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Edgefield advertiser. [volume] (Edgefield, S.C.) 1836-current, June 20, 1872, Image 4

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. ,Qip HEART.
ii lorin* heart ia more to me
Than ??glitjhat fortune can bestow";
The treafflrwErom the distant sea,
<4tf^?fmHlnefc radiant lustre glow,
The?ffloryiei a monarch's throne,
Not halCIhe plea/mre can impart;
Of all eartys treasures, I would own'
. / One loving heart !
- . ? "; W i? j
The viator's crown, the poet's wreath,
The.bsubiea that theworld may fling,
A momentary fragrance breathe,--: bi
AjjpPuontary ^nmph bring; .
Bat loris: as life remains, shall love
Nejr fragrance and new loy impart, '
E'en when the daisies bloom above
One loving heart I .
How sweet the spell it throws" around "
Our homes,; though humble . they maj
And where one loving heart is found,
'Tis always Paradise to me. .
Ofate! mvhopesthoumay'stbereave, .
And bid mv cherished dreams depart ;
Take all things else I price, but leave
' One loving heart !
(MUSCp .ill ??
. It was in the Spring of 18-. I
h >i been at Rome during the Holy
Week, and'had taken ? jpU?e in th"
diligence for Naples. There wert
two. routes : one by the way of Te -
rac?.aa and the other by the Via Lati:
na, more inland. The diligence,
which made the journey only twice
a week. foUbftep these' routj? a?ter
natetf/gdf ' tfiatr eacli* road^wW tra
versed only once in s?ven-'-days. I
chose'-ther inland route,--and-'after a
long day's journey arrived at fepgjwj
who're we halted lor the night.'^e
next morning wt star ed again'ver. '
early, and it;' was, scarcely ye'iday. -
light when ve reached the l?eapoli
tan frontier, a short distance from t! e
town. There onr passports were ex- '
amined; and to my great^dismay 1
was informed 'that mine was not eu j
regie. It was covered, indeed, with
stamps and signatures," not one 01 j
which had been procured " without
some cost and trouble ; but one "visa"
, was yet wanting, and that the all
important one, without which'none
conld enter the Kingdom of Naples.
Twas oblig-d therefore to alight, and
to send my wretched passport back
to Borne, my wretched ' self being
doomed to remain under Police sii?
veillince at C?prano, until the dm
gence should bring it back to hie o.'
that day week, at soonest.
I took up my abode at. the h tel
where I had passed the previous
night, and there I presently received
a. visit from the Capo di Polizia, who
told me that l must present myseli
every morniug and evcumg at 'his
bureau, bnt that I might have liberty
to " circulate" in the neighborhood
dnring the day. I grew so weary ut
this dull place, that after I had ex
plored the immediate vicinity of the
town I began to extend my walks to'
a greater distance, and as I always
reported myself to- the police before
night I met with no objection on their
. part.
One day, however, when I' had
been as far a3 Alatri and was return
ing on foot, night overtook me. I
had lott my way, and could not t?ell
how far I might be from my desola
tion. I was very tired and .'ad a
heavy knapsack on my shoulders,
packed with atones and relics Iroui
the ruins of the old Pelasgic tomes.*
which I had been exploring, besidea
a number of old coins and a lamp or
two which I had pureba eu Lhere. _ J
could discern no signs ot any human
habii :tion, and the nilk, covered
with wood, seemed to shut tue in o
-e\ev> siue. i was regnfmng co .tunk
seriously of looking out tor some
she't . idsjotunder a thicket i i which
to ??? <h? night, when the welcome
sou -id. of a lootstep bei:ind me len
npou my ears Presently a man
. uu-sed in the usual long shaggy coat
ul a shepherd overtook me, awi'tear
iug my difficulty offered to co:.duct
me to a house at a short distance
.'rein the road, where I irtightob{aii
a lodging; before we reached th?.
soot he told mc that the house in
q .estioa' was an inn and that h- wa
the landlord of ?if. He had not much
custom, he Eaid, so he einuloye,d him
self in shepherding during the day ;
ii he could mak-j me .com?of table
. nd give mc a g cd supper also, Let
ter than I snou.d expect, to look u
'lim; but he had b*en in .good'.cir-.
.-.iwstances once, and had lived iu
service in great families. . and knew
iiow things pught tip be, .?nd'what a
??ignore like nm elf was u ed.to.
The hou>c to which he took ia
seemed like its ?wherj to have seen
better days. It was a large, ramb
ling place and much dilapidated, but
it was tolerably -comfortable within ; J
aud my landlord, alter he had thrown
off his sheepskin coat; prepared me a
savory meal, and sat down to lo k :?
and converse with rn-.> while I ate ii.
I did not much like the look? of thc
fellow ; but he seemed anxious lo be
sociable, and told me a great dei?;
about his former IL'e wh*u he was u.
service, expecting to receive simila.
confidences Irom me. I did not gran
fy him much, but, one . must. t*ik o.
something, and beseemed to think ii
only proper to express nn in erest in
. his guests, and to learn as much ot
their concerns as they would tell
him. ' '
I went to bed ear?y. intending tc
resume my journey, ass soon as i
should be light. My landlord took
up my knapsack and carried it to my
roo::., observing as he did gii that ii
wa>; a great weight ?dr me to t. avel
with. I answered jokingly that it j
cw'aired great treasure, referring to
my c oins and ?elics; of course he did -
nor understand me. and, before ?
coti'.-l explain, he wish d me a most
ha: ny little night, and left nu-. ' .
