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Edgefield Advertiser
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 27, 1895.
Mrs. Mary Durisoe.
Departed this Jife on Thursday
morning, February ?1st, after a short
illness, Mary Durisoe, wife of John
R. Durisoe. With our fi ail human
judgment, we would have deemed it
probable that many in our midst
would hare been called to pass through
the valley of the shadow of death be
fore Mrs. Durisoe, and that she would
have beeu left to minister to the heart
and soul needs of her husband and five
little children, who are left to the sor
rows and heartaches of this earthly
pilgrimage without the comforting
sympathies of their tender aud devoted
mother. She possessed indeed, "even
the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit,
which is in the sight of God of great
price." And was a devout Christian,
a member of the Baptist church of this
place. But it seemed that God in his
merciful providence had prepared her
children for this special dispensation,
in giving them remarkably strong
characters and matured intellects, en
abling them to understand that though
he has lead them mid scenes of deep
est gloom, it is still his hand that
guides them. Their many kind friends
will be a great comfort and consola
tion to them. May they also find a
balm for their wounded hearts, in the
beautiful Christian character of their
precious mother, who "though dead,
yet liveth," for after all, will they not
meet her again when they have cross
ed the river of life, and have entered
the pearly gates, where they shall
hunger no more, neither thrist any
more, neither shall the sun light on
them', nor any heat? For the Lamb
which is in the midst of them shall
feed them, and shall load them unto
living fountains of waters, and God
shall wipe all tears from their eyes."
"Oh think of the home over there
By the side of the river of light
Where the saints all immortal and fair
.irerobed in their garments of white.
Oh think ot the friends over there
Who before us the journey have trod,
Of the songs that they breathe on the
in their home in the Palace ol' God.
My Savior is now over the?-e,
There ray kindred and friends are at
Then away from my sorrow and care
Let me fly to the home ol' the blest."
Let us not uuduly grieve for those
"asleep in Jesus." "For what is YOUR
life? It is even a vapour, that ap
peareth a little time and then vanish
eth away."
"When the weary ones w?j love,
Enter on that rest above
When the words of love and cheer
Fa!l no longer on our ear,
Hush! bft every murmur dumb,
It is Only, TILL HE COME.
Clouds and darkness?round us press,
. Would we have one sorrow less?
All the sharpness of the cross,
All that tells the world is loss,
Death and darkness and the tomb,
Pain us only, TILL KB COME."
- Anr ^nifc.niil?jr?l^nn'irriir nn
Monday next.
The snow has left the ground full of
amonia rich, and our reward will be
in the harvest.
The Edgefield ADVERTISER and Cos
mopolitan both one year for $3.00.
A new post office has been estab
lished in the Kinard settlement near
Ninety-Six called Epworth.
Mr. H. G. Wright, of Cl in ton ward,
has moved to Augusta and engaged in
business in that city.
Two young mules and a milch cow,
for sale, cheap.
Several mules and horses were fro
zen to death in the county during the
cold weather. They must have been
thinly clad in adipose tissue.
Jim DeVore has a race colt that he
says "can run a mile in one minute
and 37 seconds being one-half a second
faster than any horse on the globe."
And now comes the report that the
peach trees were injured by the recent
cold and that in consequence there
may be few peaches.
Messrs.Schumpert and Bland, for
merly of :his county, have moved with
their families to Vidalia, Ga., and are
operating a saw mill on Mr. Blocker's
land near that town.
Mr. Hays has just received another
carload of MULES, fine ones, at the reg
ular old hard time figures. Take a
look at them before you purchase.
Mr. H. L. Fox has just received a
handsome line of ladies hairpins and
belt buckles etc., beautiful in design
and in erreat variety.
County Chairman Timnieiinan calls
a meeting of the county executive com
mittee for Monday the 4th day of
March, salesday. See notice elsewhere.
Hon. W. R. Parks, of Modoc, has re
moved to Parksville, occupying the old
Tompkins house in that town, which
has been repaired and rejuvenated for
that purpose.
The hog campaign of the News and
Courier has fairly opened. Are there
any contestants from Kdgetield Coun
ty for the $100 priz-j for tbs biggest
Married, by O. N. Rou ii I ree, at the
residence of the bride's father, Mr. W.
F. Whittle, near Fruit Hill, February
21st, 1893, Mr. J. M. Sawyer and Miss
JR. E. Whittle, all of Edgetield County.
