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No amount of argument c
honest grocer that any other
such general satisfaction as
they prefer Ivory Soap to ne1
Ivory Soap will sell bec:
other soaps may look like Iv?
the real thing-they may
but they come back again a:
they insist on having it.
OopirliM.HW.b? Tb. Prx
Sable Island's Change of Shape.
Perhaps the most remarkable feature
Of all about Sable Isla ntl is tbe rapidity
with which its size and position have
been and still are changing. On the
earliest known charts, which were
French, it was laid down as being for
ty-four miles long aud two and a quar
ter miles wide. In 177(? it had shrunk
to thirty-one miles by two, und bad
moved seve? il miles to the eastward.
Briefly, it is traveling eastward so fast
that topographers must revise their
work often to koop track of it. The
latest charts aro always some miles out I
of the way. Within one hundred years |
it has not only decreased about one
third in length and breadth, hut baa!
also bren leveled down from nearly
two hundred feet to about eighty
foot, while the west end bas changed
irs position by twenty-five miles, com
pelling tile buildings of the life savers
to lie moved frequently to escape from
ibo encroaching seas. If the process
of shrinkage continues, the time is
gradually coming when Sable Island,
thc meeting place of the Arctic cur
rent, the Gulf Stream ami tho current
from the (Juif of St. Lawrence, will
succumb entirely to the terrific whirl
pool in which it exists, and the waves
will wash over the inst spot of dry
sand in the "Graveyard of the Atlan
tic."-New York Tribune.
Housekeeping in thc Philippines.
Tt is not a difficult matter for a Fili
pino couple to set up housekeeping
after marriage. The native shacks or
bungalows are curious-looking affairs,
built entirely of bamboo, thatched with
Danana leakes and Invariably set up on
stilts of bamboo six or ten feet above
the ground. The interior of the house
is divided into *.wo or three rooms, one
of which is usually reserved as a
chapel or prayer room. The household
goods of these people are few. A grass
mat serves for a bed; half a dozen cal
abashes or earthenware pots for cook
ing purposes and for the storage of
rain water, and possibly one or two
pictures cut from some illustrated pa
per complete the furnishing of a Fili
pino's home. They invariably keep
children, pips and at least three dogs,
but thc most prized of all is the plumed
and petted fighting cock of the Fili
pino. This bird is fed on ibo best, has
a bamboo house for himself and is the
pride and hoast of the whole family.
Not in a Trifling Mood.
Mrs. Tilford of Sorosis-It must
liave taken Daniel Webster a long
time to compile the dictionary; don't :
yon think so?
Tilford-Daniel? You mean Noah, j
don't you?
Mrs. Tilford (tartly)-Xow, don't be
silly. Noah built the ark.-Brooklvn
,NE reason Mrs. Pinkham
promptly is that they h
Through some of the
ham's friends an ailing woma:
Pinkham at her home in Ly
Mass., and will tell her symptoi
The reply, made without charge
any kind, will bear such evidei
of knowledge of the trouble t
belief in her advice at once inspi
This of itself is a great h<
Then the knowledge that won
for advice and women only as
makes it easy to be explicit ah
the disease.
about four years I was a great s
had backache all of thetime. not
ing spells, was weak and my sy
I also had falling of womb so
across the floor. After taking
Compound and one box of Loz<
ahdZrn7t;'f1or<,Thrilling Stories
of the Spanish American War
by Eeturned Hero.es. V?MS put j
lis?ed. For tenue and territory, address
D. E. LUTHER PUB. CO., Atlanta, Ga.
\J lt V I O ? quick relief ?nd car?* wont
ceees. Book of testimonial??tj<i IO OMTB' treatment
Free. Or. H. E. OKEEM'B sons. Box D. Atlast*. o?.
an convince the experienced,
soap will give his customers
Ivory Soap. He knows that
iv kinds, of unknown quality.
ilise the people want it, the
o.y, but his customers want
i/ a new soap once to try it,
nd again for Ivory Soap, and
ITT U Ot??:? Co.. CVr.laai2.
New Discoveries at ?lampton Ccart
Hampton Court Palace is constantly
yielding up hidden treasures of artistic
and antiquarian iuterest. and consider
ing the wonderful intricacies of Wol
sey's huge chateau it is not surprising
that every now and again "linds" of
great historical value are brought to
light. Some time ago tho great Cardi
nal's private room was disclosed to
public view, and now comes the an
nouncement of an extraordinary dis
covery ol" what nitty prove to be an ar
tistic treasure. A large number of the
pictures lhere are in course of removal.
Underneath thc canvas and paper with
which the walls were coveted wa?
what appeared t > be painting.
