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Can Ruffians Silence the Press i
An outrage occurred in the most fre
quented portion of the city on ? Tuesday
, evening which demands plain words from
the press and prompt And vigorous ac
,tion on the part of .the custodians of the
rights of the citizen and the public peace.
Mr. John A. Moroso, one of the editors of
The Courier, was quietly passing the?cor
ner of Broad and Meeting streets, when
he was rudely accosted by Mr. H. W.
Hendricks in reference to the publication
of thej-eports of the recent trial of the
latter on certain grave charges in Atlanta
Ga. Mr. Moroso avowed the responsibili
ty for the publications in question,.where*- ]
upon Hendricks dealt him a furious blow |
and then, retreating a*few paces, drew sm3
levelled at him a pistol with the in
solent boast : " PU teach some of yon
men to write about me in the newspa
pers," or words to that effect. Mr. Mor- j
oso, being unarmed, was* of course unable
to resent the cowardly assault, and Hen
dricks was restrained. from further mis
chief by one of his well known boon com
panions, several of whom were with bira
at the tune.
It is certainly somewhat extraordinary,
and not particularly creditable, that a
scene like this should have occurred un
noticad under the very shadow of the
Guardhouse, which is tue headquarters of
the city police. Still, it is possible, con
sidering- all the circumstances and the
suddenness of the attack, tHat the whole
affair may really have escaped the atten
tion of the police-sentry on dutv. And
now it remains to be' seen whether the
peace omeera will do their duty. We
' know that Hendricks hos long been ac
customed to snap his fingers at the ma
. chinery ef public justice in South Caro
lina, so far as his own violent proceedings
were concerned^, We shall' now see ' how
our new Criminal Court will "treat the
hero of this dastardlv, murderous and.un
provoked assault. "VVe say unprovoke \
for the publications, which were the pre
text of the outrage, consisted merely of
the reproduction of the reports given by
. the Atlanta papers of a public trial, ab
solutely without comment.
But whatever the action of the pear??
officers and judicial authorities in this
.case, if Mr. Hendricks, or anybody else,
fancies that the press- of Charleston cai'
be silenced by thc bludgeon or pistol of
any ruffian who may .suddenly grow.jeal
ous' of his reputation, he mikes a very
grave mistake. The Nexos desires t<
wrong nb "man, friend dr toe; 'ami if- sn
consciopsly, jt should be unjust "to arv
one, it is'at all times readv and anxious
to repair the injury; but, whatever happens, j
' it may be set down as a fixed' fact thai
bullying and violence will in all instances
. be found thc worst possible channels i ?
seeking redress or of escaping public and
deserved reprobation.-Charleston News.
Speech of Senator Ransom.
In the United States ?Senate, on th<
f 10th instant Mr. Buckingham, of Connec
ticut, made a few remarks ra opposition rb
a pending bill removing "the disabilities of
ex-Governor Vance, which elicited from
General Ransom, of'. North Carolina, th
following eloquent speech :
One word in reply to the Honorable
Senator from Connecticut. Let mc say
that I have formed the acquaintance ot
th it Senator", 'and have" been impressed'
with his courteous bearing to gentlemen
. on this floor and his apparent desire to di
right. But let me tell that? Senator that
the sentiments which he has just givei;
utterance to arc not thc sentiments U.
cultivate the peace and harmony of the
country, or to exalt 'its character in the
opinion of the world. Let ine say to tho
Senaior and to the eounirv that this great
Republic cannot afford to" be wanting in
I recall no instance in the hjstorv o<
civilized nations when the character or th?
interest of a people has suffered from t ht
exercise of magnanimity; that highes!
virtue in individuals and States. I urns;
say that the Senator does not comprehend.
m the genius and temper of the South.' Thev I
are a brave, generous, fair people, and th? ;
spirit and principle of honor are, as thei '
Lave ever been, very dear to their hearts j
IT is true they toob m'-f-ine ._?M^*?aa?^Kv. J
~ Government, and fdr tour years manifest- .
ed, under unspeakable trials, their devoted i
virtues, that if they did not make their 1
efforts successful, at least vindicated them ?
from dishonor. The war is over. The '
people and States of thc South have in ?
coo?l faith acknowledged their allegiance .
to the Government of the United State.-, i
and nothing but inj usticc.suapicion.'and lis-* -i
trust on the part of the North can inter- 1
fere with the harmony so essential to na-:
tional prosperity.
The South desires peace and justice,
liberty and equal rights-a Constitutional
Government. With these the Union will
be perpetual. It is true, Mr. President,
that with the people of my State and her ?
Southern sisters 1 took UP arms against ,
the Government, and stood faithfully I i
trust by their fortunes- until all hope was i
extinguished. Nor do I blush to name it ?
here. It is not proper, nor have I the de
sire, to discuss the right or wrong of thesi
events which have now passed into histo- ?
ry. I prefer, greatly prefer, as our people
do, to nnite with all patriotic men in heal- 1
ing all our wounds and bending ali our
energies to promote ami secure the peace,
happiness, and honor of the whole Ameri
can people. And let me here 'in my plact
say that if danger should from any quar- ,
ter threaten this country-if'war wi ti,
England, with France, with Spain, with
any of the great Powers, of the earti.
should unhappily come-I trust I shorn
be found standing with my gallant frieiu.
the Senator from Missouri (Mr. Blairwood
the equally devoted Senator from Illino-,.
( Mr. Logan) in defending the honor an'.',
the flag of the country.
And let me say to the Senator fro?.
Connecticut that if you will do tue Suu>
justice? aild trouble should unhappily C-JU
upon the country, you wili lind brav?
spirits among that nobie pecple loci.i:.
their shields with die gallant "men ot |h<
North in defence of the common hons
and soil, and thal the same high couivg-'
and heroic devotion and unshaken iori,
tude which have, ever characterized un
people, will be uc'aiii displayed under tin
dag 'that Washington first unfurled. Lei
me again say to the Senator from Cou
necticut that this great Republic will be J
cherish its honor, its great name, and its
mighty destiny by tap exercise ' now -
justice", magnanimity, generous and affec:
;:bnate confidence towards the people' ol
the South. . . .
roe, Fisher and McGregor, of our city
and Mr.* Clarke, ol'.Newberry, yesterday
pn?s?d a successful examination as phar
maceutists before thc *Board of ?Medica;
Examiners, composea of Dr?. Darby, Tal
ley and Lynch. " All persons, except phy
sicians, who follow the-business of apoth
ecaries, are required, by a recent statute o:
the State, to stand tm examination b'efor?.
the Medical Faculty of tho State Univ?.
sity, or of the Medical College,' at Char
lest?n, in order to receive a license. Phy
sicians following the business of druggists
pharmaceutists, &c, who aro graduates o -
any recognized medical college, will b<
granted a license without examination,
upon proof of said graduation. We men
Uon this for the benefit of thc druggist,
of the villages and towns throughout th
State, who may be ignorant of the, law.
A failure to take out a licenso within six
months after the passage of this Act. I
which bears date March 13, 1872, ?s'pun
ishable as a misdemeanor, with a? heavy
fmo or imprisonment.-Columbia Phoenix.
f& W. J. McLaughlin, a colored man,
employed by the Post Office Department
for three or four years, to convey the
mail bags between the Post' Office and j
Railroad depot, at Marion C. H., was ar- j
rested ott Saturday; with letters and
money on bis person, recognized as hav
ing been stolen from the mails. In d?
ferait of $5,003 bail he was committed to
jaiL Last winter b.6 was an attache to
the L?gislatif, having employed a sub
stitute to carry the mai? bags. '
-ai* Horace Greeley says, down,wita
rogues, down wifjh bribe-takers, down
with tyrants, arid so say's every honest
man and true patriot. >
At Lebanon,. Kentucky, a nest of
rattlesnakes was lately unearthed con
taining 1,700 of the reptiles. Who would
??Ll a lie for one snake? '
Thc Capture of Dr. Bratten, of
. * ville.
The identity of the mysterious pi
who was recently kidnapped in (
and carried to Detroit, wtnve he v
rested, is established at ItaW. He \
other than Dr. J. Rufus Bratten, of
ville, in this State, who left bis lu
October, hist, about the time Pr?
Grant delegated to Merrill the pow<
had been deleeated to him by Cor
to arrest and imprisoncitizens at li
ond pleasure. ' At the December b
tho United States Court a true I
conspiracy and for being connecte!
the haning of Jim Williams was
lirainst Dr. Bratten by the grand
He was brought to Yorkvills on M
last in charge of the somewhat not
detective, Joseph H. Hester, and J
in jail.
