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Edgefield advertiser. (Edgefield, S.C.) 1836-current, July 26, 1865, Image 2

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There's' S?usic^tii a "Iotb^v?8 Voice.
There's mu.-ie in'a tn?f'rw'a romo,
y.??ff sw??iIban br?c?e? r' -h'.T.z;
Thc??'a kiaiice^: "ri c. mQthcr'? gja."):'*,
'. '0 .. .r?t/or over dying.. "
* r .'. 'ove -...'.hin ? mollioir". breast,
S ' d?"p 'i; tt'.tl u'pHSywi?j?,
ir i car- far those ?be i-s?l>,li.:'r osi, .
Taif-j *r9?/c>sr;ryw:?s.^ f
T-i^rc'- .. ". '...??>. : i ri an L? ?r's -ar,
ffhon ji?rc\s.;.!! .".v--:7-tak*e?r, . "..
Thal tl?a it%\if ee'rcrj
i: s.arce-ijj ?.-s5?"brcab:8g."' '
?: i '? ' - - v r.t&tae: fc?.?c!? II iieav?&.
' : . : .. hw- child i? prayiug>,
.- . i ... ?i b'?if "rb- f'.rvouF'tel! "
? 2: -'.irr !. fr??rdsor?i.5d.r tr$? ,
Ca?. -. O?S" ...? t-recat e?\sNdoe8V
And tri'rt.r.^-h tb" .'..-ere' cf !"?'e one. moro
Bid -l'iae iLe eas ?f sr'aQri>.?->!
A ?i '?tber! when Ilk? cvqnfcg*' ttur,
Ker course bath ceased, ben-rc w,
FIOTII brfta'-oY world', regards us stW,
"?U?w :s fe" old To-J>ay ?"
There*'*- u -tin: ifb?n *? vre met
A nerd t-'jj^n tua s v--.t,
Kt til kc? ou e..-m-uon.i..eu;es-tao Vdt,
The eo?d, ur *lse tho r-e.tt,.
Aud took an iirtorcwt rn Pto's health ;.
Tuat ?iino bas pissed sway?,
Now, no ene ash? u* bon we'do,
Lut, u How is gold lo-day ?"
These words pervade the atmosphere,
Ak wedding, funerals, bad?,
Ne muller whvro, upon our car.
Thc anxion quotion fd'n. -
Y.u ?0 t- tx.: giri. \ -u lu vc. .
To drive'yo?r cures away ;
Ybu trss, ?Dil '.heu -i e .-?-.w-t y ?Jays,
"Ol' Uvw j? gold t/.'-ib>y r n
If gold ?3 np or g?l? is down?
What g 70d,"for mc to srK.w ?
Thera is no jinglo in my j ':r?c,
My fund3 are still >u quo ;
And so I nate tut endlos, erv,
And long to .oar awn.?
1" lan.ls of por.c.o, whvrti no ?co as??, /
" Well, t How is gwl-i to day ?"
Fro-i tue Mer, York Timoi, Abolition.
. TUB fTEtyJ-U.
Is is decreed t>?t'the-*i?:-gro shsll occstpy
thc atttitli'.'tt tf he American people. For
thirty years he has boen lae great topic of
di-cvxssion. Iii:- rights cw a mau'; his wrongs
as a slav-: j ai* status among me, races; his
iutedectual cali CK ;'" his moral possibilities ;
hi? physiological r -t-uH- iiti?:.. ; nis hair and
hi? iicois ; his* color aod Sis udor ; hhs history
sad his future, have bt'eti t questions concern
id .vnich every noan hv.ti all women wero
supposed to'be thoroughly postied and cease-f
les- 'y excited. Nay, hi? ?edy, soul and earih
i> ^-jftti.-i'S vi ere no. tnou?h for the specula
tors. i^'bV.- ?nd-tai? world and imo
thc rij-ueH-as to whether when ho
g . '? ?cwve ive r-tdd "oceupy thc saritt
y-- ; i'tv tu, ?i.:? be permitted4
<. 14 th.-.- same hcrjc'';.
Ta?; (j'it??t i jiu i/cfot'e tlia public ofcco.s?enivd j
.to Tarjt : bul ander ?ad ??intl tuvi-.i -iii- was
always the sante o'd r'.ri-'io:'-the' r?e?ro
lhere was an Afrtc?u b uinJ every K-:IC- and
a darkey In every-wo -t.p'ic. rV itttou . the ns
gr?>. UouvTros-rae-t uronld ruvr La<.! aothii.g
to spout aad siiotS sboat, except i'i^ -;r. -
of nations! derelopuiesit n?i.-.,:<..H. .. -,
. ...v d it s! ::' iv. ; wirLont Lie tbs preach
- . M ; wou'.d fcavo been nar !
uo !>r s ;':..:<:.; without hin- what would the
... ?spisere .'...?;": of tinta) hw? ?ii.-?
''if. iharwwunld i:;;'.-*; e-'s:? no ?onlber^j ?
t. ./.'.."..?raev -, .1^ late war woatd n^Tfv unv..
..- :. : -,. i ai ; -?-?-: '. !. ..' a'.'ui i ;>.'. baye
Keeu pited tp.^ -;.v' J-v I.'/. R?ck -.vvuld
lc' f ?.-yi ..*;..
.?;si';.-^, i? ii i^;r::un:i:!'a ervi ?.o "cT'V? .Mv?
Wh?t OW'hiStOty R'enl-3 hat?? r?-?t?',*i :.*....>& j
kira. Had'that "."darik bark, watch ."-ri
riggad v it ?88?' sud cr-.-.,-acd wi ?li Etjit
;>i->u.*. aev-~ l^tu permitted lo r;a"ii out '
ahilos?*} t?tt-.b'4d#vba trafic endod th,*;
?.yt rvX :V.i;;r::; ?rcu'? h?ve V.-'c.-i :
Sluice* .bc- Sc-U??C? wita??bo s- ?iractcrc!
? Tvi. i*. nut? -vfi-iio pb? -car.--.::- : 'ti:-"'
au j-.-t rju'> lr* . '.reelU.fi ?.:... i' .. de*"Ai?
in yo.:ag loon's lycctttes, but it is alli<g? tfae:
beyond- our depth,
i >:ne d' tee phases ol the gi-*at Jtsoa. .-.1-1?-.
whted ?'iva harassed tuba nation ;<.-r j ..r . ?
lui-: bsoti settled by the '.nv: bat utUers ..r.
til t.ir 'i-?i.? tl-.j.r,..- ?3 rrer. .M.! .fff .... i
are Koatmculiy ?n.-.;.?^. "vV't .hail aen
ai* tiior. f--:; o?' tn-** wrong? of'thf
?wgro *,t5 B ru.it; we aru* as tai- ad evet*
?r.".:a htt^ins? "*?tab ish ^ ..1- sui..is . n- ..? *
mci's ol mo?., or ow!?eu 'lie probiem? con-'
ciai-d in hi-' physical euuf-rimn-ni. 'ib.
va?t svatem ot ue?ro e?ucu'.icn ham &et1.I?:'i
tiif liisjiute as ..> tho capacit;. of th- oeg-o
for ir.iyllCwtt?ai deYel?'paicnt, ar ??'as: uo int
us concerns his capacity ol achioi.ug 'he
thr^e fajtiuua H's,'* reading, riling and rita
wetic;" but bow does that help us to- d-cid?
thy tastefulness dr propriety ot ?mulga-na
tion ? V7e Lay? hui lately ?ct'.I?d tl-o qu??- '
lion of tue neg oa right tu ot u s->ldier : hui *
we ?nvft on!y {?o*.*fu:r!y in* . the ?f4Ue?9 td 1
th?.< Wisdom vi conl?rrrngJLipoa htm the fran
cihises of a'citizen. Whan the latter ceases
to be a practical ?M? ptt??i..jj.i pntvsv of'the
oiie ?>*">a- questiorTj w?*. shall liare-sotue other 1
phase ot it b fore '.Lt* coitf-try. What it will
be remains to bc ?;.n.
