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Edgefield Advertiser
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 20, 1897.
MR. '1. G. LANHAM.
On Friday morning last Mr. T. G.
Lanham, one of Edgefleld's most re
spected citizens, departed this life, to
be no more among the friends and
kindred here, but with those other
friends and loved ones who are dwell
ing :n another land, the one beyond,
where there is "no more pain, neither
sorrow nor sighing." Mr. Lanham
was formerly a resident of the "An
tioch section, and was a member of the
Antioch church, but for some years
has been living in our town, and at
the time of his death belonged to the
Edgefield Baptist church. For many
months he bad suffered as au invalid?
but it was not expected that he would
be so soon taken away. Yet so it seem
ed to be the will of the Almighty and
tender Sovereign, and all things in
His hands are direeted wisely and
"work together for the good of those
who love him." He leaves behind those
who will ever keep his memory in sa
cred trust, his wife, and a son, T. B.
Lanham, and two daughters, Misses
Mary Lou and Minnie Lanham. Their
many friends do not forget their afflic
tion and feel for them-a tender and
earnest sympathy. May their faith in
.the wisdom of their omnipotent guide
give them peace and patience.
James F. Griffin, who died at his
home near our town on last Wednes
day, was the last male member of the
Griffin family in Edgefield county, a
family that stood in the forefront in
the days that are gone, first in good
words and noble deeds. The deceased
was the only son of the la^ Stanmore
B. Griffin, Esq., and the grandson of
Col. Nathan L. Griffin of sainted mem
ory. Everybody liked Jim Griffin and
if he had an enemy in the world it was
himself. His life was a Hfltful fever,"
after it may he sleep well, and awake
in a habitation-a glorious home,
where unalloyed happiness shall be
his forever and forever.
Mr. E. P. Paul, who died at his home
in the Antioch section a few days
since, was a son of the late Abner Paul
of our town, was about thirty-three
years of age at the time of his death,
and leaves a wife and one child and
several sisters and brothers who will
?orely miss his genial smile and pres
ence. For the last six or eight years
Mr. Paul had been living in Augusta,
but failing health caused him to re
move to his home in the country,
where he died as above stated. He
was buried at Antioch church. Peace
to his memory !
"If life has one flower
One beautiful hour,
One song that comes after a sigh,
For me there'll be fun in
The world the Lord's runnin'
_AT???S?ui&-go to askin' Him "why."
Miss Eliza Mims is ill with the grip.
Eren the cats and dogs have got the
There is general complaint abont the
scarcity cf eggs.
Dr. Manly Timmons is ill with grip,
confined to his bed.
Mr. L. P. Covar is confined to his
bed with the grip.
A mistake is apt to attract more at
tention to us than a virtue.
Executions will soon be issued
against delinquent taxpapers.
God will forgive your sins, but he
expects you to pay your debts.
Some men never learn the difference
between education and conceit.
Mr. W. A. Hobbs, of Horns Creek, is
thinking of moving to Greenwood.
The devil doesn't lose much when a
wholesalesinner becomes a retail saint,
London has a cemetery for pet djgf.
A man hired to kill 'em is now in or
Mrs. Danie] Quattlebaum died at
ber home in Shatterfleld one day last
Horde Allen looks as natural in the
Edgefield Bank as though to the man
ner born.
Col. John P. Bates, who has been
sick with grip, is out again, we are
glad to say.
Butter has been a drag in this market
for the last month orso, tut it is now
looking up a little.
What a language we have? A man
"sits down" during tho day time, but
"sits up" at night.
Mr. D. R. Durisoe, who has been con
fined to his room for several days with
the grip, is better.
Col. Jim Tillman has removed his
law office across the street in the Nor
ris building, upstairs.
Miss Lou Aycock has gone to Co
lumbia to take a position as engross
ing clerk in the legislature.
Rev. T. R. Corr, pastor of the Baptist
church at Batesburg, has resigned'
andtaccepted a call to Richmond, Mo.
