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Edgefield Advertiser
WEDNESDAY, AUG. ll, 1897.
Departed this life on Friday, the6th
of August, Mrs. Julia li?e. She had
been identified with Edgefield for
many years, and leaves heh.nd many
friends and a large family of children.
She was formerly of Charleston, S. CL
where a number cf her nearest rela
tives now reside. For many months
she had been a great suiter, but during
that time was the recipient of many
kindly ministrations, thus soothing
her pathway to the last long home.
There remain of her own immediate
family, Mrs. Dr. Lebby and Mr. Mer
rick Tovey, of Charleston, and Mrs. T.
W. Carwile, of Edgelield Her children
still surviving are Misses Minna and
Annie Bee and Mrs. Mabry, of Abbe
ville, and Messrs. William, Robert and
John Bee.
Her funeral services were conducted
from the Episcopal Church of which
she had been for years a member. The
sermon was delivered by Dr. L. R.
& walt ney of the Baptist Church.
Miss Gertie Strom is visiting rela
tives in Aiken.
Mr. X.M.Jones is visiting friends
vt Bates burg.
Red Messena Orange at the ''Luray
Fountain of Youth."
Prof. Wm. Holland, of Trenton, was
in town on Monday.
A $325.00 Piano for only $195.00 cash
at R. L. Fox's.
Mrs. M. I. Hook, of Trenton, was in
our town last week.
Hiss Hettie Sheppard is visiting
friends at Ridge Spring.
Miss Jones, of Batesburg, is visiting
the family of Capt. Mat Jones.
Miss Maggie Jones is visiting-her
aunt, Mrs. Joe Jones, in Buncombe.
Dr. Gwaltney is conducting a meet
ing at Mt. Ebal, in Aiken county this
Mrs. Munroe Wise spent Monday in
Edgefield with her niece Miss Ellie
Duncan entered the campaign at
Newberry, his home, on Monday of
thid week.
"Vigorone" at the "Luray," as its.
name indicates, invigorates as well as
delights the palate.
Judge Simonton has decided that an
original package is an original pack
ege, no more, no less.
Mrs. Kate Shealy, nee Hook, and
Master Earle, of Langley, visited rela
tives in our town last week.
School. Applicants wilJ.give reference
and terms. J. \\\J^gjj|^J^'l]airmari.
Mr. Robert Mannahill, the handsome
young ?on.of Mr.,Sarouel T?nnahill,
of Augusta, Ga., is visiting relatives in
our town.
Mrs. T. T. Calhoun, of Houston, Tex.,
widow of the late Col. T. I. Calhoun
of that city, is on a visit to Col. S. B.
Mays and family.
The sccial meeting of the Young
People's Union of the Baptist Church
will be held in the Y. M. C. A. hall on
Friday of this week.
Married, at the Methodist parsonage
on Tuesday night of last week, Mr.
Asa Broadwater to Miss Mollie Foley,
Rev. D. Z. Dantzler officiating.
Rev. G. G. Mayes, the new pastor of
the Edgelield Presbyterian churches
will soon remove with his family to
Trenton. His preseut residence is
Our sister town of Aiken has passed
an ordinance requiring "original pack
age" stores to pay a license of five hun
dred dollars for the sale of liquor in
this form.
The seasons in the immediate vi
cinity of Edgelield have been almost
perfect during the whole year, and the
prospects for big crops of corn, cotton,
potatoes, peas and cane were never
mor?? flattering.
Col. W.H. Folk requests us to an
nounce that for the next ten days he
will be absent from his law oilice and
at his Batesburg plantation, the old
Dr. Folk place. And that his Saluda
county clients may consult him there.
Mr. J. Horde Allen, Cashier of the
Bank of Edgefield, has returned from
his trip to the mountains of North
Carolina browned and sun-burned,
and invigorated for the heavy fall and
winter work soon to come in the bank.