?.?esidc? inc leading, matter just, referred :
to, we are never without exciting ne*,vs j^??- ;
pially bearing tipon 'newnes. To-duy, there
?3 the d?t axation tu th. President of Rich
mond negroes; the ?IC^M aiddi-T meeting Cn
the .Kines Ktver ; l'un -.uo nit ."."in llie South
cf tue u?tixetl aad unhappy coiulitiou of ne
groes g-uieralry. and-other things too uurne
r.>u3 to be h--re ?nemiouc?. It is eridont that
this wiiolc negro rp^i[sstir>n can only'be got rid
of by gettia'^ rid u." the ifgrccs ; and as.that
is impO'Rtbt-% ws r.:?ist ieet content with our
lot. Lt iufaulime rt would bc well for
those of us "who are? wbiio co: to lose sjskt
catire1*: of tbd fr?ct|
Tho Pcitlnnd (ilairie) Argus gives thc fol
lowing account <d the htStrtloss affair which
resulted in thc treaih cf a horse, and which
hu* berCtoforo c/c-in brit Hy d.'udcd to in tel
egraphic colucojaa: ..
Ly/w, * mmilvjiorse, was put in i'.ni-.ing
te . d v ; a.-ft, aaa up'to .ho >\ -.y o? tho race
t <t .V sid ;>'?'?- ?xerci e nf s xty miles per day.
ii . a.-..: . '>wtp*n of bisjowutrwrtiti th** driver,
x-I* iraak il Ti*" amtndl wa.i ? -"Hi
ing, :'.::?' /?.. ?? . '.'?J *ii. %Se-ii-:ipp?rcu;y* ail
boue and wu*c?e~weis>-hed some te- irin
dr-d, and ?(.......' near!? ';.*.">..<.:: tian'ds' my?i.
His r.ge ?as reo ycar.<, bis COUK, blaek. ti- ;
i:- was raif^ in .c. M en tv.-:-.* it.:-!
ahead to keep lie rafi ci ear, ?..;<! ' jud/'.
and aaststant* a .t, anic?', u 1 pr -vj ;?-(
r-bys of horses., jf^on !? : .-i
ru KT Sad tte J nv. ? Wei 'J .?;- ho rr.
u- i ' - tr ; OUnJ%
. b ; .. th. P. rY.??:?.> ? r..?y?...
.*J ..*....'. ? glu Ol N'**> r.( 1-?' .
t?u ?vur, ?r?icii kept un ior sumo four
? O, . . -x. ? y. >- ? ^ .
wu mi ?m i II.11 niiuw wntwTKeas?ssam
j-heurs, v/ith. two cr turee brief' spi
hrehtiiiuj?, sp?u.gin?faud wafering. ]
. rived ut i'urtsrxoUth- ahoMt hail' wai
J wa? taken out, cnlrVd down, rfAeuTti
; (Thc iwta'rnoutli Chronicle says that
' ibu horse arrived tht.re.be did not
. greatly fatigued^alihougii he had >tru
[ iv inijea iu six Jv-urs und fifte?i* ra
;' I ''.-ti; he reaohbd Hampton he ma:le ttl
aii Kb'dr Readily.) He left Ports:**
12.20'ia fiuo condition ; lelt Keunebu
3,30,'at Saco at 4,45, and came on app
ly with case, at a free-gr.it, a full half
weithin Iiis time, until about four j
hair milcc from Portland, when he st
j eJ and fail, and, although every exertit
! made'to revive bim, he died shortly
seemingly in a fit. Thus ended a bei
affair. To drive the noble animal to
' wr.<; moi e than cruel-it was wicked,
iii.i'cbvs rtre ou apar, .with the prize
'.r.?: .".ri-?imply bratal. Let us have no
acc . it is stated-that the hbrpe had
rionsly been ?iiven nipety mi] -s in "a j
as? >nd. when taken out the harness, i
L? d irks .j doit. .* *. . -
1 ai :?. were *re?crta i ? cu?ml?dion th;
i .."Jjbistl wa? pt isoneo", but th.:, can be t
.-. .>;. .ig v.-'.ruy t;.'. ' credit. Tua
? dr fell to ue::h
v iv Y**k i". .. . : ; . - - dito
rut ! :fra- . xs :'. ' '?
! t-j h s fc-.n .. . ::'J ie true w
?:*ii;pl?t? ii w<;iii.: m- *. i.urc'j s the raen
a r.f<! i t:.--i . caress: '-'.'he
- 'h- -,m;> . :.:*?.... .-..ard- Bi
ri ?-I . ../?-. and . v ry otiQo?" r te jrut:.I b
. ua"e i the l ite ut ibo po.-i ..turna: SJ wa
\ . ui lured. . '' ' \
* _.* ? r . . afc
:i'al:e Caro ol Vour l??.-ltlt
.1.- J !S go<> iee a- s.-.'y tili li. 'S--?
libat'C i'i:e-. ;?> a <<! -...ti . : ia Wie
t ult rr.: ...' o.i'V-aa- -unk. .? ?horf:e?ij
|terie:?ce a gui t-'f-r ti.;nM-!? m m.- - .on?
t?iujhg io bodily-lwtt't-h. NutfeiMg cai
more true, th:;ti thai f >- ray i. with i?
uh) what vu-uiii kill auiahei Dr. ll.
disthguisheil pnysicim of our d<ty. iu-nt
tile oas.-.- oi a woman who will instantly
^?dd irsbe pt*.s>es "across a room which
jas. boen washed. ?he lifo of such a pe
would seem tb hang on a very uncertain
uic. Bu* like a (fut philosopher, ba
f-.und that passing through a recently w
ed room giyjts her a cold simply "avoid;
and now, at the fu?i age of three score y
and ten, scarcely misses ? meal from sick
iu a whole year. ^
Wheu. a man. finds.out that his consi
tion is a frail one, hie wisest plan is to st
bis infirmities, to find out his weak poi
and like a beleaguered general, the winne
a hundred victories, bc always on hhs gu
113 to those weak points. An old. hat is i
er made, belter by being banged about, w
by cafe it may be made to look respecti
for years longer. A worn-oitj horse obt?
no re invigoration by hard usage. A rn:
body, whether frail or strong, is made capz
of greater endurance by being well wale
over. And take our word for iE
best way to harden the constitution is to t
caro of it.
