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A, lliarjH8, kV R. B?SIS6S- ?t B- REESE
Tl'EDNESUAlf, OCT. 21, li>33.
lacrease ia our Price of Snb?r.rir?iion.
?roto ?nd after thir daw, until further B?tser.
.or taras of subscription viii bc $3.OIL* ?r anncm
ia advance. Tho high pri."o of paper, and ?rery
thing nive, compel; ut to make this advance.
August Sib. ISIS.
1 We h we beou reque-ctad by Mr. RAMSAY
Pest Master, to announce that in ?ufure rh-s muli
from this place tr Augusta ond Nii.cty Six ?rill
bo cloted at 12 M.. on each dar. .
A Brave and Raftering Soldier?
. We loarn ?bat Capt. liKs.rtY AUIMSOV of thc 7th.
Regt. S. C. V., as gallant & ion a? ?dgvfl-?d ha?
yet sent from her borders, ls ?til" at th.; field Hos
pital oa thc batt'.? ground of C!'ickam^u?;<v. Capt.
Addison lo.t alog in the groot C.?ht at .his place,
and h tts bt--a ever ?inca, in too cri'?cal a cond ixion
to bo mcred. We are happy to say thal though
S uteri ag UiucU, ho is d-iug ?eli ?ad recovering
t'a?t, T. Watson's Curd.
We'boh^cuk'attention for tho Card of Capt T.
WATSON, Jr., Parua a/log Agent, in the Commis
sary Bey .rUuout ot the C. S. Arin/, for aportion
of Edgeficla District. Capt. W*i?vu it eourtoeu
ami obliging in elie highest degree, and will co.
toinly do full j os lie? U all producers wuowili Beti
' him their sutyiu.- produce. Ho ap, e.I* . U. them
in wonts whioh cannot be bettered by us.
BeOtllor Wigfall and tho Soldiers' J Pa y.
Senator WIOFALL in his late speech in Albe
marle, Va?, seem? to thiuk '.hat thor? is romethire
hopel- i.< in thu idea of iucrcas-'ng th? pay of nuj
soldi. .-for. says Senator W., if you increaS\
tho ps / ;;1 the soldier to twenty-two dollars pet
month a ?urge issn? of Tr asury nous must en
sue, ar 1 tlic price o? proviens will increase pTO
p?rtionebly with thc ineioaso of tho soldiers' p/.y
-and ?onsoqueiitly the soldier will buy no mote
for his.J'ami'y with $22 per month than he row
doe?- ni'L $11."
^ e ?tro sot ry to hear this opinion oowing fr? m
so dk><ing"isheda S*?.tei>n-au us deua tor Wu; FALL ;
bee. uso tt ts calculated to injure a eause' we buve
mn-.h ai heart-the carnie of tho poor soldier'?
family-und be-cause the epiuieu is bathed upon uu
obvioue fallaojr. Wb?n ?ho Government buys
rn* it and broad for its army, lt assumes thc power
O? f air.g the rate which it will p*y lor those pro
Tirions. The Government determines the prue
Of <vr J ami beef, and at that price, the eidxen is
bound t<* sell. Now if tue Government has the
Co?s?'.utioiiel power to ta.c. s the prico of pro
vienne til food iu soldiers in tho Cold, m-niiuaily
it bas tho like power tu ass i.s.- tbe prico cf pro
visions purr.'oased for the families cd' these very
ko.diers. It is part and pnrccl of the sume trace
action. Government unMertakes to feed and clothe
her soldier! in the field, aud besides this, allows
UiLUI ill per month : this allowance i. intenuod
for the support of the .oldier's family. Now il
tho Gov. ruinent allows extortioners to rwiuale
tbs pooi .-oldier's wife and children out of titi
511. what is the usc of paying it to the soldier ut
all 1 B rally, at tho present prices of provisions,
it is lil?t better than mockery* to give..a sobljer
$11 per month, with tho id-- of thus supporting
his'tam ?ly. The Gc-vcruaient has a right to asee:S
f?ed for thc ?appert of the army ; and thc wives
and i.bil-lren of soldiers are-in this aspect, part of
Lhe ur-uy. Brf.g fapiino and ruL: upon tho fami
lies o( your ?ol dit ri, and y-ou may repent ol it
whoa too late.
The obriens duty then of the Government is
to increase tho pay of soldierr-^wo would scy
thet ri? p y of the Infantry and Artillery should
be d-iuhled-and then give t-? thc C'otnmis?ioaers
Beting 'or soldiers' families, th? power to a<sos.
end roiso provisions-the same pnwer now inve*:t
.d iu the Commissaries ead Quartermaster*. '
Le* this bo dene, an! you will hear much less
j?f derortioa from the Army, and in les? than
twelve months, yon will look in vain fer a living
Yankeo south of the Potomac.
. -:-1 -.
Kort Slave Labor Wanted.
Rofceso? ii invi?ed to tho advertisement of
Col. fi*. M. SUAUSOS, Agent of th* State r>f
Bout> Carolina, calling tor one-fourth of thc
Rond hands fr-m this Divisioc tor thirty day?'
lab^r on the Coast fortifications.' Let there be a
general response to this call. It is an all-impor
tant un ry required of sluva-nwners, and none
should hotit.Me te discharge their duty fully in
thia mi.ttor, ar-.d every Mbcr pertaining to the
gr>u4rad wei .'a r's of the Stnlo and its defence.
?.Hir iu Lu ii. d thut at thc recent t.\tra scssiou of
tito Logislatcre, un Act nur paused making the
beglect or refusal to send slaves whoa oiilled for
" ? misuemeanor, punishable by indictment in tho
Cuirt ot Ut.-eral Seasionc, and, upon conviction
thereof, the owner or employer shall bu tined in
the sum of two hundred dollar-i for each s.uvo
which he *r she barro negleoted or refused to
/f?bT* Parsons writing to their friends io General
Bragg's army, should direct they* letters io Ch: t
t:-nooga- Thwy will then go directly to Chicka
maug?s where tiiey will be turned orer to' thc
Po*rrnas:.?r for Chattanooga, who wiil deliver
them as they b>re ca...? J tor.
Gatiier Herbs.
Ou fields and woods are liow filled with plan's
pear?, sing modicinul qualities. Every furnier is
fun ii, -.r with many ef them. Let them be gtith
orwd r. A prcsorvod, and they will bo found inval
nublo a tho abjenoe of mc-, y medicines for which
we Ki e been hitherto dependent ou tbe out-side
vorid. .. .
'fLe.** Enterprise" Resolutions;
We rt print for general attention and reference
thc subruntial portion of thc plan and platform
adopted uith success t> many places, and known
as the "Enterprise" movement, from tho placo
which bogan it:
l.t. Ar.e/eet', That in an onr money triin s ac
tione we. will freely reouive tho Coufuutrato money
as if a legal tender; and discountenance all trafic
in coin or bank bills.
' 2i. Rt?ohed. That shut out as wo are from
comm ir in 1 intercourse witb.tbe outer world, and
having thc army to support, the supply of most 1
arti jies of prime necessity "falls f.y short of tho j
want? ol oar population, tbepri^ft, therefore, arc '
wboliy arbitrary and dopendeut upon patriotism
and liberality of our farmer.-, merchants and ?
mau ui ac tur er?, who have tho control of all.our !
suppli?e. , J i
Dispatches ia the Baltimore American of '
the 1 (th it..t., P. M., ?t?te that Curtin ia ro-oicct- j
ed Goverct r of Pennsylvania by M4,oot> majority, j
Vall-indigh^n: is deieatcd in Ohio by a very.largo j '<
majority. . p
' 1
g-9* ? bill to prohibit tho manufacture of to- '
baeeo hrs keen ialroduood into tho Virginia Log- . j
ielaturo. The Lynchburg Virginian says if the j
bill bec.oe ; a law, it will release from ten to fi f- ' c
teen thousand laborers, who eic be farmorv.fi- :. *
itably employed io makiug food than iu consum- i 1
Mr. Vrcgg's T*reposition.
