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K icefield Advertise:1
Gladstone is alarmingly ill.
Spain is seeking aid from France. '
The land of La Fayette should be j
cur ally.
On account of ill health, Lord
Salisbury, the Englieh premier,
will resign.
Poor McKinley ! He'll be damn
ed if he does, and he'll be damned
if he don't !
The report of the Court of In
quiry is a bulky document, weigh
ing over tf:u pounds.
Gales, snow storms, freezes aud
floods are reported from other sec
tions of our country. We have e?
oaped so far.
Tom Watson, of Georgia, the
populist leader in that State, hes j
announced his ret?ement from ?
All interested say that the cam
paign will have to open earlie:
than usual this year on account of
the increased number of couuties,
auc not a few are m favor of a
start being made about June 1, in
order to give ample time for the
canvass to be completed without
too hard a strain upon the
The flying squadron has been
ordered to Hampoton Roads.
Secretary Alger has ordered
troops in the West to be in readi
ness to move East a mom^n's no
tice. Secretary Long has issued
iustructions to naval officers to be
gin immediately the inspection cf
Daval militia, with a view to de
termining exactly how mauy men
will be able and aro willing to en
ter the service of the United States
in time of necessity.
The secretary of th^ navy has
wired the governors of Alabama
and Louisiana urging upon them
the importance of drafting naval
reserves for New Orleans and
Mobile. The.ie are the only cities
which have no protectection in the
Tray of reserves. The governors
ire asked not to wait for legislative
authority, as the law requires,
t>ot<Yt?* A-rivfT\t->g t>>? r.nvA.1-ru-iurvL. ?
but draft them under the guard
Orders were sent today to the
captains oi every coast survey
vessel, most of which are along
the Southern coast, to stop all
routine work and equip at once
for service.
It is practically settled that
when the report on tho Maine
disaster reaches the senate, it will
be referred to the comaiit.ee on
foreign relations.
I It can be stated on positive
information that this government
has informed Spain that the
conditious now existing in Cuba
have become intolerable to the
people of this country, and that
hostilities on the island must
Cares Fever
?te One Day.
Many Selling Liquor.
Yesterday the State dispensary
authorities sent up to the United
States revenue office and obtained
a complete list of the people in
this State holding United States
retail liquor licenses at this time.
The list shows that lhere are 491
such liquor licenses outstanding.
Charleston hold a good proportion.
These figures are exclusive of the
licenses held by the county dispen
saries and it is said represent the
number of original pa cages and
blind tiger people in tho State.- ?
The State.
Tillman Will Take a Hand.
A man well known in politics
and one who is in a position to
know whereof he speaks in talk
ing of the outlook for this year's
State campaign, yesterday said
that Senator Tillman had deter
mined to make several speeches
in the State during the campaign
of this year. Of course they will
not be delivered at the regular
campaign meetings, but at points
to be arranged for lat-;r. When
asked what would t be the burdon
of the speeches, the speaker said
that they would be in defense of
the dispensary system and the re
form party. It. is said that Sena
tor Tillman intends to take a band
on these lines notwithstanding the
fact that his Bider brotner is ex
pected to attack both mattera re
ferred to throughout the canvass.
The State. I
President Transmits Yerdic?
of the Court to Both the
House and Senate.
But Spaniards Are Not Mentioned !:i
Connection With the Disaster-The
. Findings Referred to Foreign Reiu
tions Committee "Without a Word ol
WASHINGTON, March 28.-The presi
dent today sent the following message
to eon gross:
" To tho Congress of the United States
For some time prior to the vi&it of the
Maine to Havana harbor our consular
representatives pointed out the udvaur
ag s to ficv: from the visit of national
ship3 io the Cuban waters, in accu&toni
ing the people to the presence of our i
fiag as the symbol of good will and o:
om ships in the fulfillment cf rho mis
sion of protection ro American Liter, ts,
even though no immediate need therefor 1
might exist.