That the popular sentiment should pr?'
that the human constitution is hardened
exposure, when there is nothing like it in
whole range of animated- nature, must
elapsed among the u?acc?untabilities.
Some roen^thrive tn spite ol a-given c
habit. This arrises from two distinct cam
a vigorous constitution, or from the naturi
hi hr.:r:>.n ? ody to adapt itself to thc evils
life. 4.
OLIO man :o;<y chew fob&ccc . larguryy ii
??ve ti? the -AH: of seventy years '; ?notl
tn ty sn.rv.ive a glays <? grog itt every thea!,
ta*.- a regalar spree at ecmin intervals,?a
yat tv .*n bale ami heany at thc age tfii
:? -y . :?K? ttiU j W'hili- ? '.-ui ill ui*?_v ,'i ve CQU&
why i's up Hil : ?..:;ti never t'isw beti
: ooo. But it bi i hi. uruicsi fbi!) lo conclu
th.M are heathy praCjticea, or that *i>
w -v. n intiucuous. KTulliiufics adopt ee
tait? ti:il>?U.o? lite, the^rutnid that they a
healthy, because others are healthy who "ka
! ?>teu them, not taking into aceoont fl
.j.fferencc of habits of life. A weakly you
who it?rer Sid &'baud's turn in his life,
?il?iC<?? if) teed bo puce rich mille, fresh egjj
and newly made hultor, OH ?he grour.3 th
tanning people have robust health who e
juch tiiirtgs habitually, if, irides^, such die
ii ul H myth in .these laititudee. But
. .. it aimer's health, it is not suilicicnt tb
.> -, y v. itu..'?V-t;.,i-r'-ct?T, wc must in adc
; :'c-.-> im-' Kvtk as ?tirtiters 'io, otherwii
. .?ruiuary furuter'a .?!..' w'il kill off the;
.*.-.'.:'imttati'i . iu double tj tttne.
i'..f.v? .?tu?' -i uti ?ti iV: k-': the euramo
rv,-..? ? iwiuK'justry ?rt*?'by takir
th? ?rtafipb; ?f tii?i tini'a "'J tde,- M
- il' l?e .ave. ;? .?:. -...../..T.-US errol
ip . :-.-cv-5C?. t?! h.u.f ; hev.liafT bavei
[ j;i sev.?r?il ru? ?ii .us by th
. ; jata of <-o ?iucV:ti ' * "
O.yvv-.: si.'.: At..,.? .ir/- ri ?. ^'mended to t
w ru.; w ut.r,..- ? ?i. d'ic:-.: j '?reid, lls-boir
mul't h"?l:iiiiii, c. rn?, rubie and'-cttfu tba
w^l?u. i'he feig ?ofh. t ^ivesfbr h
yciv.'e ia, the be ' li". -A uaai|g?, cbrrobo
a s , ih.'?kd, by th . fttet that a clcrg
mun *bt> u<ide t.'i?'i ciiaiig-' hy bis co?nse
WA?: r?lieved.of a troublesome ;hiv.v ufiv
ti . . lt WOUKI seem iucr-'?.ii?ii? ?Vit any on
o' ... vv: -na- i-!;OPivi uazafu"! uilah a ru!
billi ti:-I. oi. **#Cti C >.Ui?: g f .'lit avon. T+
r^t.-va- i&t ui??y to, iry i.he OxWrrifiiCiil. Nbi
and ibo:- tln-r: ?HM' ne a perntin witi be bet
.:Stted by jiiocb^ge, bul. there -wiil ht
ihousar^ to bu Hijuted by i*. We all litio
that (he feet of t?Bie ?r? Siabiia>lly cold; i
o icrs damp, of o?h. ?s not, and to rccomtnen
coit m stovkinga in vitter, as best for al)<-f
even to a mnj.>r|ty,.is unpradu nable reckles;
ness, pr it is thc result of raojKUSabl? iiiei
jAirience. So crutcai a thfn^ls a change t
(?yeriug for the feet, at times, that wo rcve
a'ivise any change in that respect; we un
f:;i inly say .fry both, aud "adopt that which i
roost ?90.?f'-nable to yourself.
Svtne p?rsons survive a 'cold -shower-bat
of a winter's morning; the same would sen
mulitudes to their grave in a week, and raak
other m?ltitud?s invalids for life. In sun
ming up the whole matter, our advice is f
lst. If you are well, let yourself alone. '
2d. If you arc not well, make" no chang
in any of your habits, without consul fing a:
educated, physician.
3d. Do not Ibke it for granted that an
habit or practice is advisable for you, sim
ply because others bave^uallh in their ohset
v,unce. But if you want to make the es
p?riment, first placo yourself io all their coi;
Ax auctioneer wassel ling ? lot Ot land ic
agricultural purposes,- .
- "Gentleman," said he, " thia is the mos
delightful la.td. It is ?he easiest land to cul
tivate-it is so lights-so. v?ry light. Iti
-Psrbei7?bcre, will corroborate my statement
ho owns the next pateb^aud be wilt tell yoi
how easy it is worked." - T"" 7
.. Yes?gentlemen," said -?dr. Parker, 't i
? ver}~f:wy to work, bu! ir i.-. a j)ia.;jy pgi'
easier to eatWr the HropsJ' . ?.
. -1_ ? - - t~ ? ?-- ^
".ii. . ?
AB'A'T the hnjdest case- we -rv.T, ft^ivi pl
vr'-S thc tnUuU'r'-r'.i.fir.i:'.! r-'.o-. o . x
r..-. i\ ytuars since, in i'.xcier. S.M. Jtijl t<
;' r ? thy ropa ^Jscvd .-ir.M;ii : iii* mvl\
t*i pi- the s-t'?jil?' to gitw -.i ii a h
. :ir.-. 'p.?- nnit:-i???Hg pruinpt.-y ?r-... .
liRt.iriiftilie nmg r. ii comwicnc^d blow. 1
the ir - ti ??ftn: tu? sie?
'V r.r? ???t. (k^og jfcei k'tf' .t/?rro??!;
;?.-,!.-. ' " '. sh; v ii- *
...i.eeau.-t'," reiunie'! \h- pprieet wretch
: " I do not think froth is heaWty."
': 'Prom ?Lc MT" ?iri Dein.-crur. Ju v .1,
^ Suicide vt'it Ktiamrselai Lover-- fri
i 'Results ol'a Jest?
A tf?"'?? or fwo ago w ..... fifcerl f.?,<
'Cunistances of a } c nig ladj i..;
jSel?ati Wince. on the ojjg>o*ii si .
: river on account &i -.iaaj ?1 mu?? .:; in
as!?ir wiiii one.-.U. drew FudUbotts-r.
SuLunlay morniiig Funkhou-.r v: -.
scene of dil* suicide, and ii.? rc. i:. 1 hi ;
mofee, 8boc.hiui.salf through' 'I".- !...?.s .
