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TERMS: $2.50 per Annum?
Rates of Advertising :
Advertisements will be inserted at the
rate of $1.50 per square (ten minion lines,
or less) for the first insertion, and one
dollar per square for eacn subsequent in
A liberal discount will be made tothose
wishing to advertise by the year.
W. W. OWDOX, Chappells, S. C.
W.H. YELD?IS, Longmires.
JoE2? H. Hr.iET, Batesville.
W. A. ODOM, Meeting Street.
J. K. DURST, Kirkseys X Roads.
E. R. FORREST, Mine Creek.
TTRE ETI?EREPHE, Leesville, S. C.
J. E. COOK, Grauiteville, S. C.
Dr. JOHN* R. ABNEY, Langley; S. C.
Capt. G. W. NITOV, Woodlawn, S. C
X. W. BROODER, Ridge, S. C.
JOHN C.vr?~.F>: \N, C'anghman's More,
S. C.
On Sunday morning next, our Meth
odist and Episcopal Churches will be
open for divine service. The Rev. Mr.
Hundley will preach a: Johnston, on
which occasion there is to be a fraternal
union meeting between the Edgefield
Church and the Jobuston Church. The
Rer. Mr. Rogers will preach at Spoon's
in the forenoon aifd at Bethlehem in the
Catholic Services
The Rev. Father Wilson will say Mass
at JO o'clock, A. M., and preach at ll
o'clo-'k, in the Catholic Church of this
?dace, on Sunday next.
Sunday School Convention.
The Edgefield Baptist Sunday School
Convention will meet at Gilgai on Friday
before the first Sunday in August, and
an interesting prosrramme has been ar
ranged for the occasion.
At Harmony Church on Sunday last
at the call Quarterly Meeting-there was
an immense congregation. Presiding
Elder Creit/.berg was not present, and
the regular pastor-Rev. Mr. Rogers,
whose popularity seems to be unbound
ed-preached a sermon which delighted
all his hearers-and helped many on the
way to heaven.
S- S. Mass Meeting
At .Tobuston, on Sunday next, in con
junction with the union meetingof which
we have spoken elsewhere, there will be
a Sunday School Mass Meeting. This
will take place iu the afternoon.
"It Is Well With the Child
On Thursday morning, June Lind, the
in?ny friends of Mr. and Mrs. Thc*, .f.
Adams were deeply saddened to learn
that their sweet little girl Ho?tense-tbe
youngest of their two daughters ami only
children-bad closed her eyes forever
and fallen into the ^leep that knows no
?Yaking. She was but six years of age.
The child is dead ! (?od pity and comfort
the stricken household. And stiii. in
the light which ihe gospel sheds upon
childrens' graves, who sha!! not say of
the lovely and beloved li ale creature that
has gone from them : " lt is well with
thechild." She i- not dead. All that i
was most precious still lives. She has'
fallen asleep In J eso-, and angela have
borne her upward^ in their loving em
brace to the presence of Him who bless
ed little children and said: "Of such is
ihe Kingdon; of Heaven "
Senator Butler Gone to Canada
senator Butler lett our towna few days
back en route to Washington, whence be
vas to gc, in company with Gen. Ro-?ser,
bis old army comrade, into Canada. Gen.
Rosser, it seems, j* President of a great
Ganada Radrosd now in process of con
struction, with his home- at Winnepeg.
Miss Helen Sanders.
Two yean? and a half ai?o, our esteem
ed townsman. I?r. W. A. Sanders, left
Edgefield and removed to a large planta
tion in the neigiilsirhood of Ninety-Six,
where he still lives. And now comes
back to us on a visit- tho guest of Mr.
.and Mrs. A. J. Nord-his little Helen,
grown into a very lovely, polished and
cultivated young lady. ?. ?ur whole com
munity i< bt.c.ieui:;g to wcl'-omeandhon
or this fair representative <>f a family so
weil beloved in Edgefield.
Dr Abney Still Low
< ?ur honored fellow citizen, whose sad
prostration by i paralytic stroke wc
chronicled ?tr-t week, still lies low-on
.the verg* o:' the grave indeed. And his
rendition continues to be s source 01
di.Api.ar, pAir. and s?lioltude throughoni
our community.
The Dancing School
Belle Smith arrived in our towi;
f>0 iVid-y i^-J*.*^-^--^ "*~ *****
. >o?oo<, ?h?nfehddrer: ir.'d' or.eofyonn?
At Prosperity.
WP acknowledge an invitation to the
annual exhibition of tho Cineau Literary
Society of th* Prosperity High School'
The exercises will l?e both instructive
and entertaining.
The Ridge Spring P.'fies
The Riile Company lately organized at
Kidge Spring ha? ?f. members, with the
lol ?owing officers:
J. A. Merritt. Captain.
J. C. Watson. 1st Lieutenant.
G. D. Walker, 2d
.T. W. Seigler, ?A
H. T. Wright, Orderly Sergeant.
Hake Conscientious Returns
Auditor Edwards began his rounds on
Monday last, commencing at .lohnst n
!>>i no man neglect this matter: and
above all, lei every man make a fair and
honest return of his property. Varions
newspapers of (he State have taken occa
sion lately to make dings at Edeefield
as well as other Counties-for tax dodg
ing. The good name 01 Edgell eld de
mands that ail her citizens make consci
entious returns of all their property.
The Oat Crop.
From information that wc picked up
r.n salesdav, the oat crop of the County
is terribly cut off. and reports come from
?-very <:uarter that scarcely more than a
half <-rop may be expected. The late
rains, which h'.ve been so good forcotton
and com. carne too ?ate for the spring
r.atx. And even tlip fall oat? havp been
materially injured.
Big Female Sleeves
Le Hon Ton advocates fullness in the
cleeves, and thus describes thone of a
stylish dre*?: "Tho -leeves are put on
rather full, with gathers, and tightened
at tbe l>ottom under a baud. Great at
tention is now being devoted to sleeves :
tho tight plain top has lieen so long worn
lt is felt there must be a change: all
sleeves will therefore l>* a little larger
and fuller at the top. But it must not
lie considered that Che old sleeve has gone
oat; that style will be fashionable, with
the exception of being made larger."
God Grant It !
Ol J farmers say q dry May is a sign of
e good crop year.
For thc Advertiser.
Choty on the Bridge .Matter Again.