On Wednesdajilast, 3 motion was
before Judge Bryan in Cbarlestn
the release of Dr. Bratten on bail
the amount was fixed at twelve tho
dollars. The required security
promptly furnished, the doctor *
leased, and now awaits his turn fo
at the August term of,the court.
From the London. (Canada) Herc
the 7th* June, we gather the annex
count of Dr. Bratton's abduction frc
Canada side, and the manner, in whi
was forcibly brought to Detroit, ?
gan, and formally arrested:
About two waeks ago a gentlt
whose name we-annpress for reason
will be afterward explained, cai
this city from the South. He was fo:
ly a resident ot York County, S. C.
ring the American war he served
surgeon In the Confederate army. .
conclusion* be returned to his norn
termined to make the best, of exl
circumstances. He still, howevei
rained his belief in the principle
which he bad risked his life, an
freely denounced the military despi
which Grant has established rh tne
quered States. His popularity and
influence made him particularly ot
ious*tothe carpet-baggers, ?nd wi
was decided to suspend tbe habeas ct
Act, in order to carry the elections
name was marked down as one 0
victims. When he learned this, hi
mediately started for Canada, closeb
lovfed bygone S. B. Cornell, .aYa
spy, in *be pay of Grant's carpet-baj
?in-chiefj Gov Robert K. Scott - Th
ghi ve redched Bi?^h territory in sa
and Cornell, seeing \Gov- s<
.^arrant was no longer of a?Y .use
?lied to the United States Secret Or*
I department fm? assistance. Thev pl
i allow named Joseph G. Hester a
tservioe, and the two worthies losi
rime in coming on to London to se
their g?ime. There is reason th bel
.that they dogged him round the eta
<oma days before the-v got an oppoii
y of carrying out their nefarious pro
; On Tuesday last, about 4 P. M., he'
out for a walk on ono of the street
:he Northern part of the. city, wher
observed two "cabs approaching ?jr
? till speed from opposite directions. W
.ppositehim they stepped, and two n
jumping out of each cab, rushed at h
and before he could give an alarm,
.vas seized by the throat and choked
'il ho was insensible. He was tl
' drown into one of the cabs, the two
tectives jumped in after him, and b
'?bs drove off in opposite directio
Several persons witnessed theoccurrer
but presumed that the mun were acti
under authority, as no one fora moirn
suspected that an outrage of this descr
Jon would be attempted in our ci
When the .meu got him to Detroit tl
procured a warrant and formally arres
lira. He refused to disclose his r
name to the authorities there, and !
warrant was made out iu the name
Janies Simpson. It is this circomstai
that ?lias induced us to Withhold his nai
for the present. The first intel liger
.its friends .here received of. his fate w
in a telegram which he sent them in
Leavi tts burg, Ohio, in which beinform
hera that he had been conveved to I
troit while under tho influence'of chlor
form. He was well known to alar
?umber of Southern gentlemen in t
city, and they all unite in bearing t
nighest testimony to his character.
A memorial has been dispatched to di
tothe Dominion Government, prayingf
:heir action in the matter. We "trust
??ce it prompt and decisive. No ministr
however pupnlait, could afford to iguo
such an outrage. ?We tru-,t that tho tua
salties, but whatever the cost may b
jur honor must be sustained. If a crim
ual escapes to Canada, we have extrad
Lion laws which will secure his punisi
ment. The very fact that the kidnappe
made no attempt to appeal to those lav
fully explains the nature of their mi
sion. *N\e understand that one of di
County sub-officials is concerned in tl
matter too, though to what exte?itw
?ire as yet unable to say.
. A Harrowing-Scene.
From the New York Sim, June 12.
The steamship Champion, from Charle;
ton, arrived at Pier 29, North River, la:
night, having on board twenty-three .Ki
hvlux prisoners. Among them were gray
Haired men and beardless boys; stron
men and cripples. They were undf-r
guard of United States soldiers, and 0
their way to the Albany Penitentiary t
serve out a term of imprisonment. A
rf them professed to be farmers or farr
workmen, and their sunburned faces an
hardened hands gave proof of it.
The terms ol' imprisonment are : thre
lor ten years, and^lOUO fine; six, eigh
years and $1U0 fine ; . two, lour years an
i-lOO fine ; one.-lour years and $500 fine
..iree, three years ana $11)0 fine; lour; tw
. ears and ijlUU fine : three, a year and ?
null' and $100 fine; ?-.nd one, one year aui
rlO fine.
AU of these men lived iu York County
S. O., oue oi' tho nilli- counties in whi'el
martial law was declared last Octobel
lome of them have'# already.been impris
.med for months..
A reporter trenton board thc- Champion
J..U lound the prisoners stowed away bj
.\-?n decks in thc lore j,:rt of thc ahv.
io air circulated through '..'. place, <iu<
tic thermometer indicated ninety-ei-ii
?egrees. . They laro rough-looking uutfi
.-iggafi! and faltered. * 1 'it have 'not a vi
;iua look. Th'- reporter's questions wen
?rompt ly answered, and,-by niany of th.
.icu, with much intelligence. They sai
. livy hadbeen arrested " for belonging ti
be order." A gray-haired man told'th.
! Mowing story :
When martial law was declared'last 0
rober, no outrages had been coinmittw.
for a year, and none rince, in our comity
t least. B\it-the militar}' authority
.iave been making Tarrests for the nos
?:glit months. The prisoners are takc-L
jefore Judge Bond, in thc United .'State
Circuit Court, and the charges are alikt
in all case.-v They are accused of heine
>r having been, members of-the'Ku-Kinx
and are told that ibis can be proven i.j.
members ot' the band who are witness*:
-r tho prosecution, and advised to pleat
guilty lo mitigate their punishment.
. Knowing how useless resistance js, tin
poor wretches plead guilty to avoid :
severer penalty. Thus, twenty-two c
:h?se men are suffering the penalties c
convicts through fear, and not from any
.yidence-of their crime. One man of fifty
years approached the reporter and saic
vehemently :
"I did not plead guilty. I am nu.
guilty, and 1 would not make such a con
lessio'n for tho world. . Thar tried me on
two charges, but no e violence was adduced
to cpnvict me. Yet it was meant that I
should be punished, and they gave me
: wo years. Two years for being an Amer
ican citizen unfortunate enough to live in
South Carolina' I am not, nor ever was,
a I?i-Klux, whatever that may be, and
have always been a peaceable, law-abid
ing citizen. I'go to prison an innocent
man, but the hardest criminal never left
his prison with a worse heart than I shall
leave mine. If my life is spared this in
dignity shall be avenged."
The men complained bitterly flt being
sent North'for coM'nem--iit. They'thought
it bad enough to bq s ..-amarily arrested
by soldiers, illegady t?f X and unjustly
convicted, without being taken so far from
home, and where their friends cannot visit
They are to remain in prison until the
fines are paid. Some of them ar$ without
money,'br friends that have means, and
they see uo limit to their incarceration. ?
. The reporter said'to one*:
" How w?l von pay your fine ?"
" By death, was the answer.
fie was a cripple, pale and emaciated,1
and evidently rnpidlv falling away through
the ravages of a 'hidden disease. Death
no doubt will pay his fine, arid cheat the
prison of a'tenant.
At seven o'clock the meit were put into
a street, car and taken to the Grand Cen
tral depot, and they embarked for Albanv
on the eignt\o'clock train.
Fdg^fipld, S. C., June 20,1872.
COT. Scott GHns a Dry- Grin.
On Thnr?irlay nitrht last. Judge ,Orr
made a hi<r Ifadi^nV speech in Columbia,
before a not-verv lnr?e audience of ric
<rroes. carnet-bac-gers and scalawags
This effort of *h?? .Tn dirk's TT?S, in the
main, a repetition of his .sweet Philadel-.
phia speech which we publish in another
column. At the c?as*?, however, he
I made some remarks- not at all compli
mentary 'to the exist?"<r. State govern
ment, at which Gov. Scott, who was
sitting in the front row. grinned a drv
grin. Sb we are informed by the Phr.nm'x.
?AU Gov. Scoffs erins and rrimneps r:n
important to-thepeople 0/Sooth Carolina.
, What does this one' mean-tnaf ho i? r-n
in,e to thrust his hand still deeper down
into our pockets, br that he is goloe to
develop sdme. bowels of mercy, ih his
last days f Or did he grin at the idea that
.the Judge was perhaps striking out for
j the Gubernatorial nomination ?
i i The Indications.