TT* ril* rl? n<U'n*i'"i ?f aUHs* Hsntcr*". and
??I p.-.>fi!-- whomsoever in our ninri-'t, to tko
(imtic-wa't'ir ;.ro,.o>llton ?.?" \l'\.l?Rr*'Q.
W!?.-.t8 msjrnincen? 'b".*; it w."*v<\ bet??*??*e
?is.orn po ?-a.b during i'-o ?sst ?ix'?n-ntVj
Sr rsv rr.rr.ilirs of our glorious cad ?l-t?terrifs,
i#Hi?r*. "-~
Planters on 1 ps-ple, wiii Tpur-t t k* ur rh?
?at*sr? Nv'o c? nj u re you to de ,?.-. CU mort
i'><r<i fa dfffsreat parts of th? District, .m i lei this
monthly uno of $'3,OOO hs riiisaJ. 'This v.'.u.et
viii hs. a severe i*"'" up^n tho poor. Th? hard
T.,T. "f j",-rrty w'il hs iisv!?r thna-ever tn "read
luring tho ccruing fix months. J*. u? u.stt>i*p (Hi
ubjuct from yeer iheigbif j keon it near your
hca'U nijht -nd d".y.
H:- who witt uni I lp th: w'f" and rhll uf th?
?bldioi, ie: bim ur A.ii.i*i**,?aa Mara'niaiU* !
- >.
F ir trie A<" -.'urtUor.
Tribut? of BoSpect lo the MVaiorJ' *?
Lieut. Col. Klbcrt Uland.
AT an cx:?? eoii.inuiMi-.iil'iou cf C-a.ooidi* liovgf,
Mts. ?0, A F M., held ua SUiirday, tbe 2?. h
.^eLtomhcr, eor.veued fur tbe parpove of pnyii j;
thi lust sad rites to tie /vin ai us ofour' wurta $
and belavfcd Brother P?*t ?M-s'-'r ELBERT
RI.AND: a Com mi itcn. eousisliug of teether* Di
R. DnnisOK, A. RAMSAY a::d JAS. M. UAR?ISUM,
wr-.j appointed to dr fin .u ta'ole preuuibl* a'd
roVelHtinn?, eouiaaendatory ?f th? mat./ und raro
virtues of *ur deooased Brother, and *ipio..sive
of tho high regard entert? ?ned for bin by thia
Lod?e, end report al the r-ijculur c"aiiuuuiesii?n
in October. At that communication,' luid cn
Saturday, the 13th List., the Comuiitt e, through
th; ir Chiirmau, suboilttud t*i3 following P. rott,
wbi? h was unAiiiiuoC/ly ?.', 'plod:
Tus ui'jbtt!?*b'dy deaili of on.- esteemed friend
a'id Brothtrf, P-'st Marter FLEERT LLANU, ?ti
the Nittlefleld of C> U-k?maii?&, *uil>t gallantly
ieadi"*i his devoted RegTnivn'ti (-hs 7tu S. C.,) to
ric??.rr aid undying "oimr, ?ff- fis u? willi tsci
iugs of-?*jreat s-now, aud wo conirinplnte nib
early full with deep sndnaa.'.
In 'h? ?fth of Col. B?a?jD thc Confederacy
hos l.vta gallant, c*ameuii"us. energetic and
spirited Officer ; L^s ?tate .ind District a Uar ful
aud.va'ued eititeu ; sccicty ono of its "ohiaing"
marks,"-a saan i? ot od f--r his fiann and generous
impulma, in?ulal en.lnwm<u.ts. and c -urtooui sud
hi'h-tor.od dcportutert.j and this Lodge has heeh
deprive.: uf tue presence o! oiie we loved to gi ec*
ai nor monthly re-union*-?no, who as a Ms..on,
WM. a? ornament to tho Oi dor,-" prudcul, tempe
rato. disc, oct,"-mid, nub lu nu er wiro, w:!l wo prf.
?erve. atuuug?t our* dourest r*.ui entera: ices of the
pur', the recollections of hi.- pictiiMut ?.nd inslrue
live iutercbarse with us.
Hut to his sorrow-siriekon family, his 1".'? i>>
irrtp!imi>4C-su Hfiectioca u ?iu-baud .n:d fond
father liMsliecn suddeuly-Uvkeu from them tore
turn no m re. "Tho gulden lioffl is Lroboc-the
silver Cord ls loosed"-and thc dc..ret o\e on
earih tu thom has gone fioto them forever ! "As
the cloud ii cor.rutued uud vatiuheth away, BO lit
that gocth down lu the grave shall c?-:ne up no
mors," truthfully said thc .?orrJwing man uf Vi ;
But beyond'the "river of death,"-br}omi the
" dark valley,"-we entertain ? hope that the
loved and lost is at rest in that' *' Temple not
made with hand' cfetnal ii. tho Ho.-.vens." Muy
this hOf-o, und th? CoUSOlalieO ?hat ibo dnccased
fiithfti'.Iy difsbu.rgud Lis every duty bi ??fe, mid
finally heroically offered himself a saerifi. s on the
al??r of hi? c un'ry, <?11 sn?ly as the w dow of
Hermon" on thc troubled ?cr.ls of tho aggrieved,
and icrve t-j soothe their a?.iniiiug. grief.
, P.'st Massar Bt.eeWT l?r.A?fD, s-true ind Irtcvt?
as thc bravest, the soul of h mor, love and kind
n^cs, hus loo carly fullea a victim to ta.s cruel
war, fjrhu hid uot. nuched thc zenith of his
g!?ry,-sr.d futur? htm ers awaited hi'u. l?o was
a man of rare q nidi lier, sbeti.as S. at anded thc
respect and admiration of all who Lacw Lim. lu
civil lite, HS in tuc camp a url on lito licid of bal
tic. Lo w;.s ever ouo and the s.tinc,-?oaorablv,
bravo, calm, eonaqieueious, determined. He knew
his duty-snd discharged it. As ?a Officer he
??-.? peculiarly successful-:i sttlct liieeiplinariar,
he ^ovoriisd with equity and j-wtico and kind
nus.-, and had won tba unbounded l"Vo lind coufi
denee of his gallaui baud nf followers. Cut alas!
th?<? heroic, gouorous, guoU mun now sloops in
deutb ! (?roeii Lo ihe irrass above his quiot rist
iog place in iho Village Church yard ; lightly
press his-native olods upon that manly bosom
o.ico lb? prisou bouee of a noble soul.
Therefore, lo p-rpHtuato ais meorory, be it
Rmolvtd, That 'in tb? do.ilh of Past Harter
ELHEKT BLAND tnis Lo.igo has lost sn able
arid ssleeinsd member, whose ?uss wo deeply do
J?ctolcrrf, That our tn??t heartfelt sympathies
be tenured lo the bereaved family ot <.l,e du
ftr.tolvcd, That a blauk pu?;o in our Minuto
Book bc dedicated t.. his mein "ry, aud that thcfe
prcocedings bo iuit-iib'ed thereon.
Keao/eei', That a copy of there Resoiu ion*,
with toe ?eal of thc Lodge, he sent *? the family
of the deceased, Mid tuai ihoy bo puLli.L'ed in
th? Ed gc ii-.dd Adorn! tiler.
W. W. ADAMS, Vi. M.
D. R. DirrtiseH, Soc'ry.
Ti ibm e oT Respect.
October 4, 1803.
At n Meeting of tho Officers of the l'Jth Lcuisi
ar.n Kegiment. held ibis ??HJ, tn nt,otiun, Lieut.
C> 1 Lieu A RC Vi. Ttfi.stit wes cmllod t.> thc CLVin
and Adjutant A. Bes. Li(ou6iiio.i rcquusted to
?Act ??4 ::irt.try.
