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Edenfield Advertiser
THURSDAY, JAN. 4,1894.
The United States Postal Note
is to be abolished.
The bankruptcy bill has been
defeated in Congress. _
By a recent fire Manning lost
$75,000 worth of property.
A most destructive fire occurred
in "Winnsboro on Dec. 22.
South Carolina has the largest
* militia cavalry of any State in the
It takes nearly two-thirds of the
cotton crop of the United States to
pay pensions north of the Ohio
The salary reduction bill which
passed both houser of the Legisla
ture will make a net saving to the
State of about $45,000 per annum.
After being in session twenty
six days and passing about two
hundred and eighty act.?, the
Legislature adjourned sine die at
11.30 o'clock Saturday morning
December 23th.
Eighteen and ninety-three has
gone, and we hope she'll never
come back. She was the worst of
the series. War, pestilence, and
famine-she was all combined and
then the tale isn't half told.
The State Dispensary employees
on Monday, Dec. 18th, worked all
that day and until late at night,
breaking the bottling record. In
that time they had put up 24,544
bottles of whiskey, equal to 2,200
The ?Legislature has coupled
with the appropriation for the
support of the South Carolina
College a provision that at the
next session young ladies be
allowed to enter not lower than the
junior class._
And now the Port Royal Post
rises and remarks that the turnips
and other seeds, contributed by
the generous Congress of these
United States for the relief of the
Sea Island cyclone sufferers, are
no good, they did not even ?prout.
It is said that ex-Mayor Samuel
A. Townes, of Greenville, is cer
tainly to be appointed internal
revenue colicocor for the State of
South Carolina. The Greenville
The new form of postoffice money
order which will soon be distrib
uted to the postoffices throughout
the country will have the namo of
the payee in the order, thus mak
ing them negotiable like a bank
check, and of course no letter of
advice will be necessary.
It is apprehended that crashes
in business are to be general
throughout this country during
this month, January. The finan
cial stringency is great. Many of
last years accounts remain unpaid,
and the banks will have to carry
over a great many accounts until
next fall.
A concurrent resolution passed
both branches of the Legislature
of this State, which has just ad
journed, asking Congress to pro
vide for the coinage of silver as
well as of gold. There is no ob
jection to this concurrent resolu
tion, but it is like casting pearls
before swine.
The United States has stationed
a revenue officer at the dispensary
in Columbia at the suggestion or
request of Dispenser Traxler. The
officer when he first got on the
ground examined everything about
the State bottling works and was
very much gratified, so those in
charge of the insitution say, with
the system and neatness with
which the business is conducted.
In consequence of the resigna
tion of the office of Lieutenant
Governor by Hon. Eugene B.
Gary, who was commissioned as
Associate Justice of the Supreme
Court from July 29,1864, Senator
W. H. TimmermaD, of Edgefield
who has been president pro tempore
of the Senate, becomes Lieutenant
Governor of the State and has
taken the oath of office as such
before U. R. Brooks Esq., of the
Secretary of State's office.
The Baptist Courier says :
"Christians should labor for
something higher and better,
while, of course, they look upon
the dispensary as a less evil than
the bar-rooms that havo passed
"That have passed aicay." These
four last words of our contem
porary convey a tribute to the dis
pensary law that he wots not of,
else he would be an ardent ad
mirer of that law instead of
damning it with faint praise.
Thus far the winter has been
phenomenal in its mildness.
A number of fires, causing great
loss of property, occurred at Bir
mingham, Ala., during the holi
Prendergast, the murderer of
Mayor Harrison, of Chicago, has
been convicted and condemned to
be hanged.
A compan}' of British soldiers,
under Capt. Wilson, have been
massacred by the Matabeles in
South America.
December 29 was Gladstone's
eighty-fourth birthday. His is
truly the most remarkable figure
of this wonderful nineteenth cen
The body of Miss Yeargin, who
was drowned in Cayuga lake sev
eral weeks ago, was washed ashore
Christmas night. It was forwarded
to her parents at Laurens.