Ti:e room in which I found my
self Vas situated at theend of a long
passage; tkere were two rooms oi
the right side of this passage, ard ;
window oh the lett, which looked un.
upon a yard or garden. Hawnj
taken * .survey of tne'ontside of -t?.e
house while 1 Was smoking my eigm
after finner, when the moon w s up,
I understood exacly tho jusitioh <if
my chamber-the eud room of a long
parrot* \\inj? projecting at right an
glee U'Aa'tha main "building, wjii
which it was lonnected only by th?
pasrtt^H and the two side rooms al
ready mentioned: Ph ase, to bear
this ..description carefully in mind
whi. p .I proceed. . *
Befare; getting int?o bed I drove
into:^l?>'6o?r close to the doorasraall
gimlet wh'ch.formed part of a com
plicatedipocket-knife which I always
carried with me, so that it would be
impossible iora'ny-one to enter, the J
room without my knowledge ; there
was a' \??k to the door, but the, key
would not turn -in it; there was.also
a bolt, but it would not enter the
hole intended:for it, thu "door having
elink apparently from itsproperlevel.
I hutisned myself, however, that<he
<! , was se?ared^by my gimlet, and
st a fe??s?eet?; . ' '
How can i ? describe the strange
and horrible1 section- which oppress
ed me3, aa P awoke, ont of my first
"3 -mber?^I had been sleeping sound:
Jv adi) before I quite reeovc?e ? cou
summit* I bad '"instinctively risen )
? - . . ..... Jsss^K^^saaa?K
Vom' myr pillow, lan? was cro?
jiorward, my knees.-drawn up
1 Wo?'- rlasp?d obe?ore^myc?aci
jmy.whbleiFriibl?l o^SveSng wit]
nor/ ; I.saw -noting p]fer!?/not
.mt. a soond'jv^ rinding in m;
that se-med to make my bloo
?cold. J.could not nave s?ppo
.possible that any mere sound,
ever might be i te nature,: obuld
prod ti ced sn feb a re^ul^ion of'fi
or inspired such inten e horro
then experienced. lb was not
of terror that I heard-that ;
?lave roused me to action-nc
[moaning' of one- in pain-that i
jhaye di. tressed me, and called
(sympathy raJher.tb?anW?rsio?? '
it was like tie ' groaning of o
.anguish and despair, but not lik
?mortal voice ; it seemed too'dre
!too intense for human utterance
sound had begun while.I. wa
asleep-close tp the head of m
j-rc;qae ta my very pillpw; it
uVmued after I was wide awa1
long, loud, hollow, prorated
.-making, the midnight ?air rev?
.ire, and then dying gradually "
[until it ceased entirely. It was
'minutes before I could at all re
(from the terrible, impression }
|-eemed to stop my breath and r
kze my limbs. At length I h^g
.io"k about.me^forthe night wa
entirely dark, and could discer
outlrheB.oif^ the rb?a?ndNthe.Be
pieces of iurnjiute in it. I the,
jout of bed arid called alou? ?jj*
b's there? What is the matter'
any one ?$1 ?" I ?epeafe?::'tbet
iquiries in Italian a?a in French,
.uiere was no answer. Fortunat
?had some* matches in my pocket
Ijvas able to Kght my candle.- I
examined every part of the 1
carefully,' and specially the WE
phe'l\et?'qf'vfy^e?', sounding it
Imy knuckles; it was firm andi
.there" as in,all'''6thci,;5r3rade8;"<]
fastened:'mV doorrjfgbd explor?e
passage\ty tb^? twfljt?ioingig TO
whic*h were unocciiped and al;
destitute of furniture; th?y-bad
dently not been usect for ?m? t
Search as I wonld I could gail
i-Iueto the mystery. Retnrnin
iny room I sat down upon the be
.j. eat perplexity, and began to;
bvpcan iny; mind whether.'it Was
<ible I coota Hv?**'b?en deceivi
whether the sounds r?hich causee
*uch dstress might not be the
spnpg of. some dream or night*" i
but to. that conclusion I could
bring myse'.f :at all, much as I wi;
it, for the groaning bad' contir
tinging in my ears long after I
wide awake and conscious. . Whi
was thus reflecting, having negle
to close the door which was oppc
the side ?>f my bed where I was
ting, I heard a soft foot-step at a
tance', and presently a light ap]
at tfoe further end of the pass
Then I saw the shadow of aman
upon the opposite wall ; it mc
very slowly, and presently stop]
I saw the hand raised, as if mal
a sign to some one, and I knew f
the fact of the shadow being tim
ifl advance that lhere must have k
a second person in the n ar by wi
th- light was Carried. After a si
pan e they pee'ded to -haye retrn
their step?. without mv haviTis: hs
glimpse of dither of them, but <
of the shadow which had come be:
and which followed them as. t
withdrew. '. It was 'hen a little a
:one o'clock, and I concluded ti
were retiing late to rest, and nnxi
to ayoi disturbing me, though i b
since thought that it' was the li
from my room which caused then
retreat. J felt ha i inclined tocal
them, but I shrank, without know
why, from making kn?wn what 1
disturbed nie, ana while I hesita
rhey were g'?ne ; so I fastened
door ?gain, a d resolved to sit
and watch a little, by myself. 1
now my candle was beginning
? burn low, and I found myself in t
dilemma: either 1 must exting?is!
at once, or I should be left with'
the means of procuring a ii^ht
.case I sTiould'-ngai-a. be disturbed,
regr-tted t at I lind not called
another c indie while there were p<
pie yet moving in he hoii^e, bu'
could not do so how without rauki
explanations ; so I grasped my box
matches, put out my light and I
down, not with'-ut a shudder, in t
bed. \
For an hour or morp I lay awa
thinking , over what bivi, occam
md |)y-t'hat-'!time ? had almbat pe
suaded "myself that I Had . i moro
imagination to thank for the alar
'which I had suffered* " Jt fe':
outer-wall," I said t>? myself: " tlj<
-;re all outer,waLh,i and tbe house
built of stone;, it is impo sible th
any sound could be heard tarong
sucii a thickness5. Besi'des, it seeni*
to be in my roon;, close to mv ea
A hat an idior I mu^t be to gi
damed and.excited about nothing
i'll' tbink no more about it." So
urned on my sicfe, with a smil
(rather a ibreed one) at my own foo
ishnese, and compose'd ' myself t
At that instant I heard, with mor
tisiinctness than I ever hoard, an
..ii.er sound in ray life, a g sp,
. oicele.-s gasp, (l-4. if gdui*? ont? wpr
II ngony tor breath, biting ?ti the ail
tr nyi' g wit. ?.esp?rate efforts i,
. irv out pr Speak. It. '.asrepeatej
second and third lime; then ther
\vas a pause ; then aga^n that horri
ole gasping; and then a long-drawi
'breath, an audible drawing up of titi
air into the throat,' such'as one wodli
make in heaving a..deep^sigh. Stu'<
.onnds as these co did'not'possibly
have been heard unie** they. har.
