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?dgefield Advertiser
The Misses Aycock are showing up
the prettiest and most stylish hats.
Seed rice for planting purposes
jor sale by W. W. Adams.
Found, a breastpin, and left at "Fox's j
Jewelry Store. The owner can get
same by proving property.
New and pretty Spring Millinery at
the Misses Aycock
Garden seeds at NV. E Lynch's, the
old reliable Landreth's.
There is one thing to the credit
of the devil-he never at any t ime did
business in his wife's name
Bills ol sale and liens for rent and
advances, ?Iso, mortgages of real es
t?t?, for sale at this office.
When you buy one of Ramsey &
Bland's turnouts you don't have to
trade it off for one yofj bought else
Walter & Co's. 'Baker'has a national
reputation ai d has been on the market j
?ince :.841. Your local, Dispensary will
supply your wants.
The turning point in a man's career
is somewhere near the moment of his
deciding to deal tnereafter with Ram
say & Bland.
Every candidate should have a map
of Edgefleld County. You can prieure
them at the ADVERTISE!', office.
If your best girl refuses you, don't
be disheartened. Get a new Buggy
and Harness of Ramsey & Bland, and
try again-with some other girl.
When you need a bottle of Pure Rye
Whiskey, for Medicinal purposes, ask
at your Dispensary for the genuine
ftnd original Bakers Pure Rye Whis
key, E. Walter's A, Co. propritors.
By and by .you will want another
Buggy. By buying whatever you have
to buy at Ramsey & Bland's you save
enough to buy something else.
The best is always the cheapest pro
vided you get the best cheap enough
to make it so. You can do this on
groceries and drugs always and ail the
time at W. E. Lynch's.
Ask at your Dispensary for Private
Stock XXX Pure Rye Whiskey, lt is
'a winner and superior in quality to
any on the market.
Maj. J. M. Fouche died at his home
in Ninety Six last week, having reach
ed a good old age. Ile was an unas
suming man and led a quiet life. He
was a useful and patriotic citizen and
was held in high honor and respect.
Abbeville Medium.
There were abundant rains in some
portions of the county last Friday, J
and we had a nice shower here in
Edgefleld. A cool wave struck us on
Dr. J. W. Hill will conduct the ser
vices of the Y. M. C. A. at their Hall
on next Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock.
All men are invited.
Messrs. Pope N. Lott for County
Superintendent of Education, A. D.
Timmerinan for Treasurer, and J. B.
Haltiwanger for Auditor is the list j
this wee v of new candidates.
The Rev. G. L. Timmeroan preach
tf. ed at Mountain creek Baptist' church (
''^oTSsf Sunday illltngau app?trftmemrT
for Rev. G. W. Bussey.
There is no st eh office as school
commissioner. That office is now call
ed County Superintendent of Educa
cation. Note change in phraseology of
candidates cards.
Married, at Greenwood S, C., George
M. Perryman of Bordeaux, to Miss
Dennie M. Carr, of Greenwood. The*]
ceremony was performed by Dr. J. E.
Fogartie. Miss Carr is a daughter of
Jack Carr late of this county.
Traffic arrangement between the
Carolina, Cumberland Gap and Chica
go and the South Carolina and Geor
gia Railroads have been made and
passengers can now buy tickets from
Augusta o Edgefleld and from Edge
liel^o Augusta.
_kEvan8,^Esqr has declined to
for So?fc?t?r. "His card of declina
ron will appear next week. In this
connection we would remark that, Mr.
Evans's friends, many of them, are
anxious to see bim in the House of
Representatives for which his talents
and training specially flt him.
During several days of the past week
Judge Lucher Bell has been in attend-]
ance at the bedside of his father Mr.
J. M. Bell Sr., wlfo bias been seriously
i'l at the residence of his son Dr. Bell
ol' Parksviile. We are glad to state
that our old friend is at this writing
much better and out of danger.
An Idaho editor being asked if he
had ever seen a bald headed woman,
replied: "No; .we never did. Nor
liave we ever seen a woman waltzing
around town in her shirtsleeves, with
a cigar between her teeth. We have
never seen a woman go a Ashing with
a bottle in her bip pocket, sit on the
damp ground all day, and then go
home drunk at night. Nor have we
ever seen a woman yauk off ber coat
and swear she could lick any mau in
Kai s Galore.
On last Saturday night Mr. W. L.
Dunovan'.of our town caught 38 rats
nt one haul, in his rat trap set in au
outhouse; on the succeeding night he
got only 28 of the rodents.
Won't be "Fus" X.
The leading physicians of England
are united in declaring that within
tue next 100 years some tonic will bc ?
discovered whereby men will grow old
so slowly thar, the average of human
life will be 200 years.