The revolution in Brazil con
tinues. Rio Janeiro is being vio
lently bombarded and a number
of persons have been killed by the
bombs. All the shops in the city
are closed, the people are panic
1 stricken, and to add to the horror
yellow fevor in the worst form has
broken out. The United States has
several vessels in the harbor to
? protect our interests in Rio.
The trade review of Dun & Co.,
of New York, for the year now
closing, states that 1S93 has proved
in sudden shrinkage of trade, in
commercial disasters and depres
sion of indusiries, the worst for
fifty years. The year closes with
prices of many products the low
i est ever known, and with millions
of workers locking in vain foi
work. Let us hope that 1894 will
bring a brighter record and more
prosperous times.
Under the new dispensary law
a citizen can buy out of the State
and bring into the State and carry
to his home as much as one gallon
of liquor without violation of the
law. He can also keep in his house
for his own use as much as five
gallons without violation of the
law. The State board of coi.troi
! has also the power under the law
now, to reduce the price of liquor
where brought by the gallon or in
larger quantities than a gallon.
Ail these are excellent features
and an improvement on the- o d
law of last year and add to instead
of taking from the liberty of the
i citizen.
T?is is War.
Charleston Sun.
A white maa has been whipped
by a mob of twenty negroes in
Spantanburg county for the
offence of being a State constable
appointed to assist in executing
what the Legislatvre and some of
the courts of Stale have declared
to be lr.w.
While going home, says the
dispatch, "he was attacked by a
crowd of negroes and severely
whipped to excess along the rail
road, a distance of several squares.
Pieces of rubber hose were used to
do the whipping with. Davis was
made to take off his hat and ad
dress these negroes as gentlemen
and also to swear that h6 would quit
Tillman's service and go home."
And some of the extreme auti
Tillman organs are so lost to all
sense of the public good and pub
lic safety aa apparently to applaud
this deed. There is where they go
beyond Governor Tillman in his
worst folly! There is where by
comparison the odious dispensary
law becomos a gospel of truth and
A law officer whipped in a
public place by a ner?ro mob for
performing his duty, white men
stood by aiding and abetting the
deed by their presence? The anti
Tillman party will not recover
from the effect of that one blow
for many a long day.
No, men and brethren ; this is
not child's piny. It is a race
issue with all the rights of law and
justice on the side of the white
men as against the negro des
peradoes and their white
sympathizers. Now the natural,
tendency of the dispensary law to
be unpopular has been more than
offset by the stirring up of a pre
judice beside which it sinks into
Were it not so 'disgusting it
would be amusing to watch the
scramble of 'Conservatives" for
Federal offices. In and out of
season they charge Reformera
witb office-seeking and {condemn
them for it, but for every office
that Grover Cleveland has to give
he finds a host of "Conservative''
applicants. They vie with each
otherin lauding Cleveland to tho
skies, seeming to think that the
most skillful flatterers will stand
the best chance of getting the
office; that the way to bis heart i ?
through his vanity. Doubtless they
have not studied him in vain. They
are meeting with fine success in
securing offices, though of course
there are not enough to go around.
-Prosperity Reporter,
Thc Liberty of Thc People
Columbia Register.
The newspaper reporters flocked
to the Executive Mansion last
night to interview Governor. Till
on the decision of the United
States Supreme Cou.it in the
Swan case. He was not in the
least excited, but said, in auswer
to a multitude of inquiries:
"Prejudice don't even stop at
Washington. Before I say any
thing I want to seo what, possible
excuse they can have for such a
stretch of judicial authority."
