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nt r-? \; ;. *'. - V .
"?T?E?S03, KEE3? &CO.
your TEN DOLLIES " in anyones. For,Six. ".mili*
. ADVERTISEMENTS will ho Inserted ?rt FIVE
DOLLAR:" per Sature (10 minion lines or le**) fur each
insertion. Advertisements without inetrucUoiis as to the
nujnber of times. TO be inserted, will bo published until
forbid, and charged-accordingly. -
Announcing Candidate* for any Office ''I honor or
profit TWENTY DC'LCA"R?, to be paid before the an
nouncement is published.
ObitUBTv notices,'Tributes of Respect, or . any commu
nication personal.in its nature, v.'ill berated a? adrrr
lisomeiits aud charged accardlgcb:.
Confederate Co?missioners-f o Proceed
'RtciiMO.vo, Jan. 28."
Senator Heater of? Virginia, Vice.Prc.si
deat^fepheus, and Judge .Campbell of Ala
bama, Tiave been appointed commissioners'td
go to Washington to coffer with the author
ises of thc United States Government cm the
question^'peace. They will leave to-mor
Late from 'Sherman.
MicoNyJan. 2j3.
Private advices from Savannah state that.
Sherm in commenced his march on. South,
Carolina on the '17th Last, .with three cd
The maincolurnnjs moving towards Charles
ton, talcing nearly all his transportation.
Tho other columns, in light marching or
der, are marchiug by separate roads' towards
Branchville. .
-#~- '- *
Yankee Gnubout Destroyed.
The Yankee gunboat Ilia Ch?ny got ae round
in the Combahee yesterday. Out batteries
opcucd upon her and Get her on fire,; she
hurried "to; the waters edge ; all the crew ex
cept one Lieut., and" five men escaped ;k the
prisoners.were brought to - the city Ui-dny.
Thi?y report that the mo-itor sunk off Salli
van'alslarid recently -was the P&tapsco, only
five out of a crew of 300 were saved, ali the
rest were drowned.
Nothing' important hom below.
Thc True Spirit;
RICHMOND, Jan. 27th.
The 53d Va. Regt., Picket's Divison, has
unanimously adopted a serien of resolutions,
declaring their purpose to fight for libero*
aad solf^Goveniment as long as the Southern
Cohfcd?rac}' can furnish cartridges, and to
every dishonorable Offer of peace or submis
sion made by the enemy, will reply with the
crack of tho riOe and shouts of defiance.
.tm lo?t r?solution rends thu*. .
Th'.'se are our sentiments, and we cali upon
tba people at ""home- and thc-authorities to
supgdVt and rai ly around its, and -with God's
blessing, we will b*jar the Southern cress
through fire and biogd tili euch' star, upon it
shall glow aud shine forever in Hie firmament
of nations.
? -j-? -j
The Peace Coianiissiouers.
Tt wili be seen, by ti>o -Richmond telsgrau
published this morning, th'ftt Vice Presideni
Stephens, the flou. R. M. T. Ilunter, of Va.
and Judge Campbell, <.* Alabama, bavo hear
.<p?int?d as .C:nnmHsv>i,(vrsv t'V W?^hmgtor
ende ivor to i egotiate terms of p? aev
..Vth the Northern authorities. -Vt'iHe ftc
President, it ie useless to sp ;a!c; his fame, .r':
tdinmantsand judgment are co extensive with
American politics-for moro than a quarter ol
a century. Mr. Hunter .was for many year?
a Senator from -Virginia iii thc old Urion
and. as Chairman of theFmane* Committee,
ooo of its modi- prominent mon. Ila ls a m&n
of emi'Je.aVauiiiii^s and ? Virginian ol thc
noblest type. Without being a violent secos
H?Odis?.'ho ha* r?w?y? Leun Or thorough advo
rate of State Rights and . Southern indepen
dice. Judg? Campbell, at ?be opening ol
t ho war .wa.? onc*of t'.;e the Justices of-, tho
Sum-erne Court. Ile is regarded as the fcrc
most Iftwy r in Arnbamn, ?tnot in the wholt
Smth. Iiis gemus is "mou-ded in tho cast
of a*?Tan?y or "Marshall. In poiitics he ap
proximate very chsoly to the standard ol
Mr.. Hunter. - . .
Thia trip tnay"bo said to comprise i ho three
calmest, w;a;st and most conserva: ive intel
kc's of our'country.- Wo feel assured that
while there will be ho lowering ol" the pi ide
of the land, no impulsive obstacles will be
thrown in the way of an honorable adjust
ment of-existirg difficulties.
The very fact of ; President Lincolu;s hav
ing agreed.to recoiro them as Commissioners
is clearly a vatt concession on the part of the
Norih,eviocing a return of reason which prom
ises well fOjT. the future.
It. ia beloved , that President Davis ha?
" written ah autographic letter to Mr. Lincoln,
ia which the Southern argument is delivered.
It is .very certain that therr- is no submission
or dishonor in that document.
At all ovents, there ia to be a cor.ffrcr.ee,
and time alono can develop its issue. While
wer are far from advising our people to bo
despondent of the result, we would yet cau
tion them against undtlo prognostics and il
lusory imaginings. Let us po-BCssr.our sou's
in patience, hoping'the best, and ready for the
worst. Oao good, at least will be ? achieved
in the oveiit-pf failure-the -last plank of the
timorous aud weak-kneed will bo thrust away;
if wo Buccedd in securing all that honor d .?
mands, the joy fcyenttia-tinc;.will be ineffable.
It is an omen of some sig?ulicauce that the
Commission will be inaugurated upon the
day of the Xord-the day bf pea ce. Heaven
go with it!
