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The Mee^gsr?? Anderson-und Uui
iu ltegnrd to (>ov. Scott's Late
Proel u illation*
A larg?? and respectable number of
citizens of Anderson assembled in the C
House on the 221 instant, to consider
charges of Governor Scott against that I
trict, as contained in. his proclamation of
21st instant. Tuc meeting was organizar]
c diing .ludge Munro In thc chair, and W.
llumbreys to act as Secretary. Up MI
tion a committee was app anted to lake
consideration tue prociatu itio.i of Govet
Scott, and to report toan adjourned inccli
Under tho motion, the ..following gentler
were app ?iuted : Captaiu E. L Parser, J
Wilson, Esq , Or. T. A. ijviti*, ll;v. \V
Beverly, Rev. Sainan] A. Webber. JuJgi
S. Mur.ay, A. T. B-oyles, l^v. \V. E. V
t;rs, and Wm. McGukin, S ?enf? of the 1
trict. On motion, Judge Munro was ad
to tho committee. Tue mading then a'ijo..
ed to meet on the following day at ll o'eh
to bear the report of the committee.
0. TOBKR 23.-The meeting, pnrsuvnt
aljjurnment, re assemble'] in tho Court ro
w.ien thc followiug report was submitte'l
i ?(? Uommt'tcc; through its Chairman, ?
un mi mo us! j adopted:
Wv, t?? undesigned, a C ?min ince iu
K'?lf nf the cit-? :n.s of Andalynn C ?unty,
w'iom the proclamation of Governor S
wu referred, beg leave to report that, st rai
and incredible a? such charges may apn
t> us we will not undertake to say that
f r mal ?on of the same character has not bi
conveyed to the.Executive Department in
lation to this county, especially when we kn
tliat there ?re s> many motives for party p
pjses to misrepresent.
Your Uooiuiitt?e h ive ?pared no pains
i ivestigatiug each aid every one of I
c larges, aud, with confidence, declare tl
tVy are as utterly groundless as they i
f lso. In no instance have thu H officer*1
l io law b.vn sol a' d' lia1 c J*' and. "ts lo i
n?egati'll i lint " p-nc. Iii! mid um il'-ic?
v-?zms ?re murdero ' in cold bhiod, and :
murderers, not only permitted; but aided
escapo from justice,'1 we piMtiv*Sy alli
that then: t'a>' it 't been a hotuiei !.. e mn
Iud iu thu ovumy nineo, a id f?t ? JUIJ tin
bo.or o tbo inauguration of G ivcrn:>r Soo
Your Committee d > not know wb it is inter
el by the chirge that "fami?-s have bo
firced to abandon their homes through fi
nf"vi-'?lone??," nor do we know of an in?ian
?.i whici. the "'an h ?ri-v ?f thc Stat..- ti ?vet
in-n?. has been denied."
Y~ur committee are perfectly satisfied th
peace and good order are earnestly desir
by the pejpl-; of ibis county ; and, as t
b.-st'mems of securing the .-?am-*, tint, th
are determine I to yield ? b'-iietice ti the a
t??"rity ol" t' e Sire G*?ver-ntn?t?t, unless it
ehari!T'?d by peaceful and coutfnu&hial mem
In reftT?tton i > the cbarjje of tin eats
vi tlcnce,j?ivl cv?;n of-dear h, against pr--ii
neut ui.-iu'.kTs i?f ;'ie H-puiilicau party, wi
arienipt t.i visit ?his county 1 -r ti;e pu
pos.1 of discussing t e pori'Kal "qjiea? ?ns
the day," ymir committee lieg leave to s-.:
m:ti'??. ?.,li.-wii:g sn'ement :
Ii. F limd i'p.'i wh?Av si lately m urden
m Abbwilie D.striet, ar H ?dge's De.p it, d
twice vi.? it this e mu ty for lie discos.? j n
\J ilitical Luue--imtwitbstand the ?nil iiom
t.?ry nature of ?U bara'-gU s-without, le
molesta!Km itt liindmne.' of any kind; liri
bc was actually on his way to this county 1<
thc purpose of delivering ?>th<-r addresse
when the ?aid murder wm c-winiittcd. O
the sam* dav. Mr. Huge, the Republican cai
didate for Cjngri-Sf?, addres?eJ the cit Z us i
this place ; and. at,thc close of his remark
co^ikliuicutcd (hx-ciii/.-ns of th? cmnty ft
the kind r?ception fe had ni't with, and a
Bured rh*tn nf the grateful feelings whrcfi li
entertained towards them. Rur your cou
mittee have been informed i h ir, on the ?igt
f lUowing hts add: CMS, and afier the receptio
of the news of the murder ol Randolph, M
. H.gi Wt this pl .ce, as your committee woul
submit, with ?itt ?nv just grounds yf uppri
hrti.ton. to ink..' paasag . . n ihe cars of th
Greenville and Columbi i Riilroui. nt a p ti:
above ibis place, f r Columbia. Y'.nr con
mitten are 's.itt.?fled that t:>e eirenmstanc'
'ground! .ss ?s Mr. Hoge's frais may hav
b)>vti, is itiv* only Khah?w . f p?<*t? xt t.>r
tdi^rg.? i.f "?i pi is: l ?Mil li? a ?i\-e d'acuatdOQ i
po?tieil issues by niftthburs of the KepubH
can p&riy."
*0,i apri.ir >cc??i ?ii. M. s- a. S ir. yer. Cliam
berlalnanl Mnr-lcev visited this county, au
io the & ?ort Il'iis-niid OTiier si-ctii?ns, dc
livfr*'! th?-ir h:ira?i?'.ii?s with mt motnatatinii
la a.iii;M'm lo this fact, resident Radical
have held trustant meetiugs in this count,
without dilfijuiiy or interruption.
As to th'.* c;iargu* of threats said to 1"
m.ide l>y" p -isou-s eaiJin.' themselves Dem ?
? rats, n it to p rmit their poetical rippoiifiiit
to vo*e :?t t??<v??*!.bingeK'Cti MI ;"' 0{ the im
p ?rtati-.ii nail secret fli?tribntirii] i?; (ireai in? ;'
a A th*. *- ? lt" ?rt. by abuse and intimidation, u
d'iter colored person? fr./in the ex-rcise o
the ele-?'ive franchise." your committee, afte
diligent aud careful investigation, aiKni
without hesitation, thal no such state o
thing;; exist in this county, nor do the)
know of any '"picketing of the public high
w^^s."' in a .in-rle instil e-, in this county, b;
the D tu KTats ol thc ?ame.
Your cootmitltce; being impressed with th?
serious nature ot He charges pr?fet red, ha.'?
thus tan?e?'Jy und carefully invc-t'gated tin
c.n ?iii.m id nli'.irs ill this county, andan
fully ?atUli il that the statements made ir
this rvport are true.
All ol wiiicii i?"r?'8pectf divnubmittud,
W. 1? liKVEKLY.
. J. S M UK RA Y.
WM. Motil'KIN.
Upon motion, tho following resolutions were
ad-?pted. I-* wi: :
Jdnofrd. That the Secretary o? this meet
ing be instructed to InMi?mil a copy of the
proceedings of thia meeting to Governor
lies?feed, That in justice to the reputation
of our distric*. papers publishing the said
proclamation be r. qiiest?'d to publish the pro
cu ditijrs nf this meeting.
