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?(J'te ?Jj '. ......
SC^hlPTIONS to the ADTCUTISEP. ?-r ?.nc
; t;.r ONT-.' nO.LLAlUli :>d\&??co.
" M i V R KT J.< K M E S 'I'S will tfc ia-orl.d. nt OS?
*fjyrffi1fc*iff Square (10 miuioii line? or leas) foi cr.f'i
?a.-^i-.n. A.Ivi'rthe^ienu jritWit ?iMrjchoOh a* to
n<i!iimir?Fn*mes ?ivbe i darted, will be pahll-hed ?atn
Jorbi.l, aal.e^aj^ed^aceordi??]^ ...
A?nchntta? GjW.d?datei for any ?ltiee <-f honor <r
;.r..fit, TWRNi'V ll?rx-AUsJ. t-bep?i'd before-the au
:i"iineviMie?t-i? puutia?to.l.
Clb&uarr. :i.j;?i!i'sv'f"i'?nies/pX Jicspffot, or any comme
fjjcptit? persona! in. il?..nature, ?ill bo rated as advty
issm?nitj sum '.harx-d s^c^Bjincly.
.' ^. Sb g-.. ? ',: .. i*1...t.?
nVf'ms r?f A-^oeia'etit ?I?tuPtMi ?'eVs.
.Invasion mid S ii ?r in nu.
11 :: ? ?HU' VKTB;;> A u M V-OK TSV ?: KSSK?. I ,
??etr ^roensbora, N. G , April L'7, 1>>O5. j
fc^ner. ,1>: Orders. -I\*n. JS.
Ky lire i erins of ?i Military Convention.rnud*
f-0-Ule t.\voii?y-s:.\'!.h? ?>^t?i) by M-ij?r General
W. T. Sherman, U. S. A.. und General Ji: E.
tf ohu^fio'i, JG. S. A.. The olUm-s _and tuen of
t"r>?*^my ?lv iht?i?&Aic?. *ho?o' take
up arms a-jainst I he, ?uijed States until pro
poriv relievod of th?if "obligation*, and shall
receive guarantee* f;-r?rp. tho Fnited Stales au
.thorities so Ton? as riley*o bs ev ve-th ar. obliga
tion and t?be laVs iirf?rCe where . they reside.
Foj tbik?bjectLflupf?rate muster rolls will be.
made immediately, and after tho dislriboiioi
.d'the !i???Ssar.V' papers, the troops wjll march,
under their ol'icersto their- respective States
and there be disbanded-all retaining person
al ?rt>p<Tty. The object of this Convention is
pap; lieut ?on to the turent cf the authority of
the con?:iia*iH?c-ts \vbo- tnako it.'. ^vculV itt
.A'itginia.wliic.h brtdc : every hope pf sq??PR*?
I?,- ivar, impr-sed on its 'Gen-ra? d?ie duly-of
sparing the jOluod ot* this gallant army, and
tjsa**itrg 'iurcuttwtty irpm. furl her devastation,
and oWrpSopie from. r-o'iy
-.?(Signed-;' . -T.-E. JVIU'STO.V,
.rat- .-. ?, General.
. -; j . *
.ifra?es M?TJ?T'.UV LtivVor THK MIS?. } I
- Lv TI tte Tai.t>; , f I
Jiiale'gK.N- G., April.. "?7, ,-t>?.?5. ) !
S i* Kel A I. ?*fo. ('5?-."
The G^er?K?or?mji.iit?iitgaiiU?'i?icrsaf?*
VHsr susp^p?fion ol hupRliti??8,-aiiD a f?ual a^r?o
ment v;j*lh^e.r?er?l ..hmnsten, which' termi
n?tes the ?*?aj\as ta^heara-jpsiindcrJiis com
tuautlj a*i?[ the -country cast otthe Ghj*,ital'.oo
eliee. (.:.;piesl-oi,:l.e terms of Com o* rion jytjl
* .ir? fucui.xhed .M?jor-('i ener?is' Scholle ld, C?l
iner :t!i? U'i! o?, who are speepi ly chnr?rV>i
with fae px?cation '-i'ltfidciad ia-the Depi r
nient pf Xorti; ('aioT?Dn; iV p'nrtiin rrt of' the'
H-?ni h, aud y! Muctuiand We-te/.n Georgia.
t'apf. Japper Myers, Ordnance Ib-parL
men? Untied Slates, is hereby '-designated to
receive the ann-, <>i'cf 'at Greensboro., and
any conunandin; officer nf a p ?ni may reeeive
the arm? of any detainment, and see tliat they
ure properly stfirc^kad accoucied for. I
General Scholiell will procure at once "thc
neces-tary brai'lt;;, and supply tho other ar'mv
coi?itr?and?rs. teat un^rtni?^tnay prevail,
aid p'eru e?re must be taken that the terms
und stipulations on our part be fulfilled with
the mo?t s?ruptrb-msiidelity^ whilst those ira
posed"on our hitherto encmie* be received
IT a spirit, becoming a brave* and generous
Commandais may at ouee?toan to the in
habitants such of 'he capiured" mules, hors* s.
wagons and vehicles as cih bc spared from
immediate* usc, and tl:c Commanding Gene
rali o?* nrinics may i su? pr?v?si. np, animals
jind p^birc4tUpp!te3 that ean be spared to ro
liece the present wants, and to encourage the
inhabitants lo renew their peaceful pursuits,
and tn re t'"r.c therelafions pf friendship among
our fellow citizens f nd countrymen.
Foraging; prill f<irtbwith cease, and when
nw-?s?ity or long inarches compel thsLtaking
f/f forage, provislonR, or anv kind of private
property; catnpensatinn will be made on the
spot, or when the disbursing officers t-.rejiot
prfyvide*! '.viih rli? l't;u?k, vnueliers will hogir- j
en ?tl pr.ip. v form, naya!ile-tTttlie in'an-1 mil
itary <iep'?*. . .
By nrrter M:.?.ir f?i?fer?l ^gT S?F.RM ?
h. it. Divioir; A. Ai <'\
Sbe.rrkoi^s t'eneral Order on thc Death
of Lincoln. - -
Iit:An?j?nV. A?UJTiRjf L>iv'.vor rite Miss..'
^in the Fi?'d. Rale??.h. April IT, Ib'.io^ ^
Sl'r.ClAt. Eigj.D. t.lRDKtl, L
>'o. 50 j
The General commanding announces with
pain and sorrow, I hat on the evening* of the
14th ina'., at thc theatre in. Washington City,
liisJ-'xcellepcy. thc President of I he 1'nited
Stalei, Mr. l.:i)c.L'i. was a&?asinated by one
Who uttered th;- Sta'e motto of Virginia,. At
the same tiaf?. the Secretary of State, Mr.
