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. >. COLUMBIA, S.C^ Xor. 10 IS(T?. r
?convention of rfpreav.nu tive? *?f lie
, several batik"* ia this'.State. ?u : wh't'a 'th* Yoi-'
lowji^baykVirere reprssariled. ..tja: Bnnk?fV
me Sl?te Qi South Carolina, Batik cf Ch?*djw
ton,- Planters and Mochan; c'a ?auk.ef S-juth
L'aroiira. lia.uk oOiiuu?k LK; oit/ta, State Bank
of South Carolina, Union-Ba^k'o?Scrmh -C?T-r-j
oliua, South Western Kaiiroad"Batik, feoplus
Bank, Fermera ?ni Exchauga Bank, Coia
merctal fintikaCtCg^ Bank
ut South Carolins, al Cfcsriw, Rauk ol George
town, Bauk'of Chealx-r and Planter'* Bank of
Pail ??hl, tile fbllowiuy ?radi adoptee" :
. Vv her caa experience ti aa ? d?tnuuxtrat c J that
tbe d uri? to bV r^e.:le'd"by lb? GoteiVrnentv
.lid.for. which Treaaury notes* ?re made;'ye
ceiv*bl*. ar? inadequate toklrix)ri> ?itj^cit?ir|
tmuuut ut'the note s, to prevent the evils Of
oa-etitial to thc in teces ta of the people'and ol
ihe-Oorermceut tt;ai. tbe r ghi io pay .all Gor
eminent dues ia tkei;: issue? should, be wairsd- J
hy the people tu a- certain t-xtcnt, --end mea
aurea be adopted by Ihe Goveiuuieu t .to re
deem or fn tid the cu ti re amountu? - the said
??cuea,*,or ?o much ayr shali reduce thu sum ot
the currency to tir? Luudred millions ($200,
000,000) or lea?. - Fur tho aecomplbdimeiit of
th ia object, tUe follpv^ we?BUT?8 are rcco ui
mended- tafJkijuocotry and the Government,
bj i?is meeting: ...... ...."}
: 1. l?t?t^i?V??*W^0f coupon bond* be
mao^tothe amount, ot oo?.-??ou?aud millions
?ldollar?, tbe ly)ada bea?jug sax'per cent.
ioica^?^tbe. coupomr pay?^ in j
eau. - >* s__
2...Tb^49j&<^;.b?'pMKd levying*, tax-?f |
sixty millions of dollar.*, to be collected an
Fiuailr duri ag tho WHO lo period of tho said
joan, for tbe payment of the interest- on tbe
above bond?. That-'tho said tax aba i be
paid io coin, and that the coupons of tbe
above honda be rcc*iv<>d in the payment ol
thia tax in lieu of coiu.
3; That bet?re the ?u ti bonds shall be offer
ed for tale in any Other manner, they ?halI
flint be apportioned arnon* the States*of the
OOH fed eracy, and "shat a c?uimissioner be ap
jointed lor eack State to make kuowu to the
tax payers ia each Collection District the ne
cessity of providing themselves with ? suffi
cient amount o.'-bondi to pay thia specific tax,
and who ahab ?ell *t par, in eacb Diet riet, tbe
amouut of bonds required ; aud that Treasury
no tas o t' aliissued Le received in. payment for
tho bonds. r% ?lG*t?&t *
.t^TTOw air existing 'dforaction* betweeu-|
Treaaury notea-ofdiQjrunt iaaUes and dates
be abolished. ?
5. That the interest on. tho. stock of tho
fifteen millions loan be ptid hy checks en "the
Treasury, and that the said check* be -recejv
ed in payment ci the export duty on cotton m \
t he ?ame manner as the. coupons un Ute hoads j
of tW same loan.
"6C "That afiveper cent call loan be estab
lished similar te the first or original cali loan,
?nd. the t ali Treasury no ids be received at tbe
Tr?*?u"iy. ?ie?tyr ; '-?nd that tbe'pre-ient fir?
pei. catii"abd-four per cent, call loans be abo
rubed.- - > ? '?i
T. Tint the right of the holders of Treasury
rotes which u pon their flee are- fundablo ir. j
siwhf'p^rJ?enL stock,oughtto be raeegnie^d.
and-an eight 'per cent, atock, nt a short period,
beproyic^.ii?r.tastt^urpo8e;" aud a's? thai
all t he privilege* attached to the original six
per ?ME call-loan be *ei us tated. : .
t?. 1 bat an increased duiy be le vied on all
imports-andexporta during the'.continuance
of the war, aud that the 9sme.be collected in
eena Or approrred-hilJa on- England or france.
9. That sn ls?u? D??p*rtnie II t-be casted hy
the Government and kept .?cparMe-ircm the
Treasury Department, .whose duty it shall be
to supply a new issue ot* Treasury notes in
exchsnge-f?r the amount that.majr:. remain in ! f
circulation of the present issues, and tba; the
new issue* shall expresa on th* face of the bi]ia I
that -tba same sro receivable in payment of j I
al! public. dn?s except such ss are "pacifically
required to be paid in.coin.
JO. That there ahould he an issue nf bili*
of a large denomination, say f>l .0?)O.S-">;UOO ?
and $10,000, sufficient to facilitate the iraus- t
miasion of fonda and the seulement of bal- c
anees. .
The in!lowing gentlemen were appointed t
a committee to present theatregoing to the li
convention ol b-mk represent r.i i ves, to be held
st Augusta on the 1 Gt b instant; MessT?. Of irge s
A. Trenhoi m, Charle? M. F ur man, M. C. M ,r- v
decai. Geo. S. Cameron, Allan Mac&r-lan. t
Extract fro us the minutes.
J. A. CRA,W FO R D, Chairman.
ALLS? MACK A fi UN, S? ;reUry.