Subsequent careful examina? iou
showed that three sides of ? room.
Which measures 41 feet by ."4 feet. Were
adorned with very tine paintings, itt a
very fair state of preservation, but dis
figured by hundreds of holes caused by
the uails which had been driven into
the walls to hang the pictures. The
ceiling of this apartment is painted by
Verrio. timi represents Queen Anne in
the character of Justice. Whether thc
'. paintings on the walls are by the same
j artist has not. transpired, but it is prob
. able that they are. It has been decided
to fill up the holes with suitable mate
rial and to engage the services of a
well-known artist to repair the paint
ings and as far as possible io restore
them to their original condition.-Lou
don Daily News.
New York's Candy Supply.
There are 125 wholesale candy firms
In New York city. The trade of these
houses represents a total of.?!0,000,000.
New Yorkers alone do not consume this
amount of candy a year, but it is made
for our country cousins and for some
of our relations across the ocean. Morn
than $1,000,000 worth of candy is sent
abroad, while we import only about
?1?,000 worth a year. Most of the
:-andy exported and sent to the country
r-onsists of the simple "brokeu mixed."
but the chief favorite in the city is
L-hocolate in one form or another.
Chocolate candies come in 100 differ
put forms, so that one bas o long list to
select from, lu every candy store the
chocolate trays are olways more popu
lar than any of the others, and a box
of chocolates is an acceptable present
to auy girl, lt is asserted by one of
the leading candy makers thar about
three-fourths of the candy made is con
sumed by women.and half ol' the other
fourth bv children.-New York Herald.
>'ot The Only One.
Mr. Whingleby-Oh, you needn't
feel so uppish. You're not the only
girl in the town.
Miss Flashleigh-No, I'm not the
only girl in town who has publicly
announced that she wouldn't have you
if von were the last mau on earth.
i's treatment helps women so
ave confidence in her.
: many thousands of Mrs. Pink
n will be led to write to Mrs.
nn, ,_
len only see the letters asking
sist Mrs. Pinkham in replying
?out the little things that define
Pine St., Easton, Pa., writes:
octored with two of the best
doctors in the city for two
years and had no relief until I
began the use of your remedies.
My trouble was "ulceration of
the womb. I suffered
something terrible, could
?ot sleep nights and
thought sometimes that
death would be such a
relief. To-day lama well
woman, able to do my
own work, and have not
a pain. I used four bottles
of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound and
three packages of Sana
tive Wash and cannot
thank you enough for the
good it did me."
Box 263, Springfield, Minn.,
ufferer from female troubles. I
ippetite, pains in stomach, faint
'stem was completely mn down,
bad that I could scarcely walk
two bottles of your Vegetable
engers, can say I am cured."
Ji. IX. Fare Paid. Actual Bunine*?. Free
Tuition too'ie of each BCX in every county of
your state. WRITE QUICK to
GA.-ALA. BUS. COLLEGE, rincon, Ga.
RI s o -s :co R^T-OR
Bert Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. Use ]
in time. Sold br druggists.
' C O N S U M P T:J ON
Romantic Voyage of Magellan Which
ICesnlted in Their Discovery-lint for
an Accident They Might Have Fallen
Int? tho Hund? of Great Britain?
We who see Portugal in the period
of. her docay and almost total eclipse
cannot uudci-stand how so small a
nation, occupying so insignificant a
portion of Europe, "only a veranda "
as one of her writers has said-should
cut so important a figure id the
w rld's history as alie did iii the fif
teenth and sixteenth centuries-.
Early in the eleventh century Prince
Henry, "the navigator,'' of Portugal,
obtained from Po, J Eugenius IV a
bull which gave to Portugal all dis
coveries between Cape Hun, in Mo
rocco, and India. lu 1-472, St.Thomas
Annobou and Prince's islands Wef?
added. When .the equator was passed
and Fernando Po gave his name toan
island : ie Bight of Biefra he seized
?0J leagues of the African coast and
the Kiug of Portugal took the title of
"Lord of Gu i neu. "
Very early in the days of discovery
and conquest, toward the end of the
fifteenth century, tilt most Catholic
sovereigns of Spain, Eerdiuaud and
Isabella, and his equally Catholic
majesty, John II of Portugal. Icll but
about the ownership at lund yet t? be
Like faithful children of the chiirch
they referred the whole matter to the
Ho?y Eather at Pome, Pops Alexan
der VI, a Spaniard, who cut th?