MESSES. EDITORS : Pardon me for ask
ing you for another small space in your
valuable columns, for i assure you 1 would
net thus trouble you, had it not ben for
thc appearance of "A Card" in your last
issue, from Geo. W. Nixon, R. IT. Middle
ton and ilutas Haning, in whkh these
gentlemen say they "wish 'Choty' to Riv?
thc names of the parties who got up thc
petition ; who BO boldly stole over thr-^e
hundred feet of bridge in the broad open
day tine ; whom it was stolen from : and
from what point;" with a postscript: "al
so who made false statements and misrep
resented the contents of the petition."
Now, Messrs. Editors, that is lust what
! 'Choty' would like to know himself. Have
j any such things really happened in the
! =ertion of country where this distinp" 'sh
ed trio liv*? ? These gentlemen must excuse,
me for telling them that I do not believe
they want the public to have any such infor
matiot ; b'-.t if such be tho ca-e, and if
they are really sincere in wanting the pub
lic to know it, why did'nt they pubii.-h it
in their card ? Why didn't they tell who
drew r.p this petition, and who copied it
off to keep down suspicion ? Why didn't
they tell who carried this petition to the
Grove Church, and who said it was read
aloud to the congregation ? Why didn't
they tell who wants thc bushes to grow
up in Scott's road ? Ah ! it seems if these
men had been anxious aboct thia infor
mation, they certainly would have written a
longer communication themselves, and not
have tried wieeiy, aa they thought, to set
a trap for poor old 'Choty' by getting him
to say too ir.uch.
In my ?rsi communication no ono was
accused of anything wrong, or otherwise,
nor do I intend to accuse 3ny cue in my
second; but I oniy asked a few pertinent
questions boping that some- good might
come our. of it ; and while. 1 insinuate
nothing even towards any person who has
not been encaged in this bridge metter
I pray that the guilty parties, if any there
be, may show their "cloven foot." My
expectation has been somewhat realized,
proving plainly the truth set forth in one
of Solomon's Proverbs which says : "The
wicked :\ev when no man purauetb." .Tust
heiv I will stale that it has been rnmored
that several gentlemen were s?e? running
down th* creek on one occasion to prevent
other gentlemen from showing them the
order countermanding the moving of the
timbera. Th" truth of lhr; old adage:
.'A guilty conscience needs no accuser,'' i?
also a very powerful truth, whereupon
several persons have accused me of mak
ing cape to :';t them, which I deny, b ut if
any of these imaginary caps should fit
any anybody, ? say wear them, pull them
down over your laces and hide them from
the ga te o? honest men.
As to my question in regard to the de.
reption and misrepresentation practiced
upon the people at the Grove Church, and
as to the whole thing being gotten un to
j deceive those people, I have only t< > say
i let thc circumstantial evidence render thc
verdict guilty or not guilty, for oftentimes
imputation and strong circumstances
lead directly to the door of truth. Hun
dreds have been severely puni-hed with
i not one partid--1 of dirert evidence as to
! the crime.
Aa to th- question asked by me in r^- j
cav? to th.- Commipsioner? entertaining ?
i propositions, ?c., while mi:?n? claiming
! to he honept i'emocrats practice frandi
? c . so as to enable nne party to steal. &c.
and so on, I will make tbe following state
ment, that in the question funk**!, the la?*
words u^ed were day time; br.t since wri
ting the fi rsl epistle, i have been informed
that on the night of the fifteenth of April
the night of the day on which the <'n:r.
missioners met to investigate this vexed
- r.eation of petitions and bridge /having
j twice before countermanded thc order for
: moving timber?, once before a piece had
! f.?*>n touch-d, leaving them with no ac
; thority whatever for their act? i there were
. employed a greater part of said night
i twenty-Eve or more colored men. in mov
i inc off eaid timbers, and no one will sure
? iy ieny tint tr.e?.-> negroes were hired by
; those citizens ot Skipper s '?eorgia who
; were interested in the matter, and 1
will take occasion heretostate that ? hope
' no citizen of Skipper's '..eor?ia will take
j r.r.v of my remarks to himself who has
, not 'tabbied :n this affair, for my intention
- only that ?. proper view may br- taken
j oi the whole transaction by tv public
j eye. especially s>. this worthy trio has
'1 asked the public attention. HenT, with
i out expressing an opinion myself at all, I
J ask the people of Edge?eld io ^uage. ?bi
j themselves and pr--.nonr.ee the moving o
. the bridge what they please, borrowing :
? bring--: ?lanatinga bridge; stealinga bridge
. r-iw.v: ic-.or.-e ^^t^j^f^
? j w?usor th? raticn; . y.:-i tue sirlr.ap
; j pin:: a bridge, aa a wok' take*, his mattoe
; by moonlight.
; No, gentlemen, 'Choty' doe? not pre?enc
: to say that any body has stolen a bridge
: bnt he hears the rumor in the sir, and it
; makes h?m feel badly indeed; r.nd lie car
; but repeat that he heard of no such oc
currence during Ice Radical regime. No
; party, even of that cay of corruption
I and partisanship, are entitled to the credit
j of SAich a deformed cii'spring. No such
! thing was ever heard ot in the halcyon
? ?lays of Kadicai domination in Kdgeiield
And I will beg th??e enquirers, please
to ask rn:- no more questions about it; and
^conclusion will propound to this trio of in
. telleciual giants a conundrum : li it Iv
; possible that a bridge over three hundred
fe? ' .ong is not exactly secure to the pul
J lie in a community, how last would a train
; c. cars havr- io run through the same
' c-.mmunitv so not to lose nome of it?
; wheel??
For the Advertiser.
A .Vote from the Rev. Mr. Russty.
Mr-r.?. EPITORS: 1 am requested to
say that sin-"-? an explanation has been
' madn. with reference to the supposed mie
i representation of the contente of the pe
j titton for thc timbers of the Garrett's Ford
j Bridge, ii appear? very clearly that there
j was no intentional misrepresentation ol
i th-- matter by the bearer of said petition ?
j bot he represented it ss he then under
. stood it. And with this explanation w<>
'? are satisfied that the chief ground of per
, sonal feeling which may have existed be
( tween the two actions, hss be-n and will
: bp removed.
Cfc W. BU6SEY.
j Cold Spring, Jone 2d, !881.
Completion of the Railroad.
} For ROSE Whiskey, and all sorts and
i sizes of NICE DRINKS, go to
. JuneTtb.