The mdication* from all quarters, (says
I th?Riohm?nd Enquirer where there have
.been Democratic expressionsof opinion,
point to the,nomination of Greeley and
Brown, or their endorsement, at Balti
more, by tho national Convention: me
diana, Vermont", Kansas,' Iowa, Missouri,
I join the South-and we suspect'do it as a
particular favor to us-in clamoring for
the Cincinnati nominations. Delaware
alone-sturdy little Delaware, the land
or the Bayards-stands .firmly by her
Democratic colors, and bas decided to go
J down with them flying. We honor her
pluck and consistency,- but fear she can
not change the' ''inexorable logic of
events." ' Greeley will be accepted' at
Baltimore; that 'isas much a* foregone
.Conclusion new, apparently, ns was
Grant's nomination at Philadelphia, and
the great battle will be between Grant
and Greeley.
._i . , , fl_
Treasur?r "ar?er, and the Holders of,
* Scrip and ,
The cases under which ^. J6'
lions were issued' last week festr.. 1 ^
the County Treasurers from receiving
Bond Scrip and Treasury Gerti flea tes for
Taxes, and also enjoining* the County
Treasurers from paying te?the order ol
the-State Treasurer the prooeeds of taxes
.collected by them for State purposes, are
.(says the, Columbia South Carolinian)
Iilcely to be further complicated.. *udge
Willard a few days since made an order,
that .testimony in the, case should be
t?ken before Jno, T. Rhett, JEsq., and H
was arranged to do sp yestorday, but, at
the tiineappoiuted, Parker who does not
intend to submit- to an investigation,
which is likely to disclose any of tho
numerous frau*ds and abuses which the
u:chives of his office, and the searching
oral examination of himself and other
witnesses is likely to disclose, promptly
moved by his council to vacate thc order
for examination made by Judge Willard.
The grounds?:' lilis motion, it is under
stood, lie in objection to the jurisdiction
ot Judge Willard in the premises, and
we'do not doubt that the motion will
cause delay, tnoagh It may not eventu
ally deliver tho culprit from the predica
ment into which hisfi nan dal l?aseos have
led him. It would lie a singular install?e
of poetic justice, if this notorious lilian
ciertihould soon lind himstlf caught bc
tween the upper and nemer mill -tones
g^o^uu^to^powderf' those be "very o?t?u
thc "milts of thc god?"- to accomplish
what cannot uc reached bj' human in
genuity and wisdom.
Grant Tlieii ana Now.
" I only voted at oue Presidential elec
tion, ami then I Voted for BUCHANAN."
-Grant in ltftk?. '
il There is such universal acquiescence
in the authority ol' the general Govern
ment throughout the portions of thc
Southern States visited by me, that the
mere presence of a military force, with
out regard to numbers, is suj?ciant to
maintain order ."-Grant'? Report to
Congress, lbW>.
"lam a Democrat, and when "1 ant
convinced that this war is waged to prose
cute the designs of the -Abolitionists, 1
pledge my hanoi- as a soldier that 1 will
carry my swor? on thu other side, and
east'iny lot with that people."-Grant in
" The liberties of the country cannot
be maintained wifiitait a?rte-torm amend
tuent to tue Constitution."-irt'aw'iJi l???.
TUE 35 kw. SCHOOL-.
" All republicans who arc not willing
to-botools and slaves ol' minc, are to be
"Carpet b?g State Governments and
Inartiai law for tho South " >
"Get* all you eau, and" keep ail you
^t:' ' ? . >'.'.'
" I am ktill in favor of ono t^rni
iii'e."-Gruid in 1S7-.
JS?-.Thf? recent' arre.st of Dr. J. R
iirattoh in Canada^ sumos to have excited
ijuite a cummoiion in that quarter, aiid
ibu "London (Cunada-J papers denounce
uti- arrest uti Canadian soil 41* an outrage
..\ nish rails liur |*n ?mpt uctio?l. KIscw here
.-.ill be found Mime-particulars regarding 1
tins arrest.
Sicklea-is going to do something at last
:r. thc Dr. Ltouard wiso-the report from j
kfedrld (June 8tli) being that on Friday*
last he "submitted to the Spanish Minis
ter a ?brmni and peremptory demand
Fu-the Doctor'* release from the sen
tence of tlie court-inavtial. In presenting
the demand,.Sickles is said to havo con
veyed to the Spanish Government the
desire of the President that there should
b" no delay, but that that sul>ject should
receive immediate attention, and in.ea.se
of a refusai to comply, he stated'flint the
'resident would tako. decisive action in
he matter. The probability is that thi
Doctor will bc f?et at liberty.
Thc Sou?? Carolina Confederate Monu
The Phoenix announces that thc ladies
if-the South Carolina Monument Asso
.iation.have purchased the vacant lot on
Arsenal Hill, CJplumbia, in front of the
Taylor House, on which to erect the
.'.lonument to the Confed?ralo dondi The
price paid was ?"2,500. Tho monument,
!t is understood, will shortly bc erected.
It is to be about thirty feet in height, and
of very handsome design.
?SJ" Not a single bale of cotton was re
ceived in Augusta ou 'Friday last, the
first instance of -tho kind Since tho war.,
. ??-.The Greenville Mountaineer, ol
th? 12th, say? : This is with us the Ben
son of wheat and oat harvest', and our
farmers aro very busy cutting the samo.
Wheat,' in all sections, is reported as be
ing remarkably fine ; but the oat crop
is very variablo, some will scarcely make
weed, while other? enjoy'an abundant
yield. Wo have seen specimens of red
mst-proof and black oats, raised in thin
County, which average more than five
pounds to the-ordinary bundle, many
bundles weighing as much as ten pounds,
and none, ross than five. These oats werf
planted last September, and raised on
poor land..
j?s?" Tonnie C. Claflin was elected on
t;he 13th Colonel of the 85th colored reg
iment. The first vote stood 193 for Miss
Cfl?fluy and 50 'scattering!' There was
great confusion, but the election was
finally mads rMn'm""'i
J The D?mocratie State ?oji
The Contention assembled li
House at Columbia, at 8 P. ]
11th inst. , ' . A ' j
On motion of Capt. W. B.
the State. Central Executive G
Hon. Simeon-Fair took fhe ch;
quested Mr.-R. White to act as
. The Chairman addressed th
tion in a few remarks^'n the ol
eon vocation, and at the clone ?
delegates to enroll themselves
Deleeates were then enro
Charleston, Christ Church, S
nooge Oroek. Chester; 'Chestferi
lington,' Fairfield, Georeetow:
ville. Horry, Kershaw, Lan?as
ington, Newberry, Orangebnrg
Richland,..Sumter, Union, Will
and York. 1
Anderson, Marion. Marlbo
? ren9, Spartabhr-rg', O^onee. C
Oolleton. Barnwell, FalrfieR
and Edsrefinld were not represe:
A motion was made that a ?
bp appointed "to nominate p.erru!
PPM of the Convention. This 1
jeered to, the matter was laid on
and Mr. O'Connor nominated 1
dent of tho Convention'.Hon. W
ter of Charleston, and he Wa
monsly elected-by-acclamation.
?Mr: Q&'onner moyejl thata tjf
of three, ?be appointed . to .con
Presidentelect to" the Chalr.*;^'
The Ch?fT. ?ppoihted MrV';0
and'Generate Bntlerj^ndKershj
conducted,ihe President to the (
The President 'addressed the
j Hon. He thanked' them fer the
r be did not propose lo repeat the
our wron?8,:4bT?t tft? ?j??stfph^?
corruptiop and- tyranny had ?ri
peoplo to.thpy.ergp.of rp?n.',. ?Bu|
' of light had .appeared., A ? fe?
since, a n\ovement w?s initiate^ 1
of the. great and good men pf tho
by which; ?hey had proclaimed t
past misrule must bc stopped a
the.true principles of governmei
bp restored. Tue amnesty',, juicio
ti?n^of the right? of pabias'corp'
the legitiinjfi?e'res?lts 'of the' ?ii
Convention, and,never would ia
thought of but'for thatme?rmg.
The great party of which we ha
formed a-part is about rib' -ass?'i?
may make a separate nomif?ftio?
may recommend to the parigfcto-i
! the nominees' of the- 'Cincinnati G
! Hon;- We have bt?f part to,perfor
it will be for this Convention, toi
mii?e What that part'wt?l ne. OE
I own part, he-was In favor of the ]
anu <^eerful support of .the ndmix
The r?s??b&f'?ho election- wiy <
updp the action o^E^^W^
tion. If ifs support be-?ot given
nominees of the Cincinnati vCottV
; th? result wilt be tofcstenthe'oppi
upon us under which'wa-Jjsnyo gi
so long; but if the hosts d Dena
can be united with those of the I
Republicans, the*end will.be .th
combined forces wilLiua?ah.on.toai
victory, and Greeley and,Browu.)
certainly elected, and. the ppm
pence and prosperity of the count
cured. '?: %il ,\
Mr. O'Connor -offered a^serte* of
lutions, which wore adopted.