Gordian knot by giving them the ea"th
and setting thr limits of their respec
tive possessions, Ail imaginary line
was to hs drawn from bole to bole, 100
degrees went ?Nf thc Azores or the
Cape de Verde tslnnds; all west of
this island was to belong to Spain,
and all east of it to Portugal. King
John was not satisfied, and the treaty
of Tor dosel has was made in 1494, giv- ,
ing to Portugal all lands east of an
imaginary line drawn 360 leagues
from the most western point of the
Cape de Verde islnnds and all south
of the Cape of Good Hoj e, To Spain
wa* allotted td! lands went of this fiilej
ignoring completely all other nations-.
Fernaudo de MftgalbaeS, .br-, as we
PS we write it, Ferdinand Magellan-,
and Kuy Falciiojioth Portuguese sub
jects, who had difference* with their
king on account v>t' some petty p'cn:
sums-, offer? I their services lo Spain,
lioth had served t\Yo years with Al
buquerque, and knew ?-ll About tile
Portuguese possession's in the east.
Magellan represented to Charles V.
who tiiert Vuled over Spain, that he
was sure the world was round-a
theory then credited by few. He de
clared his ability to find a shorter
pas-age to the East than any known
to the Porlugne c, and would prove
lilli? the Moluccas, rich spice islands,
were within Spanish te ri tory. Charles
V had a small licet fitted out and sent
Magellan willi bis companion iu
charge, well equipped for those days.
He went south against the express
stipulations of the treaty and discov
ered the straits which bear his name.
His fleet crossed thc broad southern
ocean, passed tbs Ladrones, and the
then nnkuown Philippine?, inspected
the Moluccas and returned by way of
Capo of Good Hope.
Magellan lost his life, and ont of
five vessels which comprised his fleet)
only ono returned) Under the conti*
mand of Sebastian del Cauo, who j
brought Magellan's written report of
the expedition aud a map of tho route, j
showing thai ali of the spice islands
and the whole of the Indian oc?ail
were within the 180 degrees belong
ing to Spain under the treaty of Tor
deselhas. lu the map Magellan had
deliberately cut 40 degrees of longi
tude and brought the whole archipela
go within Spain's half of the world.
He concealed the fact that the number
of miles in a degree of longitude de
creases towards the pole.
Portugal protested and declared war,
which cont inned two years, when the
celebrated "Congress ol' Notabilities"
was held in a small frontier town to
discuss tho matter and discover the
real facts. Portugal was at a mani
fest disadvantage. Magellan was the
first and only man who bad sailed
?Hound the world, and his map of the
southern seas was the only document
extant. Spain refused to give up her
alleged rights and Portugal held on to
the islands. 'J he matter was finally
compromised by an indemnity of
ooo cruzados of the gold of Molucca,
which Portugal paid to Spain for the
supposed 47 1-2 degrees of Spanish
sea which she held. A new line was
drawn frome pole to pole, starting
front the La hones. This division
gave to Portugal all west and south of
the line, which was supposed to be 180
degrees from the other line drawn,
36J leagues west of Cape de Verde.
This treaty was approved by Pope
.Julian Ii iu the bull, En quoe pro bono
pacis, and the matte1, vas settled
Years nfterw??"1 a Spanish expedi
tion '.. - I the Philippines, so
named after Philip ll, who ?as thou
King of Spain. These islands, though
many degrees within Portugal's line,
were taken possession of by Spain.
Portugal protested, aud would un
doubtedly have obtained possession
of them had it not been for the disas
ter to the Portuguese arms iu Africa,
which threw Portugal into the hands
of Spain, where she remained for
sixty years. This period is known in
Portuguese history as the "Sixty
Years of Captivity. "
When Portugal finally regained her
independence sim was much weakened,
and was more interested iii settling
the boundaries north and south of her
valuable South Ameiican colonies, so
Hie Philippines remained with Spain
through laches rather than by right.
Had Portugal retained them it is more
than likely that thev, like many other
of her Eastern .possessions, would
have f.illen into the hands of the Eng
lish, and their whole -history would
have been changed.
l'lietniiatii: Thimble*.
Pneumatic thimbles for typewriters
and pianists are the latest devices for
nerve economy. The incessant and
regular pounding of the sensitive fin
ger tips renders thc owners ol' them
nervous wrecks in the majority of
case.?, to say nothing of callous and
cracked finger ends and broken and
split nails. The new thimbles arc of
lubber, coining in sets, according to
the size of glove worn, and are said to
not only save the nerve shock, but
also to increase tho speed and strength
of the stroke.-Washington Star.
The Latent l-'ad In KKK*
Dairymen have known for a Jong
while the families that require that
the milk served them for their children
shall come all from one cow. A gro
cer heard recently for the fir-t time
from one of these families. The head
thereof asked the grocer to see that,
the eggs ol' the house came daily from
oueheu. -New York Commercial Ad
Xaval Apprentices und Theil' Life Ut a
Training Station.