Millers Store Democratic Club.
Will meet at Miller Bros. Store
on Saturday "May 2ud 1896, at
3 o'clock p. m., By order of
J. h. ?OUBTNEY, Pres.
C. A. Loug, Sec..
Meriwether Club.
The Meriwether Democratic club J
will meet at Meriwether Ballon Sat
urday the 2nd May at 9 o'clock a. m., to
reorganize and elect delegates to the I
county convention at Edgefleld on 1st
Monday in May.
P. B. LANHAM, Pres.
9150.00 in Gold Given
For Selling "Story of Spain and Cu-'
ba." The International News and
Book Co., Baltimore, Md., offer $50.00
to anyone selling in three months 175
copies of their new book, "Story of
Spain and Cuba." Premiums and lib
eral commission given for any quanti
ty sold. Thi* is one of the greatest
selling books out. Many agents make
from ?5 to $10 a day. A graphie ac
count of tqe present- war and the strug
gle for liberty is given, 100 beautiful
illustration?. 500 pages. Frefirbt paid
and credit given; 50ct. outfit free If
10cents is uer : for postcge. Write.
V ieri) inmediately.
Hcpe Doesn't Enrich.
You can't get rich or hope; yon
may hope all day that someone will
come along and saw your wood, but
that doesn't keep the tire going. The
wa?r to get rieh is to save money ; and
the way to save money is to trade at
Ramsey ?fe Bland's.
We are Coming:.
The first brick has been laid.
On Monday of this week justas the
rising sun was gilding the hill tops,
Mary Lillie Fisher, the dainty and
bright little daughter of President
Fisher, laid the first brick in the con
j struction of the Edgefield Cotton Fac
tors, and the work goes bravely on.
[A targe force of bricklayers and la
borers are at work and more are in
We are coming, Father Abraham,
one hundred thousand strong.
Tefl the People.
If you expect to build either a wood
en or brick house, first write to W. J.
Rutherford & Co., of Augusta, Ga.,
for anything you may need in the line
of brick, lime, cement, or building ma
terial. You will be surprised at the
reasonable figures they will quote
you. Their advertisement will run in
these columns and it will ba wise to
read it and write them for a list of
their articles and prices.
Blessings to Humanity.
April showers are a blessing to the
honest yeomanry, because they insure
well-filled granaries with the good
things of the soil, but these are small
! compared with the blessings that
Ramsey ?fe B' id will bestow upon
?their thousands of patrons who will
avail themselves of the low prices they
are offering on Wagons, Buggies, Har
ness, Furniture, Coffins and Caskets.
Wind, Rain, and Hail.
Tho wind storm that struck our
town on last Friday about half past
three seems to have done much dam
age in other portions of the county.
The Presbyterian church as Ropers
school house was blown down, Mr.
Dug Tim mer Mian's smoke house in the
Pleasant Lane section was laid flat,
Mr. Abe Penn's barna few miles north
of this was destroyed by the wind.
Trees, fences, small out houses in a
nurab?r places were overturned and
At Augusta the storm took the top
off th* C. 0. & A. R. R. bridge and
blew it clear across the river. At Mc
Cormick a house was blown down.
Here and There.
"We are getting along very pleasant
ly, ant; I trust profitably here. Our
village church began last thanksgiv
ing day an effort to raise the debt
which bas troubled us for some years,
and I am happy to say almost the en
tire amount (about 1400.00) has been
raised. The remaining balance is very
small and will be paid before many
months. Bro. J. M. Cobb has been the
principal leader in this move.rent.
On lastSundayJwe were very pleasant
ly surprised on uncovering the com
munrou table to find a beautiful $25.00
cotnmnnioii set, the gift of Mrs. J. M. .
Cobb, to our church. The Edgefield
Circuit in its present shape is small
and compact, and there is uo more
pleasant charge in our Conference.
With kind regards, yours truly,"-M.
M. Brabham, in Christian Advocate.
?'Old TuDJblin."
Mr. Fowler, superintendent of the
Cumberland Gap railroad under its
present regime, was in town last
week-a very pleasant gentleman. He '
says the talk about tearing up the road
bed is all bosh, of course, that the
schedule will be regular from this time
on and that he hopes to make friends
for the road and do a healthy, paying 1
business. This has been done in the
past, why not again? Ile also says that
all the rumors, insinuation-, and dou
bTeback action slaps at ""'old Tunibl??w "
and her fair fame are inventions of
the enemy and dance, with trutb
as an occasional partner only, around
the single fact that, somebody wanted
to gobble somebody's ese railroad and
And "Old Tumblin" shall tumble no
more forever.