?- FtttikhoitStr was R' German' ci-: ir-ft'i
anckboarded at Bonn's boacamg-housc,
Franklin avenue, between. TweT.'y-..ec
and Twenty-third streets. Ile had a r>
near by, where" he slept and wot ked. He
been a soldier in the army, and, soon a
obtaining his discharge, .paid his udfiie^se
Miss Elisabeth Lederer. One day, dui
a stroll on the. bauk of, the \Mis3issippi, n
the village of Venice^ the lovers sat down
der the shade of a tree, and there exchanj
their vows of love. They were engaged
be married, and to them the horizon of
future was tinged' with the roseate hues
hope and undying affection. They mete
ly, and were exceedingly fond of each otl
But fate, as if envious of their happiness, n
the malignant demon of doubt to plant tho:
in their'pathway. The course of their ti
love did not long run smooth.
One day, about a month ago, Andrew,
the excess of his happiness, remarked ph
fully to Elizabeth that he did not intend
marry her, and left her. She poudcr-sM bp
his partiug words,- and, thinking he might
in earnest, felt greatly depressed, nod b?cai
11 prey to harra-sfr-g doubts au<! auspicio
Filled with b'd?:,g thoughts of evil .-h'e'i
vi-*i-("i thc trysting tree on the bank of -l
:.'(? ..ctr Veuice, and, wandering along 1
. jingled her te-rs with the flood d
tl.?-.v d ac *icr fuetV Seating herself und
tv to ef^fai ?ravo veut to her feelings at h
cru. :i-<- 6 ae ret tuned to thc city aftet
't.L.;-i lime apeh't on tho opposite . shore, ht
taning io hear from Andrew, she wentbai
to Venice, au? in a moment of despair, rus
?K1 iiit.'' the water, aud was swallowed up 1
the remorseless currant.
'The body of MsssTederer was recovero
and tier si,ve , wh:> was almost distracted !
the intelligence of her death,took charge
the body, purchased a lot in a cemetery, ht
the, remains interred, aird a tombstone placi
over her. He told his friends that he wishi
to be b?ri?d by the,side of his lost Elizabet
and, assurai, them that it .wotild. hot be loc
before be would go to bis-resting placa.
Funkhpuser was a man of about thirty, bu
after the sad death of. his betrothed, he bi
came.apparently an old nianj'his hair turne
gray,"and his whole aspect was changed. 0
Saturday morning ho wcn| over to Venit
with a friend ta revisit the spot.where lro'ha
exchanged vow's with his dead mistress. H
friend asked him te take a glass of beer, bi
he declined, and said-he had drank all tb
beer be intended. .He was seen sitting ur
der thc tree on the bank of thc river, wit
his breast hare, a pistol lying hy his sidi
and a miniature of Miss Lederer in his ham
Not willing io iutrude upon his meditation!
his friend turned to loavu him, and had gone
short distanc? when he heard the explosio:
of tbe pistol, itunning to tho sp::t, he l?um
! Futikhouser weltering in his .bl-sod. Ile rr.
placed the muzzle of the pistol to his b ..
and fired. .Hts.agony was hrh ?. 1 amt.
mont he was dead. 11's rom a in.- werefciva,.-!
over to the city yest?rd?.;. k:'t-i . , a"
buried i-v-the side r '.i - b' r ic * ?is 'it: I.
I J?li?r*T? ivilj - -r : ititi . ... >:' .;",
''!*.' :. i-.} 1. ha.s :::>:. : ..? -ie?vh Ot IW? IJ
; .,.-f;,t !?!.! v:;. ;. ft- iii;! . ?..!.... .ait;?;*?' b-Tv
live : tr? li hap|?. au?! .? uient.'vrs O' ?
i*i .-. . Wv tuvsttrii tv -.fitfir.-js: hall .p*?i'4iiu<
... ?are -i p i?- ... -;
--- - ? ?."?* - -
, \ I 1 :.;: I.'Hi.?it 'tau.
Thc New Orleans Picayune, o' .. ?.!
inst.,' alluding io the appointment ai '"? :ja
mi:> F. Perry. Provis ??<.:'. ?'.-....-?..'. r
South Carolina make lb? loliowitigc .....-..'.uu
nader the above caption :
B. F. Perry, who has Been appointed Gov
crnor of South Carolina, is ,a hiosl rnpabh
and ineritori??s? genth.-ma-j. ?'?o ?elec?or
'bf sit'.'b a man is another indication ol' lb?
policy and sound judgment ol' Presiden!
Johnson.' It shoves that he Undetermined tc
lind in ihr: several Slates the proper men te
direct the reorganization of those unfortunate
com muni ti?s. The appointment of such mci;
as "Wells, Sharkey, and Perry, will do more
to restore order, good feeling'aha promote
reorganiz-ilioii, than any other step which has
yet been taken in this direction. Mri Perry
is a gentleman of life lime t?erctiGh to ike
old Union. Ile has manifested lLis nonti
meal not hy cheap professious and loud high
[-sounding speeches, made before pjqple who
arc all of one feeling.and idea, and that in
favor of tho sentiment avowed, but he has
proclaimed,and maintained it infl?e pres^nce
of an excited and nearly u?anTr?o?s.* crowd
of violopt opponents and denouncers, li re
quired fit tie'courage io be a irooti Uaiun
man ih Massachusetts and New York, but in
South Carolina it ha3 taxed to the utmost tho
j -.Manhood of the boldest and strongest hearted
to arow any snch sentiment for tbe last twen
ty ?-'.' years. Mr. Perry was that man. Hs
?nevi shrank from the respouaibiliry-of his
ni niions, defended and justified them every
: wfiure, und thus won thc respect and couli
; dene?''of all his adversaries. ?' :
i Unopposed nullification thirty-five, year;?
' ago/and.took the. field in earnest and vigor
ous opposition to secession iu lS?l. A na
tive ol' thc State, of an old and distinguished
lutnily, he clung tb' the old Union without
. renouncing or regarding ?s . inconsistent
therewith the warmestaireclion 'orand pride
inhisSiate. He was not of that bastard
class of Unionists who think it essential to
display their love of the Union, that they
J should ignore the claims of their State, "bcd
' acquiesce iii measures to' deprive them of
I their rights under the constitutions In all
j that appertained to South Carolina, in all that
j S^ereignty which was clearly reserved to
j her, she had no truer son or more gallant *de
I fender than Perry; but when it' was proposed,
j a? he thought, to expand'that sovereignty", so
i a? lo trench upon and interfere with the right
j ful powers ?f the Federal Government, and
! to destroy the national character of tho Con
i federacy, then he was a Union man, and stood
! ready to resist; the claims, and Ats of the ex
1 tra States rights men. ..*' '
Mr. Perry adhered to this position, amid
! all the clamor, tumult and violnr.ee which
j marked the scenes preceding and following
! thc secession of his State. U'heu th? war
broke ont he retired to bis. plarttatifn in sor
rowful si lei? ce and gloomy dvsponibiney. IL
jCould not raise his band against his . y
"State; he could not aid or ayu'patlti??' a .1
; those wh'o w?r? WJgiii? terribie w*r a^yii'--i
i ber' pc.-p'e. And be eoM^?miH-d the
. . ' haiL Art-uubi .??.?. ibis . '?'