The meeting then adjourned.
The Committee appointe! by the Demo
crat:c Club of Union Cuiirt House, on 2id Uc
tuber, to prepme some r sp m-e to the extra
ordinary proclamation of Governor Sco't; on
I hi: 20:h day of-October, 180S, ?ssucd undtir
the S.:al of the State, respectfully . rep rt th*
followins Prcan bl* an?l Ras?la ion?:
The Proclamation of G nvr.nor Tl ib.-rt IC.
Sc ?tt t-harg -s th.i people of the-whole State
with anarchy and lawlessness. Wc r*grct to
learn thin! f -r it has never . xisted heretofore
in South Carolin*. But we arc inddeed to
believe that matters are nor so bud under his
administration, as his fears lr.ve l?;d him to
supple ; f *f tlie' " rep ?r's d?n!y received at
the Executive D?-paitm-nt." come, .' panic
ular!-,,'' in par?. fr?n thc C 'Uii'y ?>l Uni?n,"
ami convoy inf ?rmation and depict a state o?
things, of which the people of Union th*m
selves arc p'ofoundly ignorant
lt was not to be expected that Governor
Se ?tt would, in a publie proclamation, reveal
the sources of his informal? ?ri ; n ir w u!d it
In? surprising if on-?, who has scarcely yet
been lon-? enough in Sotith Carolina to ac
quire a doinieil, should h? ignorant of thc
character of hii infornwntx, But while the
names of those who furnish him '. daily" with
reports, are conceal-d. the sulj.-ct matter of
the rep Tts ?ire happily ?et forth ut length in
this Executive document.
It is imp sdble to treat u sn"'j ct of such
serious im'ort as this, without using plain
und strong language. Wc live here, our lam
i lies live herc, and we expect to remain here,
whatever may be the form of government.
We feel interested in the welfare and reputa
tion of a State, whose pe jple is thus ruthless
Jv as-ailed. We f el it a duty to ourselves,
to do ail in our power to refute tho slander
which this proclamation contains. And when
ono who claims to b* *' no Reptblican Gov
ernor, but Governor of the whole people,"
upon the testimony of " reports daily receiv
ed" from persons of whose character be knows
nothing, deliberately charges ui with rcsi
tancelo the laws, cold-blooded murder, ai
other crime* o? the most heinous charaeti
we almost fe.d provoked into lungu.tgu nw
strong than elegant. For we do most el
phaticallj contradict -the truth of the inf?
manon upon which, these charges are base
so far as this county is concerned.
There has not been a ?tingle instance of i
sistance to the laws in Union County.
There have, been only two homicides sin
January last ; one, a negro killed by a rregi
upon sudden quarrel; thc other, a white m
killed by a white man, in a dispute abo
their crup-both wholly disconnected frc
politics-the opposing parties in each ca
being of the same political faith.
'?here'has been ito case ol u families fore
to abandon their homes and property by fe
of violence."
The authority ot tho officers of the Sta
Government in. this County hus not bei
" openly derided and denied."
" Threats of violence and death are" JJ
" uttered against prominent members of tl
Rcpub'ican party, if they attempt to visi
this "district for the purpose of discussing I
I tical questions of the day." Ou the cu
trary, many of the Republican leaders in tl
State have been herc, have'delivered politic
addresses, und gone away unharmed.
Radical meeting was held here ou Saturdi
last, atleu le 1 hy ui inv white met;, ai
speeches were m ide by Lucius Wiuibush,
Cuu?ter, and other members of thc ?Legis1
turo, at which (hero was no disturbance u<
interruption, but everything passed eil'quiet
au J orderly.
'. Dec! rations arc" not "made by pcrsoi
calling themselves Democrats, of their detc
minatioa nut to permit their politic.il opp
tients to vote at the ensuing election."
Firearms have been introduced ; but G>
emu- Scott bas been infirmed over and ov<
again, thai they were not introduced for tl
purpose of controlling thc electim, but Wei
intended solely for protection against tl
armed bands of negroes, which he know
have long been parading hero.
" The public.highways ar.)" not "pickete
and pair lied by armed men."
And lhere is not " a systematic effort, ti
intimidation and abuse, to deter colo! ed in?
from the exercise of the elective franchise ;
unies? it be by mon belonging lo the piny?
which Governor Scott gives such utunistaki
ble signs of being a zealous member.
There have not even been any ca?es, wit
us, of that incendiarism, now so prevulef
al! over the State ; but of winch this M Got
ernor of the whole people" takes no nolie
iu his proclamation.
We l?av> thus denied the charges seriaiin
and we defy the proof. No civil officer i
this County has complained to Governc
Scott of obstruerions in the execution of th
law. lt' private individual bave complain?,
on behalf of s dil effi ors. Governor Scott, nc
nuil other official, has ci cr applied to one sin
(fe eitil rffixr in Union Conni;/ to know
the complaint was just. We deft' contradi
tiou. ii-i it
llesolccd. That the matters and thing
-tated in lue pr >c!ain ition < f Govern r liol
crt K. Sc-tt, of 20t!i October. IS.'!?, s > fur a
the same are charged upon Union County
ate with-?nt foundation in fact.
Resolved, That copies of the foregoing Pr?
amble and Resolution be forwarded to th
editors of the Phoenix, New York Herald
National Intelligencer, and Li Cro*30 Demo
crut, wi'h request that they publish ihe samt
E. R. WALLACE, Secretary.
To Ute People of South Carolun.
FKLLOW-CITIZKNS : As members of you:
State Executive Committee-u.body whie!
represents neatly every white citizen ol Soutl
Carolina-we feel it oar duty to invoke youi
earnest . (forts in the C.iuso of peace arid tin
preservation of order. We beg you to unit?
with us in reprobating these recent acts o
violence, resulting in thc death o? Martin
Randolph and Nance, by which a few lawle.v
and reckless men have brought discredit OJ
the character of our people, though provoca'
lion ia lin sc eases may have b. en given. Nt
cause eau prosper which calls murder to iti
assistance, or which looks to assassination foi
success. " The idea of assassination," saic
Gc-orge Mcjhi?ie, " is so absolutely abhorrent
to all the feelings, the Christian feelings ol
modern tim ec, and of such pernic ious ten
dency, that 1 feel it to be my duty thus une
qn;vo-ally to express my u.lcr abhorrence ol
any proceeding that may have the remotest
tendency to suggest it. Such a course is not
only < bnoxious to the abhorrence of every
honorable man, from its moral atrocity, but
Iront its political tendency."
Listen to the words td* that patriot, which
seems to come from Li-? grave, to warn tht
people whom he loved so devotedly. Weean
ad-J nothiug lo the weight .of this great au
thority. We eau only appeal to you, to sup
port thc laws, to preserve the peace, and to
ilcuouuce those crimes which have so recent
ly been Committed in some portions of our
State. We .-peak in behalt of the conserva
tive and law-abiding portion bf the people,
who constitute, we feel a<surcd, nearly our
entire white population, and in their name
wc express emphatically our abhorrence of
such acts ; ami we p'.edgo ourselves to give
all thc assistance iu our power to suppress
them. We a-jure all who love their State, of
all classes, while and black, to be peaceable
and quiet, to lend their ift?rt< to promote
harmony and to quell* dissension. We ask
Ibosc who are opposed to us, politically, to
unite with us to check and discountenance all
incendiary language whether uttered ju public
or private, and to join u? in I be efforts weare
making tor thc preservation of peace, the sn
preiuaey of law and thc uiatiitcnahceoforder.