Gen. Law moved that a commii
four from each Congressional Diatri
four from the State at large, be clec
rrpresem the State in Hie Demo
Convention at Baltimore. Rslerr
the Committee on!Rcsolutions.
Mr. Stokes introduced a series of
lutions relative to Hu? rights of thc i
which were referred.
Mr. Butler introduced a scries ol'
lutions favoring (lie adoption of thc
cinnaii platform and the nominati
Greeley and Brown-oj>po.?.ng any <
nominations. Kelci Aol.
\.-\/Xht>?A't\"t*?< iwwMii. iii.>1 -" ??
Mess.s. u'u.T.r.or, Hood, Mci
War.o'. Malloy, Stoles, Dunn, Cl
nut, ? irter, Pair, Aiken, Goodwyn, I
ci., Butler, Frazer, Wallace, Lam!.
Caw Jones, and Meelya.*.
On iifotiou the Convention adjou
to meet at nine o'clock the next mon:
_ .
On Wednesday the Convention as*
ble? at 9 o'clock. Marlow Cochrane
ored) ol Charleston, appeared and
his seat ab a ueiegate.
Mr. O'Connor, chairman ol the- c
mittee on Resolutions, repotted, rec
mending the appointment ol' four c
gates from each Congressional Dis
and eight from the State at larg? to
National Democratic Convention in '.
timor?-the delegates from the Cony
sinual Districts to bc selected by tho ,
eral delegations respectively, arad, tl
from the State at large by the kitto!
the'Convention. Adopted.
The Committee on Piano;m and R
lutions, to whom were re??ired sun
' l wioliitions 'declaratory of the seusi
o:' the Convention, reported and ree
Lueiid?d tho adoption pf the followi
Hesulved, That this Convention roi
uiy.es thc movement which, was or'fc
ivied' at Cincinnati, on tue 4th o; ?
last, as the only one, in tJiis crisis, eaJ
lated to setiure civil liberty and resl
local selt'-govtrnment.
j HcsulveJ, That this Oonveariun acec
tim Cincinnati platform as broad, ?bt
I and just to all portions and classes.)
.. iti/ims ol' the republic.
.; Resolved, That it is the eenie, of t
Convention, Lhat the interest ul' the wb
. oiinuy rcqufces that uv separate J
distinct Democratic nomination ah?
bc made by th? Baltimore Convent
alni tho delegates' appointed by this b<
a're hereby instructed to oppose si
Messrs. E. F, Stokes and J. R. Lawi
?ubmi?ted- a minority report-sett
fortli that, the- Democratic jmrty shan
bc represented in' ??e B^?i?iore Convi
lion,- and. iu a lengthy .aitd. rambli
speech of nearly an hour's duration., vi
tihited his ideas-pitching into tho me
oers of the Convention.
The roport was laid upon the table
an almost unanimouns vote.
Tho majority report was urianiiriolii
adopted. *'
On motion of General Kenned}', t
Convention then proceeded to tho non
nation. The following is the result :
STATE AT LARAE-Messrs. James
1/Jnr, Simreon Fair, W. H. Wallace,
M. Law, W. .1). Porter, Win. Aiken, Ji
' 'hestnut, T. B. Fraser. ' .
B. Moore, F. F. Warley, Henry Mclv<
Wm. Connor.
O'Connor, T. Y. Simons, S. S. Solomoi
Wm. Whaley.
S. Cothran, James P. Adams, H. .
Mectzc, A. D. FreucncH.
MeLure, T- W. Woodward, It. M. Sin
W. E. Holcombe.
The Chairman called to the attention
thc Conven?on tho resignation df tl
State Executive Committee, and ask?
vhat action the Convention would tal
j in the matter.
Objection bein?made io any ?ction b
. iiijj: taken, Genera] Butler mcx-cd l
amend by propoBin.fr that the Chairinai
at his leisure, appoint a Committee (
Fifteen, to carry out the views cf th:
, body. Adopted.
j On motion of .Mr. Warley, the Con
? mittee thjen resolved itsnif info a Com
mittee o' the Whole-H?r Jas. Chesnu
in tho Cindi. . .
I . On motion of Mr". Warley, a c-sulutioi
was unanimounly adopted, that the thQnk
of tins CorivenHon aro due, und are here
br tendered, to Hon. W. D. Porter, fo
the able and dignified manner in whi':l
he bas presided over the deliberations o
this body.: ,
,0n re-occupying the Chair, the r?solu
Hon was p'resontcd to Chairman' Portei
by Mr. Cnestnut, in a few complimenta,
tafy.remarks.. f' --: 1
Mr. Porter responded in a short; bht
very eioquentand^well-trme'd a?dress.
On motion of MJC; Whaley, th? Con
1v cn ti on, at half past 8 o'clock, adjourned
Bine dat.
-Fr- wggt??am -
"Tb? rCotto? Crop."
Wo are.-iri??ht?'iJ to a friend fer
lowing-xepoilt?f tho Cotton crop
rnonth?endfti'g the 30th May, a? pu
by th* New Orleans Cotton Ex?
>and Raftered Sy them through
organisted.ooVps of reliablo ar-em
tered all over the Southern Sti
whi?B we irrite the caroful consid
ofjWtton punters :'
Nw ORLEANS, June 4th,
The Committee on Informad'
Statistics bejUeove to submit tho
ins shtomPr embodving the su'
of the nn m?rou s reports they hi
ceived durloa tlic. month of .May,
SWAY to their interrogatories rep
th e-growingcrops. , .;
MissisjsrHPi.-fAveraging the esl
.of our correspondents,'we Arid
crease of not over 6 ^ cent, in nm
land-ptenteditr cotton in this State
the same amount of corn havim
planted as la?t year. The Sprii
been more favorable in some sc
much more so in others, less so in
rod much less so'in others than \
same portion of last year. Wi
many complaints nf excessive d
retardftisr the: coming pp of cror
A, very smallamo.unt of fertilizers i
Generalrv little if any change is re
in snpply of labor.
LOUISIANA.-The increase in thc
ber of acres,plan ted iii cotton is1
the averaj. 1 not-- exceeding1 5
.Xmount of ?id put in corn abo
same; in some places-an iricres
others a decrease is reported, wi
some Parishes rio change from las
has taken place. Amount of labdi
as last year, Fertilizers are but
used in this ..State. According to
of; pur correspondents, the Sprir
been . more fltvorable, ana accord
others less ?joyo-rabie than, last a
the fernier 1*"* ?ora'num?'rou?
.'thelatter. lFr*ctmsomewegeteomi;
o^ Irought w?fen-'has caused a confi
?nle.P0rwon pf;tthe^cotton ;in their P
.es ip ie'lato ^.coming rip."."' , "
. "TEXAs.-iTtteaverage of the purr,
reports welbie fromoiiheorrespor
ind?cate fully 1? # [vent,, Increase
'ajiareage of cotton.this conjrpared wi
yea^ withnboutthe saine ?fr aslig
?CT?asbiim e^.t'-OMr iiepbrts: stab
ratA nsetoftfert?izers is very limited
Spring is very.: generally .report
.mo?? favorable'th ari last year. ^Thi
ply of labbrhas slightly Increased;
AjiK-ANKAs.-In this State, the'ac
, in* cotton has Ju^easedab^ut jwent;
cent., but mat in corri nos 'deer
to ? sobi?whatile&s extent than tba
.centage, taking the average of Hu
matos received by lis. Fertilizer
scarcely used at all;' The* sprigg ;s
|ou>iy.stat?d:fb'.havebeen ujnuchm
"more,", 'iless,'^ and "considerably
favorable .than last year, and in ?so:
'oUr letters as "about tho same."
supply .of -labor bas undergone :
hange, the increase in byrne kee
compensating' for tye falling ?tfln pt
ALABAMA.-Ip this State, aocordi
average of The estimates 'sent to Us,
baa been an^iticr.ase oT 10-to. 12 per
in.- the amount.of land planted, ip oe
land a.decrease iii tpat devoted'.to
?With fewexc^rition3t ourcorresp'oB<
: speak of the spring aw hh vim: been e
ind some assert that it hw hean I
: inore jaj/oraule than last yc:ir. Tb
I of fertilizers has largely increased
>3jfy couutles, but ls'said" to have
'creased in.-Others .-.Littla chango i
ticed in the amount ot av'?il?blelabi
NxntTn CAROLJNA.^TWC have to n
?in ?his atate an increased acreage ii;
I f?? ?f 22 ptfr eent., with about tho i
acreage'iri 'cwr? jas-j^ss-seasou. The
Of teni lizers bf? also, largely inerc
in thiaStat'e, though sbhlt counties, rt
rf decrease. The spring as Compared
last year, is said to have been loss fin
ble, owing to drought. Labor repc
to be on the decrease. '
. SOUTH CAROLINA.-Our reports 1
this State show an'increased^aereat
cotton of about 7i per cent.', with as*
increase fn. corn, pnost reports tax
same amount o/bincj in corn as last]
The use-of fertilizers is, w|th a few
cc-ptions, reported os'largely juenc?