Seward, wdiil.-t Millet itig.from a broken arm;
w.isal-o st?.bif,MrHn''p.no''.her murderer, in his
riwn honsrvboi sti!? sarvtve.", and his aonwas ]
.?wCunde'd, enpposefl-fatall}-.
i? ?fi '?'?.?'-reil by persons dap?ble of jadg?ng.
that other higli ollicars wore desigoed tosh?rc
the..'tuns lure. Thus it sectus that our enemy,'
despairing of meeting- us . in manly warfare, j
bfcgiiid to rc-ort to trio assassin's tools. Your
General do5s not. w.ish you to inter that?this ]
is nn"rVer?a!,1or hr? knows tbatlhe great ?BOSS !
of thttConiedewte artny^would'scorn to s.ar.c- |
tiou auch ac!s, bnt he believes'it tlc* legiii- j
.?f?ateeous??'tuence cf rebellion against right- ;
authority. We have, met every phas.< '
?shichTjhis war tins assumed, and* moat "now
Se prepared for it in its la**t. anl wdrst" shape,
.that of assassin a aud guerrillas; but woe unto
the people whoseek to expand their wild pas
jrious.m such a rn-muer. fortbcrcl3 but. ofie
dread re-TFrt. ?< ; .
order ol'
t - ' - JV Maj G -:i "W. T. SitcrtMAV.
j...M. Diyton, M^apd'As-*.A.ijt.Goal. '
. '-ncx-Yt r>:jw**sv*;-.J?JiAso** TO ii.xvr HREX ALSO
? ** A"s".\ss!XATnn: . -d
.... ? u?.*>' .*-.*.
'?.iii* )^y%evt']ea>t<that.thc t?ie*i?Viec Presi
dent Johuson was included in the murderous
nrcgrimmc ol- l'viday night. On Thursday !
- tr?an of gente?rl appearance took a rot m at \
Kirkwood^. Il.)i-:d,Avhert"Mr; Johnson board?. :
??'if rc r-?>: s rre t kun-^n'ie)<* 'tji? jpsaiprietur ur '
thc d^cc'i'.e, tl?dname rogi-fc'?wsd.?asn?>t b??en
_,'?j?sc? sed. Oming the'l'iilowirg d i\ heVa
^.a?-Licui.vr tn his tytffiit* ?^out^ thc rnotn 'fft"
.'.???-Jenson, h's vrUe^r.ahoiUs '-and habita,
.ttiuee Friday niuht thc>Uaag?- lodg?r has^iiot
. ?/CO-* *ceuf- and onjbreaAitig .e'peri. his r?om
)?U'iugh? the tv w .?;-.! found conceal be
tsrj&eu the beti an 1 inattrassa bowie knil'^and
i?a\y raVpivT-r, \xi a La'ik book bf J. Wilkes
j{ ii?th. showmir tt t.a?atifle of over four hun
'-?dretf'di'yili^,''' b.i.m. -r?-nrngnti? afteiooo.-i j
^fT^idayw?'J^H ?trlle.b>t Ide kwoodW^mdaetrt
. -to' M'-ZH^'?l'(?ir(!' ?*?'???,.'"w'"' '.
- '^o^t\\xvsu'to disturb' you. Arc yen ai
heme ." ? T _ -. ' -, -
^t* r - >- > ? if... iv i tess BOOTU.
. it may bft tbat.thi>4jircii:ns:ajice, or j. rlpp/
Jf (?o'?arly Pet*ring ?si Mr.. Jehtisoh, -si-v'd bim
:Votu av>as:in3tx.i,. .
SinC?mis inaug?iratio'n^Frcsident Johnson
? js aUtjBded from aud to bis b'^tel by a mount
ed guard.
8 aaa
l'res?Vx^'Y??rV" ijl-sn'tT.
PctM.ii.g?li.?neg ..t?a-i'-'- ' . -
wo think K tho duty OJ ;.. Orv mao1 who L ?..
. f Quiebres peet for his manhood, ix? preservo
proper dignitysS character and supp.ri thc
Government which has not yet abdicated ins
authority and title. If it le destined for its
td submit to a disastrous fale, as many pre
? ct and believe, lot tis at least submit' wi:h
something IHrodtrrmari fortitude; and thereby
w a the applause of friend and foe. Due of
th? wornt and most mortifying-oce of the
uv;st uebasvd-aiai contemptible signs of thu
times is r. too great alacrity for bonds, an
absolute iuipa?enee for the conqueror's brace
lets. ' lo4 prevalence of such a spirit amongst
^people claiming lo have some pride of na
tionality or individual--nobility., ia an awful
.commentary up?,n the shallowness of their
pretension,, and amply putlicient lo r?rdM thc
judicious grieve.. Angels may indeed flr.ecp
at the-<rroveHincr-8pec!acle, aod-lhe laughter
_of fiends be a Ct. echo. -, ? . .. ?
\\ lt i> jiot %.'tnortaii to cornmai.d success,
so nins t'ut? legend, but they tan MSEC VE if.
We implore ClUjr l'?llon-ouiiiucymeri?,vJi<i are*
not lost to ail shame to demonstrate by tdieir
.conduct that they richly deserved what they
could net^ command.. So far, we have wou
the commendation of. tho world foe the sane
tity of our cause" and the sturdy blows, we
have struck in its defence.. if we.go down,
let us gOLatowji ?Uh horror, aad .Dot-disgrace
in our la?t ?uoments the faros of a glorious
epoch. The/North lias won no laurels in
this unholy-invasion. We have wrested mary
Jrom adverse fortune If conquered-we must
be, the consolation remains that-we have-no*
been conquered by the Yankops. .We have
shown ourselves their 'betters upon cverv
even iield, mid-it \rns a hopelcss-job-witL
them until the universe was ransacked for
mercenaries to pit against us.
. Let us them take -heart from snob reflec
tions even bi the moment of defeat J twas,
written of. Cte-at tbpt-he jvas '' justly slain ;:' ?
let it not bc recorded of the South that she
was rightoouslv extinguihh(y]. For ourselves
we make a sulem'n protest against the yield
ing of a principle. We believe in its death
-" Truth cfusho.d to-onrth will riso ?gain, ,
Tho eternal'years of God aro hur? ; ?"
Eut Error, wounded, writho3 with pain,
And dies amid its worshippers."