*Tr,'.i CUairmvn explained ihe objsct nf lbs,
?meeting iu u..few apcpipriats m.d ifcrtiaent re
maks, w'^cn, on m<>iiou?tlie Cnfiirmun wns rtqucst
ed to appoint a Committee of three to preparo
Resolutions exprc-tfir.g thc senro of thi? meeting
ing in re/emTuo to the itcath nf Major LOUDON
.!>!. ii.'.K ; when thc Lair man ap; .i,?rd, us .-ail
Committee-Cejn M. ti. PKARSON and Lieut. E.
M. \\ OOI?J:LH\ Cn motion, tho Chairman was
udJod to snid Committee; ?hon, uftor. a short
.absence, tho following Pioau.b;*- uud llcsolutions
were offered and unanimously sdoptcd:
M'HKREAS. Cruei war bas t:ik.a from us Major
LOUUON UtTLiik, 19th*Louisiana Regiment, who
fell wbiie gallantly leading a most desperate
chnrgo at th? ba-tle of Cbick.noauja, the 20ih
d?y of Sept. 166.'l- * .
Uciotceil, That ws, fho member! of the 19th
Louisiutia Regiment, and bits ooiupanirttis in unca
for more thau two -yearn-, whilst wo suomit to the
will of- a just God, our hearts overflow with emo
tions of .sadness, a?i 1 wo lament with deep, and
heartfelt forrow tho los? we have sustaine r.'
JieBideed, That, in tho death of tho gallant
BI'TLER, tLo ?arv?ne has lost a br.ivo and ai?ciont
officer, society one of ils brightest onutmoct-s. and
each member of t?tie Kegimunt a generous and
Retained, That thc decousod leaves behind him
a host or warm friends wno luuurn Iiis uiitimvly
end. Cut uti in the full blur.m' ff manhood and
promise, but, like bis fathers, whose heans' hort j
blood hus on'angoiuud many a battle Held since '
th? days ?f '76. he has poured ou: his own in do- i
fence i f tho humes and ?resides of hisowu native i
South; aud, as lime rolls 6a, may tho laurels tli/.t i
notwine bis youl h ful brow assume a deeper hue. I
Rcnttvrd; That wo tender Iiis many mourning ;
rel-aiives ocr Learttelt sympathy for thoir irre
^ar.ai'l" b-ss.
Rewired, Th?t a copy oCthose p"Occedings he
?cat t-i his family, aed that tho Mobile Register I
iud advorflaer an.j r.'ie '"I.T est m M ircurv fsa
oiiu-st.-d t" puMisti tr.o
?.un ?.
Lieut. Col. RICHARD IV. T fj RN ER) Chair. ?
Adjutant A. Bs*. BUOUUHTON, floo'ry. y i
> Fw th? Advertiser.1:.'
?i Thc Eight San in ihc-iTiifii Pitier."
A low days rino? ('..ein? sn'yj>/val.iJ.. j ?V.::-:
at retched on a. pallet "f .tra", ..f-J??t'i?'' .'? *.*.?...'>
unn in eflieiVs uppurol appfofejjht:; ; t r*:.s?d
mysilf from atv n< ?iiiou and gv^Hr.-. Ihr err*"
tinrr teinte : be reuiru.-'d it-ftj hjPtSt ?d ox Fe
ins itrn-k with tue appear*n^T tai ned t.. ir y,
frieod T. J. ?f tie P.;:?!CJT*. ?^?Vtcl h Mi men,
??Hi "?s sUwling tur, sui itq?jl*e? ot hita n?.o"
th? ?ffi'.tr "w?s. in reply, he .'r^U tl:a! i- r*i
Soocrsl Wxtas?, aiid related lo r?> th? lt. lo ling
fin iiinrtanrf ei ne?:?'! wirb JirJB"a which t mink
ji;.?-h.e require? should ho medb^&.bile,-Buri??:
nre-t-f ihff riO'ttl ficht- nc?r Per?Uillgo, Heiu-ial
W. with only 'itv or bree-Compati, a-si-a!tack
ed hy two !?rgiro*nt? ff the' enenVr. C-mm?
inp; lils min to irmfiic firm, he i'ifpt'cfed lo tho
Eil. incer of a'rein not fat dt-tnr.? to rot! nd his
whistle and inn upas near a? .r*~ri'd<-. ih?n".ti
return /nd np-nt tho i-peraliptft as i; he eerr
htio.Ttn-.,' reiuloicct>-ei:ts. The Knftintsr Cany ir.;:
i.nt bia in.-.lroctipna. it had the .'.florid nffrct. 'fae
Tankt* U iiikine tt.ai 'arpo rei?fjT',?:n'o :-s "-e?e
arruine end (Jen. W's rum - rr ?oj op. *":P, ??or.
Uli bark. ijoi;. W's: men ?U'ejtf-it. tb?. a'r???-fy
?bown" hy ?hv:r fopnwnd?.r; pW?Std onward and
it soon Oeratoe a complete rou t.* j*f
j Such ia the mau that now baa ve^WKiud of thc"
Troops lattly sont from this'p?ice; ?.Jid vrho
arno:.g ns should not fem proud fa serve under
Fgom-th? 2nd Host|^,tate Troops.
For ibo Advertiser.?-'
A Proposition to the Jejiiutera ??*
Ma. EUITUU: Flruat that i: inutRiul bo regard
I cd a.? avain exhibition of liberality to uni;, tt-.t
following pr -posit i.-n, but uuly"?s -ti iii-rt lt
induce suti ftiiuolaie lioor?l and ^public" sp tri icu
mm. lo aid tLe needy pt plc ot Kdg'sft.ld Lnirict
I propose io coa tri ? ut* a lucusabd dollars pei
uioniiiior tt.'e neat six. mon'JiS??>ar<>vidcd tr.elr?
other gendemen . will e.-.ch _ c. utribu'.e ;he aa:tn
sum ; or twenty :"uur QBL estrib?te ti it huuuru
dt-llaf* tack per. in'vnlb> or foi t^lci^ni. imo tai
I hundred at d iil.y dollars, 01 niati?-tix v.r. oro
I bfudred ?nd tiret-tj lour dolUrs.'c?ch per mouth
J or uny ?iuiubct of tutu who wilrtnjite lo .-oie: lin
I sum cf to elvo thousand dollars pejf moi^h for rbi
nt.xt six uio? Ibr. . M
Tb? icvtiey ibas c-ntrikuted; snail he appro
priated as fallows : first, c::c )Li\! the susi I
given tj thc Co umi?eioUcrs kprnd tiled by lb
Statu, to bu by .bom givou lo Suuiicr/ Ti ita? atti
families;-tho>>tum half to bc placed in the I.-.1.?
female benevolent bode-':".* _to, bo u'airii.utoi
?.U10..3 those who are in a <u.". of doitiluii-?
caused ly Ibo high"prices of ?ll articles of sou
lupipil a. . ? ' '
Yours, vtry r-spcclf.-"!!;.-,
WM. GR??G.
For thu AOveniaer.
Mu- EniToa : Theic is au ovil iii our com m uni
tjTwbicb bLoubl be rectified. Tho laws of on
Slate pruhibu slav?-3 hiring their own liiua. Ye
there uro'fifteen or twenty wiihiu lue coxporat
linn ts of titis place wau virtually vioLie lb* la?
In addi'!^n to this, tberu 010 loree or tour ute
who give their neg roe?so unu-ti per week to ftc
themselves. Tuia i?, a curro upon tb? eemmubii'
Those who feed their i-e?r*e's are thu; compeli?
ti feed ibo negroes to whom thli al i o :\~,?>v ;
money is given.
. 1 hope thai, thia -.uar bo ituCicie?t to draw att*r
lion to the master, ao<l ibat proper atept may L
taken lo correct*tlie evil, ll il'do?s not, I proie
ito. at tho UcXt mettiug ol :lbn^?*aU dury, I
present th;- viofalors of the law.
Fir thc Advertiser.
Tribute of Respect.