An Old Comrade's Tribute to
Mr. John C. Swearingen.
A friend of mine who belongs to
a later generation said a few days
ago, "you are living in the past;"
to some extent this is true. My
friend's remark caused reflections
which, while sad were noi unmix
ed with pleasure. It carried me
back more than a third of a cen
tury to schoolToay- ?4?fc^t&J?i&..
days wited the good old State of
South Carolina had more bright
jewels iu her crown of jewels than
in that worn by any other State in
this great Union of States. Then,
jn up to I860, when the bright and
handsome Edgefield boys donned
the blue cockade of the Minute
Meu, whose motto was, "Equality
in the Union or indeperdence out
of :t." Thence our memory brings
us to tho 6th day of Janua.y, 1861,
when Capt. Cicero Adams march
ed from Edgefield ou Sunday
morning at the head of the Edge
field Rifles, one hundred and three
of the gamest boys that ever went
to war, most of them fron fifteen
to twenty-five years of age, goiug
to Charleston in response to Gov.
Pickt ns's call for troops to capture
Fort Sumter. Seveuty-five per
ceut of that ba&d^of braye boys,
later ou, were commissioned offip
cers in the Confederate army, and
the other twenty-five per cent de
served to be.
Some ot these brave fellows who
made so much history iii the suc
ceeding four years are still here,
"living in the past," but most of
them have gone to their final ac
coun1-&re now with Japfcson -?est?
ing under the shade on the other
side of the river. I am now think
ing ofoue of them, John Cloud
Swearingen.. I did not see a great
deal of him in later years, but in
the days of the sixties he was
handsome, chivalrous, brave in
bat le, and to his friends as gentle
and loving as a woman. He was
the life of the camp, and afier a
long day's march or a hard-fought
battle was ever ready lo carry the
gun of, or divide the last cracker
with, a oomradn,
When the grandest of all war
ners, R. E. Lee-Mars B >b, as the
boys called him-stacked arras at
Appomattox and bad read to his
skeleton of an army his famous
"General Orders No. 0," John
Sweariugr'.i with h ja comrades,
knowing we had been whipped,
returned to bis home, and like the
man he was, went to work to build
up hi* broken, fortunes. All of
his surviving comrades know what
that means, Suffice it to say, he
did his best.
On the 15th day of Marah, 1871
he was married to Miss Auna
Sophia Tillman, who to his death,
24th of April, 1895, was a loving
and devoted wife. The fruits
of that un jon are two sons arni one
daughter; John, George, and So
phie. John the older Bon is now a
student at the South Carolina ?Col
lege and, although blind, stands
a? high as any young man in the
cuuutry, and, best of all, he is a de
voted follower of the Lord Jesus
Christ. The other son and daugh
ter are high ty^es of manhood and
womanhood, and we have no doubt
will be Heaven's best blessing to
their widowed mother.
Dear, departed friend! Would
that we were capable of doing thy
memory justice.
Dispense With a Dispensary in
Sajuda County.-So Pleads
Our Correspondent.
MR. EDITOR: NO doubt the ques
tion : "Will Saluda county have a
dispensary," has been asked and
re-a.sked more than once. This
will be a question piopounded to
the people who have worked :ong
aud earnestly for that which they
now have-that is, a new county.
This strong-drink problem has
been discussed so much that the
people have become tired of it,
and they may be inclined to vot-j
carelessly when it is presented to
them, not caring much which way
it goes, or how the result is. But
because a question gets old di>3s
that lessen ils importance? For
example, when a mau is eighty
years old, is it less necessary for
him to bu a christian then than
when he is thirty? Is uot" christi
anity a life long problem, and yet
does it become old? Nay; it seems
to grow younger. Just so with all
vital questions of humai, iuterest.
This drinkiug problem is a vital
question. The man who would dis
pute it must yet take hhs initiative
in human understanding
Seeing thac it is a vital ques
tion, we believe tho people of Sa
luda will not act hastily or vote
rashly upon it. They have, for
many year3, been a f jrtuuate peo
ple in having the temptation plac
ed ata distance from them, but
now it becomes their privilege to
say whether they will place the
temptation at their door?, or
whether they will keep it at a dis
tance. Their decision on this
question will to a great degree help
to shape the destiny of the new
couuty. Now when tbe county is
in its youth, and while it has no
precedent lo follow is the time to
sGttle the liquor question right,
and, from tho experience the race
has had with drinking, it seems
that prohibition is the solution
Saluda needs.