while the spring as cenipared' with
j, citr, is said to have boon less ftxvon
Lab..r \.i reported to be somewhat
creped. '
i E?NESREI? -?Xii lins State our coi
ponut-nts re] ".rt an iT^ayc inerea<
lixtecn per^ctnt. in lam: pluaUsC?^W
anti a ?ijmmplf?n ol tuc a ]tdi in c
iso ten j j)/.er's, or but jiiuo, are BM)
aetcotton growing .wulitijC-s. Stai-.jp
-ouccrnuig thc apriug ypry'*:'iii'?
counties uci.enijh.ti, n. a?? more, aiu
l^Wttffl^^A(r.^u?^i, JJIA m.'i.YlllrMviY
mirrcbpi/iiticiH-e taken ti pether indie
t amati mcrea-ic in liibor;
QK0#OIA)-Average ni us ti matts
tho increase jp Japcl planted in eotlo
Uoui len pw cent, A little less born
me v. hdle has been phijitc-.d rliun
year, in some cotintiua inotfijand Inn
iieoM devoted io it. i*.om vojiic couu
\\ ~ learn thai the Spring has been ni
favorable ihau thc preceding one,
from marty others we get complaint
excessive wrought aaa" our conest?
dents iii these lactcr soeak ol' tue sea
as comparing uiilavorulily with die t
.esponuiiur months oi iu.n year. Ubi
leruiucrs lia? largely lucreasetl in so
counties but has uimimah.cu in othi
The Mippjy ol lapor aeeips to bc ab
uie same in amount aa last year, hay;
increased 1*: some cumule? auu laden
in o?iers , .
.l'^pwiM..-Our rep/.i-b? froni tbja St
are meagre The- average 'in?reiw?
aei*eage lu reported 'at rt per ^out?./ w
about same acreage iu corn MS lasiyc
jb'erulizers very.nttle uscij,. wita' jepo
ol' ariuntavorable and backward isprii
A slight iiittrcaso iu labor is'alsp re|?ort<
,-? ?WI?lf I
The Oat.' QuctiUou.
Juno 12, 1872
Ms, EDITOR: ?5e???g yoiir mention
Mr. Elbert UevoreV. fiue afou o? li
i . . .?? f ? "* ?
Rustproof Uats, und inquiry as to flit/
of culture, I bc?j leuye to give you n
uxpedeuct ' ou a much smaller ?caie.
no thia, not Wca\ine 1 have *ucd Oats f
nie, jut from my h??eat belicl ih:U
iollou?U hv cotton planters gchurul:;
.\ hcr< pract?sible, the demanu J'or WJs
ern can anti m?at w?i?'hs very mater
ally ridlu ced.
' In runt of my house I-lia ve a lot ;
12 acris^-quaiiry 'from' very rich to (Jil
-last year planted in cotton. Thp" fin
week iniSiptcinbei; I sdwed cm l? 'acr?
of thc;l(Jt, about one bushel per acre, <
the Rid R? st Proof Oats, and ran thT?lfg
'bc co?on,on? ?ur^ow to the row, M it
au ortlinay iron' tooth harrow,- whr
took one hud aiid muk? about a dey at*
ii half tod thc wirk. The hind had-th
a'ppcarane/of having boen scratched cn a
by pdultry and;waHlhe'lh"eine of hru< I
?mpsirig . mmeni* for hiv ncitrhborx
However, he copions rabis in the fal
-ooo brquut ap piV oats, and by. .So
/ember I l.d a beauuruj pasture lor mj
mules, thouts tlionbdlug l2or ?iuchc.
high, 'andvery thick on .the portioi
scratched fer, or about half the row
After each ieking of the CMUOL, i wold'
turn on mvitock, a?d:? Ihink by (.lu ist
mas had aced at least'JO bu*.'j/.-ls ofetjrn
in that waj . ; \
About cilistuia-s there was a gcno/al
opening ofotton fields to entile, and ::. t
iiaviilg Uiot fenced off, if was the resort
for a week r 30 or IQ head of cattle ; and
by the emt;' the severe weather in Fob
rcary no o.' could have told Unit there
had ever h<? a s^dk of cyits cn thc larid.'
l.now (latii February) sowed 'the re
maining 2 res in Black oats; ?iecotton
on thc lattcit my nrst sawing hoiug so
i*a'nk I tluTht (ci roneocwly however)
. that the inj;, done hythe harrow Would
moro ?han ?eel the dftferehce between
tho yield oite and early ?owing.
' Well, I aumpiy paid for tho experi
ment. Therop was haryested tho 1st
Tune. Thoield of the Red i)ats, on
land which ade not over 500 lbs. seed
cotton, is a;ast 30 bushels per acre;
. - nd tho Bia (3owcd in February), on
land which ado 1(500 lbs., seed cotton,
by actual ?riit, w not moro than lo
busuels p.irro.. .
.Mr. ?evoJ yield, I untlerstand, wa.?
much great* still m3' rop j* very sat
isfactory, h confident, though, that
hav:..e' Ihomtei. down so,lowsorionsly
affected theta; but the most severe
. drawback wbe unprecedented di ouglft '
-'-having ntain of consoquenco, for \
' eight weckrior/to the timo o/ har- 1
vesting, j
. .In conclus, I beg leavoto make this ?
suggestion, (an original ?no with'me t
'.howeVer'.) lour cotton piantis'who '
h'aV e land at adapted to Oats, oltqniate [
with cotton'! oatt)'; sow at least -one- ?
(hird of tho on land in Oats at the -s
i (?bt ptowingid if bj ?jaiug the pros- i ?
pectahouldbe too poor for a'crop ?the.
seed/would be the .only loss. .
Tho-plan lias been tried too ninny times'
in the '^tipper p?r&bf onr District to ai?
mit of a?oubt ag to roccesfc ..Scyerall?
"tanees ?e vouched for of 40, ."50 and even
?'0 bushels whet*,sowr*-early ! in ccj?m
land. 'In AiigusiahdSeptember.thelood
is loose and medlow*, and 'he rjlimt'.fciis
time t?T^ec?me weil ro?-fa*! before freez
inc weather, andis read^ pifaquiekarid
vigorous growth whenlhc mild weather
i of spring sets in. ';.
Other varieties of Oats mi-ht succeed
as well, buttboBedseemstobo th fa
rolito! T sowed in similar' 1 ? nd. ?Taeit',
Oats in November, in,the samo manner.
.Thecrop^ttSa^bst a*failuro. doubt' ??
owing in preat part to tho drought. .
^Let'alFwho^We skeptical,- irv an acre
or twofor exrper'naent. '"Send to Mr. Dc -
vore before bis supply, of /"ed ip 'ex
hausted. . .. - ; .. .
Ijhope, Mr.;Editor., my voluntary sf-.tp
ment will not, be unacceptable.
" Tour?, very trfalv,
CAPT. W?'?? TBJBZBVAHT.-Some mis
statements haiirhgappeiirediri seyeral.o?
the papersia reference to the disp?sit'iqn.
made of thot?aspof.Oagtein'vY'.^'.Treze
vant, wo,statetbe^Wa?u?pfi ihr case as!
'olleros: "/' ': An i : .
Captain Tiezevan.^. "was carried before
Tudge Bryan at: Charleston on Tuesday'
o^habea? corpus, and hisj Honor not pe-.
lng satisfied with the evidence adduced.
determined to postpope his decision .On
the.aippli?ation until, evident jjro. and
.-on. should be adduced. ?e, therefore
ordered ?iat testimony be taken by Corni
j tnissiprieilBoozejr at ' ' Chester to. pe sub-'
. mitted to,him ata 'J&iiu?s day,- and that'
(in the.meantime wb prisoner be:b?iled;
|;tq.appc?ar oh th'pfttttrh of the testimony.
?The bpi?d' wa? ancertfin'gly; given, and
fMr. TrrzeVaM enl?rged.--S?nth'.Carolin
ni'an,'l6fh- .' ' .' ''. ** ' ' ? :> '
-^-4-?^W-?r---<r-. ? ?., g
j Y-despatch, dated Ottawa, Canada, says :
In the- Houecv last night,' iir- Blake.