This winter, so far, has been re
markably mild and pleasant, if you ex
cept the blizzard with which it open
Mr. John I. Brunson, editor of the
Barnwell Sentinel, died last week. He
was an experienced journalist and a
good man.
Mr. A. V. Morgan has carried his
chain gang to work on the public roads
in the Seigler section, and Seigler is
his postoffice.
Dr. Gwaltney was ill in bed on last
Sunday morning, and as a conse
quence there was no service in our
Baptist church.
We heard a man say th-'other day
tfiat so many people are dying in
Edgefield here lately, that he had a no
tion of moving off.
- ?
Mrs. Henry McIntosh, of Alban;
Ga., sp^nt several days last week wit
ber sister, Mrs. W, J. McKerali.
Wanted-Fifty bushels of corn ii
the ear ( will buy a less quantity). Ai
ply at the ADVERTISER office.
Chattel mortgages for sale at thi
office, guaranteed to hold a mule if pt
on him right, or your money refunde?
I now have a first-class Meat Marke
and always have what you want. Cal
und see me. G. ?7. CAMPBELL.
Col. and Mrs. Jas. H. Tillman aper
a part of last week in Columbia. Th
Colonel had business in the Suprem
Dr. Horace Parker, who has bee
confined to his house for sometime, is
we are glad to state, well enough to b
at his office again.
Mr. George E. Dorn, of the Callisoi
section, was in town last week. Hi
reports a great deal of sickness in thi
Shatterfield country.
North Carolina boasts of a newspa
per man who has worn the same pai
of pants every Sunday fer 4S years. I
is a patent outside he runs.
U. X. Gunter, private secretary ti
Gov. Evans, has ceen giyen an offici
by the legislature, secretary to one o
the legislative committees, we believe
Don't be always asking who Cain';
wife was. It is none of your business
If Jonah had minded his own businesi
the whale never would have bothered
Judge James Aldrich will preside a
our March term of the court. J. Wm
Thurmond will at this term represen
the State in his official capacity a:
prosecuting officer.
A car driver in Sheboygan, Michi
gan, has been di ?charged because il
was discovered that she was a woman
The gender of a Sheooygander is
naturally, a little perplexing.
You] can plant English pease arni
onions now, if you want to, and if
there are none of us here to eat then:
when they get ripe, they'll bea bless
ing to the cotton factory folks.
Speaking of the grip reminds us ol
the Irishman's description. He spoke
of it as "a disease that keeps you sid
three weeks after you get well." This
is also Jake Haltiwanger's opinion.
I now have on hand tiffy tons Acid
Kanit and Guano and am prepared for
business. Haul while the roads art
good. E. J. NORRIS,
Agent Patapsco Guano Co., Baltimore
and Columbia Phos. Co.
There will soon be great rearing and
pitching on the part of those entitled
to Confederate pensions. We believe
no board of pensions has been ap
pointed for Edgefield county for the
year 1S97.
Senator Tillman has just received
his quota of garden and field seed from
the Department of Agriculture and
will distribute them to snch of his
constituents as may wish them and
will apply.
Frank Leslie's illustrated Weekly
?nd THE ADVERTISER both one year
for $3.50. Frank Leslie's alone is$4 0C
a year.
Married, at St. Paul's Methodist
church at Plum Branch, S. C., after
noon of Dec. 27, 1896, by Rev. O. N.
Rountree, Mr. Willie A.Robertson and
Miss Bessie Lanham, both of Edge
field county.
Mr. B. Lawrence, Augusta, Ga., of
fers for sale jn this issue of the AD
VERTISER the Huiet-Thomas tract of
land, a valuable piece of land, a mile
or two from our town. Hunt up the
advertisement and write Mr. Law
rence as above.
Miss Sophronia Galbreath, oldest
daughter of the late Ira Culbreath and
at one time a resident of our town,
died at the home of her grandmother,
near Paynes, in Saluda county, on
Monday, Jan. 10th, and was buried at
Strotheide cemetery on Tuesday.