The '^TashbrtableSaleot t he Season" csn.e
tJT yiastftsdiryrat No, ** 167" Mlainatreet, until
lately One of thama*? attract ive gamin jr e?
tabliabruehts of the c'-ty. Tho sale was icon
ducted by 5?r. E. S. Pleasants, auctioneer,
who appeared With 'a' ?ilver' hammer^ whit?
kids, while^ waiaicoat, black dress" coat, bar
rt? pants-Lis "general mako up giving ec/u*
to the umuual occasion. Tb?.audiem? of
buyers Aud spectators was large, aud compus
ed mostly of that class who aro expected to
bid ; not gape aud look onTairrl se? the u mont
superb piece of furn tn re mechanical ?kill ever
put together" go" for a song. Among the fe
maies wc noticed the xeveral proprtetreaseS of
aa many faaliion.ibie brothel?, one up aud the
Other down to wu, and they seemed tobe bid
ders in competition for several pieces of fur
ni tuTe-very dear rabie in their estimation. Aa
might be eipected'from the elegant style " of
article* exposed, *^be bidding waa lively, and
rrriues^ were obtained that wi? do no discred
iteven tri tbe gaiting fraternity. v -
Au elejantset ofs.ilrei-plated ware brought
$300, and another, surpassing the first ra fin*
t>h an J beauty, SI.200.
A stunning rosewood sideboard wu" knock
ed down" St $900, but the exclamation of
*- what-a pity 1" from a bystander caused the
sideboard to change hands imnrediately at ?1
050, tir an advance of $ 150 on the first pnce.
A seotad sideboard wa? sacri (ked at $900, !
and a third? as tbe elegant aostioneor 3aid,
wa? " sctually tkruwti away" al $C40.
Tue gorgeons ^mizrors TU the House of
Lonis" and " Commons'' r?fiecte l $800 apiece
uuder'iis ?11*??'* hiimuer and the more silver
fungue oflhe ?le??ant auctioneer, who, as he |
Urued swsy after tba " knock dowii,"* said
that wa?uft more than the vahiaof the naked.
glaaS. ?i - - _ -_
? sot of. Bohemian gla?yrrajnt bronght 01,.
000, and ooversl otSer ? S? ta & proportiena' o
sum. Two elegant,-' ntassiver dnater'" ohatt
deliers'were """knoefee? rlown"-not literally.
bat figuratively-for ijj?'iO for tb? pair. * A
bat-rack anti two langipshing easv chair* sold
t\jt $?50. The reraaining-ank-tes sold in pro
portion, and were not alow ia following their
, aristocratic predecooiurs in . tbo trilling mat
ter of price.-Hichmond "Examiner.
Tuc BnoAD Atrnow.-X;?iy hsvo doubt
less inquired the* significance of " ttie broad
arrow1'wh'eb has been put upoa the reMj
ram?. . It ii.n'icateS prr?ie?>?ion jby Her Maj-*- j
iv. Tb*"by?>j"3 ?rrrr>wi?"a Gowt??*??*iil murk
.?awuiiwbat in the i?Fiape of ^?f?" arrow head,
which is stampc^r cut or otlier'irise flxdd on
all?uW a?teriai u?ed in Her Eaje*t/a ships
or doekrarda, io order to prevent embezzle
r??it of royakwoval ?tores. The mark w**
a-Mutned si the tim*? of "the Eiwarda, (wh'?ti
tlfj arrow" ?ra? considered tbe. most rt?M?rerfu!
aeanon of attack,) ?a distlnguislnu,; tao prop
er tv nt thu king. ? o be lound in. posje.K8iyn
of any property thu* marked is a criminal of
ftuce, paoisliabl* with a heavy iue.
dmidatit cpfr??^ a h oula "b>* Spre.iiiy. ?ud
2d. lt ia tuan i fee tty just;'that those p-reons
.rh a have made money .si n cr. tho r.b.? be-in : ii j
^>thVpea&ug- war,'?lid eup?*x'J?% tiiwe *iio.
i.-?ve made. it oat of ila' war. .abonld. mxau to
t?t'cxtcul o; cveiy iolUr ?f iboir geius, if-co
-touch" he ?t^*gMyr^i:utiuortba arayia tue
field smd-the public c-Ji&t. "
Jd..' That Grasa,.with tbe^ieir of abaorb
i?i? ihe aUfpiua currency, uu^ht to pasa ? Uw
requtring lliree-fourths ot ali prpSLt'roiu every
.ouree, or 4 thought necessary, a greater pro
portion, to be ve*lcd in four par cc ut. ? Con
federate honda. - . " '
4th." T.-at a..cb a Uw ia c!e - riy al i d etntnaot- J
ly _du?t;tu. ti, use eiiizqpe .*ho Luve .refrained
. thrm.?uteriygjtito the general .scramble fur
laouey ; to t?oaa un fx-tu nate, citizen s yr.bo
hate been driven from their homes aud- who.e
properly btefrbeeu plundered, and " pre emi
t? et:tty; due to the brave uteri of tho ?tiny: who
b?vjs. fought kb well abd who have "a?ffer?d" 'va
ranch. . .
. & hv- Tt?&?t i* -pl?in thst UrecipiuraU O?
! bia war !mve made their foti tares out of the
w;ant? off heir "Ueighbore aud the neectsitie?.'
u?. licit "irfesdet*. lt ie tbereiore, ou their
part, tl liberal aud unpatriotic, if tiotuionaCrou*,
for'jthcm .now todeiaaudtre^^eir victims
unuaoalijjtd!.*xt^oxdjnarj..-?ecpriite8 before,
theycandie iud acid to. vest in Confederate ?
bonus their very queu?ouabl? gains. Cou- |
sequen Ur all ?cherue*. having, fur their object
the absorption of thecurreuxjrby- jneatrs of
bouda, the -payment of which ? IB to 4>e. guar
anteod*by apecifie-and extraordinary securi
ties, ar? obvioiwly Uu?BO au* Unjust.
r--; ; ? .
riebt outbe-IUpi?iilitf?iiocl?. ? "-?
Tb? Ktcbraond Whig, ofxhe'?tbv s -ya that
about 'i or f o'clock on Saturday evening, a
force oi Yankees, a portion of Meade's nnuv,
variously estimated at fro ai ?5,M)? to 20.1)00,
advanced on HayV Louisiana and U -kc's
North Carolina bfigadea, arno were picketihg
on the north ?de of tire Rappahaiinock, near
Kelly rs ford. .. Tie enemy being in over
whelming torc?, tint'two brigades were cut off j
and ovrrpovr?red, and most of them . talien
prisoners. A amati -number were killed.and.
wounded. General Haya, we understand,
aaved some GOO men, wuile a atoaf! number of J
the Nea tili Card na brigade escaped. VF? alf o
lost four pieces of artillery, but saved the
hors?* and equipment*.
Our- losa m prisoners, ia estimated by some
at ??OO or 1,060.-wnd by otbersratjauiuch larger j
number. The numerical strength of the two'
brigades will scarcely exceed 3,000 men. TT?
learn.that (ven. hays himself was captured at
uue time, hnc aubarqnentiy escaped. Geo.