;?kedtteiGawhment to*.convey ic-the^
House auyin form at iou in, their poss.es ,
.sion ib reference to thc statement, cpn^.
j tai ii L*1 in TA? Press to the effoct that a
person has been seized , in, open day in
tho city ol' London,: Ontari??, .and carried
to, ?ho Au^erican.8id,e, aniLwhethcr tigere
had been any communication on the sub
ject with the, United States or Imperial
\ Government. .^Sir John MacDonald re
plied that a ??w days ago' the Govern
ment was informed by telegraph of the
arrest of a persont in the manner men-;
tioued in the newspapers, and. instruc
. i -'ns; wore at once" given to send down
?li ,'osilions and statements of facts and
evidence. 'Those papers were received
'y.-steTday, and upon them ? report; had
been prepared and submitted to henMa-:
! i?sty's1 Minister at Washington, irt order
. that-repr?s?nlati ais-in ti/c matter-might
Kc iMAd&'to the-United States Govern
M'orrt. and a similar report had bGert.prc
r ared for the Imperial ?"rov?niment.
The Genet a Tribunal.
NEW YORK, June ?8.-The Herald's
special from Geneva, tho 17th, ?sys the.
Bngiiah are resolute for ail citrht months
' tiijournmont, and thc indications are
hat i: -this is not granted thjpy wiLl with
draw from tho arbitr?t- u. r .This tho
Americana will not concede, thout'h a
shorter adjournment might bj; accepted.
Very .little was transacted' l>s/pfp thc
)oard to-day besides the anpyancciiient
jf Mr. Davis of the non-ret"-' t'on o in
structions from his Govcr;.mc- i:.
?&- Mr. Beter Bowe, A wt?j, ?u. ?
citizen of Orangeburg count . ^p- .
? ny the olu.wit luau in th?. *iiatc.
j rtt.rtaa.nnVhft'?iiMi'Avitli j? ii. ....
'ump. Mr. Ko? e waa vei iou }-u;..? .
;ye and luu u< u a member of thc ni.-.
tmc iVatemity ?. fer sine- "i??'j. Tin
.?ev. Mr. Simmons p^-jached an Sb) . tum
eloquent sermon . u tho ocuaai >u,
>%f The tr.raut ^tepubiican^ in Illinois
complain tliat their meetings are? disturb
ed by ltcpuhli.cans who ?fvc; n* elec
tion of Greeley and ?iibiH on oppressing
.heir opinions.
FOUNDEB ox A KOCK 1-fho /j^aap
.>ointed adventurers who nave lVorn, tim?
".ttcmpted to run their A'orthless portion ,
igainst DRAKE'S PLA>TATIO? BrrtERs,
row that they cannae underA?uid what
-uuuiiiiop mere m fos its amazing popu
;i r?ty. Thc explatiation i? simple enough.
?'he ropiitaiion or the ' w.?r^d-v.eim>)'ned ?
onie is. founded upoii a rock, thc JF^QCK ol |
i^xyjiRiEXCE. All its higrt-Jicuts art
j?jjr? ami ? iAotesomo. How, then, could
tricksters and ?ln?ats e5cpu?;t to rival it
with Compounds of chciip drugs and re
fuse liquor; or v. ith llquorless trash ?n a
.Uiteol aeeivus fermentation? 6f pourge
did charlatans have come to'gricf. Their
little game has tidied. Their contempt
for the bagad iv of the Minm unity has!
boen fitly, punishoa. ilpmwm}* PEAK- '
tATiox BITTERS s?ems to be in ? fair
' vay of oventuaily sujiersecllug ' every
. :l?er liiedicinai preparatiun included in
:he, class.to Which it belongs. In every
-?tat?'and Territory 6f tho Union ii is,
to-day, thju ??.qopted up coi tic for nervous
-lebility, dy&pppsAS, f?.(y?k^x?^ ague, rhea- '
i latinm, and all utinien'ts jnyolylpga d?
iK-iency of vital power,
v f "Bjmplos ,ahd brown spots' on thc j
f-;cf-, Et upuunH, Blotches, Scrofulous Dis
?.-.ases; and all sorcs-arcsing from iinjmvc
,bloodr aro cured by Dr. Bktree's Golden,
not look like a barn or storehouse. It
? hu old- be a building, thc very-sight, al
..liich would cause deyuut. leoiings in
ho breast ' A welH-arved' ord& should
?rv/int to-heavenf massive panolod doors
. iHiuld impress; tho- vhiijorj with t,hc
fVtemnity of tho plaec into which he is
iiterin;: ; suUn?d glass should throw n
r-'-stie iitrht athwart tho ?Wes; p?lpit
ar.ar, ceiling-arid galleries-should be oc
?ijUuienHiii svlth tigurative uiouldines
and (lu-'colut?h?ihiit' ?mpport Ui'd'ra??e
r:es. and the biltHejf?''.lh?? ruii-theTn;in,
rhould be of classie pB?ii?tak.' ' ' A/jy cou
o^atiqn wishing such a chliiiih. should
s-nd their orders for finishing material
ip Mr. P. P. To.\r.K, iiiijptfrterof Pr?rfel.
"?Mried ?lass, and manufacturer of and
-aler In Doors, Rashes, Blinds, <tc, No
a) H?yiie str?ot, Charleston, s. c.
Unica .Verting*. :' '
e Tho mciiibers of tho hoof ?j yilj'?ttontli
die'Union Meeting' oTthdr respectivo^
Dividions on thc 'sSjjk ahd' ?Oth Inst.; aa
folloivs : ' ' ' .
1st D?vis?o^iat Reh'oboflt Church, :
' 2d . iii? Kaiem Church,
3d . 4 ,'. Richland SpringChurch
4th " ? Antfoch Church...
. J. P. MEALING,'Chair.
June 19 2t . 27
^J^QBJLT t: AT 1X7^^
DIEP,- in Edgefield GeumyW^. ?.i o^.
uio 29th of April 187? A, W. ?' ? Ll*. NT0 8.
In the'lOth year bf his'age.
Surely . We /can emphatically .say. hi
ianguaf?e of Holy Wrjt, V In: the rrdd?!*
ot life we are in death," for'the decease i
was cut off in the prime of life, arid in
iie full vigor "of-health. Ho attended
Church at Antioch on,the 4th Sunday in
April ; was there attacked ? i th that wr
.nuJable disease, congestivo ehil!*.' was
3-mveyed to the reVidonco of Mrs. Husaii
Mundy, his mother-in-law, where he
ivas tttf?iuted by a.; T rif t!. PliysicL.n,
mc nursed by ifkind"avid loving, wife,
ind many kind relatives bu* al' o ni
purpose. Death, that destroyer- o,
ill mortal things, had barked him for
iis prey. And oil thd following MonVlaV,
JT.u? elock' noon' thR spiritth?t an;, .k
ed tho manly term of tho deceased took
ts ?light to'-that upper- Jinti better world,
r?i?u ^hcnco no.travel I ?Jr ran rotilrn..
Tho deceascd-vas ? high-toned g?ntle
nan ? was oneot .tbokincic.vw of husbands,
ind a most indulgent futlier. He, leave?
Lii affpctioiinte wTfo, taiffl tlirce intor?'?t
n?'!?h"dren, and mimercms rejatlv-es
nd mends to mourn^heJoss of n bus
>and a father?'fl relative and truo friend.
To the bereaved, wjfo and - children of
ho deceased, the writer would say grieve
lot too mh?B fdr. lluttrkind, loving hus
land and fathe?* butr?ther look forward
o tho. time,- when'you will meet your
early belcMred oneiirour ihther's hooso
hove, whare "then*'are jnany auto
A Fama?,
HYM? N" ?ZAJu.
'-MAIIRIED, nt the residence of CapifcW.
j&. Stevens, on the 13th inst., by the'ftsv.
John Trapp, Mr. E. L. STEVENS!and
Miss IDA E. SHYLY,' alLof Edgefield.
pur share of this Bridal Cak$w?*
.cana in quantity -and inj quality.';'The
Advertiser begs leave to congratulate the
happy youi;gcouplein themoit respect
ful manner May thc minor ehords\?f
sadness never touch thc music of their
lille's Song! ../
AUGUSTA,. June IS, ?
... Oi.l- Buringa! Ll2an?soiiihg?li*
( (y>'i sr-Sal cs.. 6 b*?!i* : receipts, 25
onie-: ii iddli>!_-, lit-n >minui.
B Vt 'ON-Clear Side.-, GJi?t8l; (J. B.
SWr>s [email protected]; Shoulders, 6l; Hams, 131
'Dry Salt Sides, ?v-^nd Shoulders,.-51,
(8 ">..
OO??N-Prime white-^ear load, [email protected]
i na: veiHw, si 02'ra.i 03. . . .