been clo?e to my ear ; they stein ta:
.0 come out ol' the wall at my head
or to risi; out of my pillow. Thai
icarlul gasping, and that drawing iu
of the bre.uli, m the? d rkaess and
ali nee OL th* ::i?iit, seemed to jriak-i
very . oet v.- ii ll y budy tl.rib with
dreadi'u exp .?'i- u. tJnconsc-ou
I nratiK <* Iron} J.H. .-(vu [j ...
?lowe as b-r.. e with taff Tice ujpyii
jy knees. lt c*?wl Su?l irntnedi
ately a moaning sound began, whu
lengthened out inc . an aw lui pro
ijaci d gi'o..n,. Waxing loud?; . ? I
louder aa it, uude'r au increasing aj_o
.iy, and then dying away slowly and
.graduany into6ileuce; yet Paiu/uliy
and distinctly audible, even to the
As soon as I, could rouse; myself
from the freezing horror which seemed
to penetrate even to . my joints and
marrcyv, I crept away from the bed,
and in tfre furthest corner of the
room lighted with -.Baking hand my
band e, looking anxiously about, me
a? I did so, expecting some, dreadfu;
revel?tion as1- the- Irg^ht ??s?red Tip.
Yet, if yda Will believe mel I did not
teel alarmed or frightened ; but rather
ppressed,- and..penetrated, with an
i m nat ural, Overpowering sentiment
of^awe. I'se?nied to be.m the '.pref
ene'e bf Sotne gte?? and horrible mys;
tery,- some bottomless.'depth: of woe^.
or misery or crime. ?'shrank^ ?om
it wirb a sena?tiori' of. .intolerable
loathing aud suapenae.. lc was a feel
ing akin to this winch prevented me j
from callwgjfomy[landlord J T (
>iot bring myself to speak to hi
what had passed^ :hot = ? ino\vin?
?early, hey bimse? migHfr.bb"inv?
in tile* my$erj[. VJftWfW[9nly? .?fl;
r? escape aBMqniei?y. asj.p.ossi^e,-,
sie room and from -the house,
caidie was how beginning' tp"fl
in' its Socket? but the stars were
iiingf 'outsidey i and 'iherdJ was . ?
?and air to bre?the't*ier*?, which'sei
'" be wantingin my Xoom; so I
o^ue^tue window," tied.the:
clothes together for a rope^and
.?red myself safely ? and;, silent!
the ground.
Tjiere was a, light st?ljburn'i
che lower/part of'the house; 1
v-rept noiselessly along?? feeling
way carefully1 among' tji? iret ?,
in due time came upon-a beaten t
.vuich l?ri me to a road,' thesame"?
? had been tr ave i:ig on the pre*
uight: I walked on, scarcely k
ing whither, anxioua .only .W incu
my i'ist?nc?'fr?m? tte.' accursed "iii
until the day ' began lo break, \
almost the fir?t thfngJ could see
cirjctly was a Bmdl body ' of mei
preaching me. It waa with no fi
ipteasura. thatf ,1 ; r?eoghized. ab;
head ?my .friend . the .Capo di P.oj
j ' Ah 1 " he cried; -' ' nrifojrten ?fe :1ns
what trouble{( you. haye/ given '
'.Where hatfe yo.u' ..b??n.l.., Qoc
praised that I see, you safe and"sol
tiut Kow ?.."-Whitt js/tfce1 matted
fyfat yu. ^tt^tr-^ie on?3poES&s
rOEiW.hH? how I had lost my 1
. jyLft-J*!? ^.^b^igedi r ?a i
..".And. what "br?peuc-d ,to;;
tfare,?,',: ho oped, wjth/a Jo?& qf:
.lety/ "... [. ... .
jj J was. disturbed in :the;night
coula nci sleep. I made my esc
.aqd. here I^am. I oannofc tell
more." .
" You must tell me more, dear
, foxgi ve mo, ;y ou mus t tel 1 me ev
thing. ; I must'know ai] . that ya
?? thatAcM?se. ;We hay^ ^ad it ul
our surveillance io* a Ju'?g ti?iej
when. I heard in what direction
had gone^yestefdayj and had nol
ruined,' ? ffcar?d you had got
ome mischief there, ?nd we s
even now upon our waf to lqok
I could' not en?er into, particul
but"I "told him*I ha^^iea^isrit,
sounds, and, at hja-request I went t
with him tb the'spot. He to'd
by the way that the house was km
ro be the retiort o banditti; -that
landlord harbored them,' re;ei
their . ill-gotten * goods, . find! h?J
th?in to d'spose bf their booty.
Arrived at the spot, he placed
men abbot the premies and-in.it
ted a strict search, the landlord
the man- who was fouud^n the'hc
being compelled to accompany i
The room in tfh?ch ? had sl?pt
carefully examined ; the floor wa
plaster or cement, so that no soi
could have passed through it ;
wail-* were sound and solid, and tl
was nothing to be seen that coule
any way account for the strange I
tuabance I had experienced. '.
room on thc ground floor underne
ray bedro -m was next inspected ;
contained a quantity of straw, h
firewood and lumber.. It was pa'
with brick, an J ?on turning oser
straw which U.L.S heaped togethci
a corner, it waa discovered that
bricks were uneven, as if they 1
ueeu recently disturbed.
" Dig herj," said the officer. " '
sha 1 find something hidden hen
-nnnginc. -
? The landlord was evidently mi
disturbed. " Stop," he cried. .
will tell you what lied buried the:
come aw ty o.ut ot doors, and >y
shall know all.about it."