Set* Hesse remember that WM. MTL
HfiRtN A Co., 013 Broad SU, Augusta,
Ga., have on hand a very full Stock of
BOOTS, SHOES and HATS, whb'h are of
fered at Lou- Price* for C?*h. Don't fail
to {rive them a caji when yon visit An
trusts, u
' Gratuitous Covering of the Naked for
the Next 'I hirty Days 1
A glorious opportunitj- for the great
army of the unclad! It is offered by
Brooks, of Augusta, " The Poor Man's
Friend"-Brooks of the Oak Hall and
Star. Don't stop nor dag until you find
the place. So free an Invitation has nev -
er been extended, to you before! Head
it, in another column. Brook?, nf (he
Oak Hall and Star.
Tin Work and Repairing.
As ?viii be seen by reference to his
card in another column. Mr. Harp, of
Augusta, has settled in our town and
opened a tin shop. He is a young man
of high character, and of ercat skill in
his line of business. He will do all man
ners of tin work-from patching a c.,.fee j
potto gntterintr a piaz/.:i or fnverinora !
whole roof.
Bones, Dougherty Ar Co., of Augusta.
Bones, Dougherty >fc Co., of Augnsta,
That ir. enough ! For seventy years the j
name of " Bones'' has carried wirli it
I honor and enterprise. Agricultural Im
I plements, Hardware, Tools of all Sorts,
j Machinery, Scales, Cutlery, tte, ?vc, &c
For the new card of Bones, Dougherty |
<fc Co., in this week's Advertiser, we heg j
special attention.
For tho Advertiser.
Religious Notice.-Union S. S. Con- j
rent iou.
GOLD SmiS'i, S. C., May ?7, ;1.
To thc Brethren of thc Different D- .<.?>/??<'.
nations in Edoe?cM County.
DKAT. Br.r.THP.rtc : I have been notified
by thc Chairman o: the Executive ?<oar 1
of th'; Union State Sunday School Con- ;
vention, that I have I sen appointed, by
that Board, to organize a Union Sun lay
School Convention of th* various denomi
nations in our County. ? think now my
pian wiil be, not, to have a meeting for the
purpose of organizing before next Spring;
but I earnestly request tho ministering
brethren, especially, o: all thc denomina
tions in the County, to bring the sob
t'as opportunity affords; before their re
spective Sunday Schools, Churches, Asso
ciations, Quarterlies, AC, during this year
And then some time next spring, say two I
month? before the sitting of the State Con- j
j vention. we wdl mee* and organize our ;
j County Convention, and appoint delegates !
j tn said State Convention. To thi~ end, i |
! request the hearty co-operation of li:'
j brethren of the varions denominations of
j our County.
i will bc ilad to receive suggestions
from any brother with reference to this
i matter.
EtXiEFIELP Co., S. C.. Apr. !'. 187??.
JV. L. T. Hi't :
Tbis certifies thai I have used your
HEPATIC PANACEA, for diseases of Liver
and Dyspepsia. I can safely say that it
has benetitted me more than any other
medicine I have ever taken.
.SSS* For sale to the trade by W. H
BARRETT, Augusta, fia., and by W. N. ;
Brr.NKTT, Edgefield C. H., S. C.
Always on hand, at
! Messrs, Hulch??o?) d' Uro.-I am happy .
! to say tnat your " Neuralirine" acted as I
i a specific in my case, relieving me in an j
incredibly short time. I would advise j
! all Butlering from neuralgia to irv it. J ;
Yours, A.-..
T.. V SIMS. M. P. j
Sold bv l?r. W. K. IA NI M. [3tu20 j
! Scythe Cradles and Blades, also goou
' stock of Hoe-, at
j May, 10th.-1US?
The Washington correspondent oi !
i the Baltimore Aineriean -ays that
j Senators Hampton and Butler a:-1 to ?
I control the custOE-hoase appointment!
i for this State, and that tb>-y will J?
J leer Judge T. J. Mackey for the posi
{tion of collector at Charleston.
A m?n and two women went to lae ;
i Crotvgell Hotel, in Newberry, and or- :
I dered dinner. In some way thc sus?
i picions of the clerk were ar nsed ann
1 on examination he found out thal bis ,
'? attests were colored and they were
: ordered out of the hotel. Mr. Blease,
the proprietor o: the hotel, feeling j
! that he had been impo=ed upon fol
! lowed the party and asked him ii he ;
* was a white man. The party replied
j that he war not black and that his i
money was as goori as anybody a,.
[ whereupon Mr. Bleasr assaulted him :
i with a stick, -triking several blow*.1
; Mr. Blea?e was arrested.
j Mrs. Nancy McKettrick, ot Bor- ;
r deaux. Abbeville County, died sud
f denly ten days back, aged aoont CO
t years. Mrs." McKettrick ie the last
rz~- "f*hriifrfiiI rin ?7
,-TfDe daughter o? Mrs. Ree.-e, a sistei
j of McDnitie, and of course was h?s
' I niece.
! ^ W. C. Benet, Esq., of Abbeville, j
11 has been chosen by the Literary So- '<
j c eties of Erskine College, anniversa- j
? ry orator at- the commencement it
j Dae West on the ^.'th June.
i The Palmetto Rilies ot Aiken have I
resolved to go to the Yorktown < en- :
j tennial. Twenty eiabr men have v ll
! unteered to go.
j Thirteen regiments of State militia !
j have up to date signaled an inteution j
I to be present st the Yorktown cele- j
j hration and 1 ?00United States troops ;
are also expected to be present.
The public has long since awarded
to Ayers Hair Vigor the .'oremos} i
place among reliable Hair Restora- I
tires. It is effectual, agreeable and ':
absolutely harmlens. It make.-- the
hair fresh and luxuriant, and old qge ;
scarce and unfashionable.
It is said that a hundred thonsand
copies of deiTerson Davis' book will
be sold, of which a large number go
to England. The book will appear
simultaneously in London and New
York, and on that day Mr. Davis will
j be in Canada, on British soil, in order
j to secure British copyright. If an- i
i ticipations are realized. Mr. Davis
I will make a good thing of it, fiuan
? cially.
The New York Legislature ha? dc- !
tented a bill allowing women fco vote, j
Female sufi rage rallied votes, only
six less than a majority aDd twenty
seven less than two-thirds.
The case of Redmond, the outlaw,
has been postponed until the nert ses
sion of the Federal Cou;!. He is.-iii)
in jail ai Asheville, N. C., not having j
been able to give bail in the aura of
About 70 of the 2,000 Cherokee
Indians in North Carolina ?ire to he
moved to the Wesl soon, by their own
Capital punishment has bepu lihol
ished in Michigan. Wisconsin, Runde
Island and Maine.
Corrected Weekly irot? thc Augusta
Evening News.
ACOLSTA, GA., .lune 7. IS?O.
Tos? of the market-12, m., nosier:;
2, p m., steady.