In the meantim?t-let us- pray and-loaic}..
abating none of that eyerlastiiig vigilance
which is tho pri'je of liberty.-Constitution
alist. - " T
A corrospondeut of' the Rebel etntes, on
the authority of "Mr. Trenho?u);ir.bat thc Ag
gregate d-bt of th? Confederate Governtficut,
including its bonds and noten, is, in round
numbers, one billion and a half; or at the.rat io
oftwe?tyior One, #75,000 in gold. The
bonds arc interest benrirjg properly, nnd are
rafe investments so long as the Government
<-.in pay the interest on (hem. Seventy five
.miltons of dollars in go? therefore, hnj been
the eiitire .expenditure of thc- Governmcnf
sir?:c*!t3 itn\hgdrat?an. Eut few of the-peo
ple nre^&waro.of the' fact that in four years of
hi dependence and-expensive war, tho South
States have-*t'\n?uded only about <ne
third more ort themselves,tba1 lb':;" 'previous
ly annually ;-aid into ?ha UniudState? Trea?^
uryi ??ueh is the concludion of i'i^mvs, which
never dt-ceiye. JtVers it not for the price of
iii j >d wo have paid, i.t would bc almost rs
c heap to fight ;hc 'Yankees as- to fraternize
with them. "
The Lincoln press, is in ovident tribulation
from the repertod determination of the Con- '
fedcratcs to employ Africans in our servie:;, i
or, aa thoy^phrasei.t, .'for, their (Yankee) j
defitruction," bav. l cmi >:at the top of their
throat-i that it is cviiJor.ce of denj-.-T.itrrtp. \< I
'. b- trmift?? .^f it?c;r.\M by {lia Conledernt'es '
Is -.in o--:-jr-nor"of .d^p*rdnofrY. whntH'S Ile"
ai. -L. rd th'-m! !.}' YankficsHp.- evi Icr^p? {
T'.iey ?:it: ... hav^- h':?^m'b?Wr?''rs:.>;. ?-s-<.
wer-d'i?i. for ?Beydmye-bof-n '-ernploying <?5'eir>'*|
fut year*?:; a?u .-J-?me of their lenders Aavr onc-r?
ly confessed lhat/'without their aid, they ,
tx-ulc? not have carried on the war. j
_B_?__?._? *?
Thc Advertiser Still Afloat !
Contrary to our expectation?, we are ynt at
homo, having been deUilod by- Gov^-MaouATn
to continue ot our avocation. The Advertiser
therefore will not be suspended fur some timo to
coined So send on your " Confed," and have
yonr subscriptions renewed. All papers dlscon
tinuod at the expiration of lifo- timo fer which
thoy haye been paid for.
Defaulters, Beware.
Read the notice of Capt. H. A. SHAW, Agent ot
Impressment.. A squad of Capt. S's. Company
is' now in our vicinity .for the purposo of arresting
tho slaves of uii dofmiters.-two for one. If thc
hands are sent t? Augusta im mediately however,
this wiU not be dor ;. Otherwise-verlum sap ! ?
Auo' Uer Gleam.
An intelligent gentleman in town bas allowed
nis to read au intemtiug letter just received by
bim from Cbarlestr-?. Tho'writer soys: "I nm
satisfied, froth ?ll I '-oe hero,' that there is much
inore, behind the-political scenes than we are
awuro of. Tho largest inonied mea here are rapid
ly shoving off their Exchange?nd Coin, and all
nr#on tiptoe of ospeoUiion. Tho French Consul
is reported to have told Mr. G. that tho Maximil
ian Government Lad boen recognized^ at Rich
mond, and intimated that/**in return for this/civ
ility, France"1 would very ?oon recognize thc
Southern Confederacy."
It is comfortable to hear comfortable rumors.
Boxes for the 7th Regt. -
Mr. WILLIAM F. DimisoE, who is.-and has evei
been-ready to spend and bo spent in the service
uf our noble soldiers, begs us to make known thal
ho is now at liberty to undortako one of hia Good
Samaritan ?visit3 {ice say that) to the old 7th
Several boxes are a'ready lodged in tho Adver
tiser Office, for men o * thin veteran corps, and Mr
?. oniy nw* its a fuller load to start towards tb?
Sn (kohat cb"i?; The brave boys of tho 7th coun
: rom oilier Tields iliuarrated by their valor, nnc
bri:!innt wita .victory ai)d renown, to do new sar
vico und win fresh laurels on the soil of their na
tiro State-. Our people (Edgoilold and Abbovilb
most especially) should opon their hearts ant
arms to receive them. Their prayers should at
ctnd to Heaven for their'welture, and thoir grati
tudo bo ready to.orown them with honor. Don'
lot Mr. DDRISOE start withouUi very heavy bur-ion
Ectter thuu the Peace Commission ?
. Wo mean the arrival of Gen. STEPHEN D. LKE'I
C-jrps, Of tho-Wcstora Army, in Augusta. Kb
that we would cndomluo tho Pcaeo Commission
tor when wc como-to think of tho matter, it ec
curd lo eur luiuel idiot nil tho vars which hav
taken placo within our rcuioiuhfanco, have bow
ecdod abd sott'.cd by Commissioners. To wit
tho Crimean V?Tar, tho lat? war botweon tho prc?
ont Napoleon and Francis Joseph of Austria, nn<
thc wnr, recently closed; between Germany nu
J-., j-_
l?ichtaond Pupers.
Wc ure unfeignedly obliged to WILLUM IV
Goona AS, Esq., of the 1-lth Regt. S. Cn Y., for
full bitblt'ol' Richmond paper.-", of as lata dat
aa thc 2?l!t ult .
1 j iicu. Butler, and bis Veterans.
'-"???.-.h.-AS- L'LTLL:t..\}it.'i two Brijradasvof/hi
ntblo Dividion, arrived in Columbia teudays agi
Ho has tiu-Jor hut ouininuud tere? BrigaJesj Ger
YOV.NC'.S, (?on. B cutis q's, and that ol tue Int
Gen. DUNOYAST. Of thc.=o three, Gea. DEAELVS'
is loft, ?uTirgin?a. Wo hear that tho two Brig
adt e which have oome on, havo been ortlorod i
Midway; thc first station this sile of Brar.obwil
! ? -ou tho ?. C. Railroad. Gen* BUTLER an
his Bien are lietou? nocunlomed to victory; an
fully ?ettii'uiiued U, at thoir wholo diity toward
the deiiverarics of :he Suath. All South Carolin
ii jubilant with hope at their arrival, Nutio
Gen. li'* appeal Lr horses, publi hud in .mollie
The Weather.