? . 5* Dig, I say.' We'sha 1 find (
for ourse ives."
" Let the dead rest," tried l
lanJiojilj with a trembling vpi
" Jbur thc love of heaved come aw?
and hear what'l >\ut\l tell Au."'
" Go on with your work," si
the Sergeant to his men, who wt
now plying pickaxe and spade.
''.1 can't sfjay here- andeee, it, '-e
claimed ' the ian J?oid '"'once*' TnoS
I ' Hear ti?eii ! it is the body of u
Son, my only - bon-iet him ,res:^
rest ii? can.. Me was woiunled m
quarref, and brought home to die.
tbougnt lie would recover, but the
. waa i.either- doctor nor pi i est at han
. nd in. spite ol all that we could i
for "him he died. L thini alone bo'
or let a priest, be first sen lor; 1
d?ed unconfeased, but it-rwfo0$kt?
fault ; it way not y? be too-late
make peace for him."
"But v. hy is he buried in th
place ?"
" We did not wish to make a st
about it. Nobody knew of iii? deal J
and we laid him down quietly ; oil
place was as. good ns another whe
once the lite was out of; him,,
thought, \?fe are poor folk, and coul
hot pay for cenenronies?."
The truth at length came ou
Father and son were both raembei
of a band ol thieves; und^r this floe
they concealed their -plunder, aa*
there, too, lay more than one, mo?l
dering corpse, victims ..'ho had occu
pied the room m which I slept,- ani
had there met their death: The.soi
'was, indeed, buried in that spot ; h
had beeu mortally wounded^ in J
. .kiruii.sh with travelers, and had liv
ed long enough to redout nf his deeds
and tb beg lor that priestly absuiu
tion Wi.ich, according to his- .creed
I was necessary t-> secure his pardon
lb vain he bad urged his. lather t<
! Diin?the confessor to his bedside ; ir
v?m he jmd: eutr?a'ed .him tdtbreal<
oif ?iom. the murderous band; wit!,
.vhioh he was allied and to live hon
esty in, lu.ure; his prayers wert
disregarded, and his dying admoni
tions were of'no avail. * Eut lor the
5']?uge, mysterious waruing which
bad roused me lioni my sleep and
inven gnlont o.i't-hv hoboethiiVbijghi;,
ti.o^er r?>-:,wu](l, haVs he-hi-fi*
-i j thu old mau"! -u-aie- th 'guilt
ina! g-'?ui;w f -;'u:tjp_t -los^. k, ..mi
.. ti.it .'? '' i 1 ' "'.i.':;- wbv-.-.oe did
tm^y prow';u :'' iU yan- no. livi.rg
voice. D- youa that I will express
?io opinion on the subject. I will on
ly tiny that it was the means of sav-i
ing my life, and at the" samo tim?
puiting' ai. cud'tb the heines .of bloody
deeds which had been committed in
tnat hpuseV
.I receiv,e?al niy passport ? that even
ing, by the dilligence from'I^ome, and
started fche next morning oh my way
to Maples. As we w?rrr?Vbssing the
ifonf^e/, ra tall figure app^oabhed,
wearing the long, rough1 Lcapolta ''of:
the- iriendicant ir.airs, with a ?ood
over, the face and holes . for che eyes
to ldok1 thiough. ' He ca?d 'u-'tih'
n?otfty?box in* his hand, which he
held out.to.the passengers^-jingling a
"few comisan it, and ' cryiflgnJut in a
inonotonohs'^oice', " Akfa&^ni pur
ycUatior 'Anime in- fntrif?t^ r^Z
do not.be^e?^e ^p5 : t;ur?^ '
supplication a lbs- the dead ; but I
dropped a^piece ot ailyer i?tp,.%.e'J)Ox v
neverth?lfess/'?s t thought^ tfel ?un
hallowed'^rav'e in the forest,'ahdrmy?
prayer went; up to heayen in ?u sin*f
eerily,--" Mcyutma. inface/'* i\
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fte: ftc]
0. P( \i;i>J. of all.sizes and
?- i "i ' :of tldace ?nd Sign.'/
j.' : p
At the Fredericksburr ;v
E Ei E Ci ITT ??-JJS!
HIS popular and weU-knchvn Hotel
is now/, fully open for the reception-i.f
visitors, having recently been tnor?u?i:
ly renovated, newly painted, and put In
the most complete order. > We aro deter
mined to moke ours a'first-class Hotel,
not t? bo surpassed North or-South. .
We respectrally solicit the patronado
of oar Edg?fJ?ldiriehdB and. the public
g-T^??RPH^.&.MAY,'i-rop ietors.
. Feb 14 ? tf 8- '
i Livery Stable Opehed !
PERSONS^fl?^nj?BorBesor Vehic
or conv?y?n ce ?5* apportion bf w
Surrounding conntry fitira> this .point,1
can be acc?mmodate?by api.'-?ng to
L rt A.'A, LUSBY, j
ftiajl :" IT ' "<" ? |p .
. person, whcthsr they wishetl to pur- j
chase or not, to Uifte a sCroiljthnraeli the ,
{?the elegant goods, embracing everything i
.that is new and dosi rabie, and ?ep're?ent- j
ing the handicraft of nearly all civilized ?
nations throughout the world i:iere dis- ,
play?!. < '!
. Beginning with tho Elegant SHAWL,
Whore all tile elegant fabrics o? thc season ;
are to be seen in beautiful Plain, Striped, j
Checked andfrDolly pardon te>ilks,.made- j
up S?ita* at" the newest etiles, Ubinia !
Lace Points, Shawls, and other Wrap
pings; be&htiful "Parasols, Bun Uiribrel
las, <fcc., Ac. * .
MENT, everything that is novel, no*
, and desirable* can be round-commencing
with Dress Goods that will make a hand
somelooking dress?t 10c. per yardup to
the finest.