Ordinary. .
Good Ordinary. !'
Low Middling. :l>"
Middling. NU
Good Middling . Wi j
Elegantly Bound.
?.vron, .
Shakespeare, Burns, Moore, Teunyson, :
Arabian Nights,Scottish Chiefs, Pilgrims '
Progr?s.*?, Bandy "Bible Cyclopedia, 7-12 jj
pages, Sl.rtO ?neb Websters i nal ?rid g- i
pd Diirtionary ?.' 25 io si 2 on. < Irders bj ;
mail solicited. Postage ! "... per volume ??
/.. T. STIXE,
2nd Hand Book Store.
Infi Centre Su, A/'df.'STA. G.*..
Mar ll, issi. * Sm23
.RY a i ?otile ol* our delightful Ex
tract-LOVE'S ESTAyoni?MEXT. lt eau
not be excelled.
2m2fi] G. L. PENN ?v SON.
State of South Carolina,
Cowtof Continent Pleats.
Philip H. Baerman. Administrator of
Matilda Baerutan, deed . Plaintitf,
Michael Lebescbultx. Sophie Teller.
Rose Nathans, William Wolfe, Edward
Wolfe, Abram Wolfe. Nathan Wolfe,
Rudolph Whlfe, Rosa Le! >.-.?.. .h o', i/.. Ed
ward Lebesch ultz. Louise Lebeschultz
and M. A. Marken. Defen ants.- Sun -
mons for ReUn'.-(Jotiifillint wv.-d.
To the. Defendant*, Sophie Teller, Rose
Nathans. Win. Wolfe, Edward Wo!ie.
Abram Wolfe. Nathan Wolfe, Rudolph ;
Wo]:V), Ko??a Lebeschiilt;*; aud Edward
"*C"T"OU aro hereby summoned and re :
JL ? j ni red to answer the complaint tn
this action, of which ac?py i-- herewith !
served upon you*, and to serve n copy ol ;
your answer to the saul complaint on the |
subscribers at their otlice. a! Edgelield !
C. H.. S. C . witbiu twenty days ofter the ; ,
service hereof, exclusive of the day ot ;
such service: and if you fail to answer j .
tba complaint within the time aforesaid \ .
tho plaintitf in this action will *pplv to j
:be Court for thc relief demanded in the f.,
Dated Mar 9th. ISSI.
NOR?IIS & FOLK, PllT's, Allys, j :
T'- Sophie Taller, R >se Nathans, WM di.-* m ;
Wolfe, Edward Wolfe. Abram Wolfe. ? !
Nathr.u Wolfe, Rudolph W??lfe, Rosa
Lebesehult/. and Edward Leliesshuttz,
Von will take notice that the summons
and complaint in the foregoing action, :
Was tiled in the office of the Clerk of the .
Court for Edgefield Cr.univ ?>n th" itt!
dav of Mar. .\. p. ISSI.
NO li P. ls A FOLK, PUT*? AW vs
May '.?, I?61. IW?1
State of South Carolina
Cnvrt Cow t.mt Plev*.
Henri* W. Addison, Plaintiff, rx Sarah
A E. Clark and .fob A. W. Clark, as j
Administrator* with the will annexed
of the estate ol John M. Clark. decM., ,
Defendants.-.S-?';,???????* for /,'. ./?../. *:??.
plaint uer tn d.
Tty 'i . fieffwlanU Sarah A. E. Clark and ;
.lob A. W. ' .ark, as administrators <
with the will annexed of the estate of
Ir.hu M. < 'lark, dee'd.
I"ant hereby summoned and re-1
?.aired to answer the complaint in
tlii^ action, of which :: copy i- herewith
se?-\ ed upon voil, lind to WrVfi n ropy ..!'
your answer lo thu ??aid complain! on the
gu user i I ?e rs al ?h< ir olfii-n :u Etlge.ield
Court tfoUMf. in . witt County, within twen
tv day? afior tho service hereof. n:.**-iu
sive of the day of such ?-ervi*?e? and if ,
you fail toanswoi the ??omplnint within j
the time aforesaid, the plaintiff hi this'
a'M'.iii will applv to thc Conn for the rc
lief demanded in the . -bmplaint.
Lated liiUi May. A. 1?.. >'>?..'.... j i
May loth. IsSL
fi.. - 0. E. CH KATU A M. Clk. C. C. P. ;
s. R. GRIFFIN and
Plaintiij"* Ati'ti'if ?...*.
]'., !<?. /)?.>......'" i/-:. Sarah A. E. Clark and
Job Ai W. c.ark. as ad minis'nitors
wUh the will annexed, ol :h< estate ol'
Johu M. Clark, de.-?I.
Takt notice, that the summons in Ibis ,
action, of which ibo foregoing is a copy,
togothci with.the eompiaini therein, was
!iled in the oliicoof the Clerk ol tho Court
of Common Ploas al Edenfield Court
House, in the Connty of Edgelield, in
Lhe State of Son?h Carolina, on tho lutit
dav oi Mar, A. D. ISSI.
'?> * s. B. GRIFFIN and
pfaintitj '?. A UOi-netj :. \
May ll. l.SSL "?'-l
III WV. 1?* Building Lota in Augusta,
in the upper pan of the ?-tty. ?oex
! chance for Cotton Lan.!-, or Planiatii n.
: Land* niusi be,oonvenienl to Railroad.
\i,!?;-.- r>\- address.
R. ti. M. Ml NoVANT.
Heal Estate Agent,
Edgelield C. H.. S. C.
i"?ee. 22. i gan. if"
L OFFER for sal.. r*OG Aer< .-: Land
I0n under cultivation, with two Log Cab
ins lhere? >u.
The Angust? and Knoxville Kail road
rn na th much this land, and n p.-;..., .s
located wit'.in 2011 van!?, of i'.
Apply to
K. ti. M. D?NOVANT,
Real 1 :-!:.!" Agent.
Joly SI, ISSU. ii :: :
Money Saved Is Money .Mac?r-1 :
PURCHASE your ENG IN ES iron. u-.
arni aaveSlOOon a If? Horse: ???t?Mou
n 20 Horse, and SHiiOona^O Horse-Power
Engine. Send for our prices lietore pur
chasine Engines, r.in-:. Presses, saw and
(Vi i1-! Milis, Threshers, or any kind ol j
Machinery. We arc Manufacturers' Ag'ts
and f?iiamntee satisfaction in ipiMlitvand 1
prier.. WALKER A LulJD,"
No. i:iT? Meeting St., Wesi sido,
Near Charleston Hotel, Charleston, S.e.