Tho weather for ii week past ba* heon in ever
way worthy of Spitzbergen or Nova Zambia o
thc North Pole or Dante's Hell, or '.ny other on
of the coldest places in <ht? world, or under th
world. Ice, a furlong in depth, cia bo seen an;
and everywhere; boiling .pitch, frocnes in th
twinkling of an oye. Giia.-tly shudders run ;i?
und dorm the veins in the most unbridled mar.nei
Teeth chatter and imite together wofully fron
morning until night-and nil through tho night
Iciness seems to fall down from the very skie
above us, like thc hand of a dead man laid upoi
thc spim. Whow 1 it is so shockingly and abomi
naVy col 1, that wc cant hoip piling on tho ngon;
a litilo.
Xhc Kose-col?red Bag.
Who ts the fair and fjciondly o:io, that sent us
hy mail, some timo about New Year, a fairy rose
colored Tobacco Bag ? So beautiful a thiug wi
have never seen 1 By a strange oontretemps, \
only fell<nto our hnnds a fow days ago.- if w<
had L. gold nigger with diamond eyes, we woult
? certainly make it over to this lovely and nnony
j mons friend, in fcc simple-to nor and hor heir
i and assigns.forever. Or if she prefarrod our hear
or head or hand, or anything that is ours, i
should bu equally at her service.
J% do not ?moke, but we will koep this Hjoi
Aost religiously ; and draw from it ever and anox
I bidin?riies, tlrsatus and fancies-all rose-colorct
j of course, i
Cong ess growing Vigorous.
Congress, in.bor,, I.ranche-, bas by ovorwhelm
ipg votes, eroat? tl tho otpco of Comni..ndor-in
CM vf ' f ?n the C:.;.:Vdeta g armies. Tho Prual
doBf hus .-1 II-.- Lb Ht:., and it is now a lajr. W<
Bliiill nov." '.>.-. e i hew and bettor order of things
N.-?p- niaient i .ie yoi been tundo to fill tht
"new , Dice. ..
-'--????.? ?
Mr. Foote of Teunesee.
Tim ?abltme and glowing goniu?, not being
j able to keep within " tho naming bounds of r pau
.j aud timo,'' was lately at rested while making bis
i way to Abruham'tt bosom. Or in other and plaitio:
I words, Mr. JiBsnr.S. -J7OOTE, Representativo tn
' Congress from TeDnrs;oo, creamer and faulilsr.dor
I generally, wa? lately arrested wbilo making his
way Into the Yajfkse liaos, ?and brought back to
: Richufondi What he was goiog tLithcr for, thus
I clandestinely, no ouo knows. Upon hie rc-up
! pCarancc in Congrc?.', he defied that body and
\ insulted ft to its face. Ho also mado a violent
and most intemperate or.slavtghtupon tho Govorn
^ornment in ali its depaidments. Thcro was much
ad over it, and groat efforts wore mado to elpel
him permanently. A minority however, auffieiont
to keep him in his momborship, thought it ? case
only fur cm-iu-e. So Mr. FOOTE W\S only c?n
' fpS" (len. Brown, has is?ucd a proclamai iou
eonye^iiyg the Gnucral, Assembly r-t Marron on the
lith V*Uri'-jy i'-':A<. f?r Mic parp?se t.\ .;o?n??.
iiiii.? "$re Vti'.' 'vh i^bsbifli* ai tt.j.l.jr.: r-'--'
.*3&- -fe tSt.o" ia 'i' ? ? ;?" ! p :?].'. '.-iU'ji -y,
Bl.;tr bal ffe?? ?tn 'i. .?:- .. '.<.;.? ;<. <., *r\v* .
ec?uuet to Washington lor i>-:^i Cvunalssions
from Davis.
Con,. *? "rs, Armistices^ Peace
. . Tho very atmosphere is.thick and] heavy/with
, romera of negotiations, nru??Kticcs>j>??c?. BLAIH
and SISCLBTON aro,, or hare beeD,, in Riohmond,
for tho purpose Qf attempting to set on foot nego
tiations 'between the Math and North. This is
undeniably the trutb.r"tbe tale of l?iVAiR coming
to P.ichmond to recover title deeds and other pa
pers is ali look. Ho went there with the advice
and consent of Liucoln ?nd his cshiuet-end with
a view of ?per??iag negotiations and .-seducing the.
South into some compromiso. And indeed the
latest despatches from Richmond ?W?rm us that
throe Commissioners to treat.for peace, haye ac
tually been appointed-ly the Confederate Gov
ernment-and that they have already proceeded
to Washington oa their errand. In Washington
thpy arc to meet and confer with thVeo others ap
pointed by-the Lincoln Government. Ncr ii
there anything strange in all liri?. The only
strange thing about tho matter iaithat burowa
people should eu immediately run mad with hope
^and expectation. We believe' 7oHly that nine
rtenths of our population already- oonsidcr the
war at an end. A monster oomstission dc hma
ti?? inquirtado ought to be sued otft immediately,
against nil auch-willingly deluded.-peoplo. And
, it is true that tholwar may bo near" its -end, and
peace neaf at h and . and - a ll this onay, come out
of these inaipicnt-attempts-at negotiation. But
how it is to com* wo cannot for th? lif? of us iee'
that is', how it is to uomu wltb^anjr, honor or ad
vantage to us. Are wo not fighting for indepen
dence; and have wo-not. sworn not_,tn stop Bhort
of independence T Docs any santman bolieve for
a memont that the Yaukecs are going to acknowl
edge our independence and separate nationality,
or even admit -ns to reunion with thom without
.. .giving up our ?laves?- Wc hare'.not .brought
! thom to this point yet; nor, thank God! have
they brought tis to tho point of dpsiring reunion
; with them. Reunion with . Yankecdom ! foul
oflspring of whining cant and puritanical bigotry,
bloated pride and intensified hypocrisy, lawless
itmbttion and all-absorbing selfishness, unbounded
. cupidity and unrivaled mendacity, unblushing
perfidy and shameless meanness I. j. God grant/hat
I peace and honor may come to ns out of these
negotiations; but iou? they are to ccmo we must
again a?y we cannot see. Union-with Yankees ls
, faithlessness, persecution, contention, and despo
: tism. Independence alono is peace und liberty.