Liokc !? on detached duty tu North-Uirolinn.
and hilt brigade was co rn m ant! cd by the Senior
Colonel, whoa? lia'tue we have been unable to
learn. Although encountering a* overwhelm
mg fjree, our men" are represented to hive
fought mo?t gallantly, and i ?lcd .tbs; ground
with Urge umnoers of ki;led and wounded
The {?regoiug ore tsubstantially the facts aa j
Correctly aa we could ascertain them from offi
ce.-* and anea who left the ar m j yesterday.
We tuny,aud that no o cial information has
T.et been .received that wa have leafed itt re
lation to the affair, and nothing through the
Associated Pre?s. We hope that-further in
loricaunn witi ahow the aftair to be leas- seri
jiu than at present reported.
It i* believed that the greater portion of |
Meade's army baa crossed the. Kappa han nock,
iud is pn-babiy advancing, in. which event a
rouerai engagement of the two arm tea may
jccur at any tuna so ?. Of our owu move
ment? it may not yet be advisable to ?peak
Suffice it to say, Gen. Lee ia a? well prepared
low for a .fight as vt hen he lately. chaaed
Meade to Bristow ?tatiun, and that ho will
?trht him, if it is necessary to fight, in a poai
,. "a ut his awn choosing. . it will be ?cen from
.he news irotn the Herald -that MOHOU has
Men pi oparina for au imm?diate advance.
Io apo?kiue of thifr euga^emeut, tbe Whig
if the 10th iuiorma aa that few or no addi
ional purlieu Urs; bavo been aecei ved from the
ir ht un the K.ipp.dianiiock ?aturdUv. All
ust wc have bceu'aWe to ascertain ia mainly
<>.-robo rn ti vc olthe slaloment in otir last i'8Ue>.
['he fight is rvpreeenteU'tohave b'rfen'uf a
non dewperate character, and our men did
?oat fearful execution among the Yankees,
is we expected thc last report, modifies, to
orne extent, tbe ex:eut of our lose, aud make
t considerably leai serious than at first rc pur
A SOUTH Oaaonxa NKGRO is Naw Your.
-A cuapUiu who, having been left behind
rah the w unded al Gettysburg, vms carri'd
<> New York, ?aya that but a ie tv of the ne
;roes captured al Gettysburg took the oath of
LVginnce to the Yankees. Most of them
lesdily refused to work or fight for Lincoln.
lr relate? the following conversation between
ten. Af orris, U. ?J. A. aud Titus, a negro from
ioutb Carolina:
Morris.-Well, Titus, are you willing to
mlist and tight for liberty uuder the Stars
ind Stripes ?
Titus-No^ air;'y?ni m\j shoot me fuatj and
len I won't ti jg Li t gainst my Government.
Morris-Weil, Titus, they "arti going to put
rou all in thu army if you go South T-.
Titiu-Dat'a iist what I want, air.
Morris-Dona you iwnnt a good suit of
Titus-Not from your tJovernraent, air;
Tty Government ir nola to give rae clothe*. '
Motria-Ob, pshaw! your Government's
* played out"; your mouey ia worthless.
Titus-^Bat's alhyou know about if, de mo
ney'" jiat aa good hi tho Solif as 'tis in de Norf;
for dar eberyting high and money plenty,
here eberyting cheap- sud money ekace.
S'\z~z bava a dollar dude Sou f where buckra
don't baye a dime.m de .Norf. Oh, dar, man,
i know you aint ltIk'in when yon asia dis
chile to tight gin de Soaf,
..?f?-. -. y. _, - ?
'JES^Tk? Mobile Advertiser sa'ysMhe aver
age durationo? a Yankee General in active
Berri ce would be an interesting subject ol in
quiry. Rosecrans lifted longer tbau moat of
them ; having succeeded Ii tic ll on the 'ititu of
October, 1852,. ami been Basllized in turn oh
tba 19 h of October; 1863.' Be waa luckier
than moat other dog? j for while, every dog
hd< his day he had three huudred and sixty
of thom-aloiobt fr year.
RxsToatNG TH? U.vio?i, -The brutal Fede
ral soldi ar j, and their more br nt al officers
have a great way of res tori ng the. U ni on."
'Here U a sample oftheirdeeds m Mississippi,
committed during their''late raid in the vicini
ty bf Holly Springs i
Qu their retreat passing through Wyatt,
they burned every hi'-uw in the pUce, end
would not permiUtuv of this suite re re to lave
anything-not even Weartu?apparel, in tbs
! Western portion ofth?? country through which
' they retreated they barned ail the reatdenc-s
andiiarnal They also deal roy ed the little
ptoien ofvTa?la4o?ijia, *?.mUea. yre^ oi Holly
! Springs a? they passed thn>ugh it On fss>
I terday?^"fiforn theCupidaroi the Court Hou?e
iu U A\y Spriugs, tne smoke of aa many as
fifteen ur twenty fires could pUtuiy be seen
all atong the route ot their retreat, aijd it i*
halieved not a single reaidvJiee or barn in that
part of the country, has escaped them.
l*t ii sa'd .'.'talc h ru a'r.ajy osUl'iihed
his kjAdqtmrters at Cu'peppar CvUTiH*??S;', witrlsl
j ei> whale arm/ ia known to be sooth o? tho Hap.
' pahaaaoek.
OFFICE 1. 43. 8/ ^VISION fio i.
i " : -?TVMYrriurws/Oex ?t,-ms.
fahi K PT AIS' TIltMAN ; WATSON, Junior, i*
fA^,Jvr?by^pj?viDt^ . Agoit for .J^?ia .D?p?rt
' uicui f-r a portion ol Edenfield 'District. Bi?
Litio will exten? from Mr. Joel Rid^U's OB'to?
Cul ? m bin Kuti d, to C Lapp ell'? Depo-, on ' U r?*a
viii? A Columbia Railroad": thon?? U Ninrtv Hut
Dopot f^e!o?*ve;)"-fis?ia -thence tn- Pwry'? Perry
<vnSavannah River, (via LibwEtr Bill,-) Jbvga
?hence down tsm rt?vtin?j?u Hiver tj Hamburgs
from.th;;ice down tao.South Cyroliua Railrood^to
cite Oaruwuli Liu* - .from thence tHV'Dutriui lina
botweoo Edga?old. Baruaeil' and" Lexington ut
fer a? Mr. Kideell's.