At an extra eoussTaunieaiioa "f Frieiid .bip L?dji
No. 25, Ax F. M., held Oct I7ib, >S3, thc foll?a
inj; Preantble und Resolutions weie unaniai'ousl
adapted :
WnKRRAR. Tn ibo di'pcnsntiol of sn A''wi
Prov drill-?, our highly und ui^.-u esteaxod Mro;!:
or?, FRANKLIN 0UZT6 imd'-W. Ai. i'iiA.V ha.i
beuu rvuiO'o.l from iiuaoag^i UK; and aa ive ceu
uow lo pay our last tribute to their mcm?rits an
miuelo itur sorrows with th'.-t of-.huir familie
! whose lois is ala? our lois, we do ic with livaV
aud saddened hearts.. .Tu perpetuate ibeir u?m<
rics, and as a l.i.-t ?flaring of love ?ted friendehij
be it unanimously ?.,
RcfAce?, That in 'ba death of Brothers OTJZ'C
and DHAN, tho Lodge hal lost two ?f?cisnt UH R
hers, and yte Cuntcdcrato Army twobraroau
11 ohio sous.
/.'??.Iii?-/, Tlut our heartfelt sympathie* ar
tendered ttio l>ereareil fun :'ics of tao oeccascd.
,A'ciu/eed, Tool w blauit pa;;o ia our Jiinat
p.iuk* be dedicated to their memories, and tr
lod?o.ware the usual- badge of mouming for .'>
Ht ?ot ced, Thin a copy of tiie.-c R?salutiens b
seat lu tito fsiuiiica ol ibo deceased, and io ia
Edgi-fibld Adotitieer for publication.
U. M. OUZTS, Sec-ry.
Gen. Forrest.
. A'lu*]ing,to the minor that 6m. T' irr^s
hati been granted leiivr; of ahaence wbioii li
dit! not ask, the Miirit'tfa Cotit'edera??j sav
that, it ia a niic3:ikf, and that the. ri-lxtinns bs
tween (J en i .ral llm?^ and (leiior.'f' Forres
were never kinder, or, indeed, so kind asa
this time.
Gens. Polk and lirag-p. ,
Alluu'r.ig to the cbargori maths sgnipft Hon
erul Po!!c, of.bfing tli'i c;iu;e of th* dclav ?i
the att?i,k on Sundxiy^it Chicamaugr, tb
Knoxville Register s.<iv?:
A portion of the I'reasbaVdone tbisc"!!
tlc tuan irro?s injtisii.-j". 'Uragg w^s righi bo
cau^b bia orders were not obeyed, and P.ill
is rij^hC bocaus? be will be enabled to sjiow
lb t tim fault in not ibis. The suspension t?
Gen. Polk ha? been U5.?i as a. fact lo 'excid
pri-juiltce against Grenml Brajfj, which i>c
eura-to ns is nnwarran'wl. So too, liohera'
Foritii's iri-hcaltu and desire To hav? a oom
in:ind in the Missdsgippi r?lle;,', tiavc ueon mei
to impair the influence wita ins soldiers aii']
ibepbopbf, of a General on wboae atrengt)
and mitral inrluer,c-o dependa the very exiatenci
of tbe Confederare Status.
TIONS.-^-A special Washingiq/i dispatch to thc
Nev l;ork Herald, sajs : .
Notw'ttbatantlins tho denial of Washington
aowspajiera, whose managen assume to know
everything, but really, kj'iow untiling, it is a
fact that, for two months post, the question
of a fcttloment of the impending dillictilties
hefween tho Northern anti Southern States;
without furtherjdoodshed, linfa ?een under
csouHtdoratioii bork in Washington and Ricb
Tba action thus'far hardly authorizes the
Matsm??t that 'p?acij propositioiia' ara being
tamaiderod. The"negoiiati.ma liav? not yet
reached any delinite propos:tit?Fit ?b?
prea?nt/oar corrca{ioai .I"'L i- under un obli^
g?t?uii o"f aeeresy upon the subject, which
may, in a few days, br. removed, wlinn it will
lie; shown that the G.ivor?m-nt hna "either ac
cepted ur nyecte? a plan pr.ip'isr.d tb try to
bring the war tb a ?'peedy and bloodless con
clusion. wUbiint dishonor to tho iiorth or hu
miliation to tho South.
?&~ Maximilian miswersd tho Mex lean depu
Litii.n timi ho would acceplMlid throuo ou a f ee,
.pontaneons expression of the popnlatloo. and a
jaaranteo of tho integrity and iodopoudunue of i
be country.
Fron; Virgilen.
Cn.?'Ki'P??i CiL, G :T'.h;-T1>r-r rr.v
I : r.f.vy rain li?ro ye t'rivi.?y. Thr* Hipid
i biedrecareened last Night? maxing!* irrp'
Thc bailla rt pnr?ed nt CVle'.i'.; ^rr:j<
I W?-inf-.v'r.y tiirns or.' ta br ac -.raliy s}.?rrB:>
I in .Yll?CL ni' lif'. "'.?> i.-iin?l'.???o.
! *'J't? re vf HR Wd fi; ' * i -g hV.e ?'cd-ie-df
j V,<: ?vic rjrivh?t. ?hrj enemy b'.rk, wh"- !
j skim.i>v'cr3 feii ??pinn Mefntfttu**, airlilic!
j sapprrtrd h; GwkVKrigkde. G?*n> ?bk w
j WCOlrjrd cally i-i th" ir-ti'-n.
? TbO ei.w.wiv ?hrf .r >*jtM*?f>> I -i?. dW'itb. i>,
j fu?icri t?!:mg fi-?- pitcr.?. r?f rnillcr> ; bm j
1 infut^urimu chining upi in werf puntu.
1 ibo ?nc tnt at. ar! adrice:* l-wv-l? J
j pur itisu ??bum .'.iMi kiiitu ."i?-.'! wounded ; m
j PAsey a?id KirkTaiid v. ne .-Iso lYivv.iird- !
Ijser.' b?diy, :l.ri- i?r':i L?e IU?/.;'. Vre eftf-Uii
' 1,5'.!!! prisonCM di rri:,; tie day.
Jb-vrj iinnr wsw bv.'.r i ?nThuivi.sy ie t
diiecif-n ' i'f 11.issn.-. M'*r?y - runa -rs f
j r??i:?f f. !mt u Vf Ling rr-:i?!?ie.
I Bi il H MU f A. fin if * t r-? t v4t ? ii v i1 le.
jjtiiSMi'S KUM:e, vi* G.ik.li?iuau^ii, U<:<. l-l.
i lie ?f?owii'?; u?ieiti di'put .:: was rceeil
from lif-u. u ticciei ibis iiiuruiiig.'
iio ?:;ys itf- itriKvoed iou ri Tor ia the. fave
a div?Vii*!! cf the ?iiciny al (jr-'-.n i Pori, fe
un thc ??Oifi ult., ?lid |ir 'r?).?<li*d in lb?- r?jr.
tion of McMiunri!!*, where, after t sharp Tu
lie r.-iipulled a lAr?a train arid seVu Lundi
priwrtierfc. . .
Th" train WJ? loaded with ?ntm'tinitio'i ?I
other stares, ?ud is. imppoied in contd?
vevf-n or eight hundred wagons which vt
lie ihea nt teclead MeMiiiuville, c?pUiri
. niIvgeUitr hundred a.?l luii-iy prison
j and aiiothcr largo IrariVCuuteiiting coiiitnfa;
rr *i")';r. H??iiin'tinn.jiriiiS.f'.i'i!'::>g. ftc., *
dVftrr?yH <li" bri.!^ OVP;- Hickory '..r.ck
jj-rhi-r willi nn-engine se! trtdn ot"para;
Hi? tiltil Iliad}-, il dv't?' t str;i:inn fijion -*^
frceeboro, deatrp-ying the bndse 0?er Sit
Kivei'i.ixiid ton!; a ti^in cf Carn at W'lrtra
> m ila then cwii'd to fc'helKj vi?lf, where
: i-cutiturcd a la.;;?? ctacUnt of s'orc* mid han
, ?he:n." . .'. :
t T1 '% is a se??-re blow to il^.c. rarn. wb
infii Iia've bc?n on bburt laiiuus for s'?