Mr. W. B. Dunovant has been drawn
on the Grand Jury of the Lnited
States Court for the February term,
1S5?S. Messrs. E. H. Youngblood, Beau
regard Timmons and Henry Holmes
are on the Petit Jury for the same
There are no new developments as
to our Edgefield postollice. President
McKinley is at Lake Chaplain and un
til he returns, about Aug. 28th, we
shall probably know nothing as* tc
who is to be our postmaster for the
next four years.
Our handsome young friend, Charlie
Dobson, has just returned from a trip
North taking in Niagara Falls, Mon
treal, Quebec,etc. lie says that during
his entire stay of several weeks he
never saw "a Hy ora mosquito, a'gnal
or a nigger." But he saw a good manj
other things.
Rev. John Krepps, who preaches foi
several Baptist churches in our count}
-Horns Creek, Republican and Sweet
water, wt I '-eve-fell from the seooni
story window of Dr. D. P. Lagrone'i
residence at Johnston on the night o:
Aug. 3rd and sustained serious inju>
ries. Mr. Krepps was a delegate t<
the Y. M. C. A. convention, and whih
in attendance stopped with Dr. La
grone. During the night of the daj
named he, while asleep, walked out o
the window as aoove stated and fell t<
the ground, ? distance of 10 feet.* * -
A. S. Tompkins, Esq., says that any
fool knows how to work, some of the
biggest of them work arl the time, but
it is the smart man who knows how to
rest and when.
WANTED.-Indian relics of all kinds
to purchase or sell on commission.
Reference, First National Bank, Wa
verly, New York. PERCY L. LANG.
Miss Efiie Allen has been elected
Sponsor for the Confederate Veterans
Camp at Johnston, and will attend the
reunion with them in Greenville on
the 24th.
Mr.George F. Mims, electrician, has
completed the telephone line from Au
gasta to Trenton, and Edgefield to
Johnston. This is perhaps the best
job of the kind ever done in South
John Abney Boykin, Esq., a rising
young lawyer of Atlanta, Ga., is visit
ing his grandmother, Mrs. Caroline
Abney. Mr. Boykin is a partner of
Hon. W. P. Calhoun, and is steadily
forging to the front.
Lost near the Baptist church, a pair
of gold spectacles, half glasses. The
finder will be liberally rewarded.
Some weeks ago we published an an
nouncement of the marriage of James
Boykin, supposing it was Edgefleld's
James, the son of Mr. J. F. and Mrs
Isabelle Boykin; it was a mistake
Our James has not yet passed that
WANTED-Lady of business ability
or man of energy, to canvass the
county. Forty dollars per month sal
ary for whole time, or liberal commis
sion for part time. Address J. J.
BROWN, Main Street, Columbia, S. C.
Mrs. Moses Holstein happened to a
very painful accident while at her
home near Batesburg recently. Her
shoulder was dislocated and fractured.
She is now in Edgefield, and her many
friends are glad to know that she is
Mallory Steamship Line.
Begihtiiug Aug. 7th' the Mallory
Steamship line will inaugurate
service betwe?n Port Royal, S. C.,
and New York City.
Steamers will leave New York
every Saturday at 3 P. M. arriving
at Port Royal the Monday follow
ing. Returning, leave Port Royal
Saturday morning and arrive iu
New York Monday following.
A special train will leave Port
Royal on the arrival of each
steamer to dispatch the business
into the interior.
This line offers unexceptionable
facilities for the handling of both
freight and passenger traffic, the
passenger j accommodations being
first class in every respesc.
For information as.to rates, etc.,"
addres, W. J. Craig, G.\F A.'
Augusta, Ga.
Mountain Excursion.
