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Terms, $2,50 per Annum.
Rates of Advertising.
Advertisements will be inserted
rate of ?L?O per square (ten minion
or less) for the first insertion, an?
dollar per square for each subseqne
A liberal discount will be made to
wishing to advertise by the year.
W. H. YELDELL, Longuiires.
JOHN IT. IIUIKT, Batesville.
W. A. ODOM, Meeting Street.
J. IC. DURST, Kirkseys X Roads.
E. B. FORREST, Mine Creek.
S. C. CAKTLKDGE, Ridge Spring.
TYRE ETHEREDGE, Leesville, ? (
DR, J. B. ABNEY, Richardsonvill
J. E. GOOK, Graniteville, S. C.
Capt. G. TV. NIXON, Woodlawn,
percol. B. M. TA LB EUT, Capt.:
aro Agents for the "ADVERTISER."
are authorized to solicit and receive
seriptions for-tho same in South Cari
and Georgia >
On Suuday next, ?there will hedi
service in thc Episcopal Church in
forenoon. The Baptist and Moth<
Churches will be closed.
Tho protracted meetings at John
and Harmony came to an end on Wed
day of last wee*.. At Johnston 5
members were added to the church.
The Union Meeting at Ebenezer Chi
on Sunday last, was very largely atti
ed. The exercises of the day
opened by the Rev. Mr. Horn ard
admirably trained singing class, t
which an address was made to the ?
day School by tho Rev. Mr. Meal
The morniug sermon-one of the
ever heard in any pulpit-was deliv(
by the Rev. Dr. Furman of Ridge Spi
The afternoon sermon was deliverec
thc Rev. Mr. Mea.ing.
And apropos of Dr. Furman, we 1
that he will preach in our village Bat.
Church on the third Sunday iu
month. We earnestly hopo this r
bo so.
And apropos of the Rev. Mr. Hoi
singing school at Ebenezer, wc atteni
one of its meetings on Friday mom
last, and found the occasion ono of gi
interest Mr. 1 loni's "method is a g<
and true one; and both, as regards p
cisi?n of tiraeand part-earr\dng, hisser
ars sing excellently. We would like
have heard them :dng some good, pu
legitimate ecclesiastical music, cf wh
there is so much in thc world. But
stead of that, like almost everybody t
now-a-days, they have taken up with
vile, frisky mob sings of Saukey n
Bliss. If there is anything in this wo
that could be nastier than Moody and
preaching, it is Sankey and his songs.
The Prize Scholarship for Greek a
Latin at Washington and Lee Univers!
Va., was taken this sum mer ly an Edi
field boy-Mr. Carroll Rainsford, old?
son of John Rainsf;rd, Esq., of Pi
House. This is a very distinguished IK
or. lt means in plain English that o
young friend, carroll, is considered t
best ?'reek and Latin scholar in tl
great and numer?:-usly attended Univ<
si ty. And for his proficiency h? h
been awarded this Prize Scholarship, 1
virtue ol' which he will have to pa}' i
tuition during the next scholastic yen
And this calls to mind that in avoth
Pino House family lie two splendid go
medals won at this same instit;:lion
prizes awarded to Mr. Ben Ileitis, jr., fi
oratory and for readiness in debat
Truly these Pine House boys have ho;
'--Trrn' Edgefisld in Vifg?rrfa !
The next meeting of the Edgelield Pi
mona (?range is to take place at Oaklani
in the Mt. Willing region on thc 3r
Wednesday of this m ?nth-the 15th W
understand that this gathering promise
to bo very large, and that .it will 1
marked by a handsome pic-nic. An
fthe great pow-wow at Batt shu rg, to di;
cuss the division of the County, is l
take place on the 18th-only three dav
later. Let us journey from one to th
other-swing around the circle as it wen
Again wc are under obligation to o*J
generous and enterprising friend. Cap
Clinton Ward, for endless quantities c
tho most super!) peaches and grapes
notably the Chinese Cling in its utmos
perfection.? When Capt. Ward brougii
us ibis magnificent box, we were in th
ar ms of the actors, actresses and lid
dlers; and when we get with such, w
are so on our native heath that it is diffi
cult to draw us thence. Consequent!;
we dbl not seo our friend to learn th
names of several other new and beauti
ful varieties. But certainly the nex
most delightful thing in the world ti
a :tors, actresses and tiddlers, is a gener
ons friend with peaches and grapes ! Ii
another year Capt. Ward's orchard wll
l?e one of the things that peoplo wit
travel from ail parts of the State to see
That beloved Edgclield man, whom
God, in his love for them, has hestoweti
upon the people of Lu?anla, Ala.-Yan
cey Denn, EMJ.-is auain among us, with
his family-lu his native vales of Sleep?
Creek And may the summer he very
far ??if that sh di not bring him to us!
Our young friend. Motte Parker, sec
ond son of Dr. Horace Parker, is back
from the Holy Communion Institute?
