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Tho ADVERTISER U published regularly ev
per annus. : ONK DOLL Alt am! FIFTY CTS.
tor Six Month*; SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS for
Turm Moiuh?,-altrng* in adcnue?.
?-?t~ All p.iper? discontinued ut the expiration
of the time lor which they huv^ b?cn paid.
it.yr.ss o$' ADVJEKTISIXG.
Advertisements' will j.e iaferted at the rate of
(10 M i b ii*) line.* or le?*.' tor tlie ti.-.?t insertion,
and ONE DOLLAR for euch gulbequetit insertion.
??aS* A liberal Ui.<count wilt be wade to thrtm
wiihiog to.aJvertujs by thc year.
Announcing C-.uiJid itcs $ j,00,-in mtv.-, nco.
Congressional Neara and Washington
In th-.; House, on the 3l)th^ the Committee
on Foreign Affairs were iirstrueted io inquire
into th? expediency of Congressional decla
ration that-natufatizition exempts from mili
tary satvicc to a native Government.
ii.-. Stevens introduced a school bill for thc
District-Congres.' to pay one-third of th?'
expense r no one ta vole who neglects send
ing thei>children cr wards to the scbool.
The bill regalttting Indian affairs elicited a
lom; debate?. .
Tue Committee on Printing were instructed
to inquire by what authority the Government
advertisements were published in the Wash
ington Republican.
In the Senate, the credentials, of Johr. A.
Winston, Senator from Alabama were tabled.
The Nebraska veto was ?ad and ordered
to be printed and laid on .the table?
A special despatch says it M noticeable
that the dominant party is brsaking into
cliques-a pQXv.on of it daily becoming more
intimate with the Pie>'dent.
The Impeachment Committee of the South
ern Republican Association has prepared a
partial list of witnesses on the impeachment
cases, and will soon suggest their programme
of in'i-estig-.ting the charges.
A special despatch says the Kans** Legis
lature will undoubtedly strike the word
.f white" from the franchise laws.
On the 31st, in the Senate, the Committee.
on Claims was directed to inquire into the
-xpediency of paying East Tennessee loyal
ists war losse?, a* recommended by General
Burnside-.' commi*t?i'jn.
The President w.?s called on for the corres
pondence between Mr. Seward and foreign
Mititeter-i relative to the policy ioward tho
lately rebellious States.
Tue Ways and Means Committee agreed to
abolish the tax on newspaper adverti.?eiiien*t<.
The Portugese Vice Ooustii, De Polraa, of
Augusta petitions the Senate for thirty tw.i
thousand, taken-by Sherman's army at Wit:n<
boro, North Carolina. Ile complains of fruit
lea? ajtplic-ations at the Slate Department.
Tkfi Reconstruction Committee 1? maturing
a bill which is understood us containing a
provis-) trndocing the recognition of the
Southern Stute* ?ii States by thc Supreme
Court nugatory until the States ace recon
In thc.House, the bill tranter: inc Indian
Altair* to the War Department, with au
amendment allowing Indians the same rights
and privileges allowed.negroes, was rejected.
The bill was adopted-70 to 73.
General Cu.?tis Lee has declined the.Presi
dency of the Maryland Agricultural College.
A reedution introduced in lh<* Penn
sylvania Legislature laudatory ol the Presi
dent's pcrsis'.eut opposition to disunioniats of
?ll classes, and the judicious exercise of
thc veto power vested in him. was indefinitely*
postponed by a strict party vote-51 to 33.
? The conservatives are earnestly and bope
# fully at work in Washington. Statements,
telegraphed North of a basis of compromise
in pi ogress arc merely speculations.
Gen. Gillein's (Missivnppi) Bureau report
for December says the demand for labor in
daces negro immigration; wages $10 to 15
per month, with ratiot.s, quarters and'roedi
ciues. There veut 7,000 rations issued during
the month. The prohibition of fire arms by
those ownirj<_- reul estate is a fruitful source of
dissatisfaction to the freedmen.
Ou the 1st in>t., in the Senate, the Tarifl
Bill was parsed 27 to 10. It goes back to
the House for concurrence in amendments.
A bill, directing the Clerk of the Senate to
place on the roll of the next Congress only
thewe States represented now, was passed by
a vote of 31 to C.
Several Senators pushed their favorite bills,
but all gave way and the Bankrupt Bril wa*
re-mmed ; but without any actiou the Senate
in the House, the Committee on Ways and
Means was instructed to inquire into the ex
pediency of the destruction of confiscated
.?tilU and selling the same as old copper.
The National Banks are working to defeat
the bill for retiring their uotes.
The transfer of ihe Indian Bureau to the
War Department originated with Colonel
Parker, au Indian member of Genera! Grant's
Jay Cook, of Pennsylvania, Gov. Smyth,
of New Hampshire, Tho*. B. H?ge and John
W. Ellin, of Ohio, E. G. Noyes, of Indiana,
and' other prominent bankers and business
men, had a consultation with the Comptroller
and Secretary of the Treasury, and had an
interview with the Senate Financo Committee.
All agreed on a bill retiring compound inter
est notes - by cm issue to national banks ol
temporary loan certitiiaies, bearing four per
cent., payable in lawful money on demand.
Thia temporary loan dball not exceed a han
. dred million.
On the 2d inst., t!ie President communica
ted a message ruiative to tho appointment of
person-1' rejected by the Serrate ; which was
ordered to be printed and laid on the table.
The Adams Express Company presented a
.petition for the re-issne of legal tenders burn
ed tu their hands.
The Baokrup' Bill iras resumed.
'The Two Tho ..ind Homestead Exemption
Bill was elabora tely discussed and rejected.
Pending the argument on the House amend
ment, ineludir.g Cabinet officers in the Ten
ure of Office Bill. Phillip Johnson's death
was announced. After the usual ceremonies,
ihe Senate adjourned.
Ia the HCUM, Tenure of Office Bill was
taken up. The ah.?adineni to include Cabi
net officers was adopted-.82 to G3and the
Bill pastad-111 to 38. The Bill extending
Kcrew head patents was tallied-7-1- toC2. The
Bill paying Kentucky militia call to protect
Cumberland Gap, was psaaed.
The House aojo jrn-.fi in respect of Phillip
The Impeachment feeling seems gaining
ground. The Chronicle has a double leader
leader urging it.
The Kansas Legislature passed concurrent
resolotions, with only four dh-aenting votes,
urging Tfrritorialization.
.Thc citizens of Atlanta, Ga., have resolved
te invite Hon, Horace? Greeley. Rev. Henry
Ward Beecher and Hon. C. h. Vallandigbam
to lecture in that city-the proceeds of the
lectures to be divided among the poor of thc
city, after paying the expenses of the lecturer!.
Judge Perkins, of Columba?. Mississippi,
died recently, in the eighty-sixth year of his
un. He was liberal in his contribution to
c-Utfltfe?. lio gave not ICM than $?0,000, or
which SHtfl h?? placed $00,000 in the hands
of tho directora of the Theological Seminary
jit Columbia, South Carol IDA.
?yhen Governor Andrew sent the Massa
tehusesttf girl? to the Pacific coast to supply
thc waot of femininity in that regior, he said.
?hat they oead not marry immediately, bot
toould find plenty io do in teaching the little
children. ADna Dickfoson .? can't aoe it." j
She asys.: M Where the litt?epJjildTen were to.
C^me ?firoui, out of a population of 10,000
zaeot ft'** nance than che could imagine ? bat
she thotxght that probably Gov. Andrew, be
log a man* might bs abie to tia ?>."
fjf Fear hundred colorad voWs ^twt^pn
feg?tered ia Georgetown, Ifc, C., nearly as ffany
ta there are of white voters. .A negro has been
paffiliated ?*or C%uoilan io timi. city.
A Ramble Among Lhe Leading Bnsin
Houses of Augusta.