L .wles.siic.vs will endm-ger I he peace ot the
'whole State, and wi'l surely bring disaster to
all classes. Lei us all. then, however we may
ditl' r in politics, devote all our energies to
muintai.i the good character of our State, and
to promote a belter feeling among our whole
Manifesto from the South Carolina He
To tilt Republican* of South Carolina:
.'Let vs have pince" So says our great
and good leader, General Grunt. So say all
good Republican*. So Kay we, the uudei
sigued members of the Republican party in
South Carolina. We hold that the Republi
can party is emphatically the party of peuce
and quiet, of law and order. We hold that
any mar who will commit or encourage
violence or lawlessness-, ls a (Criminal, and
merita the unqualified condemnation of all
good Republicans. We censure, without re
serve, all thc'recent act3 of violence; not on
ly the horrible murders of Martin, Randolph
and Nance,- of our owu party, but also ihe
fibing upon Ward at Newberry, and the acts
of incendiarism at Abbeville and elsewhere,
ll Republicans luve been engaged in any of
lln-se outrages, we denounce them as false to
the ptincip'cs of our party, an ! as criminals
justly meriting the s-verest penalties of the
law. Violence in only ju>tifi :d in self-defence,
and never in retaliation or for revenge. It is
the business ol the law to punish crimes, and
not of individua*?.
We hail with .-?atisfiiotion the address of
tim Democratic State Central Com mit We as
the harbinger of belter and more quiet times
We will gladly unite with the leaders of the
Democratic party in d ing all in our power
to prevent incendiary language, to preserve
th i pi;ac", to maintain order, and to assert
the supremacy of tho laws. Wu urge upon
Che leaders and speakers in the Republican
party the necessity of discountenancing and
condemning violence on ad occasions. Wc
call upon every member of tho Republican
party, white or colored, to abstain from all
acts of retaliation and violence, and to do all
in bis power to have the guilty persons ar
rested and punished, whether they be Repub
licans or Democrats. Let not the good natue
and uoble principles of thc Republican party
be tarnished by acts of bloodshed or other
crimes. Let it be seen that the Republican
party of the South, like that of the great Re
publican party o' the North, is the earnest
and consistent advocate of law and order, of
Eeacc and harmony, of bamauity and justice,
ict every Republican be found ready to as
sort and vindicate his rights anr1 his manhood
at I ho ballot-box. But every jrood and true
Republican will scorn to violate the luw.
P. J. MOSES, Jr.
ty Our Editor is still absent.
The Edgefield Atnie Academy.
We ell attention to the advertisement of the
Trustees of this Academy to be found in another
column of our paper, and are gratified to announoe
that Mr. SAMS, the Principal, has arrived and en
tered upon bis duties. Ile comes to us highly re
commended asa gentleman und a teacher, and
wa b ive no doubt will fully sustain the auciont
reputation of tho old Academy where so many of
u3 huve received our early training. We bespeak
fi>r bim tb?patrou?ge which we are confident he
well de*ervcs, and for tho tdd Aoa?euiy the gene
rous support it has erer received from the citizens
of Edgefield.
New Advertisements.
We direct special attention to the new adver
tisements in this issue. Will notice them in de
tail next week.
The Circus is Coming!
Yes ! thc long wished-for Circus it coming to
Edgclioid. and everybody is on tho tip-toe of ex
pectation, and in the most complacent and de
1 ghtful state of accommodation. The young
anti (Le oi?, ?he big and the little, the white and
black,-all Vant!? and everybody-are looking
forward to Thursday next, the 5:b inst, with a
well-founded hope oV having fun, frolic and
amusement to their I curt's content-heaped Up
and running ovor : and we prodict they will not
bo disappointed, for Low Axon'? Great Braxilian
Circus-the Wonder of the Age-is to bo ?xbibi
tion in our Village on that day, with all its mag
nificent Paraphernalia, splendid Horses, Star
Equestrians, Wonderful Gymnasts, Acrobats,
Athlete.*, Jugglers, and mirth-provoking Clowns,
-the Pbunnie.t Phullows io the round world.
Come o', everybody, and everybody's wife and
children ; the Pavilion is large and comfortable ;
good order will be observed ; and we'll nil have
a regular jollification onco more. See advertise
Who Struck Billy Patterson?
Gov. Scott, did you do it? Prince (of dark
ness) Rivers, v.hat say you.' Frank Arnim,
thou pink of m-'desty and fritterer of tho King's
English, nro you guilty ? If it is not asking too
much, the freemen of Edgefield desire' to know
when, Where, und why they were deprived of the
right to vjte in thu elections this day being held
throughout tho United States. Was it, that after
a careful turvey of tho political field, you saw de
feat at the ballot-box awaited your party, and
hence concluded upon the s'rategic move of no
election ; or was it due to the credulity and tim
idity of Root, Cain and Leo-the Tray, Blanch,
and Sweetheart of your party ?
We have made repeated euquiries to find out
the responsible man, but our efforts have prov.n
au fruitless ns the interrogatory, " who struck
Billy Patterson ? Diligont search has been made
at Columbi ., Hamburg and Edgefield C. H., for
tho individual, and " not in," and " stet ynilty"
wero thc replies received.
But to ba serious-this much is certain, tho
deed h is been done by some one, and thu respon
sibility, which has bi on pitched like a tennis hull
from one place and porson to another, rests some
where. Why hus this wrong been put upon Edge
field, and not upon other Districts ? What undi
vulged crimes and misdemeanors ban she been
guilty of, that thia navel proceedure ahould be
used ? Wo hare thls's'wsay to these adventurers
and po! ?ti,-.il mountebanks, whoo ver thoy be, that
a day of reckoning will com ;, when such outrageB
upon the rights of the people ?ill m t gi " u
whipped of justice ;" that their hour of misru'e
will soon end;-already, in our judgment, their
political " orb has passed its full."
. History teaches, and experience abundantly
confirms the fact, that ignorance must be subordi
nate ta intelligence ; that an educated minority
has ruled, and always will rule, an ignorant ma
jority ; that the tane-cnlvtte* of a country must
succumb to its wealth ; that whenever this is not
the c -sc, tho laws of nature are violated, and will
return at ? gallop, and soon re-assort their domi
The Municipal Elections.
As will be seen by the Governor'* Proclama
tion on another column, and the Act in relation
to Municipal Elections published on our first page,
elections are to be held in the corporated towns
throughout thc State, ou Tuesday next, for Mu
nicipal Off, oe rs. Are we to have tho privilege of ]
holding reen this election? What say you, Gov.
Scott ?'
Negro Killed.