This conclusion may seem to
many of our fellow citizens far
fetched, but from the premisee ex
perience has given it seems to be
the only correct one. It is a con
clusion that ail men looking to
ward the happiness of themselves,
their families, and, their country
w+ll-accept and promulgate, Do
children's rags and women's tears
move men to pity? Would men
live lives worthy of commenda
tion? Would they strive for the
elevation of their fellow creatures?
Then let them keep a temptation
like strong drink at a distance,
aud see that those dependent upon
them are protected and cared for.
Until aman does this he stands
condemned both by the moral and
christian law. Plato says that a
man who b-eaks the moral law
(strictly speaking a man cannot
be moral without, at the same
time, being religious) does it
through ignorance. He says that
a man would never br?^^^???i
me^aJJajv^J^ft om??-?9iP&e^?a\
consequences of his immoral act.
Then let us act on a sure basis
and keep from young and vigorous
Saluda county any unnecessary
temptation. It may b* alleged
that a dispensary i 3 necessary for
the purpose of supplyiug medi
cine, and for the purpose of aidiug
the State with public school mon
ey. In the first case the odds are
on the negative side. For medi
cinal purposes, the people can get
it from the same sources from
which they have procured it here
tofore. Besides medical men are
past coming to the conclusion that
ALCAHOL ii almost useless as a
MEDICINE. In the second case it
requires no effort to answer. "The
end does not justify the means."
Shall we slaughter part of human
ity to get money to educa'e the
race? Why could we not get this
money '-y taxation and save the
drunkard from the awful tenta
tion which the dispensary would
throw in his way.
I hope the good people of Salu
da will keep in mind the feariul
consequences of drunkenness, and
when this question comes up for
solution they will solve it for the
good of the rising youth of our
In Memory of Miss Winona L. Tim
At a recent meeting of Ropers
Sunday School the following pre
amable and resolutions were adop
Whereas, God in his mysterious
but infinite wisdom has seen prop
er to remove from among us, our
friend tpd member Miss WINONA
Jiesolved, 1st. That while we
humbly submit to the will of God ;
we deeply feel the loss of our be
loved member.
2nd. That our heartfelt sym
pathies Le extended to the family
ip t.bjfl their sad hour of bereave
3id. That a copy cf these reso
lutions be published in each of the
county papers, and that a copy be
furnished to the family,
+ to cleanse the blood I Malaria, *
J Chills and Fever, that duli, ?
+ heavy, tired feeling, pimples, +
+ blotches and headaches, all are *
J due to bad blood. Prepare the J
* system for Summer's tremen- *
J dous drain upon your energy by *
\Z using thescientificblood purifier J
T Not an experiment, but a house- t
+ hold remedy for 30 years, for *
jj all blood diseases, Rheumatism, *
J Scrofula, Liver and Kidney t
.> Complaint and lack of vitality. *
+ Millions of bottles sold. Easy *
J to buy, easy to take. Try it ! J
+ 50c. per bottle ; ad druggists. 4
There is a Bustle
To the Business.
.^-T'S wide-awake, broad gauge,
up-to-date shop-keeping that's do
ing it. Mediocrity satisfies us not.
We're right in the front rank of
progressive merchandising. That
means much to you-more to us.
We're making a reputation. That
it is a good reputation is evidenc
ed by our hosts of business friends
six months ago unknown by us,
to-day our regular customers, a id
each succeeding day shows an in
crease following. W a fe h i n g
your buying iuteiests just now
keener, it' possible, than ever be
fore. There's terse, tangible, tell
ing talk below about various sea
sonable lots. You'll find it inter
esting reading.
For Japanese fans and screens
call at the New York Racket Store.
We have some beauties.
Look at our parasols ajd um
brellas. You ^Yiii make a ijreat
mistake if you fail to examina the
Racket Stock before buying.
Ladies' and children's Leghorn
hats at New York Racket Store
for 25 cente, bast manufactured for
Oui line of notions is complete.
Cau give you anything almost
from a hair pin to a bath tub.
Hair combs, Brushes, Cologne,
Tooth Powder, Toilet Soaps, Scarf
pius, Stud and Cuff Buttons, Shirt
sets and Belt Pins.
Handkerchiefs of all kinds.
Some extra good ones at 5cts., and
very good ones 3 for 5?ts.
Corsets and waists in new makes
and long waists. Ladies veiling
in many colors. Hosiery for la
dies, children, and men, in all
ihades, 5cts. to 50cts.
Gents gauze underwear, Bal
brigan suits 75cts. Shirts, 19cts,
up. Cuffs, Collars, Scarfs, Ties,
and suspenders.
For hats, straw and felt, for boys
and men, go to the_ New York
B?&e^Store^I??1 get them from
lOcts., up.
Shoes and Oxford Ties for boys,
girls, ladies and gents. You will
find them at the New York Rack
et cheaper than ever offered be
fore, 25 to 40 per cent lewer than
old prices.