Accordingly, on Jan. 24, last, after a j
conference, with thc Spanish minister in
which the renewal of visits of our war
vessels to Spanish waters wac discussed
and accepted, rho peninsula authorities
nt Madrid and Havana were advised of
the purpose of this govemmt-nt to re
sumo friendly naval visit? at Cuban
port6 and that in that view the Maine
would forthwith caU at tho port of
Havana. This announcement wai re
ceived by the Spanish government with
appreciation of the friendly character of
tho visit of the Maine and with notifica
tion of intention to return the courtesy
by sending Spanish ships to the princi
pal ports of the United States. Mean
while the Maine entered iho port of
Havana on Jan. 25, her arrival being
marked with no special incident be?ides
tho exchange of customary salutes and
ceremonial visits.
The Maine continued in the harbor
of Havana during the three weeks fol
lowing. No appreciable excitement ex- j
citement attended her stay. On the
contrary, a feeling of relief and confi
dence followed the resumption of the
long interrupted friendly interoouse..
So noticeable was this immediate effect,
of her visit that che consul general
strongly urged that the presence of onr
ships in Cuban waters should be kept
np by retaining the main? at Havana,
or in the event of her recall, by sending
another vessel there to take her place.
At 40 minutes past 9 in the evening
of Fob. 15 the Maine was destroyed by
an explosion, by which tho entire for
ward part of the ship was utterly
wrecked. In this catastrophe two offi
cers and 264 of her crew perished, those
who were not killi d outright by her ex
plosion being penned between decks by
the tangle of wreckage and drowned by
the immediate sinking of tho hull.
Prompt assistance was rendered by the
neigiM soring vessels anchored in tho har
bor, aid being especially given by the
f-'-piin:-'i L,;: 'rr Alfonso XII and tho
Ward lino steamer City of Washington,
which lay noe far distant.
Wounded Cared For.
The wounded were generously cared
for by the authorities of Havana, the
hospitals being freely opened to them,
whilo the earliest recovered bodies ol'
the dead were interred by the munici
pality in a public cemetery in thc city.
Tribute? of grief and sympathy were
offered from all official quarters of the
The appalling calamity fell upon the
people of our country with crushing
force and for a brief time an intens - ex
citement prevailed, which, in a con:-! ;
niry less instand self controlled than
ours, might have led to hasty acts of
blind retentmcnt. This spirit, 1 ow
ever, soon gave way to the calmer pro
I cesses of reason and to the resolve tr- in
vestigate the facts and await materia]
proof before forming a judgment as to
thu cause, tho responsibility, and if ti.3
facts warranted, the remedy due. This
course necessarily recommended ilsolf
from the outset to the executive for < ; ;.'
in th? lifrht of a dispassionately aced -
fained certainty could it determino tl :
natur? and measure of its full dury i'j
the matter.
The usual procf-'iure was followed, es
in all cases of casualty or disaster to na
tional vessels of any maritime state. A
naval court of inquiry was at unco or
ganized, composed of officers well quali
fied by rank and practical experience to
discharge the onerous duty imposed
upon them. Aided by a strong force of
wreckers and diverB, thc eonrfc pro
ceeded to make a thorough investigation
on the spot, employing every available
means for the impartial and exact deter
mination of the causes of the explosion.
Its operations bnve been conducted with
tho utmost deliberation and judgment
nnd while independently pnrrmcd no
rrr. WttB?M fi-BO-a-Ol MM BMMPBaO UK x.o.icsr
PS 6 INCH I i s^iALL f?Sn llif|rUJ
[ source of information was" neglected ax
i the fullest opportunity was allowed fi
a simultaneous investigation by tl
Spanish authorities.
Tho finding of the court of inqnu
was reached airer 28 days of contiunoi
labor, on March 21, inst., and ha
lng been approved on the twent;
second by ti:.: rommauder-in-ohief i
the United .States naval force on tl
North Atlantic station waa tranBinitti
to the executive.
Verdict In Brief.
It is herewith h?id before the congre
together with the voluminous testimon
talion before the court.
Ita purport is, in briof, as follows:
When thc Maine arrived at! var
she was conducted by the regular gc
eminent pilot to buoy No. 4, to whic
WE? moored in from 5^, to 8 fathoniB <
The state of discipline on board an
the condition of her magazines, boiler
coal bunkers and storage compartment
are passed in review, with the conoh
sion that excellent order prevailed an
that no indication of any cause for a
intornal explosion existed in any quai
At 8 o'cloc k on the evening of Feb. 1
everything had been reported se??
and ail was quiet.