A|>ri' 1?,- lSmS
Estrayed Cattle.
THE undorsicne?l ha-: taken up thron
head of Cuti ie. 2 Steers and 1 Heifer,
since Dee . i --*-... Thc owner can sel tlicm
by provine property and paying chartres
for keeping and advertising the same.
.;. P.. MAY -:.
.lune I, 212?
/ * UTTERING and ROOFING done al
\ .1 the lowes! rates.
TIN-WARE, wholesale and letail.
REPAIRING, oi nil kind-, promptly^
dono. < 'ive me a trial,
Formerly of Augusta .:.?
Edgelield, May 17,-3ni2J
Ill AVE ?'?i band fr&.lWi fnt of in,;,
Plank, '?....od feel of Scantling, Fram
ing Lnmlier, ?Ve.. A?*.
Term"-: . !.\SII.
<>. F. GOODWl.'f.
Trenton. S. C., :>b. il, ,, ."
? j
Notice !
IOFFER tor sale my Hoi el, known as
theSaludn House,*or Hotol. I; !;;,
aboui Ri rooms, a 1*0111 ono half ol wiiiicll
have been recently painted and pnperetl
-the entire interior repainted. There!
being but one Hotel ii? tue placo, there ls 1
n ned felt, aud a ne?-ess!ty exists, foran ;
other. Terms rea?onable*.
March li, IS31 (fj? !
T Hi
Position of Leader in
fill Thought ami St
Tim Vigar af Unos* Xiad un Sn
Two Hnndriwl and Fifty Thoi
During our entire exporienco wi
pivsr*nt>i| to rh.' public nt
O / W ?? i PIECES LYONS and ZUfi
4???A *vM * order of Messrs. Passavant
Wednesday, Mar. ?0, J. B. WM
289 IPI
Nos. 4S7, I*4, 4*0 and 513, 5lti and 52.". 47
it ::i.. This is a Great Bargain, and will b
SI . .. Even* imaginable shade Every ph
1 iOts "i l:-., "i'd. ">'ls. lu all, about 5,000 yar
season ur K.".e. Lota 1,154, 1,150 to
7,000 Va rds Plain Satin Merveiilux and
price, 4Sc, worth si.25.
Nos 1,2.% tc 1,540. ;'>7 yds. Cadrillea Jasj
Nos. I.?77 to 1,200. 1,000yds beautiful Bl
?ar-au actual slaughter. Price, .'to, 30, 75,
Nos. 1,109 to 1.185. S17 yds Satin (?uros,
(15, 75c and si.
Nos. 1.542 to 1,570 1,04'! yds Chiua Lane
Armeyro, 81 25 to si 75 a yard.
By Order ot 'Messrs. C. Aatfmordt ti; Cc
We, J. B. WI
Bought SOT dozen. Every pair warrante
nr.!y ll Hooks Colored Kid Gloves, S HooiN
Kid Gloves, al! at si pi a pair; worth si 50
\ lo, 12, ld Innions, at 09c a pair. Also, in
pieces Lyons, 27 inch Black Gros Grain Si
limited ipiantities, ?> :r- 25 vards, at 65?;. T
(.?..V Retail Trade.
:7 inch P.lai-k ? ?ros (train Silk Satin Lustre
Arlington Mills Sale. Through Tov
?7- Pieces Black Al! Wool Rolled Br
._. - Pieces of Lace Wool Hunting, at
? <<. Pieces ot' dav behebe, at 5e; wo
2ini Pieces Australian Crepe Plaid, at
2IU Pieces Circassian Alpaca, at UK-a
2I?i pieces Fancy Brocade, at !'".c ; w<
From Hit- (?cnnaii am
Wc have purchased 7,SO0 at a special di
Wo arc -.cllintr children's Parasols al .'.(
The Beautiful Mercedes " Randed Par?
nd the New Coaching Shades-price? rani.
5it? 22 inch Fringed Silk Parasol* at si
In Hiv Cloak Room, W?
ii i Dozen Ladies' and Children's UNDK
!'nr- in Plain Figures. Better see then
Mr. -I. G. GAiXAHKR, of Fredericksbti
Wc i11 ;> u-i i.Miliir ;Uteio ion to the ?mmei
.jriOnnting tn -S<S.J?M?. W<I paid 4* cents iii
?111 i. ! ! CLASS School for young la- i
d'-.--, recently opened at Spariao-fi
birg, S. c., i.ncofthe healthiest towns!"
in the "iip-eonntrv." and '.'nu feet above j1
ihr- sea. lias been located in the favorite!1
Piedmont House, on Main Street, long
?tiiowu throughout the State a? a charm- j
?iv. Summer resort.
Th Piedmont will lie ?bund to bea:
tibi mghly good School, and a relined, :
. home. Tlie i*ottrsc of study ?
comprises faithful instruction Intherudi- ?
iiieitary and higher Kuglish branches, |
Lain, I>\ ::M adtniiai'ie'.ystem) Kreuch, j1
iieeuitn and either m lern languages, ? i
\?t :?. taught by a re<'ent graduate of!
Ui#'onscrvatoire at Leipzig? Drawing, j (
Paining, ci.-. ;
ihnf. Wa..;'- long resilience abroad'
iven him au unusual facility In the j
l?oierti languages
Tho personal and constant supervision I
ij'ihe leportmeni and studies of each j
(.upi!, a specialty of the Institution. !
IVrras per Session ot Twenty Weeks. >
. Those will l?e found as low .osai any ?
umale College of '.be same grade.:
".Reg?ate, Department {including
. tuition in Latin and French, *2."? At j
ft'ermediate Department, (giving
I - >und English irai ningi 20.00 '
P^mary Department to which ,
:icai attention i- paid) 12.50 '
Ctfitingcnt Fee, for each Dop* L) I ..Vi
Lard, including fuel, fnrnitnre,
i'.dif> and -erviee 00.00 .
lashing, , ff. Oft. j
?Pupils rc?*eivp?l ai any time andoharg
. fr in date of entrance. I
If notified in time the Principal will j
r. . : i ? 111. i ? n : Columbia a few days lie? I
. the eomtiieneemoni of each session.
Pre-cut Session end- .lune 17th, and !
Aw.mn Session commences Sept. 12th. |i
t.*? Circulars, with References, may !
b obtained al theofllec of the t^i?jei?eM ??
?lrn t?ri-i . ! I
.1. HENRY HAG Kl!. A. M.,
?partanbiirg, S. <'., Mar. I, 18*1, Um 13
la^noiin Passenger Roule.