The annual mountain excursion
from Augusta, Ga., will leave on
Wednesday, Aug. 11th, 1897, via
the Charleston and Western Caro
lina Railway. For this occasion
round trip tickets will be sold to
points named at the following very
low rates :
Anderson, S. C., - - $4 00
Asheville, N. C., - - 6 00
Flat Rock, N. C., - - 5 40
Glenn Springs, S. C., - 4 50
Greenville, S. C., - - 4 00
Hendersonville, N. C., - 5 50
Hot Springs, N. C., - 7 25
Lenoir, N. C., - - - 6 75
Saluda, N. C., - - - 5 30
Spartauburg, S. C., - 4 00
Tryon, N. C., - - - 5 00
Waterloo (for Harris
Springe, S. C.,) - - 3 00
Wavuesville, N. C., - 7 25
Walhalla, S. C., - - 5 00
Tickets are good for return pas
sage on any train until Aug. 31st,
Only l'ne offering direct through
connection Both going and return
ing with no layovers.
Train" leaves Union Depot Au
gusta at 9.40 A. M., giving a de
lightful daylight ride- through the
beautiful Mountain Scenery of
North Carolina.
For auy other information write
or call upon W. J. Craig, General
Passenger Agent, Augusta, Ga.
General offices No. 811 Broadway.
Cures Fever
In One Day.
To Larry Gantt, Editor Pied
mont Headlight.
Mr. Assistant Attorney General
Townsend has decided that Edge
field county must be repr?sent?e
in the State Senate by a mau from
Greenwood county, and I write to
ask you to put some bad language
ou him in your next week's paper,
and the next time you come tc
Edgefield I will skin the cat for
you backwards and forwards three
times hand gwiue.
The ADVERTISER devil boy.
Not Necessary to Give Poison.
When a pbysican ie called tc
a case of stomach trouble, the
first thing he prescribes is opiurc
or chloroform. Normau'f
Neutralizing .Cordial fights all
these poisons. Its composition if
free from anything injurious. Il
is very pleasant and children like
it. Price 25 and 50c. Dr. C. Fe*
? Co., Hendersonville, N. C., says
Normand Indian Worm Pellets
give perfect satisfaction. Price
10 and 25c. Sold by all druggists.
Cures Fevei
fc-i . ? * Ia One Day.
The Question Will Have to be
Decided When the Senate
The following letter from the
Assistant Attorney General ex
plains itself:
COLUMBIA, July 31, 1897. j
Hon. M. B. McSweeney, Hampton,
S. C.
Dear Sir: Your letter enclosing
communication to you from Mr.
M. P. Wells has been received.
The question submitted by the
letter of Mr. Wells is whether
there is now a .vacancy in the
office of Senator of Edgefield
It appears that at the last general
election in this State in Nov., 1896,
Hon, J M. Gaines was elected
Senator from Edgefield county.
At the session of the General
Assembly held in 1897 an Act was
passed and approved on the 2nd
day of February, A. D. 1897, to
establish Greenwood county. Mr.
Gaines, by the establishment of
Greenwood county, becomes a
citizen of that county.
Section 6, Article 3, of the
Constitution of 1895 is a3 follows:
"The Senate shall be composed
of ono member from each county
to bc elected for the term of four
years by the qualified electors in
each county iu the.same manner in
which members of the House of
Reprsentatives are chosen."
Section 7 of Article 3 is as
follows : "No person shall be eligi
ble to a seat in the Senate or House
of Representatives who at the time
of his election is not a duly qualifi
ed elector under this Constitution
in the county in which he may be
chosen. Senators shall be at least
twenty-five and Representatives
at least twenty-one years of age."
The qualifications pre cribed
by the Constitution to render an
elector eligible to the office of
Senator are : First, he must be a
qualified elector of the county;
s< cond, he must be at least twenty
five years of age. At the lime of
his election, in 1896, Mr. Gaines
was undoubtedly eligible to a seat
in the Senate from Edgefield
county. But, since his election,
his residence has been changed by
the Act to establish Greenwood
county. This change *'as not
voluntarily made by Mr. Gaines.
The Act also by its provisions has
made Mr. Gaines a qualified
elector of Greenwood county, for it
requires the Supervisors of
Registration of Edgefield county to
turn over all the Registration
bookd for the voting places embrac
ed in the bounds of Greenwood
county to the Supervisors of
Registration for Greenwood county.