Tho Governor was then asked
for an expresoion on the simple
fact that the decision was against
the State. He answerer!, and there
was something af a prediction in
what he had to say :
"Well, I can say that it only in
tensifies the demand that must
arise for the curtailment of the
powers of tho Federal Court, or we
will have no liberty at all. It
further shows that the Federal
Supreme Court is not above
partisan decisions when aimed at
the Reform movement. If we can
not arrest contraband liquor in tho
hands ef a receiver we cannot ar
rest a murderer on a train run by
a receiver, for tho State law is
paralyzed by every such decisson
as this. Swan had disobeyed no
order of the court. He was simply
guilty of a trespass. I imagine
my message had more to do with
it than the law. I can stand it,
This was all the Governor would
Bay, bat it was brief aud breezy,
thorough iv characteristic of tho
man why is fignting what he be
lieves is tho infringement of
States' rights by the Federal
This decision of the courts will
put Swan in jail to serve tho senten
ce passed upon him by Judge
Carpenter i ir Jail.
William Carpenter, who about
four years ago was convicted of thc
murder of Preston Yonco, and es
caped from the Edgefield jail
a short while before he was to
have been executed, gives the
following account of his wandering
aud doings since said escape, as
taken from an interview with him
published in the Augusta Chronicle
of Dec. 22ud last:
"It was in June, four years ago,
when Preston Yonce was killed.
I don't remember now just how it
was, but any way George Murreli,
the road near Edgefield when we
met Yonce [and had some words.
Yonce shot at ^us first and I re
turned the fire. We did not know
that'he was hurt badly, so the
next day, which was Sunday, I
got Murre] to go down to Yonce's
house to see how he was. When
he got there he was arrested, Yonce
had died. Then they arrested me
and we were put in jail. We were
tried and found guilty of murder
and sentenced to hang in the fol
lowing Jauuary. In December we
managed through the aid of
friends to get some tools in the
jail and we bored out from the
cell to a room below, and from
there found it easy to get away.
Murrell was c ught a little while
after, but I managed to get away
from the officers, For two months
I did not sleep in a house but
lived in the swamps near Edgefield.
My food was brought to me by
friends. Afrer thia I came to J
Augusta, walked up the Georgia
Raihoad and got on the train at
Harlem. From there I went to
Atlanta and then to Fayette
County. I worked on a farm near
Fayette ville for ?two years under
the name of Henry Dixon.
"Leaving Fayette County I went
to Dodge County and got a job as
a convict guard at the camps near
Amoskeag. This place I held for
two years up to six weeks ago.
"One day I went to Eastman
and there got in a fight with a
negro named Geo, Walker and after
being shot by him I killed him.
That night I went back to the
convict camp to get my wounds
dressed and was arrested and sent
to jail in Macon on the charge of
murder, I don't know how the
people in Edgefield knew where I
was, and thc first thing I knew of
it was when Mr. Hardy came for
to-day. We left then to-day and
got here tc--.light."
prompt answer and an honest opinion, wrlto to
Kl URN ?fc CO.. who have had nearly fifty years'
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tion? strictly confidential. A Handbook of In
formation conrerniui; Potents and bow to ob
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Patents taken throngs Munn Sc Co receive
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out cost to tat inventor. This splendid paper,
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world. S3 a year. Sample copies sent free.
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tiful plates, in colors, and photograph)) of new
houses, with plane, enablm? builders to show thu
latest desienp and secure contracts. Address
Subscribe fr? tho Edgefield .AD
Buming For Centurion.
Here is an instance of a fire that Las
been burning for rentares. According
to the testimony of the Duchess of Cleve
land, thc great hearth fire in the hall of
Raby castle has never been suffered to
expire. This castle is perhaps the no
blest and must perfect specimen of feu
dal architecture in England. It was in
the large bar quoting hall of this famous
mansion that ages ago 700 knights are
said to have paid suit and service to the
earls of "Westmoreland, one of the many
titles borne hy the princely family of
the Nevilles.-London Tit-Bits.
Kindly Old Gentleman-Do you know
what happens to little boys who run out
in the rain?
Little Boy-Yessir. Sometimes they
get cold, sometimes they get a spanking,
?ind (triumphantly) sointih^es I've got
both.-Harper's Bazar.
Tho Curious ?>Ian.
The curious man is a queer individual.