At 9:40 o'clock tho rossel was auddoal
There were two distinct explosion!
with a brief interval between them.
The first lifted the forward part c
tho skip very perceptibly; the 6econc
which was more upon, prolonged and c
greater volume, is attributed by th
court to the partial explosion of two o
more of the forward :: agazines.
The evidence of the divers establishc
thai; the after part of thc ship was prac
tically intact and sank in that conditio]
a very few minutes after tho explosion
The forward part was completely de
Upon thc evidence of a concurren
extvTnal canso thc finding of the court i
as follows:
I At frame -17 the outer rhell of tb
ship, from a point U'-.j feet from th
I middle line o! the ship and 0 feet abovi
j tho keel when in its normal position
j was forced up so as to be now about .
leer above the surface '-f the water
I thoroton, about 84 feet al ove where i
would be had the shin sn; k uuinjured
The outside bottom plating is ben
into a reverse V shape, the nf ter winf
of "which, about 15 feet broad and 8'
feet in length (from frame 17 to fram<
is doubled hack up in itself againsi
the roi: tin nat i on of the same plating ex
tendhifr forward.
, \ ,4pm g Tii'i Irrrinn\ ni il r Mm
; angle similar to the angle formed by th?
outside boiront plates. The break ii
now about 6 feet below the surface oi
j the water and about '?0 feet above it?
normal position.
Mine Caused Wreck.
j In tho opinion of tho court, thia effect
I oould have boon produced only by the
implosion of a mine situated under th?
let tom of the ship ai about frame l!i
and somewhat on the port side of thc
rine conclusions of the court tire:
The lo>s of tba Maine was not due to
negligence on the part of any of the
j officers or members of lier crew.
That the i<hip v.as destroyed by the
exp]o:;i'-n of a submarine mine, -which
caused the partial explosion of two 0
more of her forward magazines, and
That no evidence has been obtainable
showing the responsibility of the de
struction of the Maine upon any person
or porsons.
I have directed that the finding of the
court of inquiry and the views of this
government thereon be communicated
to the government of her majesty, the
queen, and I do not permit myself to
doubt that the sense of justice of the
Spanish nation will dictate a course of
action tuggested by honor and the
frionly reiutions of tho two govern
It will bs the duty of the executive to
advise the congress of thc result, and in
the meantime d cd i bera te consideration
In neither senate or house WUP there
any debate on thc reference of the presi
dent's message and ol her documents to
committees having charge of our Cuban
relations. _
Findings as Sent to Conjrro-i by Pres
ident McKinley.
The following is the full text of the
report of the court of inquiry:
KEY WEST, Monday, March 21.
After full and mature consideration of
j all the testimony before ic the court
finds as follows:
1. That the United States battleship
Maint! arrived in the hnrbor of Havana,
Cuba, on Jan. 25, 1898, and was taken
to buoy No. 4, in from 5J-5 to a fathoms
of water, by the rogular government
The United States consul general at
Havana had notified the authorities at
that place the previous evening of the
intended arrival of the. Maine.
2. Tho state of discipline rn board th*
Mame was excellent, and all orders and
regulations in regard to the core and
safety o? the ship were st ric dy carried
All ammunitions were stowed in ac
cordauce with proscribed instructions,
and proper wo -.vas taken with which
ai; munition was handled.
Nothing was stowed in any on? of the
. magazines <>i shell rooms which was not
[titted to be stowed there.
1 o magazines and shell rooms were
always locked after having been en
' (fred, and after die destruction of tbe
J ,o the keys >\eve found in their
p ? : place in tho captain's cabin,
e orything having been reported secure
ti-yt evening at 8 p. m.
Tbe tewiK'iutureof the magazines and
si elL-ooms were taken daily and re
i : ci. Tho only magazine which had
?r.2 U'lidue amount of heat was thc after
Ji -indh magazine, and that did not ex
p',:tj?; at tho limo tho Maine waB de
torpedo wKrhep'l* wore all etowed
it. 'vs aft.';- part nf Ike ship under the
war?room,'and neither caused nor par
ticipated in the destruction of the
'She dry gun primeT and detonators
were stowed iu the cabin aft, and re
mote from the scene of the explosion.
