanians for. sm filing
about the leutrth of service, when au exigency
exists. Dospatches-.sUiie everyuiing gloomy
and uo saving the cjuntry South of lue Sus
BAVTIMOBE, June 16.-Gov. Bradford has
called on tho p.-ople to rally for tue defence
of Maryland;
L" ?-parches from Rhode isia.i l, dated thc
lG.u, srat? that Gov. Smitl* (.?mveu-d the
Legislature on iVarsday, for the purpose o?
raising iro.ips.
Pllfj.ADKl.EUIA, June Ll.-'J he M ?vor ha<
issued hi's proclamation', closing the stores,
so that the oecupaots can join uif?iiary org?ni
za'ions to defend the city.
New YOUR. J nm l?.-AU thc regiments
are ge'ting rcU'ij under ?rms. lu Brooklyn,
the bells were rung at midnight, summoning
men to join rcgiti.euts i< aviug -immediately
for Philadelphia.
Gov. An Irew, of Mtttaelmjie^t*, tendered
Lincoln all his available militia force.
Th? English and Aiftriau Consuls arrived
in Xt-w York pii the 16-ii, berni; ordered oU*
of the Confederacy bv the rebel authorities.
-_4 - rn
'i be J.ntent.
RICHMOND. Jun.* 2u.-jTha Herald of. thc
18lu"rcpt>t>s the retreat if lite t* be?s from
Ciiambtrsliurt', but sis they ate in tining
force at Wil'mru-port m d Cumberland. .
The Confederates aise ccctipy thc South
Five iiu?dre^pUni'in cavalry we-? cptured
nea; Gre? :.? a ile. [GrOtiicastle ts a town of
1,500 il dabil au fa, 5<i miles smith west of
tlarri&b::r;, and ? ll tile railroad Iron) Cham
beraburg lo rTagerstown. lt i? a place ol
considerable luumess. En CON]
Harper's Firry is evacuatei!. iitlt the -Ma
ryland He/glils we. s:longly fortified ?.nd slill
acid bv t Le Fedi-rids. .
Honker's' aiwv, -.?n l|io 15th, were on or
mar ti>? Mid bu 1 Run bat tie-field.
PlirtilicatiobS Cui'stiucJed on ihe hills op
posrleTl irrisburg. are considered fctrulcieut
protection for the city. Th j pede is over
therr, and the people are disposed to under
rate I be (hu IKW i.'f ihe iinc of t::e Shenandoah
becoming tlie Si ai ol'war.
South Carolina " Koli ol iiouoi."
In iwpniiSe to numerous application*, tin1
suh.scrit.ei* .ann-nuces 'he | reparation ol
" Si xil't t.Sii'Aiua* Hull of ll./?'./'-a mi
rnee whose design is io p'-rp. int't'e the natue
of every soldier sou uf the Stale who hus
:ailen by oise se or in hattie during lue war.
lu fut tuerama* ol' this undertaking, there
quest is ma'le ol' every fumily who have befen
tuns alli cted lo send promptly lo ihe address
here undersigned, a brid' biographical sketcli
of the deceased embracing name, agc, place
of biri li, occupation, regiment and compir?y,
and incidents of battle or attending death,
and esi.e.ially such dying deda Atiotis ns maj
reflect tr?? character ot tue pa'ii"t a:id hero.
The whole will thea be revised and arranged
in alphabetical form, and-pidilHlmd as noon
arter the way as possible, li in d?sirable tba!
a separate record should he devoted to thr
many Sooth Carolinians who have fallen ir
ihe service of other Scales. If '.he expense
and dimensions of the wUrWai not too iireat
it will embrace, many engnivings of the dead
but at present the latter is not required.
Won generous cnorpralion on tho part o
the citizii?i*-ni' the Slate iu this inaner, Simd
Carolina will uqj have oceariju io erect i
monumental col mun "to the nieiuofy of tht
unknown and uurecorded dead."
The [tress of the Sta'tu will confer a favo
by treely circulating the above request anc
urging attention to the subject.
