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Cumulative Voting.
That prospective curso for South Caro
lina, (if adopted,) Cumulative voting, re
ceives a telling stroke of disapproval aud
condemnation from thc Camden Journal
in thc article which we append below, and
to which we invite the attention of the
people of Edgefield. But we are pleased
to siate that the thinking men of our
District are utterly opposed to the move
ment, and will cast their votes accordingly,
if they have an opportunity. No cumu
lative voting for us-not if our remon
strance will prevent it. Read what young
KERSHAW, of the Camden Journal says :
The great respect we entertain for the
gentlemen composing the Tax Payers' Con
vention, has induced us to consider the
subject of cumulative voting as a cure for
our political grievances, but we are com
pelled to admit thaUwe cannot see it in
that hight. If there were in the State
many shades of. opinion and varieties of
inte? ests, separating the people into seve
ral parties^ a representation of each cor
responding to their respective numerical
strength, might accomplish good results
to'minorities, if i combination of two or
moro of. those parties, not the strongest,
.would overcome the strongest ; but hore,
where there are. and can be at present,
but two parties, one of which outnumbers
the other as three to (wo at least, an
agreement on the part of the minority to
be content with only a proportional . rep
resentation, is nothing more or less than a
surrender ta the majority.
We confess we are not willing, being of
? tho minority, to give up the struggle. We
desire, to overcome the majority, and whon
we. get the .control of^ the State we will bo
prepared tb entertain propositions from
the other side looking to the permanency
of the then existing condition of things.
If we ara to form any alliances with those
shrewd gentlemen, who have heretofore
manipulated the. Radical party in tlvs
State,, let'us at least be able'to compre
hend the solid advantages which we are fo
derive from such alliances, and not be
misled by a mf?h. Let the advocates of
this measure show us how we are to gain
anything in the Senate by the cumulative
vote, and how iu-the election , of Governor
and all other Executive officers.
.The truth is, except that we might get
such a minority vote in the House of Rep
resentatives as would prevent the passage
of measures requiring a two-thirds- vote,
we can see no practical advantage in their
results. But it is- not at all certain . that
tjoo sama, result could not be attained by_a
fair and\square party vote. Indeed, wo
have nti-sort of doubt of it. But, we
wahdp^?nto th* .next State canvas, tc
vjif iMlwJ'or the supremacy .bf ?io^es
Ty, decency, .fair dealing, retrenchment and
reform. How is that to be done? We
admit it depends upon the colored people.
They alone can change the government ol
this State fbr the better through the bal
lot box. .They have experienced some of
tho evjjs of attempting to rule the ."State
withoutconsidering the interests or heed
ing the counsels of those who really con
stitute AeTnost important part of society.
Perhaps th%y may be now inclined to hear
those arguments "which thev spurned last
year. If BO. we would gladly aid them in
establishing a "better government. But,
any movement of this sort must come
from them: Our people will probably
never :again be induced'to go them with
overtures like those'rejected last year. As
good government, however, is our prime
nccessity','*w'e. doubt not Che ' acceptance
of any proposals coming from the other
side-giving promise of success, and upon
principles Dy which we can stand. As to
these, there can be but little trouble, since
ii is apparent that the National Demo
cracy will erect a platform on those ques
tions broad enough for all reasonable men
to stand upon. Still, we do not see, as
yet, any signs of that awakening of the
colored people to the necessity of concilla
ron which must form the "basis of any
c imbination between us. We do net
greatly hope to accomplish a victory with
out such combination, but arc willing'j
and prefer, ;o fight a square out and out
] ?emoeratie jutvty fight, to allowing the
lladicals to walk imo power withouttroub
l?\ Then- is something healthy in a strug
gle for thc right, even when we are beat
en; and. on the other ha il, a supine' sub
mission to wrong is enervating and cor
rupting. We believe there should now be
;;u organization of the Democratic party,
'?ompletc and thorough. We . are willing
to snape cur policy to the views pf a Con
vention of: that partv, properly organized.
J f that party should de??rmin'e to make
any compromises willi the colored people
from motives of .^tate politv, wc desire to
? ubmit an alternative basis of combina
tion to that of the cumulative vote, which
contents itself with a simple' proportional
numerical:'representation, and leaves no
room for expansion of the party -or the
.i.xcrcido .of th'oso powers which are the
fruits of intelligence, education, knowl
edge, experience and wealth. This sub
stitute we will announce hereafter.
,3J*llK'-"fe>i?-S A
^3*John -Mar.:in, of the ?Young Ire-,
land party, who was sentenced to death
twenty-five.years ago, and afterward,hj;i
his sentence committed to transportation
for lite, for participation in th? Irish re
bellion of that datt, is nov.- a member <.;
flb? I?ri:is]j*#urli:in!'.jrit. " Thc 'Whirligig,
o .'time hat ii ?'js<*ev?-r.ge-. " ^
. JCS?" Rev. Peter Cartwright, the veteran
pioneer preacher, is drawing nigh io the
-..loso o?' In- ekrthly pilgrimage. He is
now confined to his room in Pleasant
Plains, Sear" Springfield, Illinois. His
strength is rapidly failing, and it is feared
he cannot liv-.* many months.
??~Hvvy' Wa.-! Be.-cher preached
the*other Smffliiy from tho text. "'.My
sout'cleaverh unt?' the dnst." lt certain
ly does : and a $2O,0Q0 salan' is a bile of
(lust well-worth cleaving ld, too.
jfg^TBc So wry gong are still darryihg
on their bloody) work. Dr. Daniel Smith,
a prominei;'. citizen of Robeson County,
was fatally wounded by enc- of the gang,
a few nigh is ago.
fi23C"ft frill be interesting to those who
lia ve seiifro 'Yankeedom for counterfeit
money -in answer to tho numerous circu
lars "which^ood the country, to learn that
a full listoClae names of such is beinu
prpnar?d.f.?r publication. Tho moral char
.-#.'?-oi E::.ny hilherto supposed honesx
% pearsons v; iii probably su fier by being ex
posed in all their hideous deformity.
?SyTiio Asiatic crowds upon the Af
rican ia Louisiana, which State will soon
have, a large Chinese population. One
tlieusand laborers, in addition? to those al
?r^idy there, are encaged by an agent in
Oliina, and it is believed that in a short
time Louisiana wjil haye tens of thou
sands of Mongolian.-, performing the labor
ii it herto done "Ly colored men.
?9ltfaMi]few' "York" Evening- Post
says : R.B. Elliott, . member of Congress
of South! Carolina, will make an address
tho Cooper instituto, August 4, on
? The General Condition of the South,
. il the. Progress of the Colored People
.nco their Political Enfranchisement."
And when the Cooper Institute people
hear R. B. Elliott they will have listened,
to the most thoroughly educated and
rn??t intelligent colored man in Aifterioa.
j?3f"A letter from Paris says that na
tives of Alsace and Lorraine, who rebel
.t'jainst tho Prussian occupation of their
r;itvve provinces, and who have no heart
ipr, ? longer residence in their own corin
fci-y, daily-go todhe American Legation in
?t?Xi cit); and make inquires, and then ar
wwngemefft? looking to their emigration to
this country. About two hundred and
eighty ol'.those self-constituted exiles left
Havre fil? other, day in the ship Erin,
wound to these shores. They , all have
money, and, lik? any of their 'fellow-pro
vincials who may cone here, will make
good, citizens,
.Jgy-The cotton crop of Darlington is
. xpectedfo be good, and .more corn,will
lo raade?hiw in any year since the war.
j?*Messrs:i Wilspa. Jordan, 'Robert
.Sevom?&andSilay Anderson, of Dariing
t^have^ijjil|*p^Vj^usf(?ver- '
fyrjd.W. H?woJ^?tfmn :^cre, elected cpun
t v^mmferl^ys. ^^^^d^m?rmajorj?j;
o'ver.tha?^^. O'ukit?' The hew Officers
a^o'tftiiblc and trustworthy. , .
Edgefield, S. C., Au?,'. 10, 1871.