When you come to town go to Luther
Jackson's and get some of his nice
bread, that is if you want it hot. If
you want it cold, go to his bread de
positories in town, Messrs. J. M. Jones
?fe Sons and Mr. W. T. Hoffmans.
Mr. Sam W. Gardner, living in the re
gion between Hamburg and Ropers
Store, sowed last fall and this winter
three hundred and forty bushols of
oats. He says he would'nt give a nickel
for the whole "moJIoggy-slop." Mr.
Gardner lives in the sand, we believe.
On the other hand .Vr. A. A. Werts
who .ives in (he clay region of Big
Creek,says .hat he thinks all Jie oats,
that w?re under the snow are all right.
Walker-Swearingen. Cards are <
for the marriage of Air. C. Char
Walker and Miss Ellie, daughter
Mr. and Mrs. L. G. .Swearingcn, at 1
enezer Baptist church, Trenton,
Wednesday afternoon March 6th pr
Who will be the first teacher
Edgefield County to move in tue m
ter of getting a school library,
word from Commissioner Lott woi
not be amiss along about now.
The rush in the Treasurer's oil
now beggars description and also t
tax-payers. But there is a good til
coming, ouly wait a little longei
How can a man suffer in Edgefit
for something to eat when he can b
from Luther Jacksou bread euou
with 5 cents, and from Will Adams
Epps Norris molasses enough wi
2 cents to do him two days.
Already the New South isdisputii
the supremacy of Northern manu fi
turers. Julian Ralph, io the Mar
Harper's Magazine, explains some
the causes and notes 1 he results of t
industrial revolution.
Miss Lizzie Dobey, of our town, jt
previous to the recent snows, set a h
on fifteen eggs. Last week the h
came off with fifteen bright, beautii
chickens. We never knew this reco
surpassed except once, when fi fte
eggs hatched Out sixteen chickens, b
on this occasion the hen had no sn<
and ice to contend with.
A gentleman from the country ca
ed at our offke last week anil scbscri
ed for the ADVKKTISEH, informing
that he "had to have some county p
per aud could not take that other mai
paper he is such a villian, and," sa
he, "you may be as mean a man as 1
is lor all 1 know, but I'll try you s
The woman suffragists are soon
make a canvass of this State in the ii
terest of their peculiar tenets. <
course, Bob. Hemphill is very much r
juiced thereat. Jle says they ha1
some of the finest orators in Anieric
We fancy Bob would'nt like that til
oratory in the shape of a curtain le
We have clubbing arrangemen
with the New York World, which
published twice a. week. For $2.2
cash in advance, we will send the Ai
VKUTisER and the World one year t
any address. The World is an exec
lent paper, and every subscriber wi
be pleased willi it. Now is the tin
to subscribe.
We are tinder obligations to tl
Rev. M. M. Brabham for a copy of tl
"Minutes of thc 109th Session of S.uit
Carolina Annual Conference ot' t!
Methodist Episcopal Church, South
lt contains a mine of Statistical an
other information, and other den om i
nations in this State would do well t
follow the example given them in thl
A New Discovery.
Dr. V. P. Clayton, of Columbia, ha
tested cotton seed meal as a food an dth
Editor of the Register, to whom som
of the bread was given, pronounces i
splendid. The Doctor usedone-thir
of ordinary cotton seed meal and two
CBtTTB ui uui'u mm. --
The Value of a Package.
The contents of a 25-cent package o
Simons Liver Regulator will car
many a Sick Headache. Its the wo
man's friend. "It cured me penna
nently of Sick Headace.'-C. S. Mor
ris, Brownsville, W. Va. Take it dr;
on the tongue, or make a tea.
Something New in Edgefield.
Miss Helen Morris Lewis, Presiden
of the North Carolina Equal Right:
Association, will denver an address ii
the Edgefield Opera House on Mon
day night next, March 4th. The sub
ject discussed will be Woman Suffrage
The small sum of lOots. will be recoiv^
ed at the door to defray expenses foi
A Sad Accideut.
On last Friday morning while play
ing with a gun in his fathers houst
little Ollie Ouzts, youngest son oi
Sheriff Ouzts, fatally shot bis brothel
Johnnie, aged about lo years. The lit
tle sufferer was almost instantly kill
ed to the great grief, not only of tin
friends of Sheriff Ouzts, but the entire
community will deeply sympathize
with tlie bereaved ones in this thc
hour of their deep affliction. This
makes the fourth son the sheriff has
lost within a few years. May He whe
doeth all things well give comfort and
solace to spirits wounded and hearts
broken by this last dispensation.