"Apprentices of the Uniter1. States
Navy" is the title of r.u ft??ic?e ill Si
Nicholas that i?* sure to bo read with
utteution by every boy who thiuks of
a life at sen asan attractive alternative i
to a career on land-.
Almost every boy by this time knows
of battleships and cru sers of torpe
does aud torpedo-boats, aud of tho
gallant officers and jolly Jack Tars whd
man the ships; but it is safe to say
that there arj? f?w indeed who have
ever heard bf tho young naval appren
tice-, tile work which h? has lo do, aud
v. hat his chalices are for the future.
It is enough nt present to say that he
is an enlisted boy, who by means of a
great deal of drill aud training de
velops gradually into d most efficient
aud useful ulan on board bf bur mod:
ern ships-.
Although-, ?s already' stated) th?
apprentice cnn never hope to become
a commissioned officer, there are many
positions of trust aud houor in the
service that m e open to him, if he but
applies himself to the tasks assigned
to him day. by da;Vj Hild is iiwak? td
the opportunities tlint ar? sure td
turu Up fbi Uinls
The boys at th? training s'tatio?
truly may be said to live id ? little
world of their Own-, for they db not
Heed to go outside of their own
circle tb find any bf the needs of life:
At certain liottrs of tu-: d:iy thfey form
ift well regulated fichobl in which thtey
are taught all the elements of seieuce;
English, and mathematics-enough
to enable them to Understand thor
oughly and to handle intelligently the
Various fittingi aild armament of a
modern man-of-war.
Well informed and thoroughly prac
tical officers are stationed there to in
struct the apprentices in all the drills
aud maneuvers used by seaman afloat
and ashore, including infantry, light
artillery, seamanship iu all its forms
both theoretical aud practical-the
several kinds of signaling used in tho
service, the handling of boats under
steam, oar? and sailf,, and the Use of
sword and gUn ill the ails Ut' fencing
lind nf bayonet exercise:
At Newport is the* wily" important
lorpedb station df oiir government;
aild it is tile ref Or? convenient for the
apprentices to be taught; while there;
the mode df constructing ii torpedo;
and tilt' proper caro and handling of
the same:
A chaplain iii the navy is detailed
regularly for duty among the boys,
and tb look after them in any way he
may think most conducive to their
highest moral improvement. Every
Sunday tlie boys aro assembled ou
deck to join iu a regular church wor
ship, presided over by the chaplain,
aud it is a most interesting sight to
see several hundred boys of teuder
agc, all ill tlie same blue uniform,
joining heartily in the service. Those
with voices .worthy of any cultivation
are assigned t. the cut.ir, aud they
enjoy this honor quite as much as any
of tlie several privileges rhat full to
their lot. At certain other times,
in the. evenings, during recreation
periods, they are permit.ed to assem
ble for any kind of inuocent amuse
ment, aud one of the most popular
pastimes among them seems to be
The Brauions deck is cleared, and
there, to tho music of du orchestra
formed from their owu number, they
trip together the ulight fautastic;"
It is well that there ara some such
pleasures for the young boys, fdr
Otherwise the hardships and discipline
Of th? service would become most
Every spring and summer the ap
prentices arc taken aboard some of the
older vessels ol' the navy and are sent
abroad for a cruise, during which,
under efficient officers, they are taught
the full duties of seamen afloat.' All
the theory of seamanship and gunnery
is then reduced to practic , aud the
apprentices ure pot through the ?vo
lutions of furling, reefing, aud loos
ing sail, of abandoning ship, and of
aiming and tiring the guns on board,
antiquated though they may be.
Delius nn<l Karly Civilisation,
A solution of the problem why
the earliest known civilizations -
those of Babylonia, Egypt and China
-should all have made their appear
ance in the deltas of great rivers has
at last been suggested. It has been
shown that clay, which for practical
purposes is insoluble in water, will
nevertheless combine with it to a cer
tain extent, remaining in a state of
suspension known as colloidol or gel
atinous. In this condition it has the
curious property of absorbing like a
sponge any cry s talizabl exalts, as, for
instance, those of nitrogen. But if
into the water containing this colloidal
clay a solution of common snit be
poured, the clay, with the nitrogenous
salts that it holds like a trap, will in
stantly be thrown down as a woolly
precipitate. Now, this is exactly what
happens with a great river like the
Nile. During its periodic floods it
holds iu : olntion n large quantity of
colloidal " ?y. Tb'. clay in its turn
attracts from iLu air quautities of the
nitrogen, which is, as Sir William
Crookes has lately informed us, the
life of plants. On meetiug the salt
water of the sea this clay, with its im
prisoned nitrogen, is thrown and re
mains behind as a delta composed of
the ideal soil for the raising of cereals.