In resuming our ramble among lhe bush
men of thc city our attention was callee
the busy stirring appearance of ?he s'
about midway between Jackson and Campt
on Broad' street, sou .o. side- Upon, enter
we lound thut the interior of-the building1
literally alive with tho buzwaod whir of m
VO?CFS, all engaged in examining ?nd pr
ing the various article? on exhibition and
?ale. Although from tbepilesof goods wi
ive saw packed up on the sidewalk, mar
and ready-fur shipment to different points,
had expected to find the interior thron
and animated, we con.'ess that we were
prepared to find such strong evidence of 1
ly trade as Was presented in the different,]
tiona of thc main salea room.
This thriving and wcll-couducted busir
ii carried on by
J. Al. CL AUK ?.SON'S,
The senior member of this firm has b
-rn business m this State and South Caro!
for nearly thirty ycar?, .lhe*?reatoc portioi
which has been speut in this city in thc C
cc?y trade. As a merchant of expsriei
enterprise and energy,'he stands in the fi
rank of the business tufen of Augusta. Cr
teons and polite in his deportment-alw
anxious to p?ense hi-? pVrQns-he has becc
a great favorite with country merchants i
planter*. However pressed willi busine??,
has at all tfmes a plcneant smile and frier
word for those wi.-- call to examine his st
. rmako purchases: Thoroughly con ver?
with all thc detaMkW the Grocery busin
he is enabled to make his purchases at si
'?mes and iu such quantities a3 to have
band the class and styles of goods which
want3 of the country demand.
Amos K. and John W. Clark the juc
members of th? house, and thc sons of
seni?r, arc both young men of fine cbarar
and good business habits. Both were in
'Southern army-the first heine a member
thc Clinch Rifles, in the fifth" Georgia re
ment, commanded at the beginning of
war by the lamented General J. K. Jacks
and the latter served in Cobb's legion,
was up-to the time ot General Cobb's dea
on duty about his headquarter?, and won fr
that Christian patriot and gallant soldier,
warmest testimonials of his confidence s
AL the close of the war, entering into i
partnership with their father, and taking,
they did, almost the entire control of the I
sines?, they have auccee<3ed iu extahlishing
the house a larpa and lucrative business.
r.n indication of the character they bore in I
army, wc mention the fact that almost da
someone cr more of their old comrades
?Arms send them orders to fill, relying entin
upon their known purity and probity of ch
actor to protect them from the possibility
lo?a or unfair .dealing.
This house keeps a large and well select
?.tock of leading groceries, which they offer
reasonable prices, lu connection with tin
Grocery trade they carry ou a Urge milli
business, having purchased and refitted t
excellent Merchant Mills in thia cii v funnel
known a< tho Carmichael Mills. Here th
. manufacture the very best ?family flour,
large quantities, which they furnish to thc
customers at the very lowest rates.
We lea.a that they grind, weekly;, abo
ouc thousaud bushels ot corn and about fi
hundred bushels of whu-at. With this week
supply of fresh-ground flour and meal th
are always ready to furnish their custome
with the very Lo.t article, sweet and fre
from the milla.
Merchant and planter.? visiting thc ci
' should give the house of J. M- Clark ? So
a call before making their purchases. V
will insure them a pleasant reception aud f:
dea'ing. _ ^_
A Friti-b View of thc Cotton Trad
Our readers may take, for what they m
think them worth, the following statctnen
of thc London Telegraph, in reference to tl
supply of cjtton that may be expected fro
the places of growth for tho present year,
is thc English manufacturer's side of tl
question ; but even viewed in that light
may be well to be informed in reference
the opinion held by certain partim, whose ii
terest it is lo got cheap cotton. Its ?pecul
tions in reference to the size-of the pre^ei
crop in this country* will, in all probabilit
turn out immeniely too high.
The most careful estimate we have Bec
' gives the new supply available for "Brit:?
, u.;c up to the 30th June next from aH sourct
as 2,087,500 bales, and thc demand for CQI
sump:ion a?d export during the same perle
as 1,716,000 bales, leaving as a probab!
stock, at the above date, a total of 888,27
bales, including that now Ou hand. Ver
few of thc calculations, however, take Ie?
i than 2,000,000 bales as the American crop <
thc present year. Wo believe it to be cap?
ble ol d?monstration thal every est?mate .
that crop for tho last 20 years bas proved t
fail ?hort of the ultimate rOHtrlt. At the clo?
of the war the quantity which it was thougb
might be received at the American port
was set down by some at 1,250,000 balen, au
the extreme limit of tho-ino?t sanguine wa
2,000,000, whereas the quanti'y actually re
Ci-ivcd was 2,055,000 bahs. We haro n
doubt a similar result will ill low in the pres
tut instance. The report of the Indian cot
to i c?op is also favorable, and it is now ad
mined to bc quite equal to that tf last year
while oredit is given to the indian Govern
ment for its exertions to improve the qualit;
of the staple. Of the Egyptian crop it is sta
ted that the supply available will be quit?
equal to 1805, when wc received 411,001
bales from that quarter alone. What is ever
more important is that the present crop is s.
superior in cok r, staple and cleanliness ti
the preceding one, that there will be an econ
orny in the working to the extent of 15 pei
cent. We may also point ont that thc im
portation of cotton into Great Britain las!
' year exceeded that of 18G0, the previous lar
gest year of import, by 400,000 bale.?:, aud
thc home consumption hus reached about tht
sa mc'amount as then in bales, though -on I j
about 80 per cent, in weight. On the 28tL
of December, 18'JO, tho prices were : Fail
Dhollerah, 5jd; Western, 4|d.; Middling Or
leans, 7d. On thc 28th of December, i860,
they were: Fair Dhollerah, 12Jd; Western,
lljd ; Middling Orleans, 15jd.
.lt is perfectly plain from these figure.",
and from what we know of the coming sup
plies that, unless the markets of tho world
are so hara of manufactured goods M to give
at XII carly day a great stimulus to Lancashire
industry, the price of cottqn must fall con
siderably before it can be sai i to have repli
ed its natural level. But the truth is, that
we have gone on exporting more.than ever,
and many foreign, marketa arc glutted ; ao
. that a yiolcnt reaction in the price of the raw
material ?3 a possHjili'-y to be always ke(5t
ia view, as soon as arrivals begin to tell on
-?i? ? , . , i
ital is proverbially timid at all times, and it
may reasonably be pardoned for being . unu
sually fidgetty about van event which, if-con
sumrnsted, or even seriously attempted, would
uosettl? values and depreciate G over a ment
securities tc an extent that would go far to
. wsrd reminding the country of the war times
three years ago. There ?re many who sneer
at tho idea of the removed pf Johnson by tho
legal process of impeachment impairing rho
value of Government bonds, or increasing the
premium on gold. 1
Tbcif stoicism would bo more reasonable if
they could explain, upon some other bypothc
si? then th?t they so loftily deride. Why the
other day gold jumped three per cent., when
in fact, as to inrcrnational affairs, everything
was transcendantly lovely, and the arinerine
bird hung sospended at a very encouraging
elevation. But upon rigid inquiry it was dis
covered that a gentleman by the name of
James B. Steadman, of Toledo, Ohio, had
made his appearance on Wall street that
morning and expressed the conviction that a
serions attempt was about to be made to im
peach the President, and upon his mere opin
ion gold bad gone up three per cent.
New york stock and gold brokers attach
80 much importance to the matter that many
! pf tho leading-firms haye sen^ agents to Wash
j (too io keep them supplied jrtfh earty and re
liable information as to the progress made in ;
I t^i?lwtc^p?Or t?jretyhiwiit?.n wryfoolkfl I ?
>iecc ?fbu-Mness, for the kind of men general
y sent upon such errands by the money king-,
ci?6w very little of politics, and less of the
?sy to <ret at the truth of what rumors they
ji-ar floating around.-Cincinnati Commer
WEDNKSDAY, FEB. ft,1* 18C7.
