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Jas. T. Bacon. Thos. i. Adams.
Kdgetield, S. C., Sept. 2 ?. 18*5
Report ?ii'tlie Delegates IV lio Went to
Tho meetings of our County Agricul
. ' ton?! Society Lave boeomo exceedingly
- methodical, interesting, instructive. But
we are sorry to say that tho membership
* ?T. not by any means increase as
should. For instance at tho last meet
ing, on Wednesday pf last week, there
was only a single name proposed tor
membership, that of Mr. W. H. Yoldell,
of Liberty Hill. - Mr. Yeldrll is a host|
in himself, and a type nf the men the
Society needs to build it up. And right
her? we would like to ask whore aro the
naen of this class throughout our Coun
ty, and why ar? they not with this or
ganization? Where are yon, Dr. R. ET.
McEie? And you, R. B. Watson? An
you, John C. Watson ? And yon, James
Watson ? And you, Jasper Talbert and
James Lanier ? And you, Clinton Ward
and Dock Wright? And yon, David La
gmneand William Ready ? And you,
Henry Townes and Tom Rainsford ? .And
on, Dr. J. A. DeVoro and^ John Wiso 5
d yon, JojHfTt ^t*reng*-?an<lSow
n. Fair? And yon, Dr. D. ew?m?
itins and James Holland ? Andern, ye
farmers of Cooper and Coleman? And
you, ye Plum Branch mon? And you
of Winter Seat? And you of Rehoboth
and of Gilgal?
But why multiply names and places'
Of course thore aro hundreds of nu-n in
our County, just as largo and intelligent
planto? aa any whose names bavo pop
ped into our head as we write. We pp
poal to you all. And we should really
like to know why it is you are not with
this organization, which needs only such
support, and which promises GO much of I
agricultural strength, agricultural pro
gress, agricultural profit ? Think of this
matter very seriously, friends, and on
Wodnesday, the 14th of October, lot us
hear at least a fnll score of your honored
names proposed for membership.
At the hist meeting, Orlando Sheppard,
Esq , read the carefully prepared Report
of himself and Mr. P. H. Wardlaw upon
the amount of l'crtil izors used tn Edgo
field County, and whether theso fertil
izers wcro u*od extravagantly or not
Wo shall publish this report next week.
President Tillman read tho Report of |
the Committee who wont to Bennetts
ville. Wo lay it boforo our readers in
full this week. And it is decidedly in
teresting raising, as it does, many keen
and shrewd comparisons between our
own lands and methods and those of the
Eastern part of our State In these con
trasts we biiilVr, but are informed that it
ii our own fault, inasmuch as our natu
ral advantages are just as great and good
as those of any other region in South
And to come dowu to some ol the spe
- ellie points in this Report, wo are told
that experience has taught the farmers
of Marlboro that turning pea vices un
der while green, for manure, is not tho
best way. That the farmers of Marl
boro aro not afraid to manure ; that they
use from 200 to 800 lbs. per acre, and
work their land for wages. Thai they
ditch their high, dry uplands uo less
than their lowlands. That their but
five hundred acre fields are finer than
our best patches. That every acre of J
stubble land, no matter what is to be its
future use, is invariably s>own br.?adeast j
in pea.?. Aud tbat our delegation were j
ashamed to invite tho State Agricultural
Society to hold its next summer moot/1
ittg*?n Ed?olit?ld on account of ?.ur peo?]
pie being so lacking in progress.
Study these things and ponder upon
them. They are infinitely better reading
tor you (han the pet'y warfare between
.Sooth carolina editors, or speculations j
upon I Ito political "new deal," or the ne
potism of President Cleveland, or the
tricks and capers of Sam Jones, or tho
vainglorious details of base ball matches
and yacht races. Especially aro they bet
tor for you than the wretched warfare of |
South Carolina editors ! Set your heads,
hearts, hands and pockets to agricultural
progress And boforo the Howers of May
bloom again, let the ranks of our County
Agricultural Society mount up from rifly
u> two hundred ami ll fly. And altar that,
an annual Fair ! And old Edged ?rid in
the plaoo ?ho ought to be !
Mr. Hart ?trama the Grateful Traill
and the Hard, Flat Proof Don II
luto Our Very Souls!