They are serving cats when rabbits
are ordered in Paris restaurants. Til?
accidental appearance of a claw in the
dish revealed this awful fact to a hun
gry American not long since. If Paris
was nef-.rer to Edgefield into what a
bonanza could we convert our numer
ous colonies of cats!
Place, Edgefield; time, midnight
The girl had yawned behind her hand
kerchief until it actually had a nap on
it. Still he stayed, still he talked. The
girl's evident weariness appealed tc
him. "Bless ray soul!" be exclaimed
"what time is it?" "Time," she re
plied, "it must be eternity."
Having heard tha t a sleeping coact
was to be put on our railroad bet weer
here and Trenton, we interviewed
Agent Ilaltiwanger on the subject. He
says for the present the sleeper wil
not be put on, in fact not until th<
road commences running all-nigh
trains between Edgefield and Trenton
Everybody is talking now abou
curing hams, and many and varied are
the recipes given, all said to be infalli
ble. The following is good enough;
Allow your hams to lie in salt four to
six weeks according to size;
takeout of the brine and dry in the
air a day or two; rub each ham thor
oughly with ground black pepper am
sorghum, w rap In paper (and enclose
in cloth sacks if liked) and hang in i
cool, dark place.
Spot on the Sun.
Have you seen the big spot on the
sun? Here's the latest in regard t(
the phenomenon: "A peculiar hazi
ness of the atmosphere in St. Lou ii
last Friday made it possible for ob'
servers to see the new and big spoi
on the sun with the naked eye. Prof
H. S. Pritchett, of Washington Uni<
versify, measured the spot, and said il
was 27,040 miles long and 9,.r>00 mile?
wide. The next largest one ls 9,10(
miles long and 4,070 miles wide, and
there is quite a flock of others, from
500 to 1,000 miles in diameter, strung
along like a sort of tail to the big one
The entire disturbed area is about 08,
0i>0 miles long and 40,000 miles wide,
The main spot, it will be noted, would
cover just three worlds the size of ours.''
Here at Edgefield we can see this spot
through a smoked glass.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Intendant W. W. Adams re
quests us to publish .he following:
Tho taxpayers of the town of Edge
field are requested to meet in the
court house cf said town on Thurs
day afternoon next, Jan 21st, at 4
o'clock. Business of great im
portance will be discussed at this
meeting, and every taxpayer is
urged to be present.
School Funds.
School Commissioner Nicholson
requests us to say that the delay
in making and publishing the
school fund apportionment for
Edgefield county is due to the fact
that he has not as yet been able to
get the data for euch apportion
ment from the various sources, but
that it will be given as soon as he
can get the necessary information,
perhaps next week.
To Plant Tobacco.
Mr. Abe Broadwater has just se
cured ihe fine tobacco seed he has
been hunting so long. They are
imported.from Cuba, and have to
be soaked in honey, maple syrup
and Jersey cream before they will
germiuat-\ Mr. Broadwater wil.
plant forty acres this}'ear, and all
this he has done just to keep Sam
Taylor from going to the Cub'*
war, so Sam says.
New Firms.
The firm of Ramsay & Bland,
hitherto doing business at Edge
field and Johnston, has been dis
solved by mutual consent. The
bu8ii ess will be continued at
Edgefield by W. W. Ramsey and
B. B. Jones, under the firm name
of Ramsey & Jones j at Johnston
Mr. Avory Bland will own and
operate thc Johnston business un
der his own name.
A Guano Problem,.
^-B. has three tons of fertilizers. One
contains 8 psr cent of ammonia; an
other '2 per cent of potash ; another
12 per cent of acid. Ile wishes to mix
from these three tons a ton to contain
2 per cent of ammonia, 3 percent of
potash andS percent of acid. How
many pounds must he take from each
of the three tons to make the desired
formula? Guano agents and school
teachers are invited to workout this
problem for the sake of a sorely dis
tressed farmer.