Ila is authorised .lo-pnrehase ' subsistence ?an.
plisa lot thia;Department, and,-aluo whee necessa
ry to (visa tba supplies held bj those who rafas?
to a?ll to the Government.
Ile i* authorised to re?L?Vo tn J receipt forth?
portion o? tko T'a s iu Kind eunsiltiug .of Wheat,
Hu ck wheat, M-lasses, Ground Peas, Bacon and
Potatoes'. JOHN P. RILKT, -
i -' Oapfc A A. C. 8,-'
VflbiytnLD Di STRICT, Edgefield'8. C/0?t 2 ?.
BVvirtn? pf ny appointment ts PurehaBing j
and Impressing Agent In tho Sabsistence
Department X. .8. .Arury. 'for. a portion, of thu
Dint riet, I Te*peetful|y^beg leave to say tr. the
Farmers included jn my portion of tb'*- District
that I anLroady to receive ai d Vouoipt for their
porlion of the Tax in Kind due tko Confederate
?tate?, ai eirVor of my Store-Rooms, ut Edjjc
fioW C.JH., Niu?ly-SLx Dcpui, Hamburg, or at
Ridge P. (J.
* While I ?hali endeavor, in th? discharge of my j
rfe/i'ca.'e duty, to a void any apparent or real ja?j
ter fermi co with tho rights of all persona, .new-j
tL cl ess ? will flnuiy ahtl fca.-levly proceed to itu-'
press ali Subsinteuco Stores th*t tu-ay ks held by
parties in speculation. And I -fanreby .warn, all
such to dosL-t lrotr. purehai-tng supplies abovo the
.ates fixed .in the Schrdul? of tno Impressing
Commissioners: for South Carolina. >
. Ail the surplus produce of ?a? country will ba
required .for--the ?necea*ml - prosecution of the
War, and I earnestly appeal to" the eitisonj -of
ibo District, to come up promptly to th? ruppert
of thu'^ioYcr.imonL We feel asdurod that; upon
proper reflection, any one must-feel that it is hot
ter to ?ell to the Ooverniaout at iv fair equivalent |
'than to the speculator at auy price.
Thia is tho most trying hour withR?4 and we
certain ly will not longer aid ami abet the spf cu- j
iator in bringing ruin upon onraelres.'
Persona having Subsistence' Storea for sale will j
hu rendering a service to thc country by promptly |
o ie ring tho same to eke at EdguSald C. H.
' All.good cHirenE arr respectfully requested to
report-io me any oue known to ibeea who is
.beluiug bi* supplies' for speculation, otherwise I
?ia great many -will evade th? duty tkeyowe to
their country." Any coramunicaliou of the kind
addr-nsed td QS at Bldg? P. 0., will' bo confideu
Lially received ?nd im mediately attonded to.
Purebaamg Agent Edgefield D'unV
Oet?L :> tr vi
Sr. M A-rm z tvs, Oct. lat, 1SC3.
fgSP.GT. T. A. JONES i* hereby appointed to
to uko charge of th? Store-Room at Edgelield
C. H., and''is authorised te meei ve mid receipt for
the Tax in Kiad consisting of Wheat; Buckwheat,
Silgar; Rice,' Molasses, Beans, Peas, Gronndpoas
and Booen. J. F. RILEY,
. Capt. AA. Ct'8. Dirisicn No. 4
Oct 21 ' . tf 4Z
A Valuable Residence
tn? Hon. Arthur Simkins resided at tho tima ut
his death, confainiag On? Hundred porty Acre.?,
and situate wi'kiuthe corporate limits of Edge
field Village.
Thia is certainly a.very desirable residence, be
ing located in a retired but convenient situation,
and -has all aecessary buildings attached, trev and
in 'good repair,-with a boautitnl grove ot oak? co
ntroling the premises. Th? Dwelling has Aix
Urge Boom*, Well ventilated, and a larg? base
uie.-it Story.
About Porty Acres of this Tract aro well ?loaded
iud Will t'urnUu lire-wood for th? place ?or tunny
fears. About Thirty Acres are choice bottom laud
rjigbly productive, with an admirable pasturage
mr .a, limited number of cattle. The roto ainu er
jf th? Tract is good up-laud in a fin? slate of.
mliivatioQ. .
li' net sold at private sale, before sale day in
December next, 1 will u*\i tba stria place al
Edgefleld C. H.", on that day to the highest bidder.
JAME? A RMS T RUM ti. Agent
For H. W. Ai'Diijo*.
Oct. 27 ?t . 43
Adjntarit end Inspector Ueneral's Oflico.
CoLt-ani 4, November 2, IMS.
Ft* EN KR AL Order No. X*, heretofore issued
o from'this office, prohibited pt r,oas between
JJ? agen of sixteen and ?ighteeti fr- ru entering
my military organizations, except such ni are
tuthorisod aiid called fur by th? Governor and
Jomm tnder-in-chief,. and, in cunseq .ence of a
Jard appearing in the papua under the signature
>f J. H. ANDREWS, inritThg persons under the
iga of eigbteou years, and person* not liable to
) oisoription, to juin a cuni r any for service b?
fond thc limits of this State, said order ls hereby
??iterated, with the addition, that po persia tin
ier th? age of eighteen years, and no person now
iabla to conscription, under tho Acts of Congress,
in this ?-.atc, will be allowed to outer any such
)rganizatious. By command:
Adjutant and Inspector Genoral S. C.
;2*jr- P<-p?r* ot the -Suic publUh twt??.
JS.ov Ll ' Stv. 45.
Teacher Wanted.
ONE not subject to .Cansctiption, who will come
welt recommended-1? Teach all tbebraneb
usually taught in a preparatory School, will
find a situation for the year Mu*, nour .the rosi
dowee of the Subscriber, ? miles South-Wdst
of sedgefield C. H.. Apply personally or through
the Kdgefiald P. 0.
M For tho Trustees.
Nov ll lm* 45
A Schocd Wanted.
AYOUNG LADY, with some experience in
Teaching, is desirous of getting a School or
a situation aa Teacher in a private family, and
will tearh the English branches usually taught,
together with Music. For further information,
enquire or Col. M. Fr.Ar.it: rt, Edgefield,' 8. C.
Nov ll ' - .. tf . . 4? .