Patronize Home Talent.
Miss Minis, of Edgefield, has execu
ted a life-size portrait of Mrs. J. M,
Bett is, nee Natalee Johnston. The
picture is from a photograph taken at
19. It is a pastel and as you gaze at
the beautiful face you are startled
with the wonderful resemblance. The
dreamy eyes, the look to the laud that
is far away, .that blessed land where
she now is. The picture cost and
is a magnificent work of art.-Hamp
ton Guardian.
A Long Word.
In 1SGG Mr. Thad C. Strom of the
Duntonsville section went to an ob.'
field college presided over by Prof. J.
Rus Bodie. Thad says that while in
this old field college the professor gave
the Seniors the following long wohl
tospeil and define: "Chro-nonthon
nio." He says the professor told him
that this was the longest word in the
United States and meant, "1 came 1
saw I conquered," and of course it is
the word Cfesar was trying to think of
when he sent that mcmoraule message,
VENi, VIDI, VI CI, to the Roman Senate"
Thad also says tnat he would have grad
uated hut that he quitted college, on ac
count of being invited to a wedding)
two days before commencement arid
did not therefore gitadliate, lint did
qui tua te with hi-h honors. Prof
Bodie was, lie tells us, an excellent
teacher especially of large and ad
vanced boys, could read Latin as if
he had roamed with old Romulus and
Greek, as though he had sopped with
old Sophocles. Prof. Bodie is now
Principal of the Red Hill Academy in
this county, but has never yet found a
bulger word than "chrononthonthonsy
logusmaiidy brandy bust!for/j io."
Marries 'em in Poetry.
Friend Abe Gilchrist, a new Trial
Justice of the Rehoboth section, mar
ried his first couple a few days since
in poetry. He was sitting a-straddlo
of the pasture fence when the demand
was made for his services. The couple,
colored folks, stood in the big road.
Abe began as follows :
"I'm a settm' on the feuce,
But have you got the fifty cents?"
An affirmative answer having been
given and the fifty cents paid he pro
ceeded :
'I pronounce you man and wife,
Stick together all your life
And if heavy be your load
Always keep "de middle er de road"
Of those unborn let there be no dearth
Increase, multiply, and replenish the
earth !"
lt is needless to say that we are in
debted to Judge Luther G. Bell for a
transcipt of the ceremony given aoove.
Personal Mention.
Mrs. Arthur Youngblood in in town
this week.
Miss Eliza McCullough was in town
last Saturday and Sunday.
* *
Mr. Sam Timmons of Angustr Ga.,
is visiting in Edgefield.
Miss Mary Adams of Collier's sec
tion is visiting Miss Mary Lou Lan
* *
Miss Lillie Cheat-ham is spending
sometime in Eds-efield, at the home ol'
Mr. W. J. McKerall.
Miss Eliza Youngblood who has
been spendingsometime with relatives
in Batesburg Is at home again, to thc
delight ol' many friends.
Forty Families Wants to Locate
in Edgefield County.
Secretary Howard Stafford, of
the Young Men's Business League
announced this morning that he
had received a communication
this morning that he had received
a communicalion from a farmer
in Nebraska stating that he and
about forty families from his sec
tion, were desirous of locating
near Augusta or some other por
tion ol' the South.
He wrote to inquire about lauds
in Edgefield County and stated
that he would give the matter a
thorough investigation.
Mr Stafford says he win make
every effort to induce this party
ot' Westerners to locale in this
section.-Augusta Evening Newe.
It looks very much as if an ef
fort is to be made to put South
i Carolina "Reform" schemes info
operation in the Hawaiian Island?,
?under thc Provisional Government
of those far-away islands in the
Pacific. The dispensary law is
what the anti-liquor people away
j out shere are after. Attorney Geii
I eral Barber received a letter Thurs
day from one of the political lead
ers of the island asking that he
forward at once copies of the South
Carolina disoensarv UAW and fur
nish them
the success . 'r ;"
law. He i it iii
his letter tin
pie of the
to havG th? by
Legislatur Is at j t?
coming ser
Grar 189I?
Geo. E. Dorn, L. I). White,
G. P. Cobb, J.T.Mi ms,
II. B. Gallman, W. Lee Coleman,
El. S.Hill, . M. II. Kempson,
L. F. Dorn, W. Sheppard,
W. A. Strom, Alvin Hart,
ll. L. Wheeler, X. A. Bates,
C J. Holmes, A. C. Stall worth,
J. B. Mitchell, J. C. H. Bauch.
Petit Jury for March Term.