"It does n't seem possiblo for them to
be sold so cheap."
Thns speaks Mr. Alvin Hart of his
now goods, iu making his fall and winter
announcement to the people of Edgoficld
County. And he says further : "I havo
taken a groat deal of time and caro in
tho selection of my stock, awl I can of
fer bargains far beyond any ever shown
in Etlge?eld before." And inrthor still :
"There is nonoed for any ono from
Rdgefield going to Augusta to buy goods
for thore ls n > reason why we can't af
ford to sell an entire bill of goods as
cheap as Augusta, aud wo are going tn
do it." But apart from Mr. Hart'a words,
which are ever honest and conscient hms,
lie travis tho grateful truth and tho hard,
fiat proof, as it were, down into our very
souls. Into our souls through our eyes
-by means of his bold and liberal price
lists. Head these price lists. They stand
in another column. Aud then, forsooth,
yon never will go to Augusta to shop
again. Indeed thero is no overcoming
toe powerful logic of Mr. Hart's price
lists. And they range through almost
all lines of merchandize. Mr. Hart's
present stock is both immense and mag
nLficenL We beg for his card and price
lists, in this week's ADVERTISER, special
and universal attention. In our opinion,
however, they will command it by means
of their own indisputable merit.
"Vm Jones's Tent iii Augusta That is
V> Hold FjveXhousand People.
AndTrorn this great salvation tent, all
the five thousand people will gn to tbe
. great Shoo Tent of Wm. Mulherin <ft Co.
and each ono will buy ono or more pairs
of shoes. Well, this is a snit of dream
of ours. But still we think such a thing
qnite possible. And certainly it would
be a wise mensure on the part of the five
thousand. And they wouid be lucky lo
be allowed the privilege. For although
Sam Jones may be a good man, yet we
know be is not as good a man as Mul
herin. And we doubt if he has ev*>r
been, or will ever be, really as useful a
one. And if Sam Jones's five thousand
do not go to Mulherin's, Edged eld's ten
thousand ?itt. So it makes but little
difference. And to secure universal and
unanimous attention for Mulherin's'fall
announcement, in the present issue of
the ADVERTISER, we have only to whis
per to the " ten thousand" thatit is there.
Lightening l p the Present, and Squint?
lng at Christmas.
We allude to Denning & Co., of Au
gusta, who in our business columns,
lighten np the present by their offer of
Candies, Fruits, Cigars and Canned
- Goods, and squint delightfully at Christ
mas when they mention Toys. Study
the card of Denning ?fe Co. carefully, so
that your minds and hands and pocket?
may be ready for any candy or toy sacri.
fice that may be demanded of you this
fall and winter.
For the Advertiser.
Notes f.iim Datesburg.
Colton coming in freely. J. M. Jo
ia the duly appointed cotton weigher,
BaUeburg, it in said, is ono of the I
c t?on market? on the road from Colt
ida to Augusta, and that fact Ia dem
struted bj the planters who roll larg?
Lost week lhere were soyeral farra
who livo 20 milos distant, in town vv
wagons laden with tho (looey staple.
Bate-vjUiic will K>H?I have along
want in the way nf a first class sch
building. W. ?. Plunkett und O.
Harris are ou tho building rom m ill
and their zeal in educational matter
unbounded. When completed, the hui
lng will bo 28x65 loet, two stories hi
lt was first decided to build a housi
eoucro'e, 80x33, but the committee hi
abandoned tbit plan and will put u
wooden structure Our friend and bro
er, Rev. N. N. Burton, in taking a liv
interest iu the enterprise and in a t
weeks he will havo the pleasure of s
icg an imposing institution of learni
Your correspondent would respectfu
suggest that we have a house-warmi
in the way of a liol Supper and ?nv
ovorybody to be prosont.
Miss Laura Miller, a charming yon
lady of Denny's X Roads, is lu tov
the guest of Mrs. C. 8. O'Neal 1.
On last Friday our young friend,
B. Laudrum, sou of L. D. Land ru in, 1
frr Oxford, Md., to attend tho M.
Si nco tho ii isl of September tboru hi
lieen solo" at ti is placo Cit? bales of c
ton. During uro month of August th?
were about 76 sold- making n total of l
during this colton season.