Situation as Teacher
A'SOLDIER'S WIFE, one who has had se ve
rni year* experience iu teaching, desires *
School for the enanlog year. Sho teaohes the
customary English branches, lint not Music.
Terms, Three Hundred Dellars, and board for
herself and child-? boy of four yuars.
. Reference may be had to Dr Wi D. Jenulugs,
Messrs. E. H. Chamberlaio, E. Searles, and citi
zens generally af Dark Corner, Edgsfleld District
AddreiB Mrs. H.-U, ELSEN MEIER, Csiro P.
0.. Edgefisld Diitrior, E. C. -
Nor t i . . Int 44
A Farm Wanted?
or Fire Hundred Acres, or more, of good
laud, capable nf producing Corn,. Wheat and
other drain, with a good rang* for S took, and
: plenty pf water, haring a Comfortable Dwelling
' and -Out Buildings, about equal distance (rom'
I Augusta and Alkea, and within ,a few miles from
; tho Rail Road. For such a place I will pay ?
fair Cash price. Addi ess sae at Aiken, S. G. -
!. -. W, G. M.00D.
Neri 4t? 4,4.
'-.'-'. i... - . i ? i
For Soldiers Fami?iea,
IWANT to boy for Soldiers Families in thia
i' ' Vbney ha? b??ri plseor] iu my band*-by the pa
i tri ot'n set Vin ?-h ear ind fir Iti. par^Mw erpur
r chasing?uppli?? f?r Soldiers Families, and I ?lil
p iy .TT? uig boat KU .-hat pri?e tor say of tho ?move
' ?eatienod irUele? delivured at the Room adjoin
, ingtfae Aitetrti&r office.
1 Dot 27 tf A3
f :T*?x Collector^ Notice-.
1 W Vf ILL a :t:rrr "ad thefollOwing" tiwc^D* ???c?s
JL te cnlUet tia*: .Te**.- S?. raeoorty.Totorntd to
A^MfiocDwo;M?;*it :' *, .- - ._'
Edgvfield CB. Monday,,- 2i,Nvjr*
.; " " Tueeuay, - ' '3d g
ChtruVf*"Pundi,".. .Wed?esday,-.?'th *?
??.ch I?laud, ' ? ? ' Tfcursd.y, iib "
Barn burg, . Friday,.'
Wi?*manVScboo1 H.; ??$ntut?fr ? S^
J'?tcd JifU,- - J??miny,?th - ?
rOelthrr'a, . T?vas?.y"..10th . "
Woodlawn P. 0". ? ; Wc?otd4ay,;.l.lth ?'.
WkiU Mann, TL?r.eay, ' ?2:h ? '
; Liberty Hill, Friday, \ -lodi-. ?
Ckeathan'c, ' Saturday, lt th "
Pl ea ??.ut Laue, . Munday, . - Il th.. **.
SnatUrffeld, ? Ttt??Jk?y> -.17*"
Capt. Boan will attend *ii? mo tb receive tho
report of: saW,; ike.', fur the quaiUr en di tig lat
?cjh?har,. 1.863, andeee relative th? retorus of. BO
muck ut Ow eroj'a as Lave hueu ?ntti?ru? itt tail
. tita e. -
Tai P*'yers ar > or/jod to promptness in paying
the if lazes, av th? Books fer, -tho jireh ?nt year
tuvst thou close.
!* IL' T. WRIGHT, 13th Cbl.'Diat.
P. S. Those v'ip diuire to pay ibo?r Taxe*
|- either with the . Duccau Kr Huyer " vk Lud wich
money can do in by oudonilu? lucir names inft.it,
lpgibly in pencil on.tho .back of tho billi. This,
they Ttl 1! do at he :o 8 to aa vu ti tu e.
SrptrJ tf . 29 ..
Tax G?liecter-s ??otice.
ff WILL attend st tho following times and place?
Jt to^kcHeet the Tax on-propert^>nreditsfc ?p., a
. ?ssesae?V by; D r. K. J>V.Q tiffin,, yi.i :.
. J..0. Smyly's, " .. . Monday, 2d Nov'i
Dora's) M. .ls, Tuesday, til.'.'"
. RountrW. Store, Wodnes?oy, 4th '. u ,
H-"H. Mays' kam? evening 4 o'oiocIL* % V
niit:wanger's-4?tore, " faraday,' ith ?
tsbain -Ctt?nreith'ij - Friday; - : ?tb ?
Allen Komp's, ? ? - .' r?ainrday,, J - TU?-;. M ;
Col.man's X Hoads, . Mouday, 9th . ".
Perry's, Inesday, . 10th "
Huiet's Store, . ' Wednesday, 1 Ith "
Miekler's, thursday, . 12frr ?
Mannt-Willing,'-p'" * Friday, - ?3?t "
Bri. J. R. Mobley's, Saturday-," M th "
Mrs. Allon's; . Monday, . l?th."
Dr. J_? G. Ready's,. \. Tuesdays . 17th "
Jtidge, . Wednesday, 18th "
Mrs, NorrieV . .Thur.day, 19fh
George Addy'?, Friday! 20th "
Mre.'G?baa?'t, . Saturday,' 21st ' "
KtehardsOD'*, Monday, ' 2id
'At tho' same limes and places I will collect
from Registered Tax Payers the Tax' on amount
of gross .?ic* from lat Joly lo 1st. Oct
I will be required to Slake my. return tho 1 aa t
of Novembor. Therefore Tar Pay er? a re respeet
fully requested to meet me at my appointments,
and pay up punctually.
Perseus wishing te appeal from assessment or
'Als?esur, eon do SD between-tue 15th'-of October
and let Nor. ? ? <L M.- MAY, 13lh Diat. Col
Oct7. / ? . 7t - 40
Assessor's Notice.
IWlLLattemaw?lr3?r.May? the Colleotor, at
the timo end pisces mentioned by bim, to re
?oive Returns, ??d make Assessments, netalraady
made, of the "Tax in .Kind." Also, take the
quarterly Returns of tba amount of gross sales nf
i cris ter od tax f-r tba quarter ending 30th 8apt.