F. G. DtFONTAlNE, SparUnburg, S. C
We learn that the"- Camp Fi reu, .Marche
and Battle Fields of the SauHiern Revola
lion," by Personne is nearly ready for publi
cation, and but for the desire to embrace re
cent important events, would have been it
Eued before, lt will embraco from six t
seven hundred page3, aud be an intereslinj
compendium of the history, herviam, ru
manee, and ftcetiie of the war.
was received bete Wednesday morning of th
capture of the ?teamer Calypso, Capt. Blael
Sue was on her way to Wilmington when he
machinery broke down, and the Yankee crui,
eis, who had been chasing,. overhauled an
took her UB a prize. .Some of her passengei
haye been lauded at Wilmet JU nuder alla
of trace,-Courieri
State of South Carolina,
. . COLUMBIA, Jun 16th, 16, 1863.
OUR vandal foo. on-hie.to cope with tile Con
federate force* in the open held, havo resorted
to a mode of warfare which aronscs the indigna
tion oN?very buart ejpablo of u patriotic emotion.
Not content w:th wresting peaci ful citizens from
their homes and confining thom in- luathesome
dungeons, and with seizing our contented slaves
and inhumanly placing them in military - organ
izations, to be set down in the front of battle, they
have inaugurated a system of raids into the inte
rior of the Status, stealing negroes, burning cities
end farms', destroying livo stock and -growing
crops aud spreading dosulaUbn.everywbero in their
track. To meet this condition nf things, and tn
render practicable greater concentration of our
forces already in the field and afford adequate in
ternal protection to the States, the President of j
the Goufeduraoj deems it expedient to call for a
portion of their rnsorrc force for service within^
.heir re?p'ctiv.o limits. Upou the Governor of
.South Carolina bc eilis for five thousand mon.
tor the peno 1 of si- mon'hs tnm the first day of J
August next, to bo turi.?-hud irv draft, unless in
tho intermediate lime a. volunteer forue, organized
ujid-r the Act hsrewitli published, '.'To provide
for local defence and.special 'service,". at least AD
equal nurr.b-.r be mustered and reported Jg thc
War Department ns subject to thu call of tl?SPros
ident for service within tho State.
These organizations may be voluntary, as will
bo seen by an examination of tba Act, aud are
for special service only within the S ute. under
fiffioors of their own selection, aud with the priv
ilege of rt rn:, ?oin,' at home in the pursuit of their
ordinary avocations u-tless called for a temporary
exigency io active dutv.
. Xow, therefore,' I, ?1ILLEPGE L. BONHAM,
Governor and - Commander-in-Chief in and over
the St?it? of ?OUiKCarolina, cati upon the people
of tho St life to asicmblv on tho dny fixed in the
aajioziid or lers, ai their respective Regimental
Para'!? Grounds, and to rai-ie and n-gautzo thc
force* cti-ed for j;..-the. President for the defence
of ibo ? lat?. Po.-two long years, your brothers
bavo born'! th* brunt nf. mis war, for indepen-.
dence o.: ti'.o fro ri tn. rs of t'ie Confederacy. Tho
timo bas now arri-'ed tofshow yourselves .worthy
QFthose gallant misu hy. protecting their homes,
tl-sfr wiv.s and thor children, ia common with
your own.
Until thoiabove organization takes place,, it is
rc. oin laen led to tie citizens of the State to con
tinue existing voluntary organizations and to form
immediately otheri, with such arms as they have,
for the protection bf every neighborhood, espc
cially ?' ng thc rivers "and arms of the sea. Many
a .ic,ni.j volley in'iy bo successfully' delivered at
ibo raiders iii their boats from the bluffs and for
ests Hu tag their bunk?.
Immediately ujV-i th? If-qnisiliou of thc Presi
dent is tille r, the Governor will take steps for a
m-?re complete Organisation for neighborhood
protection, ol* such as ?re less fiUod, by yc>fs, or
otherwise, for the.active duiics of a campaign.
.Giren utidnr tny baud and seal of the Slite, hf
Coiutnbiv tlii" sixteenth day of Juno, A.
[t.. s] D. ono thou'-jiul eight hundred and .tixiv.
. ihre.-. M. L. OGS II v.M.'
Wa. R. IX rx TT, S-?cret-ry of itate. .