An Offering of Fish-ttud Fluids.
Mr. JACKSO-? COVAH, who "keeps a very popular
Saloon not a tbouiand steps fruin the Adrertiur
O fice, $tbdt us a most liberally-devised treat of
Iriiih Whiikey, Jamaica Bum, and Pickled Fish.
A.i for tl e Fwh, we know not bj what names tb
call them ; hut they are tho cleanest and whitest
ard soundest and-.freshest we ?Ter saw. And'
more of the same Burt are to-be had at the said
Si doon. To praise, the quality of the Fluids would
b< to X gild refined gold." And, -as in the caio
of the Fi.h, more or the samo sort ein be had by
application at the bar of friend Corio.
" Goud Alorroiv, 'Tiw.taint Valentine's
This 1/ the t&ltrtati'-n with which we may greet
ber friend)., especially our sweethearts, on next
Thursday week. Not by word of mouth however.
Oh no ! that would he horribly cheap and ungal
lait. But by means of ano of Quixx's lovely
Y?lenfines. Or if yon ?lo not wish a lovely ?ne or
an amorous one, you can ehooie a comical dr a
<|ui-*ical one- One sort or another voa muit have.
And Qouxa-Broad Street, Augusta-between
th) Augusta Hotel and tbe Constitutionalist Offive
-is the place par oxcollenct to get them. All
sorts has Qin.xx^-from rsa! werkt of art down to
lit.le penuy affairs. And Qcisx hat on hand, at
us tal, all the latest Novels, Magazines, Periodi
cal t, Uluttrated and Comic Papers-and
wc might add a string of So-Forths aa long
as the Atlantic Cable.
'E5?*By request, we direct attention to the no
tics of Mrs. BETTIE S. ADAMS, Adm's, cn the
Estate of JAI. S. ADAMS, dee'd. Thote indebted
to that Estate will no doubt do well to take warn
ing, and pay up soon.
More Failures.
'.'he Col-imbia mail due hereon Thursday night
la?; wat a total failure, and thc. tame mail due en
Saturday night did not reach here untii Sunday
evening. Whip up, Mr. Snout,-and lat's have a
littlemore punetuality. The P. 0. Department gen
erally establishes a .?ehedulo by which to run. If j
there is such an arrangement oa the Columbia
Bo ite wa would be pleased tn have it triad a ?rh ile,
as -re are satined our postal Jnirt on that line
r-oi.l-l be must woiiderfullj benefitttd theraby.
The Weekly Couatitutlonaliit.
SVAICXT?X?A Co., the universally well kuown
Proprietors and Publishers of the universally well
k.u( wa and admired Augusta Conntitutiunalirt,
advertiie, iu another column. MA Family Paper!
Th? Weekly Cannitaiionalltt." At ii th* Cou*t%
tmi mnliit hi Its Daily and Tri-Weekly form?,
emphatically all that could bs desired in any and
every reipsrt, so ii it iu it? Weekly form. Con
?Un ir. g thc present irregularity and uncertainty
o? nails, it would not be au uuwiie thing for peo
ple living far in the country, to -place their de
pendence kimon: entirely upon weekly papsrs.
Mexican Affairs.
M exican affairs are as usual in a puszling con
dition. The iat<rst news from Mexico is that Orte
ga hal been captured hy Ju ares. This Ortega is
Child' Justice of tb? Mexican Bepublic, and, the
teru: of Juarez baring long tinee expired, claims
to bs *x oficio President by the providions of the
Con ititutioo. . Thci-o men are tb? leaders of the
two wiui?s of the so-called niberal Party; and,
acv jrdir-g to the latest news, the better man of the
two bas been betrayed and captured. For it it
said thatOrtega wat betrayed ly chiefs who pre
tendsd to ospouse his eaute. The difference of j
principle between Juarez and Ortega seems to be
thii tatt tho former pleads necessity for bia vig
orou< imposition of forced loans and extraordina
ry contributions, and for tho conBteation of all
propurty of Imperialiits ur adherent! of Maxi
milian, as his only means of obtaining supplier :
whilo Ortega is iu favor of amneity and oblivion
.ef tbe patt. The Cabinet at Washington recog
nize Juarez as Resident of the Mexiean Republic,
latte mtantlme Maximilian is in tho capital,
making efforts, which seem to be dying onei, to
retail his weak foothold. The French troops are
to rt urn to France before ?be close of March.
So the fight in Mexico, which has for a long
time Leeu a triangular affair between Maximilian^
Juemt aud Ortega, may now be considered as
narrowed down to a two-sided ikrimmage. Why
?tor* iot the United R'a'O' soire the difficulty by
?.tabdabing a " protectorate ?" No matter whom
it pm teds, whether Maximilian, Juarez or Oft?
jra, io it prot-cts the wretched and sterlingly
?ciurned country.
Augnata Seed Store.
Thu place to buy Garden SeqJi in Augnita is
Pu?ii t.k's. Let un tell you how and where to and
it. fio tn the corner immediately below Mrs.
Frederick's Confectionery Shop, or below the Au
gusta Hotel, and then turn into Washington Street,
going in th? contrary direction from th? river,
and vsry few steps will briag 70U in light of j
Pax s .K'S tign. Mr. PKUBLE it a courteous gen*
t!em\i and a very experienced and accomplished
hortic ultuialiiL He has an advertisement in tb is
piper to nbieh we invite iperial attention.
Police Revolver from H cm in g to H'M
In ?mother column will be found an advertise
ment loncern lng thii famous Armory, and its no
less iimous Police Revolvers. The Armory it
tituatod at Ilion, Mew York. A member of the
Advertiser corps has lutely received one of these
Police Revolvers direct from the Armory ; and it
is pronounced by all who have teen and tried it
to be uno of the very beit armt in tho Rovolver
line. Indeed to profound it the satisfaction with
tho Rnvolver in question that another member of
tho n.id corps basorlered one like it. For ia
these wild, disjointed times, men must, on many.
occasiins at leatt, go armed; and if one must be
armed, it wem certainly wise to be well armed..
RBUIXJTO* has BC Agent ia Edgeficld ; but one
in Augusts, if we-mistake not. But arms ordered
from tue Armory itself, will in all eaiet be tafeiy
ami expeditiously forwarded.
The N?w York. Herald'* Washington corres
pondent, in tome tpecufationt on the subject of
reeonslinetion, lays: "The Pretident is immova
ble; Ah intimate friend of 'hit quotes a remark,
that ht ' will fight tho radicals until a certain
pitee f-ecz-s over, and then fight them on the
Sjr/~ A thoughtless young mother, of fifteen
years, le.iling in Los Angelos, Cal, plaeed her
infant :hild, six months old, on the back cf a
colt without bridle or halu-r, and tied the legs of
th* infant under the holly of the colt, a la Masep.
pa, io that it could nut fall ofj; and letting gs the
coif, it took fright and ran off into tho underbrush
With th i in fan', te-ring Ki fl? th and freaking (fi
bones, rn til life wai extinct, and nothing ?tmt ic td
of the por child bttt a shapeless man of flesh.
JStif Tho Tallahassee (Fla.) Stntinr? gir?i the
following " notlt" M a tp-clmon of tb? current
literatuie-of Fernandina r
"ftotii forayed from my flock One mail bore
and 2 Phemail Sought supposing to be in Georgy.
Any Mau that will produce thurn I will pay tho
above Sam of what he askt.