Waste was carefully looked after on
j bofird the Maine to obviate danger.
(?rent Cur* Exercised.
I Varnisb.es, dryers, alcohol and other
combustibles of this natu vc w?r? scowed
Du or abovo thc main neck and could not
bave had anything: to do with the de
struction of the Maine.
The medical stores were stowed aft
nuder the ward room and remote from
the scene of the explosion; no danger
ous stores of any kind wore stowed be
low in any of the other store room?.
The coal blinker? were inspected daily.
Th* fire alarms in the bunkers were in
working order, and there had never
*.3en a case of spontaneous combustion
of opal on beard the Maine.
Thc two after boilers of the ship were
in uso at the time of tho disaster, but
for auxilian- purposes only, with a com
paro tirely low pressure of ?team, and
being tended by a reliable watch. These
boilers could not have caused the ex
plosion of the ship. Tiie four forward
boilers have si) ce been found by the
divers and are in a fair condition.
On the night of the destruction of the
Maine everything had been reported se
oure for the night, at 8 p. m., by relia
ble persons, through the proper authori
ties to the commanding officer. At the
time the Maine was destroyed the ship
waa quiet, and therefore least liable to
accident can sud by movements from
those on board.
8. The destruction of tho Maine oc
curred nt S>:40 p. m. on Feb. 15. 1S98, in
the harbor of Havana, Cuba, she being
at the time moored to the buoy to which
she had been taken on her arrival.
Were Two Explosions?
There were two explosions of a dis
tinctly dj floren f character, with avery
short but dis; inct interval between them,
and tho forward part of the ship was
lifted to a marked degree at tho time of
tho first explosion.
The first'explosion wa? more in the
nature of a report, like that of a gun;
while tho second explosion was more
open, prolonged and of p-eater volume.
This second explosion was iu the opin
ion of the court caused by thc partial
explosion of two or more of the forward
magazines of the Maine.
4. The evidence bearing upon this,
being principally obtained from divers,
did not enable the court to form a defi
nite conclusion as to the condition of
the wreck, although it was established
that the after part of the ship was prac
tically intact und sank in that condition
in a very few minutes after the desiri.. .
tion of the forward part.
The following facts in regard to the
forward part of the ship ar?, however,
established by the testimony:
That, portion of the port side of the
protective deck which extends from
ftomabom^RS^eoto about framelp?
were blown up and slightly starboard
folding the forward part of tho middle
superstructure over and on top of the
after part
This was, in thc opinion of the court,
caused by thc partial explosion of two
or more ol' t he f orward magazines of the
?. At frame 17 the outer shell of the
ship from a poiut UK feet from rhe
middle of thy ship and G feet above the
keel when in its normal position, has
been forced up so as to be now about 4
feet above whore it would be had it
sunk uninjured. The side bottom plat
ing is bent into a reverse in the Vshape,
the after wing of which, lo feet broad
and SS feet in length (fr^m frame 17 to
25), is doubled back upon itself .against
thi- continuation of the plate extending
Keel Broken In Two.
At frame 18 the vertical keel is broken
in two, and the flat keel bent info an
anglo similar to the angle formed by the
outside bottom plating. This break is
now about G feet below the surface of
the water, and about 30 feet above its
normal position. In the opinion of the
cont, this effect could have been pro
duced only by the explosion of a mine
situated under the bottom of a ship at
about frame 18, and somewhat on the
port side of the ship.
6. The court finds that the IOBS of the
Maine waa not in any respect due to
fault or negligence on the part of any of
the officers or members of the crew of
said vessel.
7. In the opinion of the court the
Maine was destroyed by the explosion of
a submarine mine, which caused the
partial explosion of two or moro of her
forward magazines.
8. The court has been unable to ob
tain evidence fixing the responsibility
for the destruction of che Maine upon
any person or persons.
(Signed) W. T. SAMPSON,
Captain U. S. N., President,
lieutenant Commander U. S. N.,
Judge Advocate.
The court havVig finished the inquiry
it was ordered lo make, adjourned at ll
a. m. to await thc action of the conven
ing authority.