.^Ladies Sailors, different shapes.
Leghorn Hats, stylish, pretty, and
cheap. Also a beautiful line of
Hat Trimmings, Flowers, Ribbons
and Laces.
We call your attention to our
pretty laces and ribbons in all
shades and widths at about one
half what you would have to pay
Ladies belts in silk, silver, and
gilt, also ail kinds of Belt Buckles,
Hair Ornaments, Hair Pins and
Side Combs, and Shirt Waist
Sets, very pretty. Look at our
show cases before buying anything
in these lines.
Infanls' and children's Hats,
Bonnets, and Caps, from 15cts up
to $1.00.
Picture frames, 7cts to $1.50,
such as agents sell at $4.50 we sell
at $1.50.
Pry goods aud dress goods of
?very Dot, Figure, and Weave,
that you can mention, and Trim
mings to match. Anything you
want in white, tinted, figured, aud
colored Prints and Lawns, from
5cts to sjlks, satins, &c, which are
also very cheap.
Ready-made clothing for boys
and men : In this we are prepared
to offer you some unusual bar
gains. It will save you $2 or $3 a
suit to buy from us.
?t does'nt make a particle of
difference what you want. Come
to the New York Racket and you
can get it.
April 28-'96.
Groceries !
Groceries ! !
I AM prepared to furnish the public
with anything in my line. .
A general assortment of Gro
ceries at living prices.
Restaurant business con
tinued, Meals at all hours.
Adril 14, '96.
-New Goods
To Our Friends and the
You are cordially ?uvitod to
come and examine our Stock of
now open and ready for inspec
This is the largest and most at
tractive stock of Dry Goods, No
tions, and. Shoes ever opened in
this town.
Our buyer visited the very best
Northern markets in buying these
goods and bought of the latest
styles a' prices that will enable us
to meet all competition, and we
feel sure that we can save our cus
tomers money if they will give us
an opportunity to bell them.
We can show you the prettiest
line of prints ever brought to a
small town. We soil a better qual
ity at 5c than was ever sold at that
prce. All our standard prints,
Steel River shirtings. Central
Park shirtings and Cheviott's at
5c. Our Windsor Novelties just
beat anything you ever saw in
Large quantities of Ginghams
at prices unheard of for the same
juality, a real good quality for 5c,
something new and attractive in
Satin Novelties, Percales, aud
Fine Dress Goods.
During the past season we have
given this line particular atteu
tioof), and in buying our Spring
stockhave purchased with special
care? and we feel sure that we can
please our lady friends in these
Our Brocadine Worsteadsat 10c,
are worth 12?c, and our Serges
and Cashmeres at 22?c, would be
cheap at 25c.
Look at our high priced Serges,
Henriettas, and Cashmeres? they
surpass anything ever sold at such
We have a uioe selection of
Brilliantines, the latest thing for
skirtsaud we are selling it below
Augusta prices. Dont fail to seo
our Brilliantines.
Wash Dre is Goods.
Absolute stocks of these goods
in all possible colors and styles.
"Manhattan Duck" is the popular
gooda for Spring and Summer
Corded Swiss Mulls.
Pineapple Tissue, India, and
Victoria Lawns, Nainsooks, Cr?
pons, and Dimities at prices to
auit you.
Positively we have some of the
most superbly beautiful silks for
shirt-waists ever shown anywhere,
a eenrpipt? ]?ue of Trim Silks,- sea
see these silks by all means.
We have the handsomest case
of Ribbons in the place at very
low prices.
Towels at 5c, an excellent one
for 10c, and a veiy handsome one
at 25c.
A full Hue of white and colored
table linens, at very low prices.
Bed Spreads at prices that will
astonish you, $1.00 will buy a very
prettjl^read, good quality,
Something attractive in cretous,
and scrims-10-4 sheeting^Frmt^
ilieeffl-Ska?ti?g 38<r-??TTick^
ing, very cheap.
Shirts and Neckwear.
We have bought a very attrac
tive line of Gents, white and
Hamburg Edgings. Laces, Etc.
By far the most perfect assort
ment of these "indispensables"
ever in Edgefield. If you need any
Edgings, Insertions, Linen Laces,
cotton laces or silk laces, we can
Towels, Table Linens, Etc.
Negligee Shirts, Scarfs, and Neck
ties. Something uew iu Collars
and Cuffs.
Hosiery and Corsets.
An immense stock of Ladies and
Misses Hose and Gents half hose,
all prices. Complete line R, and
G. Corsets, also lower price corsets.
Ladies and Gents Uudervests, at
extremely low figures.