Besidentt at Sabots Storo.
ty k negro man near-Vicksburg, last Satur
day, threw an old bomb-theil into thc fire to tee
if the powder in lt was still good. Ile it now in
a critical condition, minus em arm and half hit
CST i n view of the extraordinary expenditure!
required to keep the Indian tribet io inbjecltun,
and the :ost per head of destroyiug those who
will not maintain friendly relations with the
whites, the Galveston Bulletin recommends, u a
matter o' economy, the boarding and lodging of j
^eotiioraoa^^Ula-ib?icl!. J
The .Husked Ball at the Planters1
tel--Tlie Grandest thing o?'the Ii
Ever Seen lu ?agustu. *
In oar. fair neighboring city, Augusta,
praia grand I^aiqaernde and. Fancy Bi
rreek. ' We had the honor of an invitatio
iii J ourselves tho high ploaaure of accep
And when wo tay " tho honor" we do not u
idle phrarc ; Tor wc confider it a rare privi
bare been pr?tent on an occasion to ap
enlivened as it was with tho ardor of
graced with the charin? of beauty, ennoble
the dignity of geoiui, and adorned with t
tues of rsGned weurmhood and chivalroui
Thi? Bnfl wat a brilliant, crowded, and
ally splendid?flair; nor it its completo i
to bo wondered ai, when ouo calls to min
it wat gotten, up by to many gentlemen ?nd
not only of the highett swrial potition, bot
inoit elegant and cultivated taite. . *
August?, always renowned for its beauty
presented a moro brilliant scene to the oye
beholder than was exhibited at the Planter
'el on Thursday night litt. The scene
pageant wat the tpuciout ?nd lofty Sollt
lietel; the uncommon bounty of which ro
haro Wore spoken of. Itt delicate and
ful columns were wreathed with garlands of
while the frame-work of its many doors an
dowt was tastefully decorated with bought
and wild orange ; vines hung from, itt b
chandeliers, and festoons of brilliant pinl
brie wared between the columns. At the
extremity of the hall was erected a tom;
platform, upon which aat the musical purve;
the occasion. Under the eontrol of th
known Mr. HBTT, they gave much life an
.nation to the scene by their spirited aa
executed dance m rt tja.
Toe oall had been the engrotsing topio
city for a week or more, and curiotity ^
tiptoe. By nine o'clock, the halla and pi
wayt of the hotel were already thronged
of the boase acting at ipectatort, and gu
the ball making their way to the dancing
While without, the parement wat crowdei
pertoni eager to catch a glimpse of the tl
figures that should descend fiom the can
The managen had witely ni ada it imperativ
every guett of*the ball ehould be matkc
erery one who entered the grand hall i
mask. Before entering, each gentleman rei
bit mask, or otberwite proved himtelf, be
committee appointed for tke purpote; so <
ladies. And thut nd one gained accets
hall who should nut bare done so. By tea o'
the whole company had assembled-?bon
hundred ladies-ani ona hundred gentlemen
still the hall was not crowded ; it is too spi
to be easily .filled. Thero was magnificent
tude for the promenade and the dance. Ai
fire or six hours the grand Salle of the Pit
Hotel became cosmopolitan in age and c
Knight? und crutaders of the most chirs
mien and atrire ; monies iindwitched betwec
dian priBcer/e?. and sarage squaws, and
smdwitebed. betwten clowns and htrleq
hugo dcinijihns, ferocious red chiefs, and tut
rag-pickers ; caralyn such ax might haro
b-.'on with Crowley in bis mad pranks ; nu
puritans and quakeresse?; Spaniards and ?
cans, rolling fieree black ?70s orer fiercer
t?calos; shepherdesses, flower girls, tambo
maidens, houris from Circassia and Georgia,
at the Arab sees in hit hxsboe-h dreams ; all
ical character*, such a* Night, Aurora, Mu;
! Star, Star of Evening, Hope, Liberty in Ch
I the Bonnie Blue Flag ; Uttered Confeditratc
rates ; and> in theatrical parlance, others
numerous lo mention ; moved in kaleidosi
order on the floor of the immense halt, iou
the dance, and some in gorgeous procession, f
I iug mosaic groupings of brilliant costumes,
torque masks, huge dominus, parti-colored fi >\
ribbons, laces and dancing plumes. *
picture wat a gorgeous oue, and very novel,
tat ttock itill, an?! "axed until tho scene wai
guerreotyped in our mind. And then we ?gu
up* and pitehed in. And oh, the fuu ! At
every one waa masked, and very many were
ercd with dominos. Take ou- word for it
wit and humor flashed out from behind ma
niaik ; and th ut the exchange of sentiment,
cy and folly wat delightful. We orerh:ard ir
a single combat that was intensely amusing.
And thu} it conliuued until ll o'clock, wh
grand fanfare from the orehestra announced
hour for unmasking. And tbtn, at if a fairy
wared her wand, off dropped the groie/que mi
and the shapvless dominos. And man and woi
stood rerealed. And ob, the merry laughter
thc gay word? over the strange rerela'.iomand
odd recognitions! And tho eres of men v
daxtled at the array of beauty and grace
paised before them; and the ono who eould I
upon that stre/tm of lorelioess at it glided thro
the mazes of the deuce, or rippled up and di
the ba'l, with an erer varying diapason
spoken, melting melody, and not acknowle
that the fair ones of Augua'a were the peer
any other? of the daughters of christendom,
must pronounce as fearfully devoid of taite,
deed such an one could not possibly show ca
why sentence of death should not be pronoun
against bim.
? But come with ut on a promenadt through
hall, and let us :ee if we can't tell you what sc
I of these beautiful costumes are, and the namei
their wearers. We can mention very few, h<
ever; for we were almost a complete strang
and did not like to be ton profute or penittent
our inquines, for fear of being tet down a
strong meinwcr of the l'oko-your-nos?-into-eve
body ol.-eVbuaincsi Society:-a character
which wo are not at all ambitious-not eren fo
moment. In this promenade we hare on enr a
a lady formerly of our own State and Districl
Mri. A. C-e, bandiorae, witty, aceomplii
ed, and of the immensest laeoir vivre ; she we;
an exquisite evening dress of apple , green si
with ?'grand train, the whole trimmed withblo
lace and twan'a down; she girei us a note ni
and then.
Herc is ? lady wearing a petticoat of pink ti
. covered with a long and flowing orer-tkirt
white tarltane studded with white Marguerite?,
rei! of pink tulle floats from her hair ; she it Mrs.
B-1, and represents Aurora; no c?rtame, in f
room it more beautiful than this. We tee her bu
band orer yonder, splendidly and truthfully gr
ten up in the rich dress of the high Amorici
gentleman of 17T0-such a costume as Gen. Wai!
ington were before the war.
Here it another lady, young and piquant?, re
resenting " The Bonnie Blue Flag;" ber skirt
short, and formed of red and white bars ; hi
boddice it-of red relret; her scarf it of bb
tulle ?nd glistens with silrer stirs ; her cap is 0
numen tod with a black, plume; and here ?nd the
?bout ber costume are ?mall bonnie bine flag
Sho il Mri. deni. W-1. Her husband it preset
drolled in the uniform he 10 honored-that of
Confederate General. They are evidently prc
digious favorites in Augusta society ; and if h
has bia deserts in no other respect, he certain!
bas them in one,, i. e.-that of the brave doservin
the. fair.
And here ii a petite blonde dressed most chare
iogly ?1 Little Bed-Biding Hood; the looks ac
playi ker sbaraetor with tho sprightliest ID tell!
gonce j she li Mn. S.-n. her husband is the court
ly Slr Walter Raleigh who cac bo icon hero an
there ?nd everywhere. Both these are member
of the Committees and they are unselfishly exert
ing themselves to contribute to tho general en
But nh? is this Uroly follow eonruliing thi
audience with'his inimitable grotetquerie.t He i.
drosied as a Cour.t Jester of the feudal ages, witt
cap and bulls, and of all the nefors in this ga}
scene he is the best. He is like Touchstone, th?
clown in Shakspeare's "As You Like It"-"goed
at anything, and yet a fool." He is Mr. D--.n.
And who it this match picture of the other sex?