First Week.
J. S. Rodgers, J. C. Carter,
D. R. Chapman, John R. Blocker,
T. A. Pitts, A. F. Broadwater,
M. I. B. Gibson, J. J. Garnett,
S. W. Prince, B. F. danton, Jr.
W. H. Bedenbaugh,J. C. Strother,
J. L. Bussey, A. X. Talbert,
P. M. Medlock, J. B. Adams,
G. M. Smith, Mark 'Powles,
W. P. Brimson, D. P. McCarthy,
J. M. Stone, J. F. Murrell,
L. Ii. Krepps, J. C. McDowell,
J. A. Deal, Jesse R. Bledsoe,
J. B. Lewis, M. A. Minis,
W. E. Harling, S. L. Ready,
W. E. Freeland, J. E. Colgan,
J.J. Dorn, '1. M. Vinsant,
A. H. S. Day, Mouzon Dorn.
Second Week.
O L Miller, F M Yarborough,
V/ L Connelly, Henry Williamson,
Joseph A Prince, PC Stevens,
J B Norris, J W Banks,
John R Salter, II L Hill,
T B Hord, .? P Bates,
Henry Kneece, J J Carson,
J B Jones, W E Dukes,
W A Rodgers, John W Bartley,
Hamp Tucker, H H Townes,
J P Strom, R J Johnson.
E A Rodgers, J R Dolaughter,
F A Walker, Jas Hamilton,
J T Barnas, A W Li nd 1er,
W L Dunovant, W Irwin Chapman,
W J Wiiifp, G W Medlock,
T V Pollattie, W A Reel,
FMOuzts, CH Whatley,
Bridge Letting.
XE or more of the commissioners
will be at the Pow Bridge on Saluda
River on Monday the 35th of March,
at lt) o'clock a m., for the purpose ol'
letting said bridge to be built hythe
lowest bidder, reserving the right to
reject any and and all bids.
Feb.S3, '95. Supervisor.
Also, one or more of the commis
sioners wiil be at the Et he red ge bridge
on Monday 25th ol' March, at 4 o'clock
p. m., for the purpose ol' letting said
bridge to be built by the lowest bidder,
reserving the right to reject any and
all bids.
M.A. WHITTLE, Co. Sui).
Feb. 28, ?syn.
T. n
1 iii-, members of thc Denincnil ic Ex
ecutive Committee of Kdgeiield Coun
ty are hereby ordered to meet ai Kdge
iield on Monday -Ith March proximo,
to consider malters pertaining to the
Interests ol' t he party.
Feb. 25,'05. Chair.
Subscribe te the Edgefield AD
VERT?S ion.
9 Atlant
?ama DOS
I have purchased samp
principal baking powder
open market, and analy;
Royal to contain leaveni
nj than I have found in ai
have examined. This po'
some and unobjectionat
from adulteration.
i' Chem isl
S Economy requires that
rJ for bakinp- powder the
will go further and make
of finer flavor, more di
Hard Times and How They May
Softened and Sweetened.
Granulated Sugar 20 lbs. to dol
lar, ige. H), by b'l. Rio Cotter,
Best, 22 to 25c."lb. Cracked Hie,
5c. to whole, 6?. Compound Lard,
50 Ibu. 6k;. loss 'Sc. Puro Lea!
Lard, 50 lbs. Sic. lesa 10c. 1). S,
SidesJOO lbs. 6?c. MeaJ, $?.35 sk,
Molasses, Block Strap, 10c. by Bbl
CO. Molasse?, !5o. Bb!. One X
Syrup, single g.-illun, 20c. Flour,
Cheapest Grad?-, $2.90. Full 2nd
Pat. $3.25. First Pat. $3.75. Nails.
lOd. lb. $1.85 keg. D. B. Plow
Slock, $1.25. D. B. Points, 75c,
doz. Plow Steels, 100 lb. 4c, less
quantity higher. Plow Lines 15c,
Coil Rops Ile. lb.
"Dixie," "Sullivan," "R. & W.'
One "X" "South Bound," "Ros.
Bud," "Old Ned," "Red Bee," <tc
By the Box, 20c. lb, 24c. and 28c
lb. My Tobaccoes are ne ?dus altra
Fine stock of Smoking Tobaccoes
"Durham," "Yellow Rose," "Seal
ot North Carolina," "Womans
Heart." "Powhatan," "Greenback,"
and Mr. Legion finds solid com
fort here. Indeed I am the Tobac
co man of Edgefield, I make- it a
study and a specialty.