^.Tkeso are* grand words? coming from, a
.Northern hard,?nd.bj them we are willing
tolive apd iba. Fellow-citizens, be true to
principle. ' it may be trampled ra the.dnst'
for a. fchcifaud, cycles, but vc? 11 rise again to
the life everlasting. Above all,. acquit you
dike men in this hour of suspense, and if you
must tall-rfall.like great heart* struggling
.with misfortune-a spectacle for thc gods.
Augusta Constitutionalist.
T H E AD V ERfl S EiV.
tVEDJUii'liAY, .?AV 3, 1805.
Caprice of the H eather.
Tho first ol'.May is quito tintruo to i:.-eif,- thc
weather and tho windi being in every respect
worthy of M af eh. . The agricultural amateur*
tell ai tho "cold sr.jp" ts eminently favorable to
thc T\bc.it. If sn. "TO ?re satisfied with.lt. ,.
Confederate .V ??.ney.
Not being ablo ti> putooasQ anything witb our
present supply of Confederate monoy, ire wilt
not t.-ikh it ofter this dato (until further notice) in
payment of aubfeription.
Our Returned .Soldiers.
Monday Ust aas salo ik.y. a.i.l our stree;? w..tc j
full of lately returned Offtcen r.nd Soldiers, wein
bera-i i woll nigh every proud Regiment whioh
W'jnt oat from old E'Jg- li. ld. We welcome thoo
.brave veterans back to th- soil of Edgefiehh Our
people open their hearts mid nrnid lo receive
them. Their prayers oreend to licavon for their"
future welfare, and ihcir gratitude is reidy to ]
crown thain with hoa'T. Wo aro justly proud of I
there nublo soldiers. They have not their peer." I
on*the wide earth. "No agc or country baa ever j
b"ii3ie.l Iroojis r<> distinguished hy tho relined
r-nnrtesy ai gon;b:men,.j*omb?ned with the highest
. inalitir.' of j*'.l?iif?r= and patriots. They bi.ve- laid
.h. if n lb.-ir s; rr. s new ?t ?? trac, bu I they' dbl it
only at tba tooiinantl of ?Esir great leader-and
l'ion unwillingly. Their conscienoes- uro clear.
Whet; the la ?I ?han 1er in the glorious history of
^he Army, of Northern Yirgiai i came, .they tfpre1
.Ar?-., arcs in band and fui-cs Jo thc foo.
Unspeakably Sad.
"* Now, lit .the eUv?ntb b?iur of tho war, when
such sacrifices are apparently so vain, our hon
ored towns woman, Mr?. JIKXRT R. SPAS:*, ja
called upon to mourn the untimely death of an
other ?on, tho second that bas died for tho South, j
W.u.TEH SP-AS?, a member of Co. K, 2nd Hegt. ;
S. C. Artillery, d'ied ?t ?reonfboro, N..C, on the !
-of .thcpaU month, of Typhoid Pneumonia j
contracted in camp. * This young soldier, not j
more than t wenty years of age at the time bf hi.? t
death, ha J boen married about f.mr months, and !
bad spent but one week wiih his. youthful brido. I
Thus ha* passed away from earth tho-' spirit ?f e j
nolle Chffctian patriot. A young man true ?u i
all the relations of life. The bitter, bitter tear* !
of bis loved ones will aver bedew his memory, '
and angels will watch bis sleeping dust. Ob j
mother, a ?fe, :.istcr, brother.-! sad ;niourrier? ! j
stay thc. lido of your unutterable, grief. Lot tho
d< aiaration of the pious liovid console you. " We
shall ga to him, but he shall not return to us."
- Give Them u Grund Uftvbecue.
We mean our - sol'diors now returning homo. ;
The cud of this great struggle um^ notbe- exactly I
what we expiated, but thctcmai at least huvc done
f\r!r duty. Others moy bare <ullen short, but tlt>ic j.
tr.eo van Uwdt their wives, their children, their pa- j
rent.-, brothers, Mtiers, swqfclheurts, in'thc fae*, j
without a.tiiiflffc.of chamo, lou u itbHhq c.onici<ms ?
mai?hoo.d?E3pii^d-.by ibo sweet reflection that they
have clune their duty-a eorut^ousnost worth moro j
than'gold,~uoro precious tbau lifoiuelt* Yes, tiivo .
thom a grand barbocue, and let" them meet to- j
gether and talk over tboir " hair breadth soapes ;
in th' imminent do.i.ily breach." Will not every i
heart in TM geo old ftfjdnn Til.er^lif/o such a task 1
of Joy?.pnd li??por t'o'r-hr braye boys /1 Will nut
all ..ur : bike pride in giving this feint .
nres.-i.ei '.'l' .luii'r ?i?or<5if^toq of (bc arduous, and .
toilsome ?nd a?age?Duj sejvjcti that t?f?^e braye I
mea L ;..(! pandered to thor .country ? Tuko tho ?
matter in Land, sotos of you actice*. managing, I
liberal men, and push it f?r*??rd..at ouce. Lot.
i'ecre bo n it only beef, ur.ittooujshjoat, hams, lur
keys. ge???, dulles anoV chicken- '; hut U?t tho
cake?, pie?, pnddikg? ni.d custards be like 'bo
r . i o
H.md upon th? sea^lroro rv.? inutt?tauo.
l-'rotnr'Tinr.s-?'Iisoioaimii, ?.
By the way ot the Nujrth j'say* t'o ChmnMe iL'
ScHltiff,) we biro ttews froui tho Trans-lliis'Sr !
sinj j bopn'rttHcut If tho i:fiVct {bat Kfirby Siattb'
prop Ses-Sho surrcdvr of tba C?tifedofAta anny
won of. tbc .ili?d?siepi Tho Northern papers
aff ii'^to ')iri'. Tex i: wrll s :oa bo rastored to tho
Untat. a .''
*Jc*JrI? Chiek?saw c"itnty, ?*|lSa.| \. ii i? in ?-.i;
te 'ri eiile- . f Vfcsl P->iitj fif-ythouaiud bu-b. li
bf ctiru hiTj ' ' .i: ." n>j ino tlidUr, and li ty
?antsa hu??ihl. Tba Oov.;.-n:a.-at ."tock i.-hc'n-:
fad ?? thic inatcria:, and pl?uty abaund* nudii
StifrVnS?'i!'of*t?cit' Johnston.