This transfer of Mr. Gaines as a
qualified elector was also involun
Section 25, Article 3, is follows :
"If any election district shall
neglect to choose a member or
members on the day of election,
or if any person chosen a member
of either House shall refuse to
qualify and take his seat or shall
resign, die, depart the State, accept
any disqualifying office or position
or become otherwise disqualified
to hold his seat a writ of election
Bhall ba issued by the President of
the Sen ate or Speaker of thc House
of Representatives as the case may
be, for the purpose of filling the
vacauy, etc."
Section ll, Article 3, is as
fellows : "Each House shall judge
of the election returns and
qualifications of its own members,
Who is made the judge under
the Constitution as to whether a
Senator elected and qualified and
who has taken his seat has become
disqualified to hold it? Under
Section 25, Article 3, the power to
decide this question is clearly vest
ed in the Senate. No State officer
nor the President of the Senate is
vested with any 6uch power. If
this is so, there is no vacancy in
the office of Senator from Edgefield
county until the Senate sits and
declares that Mr. Gaines has be
come disqualified to hold his seat,
and, as President of Senate, you
can only then issue a writ of elec
tion for the purpose of filling the
Section 6, Article 3, provides
that the person elected Senator
shall be elected for the term of
four years. In addition to this, in
the same Constitution, in which
the qualifications of a Senator are
provisions for tho formation of
new counties and for prescribing
the first them of the Senator from
such counties as to observe a
certain classification required.
In view of these provisions, and
of the fact that Mr. Gaines has not
voluntarily become a citizen of
Greenwood county, and the novelty
of the question raised in this case,
it would seem eminently ap
propriate that the Senate of South
Carolina should act in this matter
before any action is taken by you
as President of the Senate, under
Section 25, Article 3, of the
These are the views of this
office, which are not authoritative,
but have been expresod at your
? aruost request vithout any inten
tion of deciding the question
whether there is a vacancy in the
office of Senator from Edgefield
county or of influencing your
official action.
Yours very truly,
Assistant Attorney General.
On receipt of the above letter
from the Assistant Attorney Gen
eral, the President of the Senate
wrote to Mr. Wells as follows :
HAMPTON, S. C., August 4,1897.
Mr. M. P. Wells, Edgefield, S. C.
Dear Sir: AS stated to you in a
previous letter I submiited to the
Attorney General the question as
to ordering an election for Senator
of Edgefield county,-aa requested
by you. I herewith enclose you a
copy of the reply just received
from the Attorney General's office.
In accordance with the views
therein exprewsed it appears that
I have no authority to order the
election for Senator from the
couut of Edgefield.
Yours truly,
Chill and
Cures Fever
In One Dav.
Decides the Original Package
Greenville News.
Charleston, S. C., Aug. 7-Judge
Simonton, of the United States
circuit court today filed his
decision defining "original pack
age" and settling the disputed
feature of the dispensary law.
The court holds that an "original
package" is the form in which
liquor is delivered to the initial
carrier at the point of shipment.
If boxed liquor is imported then
the whole box muBt be sold and
not a single bottle from the box.
The decision will require all
dealers to import liquor in single
The Union Meetiug of the 2nd
division of the Edgefield Associa
tion will convene with the Parks
ville Baptist Church of Christ on
Saturday before the 5th Sunday in
August at 10 a. m.
Missionary sermon to be pro
vided for. S. S. speakers to be
Querry 1. Is idleness condemned
by Scripture? Speakers, Dr D A
j Bell, P H Bussey.
Query 2. What are some of the
needful things for a healthy Chris
tiau growth? Speakers, J H Bus
sey and W J Talbert.
Query 3. The duty of Baptist to
understand the doctrines which
Baptist hold. Speakers, J P Nixon
and T G Talbert.
Query 4. The true purpose of
the Lord's supper. Speakers, Rev
W A Hart and Rev G W Bussoy.