Martin S*tear.eugiu, a colore 1 man, living on
thc plantation of Mrs. ELU. ?WK.IHKN(?W, about
eight ui'r!c< below this Village, on the Aiken road,
was (ired ou and killed in his house un Sunday
night last, by parties unknown. We regret ex
ocedr y tin's unjustifiable outrage on law and
order, Rod thc pence of society, and know that
the same is univctsally condemned by the many
high-toned gentlemen living tu tbe immediate
vicinity where this uufurtunMo and rad affair was
committed. Martin, we are told, wa? a faithful
and an honest negro, and why he should have
been thu subject of assassination is beyond the
conjecture of those best acquainted with bim
The civil authorities h?ve taken action in the
premises, And we doubt not they will uso due dili
gence to ferret out tke guilty parties and have
thom brought to trial.
If we wish er expect the "security of life,
liberty and property,"--the right of every man
restored to our long unhappy country, we most
lend our assistnnoe and iufluenoe in suppressing
deeds of violence and bloodshed, and in main
taining the laws of the land.
A Mammoth Cabbou
Mrs. JAS. P WILLS sends us a beautiful Cai
huge, very white and firm, and as fine in every
respect as can be produced in Bumcoinbe, North I 1
Caruliua. lier mo J nu ape rant! i nf raising this mon- '
8ter species of cabbage, wc have not ase<rtained, I (
hut will try and do so for the benefit of our read- | 1
ors. We return this estimable lady our unfeign
el thanks for tho courtesey extended to us. '
The Cabbage we have on exhibition; como and*
look at it to-day. To-morrow it will go the way <
of "ll things perishable. -j
Fine Turnips and Potatoes.
ti'r. BILL STEVENS, (of Billsville, as Cayt. E.
W. P. would say) b?s presented us with a sample
of bis Turnips and Potatoes, which surpass any
thing of the kind, tn size and quality, we have
seen this season. Thank you, friend STEVEXH, C
and long may you live ia these " low grounds ol o
sorrow," to drivo dull care aw iy with your sun- t
ny smiles, and beaming countenance, and side- ?
splitting jokoson "old Watts." Again we thank r
you, and when "we three" meat again-"we'll 1
take sugar in our'n." I
f^r* The Nashville Union ?? Ameritan says:'
" A prominent Hebrew from Ohio, who is an
avowed Republican, has stated io this city, ?ince
thc elections of Tuesday, that there are twenty
tw i thousand of his religious and political fa j-h
in that State, who will not vote for Grant tn Mo
renmor. This will be the cato throughout tho
J??~ A special from Little Rock, Ark., an
nounces tho arrival there of Representative ^
iltnds' body, and its deportare for New York, j
Hinds and Brooks were shot by Georgo A. Clark,
Secretary of the Democratic Commlttoo of Monroe
County, who had been drinking heavily, and S
bordering on delirium tremens. Clark is in cus- j ii
tody, 14
Direct Communication with Liverpool?.]
Messrs. Mein: & Co., Commission Merchant/,
Charleston, S. C., and also Agents for the Steam
hip Line of communication established between J
Charleston and Liverpool, hare a card ia our
ssue of to-day to which we call the attention of
nerchants and planters. This line is composed
>f Iron Steamers of the first class, with com- ]
nanders of large experience, and is considered
juite an acquisition to tho future p- sperity of
Charleston, and to all parties wishing to chip
lirect to and from Liverpool. .
Tne Columbia Phoenix, of Saturday, says : " A'
:elegrain informs us that tho first of the Charles
:on and Liverpool line of steamships reached
Charleston yesterday morning-to be followed,
sy others semi-monthly, and still further increased
is the business warrants. This is a move in the
right direction, and wo trust that every energy
trill be used by our business men to put
?elves in direct communication with the gre
mart for our chief staples, and build up a Ju
that will render us independent of the Nor
Tor the commissions, etc., swallowed up had
ter be kept in our own community. The pa
" with the eternal post," -and it is for us no?
grapple manfully with a future pregnant
good, if rightly taken advantage of; and
way can so great benefit be derived, as in lc
ing rapid communication With the/ old.
The capita' of the "nation of chop
must be brought into play against the towering
North, and the mutual rivalry will force the ac-"
cession of capital and population, so necessary
to our recuperation aud future progress. Success
to trade !"
The Governor** Peace Proclamation? j
In our last issue we publisbel a Proclamation*
from Qov. SCOTT, which, to ray .he least, was an
un wararn ted "libel on the people of our District J
and the other Districts mentioned therein. Io
that proclamation, which by the way, he must
have issued solely as a campaign document, for
effect in the Northern Sutes, he charged our citi
zens with all manner of evil and damnable deeds, j
and even threatened to arm the " loyal citizens,"
-the brutal negroes-and put them in authority j
over us. ,..
But an astonishing change has come over the.|
war-like spirit of the mighty SCOTT within tho
lost few days, and now he is as mild and gentle
as a pct lamb; his manifostod malignity and har j
trod appears to have oozod out at his finger's end,
and in the annexed proclamation he nier s the
'. Pipe of Peace." We are gratified at this proper
course of the Governor's, and in maintaing the
"peace, prosperity and honor of our beloved
State," none will givo him more wi.ling succor
and support than tho law-abiding and ever-hon
orable people of Edgcfield. Here is the peace
PrucUUuution :
To the Citizen? of South Carolina.
FBLLOW-CITIZKMS : The numerous complaints
made to this Departmont of murders and out
rages, committed by wicked and inconsiderate
persons, cxcited'by intense party feeling, made
it my duty to issue tho late proclamation, calling
upon all good and true men, without respect to
political predilections, to unite in a determination
to discouutenance and denounce lawlessness and
violence, and in an effort to recover and main
tain the good nat that has heretofore been the
heritage and the pride of our beloved State. It is
now my pleasing duty to congratulate you upon
the beneficial results that have ensued fruin toe
admirable and w?<I1-tl(n?d address of G-n. Hamp
ton and the Executive Cummittee to the Demo
cratic party. lu honest and impressive torms
they have called on the people to support tbe
laws, to preserve .the peace, and to denounce
those crimes wbicb have so roeently been com
mitted ia some portions of our State. These pa
triotic eoudsels cannot fail of having a wide und
wholesome influence in moderating the vehemence
of feeling of those to whom they are authorita
tively addressed, while they have quieted the Hp*
prehensions aud conciliated the respect and good
will of their political opponents. This is cer
tainly m just cause of congratulation to every
well-wisher of the State, and it givus me uu
feigned pleasure to acknowledge it, and to ear
nestly invoke the co operation of every member
of the Republican party io reciprocating,' to the
fullest extent, the pacific policy * > admirably in
culcated by the Democratic hiders. Let a er? m te
nions and irritating discussions be avoided, anfl I
appeals be mud. tn tb? intelligence uud tousoa^f
and not to iiic tauru nr passions, of tbe coin ti. uni
ty. Differ as wo may in political sentiments, it
is the dictate alike of wisdom and patriotism for
nil to appeal t?, and confide in, the ifficacy of
peaceful remedies for political evils, actu.il or
eupposod. Let " hear and forbear" bo our maxim,
and so shall the peuce, prosperity and honor of
our beloved State bc maintained and perpetuated,
and ber time-honored escutcheon will be pre
served, unsullied mid undimmed, in all it? origi
na) purity aud lustre.