And that the introduction of cereals
has always been the first condition of
civilized life needs no demonstration.
The traditions of every nation have al
ways made their civilizer or "culture
god" the person who first taught them
agriculture.-Pall Mall Gazette;
Im per viona to a Joke.
Charles Sumner had but little sense
of humor, and was not at home iu the
small cut and thrust skirmishes of
general society. He was made for
serious issues and for great contests.
Of his literalness some amusing anec
dotes have been told. . At au official
ball iu Washington he remarked to a
young lady who stood beside him.
"We are fortunate in having these
places for standing here ; we shall see
the first entrance of the new English
and French min ist ors into Washington
The young girl replied, "I am glad
to hear it. I like to see lions break
the ice."
Sn in uer was silent for a few minu
tes, but presently suid, "Miss-, in
the country where lions live there is
no ice."
1 once invited Mr. Sumner tome.,
a distinguished guest at my housi
He replied, "f do not know that
wish to meet your friend. I have
outlived the interest iu individuals."
In my diary of the day, I record?.,
the somewhat ungracious utterance,
with this comment; "C?od Almighty,
by the latest accounts, had not got su
fnr as this." Mr. Sumner was told of
this iu iiiy presen ce, though not by me.
He said at once, "What a strange sort
ol' a book your diary must lie! .You
ought to stiike that out immediately."
-Atlantic Monthly. ,
The British Government Was Once Unable ia
Pay Hi Debts?.
"johil Bull bankrupt" sounds strange
to-day; and Hie chancellor can afford to
smile fit tll? iden ?s Jie reckons up thc
nat'on's btfbnce sheet for 1S99; but it
was hot always sd. Once; indeed-102
years ago-the Batik ?f England vir
tually declared th? Brlstlsh gdtern
ment bankrupt!
It came about in this way: Five
years before the eighteenth century
closed France declared war against
Great Br.talfi Und Holland; lind there
was ? great drain 4m the gold of the*
country. The most anxious man id
Britain was Pitt, the minister of Su
nned whose' resdurces were strained to
the utmost.
For' months Pitt lind oniy Obtained
accommodation frohl the Bank bf Eng
iaud by bringing great and constant
pressure to bear updn (hat institution,
but iiobbd$; was hi?ro. astounded tuan
Pitt when the ''Old Lady ?f Thread
needle street"' took it into" nor head td
threaten England with' bankruptcy.
A year br two before' the bank had
rfefus?d tile papel- ?f ? private bank
ing firtri, Hnd compelled it thereby ttf
stop payment the next day for a hi'?
lion sterling, and in tli8 universal seu;
satioH and confusion which over
whelmed the financial world a bun
Bred country banks suspended pay:
bent Then the government: stepped
!h a?d saved, Irle gjk&tidih
Bul J&bw Ibo government ifsolf was*
Iii peril, Tlie treasury had sent bills'
\o tile bank for payment amounting
to over ?2(i().000. and there not being
sufficient gold in the country the bank
resolved on a coup d'etat to save the
The court of chartered money chang
ers met lu Threadneedle .-treet. and re
solved that the bills should not be dis
charged unless money was sent down
for the purpose. The meaning of such
a resolution, as those versed lu thc
ways of financiers will not need to be
told, was nothing more nor less- than
that the government could not meet
Its liabilities:
Pitt trcl?bled wheii tiio.t?tSw? fois*,
brought td him, ii nd everybo'dy, from1
th? king on the throne to the mari iii
the street, talked, bf this and nothing
else; Hbty., people Asked of one nn
o:heh could the government ge? alor?
wjtjibtlt money? ,
The tyank. of course, lind promised ip
hay gold for its notes wileri demanded,
and by refusing to do so it had broken
its promise. But for tho government
to have pressed the bank would have
Intensified the trouble a hundredfold,
ns the government owed the bank an
enormous debt.
The king and the ministers were
summoned to town on Sunday morn
ing; a privy council was held at White
hall and a meeting of ministers in
Downing street, both of which thc
king attended. There was only one
course by which the country could be
saved, and, daring as it was, it had to
be taken.
The government threw Itself be
tween the bank and ils crediton, and
commanded tho brink to withhold all
cash frohl the public until parliilhioni
had tfiet and c?me to some decision.