Charleston, where we understand, he
took a high stand and was verj popular.
rm th ; loth instant, tho Edgefield Ri
fles, wit!, a few invited guests, will cele
brate tho anniversary of the gre.it politi
cal meeting of August lv7i'? (bi this oc
casion they will give asocial barbecue at
the DurisoeSpring, a mile from town,
attended by target shooting and other
manly exercises.
Several handsome ami fascinating
I wretches who live in Augusta, are now
I among us on a sum mer vacation-kick
H ing nj. their heels and '* scooping" tilings
I generally-Mr. Julian Moldcy. of W. T
j Anderson & Co. ; Mr. K?let Landrum, ol
H ll W. Landram ; Mr. Hugh B. Harrison,
I of Stubbs A Salinas; Mr. Ned Penn, ol
I Miller it Daniel ; and Mr. Johnnie Lan
I drum, of H. S. Jordan. In a few weeks
H - after they have scooped pretty big
H holes all around-they will return tn
I their proper placer beyond tho Sa\ an nah.
I Awl Hf a remember where lo-find them.
H Seek them diligently-and be scooped !
H Mrs. Picken.*, Miss Douschka Pickons
Bt u:i<l Judge Itaeon .-ind family have de
BB parted for White Sulphur Springs, f?en.
I (buy will leave for the samo point ina
Wk day or two.
H In our list of Trial Justices for Edge
I field County, published a few weeks
H hack, we unwittingly omitted the name
OS"!' Capt. A. 1'. West, of Saluda--one of
Hthe very best of tho whole batch.
I From all parts of tho country come to
Hnls complaints against the Count}- Coni
Bnissioners for inefficiency in regard to
H-oads and bridges. Gentlemen of the
Htosrd, hurry up, or else state to the pub
Hie why andhowyouaicletand hindered
599 The Good Templars held a celebration
Kit Mountain Creek on Thursday las*. We
Hbopc some friend will send us an account
HM of
Jj Indeed we wish our friends hi all parts
Sn of tho country would semi us notes and
items of anything of interest that may
transpire near them.
Tho Pine House amateurs, whoso suc
cess in " Armand" last week was so em
phatic, have presented to our Episcopal
Church a very pretty sum of money. -
Our farmers should not forget to sow
plentifully of oats in August and Sep
tember. Let all thc cotton laud bc Bown
' down in oats and wheat, plant tho bal
ance of your cultivatable land in corn
next spring and then real and substan
tial prosperity will begin to dawn in our
The hanging of the wretched negro,
Cusb Harris, is to tak* place on the last
day of this month. Sheriff Gaston iu
forms us that he has not yet decided up
on the spot for tho execution. In the
meantime tho condemned man makes a
confession to Mr. Gaston that he alone
devised the murder of Mr. Holloway
and perpetrated it, no one assisting him,
and no ono being privy to the deed. This,
however, is clearly not true, as any sen
sible man may judge who heard tho evi
dence upon the trial-particularly Wince
? Caldwell's. Before thc final hour, Cush
' may probably tell another tale.
" When an ass is going to bray, be al
ways begins by raising his tail, aud he
keeps it extended horizontally as long
as his song lasts. To insure his silence,
you have only to tic a large stone to the
end of his tail, so that he cannot raise it."
Oh ! that public speakers, senators, rep
resentatives, lawyers, and, alas! preach
ers and editors, had tails! Bray an ass
in a mortar and his foolishness will not
depart from him, but tie a reek to his
tail aud you have yoi him.
We have spent a couple of days at Pino
j Uouse lately and we think it decidedly
I the most delightful place in the world
far preferable to the White Sulphur
Springs. And of course it is the po'pie
that make the place. What would even
Paris be without its people ? Please won't
somebody give us some sort of position
at Pine House? No matter how humble,
so it enables us to live there.
But we cannot become reconciled to
tue site of Ebenezer Church, A horrid
sand bed, without even a sprig of night
shade. Tho projectors of this church
must have been raving distracted In
stead of Ebenezer,, it should be called
Sahara. When we went to Mr. Horn's
singing school, we gazed at the sun and
tho sand until we fell into a day trance,
in which the buggy horses out-ido thc
church were changed into camels, and
Mr Horn and his pupils into traveling
Arabs journeyiug to Mecca-whilo the
shady and beautiful home of our young
friend, Armand Etheredge, some 500
yards away, looked like an oasis in the
waste of sand, an oasis in which there
might bo a palm tree, a spring of water,
and a bird of paradise.
We even love the dogs at Pine House!
Yes, even the dog* are amiable and ac
eunplishea. And let us tell you a tale
of one. In fact in those days v. hen men
and women aro so slippery, it is not im
! wisc to turn from them now and then
i and c intcmpiato the faithfulness of dogs.
II will do us good. Our dog is named
I "Monkey*' and he belongs io thc Bettis
household. He is a pointer, and the most
beautiftd one we ever saw. Before ro
tiring up stairs to heil, one of the young
lady guests of the family pulled oil* all
iier '*tbings"-breastpin, ear-rings, brace
lets, sash, necktie, fan, Ac, (Sc., and laid
them on the piano, whore she left them.