Columbia and thc Bazaar.
Two weeka ago" wo left our forlorn old den in
t-h' > forlorn old town, and went ?a s tour of sight
seeing to tho great city of tho -South Carolina'
Legislature, What wo saw ia Columbia und rhat
u ire saw at tho Buzaar is now quito ah old story
t lecidedly overblown; novortheleks we aUejupt a,
; very slight sketch.
" . We found Columbia a foarful whirlpool of hu
0 man boin33-soldiers, refugees, uboriginoB. Evory
n hous?, hut,, and hovel, is crammed. Wo discovered
that mo3t of those poople liro very scantily as
regards food* fire and raiment j ^et they all lock
. (or .seem to) well, hearty, happy:' Prices of pro
II visions aro pitiably an i ruthlessly high. Wood
?3 $100 a load. Speculators and extortioners are
rife and rampant, buying all they oan as low as
possible and selling it for just as mach as tho
'. necessities of tho people aili ?oreo them to give;
u and making thc people believe .thero. is no more
e iii tho world earc what they hav* on band. Yet
wo saw no evidence of want "or wretchedness.
Dare say however, many people are praying that
D:ath may come along with hit> scythe- and reap
.1 .?icm-sr^-y-nt'.t-.of lbj), midsX.j^-.'hcir tr ?bles.
'' Hordes of men are engaged in the liquor traffic,
'' and injuring tho cause of their master, tho Devil,
e by gelling too high. Liquor hoing ono of his
* Majesty's best recruiting agont?, should be sold
" cheaper than anything elso.
0 Every imaginable specimen -of humanity can
e be seen un tho street?-and ia any number,
d 'jovernor<< of auvcreign Stntus, Adjutant ned Tn
d spector Generals, Stute officials of every grado,
s Generals, Lieut-Generals, Major-Geaerals, Brigv
0 diet*, Colonels, Majura, Captains, Lieutenants,
'. Sergeants, Corporals, Privates, of tho Provisional
r Army-tad Stan' ofScors and myrmidons generally.
Quartermasters, Comaiissarie.i, Enrolling Officers,
with their myrnidoss. City Fathers, highly re
y spoctable old gentlemen beyond the conscript
j. agc. AuetioueorF, who sell nigger?, furniture and
" oli clothes. Eiiger-cyod, buu,vuo<ed, money
e adoring Jews, sumptuous in stud*, chains and
y haberdashery. Striplings from the Military
Academy, striplings from the schools, striplings
from the alleys. Ladies of all styles, sises and eom
- plesions-fair and unfair, built in the style of
a Daniel Lamborr, and after tho fashion of a
wrought-iron skeleton. Some of them paint
s their faces shamelessly; carmine blushes flume
a on very many checks. Ministers of the gospel,
old and shuffling, young and spruce'. Lawyers and
y Judges, whoso occupation is well nigh gone.
Editors, Printers, Newsboys, free from war's wild
alarms. Innumerable gamblers, flashy, floreo
and flagrant.
> If-Columbia is a whirlpool, the Bazaar was a
- terrific maelstrom. Imagine gaudy and beautiful
& booths arranged?jrouad thc Representativo Unll
t and Sonate Chamber, and oountless throngs of
a iho abprc mentioned human beings pushing,
1 wriggling, twitting, writhing, stamping and traru
- p'.ingin tho op&n spaces ; and you have a picture
I of thc Bazaar. The arrangements were superbly
t beautiful, tho bcoths magnificent and picturesque,
t as any in Constantinople or St. Petersburg, the
artlclos rich, rare, tasteful, and endless in variety,
' tho viands dainty, luxurious, and fearfully tempt
*? ing. " Tho tendeueei (\rily sellers ia Vanity Fair!)
1 wore charming 1 i ttl 0 eaps upon their beads, while
jaunty littlo aprons 'flowed and'fluttered over
their middle man. Thoir eepiejlcrie, their ehieei
ner?e woro hv>'t charming. Thoy looked as if they
wer o' made only to lovo >:nd be loved-and tu lure
thc monuy oat -et mons' p'iokots. If yuu sa* a
lady with a littlo cap or diamond shapod pioee of
9 laco on hor head, she was an adorablo and wily
' vendeuse; if you saw enc without this badge, she
was an u&oQcial member of the wriggling and
wrilhiog uudience. Thc show was kept up for
four nights and three days. The only thing want
ing was music. Thc managers committed the
' grossly utilitarian indiscretion of having no
| music. The wholo thing notwithstanding, was a
triu pliant and brilliant success. We could not
?learn-tho ernennt realized. Two or three of the
Lady 'Tanagers told us they reasonably expectod
to rcaiizt $150,000. A very bandsomo sum for
nur*nick and captivo soldiors. Long livo-and
long bo remombercd-tho noble,'patriotic, ?nd
loving women wno originated and carried out tho
great Bazaar !
?Noble old Virginin.
Speaking for the " old Dominion," the Rich
mond Dispatch, without vaia toasting, exhibits
the epirit of the old " mother State," which ii no
less true than creditable : ,
" Reverses in tho fiold, the , daughter of hor
young men, the affliction oarriod heme to nearly
overy family within her borders, the loss of pro- 1
porty, tho desolation of wholo districts, tho fury
j of a jra* unparalleled in dimensions and ferocity, .
j have produced in ber no chinga or shadow of !
tnrr-:.-^. fihr. thir.ks-n?; mou- i?r giving up .the J
day tftfi . flejfiat :h:-ti /<?? .!-.t?: tue day aflor a j
. <. r ;.?'.?-.? ?cttrtt. entertain thc j
??!ftC .-*)it:r.i?-.t.5 ..?;:! re?.f'-r',."'. j 5
SSS1 X-'-'* -?' ?i.-.y--.. riplyfhg & thc arfcfntVirs ' i
I wiitin a ruan ..oks you io tutu a drink, ls said lo ! ?
j bu " answering a fool according to his frlly." J
A fantastic Trick. . .