My prices I am sure,, will im
press you, but what. I want you tc
remember longest is that I sell foi
cash. A merchant selling at such
prices as I hav? mentioned except
for cash wnnld- clof .n six
roo? r,;> nol ii?k for cr'tditi.!
do i?oi xii credit b?sln?s. ?r?d?
it died last year. O'"
P? i PS ON
How to Get $100 and Perhaps
Make a Fortune.
We secure patents and to induce
people to keep track of their bright
ideas we offer a prize of one hun
dred dollars to be paid on the first
of every month to the person who
submits tous the most meritorious
inveuti m during the preceding
month. We will also advertise
the invention free of charge in the
"National Recorder," a weekly
newspaper, published in Washing
ton, D. C., which has an extensive
circulation throughout the United
Stales and is devoted to the inter
ests of inventors.
The idea of beiug able to invent
something strikes most people as
being very difficult; this delusion
the Company wishes to dispel, ll
is the simple things and small in
veulions that make the greatest
amount of money, and the complex
ones are seldom profitable. Al
most everybody, at some time or
another, conceives an idea,which,
if patented, would probably be
worth to him a fortune. Unfortu
nately such idea3 are usually dis
missed without thought. The sim
ple inventions like the car window
which could be easily slid up and
down without breaking the pas
senger's back, the sauce pan, the
collar button, the nut lock, the
bottle stopper, the snow shovel,
are things that almost everyone
sees some way of improving upon,
and it is these kind of inventions
that bring the greatest returns to
the author.
The prize we offer will be paid
at the end of each month, whether
the application has been acted
upon by the Pat int Office or not.
Every competitor must apply for
a patent on his invention through
us, and whether he secures th?
prize or not, the inventor will have
a valuable present.
618 F St. N. W. Washington, L). C.
P. S. The responsibility of this
compan-, may be judged from thfi
fact that its stock is held by about
seventeen hundred of the leading
newspapers of the United Stales.
Tobacco ! Tobacco ! !
500 lbs. of Choice. North Caro
lina Chewing Tobacco just receiv
ed at prices from 27i- to 50c. p-3
lb. put up in small package con
venient for Farmers, (?ive us r
trial on Tobacco and we will savr
you fome money. Our 30c. Tobac
co ip: a good article.
Jan. 20-'95.
I Powders,
" Leads.
J Old Capitol Building,
nta, Ga., March I, 1893.
>ies of the Royal and other
s sold in this city in the
red the same, I find the
ng gas in greater quantity
ny other baking powder I
wder is composed of whole
>le ingredients and is free
t Atlanta Board of Health.
in every receipt calling
Royal shall be used. It
: the food lighter, sweeter,
^estible and wholesome.
? Am now with War. MULHBE 1 N'S
S o N'S, that old Augusta SHOK ITOUSII
that Edgefield people, County and
Town, have delighted to trade with in
days gone by.
I shall be pleased to serve my Edge
iield County friends and the Edgetield
public to the best of my ability.
Yours truly,
Jan. 15-'95.
THERE will be a meeting of this
troop on the first Monday in March
for t he purpose of completing the roll
and electing oifijers. Persons desir
ing to join the company will be pres
ent on that day.
S. B. ?i A vs, Capt.
j J. P. Sullivan, O. S.
;Look Out !
Look Out ! !
? New Print?, Ginghams, White
! ?ind Colored Knitting Cottou.
Bleached and Brown Domestics,
i Prices to meet4c. Cotton, wc want
j your business.
i" . J. M. COBB.
! Jan. 12-1 m.
Dysp zj??i?,
only ll.a ''tKiwiKc ? !.: :. m?sscd red
??M.io:i ?ic v..'/?.-:-. ., ; L,-.'.it:s MC cub-1
Mitiiloi Oil receipt r,f ?.....i so. stamps we
f will s? ri'l m-i . ( . Bettoitiui V/urld'a 1
Fikir Vi.-w.* :mJ Lc./-- !rw.
BSDWr![CilEKiCAL CO. r/.L7Jr.:CKE, MO.
Off Sf-.-*,.' :-:-r y -jJ s& Z/AfgA
Bro &
? A Certain, fctfe. ?sd K Vz--':
SORE, WEAK, ftlfcfj
; Producing Long - Sigh te ? "
ingthe S:?: ?.
CoresTear Drep?, fin r
. T?WW, Rad Eyes.& >.::
Also, equally e??csc!ii".i v.
maladies, nell fi vi, . ; ..