Early next morning, while we sat at thc
piano, the ladies not having come down
M >nkcy carno to us with anote in his
monti), in which wc were instructed to
wrap np certain things in paper, put the
parcel in his mouth, and bid him "carry
it li]) stairs to bis Miss." We dill as di
rected, and away sped Monkey up stairs
and delivered his burden. And then bo
came again and again until all the young
lady's things were safely delivered to
her-including the jewelry. Sometimes
Mr Bettis, sen'r., wandt'Syinto the fields
before sunrise without hat orgloves, and
if the sun shines out too brightly before
his return, the ladies of-the family put
his hat and gloves into Monkey's mouth,
who understands his errand perfectly
and bastes away to lind his master ho
matter w herc thc latter may be. So when
you hear of beautiful and useful dogs in
future, always think ol "Monkey Bet
Rea l tho account on our 1st page of the
arrest of ex-Gov. Moses in Charleston.
He is now in jail in Columbia. It is
said that w hile his family live in Colum
bia, in the elegant Presten mansion, he
runs a gaming table in Charleston.
One of the negroes condemned to be
banged-not Cush Harris, but the other
one-was baptized in the jail a day or
two ago.
Our section was visited by a very line
rain on Tuesday last. Previous to this
for some days-the heat had been per
fectly unparalleled.
The inevitable penalty of matrimony
now a-days is twins. And a fearful pen
alty it is! A solemn and terrible warn
ing ! Within the course ol' bia* months,
seven pairs of twins have been born in
our town aud vicinity. Right in our
midst-only ~> days back-two whopping
male infants were dropped from the
heights above. In such days it is cer
tainly tho height and depth of wisdom to
keep on the outside.
" Where Arc You Going To, My
Pretty Maid?"
"I'm going to Oates', sir, she said."
Tiie popular Music House of Geo. A.
Oates, Augusta-the oldest establish mont
of the kind in Georgia or South Carolina
-comes to thc front in this week's Ad
vertiser with a very cunningly devised
card, in which our old and esteemed
friend, Mr. Oates, enum?rales in part
the many advantages ho oilers to thc
public. Mr. Oates now, as for forty years
past, sells Piano Fortes emanating only
fruin the very best makers-Checkering,
Steinway, Weber, Knabe, Hazelton, ?fcc,
tte., Ac.-and sells them as cheap as they
can possibly be bought this side of the
factories And exactly so of Organs. But
to be sotting forth Mr. Oatd' experience
ami merits asa piano dealer, is really
[?ko treating anew of one of tho "over
lasting hills." Our people know him
well and trust him perfectly. And this
Jail, when there is a little money to spare,
c vi? ry ono who wishes apiano or an or
gan, will, like tho "Pretty Maid," hie
away to (?alis " wit!? a ha, ha, ha!"'
The Philadelphia Weekly Times.
A uiong thc many new candidates for
public favor, wc know of none that we
can moro earnestly commend tn our
friends than the " Philadelphia l?^ekly
Times." We regard this as one of the
ablest papers in tho United States ; and
though a Libera' Republican, it proved
itself in the late i'aign an invaluable
ally for the South-so much so, that Re
publicans have classed it amongst Demo
cratic papers. See the prospectus of tho
Weekly Times in another column.
I'u rm an University.
We arc in receipt of Catalogue of this
Institution, located at Greenville, S C.
Tho Faculty is composed of James Fur
man, D. D.. President, C. H Judson, D.
T Smith, J M. Harris, and Rev. J. L.
Reynolds, D. I). This isa separate In
Bli ntion from tho Theological Seminary
recently removed from Greenville to
Louisville. Ivy., and is permanently es
tablished at Greenville. Tho Tuition has,
by endowment, been made free.
Riding thc Crest of thc Wave at Pine
The wave of tho drama-the wave of
plcasuro-tho wave of hospitality-the
wave of good cheer ! This is the wave
upon whose crest wo rode triumphantly
for two days and nights during the past
?week. Pine House was alive with Mr.
R. P. Henry, his pupils, his amateurs,
his musicians. If was delightful, intel
lectual, gay, lippy, sumnioiish. On
Thursday night carno thc School Exhi
bition. Beautiful stage on the spacious
platform of tho depot building. Sides
closed in with bagging. Comfortable
benches a; .1 chairs. Brilliant lights and
tasteful stage decorations. Thrco million
people present, "old men and maidens,
young men and children," beauty, gal
lantry, fashion. Old people-time-strick
en Hatchers, Swcaringens, Etheredges,
Kirkseys, Marshes, dfcc-who we know
had not left their homes at night in a
thousand years. Horses, chariots, bug
gies, extra trains, negroes, dogs, melons,
peaches, grapes, Howers, ice-cream, lem
onade. Lively and witty charades. Ex
quisite tableaux. Stirring recitations.