W?th?i '".-.i.: it'o?u pa?t, "ur people hare
hern ? t ?ii i bj tiding* which haro
". : ;.. ti an i 5 ten ?i ty of ^ i a and nior
MBcauouviU u:' thc .iirwcrof la ?auare to express;
tid"jg.s which wry j .crucifixion is the SJUI of
every Southern man who love* his-aroontrj. On
thc 20th of April. Hun. Jostwa 1"-.tons?;OX mt
rjouerhil bir wh" j army oonit'ri?injtnll tho Con
federate troops in Nor\h Caroliali, South Carolina,
Florida nm! Georgia, toGou.' SnthiiAN. . The
particulars of this garron der wilj'b? found elso-j
whoro in our iisno of to-day.
And now, it would be imbecile to ?bat our eyes ;
to Hit faiiT dawns in our national history what
wo, muk still consider its darkest -era ; tho ern ;
wl.ioh renders a re-nnion with the Yankee nation ;
a probable event. This ro-uniou bowevor has '.
not yet taken place. Tho agreement between j
'Geni. JOHNSTON nod SHEAHAN relates" purely to I
tho rtriliriify mnttcr?> uniter their cttntrid ; as re- j
late? to civil matter?, thc **tatos of* slavery, the j
r?gulation o? thc currency, &c" it discloses notli- i
ins? Negotiations concerning these, latter a?air?, j
and indeed for the adjustment of ibe great dint- j
cully iu all ita ".curing.;, are supposed tobcftill
going on : Gen. Bani KCXRIDGE conducting them
ou our part. We say *?;>po*cd to he goiug o?. ;
for we know not of a truth whether it be ui or
not. This one thing is certnin tbaV'tho war. "r
rather the fighting, is ended in ITorth Carolina,
South Carolina, Florida and Georgia. 'Gea?.
TATf.on and FORREST have large bordie* of troops
ia ?tlississippi, and Gen. KIRBY Swta has a large
andsrd' ud'.darmy ii: tho TraDi-3?isibt?ippi. Thcso
loree? mr y yet renew the fight, ?ahd, with the
holp o' France, ?attie lt ont to a successful eud.
Goa grant they maj, is our earnest prayer!
While we ?re still in such a vortex' of doubt,
fi r!.uess a ad nherrfi?intv, we will wy no more,
"hat is wis i-m to (jay may bo folly to morrow.
Stormy w:rtnr< and tempestuous waves aro rolling
aad surging around nf, and we may ?tili have
before us nia>y day i of bitterness, adversity eaJ i
trial; .Orator has it not been signally proved to !
us of late how-uneertaia ia the fufare. U may be
quite ot bor.*. i.-c; God's band is-not ehorteued
that it cannot rave ; neither bis ear heavy that it
cannot heir."
fien. Joseph ?. Johnston.
We have always besn aa ardent-admirer of this
illustrious ohicftain. Ho has ao superior on this
cmtin.cnt, fith-r.in the qualities-of"*' great com
loa'ii?er, orin the elia acteristics-of-a' lofty patri
etism. Thrypgh evil abd good rejiort, anderen
whon the victim.of (1 igrant iDjiistice, ho hos been
firm in his ndliesion to the cause of his country.
S?mo people may blaine him for hts lito surren
der. Such a procooiliag would bo insensate folly.
Under .esistiag circumstances, had;.he not sur
ror.dcred. Norm Carolina, South Carolina, Flori
da und Georgia would have been, bf/ fall, ns des
olate and devastated as 'he Carnatie after the
heilis'i r.vidoP Hyd?r Ali. Our entire wheat crop
would ii'-t'bare sufficed to forage tho Yankee cav
alry, even bad they marched through our coun
try in tho inuit peacoahlo manner; and by Octo
ber our women aud children would have boen dy
ing af farnino. Tho aliernative was* very bitter
que, but. Gea. hoe end Gen. Johnston have bain"
actfed J-om dictates of wise, dignified and philan
thropic patriotism. These two veteran oaptnins
desefV? our manliest sympathy, bot not one word
of blame.
The Bartering System;
Many of our friends, much to our gratification,
conlinue to pay their subscriptions le the Adttrtl
? in produce, 4c. Annexed we publish a list of
these gc ? pa : ?ic, wubin); A? the stonie time list
awn' oilier.- may f.lluv. the ? most liberal and
prai^'wurthy i.x:.mplc:
Dr. Jas. A. D- . jro,.two bushels..cad one peck
meal ;
Mrs. E. Middle!un, ooo Lushed weal ;
Hov. D. I). Brunson, two bus els oats j
Mrs. R. Uiiiiidwaror, one bushel meal for poper
and on* Gne han: for advertisement ;
Mr. Jas. Murrell, ono fine yuuug gobbler;
Col. John Denny, ono largo hara ;
Mis. il. 13. Gallman, 2U pounds of soap-s
euT'Ual article ;
?ir. Ja?. L. Mathis, "ao bushel gea*;
Mr. Sam. Cartledge, ono bushel of superior
wheat ;
Mr. Silas Harrison, half bushel ground pons;
Mr. W.Tj. Itountreo, one busbol meal ;
Jjrs. J. Williams, 4 pounds butter;
Miss Id?; Smith, 1 pair 6"cks;
Mrs. li. Chalmers, 2 gaUous choice sorghum
syrup ;
And Mr. Sam. Uillmw, feud?, us one bottle
(?ld ryo whiekcy.
It is whiskey now, but refined into toddy it will
bs nectar. And wheu wo hiive so refined ir, wo
triH dvi'.k a bumper to the gond and thoughtful
friends rho have sent us their subscriptions rrs
above. Itorucmber. friends, that ?ll the A?(*r*r??
ier fraternity are mtsorabli non-produeers j and
ir you want to gladden their hoarts aud stomachs,
pay ?or yon: paper in soni?tliing which con lie
outer, by ?uvd or beast.
'Breading up of the " Soldiers Home.?'
Ou .M -aJay last, th* 1st May, tho "Soldiers
Homo" T.hiith bas bet-n ?o valnablo. an institution
in our midst for eight months past, wa? broken
up. Thc ohefgct3n.Tid .pair to tic Secretary and j
Treasure/ of -iio Aes^ciatloD writes u'.? a no'o. ;
saying '"I au. ao mortified at having t? toiio* ihc j
cx-iup'.o of "rurreuderinfr" (wbicb tioty s-em ? v
be tho order of the day) thur I cauhoi an.-'U'iot
tiifl I'aet officially. It IE too bad thal, a??".abor
ing KI bard and so pcrsiitcntly hr ton months,
we should t-e uve'"imo by absoluto liurv^tion.'1
The lady in quo!ion did not mean this for the
public eye. bin wo give the fact as ?ho states it,
thal too mat;er uuy ba fully understood. All
tb<- palrlotip and fy,"H|atlri?'ina>.'women eouae?tcd
with the " Soldiers Home." b|?t more especially
the Prc-idcnt. and Scpreisry and Tro.surer, of
tb*; A?wr..-.i.-it';'in, bare .worked in t{jo good cause
. with tho br-wes'. andinos: untiring seal,. And,
although they must now hrpak up the establish
ment, they hayo accomplished mach good? They
have fed nnd'clothrjd and consoled and dosed the
dying ('rf!S "f rna ny a'br.ivo a*nd weary soldier,
ftc kmdly *rcai(!r;'.*iV4ni?A5 of tbego soldiers and
God's tr : roving smile b"e their regard !