Every person.who, as Trustee, Guardian, -Tu
-tor, Curator, Committee, -Executor or Administra-',
tor, or as -Agent, AtUrney in faet, or . factor, , of J
my pnrson. orptrantjs, who ha.vo failed to make
returns to mo, are hereby.notified that thoy will
Bare an opportunity of doing so by meeting.me
at my appointments. They'are held responsible
for ?il taxes due from the Estate, income mue oj,
or property ia their possession, or under their
control. And if any should fail- to avail them
selves of the present opportunity, the. penalty ot
the law .will Le strictly enforced in every instance
At the same tice I will make an estimate, ??
the law directs, of all "neat Cattle, Horses' aird
Mules, net used in cultivation, and Asses owned
by each person." Planters and -Farmers will Uko
due-notice thereof, and govern tnemselves accord
ingly. ,- R. C. GRIFFIN,
Assessor 13th Col. Dist
Oct 20 ' ? . tf- 43
150 Broad st., Angcsta,
CLOCKS and JEWELRY. Efory effort.will be
made to keep up my extensive Stock of
To suit every defect of vision.
The balance of my Stock of CLOCKS, FANCY
(400DS, PLATED WARE, Ac, wiU Lo sold low
Augusta, Jan 20 tf i
AFRESH supply just received by
E. PENN, Agent.
Aug 1.1 tf ?2
Shoe Pegs-Sboe Thread.
JUST received a-aopply of -SHOE THREAD,
PKOS, TACKS, Ac. Also, a gund assort
ment nf NEEDLES. J. A. OURLET.
Hamburg, Oct 13_lm ' 41
IWILL pay the hi.v'Leitm-irket prfce. for-tnelre
hundred (1200) bnebuls of good .CORN-seven
huti'ired to be delivered at tba plnee I bought of j
James Murrell, Esq., and ?ve hundred te m*.in
the Village. - A. G. TEAGUE.
_Oet 13_tf . ^. . al
^ IVOm
ANTATIOK IRON for salo hy
. B. E. fcOWKILS, A.^t.
limul.un;. Su).t 22 tf 39
Final Settlement.
ALL persons indebted ic- tho Estate of John R.
G walumy, dec'd.v aru requested to make pay.
incut aa early aa possible. Those having claims
agaiust the Estate will .present them, properly'
attested, to Dr. A. G.'Teague, my authorized
agent, on or before tb? 15th December next, -as a
fin*il settlomoat ot said Estate will bo made in
the Ordiuk-ry's Omeo on that day.
. 0ot2i td 42
ALL parsons hating demanda against the Es
tate nf James Bean, dee'd., ard requested to
present them to me between this and the first of
Dee* tuber, a? I wish to clogo the Estate, and the
E'tate wi I cot he responsible for th* m arter that
date. RANSOM T'MM ERM AN, Ex'or.
Oct 27" ' 4i* ' . *' 4?
Estate Notice.
/USONS having claims against the Estate of
. Dr. E. Bland, dee'd., ore requested to pre
sent the same forthwith to "Mi; Jamos M. Harri
son, whe ia my authdriaed' Agent iu settling up
the- bus ia ts s of thc Es Ut*.
IL E. BLAND, Adm'x.
- NOT 4 - . tf_ii
A LL persons having daDanda a^alcst the Et
JSL tata of Thaodpro F. Williams, dee'd., tra rt*
quasUd lo present them, duly "ktteuted, to th? un
dersigned on or before the FJrat day nf Jonnary
nci-, as I propose to settle said Estate on that
day. - LEMUEL BROOKS, A-d'or.
. Kori . . 2m? H
Estray Notice.
I?LLED before by Mr. B. J: Bulla?, erno BAT
HORSE. ll. L. GENTRY, H.a.o.
H-mburg, O?jt 27 , ?? ; 4lm 43
OH Sunday last, a Gold BREAST PINj dia
' mond shaped, a ruby iu the contra surround
ed with pearls. A liberal reward Will ba paid, to
tija Inder, upon thn deiiTory of the Pin Ht the
At!nrrh'<4r OfflCO.
0et.'27 ' . tf ' 43
eithe7 white or colored, can find Immediate
employmeut by addressing
Augusta, Ga.
Nov 10 '?t 46
JT'frY^irtuoof un'ora-r.fr?ATVC'P.^?irI?ca; Or''
TPf'illllft t^fti ^iTiTij?ff?T>)'Ti?iliTi?f. '?A .will oro
ceed^o.?cn "- cwtate rold^ce -<if U--P. ?EL,*'.
*I?j<;'a.,""un TUESDAY, tho'J rt. day of Deo. next,
V.'h ?eh belonged, to .tao do--oise d at the niuo of
bil doa lib, ris : .
. Tft?r HOMESTEAD aay;i?ning: lanti?' of?*.'
J-?icph il: Jennings, ijeorjc Rrinks -and Others,
.co n lu i u lng. Tb ruo Hundred Acree, more or- lc lav ..,
t THE YtRQI-IN TRACT ?djoinjpg lands: ot. |
Jeffereon , Sturfccy, Mrs. Holloway and .others,
cootainlog One Hundiid and Fifty Acres', aor?
or tes?. . ' " " " -'.'-. * . ' - . . '
THE BRO WU" TRACT adjoining 'hirds of I
John-Dean, John .Brown and others, uomatning'j
Three. liuudr?d.Acrc?, more or lets.
. ; Alsa^aljt-tbe personal. Esuto of said .deceased, I
consist mg bf k, . ,
FortY-0ne Like fy N^ofisY
- - , : FAT. ASD.-ST.0?K H.Q?S,. j
Two Wacon*. ono Ox : Cart, i>u<gr ?nd Harriot,
Btecksiatthand Plaut.itipp. Toola,
And many olhur articles tod tedi, us to mention.
: TERMS.-?irs?ms "of al.d under TwsAi'y Dol
lars cash; and alf sums above Twenty orv a ?rouit
Of iwolvo'months with interest tr-ru day ut sale.
, S. 8. FREEMAN, Ex'or.
Oct 20" r 6t* ' ; 42'
' /^TheASbbrille Pre** and An gu st. Weekly
Con?tiiutionuliHt please e?py uti til day cf? alu and
forwarll account tu this Office. . -
Admi^stotor's Sale.
IN Pursuance of an Order from Wm. Fl Duriaoe,
Eaq rOrdiirary- for Edgefield District, ? wilpj
proceed 16 sell At the late reside n cs . ot W. J.
WELLS, tiecen s/d, .oj?-, the 9th day .of Dc ce m bor
next, all the Pei ional - ?s?oto of ?aid deceased,
consisting of ' *" ' " " . * '
Plantation Tool?, Household And Kitchen Fur
. ultu re, one len of Cotton ia the Seed, s ---
,And otV,-r articles to?, tedious to mention.