;*Cli?. ?rs. }!.. .. ' - a L?<?*?? . :' . .?. .
f-W li.il ."b - . ..?vs V - IV j 1.11!, ?I.' . . . tl
ffi v...: '. -n^-.i--, CO..-t; !t .. : ? :?;?:
li U:.:?- y. ?????Mr?0_. ? ht: tr st :w*d iv ..li :?? ?? ;
. . \V:.!^i . i ".: 1 t *.-. . ..:'...?wi?-?:.! *K'
. . .} itt- ap; ..- .it.- ??? fl vcKiori.f hi.-* imdv
r ?Pdn N.'W Yen. .. E. ?ii g Pta i] .
. oft tba .'cit.'. .?' Which W
- ' ?Wc titiircioUPj Wi .s?. iii ..' * ?ii] '<'??' .;' .'. . .
Li:-' C- . i" IrVri?, . Uf 'l:C?", ' . " ? 1 . .
yt,, it is pleajUjtt . . / }?.-.-..? til -it? :.';...? 1 C-X
' [ pixsi?diu.sulh gcuc?ai anti gguurous terms
ANDREW .T?H?soN.-Thp^Iontgom?fy (Ala
i n , ij.;' ?Mi.j ob.ervesi.'?at since tho'day?
. Ai :.. w J .'.trw, no man-.'tas filldd tin
fL-xeen! Gh?x?? ibo United States Gov
o- -, :;i moroni . ided character and firm
nest i II ; :L.; prison, occupant of that re
-. Iiis political careers tobi;
? - : . \ ?' ion before the Ameri
. <:.... ;.. . Geo varied and remarkable
. . . ii .a fie ranks o? the people, he
. i i -.;?s 'way upward, through and
. i-- o ;.-:?(iet;\ v/it ii a courage undauu
: fct! m.d a pcri-?vb?eac? and energy commet!
Shit in thu .Jghest degree. HQ has ridden
dur-., ercrj reposition, cornbatted the mo.l
powerful influences ol wealth and party, and
advanced with thc stride of a giant towards
the loftiest leach of ambition. No mattet
what may have been sajd of his political an
tecedents, he haiiever proved faithful to thc
interests of the people who elevated him, end
lias consistently followed up thc conserva
tive line of policy with a ' steadiness of pur
.ppse which commanded theadmiralionof eveu
ins-roost implacable political opponents.
The interests of the people'ot' the whole
conntry are much more likely to be subserv
ed in tho hands of Andrew Jehnson, than they
would be in the bands ot any other A mei ?can
politician of tho duy. Ile is a .man who
strikes out a line of policy for himself, rel jinn
upon his own knowledge of%he people and
their wants. At present it is to his interest,
as well as it must be to the sincere wish of his
hsurt,fto resiure his country to its original
united strength. He is emphatically a peo
ples man, and undoubtedly will pursue that
course in the future administration of our na
tional affairs which will be best for their wel
la : e. "We have no fear of Andrer/ Johnson,
and while thc nation laments the losa.pf that
honest patriot, Abraham Lincoln, it has
reason for self congratulation that his mantle
of charity has descended upon the shoulders
of a man who has tho wisdom and the nerve
to execute justice, unnwed by influence and
unbribed by gain.
St. Louis Democrat says :
A genii* man who has been inlimate with
Southern planters for^irty years, gives us
information of the c?Hrse which some of these
cotton growers have-determincd to pursue in
relation to the cultivation of their lands.'' It
is simply to let the lauds out to any one, black
or white, who may wish to engage in such
employment, at a certain amount of the pro
duct per acre, or per bale, if the articles raise?
is cotton." One planter, at themouth of Rtd
river, who has 4jx thousand ar rcs to rom in thi'
way, proposes to retain one-fourth of a bale
as r/coinpensatioo for his land, and for gin
ning the cotton a small amouut additional
wbich will bring tho price up to about uno
third of the crop--the paine'proportion a
that charged lor all corn lands in other .s .-c
lions of the country. This method bas proved
successful everywhere else, and there is no
reason why cotton culture and the Southern
part of the country should be au exception."
-The Tu8cumbia Alabamian of the 30th i-avs:
A force is at work repairing the Memphis
and Charleston railroad, between Corinth
Und Memphis, and the.ears will be running
t i Corinth from Memphis in a short time,
i'here aro four bridges to build between here
?d Corinth. The track was relaid and
its i by Gen. Hood last December, arid is, we
believe, in tolerably good order.
" "-jr* Liacp'ii threatens to dig -??p
. ? . ' 'ai : : uiband and pack it off
. She writes to the National
lt ????oj / n nt Springfield, Mi
lln* "iii mutuent is erected
L ' 'ji_ >_eniains at Oak Ilidgc,
(.apt a proposition for
i a) ? remains to Wa&hin|.lou.
. . i'lrees learns that Collector
' .- p ii-- the treasury *jj"l,5?O,
. . . .. . : ' ar proceeds of thc recent
in aud other properly SA'izsd aiid
'1 : ?.?>:. 1 ?.'he money arising Irjni iucs?
: - .'.!;;.: aspecial fui:J hat zu:: in thc
geueral treasury,, account; :. -,! the parsons
having a demandifor property of tho kinds
specilied as seized or destroyed by govern
ment, wiil h:tve to pt?se.-: ti cc their case be
fore a court OJ* eltiims, und- if suuccsjlnl-, wait
for special appropriations hy Congress to do
them justice
U'r^* Thc universal ?iOVa'ge commit leo
has addressed Governor Wills; of l.t., iv
qucsling I bat before ordering iii" Slate elec
tion b? sii?ll eaujc all jo ra! o: li/.ens. wit html
regard to-raae or origin to take^the-soalb.
WriN replied bitterly, declining to comply
with thc request, and Male?, in fulithe nets
of the National Administration, !i?e [residents
Emancipation policy, undi ^: ou.true: ion which
he will cordially support.
The Herald's special says1 belief is gaining
ground i ir* Washington that President John
son wiil recommend to the next Congress in
his lirsfc message, that unless the StuLc:3 adopt
measures .pr embody in their constitution
providons for universal suffrage, they should
not be admitted ; and that in determining
thc qualification of members of Congress;
will require respect io all clashes in the South
and iirigid cr.dorscmeat of the changes which
have rendered the existing !aw3 and procla
mations necessary.
^?CThc Herald's Richmond correspon
dent says the work of confiscating thc prop
erTy of wealthy rebels was inaugurated in
Richmond on Mooday.last, much to ibo. con
sternation of the people of that city, by the
seizure of the famous Tied ega r Iron Works
by Government agents. A description of a
large amount of oiher properly Jjiible to bc
confiscated, has been taken and thc tenams
thcrcofhave been notified to pay no more
rent-to the rebel proprietors.
Thc Richmond Whig says that in six
counties through which its informant passed,
there were but nine negroes at work in the
fields, but the country Court House and vii
byes arc full of them. Tlie negroes are Kalil
to bo deserting thci? wives, who. \vi!.h theil
children, are left a burden upon the farmers.
The cotton crop is small, but'good. Oatt
are rank and going tc wreck. Wheat ?s's
good crop*
Thc Herald's Galve-ston<!orrespondcnt give."
additional accounts of the exodus of rcb? ;i
from Texas into Mexico. Rebel Gcner,-,
Shelby with three thousand of his follower'
accompanied by Ex-Gov Mooro, Allen, adc
other distinguished politician's nf th ; lated >i?
federacy were on their way. They had trana
portation, arms, and supplies for six mon'hr
all of which they faithlessly failed to surre:,
aci' lb the United States, in accordance wit!
the icrmr. of Kirby Smith's capitulation
They professed to be going merely as em?