K. Hoc & Co., ol' New York.
We are indebted to these renowned world-wide
Manufacturers of Printing Machines-Power
Preses, Washington and Smith Hand Presses,
self-Inking Machines, and every attioleconnected
niih the Arte of Letter-Press, Copper-Plate und
Lithographic jPrintiug and Bookbinding.-fora
beautiful Catalogue of their innumerable assort
ment of Machinery, type, furniture, and every
thing roquisite for a complete .outfit for the most
extensive Bo-jk or Newspaper office
R. lion St, Cu. are justly considered and es
teemed among Printers as the most thorough mas
ters in the manufacture of the best finished, most
servie table aud most perfect Printing Presser, aud
jtber machinery and material connected there
with, in this country or Europe. Their pressss
are ranked as fiist-clas* in Europe, as their nu
onerous orders for them in England and France
fully attest.
We refer to their advertisement on another col
ima, and partiei wanting unythipg in their Hoe
:annot do better anywhere in th?) two Hemisphere.?
than at ll. HOB ? Cu's. ..
The Carolina Farmer.
The first number of "The Carolina Farmer"
tbe new Agricultural monthly magazine just fi
tablished at Wilmington, N. C., by Wu. Il Bua
juRD, Editor and Proprietor, bas come to this
Dilke, and is a perfect gem of artistic mochanirm,
ind a well-filled repository of useful information
to the farmer aud planter. That it will meei with
rueeess we feel well satisfied. Send on and get a j
ipecimen number, and then subscribe at once.
Price $2 por annum.
The Editor, in presenting the Farmer to his al
ready numerous readers, says :
"The agricultural interests of the two Caroli
nas have long felt the want of a periodical suited
to their climate, soil and productions. Many at
tempts have heretofore been made to establish
.ueb a periodic?! on a permanent and success ul
iasis, but iron- some cause, to us inexplicable,
?very such enterprise hus failed.
Tnat the farmers and planters of North Caroli
na and Sruth Carolina will sustain a first-cUss
igricultural journal we cannot doubt It is their
merest to do so; and we shall go on with dur en
terprise, confident that the day in not far distant
irhcn the CAROLINA PA HUI: II will be wcceptable to
ill its patrons and profitable to ourself. \
We rely on the enterprising farmers acd pla??
ers of our section to aid us in extending our cir?!
tulatiou. N* farmer is so poor that be cann
.fiord to pay two dollars for a good agriculture,
ournal, and no agricultural journal ia so poor;
hat it will not amply repay the invos'ment. Ev?
y number cou ains something worth moro th;
wo dollars to the funner."
tSF Subscriptions to the Farmer receivod at
hiB office.
_- ^ - . I i
At a meeting of tie citizens of ?Sorkville,f
in the 24tb, the charges of lawlessness in that *
lounty, contained in Governor Scott's proclama- :
ion, were indignantly ropelled, and resolutionij
?asred protesting " ugaiust the act of the Gover-1
tor, in charging tho people of our county with
ligb crime? and misdemeanors, on mere idle ru
son ud reports, and in common justice and
airness, bis Excellency should luform us who our
iccusers are."
lu Greenville a public meeting has been
?Kl, ut which Governor Perry presided, and res
lutions were passed reprobating the recent'acts
f lawlcs?uc?s, and disclaiming, in behalf of that
ommunity, any responsibility or sympathy there
Ex Governor Orr reached bis homo in
Luderson last week, after a long tour through the 1
forth and West. ]
At Boston, on the SI st, tho horse John | ]
tewart trotted twenty miles on River Sido Park
i fifty-nine minutes and twenly-tbreg and a ? i
uarter scoondi. j ^
i'or tho Advertiser.
MR. EDITOR,-Would it not be well, amidit ihe
?onvulsions of the boor, and the uncertainty of
tbe fnture, to turn our attention more earnestly
to the material improvement of oar State, that wo
may be better prepared to meet whatever istnei
are presented with success ?
It is apparent that the difficulties before ns are
not ordinary ones, and it will require moro than
ordinary exertions to overcome them. In certain
contingencies, which are not improbable, a reign
of brute force may be expected in the. South, and
it will be necessary to support the moral influence
that will be brought to bear for its overthrow, by
those auzilliary resources springing alone from
wealth and.intelligent enterprise.
The first step towards the accumulation of these
resources is to build up our own seaports, and
concentrate the wealth derived from our trade in
the hands of those who- are friendly to oar inter
ests. All efforts to throw off the tyranny that hus
enslaved ns will be in vain until we learn to do
; ' The people of Charleston are our peoplo, and
in giving to the merchants of that city tho posi
tion and influence that it is in our power to give
them, we at once invoke a powerful ally in at least
rep ni rios; the broken fortunes of the State, and
Adeeming it from its degrading sway.
VWith present appearances, Northern capital may
be'oxpectcd to come here, when, under tho en
forced tuition of the Republican party, we are
reconciled to humiliations, and become the wit
ing victims of a capricious despotism.
For tho Advertiser.
District Central Club.
At the meeting of thia Club on Friday the 30th
October the following delegates were appointed
to the State Contrat Club-which moets ia Co
lumbia on the 9th day of November, at 7 o'clock
P. M., to wit : Col. David Denny, A. J. Norris,
Capt Thoa. Jones, Oen. M. C. Sutler, E. W.
Seibels, Dr. John Like, J. L. Addison and 0. C.
On motion it wa*, Resolved, That the next
mooting of this Club be held kt Edgeflcld C. II.,
on Monday, the I? th November.
GEO. BOSWELL, Pres. Pro tem
A. J. NORRIK, Sae'ry.
Tribute of Respect.
At a regular communication of Mackey Lodge,
No. 52, A. F. M., the following Resolutions to the
memory of Bro. JOIIN L C0LLI2?S, were offered
and unanimously adopted :
Whoreas, God has called from his labors here
on earth, to render an account to bis Great Task
master above, our Brother JOIIN L. COLLINS.
And Whereas, Brother COLLINS wai one of the
surest propB of Mackey Lo 'yt-not only by bis
zeal and industry for the work of the Craft, but
by a well-ordered life and spotless conversation,
manifesting a heart and disposition free from
gaile and malice towards man, whereby the exam
ple of Masonry has been made comely and at
tractive to the world, and the interests, the honor,
and tho glory of our Order, have been greatly
promoted ?a tbe estimation of beholders :
Therefore Resolved, That in thc death of Broth
er COLLINS, this Lodge baB lost a faithful
working number, society a benefactor, and hu
manity, a Friend.
Resolved, That we mourn in sadness and heart
felt condolence with the family and counexiom of
onr good kind brother, who hus thus fallen even
in tho midst of hie journey of life.
Resoleed, That these Resolutions be entered
upon a blank page of our journal, and that a
copy thtreof bc sent to the family of the deceased,
and abo published in the Advertiser.
Resolved, That we put on the usual badge of
mourning for one month, in testimony of our
deep affliction, and of the iove we cherish for the
memory of our departed friend and worthy com
panion. W. H OUZTS, Sec'ry.
What is a Scalawag?
A correspondent of Petersburg Express, en
quire? tho origin and de?nitiou of the famous
word Scalawag. Tho Express says : " It is an
Americanism. Webster defines the term-"A
low, worthless fellow ; a scapegrace." Aud we
yantar? to assert that no word in our language
oan"s? thoroughly doT??ai?c the native B?uthron,
wb<>, when bis race is threatened with serfdom
to its former slaves, baselessly herds with the
enemy-in secret leagues give* " aid and com
fort"-and for the sake of paltry gain harte?
honor, and lives upun tho sickening r dort of ne
gro love."