(Signed) * W. T. SAMPSON, J
Captain U. S. N., President. 1
Lieutenant Commander U. S. N.,
'Judge Advocate.
Off Key West, Fla.-The proceedings
and findings of the court of inquiry m
the above case, are approved.
M. SICAIID, P.ear Admiral, Commander
in-Chief of tho United States Naval
Force on thc North Atlantic Station.
Fine Benefit Entertainment For the
Maine Monument Fund.
SAVANNAH. March 28.-Thc report of
the Maine inquiry board showing that
the destruction of the ship and thc death
of the men was due to a floating mine
beneath thc ship, stirred up people here.
A grand benefit entertainment will be
held next Saturday ovening for the
Maine monument fund at the Savnnnah
theater. "Star Spangled Banner" will
be snug.
Amateur and professional talent will
take part. All military will attend in
full uniform and the court martial mern- ?
hers will occupy boxes. Thc Savannah
Evening Press is arranging the affair.
Three recruiting officers from tho
monitor Amphirrite at Port Royal have !
arrived here for the purpose ot' enlisting
Aromen, machinists and seamen for
naval service. They are Lieutenant V.
O. Chuso, Lieutenant R. B. Higgins and
Dr. Lung, the physician at the Port
Royal naval station. They will begin !
Work at once.
The firemen and machinists socured i
will be sent to other warships, but all of
the seamen will lie sent, nu board the
monitor Arophitritc, which needs about,
CO men to fill her quota. They say they
will take 100 seamen if they can get
Navy Yard nt Waeliin^ton Will Run
Day and Night.
WASHINGTON, March 2S.-Machinists
in the gunsbops at the navy yard will
be required hereafter to work 12 hours
a day. The new order takes effect at
midnight Sunday, when a full force will
begin and work continuously until noon
Monday. A second shift will work from
noon until midnight, and they will re
relieve each other from day to day.
For several weeks the officials have
been working the force in three shifts
of eight hours each, but the failure to
Eecuro the requisite number of hands to
push the work as rapidly as they desire
causes the change in their plans. Cap
tain Pendleton, who ia in charge, also
says the work should not be in the
hands of three different sets of men, aa
it is too important.
Guns are bein fi turned ont rapidly
and prepared for shipment to the war
ships. Sovcral largo 13-inch puns are
being given the finishing touches and a
largo number nf a smaller caliber will
Koon be ready for business.
Men Who Rendered South Valuable
Service Wi i I "Work Once More.
WILMINGTON, N. C., March 26.-At a
special mooting of thc Cape Fear Pilots'
association, hold at Southport, with
Captain E. A. Grif?n presiding and
J. K. Adkins as secretary, the following
preamble and resolution wero unani
mously adopted:
"Whereas, it appears to this body that
a war is very probable between tho
United States and Spain and that mon
of our calling can bc of valuable service
to the conn try, therefore be it
"Resolved, by this association, That
we tender our servies as a body a:id our
pilot plant to thepxe-identof the United
States and the secretary of tho navy in
case of war with Spain. We al so assure
the secretan- o? the navy that wo stand
ready to tender to tbs navy of tho
United States such aid and assistance as
our knowledge of the coast from New
York to Key West and ports on the gulf
of Mexico make possible; also inland
route from Now York to Savannah.
We recall with pride thc great sorvices
rendered by our pilots te thc confederate
6tates during the civil war."
Is 2*ursuinrj Kow.
CAARLESTON, March 29.-Officers of
the negro troops around Charleston held
a meeting here, at which wild speeches
were, made on the wrr situation. Tho
action of President McKinley in trying to
arrive at a peaceable settlement in this
national crisis was, in a way, condemned.
The leaders aroused great excitement
with thoir fiery speeches. They are
bent on going to war. Colonel Robert
son of the First Regiment National
guards said that the honor of the coun
try could not bo satisfied without wax.
This appeared to be the keynote of the
Now companies have been organized
sino* Friday and a committee will wait
on Governor Ellcrbe to submit the reso
lutions adopted at the mooting asking
for more arms. Guns and uniforms are
needed for 1,200 soldiers in the com
The negroes on the sea islands are
wildly excited and are making prepara
tions to leave the fields for the army.