And last but not least, that inimitable
satire upon shoddy high life in New
York entitled "Our Best Society," in
which young Millers and Wises and
Kirkseys and Smiths and Harrises and
Longs and Lees aud Ivcys and Holds
and Meachunis and SwearingCus and
Lo tts played as if they had been accus
tomed to tho stag-, all their brief lives.
A perfect success; indeed a wondorful
success! Everybody delighted beyond
measure !
And then two days of dolec far nicntc
-waiting for Saturday night and "Ar
mand." And when it (unne, how beau
tiful it was ! Mr. B. C. Ethercdge in the
titlo role-young and handsome, and
playing his intensely beautiful and in
tellectual part with a combined tender
ness and manliness truly admirable
Miss Lizzie Kirksey, as " Blanche," the
true and bigh-souled heroine-lovely in
person, graceful in movement, and
evincing the most intelligent and woman
ly appreciation of her noble and impas
sioned role. Miss Lizzie Sease, a bright
and pretty brunetto of sixteen summers
transformed into " Dame Babette" an
old and wrinkled French peasant-in
many respects the most difficult part,
but rendered with a naturalness, a quiet
and quizzical humor, and an originality
of manner, that betokened very uncom
mon intelligence and aptitude. Mr. ll.
T. Henry as tho Duke do Richclicu-a
crafty courtier, bold, subtle, unscrupu
lous, with but one soil spot in his heart
-love for his daughter-played by Mr.
Henry with a felicity absolutely worUiy
of tho legitimate stage. Mr. Luther
Sheppard, as Louis XV, a weak and
licentious mona?ch ; Mr. Sheppard has a
handsome presence, a voice not only of
rare power, but of rare beauty, and made
the very utmost of a very ungracious
role. Mr. E. G. Crouch, another very
handsome yourie; person transformed
into the aged and dc-repid Duke D'Antin,
a man of sorrow ai.d di appointment,
devoting his lifo t?i .schemes of revenge
n pon the bet ra*, er of his daughter-an
other ungracious role very linc!}' played.
Mr. Joe Kirkley, as " 1 e Sage" a shrewd
and witty atlacheo? thc Duke D'Anthl
the comii- character id' thc drama-given
by Mr. Kirksey willi a great deal of
humor and mock wisdom. Miss Pct
Harris, a little girl of 1:1, as " Jaquelinc,"
a young peasant maiden-as bright and
stuart and ready as if she had been
trained by Lester Wallack. Master
.Josey Lee, a handsome boy of 13, tis
"Victor" the page-a perfect courtier in
miniature-manly ai d graceful and
knightly as a young troubadour. And
peasant maidens, and peasant youths,
and .soldiers, and guards-all young, and
gay, and fit!! >l intelligent animation
And the bright may-pole scone ! Anil
1 ame Babette courtesying to thc king !
And thc tender and mournful scene of
Blanche on thc bier! Ami thc revelation
of Richelieu as tho father of Blanche!
And thc breaking of thc sword by Ar
mand ! And the final reunion and em
brace of Armand and Blanche! Beau
tiful, emotional, intellectual !
And then the band! What arc their
D'unes? Young Armand Ethcicdgu, and
Mr. John Cahill, and Mr. Langdon Miles,
and Mr. Bin Hughes and sometimes Mr.
Frank Betlis and Mr. John Miles They
played charmingly, and wc venerate
them. We venerate all the children of
music. We would tcuderly embrace a
dwarf that played on a corn-stalk liddle!
But the lugh wave has ebbed, and we
have fallon oil' the brilliant crest into the
dat and heavy waters of tho Advertiser
office. Such is life! On tho wave to
day; in the bog to-morrow! We feel,
however, that tisis wave will again conic
to Hood time. And then-especially if
it dows towards Pine Jloutc-we shall
again leap upon the crest and be there !
Thc Working Christian.
We copy tho following club rates from
tho Working Christian, of Columbia
a denominational paper of the very
highest excellence If the Baptists of
Edgeliold are not supporting the ll 'orb
ing Christian liberally, they are falling
very far short of their duty:
We will send the Working Christian
to clubs of Five or more at One Dollar
and Sixty Cen ?J* each tor one year. All
the names and money for a club must be
sent at once Old subscribers may go
into clubs, provided they are not in ar
rears. Let us have a club-maker in each
All Baptist ministers in South Carolin;1
are authorized agents for tho Workhig
eclectic Magazine.
In the frontispiece to the August num
ber, the Eclectic pays au amiable coinpll
ment to its Southern patrons by repro
ducing in lino steel engraving a portrait j
of Mr Paul H. Hayne, the most promi
nent of living Southern poets and men
of letters, and almost the only one who
has won general recognition from the
most cultured Northern critics and read- ?
ers. An appreciative biographical sketch
accompanies the portrait, in which ap
propriate mention is made of the diili
cultics with which Mr. Hayne has had
to contend in pursuing his chosen career
The literary contents of thc number are
fully up to thc usual high standard of
tho magazine.
Published by E.R. Pelton, 2.1 Bond
Street, New York. Terms, per year;
single number, 45 cents. The'.Eclectic
and an}- $1 magazine to ore adross for $S.