; A*y* _
e rrom?*jHi?ii?insippi>
.Ti e returns' fr?irj thc recent ideclioti in ^
- Fuuippi ?."ave np roo.* to doitbt that. Or
c "Cuss. Clark li^-- boen choker GyV'.-rnor. 2>i
" witliMMidtnir tho fact that th?? enemy h:
j* overnin n**ariy*?na half of tliiiir S^t'.?._ ii;.
?3Tiu!e'vol? "vriih pi'dlcikuor a ningi y man t
fur oilier! i:t>?i?v?s vi reconstrueiion or re-o
ioii iijujirany ttruis. Gfn. Clark im< si
b iji:eii-eMiv!ii-ij 8 ?i h.'i:*. in bis piditicle vie
" Ami iuug-jit the eimmy frpin U.e.eiunrneii
ueiiL vi the fur to tbe-baillfl ol' liat'on itou,
vr!;.:re ht was di>|?erntely woundi'd, uftd c
abicii from sgniti tating the ii^id.
[P.r KK?JUI?ST.]
From the *?i>ut..-ra Guur'iian.
r ltR. EttiTuR: lt ]iusbeci?st:ttrd intliene
lt pupers that ?lr. Grc^jf,Pres'deritorthe Gr<
itcvilie iiatiulaCluring Com ??my, made
urvposU.ujij) which barf been nt'Ceplml, lo .*
10 the S.??te al (jovemmetit [ fice., for ?i.? i
11 of iii? poiirj n -certaia tinnier "f yards
" I ci"lli liiade at lbn.t faclury. ixovunini;
p.'??e is, us I uiidersUuid U, t!?o v?Iu?i'of {
fl vate propvt ty when t> ken for public ilse,
tab?.thed by a Boitrd of Cumcsi????i??<
wh" net nuder au thur'fy of thc ir.r;?rc33irn
,. j law. Jiitt- t bo Confed?rale Cou?titiition p;
1B I vid?s ?ts l'diow*: " Nor shall priva'- 'ironi;;
j he ?aL-on p>r public 'i?*e wimont ju^t eOii.i?o!
sur ion.'' ?he.^.tnmi?aionew for- HootS C
? pliiia o? cour*e aro l'ar?tliar with ??C Cons
tulioii, and il i a. tun rt'lo re Ui? ti>conujuue l)
they, in estahli.?liiii/{ prices-for iLe v^r-t
ciiinuiu?hucb.ut Uic l?iiite, co^leCipittlcu u
provision. Hence Mj. G?-?!;J;;.? ?.i"poiiti
j uiuouuts to norhincr rnore than au <dbir tn s
L'' I tn the S?ito ciolh nude ut bis hetory
r- "jual cutTipf'isrj'.i.m."
> ii lias nlsii Iven siaied that the (iuVei
mei i c pii'r lor this elolu $l,l? nef ya
and that ainu i* ooly oiiKrhali the -price .t
.? j Gr*gg4i*i?"ht?relolbre oblu.iied iur ii. it
plain iheir.fore Ibal Mr. Greg/hn.} taken tri
C hisiiondv fellow-cilisdtts for his cloili -M.
e j OUT and" ai)!:vo jit't compens?t iou for Li* i
j (lnstrv, labor and skill. Such an e'iOr?io
r- I piittit would, perhatm, bo regahied i:? lime
y peaCA only ..sa banilsutnOhmlej/it;nate sp.
f- uiulioii. iiut under existim; eircutustanct
ii environed a-? wu are by au lu;jii:;Cuule ai
vinoictive tue, and cut olf from coinmer
with th? world, many j?ooil ci lessens wilt loi
A upon Hitch a iiaiiniiCLiou as durvnriglit txto
d 'lion, and it v.ili'be PO ebnracteriajed br pc
leriiy. This reasoiiio;r is as applicable
? the manufacturers ol' Irather, iron, t?ali.*&i
and to tho farmer as .wei!, lo the ?alie
* however, in iess degree, wince the products
c his labor hrfve been .broiljht inure dir^et
0 under tho control nf tho huprcsring a^?ent
i. Ub"?:oi w.sli toiuphgii?lr. Gregg's m'otivet
0 nor to riiniiinsh iroru whatever ol' nierit niH
sftiioh to this ii.ioH-ict.ion. Uni I have a we
grounded appr?hension that I, a.s weil other
j .who are compelled to buy chu h from M
Gregg, frorn time to lieie, will oe required l
r-itntmrse Ki .ii forbin seeming Jibr.eaiiiy. F<
it is my observation, which is cpuilrnied b
mal ol isthers, that whenever Mr. ?regg ht
s mn-.:- wu?t i.? called by hi.? li ?cuds a born
donation, or hat towcr?SJiia price in faTor i
.l a certain pumber of thc community, mimed
atel)' tbcreaf?rr OniDtl?viUc goods advance i
price- as to all other purchasers. I therofor
nave thought it my privibrte to rnee thc?
comtnents. It i-t known to ?iii thar, thc mail
! uf?rturing interests bf the State hnve not Ott I
? booti protected hut absob.*tely fuetcrr-d by th
I authorities uf I he State, and t'n*.t it h<rs,'iieve
i.i-. n rcipiired to .pay any tnx into thepnbb
treasury. 1 he peopie thcreiore have a righ
t i to expect fair dealing from tho^e havia-,- thi
7 intereft in ch^rffO. I therefore now, BS _TJ- ?
j ol tiie people, call oil Mr. Gregg, whose fbr
< tuno has already been vastly augmente;] sit c;
' the h- gumin..' ol'iho bloody war now waring
1 t? sell bis cloth, as far as hf.may he .bli? t>
supply i' -. demand, to all.his feilow.ci:!zem
I Tif South Caroiioa tor'"jirst coiunenwioii.' Il
I fs the duty of every citizen to ward od*and ti
j j mingare lb? ovds growing out ol'a attie ol
, j war. Ihiw much moro iinperative :? tiiedu
Ity on thuMe who have been bon >n.?d ?JJ thi?
conn*deiice!of-> the pevph.*, ?Hud ?rho therehj
hiv.i iin.i?r their names iii*;ijrw? :>y bavi.ie
, j subscribed them to lo tbs Ur linancc oi'SeccS'
sion. .
11 this transaction ii contemplated in an
1 o(h?*r connecion, the wisdom of our Legisla
ture'nnd the ustutenemof our fixecittive, "will,
I fe^r, be to some ex.ent refl?cted on : yet I
feel impelled to l>riti? this affair to the notice
of ihn public? Tho Legislature, ot ita Rcssion
in February last, enacted a law to prohibit ox
'tbrtion, and in anbstancc'defined ex?orlion to
I lie, to seli any of thc liecensaries of civihz-.i
j lifo .* nt exorbitant or uiifeanmu?blo rat,-s pr
; prices." SVK1 .?ither the &.<mrn1s<$i?h?r* have
i violated thc Confederate cPnslitaiipn, a|i?i
I ponsequ?atly ?iei roath nf office, or Mr. U/egp
i has laid himself liable to the ch'Srga of bavio.j
! broken the extortion ac^ relorr';d to nliovj,
I aoei has furni -hed ouv authorities with written
I testimony suiiicieitt to cohvict him fl thy j
I ehargo. Ii' it is true, as I nave heard, tb st a
! g?iiti?ina?, a mcmoer ut the lieifislature, and
i 1 believe ?t corporator of the Gea.tireville Mau- |
j ufactut iug Company, did demand of Mr Gregg, j
cloth male at hi>fatti|ry at goT eminent price,
. and thal Mr. Grpgg did comply with tiri* do- ]
I ihandv then it ??* ejuar that, bi Mr.. tli-ejg's I
! opibion, the Coiniuisstoners b??vo not fnilesl in !