Editorial Correspo
GREENVILLE, Arig. j?f i871
I sit down, my dear old ;pattgr in the
midst of the most fiery and raging heat
I have experiencedv^s sujHflWtbwrf^
vou a sort of a letter." It nrutklbe short,
however, and very hig||edy-piggledy,
for I have been herc but one day; and
have as yet seen but little and heard
nothing. And.besides^-although as dry
and bony as Romeo's apothecary-I am
a constantly oozing sponge, and am " as
water spilt upon the ground that cannot
bo gathered up." The thermoneter in
GreenvflerTs on an ^rfbridled spree, high
up among** the 'nineties;* arid men, wo
men and children are sighing to read
their title clear to an ice hut at the North
But ?*top. What loyal Edgefleld mari
travels from Dan to Beersheba (the, Court
House to Ninety-Six) without drawing a*
picture of the crops ? Well, starting at
1 o'clock at night, we could see but little
until we reached' Mr." GEORGE STJROTH
KR'S. ; And from this point to Ninety
Six the growing stuff looks badly enough,
we can "assure you-poor cotton, and still
poorer corn. All this stre?oh of country
seems to have saffered severely jfroin
drought. On the large and splendid
plantation of the late Mrs. WHITFIELD
BROOKS, through which we drove, the
thoroughly blighted corn,, and almost
as thoroughly blighted cotton, presented
really a pitiable spectacle. On tho next
plantation eil route, Genl.DUNOVANT'S,
the crops looked somewhatbetter. While
on the next, Major GEORGE ADDISON'S,;
cotton and corn are as fine as we have
ever seem And thus ends our crop
Arriving at Ninety-Six three solid
hours in advance of thc 'cars (they pass;
up at ll) we had simply a vlle*\ime of it,,
notwithstanding that our kind friend,
Mr. DICK SANDERS, took us all into his
store, and washed us, and ministered tv
us. After this- Samaritan conduct on
the part of DICK, WO stretched'out under;
a tree and slept as only a lazy, trifling!
Southerner. could. We were*suddenly'
awoke by hearing our sisters, in a loud
voice, assuring a stout and resolutedook
ing gentleman that they were .newspa
per women, that 'they were used to all
the newspapers in the world, and enjoy
ed all newspaper privileges' without
money and without price. To our in
finite amusement and alarm, we found'
they were in the fangs of an.agenJof the
paper, who was about to make them sub
scribe at the point of the bayonet. Upon
this we turned our face to tho tree and
drew our last breath. We never expect,
to smile again. To start off on a sum
mer trip, feeling ihclinedto kick tip our
heels-lake a little negro. andcry " School's,
Out," and then fall, in the very begin
ning, into the fangs of a newspaper
agent Conceive of it ? .< ? *
Up to Greenville by rail, was hot, dus
ty and uneventful. An elegant hew
coach, a Northern son bf President BUSH
for conductor, a good many passengers,
young men in linen dusters, and ladies
hr hideous bought drosses, very slow
traveling, gazing out at the new telegraph
posts, nice ice cream, and miserable
peachos, were the salient - Mints. ? At Wil
lianuston, which is a beautiful place, we
espied a considerable crowd on the pla!?- j
form. When we drew nigh, we were j
indiginmt to rind most of the gazers ne- j
gro women, with veils on their.heads,,
and but little else on their bodies. By
the-by, a veil is a very good costume for
this sort of wcathear- %
We have not visited Greenville in eight
years before, and in this time the town
has grown and spred. very much. But
we have not seen, it.fiiirly?yet. .We must
per force, send you a letter by to-mor
row's mail. Otherwise, as there is no i
Sunday train on the Greenville and Co- j
lumbia Railroad, it would notrea?byou
intime. Thc suburbs of Greenville are
beautiful. The country around is beau
tiful. In fact Greenville is, and always
was, beautiful.
There arc many strangers here, and ho
tels and boarding houses arc full without
being uncomfortably' crowded. Latein
the afternoon, when people make them
selves spruce and walk and drive in all
directions, the scene is very lively. The
only compatriot we have m?t-and
very pleasant oneh? is-is. Capt. GEO.
LAKE, who is here carrying tho war (the
Universal Life Insurance Company) into
Africa. He and his amiable lady aro at
tho Mansion House, the headquarters of j
fashion and bustle. And speaking ol
fashion, we have as yet met with no case
of-'" arsenical poisoning" as thc newspa
pers h ivo it. For does not poisoning
sf?cm to be the fashion ot' the day?. But
until the Yankee womoa begin, to cat
and drink with us we have but little to
\ tear. ? ... . ->
[. One thing we have discovered. To
; wit^ that tho country between Edgeficld
and Augusta is the very finest fruit and
. melon country in tho whole world. Bali,
thc peaches and melon.-; wo have seen
since we left home cause us to snort with
contempt! A strong and loyal idea ol
old Edgeficld, ;uid the old Advertiser,
hangs about our heart wherever we arc,
pr wherever Vc may. roam. Adieu.
More next week. S. T. B.
Thc Cotton States ?MCchanics* and
Agricultural Fair.
. Dr. WM. H. Terr, President, in form>
us t?at the second grand Annual Fair ol
the Cotton States Mechanics' and Agri
cultural Fair Association, of Augusta,
Ga., commences Tuesday, October 31st,
and will continue for five days.
The President writes us as follows:
." Our exhibition this year will b'e on a
much moro extensive scale than that ol
1870. We are prepared with the best ar
ranged and most beautiful Fair Ground*
in tlie South, to offer to Visitors and Ex
hibitors all possible inducements for in
struction and display. Our object is to
establish our Association as a Cotton
States Institution-not confined to any
soction fi its aims-and for this purpos'e
we are substantially aided and sustained
by the Capitalists, Agriculturists and
Manufacturers of our section."
We have also glanced over the sched
ule of Premiums and Regulation's of the
Association, and are more than pleased
with the long list of extremely liberal
Premiums to be distributed, and the
excellent regulations for\;onducting the
Fair. 'We anticipate for this grand Fair
a grand success-ar d would advise ail
Edgefield to make their arrangements to
attend en masse.
The Association has invested some
Fifteen 'Thousand Dollars in' Premiums,
and in relation to this appropriation the
Augusta Chronicle & Sentinel says :
Tho contract for the medals and plate
to be given at the October exhibition of |
the Cotton States M. <fc A. Fair Associa
tion has been awarded to Messrs. F. A.
Brahe <fe Co., of this city. I. . ' .
The contract amounts to about the sum ?
of fourteen thousand dollars and amongst I
the bidders were several well-known
dealers aud manufacturers from New
York and Philadelphia. The best artis
tic skill that tho country can. afford will
be displayed in the designs bf the med
als ana plate. We congratulate our home
jewelers in receiving this contract, which
was awarded solely on the basis of merit j
and ocoriomy.
--^-' ' .
?Sr Troubles continue in the portions
ot' France occupied by the Germans. A
Prussian, subject haying toen hangetL a.J
day or two since, at Poh'gmy, in theiDe-1
partm.en.fc of .Jura/ a riot? idufowed/ iri
which .the;German soldter^jiWp^ded
about twenty citizens! and)*threateh|i&t? i
burp t&?.pi?ce. Omet w?s^s&^d^the
Treasurer Parker Viewed Abi
Both at horne and abroadSsState 1
urer Parker, who, w^wn" t&Conin
appointed by the Tax-Payer's Coi
tiort to make kn examination of the
Trea-surerVbooks, peremptorily re.
to comply, is considered as: having
.himselfion the summit or?uhblus
effrontery. Tho Now. York World '
" At this:verv moment the tax-p?
bf SouthTOroTTria, a State which has
saddled sine? the war by Radical
rule with a debt which our fathers v
havo thought an enormous debt t
carried by the whole Union, are ii
nantly protesting against the delib
insolence with which" the State Treas
Parker, has refused to allow any ex
nation to be made nf tho accounts t
Commonwealth, while the Tax-pa
Convention of South Carolina wt
session last May., "the ^Radical State
ernmeht prom. sertw?' .(mTjmft""ail
State account^ toj&ihje nu^licv i The
vention has acfkui.npd, and now, t
request of a committee of the tax
ors'for the fulfilment of ,the.~pledee
Radical State Treasurer insolent^
plies that 'His books have been exa
ed enough f and ' although the Ra
Governor; ScottJ/himself has been fe
to admit that 'some Irregularities ?
occurred,' what those irregularities
the'ta?-payer? ar? leftto guess."
. . A Good Flatform.
his first inaugural address, he.laidd
what ho copceived to be .the prin?ipl
government. They ,forrn,.the best ;
form , of Democratic principles ever ei
..ciated, in office or out of office, am
nearly three-fourths, of a century 1
been the ruling principles governing
great party of which Mr. JEFFERSON
the acknowledged head. r They ar
follows: " . .. ?VJ?,
"Equal and exact justice. to_all E
bf whatever state "or persuasion, re
ous or poutical.
' " ThV suppp'rt of the State goyerhm
in all their rights as ' the surest bulwi
against anti republican tendencies".'';'
*' The preservation of the General (
ornment in its whole constitutional Vi
as the sheet-anchor of our peace: at hi
and safety abroad.