. TERM.S.-On a credit of twelve months with J
interest from day of sale. Purchasers to g?te*
Note With good security. Sum? und-r $20 Cash.
Kori . dt?, 44,
Executor's S?le.
WILL be sold sit the late. residence of Nancy
Robertson, dee'd., on the 2nd day of De
cember next, the following Real and Personal
Estate, consisting of
Containing Out hundred 'and foi ty-three acres,
more or less, lying OD Bird Creek, adjoining laads ?
of Jehu Price aad-Jant.es A. Jennings,-on a
creelitof two and three years with, interest from
day of sale.
. Jack and his wife Han aka,
Ono Buggy and Harness, Bods, Household and
Kitchen Furniture, Plantation Tools, and
other articles loo tedious to mention.
TERMS.-The personal property will ba sold'
on two years credit, with utterest from day of
sale;. Purchasers io giro Noto with two good se
curities. JOHN U. THORNTON,Ex'or.
Ney 10 3t* 45
Executors' Sale.
WE will proceed to ?ell at tho. late residence
of A. Rutland, deo'd., od WEDNESDAY,
tue Uth December next, the Personal Ksialo el
W. A. RUTLAND, dee'd., consisting of
Household and Kitchen Furniture, Ac*
TERMS.-Twelve months credit with interest
from day of sale. Purchasers to give" Note with,
approved seeui i:y.
TO RENT.-Will be rented at the some time
and place tito undivided P.anlation of E. W.
Kui Und und W. A. Rutland, which iain fine state
ot cultivation, s nd capable ef working tb bauds.
L. P. RUTLAND, Adm'or
Of the Estate of E. W. Rutland
Of the Estate of W. A. Rutland
Nov ll 4i* 46
State of South Carolina
r'tg. j
Mary Parkin m aud Elis. Parkman, Applicants, '
N"ancy Parkman, Tho?. Parkman, ot al, def
BY an order from the Ordinary, I shall proceed
te sell at Eageheld C. H., on the first Mon
day in December next, for Partition, the REAL
ESTATE of Simoon Parkman, decea?cd, consist
ing and being id the District ?md State afore
said, containing Eighty-nine Acre?, more or less,
und bounded hy lands of Mrs. C. Buzzard, Peter
Out s and others.
TERMS.-Ou a credit of twelve months from
day of sala. Purchaser tu givoBond with good se
curities, ?una Mortgage io thu Ordinary ta Se
cure the parch "se uivuey. Costs to bo paid 'ia
cash. Title? ex tra.
. LEWIS JONES, s. n. ?;
Oct 30 ote 43"
State of South Carolina,
Mil tori J. Palmer aud Eliza his wife. )
vs. I f
Alberry Marlin, Jame? Martin, ?- Partition.
Newman Mathis and wife Patsy,
and others, Detendauis. j
r'appearing to my satisfaction tha? Asherry
Martin, Jaine? Martin, Newman Mathis and
ni? wife Pat??y; Dale C. Palmer'and his wife
Beatrice, and Totiver Martlu, "Oefomlatita in the
above .itate J case,.reside beyond tho limits of this
Slate, It is thorOfure ordered that they do ?ppoar
and object to the division or sale of the Real Es
uto of John Martin, deo'd., on or before tho 24th
day. of January, 1864, or their consent to the
same will be entered ol record.
W. F. DURISOE, o. X. n.
Ordinary's Office, Oat 30, 1363. TSteW
LL persons indebted to tho Estate of K. M.
_j Fuller, 'dee'd., are requested to make pay
ment as early as puiutble. Those having claimi
against the Estate will present thom, properly at
tested. AU perseus owing Mill account! caa sot
ie with Mr. L. Dolcich a: i? il lil.
w.u. ?x JJ. A. FULLER, Ex'I*
I hareby fen wa? all persons from Trespassing
,on my Mill prcmiJM,- from banUng off wood,
straw, *o. M. A.
NdT ll * 2?* 10
Jt- LL persons haring aoy demands against tho
Qi Estate of N. L. Bartley, deo'd., aro request?
ad and required to present, their claims to the.
Subscriber on or before the 8th day of February,
1864, as on that day-there will bb a Final Set
tlement made on said Estate in-the Ordinary's Or
nee. Those failina te hand.lu their olaims. ?ill
he-barred. And all persons ' indebted to the El
ute aro r?quosted to pay up at once.
... .. ' H. T* BARTLEY, Adm'or.
' S4yT" ? .? ? . ?*-- .**.
I-xeep- constantly on handa full stock of "Walnut
anTMinogany COFFINS, which, from and
after'this date,, will be sold for ,t?ASH, -and at
o rice? as reasonable as the timei will admit .of.
The nie of tho HEARSE will be charged fer
WdlngU tho same ratio. ^ ^ ^ ,
Edgefleld, 8. C^ Oct 1?, 160?. ' tf 41
- J ACOB li Ul KT,
KT A KMX<*lS1ftCaW&,?*??<
CHAsRLKB CABTkllC. ,~ . ,- ."
W. "H. HOLLOW AY, ' J?**
- '-yii v- " -- :-- i p? ?i ??afr
. rov Clerk. .
s. HARRJSOXV^.:v . -
JACK t? Ol? CO VAR" "r : ~ *
. '.' . ' ./..(, . ? ?? ?? ?-?M-> ??VA-.
froi1 Ordinary, .y^t...
v *;-Wanros.* j"
WK WISH't?pnre?ia*?rirTYLI?ELT--.
?UlAti t. KG fe S, and ir? prepare?
to ?JO riiuHf^T^fiR?OJICKS.
: We 0tive ea Hand & Li RELY WOMAN IT?
FOUR CHI LD H KN wbieh we will/ba PlVai?d ?a
seil o'r'exohaugo' 1er other TTegPoee. ' ** Vi S*?
" GlOYRRA ?XJlAjS^kB-.r-'
. >- - .-J^??iBe'. ...... . , ,
. AAL persons having de ta and s against tke It
it. Ute of Will,.T E. Middleton, dee % are re
quested to present thom to thc undersigned, aaa
those indebted to -said Trista fir ara ?asjftaSssjSgj
make immediate payment;
Eil I LY- ?IDDL?TON, Adra'lx.
?gsrf . . . \Su*^ ?