The publishers of Burke's Weekly For
Boys and Girls propose to send it (ira mouths free
Vi all those ?hose subscriptions reach them be
fore tbe 15th of NoViinbir- that is, they will re
ceive the paper jfputteen mouths for $2 00. This
paper should bave a welcome in every Southern
home. The little folk? approve it highly, and
watch eagerly fer its appearance every werk. It
will bo sent either weekly, or in monthly parts,
-thc price of either being $2 a year. Specimen
uuiubers will be tent on application to tb? pub
lishers, J. W. Burke & Co., Macon, Ga.
Secretary Seward addressed a (urge meet
ing at bis home at Auburn, N. Y., on the 30th.
and defended Johnson's policy, disapproved the
course of the Radical party ; he would not take
tbe sword or put it into another's hand to undo
what bad been done, even if unnecessary or un
wise ; be thought tbe distrust of Democrats felt
by a large portfon of the people ought to be res
pected* be says ho confides in the Republican
party, who saved the Union and abolished sla
very. Ile believes the success of the Democrats
would delay restoration of peaoo and harmony,
Cy A youngman, pastor of a Bnptiitt Church
in Kenosha, Wisconsin, could not find any one
In towu who dared tc perform the neetffctrj task
of painting his church spire. Accordingly be
raised a ladder to the top of the spire, tied a rope
round-lt and round bis body, then boldly swung
off, and painted tbo spire himself.
t3** A negro man mimed Emanuel Tripp was
shot ond killed by a party of men in Jasper
county, Ga, Ust week. Deceased was an ex
pelted member of the Legislature.
?3P~ Assooiatc Judgo Doge bas taken refuge
North from tho fury of the colored citizen.*, about
Columbia. They have learned that he asserted
some time ago that he wished ba bad all the ne
groes in a tm acre field, and he would go through
them with his old regiment. Doge is tbe Radical
oandiJat* for Congross from this district.
Dr. Jones, the Superintendent of the
mint at Charlotte, thinks the gold mines of North
Carolina ure now yielding about $500,000 annu
ally. Gold h; found in twbnty-fivo Counties of
the Suite, besides other valuable metals.
?tW the Republicans say that they will carry
Ihe State of Georgia by a small majority. The
Democrats claim 20,000 majority.
(?&~ Nearly all the principal towns and villages
in South Carolina have boen garrisoned by United
States soldiers during tho past few weeks!
S3** One of the best Democratic journals in
the-Union, the Boston Post, remarks that the
Democrats enjoy one advantage from the prosent
election returns-it costs them nothing for pow
ier. How consoling.
?dr* Tho President, it is announced, is help
less under the Reconstruction Acts in restraining
District Commanders from interfering with the
Courts. A case comes from Texas, and involves
the postponement by Reynolds of the order of
lettlement of an estate.
pgr From the 3d to tho lOtb of January, 1869,
i "reek of prayer is besought, under the authority
>f the Evangelical Alliance, over the whole
?StJ" A raee lately took place in England be
ween a man and a horse. They wore to start
iven, and O e distanoe was one hundred yards,
ihe horso . n in seven and a half seconds, beat
ng the man twenty yards.
jj?r* State Constable Hubbard went to Winns
>oro on Wednesday with a posse of nine men and
irreited Adolphus P. Miller, of that town, on
uipioion of having aided in the escape of Samuel
klurtisbaw and Willum Fitzgerald, who are
barged with the murder of Lee Nance, of
.?fr* A lady of fortuno near Paris has commit
ed suicido. She hud a boil on her nose, and was
,fr*ld ot being disfigured.
. 231 From Louisiana. .. ;
NEW OKLEANS, October 28, p. m.-The
?tv was quiet to-day, and, so far as heard
rom, St. Bernard parish also quiet.
The following proclamation was issued this
vening by General Rousseau:
New Orleans, Li., October 28,1808. >
Vu the Peofle of New Orleans, La.:
FELLOW-CITIZENS-I have received instruc
ions from the authorities at the city of
iVasbingtou to take such action as may
>e necessary to preserve peace aud good
irder. and to protect the lives iud property
)f citizens. As the city is quiet to day, I
hiDk it a proper time to make the above an
louncement, and to call upon the law-abiding
?itizen? to aid me hereafter in carrying out
these instructions, and to that ead they are
?aroestly requested to refrain from assembling
D large bodies on. the streets, to avoid excit
ing conversation and other causes of irrita
tion and excitement and to pursue their or
dinary vocations as usual. The.police force
of the city has been je organized and ineffi
cient members have been dropped from the
rolls and others appointed in their plac?s, and
Gen. J. B. Steedman appointed Chief of po
lice?pro lem by'the Board of Polic? Commis
sioners. Gen. Steedman- and his police force
will be supported by the military, and assur
ance is given alike to the peaceful and the
lawless that everything at my command and
to the utmost of my ability will' be used in
thc endeavor to obey these instructions. For
the present, political processions patrolling
the streets by armed men are prohibited.
Brevet Major General,
Commanding Department.
The Metropolitan Police Board desired to
suspvnd Superintendent Williamson, tempo
rarily, but he refused to be suspended and
was accordingly tried for infraction of the
Metropolitan Police law in dismissing negro
policemen without consulting the Police
Board.- He plead guilty to the charge and
was dismissed. The Board had previously
endorsed Chief Williamson in the case for
which he was dismissed. General Steedman,
at General Rousseau's request, accepted the
appointment pro Lin. upon the condition
that he be allowed to choose his own sabor
diuaies. Thc Common Council this evening
passed resolutions setting forth the uncon
stitutionality of the Metropolitan Police Law,
and authorizing.the Mayor to organize a mu
nicipal police under the charter of the city.
Mayor Conway immediately appointed Gen
eral Steedman although be had already ac
cepted the appointment of the Metropolitan
Board and had been sworn in.
? -?- ?-?
Spanish Manifesto.
MADKID, October 27.-The provisional gov
ernment has issued a manifesto concerning
the administration of thc kingdom. After
passing in view the varions reforms decreed
by the late central junta, they proceed to ar
gue in favor of decentralization of adminis
trative power, and conclude by promising to
render a faithful account of their doings to
tbe constituent Cortes. Some Spaniards of
advanced liberal ideas advise the sale of Cu
ba to the United.States os the most speedy
and.direct mode of solving the question ol
the abolition of slavery.
UxPRovoxKD OUTRAGE.-On the morning
of the 28th inst:, as the Passenger Train on
the Georgia Railroad from Atlanta, was pass
ing through the woods two miles West of Yel
low River, a stone was thrown into , ope of
the cars, striking Bishop Wightman in the
face with sufficient force to draw the blood.
No person could be seen from the 'train, nor
could any motive be assigned for the out
rage.-Covington Enterprise.
FOUL MURDER.-About half-past ll o'clock,
last uigbt, a white mah, by the name of
Welch, accompanied by one named Kelly,
went into the fruit store of Mr. Zanoga, at
the corner of King and Society streets, osten
sibly for the purpose of purchasing some *e
gars, when Welch, as we are informed, told,
his companion that he had some business
with Mr. Z-inoga's clerk, a young- colored
mau u .med Edward. Dickson, and a.-ked him
to retire. Kelly did so, and walked ont . of
the store v. i th Mr. Zmoga. A few minutes
afterwards the cry of u ni urler" was heard,
and Mr. Z moga, running into tbe store, fonnd
Dickson lying upon the floor, with his throat
cot. The policeman in the vicinity was call
ed and went for a physician, but before Dr.