WHEAT- ActivRdpmmd. Salesmade
at fil .viOyna. ?nd |2 25 for-prime white.
? i < ? CR-Ir?' ffonrt demand. We quote
is follows: S9 25^9 50 for superfino: $10
ft 10 50 for extm: $12 for?amilyL arid 813
for fiinfiT; western, [email protected]; country, $8-1
OATS-The stock of mixed -scarce
nnd in (rood demand [email protected]}.; Prince
Edward Isl and, 90. >- - .
. In both , ; < biol '.i:
?.RE prepared to putjub^an^atart4]
5'team Engines o. Water Wneejs,.. either
Turbiua or Overshot, and for ^u'y p?rT
pose whatever'.' Repairs" and ?general
overhauling of Stearn,. Engines^aod R>U
[en done promptly' aha On mod?rale
'terms?* ..- >:.- : i-.-.j ca cs
Pumps and Pumping Engines for
sdpalyiftg water-ibr household ?ntL field
use w-derrid end pitt up<tb> s?it?any.h>
calitv:, and guarantied.-? \? J/'-J-' 1
Colton Gins,Sharpened and.Repaired
at short ri?lice at.VflU?, Gin House.. .The
'Senior Partner,wiU givens entire1 ify-v
|(tention to' Giri' Repairing arid, pin Ma-J
ginnery ,genaraljy. forth?' .heit* two
'months, whiie the' JJinror will attend to
any other Jjpbs in ourlfne. "
i . Or?^?^riiesp?(^mll}f^Cj&0*k> P#W
hies needing our services will please ad- ]
dress the Senior at'Gratti tevi lie,' or the 1
'Junior, at Augusta, Gq. ,. .,
Any Orders reft at the ^ddern'ier^-offioe
or with Mr. Jasv E, ?qok? Graniievilie,
willreceive p'robipt attention. ' ' ' ' ; r
Our terms ?re'mod?iate/ 'andVe ask a
.trial. W TTW ''-<' '.'. -
- . A. E? :M.;-H? WARD,? 3,
. . Granitev?le, S. C.- ,/
Augusta, Ga." ' f': ? '
June 19 ? .? .i Ido . im'. S??
? Special No?ee! V.
..State Agent? fp*. the- .Cot?m -Status
Life Insurance Company, has pee?/o?s^
solved this day, 10th June 1872;-iry mt?
|!tual consent. *
.Matice ?,
p^Hfr' Undesigned'WiR-'?s h?iet???r?j
, M. continue to-act as General Agent for.
. the Company. ... . ?, .
?Jfice at'Edg?field C.* H., S. C. ? "
. M.W. ABNEY, Genii Ag*.''
June ll, "2f . . - . ?25,
/?. Newberry Herald* Aiken Jour,-}
wi, Larrmsvillo Herald and Abbeville'
Mcdiu)n s\ ill please Copy thc above twice
and forward accounts. .
Tax Notice.
. EDGEKIELD C. H-,'S, C., June 18, 1872.
THE Ciitzcns pf Kdgelield, who have
not paid their Taxes for the years
IVO and 1871, now past due, will pr?pare
? do su al onto at tliis Office, or settle
willi th? CorstiWes wh^m I may send,
"ii ?. *" tho ^..ect ?OL . and savo mo
.. i ?iL m ?s'il /.>'selling their
; ., m. nit . >! *o o-\]< ; '<1
, tT>... ^..-iv . .Mi'.i..; ?,
1'. A..E.i M i . .BE 3 i?R;
"' ^t.i:E..C.
"M. :- ' I'l 28
[. i^ii!-: l.'iidersignod havmg disposed o fl
I JL his Mer. ihr?ic fnton?.: at NewWrnv
? C., nm now <-? ? with T. JOKES
? ::. .H.jin-.t . . Ucpot, C. C^(StA-J
1. w li?re nc will 'lc^'kd to see ?i
fi.tiid^ and s^rve them in any way. ! '
J. P. HARDY:-.
June !!., :>t .. 26
For 8ab.
ON ! <M ?Ol) HORSE, one good MULE,
and tt> light, seconfl-hand CAR
j?TAO? Ajiply* at tiiis Office;
Juno *9, ." ' lt '" 26
i'harlolte, Columba anti Augnstd Hail road
!? ' SuiMirttxw.xnEyt's OFF?CB. ).
COLUMBIA, S. C., .fune 8th, 187?, j
ON and'after Sunday.
I Juno 'Jth, thc iollowiiv.
C?ichef|ulp yill bc ;nu
' Train No. 1. Train No. 2:
20 P. <M.
Leaye'Ci'arlottc.feHO A. M. ' 8:
Leave Colombia.. I;54 Pi M. 440 A. M.
Arrlvo A?gusta...7:45 f.Jfc . jj.20A;.>?.
GOING yoiiTjf
i Traiif??p. j. Train No.'2,
Standard tiraev ten minutes slower, than
Washington City time, und hine ipihutes
taster than ?Vugusta'C?ty Time.' 1 .'
No, I Train daily- j No. ii-Tr?in'?oily,
Snn,days- pvceptecl; Bath ? trains make
close' ^onu?cjhn i? a}l nbluts North,
Thio?gli . liakets sotd aufl- baggngr
?.'li?etkcd to ali.prln?fbaLttoints.-i t
... M P. ALEu\AkpKIL(j|?n,^UP. ,
. E R. Do nskv, Freight A- Ticket Agbnt.
Min mm. ...
HAVING1 bought' tffie READY
situated on thA Railroad, .ii miles.bclpv ;
:Ji)luiston's flopot. andputtnesHnie In thc
thost pcrfeei wbrkmir order, w* are rjre
'jiarcd to lill all bills tor Lumber prompt
ly, ard sa?sfartlon guararttied, Ourlprices
are as follows: |
First clim? Lumber 81.00" per hundred.
Second" "? 50 0ts. ' ". '
Cash, attbellfiU. Our Mr. Cambell a
ilraetionl riiadhinlst ai?d engineer' ami or
long.practice'as.aSawyer.," . , ? T ?
Our Qfisttyil?s turning out the best
g?ade of meal "Grjj?'^ng ?one only oh;
Fridays and Saturdays. 1
aSt* Give ns ? rr5alf 'and we will spaVe
no pain? to please-you/- ??.iv.'i
,'. ?i-d?ra addressed to'Bartley &
Cambell, Johnston's Depot, S.C, will
receive cu^lj^ attention.
Juue?? ?Um . 24
Vinegar I i ?iuegar i
I'l\jB?au iuipossibilitv to uake GOOD
PICKLES without thousc of GOO D VIN
EGAR. All persons in want ol' such an
art?ele can lind it at tlui Druir Store of
. He han ju? received Two Barrels
White WINE, and Pure UDER VINE
ALsu? ' a &o?'a assortment of Picklin
8W.CES ul' ail kinds.
Ju'ue 12 fr; \ - 25
Ked Rus t-lfpof Oats !
PROM 500 to etoo Bushels for sale
by thtf yubsoriocr. post Odico ad
dress. Phoenix, 'Abbeville Ca, S. C.
Jane 12, , : im . ??5
To the Voters of Edjefleld.
By the solicitation of many of my
Friends, I offer myself: as a Candidate ab
he oinsuiii- election, for the Offic? of
PROBATE JUDGE, and, if elected, wiU
indeavor,to discharge^e duties qf the
ame to.the beafof -myrability', with im
lartial justice .to all mankind, irrespec
ive of color,- position or previous coudi
idn^ w'lthout'/ear, favor or .affection.
??? 1 ?> W.. F. DURJSOE, SR.
.- on ]
E Tare>riow ready fc> jftya*aul : ?juj
w ? . Repair all kinds" of /'CottonTGins
t short notice, and at reasonable raies.
BMm&?mi & ft, Jw?a rn?
Hagii?eently At?raetiYe!
Established 1849
No. 3, Park Bow, Edgefield, fl??G| >? -ii .? 7$
AOTG^E&O'VETffi^o^ ion*
jT?*.:n' 4.-_C11...1_i"ni",\? TMJTTrtQ lf"t?T?*r?TXTTSo rrrnrx Tam ? TV
with the promise on my part that every article'offered shall be of the PU
Al)?* ask is, to give metcali, an? J^Jor. yourselves. ;
but sfjjeasjare tolhow n?o^.^?W^t??f e?br???s, in j
500 Lbs. WHITE LEAD,
One Barrel each of UNSEED QIL and VARNISH, . ?