Thc prohibition Wils ordered to remain
iii fert'c for six months rtftef parlia
ment toot, and d?r?hg that period
Rtball banlc notes Wei'e Issued, arid
Were generally Accepted ns cash ev
,'M?tters in this way righted them
?tT/?s, and the wheels ?f gov?rnffieh!
went round airain.
Swallowed Hin Fal*? Teeth.
A mnn recently swallowed bis false teeth
Ami it drovo him mad. Stomachs will ?taud
a great deal, but not everything. If yours I?
wrak try Hoetetter's Stomach Bitters. It
cures indigestion, er nstlpation, kidney and
liver troubles, as well as malaria, nud fever
and ague. It ls particularly effective. In all
nervous affections, and ls strongly recom
mended at this season of tho year when tho
system is run-down and most susceptible to
disease All druggists Heep lt.
The British sealer Geneva got, 1,343 sealskins
in two months off tbo coast of California.
Dcnuty Is Blood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. No
beauty without it. Cascacets, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im
purities from the body. Begin to-dr.y to
banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Cascorets,-beauty for -ten cents. All drug
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 50c.
Don't, cover your neglected duties with the
clonk of excuse.
"He Who Pursues Two
Hares Catches Neither/'
Said a well known young
man about town, "I tried
for years to bum the candle
at both ends, in the pursuit
of pleasure while trying to
attend to business. My blood,
stomach and kidneys got into
a. wretched state and U
seemed that I could not c?rry
the burden any longer*
But now my rheumatism lias gone, my
.ourago has returned, and allon account
>f that marvel, Hood's Sirsapnrllla, which
!ias made me a picture of health. Now
'rn in for business pure and simple."
Mjp Disease-"I had running sores for
eight years on my hips. I was confined to
my bea at times and at others used crutches.
Hood's Sarsaparilla cured my hip and gave
me permancn t health." OIXIE J. AROHEH,
o9 Dudley Street, Dayton. Oblo.
Indigestion-"I now have a good appe
tite, eat well, sleep well and my dyspepsia
ind Indigestion have loft me. The reason is
I took Hood's Sarsaparilla which entirely
cured mc. I am Baggage Master on the B. &
O. Railroad." THOMAS Couts, 110 Carr St.,
Sandusky, Ohio.
Hood'? PHI? core liver Bte, the non-lrritttlnt and
the only ctttliarticlo take with" Hood'n KFjjSEFng
Beacon Street Belles.
Emma-Do you know,I think Char
lie is really fond of me'?
Blanche-Funny, isn't it?
Educate Toar Bowels Witr. ?Cascarete.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever.
JOc. 23c. If C. C. C. fall, druggists refund mosey.
A little cloud may hide the sun, and alittle
doubt destroy our peace.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
any case of Catarrh that cannot bo curod by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHSNBY & Co.. Props.. Toledo, O.
We, tho undersigned, have known P.?.Che
ney for the last 15 years, and belicvo bim nor
. ectly honorable In all buainom transaction??
?nd financially able to carry out any obliga.
Mon made by their finn.
WFST & Tni'AX. Wholesale Drucglsts. Toledo.
U'AIDIKC. KIKHAN & .MARVIN, Wholesale Drug,
cists. Toledo. Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, act
ing directly upon tin? blood and inuuwM sur
faces of thc system. Prien. ?5c. pi>r bottlo. Sold
l>y nil Druggists. Testimonials free.
'Hall's Family Pilleare the best.
To cure, 01
IS GREATLY ENHANCED by knowledge of the world's
best products, which contribute most effectually to per
sonal comfort and health. The contest of high quality
and original efforts, which give universal satisfaction,
against the cheap and meretricious imitations will ewer
continue, and the greatest protection against mercenary
dealers, is in being well informed. In the medicinal sphere
the Well-known laxative remedy, Syrup of figs, manufac
tured by thc California Fig Syrup Co., is u_-ed by many who
ar? enjoying good health and by many ochers who are seek
ing health, and this is true to so great an extent that it is
often called the remedy of the healthy. The excellence of
?yrup of Figs is due not only to the originality and sim
plicity of thc combination, hut also the cur? and skill with
which it is manufactured by scientific processes known only
to the California Fig Syrup Co. Therefore we wish to im
press on all thc Importance of accepting tho true and
original remedy only, "When buying note the full name
California Fig Syrup Co.-printed on the front of every .
package, as there are many imitations sold under similar
names and the imitations are really injurious to the sys
1em. The true and iginal remedy, Syrup of Figs, is manu
factured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, and when you
see tho name of any other Fig Syrup Co. printed on any pack
age you may know that it is a fictitious company and has
no real existence, and that the dealer who offers it to you is
seeking by cunning and misrepresentation to take advantage
of you in order to.make a larger profit.