Ancrum, who was nearest the spot, could
reach thc ?cene of the murder, Dickson was
dead. The murderer succeeded in miking
hts escape.-Charleston Courier, 30th.
- '-? ?- '
REMOVAL FROM' OFFICE.--We notice with
regret the removal of Mr. Solomon Kimmi
from tbe position of Post-master, in which
capacity for the last li treen or eighteen yoors
he has so satisfactorily- and efficiency served
this community. lu his retirement from of
fice, our worthy ex-p. m. carries with him
the sympathies of h's fellow citizen*, and their
kind wishes for hi-? future success and bappi
ness.-Newberry Herald.
In the County of Madison, North Cardina,
the conservatives were holding a mass- meet
ing and barbecue, when a riot oecun ed be
tween the whites and blacks. A necro gross,
ly insulted a gentleman, when a fight began,
and a rock battle (the combatants using stone
as missiles) became general, the negroes'
watch-word beim? '* rally to your color ;"
and-this th? y did in large numbers, as did al
so the whites, who drove them off the ground.
PO- Q .v. Sott has offered a reward of $50?
Tor tbe arr-st of th? incendiaries who sut fire to
lien. McGowan's bim an<l Atable.
ty In a graveyard in Texan there i.< a tom) .
itone whereon is inscribed tbe following :
' She Uvea a life of virtue and died of
Cholera morbus caused by ?rating creon fruit,
lo tho full hope of a blurted immortality.
Kt tho early age of twenty four.
Render, go thou and do like* IMO." . .
M.inRiKn, Out 29th, by-Rev^ J. B. Traywb-k.
FREEMAN, all of EdgefielJ Di-t, S. C.
"All soason* uro oura to dio."
Death with hil atealthy pace, and icy touoh
lovers ovor our home?, and tears from our eni
irnce the loved and cherished ono*.
Departed th ii life on the 21st of Out., after H
ow days of intonso suffering, Mis? LOU LA C.
)ANIEL, youngest daughter of Maj. WILLIAM
Scarce one (hort year has elapsed, and this .'cr
owing family again sees another tie consigned to
ha cold earth. Though the links are severed
tere, Heaven bas the safe-keeping of these pre
iou?'jo wol?.
Dear Lot: LA has passed the threshold of thitr
reary life, and bas entered that glorious Havon
rbich is lit by the presence of the Lamb.
1 By the bright waters now thy lot is cast,
cy for thee, happy friend; thy bark hath past
'ho rough sea's foam !"
?ARRISOX, is no more. She departed this life on
be 12th day of Octobor, 1SR8, in the 42d ye ir of
er age, after a few dav? of great suffering and
She joined the Baptist Church at Bethany in
er 16th year, and lived a consistent and pious
fo, adorning and exemplifying the religion which
ie professed. She was firm in faith, giving gio
?r to Qod.
She len vos a devoted husbacd rnd eight dni
ren to mourn ber loss, but not as-.hose that have
o hope. A FRIKXO.
Religious Notirts
The next meeting of tho Executive Board of
ie Edgefield Association will bd held at Repub
can Church, on Saturday before tho ?th S ki
ah in November.
Nov. 3 4t 45
? -? -?- ? --
Religious Notioe.
The Union Meeting of the 4th Division, of the
dgefield Baptist Association, will be held at Re
ablic?n Church, on Saturday before tho 5th Sab
ith in November. Thc Teachers and Pupils of
ie Sunday Schools within its bounds aro earnest
' requested to attend.
J. S. MATHEWS, Mod. j
Nov. 8 4t 45 I
AUGUSTA, Oct 24, P.^..
GOLD-Buying at 136 and selling at 13S.
COTTON.-A fair demand to-day resulted in
solos of 730 bales at 223 far middling. No sales
were made after, the receipt of the afternoon
Liverpool dispatch correcting the unfavorable
morning adrices.- Holders declined -to "sell un
less at a considerable advance on morning prices.
Receipts, 625 bale?.
BACON-Advanced. We quote: Clear Sides
13 i ; C. E. Sides 18 ; B. B. Sides 17. ; Shoulders
IS.. Hams, [email protected]
CORN-White $1,20 ; mi-e_.$_>15, from depot
WHEAT-We quote white, $2 [email protected] 40; red,
[email protected] 20.
FLOUR-City Mills [email protected] At retail $lper
barrel higher. Country [email protected], according to
CORN MEAL-$115 at wholesale, and $1 25
at retail.
PEA MEAL-$135.
OATS-80[email protected]
PEAS-Dull-75c @$1 00.
New Features !
Fresh IVoyelties!
Miracles !
Wonders !
II. GATES, Manager.
A. LOWAN??iBirec'r.
WiLL GIVE two of their CHASTE,
Edgefield, S. C.,
Thursday, Nov. 5th,
U'i (ii an Entire thangi' of Programme
The South American Bare-back Rider
and Champion of the World i
Challenges Any Circus Coinjiuny
To Ride Against Him for
$10,000 !
On One. Five or Seven Strange Horses!
The Only Female Bare-back in the Uni
ted, and one of the most Dashing
Equestriennes Extant !
wte - And . * M
The Unrivalled Equestrians and Acro^
, . bats!
The Humorous Clown and Comic Vo
calist !
With a Host of Other
Talent !
tv?r-For Further Particular ses Lai ge
TRAPEZE and PERCHE, in front of
the Pavilion, Afternoon and Evening,
at li and 5 P. M. fe
Admission, 75 Cents. Children 50
Doors open in the Afternoon . at H
an 1 at night at 6J o'clock.
Nov 3 lt 45
embracing ALL ARTICLES in the Trade
to which he respectfully calls (be attention of his
friends and customers throughout tho District
Give us a call.
15SA Broad Street, Augusto, Ga.
Oct 20 4m 43
Notice to Teachers.
ATEACHER wmted to take charge as Prin
cipal of the Edgtfield Female Academy.
None need apply ariltrt well recommended as
oompetent to teach thu Language?, and prepare
Young Ladies for College.
An Assistant Teacher; as also a Meie Teacher,
have'been eng? ged.
School to commence Second Monday in Janua
ry !8fi9. J. L. ADDISON.
Charleston Courier and Columbia Pvcenij
will copy twice and forward billa.
Nov. 3 tf 45
1 Bale Augusta SHIRTING, *
1 Bale Grantville SHIRTING, s
50 Piecer BLEACHING,-all grades.
Nov 3 tf 45
C. A. C il EA TH A M A BRO.
Nov 3 tf 45
THE Crediton of JAMES McCRKLESS, deo'J,
are requested to meet io the Ordinary's Office,
nt Edgefield C. H., on thc 1st Monday in Decem
ber, as I will close up the said Estate on that day.
Nov. 3_3t_45
JUST Received an 1 for salo by
At Sign Golden Mortar.
Sept 14 tf 38
Muniopal Elections.
COLUMBIA, October 16, 18(8.