He it is who looks into guns that are not
loaded and not only finds a load, hut
has it inserted in hi3 head. He also
looks down elevator shafts, and the ele
vator approaches him from above while
he is looking. He wauts to know the
why and wherefore of everything.
Such a man became involved in a
brisk poker game once in a western min
ing town. Curious men aro not good
poker players, as they always want to
see another man's hand. This particular
curious man was an exception to the
rule. He spent much money in the pur
suit of knowledge in the.game in ques
tion, and then he grew curious as to the
origin of the phenomenal hands held hy
a swarthy part}1 the fingers and thumb
of whoso right hand had been removed,
leaving him only a slump. But he had
a very clever left, and with this he shuf
fled and incidentally left aces and kings
all over his person. At last tho curious
man caught him at it and boldly accused
him of cheating. With a vicious oath
the fellow kicked hack his chair and
reached toward his hip pocket with his
right hand stump.
"Hold on, there," cried the curious
man, always anxious for more knowl
edge. "How are yon going to pull the
trigger?'-Chicago Post.
Improving on x.iiurc.
One of the cases in which the work of
mau is superior to that cf nature is in
the material now being employed hy tho
builders of the walls of the elaborate
batteries at Tori land headlight. This
is a combination of stone, broken fine by
the steam crusher, and cement. The
compound is blocked out in molds, and
the slabs thus formed, 3 feet in length
by 1 in width, are laid ia the willis II^G
bricks. This is expected to withstand
any shot, and by actual tests is immeas
urably superior for this purpose to tho
natural stone.
Every sion? (nature's) fort throughout
the country has been condemm il. It is
proposed to erect besides a battery of
heavy guns at White Head, Cushiug'sis
land, ti mortar battery of 16 pi xes at tho
southerly point of tho island. It will
have tho new breech loading mortars,
which have great accuracy as well as re
markable range. It is evident that the
government regards this harbor as one of
tho most important-a groat strategic
point-and as such to be strongly forti
fied.-Bangor Commercial.
Twenty-five Cent Naps.
It was on the 2 o'clock up town ele
vated train outhoCixth avenue road yes
terday m'-.ming. A fat, drowsy man
stubbled into the car. He beckoned to
? ?ne guard and handed him a quarter.
"Seventy-second street," he said.
"Right," said the guard.
When the train reached Seventy-sec
ond street, the guard woke the fat t?j'ft?,
CBX1U VUV UIVO.I i ipr* - m -- ,., / ?
"Do you get many such patrons?" \. v
asked the guard.
"Oh, yes," was the reply. "So:uo
nights I make as much as $2. Other
nights I fall as low as a quarter. But I
have regular customers, so I can count
on, about $1 that comes to mo on account
of the drowsiness of mankind."-New
York Sun.
Leathery Winged Bats.
Most curious in origin of all nocturnal
insect hunters are the leathery winged
bats, which may bo regarded, practi
cally speaking, as very tiny monkeys,
highly specialized for the task of catch
ing nocturnal flics and midges. Few
people know how nearly they are re
lated to us. They belong to the self
same division of the higher mammals as
man and the apes. Their skeleton an
swers to ours, bone for bono and joint
for joint, in an extraordinary manner.
Only the unessential fact that they have
very long fingers with a web between as
an organ of flight prevents us from in
stantly and instinctively recognizing
them as remote cousins, once removed
from the gorilla.-Cornhill Magazine.
A Wronj; Start.
Toddles-Papa, which are the bestest,
ladies or men?
Papa-Ladies, my dear,
Toddles-Then don't you fink yon an
olaina ought to be patienter wif us boys
cause we got a wrong start-don't yon
iee?-New York Recorder.