Tamors. Hail Sttstrta, -
wberevarlcflaiKSiMiOi'. - ? " -..
flAXITSnuy bb UtCd ta S?VS
,0. Seid br eil .
?. or
Poultry, Farm, Garden, Cemetery,
Lawn, Railroad and Babbit
TlioiiRnnda of miles In nee. Catalogue
Free. Freight Told. Prices Lor-.
ni, nc, ns tai 120 sr. xuht st., CHICAGO, K.L.
Now is the time to take
the Advertiser.
This REMEDY has been
:ried in thousands of cases with
wonderful success. IT CURED
When six bottles are taken ac
cording to directions, and no ben
?fit derived, WE WILL REFUND THE
Price Single Bottle, $1.00; Six
Bottles $5.00, at
Langley Bros.
17-i, King Street,
Charleston, S. C.
j rs
boping, tic,
Iron & Wire Fences,
Building Stone of Every Description.
Cor. Washington anil Ellis Streets, AUGUSTA, GA
The Pathway
OF KhowledcBi
?3 TMS
?. <m ni ii o S ? c ??~r,c? c c
.VV.IN.?- vi)
iL?*? VT /iifr&?ll
Victor H-Qgo1
In speaking to young men, once said,
"It Is the learning acquired at
midnight that will make your futuro
bright and dazzling as midday."
And In this terse epigram the great
Frenchman stated a truth that applies
equally to struggling, ambitious
young men the world over.
Insomuch as you have yet your
place to make In the world, and will
avail yourself of opportunities to
Increase your knowledge and improve
?our mind, so will you make your
fe successful and happy.
A man's brain is a garden given
him to cultivate, and whose products
will b3 his support.
Plant That Garden
with seed of knowledge and from tho
vines will grow the blossoms of
financial gain and honorable
Never before In tba history of the
world have youne; men hau an
opportunity to flt themsdves for the
battle of life as it ?3 now given them.
In this, as In everything else,
America!-, push and public spirit lead
the world.
All that the college graduate has
been taught, and more, can be
secured by the young man who gets a
set cf the Encyclopaedia Britannica
now offered to The State
subscriban on tte easy payaient of
io cents a day. Hut reme.nber that
cur sp?cl:i! introducto / orr'cr is fer a
Lr.iiUJ Uiae ?dy.
The State,
prompt answer and an honest opinion, write to
M UNN <fc CO., who have had nearly fifty years'
experience In the patent business. Communica
tions Strictly confidential. A Handbook of In?
formation concerning Patenta and how to ob?
tain them sent free. Also a catalogue of meehan.
leal and scientific books sent free.
Patents taken through Munn Sc Co. receive
special notlcolnthe Scientific Amcricnn, and
thus are brought wldoly beforothe public with
out cost to the Inventor. This splendid paper.
Issued weekly, elegantly Illustrated, has by far tho
lurgest circulation of any scientific work In tho
world. S3 a year. Sample conies sent free.
?ulldlng Edition, monthly, ?loo a year. Singlo
copies, ?5 cents. Every number contains beau
tiful plates, in colors, and photographs of now
houses, with plans, enabling builders to show tho
latest designs and secure contracts. Address
IN the future the undersigned Com
pany will loan money only upon town
property. This offer applies to any
town.-? in Edgelield County. For par
ticulars write Croft ?fc Tillman, pur
Attorneys; Guarantee, Savings Loan
lind (vestment Company.
Ja n. 29--'95.
Now is the Time.
and SHOES. Clearing out. Win
ter Stock, at
Of whom.ncarly 6,000 arc now
our regular SUBSCRIBERS. .
Write for Particulars.
- G5 Fifth Ave., New York.
I have opened a Beef Market
and Restaurant on the corner in
rear of the Edgefield Bank. I keep
nothing but STALL FED BEEF,
and give the BEST of MEALS at
the cheapest prices-and the short
est notice. Jurymen and witnese?s
a epecialty. Call once and you'll
stay a week. Try "my soup, 10c a
TH? PiilCG) OF
HPSF" Just received apparatus for
taking Childrens' Photographs
quicker than heretofore.
Photographs taken in
. R. ii M?MS.
Grinds lenses for all delects
of sight. If your eyes trouble
you, consult him and he will
teli you
If you need glasses, medicine,
or rest. Fits glasses into old
frames while you wait. All
work guaranteed.