Alabamian Says Hostilities Will Open
In a Short Time.
WASHINGTON, March 27. - Senator
Morgan, in speaking of the Cuban situ
ation tonight, said:
"Affairs are becoming moro critical
every day. The Cuban question is
reaching a o ri ii? which will culminate,
in my opinion, within a few days.
Trouble will be thc ultimate result.
This I have contended ever since the
matter was agitated, and in view of the
happenings of the past few days, my
belief is becoming stronger every day.
"War is certain to result from this
matter. The United States must ir.tor
vene in Cuba. I think the president
will recognize the independence of tho
republic. Whenever this is done thc
flag of Cuba will be flying in'all of eur
porta." _
Consul Protected as Ile Goes About
the Cuban Capital.
NEW YOXK, March 29.-A dispatch to
Tho Herald from Havana says: Secre
tary General Concosto asked Consul Gen
eral Lee to permit him to furnish him a
personal body guard. General Loo de
clined this offer and General Congosto
contented himself with increasing the
detail of plain clothes detectives which
for weeks has kept a careful eye on Gen
eral Lee at all times with a view to his
protection as he ?oes about the city.
Consul General Lee, believing that a
serious crisis in affairs is likely to occur
now at any moment, is today preparing
a revised list of all Americans now in
Havana, together with thoir addresses,
so that in ease of emergency they may
be communicated with at short notico.
Thero is an extra guard now around thc
American consulate.
They Declare Their Readiness to Take
Caro of Themselves.
MADRID, March a?.-The Imparcial
and Tho Liberal today agree in saying
that the mediation of the European
powers will be difllcnlt in view of the
orisis in the far east, adding: "Anyway
Spain is able herself to resent inBults
and repudiate unjust pretension."
The Liberal also says:
"If the United States desires to assist
Cuba the simplest menus is to confine
the mission tu Spanish Red Cross, which
was recently helped in the same object
by France, Russia, Hungary, Portugal,
Venezuela and Argentine. The Spanish
Red Cross is well organized in Cuba,
and besides many numbers are ready to
go there from Spain if necessary.
"However, if tho United States wants
war let her say BO frr.uklr and not seel:
charitable or humanitarian excuses."
The Diaro quotes the minister ?or the
colonies, Senor Moret, as replying to a
question of the minister of marine, Ad
miral Bermejo, with the remark, "the
storm continues, trat the barometer ib
This is regarded as meaning that the
Bituatiou is not so unfavorable to Spain
w it was.
To Secure Torpedo Fleet.
NEW YORK, A?arch 2G.-A special to
The Herald from Washington says: By
direction of President McKinleyy, Sec
retary Long has within 24 hours spent
something more than $1,000,000 in thc
purchase of 12 speedy yaohts and sea
going tugs, which will be at once con
verted into torpedo boat destroyers and
picket boats. In directing the purchaso
of yachts and tugs, President McKinley
was guided by the information showing
that the Spanit'.i torpedo boat flotilla.
ha? sailed from the Canary islands for
Porto Elco.
Blacks Anxious For Battle.
CHAHTJERTOK, Marah 28.-The negroes
around Charleston are wild to go to war.
Colonel Robertson, commanding thc
First regiment National guards of South
Carolina, notifies Governor Ellerbe that
he bus 10,000 men ready to march to
ward Havana at the tap of the drum.
All of these arc not fully armed, but tho
governor has been asked to rush tho
guns here. Along the sea islands vol
unteer companies are being organized.
Common broomsticks aro being used for
guns on tho drill ground.
"Fighting Bob" In Charge.
WASHINGTON, March 2G. - Captain
Robley D. Evans, better known as
"Fighting Bob" Evans, reached here
this morning and was immediately or
dered to take command of the Iowa.
Captain Sampson of tho Iowa, and also
of the Maine court of inquiry, has been
ordered to command the North Atlantic
fleet, relieving Admiral Sicord, who is
ill. Commodore W. S. Schley in all
probability will be placed in command
of the squadron at Hampton Roads.
Spain Asks Furthqp Delay.