! their iruKt. liestdes, tt?e? pcojilf have yielded |
their assent to the price* etfiablishod 'by tho j
C?iumiasion?rs;. lleuc'-/, iu tho atweacu ufa I
?or.tro'-y opinionhy the coul ls, iti* ?ju6? to
vti'.?!i|r]i< '.):\\ tV C .n**nis?:',i;cra h?ve nnt
rI*j:ntV -he eoi pt'tuik-n. IrtHTiBglW'iab"*?^
?ain iii I-h--1 that ?L;. g-verur.? :-r ?ir ie'1 ic !>
in-:- ."?'.miieiisai ion for o::*'s indmuy. .bib"*:;,
-cuti ?kiil; il- iuiloiYS li.al.v-.y orme lug io th-.:\\
t?ik*. is c.v.?roiUl"11 ?nd nnrea-*ouufi|'?. Un-w,
ih:ti;li intirayCofUinry cm? is chis of ? nrice
tw;';,* .1.? high a.-- the ?oT^rinftfcMt pre-, ? .
.vh?'ih Mr Cragg-ba* admitted that wij
sci'inf* his chith.- Hie cbuclnsio'u ;hc.!. Mr.
(rr?*fire ha*, broken the sxiorii-jn aet i uuv !
v .. r; IP. Uut th ."LC'TUIAIIIIC, ii;?f-a i of re-,
"Hklng Uiin loi bia aujai.i'v, ? vue. pt eu a? a
coi'c J. ion and fhTor that which it c- u ii, a-.d
uu?i? Lo Lato ueAtaadsti aa a f.-i'-i. it' the
piOpVuhui ly ?ri1, chit cit ih at ?lie uighca*. !!.&!?.
kir pricV. T. hVlil l?'.'J-rsl.ii;'l ka? beiil^nuh
p.'.ittfd f r tho '?oecrnerticorvi-icriti >n.i? ?
r,,.. v..rl Kv hi? Kx:.-r!!*ner. fh'?ri h.:: IS Wc!! i?
iii? ll arri*! "f iteliaf. no matter hot? praia--?
Tfr -tn-; their imenti-in. t:w-y b*? ai !'j-<- ->rl tn j
rbi? onar^ ol Naring vioiattd the * eX'-utica j
act. ? . *
ll is m*ti.''r'fjr rt^rcMhnl our worthy chief]
ina^i?tra-u ras ?l!oa ed. hims-If t.j be used aa
iii-. lUc.ic'U ..LtVugh -ThiHi i' "?as b^n'.i au,
noutiCcd f? fhe people vt the Slate thal a" ala-':
i ute baa been T?o)at**d, v.hiie- 11??* viol ?tut- is
orrn.jft-d io ytaik. through ihelahd.nnt on!v#
unwept of justice, but actually countenanced, '
if n..t Ajiplaitd' cl, by the law makt.rs tji-m- j
se'?es.. PALM ZT TO. j
"?Non:-An examination of the " schedule" i
wiil f-how iha.-frl.lO is ? ol ibo Covornoiorit ?
pnce for colton cloth, but th?! i? rai i" ' from '
iii. y to aevorty-five cat* per yard, which j
fret ofc-jHttse Ltrengthen'u theargumstit against,]
Mr. Gregr.
- ?? ?? ?-?
A raocious ACT OK IKCEHUAKI-M..-The j
" Lfeut Mille" about f unies ?roui 2iew.i*n. in .
thc county of lJo*eU. tho li'edt in that Se;:- j
ot :h? country,'vit h a Ur?0 .amount of I
wheat and' corn, owned mihi city Iv Dr.]
.] A Taylor, Cul G. % Lee. .1. T- A Uer, J
Kat'., a Mil Capt. J. C. H?H?Mx,''TahlMf rt?, j
jjt'.'o.OOu, wis yet lire lo by lewne ras'^'ly in |
een?tiary r-.uc ni*ht UM week, am) burned to I
MicVri'und. n??tuiui; bein<r ?*vr>d fr? nu ih? |
Jia-nc.- A'heta Daily lideilig^urer, Oct. 25
jSss-f- Vi". Ii. ("f?oia A C?., Md^at aurtb-n in
Ai:e:u'n. 'U Saturday laat, a lut of urgroct *t the
io I i o wi :i i; priera: Wu.'aia ?nit tbreo children.
ot.J'-ot' ;* wonn?n and one cftild, ?S.?nO: boy. W
year* elUj $l,*0ll; mau', ^J.je.iw eM, ?2,400;
wentan, SO. yewra u!d, $1,100. Total amnum ?f
?atc?, ? 1 J. lui).
''???CY Sc'RnK:.i)v5."^-A Yankee paper
ecti'-i>? i he following ?
One ol ?!i? erew.ot ihn gun-TjOfd I.? l?ti?,
arrived al Piiilmb-Ipliit. ?pVea nome iiv.fu?'"?
the na.iuccra??ul attack oirl'V't Su iii 1er. lie
aaya thc tir?t cutter and gig were captured;
Tim s*i-.i.:d cutter wa.! io liavoelftcted ? land
ing iipmOik ?ijdin? cf t-'tc fort. Int litrlin?
4 newly constructed lifieen leetwnli inateail.
they w?re unable to do so, ' hMviiitf no ae>.liu;
la-hlers.. Th?' rebels at the same time opened
a cone-niric fire of shel!, tmps a.i-: CAnisior
froin a ram and the adjacent forts, MI that
?be ditticuity was increased. IJhe i- v. ris ...
<erm ;o have, l'?it 3ncur'?, as a sentry, hfeiiif
bailed, demanding asufr-.'nder.replied t " Hal
lo, "Yank, are jon there/ Nary a surrender:
you can t climb up here."
Dtae. nu t<.eJ20th of Sept, M6:t, on thc l.ntHa
JIMU el tjliii k.on*ii?'., lil-: e?'9<it> ni * .-roana
..i-^v^ trh't? cJiar]??'? ?M of tho ?ti-Jin?'' hnr.
t.tr?ea,.d-jV?) W. ROfriit, f>n of KINSMAN ll
a.et t'fiA iti.?KV A. Kvi'ae, n^ed VJ yta.r?, '>aijntLj
. iii! ? liajrf.
'Pili daraus I eiiii.-i'e.l in hi: rounirr't F?rv: -?
with'Oo. H. m?i S. (J. K^gt.. in Deeoinbur 1S6?,
P?QI-A wliiull lunn he h.ts cll*?rflii./ Jutini t.i?.| In
'.i i tb?, t.-ii?, ?xp-isuro au? nB.Tcriiig? of j luMnr'i
iife ai II tin:/ tti.it ?vory anLj ?vt ?WO* tu Iii.? i-.'ilt:
*.ry, an-i le.iV?F Vi<*himl him ISe niitaridill?d ch,.r
?.r er nf H brave a.i'l *;etl*ht ?ol?ier.
ile tr-ii te f .vv.-r.ts relatives a l?riii^ HU-I
nV.eiiicui ebil.l, nn.l an sftVcti?natq L'rjtr.sr;
;i i r fri rinds hr wnf ev?r wann and conti '.in^, JHI?:
,er/\H( thal pro?jitti*?n nf ea?r.?eier I Lal i-?iwi
li 1 tusto rentier eiiecrml obedieneetin erring p?
r?;.n?, t l?titty or ft ioiiii'.
II? i?iii> a r?n?liitent-metnbtw'of the l?tft)<:
','hcrch tor rii.-r-? t'.i?.n two year.?' trhrn at hvuir
ue Wai p loetuaj ntteudmi ut Iii? sabbath is.eaenl.
Ki? frei[it.nii uentiee, in Ins lettor- In i.i.i ;i?irc?is,
.?f. tho home that await?(J aim. Hm! U\* ?ji'if
.*nrJr) io 11 iriend fttiuiliirj by, I but bo wm "?olag
i i ,1 liel'.er nonie,'' give.hii na^tniM Hiid IruniU
o-.'crv reaten tn believe tnuta.=-nr I ?ttl iii Ula cfoi
n il gain. J. P. M.