She plays " Folly."- Her trkirt is of red merino,
?hort, with two rows of wbito vandykes, and from
tho point of each randy ko danglot a round gilt
button enclosing a tiay tinki-?.-; her cap it o? the
quaint traditional shape which " Folly" were in
oldon times ; tiny tinkler! ornament this cap, and
?lao box low corsage, and alto her hom?opathie
whit* satin booU,- ted at abo scuds tbrmig? tho
long reel rind agitates all tbo liny tinklers with
tho most bewitching n?trete, she certainly makes
th? prettiest picture we eVej saw. If " FolJj" is
thu?, giro her to u* always in preference tb winter
facod Wisdom. But we grow blasphemous. Thft
lady it Mr?. Major W-1, and ?he i's knewn-to'
fune. ? ;>.*
And just behold these three tattercd'Confeder
ate privates ! You bar? all read of the fbreo sol
dier!1, who, just before thu surrendor, took refuge
in a cave on the Appomattox, and there abode for
. ne year, s.nd then appeared in the stroets of Pe-,
tersburg, not haring " heirn of tho surrender.7'
Welt, these are the selfsame reba ; and they put
BS in mind of old Jack Falstaff saying " there's
but a shirt and a half in all my company," and
tho thought of taking these parts waa decidedly
a uns rt one, and they are playicg it off most ad
mirably;^ much so that they ore. the pets, of
the a-sembly. They aro SLsaars.S-g, C-dj
and E-s.
And this queenly figure? It is Miss C-s
in the character of Mary Queen of Scots' ft
mor. decidedly handsome and truthful costume,
much enhanced by the grace aiid dignity of the
woaror. "White satm petticoat with trail cf black
velvet bordered with ermine ; corsage, ruff end
headdress in thebistorical style.* '
And this-the most striking face, figure, bear
ing and costume in the room I It is ?fl Liberty in
"tho United-States in 18r?7." Sho wears a long
robe of riebest and deepest bl.?ck; manacles ore
upon her wrists; upon her brow she wear? a
gloomy iron crown, a roil of heaviest black ?rape
shades k-r sad bat imperial featttTe-s. The figure
is startiin.f, and sets one to thinklng. It is Mies
T-r. i'rery body admires ii cr fanatically.
And this ,-duiiantt little Bo Peep, who "has
lost her sheep and cant tell where to find them,"
and goes about -?ith her litte short skirt, and her
little Arcadian ha*, and her shepherd's crook, ir.
search of them? lt is Mrs. H. B-:. And he'r
husband is near ber, looking eminently handsome
in the splendid Highland costume of Macbeth.
And this ravishing lillie Vivandi?re, in a cos
tume, which as regards richness, taste and integ
rity, is absolutely faul less? Ilia Miss A-e
D-h. She bears a canteen full of the beet
wine, and gives a drink to her i pecial favorites.
She is a very bright and a very particular 'tar.
The smallest-footed Chinese Icily would die wilh
envy over Miss D-h's feet.
And speaking of little feet, let us here intro
duce an episode. Our ribs are sore still, where
men, old as well as young, punched us to " look
at those feet." Never before did we soe so many
heavenly feet. Ani these med who would point
out " those feet," did it with an air of integrity
which wuuld hare set well en Aminadab Sleek, or
with a smile of innocence which would have be
come Joseph Surface. Oh, this wicked world !
Aad here we must clone; and that too without
making a beginning. Other costumas were as
beautiful, and other ladies at fair, and other gon
tlomen as gallant, as any we have montioned; but
wc knew them not. And oren if we did, -timo
and space and pi?par fail us. And then it is so
impo/iihle to choose between these "roses of
Sharon" und these "lilies of tho valley." For
her? ?re a hundred fair ladies, in whose yer.-ons
stand* the perfection of the bexuty of form. Beauty
suores in all their steps ; it is cli quent in ?ll their
actions ; it flows in their ringlet ; it sits radiant
on their cheeks in heavenly smiles ; it laugh.! in
the dimples of chics ; it beanie in the cloudleis
heaven of their ejes ; it throbs iu the emotions of
their glowing bosoms; and mingjes with the
moral graces of their stainless lires.
And after the above, shall we dare to he to " of
the earth earthy" as to mc ut iou the Supper f
Te'? it is due to those who prov ?del it. And tbeae
of course were Mr. NlCKMSOX, Proprietor of the
Planten, and his able Lieutenant, Dr. DVKCAX.
Sui':, t it to say that all tho substantiels that go
to make up a good meal, and all the delicacies
that constitute an epicurean one, were to be found
there. And truth to raj, they are to be fouud at
the Planters' at any tildi.
And to the kind friend, and his kind and beau
tiful lady, who so particularly invited us to this
spies did /?:?, and so assiduously put us in tho way
of enj.<jing it, we now offer our profoundest
thanks. If they wish for our heart, or hoad, or
h%nd, or blood, or anything that u our.', they have
but tu say tho word.
St. Elmo.
This is (he popular book of the day : so popu
lar that Carleton, the New York publisher, has
had to augment his forces to be enabled to supply
the deniaud. St. Elmo is thc third admirable
production from the facile pon of Alabama's gift
ed daughter, Miss AUGUSTA J. ?ASS.
Had " Beulah" and " Macar?a" been the only
Offspring of lhe extrtordinarj mind ef their gift
ed author, Miss EvAXS would, nevertheless, have
taken x prominent position arnon-: tho first novel
ists, at least, of America. Ie " Beulah" aud
" Macarla" is exhibited a depth of philosophical
ro?e?.rch but rarelj Attained by th? best female
writers. But it 'U of tho third production of Miss
Erxss' erer-readj pen that we aro now to ipeak.
And all we are going to say is that St. Elmo is
remarkably beautiful and true, !oarned*and intel
lectual, aesthetic and womanly. We do not pre
pone lo present to our readers an outline of tho
plot, lest we should thereby ile injustice to the
fair authoress ; fur, a? even rh' most brilliant
stone often owes the greater ps." of its beauly to
the skill displayed in its settinpr, so does the merit
of a plot owe most of its suecv- "o the grace of
it* infolding and the skill of lit presentation and
There is hardly a single page in St. Kimo that
does nut boar the impress of the high order of
talent accorded to its author by tho almost unani
mous voice of the American prc. In the proper
acceptation of the term, poetry is not confined to
rvthmical combinations of word; : oft-tinfes there
is more poetry to be found in what is properly
classed as prose than in writin?.- improperly dig
nified by an appellation they dc not merit. In
illustration of this, we might qtMto hundreds of
beautiful passages from St. Elmo; but then DO
extracts taken at rs,ndom from so excellent a
work, can convey a just or adequate ide? of its
beauties as a wholo.
Parents can-with clear conscience put St. Elmo
into the hands of their children. It ls free from
all the guilty rapture? and glittering indecencies
)f the Braddons and Wood; and Reade; and Col
linses. The book may be had in Augusta at any
one of the places where books ara sold-Oates's,
Richard;', Schreinej'ii, Quinn's.
? A Wonderful AlicroNCOpc.
We call particular attontiou to the advertise
ment of the celebrated Craig Microscope on
another column. The editor of the New York
unday School Advocato- Rev. Daniel Wise, D;
D.-says : .
" The simplicity, cheapness and great magnify
ing power of the celebrated 'Craig Microscope
struck me with surprise. 'Then I waa examining
fly's eye by its aid, and was struck with wonder
I the skill and power of the Creator which is dis
played in its structure. When I i>aw a statement
n an adrerti?era<*? that this microscope inagnl
"ed one hundred diameters, or ten thousand trmes
nd could be bought for $2.50, I thought it was
one of the many humbugs of the hour, for I had
paid $20 for a microscope not long before. But
now I Ced it to be a really valuable instrument
hieb I sfaould l)ke to see introduced into the
families of our readers in plaeo of the manifold
useless toys which please for an hour and then
are destroyed. This microsenpo would both amuse
and instruct them, and I advise every boy and
girl who wishes to know tba wonders which lie in
little thing? to save his money until he has $2 75,
J and send it to George Meade, Racine, Wisconsin,
"and he will prn?uptlj receive this beautiful new
microscope hy mail, postage paid.