MKNT are -Piques,, in plain, striped,
robes and figured. Percales from 20c. to
fine Chintz at 50c, in all the new designs
bf-figured.. Robes and Bolly y amiens ; all,
thc new varieties of 'Muslins, Linen
Lawns, in white and figured, plain col
ors, Ae., Ac. A fall amoxi ment o f Whi te
Goods, od' every description.
will be found all the new fabrics of thc
season-some new and elegant goods, as
well as some very.'low!torice?v ?.
In the LACE DEPARTMENT will be \
found all the new stylos of Lace Collars
and Sleeves,"'Sets.' ?d*rlngs,"liisortlng8; "
[ Embroideries, Black ."-ilk Laces, Puif
ings, Ruffling/}, line Furs,-A(v . *
In trie HOSIERY! GLOVE; and NO-<
TION DEPARTMENTS Viii be fo?nti ''
a'most superb assortment of these goods,
and nt the lowest pr ces.
MESTIC DEPARTM EN'B? 'are va?l'i.111
of good and useful .g^pds- : atad';?? tuo
lowest prices possi ble.-'* ??? <m ?a# X
Pcrsous who buy for Cash and wish t*
save money, should alwajTf buy ol'
Gash House-a house that buys for Cash
ns weil Bs sells fol! Cash. Irr'a house o?'
tbife kind-a?.theat?vnnt^e^ can be given?
a Gash purchaser ; no efcru jftbtit patvoh"
because the merchant bought his good?
on time, and he having pakl an extra
price for thc tinie, .,wludh,all merchant. r
havs to do who bpy^hojar-goods on, thu iv.
These aro ideas every Cash buyer shinild
not forget/ " A penny saved is a penny
a house that buys its jStpds .dr^ash, and
pays no oxtra-ppeepQb jhnc^'?lj sells | :
upon a Cash oasis,"and charges no extra l'
.profit to ni.iko up for bad debts. Its.
:-?ock is laid in by a buyer who has boen
I selecting goods suited to the wunfificfC'tLK- '
Leopleior neara quarter of .a cefnTOr. '
lils success in pleasing jthoni ia, vej?i*?d '.
by the Frodoricksburg? Store neyw luv
ing. gottenybohind from inp .? .
start, in 1850, tb 'the'prest?' liri . r.
you may be sure, when yon go tlii
FredericJcsburg Store: td t?t?y.g'*o- ;
are in tho right house. Tho ?Oiisi Lb/
-.buys right.sclls.right. ' and try:; t - i
'best it eau for its citsfohYers.
Wo continue to send samples . .rv
.quested, and pay freight ort's^' . h<
ordered from our stock tv i ;fe ? i : o
810 and over, for Cash, stroud?'.
V. RICHARDS . lliiO ,
CornerbythePlai.au> Hotel'.
April 3 tf 15
J. Wi tx?, Proprietor. X. B. Imo * Cfc, Droobta i?d
Csa. ?f'tr, San PrsDclics. C*L. s * 34 Com nerc?at. Sr T.
aCCXXIOIlS Heur it mon y to' their
u Wonderful Cut Tc T-Hr. cts. ./
They tua not a vlic Fnnc-rlnk, Mode of Poer
Kamt Whiskey, Prooplrlte and Befdse
K.r?pior?, doctored, spicod sweetened to please Uro
taita/ca??ea .'Tonics," * Apjcrs," '.Restorers," *4?
that load tho tippler on to dnnnessahd ruin, but aro
a truoMedicino, made from natl vc root? aud herbs
of California, free fro ra Alcoholic 8fl Bul
lant.. They aro the OKF, BT.OOB PTTKI
a perfect Bcnovatcr nod Iorator. of iba System,
ctn-yingoIT alt poisonous mi and rwiortr.? rho blood
to a healthy condition. No toa can take these Bit
ten according to direction^ remain long unwell,
provided their .bouts oro idestroyed by mineral
poison or other moana, nine vital oriana wested
texond the point of repair.. - ^ ,\. ff j ,? -(
They aro a Gentle Frat! vo n? well aa a
Tonie, possessing also, tluculiar merit of, acting
os a pcrwcrfdl agjnt In. relic; Congestion or Inflam
ttation of tho Liner, and all Visceral Organs. J
y oun % er old, married or sin at thy dawn of woman
hood or at the tarn of lift, o Tonie Bitten ha vo no
equal. 1 ,
For Inflantmatory ll Chronic Bhepma.
tira nnd Goat, Dyspla or Indigestion, ;
Bilious, Eemirtcut I Intermittent TV."
-vera, Diseases of thplood, Elver, Kio?
noys anal Bladder, Utesltter* have been most.
" s uicesil u !. Such Bl sea tic caused by TI t lattd
Blood, which ls pcnerallyuueed'byderangement
of (be Digestive Orjrani
ache, Pain in the Shoulderooghs, Tightness of the
Chest, DlzrincMfj So? ErtiOaf, of tho Stomach,
Bad Taste iafto Mouth, BUlJitacts, Palpitation of
UID^ ncart,-_rhCanauatlon ko langs, fain'in the
"regions of th?'^TO?oyfii nnhundred other painful
symptoms aro the offcprlngs)ysbcpsl?L.
"* They Invigorate tho Stomand stituulnto tho torpid
Liver and Bowels, which ter.them of unequaled.
<fflc*cy la dearing tho blof-"ii impurities;turd ta'..
Jr^ifc??wjjfe andjt?gor b yt\\<W&em. . -v'. C
FOB,SUSS DISEAS, Eruptions, Totter, Salt
Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Flu, Pustules, Bolls, Ca?
buncios, P.:.-, 7-Worms, Sc aidai, Sora Eyas, Erysipe
las, Itch, Scurfs, DUcoloratiof thaSfcln, Humors and
Diseases of Ul 0 cit In, of wirer namcor nature' are
lite rally dug np and carried of the system In a short
time by tile use of these Bu One bottle In such
cases will cenvinee thc mcscrcdulcus of their eara
tfre effects. . ? ' .
Cleanse tho vitiated BloodeneTaf you fir.d Its im
.purities bursting through ?KMta Blhiples, Erup
ttoWmrfBores; cleanse I^w/yeu Aid ftobstrncte*
trad sluggish in tho veins; in sc lt whan it is fouL
?nd yourteelings will toll when. Keep the blood
perejjuidthe health of tho sm will follow.