"Ajealous care of the right bf e
tion by the people. i ? SU
y Absolute acquiescence in the .'d
ojona of the majority jj Ahe vital pri
ph} of. republics, from which there .i
appeal but to force, thou vital princ
and immediate parent of despotism. ;
".The supremacy of the civil;,over
military authority. . ( ,
" Economy m. public .'expenses,' I
labor may be slightly burdened.
" Encouragement of agriculture, ?
bf commerce as its hand-maid.
"The honest payment of, our ?e?
^and sacred. jpreseryance of. the pul
faith. v" . *. . \ '
" The diffusion of information, and
raignmeht^of all abuses, at the bar
public reason.
"Freedom of.religion, freedom.
speech, freedom of the press, and fi
dom of person, under the protection
The habeas corpus', ano? trials by jury 1
partt?ny4?ectedv.'r'f' * *?'.' "
!*.-.'}< ?:? ? i .' ,,:v!'-,-i *'t?y
i " .??acazines and ?Vcwspnpers.
ghat number bf this1- mdst"-*xcell
monthly has ?como to hand^'with
usual promptness, and as usual a bom
in au extensive bia most j ?elect variety
entertaining reading and'instructive.
formation. Scribner's J/onl/tty.>hasrji
reached the fourth numbor. of its seco
volume, yet it is now justly regard
one pf the most pop ular i. magazines
{he day, and. is without peradventux
grand.success. We congratulate thc pu
lashers for tito high rank, attained :
their enterprise, and thank them too J
presenting to the reading public so^libi
al an amount of elegant and picas!
miscellaneous literature. Three Dolla:
the price per annum of thc mag?zir
sentto SCRIBNER & Co\, ?54 Broad wa
New York, will be money well spent.
number of Burke's Md0iizlne for Bo
and Girls-is the best yet issued. It
copiously illustrated,- its articles aro ori^
nal and well written, andits entire mak
UTI ls admirable."i. Every/boy and giri
the South ought xo be a subscriber
this excellent magaiine-=tho . very . be
we know of, -JUOrth or Sodth.''. Terras, ?
H, year. Address. J. W..BURKE it Cc
?lacou, Ga. . .... \ ' >;. ?
t?ihly very n?agnii?eeht record of Typ<
graphy and Literature, and Arts an
Sciences. It'i's published monthly wft
ability by Rv S. ME^XMIN Edito* mi
Proprietor,-is most artistically, printe
-contains much information of -esped?
interest to all members of the "art" prc
servative,"-and is dirt cheap at only on
dollar per year. . Address- the Propri?t?
at 517 Minor Strcot, Philadelphia.
title of a new weekly paper lately estab
lisiied at Pi ohms, S. C., by Messrs. J. E
HOLCOMIIE A Co. ? The Sentinel is a noa
littlo journal, and u spicy one. We wei
como the Soutiueln(into thenmowspape
ranks, and wish it a prosperous and pleas
ant careen . ? xi*
??The Man and Brothel1:??
Tho most touching illustration of radi
cal lovo for thc man and brofl?cr has beet
rcccnth- afforded in Mississippi, as giver
to the world by the-Oxford corresponden
of the Memphis Appeal. A certain csu'
pctbaggar runs a low grog-shop, fre
quented exclusively by negroes.: In .tl?
fullness of his affection for the. dusk}
race heinsured astrong, healthyfifteentii
amendment's life for ?2,000. Cuffee was
then strictly sober in his habits and-im*
p lid ty believed that the policy would
operate to prolong Iiis life to whatever,
length he wished. ^ The carpet-bagger
next took him into his employment ?nd
gave him unrestricted access to a,bartel
of tho vilest " but head" ey er compound
ed in Cincinnati., Result- Cuflee was
dead in about two weeks and "his bene
factor pock'eted the 2,000.
.'German and Irish Emigra?'MU.
European advices, says the' Jodrnal of
Commerce, apprise uaofan*inprecedent
ed emigration from Germany this season.
The war overhand - their duty to their
country at the most critical epoch of its
history nobly done, the gallant Teutons
propose to como to the United States,
where a longer, term of peaco seems
to be assured tlian at home. Though un
surpassed as soldiers, the Gormans are
at heart'men of peace, and that land
which offers them the best guaranties of
that blessing has the most charms for
them, especially when with peace they
can buy land cheap, and have ampler
room for enterprise and ambition than
crowded Germany can alford. The en
tire effect of the emigration impulse in
Germany has not yet been fV't herejbut
some idea, of what it will be may bc.
gained from the returns of the Bureau
of Statistics for tho three months Vending
June 30. Th that time'' 30,814 Germans
landed at the port, of "New York ;'whiio
for the same period"tho emigration from
Ireland to th? same port, proportionately
large also-at-this time, Was 26,149/ Of
the two classes the Irish almost as a body
Btayhere, but Of the Germans ? consid
erable number go West.
. , ??-i rmrm*-- -
?SS- A Texas letter says the army in
Texas, cavalry, and Jniantry, to the ex-<
tent of severalthousond, take up lino of'
inarch on August 15th, with a view to
.c?ne?'fifrati?t?V?t bea^;of 7the' Wach eta:
mountains, firot?T ?whence, funder. Cal*.
KcKeenso, thc^*,\i^prooed to .the c$j&
tisem?n? of -thc^^onche' ^fflwU$ ?
Indians. ' '.TW'iw^m/o,?x^f^r^te?Tiby !
tjfcu? 'treatn'iehK'^'^eiirr lost -?s?^c^^s, -,
The Redemption of Chariest
On Wednesday last the good pe(
Charleston made a strong aggjfccc
effort for the redemption roSneir
?old City-from Carjaotftbag ralo and'
sn pre' ey, and' carried thc?? T|
Conservative ticket by a majorityj
the Radical Pillsbury, ticket, of 777
-olccling Gen. \ J.$RY?A&&$"1
rn an an d'im e, aa. ;3??y o r, wi th a
wortny*md stouwSHSoard oT&lol
YoU "have fought a good fight,"
tlenlln, and won a glorious and t
victory ! Wc aro very proud of
successful defeat of the Rotten R
Ring, and send "'you '^??r''heartiest
gratulations. And may your achier
of Wednesday redp^dfetljto tho.
redemption and rebuilding up c
ev ct b clo ve d b u t long do w n. trqddc
shamefully plundered old " City b
sea.'; ": ' a; '
/0The Charleston ' Cuur%r~}ibm}ri?
on the favorable result of 'th? ele
j -ttl/win -,?;.? '.' KI?LI? i 'i li H 3
. says:
, TheVontest is over. ? There wer
organizatins in the 'fl?ltt The one
the extreme Radical "wiuf# bent
rule or ruin. Tbif?ther the genera
timent of the community; anxious
for protection, prosperity; arro: seit
' errrmeht: . The f?rrn'er . sought*) m
all tho future and the industrial pm
of .the city, to the dominion of , mi
andmis-governmeht. The latter's
.alone for th ?public weal," to strike
these fetter^ and* release, ?thec ibi
and thus secure aa,honest .apd i;epr
tative government. There ?oula
been no higher mission, and T?O mor
i ble incentive to action. ? [bi
The regular period fqr. tho,, muni
election -was . in November! Tts 1
held in August wasYd?arly with the
of defeatingthe public will;, '.
.. At the State election in,the fall.bf
ilie Conservatives, 'or Reform party,
?Tied the city by over f?ur'hundTca
jority.. No soonorwasthis fact ascer
ed than tho Radical., Legislature, all
?'.the charter of th?citv','.and'changed
?'election,' whicb.&?hld 'breve taken ]
in November; to August;' the every
of midsummer. : .The purpose wasp
It was'partiiafi in its "character.' It
'Well knbwritliht ?t'^hat^p?r?od' a' 1
-pontoon of the intelligence and/wor
. the people,, wouhL in all likelihood
?way during the heated term/'ahd
!the opportunrtv would be 'seized 'o'
??leting upon the people : ^f .Chariest
government in hostility with their,
wants and wishes. It is true. yjpve
Scott declared that: thi^B?l- was1 sig
by him.through inadvertance.- But
it never was .recalled. (vThe,,Radical
ty under it have held th? ?l?ction,
ranged th? managers ?nd-'summb?'ed
voters. ' >n
? The Conservative elements .were,
dently atgreatdisadv?ntages. Butins
Of all these; rccbgnizingthe ihiporti
of the issues' at stake, and of an* ho
and correct financial administratio,
affairs, they accepted thcissue.tbus ^
upon them, and- end?avbr?d'l?o iift C;
leston 'above the . -mere atmospheri
party, and into a region of higher-thoi
and purpos?. Never have any corni
nity more nobly* Tb'spohdad to .any
mademponttem. 'Nefaerhasatherer.
such a qui.ej , bul e?Tcc?vo, exhibitio
patriotism than was displayed yesforc
The peril was the 'city of Charles
The danger its welfare and prospcrit
. Young and old,' native and? mic
aged, ail joined.hands together; on be!
or the irit?llige'nce-' and character of
community idr-res??te and deli venu
Our people: haye made a noble and un
fish struggle fpri>eace% honesty and \
fare. Th ey havcdonc'well. Theyhavci
charged their f?ll duty. Ttfeire is*
plea for reproach;. In our opinion a cc
plete and substantial vickory 'has-h
obtained for the right. Aha tlds ai
Radical intimidation, but for for
Essence of :United States^troopa, ;yi'S
ve made of the ballot box a m ext; fa
and niockerv. , ' ' ,
?... . fi ,^'4^.?L. ' "M
A'Lattfor the S?uth( and Antiti
. for thV North.