That Charming Story Tellei
Has written one of thc
most thrilling novels
known to American fic
tion. It is called
A Transferred
It will soon be published
in serial form
A Great Naval Battle.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 1.-All of
the Brazilian navy in this country
and England has arrived at ports
in Brazil. Minister Mendouca to
day received official notification of
the arrival of the America at
Peruambuco,and was also informed
that the torpedo boat Destroyer
will sail from [Martinique on the
od, arrriving at its destination
about the 15th. It is expected that
by the middle of the present month
ten torpedo boats, five gun boats
and two cruisers will be in position
to act in concert along the coast of
ot Brazil. Twelve of these seven
teerTboats are now in position and
when the other five arrive it is
expected that a naval battle will
take place, precipitated by the
government vessels.
Mules and Horses.
'THVO car loads to arrive on YVednes
1 nesday, Jan. 10. Good farm ani
mals. Satisfaction guaranteed.
?. L. STEVENS, Salesman.
Position to Teach.
AYOUNG LADY competent to
teach English, desires a position to
teach in family or small school. Ad
dress ADVERTISER office
Master's Sale.
Court Common Pleas.
M. A. REAMS, et al.
PURSUANT to the decree in this
cause, I will offer for sale at pub
lic outcry before the court-house, town
of Edgetield. and State of South Caro
lina, on the first Monday in February,
1S94, (being the 5th day of said month)
between tho legal hours of sale, the
following described realty, to wit :
'.iract No. 1. All that tract ol''land
.lying, situate, and being in Edgetield
county and State ol' South Carolina,
containing one hundred and seventeen
(117) acres, more or less, known as the
"Homestead tract" bounded on the
north by what was formerly known as
Hie David W. Holloway land; east, by
laud of William Mays; south, by lands
of Lewis Culbreath.
Tract No. 2. All that tract of land
lying, situate, and being it" Edgelield
count y and State of Soul h Carolina,
containing; one hundred (100) acres,
more or less, known as the "Dobbins
tract," bounded on the north by lands
of J. Reams, J. Mobley, and Ellen
Stevens; east, by lands of Preston
Bul 1er,and'west, hy the Nancy Moore
Terms of Sale: One-third cash, ami
the balance ona credit of one and two
years, with interest on the credit por
tion from tlic day of sale.' Purchaser
to give bond and a mortgage of the
premises to secure the'credit portion,
or all cash at the purchaser's option.
Purchaser to pay for papers.
Master E. C.
Master's Sale.
Court Common [Pleas.
MOSBY, partners in trade un
der the firm name and style of
ALSOP, MOSB ir it Co., Plaintiffs,
B. S. JONES, ?.t al, Defendant.
PURSUANT to the judgment of
foreclosure in this cause, 1 will
oller for sale at public outcry before
the court-house, town of Edgefield and
Stateof South Carolina,on salesdayin
Febfuary, 1S!)4, (being the 5th day of
said month) between the legal hours
of sale the following described prop
erty, to wit :
All that certain piece or parcel of
land situate, lying, and being in Edge
field county and State of South Caro
lina, containing one hundred and
forty-seven (1-17) acres, more or less,
and bounded by land of a. P. Street,
Payton Herrin, T. B. Crooker. E. Gar
rett, Mrs. P. Ables, and R. P. Jones.
Terms of Sale: One-half cash, and
the balance on a credit of one year,
with interest on the credit portion
from the day of sale. Purchaser to
give bond and a mortgage of the prem
ises to secure the credit portion or all
cash at the purchaser's option.
Purchaser to pay for papers.
Master E. C.
r'A'"f%?", W. Smith, Prln. Commercial Collego
of Ky. University, Lexington, Ky., was awarded
T-'or System nf Itook-kecplnc and General
?ii-i??H-i* r:<lnmtlon, eic. Coat to complete
lousiness CuurxeaboutSiX). Including tuition,books
and board. Phonography. Typo Writing and
Telegraphy taught. For circulars, address,
W. K. sn ITU, PrcHltlcnt, Lexington, Ky.
The j
Wage i
is, without doubt, the greatest I
benificiary of life insurance. It
affords him an absolutely safe
means of investing his savings
and a guarantee that those de
pending on his earning:-, will. -
be amply provided for at his
demise. Under the Tomine
policy of the
Equitable Life
he is abo provided with a safe- /
gu ard against misfortune besides j
receiving a much larger amount I
of insurance for the same amount
of premiums paid in. It is bet'
ter than the savings bank, better
than the building association,
better than government bonds.