Tho botter class of druggists are men of high integrity,
attending strictly to business day and night and willing to
make- great 'sacrifices. If necessary, to supply their custom
ers with the best of everything in their Mue, knowing the
fm po fi ?ficc to health of doing so. and valuing the patronage
of their friends and patrons and desiring their confidence.
Druggists of that class do not try to sell something else
when you ask for Syrup ot Figs. They give you the genuine
remedy manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only.
When desiring physicians' prescriptions filled, or pure drugs
rind chemicals, proprietary medicines and fine toilet articles,
ypxi may rely upon them: but as in other callings some black
sheep may lie found, so among druggists there are some who
will try to impose upon and deceive their customers when
they can. and itt order that all who are well informed may
know them and avoid them we are publishing the facts.
Louisville, Ky. San Fraucisco, Cal. Stew York, X. Y.
fits Pot of Red P?lot Fell od the Wron*
"My first experience as d thief catch
er," said the detective, as he smiled
softly to himself, '.came when I was a
young lad on iny father's farm. My
father kept a large number of t hickens
of which lie was extremely proud, as
thpy were high-bred and the only ones
in the neighborhood.
"One morning several of them were
missing, a fact which caused my fath
er to say things that he never used in
ordinary conversation. It WIIS plain
that a two-legged thief, and not an ani
mal, had taken Hiern, as there were a
number of foot prints around the hen
"Several days later a number of oth
ers disappeared, and then my father
was wild-eyed. He bought a savage
dog that was warranted to cat a man
on ?he slightest provocation, and
turned him loose at night. He also
borrowed a bear trap from one of the
neighbors, and set it near the doorway
of the hen house. But ir. was all in
vain, lt was only a matter of a few
bights when a mi m ber more hens
disappeared, with no signs of the thief.
"lt was then that my detective abil
ity began to develop by laying plans to
catch the thief. One Sunday night,
while my folks were at church. I-con
ceived a plan that I thought might
T?ork. I secured a pot of red paint
from the barn and fixed lt over the
doorway of the hen-house in such a
manner that it would be sure to fallon
any one opening the door. Then 1 had
figured that it would ouly^be necessary
to look for sonic ono covered with red
paint to be sure of the thief.
""But my dream of looking for a man
covered with red paint was short lived.
My father returning from church hap
pened to go out to thc hen-house to see
If everything was all right. He opened
the door to look inside, and got the
contents of the paint pot over his head.
This so startled him that he forgot
about the bear trap until he had put
his foot in it, and had it closed up on j
him with a snap. That awoke the dog |
and he seized the other leg. j
"His cries brought the household out
on a run. We managed to get him
loose and over to the horse trough,
where we washed off what we could of
the red paint, and 1 gave up my efforts
to catch that particular thief."
To Caro Constipation Forever*
Take Cancarets Candy Cathartic. 10c or 25c."
lt C. C. C. tail to cure. Urusru'ists refund money.
Many nicn.Avho have actress' pictures be
fore them, would be startled to remember
what Christ says about then in the Sermon
on the Mount.-Ram's Horn.
To Cure u Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. AU i
Druggists refund mcneyif lt fails to* aro. cou.
A man is rn trial itt Washington "it n
charco of insanity, the liase nf tin- chanto
beinK tba fact that he appeared in public
dressed in fl red sweater, a full dress suit
and an opera hat.
Fits permanently cured. No nts or nervous
ness after first day's use of Dr. Kline's Great
Nervo l?esinrer. trial bottle and treatise free.
DR. R. U. KLINE. Ltd.. :?1 Arch St.. Phibi., Pa.
Already 2.500 forma] applications for office
j under the Cousus Director bave been received.
Wo-To-Bac Cor Fifty Cents.
j Guaranteed tobacco babit cure, makes wcaU
! men stron;:, blood pure. Mc. si. All druggists.
?reat Britain lins -'.-li:) magazines, 520 of
j these bel?g of a religious character.
money refunded by your
The Array Held UnifoVm.
There was lio "rough rider costume.''
Th? field uniform of the United States
Anny, worn try officers and men, wa*
of b'r?wfi (??tttkg, a "Norfolk Jacket"
and knee breeches. The facings va
ried with the arm of the service; in
tho artillery the collars and 'ruffs were
red: in the cavalry yellow; iR the in
fantry light blue.
Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Toar Ufe Away.
To quit tobacco easily acd forever, be msg
netic. full of life, nerve and vigor, taite No-To
Bac, thc wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. All druggists, 50c or M. Curoguaran
teed. Booklet and sample free. Address
Sterling Kemedy Co., Chicago or N?w York.