A very pretty line of Handker
chiefs at prices that will surprise
you. A nice selection of Crochet
Cottons, Crochet and Embroidery
Silks, Ladies belts, Braids, etc.
The latest f,hiug in dress buttons.
Pants Goods.
We can give you inside prices
on Cottonades and nice Pants
Goods. The best lOcts cottonade
ever sold for the money. Our 15c
cottonade is a regular leader.
Some very handsome patterns
for nice Pants in all-wool Cash
meres, at 50c and 75c.
Shoes! Shoes!!
We carry the largest Hue of La
dies, Gents, Misses, and Children
Shoes of any Dry Goods House in
Edgefield. For the Spring tr^de
we have bought a complete line of
Ladies nice Button, Gents Calf,
and Ladies and Misses Oxford
Ties. In purchasing our Shoes we
have made every effort to get shoes
that will give our oustoraers satis
faction. We kav'nt a 8hoe in our
hou8ethatwe are not selling a',
old prices, in fact we are selling
some shoes for less money '.han
you ever bought them. Examine
our Mens Creed ties, ladies k id
button, and ladies oxfords; our
three SJ.OO leaders. Our .$2.00 and
$2.50 Ladies Dong. Button, and
our $2.50 and $3.00 Mens Calf,
made by Parsons & Sous, are guar
anteed to give perfect satisfaction
to the wearer.
Edgefield, S.C., Apr. 7,'96, .
?iiMiiiiMin- ?? wnm----*-* -
Spring Greeting.
-(ooo :ooo)
We desire to announce that we
are now in a position to show our
entire Spring stock. It is by far
the largest and'best selected stock
that we have ever shown. Never
before have we had so many beau
tiful and stylish goods at such un
precedented bargains. In all my
long experience aB a Merchant, I
have never been able to offer goods
so beautiful at such bargains.
Our stock of Prints is larger
than we have ever shown before.
The styles are beautiful aud cjiy
5c yard. At 5c we sell beautiful
mourning Prints and the quality
is first-class.
Our assortment of Ginghams is
yery large. Splendid quality, in
lovely patturns, at 5o yard.
A large assortment of the neat
est patterns, very superior quality
and full yard wide at prices much
lower than can be had in any
Large stock of these goods at
very low prices. Cassimeres in el
egant patterns at prices lower than
Our assortment for this Season
is acknowledged to be the greatest
ever shown in Edgefield and our
prices will be found very low. A
full line of ail the desirable shades
in Standard Dress Goods. Wool
Novelties in new Spring shades,
including many very desirable ef
fects in inexpensive materials.
Chameleon Moire just like silk at
10c yard. Viola Cr?pons in the
most lovely evening shades. Prin
ted French Challies, in Batiu
btripes, light ground with Dresden
effects, colorings as beautiful as
Silks, at only 25c yard. Tuxse
goods are perfectly lovely and the
prices are some*' ~.g wonderful.
Fancy Silks in ?ll the newest
styles and colors, suitable for
waists and entire costumes.
Amiena Batiste in very pretty ef
effects at 5c yard. 15c Figured
Darra Dimity in lovely patters at
10c yard. 25c Persian aud Dresden
figured Organdies, 40 inches wide,
at 15c. 25c. French Dotted Linen
Batiste at 15c yard 25c Plaiu and
Faucy Striped Lineu Batiste at
15c yard.
The finest selection of .Black
Dress Goods that we have ever
shown at exceedingly moderate
prices. In Henrietta-, Serges,
Nun's Veilings, Mohair Brillian
tine, English Mohair Sicilian in
a deep black, rich, beautiful lustre,
almost one aud half ? y a rds
ludia Lineus at 5c, 8c, 10c, 15o,
20c-an/L25c. -Checkod Mualirre-at
5c, 6?c, 8c, 10c and 15c. Dotted
Swisses at 10c, 15c and 20c. Beau
tiful Apron Goods, Mulls, Nain
sooks, Swisses, Tarlatams &c.
Bleached Table Damask at 30c,
value 40c yard. 64 inches wide
Bleached Table Damask at 50c,
value 65c yard. 64 inches wide
Bleached Table Damask at 75c
value $1.00 yard. Damask Tow
els and Turkish bath Towel* at
10c, 15c, 20 and 25c. Bed_SprMs
large size at75c?|L^f3^1.257$L5?T
^i^^??tr*f2.5?, that are really
being sold at 25 per cent under
their value.
The best dollar Glove that is on
the market iu all the desirable
shades, beautifully embrodered, in
laced aud buttoned. We have
never before had an assortment as
good as this.
High turn-down Military Collar
is the proper neck finish for a
shirt Waist aud we have them.