Kind Words.
PASCAL hes beautifully said " Kind wordsKevcr
bloter the loi gmvor !ip.*rV And we npver beard
of ono mental troul.lo arising from this quarter.
Though rh-.y db aot-eo^t much, yet they accom
-plish much ' ?hey help one's goodnature and
?dod wil'. Soft words soften our soul. Angry
rr-..; da are feel to the; i nal ot irrath, and muka the
jUajte L-'JS Jeroe. Kind words make other people
giiod naUircd. Cold words frcuzs poople, and hot
word* scorch. th?ic, and bitter words make them
litter, .iud wrathful words maka t'.em rrrathf.ii.
Ibero ts scab' a m;-i. Qf nil (hose kinds of words
in.our day-?, that tt se?-ins desirable to give Irina
.voris am?Tig them. There rro vain w^rdi, and
IdA wi-r !s, aiai empty woVdi,-and profatre word/, j
_?(ii} warlike wi>r.l>. Kind words also produce
l*U?ru-?! ii~;1 ;., ~ olf ?n o's ?.>uTs. And u beautiful
bli i i* T '*.?. ? ?? .^ui^?, ?tfd ftifort
th- ;...rer. l4j?J i .n:.. Llisi ou" "'his sour, j
mo uso, unkind fooling* We have not yet bogua
to use kind words io such ..buuduco as they ought
tv bo used."
The Washington Tragedy.
There is DO longer n >h idow oT don ht concen
inj President Lincoln's death. If- Secretar
Seward m dead, the news f>h*t. is ?u\thing relis
bk-) baa not retched ns : we are under the in
pression be ia recovering. A rumor ls, nnw eui
rent OD our ptrects that Andy- Johnson and thr<
of Iiis cabinet have br,en nssas?raaved. Wo d
md deejn 'Le repart entitled to an lota of *r."ii
Ar gentleman from Savannah says the Federt
officers in tbat city ?Lace ?iat DODO of tLe aetoi
is tbc Washington (tragedy h?vn a* yet be?
caught. . - i -
A late-, Savannah pap&r, however, contains
diapateh fr jin IKPon Head whicli ?UTI tu? ?art
wh<i n abbed Seward *waa a lawyer naased L?0{
of Richmond. Tho disraich State* that he bs
been caught, and has cenfo??od the wholo-givin
a fud eec omit of thc entir;: nutter.
New spelling and Readpr.
We aro obliged to itt. A. BLEAKLY, Publiebc:
of Augusta, Ga., f- r a <*opy of a new and Lacou
parablj arranged Speller and Roadrr The t.iti
of-tho work is: "The Confed?rate States Remit
und Speller ;"' its ?.uth-?r is tho Itcv..Jotn?>NKKi.i
an Episcopal Cl ?rey tn an of Augusta. Slr. NEEL
i* a teacher of loug'oxpcrieuce und much sucecii
and h's new Speller und Realer is a most decide
improvement upon all anidar works with whic
we aro acquainted. To be had of A. BLSAKU
Augusta, Ga.. n
Latest News Items.
Prom lato Augiista papers wa gather the aa
nosed neara items :
PEACI: Reston*.-Rumors come to-us bj wa
of Savannah that a-permanent peace has.bee
madc"by Gell. Sherman and Gen. Johnston.
C?NTBAL BAH. Ro.vn.-Wo understand tbnUh
Central R?iii Road in being robuilthy the Federn
authorities, but bow long a tinie.will elapso ix
fvre it will bc completed, wo haye no means c
knowing. . T
Xonra CAROLINA.-^rfhern aeebunts-eoy-'tba
Governor Yanco, of Hor'th Carolina, bas calltf
the LP-i?!;.-.ure of that S tat o together, and tba
he haa bten invitod to return te Haleigh, and rc
occupy, thc gubernatorial chair. ? _
KALKIGn.-The eify -of "Weigh ia-?ow occu
ipied by Shorrnan'? ?roops. We cen hear noth'w';
coLCernimr. operations in that direction, a* w
baroreceived but' on* "newspaper frour.Eart fl
Charlotte in twenty days.
Fnoir COLUMBUS.-From passengers we loan
that nil the Factories at Columbus were- burnt
and all the-warehouses-and public ^rmnufactjirin?
-establishments. The Palace M?h, Jola naen'
?fills; Gootchin'?'shop and one or two othersEep
were not burnt. No private hguses wero hatnt
many residona?a were entered and SOJUO plunder
ing committed-all-of which we believe was con
trary to orders.
FROM Vi Banu.-It is stated by tho Norfoll
Old Dominion that Gov. Pierpont of Weston
Virginia, and the Legislature under bis Govern
mentare to remove to Richmond .?nurf. It ii ?ait
that tbc U. S. Administration will sustain thi
ECHOES OP I.TTEEVBxnoa.-Wo iearn that i
gontlcman came out of Savannah during the pas
week and states that he had seed it stated in Nev
York popers that Frunce, Austria and Spain bat
recognised the Confederacy, and that they hat
agreed to saFtatn our Government by armed in
tcrvention. Further particulars havobeen related
but we refrain from repeating them until they an
Mo vEMcr.Ts.or PnnsioE.NT DA vis.-A geutlemni
writiog us from Washington states that quarteri
have bgeu prepared In that place for Presiden
Davis 'and family, who it ls stated aro going t<
PEACE * Rotons.-It is rumored tn this cit]
that Gan. Breckenridge bas mude a ?peech to fha
rtobtiVra in North Carolina, telling them tba
satisfactory terms of poace hid been arranged, ant
advirr.d them to re-tern to their homes and resum?
? t. eir p+aettyl avcc?jtion?. ' .
TCA'ISS i on ATLANTA.-The passenger Iraim
are now running through to Atlanta, and on to
morrow a now schedule will go into operation
Trains hereafter will leave ibis city at 6 A. w
and anira at Allanta at li?t A. ii. Leavtaf
Atlanta Pt 11:36 i!.H. they wilt reach here ai
J :5J A. H. ,
Tlie nfier neon accommodation and freight trait
will bc continued, departing from thc d?pnt ir
this city at j);35 each afternoon, ?ind leaving At
lanta at 10:35 osory morning.