Prof. P. M. WHITMAN,
830 Broad St.. Augusta, Ga.
t n
1 ,.,,^4.s3-?PFlNECALF&KANGAR0a
wv,r. r..j-...-^ij-.w.
CvsrOr?e t?JUl?fl P''.ii?'.r - cr . tho I
w i iinnpiss '&% & &4 S??8?s !?
They givo tia bai lille io. UM money.
Tiiev equal custom shoes in style and fit.
Their wearing qua?'Ues are unsurpassed.
The prices ore uniform,-stamped on sole.
From Si to S3 saved over other mokes.
If your dealer cannot supply you v.? an. Sold by
nnd Te?oprnp?iy, Anjrnsf n. On.
Ko theory. Ko text books. Actual business from
day of entering. College goods, money and business
papers used. R. R. fare paid to Augusta.
Write for handsomely Illustrated catalogue.
Anything about lost or abandoned
land or lands that have been sold for
tases, write to me. If you are entitled
to any lands by inheritance, or other
wise, in Texas or any other State or
Territory in the United States, write
to nie. If you need any assistance to
recover lands that are illegally held by
others, write to nie. I have agents and
correspondents in all parts of Texas,
and for anything you want to know
and cannot find out anywhere else, try
me. My facilities for gathering in
formation are unsurpassed.
Messrs. Sheppard Bros. are . my
agents at Edgefield.
JBifcr Room.
Save MONEY by Pulling op
your Teams With us. Cattle 5c.
Single Otarse I0c. Two Horse
Team 15c. Three Horse Team 2?c.
Four Horse Tram 80c. Six Horse
Team -loo. Cther yards chai ge
you 10c.straight. lom responsi
ble for eveiything left in my
charge at D. W, Gaston's Old
Stand, near North Augusta Bridge,
1261 and 1263 Broad Street, Au
gusta, Ga.
J?U. 30-1 m.
I AM prepared nt my .-'hop? in rear cf
the Court-House Io do all kinds of
Blacksmith work with neatness
and dispatch, and at Hard Time price?.
??&~ Give me a Call.
Jan, 28-2m,
Harpers .Weekly
IN 1395.
II.vrcPEit's WEEKLY is a pictorial his
ory of the times. It presents every
m por tant event promptly, accurately,
nd exhaustively in illustration and
lescriptive text of the highest order.
The matter in which, during 1S9?,it
ins treated the ' Chicago Railway
?trikes and the China-Japanese War,
.nd the amount ol' light it was able to
brow on Korea the instant attention
vas directed to that little-knorn
ountry, are examples of its almost
.oundless resources. Julian Ralph, the
[istinguished writer and correspond
mt, has been sent to the seat of war,
,nd there joined by C. D. Weldon, the
vell-known American artist, now for
nany years resident ;u Japan, who has
teen engaged to co-operate with ?Ir.
talph in sending to il AJti'Eu's WEEKLY
xclusive information and illustration.
During every vital question
viii be discussed with vigor and with
uit prejudice in the editorial columns,
ind also in special articles by the high
est authorities in each department.
Portraits of the men and women who
ire making history, and powerful and
austicpolitical cartoons, will continue
6 be characteristic features. This
iusy World, with its keen and kindly
o.'iiinont on tho lesser doings of the
lay, will remain a regular department;
Fiction. There will be two powerful
erials, both handsomely.illustrated
The Ked Cockade,1' a stirring romance
if olden days by Stanley J. V. eyinan,
md a novel of New York, t ntitled
The Son of His Father/' by Brander
iatthews-several novelettes, and
nany short stories by popula.-' writers
Send for Illustrated Prospectus.
Thc Volumes of the WEEKLY begin
vith the first Number for .January of
ach year. When no time is ment ioned,
ubscriptions will begin with the num
ler current at the time of receipt of
Cloth Cases for each v^rnne, suita
ilc fer binding, will be sent by mail,
lostpaid, on receipt of $.03each. Title
>age and Index sent on application.
Remittances should be made by Tost
iftice Morey Order or Draft, to avoid
nance of loss.
Newspapers are noe to copy this ad
vertisement without the empress order
if Harper & Brothers.
larper's Magazine, - I year - ..- i- 00
larper's Weekly, - ' .. - ' <1.Q0
larper's Bazar, '. 4.0U
larper's Youg People, .'. ? 2.00
Postage Free to all subscribers in the
Jn i ted States, Canada,and Mexico.
Address: HARPES & BIIOS.,
\ O. Box 959, New York City.,
Harper's Bazar
IN 1S95.