Large stock of Bleached Home
spun, Pillow casings and 10-4
Sheetings. The prices on these
goods are just as low as when
cotton was 4$c per pound.
A complete line* of Dress Lin
ings in Crinoline, Wiggan, Can
vass, Haircloth, Silesia, Fibre
Chamois, Cambric,- Percaline, &c.
Full assortment of sizes in all
the popular makes.
A very large stock of Hosiery
for Children, Ladies and Men at
very reasonable prices.
A great variety of Handkerchiefs
at 2^c, 5c, 10c. 15c, 20 and 25c.
See our stock of these goods before
making your purchases.
English Cretonnes in choice de
signs and colorings. Draperies iu
exquisite patterns. Plain and figur
ed Scrim. Outings in handsome
patterns. Russian Duck in A va
riety of colors. Ribbons iu all
shades and widths. All over Em
broideries. Hamburg Edgings and
Insertions, Laces iu all the latest
designs, Veilings, Crapes, Combs,
Hair Brushes, Whist Brushes,
Tooth Brushes, B?lts, Fons, Um
brellas, Parasols, Table Oil Cloth,
Full and complete line of Shoes.
Our shoes are back to the old
prices. We are splliug our shoes just
as low us they were ever sold. We
are Helling a better shoe for $1.00
than WPS sold last Fall for $1.25.
For $1.25 we are selling a
better ehoe than was sold last
Fall for $1.50 and ali of our
shoes are sold on about the
same basis, A complete Hue
of Zoigler's and Drew; Selby & Co.
Shoes. Largest assortment of Ox
ford Ties and Slippers for Chil
J dren, Mieses and dies, that we
have ever shown. We are deter
mined to give our customers as
good value for the amount of mon
ey, as it is possible to get any
where. Don't buy snoeE until you
have seen ours. Our stock is larger
than ever before. Our prices are
as low as Augusta or any where
else an inspection will convince
you of these facts.
Edgefield, S. C., April 7, '96.
A Certain, Safe, ?nd SfTsctive Remedy f of
Producing Long-Sigftiec'.'iGSt, & Reftor*'
hg thc Sigf-.t cf tte Old.
Cures Tear Drops, ?ranti?aticnp Stye
Tumors, Rsa Cy?. Matted Eyo Lashes,
Also, equally e???f??i wt?ea Bwd IEI othef
maladvj, tura Li rr rs. ??-. ?es'floreo,
Tamor?, Batt 2t&?tifci, ,B4Q^Eft|S9ljS
tSA.ii VE tr.Ky "?O ;.*cit u. ???va?titee. a
fi?ii fay Ul 2'V as^I?.:s ts 25 Cisc^.
Shoes ! Shoes ! !
$1,000 worth, now coming in
ua big boom sale" is now go
ing on at COBB'S. Old- .
time prices are given ou
SHOES. Give us your Shoe,
bill aud will try to give you
Feb. 12-3m.
Sheriff's Sale;
A. St. 0. Lee-vs.-J. W. Talbert, Bai
ley & .Barksdale Co.,-vs.-J, W.
BY virtue of executions in the
above stated causes, I will proceed
to sell at ridgefield C. IL, S. C., on the
first Monday in May (being the 4th
day) of said month A. D., 1896, to the
highest bidder, the following describ
ed properity to wit:
All that tract or parcel of land con
taining five hundred and forty-five
(515) acres, more or less, bounded on
the east by John Williamson, north
by Robt. Griffin's estatp, west by Chas.
Koberts, south by John A. Moore,
levied upon as the property of the
above named defendant.
Terms cash. Titles extra.
Sheriff E. C.
April 7-4te.
Sheriffs Sale.
C. M. May-vs.-W. L. Stevens -Exe
cution, i
BY virtue of an execution to me di
rected in the above stated cause, I .
will proceed to sell at Edgefield C. H.,
H. C., on the first Monday in May, be- ?
lng the 4th day of said month, A. D.,
1896, to the highest bidder, the follow- 1
ing described property, to wit:
All that tract or parcel of land con
taining five hundred (500) acres more
or less, bounded by lands of W. L.
Stevens, W.T. Walton, Margaret Ste
vens, James Shaver, T. A. Owdom, and
Also one tract containing two hun
dred (200) acres, more or less, bounded
by lands of Margaret Stevens, T. S.
JLggfe Dr< Lan?rum's estate, W. B.
LowreyT1 ' %? , ,
Also one tract conUnrr??cighty
(80) acres more or less, bourm??L??
lands of Mrs. Werts, Mrs. Catheri?eV
Bryant, Mrs. Catherine Witt, and
Also one tract known as the W. R.