Thc Bel-air train ?ill hereafter proceed to Bur
iel ia, leaving each a.ternoon it i o'clock and ar
riving in (bo city at 9:15A. M.
For the Advertiser
Tho ?'folio wing contribution* aro acknowledged
for two W?bks ending Moy lit :
Mrs <ir.*co, 1 dozen ega;*;
Mrs Jos Jones 1 bushel corn ;
Mrs Mary Turner, X cbjuketi, 4 papules, 1 jug
milk, i bush gmt :
Mrs Jas Raiasford, 1 jug milk :
Mrs j M Blocker, 2 pair socks ;
Misses Barnwell, 2 pair pillows ;
Mr?13oyd, $20.
We relurn4he lim rik* of the Asanciationio the
young gnntlomcii of the Elhjtopoan Club for their
very hund?r.mc AiHribn.'iohs.
MRS. ?iEyfJS JO^J?S, Prcs'L S. II; A.
Mrs. ELaEiiT BLAM>, Seo'ry and Trqas.
Thc American Wac.
The London Time* of March T,4ih says,
p.-aking of the American war, tbaLthe North
.can only win by inducing the South to re-en
ter the Union. " it ra evident already that
the enormous territory of the Confederate?
can never be bcld by th? Petl?.rals as Irland
is held by Russia -ir Vee t a by Atieiria. Thc
North has not the requisite sining, u .iur chis,
tbougii it may ba"e ibo will.? ,.1'he only real
end of tbc w*af 'im-.t c>m?- by -tirre.-i] ;. and
that is the conviction even of Sh rtu. ii him
in another article thc T'mcs says :
f'* Hr. Blight tells ns lhat tho English
prow was mistak<;n on American affairs and
hs trying to back out of ita "njisukes.
Wo admit that we have been mistaken
about Aniorican affairs, but .it bas berm in a
gense exactly contrary to that which be irn
"potes its. W". cer.ajnly have {p'Mtly under
cs?f?iaifid the rcfoutces, the courage and the
tenacity of the South. "When tie war began
we did not.eipect the Stmth would.be able to
ofTer so determineda resistmc-- to its oppo
nents ; we thought that the immense forces
which the North wai able io bring into thc
field must necessarily break through the
weaker line of thuir opponents. W.c could
not anticip?te-raud we ari not ashamed of
having been deoeived-the -tong aeries of
bloody battles which have compelled such a
euccesstoii of Northern generals and armies
the p?oe*a of a weak and despised enemy.
Wo thought tbat the Southern line would
have be?n speedily broken through j that the
principal cities of $o Confederacy would
probably fall In'o the hands ?F the invader*,
?nd tbsrt Northerns would havo|beep able to
traverse almost at will the territories whick
supply the materials of rcbe?inn. These
things axe now beginning to come to piss,
poly0 they have to p**s much late* and in a
much leas degroe than ''we had anticipated j
bat then 'v: thouyhi, and still t,h\nk that Vie
real dangers and diftchU?U oj' the ? contest,
will begin. These territories ajre tv o FMt to
1 be occupied, and tb? elements 'of rebellion
they contain are too-rifo tovbe left to them
selves. They may - bc penetrated i . 'every
dirac! ion, but tre do not see how tltey are tn he
Judd or .mbrl?cd. It reniai us to be seen vf bet bur
Wr nre wrong in these anticipations. > '
When w are shown to be- 8tT,vit-wilr'-be
time to hftnnl U3*w?th our mistakes, and, con
sidering 1 be confident assurances of immedi
ate victory, which have been uttered by the
so-called "friends of tlie Northover since the.
beginning of a war which ha? already lasted
.four years, we do. not see wbo ia to throw the
first stone at os. '* - , .
President Johnson's Policy.
At a meeting of the citizens of Iowa, held .
in 'fishington City, on the evening of the
I6:li inst:* Gov. Storey, of Iowa, stated that
bc had just hada long interview wi?h Prvs -
dort Johnson, in the course of which thar
gentlemani expressed himself in this wise, with
regard to bis future policy as "Chief Magi
'"That'while h? would deal ki:.dly with the
an'i-s <fjf the people of the South and thc rank
and fi le"of t heir armies, reganl?ngthem, as he
did, merely as tbe victims and sufferers ol? the
rebellion, iic. neterth?feaa. would be careful
not to pursue any poiicy which would prevent
the'g?vormneiit Trom visiting condign pun
ishment on the-guilty authors of the rebel
lion. . ,> j . , .*.-1
The President regards as due to th? loyal
people of the country and the thousands' of
brave men who bad fallen in defence of the
UmV.. duriug the struggle, and to the chinna
of justice and freidora throughout the world,
that treason should still be regarded as the,
.highest crime under our? Constitution-and
Fiag, and that treason should be rendered in
lamons for ajj^iiie to come. .
While be entertained these views .be should >
endeavor to gaiu the confidence of .the. de
cayed and betrayed masses oL-the Southern
peopl?, regarding.tbom.as the proper, mate
rial for reconstructing the. i.isurgent Slate*,
and to restore them to their' proper relation
to the government. He'would neither recog- :
oize nor hold official comrYiuiiication with
those wV bad oxc?fried official, statidris and'
acknowledged the sovereignty of the rebel gov
crnraeiit*. Fdr f?m*r years h? had fought the:
i rebel government with all tue energy of his
character. Ile. well knew the horrible out
races to which loyal citizens'in tbeSouth had
b^crTs?!ijccted,;and it was his detennimitio'n
To "?ct in such a manner as would best protect'
individual rights and vindicate tho ch?r?iet?r.
of the government.
He expressed d^ep-fympafhy for thc be
uay<-d.and "deluded nmaseB of the Sotlth, ear
nestly deniring them to return to their aile*-'
gianceto the,government, and the restoration
ot their former-peace And prosperity.
Allai rc in Macon.
We have couversed, say? tfiB Atlanta Ptcg
istcr, with a great, roany iodividualswho have
recently left Macon. vFrom them we learn
runch of atfrtirs-.in that city.
"Che enemy walk abeut as if ,tbe city and
citizens belong to them, but they, keep. good
order. The latter doubtless, is owing io thc
fact that all whiskey which could be discover
ed was destroyed. ??
The leniouc which-the enemy at first dis- -
played toward the citizens is giving way, and
the screws are coming down tigh'er and tigh
er everyday?. General \Vil30n undoubtedly
looks for the-appointment of-military Gover
nor of tue State and expects.it.