The Washington'> Patriot g?f? : "<<kI
semi-officially ahV?bh'flc?fl .' by^hV (Jo
missioner of- Perisloiis '-that; in ad min
toring-the actof Fobrnary'14, Witt, gra
ing pension* to Hie' survivors of-the v
of 1812, when witnesses testify to.'1
loyalty of a claimant, tlteir own lovai
must be show? bj? the certificate -of
officer of thc United States Court, a- Ui
ted StatesCYuitmissioner,. or an officer
the Internal Revenuediureau. iThriri
apphes only io tho South,, and no cpu
tion is liaised at the North. . By tl
bigoted regulation th ere is. to bopuej?
for the Northern, people, and another 1
tho Southern. ? According to the ii,su
form heretofore ia -.similar.cases, a cl;
mant was rotptired to. make oath that I
had at.'no time rendered 'aid and
fort.' to ?he rebclijou, and fo :>rovo^ il
same By .thp affidavits of tw< disinte
bated witnesses, . whose credibility, hi
to be certified tp by thc clerk cf a cou
of rocoixL But now thc Southern so
dicr is obliged to prove the loyalty i
his witmxscs.by .'a., certificate which
may be impracticable to?Jbtain. A chun
antjnay be ablento establish his rights) li
twenty witnesses^ and il" they baj pc
Voluntarily or eonipulsory to have aide
the rebellion, then ?tho . veteran v. h
fought for his country ia excluded Crojf
a pension. Hunuui ingenuity could hare
ly have devised a iporo wicked contri
vance to deprive old Southern soldiers c
their just rights. It Is not only niear
but mall'irn'ant, and draws a discrimina
tion betwe'eU'thc 'vetefans of Hie,"Jfor'tl
and South which* 6ycry candid jnim
?ill den'ouriro' as outrageous. Thes
men'Vere engaged in Nvar.againsi-a for
cign foe ncar)y half a century before Un
rebclliou cOuimenced, and' yet. they nt(
pu'rsfied with all the viii'diCtivO ni.'ilici
of rec?nt enoinies. 'This isa sure-way ?
keeping the wounds of tflrife ope'n^ .'ant
it could only have boen contrived foi
some such'tmworthy purpose."" t
. (V Riot iii Dublin.
nilli ' DUBLIX, August.7.,:
. In spite ,ef 1 he.jii-?hj_biti??n, .the, .fricuidt
of i'enian.amn?sty.'.att?nipt^d ;tq 'hold ja
meeting in'Phoenix Park. Symjhe. .mem
ber.of Parliament, Sullivan, edifoIr/?f.ithc
Nation, and John Sullivan J^The/fentered
the Park, foll owed by a large crowd:' P?
lice Superintendent Howe,, standing- ein
Wellington monument, .ordered.tbu>crowd
to : disperse./, .Howe w'fls jiurled ; ,to. .tht
base of,the monument and badly treated
A half hours' fight cnsii,cd, when ihe' 'po
lic?' We're ' reinforced ana 'ihsp?rsed Ihr
crowd." Smvth?' and Su?l?v?ri were wound
ed badly. ' ?vt-f ? h?ncli-ed were rajurdd
and taken to the hospitdh nba :
LoKDciif/ August 7.-'-:
A diopatck from I>pbrrn -to-day says thc
city is quiet, -Several ? places, visited'by
the- Royal par ty-,, were ga.tt??d: om Sunday
by the mph. . :. ... . < - .
Sevcral Frencli \yur stearmere are readv
at Tom in, 'hi' view ' of 'app'fel?e?ded . Eas
tern complications. ' ' . ? . ?
': - - . .--..^'^.^_?
The North Carolrna Election. ,
. - ' ' WiLMi?tdTox, August 5.
Indications seem mote favorable tb-d?'y
to defeat the conven tien by a very ama!]
majority..>.:^ Republica?a.claua.the State by'
5000 lo 15,000 majority,.[white,.th,e. Con
servatives still think;the issue in .doubl,
with chances in their favor. If tHo/voV-'
should result in thc' c&llin'g of "tho"c6t>vriTi'- ?
tiqn, the revised cbnsritotroti1 ii"'t6 b'e'isdti-'
mitt?d to the people for'ratification. -l'h?
maim purpose of the' proposed Change ! is
understood to bo to get rid of -a- swarm; ..QU'
"township" qfiicials, who .arc uow,tniain
tainedat great'expense, and who,- with
thc reconstructed sys teni" which created
their offices, are said to bVunecess?iY, and,
in fact, mischievous." .. ' . " J"
. ?-'- i .'i^.. i-__'
Tt'e Wasington coi?espondent^ b?o thc;
Cincinnati Miguirer, writes, August
"..When President Grant was here on
Tuesday his attention Was,'called. \q thy
ouirageons order of'the cominissioner of
Pensions in relatiomto' 'the pensioners ci'
the'war of 1812, residing in thc South,
which:almost as effectually shuts them 6ut
of any relief :as, though a positivo'order
had been issued, arbitrarly. striking .-the?",.
names., from th? rolls.. The . President
peremptorily declined.' tb interfere, and
intimated'tnat'the order of the ' Commis'-1 '
Stainer Vas right, although'it ?B very doubt- -
ful whether Grarit.rea:lly',mid?rstood'it?i?? v
j.-1 i i<?<fciE-?- .
;>':^.&vB? C?tlfsl?*, ';formerly a gifted ?
WT^trf^ahdwct?^^??n?o^ 1
ih&GluifleBt^^^ U
natic Asylum, Columbi^.-on^fa? 2d4?St??. J -
For the Advertiser.'
Nat. bejng 'able to find any books
rccords'.kept by the School Com mi.?sio
ancV.thp-Examini?g Board (if any si
arepoptV?'and being unable to got :
rop^froin the-'School Commissi one;
th?;Cpunty Treasurer, is, ?us I have ?
?eXo'fe/the cause of my craving flirt
space in your columns.
UhdeVth'eap/ended Act of the Lc<
.ihin??"4,:37?1'to'ess?ibl.ish and maintai
syfctem of Free Sihools for this State
is pSxmdod there shall be in e
Countya^Board of Examiners, wh
shall bo composed of the School Cc
idiall-bc-apppinted hv ther.School.Cc
mWoaief, -who shall polcbtficir Office
two years. The duties of said Board
to ex am i no al 1 . candidate?- io r th e pro,
,s^)n.of teacher^ancLto giyereachpers
found qualju^^cprtiA?ate. Said Upi
? shall, meet twice a.year, and.shall.
pMntfor each School District threpSch
Tru^e^bo. shall hp? their, office
two years. If thorej.,l8.;aa Exapaho;
.Boajfd in this County, it is news? to.i
Xi ?jie exists," where and w^ear.baye th
meetinars been helcj,, and. whare ^are i
proceedings of this ^oar^ to J^e, found.
Why were the School Trustees not j
pointed sooner? It will be rome
bered they were not ap^phnt?d until I
order was' published ?Tosmg our put
's'ch?'ols until tho 1st' November. '.
" 1 ajh informed there are a larr nu
ber of'drafts, drawn on the TreaSuref
the'School Commissioner^ brijaid.' W
Isthis ? The amount of1 the draftsYsfti
thaw the appropriation due' thisjTotin
not including the Cftpitofioh':frax!''
this owing to Mr.'Woolly's gP?dn?t?i
If so,; tho same reasoning' w??ld expl?