^53B?'SW^^nnd oto?rT?rsna,lurii?glnui5
?system ofioirjujy thousandre effectually destroyed
and removed. Bays a digulshed physiologist,
th oro ? scarcely aa.'lndlTld upon,the face of Ole
earth wAdse body ti oxentfrorn tho presence ef
.woTms. It is not noon tbealthy clements of the
lmy that worms exist, batu ?ie diseased humors
?nd slimy deporta-that bwoeso livingmoister* of
. v.? *yiton> of Meno, no verm?fugos, no,
anthclmlmics, wUl frto thostctn from worms like
these Bitters.
Sold by all Dru ga* and Dealers,
J. WALKER, Proprietor. . H. MCDONALD & tO,
Druggists ??il l?rtiml ill WM rraneiseo, CUP
fornla, and 82 and si Conree Btroct, New Tort
' ?4z% Bfroa Street*
' AUG/;.ST 'QA., ?
Tn..?><?ui,: ntl'' jfjl Dealer, in
wmn-ES.c to CKS,
!?WELR &C.
. .. t. . . it J .' ry * }' tili :'.
HAVING at a frrf outlay, jsecnnfr
ilieservic^of a FlRSOLASS WATCH
\IAKl3lVfjt)m Switziand, ia now pr0
larM to Repair all lids of Watches,
Viilfdo Boxes and Je?ry'?f all deacrip
ionsj w,ith neatness id dispatch, and
ruarantees all work. _T [
Ho offors, also.a frrerariety WATCH
it New York,prices. . ^TTVT
Lodk aSmr the sigof the BIG GUN,
142 ??road Street .
HAVING agai&'&bt-^ a handsome
selection of all the
jPRIN^'lJiit^yiffli?ceV?f ali: tae ???jttes'/?n !" Dolly yapeni}?
I" Maryposa," " Yosemites," &c, Ac.
All the new styles in PARASOLS are fairly represented, Jis&itstii?ii
SASIWMBBC>SS-?D ?HiPploM, Entamerai, Plaid and Plain,
j KewMff??iS WK)N^ TOrlisS and BUTTONS,
; ^^^l^^W ^.W^^M W^sfeM^t?fents and Boys, of the
latest shape in Regatta,-^Gazelle, May Flower, School^ Lacea, Hurdle,.. ,Hnr
lvesr,*~Franconia, &c. " ? _
*"v?TullliSs??2eW ' ,irv" '''""""
. The latest fashions in READY MADE CLOTHING, &c.
All of which I have marked so low as to sec?re QUICK SALES,-to
?make you laugh in your sleep arid dream of good living.
H. Ii. A. BAtK,
172 Broad Street, Augusta, Ga.
! May 8 2m 20
Brooklyn Life Insurance Co.
Cash Ca
a?i-??els, CMer $|?000,O0O.
.;--'S.??Anse?il %nddrsefe ttfe $m
1. Because it is acknowledged to be perfectly solvent by all Insurance
^ ?'^fff^ (Vf? ' ii i
xand Cents, for ten consecutivo years.
According-ta the atAtament ofttire .rates-?tf the different .life .Insiusance
?versal," in its advertisement .entitled, " Fqcts.are Stubborn Things," and
published in the ?dgcfield. ^^liser{hya?^s^'J^\ftt\9t Mutual Bates
of the Brooklyn- are. Cheaper than-, those .of, any. .named Company.
For instance, according to that statement:
* fr? *i g: jft-fi tfp ft nt.
.a the
At the age of 2?
" PO* a
Taws? ff Y* i
favor of tho Brooklyn.
In The HtonMyn.Jd??..^'Xi^
?? '? Piedmont & Arlington.'
Balance in favor of tho Brookfyn.
In the Brooklyn.
" " New York Life.
Balance in favor of tha Brooklyn.
bf] HT M ''..* > !.. WM
lu the Brooklyn...,.,
" u Caroona. W,fe.."'.;....:.,..
Balance in favor of the Brooklyn.
In the Brooklyn.
" " .Etna.i.
1 " M ?ill ?lui) if '1 rtfl ti
Balance in favor of the Brooklyn.
. ? . i ? ;* , . . w
l n the Brooklyn.
!f " Cotton* States......
Balance in favor of the Brooklyn.
t the age of 301
$i,3H4 20
8,455 46
88,875 7.1
7,541 47
8U34 2u;
?9,250 69
$440 12
8,810 57
. ?140 12
?9,250 69
8,810 00
In the Brooklyn.
" St.' Louis Mutual.
palanco in favor of the Brooklyn
In Hie Brooklyn.
" Southern Life........>.'...f..j...
Halnnce-dn favor of the (?rooklvn
ii1 i?>Miiiri<j ;
38,875 73l
88,875 7.1
?140 69
'$9,250 69'
?448 77
(8,875 73
8,455 id
$408 9Gj
89,250 09
S,79S 94i
At tue age of 40
$8,389 27
I;: Ibv Brt?nfcljyi.
" Knicker! ax*]-: >r.
v.y CT 51? Tn P 4
?ulanw Th.".uVot of tiiofllrooklyn.
?420 2.7
?8,875- 73
.: .8,Ml.o0
?34 37
$8,875 73
Ft y??,1515 73
?2i?'? (lu!
li i^fft O?
?8;875 73j
:>21!> -j:?.
?451 75
$9,250 69
I ;8,810 67
?440 12
$9,250 69
8,841 731
$108 96
?9.250 69
?9,250 69
?,639 30
SHH] 39
$8,389 27
7,987 22
$402 05
88,389 27
7,987 22
' ?402 05
'??,389 27
.j 7jO]fc:40
88,389 27'
8,10^ 10
?281 ll
?8,389 27
7,987 22
?8,3S9 27
7.91H -to
?8',389 27
..7pap 50
, ?452.77
S.^.389 27
?530 17
ir?op'?? 30,
s-JOO ?.'.!! insure
In tlic Brooklyn.