The people of Macon accept their condition
with thebes^ possible grace-but gene.ra.ly
they are8ullen and ill at ease under thc re
strictions they fee. themselves subjected to,
and the presence of the enemy.
Large numbers of negroes are being drilled
in the old fields in from of Yir.eville, and.the
ucrubby growth this aide ia aliv^ with them.
They must have several thousand of them. A
remarkable feature in this matter is, thai,
nearlv all the negroes arc black.
Very ff w ladle* appear on the streets aud
are very decided in their expressions cf disiat
ufaetio.u ai the pre?- nee of theeneniy, and of
their sytnp.iihie wi'h our causo.
The enemy ?ay 1 y ti f d more out-spoken
.'rebels,1' as they call us, than they havefound
in any other city they ha. e visited.
Thc Telegraph ? Confederate and the Con
federacy lr.ve suspended, and will probably
not resume till after'tfe armistice expires.
Very little is doing in c.ronmrcial circles,
..he siores gtiucrnlly remaining closed.
Good order is preserved iu the etty. The
streets ?ire patroled nightly by Federal squads.
Much of the order that prevails is owing fo
the tact that all .he liquor m tbe city waa de
sfroy?d ey the authorities before occupation.
Formons aro permitted to pass freely in and
out of the city, by procuring passports. Tboy
also take in and out of the place anything
?bey desire.
Gen. Nelson in an order has directed thc
merchants to open ihejr stores, and the peo
ple to r?sume their hnsinesg aa usual. '? Only
two or three merchants have as yet done so.
Confeder?te treasury eotes paes iu the city
as usual.
Very little produce ja being bi'bught into
j the city.
Scarcly any trade of any k ind is going on.
Eac;< day appears more like'a sabbath than
a business day.
. -? -o- ?
told 'thai,a (bot-flon-soldier, re?ebihg, ?t uigiit
fall. the dwelling of a wealthy oftSjSn nf one
of Jar upper Districts, *ho is ?ls - a'*hiem;,er
of our State-Sonate, tyas denied lodging- for ?
thc night, on tbe pion that there ws-? %-kn?ftV
in the family.- WV tnist that fx*. Way-6irei'
thus daflfid'wHl r-uhlish the name of ibis pa- \
triotic legislator. Per c&rdia : from the* same j
source we are told that a Confederate lieu- 1
tenant wai- lodged most hospitably*at a North
Carolina farm house, uot iur from Charlotte; j
that while there, an aged widow of the saine ;
preoiuoU beard of his prfs'--.nce?itd wimt to i
see him, when she presented him with a pair \
ol' stockings ipr himself, ?/?.?'ty pair (all of hor j
own. knitting) to be distributed among* the |
i soldiers, arid three dollars in silver-all ihe j
' monty she had. There was the .right spirit, |
wv ?<;g..-f tte faov.'-iVeld 'rII 'n et's nest." j
r?o'inji 'Spi.. -btv ?Sf ?be rich. Senator would j
tUsir y any can.-e-~t.be mite of the g??d old I
? w-clow muy save ouas, in spite of the'S?nator. !
-Phoenix-. . 2? ^^j^
: fhQ animosity Viween Foote", of Mississip* !
fj, ?md Benton, r Missouri, was weiLknown'
tis a matter -'.d' record, and there can be no j
want of delicacy iu alluding to' a * historical
fact. " .
On the fast- night of that session which
closed ilia Senatorial ^career of- those gentle- 1
men respectively, Foote. obtained the floor, |
and occupied .the li nai. hour with a bitter ajad ?
olocjiieiit rcview ol'thc life and acts of his old I
etiomy? Eenton sat numoved; his massive !
features betrayed no sign of anxiety; yoo-'
would have.thought bim asleep but Ibrtfie
reguhr motion of his eyelids. As the hands
i on the clock pointed to midnight he quietly
! remarked to a bystander :
\ "I leave*the Sa?-.ate of the United States, ;
! footed out of it j footed out of it, sir, but not
! kicked out!". ' J
Foote had t>aid that he Woald writo a little ;
ibook'iu which Benton would figure very j
i largely. Bonton heard ot ibis and replied j
in his characteristic'way to tho informant : i
"Tell Foote.that I will write, a very "lar-re
book in which he. fiha'l not rkmrc at all."
The.'1 Thirty Years" will show how faith
! fnll-y thia promise was k-. pt.
$3?r Thc inujkat tb-it kicked ihe boy rtvur ha?
been arreuud, and made to give ball. Tko plea
\ that it was " cfcked" at tho tiuio, wai? ruled out ^
of oonrt. .
^~"7\M?.hr!c ja p nv oune?d, by tho Chattanooga
Qu xe tu, M having ?cea -aplomb T'?e United
States flag js said to have beco raised over the
city and fortr on the l'Jth. G?nerai Granger'?
troops oceapy the city. Hie Confederates coin
menoed to evacuate on the 10th.
^""""".Thirty tb-on* vnrl dulbr* rcr-t-d ?Q rvTcred
for the detection ?nd tjonrl- tioo of the assassin
of President Lincoln-,-ten thouin nd having
been offered hv G?r?. Augur?
MARRIED, on tho evening ol the 2Cdi April, in
the Methodist Church, by Rev. ty*. A. Clarke,
Mr. ty~ILLIAM B.tliELLY, of C>ffeeville. Mitt.,
a member of the 1 itu Miss. Regiment, and Mis?
MABBIEO, id this \Tlag?, on ty"edrrcsdny, tho
26th April, by Rev. ty', Cl?Tke, Mr. JAMES
J. BRYAN and Miss MARY COLGAN. nil of
DIED, on thc 8th of April, ar-rlio residence of
her father, SUSIE M., only child of Mr/T. N.
'Thia dear little girl was remarkable for ber in
telligence and .sprightliness, and much beloved by
all who know ber. Though leas than fi ve years
of age, her intellect had expanded to sueh a de
gree that she appeared mlich older. But this
could not eave her.- De tte placed his relentless
hand upon her, and dee* little S raus hus passed
beyond the gatos of day. , .
Farewell- sweet child,-no woo
Clouded thy fur?.;
Thy spirit smiled to go, '
And loft the trace.
FELJ. at. the memorable battle of Franklin,
Tennessee, 2nd Lieut. WILLIAM JAY, being
about thirty-two^yei?rs nf age.