On Jest Monday week?fie South Car-dlDa^deli
tuon in Congress waited in a body upon th
resident of _?he Confederate Statei, ?nd preftnl
I a r,??,u*!t which hnd beea forwarded to thei
y (Jov. MAGRATH, to appoint Gen. JOSEPH I
onwrosr to th<s ci- ntmnnd of the troope- m th:
?p?rtiucnt. The Presi'Teat declined.to make Ol
npointmcDt a?? desired. Thl? ii-or loems like
03 of those '. fantastic tricks" that "make tl
Brei? weep"-?ad not only argel?, but a ra
nm''? of honeit men and werne? of the Cci
:derate pcm^ljc? Verily, the President'isja
rearing out the patienee (long-suffering it hs
low become) of bis most fanatical admirers, ac
apfdly" impairing that absolute trust inn eon!
i?nee necessary to the nnity" of effort essentit
o success. In the meantime the shelf on Wh'k
he gallant, able, and ill-treated Gen.'Jer?xsTO
tas been laid,.bai proved to bim o nlohe of fa'm
Kui in the meantime also, mere than on? of ot
tr mies axe commanded by ?tay: Napoleon, i
lomebody else just es capable pf judging, sait
Better an army of stags commanded by a lio
;han an army of lions-commanded hy a stag.
For the Advertiser."
Tho following contributions have been reeeiv?
at the Soldiers* Home during two weeks endii
Januaxy Suth : " . '
Mrs Elbert DoToro; i pair wool'soeka.
Mrs Jai Hetcher, 1 bushel meal.
Mrs Jes Raintford, 2 jugs milk.
Dr E &Mims,-l load wood. .
! Mr TN Lundy, 1 load wood.
EA-GOV Picken I, 1 lotti wood.
Roy L R Gwaltney, 1 load wood.
Mrs J ABlamd, half bushel peas.
Mr3 J M Lanior, Tskoulder pork, 3 doa eggs,
lbs butter.
Mrs S., l peck salt, ..
.Mrs L A Bartley, $5,fl? ; Dr G Herd, $?*.
Mas. LE WIS JONES, Pres. S. TLjL
Mas. ELBITRT BLAKD, Seo'ry A Treas'r. .
. 'For the Advertiser.
- Dear Advertiitr*- For the information Oft
friends'of Companies Cind K, 19ffa S..C. Rei
ment, I send you a list of Casualties in thc
Companioi in the late battles in Tennessee :
"" Capt. J. B. Cauri nty Commanding.
.At Franklin,^Tenn., Nov. Seth.-Nb caanalti
in Compcuy C. Wounded in Co. K : Serges
Glaze, severe, left ia hands of en cm j ; Co rpo:
Haney, since doad; Private Sam Ernies, sev?
in arm; Wm. Gowans, severe,' left in hands
-the enemy.
Near Nashville, Tenn., Dee. 16th.-Oap ts
J. B. Courtney slight in thigh. Casualties in C
C: Sergt. Adams, hip, sevore; Bergt Wren,
thigh ; Elenburg in arm, left in hands of enem
Privates Motes and Roberson missing.-Casa:
ties in po. K : Allen Busbee, supposed kiOe
EriVatOS Levi Koon and Juck Orees mining.
Very jesptctfully,
" J. B. COURTNEY, Capt
-4- -*- -
Te the Citizens of South Carolina.
I will require 1,500 or 2,000 horses to i
mount, my command. Will it be taxing ti
patriotism and resources-of the peopl?
South Carolina too much to ask them to a
their horses to my men at prices which s<
"dieri can afford to give ? It may be to th<
inturcat to do so. Oar patriotic Govern
has given -his earnest co-operation in tl
Capt. R. Watdr A. Q. M., will . repte**
the division in Columbia, S. C., acting
concert with Col. C F. Hampton, and w
i take charge of all. horse- contributed, BJ
dispose of those offered for sale at fair pria
We have a considerable number Zf go
horses at the recruiting camp at Lan?ante
They nre available for farming purposes, b
have been rendered Ainfit for public servi
by th? hardships of tbepastcainpaig... Tbs
wc would be glad to exchange for serviceal
ct valry horses, so that the agricultural int?
est of t'.ic country will not be injured by t
great a draft upon tho animals necessary
carry it mi.
W*? have requested to be transferred
South C?ro?ua and Georgia to assist in tl
defence of our States in lins the firme
greatest danger. It ia indi-pensuble, in ord
that we may render gtiod service, that wer I
efficiently mounted. If titian accomplish:
promptly, wo can promise at least flffectual
to cripple tke enemy's cavalry. Better- w
it be for our peuple to como forward no
with a part of their horses, and thus sctu
the reit from tho raiding parties of thc enem
M. C. BUTLER, Major-General.
Official : II. B.' MCCI.Ki.i.Att, A. A. G.
--,.???? . ?
Seddon, says tho Richmond Dispatch, h
resigned the Portfolio of \V?r. We luve n
been able to learn that his sucessor has be?
appointed, though several prominent geatl
men are spoken af as likely to be appointe
Among these arc General Braxton Brag
General Breckin ridge, and Senator Hill,
Georgia. There is a report that the plat
had been offered to General Breckenridge, bi
that he decided not to accept' unless bo wt
allowed to se ie ct his' Commissary Genera
It is understood that Mr. Seddon was indu
ed to. resign hy action taken by the Virgin
Congressional delegation. . These gpntleme
it appears, sent into the President an officii
announcement that they had lost confident
in all the members of tho Cabinet exeej
Mr. Tronholm, and asked /or a chaago. M
Seddon being informed of this action, imsai
diately seat in his resisnauoB.