Cooper place, containing fifty (50)
acres more or less, bounded bylands of
Caleb Walton, Capt. J. H. Brooks, A.
P. King's estate. The above property
levied upon as the property of the de
fendant, W. L. Stevens.
Terms Cash. Titles extra.
Sheriff E. C.
April 7-4te.
Shoes, Hats, and
Men's Furnishings.
You are going to buy goods
in our line so come in and 3ee us,
will make it to your interest. We
are ready with new goods at popu
lar prices. Ready to give you good
value for your money.
CLOTHING-We are showing a
large and complete stock in. this
department. Children's Suits
from 50c up. AmoDg the many
uice suits we have to offer you we
call your special aiteutiou to our
Men's Perfect-fitting All-Wool !
Black, Blue, and Colorad Cheviot
Suits at $7.50, really worth $10.
See our Clothing before you
buy. You will find our stock com
plete and at prices to suit the
SHOE S-We carry a fuH line
Men's, Ladies, and ChildreD Shoos.
We bave the agency at this place
for the Bay State Shoes. ..
See our Ladies, Misses, and
Childreu's Oxford Ties and Strap
Slippers-latest novelties in both
Black and Tan.
HATS ! HATS ! 1 -We are offering
a complete line of Men's and Boy's
Hats of latest shapes in Straw,
Soft and Stiff.
Men's Furnishing Goods is com
plete and contains all that will
make you comfortable and stylish.
In this department you find a
full line of colored and white i
Shirts, Cravats, Hoisery, Haud- J
kerchiefs, Uudervests, Umbrellas,
and anything that you need to *
wear, fj
Yours truly,
E. B, HART & CO.
April 14-96, ?
rtj . ii i
is : igorous feeder and re
is well to liberal fertiliza
tion. On corn lands the yield
increases and the soil improves
if properly treated with fer
tilizers containing not under
7% actual
A trial of this plan costs but
little and is sure to lead to
profitable culture.
Our pamphlets are not advertising: circulars boom
ing; special fertilizers, but are practical works, contain
ing latest researches on the subject of fertilization, and
are really helpful to farmers. They arc seat free for
thc Mkipgr.
ttl Nassau St.. New York.
A Household Remedy.
And it never fails to cure Rheu
matism, Catarrh, Pimbles, Blotch
es and all diseases arising from
impure blood is Botanic Blood
Balm, (B. B. B.) Thousands en
dorse it as the best remedy offered
to mankind. The thousands of
cures performed by this remedy
are almost miraouloue. Try it.
Only $1.00 per large bottle. For
sale by druggists.
C. C. G. & C. R. R. COMPANY.
April 27,1896. .
a.m., p. m.
Leave Edge?eld 9 00 -130
Leave Trenton 9 22 2 lo
Leave Aiken 10 40 3 '40
p.m. p. m.
Arrive Aiken 6 20 ll 45
Arrive Trenton 7 15 12 53
Arrive Edgefield 7 30 1 15
Frt. & Passenger A'gt. Edgefield,
S. C.
J. W. FOWLER, Agent ::or Pur
chasing Committee, Aiker.:. S. C.
Values !
JAS. M. COBB is offering
some Excellent Values in
, CLOTHING-be sure to
get his prices before buy
ing-new additions made
to his stock weekly.
There ia nothing to com
pare with his $5, $6, $7
and $10 suits in this mar
Feb. 12-3m.
. DR. SOPHIAJD. DAVIS, daughter
of Allison DeLoach?1, late of ?c?ire
field County is now located af 823
Broad St., Augusta, Ga., She treats
all diseases of Woroon and Chil
Dec. 10 -'95.
H ow
Hats ?
The Celebrated Elks Brand
Just Opened. Gentlemen, now
is you?* time foi something
and cheap.
Grinds lenses for all defects
of sight. If your eyes trouble
you, ccisult him and he will
tell you
If you need glasses, medicine
or rest. Fits glasses into old
frames while you wait. All
work guaranteed.
Prof. P. M. WHITMAN,
830 Broad St., Augusta, Ga.
DI V ll. AA
NoTICE is hereby given that on tho
14th day of May 189G, the undersigned
as Administratrix of thc estate of .J.
C. Swearingen, deceased, and as Guar
dian of John E. Swearingen, will make
application unto J. D. Allen Judge ol'
Probate, in and for the County of
Edgefield and State of South Carolina,
fora final discharge as Administra
trix and Guardian as aforesaid.
April 6-4t.
Coping, Bc.
[ron & Wire Fences
building Stone of Every Description.
or. Washington aal Streets, AUGUSTA, OA
* Now is the time to sub
?crjoe for the Advertiser.

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