?/runts. . ' .
Thc prevalent impression that a ms
?fir ' 'u t':" troops bave been paid oft' by th
..f :.'.-;: i i eronecus. On thc first, r
. .-. .!.- [ir. -roi ls embraced the nany
t.. . .. r, .>! ? ii"*h Jittmber bot aboi
.ar -.- yo; be?n paid.
. ?skcd what. ?>ho thougl
- -ors of the name of Jone
.... . look, replied :
>...e to say anything abo'
; but as to Mr. Jouer, som
? ! ';. a again 1 don't kuov
. I . : ? gue?s he'll turn out
[ml .u.'.t a sort of a man as I lui
him io hv !''
Vi ? -----
Polygamy and its Fruits.
i 'The editor of the St. Joseph (.Mo.)
5 thus discourses of this accursed doctri
its fruits:
^ "We lately met a young and inte
j girl at tho house of au acquaintance
. : told us a talc cf vrrong and suffern
, ! would furnish materiel i'jr a good .sized
) j One year ago this young lady left kc
I in.Pecnsylvania--?.heme where ali th<
. ries ofr?ifj? were at her' comraarid!' I
j rents were indulgent, and she, ;:a only
f was loved by thew' with all tba fcndi
; true parental affection, iso wish c
remained ungratified,' fot-abe was tho'
i those paren:c, and tho. light of the hoi
? been made deso.afe by an ac. which \v
ever cast its sha iowa on her heart
! Tn February, ?SC-?. ehe btcaiire aco't
I with a Mormon preacl.'T,.wi:o painted
. in glowing'terms the glori" a cf Uub at
. j Mormon religion, He told ber <>{ thc
tiful valleys of Utah, fcriilh i u . all ..ri
j giant mountains, whose pe ;k.<, b uish
I eternal snows, looked dow-' upon the v
. . of perpetual..'green, peopled by Clod'
j chosen kindred, who wore l'r~e as the i
fain torrents that leap the roclr3 ofHh?
?impanagoa range. He told ber of tin
j tent and peace reigning am'':i-- the S
J and assured her that the Mormons
God's own peculiar people, and.so wi
; on her imagination that she finally^cons
to leave friends, family, and all the en
inents of home, and-gb with him to the
Icy of-the Saints. Arriving at Chicag
forced her to marry him, tk? ccrcnio?y i
performed by a mock priest, without 'ri
or license, in April last she left WVpi
.Nebraska, with a Mormon, train, for the
i of promise, and-finally arrived in tho- Ci
the Saints. Here she found th.V !;?.:? bu
had four other wives, who regarded hr-r
no tender emotions, br.t tu-aped ubus?
contumely upon her head.
After a few months ber lii-ge lord tnic
he had concluded lo sell her to another,
bad taken a great fancy to har j tha
other wives were jep.U>:is, and fhsclaiv-d
his last wife should live with bim" nw loi
She d?clarai hex determination to die bi
she would thus be put away ?iiii fbrci
live as the wife of a ma:: irith whom ?.;(.
no acquaintance, and bad seen but o::r
bec life. ' Uer husband toli her ir wa.': I
.ham's order, and sh?* must do HO or. ?os
lifo. D'etcrrfiiiVcd-notito beUhps^saorili
?fhc-stastt?d to-run away, wjthuihe ipi.:.'
oj ra -ki :g !:-T way Camp Br- c' i" i i
Q.-'^'ir Vu: cy. 'cen farris^ c*l b>. C
States .r.:-.p-. u?u efajrn . pr:.-.'C"ii iii
Sh'.* sorted o.i lb ?i, ai d affer tn.. <:.??i -J
ten ni. ::-s. ? as ''aught an'l^oujiit ?
p'ac-.' w a Tin. -c.... . .. ??KX' ..."
was 'K- s k.fee ni ju \\?-.".^-'h- -nc
j.-uV to :i-. Pf.-. W--*"
. The tr..!. *fc?flJ W? M rpv~e : iv
m'tk :v'? li: ur/S .. ! ! -..<jj.-j-:r.
ip eh ?ugo '!":' ri ?ointins in .vd-r t<> itf*
'TM. ! *: ? r< ; : : ?? fbre>o?*;circu?i?HanC?S ?U*
but yil-i'i.-?. l'[i}C84h?.fi>und, as bt&n&z'
j<-a!-i???.,-s.aad (t?arxoU eri.-r r *[??Q iofco
able, sud?-aiie again d??rm'mcd to ? pt
die in the attempt. This tisW-s!te.&7cc&
i? reaching thc.iieadftuacl.t>r??l ii %?.
o ?.. iiorn st!" told lier ts?h? ot .uiieriuj.;.
G?n?ral Wii her ;?rt>-.;- ;.- t, the Stay - n
a Government ir.-.in.b-ai tl ?or IV: t iv ;.,
She leaves Ibis city io night, a repentant
a sorrowful chil.*. foy he'r home .? Pcnnsj ;
nia-1! at borao ?bolrus persuaded to .-*. s
ihroti ?-ii the misrepresentations and wi lei
a crafty scoundrel!
Checking Perspiration. .
Edward Everet t, the li niched f cholar, 1
accorn/iishnicd diplomatist, the orator, I
.statesman, the patriot, became overheated
testifying in a court ?oom, oz Monday mo:
sat in a draft cl air until lust?r^i?fBiSS
.speak : But my bands and feet are ?CP, r.
I my lung? on fire. Ia this condition I had
; so and spend three hoard in the court roon
ile died in less tlian fi week from this che.
ing of the perspiration. It was-enc:::;'!
ki i i any ?nan.
l*rotc3sor Mitchell, the gallah soldier, a
.j lbs raifct eloquent as;r nomical kc-iarer tl
ever lived, wuile i:i a . tate of pebpiratioti
yellow fever, that ci-r:::iii sic?:i ot rcc?vc'i
?oft his bed, went into U'...:!:..- ro "n, b?cai
chilled in ii moni. r?.r.r.d died I'h'ft sanie ni:;:
j if rehile perspiring, cf wbilii .'.?:?.< Un
! warmer than U.>::?!. fnyn ex rei -? ur a heat
j room, there is a budde':; i;.%:pii>iti4l :n still.i
I to a a ti 11 cold air, or a raw, ? r.: :i a;:r.:vpl i
' or to a draft, whether at 1 r-p#o wind w
; door, or ctreel comer, au im ??table result
j a violen lund instantaneous t-...-ing o? ti
i pores of tbe'skin, by tvhich1 waste ai??? it
j puro m:iiUM-8, which w?re makiiig li-.-ir "
1 out o?" i he system, aye conipciied to In
; r-sit tbrJUgh some other chanueli s nd b?ei
'? f brunch sotne weaker part, not th?? puter
j ono, and harm to that p.-.rt i.s the rost'ib. Ti
I idea is proscntcl by Raying thal tho cold ht
I souled in that part. 'To illustrate :
L . A lady was ab mt getting into a small hoi
[ to cross thc Delaware, bat while wishw
iirsl td get an orange at a fruit .stand* 'J
I ran lip tho b^nk ci tim riven, . and on her r;
turn to tho boat, found herself much heatot
for it w.-vs in the i-uiuuier i but :herc was
little wind on the water, and tho' clotlii'i
soon felt coid to her. Tim f/x- inondn-.' M
had a sever.-' cold, which-.:'. I J ? ::. r fun:
and within a year shp/ifed ol o' , ?unitv <.