Accident at McCormick.
Mr. G E Cade, living near Mc
Cormick in Abbeville county, was
accidently killed on Saturday
night last. He was found dead
and it is supposed bis horse ran
away with the buggy, threw him
out and killed him. But as he
!wa8a wealthy man and had con
stantly money on his person, some
think he was killed and robbed.
He was caught between the shafts
and wheels and dragged several
hundred yards. When found life
was extinct.
Cut This Out.
The Scientific American # gives
this receiptjWhich the whole' world
ought io know: ''At the first in
dication of diphthetia in the
throat of a child make the room
close, ther. take a tin cup ahd pour
inio it a quantity of tar and tur
pentine, equal parts. Then hold
the cup over a fire, so as to fill
the room with fumes. The little
patient on inhaling the fumes will
cough up and spit out all the
membraneous matter, and the
diphtheria will pass off. Tho
fumes of the tar and turpentine
losen the matter in the throat and
thus afford the relief that has
baffled the skill of physicians,"
Eclipses of the Sun.
During tho present year there
will be two eclipses of the sun
visible in the Southern and
Eastern States.
The first of these solar phenom
enon will occur on the first day of
February next, lc wi:i be what
is known as a ring or annular
eclipse, which means that the
moon will pass across the sun's
disk in . uch a way as to leave
only a rim of light visible. It
will lost for only a short time,
however, and the sun's occupation
will not be very seriously menac
The second eclip.-< which will
be of the samo natur ;s slated for
July 29th. It will I visible in
North and South . 'rica, and
also on the Atlantic oi .Instead
of lasting for only a f minut?e,
however, like its pred essor, it
will last for somethiiib like two
and a half hours.
Must be Os.
A few years ago Mr. Henry
Cheatbam, of Edgefield county,
attracted by the advantages afford
ed by a residence in Richmond
county, moved here and bought
the property known as the Perrin
place, about two miles from Au
gusta. He has since then nevei
had occasion to regret his step, foi
his removal was a well-timed one,
He now has a Jersey herd unsur
passed by any of this section, a
farm cultivated to the highesl
yield, and is enjoying good health,
having had no sickness since his
removal. There are three causee
for this very happy state of affaire
with this very clever gentleman
The first is his energy, the second
the unsurpassed climate which
permits him to enjoy good health
aud thirdly, the unsurpassed ad
vantages of the section in which
he so fortunately chanced a resi
deuce.-Augusta Herald.
Guano, Acid Phosphate, Kninit
and Cotton Seed Meal.
I am now ready f ir orders, can
fill promptly. My goods are thc
best, so says the State chemist ar.-d
thousands of others.
Anew upright piano, oak case, 7}^
octaves, with stool cover and instruc
tion book, for sale. Price ?150. Ap
ply at this oflice.
To KENT-A six roomed house in 2
desirable locality, For terms and oth
er particulors apply at this oflice. Pos
session given after December loth
Terms $8 or; $10 with a portion of lam
for garden.
Union Meetings.
The Union Meeting of the 2nd
Division of the Edgefield Assojia
tion will convene with the Bethle
hem Baptist Church >f Christ on
Saturday before the fifth Sunday
in January, 1897, at 10 a. m.
Missionary Sermon by Rev. Wm.
A. Hart, allemate Rev. G. W.
Sundav afternoon-Speakers:
Bros. P. R. Waits, J. M. Bussev, E.
G. Talbert and Rev. G. W. Bussey.
1. Can a true Christian bear
malice against any one? Speak
ers, H. E. Bunch and E. G. Mor
gan, Sr
2., Is it not our duty as Baptist
to patronize Baptist echools?
Speakers, Dr. D. A. J. Bell and W.
H. Nixon.
3. Should not Christians en
deavor to make associates of the
young people of the community in
which they live? Speakers, R. E.
Broadwater,-P. H. Bussey and R.
4. What are the offices and du
tiee of deacons? Speakers, Rev.