Better for the wage earner, oi for
anyone, than any other method
ever originated. For facts and
figures, address
W. J. RODDEY, Manager,
For the Carolinas, Rock Hill, S. C.
Master' s Sale.
Court Common Pleas.
J. G. TOMPKINS, et al.,
S. S. and J. W. TOMPKINS, as
Executors, et al.
PURSUANT to the decrees in this
cause, I will offer for sale at public
outcry before the court-bouse, town of
Edgefield and State of South Carolina,
on the first Monday in February, 1S94,
(being the 5th day of said month) be
tween the legal hours of sale, the fol
lowing described realty,to wit:
All that tract of land belonging to
the estate of James Tompkins, de
ceased, known as the "Homestead
tract," containing ten hundred and
fifty-six (105G) a cres, more or less,
situate, lying, and being in the County
of Edgefield and State of South Caro
lina, and adjoining lands of C. L. Blair,
estate of Drury Morgan, Joseph
Prince, Richard Parks, and others.
Terms of Sale: One-half cash, and
the balance on a credit of one year,
with interest on the credit portion
from the day of sale. Purchaser to give
bond and a mortgage of the premises
to secure the credit portion. Terms
of sale must be complied with or the
land will be resold in one hour there
after, at the risk of the former pur
chaser. No bids for less than thirty
two hundred and fifty ($3250) dollars
will be received, and if no more is bid
the land will be withdrawn.
Purchaser to pay for papers.
Master E. C.
Master's Sale.
Court Common Pleas.
PURSUANT to the judgment of
foreclosure in this cause, I will
offer for sale at public outcry before
the court-house, town of Edgefield and
State of South Carolina, on the 1st
Monday in February, 1S94, (being the
5th day ol' said month) between the
legal hours of sale, the following de
scribed mortgaged premises, to wit:
A tract of land, containing about
one hundred and fifty (150) acres, more
or less, bonnded on the north by lands
of J.H. Strom; east, by lands of W.
H. Mayson: south, by lands of Caro
line E. Adams; west, by lands of Sarah
Cheatham, known as the Rocky Creek
place, being the one seventh (1-7) share
ul' the estate of Geo. C. Mayson, pass
ing under this will dated April, 1S47,
to H. B. Mayson.
Terms of Sale: One-half cash, and
the balance on a credit of one year,
with inlereston the credit portion from
day of salo. Purchaser to give bond
anda mortgage of the premises to se
cure the credit portion.
Purchaser to pay for papers.
Master E. C.
Master's Sale.
Court Common Pleas.
JOHN E. HARTER, et al.,
E. L R. GRADDICK, as Executor
of the last AV iii ana lestameinr
of S. P. Street, et al.
PURSUANT to the decree in this
cause, I will offer for sale at public
outcry before the court-house, town of
Edgefield and State of South Carolina,
on the first Monday in February, lSi)4,
(beingthe 5th day of said month), be
tween the legal hours of sale, the fol
lowing described realty, to wit:
Tract "A." All that tract of land ly
ing, situate, and being in Edgefield
county and State of South Carolina,
containing thirty-six and three-quar
ter (36^4) acres, more or less, and
bounded by lands of E. B. L.Graddick,
J. AV. O. liledsoe, Eliza Chatman.
Tract "B." All that tract of land
lying, situate, and being in Edgefield
county and State of South Carolina,
containing eight (S) acres, more or
less, bounded on the north and east by
lands of Oscar Bledsoe, and on the
south by Tract ''A."
Terms of Sale : Cash.
Purchaser to pay for papers.
Master E. C.
Master's Sale.
ELLEN RHODEN, Plaintiff,
MARY BERRY, et al., Defendant.