S. E. FREELAND, Soc'ty.
The Union Meeting of the 3rd
division will com one with Repub
lican Church on Saturday before
the 5th Sunday in this month :
10 o'clock. Organization and re
ports from the churches.
11:00. Introductory sermon by
Rev P P Blalock.
12:00. 1st topic: Is leading in
prayer a gift or partial acquire
ment? Opened by D E Lanham;
alternate, J T Mims.
1:00. Intermission for one hour.
1:00. Topic : Is the observance
of the Lord's supper obligatory on
every church member, and how
should the church treat a member
who persistently absents himself
from that ordinance? A S Tomp
kins and S B Mays.
Miscellaneous and adjournment.
10:00. Praise service by L R
10:30. S. S.maps meeting.
1st Subject. How to keep a S. S.
from going into winter quarters
Opened by R H McKie and J W
2nd. What help is the church
due the Sunday-school? Opeued
by B F Glunton and J D Timmer
11:00. Missionary eermou by
Rev L R G walt ney ; Rev J P Meal
ing, alternate.
12:00. 3rd topic: To what kind
of burdens did Paul refer in Gal,
6:2, and to what extent should we
bear th'? burdens of others? Open
ed by J V Kreppe and Dr Gwalt
3:00. 4th topic: Which is the
greatest hindrance to the cause of
Christ: Infidelity or inconsistent
church members? Opeued by J
P Mealing and J N Fair.
Announcements and adjourn
J. V. KREPPS, Chairman.
Why take Johnson's
Chill & Fever Tonic?
Because it cures the
most stubborn ?ase
Of Fever in ONE DAY,
Precious Meals.
?Almost any dish which had to recom
mend it rarity, costliness, indjgestibil
itV, and, to our way of thinking, nasti
ness, was sure to take with the Roman
epicure. And if he were nuable to make
it] costly any other way he would add
powdered precious stones or gold dust.
Nero dined on one occasion from a
peacock which was sprinkled with dia
mond dust, and specimens of that bird
dressed with gold or with crushed pearls
wjtre by no means a rarity at the tri
clinia of the moneyed Romans. A dish
of j parrots' tongues was a great delica
cy But a dish of parrots' tongues whiob
had been capable, when in their proper
place, of framing words, was of almost
incalculable value, which increased in
a direct ratio with the vocabularies ol
the defunct parrots.
Another bird for which the Roman
epicure was in the habit of paying fab
? aloes prices was the phenecoptrix,
' wmch is believed to have been the ptar
migan. It had its home in the most
northerly parts of Scotland and Norway,
and as this made it hard to get at the
Romans appreciated it all the more and
put it in the same rank with ostriches,
buzzards and peacocks. The tongues ol
these birds were specially prepared, to
gether with the brains, and took th?
place which a hors d'oeuvre would now
take -New York Post.
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Summer Organdies, 8c, 10c and 12Je'c.
White, Black and Tan Duck, at 10c.
Colored Duck for Shirts, at 12J?c.
Linen Lawns, Muslins, and a beau
tiful line of ladies shirt waist, printed
goods, at 5c.
The best 4-4c Bleach Muslins, at 5c,
6^c, 7c. and 8c.
Clothing-nt Reduced Prices.
We must have room for our Fall
Stock, and to make room, will give 20
per cent discount on all Spring Cloth
ing for 3o days. This discount is giv
en for Spot Cash only.
For Sale at This Office.
Liens for Rent.
Liens for Advances.
Liens for Rent and Advances, same
Chattel Mortgages and Mortgages on
Crop, same paper.
Chattel Mortgages without mortgage
on crop clause.
Titles to Land.
Mortgages on Laud.
Any other legal blank you may need
will be printed at the Advertiser Job
Summer Excursion Rates.