? why the Gpunty indebtedness is no? pa
and'why County scrip is dull in the m:
ketat?O oentaimthedollai*-T ?.b asiB
. The School Oomnussmnea^ifl frequir
to visit each school* three timeeia;year
acquaint himself; with the-, character a
condition of such school, and..to aid t
teachers to,improve themselves., m tb
prpfession.^ He shall, also deliver a pu
Jic lecture in each of the several Distri
,P.f the County cadi year, for the purpc
pf elevatmg/th?'stan'dard of cducati
and increasing the.interest of the peb]
in Public Schools. I would ask the ci
zens of this County if these dufies ha
been performed . ?ry our 'County Seht
Commissioner? .Haye they ' had t
benefit of his' advice 'and . experience'
their schools? Has tho mtercst arno:
ther people in behalf of the1 "Public Sclioc
"been increased during ?h? pr esent y?a
The'h'ard'earned-' money 'wrung fro
the -Taxpayers te- support the schoo
-shbrdd certainly oe'properly expend?
and in'tlie manner it was' intended to
applied;> : And some -one is ^certainly
. blame. Th e County Treasurer ls in fal
in not collecting the Taxes, aud'if collet
ed, m not cashing the drafts for the p?
Qt the, Teachers. :fAn.d-tho-School Coi
missioner. too has , cflrtainlyi .fallen i
(ahort of the dptie%of ibiB office,..andh
stretched his authority- in assuming
apt for. the:;Board of Examiners. | Mi
who haye such thirst fpr .office, and.wl
yey er-, fail to d^awjthelr pay, should gi
ta ?i'r offices their undivided attention..
thc3; fail to render thc services requin
63- law, 'they should resign, or bo di
placed. ? '.' ' ..:*'. 'HOWARD.
/ !u!Torche Advertiser: : . '
>fri;'EDI^Q$-Born ?rid Tnis?d in o
Edgefieldj btft vhaving^lcft ir'v" pefliaj
n?ver^o returri,ll.iijar? tmV feel a"five:
??tc?est!ih'J'it3:pVpspt?fifcy.? 'Every foot
thci??ld-tt?tVfl^sStili'^millar and" sugge
tivtfof tiiote?'st'ple?slrtg associations
'early liSai?whlle the" check erod scenes-1
manhoc?J?;with its joys and sorrows ter
but to deepen that interest .wiri eu cvei
intelligent man mast feel in the place 1
his nativity. EEW^j rosperity,-nay, eve
thc- perpetuity-of old Edgeiicld no
hangs on. a.slender thread.- That th rca
.is-Railroad or no Railroad-...Iii therolbi
behooves every one interested in tho ol
town, to rally to ita;assistance. To th
on d, sui Ipr mo-iii diic doli'ei on?o .to th
wi#dom,aiid zealot' .otiiers, to make a fe
'???cctiiyl .^/////(jj/io/'s.
A Railroad tol'dgclield is now.a matte
pf life br,djjatWa b^cossitj^rasel f avider
act thatmec'cls np^vsjume?t. ; Th is . Rai i
road .can be. built and j.ion?y cnn bc mad
by building.iv >J?i cen bc. birilt u-ithou
raising s ?in\?of subscript iow nionc?r* J
should and must fie built.
. .Thc suggestion I would malv? isusjfol
lows :. D'jvide.thc cWanec between Edge
?icld and tho junction point, pu thc C. C
A.A. E. R. .into^sections pf. one-lburtl
if a mile," and let out these'sections t
builders ot contractors who will own th
?tune as sp much Stock :u the Road. Ii
other'words, call upon twenty-four
more bV lees-citizens-to subscribe tb
labor to build each ?section more or less
?s he may wish j to undertake. ??cl
Stockholder ^rill thus'build or wdrk bu
his^stotrk'. Now let'it' bo remembered tba
whatever in the cctet- oT bnirdihg a Hail
rond per m??? t/'.cpi:ojils of the contractor
are included tn 'that' estimated cost. I
then each Stockholder works outhisfdoel
ho has a margin ' of twenty-five or fiin
per?"<*nt. profit in Uio estfifaatc of-'thi
Origiiud cost of .buHdibg the road. - '
; If then, wli.cn the contracting .Stock
holders have liuished'Hie roadjvimd wist
to sell it tofthe larger and moreablo Com
pany, oven should: they, sell out at tht
original. cost-^u9ually > estimated-tlicv
will makctlic eontnictor'?profits. a
?As fhave nojjieans of. knowing oven
the-?rOximate amount pf the cost of gra
ding and.haying 'down the ;cross-tie;: pei
mile,. Jet . us, for .the sake , of illustra
tien, suppose that in cests, four thousand
dpllai-s, or.prp rata,ipii?illiousanid dollars
per soctioii. TAVO hired freedmen \yitli-ii
cart and mulpand a few. spadas.shoycls,
r?ces.va/id. picka^ja. ,aix}. months,- can
bui?d, a section/, nt a.cqst of nut exceeding
uyejhundred dollars. TJio. samemargin
of profit.may also^bc cxnitendcd for ih
buying the iron and ' laying it down. .I
will not greatly.-.err in stating that in
building Rai]r'6ads,'''the ' coiitriiciors 'and
I.'iborc'i-s, ar?' Uie emly persons who i'uako
money by til^'opcra'tipn.' ?Tay I hazard
another asSCTtwm. .S?yen-tchths of the
Railroad'sWciv ;:is-below, par; arid'yet,
theimm?nse amount ofi?bor fcquiml
id inn- the ?fORds, all over- tHeVorh},' ls
wen paid-laboiv- : itoqi; ?t>
*[* htti 'RtrsTic.
For the Advertiser. ' *'.
Mn. Epixon.-A.t .thp Ministers^ pea-'
cons aiv?Mcunbers' Moetiiig, (h?hi^at Lit-'
Lie Stevens'' ?r?ck Cjj?r?h^. <o? ^ursday
lust, 'fl.ie,.3clinsiy the following .preamble
arid. Resolutions wore; ;.presented "and'
mianiihouslV adopted, arid request made
ihahhev bo published in thc Edgefield
Advertiser. . .
?K C; BRYAN, Sec'ry.
' ^?Ti?te?EAS, We deem 'tfi? iri?nlcienev;
i)f our.eiiurches ?dn?j marnl\- to tlwjlaclc
3?, proper .disciphne. Arid Wiiereas,
Certain practices are allowed which at
the'samotirne afienot'approved:
'wTht 'fore Jiesolved, That we uni'fe^in
nrgrhgjtipon. thetGhivchos--.to exerease.n
uiorc'rigid watch over their. nicuiiberR;
hld timt iri addition io other plain vldl?
tldri's df'God's word^w? boris?dePth?-fol
lowing; as ofifences njoi-iting their otteri
Lton and dis?plijac, viz^
1st, Indifference, Especially as marii
Rost?r in' not attendfrig me1 meetings' ?f
thc Church, and engaging in its work^.
iO. failingrtto laboi; vitlth. .warn, and (if
pe'ffiist?nt,jr?po'r"tmeni.l' rs of thoCljurch
?hat arc;kriowri to b???n disorder, and' iri
refusing to furnish pecuniary aid in stis
?ining tho Cbarchkaiid.ministry. \ ? |j
2d, Engdglbg in d?ncing. as practiced
it the' present day,; o**giving-sanctdon arid
mcpnragement to it, by allowing it ih
heir.hpij&es.; .. / : .- ,"? ?/,
3d,- Taking- paft ih chancfl enterprises,
itich'as^rdtriBry gaiubling, l?ttop?s, ?ft
mtorprlsasv'&?..-' -. . ./. i :.!. .- ) ; .
^thjrAll kinds vof 'iayil speaking1 and
From tho Columbia Pbonix.
Arrestgtf a Murderer.
EmTOR^gWe learn that ofl^asl
irdav nighfc?tnc 29th ult., about
)ck..'?ix or eight miles... above Si'
HinNewber:y.?Gouniy. a,
peaceatile cin??n,SS : th<
DstoncWhite, ftasHot
. some-.'-unknown rafrty
coron?is in^uea^^j j"
, by Mr. Samuel^nrhia..
]?wbe^."Gourf^ousei"l?c they .
find no direct clue to-Jhe guilty party.
Late Tuesday eveningffti party of good
disposed citizens, aroused by well-found
ed suspicions, proceeded to the house of Mr.
-|-Ekjab Pitts.hving near the-line of Lau
rens County, and threatened him, in case
JI^'^cFj^ot'directllem to the whereabouts
at Sn "Noan ^?ett?, the suspected party.