"!:i Rn\ vi, A Ai in*ST.\ RAILWAY,)
Ar..: STA, May 14, 1<"S1. j '
["he following achednle will bc op?r?t-:
e??q and afu r May 15th :
.V". 1. No. 2.
!: ... pm i v Augusta,...Ar... 10:30 pm '?
': . pm Lv Beech l 'I...Lv.fl:50 pm j
15 pm Ar Jackson's.. Lv.!':?4 pm i
3:0| pm Ar Ellonton... L>.11:15pm
!:lii pm Ar Robbins... Lv.ic.00 pm '
: : . pm Ar Milieu's... Lv.RSC pm
:'... pm Ar Marlin's... Lv.s;21 pm
I:IM pm Ar Boldoc.Lv.":15 pm
?;:7 pm Ar Appleton.. Lv.WW pm
i:_'< pm Ar Allendale.. Lv.7:51 pm
1:41 jun ArCaral>let'n~Lv.7:38 pm j
S:.*)2 pm Ar Bronson... Lv.7:^7 pc:
vc pm Ar Hampton..Lv.7:14 f>m ,
.:!? pm Ar VnrnesvT.. Lv.7:0". pm :
fi: ll pm .*. r K'rly Rr'h.Lv.<?:'"5 pm ;
ifclW pm Ar Yemassec.. Lv.0:20 pm j
":'Mt pm Ar Savannah.. Lv .. 3:30 pm'
'. ' pm Ar t 'harl'bt'iuLv.3:30 pm ,
7:" . am A r .I'ksonv'le.Lv..">:30 pm ; I
. :25 pm Lv V^massee.. Ar.C 00 pm .
7:4!? pm Ar Beaufort... Lv. 4:50 pm
Pft5 pm Ar P't Royal.. Lv.4:20 pm
!' ttigagecbei'kcil through to Savannah, ' (
f!|iarlest'?ii, Jacksonville and all Florida
points l !
t?Or Tliroiigli Tickets for sale at Cn ion j
! ?. pot Ticket UlTloe, Augusta, Ga , anil at ' \
ill principal Ticket Offices, j'
I! r, FLEMING,Gen. Sup't. j
J. S DA VANT, Gen. Pas. Agi.
- '
Jl ST re, cu rd afresh loi ol'thc ben
May lo,- p-j ; j
1 H ERE. ls noi nd iiibl bnt'that PKNN'HI
Bori.i i i is tho bps) Cologne made. To!
|.. found only nt
2m2fi PENN'S Drug Store, j
\ and gel the most delicious Arctic
Soda Waler. All thc difl'erenl svrups J
kept. ''-JtnM
Dry Goods. In His
tidy, Making Nations
btleiy ian Subdue or Induct. Han
12 Stoiies That Mn? De* enera ie 1ft
i-?m*1 Dollars worth of Choicv ?
?? have carefully wnlohod our M
:ICH SILKS, sold ia New York City, Ly I
it Co.. of Paris and New York.
ile & Co. Bought at this Sale, '
J Pienes Zurich Colored ?iros Grain Silk,
e sold in limited quantities, at reu'!, at.
we warranted perfect or money refunded,
ds Fancy Summer Silk*, at Site; sold last ?
1,10S. This ie a princely lot.
Satin de Lyon, all uew Spring shades; :
?er Je Haye?' Jaspers, at 47 je,; worth 1.10. J
ack Silk Brocade, sold at 70e on the dol- ,
gi; gl ?? aud $1.10.
Satin Radzsmire; Satin D'Egypt, nt30,
es Raven and richest 2?-inoh Black Satin
?., Mar. '?3, 2,5<M> Uozen Kid Gloves.
?ITE & CO.,
fl or money to he refunded. In this lot
;s Colored Kid Gloves, 17 Hooks Colored
and 88 50. 178 dozen White Kid Gloves,
eonuectiou with tins sale we bought Jon
lk, worth fl 5o. Will ofter this lot in
lioso Rlai-k Silks were made for the besi
Of lt !
, 3t 05c. Every piece warranteitpuresilk.
vnsend & Farges, of N. Y. City.
luting, at 'Se; worth 3Sc.
15c ; worth 35tf.
ith 15c
bc a yard.
nth 2t.v.
tt French Importers.
, from 25c. to SI 25.
.-count of lu per cent, tor cafdi.
?. Ladies' Twilled Silk Ctnbrellas :?t #1.
isols," in Satin and Satin brocade Silk,
te from $2 30, ?5, &S BO to $12 50.
? Opened on Saturday,
IRGARMENTS, aud marked the entire
i when makin?? other purchases.
irg, Va.,has chance of ihi< department.
naeatock of Real mu? I li ii uti ion Lace*,
II the dollar for them.
he Leadei
Gr. H. ??
.?.x I'M KR? >CS Testimonial and Ijirge
Sales pr-.re rhai pri?e? of Pianos arid Or- '
jans, for s.nme make and >ryie, are from
lu to .Tit j?er cent, less at "The Music
Honse of the South" than elsewhere.
L. P. Q. S.
Largo Cash Contraw.s with the l>e-t
manufacturer0 and Large Sales at "The
Music House ol' the South," enable I ? O.
ROBINSON* CO. to sell Superior Pian
DH and Organs HI )e?s price than ?-paid
bv small dealers. i
IT. H. M. 0. T. S.
G.O. ROBINSON A CO. sell in Texas,
Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ala
hams, Florida, and in every Southern
State north of Georgia. Augusta can just
ly claim 10have "The Music House of
the South."
E. I.
Twenty lo thirty percent.saved in pur
chasing Suporior Pianos and Organs, Mu
sical Instruments, Sheet Music, Music
Books and best Italian Strings, at "The
Music House of the South."
Tunaus and Repairing
By C. H. TAYLOR, the only author
ized Tuner of the Mn*ic Hu?se of the
South, Augusta, Ga.
Jan. 24, ISSI. ly:U5
IOFFER 2<'*3 acres of tine cotton lands,
on Chevis Creek. The place has on II
4 cn hi ns.
Kents this year for fl bales of cotton.
The purchaser will get the advantage of
this year's rent.
Terms reasonable. Apply to
K. O. M. Pl NO VANT,
Real Estate Agent.
Keb, fl. 'ftp_trio
TRACT???. 1,
L'ontains 165 Acres, ou Augusta A Knox
ville Railroad. Comfortable Dwelling
and Tenant Houses. Good well of water
and running stream of water, in high
spite of cultivation, to S-TM in native
Contains 27$ A<-re-?. in Collier Township,
l> miles from Kallroad. Four Tenant
Houses. 4-Plow farm, (iood tenants,
who are willing to remslr. All the Inna
is fresh.