[N pursuance of an Act of the General Assem
bly, passed September 25th, 1808, an Eleotion
rill be held on the second TUESDAY of Novena
er, being the tenth day thereof, in all Incorpo
ated Cities and Towns of this State, for the
Election of all Officers provided for by the Char
on nf the said Cities and Towns.
The Managers of Elections, appointed in pur
luanee of an Act to provide for the nezUgeneral
dection, are authorized and required to conduct
.he Municipal Elections aforesaid, until otherwise
provided for by law.
The qualifications of nn Elector shall ne those
?equircd by thc. Constitution, together with a
residenoe of sixty days, nest preceding the Elec
tion* within tho corporate' limits of the City or
rown, and that he has been duly registered in
the Waru* or Precinct tn/ which he offers to vote.
The Managers of Elections shall open their
respective polling placej for three days, next
preceding the day of election, from'7 A; M. .Jo 5
P. M., for the purpose, of registering 'the names
of the qualified electors and their' places nf resi
dence. . . .>
All bar-rooms and drinking .saloons in'tho
Town ur-Ci ly where such Election is held, shall
be closed on the day of Election; and any person
who shall sell to any person any intoxicating
drinks on the day of Election, shall be guilty of
a misdemeanor, and, on conviction thereof, sholl
be fined, in a tum not less than one hundnd dol
lars, nor more than three hundred dollars, or be
imprisoned, for a period not less than one month,
nor more than six months.
The Managers of Elections as aforesaid, and
each of them, are hereby required, after due
publication; and with strict regard to the provis
ions' of the' Constitution and. of the laws of the
laws of thc State, touching their duty 'iii such
Elections to be held in their respectivo Cities and
Towns, "oh tho day aforesaid/.and to tako all the
nocessity steps for the "folding 0f:suoh*-ElectioDS,
and for the ascertaining and determining the per
rons who shall have been duly elected thereat. -
Given und?f'my hand ahd-the seal of the Staled
in the City of Columbia,"this I6th doy'of
October, in the Year of our Lord one then
[L. S.] sand eight hundred and sixty-eight, and in
the ninety-third year of the independence
of the United States oY" America.
R. K. SCOTT,"7 Governor.
. F; L. CAnnozA,.Sec*ry of State. ( ;..
Nov. 3, lt * 45'
The United Stales of. America,
BY Virtue of a Writ of fica faciatlo me di
rected, issuing out of- thc Honorable tho
United States Circuit, for til} District of Sooth
Carolina, I will expose- for sale to the highest
bidder, nt public A no (ion, at Edge field C. H.f dn
the*2d day nf December teeSrt, (being the first
Wednesday of-the Month;) aH the right, title and
interest of the Defendant ia and to the following
property, to wit: ONE TRACT OF LANI1, con
taining One Thousand Ai res, more or leas, bounded
by Jenda of the - Estate of Thoa ns Pitts, Dr. L.
M. Asbill, R. H..Watson and others, situate oa
the Ridge. Levied on as tho property of the De
fendant Elijah Watson, at the ?oil of Willie*
Allen and James McLean, Plaintiff*.
TEKM5, CASH. Purchasers to pay the Mar
shal for necessary poper.' and stamps.
Sale to be conducted by JULIUS WRIGHT,
Deputy Ma^^uct?o^ ^^
U.S. Mr-mal.?*
Nov. 3 ' .".'" - 3t ;46 I
Valuable Lands
Subscriber wishes to Rent, Lease or Sell
^'?Kel?NTIftK TRACT; OF LA?t>, tying 16
miles^ West of Edgefield C. H., on Eird Creek :
and will divide ii in Lots of from Fifty to Five
Hundr.d Acres, to Mitt parties. >
This h?dy vf Land is- well-'adapted .th Corn,
Cotton and Small Grain. Come and look, and
judge for yourselves. ' ? ? . i
X^gr Terms mad? easy. - - -; u *
33&~ I will "also soil a superior lol of WORK
STOCK, ?trew pt ices. .:*+..?>*??>. ?' '
Nov.,3,: . . ., tf ; . ,. , -45.
For Sale.
WE offer for sal? the MiCULLOUGH PLACE,
lutely owned liy John full:van, containing
ACRES, lying on Horn's Creek, adjoining land?"
of John. A. Wise, Ur. G. Hordaud Estate of Mosca
This place has open land for forty hands, and
is one of the best Cotton Plantations in this sec
tion or connery. . Titles good.
J.L.ADDISON, our Attorney, is hereby au
thorized to sell and convey thc same. If not ?old
by the first Monday in Di-eember, will be Rented
to ti- . highest bidder for the year 1S69. , ?
Nov. 3 -tf 45 I
Adm^tr?tor'r S???. I
IN pursuance of an Order from IT. F.. Darisoe,
E-qr., Ordinary f-r'Sedgefield District, we will
proceed lo sell- at the late residence of Mrs.
tho 19th NOVEMBER,. ali the PERSONAL
ESTATE of said deceased, consisting of
Terras Qaeh.
j. K. scnuMpERT. ;A? Tn
The LAND belonging to the deceased will
be'Rented on the day of sale above mentioned.
Nov. 3_to_ - 4a
$50 Reward!
STOLEN from my premises, on Friday hight
last, a BAY MARE, five 'or six years old,
?nth a little white on one or both hind legs near
he hoofs, and o large flat wart on left side ; also,
i wart between hind legs, on tho thigh.
I will pay Ten Dollars for delivery of said
Ware, or information that will lead to ber recove
ry ; and Fifty Dollars reward for'apprehension of
Le thief, and evidence to convint
Nov. 3 3t * ,45
Dog Stolen.
"STOLEN' from the Subscriber, on the 11th
^ October, a small Black HOUND DOG, of
oorse vo.'ce, and will come to the call of "Dick
baylor." -
Ten Dollars reward will be poid for the re'eove
y of the Dog, and $5 for proof to convict the
lief. J. L. MATHIS.
Nov. 3 " St 45
Sheriff's Sales.
rll1iam Spires .
. vs. \Yu Fa.
onathan Wcver and G. McD. Wever.
8Y Virtue of an. Execution . Fieri Faciae to mc
directed, in the above stated case, I will pro
red to sell nt Edgefield C. H., on the first Mon
ly iii December next, a TRACT OF LAND in
lid District containing Five Hundred Acres,
ore or lc?, known as the "CLOUD PLACE,"
i the lino of the Columbia A Augusta R. Rad
ioing lands of L. B Wever, and others,-levied
i as the property of Defendant, George McD.
'ever. ISAAC BOLES, 3. E. D.
Nov. 3 _ _ 5t _ 4ft
* URRED GOODS, a splendid article, cheap,
Ladies and Children's CAPES and MUFFS,
Ladies Congress and Kid Skin GAITERS,
Ladies Calf Walking SHOES.
A largo and varied assortment of 10ILET
A large and complete assortment of CROCK
All of which we ore selling ot the lowest Cash
?cef. C. A. CHEATHAM Jt BRO.
Oct 20 tf 40
Kerosine Oil
I 1 Bbl. Standard White KEROSINE OIL,
i rr an ted to stand the test of heat HO degrees,
d is therefore non-explosive.
Oct_28_ tf_44.
ION. For sale by _
At Sigo Golden Mortar.
Oct 13 tf 42

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