Through fear of personal injury, Mr. Pitts
? ?ie?+heii?rrty abo^h?H'^^ie--frr>n??hw?|
.iiouse- tp a. pine .thicket, t which was ^ur
' rounded,, and. after a short search tile sup-.
fised murderer ?was 'discovered! ''.g?rerai
st?l shot's werc-'fired at him, withom ef."
ct* wlte? lie was overhauledi'-by' Mr.'A.
K.:Tribble. . After they: had effected'the
arrest, MettB confessed-that hehfrd, iiperpe-;
.gratad, the horrible murder- . He was taken
-aboard the down freight, train,.,on.' Wed
nesday'moraing, at Saluda Old'.tbwn, mad
'c?rrieuto Newberry, accompanied by his
escort,"anet' lodged 'in ' jail. It" is to be
hoped *hat the good citizehs'-of South
?arolita witt follow the foot-steps of Sa
luda OkLTown,in striving to preserve the
.peace and.q.uiet of the 'State, without
( soliciting the aid of the military ; for. jiis
thrQUgh their virtue alone that \ve may
ever hone to bring about pea'c? and "pr?s"
peritv. ' ' - m 1 ?
:, H . -V-f- -?i ,n^c/. ::: !
J-, .?,.' : Removal, of Piensan ton. >
|t ^WASHINGTON, August^.-Last-night
:Qjrant sent his privateSecrotaryitOiPleas
anton, requesting his resignation,! Fleas-1,
, anton declined tb rj?sign,,, whereupon* the;
? President'determined Lo.-suspend him,
-and appoint Douglass. The matter^will
probably bo consummated to-day.,j -, ?
..The President-has departed. ""r
Pleasanton has been fo"rmaU^,Rus'pe^d
cd arid'. Douglass appoint?e!, ap?t.in pos
siqn of the office, t f,. . .
The immediate causes assigned for,
Pleasanton's removal jn official circles,'
are: RevenuenoV collected'toth ef?cieh-j
"cy, reVersal.''of rulings1 of1 liiS pred?c?s-J
sors, and making decisions,' tho effect Of
which needlessly lessen the revenue, and
acting ort important matters without con
sulting Boutwell, wherein Boutwell had
paramount authority. " ; ;
--ail -_w/>,;.!
. For the Advertiser-, ion
J , ,:. Tribute of ftespect, i.
i At a.regular (^moijiuioatiom of, Cald
well Lodge, ;No 82, A. F;.M.,,?the follow-;
ing Resolutions Avera offered -#nd unani
mously, adopted :. ., . . .
WI?EBEAS, It has pleased the Allwise.
Creator pf the Universe tq,.remove fromj
our midst our much esteemed and war-!
thy Brother S..JAM?S TOMPKINS,)
who occupied the, place of Junior War
den of our Lodge. Therefore he it
l?esoived, That.il his death this Lodge
has lost a worthy and efficient Brother aha?
officer. ' *fc ' . !
Resolved, -That thisj Lodge clothed;
.in thepsual habilamentsof mourning for"!
' thirty d.-iys, dud a blank page b'6 left ht
'minutes "in . memory- :of' onr d?ix??tkt
Brother.-: ... . . . edi ?j >n
llcsclpcdy That, wo extend j our heart
felt sympathies to the widow of 'the de
ceased r and that 'ax?opy of the above
Resolutions bc sent td her, and one also
to the Edgefield Advertiser for publica
tion. ' T. M. SEIGLER, Scc'ry. \
July 29th, 1871.
Special Nolice.
In answer to many inquiries, we would
'state to ticket-holders that it is not ne
cessary for thom to be present at the
Concerts or drawing of tho South Caro
lina. Land andlmmigr.alionSociety, Cer
tified copies of same, sworn ,to by the
Commissioners, will bo published in the'
principal newspapers, and copies will be
forwarded by mail to all parties interest
ed. All orders for. one or more tickets,
lccompanicd by thc money, will receive
imm?diate attention and tho tickets for
warded by next mail.
Persons ordering tickets by mail may
depend upon thc strictest secrecy, being!
observed on our part.
Send money by registered letters, post-,
Office Order', mail, express, or* draft'on
New York banks.
% ,r , ....
We wish it to bo distinctly understood
tlia't tlie distribution of gifts will posi
tively como oif on the day advertised,
viz: the 1st October.
St^ul your money direct to the Manag
ers, as per address below.
Charleston, S. C.'
Mr. James Brown, eldest son of our old
friend, Mr. John Brown, of Linn county,
disappeared in 1SG3, from jackson,. Miss,,
and ?lis relatives have long mourned . him
as dead. James, was'a soldier df thc 35th
Missouri infantry, and was fatten prisoner
by'the Confederates in one of the "battles
preliminary to thc siege ot1 Vicksburg, iii
?Si?3;.and 'was sent to Jackson,- Miss)., and
imprisoned. Hero he was recognized . by
an old Linn county friend,' Capt. V?n.,
Sandusky, of the Confederate arm'v. V.who
effected his release from! prisuiff jae left
.Jac kson,'and no traces of his subsequent
whereabouts could be 'discovered by his
relatives, although diligent' efforts have
bee n. ma je,, to-solve the mystery. Recent- ,
ly ililbrnvition, believed to be reliable.,, has
reached Mft Brown, to thc_effect thai* his
long-lost son is one o? the 'United States
"prisoners' confined at 'thc Island of'thc.
Dry Tortugas, off thc coast of "Florida,
. though-by what mean? orheiwdie'camc l o.
?be sent there has not transpired. -<JoL ? J.|
F. Asper^of this city, we learn, hastakon!
I, ?he matter in hand, and -will investigate
'.. LO a satisfactory ?plujtion.--Chillicotho
(Mo.j Constifuiion.
MAiutiED,in Philadelphia, Pa., on the
1st iusfc., ?attho residence of Mr. D.^ II
McDonah;!,. hy. the ;Rev. Slr. Warren
Pastoi-.pf ! Areli. Strept M. E. Church
Capt.p*?D; L. SMITH, of.Edgefield
S. C.,'and Miss'ELLA LEE WELL
"MOR?^of Baftimpre, Md.'. No cards.
Di KD snddeuly,, an? thc 3d qt 'August
ter of E. H. and Si. E. REYNOLDS, in the
rJ3th year of her age. ,: '
Inithe,death of little ELLA how forcibly
are we reminded of tho oft-frepealed as
sertion that-,tin tho midst of life we are
in death." Few chil dren bf her age gave
greater promise of a .lifo, of usefulness,
should she have been -spared, than she.
Dutiful and ''affectionate,. ana'endowed
with an nncommoin intellect, for a child
pf her-ago, she was tho? pride of her pa
rents. ' But' God's ways are not as our;
ways, and He has seen proper to trails
plant the little flower from this sinful
.World below; to a brighter worjld,abovo;. '
Lot us bo^' in humble submission to
His will' and let the heart-strickeri pa
rents bear in-mind that' li their, loss is
? her eternal gain.1'j for. Christ has said
"stifler little cliildrcn to come unto ide,
ai?d forbid them' hot',1.for of such1 is tho
FKifigdom of-ueaven." . ftflls C.
7- ?TUT ? AUGUST A,-, ?tug?sfS.
GOLD-Buying at 111 and selling at 112,
'COTTON-Thc market has boen voiy
dull the entire day ^Vffh a*dcelirfln?* ten
dency. We quote.Liverpool middling at
Llidem, .closing very .dull.,, Sak;s, 20
bales; receipts, 25.. ? - -
. B?CON-Stock largo and market un
changed; Cl Sides, ll ; C. r R -Sides, 10;
iShouidors,. 8(a>9 ; -Hams,;.-15? ?0; Dry
"Salt Shoulder?,. 7 ; Dry Salt C. R.:Sides,
"9i;'BVS. Clear-Sides, 10. ' ? '
>'-COBN-Prime white is selling aW)5 ote.
.by the car load ,from depot ;. retail, $J.
WHEAT-We quote choice white, ^185;
amber, $1 (55. . ..
FLOUR- City-MiHsVi|7 SOGIQ? at re
tail, $1$ barrel, higher., .Coimtry, ?7 50
according to quality^ ; A . . ,,
COR??; MEAL-?1,05 at wholesale; fl 20
latretaiU' .
; ; ; O AT?t-,70 @ 80. -, ,; ? -r ;.; j- / .
' Jilst ReciiTed. "i, r
/V' NlCE L?t- ?f .21ATR"' and TOOTH
? BBUSHES, at ? ? |?? - ?
Roanoke College, Salem, Va.