A sarong man was woiUi *g in a ..?iv ?1
May. Fccli-Ti a Httfe "tired nboui NUI i
i sat'd:)v:n in the s-badc ol''ihe HOINC ?nd ie
j asleep. He walked up cLidy. Inflaiuniati
. of the lungs follow/1, etui u.: a ta'- ?wo. yea
J of givat sntfering. in c n.su-n - nu?. 1 > i ipim
ing his chest there waa soc'i c :. o
! decay-that the yeller,- m.v: ;. ?"a* ct? u?
j out by the cupful. ' .
i Multitudes of wojnba lu* m'altli end Iii
i every year, in. one or two w.i;,s - il-i-'.i;,
thetnselvOJ in a warip kirhben until iv at.
and then throwing ?jfijji?'clve un b^d .
sot*-without cor.nn'd bcrliii a :\ -. r < .
: WMIMUI fir.'' ; cr by rombvin!/ be t-r oh\.
? ? i ni. and per.hap*.s chas?giiig t . dn-ss f - . .
. j more cvit?'non o'i.*, ir*, s-m a? ttOftj oap:.' Un
I : ..; -vi'i '.r a ivdlk <?r ii sri ^ppi::^: J'i-e ru!
j sh;j't''? h*, i whable to go ..i.oi.ce'ioj}-. v?a?n
, 11"---..m iv* 1 k-.'-p 'im ?.'?i i-ir-.n'' . vtf leas
f-rsfivc .;r teni mi m ..?..uniil tUj^forchead w ?yr
. j fcc ty d? fi all wea' -<?- . .<?';. j?aT ' 1
I y?.?,: ?.i- rideau i ny -cea-.- n, du t* a i' n,
j O^.^Jialus ,:; .. '? hi ?I?Al?h- " '
j . ' U;:.. ,b i H . : ''.".*'.. ST?IT!?*-A?Ot;
? TUE :*r. f-..- ii . - ... incident,?u?
31 ?fen"-:- .!-..;..:.. '.? . r>d? ?ode o' t??\?:
1 ; Al'?'-:-. rai 1- '-s. has r.;ccrniy come to ight
. ' liv.'?cdiat?lj s?teo ?'i-: atiquittalj-one o hj
- IT- ?- es; nrv^i.? 1 '?>???* ?auh in th-' ?J'^e's die
.. cisioi?vddlt?iu iu .. :thecountry ?
. .., nnT.?e ;?v'u?, ss ?feg i?ed, b<
i .. .. ii : " .. hie. Tin; .?iii ult;
i. j wr^nM?rpiexin^abd lime ?r^s.^-ircc. li k<
i? -^stopped much longer, n; wi?uld lik? ly e ai
j rcs <??'. ;'?>d in?rb :-. fey; disgois'c ki lyn:
.eyc?i uliieersuf thVlawhtWI nnf'seen thrat^li
l" An idea,.however,, struck' Kim." Ho hired i
?j.. baby, paving !?4oOr'?? security fut* its salo re
turn, l?e tb?n.dresSSd as a lady r.nd startet
. \ fur Halifax with child. and ?or great par
-of the way had lor an cscurt the vcry.ofliic:
! detailed to catch him. lie, however, give
itt! the detective a very good rccoinmcndaliui
.?,! for gallantry, for dutrng the trip there wa
; no! tiing either himself *r the cb i 1.1 ncedci
H ! that the-of?cor ojt' ihn law did not'got fu
e- ? them. He anived safelx in Halifax at.J tOdl
ir j1 a passage fur Europe."
lo -.
tc i ;2?^Troubles aro on tho iaereasa betwoeUjOa
? ?as: fotces.aud MftxinjilUa'i ??U^?,
v rt ' ? .-: > -.- . ....
j July ii ^ tr :?
Professional Notice!
ia tho Courts of Law and Equity in this
Old Office of M. C. Buller and .Carroll ? Baco^.' '
. JOHE.E.' B?C?j^ '
1 v . .. M. C. BUTLER'' .
vMay 23, _ , ^ 3? ' jj tv."
V?*ill g?vc their portdna! atte?tWn tu thu ?? - ?
STORAGE AND 5ftLfi OF ib? 1 - -
A.*i) o rtrfck PROdtf??E. ' S '
?/.ugu?tn, Jut.? 29tb, ?m'?S
Fresh Arrivals!
E?*l><ll5?rA JKNNIMiS have jost r?- .*,"*"
eeivcd rh-? fvi'.ufrin? articles j
.* .ALOMjJi,,.. VERMIFUGE.* ? '
BLUE . lill \.1L TA RT EIL *
OPIUM. -, BWBarr ?iS:
cn - OROFOEM*. B?R?X;" - o
t . A X "C Y .4L*K f 's C fcflfe S." t~k
abd Cyane ?<ui^)fvHait a:.d.Tuoiu'Ecu??i?c, t'?
Twii?t SOM, . .
-S?ffsr.v.itin,-i,:Di>;fl, vi . ,r .
StP^j PfrtE and Holduru, EnglUh 'Matches, ?ev, .
July 15 v 2t f.i> , ?
Important Notice.". Li
' "- 1 . . .-r"-1 *! * ' T*
> PROVOST M?P:M!AT/rOFF'lt:?.' . 4| '
$G?0Z&% c., joty^5fti$ l?w^esa**
Tia GflniUiinsioiitrs ojl[licuds fer ?d?c
li .2 ? dc Dist riot,-.- . . , . .j
AR^ hoi-.'.?y *a?tfior6<Ml "to.^allf.out.4f*?m,i??:
.-.kh-in-ih.iuit?yrJito??.!) h inst, AU? ?IEN?.
Wd?tc ?-.JI.L l''r9ri.iiii!r>,. b.i^.?i;i'U..thc a^-s of" lfi
and 4 ?,4. A.^irah.- 5'.?.id/*io tT^'-'pUfri'-i.' Badi J ?
'Crmn.i.'si';::?-r *v? ill Save ftutnor?WW fhrf scciFnir- i .
irj ....! i,-': Situl* J f Tinu?y^cfvtfo. A^dclan?tora-.*?....
. f.--.">f*f! ht r'::r'Un>(? ' r* . fr^il -, :
PcV/jfe ifi.-..:..'r-ifth> la.??*fcw y?nra . havW'-i.
me h nu nltfch hcglefi'cdjilt is imperativa JMVAIIS .,
Ti?i l. r.? Ro:d rlutjs-'to turo-out with pro:iptne8a" ,
ft? thu aoovo pu; pea}/. . .",
1st Lieut. 3*1 T. S. C. T,. . '
and Provest'Marshalv
.Tu.:-.- 25_-# tf - . i 27
?Ss" .behave been au?ioriz?d.hy the Fr?onds
n'- Cftpt. H. BOULWARR to announco him a
Ci;;:<;'? 1 itt fur Sherill of Edgdliold District at tho
no st election.