An Act t-j r.-uci-lf /.jr Lofl.il U-fcnzc and
..iff'.N'err.'ee. \
SKC~:ON I. Thc (rtuyrin nf .ii?. diu/edtrat%
S'atei nf Amur.?ea "?/o enact, Tln-t lbs Presiden,
be aud be is hereby' authorized t> accept tho ser
view of co I un tee rs of puen ?.UA and jo s ich pro
portion as ho may tUem expedient, to serve foi
-.neb tim-* ns he may pre .cribe, for tho defence ot
j expose I places or localities, or such special sui vic?
as tic may deem ?-xp.-div.nt.
SKVTIOX 2? And such forces sha'l bo mustered
into thc service of the U?hf? .l-?rate Stat:?, for the
local detent, J or special evTvi-o aforesaid, ibo mus
ter roil Bettine; form distinctly the services to be
p er formed ; and tba said volunteers shall not be
considered in . tina! service until thereunto spe.
chilly urdnred by the President;- And they shall
be' entitle ! to pay or subsistonce only for ?$icb
lime ?vs tt.-oy ui*y no on daly under tho orders ot
the Pri'<i-J"-it or by bis direction,
i SKCTIOS O. Such vjiuntoer forces, when so ac
eeptei and ordered into service, shall bc- org.:n
?zed i i aee-ird-incc with ?nd subj-cl to ai! ibo pro
I vis'bns of tt.o Act entitled, An Act to providi
for the publie defence," approvod III arch fi, 1361
and ni iy bo attached ta such ?Uvision*. brigade;,
regime it.; ur hatt?lioDS as dno President maj
direct, and when n?t o.-giniicd into battalions oi
rei^iin^itts before boin-: mustered into sci vico, thc
.' President shalt appoint tho ti ld-oCiijis of th i
. battalion* odd regiment! ?h'ih organized as soc!
' by him. '
Approved A-ignst Ul, 1361.
.('OLU-SDIA, JCNE 16, U6:i. .* .
G EXEU A h 0 UVE li a X?. VI).
To carry into effect the proclamation of his Ex
celiency the Comm md -r-in Chief and the Act o
Congress, .' To provide for local deieoce aud spe
cial service," it is hereby ordered:
I. That the commanding officers'of the Jii'dti
Rr-gimeuts assemble at ticlr usual'pl ices of pu
rade, on THE?DAV, tho 7th of Ju.y nt-xt, al
persons within the li mi ti; of their respective com
! ut md' ?bb', s lo any military service by thc law
of the St.-i'e: mid dil for volunteers to meet th
requisition ol' tho Pr?sident of the Cenfedcrcl
States on thi? Sinto for troops for local defe..cj
persuns beiw<icn Ibo o?i.s of forty and forty-fiv
tn bu inc iud (-d in tile Call *
li. Qu Kay I?ig:-Ji :itt (ailing lo furnish by vol
Ui'teering it.? niiotn-ol troop's, vh-rh ij fixed h;
General '-O?dor Nn:2l'i ace? tupar.yirig i h ie or dei
ibo commanding-juicer of,such Rifgiinent wi
immediately draw from tLose diablo1 to linctuii
' j military i?erv:re*4?synnd thc ll?lifs:of thr.i'r rc
1 j spo?trye Ui.-tricts," botween' the ages'of forty at?
filly (10 and 50) years, a sufficient nuinber of me
tu make up said quota.
III. . Tho commabding ofiicers of Regiments ai
J, j required itc nediately to organize the troops tht
raised iuto companies, of not less than sixty-fou
(64) and not more than oae hundred and twenty
fivo'(l25) privaten, by holding election* for coa
puny o?fieors, viz : 'oue Ctiptain, one First Lion
tenant and two Second Lieutenants, thunon-rfton
missioned offioers-four iicrgeants and four Coi
pornls-to be appointod by. thc Cuptains, and in
modialely return to this omeo certificates of ?ai
elections and rolls of tho companies.
IV. The commanding c ulcers of Boat Compt
nies are required to prepare and return to the con
piauding officers of their respectivo Regiments o
tho day above mentioned, accurate rolls of a
malos residing within their respective beats botwee
tho ages of forty and fifty (40 and 50) years.