- ? ? ? t
??T The Marie t: a Hotel at Marietta, waa di
stroyed by fire on th? aight of the 39th. Sn]
posed to be accidental.
fS3~ All quiet at Wilmington on the 28th.
?S- Bomething orer four thousand balea <
cotton were deetroyed hy frein the town of Wi
mibgton on the 28th.- And a ear load of ??ttq
on the Wilmington k Weldon Railroad wi
burned on the same day.
?S" Major-Gen. Forrest sends from Orisah
the report that grcattxeitemantprevails iu Mee
phis on account of recognition rumors.
t3T The English Premier had notified Lit
ooln that he would reeognise the Confedera;
States after the fourth of March, as he is th
President only of tho States which voted for hin
The English Government has ordered the seizur
of all the American vessels at Nassau.
_j22r*Mrs. Robert H. Davis was recently mut
dered at Mobley Pond, Ga., by a negro woman
Tho instrument used was a hatehot. Tho mur
deross confessed tho crime and wi s instantly
fiSS- A large and enthusiastic mooting has beet
held in Nownan, Ga., and adopted ro?oration,
condemnatory of tho peace meeting in Savannah
Jonvenod by Mayor Arnold.
??r- Tho Northern papers report th? ?onfede
rate loss at tho fall of Fort Fisher-in killed and
mounded, about five, hundred. '
g&* Thomas in his official roper? says Hood
ost seventy-two'guns, five thousand small arms,
Uso nineteen gonerals, about four thousand in
tilled and woundod and about oloven taTonsand
intoners, half of whom are wounded.
?SF" A draft how going on in Washington ii
oaduotcd in secrocy, so that thoa? whose names
ro drawn shall have no chance to run awhy. It
> intimated that the enrollment law may bo so
.mended aa to make this mode of drafting tho
general prictiee.
Chamcterstic of the Man,. x
Maj. Gen. I). H. Hil), jn command o? the
District of At:go3ta^baa issued the.follovnng
orderto the citizens pt Augusta.
All noh-Cotnbatanter are* respectfully re
.eqnested to leave the City immediately. If
their removal be delayed until the omergency
shill arrive).no Railroad facilities can be al
lowcd'Hhctn. J?t^he class of noncornb?ta?ts,
are included all ybung--g??t?em?n who have
,no relreh IbriTie trenches. These are exEbr
ted^to leave ai once- under escort of- tho old
ladies. ' ^ .*'
The alarm signal will be given Jby theJSr
ing of fh reo guns and the" rap: d and continu-,
ous; ringing of the City Bell. The*.-Locai
troojps undef the 'command' of Brig. Gen. W.
M. Browne will rendezvous* . at the Powder
Works Red Tower and Gov. Shoe Shops. The
two companies of Railroad emptoyees will
assemble at their respective depots.
The Officers if the Quartermaster's Dept'
will-see that tiiefr employees assemble rapid
ly, and they themselves will report to Gen.
Browne foYduty with their Division.
Thc Officers of the Commissary. Depti will,
in like mahbessee that ' their employees are
rapidly formed and will inv person report to
Ge"n?'Browile for duty.with^their Brigade.
Dr.~J; C. Logan,'Chiet Surgeon- Post will
promptly send all the convalescents to~Cify
Hell ander charge of Officers/there to report
to Maj.-Samue? Cramp.
AU OOcersin transita will report tb Brig.
Gem Fry, end all men to the Provost Mar
Maj. GeufSmlth's Divinion will be assem
bled ander arms,'bat held ia reserve to sup
port the Confederate Troops posted on both
sides of the River,- at 'whatever point' they
may need assistance.
The Provost Marshal will aeelhatill-pbicei
of business and amusement are closed," and
that all-men under fifty not physically disa
bled'tafee their places in the ranks.
" 'X' flf'V .?. . ' .
FROH XHEJFROXT.-There was some litth
flatter in the streets of oar city' ?o day, occa
sioned by the'preseace of two Yankee gun
.boat* at Sister's Ferry, one> hundred milei
below tliis on the Savannah river. , It is alac
reported that some enterprising' Federals bac
motedout on. the road to this city. Thesi
are evidently foraging parlies, sent out to ge'
ric?, and no apprehension need be felt, by ob
I dyspeptic citizens.-Constitutionalist 29th.
division, formerly Cheatham's, waa sent b
Forrest, we are toW, tb replace Bate's divi
sion at Murfreesboro. When Hood fell bael
from Nashville, the troops at Murfreesbori
verein great danger of being cut off; bu
Forrest, with that indomitable energy wbicl
?fearacteristic of the man, pressed, ever7
thing rideable within his reach,- and brough
off safely his own and Marcy's command
ind joined Heod'aarmy, ai Columbia. Tb<
majority of Maney's men were riding beb i ni
Forrest's bold troopers-some rode mulcs
and many oren. 'Twassaidto havo been j
niostludicrousi cavalcade, aa it marched th rougl
Colombia. Nobody else save Forrest coull
hare payed the menin that expeditions styl?
yy At Island No. -te, sb ere Memphis, a ban
of guerillas recently boardedahe" steper "M.?>rp
ing Sur, anehored ba th? utream, raniacked th
boat, earried the pt?oaers on ebor? and then ap
plied the torch to the vessel and Ker two b?rgei
all of wbi?b were soon entirely destroyed.
? M AEEiHD, on the 17th Jaawary, by Rev. Vf. ?
? j dark, Mr; WALTER D. SPANl^'CcC ?C?~2
Rag't. S. C. Artillery, and Miss VIRGINIA 1
MAYNARD, of thia District.