G:eeuville Female College.
Wo arc in receipt of tho Catalogue ol
tho Trustees, Faculty and Pupils of the
Greenville Baptist Female College, from
which it appears that the institution is in
a prospering condition. Prof. C. II.
Judson is President and General Super
intendent, and i.s assisted by a Faculty
which is said to be one of tho most com
petent in thc State
u , . . .
Will not the culling olT Kew Lexing
ton from Aiken for the County of Butler
make Aiken a Radical countv? If so we
shall oppose il. Further, the shape ol'
Lexington, according to the boundaries
heretofore proposed is very objectionable.
We understand that a petition against
the nev: county has been circulated in that
portion of Lexington to bo cut off, and
there are about two hundred and fifty
names already signed to it, and it is be
lieved that three fourths of thoso in that
section are opposed to the new county.
The boundaries given by " lluiet Town
shin," a correspondent of the Edgelield
Advertiser, take only a narrow strip from
Lexington, if any, and to that there would
be little opposition in this county. We
do not understand wb?*hsr this corres
pondent is in favor of bc "ii the new coun
ties of Butler and Ninety-Six, or whether
ho would like them consolidated.- Lex
ington Dispatch.
Ladies' and Gcntlemeu'sSlippers, Gen
tlemen's English Ties and one case Kip
Brogans, just received by
tf 27 W. H. BRUNSON cfc CO.
A large and varied stock of Spring and
Summer Ready-made Clothing just re
ceived at,
tf20 J. H. CHEAT LT AM'S.
Now is tho limo for tho Ladies to buy
Shoes. J. IL CH KATH A a has just open
ed IOU pair of Laced and Elastic Gaiters,
and Foxed Gaiters, and Oiled Pebble
Goat Shoes, ?nil has put the prices down
from $2.75 to $2.25 and $2.50 per pr. I1*}
Ladies' and Misses' Chip and Straw
Hats and French "Flowors, this week, for
New York cost, at
tf2G J. M. COBB'S.
00 Pieces of handsome stylo Prints,
and 1 dozen Corsets, received to d'ay, at
tf 2B J. H. CHE ATHAMO \
Just received this week 12 pair Men's
Oil Goat, low-quartered gaiters-beauti
ful shoos for dress-at
tf2tj * JAS. M. COBB'S.
Ladies' Work Baskets and Ilaudlcd
Vegetable and Clothes Baskets, at
tf 2G J. M. COBB'S.
Soap, Soda, Starch, Concentrated Lye,
Chewing and Smoking Tobacco-best
brands-Seo vii Steel and Brade's Crown
Weeding Hoes, constantly on hand at
tf 2? W. H. BRUNSON cfc CO'S.
24 pair Children's Cream Colored But
toned Boots, just opened, at
tf 25 J. M. COBB'S.
New lot of 18-inch Sweeps just arrived
at BRANNON'S. The correct article, after
the late rains, for the new crop of Gener
al Green. Call before the supply is gone.
Another largo lot of those handsome
yard wide Victoria Lawns at 18c, quan
tity of Piques, Cottonades, Cassimeros,
Gloves, Buttons, and other Goods, re
ceived to-day, at
JuneC, tf 25 ALVIN HART'S.
Grain Cradles, Cow Bells, Coffee Mills
and other goods in the Hardware line,
to arrive this week at
tr 23 J. H. CHE ATD AM'S.
?ST-Itia wonderful, but nevertheless
true, that HERALD COMPOUND will mend
broken Ware, Glass, Crockery, Wood,'
?fcc lt is sold by all first class Druggists
in towns and at all country stores. At
wholesale by DOWIE ? MOISE,
trM Charleston, S. C.
Just received this week, new Summer
Prints, Piques, Silcoia, Irish Linen, Em
broidery, Kid Gloves, Spool Cotton, best
forset in town for the money, Plaid
Homespun, Linen Drills, tte , ?.tc. Price
reduced lower than ever. Moro new
Sh ?.os coming in.
tf 27 JAS. M. COBB.
Beau'1 ful Ladies' Slippers, No's. 1 and
2, at only 7") ernts per pair-coat $1.50 per
pail1 in X(-w Yo: k ; also a big stock ni
Palmetto Fans, 5 cents each, or S for 2;"
tf 27 J. H. CU FAT il AM'S.
Just received by Express from New
York, another lot of those Victoria Lawns
at 103 cts , and a handsome line of Vic
toria Lawns-at
tf $1 J. II. CH F ATI! AM'S.
Ladies' Calf walking Shoes, Ladies'
Pebble Goat walking Shoes, Ladies'
Cloth Lace Gaiters, Misses' Calf walking
Shoes, and Pearl Balmorals, for sale,
new and cheap, at
tf'-'.; W.H. BRUNSON cfc CO'S.
One case new Prints, latest French
styles, just received. Send for samples
before thc assortment is broken. None
but the 1;?st articles offered.
tf2fl W. II. BRUNSON ? CO.