When you want good and puro Modicinoa,
where does an intelligent .person go to purchase
them ? Why of courso to a reliable Home, and
from reliable persons, who aro acquainted with
their business and know what they sell. Such a
house is the Old Southorn Drug Establishment,
kept by GOODRICH, WMBIIA* ? Co., No. 15.*)
Meeting-street, Charleston. You can always find
there, genuin*:' articles, that ?te warranted, and at
moderato prices.
A cotemporary says that Church and
Si ato shonld bo divorced, but we uro a little afraid
that in'thia country both Church and State have
behaved ao badly for some time past that neither
if entitled te SM tot fi dlverw.
(1 ARLINGTON," the intelligent and
excellent Washington correspondent of that
excellent paperj ti e Chronicle *f> Sentinel,
uader date of tix? 30th, say-? :
? It has, been determined to await until the
meeting of the/-.iie-:t session-of Congre&s to
re-open discussion on the various r?volu tiunary
.ideas which havebeim agitated daring this
session. There Viii certainly be ii lively time.
Butler ia -Tidea raring, by all'tke power and
influence be y menses among a certain cites,
to keep tho impeachment fever at'its full
height, but is meeting with signal'fri lure>;ey>
erywhere. He is determined to cut a' figure
next March, and it is intimated that he will
pay his repeats to Gen. Grant very forcibly
in revenge for imagined injuries received from
that officer. Indeed, it is stated that the re
doutable Butler bas already been the instiga
tor of a certain, redohition. which wes, intro?
duccd in thc House not long ago by Ashley,
.Calling for on examination into the conduct
of certain high officers of the Government,
the intention of which was to embrace Grant
in the investigating procesa. Tho 'friends of
tue latter had their eyes open, however, and
[oneof them charge-lit upon Ashley. Not
only charged it with being au attackonGrant,
but asserted that Butler wrote it ; and Butler*
did .write it. We vzish the new session- all"
speed ; for, If the sigas of tho times ore df any
value, there will be bickering enough io the
Radical clans lo give :orservative people cause
for joy. They are already breaking np and
refuse to herd together so closely on all polit
ical topics os formerly. Let. them agitate
their pet theories-still furtber, as they are
bound to do, and there is a chares ..foi the
country. Discussion on them'has only been
stopped trow because tlje Appropriation Bills
need attention. All those will bc fixed t?p
by the 4th of .March, and an opea Held will
be left for reconstructing the Sourh, impeach?
ing the President and reorganizing the Su
preme Coure. Let Brooks confront Butler,
and Stevens war with Bingham, and let the
Conservative^?) Radicals in the Senate op
pose, as they will, the doctrine of Weudefl
Phillips, which be now proposes to introduce,
and tbere wrll bo the deil to pay."
The Springfield Republican lus the follow
ing sensible remarks on Jefferson Davis'con
dition :
Mr. Greeley is reported to have used his
influence with the President, while at "Wash
ington last week, in connection with Charles
O'Conor and Mr. Shea, counsel for Mr. Davis,
to procure the releas? of the nation's prisoner ;
and it is ?aid that th ?re in a prospect that be
will soon bo released, on bail or parole. Mr.
Greely will be blamed by samo pf his friends
for his* persistent efforts to obtain the release
of Davie, but they are creditable both to bis
head and heart. Th? President, with'all bis
obstinacy io some thiBgs, has shown great
want, of courage in this. The detention of
an alleged criminal without tri il ' fbr more
thau a year and a half, is in violation of the
spirit of the Constitution and tho general
sense, of }u?iico, and fn thia case the hardship
i.s aggravated by the nature of the crime for
which Davis was arrested,- that of complicity
in the assassination of President Lincoln.
Gnilty, as he is, of conspiracy against the. na
tion's life, that furnishes no excuse for hold
ing him under accusation of a more Qowardly
and monstrous crime, without, trial and with
out apparent evidence. Ii President Johnson
had been both just ?nc1 brave, he would have
released him on parole long ago.
gret to learn, says the Columbia Plioeniz cf
yesterday, that Mr. McConnell, (of the firm
of McConnell k Good lett, Greenville, S. 0.,)
while in a statt?of mental aberration, com
mitted silicide on Wednesday, on the Green
ville train. He applied to- conductor George
Isaacs for permission to go into his room,
which was granted, and, a short time after
wards, when Mr. I. entered the room, he
found the unfortunate nan lying on his face,
on the floor, with his throat cut from ear
to ear. An inquest was hold on the body at
Mr. McConnell, we believe, was a former
resident of Augusta.
Enquirer learns that, on Saturday last, a la
dy living near Rock Hill, in that District,
gave birth to a daughter, and Torty-two hourn
afterward she gave bi-. th to another daugh
ter and a son. The weights of thc infantil
Were, respectively, five and three-quartur*,
sereu, end eight and a, quarter pounds, and
tWey are all, with their mother, "doing as
well as could be expected." Tho husband ol
thu lady is ovar seventy years old.
,*5?r* A letter wa* relived in Washington or
Friday from a Broker ir. New York, whose uam<
Wai address eau be furnijhed, and who ia vouchei
for as reliable, charging that the j=um of $50,00i
was subscribed among tba broken in that city t<
iudueo the otfsriug of impeachment resolution* ic
the Home. The l?tter-r..-furs to ono broker wb<
admits having subscribed JJ,COU. It dbe.'not ap
pear that any money wa? ever paid.
figf Thc Kew York Executive Committee o
the Southern Relief Cou mission met os the eve
niug of rbr i'ud. It received additional informa
tion of the destitution uf thc South. It toot
measures to make tho Working Organization Com
mi'tion complete and, ?.:fei-iive. Tb? Truasurer
James M. -Brown, reported, the receipts ?hou
fourteen thibaud dollars within three dave, tel
thousand dollars o' which was iu two equal sub
..copiions from A. T. Stewart and Bro'wn, Broth
ers <t Ci).
fSZ??r Au ?dd darkey is r sportcd to bo tccumu
lating a fortuno in Virginio by tho'sale -f a tuagii
lotion, which, he asserts will, infallibly straightei
kinky hair.
Abanar?, Frhruhry 2.
COTTON.-Tho market opened quiet rn tl.?
morning, and sales wera effected at yettorday'i
figures up to the receipt if no?n adrices of a de
cline in New York, which affected our market .vu
it closed nt shunt ? ceut decline ou yesterday')
prices. We refer to the actual ?ales as tho on)]
correct quotation?, whirl acre 176 bales, as fid
lows :-13 at 2f, 7 at 30, ;?S at 30J, U at 30J. SI al
li), 22 at :tlj, nod 7 bates it 32 cents. The receipt?
Vera 306. hales.
COLT).-The Brokers are buying at 1.15 and
selling at 137.
SILVER -Brokers ar? buying at 130 ?nd set
ling at 132.-Chronicle, rf- Snttinel.
BACON-Sides, 16?--7; Shoulders [email protected]:
Hams, 16(5; 18 cts. lb.
BUTTER-Goshen, [email protected]; country, '30?
35cts. \} lb.
[email protected] cts. !$ ib.
COFFEE-Ki... 27(g,iy; Java, [email protected]
[email protected]?ia,50 -fe? bbl., according to
qualify. ?
fl RA IN- Corn, white, $1,[email protected]$1,60: yellow,
$1,50. . Oats. (1,10(3$ 1,15. Bye, $1,50.
CORI; MEAL-$1,60 S bushel.
LARD-I2'[email protected] els. H?
SYRU?Wp gallon, [email protected]$1.75 ; Molasses,
60 tog 65 cu. trallon.
SUGAR-Cuba, 14?IS; Crushed and P;>w
.dored, 19; A, [email protected] ; B i.nd C, 18a 10cts. lb.
SALT-Liverpool, ? sa?k, $2.?0.