NEW YORK, March 20.-Spain, al
though apparently defiant, has asked
for further delay before the United
States does anything more about Cuba,
says the Washington correspondent of
The Herald. This request was_jgadj)_
i tUijju g*JB<*?-SSfi/km-?os-'Bernab?, the
Spanish minister in Washington. He
promised in Spain's behalf that she
would lay before the state department
at an early day a plan for a more liberal
government of Cuba.
Guns Coming to Georgia.
WASHINGTON*, March 20.-Senator Ba
con has received from Chief of En
gineers Wilson of the army department
a lotter containing assurances th*t four
rapid fire guns will be sent io Savannah
as soon as they arrive from England.
Two of theso ure to be erected on Tybae
island and two are to be placed ai some
location yet to be determined upon for
defense of the Wilmington and Warsaw
Thought the War Was On.
RALEIGH, March 28.-Captain Davis,
who owns and sails a schooner, arrived
at Nowbern today and ut once inquired
if v:ur had been declared, savin g us he
eailed along the coast a warship was
lying off shore at Beaufort, close to Fort
Macon, and used big searchlights on tho
fort, and a* all other points ulong the
coast men were aloft with glasses ex
amining the shore. The scarohlighta
were turned on Captain Davis' oraft.
An Election In Spain.
BARCELONA.. Spain, March 29.-In the
elections to fill tho six vacancies here,
three Monarchists and three Reublicans
were returned. The anarchist candi
dates were ignominiously defeated. The
Liberals obtained all other scats in the
province except ono for which a Catalan
homo ruler was returned.
Bache Is at Key West.
KEY WEST, March 28.-The coast sur
vey steamer Bacho arrived hero this
morning from the Tortugas islands.
Spanish Stocks Stronger.
PARIS, March 2!).-On thc bourse to
day Spanish 4s wore quoted at 49%
against 48>B on Saturday.
TnERE will be an election held In
Che Court Hollie, of the Town of Edge
field, S.e., on Monday April Uti), 1893,
for thc purpose ol* electing n Mayor
and six Aldermen to serve the said
Town for the ensuing two years. Or
dered by Council this the Kith day of
March, A. D., 1S9S. Rolls open from
eight o'clock in the morning until
four o'clock in the afternoon.
Managers of Election: W. E. Do
bey, F. Rose Timmons, W. H. Bee.
T. B. LANHAM, Cric.
TilE thoroughbred trotting stallion
"LINWOOD PRIDE,', registered
No. 22191 in American Tro', ting Regis
ter, will stand at my stables, Hdgoiield
C. il., for the spring'season. Insur
ance $10.
Linwood's Pride, bay horse, foaled
April, ism. by M ad wood; dam N'esta
ll., by balsoraOhiei, IOC0?; g.d. Lady,
h y ?Toe Hooker, 1S9, etc., Mad wood by
Nutwood, Kihi .Madden, Balsora Chief,
Mare- entrusted to my care will re
ceive careful attention, and fed and
groomed at reasonable rates. I keep
nom! bul experienced stable boys and
grooms. 1!. L. .I? INKS,
Kdgelleld, S.r.
E. H. STANLEY, A. M. I. D.
Eye, Ear, Ito Mi Throat.
Office? Sit) liroad St., AUGUSTA, GA.
To Let Spanish Fleet of Tor
pedo Boats Reach
Porto Rico
At Key West-Xever Do to Let
Spain Concentrate Fleet
at Such Convenient
A dispatch froin Key West says
that a United States naval officer
at that place states:
"If the United States allows
the Spanish boats to get to Porto
Rico it will be the biggest mistake
ever made. They are a greater
menace to the safety of our fleet
than if all the rest of the Spanish
navy was brought to these waters.
Al Porto Rice they will be nearer
Key West than Cuba. Only two
torpedo boats iu our navy would
have any chance of getting away
from the Spanish torpedo boat
destroyers. The Iowa, New York
and Indiana, lying out there six
mile off the land, would practically
I)? at the mercy of say a dozen
Spanish torpedo boatp, which
could run over from Porto Rico in
a short time should war be declared.
We have no protected harbor here
and we have not a single torpedo
destroyer and unless a fleet
powerful enough to be proof
against these torpedo boats is
quickly concentrated in these
urtUrra, ur ?Tiliacf Lue spanish
flotilla is warned to keep further
away, I should judge that it would
i)e better to take every United
otates warship as far away as
possible fromth?8 menacing force,
which Spain intends to concentrate
within such a convenient distance
as Porto Rico.