Effective at once, the Charleston and
Western Carolina Railway will sell
Summer Excursion tickets, limited for
return passage to October 31st, to
Greenville, S. C., Spartanburg, S.O.,
Harris Lithia Springs, ti. C., Glenn
Springs, S. C., Asheville, N. C., Ilen
dersonville, N. C., Flat Rook, N. C.,
Tryon, N. C., Saluda, N. C., and all
Mountain Resorts.
Fast and convenient schedules guar
anteed via this route.
For rates, schedules or any informa
tion, write or call upon any agent of
the company or
Gen. Pass. Agent,
jeS-2m Augusta, Ga.
Chocolate Cream is a speciality at
the "Luray," refreshing, healthly
pleasant and the most delightful of all
to most tastes.
... CAN BE SEEN AT . . .
Bal Dry Goods Company,
604 Broad St., AUGUSTA, GA.
This Department to he Discontinued.
Soi Misa Collup,
Session begins September 28th.
Classical, Literary, Scientific, Nor
mal and Law Courses, with Diplomas.
Special -Courses, with Certificates.
Board $8 a month. Total necessary ex
penses for the year (exclusive of trav
elling, clothing and books), from $113
to $153. Women admitted to all classes.
For further information address the
President, F. C. WOODWARD.
JAS. H. CARLISLE, LLD., President.
Courses in Mathematics, Geology,
Chemistry, Physics, Latin, English,
Greek, Metaphysics, Political Econ
omy, German, French and History.
The Wofford Fitting School is con
ducted in a handsome four-story brick
building beautifully located near the
college. The Head -master, A. Mason
DuPre, and the Matron live in the
building. Send for catalogue.
Secretary of Faculty.
36 Vc l?mes,
28,600 Pages,
7,500 Illustra
Largest American Cyclopedia,
Coutaius au Unabridged
Dictionary, gives the pro
nunciation of every word,
the volumes are of handy
size; has the largest and
latest maps-is better adap
ted to popular use than any
Cyclopedia ever published.
It Contains Later Information
Than any other, and more
of it; it is tha only Cyclo
pedia which is, or cnn be,
really Up-to-date. Il is
The Best Family Library,
Because it is clear and sim
ple iu language, can bc un
derstood by a child-abso
lutely impartial and reliable
and thoroughly American,
For terms and description
write to
Columbian BookCo.,
81 Whitehall St., Atlanta, Ga.
Now is thc time to sub"
oribe for the Advertiser.
Fill :i bottle or common glass with
urine and let it stand fur twenty-four
hours; a sediment settling indicates
an unhealthy condition of the kidneys.
When urine stains Unen it is positive
evidence of kidney trouble. Too fre
quent desire to urinate or pain in the
back, is also convincing proof thai the
kidneys and bladder are ou .ol' order.
There is comfort in the knowledge
so often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp Koot, the great kidney remedy
fulfills every wish in relieving pain in
the back, kidneys, liver, bladder and
every part of the urinary passages. It
corrects inability to hold urine and
sca'ding pain in passing it, or bad
elt'ects following use of liquor, wine or
beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to get up
many times duringj the night to
urinate. The mild and tne extraordi
nary effect of Swamp Koot is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its
wonderful cures of the most distress
ing cases. If you need a medicine you
should have the best. Sold by drug
gists, price fifty cents and one dollar.
You may have a sample bottle and
pamphlet both sent free by mail. Men
tion the ADVKKTI-ER and send your
address to Dr. Kilmer &, Co., Bing
hamton, X. Y. The proprietor of this
paper guarantees the genuineness ol'
this ofter.
Grinds lenses ior all defects
of sight. If your eyes trouble
you, consult him and he will
tell you
If you need glasses, medicine
or rest. Fits glasses into old
frames while you wait. Al.
work guaranteed.
739 Broad St., Augusta, Ga.
Oontral Time Betvroeu Columbia and Jack
sonville Eoatora Time ttotwoou Co
lumbia and Other Poluta.
No. S8jNo. 30
Dully.I Dully
,v. ?'ville, F.C.&P.Ry..