In tlic Uuivorsid
?11,750 00
i 1,390 01
10,306 90
?385 00
Bal. in favor of the Brooklyn at ?tock rates ?333 00
. The greatly advantageous feature o? the Brooklyn in endorsing the Sur
render Values upon il? Policies, in Dollars und Cants, for (en consecutive
years, has met with unqualified praise from the most celebrated American
Actuaries, as also from the Press, Ea?t, North and South'.
. The Hon. Elrzur Wright, who is .admitted to be trie greatest Insurance
Mathematician arid Actuary 1n America, congratulating The Brooklyn
upon this new and distinctive feature, says, among other things, " I am
particularly pleased by your departure in the right direction from the
ordinary method of computing the Surrender Values." "One of the great
est drawbacks to the popularity of Life Insurance, bas been the disap
pointment and dissnt:sj'action of'retiring Policy holders, at the smallness
by a d?tii&l ftatcmtnt on tte fP?lici/\ inibdvancc, of thc s%-$). to bejhaid."
Thisfst?Me*t! ^ Brooklyn Ht (Otlafs and
cents, se tia^th?/eteauJ&?j?e^mistake. ?\ ' O *1JL/#JV.
Read H hat sont hf rn Papers Say of This Feat (?rc :
feature of casa surrender values is an improvement thar signalizes the era |
in Life Insurance."
. /Sun, (Columbus, Georgia.)-"There is. no better .Company in the land
a'comparison with/?th^* corporations of a* similar character, will conviriet
all Of the superior safely.in taking riste with The Brooklyn Life."
f'ispatch, (Sil-It?aiSr"ifo.?) t?^W^*i|ity ?The Bfo?klyi
Life is thus worth so much tn ready vxoncy. , .This is the.only Life.Com
pany in .the country that, has cai$r?i, tyis^-excellent feature (of'endpr'sing
the 6a8h' surrender valneV in dollars- urftT cent?,) into its_bitsines?i." uTo*l
icy holders beinn doubly 'assured, the sjstVni caiinot.fail:td bewrae 'very
popnlar*." ' * * .' ? " ' .'*.'', . '""
It wi]l. be seen .that,.w> asseti noflivifj. i'n.' tl?e >bo^e*. a^yeriif?me'Dt, tut
make a simple statement of the supctior advantages y Thc Brooklyn, jt
?ppeare^from -disinterested parties. .. r . . ?. ..
Th? Hon. M'.'L. Bonham. lids' been associated with us in the General;
Agency: of Tho-.Brooklyn for. this Stafce. ? , ,iy
MML4E,~& BlfiiER,
' , . - . ?( .. . , ... | 7: . General Agents*and Manag?i-s.i
Office over the Citizens' Savings Bank, Columbia, S..C., tsrii
Aud at,Edgefield..t?. C.'- ' -bo . . . '' . .; ^iM^M
I y
oad Street, Atigt?sta, G?.
.. ^oofhaod ^noVdbr wk ab LOWEST MARKET PRICES fbr $?pL or
Faoto^Acp?pUncel, pasible; ?ffra& a f^ ST?CK of ?^O?C?
Orontes and' ^f?fatold?i? ?itpplie^ aniong which ,may bo
HHDS. C. It Bacon Sides1,
10,0001D8/-?). f^Sh^dli??i*;
IQ casks Hams,
100 packages Lard,
. 200 boxes Cheese,
3?0,hhl.s.-.Flour,jdi grades, ,.
SOO .sacks Oats, , .
' 40 ??' ?.* S?ed ?ty.e,
100 bbls. IrL'.i J-otatoesj .
500 PRokagesTiew.Miekerel-tios;
l,N4tmd3^.,. .> . r
^ P??ka.?:es^xtmMessMackrel
10 obis.-Buckwheat.
100 ehesti Te?, all grades,
50 bbls. Syrup-dilmrent grades
200 cases pysters/'l and 2 IB. cans,
200 cases Cannefl Fruits and Voe
etabl-ea^. ?. . .
300 ctt^ckl?^? sia?s, .
?50 $ Lob3^i?h?2?b. can8l- ' 10 quarter casks m
200 gross' Matches1 <^ . F i ' nae Brandy, :
200.boxes iCan?lea . f- - ? S.-o^?rter.c?slcs?co
v2^^??SS^MfWtens' Segars,'
50 ,M Georgia-Chiefs' 9do^'
50 M. Oar.C^hOic? fld
.20?M%lbnItoides - do
5,000 Bushel8iec?r .
25 H^ife??s^1
: .85 hhds. Brown Stu
ft hhdTs^h^ug,
(-:?.'25: bpxo?-:Hav?na?i
Auguata, J An 16
?0 i bbls* Crushed, Powdered aud
Granulated Sugar,.
200 hbls.' Extra C and A Sugar,
200 bags Eio.Cofiee^
.50 ' M Laguayra Conee,
50 nockotsOldGovernment Java
Coffee,.* .
100 boxes No. J Soap,
200 .< pale "
150 " Starch,1
100 ...Soda,
100 dozen Buckets, '. ,
50' ." 'Brooms,
BARRELS Pure Baker Whisky,
. 50 bbls. Old Valley Whisky, :
200 HV Rye Whisky, al."
50 . life Pure Corn.
130 - ' .Brandy, GinaadvRUm,
. 10 quarter casks Imported Cojp
tch and Irish.
hisky;- ?: . h a
' 20 quarter casks Sherry, Port
, .andLMadeira Wine,
,. -20' caskp Ale .and Porter,
io ot^&tm& Half and Half,
. ai*o^orjpp^g?eT7^ ;
. ? 100 ? Bit?V' '
(Vr : . 100 " BitteVs,.
,1 ' 200 boxes- TJobacoo, ad grades,
100 cases Smoking da ?
? tf 9 j "4
.'. i j ??? ?roa* l)i';ul:.- r/rbqjfe ?
' ? ? . ... -'-rr. .