ALL personj in ?aywise indehud to tho Bst-t*
.pf E. M, Pens?, dee'.d., sw?.?arpf?tjy. jjBPjBjfr
ed to coma forward and settle op without Joley.
Those having claims against said Est?t? will-rea
der theta ih, property attested, at aa ?arly dit?.
u ? - ' - . lb}. L. ?IQ^Aito^
Aug? ... If il
RUNx7AY.Jreat.aia two years ?re, two sagra
women,- -CLAJPCNDSR and LIZB. Ciar- .
render ia ?'dark rav??tto about forty year? ef age.
Lise is a bright mulatto, about tw?aty-*n? ysars
old,-r.beth?r .goad alie. . itkiok tkey h av? bean
faarWorwd in lb js District atad tko lewer part af
Abbeville. I will give Two H aa d red Dellar? tar
the apprehension of th? tws wesaen, aad Two
Hundred Dollars for-tbe detection-ef tl? tHaf JJJV,
harborer. ". W. Q. QA?DNJIR. ,
' Hamburg, Sept 28 - ; _ faa . ,#* .
State of South Carolin.*,
BY W. F. DURISOB, E?q., Ordinary ?fB"?i?v
tlcld Diatrict.
Whereas, Z. W. Carwils, C. 1.1. P., 1MS
applied^) me for Le Uer J of Ad nial?tratiea es all
abd singular the gooda aiui east?e?, right? aa A
credit? of Oliphant?. W'aBrar, lateof th? District
aforesaid, d?e'd. . .....
Thc<e are, therefore, to-cit? and a dase? Ish all 'i
and singular, tho kindred ?jjd creditor? of the said
loeeaaoa, to be ??d ?pp'oarbefore rn?,-at oar ?ext
Or dm ury'?<J oort tor tn e said Dis ti ic I, to be holdaar
U Eugefeld Court Bouse, OB the 27ih day ef
Nov. neil, to show cause, if any. why ina said .
administration should ?ot be granted. *" . " ' !
i tiivea under ruy hand and seal, - this lOta day
et Oct., in the year, ol our Lord one .thons
aud eight hundred and s ix ty-'.lues, a cd in th?
eighty-eighth year of the sovereignty aad Tnde
pondenee of the State of South Carolina.
W..F. ??RI80R, O.S.B.
Oct. 21 ' ot . il
>state bf South ?tar?lina,
BY W. P. D UR IS OE, E?s., Ordiaaayaf l?s>
told JJistricU.
Whereas, tioorge Addy" baa applied te we
for Letters of Administration, on all and singular
tba goods and' obattels, rights and credit? ?f .
Adam ?nealy, late of tba - District aforesaid;,
These are, therefore/ to cite and admonish all
and jingu ar, thc. kindred and creditors af the
?aid deceased, to be and .appear bs fore SM, at ? ? r *
jext Ordinary's Coan for tho ?aid District, to be
holden at Edgefield Court House, ca th? i9?i day
A Nov. inst, to thew cause, if ?BJ, why ike
?aid administration should not be grauttd.
Given under my hand and seal, this V tb ala*, ef
Nov. in the year of our Lord ea? th on sand
eight hundred and sixty-three, and is the ?igary- .
eighth year of the Independence of & C? rolla a.
Nov. Ut J* .
State of South Carolin?,
til RCUITY. '
,Y W. P. D U fl .SOE, Eeo., Ordinary ef Bdge
I field District.' r ' ' ' '
Whereas, Mauch?i8ter Padgett has applied te
ma for Letters of Administration, with tba will
annexed) oM all.and singular the jrood?.iiad chat
io la, rights and credits of Wilbert Paddon, Ut?of
the District'aforesaid, dee'd. ^ - ? '.
These are, therefore, tu cite and admonish all
and singular, the kindred and e r sdi tor's eC th? -
said decoiued, le he and~appear b ifura me, at our
next Ordiuary'a Court fur tko said L'?strior, te he
holden at Edgefield C. IL, on- the- 13tb day ef
Nov. inst., to show canso, if any, why rjj? j ?dd
Administration Eb ou ld not be granted.
Given under my hand aod goal, this ?llb day
ef Noe. In tba year of eur Lord one thousand .
eight hundred and Sixty-three, and ta tin nighty
eigbth year of the Independence of Sentit Caro
lina, . W.P.DI?RIBOK><>.S.D.
Nevil -Lat. di
Notice. \,
1WILL moko application at the next 5e8ilea of
the L?gislature, for re-obarter ol' my Perry
keross Big 'Saluda Ki vor, o a the road loaaing
from Newberry C. li. to Hamburg, ea ibe Waver
Road, at ?nub prlcoa aa ?ra in aecordaaae wrea
the Mirnee. ' '.iTOU KNfGffT..
geptla ' ' Sm iT
. Statva of Soath Caixdin?ij
. Mi E. Simkina, \ 4
V'S.'- . v- . . f ' '' ' '
Smma Simkina, et al.. . J.
BY virtue of a? order of the Cosrt in . this
"cause, "the Creditor? 'of tRa Hon. Axtkaa
?jimki'is, both Oficial and otherwise, ar? required 4
to'-.naldish'thrir Claims before lk? Corjiwisiiexer
by .tba Irat.day ot ?ey next. - - - .
3 Jt\-W. CAjEVtr?s^,?.?,a.p.
Cbvta'M. Ofloe, Oat, 20, Itel. ' lita
''-? ? 1 l "; 1 -?' ?
Toa I Tea!
1 CHEAT Of'WE?? TBA, ef %
i Savor ahd tfality, fti WttS ' '
? '- 8. YSlflff Af uk .
BeptU . tf .
A LL persons h av la ff elalm? agslut tba ffslafa
A of Dr. * Hatweod Hart, aVd., ?re aeUia?
to prv?eat the*, properly attested, aa the ak UH
Bl?ned' ls prepired to pay ' ta? ..??. Tko?? 1a*
dcb ted io said Estate ara W*?
4?.. YtM-BvaTrteatv,
---?- . . ' T?
Copperas. -
c^sir?n^ilajior-ae?s*^ . '_ I '
? :''- . - '.. - . :- J. A..jS\TJs^Kt
Eataburg, Oct ll ... ."1st ' 41
Fine Tobacco and S^rt
,-T.UST roeeJved a.fla?anaply *t choice Chowla?;
PIPES, MATCHES, A?. ^ ^ ' .
Hamburg, ?lt LS ?B j ?\

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