8 13 a| 7 OOp
12 S?p U 35P
Ar. Columbia. 4 15 p! 4 24 o
LT. Char'ton,SC&GRR.
Ar. Columbia.
7 10 al 6 80p
10 55a 10 l?p
Lv. Augusta, So. Ry.,
" GranitoviUa.
" Trenton.
" Johnstons.
?r. ColurabiaUn. dep't.
Gurbia Bland'g
" Rock Hill.
Ar. Charlotte..
" Danville...
2 10 p
2 80p
8 Wp
4 65 p
6 20p
6 12p
7 Olp
7 84 p
8 20p
12 Wat
0 80p
10 12 p
10 ?50 p
n io p
2 Ku
6 34 a
6 28ft
7 18 a
7 57 a
8 ida
1 30p
Ax. Mahmoud
6 Wa
8 40 p
Ar. Washington..._
" Baltimore Pa.R.B.
. Philadelphia.
? New York..
0 43 ai
8 00 ai
10 15 al
12 .43 pi
0 40p
ll 35
S 54
8 28 ai
N? 37
No. 33
tv. Now York, Pa. R.R.
" Philadelphia.
" Baltimore......
Lv. Wash'ton, 9o. Ry
4 Wp
0 20p
10 43p
8 Wa
6 22a
ll loa
Lv. Richmond
2 Wa
12 55p
, Danville.
Rock Hill.,
Col'bia Bland1 g et...
Columbia Un. dep't,
6 Wa
ll 41 a
13 50nn
8 08
4 15p
? 20p
10 20p
11 87al
13 20 a
1 87a
4 80 a
6 82 a
8 48a
7 17 a
8 00 a
Lv. Col'bia, S.C.&G.Ry.
Ar. Charleston.
4 Wp
8 Wp
7 Wa
ll Wa
Lv. Col'bia. F.C.&P.Ry.
" Bavannnh
Ar. Jacksonville.
4 25 Pl
9 80 b1
12 47 a
6 10 a
0 iwtt
Doublo daib, passenger service between Flor
ida and New i ork.
Noa. 87 and 8"-Washington and Southwestern
Limited. Sol '. Vestibuled tram with dining
caro and first cia?? coaches north of Charlotta
Pullman dr win ir room sleeping cars between
Tampa, Jnok mvillo. Savannah, Washington
and Now York.
Pullman sleeping car between Augusta and
New York.
Noa. 85 and 80-17. S. Fast Mail. Through
Pullman drav rig room buffet sleeping care br
tween Jack? ville and New York aud Au
gusta and Charlotte. Pullman sleeping carf
between Jaok son ville and Columbia, en routo
daily between JacksonviDo and Cincinnati, vU
G. Supt, Washington. T. at, Washington.
G. P. A.. Washington. A. G. P. A., Atlanta'
"Augusta and Ashville Short Line."
Schedule in eftect Feb. 7, 1S97.
Lv Augusta. 9 40 a m 1 40 p m
Ar Greenwood.. 12 17p ni ll 30 p m
Ar Anderson_ 7 30 p in .
Ar Laurens_ 1 15 p m 7 00 a m
Ar Greenville.. 2 55 p m !? 45 a m
Ar Glenn Sp'gs_405 pm .
Ar Spartanburg.. 3 00 p m !) 25 a in
Ar Saluda_ 623 pm 5 23 p ni
Ar Henderson ville 5 51 pm 1 45 p m
Ar Ashville.700pm .
Lv Ashville... 820 a tn .
Lv Spartanburg 1145 am 4 00 pm
Lv Greenville - ll 55a m 4 00 p m
ArLanrens_ 130pm 7 pm
Lv Anderson. 7 00 a m
Ar Greenwood .. p tn 5 00 a m
Lv Augusta_ 5 05 pm ii 35 am
Lv Savannah.... 5 55 a ni .