In & few days C. W. Solloe, who to
long time has boon connected with t
moram li lo establishment of T.J. Ki
naghan, will go into business on his m
account. Your correspondent wis!
him success in his new enterprise.
Old "Kx" Wise, not content with ma
ing a fine crop, still continues to run 1
portable steam gin.
Dr. E. P. Strother thinks ho will ma
more cotton oil of a ouo-horbo farm tl
year than any man in tho County. 1
has promised to give mo tho result, whi
I hope to send for publication.
1 havo in my mind ut this writing
young farmer, of Norris township, w
is destined to outstrip "Phaon's" Batt
burg Forman;
By the limo this appears lu print, Mi
Sallie J. Loman and her sou and dang
tor, will have left us for Arkansas, th<
future home. Edgeficld County nev
sont out throe nobler young mon th:
Wood, James and Ed., and no one wis
es them more success than this scribe.
Rsv. J. Walter Dickson is holding
series of meetings in the Melhndi
church at Leesville, lt is hoped th
much good will be accomplished.
Sunday being the first anniversary
the Woman's M. Society of the Late
burg Baptist church, by way of enccu
agement the Pastor, Rev. J. K. Pac
preached a missionary sermon, fro:
John, 3:30. Iiis remarks were chas
and eloquent. He took the ground th
it was the Church's duty tosend the go
pel to the heathen.
Editor McLeuna was in town on Sa
nrduy. Ho resembles a bloated boni
I regret to hear of the serious Hine
of Emsloy McCarty, of Rinehart towi
An effort is being made to havo
Southern Telegraph oflico established i
this placo. "Competition is tho lifo I
trade," and telegraphy as well.
Owing to ?ho dry weather cotton
opening rapidly, and it is a di Hi cu lt ma
ter for i onio ol'our farmers io keep u
with it.
The many friends of Charlie Kerni
ghan, in this place, regret to hear of h
serions illness M Johnston.
Capt. and Mrs. .I'tunes B- GUOSM un
c?iid, of Graham's, ar? in town vi.-J ti d'
relativos. Mrs. Guess is a daughter c
our fellow citizen, J. A. Mitchell.
Batesburg had a drummor tax for on
month, li woe repealed at the Inst ni?e
ing of Council on account of its unpopt
lari ty. _
The Shooting Affray Between Edit
?r Murray and Stale Seuator
From the Anderson Intelligencer,
As Mr. Murray appeared on tin
square, Major Mooro left bia office
which is situated on the southwest
corner ol' the square, ami started ir
a brisk pace across the pquaro to wai c
Mr. Murray, who had reached abc'J
midway ol' M lin street where it in
tersects the square. Mr. Murray saw
him and baited. Major Moore ad
vanced with a large si irk in one hanc
and a piste; in the ollie.-. When h<
had reached a distance of Rome twenty
five or thirty steps from Mr. Murray,
Chief of Police F.mt advanced witt
the intention of arresting him, but
as Mr. Murray had presented hie
pistol,) he did not make the effort,
Major Moore at the name time lev
elled his pistol on Mr. Murray and
snapped it. After snapping his pistol,
Maj Mooro raised it again and fired.
Mr. Murray returned the fire, which
waa followed by another shot from
Maj. Moore, who held his fire and
bore to hia right. Mr. Murray fired
in rapid succession, stepping back a
step or two at each shot until his laat
one, when he ran a few atepa towards
Maj. Moore and fired. Mr. Murray
then snapped his pistol, and having ex
hausted his pistol, started towards bia
office, and just aa he had passed the
entrance to Messrs. Simpson, Reid &
Co's, drug store, Maj. Moore fired at
him again, exhausting his pistol. Mej.
Moore was then arrested, Policeman
McKinney at the same time told Mr.
Murray to consider himself under ar
rest, and demanded bia pistol, which
he gave op. Mr. Murray waa not
struck by any of the bullets. Msjor
Moore received a alight wound in the
right thigh.
Major Moore used a 38 calibre
Smith & Wesson improved pistol.
Mr. Murray used a 32 calibre self act
ing Smith & Wesson pistol, with the
action of which he was not familiar,
as he had never before fired one.