Our Senator-M. C. Butler and Gen.
Gary Hats, gotten up in the latest and
handsomest styles of the season, with a
largostock of Men's and Children's Straw
and wide brim Planter?' Hats, opened
to-day at
tf 20 " J. H. CH F ATI I AM'S.
Our slock of Ladies', Misses and Chil
dren's Straw Hats, trimmed and un
trimmed, is now complete. All the now
and late styles ca i be found in our stock,
at low prices.
tflfl W. IL BRUNSON & CO.
Go to JAS. M. Conn's to get New Sum
mer Prints, Victoria Lawns, printed
Cam bries, ?fcc. tf2S
New Goods?
I received to-day a lot of New Calicoes,
Bleachings, Domestics, Hosiery, Bul
tons, tfcc, (fcc. I am determined to keep
my stock full and complete in all lines
mid at prices to plcasc._
Juno 24, tl'2S
Parasols! Parasols! Parasols! Para
wis!-Kans! Fans! Fans! Fans!
New lot just opened and offered at low*
prices by
tf 2C, W. H. BRUNSON & CO.
JR P.VXCY CARDS all styles arith nunn-.incl?
post paid. J. H. HOSTED, NASSAU, liens Ca
H. Y
Revolvers ami Cartridges For $3.
A One nickle platal, serenshnl, |>r>ckH revolver!
? flrst-elass ?nido. Seul O, O. D., or un rccceipl of I
[?rice. (>. W. WILLIS, P. O. Box ?.',71$, New York.
ft sara remedy ftw COUGHS, tirol all diseases nf lae
Blt ANK.
Thc Tip Top rrckd.io I? Hie larson
I .ml bntsslliiK"?'- READ AND
*SE?. 18 Whets wm raper. IB
EavesakM, iVurll. Ten btddsr, (told.
..ii rsa. Hst of Elegant Unid Sisas
Sects nnunnn.flsnis' OesrgsDiamond r?n, Ams
CiystSif.no KlnsllOsId ?rita BJOM, Amethyst Sti.noMart
Piii (?..lil |ih:i"'l WIMIIIIII^ Kine,SL-t Itosc? ml i-.r Proa*.
i MUM1 Fknrsrsd mit HMvsctd lutria, LaiHs?* nan set
rm sad Kr.iin, Oohl-iSatuCoMarHu?wi. li-iii?1 Gugjj oat
sd Watch ctiiiin sus Sot ff rT
Tluvo Oldd-ptatcd Studs. The
r<t!i*r Lot umtHtt'f*Ufl* SO
(ft,r< . J XTRA ORDIN?R I ?.
J. BfZiOE, Clinton Place, Now York.
Cl I IM i puck neqwJniaaee cords, 1 pack lidkf. flir
lUI tanoni 1 pack scroll, all ?orts, fur only 10
cents and stamp. Fun Card Co., Mkldlebora, Maas,
Wonderful Success! 25,000 of the
Sold ii GO <lay>?. 770 pages only 99.50, trcat
ln|j ot tho entire hintwry, M-omlerfiil exhib
it K, Cte. t I Mest rt cd. and SI cheaper than any
other. One new agent cleared $350 in -I weeks.
A iff II I? wau tri/.
lltfBBABD linos., rub?., 783 Kaiiwm St., Piala.. Pu.
P A IITIDN Bewnrc of falsely claimed official
UHU I lull and worthless books. Send for proof
pi I ?vj l copy curious love. letter, 1 pk. comic eards
rUti l pack popping question cards; all fur 10
tds. and stamp. Fun Card Co., Middleboro, Mats.
Sulphur Soap.
Thoroughly Cures Di-eascs ol'the
Skin, Beautifier) the Complexion,
Prevents- mid remedies Klieiimiitism
ami Gout, Heals Sores and Abrasion!
ol' the Cuticle and Counteracts Con
Parc ss-M ?Jenls per Cuke : Box (3 Cakes) 7n Cent?.
N. R s--iil liv Mtil Prepaid, on receipt nf price.
C. N. Cl:l ITKNTON, Pr--; ';.. Mxih Avenue, N. Y.
Ml comic oil chromo, 7x11, mounted, worth 2.V.
1 pk love cards, 1 pk comic envelopes, 1 pk
comic ci rd?, 1 r'; stroll, 1 Mp book Fun. all
soul for only t Bc, stumps, Novelty Co., Mid-1
dluboro, Moss. 4181
- . Ssw' *
WniTK SKIRTS, 5 Tucks, at 50c; Musliu Skirts, 9 Tucks, 55c.
Muslin Skirts, 5 Tucks and Ruffle, at (30c.
Cambric Ruffle and Tucked Skirts, at 65c.
Muslin Side ?nd Straight Tucks Skirts, Soc.
Cambric Ruffled and Tucked Shirts, SOc.
Ladies R iffled Night Gowns at 05c.
ASI otS?i'i- Styles ofl Garments al Pro-ior??oisatc Rates,
Ail frew (roods and Well Finished.