RICE-Carolina, 1.2 j & 1.4ct*.
NEW YORK, February 2.-r-Cotton dull at 33J for
Middling Uplands ; salos eight hundred and ?fty
bales. Flour quiet aud unchanged; Wheat quiet
and stendy ; Perk a shade limier; New mess
$20 [email protected] 62 : Old ditto $10 37. Lard quiet;
barrels [email protected]|' Whisfcay quiet; Peas dull;
Cora aotive, le bettor ; Gold, 136}.
BALTIKOBR, February 2.-Cotton quiet. Mid
dling 33J. Cofl'co and sugar steady. Flour quiet.
Corn, receipts light; Prim* white, $1 04j Yellow,
96o. Provisions unchanged.
Positive Notice.
THE NOTES and ACCOUNTS due the Estate
tl J. P. BATES, dee'd., have been placed
in the bauds of Messrs. Adams A Landrum for
collection. Persons iudobted to said Estate will
study their iqturest by calling on them before
Return Day. LUCY J. BATES, Ad'or.
Feb* , lt 6
A Friendly Warning.
AS Administrators of the E?tate cf Dr. J. F.
ADAMS, dee'd., we are compelled to dose
the affairs ef th? Estate as expeditiously as pos
sible, andas na indueemonl to parties indebted to
settle without further delay, we'aro now uttering
-better and more liberal terms to snid parties fb>n
will bo offered again. Lat all indebted tc ?aid
Estate call on Mesxrs. Ad:.tus A Landrum, our
Attornoys, forthwith. After Refurn Dny none
need expect iudulgouco.
JW>5 lil AdmVrs.
M ARMED- on the evening cf Jan. 24tb, at tb?
residence or th? bride's 'fat h en-, bj Tev. Edward
Walker, Ci.pt. EDGAR CUERA RD, of Savan
nah, to CHARLOTTE, eldest dkugh cr of D. R.
STROTHER, Esq., of ?dgajj?ld.
Mn;HIED, on tho omening of '?fan. 3 3th, ly Rev.
W. E. Walters, at the residence, of the bride's
father, Capt. JAMES PR ATT^Of Abbeville Dist,
to Miss S'tjE SHARPTON, e?oghterof A. SHARP
70\ Esq., of EJgefleld District
MARRIED, on the 31st January last, a* the resi
dence of the bride's father, by T. IT. 31ark, Esq.,
SMITH, all of this District
MAnrtticD, Jan. 24th, at the residence of the
bride's father, Mr. Turner Watson, by Rev. E. W.
Hoinb/HTrLTJCnrSl^KREPEa?d Miss HAN-'
NAH M. WATSON, all of this District .,
; \ : - ? y o
Published. ET?rj.WecJacaday ?ttrnjzyr.2- .rJ\
AN EIGHT PAGE PAPER, containing the
Latest News by Mail and Telegraph, ^Editorials
of the Bally, WI Market Reports, MiicellaneOus
Rc dijjg, and trfielec'ted or Pri?inat Story,?and
articles appertaining to the Porra ?nd Diary each
We shall endeavor to makeita'FIRST CLASS
Price.--Single Copy, "one year, ('3,00; Tell
Copie;, sent at one time, $?,?0 each.
SST A specimen cop; sent when de? rred.
Address, . . >. r t ? : > ' :
Augi,?ta, Ga.
Feb 5 ri . . lm .; fl.
: ., b-rr-?i '.m '. '.
Augusta Seed.Store!
UST received THIRTY BARRELS of the
CORN. Also, an assortment of' White Flint,
Yellow Dalton, Tuscarora and Extra Early CORN.
and nearly as many of CABBAGE!!, together
with GARDEN SEEDS in large quantities,.all
of which are warranted as represented.
Augusta, Feb 4 3t6
Muskets and Carbines,
For the United Stater Service, .ibo,
Rifle Canes Revolving- ll fies,
Rifle and Sbor Gun Barrels, and. Gun Materials
sold by Gun Dealers and tbs
Trade Generally.
In thoso days of Housebreaking an I Robbery,
every House, Store, Bank, and Office, should have
one of
Parties dttiring tp avail themselves of the late
iiu^roveirftyrrjin Pistol.*, and superior vorkman
sbip and form, will find all combined in the New
Remington Revolvers.
Circulars containing cuts and description of
our Arms will be furnished upon application.
No. 40, Courtland St, New York
Feb 4 4m * fl
COMBINES instructiop with amusement and
lasts forever ! Best, simplest, cheapest am.1
most poweiful Microscope in tho world. Magni
fies 10,000 times, or equal to other Microscope?
costing $20. Made on an entirely new plan, re
quiring no focal'adjustment, therefore ic can be
readily used by every one-even by children. A
beautiful gift to uld or young. Adapted to thc
family circle cs well as scientific use. S'.iows the
adulterations in food, thousands vf ani ??is in ?
?ingle drop of water, >el? iirvjpcgor, 'globules-in
milk, blood and other fluids, t?bukr stricture o!
hair, claws on a fly's foot, also the celebrate
"trichina spiralis," or pork worm, which ?j caus
ing so many deUbs among pork enter', and ir.
fact tho o'tijfcts which may be examined in tuft
wonderful Micro.-copc aro without number. All
are invited to call and ree it? great m*{ntfyiug
power. It took the first premium, at the Ohio
State Fair. Liberal discount to Agents, School,
and Dealers. Price $2,00. Packed ia a oeat box
and sent prepaid to' any address on nceipt ot
$2.75. Money can be sent bv mail at t ur risk.
Address OEORGE ME * DB*, Drawer 30 Rjcine,
wfc. : - - v . ' .f
Feb 5 lt 6
Nojicc to J)efauliiiig Tax loyers?
HA VING reef rvpil orders' from the Con'ptrollei
fler.er?! of South Carolina t.- i*?ue Execu
tions ag.iinst all persons in Rdgefiell District
who have not paid their Sta/e Taxes' for the yeai
1868, I hereby, to thc end that the In wi. of lh<
State may bo sustained, and.that th? burden ol
taxation may fall equally upon all, ?nd 'bat tb?
order above mentioned may becomr'ied witb, re>
que/t that every good citiien knowing the name ol
any one who bus not paid such ' Tm will report
thc same tu mo ai early as may be,"' by letter oi
Feb 5 St fl '
Notice to Debtors.
LL Persons indebted to the Estate of JAS.
_S. ADAMS, dce'd., prior te the tit day ol
January, 13fl2, are notified that if they do nol
pay the same before Return Day, (the UUh Feb
ruary.) tkry will find their claims in the hands ol
M. W GART, Esq. Those indebted sin? Janua
ry 1S62 can settle by arbitration, on Monday, the
11 lb February, at Edgetield C. H,-otherwise
they will be sued to March Term of tho Court
Mr. Ch ariel M. May is authorised to act as my
Agent in settling tho debt? of said Estate.
Adm'x. de bonin non.
Feb 5 lt . ?
Administrator's Nclice.
THE NOTES due.tbe Estate of LEWIS MAY,
dce'd., are in tbo hand* of Messrs. ABSKT
A WniCHT for collection, with instructions to put
in suit those nut paid or settled in some man
JULIA A. MAY, Adm'x.
Feb 5 lt fl
ALL Persons indebted to the Estate of MOSES
HOLSTON/deceased, are requested to make
payment of the same.
WILSON -H0LSI0N, Aem'r. '
Feb 4 Sm fl
A Chance to Compromise!
1AM now offering to all persons indebted to
mo, on all'long standing debts, an opportunity
to sottie the lame on the most reasonable terms.
I believe- in a spirit of compromise. And I also
believe in parties,indebted evincing at leas a-de
sire to liquidate their respective iuJebtrdness.
Persons indebted to me will find it to their ad
vantage to come sud see me before Return Day,
Don't force mo into harsh measures.