We have endeavored to give aa
correct a version of the affair aa possi
ble, and with that end in view have
secured our information as to the
combat from Chief of Police Pant,
who waa an eye witness of the whole
sfi'iay. The above otaiemeut is as he
gave it to us.
The result of the late muaicipal
election in Greenville is as follows :
Mayor-Dr. E. F. S. Rowley. For
Aldermen-Dr. C. C. Jones, W. J.
Smith, W. A. Barton, Alex. Finlay,
A. B. Byrd, J. M. Harria.
The following " wet" council has
been elected in Kingstree by a large
majority over a "dry" ticket: In
tendant, J. M. Hirsch ; WardenB, G.
P. Nelson, Louis Donath aud Henry
The Mason cotton picker and gin
haa lately been teated at Sumter,
where the workshops of the company
are located, and pronounced a perfect
and practical euccess. The application
of the principle used in last year's
machine bas been entirely changed
with the moat complete and satisfac
tory results.
Subscribe to the ADVERTISES.
1106 & 1108 BROAD STREET,
(Near Upper Market,)
Announces ??M?H
25,000 Yards G rangeville Homespun, 3 3-4c.
16,000 M Fine Sea Island, 5c.
16 " Fruit of thc Loom Bleaching for $1.00.
Calicoes from 3c. per yard up.
700 Fine Black Jersey Waists at 75c, worth $2.
3,000 Pairs Good Ladies' Hose at 5c, worth 15c.
20,000 Yards Good Pants Cloth at 15c, worth 25c.
750 L?dier' a Walking Jackets at $1.50 worth $3.25.
800 Children's Havelocks at $1.25, worth $2.75.
2,500 Fine Gents' Undershirts at 25c, worth 50c
25,000 Yards Good Worsted Dress Goods at 5c, worth 10c
1,700 u Guideau's Fine Cashmere at 35c, worth 60c
1,400 Large Towels at 5c, worth 12 l-2c
1,200 Yards Fme Medicated Red Flannel at 25c, worth 40c
1,400 Gents' Fine. White Shirts at 50c, worth 75c.
700 Large White Spreads aT75c, worth $1.25.
100 Pieces Double-width Col. Cashmeres at 20c, worth 40.
92 Pieces 42-inch Black Cashmere at 25c, worth 50c.
65 " 42 11 u " " 45c, " 85c. [
720 All Wool Newmarkets at $3 50, worth $7.50.
900 Good Corsets at 25c, worth 05c. ?
, i . ? - .-?i
Thousands of Other Specialties in Our Dry Goods
Department that Space and Want of Time Do
Not Permit Us to Enumerate.
Jn Our Shoe Department will be
Found all the Best and Most
Reliable Makes of
From the Principal Manu fae turers.
700 prs. Gents7 Shoes at 75c, worth $1.35.
800 " Ladies' Kid Button Shoes
at 75e., worth $1.25.;
800 " Children's Shoes at 25c, worth 50.
700 " Good Boots at $2.00 worth $3.5?J
Call and Examine Our Goods and Be
Convinced that WE are the
mm o? LOW
1106 & 1108 BROAD ST., AUGUSTA, GA.
IHF OPi Ji m
I At Lower Prices than at any other IIOUHP Ihh sid? of Cincinnati. Thia
Work is all marte to order, are Lighter Running and Better Finished than
she class of work generally Hold aa Standard Vehicles. But I havo juat re
ceived a Full Line of Fine
Family Carriages, Phaetons & Cabriolets!
Just received another shipment of those Fine OPENAND TOP BUG
SIES, made upon special orders, by the best manufacturers North and East.
Nothing being used in the construction ol these vehicles but the best, mate
rials, and in Quality, Style and Finish, nre nm quailed by any others now in
Lbe market. In stock a full line of
Which I will offer at LOWER PRICES than have ever before been known
in (be history of the business. Milburn, Studebaker and Standard Planta
tion Wagons, all sizes. Oak and Hemlock Sole Leather, Calf Skins, Shoe
Findings, Carriage and Wagon Materials, Harness Leather, Belt Lacing of
superior quality, Rubber and Leather Belting. Also a full line of
^Shells, Powder, Shot, Table and Pocket Cutlery, Plow Points for all
lakes, Nails, Axes, Hoes, Picks and Mattocks, Pitch Forks, Shovels, Spades,.