"It is all very'well to talk
of peace and to say that there is no
probability of war, but, at the same
lime, while international relations
are strained, displays of force
should he met with alacrity, and
.".s a torpedo expert, I must say
that if every ship in the United
States navy was ' rought into these
waters it would be none too for
midable a display when the
strength of the Spanish flotilla is
Chill and
Cares Fever
In One Dav.
I am in the arena for my usual
spring work on Stock. Holler, if
you don't see me. Write to me at
liutler P. O., Saluda County and
toll mo all about it.
We Give Valuable Present
With Every Pound o
and Every Bar i
The bladder was created for om; pur
pose, namely, a receptacle for the
urine, andas such it is not liable to
any form of disease except by one of
two ways. The first way is from im
perfect action of the kidneys. The
second way is from careless localfr?at
ment of other diseases.
Unhealthy urine from unhealthy
kidneys is the chief cause of bladder
troubles. So the womo, like the blad
der, was created for one purpos", and
if not doctored too much is not liable
to weakness or disease, except iv rare
cases, lt is situated back of and \ery
close to the bladder, therefore any
pain, disease or inconvenience mani
fested in the kidneys, back, bladder or
usinary passage is often, by mi-taka
attributed to female weakness or
womb trouble of some sort. The error
is easily made and may bo as easily
avoided. To find out correctly, set
your urine aside for 2-1 hour; a
sediment or settling indicates kidney
or bladder trouble. The mild and toe
extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp Root, the great kidney
and bladder remedy, is soon real
ized. If you need a medicine yen
should have the best. At druggists
price fifty cents and one dollar.
You may have a sample bottle and
pamphlet both sent by mail, upon re
ceipt of three two-cent stamps to cover
cost ol' postage on the bottle. Men
tion the ADVERTISER and send your
address to Dr. Kilmer <L Co., Bing
hamton, N. Y. The proprietor of this
paper guarantees the genuineness of
this offer.
207 7TH ST., AUGUST^, GA.,
Where he will still continue to
give hie
For all defects of sight. Grinds
any shape and style of lenses
while you wait.
Tells if you need glasses, rest or
the oculist.
Old Mill Stones
Ma^e as Gcod as New. v
I respectfully offer my services
lo the citizens of Edgefield County
as a first class Millwright. Anyone
having mill rock that need dress
ing will find it to their interest to
confer with me as I have had a
life-long experience in that line
As to my capabilities and respon
"Bronry T respectfully r??er to the
recommendation of your fellow
countryman found below.
Address : C. L. SCRIMPER,
528 Broad Street,
Augusta, Ga.
AUGUSTA, Ga, June 16, 1S97.
This is to certify that Mr. C. L.
Scrimper has recently put in
complete order and repair, my 48
inch stones at Kathwood. S. C. I
take pleasure in recommcudiug
his work as first-class in all
respects. Tho capacity of the
stone is double what it has ever
been before and I am not more
pleased than surpised at the quality
of the work they do. Anyone
having work of this kind to do
cannot make a mistake by entrust
ing it to Mr. Schrimper. I vouch
for his ability and henesly iu
whatever he undertakes to de.
Pleaso mention The Edgefield
Money to Loan
Cn farming lands. Easy pay
ments. Nu commissions charged,
borrower payn actual cost of per
fecting loan. Interests per cent.
Columbia, S. C.
? P7Hr^"Mof Commission 3
v MILLS. Merchants. ^
V Manufacturers of Self-Rdisinq Flour, Grist, V
Q MtMl, and all kinds of Corn Goods.9
O Flour pucked either In Bulk or 9
?la i'aper i'ackaj?e-? or any size. A
Ten Cars Choice Texas Rust-Proof Oats, this .
?I year's crop, at rock-bottom prices.*j
?* LIBERAL ADVAXCES made on nil kinds J
of Country Produce. Corresjxmdencc solicited. *\
210-218 BAY STREET, WEST, j
Savannah, Ga. ^
2E ^-^
TRY US ONCE. . . .
of SOAP.

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