V. Officers of tho militia between the ages o
forty and fifty years, will bo subject to draft.
VI. Companies organized, under this order wi
hereafter ibo organized, by orders issued from th
office, into Regiments of toa oompanios each, b
the olection of field officers ; and when called int
tho field, will bo musierod into Confederate soi
vico, for local dofence and spacial service vrithi
the limits af tail Slate, for tho tem of ai* Booti
(ron tb? first ty oj Augmi wt,
ML The-eomrasnllag-officers of Regiments
are charged wlrh the prempt oAtenalon and exe
cation of. this oitkt, liU.ri on their nv*
or on the part of any officer, .will be visited with
the severest penalties of tho law.
By Oomioand of-iho Governor,
Adjutant and Inspector-General S. C.
Junc-24 2t 25
"COLGWBIA. Jur.e 13, 1863.
NOTICE ishorohy given to the "Boards of
Soldier..' R*lief" throughout the Stat* that
they will be supplied,, as heretofore, with OCEAN
SALT, for distribution to needy families of sol
diers, at cost and expenses, on application to this
By order of the Govornor,
Liout. Col. and Commissary General &. C.
June 24 . lt 25
COLUMBIA, June 16, 1863.
THE Act af .Goneral Assembly of April H,
1863, entitled " An Act to suppress the dis
tillation of spirituous liquors in this State," con
tains the followjng provision, vii:
. uThat his Excellency the Governor on being
satisfactorily assured that un increased quantity
of nphicuous l'quors, which cannot be othorwise
prOeured, i<< absolutely necessary for medicinal
purposes.in this Siato, shall have powor to have
manufactured, at some central ahd convenient
loo.iiinn, hy skilled aud responsible ugents, at
fix*d salaries; to be appointed hy himself, such
quantity .of alcohol or pure spirits, as shall be
deemed rcitiiiiiUi for the purpose aforesaid."
Notice is'beroby given that proposals in wri
ting will be received at this office until 1st July
next, for furnishing this Department with one
thousand- gallons r>T ALCO Ii OL, and* fourteen
rhousar^d gXllotis of PURE SPIRITS, during the
cresent year; the same ta be ujan'Uactured by.
skilied aud responsible agents, under the snper
.vifi?n of the undersigned,-at or near Columbia.
Bonds with adequate security will be required for
the faithful performance of the contracts.
Bv order of the Governor,*
Lieut Col. and.Commissary General S. C.
June -4 4c 25
' ' . CUL'UHBIA, June 17,1963.
Itf answer to many loiters upon Tue subjcct.of
Ute exempli >n.of Magistrates, it ls stated, for
me ?nform^ti-n o) all concerned, that tb* G0v
jtnir docs not feo. aalled' upon to oy Bp? Magis
trates within tho oons?ripf jig0 from military
servieo, ln.ism;icb,.a* &e Legislature had that
subject un.'or CoiuiUeralion and did not provide
tor it iif their Act.
By order of thc Govornor.
. . B. F. ARTHUR,
Private Secretary.
? Runaway
PaOM iho'Sub-crih'i'lon tho 1t h intt, his,
negro man DANIEL.'nged 29 years, weighs
about 175 pounds, and ? ucar u feet 'J inches high,
t will piy a libera! roward fur bis delivery to mo,
or for bis safo lodgement in the Jail of this Dis
trict. ' J. M. JONE*.
Lott's P. 0., June 17, 3t 21
Notice to Crid?e Builders!
WI TTL lm lol lo'the I'.Tjst bidder OB Tues-loy,
the 11 tb July nexr, at tire Bri?K<\ the
building ,.t a Urhlga. uorfm? Su-ph ?ni* Creek ai
Garrett's ubi ?Ii.'. Th'i Hridgo is tobe about COO
?eel lon j. A g'iod chance to uiAkq money. For
p.V ti.-ul ar ? s pp y lo .
li. T. M Wt?, Ch v.r.' Board..
Jun? 17, -'lt 24
Wool Cards. '.'