'ns on tho Uth September, 1871
This Institution lujfsoi full Co
,j-uoL?r?, a th'orough<cpnrse of
iud ;i?ina ?it'?i hiph. gradado f sch
?Its superior educational ad>
mderate^e^?nse9|mea?^i^. loca?
ccellent mail, tmyelinga^bd i"1
^cilit4esf.v^idor it we&wor
.c expenses for.Session of ten"
jcut S21U. This f?nate includes Board
pd Tuition, einj&racuflfi^Iodcrn Lan
gages. A slight advan? on the above
for Student's board in private families.
Tlie Session is divided into two terms
of five months-each, beginning Septem
ber 0,1871, and February 1,1872.
Students may enter "at any time and
take regular course, or such studies as
they prefer.
The. College is in a flourishing condi
and numbered among, river* students of
last Session representatives from fifteen
11 ijiri^ Catalogo es can be had by address
ing REV. D. F. BITTLE.D. D.,
President of the College.
Aug9--; ' " - 2t 83
Georgia UM? F?rfite Co.
?WtiR 'tti?'ir?',.SHELL LIME" to the
Plantihg'p'ublic in'full confid?tice of
its exxellpnc? as a . -, , .. i.?,' :
Pernianent Alanine, ri
It was^te'nsivcly u?ed thc past year
on Wheat, Corn'ahd Cottoh',,and has giv
en' cntire'satisfaction, as ls'shown by a
number, of certificate^ from some pf the
best planters in'Georgia and So. Carolina.
Our XXX LIME is cqtfal'to antill the
market for-all Mason's .purposes, land
from its whiteness, su2f&nar.,tomy other,
for whitewa?hmg?ajiidf for ^d-finishing
walls. ' , ? ,.t.. '
.^Oux price.fpr. Fertilizing Liihe is $15,00
per ton, Cash,.pu,t up' .in, Cjasks. ,or* Bar
rels, deiiyexod fri .the.City pf. Augusta,pr
at any landing.?on tb e., Savannah Riyer.
The price of XXX or jMasoh's "Linie i3
?2,00 rjer^arrel,, delivered as above!
Jo. 14, McIntosh ^Street, Augusta, Ga. :
AGENT : M. H. MIMS, Johnson's Depot
:A/ug;8n r: .' ? n*f?? ?m A33
--rn-T.-TI-Tv? - TTT"
li:.-A-, l^ARCrM^V'
THE >35 .Horje/Power. ENQl?^E, ?nd
MACHINERY of a first rate Flour
and Corn Mill' at present successfully
^working ih Columbia, 'Can *e' bought
^eap,from ; .iiua-avji wuuh - lu*y .
., ,, ; ; JAS. -HUNTER; Miller.
.'Columbia, Aug 9 ' ".. tf S3
. ' ?--'-^-!-S ..*
? Notice. '
T WLLL-be abseht from the County
4. from this date until the first of Sep
tember,, .during, which time^my Omeo
will,fbe closed! H. W. ADDISON, Esq.,
wiU^have my1 business in ch?rge during
my absence! foi* ?il ! :.'
... . J. L. ADDISON,
Aug 9 , , 3t . "f3?J
--,:? 'lil J. -. -\ w.'.'J. "-i
??lo: ? Notice .. ; -w. fd
IS'lwrebygiventha*japplioati?nJW?l be
?madaat the next session of, the hep
islature ol this State for a chatter to build
a Railroad from La?rensC H. via Edg?-;
field O. HI' 'to Augusta, h Ga., or I some
Iriointdnthe C. C. <fc A. Railroad South,.o(
Pine House Depot., . . ,,. .,: . *, ?
. Edgefi?ld, S. a/Augf"1.^ 'Sm^ -
: ... "I* AO " ?lh ?
\ YOUNG'L?DY, competent to Weh*
.xx.'the higher Ehglish Branches, desi res
.th?-charge of a? small Schook ;or .woj^d
hcwilling to take a School in some fami
ly." Good references given. " Applv at
tnisOfflce. ; . .-' ?X "'
. Aug 8:- >ir>t 3fc ,.33- f
-irrt-3T';;.W - .y / ;? a.i,- . ?::T?T~
. J.HE. Undersigned are gratified to be
able to Announce to the'public, that thc
.sented to take charge; ?T thf lEdgefiold
Male Academy .on the,,l}th.?8ep*<mtber.
next. His attainments in Schblarshif),
and his hiigh Character recommendHfis
Card In to-day's paper to th cunos t tavoia
ble consideration of .our,people, .and in
sure a first class Englisli and Classical
School. ' . '"
w>m\ '|a fn-M. L. BONHAM,
A. J. NORRIS, . " - >
Trustees Edgerteki .Male Academy. .
Aug. 1,1S71. ..... . .. -..*
EdgefieM Me Academy.
THE Undersigned having agreed to
take charge of this Institution, "will, en
deavor to.makc it a Schobl worthy of thc
patronage of the community imd thc
country at large.
?pstiiiutjon will be given in the usual
glish branches, "Mathematics, Latii}.
Greek nnd'Freneh, (and if deslred.in the
Oriental Languages.) .
.Preparation for College or ordinary btj
siiicss lifo will bc the standard of the
Regular aiuLaccurat? Reports will be
furnished of thc, standing and deport
ment of the Students.
' Th? Term'-Will' ebrisiSt:of two Half ]
Sessions of Twenty Weeks each. Thc
first beginning September 11th and end
ing Feb. 9th (with an intermission of two
wflcks at Christmas.) Tho Second begin
ning Feb. 1:2th and ending Juno 29tn "?j
Terms per Half Session.:
For-Studeuts in priinary English^''$15,00
" " . " higher English and <.
. tho Languages,.' 20,001
Payable at the beginning and middle*
of each Half Session;: .
Board can be obtaj.ned. in private!fami
lies at reasonable rates.
Trto.se wishi ng to toter* wiHrp?ea8e~ ap
plv immediately to. *rr o.-i rftcHl orv'
REV- L, miOADD?S.,,,,
Ed'gcfield, S. C.'
' Ang'2 ' : tf ? ' " 32
MARIOCRT ?& OLIS'BrYdmve .histre
ceived tbg.lollowing brandy pf y^rv^u
20 ios REDTOP, - <
15 , <; White FLAT. DUTCH, .
I? Large White' NORFOLKf,
10 " MALDEN BALL;- .' . '
10 Yellow.ABERDEEN.v.ij
lp. .. " STRAP LEAF, ?,f ?,\
Besides various other kinds., [j j A
Aug.,2 . ( tf, . . ', te
i . .
.u bi- ?xi ?
Fiiac ??eef Clkcap ?oi? Ca^tii
THE undersigned, has .ph .baud,- "and
will'continue tb keep, ? lot of 'choice
YOUNG BEEVESi which , he wilh sclli
from his Market-House, at Goodman's]
old Stand, eyery Tuesday, Thursday a/ia
Saturday morning. ' ' ..
r. Choice Steaks, I2i.cts. per pound.' .All
remainder from 5 to 10 cts. per pound... !
f N.otice the reduction in price, -and'be
siire to weigh your li??f at home. '
pi)-l Sell for CASH ONLY! in /,
Aug. 2 '2t ' :32
_ _j_- . ? t'i . . . ;.; >:
?fate of South Caro??ia,
C'ow7-< of Common Pleas..
A- J. Crews.
. Vs: ' ;'
Mary Gomillion, Ad'x.,
tioy^tt Gomillion, ,
Thomas Thomson,
Margaret Thomson,
Samuel F. Goode,) < .
Mar}' Goode,
rp the Defendants .Samuel F- Goode and
Maiy Goode'his. wife :
"^TOU are hereby summoned and re
X.0quirodto answer the complaint in
;his action,, of which a copy js hcre^ltli
ierv?nTipo'n yon, aud io serve a Copy bf
frobr answ?r to tli?'said complaint oti tHe
iub?c4ibers.at their. Office,i afr. Edgefi?ld
-qurt House, S. CL within twenty days
ifte'r the service hereof, exclusive of the
lay of such service; and if you fail tu
mswesi j tho ? complaint. withiii the -tim o
ubresaid, WP plaintiff, in this action will
ipp?y to we C?irrtibr tlie relief Jemand
?dfin'th? cdtfiplnintr-'i: lif- ''
, Plaintiff^,Attorneys..
' 'Dated July 10, 1871. .
ro'tue Defendants Samuel F. Goode'and
'?Mary-Goode: 1 '? -t
"Take-notice tThatthe' siimmdnti1 Itt this*
iction, of'which the foregoing.is a copy,
vas filed in the Office of the Clerk of the
Jbnrt of .Common Pleas foi- Edg?fiel
?OhhtV; rtt Edgefi?ld Court HOUSQ,HS: C.