Another ef South Carolina's loni ?re lum bo ra
with the already long Hit of noble dead, wkos
blood orieth from tbegroand.for vengeance again?
the enemies of our country,- and widens . th? gui
whieh lies between ai and reeonitruetioa un
PHILIP M. THURMOND departed this lif
Nov. 3Uth 1861, in the 27th year of bil age. Ver;
soon after the commencement ef hostilities. h
responded te the call of his ec JV try lind marche
off to meet the enemy, hat io consequence a
physical disability soon retimed home; notion]
to enjoy its pleasure however, before another cai
was made, to which he again responded, eulin tin,
under the banner of the 24th Regt. S. C. V., Cc
I. He faithfully and honorably served until th
battle at Jackson, Mi?f., in which hu. receives 1
painful wound in one leg, from which he l?fferei
severely. From thence he waa taker, te the Hos
pi til where heat length recovered from, hil woum
and, alto frons-hil general debility, became itran
ger and moro vigorous-than ever, loon rejoinei
hi? i-m m and, and was ever fon cd it his. poi
However great -the danger,-until th? battle o
franklin, l ean., in which hu bravely faced th
enemy's breastwork! ia the very midst of tb
?tornas of leaden hail, and wits dreadfully maa
gled, yielding' his life with imperishable hozfo
upon the altar of his country. *
His remains now rest beneath thc soil of Tenn,
and be, though dead, yet speaketh, and calls upon
ai all for Y eng en ce, and redoubled vigilance am
energy in freedom*** cause for which he nobl;
fuwirht and died.
< He has left ? w i fe, two children, a mo thar
brothers and silters, together with niaay relative
a?d fricad? to noLrn their lon.
..' But why ?boald we mourn departed friends
Or shake at deathi alarms ?
'Tis hut the veiee that Jesus scads,
To .flail them toni? ami,"
Tor PSILIP wai not only a soldier in ?daf?nco e
hil oountry, but#like hi? illastrions*and immorta
namesake, PniLir the Evangelist, wai also 1
soldier of the ero?i ; aa humble follower of th?
Captain of their lalvatioafor the laat ten years
-during which tia*, he gave sufficient proof of hi
heavenly sailing by hil exemplary life and pioui
and Godly conversation ; and also In his letton
to hi? wife were macy very encouraging exprei
lioni, too numerom to mention in this brief no
.tice, giving evidonse of Hil preparation for deati
and resign at ion -to the -will of God. ' For said hi
to his wife, "sorrow-not for. me if I should bi
killed or fie, for I hare resigned my self into tai
bandi of jay heavenly Father, and should reit ii
heaven. Bray for ai" and for yourself, that wt
may meet agaiu in peace. Raia? up my cbUdrei
.tolove Qed*
Therefore, cheer up relatives and .friends, and
?specially the bereaved widow, and dear little
children. Thy husband and father thal) liva
again. " Fer if we believe .that Jesus died and
rose again, ?vea so them that sleep in Jeiui, will
God bring with bini." We tender to yon oui
heartfelt condolence ia this your great trial, and
earnestly commend you to the:word of hil Hh
grace, that yon may draw comfort from the pre
cious promises uf Him, who bas promised to b?
a husband te th? widow and a father to the luth
eries?. Vf. L. H.
Springfield Academy.
MISS E. JOHNS?N-will resume the exercises
of this School on the 2d. Monday (12th)
February 1865. Great ears will he bestowed up
on pupils committed to ' her oharge. Terms
$50,00 per Session of Twenty weeks, payable At
the cloRO'of eaoh Seuion.
Feh 1 ' Si* ' _ 6
ALL portons haring si aim 9 against th?; 1st at?
of Jamel Boyd, dee'd.. ?re requested te
hand them to the undersigned, duly att?it?jl.
X. B. REESE, Ad'or.
San 31 -4? 6
Lost or Stolen
AFOUR per cent. Certificate, No. 188,. fer
$301, drawn by 1. VJ. Carwtle, Depositary,
in favor of 8. E. Freeland, and dated March 15th,
1864. All persons are cautioned against trading
for the eaid Certificate. Application will be made
at the expiration of six weeks from th ii date for
iti renewal. J. M\ C. FREELAND.
Jan SI '? a
EnroUipig Office,
EDGEFIELD, 3. C., Jan. 30fh, J8?5.
Iv I^M'eordl?B^'with'-'Sfdvn received at thia
. Office from. Maj. C. D. Msuos, Commandant
of Conacripis for thia State at Columbia, S. Q,, .
all memberi of tb? Supporting -Foree of rb la
Dis trie t are hereby etrietly. ordered to report ia
penes, at thia Office on Tuesday nest, tb? fth
February, mounted ?nd ej2moV.*ad, fall^pre
pared to go xa?iC?iJp*at tait plae*.
If. They will bring wit'a: them -cooking - atea -
?iii, Bidding, ?o., and every-thing that can afford
them the greatest poasible ?orafort conaistent with
the duties to ne perfbraecK -. :.*?'"
r . r. J. .MOSES, Jr., :..
Lieut, t Enrolling OScorv
Jan 31' lt
Importent Notice.
BaasraiD, 8; Q~n Jan. S0?/1865.
IBT virtue of an arrangement mad* between
. the undersigned and Maj. 8. 8, Tompkini,
Agent for the Tax in Kind, at Hambafg. 8.. .C.,
persons in this District,whO'liva toe'ar this Vil
lage, and who have not yet dtlirered their Taxin
Elad, are hereby notified that thor can doliver tbo
same at this Office, whore they will be fnraUbed,
wftb proper reeeipte therefor.- - ,
.IL AU persons included in aboye paragraph
are earnestly requeited to bring forward their
Tax ia Kind's* soon aa possible, a? it ll much
|,n?idoi. -
Lieut. 1-Enrolling Officer.
Jan 81 St -6
BD.GEFMLD, 87C.?Jany?Otbj 18W.
ITHE mep'named below safe hereby " strictly
. ordered to report in person, at ibis ?mee, on
Monday next,the 6th February:
: Albert F. Allison, Willam Pv Trotter,"
Hill Aebill, V? . -John m Shiland, ?
? Joshua B^Cartledge, ?Jes. A.-Koon,- vr
A. B. Watson, Gao. M, Etheridge, ,
Obodiah-Morrie, Freeman B. Thomai,
' Henry Moore, Joseph Jtominiek.
M F. J. MOSES, Jr*
Lieut. * Enrolling Officer.
jan si J--e ar " ?