W. A. Hart and Rev. G. W. Bus
L. F. DORN, Moderator.
5. E. FREELAND, Sec. and Treas.
The Union Meeting of the 3rd
Division of the Edgefield Assooia
tiou will meet wi rh the Antioch
church on Saturday before the 5th
Sunday of this month, at 10 a. m.
The following will be the pro
gramme :
Saturday morning, 10 o'clock
Organization and report from
ll o'clock-Introductory sermon
by Rev. H. S. Hartzog.
12e'clock-Exposition of Rom,
5:1-5 by "Kev. L. R. Gwaltney. '
1 o'clock p. m.-Intermission
for one hour.
2 o'clock, 1st query-What is
the object and present condition
the missionary and educational
boards? By A. A. Glover.
Miscellaneous and adjournment.
10 o'clock-Sunday School mass
11 o'clock-Missionary sermon
by Rev. J. V. Krepps.
11.45 o'clock, 2nd query-Are
there any scriptural or moral de
mands for the support of orphan
age work? By Dr. R. H. McKie.
1 o'clock-Adjournment for one
2 o'clock-Exposition of Matt.
5:25-26, by Rev. H. S. Hartzog.
2.30 o'clock, 3rd query-Must a
person make restitution in becom
ing a Christian? By A. S. Tomp
Chair. Com.
What is the Matter.
From the
the Savuun
Sunday, it ? ..
valuable j
worried a
system, Se
the Cubar
The So
as comp;
when Ti
forces i
remembered tua on one occasion
they 8eizen Sanator Cameron's
demijohn en route to his shooting
box on the coast, wherevpou the
Senator immediately left for the
North. At present Senator Came
rou is making quito a long stay on
the South CaJolina coast. And
meantime the Cuban resolution
is languishing.
A farmer in Columbus county
N. C., last year realized $101
from a four acre patch in snap
beans; he followed the beans
with corn that shucked out 180
bushels; this was augmented bv
twelve tons of pea vines. These
four turned him out $371, or an
average of $92,75 per acre, and
his land is not impoverished.
Notice of Dissolution.
BY mutual agreement the firm of
Ramsey & Bland have this day dis
solved. Mr. Avory Bland wil1 here
after own and conduct the Johnston
store, he having purchased Mr. W. W,
Kamsey's interest in same. The busi
ness at Edgefield will hereafter be
owned and conducted by Messrs. AV,
W. Ramsey and B. B. Jones, under thc
linn name of Ramsey & Jones, Thej
having bought Mr. Avory Bland's in
terest in sr.me. W. W.RAMSEY,
HAVING sold my interest in thc
business of Ramsey & Bland at
Johnston to Mr. Avory Bland, I takt
this means of thanking our friends foi
the the liberal patronage bestowed or
the old firm and solicit a continuance
to him. W. W. RAMSKY.
HAVING sold my interest in tilt
business of Ramsey & Bland al
Edgefield to Messrs. W. W. Ramsey
and B. B.Jones, I take this method o
thanking our friends for their past
liberal patronage of the old linn am
speak for the new firm a continuance
ol'the same. AVORY BLAND.
Jan. 19,1S!17-3t
Sot "Just as Good"
We arcot content to make ?mr
1 not j ?st ns good ar? wemau
erv, better tav.l tics , ? bcr_on<l
be^"rd tarnee List.
\UBuf SUrli-e Brand:
Tllousands of Women
By Arousing to Healthy Action all \m Organs. ?
It causes health to bloom, and?
joy to reign throughout the frame. !
...!t Never Fails to Renulate,
'.My wife hn.'bpen under treatment nf lend.
Int: pu;ricinus tbree years, without benefit.'
After tutor three bottles of BRADF?ELD'S'
FKMALK KKt.ULATOH iliecnii doburuivio
COOIIIUK. inllkini; ami ?ashing."
N.S. BUVAN. Henderson. Ain.
Sold by druggist* nt $1.00 per bottle.