Uf? ? .': ,7i Uiuiti? -i-.-j i-.--.ui ai vir,
.indi ft/.bnb , . : '.v .A.-^j fLV.?fp ^f?::.'i
d> ?ad?
, yiooj i\cA'*V.'nyj?aX. ? /i.>-v-">i?; "in
!l * '?"...'.'?/'.: ;.'.!.?.''[ vJr'bfpS? sdi ..!(
.i.'i>/'>dj i>T>i('i \rj-iW/,-\ u&pf9iriift?>)t&
i ?r '. . ...'i;<i.0
I, ?Ma^u?actui era .Agent gii(L "^oiesa
^op"*^.rMempiatdlim r^f^^^^ffiS
?ofli?a?i aa?i ^fe?acl?*^^f ?^^^n.
: - .Tie s tock? .of. EfliydojKs. embra.
all colore and qualities, besides.a. full,
all- the inn um -?cable minor i wrns forans
j f Also, .many articles that- waul d - OB ? a
? t? ? liery t ii . ill i : ?i ;;.;// ,ti :. vi.. fit. j
Jtl . the Bode.Bepartmeiity will be font
and Collegee, 'Dwiiocanee,. Bibles -an?
large assortment of Juvenile. anoVlftoJ
G??eFariiit?ratttr?/ fc??whd ad&?
; "?h'th? .'.MsTOellau?ouB St?^fcy w<iP!oio
?favorable terms'as'any'establishmenti
A new Price List will soon be issu
make sei?otions -and':?order-?.by. m'?il,
ty?tafk a nd* ?areflfl . attentKm, since'-1
Imod?Vf Jdo4ng-%et?rie88'?ti'th?8 ?tablis
li -aw ffyt?tiB'jtl -S'A. dJ&jasd ?i baa&tg rj?lq
TheCtrieago Farm PumpsJ
it) N
For Chirps and Welt of any Depttu
?vi.i.r.u /jnj^^:i:iv.'ul.: -_. 'v.'-, y.i,
"f- wfi fettfl M# v'?u . .-?u:
Are Cheap, D arable and Efficfenl ,,
OVER 3.000 SOTJD. ?
Any Person Can Set Th?rh.
. Sold everywhere by dealers in Stand
ard Farm 'Machinery, Hardware and
Plantation Supplies;-* '. * ' .'
.Descriptive (dialogues sent on appli
cation. .For terms, address the manu
J. P. Tl?fPLET'&'lSO?is.
. , . CHICAGO, lit..""'
MsyW' ; 3ul 21 *
t4-l<l Wt- ?I..
'?ico. Dollars p?r Annum.
AMD -_
B. M. TALBERT, Ag?m JbXtgeneld
i\airt House, S jj, 1. ....... |
Slaven ?
Boors, Sashes* Blinds, &c
? ..ts ,v'J- < ? . . ? .. I f?fl|
j.Vb. 20 JIawicJSi. -and HorJitcek's
' ..cirA^BLEsTON-'s; C. .
' ;-^ThiVisthe'largest';And most com-,
pi?te Factory ofith? icind in. tho South
cm States, and all articles in this line J
cari be furnished by. "hit. P. P. TOALE ?t
prices which defy competrtion.' '!< x '
AM wini phli'twit h full-and detailed
Hat.oft all sizes .of Doora, Sashes and
HUads, and the prices of . each, will be
seht free and, ?ost paid, oh application'to
r* F. P. TOJXE.
*Jnly26 " * ' - ?"? jj . 81
TTJBIL, w. lb ii %'??x9
/..LAW.RANGE, ?noE^?E^n, C..H.
Brick OiUce,' /formerly office of Mo
ragnd <t'Addison.
. Jan. r,. * ' ly"";'
Lnft Notice.
HEtindeitl^ned lirtve formed a-Co*
i)artnership lor tho PK ACTI CE .OF LAW
in Fdi,'e!icld,Cuui.iy, and the t^oupties%t\
the Fut?) Ci^-uit. Under the riame and'
stvle of MAG ll A Tl I ? ABNEY. , . I
Thev will n.te?l.'r??lioei?Vth? Courts A\
T?ial Justices for these Counties. /*>
Edge?c?d, Boc. 13, tf . Vj H
Will practice yi EdgefipW arid adjoining
Counties.: . ' . . .
Edgei?eld C. H., Apr 2 imlo
Attorneys at Law^
Offl-'e, at ?dgeiield C/ ff., S. C. .
Shiphsrds, Pointers, Setters, Eetriev
ers Newfoundland.- St Bernard, Pox
and Deer-Hour.ds, Greyhounds,
Blood--Howida, Batters, Coach-Dogs,
"BnU-Boga. ;
Premium Chester White Hogs.
Thorough-i-Erci Berkshire Uogs.
. Fancy Poultry and ?f?s.
* "Paney. Pigeons. *
A^dre8S- C. I.'CALVERT,
Newark, Del.
j^r* AU orders ieft.with Mr. JOHN H?,
FAIR, Edgefield, 'S, ;CM wilif re?oive.'
prompt attention./ .? '.
VNbv..2^ . . .' 'ly - t?;
tita ? ?.:..:',tce'? - Ice.!
Ai supply c-f ICE constantly Oh banu
;and for aaleatredn?edja^e^b^'^
May? tf ?
; ., .v : V) fl I . ' .' !.'
? nr..-., :VUu
i .uoiftol?k?rt
I u-,'t M :T .'v ijf -r.? i? ?cr
fulfill ? ;',Kiv Los ?irti?yoH ,'*i#J?
/J'- mi .iy?if> ,!:>htP.iC ?nb 'itioibj/j ?v/ilr
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iks, Dr
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DAVID FOUTZr FroprlefpT?
Por sale by Hrnggiata aad Sttwe-eerers thmo.hout
the UnlU?d SUtcs. Caoat vs and South America.
For sale at Edgefleld "by Jit 'A. CLIS
BY. JFeb27: ? lylo
TTAVHi^iocAted at ^a?nelct ofTot*

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