>A tho' 14th day ot"July(J871 [ . . | . : '
u , ,WRIGHT & NORRIS, . ,
K . .' . ' Pl?lhtffis^A'ttorn?y?:
Edgefi?ld "OJ H., Aug Is?,.l871. -0?32i
Doniectioiieri?s. Nnts, ?fcc.
the Good People of Edgefield, and the many readers of the
?isa; and invites them, when they are in want of
oots and Shoes,
s Reliable House, next door to James A. Gray & Go., where
they will find NOTHING BUT THE BEST WORK! And all made to
order in Baltimore and Philadelphia.
Having made a flying trip to the above cities, and taking advantage of
tho dull times-.prevai'ing there, Lean, con-ceieutiously say that I. have .
The Best Goods Ever Brought to this Market!
And every style'of Gentlemen's Hand-Sewed Shoe?^t?^pT $iff "
Low Strap Shoes-^Prince Albert's-made of Morocco and Calf, with and
\~^"*mt?m*f?!fm. "1 *' -' i.. i. .JU .i...
And?YMY Oilier sjjyle Kwflii)^ the fErade!
Nothin^yifbe leftjbhdojie^meri^^^ Jay fcellow-Citi
zens. I would j usinas s?o? loree a paper^as^eguile^he^rirac with any
Aus 8
ii LKOu
?lilli fi .tari , i..i?ti::;i ..i" ; '.I...-. ..^ -. .( .
SOOT:*?{ Hil
r ii' tm'JOii Root) W . i ?.'.DJO?U .><?; -jabua .-hir.- io] ?"?
"'flhtj wi J no axy&cti ui
.wnx/Jv: iiocg
AWHMly^w *42UL? wi???-toxi)y? ?A lia
??oi JKI/? no^jr
. lit?kUat??w &moo?J !fiw?*bife*3 ,???g ci ?Hi? j?s ?wa?W
Customers.of -Edgef sid, that nofcwit
they haye made up to the present time, of SUMMEE
have I*ARGB. STOCKS)?o .select/from^fi?^ at^Prijces fo^uit^ M^Ui/d
?ompnse Everything in Seasom&r?jJ^ieg, ^^^??^Bq^^J^^^^fd
,Ar? to/V^i?^.t?
^ured.that,aA-exa^aation fflgjjjl^gygfjfip atMa8?di '..
EstabUs?^4???f- ' * ^
.J?'i'4-'. mn'uini) ,.iA* Jd .Vf tfHOl
?a*>i?:?^?iti?mi t*i???jj m'ww.?.-.?: .. vida si OJMS>:.
;imt.*Q?i>?- O. For?as,
258 Broach Street,[?.^jagusta, Ora.
?T ??{Ova XJ?O
. .'i R?J ri* s \:\\<s'
Augusta, July 26
,1 < iH?i?f-"- ltt2?
l ebooO pfl ? $nhij2 wo M
I WILL OFFER for the next Thirty Days,'ou ? Bargain Counter,
my Entire Stock of ? .
Ge^W W^jjf^
Ladies' DRESS^OO^ ^-,, X:i U| l> ^ OJaa
^ I mean this, and am determined.to ^elj nouwithsLanding-the great sacrifiWi.
Ali.task.is for mj custom.ers to gi.y^me.acall and^pe.fjp^^e^^ly^s.'". .
These Goods are entirely New, and wijl he soldjajb'^i )fflq;$*fl*
cated, for CASH, AND CASH, ONLY.. . .' ' t * n??\, j . ^
At SullivanV'OW Stand?
Notice to Planters ! "
are now receiving; anffare pre-'1
pared to funu^h our^stome^rp^j
Over Five Hundred Actual Fires
Put Oat with ii ! .
. ?ru 9r.9AilL-> ot L+U . rx
More than
parcu to tunnsli our customers, ^ L J
^In quantities ,to suit-their jequu-emVnj^
and would Lc glad tb have your or?ers.
All who have no Brand to mark their
Cotton, if they will so state when the
ord?rJ3a?gb?g ,and"T?es, y.O^.P?X"
theni^fr?o.of cliarge, J .
I /^fes^eftir?hre?ptfL Wf CA^
wft.r* at^dgefnki Srvy or sW airect
to tholIouM*ijfl^4^|^attention
4 H A? REN, fA}JA$? A <J0,
//AugWS???#Ug>.?? '-.<?J 4M 31
/ _-^.-jC$.'Ul<? T^.' '?> 1?^V?>.
?> '.HU
[.S hiiv/3-just received, l^t Steamer
Aftlc?Miii'eet fronv*hgltkml,'i;h??fellow^
ihr'kinas:-- '. f?* SS^^J?^?S
r . q^.^epiif S^<E>.y S
.j White Globe ?QMBffcAjflAjP, | -,,
" Yellow Pui-ple Top ABBRDBSIN, ifs
Piu^I?Topf?aigholm MBjflflfAGA,
Skiryin;sLiverpool RUTABAGA,
?rpns;e T^X^Pro^ftUTj^BAGA.
.< For Sale bv-w !.... ItotHiur. nr. . . !yft
!* ,i?W M?'Oj^E.^;^.;
.:. 23^ Broad Street, Augusta^. Ga. "
Aug 2 . ^a . . lia 32
('Jj tj : .. ;.?THE
ii* "'f;
Notio to Bridge RniMei^
: ^'04?^o,4?.JC^Jnryi30^?S.
tJL' iOSSIONERS 'will :^?iveS?alM
Proposals at their Ofliee, on the 26th day
of .August next, ./or the Bnildin? of. jthe
following named Iirid'gcS, viz:
One' across Turkey Creeky at Lowo'p
Ford,.8?4ieethi?h, 335 feetlong, ?ot* good
durable heart timber, of siz-es commonly
used for building mich Bridges,* jtnd I an
Embankment at the East end, hf E*th
and Rock, 30 feet long, and sufficiently
high; to ascend theiBilflge? i: *s>ti "j t&
One at Rogue ShwTs Ford across Big
Stevens' Creek, on tn c .Key Roadj.
' Cm?"- across'.Dr. Uuckhalter's.' Sprii^
B'rhncti, ?ii the Key Hoad,.
And one across Ilor^e ..Creek, at Gran
itevillc, on the Flat Rock Road. .
Further Specifications and Plans can
. - r> !>. ?W I 3^
.^fflYt.tt; vfJ/udKi'O'i 'S?H")t i WM'S.
*:h't f 7(): -TM }r~1w4*> iu :* .1*1
133 Wash! ng ton St i ee t, ?lUcago.
^-K v:di. uMtiA
Insurance Companies reduce rates where
has adopted it
Fui s Out BnrMrrp :^ xhfeae, Tar, Ac
Aug 2
HAVIN^|$II b(4??^Kfe atten?iop
to. thc business . of - :RBPAIftING Md
TUNING PIANOS, inow.otfpr my ser
vices .td the people ot Edgefieh?, promis
lng prompt aufl. good work to all. who
may favor.'nj.e.with their patronage.
Aug 2 tf ;,32..
boots',f Shoes & ?runksj
Aim*Ivwe*, ,
. July.26 '4 : 3m 31 *
T?OR ?he'gteater accomodation of tax
JD payers the Auditor will oe at the fol
. Beeth Island,' ' . ' ^?ft '
Cherokee Ponds; V*to d il f. tttfa. "
J..Hainburg, . . ,?. ,12tb , ii
i-The- tax?pay?? ?f Edwoneld Oo??4yt
who hove not already made their rcUirns,
are eemesfly requested tm do ?o before
the 20th of August, . as i% WiH 8?re-them
both trouble and ?mnoy. :^ /."Sf
Auditor Edgefield Couatr; ..
Aug^v' ' kq X'.j hif^j- fe .
? WOULD l)eg leave to resi>ectrally
inform m&X?j?ds (jMt??QHjHi&'lhe la
dies,) ?ndW?WicT^
fleld^toat on tho(lst Au^rnst, and(t
fpr^;ard\,'|,wjlj. b.e.'foynd M^idj
Dry GoodP, Establishinent <?\Vr- Bffi|K
A.RDlS* B?OS: ?-^th? J^erioksbjift
Store,"-Augusta, Ga., where VvMft be
most happy to see and serve them, giving
them pcrh?ga'*a adj^tag^M bargains
in everv respect as may be 'obtained in
.:'?<;' *. ST
'^Atdgnsta, July29;. >tojj?-l
i? O':
I'JVI'^-.OHI- : ? .fifi i
BOX: FRES&: ^?^fer
celvcd., AndLemor? wiU;b?i^*5fetf
stantly onhand?t " .? .
May 17 1

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