IfUNDKKll PAIR v ry superior WOOL
\J CARDS just received arid Ur sale by"
Haiaburg. S. C.', Jun? 8, _ 3t 23
ALL persons indebted to the E?tato of;IT. Bur
ges Bush previous to h?3 death arc earnestly
requested to settle up forthwith. And those hav
ing demands ligainst said Estate are requested to
render them in lawfully attested to tho undersign
ed who will settle the same.
J. A. LOTT, Agent.
June 10_3 C_23_
~ Nails ! Nails !
JUST received TI?RE? KEGS NAILS-3, 10
and 12 i. For ru e hy E. PENN, Agt.
_J ui.u 17 _tf 24
Negroes Wanted.
YO CNN NEC ROES, and uro prepared
We have on hand a LIKELY WOMAN WITH
FOUR CHILDREN which we will be pleased'te
.?ell or exchange fut other Negroes.
Jan 28 tf 4
AVING accented the Agency, of an oxtensive
_ SALT "WCR CS, I will bc nblo'to furnish
SALT in large or small quantities, and will b?
governed' by tho towest market price in Hamburg
or Augusla. _
S. E. BOWERS, Agent.
Hamburg, Mar 30 . _3m 13
Salt and Rice.
JUST received and for salo THREE TIERCES
vPTv superior SALT -and ONE TIERCE
Miy H_,_??:_rL
rf.fl SACKS ff, C. SALT, Md and fey
OUI/ 50 ?? Liverpool SALT; -
15? Rbis. N. C. FLOUR ;
150 ** and Ilalf Bbls. N. O. Syrnp
100 Boxes Fine ChewinsTOBACCO ;
50 Bbis. Apple and Peach Braudy;
IO .? ,Fine Cora Whiskey;
41 Kegs Bi-Corb. SODA.
RICE, MEAL, SPICES, Ac., ?o. ? .
Togelhor with a good assortment of FAMIL)
GROCERIES,-on hand J?dgjJJ^J8
Augusta, Geo.
May 20 - 8m _20_
E have now on hand a good supply of EN
' VEEOPES. Enquire at this ?nice.
May 27 . . . tf_21_
Rags Wanted.
sold for cash at tb? ?iwtiter effleo.
Aus-27 tf . H
BY an order from the Ordinary I shall pruceod
to soll on ' 1UESDA?', the 7th Joly next,
at the pre m mu?, eoinmonoing at ll o'cloi k, A. M.,
the ijbovo- named .property belonging to the Es
tate of Joh-.- R. Gwaltaey, doo'd. "
The property embraces a LOT Op FOUR"
ACRES, the MAIN BUILDING, ocnstfucted tor
thc accommodation of Boarders, as well' aa with
ample School Rooms, and ail necessary OUT
BUILDINGS, with a well of tine water, supplied
with a good pump. All tho buildings new and in
good condition. ,
Also, will he sold at the same time, the School
Roomed Household FURNITURE, PIANOS.
STOVES, Ac. - . - ;
I will also sell a separate Jot of ONE, ACRE
OF LAND adjoining the School lot Aiao,
Two One Horse WAGONS, a good ?ADDLE and
BRIDLE, a email lot of HOGS) one excellent
Mila COW, CarpBuujfci' Tools; a small lot of
Paints, (jureen Tools, dc.
The Building is weil located and well suited for
a Boaruing School, lie past history of thia
.School, its present patronage, and the necessities
of a largo community gire ac??ranee that compe
tent Teachers will nave au opportunity to maka a
safe and profitable investment
Terms made kUoWn un day; of sale.
- A. G. TEAGUE, Agent for
Mrs. Lucy Gwaltaty, Ex'x.
May 27 ^. flt . .21
Stevens' Creek Academy.
THE Fad Session of this- Institution will-oe
reHiiaed tn? tnurd Monday in June and eon
uuue fire mouths, tWoo ty to the m%ptu.
Rates of Tuition and Terms the suma a? lait rie?- ?
sion. No student will be received, applying la
ter thou two weeks alter the term commence?, un
less prevented hy sickness. No deduction will be
made except in case of protracted illness.
Persons wishing thoir children thoroughly in
structed in a select Academic course will have
liberal attention giren them in my School.
June 9 3t 2V
. ?