. Enrolling Office,
EDGEFIELD, 8. A,^Jaa. 30th, 186S.''
I T ALL Chief? of the variou? Squad? of th?
j JU Supporting Force of, this .Dittriet, together
with the different members thereof,, who did i not
eemply with the-^f??rrW?tly^ Issued from this
Office to report to Capt. A. P. \fest,, at LexiBg
ton C. H., are hereby strictly' ordered to" report
in person at this Office immediately .upon receipt
of this order, and give their rearons for the ; ?id
disobedience of orders. "
IL Should* there be a non-eompHip.ee-With the
above erder on the -part"of any. pf, the. persons
above referred te, they are hereby "aotiCed thefl
positive orders will be at once i ssa ed for .their
arrest and forwarding to this Office unHerguard.
. - J: MOSES,-Jr.,
.' Lieut. 4KnrollingOf?o?r.
Jaa 81 lt v - 0
Sheriffs Office,
IIN acoordanoe with.the provisions of an Aol
. (passed by the BegUlatwre of ibis Stat? ot
its recent annual, Seision,) entitled An- Act to .
repeal all Acts . and part s of- Acts heretofore
passed hy the Legislature of this State, oh the
ibbject of famishing Slav? Xaoer on thc Co?it,
?e." it is hereby ordered,
.lat, That the several-Cemmisiloncrs of Roads
in Edgefteld District do band An to the under
signed, within fifteen day? frcm the date of.this
order, completo lists of all owners: of road banda
within the respective jarisdietionsVofthe sall
Co nita i ?sion en,-said li? ta to exhibit plaialy and
el ?? ri j the ? umber of road bm d? in the poises
?iuc of each, owner-lear ic g , out of such lista,
how?Ter,all s uga owners ea have Jrnt -one road
htiJ, . "
IL All Coarjussioaera of Bo*J? abor? referred
to tfho do not comply with vii aberre order, ara
hecoljraotified that it tw> the Uv ty bf the un
dersigned to report'theta fer said dlubedieace to
the Aj?t of the State, and that the asid report
will beHsde promut!y end impartially.
. " * Vf IL LIA il SPIRES, Sheriff, .
Jan Si . : j* fl -
- - . ? ? IM.
CHEROKEE PONDS, Jan. 80, l?e?.
ALL penosa ia thia District,'?ubject to the
late call for labor oa tl.? Fortificatiuns of
Augusta, Ga., who hare not reputed their bandi,
?rill do ga without delay at thia place, or *.a?y
will in every ease be compelled to furnish double
the number of bat J? preTiouaij jailed for, and
that wiihout pey.
H. A. riilAW, Capt.
And Agent ef lapressatent fur Edge. Dist.
Jan 31 lt- 'fl
Soldiers' Board of Relief.
. ? COL?KIIA, 23d"J?nuaryr 1865.
THE following order ia published for tho infor
mation of all eoDoerned :
The immediate and important duties imposed
by the Oeneral Assembly "upoc tb? Soldiers'
Boards of Relief .oannot he efioibntly-discbarged
? ithout prompt and en?rgetie?o|loa on the part
of ???A w??i?V of the said Boards. Thia action
is earaeatly invoked in view of the friou? oonse-"r .
quenona which, ia the proaent condition of affairs,
must eneus.frcm delay or inattention in carrying
out the provisions of the Act for tho relief of the
families of'our seldiera for the present \ear.
, . Auditor of S. C.
Fehl - . " ? ' f -
State/of South QaroliEa;
CortTjiiaia, Jan. 28, 13Ce. .
ITHE Member* of the', ratioua '.'Soldier*' -
e Boards of Relief"'ia the State, appointe* -
under aa Aetof. the General. Asiembly, entitled
en "Aei to .provide for the-relief of tb? familia*
of th?'seldiers, sailors and marines in the cerrioe
of thia State sad tho Confederate States," poised
Deaember Sad, lSei, and their respect ?Te Seeier
taaiea and Treaaurera who are liable J? isdltUa
i ?r i is e, are hereby detailed for the "apoejal 'duties
te w hieb they hu TO been appointed, sad will not
be required'to report for militia ?errice, ?Liker
within or without their Dutrie ta, na til further or
den. '
Ry the Governor.
Official: A. C. GaaMUQToayAdji and Itiipeet
or OeneTal. S
Fehl _ lt - ' ?
?f Dick Oheatham
W'ILL stand the Spring Season 0f 1865 at
One Hundred Dollars the season.
He will be at Xdgefield C. H. Mondays, Tues
days, "Wednesdays and Ihoi?4aj?,--the remaia
dec of the weak atllarmpn Gallajan's. Ha will -
begin the season-1st February and end -it 20th
June. He will ramaia at H. Gallnaan's daring
, the m oath of February, after which time he will
A be alternately at'Vdgefiold C. H. and H. Gall- .
' man's.
By apeoiyl ?ontract with my Agonty Jas. M.
Harrison, or myself, mares will Ve inaured with
foal for Two Hundred Dollars. Th? money will
be considered due at thc end of the'seaaoa.
Jan 31_ SOt . ? <
. Importantl??tlce.
;.E. R. MCDANIEL, deVd., will be madala
the Ordinary'? Office, on Wednesday, the Sib ef
February next. All parsons having claims against
said Estate will present th? .ama by that tim?;
and those indebted are re que* tod to fay up forth
with. Those Who fail te pay hy tiat dtte, ara
totifled that th* privilege of paying in Confede
rate money wilt .be debarred them.
B. F. GLANTON, 'j A* ora
F'b1 - ' 3t 6 ,
j CITRATED from the Govei^n't Lot at?dgefield
; ? Cs H., tn the night of 1st December, one
? hfotrn bay MARE MULB, UJ hands high and
I ll yeera old. The said Male was iaat seen la the
! neighborhood of Mn. Richardson's, near Char
; pell's Ferry. Any information, that will loa-1 to
' its recovery will be thankfully received. *
J. S. C OL SS, Cep t. ? Imp.- Tram?.
Columbia, J?a 3B . ?

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