Notice to Creditors.
ALL persons having claims against
the estate of li. J. Pri?e, deceased, are
requested to present them, propt ly
attested, either to t he undersigned, or
to Sheppard Bros., my Attorneys: and
all persons indebted to the said estate
are requested to make immediate pay
ment eil her to Sheppard Bros., or to
the undersigned.
j. ar. PRICE,
Dec. 28-lt Administrator.
364acres ot* land 7miles from Edge
field C. H., on the blocker road. On
the place are three ti nant houses, an
excellent well of water, a good barn
with slieds on both sides. There is
also a young orchard of three acr?*s
containing j.np'e, pear, and cherries.
About 40 acres m .. ds.
For terms apply tc?
Edgefleld C. H..S.O.
Oct. G-tf.
- SOLO iNBoTTi.csjOKt.v>>?."
*X?P???C NEW YORK BRANCH M2'a3**'-3*T^-J
For Sale at ;:ll County Dispen
saries. '
TRENTON", s- C.,
Sul.srvljiti<.ns Solicite*.) for nny PuM?estt?oi
Read thc S^"-*? prize >'??'}'' '.The Mill <
Science," now !'c:'?'r puMi.shci] in the C'.iicag
Record-only two cents t copy. \'<n:r [>:itron
apt would l>e appreciated.
April 14, iSuo.
Respectfully beg my patrons lo
remember my appointments at
? ?kmtat?AA equipped and pre
B Bil Ri W? eminently prartirai
institution in the
South which gives
daily drill in actual business, banking
and office work.
Positions are guaranteed graduates
through the Employment Bureau. Ad
dress prompt ly
Macon, ?ia.
Dec. 15-1896.
.- The following law books, apply,
Bishop on Criminal Procedure,
Vol. 1 and 2.
Wharton on Criminal Law, 3 vols.
Willcock on Corporations.
Williams on Executors.
Hill's S. Carolina Reports, Vol. 2.
Chitty's Blackstone, 2 vols.
Stephen on Pleading.
Wills on Circumstantial Evidence.
Foublanque on Equity, 2 vols.
, Chitty on Contracts.
. Paschal's Annotated Constitution.
' Martindale's U.S. Law Directory
I (1874.)
Brevard s Reports, \ o!. 2.
? Halo's Please of ibo Cn;wu.
Green leaf on Evidence, Vol. 1.
Chitty on Bills.
, Rice's Digested Index.
; Harrison's Chancery, Vol. 1.
; Bay's Reports, Vol.1.
Phillipp's Evidence.
. Il is i orv ol s Suit at Law, by James
Mitford on Pleadings.
! Chitty on Pleading, Vol. 1.
I Auditor's Notice.
; I will be at Ihe following plac?
on the days below mentioned t?
receive tax returns :
' Bed Hill, Monda}, Jan. 11.
'Collier's, Tuesday, Jan. 12.
Cheatbara'a Store, Wednesday
January k.'L
Clark's Hill, Thursday, January
Parksviile, Saturday, January 16.
Plum Branch, Monday, Jauuarj
Quarlcs',Tuesda}', .january 19.
Lotigmires, Wednesday, .lan. 20.
Call ?sou's, Thursday, Janury 21.
Kirksey's, Fridav, January 22.
William.-' Mill, Saturday, Jan. 25
Haltiwanger's, Monday, Jannah
Meeting Sin el, Tuesday, .Ian nun
Pleasant Lane, Wednesdav, Jami
ry 27.
Trenton, Thursday, January 2S.
Johnston, P\idav, Januarv 29.
Edgefleld C. H., from Jan. 30fcl
. to Feb. 20th, 1897, after vhicJ
time 50 per rent penalty will \y
j added lo the raine of ali property
I of parties who fail lo make lax re
? tu rn rs.
Court of Common Pleas.
Summons for Relief. Complaint
not Served.
C. M. Ti m merman, Plaintiff,
against M. B. Byrd, Defendant.