5,000 Yards all Silk Ribbon, 5 cents per yard.
1,000 lVns Ladies' White Hose, at 01 couts per pair.
1,000 " ?? . " " 8 "
1,000 " " " 12 "
500 " " " " 20 " "
100 Dozen all Linen Damask Towels, at $2.25 per dozen.
Novelties in Belts and Fan Chains.
The Largest Assortment of Fans in the City, at reduced prices.
500 Pieces Hamburg Trimmings, New Patterns.
A full line of Real Smyrna Laces aud Sequin Buttons.
?~ "Wendts Perfumes" and Toilet Articles-at
\ J". 3E3T. TE^TJjXrSIF"?. "
220 Broad Street, Augusta, Ga.
June 27, 1877. Iy20 (
Interest Paid on Deposits.
(CHARTERED expressly in tho interests of th o laboring and advancing pooplo.
J Regular depositors share in the proliLs of the Institution, and aro privileged
td draw their money every six months, or interest is credited to principal and com
pounded. Special arrangements made with partios wishing to leave money with
us .ttl days or longer. Bonds, Stocks and Securities bought and sohl. We will be
glad to correspond with all parties desiring information.
Augusta, Ga.. May .'?0. 1S77. . kf24
New Arrangements !
(jO.MFORTABLE quarters for man and beast in my ?Wagon Yard, with
out money and without pnce. Come one, come all, and be accommodated
X>o?xloi* In
WHISKEY, hand-made.
Give me a call.
Feb. 20, lylO]_Gr.AXiTEVihLE, S. C.
Street, Opposite central anti Globe Hotels, Augusta, tia.
We are nov receiving a large and varied assortment of vehicles for busi
ness or pleasure. A full assortment of 1, 2 and <1 HORSE WAGONS, bcsl
manufacture, at the lowest prices. Call and examine our stock
*" b.V'/ trio] .DAV, TAiNNAlIILL Ar t-'O.
P*ete-r ??eeiaa/ri9
ISHES to make known io his old friends and patrons in Edgefield, that
he has cow cn hand a Stock of SHOES fqnal to any House in rho S.Mith
..rn States. More than th ree-ibu ?I hs of it.is made up to his own order mid
direction, and wan anted i;i the full sense of the word. Ile will be strictly
accountable for every article sold, and will exchange or refund the money
inside of three months. Visitors from the North and West will find her*
any Style of Shoes they pleas ?, on di tim nt widths, and much cheaper than
i hey pay at their own homes. ?
tO*"One Price and Strictly Fair Dealing," the mle of the house.
(God save Hampton.) PETER KEENAN,
O. 33 L J. C3r
? Ko. 297 Broad Stree?,
Two doora below
V. Kichuvdn & Bros.
specialitv. Agent for ives' Patent Reductor Hanging Lamp. [Sm 19
PilBC llOtlSC, S. C.,
AS received and ia still receiving from week to week, the best of
Just received Ladies* Calf Walking SJ!OES, hand-made, Foxed GAIT
ERS and Newport TIES; Men's hand-sewed, pump sole SHOES, low
quartered ELASTICS and TIES.
RYE WHISKEYS from $1.25 to $6.00 per gallon.
N. C. SWEET MASH WHISKEY from $2.75 to $3.00 per gallon.
N. C. WHISKEY at $1.35 per gallon.
HST TOBACCO and SEGARS-from the cheapest to the finest.
April IS, 1877. ly LS]_nrNE HOUSE, S_ C.
COTTON GIN FEEDER, [stationary.)
BIGELOW STEAM ENGINES, (upright or horizontal, mounted or
SAW MILLS, COTTON PRESSES-Screw or Lever power,
CORN and WHEAT MILLS,-(Coleman's maid of the South),
The GULLET GIN is endorsed by all who are using them iu Edgefield
County, as well as everywhere else. Hundreds of Certificates prove what
I claim, viz : That the Cotton from them sella at from I to lo. per pound
over all other Gins.
The FEEDER is worthy of the GIN.
Twenty of thc BIGELOW ENGINES sold by me laetsenson, were work
ed successfully in the banda of inexperienced engineers. (Boiler? ineuted
for 12 year0-) Can furnish a Good, Mounted G H.-P. Engine for $500.
Any of the above Machinery furnished on short notice,* AT BOTTOM
PRICES. Every article guaranteed to be as I represent them, that is:
State what you want and send for Circulars, Testimonials, c%c.
Address :
O. M. STONE, Cotton Factor,
Apr. 4,1877, Gml6J AUGUSTA, GA.
To thc Planters of Edgefiel
ing Counties:
The season for selling HARVEST
and I congratulate you on the cheerin
litical questions which have agitated
with every prospect favorable for lar
confidence to a return of prosperous
changes which insure their continuanc
I desire to name herein some of the
corni-g season, which I trust will rece
your approval and patronage.
Pronounced by all competent Engi
neers the best Agricultural Engine
that we have had up to this lime.