Tract- will ho sold separate.
Real Estate Agent.
Aug. I. tfflit
\otice of Application for Fi
nal Discharge.
Ni iTICK is hereby given that the un
dersigned w ill make application to
the Judge of Probate of Edgetield coun
ty, on the 14th day of June next, for a
Final Discharge as Administrator of the
F.state i>f Mitchell O. Glover, dec'd.
May 13, m\. 5te24
List Every Article F<
Quake and Monarch
?illns- M itu a Giant (?rasp H hau V? T
fn of JltMlern Tines WouM Fail lu
,000 ' v
)ry Good^, at nu average Not 0
lorrin tile1 Tm>roci2. "and nevor ?
W> take Pleasure lu Naming a few of I
<>,<*? Yards 4-1 Victoria l^awn
.VK) Pieces Persian Lawn at '.
1,40(1 Yardli "?-4 Victoria Lawn
*>5 Pieces Chocked Nainsoo!
:W0 Pieces of Lonsdale Cauil
5i>7 Pieces Fruit of ?he Looa
Yards Printed Union La
~>Q Cases Figured Maucbesl
?9,800 .WORTH
LadiiV Irish Dalhriggau H<HC, yi
Children's I ace Hose, Pink and'I
l?ARRIS' B ' '.ST, a t M 25 a var. 1. (.
Clan < iinghains, choice, at 10c.
furniture Cretonnes, ijue lot of SO pio
White Spreads at <*:*
Job Spreads at 0.? cen tx, ?v? c
' English Heavy Marseilles ?,
. ?ur new prices w'.ll makajpu
EMBR dhl
Cost US 5S Rents on the dollar-we will !
half, aud in low nnml>ers alwut one-fouvt
7 i'?nts Edging for :', cents a vard.
Best quality made at ? ceuts a yard
"HHi Pieces Shirting Fl ints at 4! cents.
SJ'HI Pieties Shirting, damaged on thc r
In.nflO P?IF?CH SPOOL C< ?TTON. ."00
Monday, April 4th, We I
1,000 i?"z. Lanndried and Unlaundried IV
1 .CnM? Hozen Lnlaumlried H.S. HaudkeM
8,000 Do/en Lanndried Handkerchiefs at
Dozen Ociits' Lanndried Handkercii
27,000 Yards Real Torcboi
50,000 " Ver million i.
HAKKIS BROS., the til
l Intended this year at au average of
We can oiler 1190 Lace Top ? ?iere*
I2u0 English Lylo Lace Top at :?G sn
?1 .'MI 15-inch Silk Mit for 7-3 and (
Correct idea ' -ot oe Formed of ?
?M Pieces Imported t Ju nain Lace H
ion Pair*of Spanish CnrtniiH st sj
?, Broad <Sz
mn .u
HE Undersigned has open
od an Agenoy at Edgefield C.
H., fi.r thc purehaso and sale
of Real futaie.
Parties baviug landa for sale
can have them advertised
and parties desiring to pur-j
chase Land or Houses and
Lois and Houses would do
wnil to apply to the under
signed. No charge without j
sale is clfecied.
R. fi. M. DH0VA.W.
Real Estate A?rent. !
Dc . IO, 1R70-tf2
Orangetmrg Laud for Sale.
I-?Ol^l Ai'RF-s of lim: Farming
i)vV/ Lanils in Ornngoburg Co.,
on South Edisto River, SIN milos from
Midway Station <m the S. C. Railroad.
4<Vi under cultivation, the larser portion
of which ison thc river. The upland
portion is liue for cotton, and the river
bottoms suit corn admirably. On the
place is a line Dwelling House, ~>l ft, by
40, G rooms, 2 chimneys, I Ure places, 14
toot passage w ay, piazza in front and pil
lar? under the house, which is feet
ort' the ground. A numberof out-build
ings, Gin House, Oin Head, tine well ol
water, &c.t Ac. Will lie sold cheap.
Appiv tn R. (J. M. DUNGY ANT,
Real Estate Agent.
Fel?. 3.J8S0. , U'O
A I l-l...
I: . -i - i .. . ;?.. , .<.- . ?vcr? !?
... Uki ..:.V/r"fl.- ..ly . 4t.;??-. .. ?
-n v?cri>'.:-v.i ; -?~ .
?ttwi]fc?fc icttiiuc !'r >>?iiie;ia it? .A '. tt.. .ri
.-. ? usmc, rtb M r.-.k- . -?i.s t. iautSya .
i-?n-.- Tr........ ^o.i .Mariel OIMI!- . Ali- ! '
D. If FEBBY & CO.. Detroit. Heh.
irani f__
To those Who Contemplate In
vesting in Real Estate, or
Going into Business.
: I OFFER a very desirable
I at Johnston Depot, on the C C A A Kail
I road, rho Dwelling House, which Ls
j entirely new from roof to cellar, contains
j S commodious rooms, two piazzas run
j nins; across, pantry, stove room, ?tc.
Thc ?Mit-buildings consist of s servants'
' house, barn and stables.
I There is also a good well of water on
i the pince, which lias a bouse over it.
j The most desirable purchase yet of
: fered, and ono of the most pleasant phv
! PPS in the thriving village of Johnston.
Appiv in persr.u ?>r hy letter f<>
lt ?. M. ld'NO VA NT,
Kcal Estate Agent.
Nov. 3-1,18^0. tf?l
AF voil want \\x\- >^e>t STARCH and
Tl'R PENT INF. SOAP, go to
M iv li?,-4t?0.
orni? a Text for Caro
ls Tromblo in Their
Hf Takes Kohi ol. Like That .*
ivor Sixtx- Cents on thc Dollar,
iuch an opportnnitv ii- this was
tlie Kew Prices on Well Known Coode
s at 5 rents a yard.
'..'i cents, worth 30 cen Ot.
at 8 cents,
k at S couts a yard.
)ric at ll cents a yard,
i and Semper Idem Shirtintr at 7}e.
was, 32 inches wide, at 5 cents a yard,
er 1,400 Lawns, at !'>. cents a yard.
?rd long, at 23 cents a pair.
Hue, al 10, 25 and 30 cents a pair.
tVOQL. at 45c a Yard.
.'??lian Tweeds nt 15, 20 and 2% a yard,
i"*??, at 20 cents, worth 30 cents.
Cent? on the Dollar.
enta aud *t.
milts, m si 50, *2 and *2 .V?.
irs about half the usual rates.