Steelyards and Scale Beam", Grind Stones, Rikes, Paddocks, Carpenter
Tools, Files, Hinger, Window Sash, Doors and Blinds, Farm and Church
B-dis, which I am offering at LOWEST CASH PRICES.,
Oopnsite Goorgia Railroad Rank, ? . , ?,
704 Broad Wt., Augusta, Qa. J Successor to n. II. May ?fe Co.
September 16, 1885.
547, 549 and 551 Broad St., Augusta, Ga.,
Continues to show a full stock of goods in this line at bottom prices. I
follow no self-styled leaders, bus still continue MY OLD ESTABLISHED METE
op OF FAIR, SQUARE DEALING, which my many OLD custome-s know, and
new ones will readily appreciate upon trial.
Undertaking 1
A Full Stock of COFFINS, CASES and CASKETS, from the CHEAP
EST to the FINEST. Telegraph orderB from responsible parties, giving
size and price, promptly filled.
j?- SATISFACTION GUARANTEED."?! [Sept. 1G, 1883-4iiul
Wiiol? Mult and Iii (nil Denier in
Stationery, Blank Books,
SrhooB Books a Specially.
Charge for handling Cotton reduced to 50c. per bale commissions; 25c.
per bale storage.
Liberal CASH ADVANCES mad? on Cotton in Store.
t&~ PERSONAL ATTENTION giv.m to Weighing and Sailing.
Office and Warehouse, 90? Reinold* Stf., Augusta, (2a.
Sept. 15, 1885-2m
(Formerly of Staples & Reab.)
No. 2, Warren Block, Augusta, Ga.,
All Provisions and Fancy Family Groceries,
Also, TOBACCO and CIGARS of all Grades.
Do not forget to come and soo us.
Aug. 18, 1RS5.-Sra37
W11LESS ft
el warranted' in promising satisfaction to those who may favor us with
eir patronage. SPECIAL ATTENTION given to WEIGHING and
WSFConsignments solicited. [Aug. 18, 1885.
And AU Who Use Them Say So.
$rin Feeder and Condense?.
f All fully Guaranteed to give Entire Sat
t&rSend for Circulan, vdtk Prices and Terms.
Augusta, Ga.
(-apt. E. E. JEFFERSON is our A?cnt at John
We have on hand a few Second-Hand
Gins, in good order, for sale low.
August 4, 1885-3518
The rush continues lo bc tremendous
for the last of our Ladies7, Gents' and
Children's Low-Quartered SUMMER
SHOES, but for the next two weeks we
will offer the remainder of these goods at
a tromondotis sacrifice to make room for
the Largest Stock of Fall Goods that has
ever been brought to the Southern market
I . ' * J \. 119V
Can Save
. Big Prices will not do in these times,
when even thc wealthy cannot afford to
waste their money ; and thc poor require
double duty of every dollar and every
69c. Worth ?! 25.
Ladies' India Kid Button at 09c;
worth $1 25 in any h?r?e
in the South;
75c Worth $1 25,
Ladies' Grain Button Boots at 75c;
worth $1 25. This uhoe is un
doubtedly a great bargain.
65c. .Worth 81 00.
Ladies' Kid Polish Boota at 65c;
worth $1 00. This is a great
catch, and you should see them.
$1 00 Wor??a ?2 00.
Ladies' Kid Button Bools, worked
button hole, box toe, nt $1 00;
' worth $2 00. Less than
manufacturers' cost.
$1 50 tvorlh $2 50.
Ladies' Curacoa Klid Button Bool,
worked button hole, box toe, at
$1 50 ; worth $2 50. Every
pair warran! id.
49c worth $1 25.
Ladies' Kid Opera Slippers at 49o ;
worth $1 25. This is the great
ont bargain in the house.
8c worth 55c,
Ladies' Toilet Slippers at 9c; worth
2Go. This ia ?ot half the cost.
75c worth $1 60.
Men's Calf Tic?. We do not propose
to continue these prices long.
SS 25.
Men's Calf Strr.p Ties sewed, at $125.
This shoe is strictly first class
in every respect.
Only 75c,
Gents' A Calf Congress Standard
Scr?w at 75c. Never sold before
fer less than Si.25.