The Threshermen's Favorite,
Threshes and Cleans perfectly.
Easily moved by a yoke of oxen over"
any road.
RB AX? tilt ft-rart t?tFTST??I-n
Look at Home testimony. It is
pronounced the most wonderful ma
chine that has ever en'ered a field of
grain in the South, and has been prov
en by actual test to be the only prac
tical machine of the kind made for
our Southern field3. Can reap any
where you can with, a scythe. It
must be seen to be appreciated.
The above Machines I mention ape- \
?ially as applicable to our immediate
.vants. Tiley have all been fully
est ed by me, and I can with com
ience recommend them to the Pknt
?ra of EdgeMd and Lexington Coun
ies, and along the S. C. Railroad
'rom Augusta to Charleston.
In addition tr the above, I sell four
)ther very superior Engines that have
jeen specially built to meet the wants
d' thc South, viss :
The "CLIMAX," the 'MONITOR,'
he " BOSS CLIPPER," and the
With each of these very superior
Engines, I give the Company's Print
:d Warranty, guaranteeing perfect
I also represent the best COTTON
PRESSES made. This fact cannot
JU disputed by any impartial judge.
Everything, on the most improved
".rder, for a complete outfit for Gui
ling Cotton, can bs furnished ou a
ew days notice.
I deal in every Improved Imple
neut known to the Trade. Any ar
icia not named can be supplied on application. My terms I guarantee are
LS liberal as any responsible Agent in the South. And after live years of
?radical experience with most of the Machinery sold by me, and being a
tactical Mechanic myself, I can confidently oiler the same to the public.
I have been and am still making an effort to introduce among the Farm
:rs of my State these Improved Implements, to supply in a measure the
incertain labor now employed. I annex a few Certificates to show what
'home folks" think of them :
Ri ?OE SPKIXO, S. C., lath June, 1S70.
Capt. TM.MAX WATSON, Agent Buckeye Reaper.-Dear Sir: At your request, I
?ave ttie Buckeye a thorough t- st in wet and tangled grain. Notwithstanding the
and was so wot that the team could scarcely stand, and thc Machine nilen hogging
learly tn the huhs, it did the work perfectly, much to the surprise and wonder ot"
hose who witnessed it, and without once getting one of order I feel satisfied that
io machine has been introduced into this State that will give more universal sutis
actiou than tho Buckeye Reaper." It is just the thing thafevery ono wants,
hat sows Ufty or ono hundred acres of grain. I trust you will meet with tho SUC
ess von deserve in introducing such a perfect machine.
v.....-, .t.. . -__ T. L. SMITH.
RlDttK, S. C., July 4. 1870.
CAPT. T. WATSON.-Dear Sir: The Reaper you so kindly sent me in my dilem
na, acted like a charm, enabling me to save my tangled and fallen Oats in a man
ier splendidly. 1 am confident I saved half as much again as I could have dono
ithcrwise. " Very truly yours,
Ri DUI:, S. C., July 7, 1S70.
CAPT. T. WATSON.-Dear Sir: Your Reaper cut my Oats beautifully, notwith
ianding tho rough character of the land. Tho Oats were planted in drills and
.overed in such ? manner as to leave a considerable ridge, on which they stood,
ret tho Reaper cut them admirably. Yours, dre,
RIDGE SPRING, 2nth June, 1S70.
CATT. TILMAN WATSON.-Dear Sir: Many thanks for your kindness in sending
,-our Buckeye Reaper io cut my Wheat, without which I should have lost almost
ny entire crop, as it had been in the rain for several days, and had fallen down
ind tangled badly-so mitch sa that an ordinary seville could do nothing with it.
1 beg lo add that I have neverse?m a moro perfect Machine, and cannot afford to
larvest another crop without one. Trusting that your effort* td introduce to our
denting interest such perfect Labor Saving Machinery may bo crowned with
loccess, I am, very truly, to, IL B. WATSON.
I will visit in person any part of my territory where I sell Machinery,
md put the same up and in successful operation whenever di sir jd to do so.
In addition to the above Harvest Machinery, I add a few of other gocdi
cept by me :
Weishner's SULK EY RAKE; Illion SULKEY RAKE;
Hainan's Adjustable PLOW STOCKS, *
The Gower, Cox & Markley WAGONS;
COTTON GINS of best makers.
Samples of Machinery on hand.
For further information, Circulars, terms, eec, applv to MR. D. R. DU?
UISOE, at Edgefield C. H., or to me at Ridge Spring," C. C. & A. Railroad.
Agent for Edgefield and Lexington Counties and S. C. Railroad.
N. B.-Active and reliable Agents wanted at each Statien on thc C. C &
\. Railroad, from Columbia to Augusta, and on the S. C. Railroad, from
iugusta to Charleston, to whom liberal commissions will be paid. Address
is above.
[email protected] Will be glad to sell a complete outfit for THRESHING and GIN
NING, ready for tho Field, on Liberal terms. Can be examined at my
iStore Rooms. 3m21

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