PURSUANT to the decree in this
cause, I will offer for sale at
public outcry, before the court
house, town of Edgefield, and State
of South Carolina, on the first
Monday in Ferbuary, 1894, (being
the 5th day of said month), be
tween the legal hours of sale, thp
following described realty, to wit:
All that tract of land in Edge
'fieldcount}', South Carolina, con
taining one hundred and twenty
(120) acres, moro or less, and ad
joining lands of James Hazel,
Wm. Barnes, and others, and
known as the John Permenter
place, whereon Mrs. Eliza Mobley
now resides.
Terms of Salo: Caph.
Purchaser to pay for'paper?.
Master E. C.
The LARGEST stock and BEST va
rieties of Trees, (?rapes. Roses, Shrubs,
(evergreens, Plants, etc., ever grown
in the Southern States.
We know the best yirieties adapted
to Hie South; and grow Hiern accord*
ingly. All trees, plants,etcM TESTED
before we send t hem out. Send f<r our
illustrated catalogue, mailed free.
Fm Uland Nurseries,
Augusta, Ga.
Oak or Walnut, 8 Day, 1-2 Hour Strike,
This Clock is handsomely
finished throughout, and is
guaranteed strictly ?rst-class
in every respect, and a good
timekeeper, k written guar
antee for 12 months goes with
eve-y Clock. Sent to any ad
dress on receipt of price. It
must be shipped by freight
or express, as it is 20 inches
high and 12 inches broad.
And don't forget, that I
have the finest line o?
Jewelry, Silverware,
Of every description in
this section.
SOLID SILVER WATCHES, Stem Wind and Set, from $5.00 up.
GOLD FILLED WATCHES, Stem Wind and Set, Warranted 15
years, from $8.50 up.
SOLID GOLD, according to weight and quality.
I seid the genuine and original 1847 ROGERS BROS. SILVER
Call and see me, or write for prices, or anything in my line.
At Durst cc Co.'s Store.
Successor to E. R. SCHNEIDER,
Fine Wines, Bra*, WMsMes, Gr, Porter ie Minera Waters
Tobacco, i gars, Etc.
All orders for Private or Medical use shall have my prompt and
careful attention.
Agent for Veuve-Clicquot Ponsardiu Urbana Wine Company, An
heuser-Busch Brewing Association.
601 and 802 Broad Street, AUGUSTA, GA.
Satisfied that I can please the public better tbra anyone else, I have re
sumed charge of my Restaurant, and will in the future run it myself as a
first-class Restaurant and Boarding House, and respectful^ solicit the patron
age ol' the public. I will also have for sale on every FRIDAY
Remember thc day for Fresh Fish and Oysters, every Friday."* I know that
I can please all who patronize me, and intend todo it.
-W; rr, HOFFMAN, ' E
Dry Goofls, Mois, Ciii, Boots, Sloes, Hats, Caps,
Hardware, Crockery, and Groceries.
Men's, Boys' Clo tiling.
Hares, Whips, Trace Mus, Sole and Harness Leatlier, Breech ana Muzzle Loading: G?BS.
It costs you nothing to put your teams in our yard, which is
filled with good stables.
gjer We have the best COTTON MARKET in the country.
Successors to Geo. R Sibley & Co.,
Cotton Factors.
845 & 847 Reynolds Street, AUGUSTA, GA.
Liberal Cash Advances Made on all Consignments.
Pratt ali Alista Gofa ?iis and Presses.
targfr-SioEB of. imw, Cljea eoiG oo9.
Machinery and Supplies. Repairs, etc., Quickly Made.
Get our Prices before you buy.
/. C. LEVY & CO.,
Have now in store their entire
The largest stock ever shown in Augusta. We aim to Qarry goods wbic.i are
not only intrinsically good, but which also, in pattern, style, and finish,
gratifj ? cultivated and discriminating taste, and at the same time, we aim to
make pur prices so low the closest buyers will be our steadiest, customers
Polite attention to all. A call will be appreciated.
I. C. LEVY 4 CO.,

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