50 Gallons Spts. f?RPENTlN??rVi:;> 1W| ? 5? Vi:' 91 **fj
75-Lb?.Spinish-^WN^jujd&*4j%n RED,.. ri-ye,tVi
9 Doz. GLASS LASH^; t?rifcy&r? '; >r' '
100 Lbs.
800 Lbs.
M?Bg4?t0 ifiiflifl. i->< . . i a ? ,rr;'.
Jr?'^?S(I?.o .*tov|21 . .:: ... j;., bas: r^L^l-,,
- If you want the:Be&iKer|0*?J|e,<|^ At .?0. cents bfc/the sinfcl
gallon? and 45 cents by the five gallons, you cam'?-iHt afc , ?
. . . G. L.'P?;gv;s.p
i?*T! Eli* dr:-. .
Hegeman's Elixir GALASAYA BARK,'
Dr. Simmons' LIV ER MEDICI?^ . .V.
Ayer's HAIR VIGOR, . {11$ M
"^.f AGUE CURE, :
~-C-ATH^Rtre-Pftt?r- ?
Cook's WINE OF TAR for Cough* Colds,
? fall Stock of all kind of BITTERS,
Whitcomb's ASTHMAtitEt?EBY '
. PHILOTOKm^. . ?'.-XS*
P^w^tfYftHB ahdR?A?r REL?EF. '
Burnet's COCOAIN for the Halr7~
BUR KALLISTON for the Complexion,
Af folLHna p/RAMNG POWDERS, and ?PICB%of all kinds.
' tRnar KitfitiH? Tute? ,triri? . <ns asmj
3, very handsome^ j PENN'S EXCELSIOR HAIR OIL.
Hill Hflfei
..POWDER BOXES, very t
1 ; HAMS, Clear R. SIDES, xjiRD,
oES, SYRUPS,. TEAS, CQEK?& CHE?SE,?MACCAR.?KI, and all Goods?
kept .m,a firsj;.class stock, which will be sold ?low for. Cash. ^ \
Always on hand a "sop&y bi Otfe^cd'rteAtCOWn?(^?RS, . '
JKJF" Prescriptions. care^u^ly^?ompounded da^or ni^ht
June 12
th? fefcst Mair
Dressing and Restorer,
Millions Say
Your Bru^sist has it.
Advertisement cjc?ur
eluding ?3 DAILIES
in? ONE KVCU of ?pac?
j I^VS^IPEKS, in
cowine thor ugblj Itu- ?tfteaHxLljlfrjJwaA Dela*
war--. Virginia?Wi st Yirgin^Nonu^arailmi. Soul?
fcjrn?iia. ftipapia. A'al-amn. M?MUM|.|I?', Iv.uiMiina.
9.11e j^ojitli for $149.
M<tV*'1P?r|w?^,'M?M 'us?Ueg}&^rger ?lr*
ly fuvorab:
Copi--* or
lion, fu rn
Agenta, 4%
A Century of 1 Humphs -.?ver dyspopela,
iv r dincMt1. oow?sl complaints and various febrile
md n>-rv?us dbordrn, bac Immortalized the S?)tz?>r
>;M, niKi Hit?..- V.CUJPQ are cow rcpgatt?d torotigh.-ut
ills hcmiaphW? VftlAAStM EiTEKtaSCnrt Sil T???L\,
VPKKIKNT; containing all the elements and produ
in?; ul! the happy results of the Groat German
Spring. . \i ..
?eaf, Farms,: Free Homes!
** r
Best Farnwig^ and Mineral Lands,
5 af ' al fw?? america*] Kallir ?
Acres ita
Grardoa of tlx o "^TC^sst,
NOW FOU sAl^ !
These lards art in thc centn^-portlori of Uie
Jolted State?, un tho MAtajra; mftori^Lattrade,
he centrai line of- tor "great Temperte Bmmjww?
American Continent, and for grain growing add
tock raujng unsurpassed by spy m t}ie United
Jaiva. .
CHEAPER IN PP.ICR, more faverabto term?
liven, und ?ar>? convenient to market (han can be
?und . liewla-re.
ioMiere Entitled to a noimsicad of 160 Acres.
l'ri't l'nftfccx to Piurchaaeri of Land.
bond for thc new Deacfipllve Pamphlet", with Sew
iiap?amblished In -English, German, Swedish atad
Janian,mailed free everywhere. ;;
Address. ". O. F. D AVI>;
Lnnc? Commissioner, V. Y. K B.' Co;
Omaha, Neb,.
_??4S_,_,-i-?--S S ,
..- ...* nt.-?.
Farming's Patent Kid-Fitting
Recommended by leading
Physicians. * . . .
Should bo worn by all
ladles who value htallh
arfd comfort vThey are
particularly ?commended
forsnmrnerwearand warm
climates although adapted
to all seasons- of,tho years L
It* ?tie by all 'tot-elaa.
- Solo Manufacturers,
Woreetter, Maa?.
.. ?.v^ijajed ^K^fi?rtJ*eT^r.':.'!
, II? ? Aft *
. tlf. CBArSAN 4 l^- ifidiwfl, Ildiim
Do not naffer Tour Lang? to become diseased
by allowing :i COLD to become seated. Thousand*
have died Premature 'DcSTlis-Tl?c YieUaa* of Con
6uinr.:i<>n-br neglecting a Cold.
tua ' 'r*^ rfen?
WH! Cure Coughs, Colds UEJ C?Junraptloja
surer and quicker dian any other remedy. Il acts
like magic For safe by all Druggists am] Hedida?
Dealers everywhere*
-1-rr-H-'-!-? ? ?*
AG rc NTS Wai?ted.--Agenls m*ke mo rf mon
ey at work for tu than at anylhin?? else. Bari
ne? light andiperoniient. Particulars free. (?.
STIMSON ? Co" JftHelrt PiMMert, PorUabdv Milli?
For any case of Blind, Bleed
ing. Itching or Uloeratcd PU*
that DZBWG'S Foi Bum rr
fc?s to eom -lt li pm?nft.
.? w v v s* expressiv to ?KM ? the Filia,
and nothing else. Sold by all Drajegtas. Friee, fl .Ok
Ti. fi PIAKQ CO* IV. Y. PRICK. ?0{L|
?RKAT M?BirAL KOOK of Meta) kwMk
edge to all. Seut firer (bf t*t> slaaipa. Adare?
Dr. BoxAPaBTE & Ca, Cincinnati, Ohio.
st .
Iff nits?
General Agents for
Price, $4,00 Per'Saw,
n fS^jlr?SSnt?sf^^8^
under MrfGuUett's pej^opu su*
perVision, who never allow* one to be
sent from his works until it has been.
Cully tested, and made to ctn perfectly in
every rwrJeetf1 This mode of testing is
very important to the purchaser, ss he
The IMPROVED GIN difiera materi
ally frota'the'Stelel Brtitrb Gin forrrierlv
sold hy us,.hiasnuich as the Steel Brush
has th r e e v:br u sh es, j h iTo tip? flew'Gm has
We guarantee every^in to be* of ve'rV
light draft, to thoroughly clean the seed,
and make a superior sample. Besides,
it IMi^mndB extraction, easily ad
We respectfully refer to all those who.
have used the Improved Gin the past
Planters wishing Giris will,.consult
:heir own interns, hy e" th GT writing, to
as for our Circular wfth ?Certinc^es, or
jailing at our oflice .and examining for
Address >?* K-. i;-v.-.. . i
*? .v . :'. . Cotton Fdotbra,
; , Augusta,.Ga.
June 12, 5m 25
.; 4O*?T"61P6IH
?, ' ' tv_ ' *
ttl ' . : i- . ' **TT- ' . ? i
f facture COTTON GINS. "
Wo were awarded a Gold Medal for the
Mist GIN, (oucjirto. tho world,} at the Cot
on SUUs Fair at Augusta; fast season;
uso, at the State Fair of South Carolina.
Wo lbcfwjirralftSrt Ittaa2^?"rthat"a tri
,1 -of our GINS is all that ? necessary to
ruarauteo satisfaction:
?SSr-Ordersi s?lroited, carly in the aes
on to prevent'delay. . ..
' Bv Pflrmi^l^!v>v6refer.to .
" . Maj. A. JONES, ' . ' / .
'} c. WARREN, <z2KBtEa?Ss.
L. HARTLEY. ;<..
> Old-Gin? REPAIRED on reason
.bl?terms. . .;.'....: - .
Mav l ." '?*4F*Q5pJf ^9
Soda Water!
TO-7a*. -: . - ?? >
"?e LadiesPrato?fc? ?y ... ?/"
?J . ..vThe'G^^^
: " ^/?Bl^?^^nksIt^
hut, and stands 'r?a<$-at ? al*, hours./'f
io dav "to fdr*Tsl? -cdstomeTS W deV

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