The Graniteville Company
ILL purchase GOOD COTTON at the
highest market pd^b without being cori
ercd with bagging_ cl?*u. it may be packed and
held together -^Vth slats os hay and fodder are
packed.. Cdt attention nrust-be paid to keep it
c-p'.u aud free from trash. Fulrerised fodder
and hay cannot be taken from it with machinery.
Granite ville, June 7._ 3t_ii
Na?s! Nails!
UST received an assortment of siiea from 4d
to 12d-"best quality.
Hamburg, June 9 1 m . 23
Chewing Tobacco.
AGOOD assortment on hand and for sale by
Hamburg, June 9 Im ~ 28
?p?Br We have boen authorzied by tho friends oj
W. F. DUR1S0E, Esq., to onuounce bim a Candi
dates' for re-electi jn to tue office o? Ordinary of
Edgefiuld District, at thc ensuing o'ection.
April 15, '?w . " .15
je5J~We are ouiliorir.od by tte friends of Mr.
JACOB HUI ET M an noun oo bim a Candidato
for Tax C'.lio?tor'?? the ensuing election.
May I*_ te_tl.
Administrator's Notice.
LL person baring any demands against the
_Estate ijf John A. Crowder, decuasod, ero
ret|iiosted to pn-sent them to tho subscriber on or
before the 2Utb duty next,' as on that day a Soul
settlement will be made in tlie Ordinary's OffiVo.
Also, all persona indebted to snid Atate aro so
licited to ony up by that*tiino. ^?w
G. M. 8PEARMAN, Adm'or.
May 5_3m_i 8
Notice. v
LL persons indebted tu tlie Estate of Winfrey
Whitlock, deceased, aro requosted.to* make
pavmout forthwith. Now is tho time to pay debt*.
May 27_\_Gt - 21
ALL persons indebted, to tho Estate ef Elisa
beth Whitlock, deceased; are requested to
uuko payment forthwith ; those having claims
against the Estate will present 'them properly
attested. GEORGE WHITLOCK, ).,,._.'
G. W. TURNER, | Adm ors.
May 27- 6t_21 ^
Salt, Salt!
CALL tit tho Hamburg Post Office and buy your
SALT, in Saoks or Tierces,, at the lowest
market prices.
Also, on band, Confederate and English Leiter
Hambutg, May 27 ~ 4t 21
State of South Carolina,
M. A. Ransom, Adm'r. of tho Estate
of S. G. Gollman, dee'd.,
vs: ' .
A. Bushnell oud wife Lucretia, J
Mary E. Tilimair and others". J
WHEREAS M.A. RANSOM, Administrator
pf ihe Estate of Sarah R.?G?Hman, dee'd.,
has Rpplied to mei. by petition in writing, praying
that a nart of the proceeds of the Real Estate of
tho said Sarah R. Gallman, dee'd., may be paid
ovor to him, to aa ti.-fy debts against ?he said. Es
rate ; aud it appearing to my eatisfnetion that
William .ti. Coleman 'and Middleton Morely and.
his wile Elizabeth, two of the D?fendante in the
above ?tated.case, reside beyond tho limits of thia
State. It is therefore ordered and decreed that
thry do appear at a Court of Ordinary to be bei
den at Edgofield C. H., fir Edgefield District on
Monday, the ?tat day of August, 18?3, to ehow
cause, if any they can, why. a portion of tba pro
ceeds of the sale of the Real Estate of Sarah R.
Gallman, dee'd., sold by me for partition and di
vision, should not be paid ever to the said M. A.
Ransom; to liquidate the debts against said Ba
tate, or their consent to the same will he entered
of record.
Given under my hand and seal, thia tho 20th
day of May, 1363.
. W. F. DURISOB, o.?d>..
Juno 3 3m ? ? ? -3i'
ALL persons neglecting or refusing to send their
hands to work on the -fortifications on th?
Coast are hereby requested to call on me and pay
their fines by the 20th day of Julj next, and save
cost -. After that time I will turn over the name?
of all parsons fined to the Clerk of the Court
B. Qi R. Lmr Battalion 19th Bog**. .
.Jut icy ft - n

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