To the Defendant above named :
You are hereby summoned and
required to answer the complaint
in Ibis ac!ion, which is filed in
the office of the Clerk of the Court
of Common Pleas for the said
county, and to serve a copy of
your answer to the said complaint
on the subscriber at his office
Edgefield Court Hou-e, South
Carolina, within twenty days after
tho service hereof, exclusive of the
dav of such service; and if you
fail to answer the complaint with
in the timo aforesaid, the plaintiff
in this action will apply to the
court for the relief demanded in
the complaint.
Dated at Edgefiel I, S. C., Jan.
5th, A. D. 1897.
Test- Plaintiffs' Attoruev.
JOHN B. HILL, (L. s.)
C. CC. P,
To M. B.Byrd, Defendant:
You will take notice that the
summons and complaint in the
above slated action are on file in
the office o? the Clerk of Court of
Common Pleas in and for said
county of Edgefield and State of
South Carolina.
Plaintiffs' Attorney.
Master's Sale.
Court of Common Pleas.
i. H. Edwards, as assignee of Ben
. jin) jjojland, against Charles
Lofton. ^ f
PURSUANT to the judgn>IIr-.nf
foreclosure in this cause, I will
offer for sale at public outcry be
fore the Court House, town of
Edgefield and State of South Caro
lina, on the first Monday in Feb
ruary, 1897, (beieg the 1st day of
said month) between the legal
hours of sale, the following realty,
to wit:
Al! that tract or parcel of land
situate, lying and being iii Edge
field county and State of South
Carolina, containing eleven (ll)
acn s, more or less, and known as
a ??art of the Burton place and ad
joining lands of M. E. Jacksan,
Lemuel Corloy, A. J. No?ris aud
Terms of Sale : Cash.
Purchaser lo pay for papers.
PURSUANT to the judgment of
foreclosure in this canse, I will
oiler for salo at public outcry be
fore the Court House, town of
Edgefield and State of South Caro
lina on the first Monday in Feb
ruary, 3897, (being the first day
said month) between the le^al
hours of sa'e, the following de
scribed realty, to wit :
All th ?it lot, piece and parcel of j
land situate, lying and being iu
Edgefield county and State of
South Carolina and contain Tig
one and three-quarters (?:?) acres,
more or less, being lots Nos. 2 and
3 as shown by a plat made by F.-ed
Powell, Esq., surveyor, Nov. 20,
1891, and being a part of ihe
Lewis Jones homestead; bounded
on the north by the New Street
and Lewis Joues homestead ; south
by land of J. W. De Vere, Esq.;
I east by lot No. 4 of said plat, and
west by ldt of Mose Eidson.
Terms of Sale: One-half cash,
end the balance on a credit of one
year with interest from the day of
j sale, purchaser to give bond and a
j mortgage of the premises to secure
th< payment of the credit portion
or all cash at the purchaser's op
Purchaser to pay for papers.
Master E. C.
Jan. 1, 1897.
?Year - - -
250 acres in Nurseries. On
acre I nder <;iass.
tomtit Trees
.uriel l?la.ni"??.
Specially adapted to th
Southern suites.
1 Peaches, Pears, Plums,
Apples, Walnuts, Pecans, &t
l'are Conf?ra; and Broad
Leaved Evergreens; 8,0C
Azalias; 50,000 Palms,Gree
house and Bedding Plants
mid everything suited to tli
needs id' Southern Hort ?eu
t nrists.
\r2T> Acre?
in !??
gJST Xo Agents. Semi o:
tiers direct to us.
Catalogue Free.
The Langley M'fg. Com
pany, uni il further notice,
will purchase colton i ci nt
under Augusta market
quota! ions on day of d<'
liverv, at Langley, S. C.
Nov. 10-If.
Fire, Life, ami Acculent Insu
Office in The Farmer? Bank of Edge
field, s. c.