.A;-r 12 te*. *f.? IC
Vor 'Tax Collector, u
' Tho Many Pficnda of D. A. J. BELL, F.MI.,
respectfully nominate him n< a Candidate i'or
Tax Collector at the next elecHcn. ,
Oct IS _to_'_ \_4*_
For Tax Collector; ...
Tne many Prien-!.'"). C:?.,.t JAMES JIITCH
ELL rcspcet.'uliy nominate him a Cart'lidato
-?-'"-^-?-"-.T T T-,-1 r,-,-r> -. ty-, ,.rTt ?netjg?
I)M ft le* 50
Mill Notice.
?ffJ^RSOKS intending to haye ?rr.iin emu nd at
? my Mills will fica?c obsorve tho i.'liit-.viu^
rolcH : ' . "?
Kare'ybar; names re -'p?en-1. '.hrays ?taiip.-r
ahi-iit the namb?r nf busl elf !" '? J. .'
ihet'tKieo! registering y r I:KIC?P . . ;? "I1} vc*;
notified of t .y, iUy ? ?A- -.. t? ,...?
Person.? crg:i^i>;-:.-! . " " "'' " *.?
of tiiVram.'.y- ' * .?:,r' ..-?'. .. '
?hu nrait-ur' ol t-M*t*?:* * ?'."-.t Ay-c-ia u
the r?!CO. ' .. .>'-, ..*. f ,
. .Any per?on ma* engage i::;y>i_ ^ >,
p"." -. . ?I they ere nuj.^biiE^end^uu
L '.On any d.?y. it t?? ?/r?.la :< ni!_ ?-rv.--r; it -'T .
be?r.-)iinu ;; ifia.ordi'r ii tt| r.--.;N-t y If-r.^-Hs
rwlir Ito jrp'uot in die ?.<r.:r-i'f rr? sfifti/? -?' .'?
Have y'nar -i-r?? tell --.i?-.-.-- ?. irrrtU arv. Kc
l>mi ft):t' ic . .!ir,ttp?r.iR!;if?ts?t?r-yra wul/?' p
.your^i?tcc?, andji-h-jv; <i-y ir-l>c a?.-^i-t? t.J
_yc?u. > .*? -.. . ; (
SmfH tnrui-,,nf.t escorting thr?c (3) hu'-hc'r,
??rill httvc L-rcl<?reucc -i cngagcjii eta
V. Ti<HI3tS.
! .Tute ?3 ''tf -.Al!i'.
- A
I a T.L ricvjcu/t-'leitch.i'? ti e ri!si'frtoN>f rt.WJ
iSL'J. jv {;-ht'!-tlv''.-rEd;eS?.d-D-'?:ric: ieocK.---u,
ita *J rcqucrt^^' ^?:r.c 'ortvnnk au.d . muhc J-;y -
, m.-.' :*i<!:' ho ??? -iirTii'-i^disui-udls ;i-.-i:W?'- nu?!
! ijsa.t^ wi'! 1'iu-tjfct them indat jiia-j,,.:/! i proper
ly auUKuiiciitc-J. '
I . > A.-.T. PELLirrTRB?^dm'ft, -,
ft?jjs . "' -Ty_^^ ^c43>id
Tailormg B?y??ess, :..
TUE nail rs':-!.'.-d V.n .l.v-iP-Vrrh 'ia thisJ'AIv.
TjO?lSti ?US?TESe (?RtvOTteihttkh^e,^
'. ty. ? ?e 1.-; -.tin-.-.-t t.? ,rivc ey;Hr?. SaMrfi^tig^ _
Rir'lA \^!<tng Ole thing :i. j,: -.. r Ca:.ii^?Mc
f ?W fl r.5u <.:; ! '-n him at in? (?rc/ideuce. ^'S<?iv
th^.-a -li is nw! c uv.;?ft-at. p^Y^ionsi^llI be r??.*;
ijoived i>' D?}tueni Nr iruisT'd r>. _' ?
j Ju?e27,,. ^_j_;_.', .:..^?J? ...
j 2 ' ?10 Reward. :
Ci -.'-?.EN IC?-.Cj,:y pre:a -.-r: .:'n f': .". ' *H*UUtim>
j :5 r.::,, a ? ?afs Ij? i*f?W?4?ribW
!',." t.< ..-t-.;. a-C?:? tU ? ?A?k??M^
I j.-.!, \.-:r.!.-ii"l-f .'; efrffi ? WBhdtU'We?, -wi,., ...?.alt
, v -|. t ria bac!:-otbe-'W.-o:y-y. r-.-?RUU.
; - i r<w?t~"t' SM) m.* .v.-.i.l i;.-. i- . " r tte
' ? cVwrfv-r-i ? ????v!iCr f-;?'. <#j' >>f*?allnii}.
c?*a<i??lnsd?j? SO llv;t ] can ;<-.: ' ?
' Wm;-"'; Pl O ^;; ^^-. .^^
I .. Baiter!. Baiter! .V
! ?witr'?'t?'ul B*1 .-EP ar-, ?r thu itt .ve -Gooda
Iv Vr*T?'tv ftttftf^GGPnW* l-:?t,U4HL
' 'S r BACON. ' '. OM'H.M."
. . . ATKtsso?? ?jam
?' s,Bar?er fi farter ?.
rj?TTR Gmnltevlllo 'Manufiv'.urini Conjpnny
5 vr?il ct iit-aiio HK^artof-.Cl'dh "-COTTOr?,
H. iiwt. . ORX, PK.VS* EACOTTAV? iJ?KB,
mvin* Augusta ??rices t?rproau?ci' and furnish
.fiuir ClotliTit wholesale rates.
? ranttoviU'e, April i___J ff_jj
^ For Sale^
j;tlltr.,'V.ir":sti;!;t nf h BedetcodftEureaii,
Waruroecy' tT'.i.th^tain'.;'Table, Cha.ir?,<?id 1M5?
:r. Xl Kp; f. fir-' rtto'Draftia??! Satidlp IL?E|E.
rV.'?fl bu ?oW ci?ber?cr specio, o>\LvtcrTorTt-.l
! ton. Apt.ly al thia ,Gflicc . *
, .h.iy ii". _K 3^
Piles! Flierl , .
. i * DOTES SUPERIOR EiiGLlfc'II Ellis.
I ; IO embnicioit Mill ?-.UW, CXOS? C^I .and TJ *.
i , hird EHiES, ior.salaut m-.dr.r.i. p: ?
.I AUo, a lot.cf splendid CAS r ?TK-l.;, ' .
; ?. ^ - S^?TTif OJONES.
4 4 Powder ! Powd?rl .
! a EJRST I<ATE'art!0le ol' RIFLE-POWDER
. ! 2JLn for .-ale ar'trii?' .Offico. l'rke.. ?? cents pt-r
1 i.oiiod-specie or pToriri'jus.
f June 21 ' ti 25

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