E DU '-fi Bl. i t, Oct. 20. 19**9,
?IN enmidiaaea wiib r.'nlerj roceiveti fruin thp
e dUfiuriatnntlant ot thc Cura?a af C'.nincrip
ti-,u, nil men wbu have bj?.-ii eae'mptotl by ..uiMii
tutioii, or who tmw bul-I siiuh pip-ir*, .aro arderod
ta re .ion fort b willi ut theae U^-nl-tjunrtcrf.
II. io H.???*I, lar as pnefitiie, in lb>- ilo-.irtd
result, all suboi'i'inxtc U.'ilcr-, aro </irc.-.t?..t to
forward to Ibu Util cr?, wilhtnt delay, erc;y ?ub
Itituie' n-Vjier prasetited to tbctu.
UL Tic panic laruisbitifr the pip?r-i will br
furniehed c?rti?ca?08 by ?ho Enrolling Ufhfur,
bcariiig on their f^ec this fact thai .<uch paper?
barn bonn talton hom tbwrn, and for wll?1 ]nir
pO- ?
.IV. Tr-if nit int-n-lrd t'i intcrfero viilnntly
?i'll nay principal wkt*.io tlWeharj-e has b-?o j*>
i-o?'.izcd nf vali/l, but an *x*ir;inii:io"!i of t?o jia
pcr? ia abeolmei/ hoeeisary for lin fiirtn-tii 'f. ni
an intelligent ami eorreet ^pinion conc-ri.iti^ thc
extcn't of I lie fm asia, mtJ lur the d?tention of lu?
parti:.? enjiged iLirein.
lij order , P M. SCH I It Mr Ttr
Lina!, and Chief K. 0.
Ort. 21 tf 42
. . Burial Cases!
keep on i?itinily a full ?tuck -ii MVniganj
and C'UFFIXS, which, fr?ui n?d al'rur this
j tlata, will bi g^id for CASU, and at price." as
reiironnb'n; a? tho timo?t will i.dmrt. of.
Thc u?e of (be H RAIME will bo char;->l for
ace-rdi/.g io'.ibo sumo ratio.
Edgcftold, S. C., Oct 19, l.<<5*.. ^tf M
Land for Sale.
JEWILL prnroeii to gell ft my ronidonoo on thc
29.h' Uet'-ber, \a<a, ?7 Tlt-ACT- OF I.\XD
e-jnuiuinf On.t liunnr-M and twenty-five ncr?s. .
AUM>? aUicr prjpnr'.j nut uccijfjarv lo motiliuii.
Oct 20 ._it*_|_-i?
Assessor's No tice.
T WILfi attend wita Mr. ??y, the Cullu'-tor, at'
Ju. thc ilree .-?nd place* uenlbmod'hy hiiv.. ?-> m
?cive [taiurn?i ?nd aiaka'\rsassioenti., n?tti?rea;'/
mad.-, nf tiio '*"?sx ia kind.*' Also, i-^oine
qinrlcriy Returns of thu aaiuuotof ?m.tf ?.Jos nt
i ?f ??t'reil nx f -r lh? quat fer anding 5?UL Bop:.
At thi i?tno timo I will make aa er?mate, as
the inw ilircc'^. uf alt "noni C^t'.lo, Ibises -and'
Mulea, not umd-jn cnlitvati^n, and At?** uwTied
1-y oaoli ,.ar?on." Planter? anti Farmers will rake
duo nntice thereof, and govern tlieotiv'.r?* nrou.id
iug y. *' . ? Jt- 0. OB'OrJPIK,
. Asicfunr igth Col. Dl-t.^
__0ct 20^_tC_ii
" Stolen
ONT tbi night af tim Sta in.r, fpmi tho Stable
"et ?)r. J. IS. iln.<?. on? miia u'r?m Thiu 'place,
u .niall li^bt JUAT HOUSE, susto t?uurtaslre
y??rd ot ?){.. I will ffive a. reward ol' one hun
dred dvliira for lite delivery ni tb* burne aad lb?
thiof. Or I will pay-a liboral rorw*rd 1er the de
livgty of the iiorB?.
" . J. il..GRIFFIN".
Oct. 21 ? rf ; . -12
No cice.
??7?TJ bu sold at loy botts-, at 10 ? clank. A. I
TY Jri , on Tuttraaay, tan l.?;?, d,i/-.i? Qc?ii??f I
Inri.., a UJbWK MAKh ?lUL?i.'takoft np ^ ,;xx
?^lr-yj?y ..loaos .lla..na. aaa purehaj :r will l??
Totinirrjii to i;ivo noto and gpp-.n-o-? ac uriir j>.ty- J
nm? tn tbe Couiniealoueri of ita?'U, ?ix ?iioutb* I
altor date. CJais io bo paid ia o.?sn.
A. .J0.^ ;j. ?.a. H. J
Oct 5 ? ?lt 0 4
r?Fi?i?. CF A.X. S. M VISION Ato 4..
JUATTTISV.S. Oct l'f. lofU.
pi \ PT ?.TN TILLMAN W"4T30N. .Junior, ia
<*J ,h-rehj TI?v diif-.!,*.? A;:'*t...ri.r.?bL' D'p?r?
u-:it i*"r * portion of "*?Tr-*fr?rtci'l 'Dr! riet." Hi?
will ?i'rtid ?foill Mr. Jool Kidgoll's on th?
biK?tnhi? Tl.:? !. to uii-V-i.?.'!'. !>*b?d or? tir?--.n
r|jl# .fe Onlnrab!? Ti..';ir )'.vI ; thanda U Ninety Sit
>opot (incln/ivc) fr ITT. i.Vn?*?#tv Fiirv'.* F-rVy
n tho S.v.auual) Uiv?r, fyi? Lioerty Hill;) froa.
h?aco .low:: ihn .-btYehiiaa i?'.ver L? ll nun::-? ;
r un t'i-.n?o ?tn-rn lb* ^?nih C-rnlun Biilr?a1 to
he'Birnw?1! L'io'; fro?i :.'i-.-.on i'to Dlstrl?f?ibe
jcl.yee:. ?'igr?leW. I**r::,et:;? 4 Iicxiagl?ta'a*
Al A? Mr. iii i/Jili'-*.
11?% ia 'etttb.wiae-.j So ';?nr?"*! "O' r?ilitiifi nc? "?p
p 1 it for rSi* Dcp;r-i?i't. nd ~!?n whoo n?r?i???,|.
ry t.< ii? ?upplicfi hold hy tb>.io wLo refu.o
to sell io the ttfV.?r:i?n-n'-.
Ile i/ author's' i t^ . r.c ivs a-.' goceipt for tho
rTi.ion of Tis is TTi-d i-.r t.-t?n? 'o'.Wheat,
"gfcwiytuJ, :vi<?laj;3C, Ground Pea.-, B'vnn and*
C?pt. ? A?. ? 6.
Enirspi?tMi DISTRICT, Edyntirld S. C.. Ort 21.
BY Yirril* or my appointment os Pprehasine
?iid lrripre?siag Agoni* in th? S?trU-ehee
D na?, nt 0. .S. Arivy,- for a portion of toi?
District, I rospaotfujiy Lag le?v? to say to the'
Fir^-rs included ia my pirtion of th? Distict
f'nt T sm re?*y ta T^?T? rind mt-e?pr. f?r their
portiou A the Tax in Kind duo tho Confederate
ir'**.?fl. oi'l-r of nay Srore-Iteosi?; if Els-e
?'ld C. II, Nlnoty-SIx Depot, Hamburg, or at
HW** P.-G.
While I .-.hrill erid???vr>r, ir. thj? ?fi ?en n ree of my
d'lirnir Jnty, to avoid any apparent or ro*l io
terl?-.-.,n.?o ?ifh t'^e rig').'* of ali pl-r?es*, nev?r
th'li^s J wi'l firmly and fnnrles-ly prn<*o?d ta ?ni
pren.- \\i Snbsisteace St?r?? rhut may bc H rid hy
parries in sr-ecu'sion. An?! I hereby war* a:l
stirs ?o do/i't frere: pu rebeling supplies a?ove tho
rafi? lit?-' in tb1, Schedule rf the Impressing
Oomtni''?i?it?i.? for ?nurh Carolina.