Tbe deceased was a son of TYBB J AT, of Ab
beville District? und in the eomnieucuinunt of our
struggla.fQr.independeoce nobly tendered his ser
vices to bis country u? a volunteer in Co. H. 19th
S. C. Regt. At tho early age~hf twelve he becamo
a subject of God's ? converting graoe, connected
himself to the M. E. Gharch,' nud all who knew
bim, caVboHr testimony' to his't ions and Chris
tian life. -' ? * i." .?
He has left au alTcotionato wife, two interesting
nod devoted litilp bey-, pad a largo circle of
friends'to mourn hi?! loss. Heaven grant that
liijy muy seek and find relief in thc cons'obUory
opmion,~tbat-a .beuevolent wisdom, inflicts'tho
Lieut. JAY Was sclf-sncrlGciog, Rind and gener
ous, and a* ?n Oinoer alwsj-f.'performing bis duty
without fear. Hts death has carried- desolation
t.* a once huppyyfiou?ehold, and ducply saddened
the whole.community, .it ii sad to chronicle tho
duinise of one who snowed h'nnstlf tn be sc esti
mable as a Christ!.m ; nlToothnute and?devoted as
husband, father, son and brother. It griovea na
t think our frien.ls ure passing, aw iv, but it is
consoling to rafl?ct thaMbo subject of this notic*
;csu look back upon a life well spent in the t>ro
-tftotion of his country V'glory, ?nd tho good of
his fellow.man. Actuated by lue pure motives
of the Christian patriot, he left ali the <ndear
uicnta of hume, and the writer of this, his com
rade in arm.?, can never forget tho ?cal n'nd tire
less labor with which,, for three long year?, he en
dured tb* hardships "privations and dangars of
tho camp: " .*"'*.'
A)ns! dear comrade, you havo-h^n talen from
us, but you leave behind many mourning friends,
to chorish. your, memory, nnd tn posterity ti.?
priceless legacy of nn unsullied name. Sweet, be
be'thy sleep on thc blood-stained field of Ten
nos <ce. lt was with. a::h?ug hearts your comrade's
laid you down-'to r.-st : antiMoubtlenfl if quivering
lip's could have spok-m during thc performance
of tho last melancholy rites, ileso w->rds would
havo hcon breathed in < trvniU.iig accents over
your hallowed graviu
" Green bo the turf abuve .lbee.
Friend of my Letter days ;
None knew theo, but to love thoo,
None mimed tl.ee, but te praise."
J. L. W. .
Extolling O?lce,
- E'DGBFIKLD; S. C., May 1st, 1803.
?\LL btfsinesa in tb??? Office is hereby surpes
. ?led until furtb sr orders,
. P. J. M03E6. Jr..
Lient ? E. 0.
'Muy 2 lt IS
EPOK: lian C. ll., 1st May, Hoi?
SN pursuance of reders from his Excellency, die
Governor, all OUb.ers and men ... longing to
the 1st Regiment ?. .". State Troops, aro hereby
ordered to.report al Ninety-Six, <>n Moudoty, tba
Sth inst., with their arms ?tu.I accoutrement-, und
with titree dnys rations. Company Ofli'-r* aro
required to have tLis order promptly !-xoe? rd
Dycommand .1. 15. GHI Kl-! V.
Colone. Cofu'd'g.
J. II. ty'luEMAS, Adj't.
May. 1 lt 13
Factory Goods.
WE will now tako ell Cuterns at our Faciory,
put up ia bagging or staves, Will IT?YI?
market price in currency, or ba nor OAnnhur^a
for it, giving at present one yawl Osoaourgs fur
four pounds Cotton.
J. J. GREGG & CO. ;
Mxy I ir. 10
r-r|IIE ?mxthern P.iroela;n Company viii ex
X chango their WH?O for Provisions, viz : Corn,
JFiidder. Meat ?T1 Flour. 0-d*rs may*bo ?<>??:
Ht tho P-ar^ry', Kaolin, or ut Ihiyr Score iii Au
gusta, No. 18?, Broad S'recr.
J E. MAP,? If ALL. Sec'ryj
May 1_-J *_18
1W1LL continuo to bare Shoes toado in good
?lyle ? thia plae ., but at prices bef.-rc tho
. :ii:.V()r p-,irision> ol'any kind,'at three times
;.-ir vaiui bet?re tb. War.
SL ty'. ABNEY.
"Mayl . . 2t . W
?strayed or Stolen,
riOM tho *8ub?cribeT. TTTO . COWS-one a
. ,'wbito-?ipecklod-t?nd the other a brindle, with
white baok t?nd hell*1-both probably hav? caires
before this. Also, a l ed Helier-ail three marked
with a cropJn bott tars, a slit in the loft ?nd un
uuder bit io the right. Alt?, ono red and white
Yearling, witb-a twajlnw fork iu each ear. It is
likely, if nut'aiolen, that they aro milking their
way to trrblftrlt Corner. A liberal 'reward will
be paid for thoir ceo*very. Any irrrormatioil COR
ecrainK them thankfutlv received.
? ? ? ? ty*. D. -JBNRINGS.
May 1 tf ? . M
Sought io ; tne Jail
OP this Dhttriot, on th? 1st April, a Negro man
who says MB name ia LIAS,-and that bo
.belongs to -Mr. Strlbdng, ol' Pickers District.
,S. C. ?aid Beter is about 22 years ,oldf 5 feet S
-inches high, and of black complexion. ,
' Tho^ownor. is requested to come forward, provo
property, pay chargea, aVid" take him away, other
wise ho will be dealt with ??? the law directs. .
_May 1_?_JJ_-4?_IV
. Brought to the Jail
DV thia District, on the 5th Aprif, a,Nogro boy
.vbo say? bia name is TOM, und that ho be
jouies to'ono Mr. A. G. Mitebt-lb liviffs on Broad
Stree', AugustH. GaJ, nea- the Post Office. Said
Teat is about 17 years old. rather dork complect
. The owner is re^uested to com.'' f?;rward. provo
pr 'pony, pay charges and luke him aw>y. other
wise be will be dealt with a< the law directs.
May 1 ___jf_. "
"Brought , to the Jail
OF this District, on jbo 2i?th. April. . Negr i
hoy wlio gays, bis n.n.-.-> is PRIN'.'B, ?n-i
that he belongs to Mrs. Battle Watts, l.vmg :<-.,
Larcror.s C. IL Said'boy is aW ?7.v-a--H
ne-?. about 5 feet4 itjchesliigb, black < .?....;. .-v.-in
Tho own or is requested come forward. ri- v
property, pay cbaTgca, and ?abe him KW. . oilier
wiac he" will bo denlt with a,' tko Mw tlbv <R
wisc ^ B MQOULLOUGII.J. E. 1).
" May 2 ' ' tf " I?

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