Feb 5 2t 8
State of South Carolina,
BY W. F. DURISOE, Esq., Ordinary of Edge
fiold District
Whereas, Elijah Still bas applied fte me
for Letters of Administration, de ionia ?UM, on
all and singular the goods and chatters, rights and
credits of W. Marion Dean, late of the District
aforesaid, deceased.
Thcso are, therefore, to cite and admonish alf
and singular, tba kindred and creditors jf the
said deceased, te be and .appear^before me, at our
noxt Ordinary's Court for the said District to be
holden at Edgetield C. H., on the IS th day of
Feb. inst., to shaw cause, if any, why tbs ?aid
administration should not be granted.
Given under my band and ?eal,, this 4 th day of
Feb. in the year of our Lord ono thousand eight
bundrod and sixty-seven and in the nine ty-?n t year
of American Independence
W. F. DURISOE, 0.1 I.D. .
Feb*, .' St ' t
bogia on M ONDAY,
11th February.
Te rim.
Tuition in Collegiate Courte, $23,00
" " Academic ** 16,00
M " Primary " 10,00
* " Music, inducing use of Ia.
strument, 25,00
Contingent Fee, 2,00
Boafd, per month, exclu? i ve of Trashing, 12,00
Boarders will provide tbelr ewn Towels tad
- Ecd-Clothes, such as' Blankets. Sheet? ?ad Pillow
Coses. A deduction will be made w! ire a Board,
er leaves regularly on Fiidayp: and reterne oa
Mondays. " tu^.ir.r. rv
I The above prices arei ta J* peid in Gpldjjar ita
I equivalent,-one-half it tl e commencement, ead
? the ether half at the midd:e of tho Session.
Tho daughters of Con 'ederate soldier!, who
died in the service, or wen'honorably discharged,
wiinbe taught tie literacy course for nothing, If
their parents or guardians have not the means of
paying for their tuition.
; >.? :? liar; XL W. SAMS.
. Jan 20 * . . 4f 5
-tH-. .: -
Ed&e?eld Male Academy
TUE NEXT SESSION of this School will
commence the 11th of February, and close
Be 2$th of jjnne, ,-. '
i Terni, ptr/Set?ion Sf F?t Month?.
Primary Department,1- J . f - $20,00
Academic Department, 25,?o
Board, including Cad, lights and
-washrag, 75,00
..Thesecharges axe in Specie, payable one-half
in advance; and the balance at the middle of the
Session. ."
Nc'dcdaction will hermie for absence, except
io ca sos of protracted sickness.
': ' ' L. B^ ?WAET3WT.
Jan 15 : ; 'tl ,..r j . 3
School Notice.
HAVING procured a Room from W."S. Co VAR,
I will re-open my SCHOOL, on MONDAY,
28 th' January.
?Hate: per Quarter 0/ fe? Weelu :
Orthography, Reading, Writing ?md
Arithmetic, . $5,09
"English Grammar, Geography, Rhetoric
and Analysis of the Eng. Language, 7,00
Tuition dne and te be rteid promptly at the
.close of the Quarter.
Jan 23 * tf 4
FOB Sale at the Drag Store of TSAGCE k
CAR WI LE, " The Hi.' tory of a Brigade of
South Carolinians, known first aa " Gregg**," and
subsequently as " McGowan's Brigade,1' by J. g?
J. CxLDWstx. lately an Officer of the First Regi
ment, S. C. V." Pri?e, $1,50 per copy.. .
Jan 30 ' 3t 5
Fresh and Genuine
I HAVE Beceived my u.-.ual large supply of
Of EVERY-VARIETY, which I confidently re
ommcad as PURE and RELIABLE, from Crop
1386. '
Jan 30 ; tf f 5 .
THE Subscriber announee:; to th? public that
he ha? commenced the BOOT AND SHOE
Business, and will manufacture ?di the
Different Styles and Qualities,
Embracing in part
Ladies' Fine Steel GAITERS, and BOOTEES ;
Misses and Children's superb SLIPPERS and
Gentlemen's Fine ? ump Sole, Dressaud Water
Boys' Walking and Fine SHOES, 4c.
All of which ?re warranted to be made-of the
bost material and by the most competent workmen.
Complete satisfaction will be rendered to all who
may favor me with their rorie.
I feel satisfied that I can OFFER INDUCE.
MENTS'ih the way of geed Work and Low
Prices heretofore unknown ia this Town. All I
ask is a fair trial.
flS?- Order* for BOOTS, SHOES, *c, of avery
kiud filled oh shortest notice.
1ST REPAIRING neatly and promptly done.
te stired until paid 1er.
i> 5 ; W. D. RAMEY,
. Next door'to J. B. SULLIVAX.
Jan. 7, * * Sm_?*
. Fisk's .> Metallic
Burial Cases.
JUST received a lot of FISK'S CELEBRA
latest style?.
Also, on hand, of my own manufacture.and
^finish, * beautiful assortment of MAHOGANY,
All df which I am aelling at Li Jf FIGURES,
Next door to: Advertiser Office.
Jan IC_tf_S__
COUNCIL CHAMBER, Jan. fsth, 1807.
PROPOSALS will .be-Teeeii'ed until Thursday,
the 7th February, for furnishing tb J Town
' Council of "Edgefiekf, "?lS.OOO Feet good Pine
TIMBER,- hewed oa on? side, bark all peeled off,
and thick enough to square 10 incites.
Bv order of Oouncil.
P. L. SMITH, Sec'ry k Treas.
Jan 29_?__" *t 3
Administrator's Notice.
THE NOTES riven to me ?J Administrator of
E. W. RUTLAND, dee'd., and also those
given to mo as Adminutrator of ABRAM RUT
LAND, dee'd., bare been placid in the hands of
my Attorney, T. H. CLARK, Esq., for collection.
An early sottlcment on those Estates is desired,
and longer indulgence cannot be granted; Call
soon and settle, if yoq would save Costs.
L. P. RUTLAND, Adm'r.
Jan 39_2t_5
Pay up, and Save Costs!
ALL persons indebted to cae for Blacksmith
work, are requested to ps y the same by the
1st February next. After that date their Accounts
will be placed ia the bands of T. H. Clark, Esq ,
for collection.
Jan. 7._2t?_2_
State of South Carolina,
IN O li DIN Al' Y.
BY W. F; DURTSOE, Esq., Ordinary of Edgv
field District.
Whereas, Ellen C. Chappell has applied to me
for Letters of Administrationen all end singular
the goods -and chattels, rights and credits of
Stann^oro B. Chappell late of the District afore,
said, dpcV. .
These are, therefore^ to cite and admonisL all
and singular, the kindred and creditors of the
said deceased, to be and appear before me, at our
next Ordinary's Court for the said District, to be
holden at Edgefteld C. H., 011 the 13th day. ol
Feb. next, to show cause, if any, why the said
administration should not be granted.
Given under my hand and seal, this 30th day
of Jan. in the year of ov.r Loed one thousand
eight hundred and Sixty-rever, and in the 91st
year of the Independence of the United States
of America.
Jan. ?0,_ 2'e _?_
State of South Carolina,
BY W. F. DURISOE, Esq,,C>rdinary of Edge
field District.
Whereas, Elijah Still lia? applied to me
for Letters of Administration, on all and singu
lar tho goods' and chattels, rights and credits
of Emm* A. Dean, Ute of the District afore,
said deceased. .
fhese are; therefore, te cite and admonish all
and singular, the kindred an 1 creditors of tho
Said deceased, to be and appeal-before me, at oar
nest Ordinary's Court for the said District, tobe
holden at Ed ge fi eld Court II< uso, on the 18 th
day of Feb. inst., to show oause if any, why
the said administration shoulc not be granted.
Given under my hand and seal, this 4th day
of Bob. in the year of .our Lord, one thous,
and eight hundred and sjxty-e.even, and in th?
ninety-first year of tho sovereignty and Indepen
dence of the United States of America.
ft** ?-? St .? 6 -

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