?ell tliem at this rate-the ??rices arc just
h. You can buy R 5 ppnts Kdtring for IV:
rr TS.
COO pieces 7-S Cambric at 4 cents a yahl.
dye, at il cents * yard.
yarrin each, nt 3 cent? CL Hp?ol.
Maced Before the Public,
>eket Han kerchief?*, at 50 per et. off clean.
biefs et '."? cents.
5 cer es, wurtb 15 couts.
iefs at lu rent*, worth 35 rents.
i Laire at 2{- cents a yard,
ace at 2' cent* H van!.
ove Men of Sew York,
5S cents on the dollar.
at 1-", dd and 25 cents a pair.
d 50c. xl 12-inch Silk Mit for 4'.' ri*.
'?ic Sweeping Reductions t/tis .S?>?*>?.
t lo, :5 and 25 rents a vant,
lo $13 a pair.
; Ellis Sts.
Railroad Sehe'TI ie*.
Change of Schedule.
ate AUGUSTA K. K., [
CoLtTHBIA, S. C., May 15, ISSI.
ON and after .Sunday, May 13, ISSI,
the following Schedule will i*? op
erated by this Company :
Connect at W. C. AA. .1 unction with
South Carolina train for Charleston, ex
cept Sundays.
Leave Charlotte.1 03 p m
Arrive at Columbia. 000 p m
Leave Columbia. 007 pm
Arrive at Augusta,.1013 p ni
No-in, Non rn, DAY PASSENGER.
Leave Augusta.?> 30 a ni
xrrivo at Columbia.lo 52 a m
Leave Columbia. 10 50 a m
Arrivent Charlotte...-..4 13 pm
Leave Augusta,. fi 00 p m
Arrive at Columbia,.10 25 pm
No 48, Sorm.
?Leave Columbia. 5 40am
Arrive at Augusta, . ?33a,Bl
For reservation of Sleepi n? Car. Berths.
: Ti mp Tables, orother information, apply
i to W. A. GI DDKS, Ticket Agent, I'nioh
[ Depot, or to
? A. TOPE, General Passenger Agent
G. H. TALCOTT, Sup't.
tv. J?-. . .' .-i> and inltnfcocetrade
I w m.?..- ' ' i:? Uly*?!-*!. i.i?'/rs fi.ru
I Rhrwttinte: "Th< 7: :.'n r.-< >c?n > oulnina a g^ilil
I ptAtMl ?vai.'tl -i.:.-*-!.. !>ll:i?".i pitt, I.iuv's ?.|?
cantJwnlrji'.? . f' ?ul '.......?niit#ck
I I:.- i??rust??" si . .>. i.- '.." :t- i?aivlr?nc.rol*ar
IwttAR, ?tts i ?iiv. !.<.<?....' . .. . lutiiatinn silk
hanUfc(*rehW, pwt; p"n<ii. . .?. . ? u\. ..,....?? atv)
Visiting Witt!*. All ?ii?- - m '.. ;...?! i'-rr.V. in
naran?: '. pa?lfoi* :... -i .-. Vt?- UM con tr-- r*
(nile . from * : i . ? ...
T!i" lt .;? : '1 ?*?.:.:. i??? IVA. . ?? . ?. nnvHhynt
T'.'A?:, riM?tUI <"..:(.; .....rv-;; ff in . . vi?.?- :>'i-k
lace, pat?! ri?**v? tatton*. -..?.I pia:??
tigac*iet9. i--..W-.n'>-::i.if.I?l-it< ?! ;??ly'.<S4?t.l{?H.1
pi?t'-V .?*.... liv: -ir.Ij'-x*.; :"nl ifi^IArtiiiJi.ltWlv
fa:;V'>-. :'*.'!." . >':.."'.-...:. .:...:: or.-l
3Iall?ft> ?..???* tvith !'. rUaimttMl r*ht??r.bMiutiul
iP- sjp-';* (.still i?. |i . ..: iNiltar iiC.III. viat^.i
: . fl-jf -? .:. . ill ?jM |.:y- f . ..??.?>>
i L'ouitv* :ii?tf. >u?-t.-.r::-<- w. n ' -..J.. - '
, K*t<tii|>. i?-> :'-' foll r.-i-:'... nuiHlty.-i lady'.i
- full t-Hvi' i ?ri - <4iii:?< ..itliMpi.jrt awi
1 rai r-i Sttirj ..:./. ,:<i!(l >-!v r i?n ... 141 KOO-.
1 TU" ?.lu.;- m> ...ftsi-'rfcvj. . r>:?>...TH
I sv<ir?i>t . '.<: for il. 2 *.... ?iro. i rt???ivit
r. ii i.-? '?T.liwl *.a.s|!v itt fr..ro? il??* AitiirTS*.
N V. JKWET.T?1 m.. Atlanta, t.n.
Tm *TI\XT\??1 .?>.???.?:: "T1jl?o?,M?ran}rif
I?II'-I'?!. ,nriiat>>, als?* .. .:..:...? ;:.f .. ??\>f?r
vivir n?oii"y f? i?'-:.114."
|f.?hroiik arboll}' or i:i p3r; rn-?ni nattiiw cr ?ii - -
..?<?.. .t-J-'i.-'"-lV>-*. I*?1-1 .il''.' i-'J? :.n.! - i'.l
i-j I?, "i . I. Co.. Al tanto. ?~iu. Nohawii us. n>~'
r.CPTTO^iioniiiNiCi ronflil'ntiat.
A Bargaiu! A Bargain!
containing One Hundred and Rigb
ty-seven and a half Acres, more or le>.>',
lying just beyond thc incorjioralP limits
of Rdgeiield Village, about two acres ol*,
it extending within said limits. Upon
thc land is a good Dwelling House of two
stories and 8 rooms, willi tire^places io
each room, besides a store-rooju attached
and a servants' hoiise ill th? yanl. Also
a gootl Gin House, a two story Karu, and
Kable nviin for any usc. Thc place has
three tenant boase*, eOljveniently ar
ranged, iijKM) it; aud it i? well watered,
having several lino sprints, and siilli
ciently lituliered. Terms reasonable
Applv U? or address,
lt. M. DC NOV ANT,
Kcal Estate Agent.
Marchs, Af tx
j ?LANKS ol every description for
I sale at this office, or will l>? prinfsil
j to order.
Nev. 10-tl 50
X HAVE for sale SIX LOTS in tba
Town o? Hamburg. One of them con
tains un acre bf land-moro or less.
Real Estate Agent.
THO. 12, 18*1. - rf?

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