SI 00.
Gents' B Calf. Congress at $1.00;
worth $1 75. There are only a
few of them left.
We will sell you a Straw II.it worth 50c for 15c Also sell you a 75c
Straw Hat for 25c. Something very Nobby worth $1.25 for 50c, and will
sell you our best Manilla H tte worth $3 00 for $1.75. ,
"83 A ftjrjffe'
Augusta, On., Aug. ll, lbS5.-50
Measure and Profil to al!.
Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Quadruple Plate
Silver Ware,
729 Broad St. (Op. Centrai Hotel) ACOSTA, GA.
Factory Completo for Repairing Watches, Clocks and Jewelry
Ortt. 13, 1884.-45
NOW ia the time whim avery or.e who
bas a Mill should be. tonkins liow
ho can make,tho most and the best Flour.
In ordor to do this, ho mus: have a good
Bolting Cloth. You can got that by trail
ing or sending to
Miller's Corner, AuoitsUi, Ga,
July 1, 1885.-30
An infallible and ?ibso
Juto specific for all dis
tressing disensos peculiar
to tho female s^x. Atri
al moans a cure.
Ladies Bullering from
troubles poculir.r to their
sex, no matter what kind,
can find relief iud euro
in a bottle nf Mr* ?field's
Female Regulator.
Send for our book containing valuable
information for women. It will .bo mail
ed freo to applicants.
Box 28, Atlanta, Oa.
Sold bv ali druggists.
ni ? iiiiit
(Formerly thc Control House,) I
This Houso has beon purchased ami
thoroughly renovated and enlarged by
the undersigned. It is situntod within
two miuutes' walk of business centro of
e.ity, delightfully cool and free from
noise and dust.
Hot and Cold Baths ! And all othor
conveniences necessary for homo com
Rates :-$1.50 to ?2.00 per day.
July 22. 1885._Proprietor.
at homo without pain, BOOK
of.piu'tlculftrs Meut run:
,B. lil. WOOLLEY, M. D., Atl?nU,0*.
State of South Carolina,
Iii Common Picas.
David W. Prtdtiott, ot ul., Piaiutifid, vs.
Mary A. Padgett, ot al , Defendants.
ALL pnrsona having any claims
against the real ?state ut (ho lato
Wm. Padgett, ordered to tx? sold by rue,
will please prosont them to mo beforo
the rirst day of October, 1885, or bo barred
aiij' benefit of proceeds of said sale.
S. s. TOMPKINS, Master.
A np. 27, I8S5.
Executor's Sale.
YTNDER ami by virtue of tho Will of
S. W. Nicholson, dee'd., I will pro
eeod to soil nt publie ontcry, t<> the high
ost bi.Mer, for cash, all tho Personal
Properly or" the lato Khom?e) W. Nich
olson, (locoHse*.:., consisting of Horses,
Mules, Hopi, Cn'.'ie, Wagons, Puggier,
Carriugo, Harness, Plow Goar, Farming
Implements, Wheat, Corn, Oats, and
other Porsor.nl property, at tho rosidenco
of the latoShemuel W. Nicholson, dee'd.,
on Wednesday, tho 7th day of October,
A. D. 1885. Sale to begin at 10 o'clock,
Ex'or. Est. S. W. Nicholson, dee'd.
Sopt. 2, 188r>.-?toi>
mm mm?
Chill A Fever
Ono Bottle Guaranteed to Cure
One Case. It Never Fails.
. "i
O. 1.. PENN ot SON aro authorized to
refund tho money in evory case vrhoro it
I arpo bottlrs-?0 to 40 doses-price 81.
Try it in your homes and on the planta
Sohl only by G. L. PENN & SON, at
ES KA S.S. & CO.,
Druggists and Manufacturers.,
Aug. 18, .&->.] AUGUSTA, GA.
Trespass Notice.
ALL persons aro hereby warned, un
der fullest penalty of the law in
such ease niadoand provided, from hnnt
.itiK, fishing, crossing, euttinp;, or in any
other way trespassing upon tho lands of
the Cedar Side plantation, or " old
Moss place," three milos west of Ed^e
iiold Court House.
G. S. BUTLE R, Ag't.
Sept. 1G, 1885.-3t41.

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