We represent thc following- First-Class
Companies :
Northern Assurance Company of
Capital, $15,000,000.00
Assets American Branch,
Continental Fire,
Capital, $1,000,000.00
Assets, $7,210,828.00
American Fire, Philadelphia,
Capital, $500,000.00
Assets, $2,409,586.00
Will write first-class risks in town
and country.
Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Com
pany of Newark, Xew Jersey.
Organized 1845.
All policies participate in dividends
annually, and are incontestiblo and
non-Forfeitable after two years.
Before applying forinsurance write
us or see us personally.
July 14-6m,
At Prices to suit the ?mei.
Nov. IS-it.
Auditor's Appoint
f H?Ube at tho following places
on th^ day? 2nd dates named for
the purpose of rec<*i-V'?4lg tex re^
turns for 'he year 1S97 : ^
Saluda C. H., Saturdav, Jau. 2,
A P Col? man's, Tuesday, Jun 5.
W W Owdom's Wednesday, Jan G.
S M Pitts, Thursday, Jan 7.
A R Welts, Friday, .Jan o.
Celestia, Saturdav, Jan. 9.
Fruit-Hill, Monday, Jan. ll.
? B Watson's. Tuesday, Jan 12.
Ward's, Weduesday, Jan. 13.
Ridge Spring, Thursday, .inn [4.
Bolston'sX Roads, Friday, Jan 15.
Mt. Willing, Saturday, Jan IG.
Denny's X Roads, Monday, Jan IS.
Perry's X Roads, Tuesday. Jan 19.
Kmard's Store, Wednesday, Ja . 20.
Dan Holly's, TbursiW T, - 01
i wu ior One
Home and Farm
In combination with our paper
ONE DOLLAR and oOcts
Being the price of our paper alone
That is for all new subscribers, or
old subscribers renewing and pay
ing IS months in advance, we send
Home and Farm isa 1G page agri
cultural journal made by farmers.
Its home department conducted
by Aunt Jane, is unequalled. Its
Children's Department, conducted
by Faith Latimer, is entertaining
and instructive.
N 1
. J. E. E
EM 3/
547 Broad St.
All I a6k is ti) give me a call bel
the interest of the people. I give
and DAY
Nov. 24, 1S96.
Jno. IX.
Diamonds, Wi
849 Broadway, Opposite
Sterling Novelties
From $1
Dec. 15-tl
Milling" and
The undersigned, dealer in all
kinds of Cunning and Milling Ma
chinery, Wat3r Wheels, Steam
Engines, Flouring and Corn Mills,
will furnish estimates for whole
plants and put them in operation.
Represents the largest Ma
chinery Works.
^??0 Repairs fun ?shed and put
r* Esp icial attention to over
hauling ani changing from old to
new systems.
All correspondence promptly an
G. D. M I M S,
Apr. 21-9G. Edgefield, S. C.
Having rented the Edgc
field Hotel, the Old Saluda
House, I am now prepared to
entertain travellers, boarders,
transient or permanent, at rea
sonable rates.
Soliciting a share of the
patronage of thc public, I am
yours to please.
Edgefield, S. C.
Nov. 5, '95.
Grinds lenses for allcjc?et s
of-sight. If
you, com
tell you
il you need L !?cs. medicine,
or rest. Fits glasses into old
frames while you wait. All
work guaranteed.
Prof. P. M. WHITMAN,
739 Broad St., Augusta, Ga.
gasend for "BLUE"'CATA
Dec. 15, 1S96-tf.
Wanted-An idea
Who eau think
of some Simple
thing to patent?
Protect your Ideas: tliev may bring ym wealth.
Write JOHV WEDDERU?UN ft CO.. Patent Attor
neys, Washington. D. C., for their tl.Suj prize offer
and list, of two hundred Inventions wanted.
, Augusta, Ga.
fore buying, and I will make it to
polite and prompt alten'ion NIGHT
itches, Jewelry,
: Daly's Dry Goods Store,
5 and Gold Watc hes,
5 to $150.

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