All tin rurplu.? nra.'iice af thc c,:tutry will Se
require?I for tha SUcoesafal pra>cculian of tho
Vf ^r. A.'.' I carii-ii'.ly appeal le th? 0'th?wi? of
tac Die-Tiff. U como uf promptly to tb* support
nf the U-vr.retr.-nt.. We feol ai*ure4 ?l:?t. upan
proper reflection, any ?ne ran st foo; taat it i? bet
tor to soil to thu '^ovormnint at a fair ?suivaient
th.-.n tn ?S? ?p?rula??r nt -?ny yrice.
Xr?"?s i? Ihn mn??. try5i<j h?uy vt'.ih is nnd wo
I certainly willTvio? linger af?! mid ?bet the spacu
j Ut-?r i:i oringing ruin upea ?ursoivas.
Person.? haviUg siubtiftenee .Store.? t'or-salo will
I h-? rendering a servit*e m the eevntry by promptly
j nff-r:??? the ?nnno t-. m-> H." Blgitial'l C. H.
I All gm?! ?:itizi-Ofi *re reMp.?-" Viy rv?|aosfcd to
; r-?" rt, to mi *uj ULC known te tL?-< who U
. St-biinf hi? supp'tes Tir auee?!?ti?m, othorwir-i
I i rre-i: m.iuy wid'f>??do tbi ds*y tVpy owe'<?
thei' ro'i'.nrry. Arty coiJim-inieiiM'n of the kind
.d?ruased tr mo ::t BidgiP. 0., will be ?.ufie'em*
tully received .tad i'niaodi-'.clv '??t'.c^dc.l lp.
T. WAT?l)Nr, Ja..
Pufohiu'ing Agent E'igHtiuld Dirt.
Oct 21 if 42
-OFFICE OP A. 0. i>. DlVJfrOX. No. 4.
ST. MurireVi, Ott. V&, 1^*1. *
Sn?lGT. T. A. rWJSS.i? h-ril.y.ao; .-nlrl to
.aka cUarf nf t'u 3ior?-H'0-n ?ir Rd^elebl
j (' H.. audT?s aUthoriVid to n.eeivo Mild r<-eeipt f?r
tho Tax in K*i;i.? con-?ia?i..g of Wn??a?, Hit'?k?V''eat,
?.!<;??'.'Hito, rtlolaSSus, Beaus, T-t^,- f?riundpoas
ami Bacon. J. *?. BTLRY,
Capt. A A. C. tl. Dieicea Ne. -L .
Oct 21_ t.f__t?
'}.'? If \*;rr.Ki of.au Order fro?u Wm. P. Durisno,
?? Ordinary .if Edioii-ild I?i?trtct, wo wiil pro
.teed to n?irat /he late reeidenoe of WCDLL'tU
TONHV, ?!-v'i.. ou TirVBr?r?\Y. ?h?.l?th day
Sf'November n*x1. all the .Personal E-tnto, of
.*iJ dei-oa.'-.l. Cu ii* i ?li ti g nf .
a 13 VIS ?T. I; IK Bli Y K^n&?Qi
??'iO ?ushe.s i*?,
?ZOO or SIM) Ruahris Sweet Potatflps,
?b?a< !?9?3''.? Seel r?t? DE,
Tw.i Cn^gies and "arn's-i. .
Ono Fenr liir'so Wagon, Ono '-ne ller.?e tVago?,
Ore Ox Cart,
About "fino feir poplar Plank and Lamber,
One Silver Watch, <a>
Plxsta'iv'r) snd Itl-cksinith Tonis,
Hottreheid and Kitchen Furniture," .tn., ?c Af.
TERMS.'-All sum? cf and usder ilO Cssh;
ovor tliK.t -iai..iint oa a credit jft*.-l\o mourns,
wi>h I'ltoresi from .lay of bolo. I'uruhasois tu
give Note with two ar-i'^'vcd ?^eirrities.
.Oct 21 4tt2 A-lmlnistratora.
i no ii?II. Arthur Simkim re?ided st tho timeuf
his ?1o\tn. '..nntiituiri.- Dae ri an Ired ? A.-ris, and
? ro?te wa'hin ibo enrporato limits of Edge?eid
VC agc.
if n?t S'ild at private s ile, b-?'oro sa!o day io .
N>-f-mher u'Xt, I ?rill. se|| i.,e tail p'-.ce at
i??'ofield C. H . ou tint dav to ti.o hi^Went bidder;
for H. W. AddiWO. 1
Oct. 21 2t. 42.
if WILL *cnt tor tba srt'OS.of nne ycAr from tho
fl. l-l D-ce m ber n<\:, lu tao highest bidder, tho
LL?TJSE AND LO? i? Edgrtield Village f^m.r
!?. oi'-upis- by thu fvmtljr of iho !?to ??,h?riccil?<r
Watdlaw. Tho Dwi 'lir.^ i. larrie irtd ple??ant-y
sitnaiod. ninl every eearenieaee i">r a Ur^o family
tn ho f-tiO'l on ina pratni??.?. Tais property will
h'o niTcfcl f>r R-nt hy irnjir K'lgefield, C. H. on
"lir?t ?tjndsj in Noveinoer uaxt. . .
?*.th^xain? rL*?e and pla?-o I will aim s?ll a
Jot of HOI 53110LD .tnd KITCHEN FURNI
TUUE. *^L'erm?< tu^de ku ?wu on day ef sala.
lt. B. LAMAR. -
Ort ?1 2t 4*2
j;r?r*rhn Charleston 3fir?*ry and Columbia
i?iKyrliwS will piwilinb twtoa * w?>uk until day nf i
salo, and sond-their, bills to tHi? nffir* for payment
Admiaistrator's Sale.
BY an order fresi the OrJir.rtry, I ih?H'pr?c6Sii
lo reit at tho late roii-l-neo of JAMES R...
ilL'-ilTTON. doe'd, en Wedn-sd:** ?Se ,4th day of
November ?jxt, sil tho Porsoaai Estate ef said
Coueased, cmsi^ring of
A ;., Ae?, Ac. . ' .
TBRMS.-For all sums under Ten dellars Cash,
and of Ten and upwards on n crod't of twelve
months. Purobasors will berequirsd tn give Note
and two appro red Securities. .
OcL 21 ' ? 2t 42 .
'Sttttt* of SoTjth Caroliiia,
- M. E. 8imhins, . ]
.-.<- TS?. ... \ .
Ein.ua Sinikin^-, ot al. J
nTjY.yirtne ?>f an order of the Court in this
JH_9 causa, t.ho Creditors of tho Hou'. Arthur
ijiinkins, batu Ofl?ia.1 aa l otherwise, are r'oqurVed
to astal-lish their CUlrus .before the Coin tn ? nioner .
by Cu first-.diy of Mxy next.
. Z..W. CARWILE, e.E.H.n.
Coaiiu'rf. Ofiicro^Oct, 20, WU. .2!|iti '
Final Settleineat.
ALL periOtis indebted to Cte Kststc of J ihn, R.
Gwal<"ey. ^ec'4., ?ra runueste?) to tnako p?y
.icnr ns 04rly ss po?sih'n Chosn Inning elatina
arjiiast tho Esti'* Will pra?ont then, nmoerly
atto^md, lo Ur. A. Hi To?;.io, my H?itnor.i?.?4
at/eat,*on or b?'':ipe the l.'.-a Oeeemaer uexi, a? a
dual ^ettl?m'yn? of.sahl B<tifi wM bo mala iu
lbs Ordinary'ii Ouic**on tiit 1 ty
'StUOV HWALT.ifi?, E^^it.
- Out 21 fd ?

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