Lv Calhloiin Falls 44-1 p m
Ar Raeigh_ 2 10 a m
Ar Norfolk_ 7 30am
Ar Petersburg-6 00 a m
Ar Kichmoml-S 15 a m
Lv Augusta. 2 55 p in
Ar Allendale. 5 00 p ni
" Fairfax. 515pm
" Yemassee. 6 20pm
" Kean fort. 7 20 p m
" Fort Royal. 7 30 p m
" Charleston. 8 OS p ni
u Savannah. S 00 p m
Lv Savannah. 0 50 a m
" Charle.;!on. (! 50 a m
" Fort Kuy ul. 8 15am
" Kean fort. S 25 a m
" Yetnassee. 9 25 a m
" Fairfax. 10 32 a ni
" Allendale. 10 47 a m
Ar Augusta. 12 55 a m
Close connections at Greenwood for
all points on S. A. L.. and C. and G.
Railway, and at Spartanburg with
Southern Kail way.
For information relative to tickets
rates, schedules, etc., address
W. J. CKAIO, tien. Fass. A gt.
Augusta, Ga.
At Penn's "Loray" Fount every day
you can tret Ice Cream Chocolate, Ice
(.'ream Strawberry, Ice Cream Peach,
Ice Cream Pine apple.|
Call at this office and get ou?
prices on Bill Heads and Not
Clearing His Summer Stock
- FOR -V
Don't fail to soc the immense bargains offered on his bargain
counters in Gents Suits and Single Pants. Some of thew* poods will
be sold LESS THAN COST and wc have NO BAD SHOP WORN
slock to give you.
In SHOES and OXFORD'S to go almost at YOUR OWN
PRICE. Job lots in HATS of grad value, most go. The price will
be made very cheap to cash buyers.
Only take time to look through and price these goods and you
shall be repaid.
Headquarters for Good Goods.
Corner Washington and Reynolds Street
FOR 30 DAYS, AUG. 1st
TO SEPT. 1st
Cook- Stoves, Stove Pans, Stove Pipe, Tinare, fell Butt
Loaded Shells, Canned Goods, Confectionaries.
Evaporators Repaired or made to Order.
Codee Pots, Milk Buckets, and Covered Buckets made from the best of
Tin in the market. Repairs for Cook Stoves I sell, kept in stoek. Call
on or address
_croEiJsrsTOisi". s. c.__
We wish to call your attention to the very line assortment of Druggists
Supplies we carry in stock, viz : Drugs, Chemicals, Medicinal Preparations,
(Patent and Proprietary), Foods for Infants and Invalids, Perfumes, Soi?ps,
Combs, Tooth, Nail, Hair and Shaving Brushes in endless variety. Rubber
Goods, a full assortment, also a full line ol* sundries too numerous to mention
Tobacco, Pipes, Cigars and Cigarettes. 1
You select your physician, why not select your druggist? We use nothing
but pure drugs and cheir'^-ls, and do not substitute in case we have not the
article prescribed. Our prices are low and within the reach ol' all for reliable
service. Mr. F. Berkhan, Ph. G., of Charleston, who has over 20 years expe
rience has charge of this department. Give us a trial abd be convinced.
* o -I- SOIDA WATER. O o *
If you are out walking or riding stop and try one of our va MOUS refresh
ing drinks or Bon Bons made from the choicest fruit. IceCream Soda Mon
days, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Respectfully,
- .iFOX, MARSH <8c CO,
We know you want io keep cool during the
HOT SUMMER DAYS and so have provided
for your comfort Black and Blue Serges, Crash
Suits, Alpacas and Drap D'Et? Coats and Vests.
Also thr: coolest Negligee Shirts over worn, to
gether with an elegant line of Underwear.
/. C.LE?Y&?0.f
anfl Amstel Colton
Large SfocK of Eignes, Cljeep ei)H cooli.
Machinery and Supplies. Repairs, etc., Quickly Made.
tfff* Get our Prices before you buy.
A New Year's Greeting!
J?^* Send for our 1897 Catalogue.
WM. SeHWEiGERT & 0o->
702 Broad Street, Augusta, Gn.,

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