Elegant and exclusive <lc:.?^rn; fur Cut-door
ad In-door Toilettes from Wort" models by
andozand Chapius, arc sn important feature,
"hose . appear every week, accompanied by
limite descriptions and details. Our Paris Lct
?r, by Katharine do.Forrest, a weekly trar.
enpt o? the latest styles and ca: rices ia the
lotie. Under tiie head of New York Fashions,
lain directions and full particulars are given as
3 shapes, fabrics, trimmings, and accessories o:
lie costumes of weO-dressea women. Children's
Nothing receives practica! attention. A fort
ightly Pattern-sheet Supplcmcnlenables read
rs to cut and make their own gowns. The wo
ian who takes HARPER'S BAZ'AK is prepared for
very occasion in life, ceremonious ur informal,
,-here beautiful dress is requisite.
Au American serial, Doctor War:!
laughters, i>y Rebecca Harding Davis, a strong":
orel of American life, partly laid in Fenn
ania and partly in thc far South, will oc'ccj .
lie last half of thc Tear.
.My Lady Nobody, an intensely exciting nov-,
y Maarteeii Maartcns, author of "God"? Fool
"The Greater Glory," etc., wril beyjn thc year.
K?M?M and Sni-Lll_?U?ui- " .?
.'. . Wi,;'. i .'?.."'?.';'*'n*' ai" ji?'?^rr?i*l
...--.v;r...... ....-,...3- '.v^.-^v-JoIr:
Cloth Cases for each volume, suitable i?.
?niling, will be sent by mail, post-paid, ot', rc
ciptof ?i.oo each. Title page and hides scat
a application.
Remittances should he made by Po office
louey Order or" Draft, to av Md chanel Moss.
Newspapers arc not to copy this advert] ment
rfthout the express order of Harper iS !.:. hers.
.'arpcr'sMagazine, - - - ?j co
larper's Weekly, - - - - - 400
larper's Bazar. - ... 4 00
larper's Young People, - - - oe
Postage free to all subscribers in thc United
?tales, Canada, am! Mexico. .
O. Boxojo, New York City.
Harper's Magazine
IN 1895. . ? . .
"The Simpletons." a new novel by Thomas
lardy, will begin in the December Number,
S94, and continued to November, 1SJ5. Whoever
nay be one's favorite among English novelists,
t will he (xndeded by all critics that Thomas
lardy stands foremost as a master artist in lic
i?n, and "Thc Simpletons'' may be expected to
irouse enthusiasm not inferior in degree to that
vhieh has marked "Trilby"-the mostsnccess
ul story of the year. Another leading feature
viii be the "Personal Recollections ol Joan ol'
Wc," by tlic Sieur Louis de Contc, ile:- Page
.ad Secretary, under which guise thc t popa
:ir of living American magazine writers, will
? resent thc story of thc Maid of Orleans. !n thc
unary Number will appear a prolusely illus
rated paper on "Charleston and inc Ciro!:.:..-."'
he first of a scries of Southern papers.
Northern Africa is attracting more attentio
han at any other time since 11 was the seat ?
,'inpires. Thc next volume of H?RPEU'S MAGA
:INE will contain four illustrated articles oh this
egion, and three of them will depict tae present
ile diere. Julian Ralph will prepare for the
dAGAZlNE a series of eight Stories, depicting
ypical phases of "Chinese Life and Manners.1
iesides the long stories, there will begin in I tc
I annary Number the first chapters of "A Three
.'art Novelette,by Richard Harding Davis-the
ongest work yet attempted by this riler. Com
plete short stories by popular writers will coa
iuue to bc a feature ol tao MAGAZINS.
Send for Illustrated Prospectus.
The volumes of the MAGAZINE begin with tho
{umbers for Juna and December Yt each year.
Vhen no time is mentioned, subscriptions will
cgia with t!ie Number c.irreut .::Uic time of
teeipt of order. Cloth Case.;, for binding, OT
cuts each-by mail, post-paid. Ti?lc-page ;;:^d
ndex seat on application.
Remittances should bc m.'d? by PostofSce
louey Order, or Draft, to avoid chance of l.-ss.
Newspapers are not to copy ad vc ttl Re
lent without tiie express order of Harper .v
torpor's Magazine, - - - - S? 00
larper's Weekly, ----- 4 00
torpor's Cazar. - - - - - 4 co
larper's Young People, - - . 2 00
Postage free to ail subscribers in the United
tales, Canada, and Mexico.
P. O. ?o.\ <)yj. Nsw York City. *"

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