The demand for American manufactures
is steadily increasing in Japau.
Mrs. Winslow's. Soothing Syrup fnr children
tevthinc.softens the sums, reduces inflamma
ilon.allays pain, cu res wind colic. 35e. a bottle.
After six years' suffering I was cured by
Piso's Cure.-MABY THOMSON, 29HS Ohio Av ...
Alleghnnr. Pa.. March 1ft, 1804.
There Art? about sixteen breweries in Mex
ico, of which three are in the capital.
"2 have been ueing ( ASCAKETS for
Insomnia, with which I have been afflicted for
over twenty years, and I can say that Casca rets
have given me moro relief than any other reme
dy f have ever tried. 1 shall certainly recom
mend them to my friends as being all they are
represented." Taos. GILLABD, Elgin, lil
f ^ntf^ CATHARTIC ^
Pleasant. Palatable. Pot?nt. Taste Good. Do
aoocl, Aevcr blcken. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c. 25c, 50c.
Sterling Urmrdj Coapiny. fhltato. Buitrea!. New T?rk. *JB
NO-TflaBAH ^P'l and nuarant?ed by all dmr
HU" fl U'SMb Kists to CUKE Tobacco Habit"
should carry a complete
I?DO of
ltnM> Ball
Kool Hull
Croo II et
Trade Mark
Always a demand for them.
Write for our catalogue.
?w York. Donvcr. Chicago.
Aro the best. Ask for them. Cost no more
titan common chimneys. All dealers.
We don't admire a
Chinaman's Writing.
He doesn't use Carter's Ink. But
then Carter's Ink is made to use with
a pen, not a stick.
Funny booklet " How to Make Ink Picture? " free.
CARTER'S INK CO., Boston, Mass.
nj ANTED-Ow* of tai health that R-I F-A-N S
VI will no: benefit. Hom! i ni?, to Rt pan? Chemical
Co? NewYork. for lu sainplos and louo testimonial?.
ercluuit, so why not try i
Th e V?tmr f
A thorough study of the sub
ject has proven that crop fail
ures can be prevented by using
fertilizers containing a large
percentage of Potash ; no
plant can grow without Potash.
We have a little bool: on thc sub?cc'. of
Potash, 'written by authorities, that we
would like to send to every farmer, free of
cost, if he will only write and ask for it.
93 Nan san St., New York.
Malsby & Company,
39 S. Broad St.. Atlanta. Ga.
Engines and Boilers
Steam Wnter Heater*, Steam rumps ?nd
Penberthy Injectors.
Manufacturers and Dealers In
Corn 31111s, Feed Mills, Cotton Gin Madlin
ery and Grain Separators.
SOLID find I NS RUTED Saw's. Saw Teeth and
l ocks. Kn Ight's Patent Wops, Hlrdsall Saw
Mill and Kn ci nc Kopai rs. Governors, Grate
Bars and a full line of Mill Supplies. Price
and quality of poods cuaranteed. Catalogue
free Dy mentioning this paper.
gooo BiSISiB
Overstock: lui liv Lied Usu
s rx .i DA itu 'ss io DIU.
guaranteed, 89.75 to
816. Shopworn ct Mo
oed hand wheels, good
as new, 83 to; JfclO:
Great twetnj dearlai ?*J?.
W. .hip ti aajaa. cn tppror?!
'& trill wltaottt . ?vat I. ?dna.?
bj h.tplaj tu ad.erO. o?r nana HIM *f
.Mewl.la. Wa*!,, oa. ItHrr *rmt ia cub len FREE USE
fuaplawb*.! talatreuua un.. Wrlta at caca far soi iptiUI ceV.
K. F. Mead Cycle Contpnny, Chicago, 111.
"Innre lound Immediate relief tn every in
stfinco."-P. B LOUDEN, Philadelphia.
, A cure for a try. ?Sc. a l ox. .Ask your drug,
gist, or wrlto for free sample to
TI2AKUKK ?CO., Tarpon Springs, Fla.
over 20 decrees colder than
used is refrigerators Just 2iIto
i perfect, substitute for
?"Lr:y.ve.RsAI' REFRIGERATING co.,
202 Flushing .* venue, H KOOK LYN, N. Y.
Hr. Mt. New Painless home cure.
nay for FREE SAWlPLE and
UR. E. PURDY. Houston, Texas.
aa? Whiftcy Habits
curad at home with
out ^aiu. Book of par
ticular); sent FREE.
Atlanta, SE Dalco 104 N. Pryor St.
fc? Price 50c.

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