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Enfield Advertiser
Ti O?,.' J. ADA.NIis, - - - - . EPITOR
Subscription Price-Sent to any
address for one year for $1.50; for sis
months, 75c; for three months, 50c.
Payable in advance.
( . Rates for Amortising-One inch,
first insertion, $1.00; each snbsequent
insertion, 60c. Want Notices, one cent
per word, each insertion. Geber loca
notices, ten cents per line for .first in
sertion; five cents, per line for eaci
subs?quent insertion. Obituaries and
Tributes of Respect, Notices of Thanks,
and all personal notices of a political
nature, are charged for as regular ad
vertisements. Liberal contracts madt
for three, six, and twelve months.
Write for terms.
Edgefield, S. C.
Governor McSweeriey has ap
pointed Judge J. H. Hudson judge
for the special term of court in
The agricultural department at
Washington has arranged for the
distribution of 15,000,000 package?
of seeds during the coming year.
Most of the cotton mills of New
England have given out announce
ments that wages will be increased
10 per cent., and the mills in
Augusta will follow suit.
The latest Spartanburg enter
prise is another 12,000 spindle cot
ton mill, with a capital of $200,000.
Mr. Jno. A. Law is at the head of
the movement and hopes to secure
in Spartanburg $100,000 of the
proposed capital stock.
Mr. Ira D. Sankey is quoted in
the Philadelphia Press as saying
that MT. Moody, tue evangelist,
will never again be able to under
. take any active work, as the weak
. .'condition' of his heart makes
.absolute rest necessary.
Statistics show that the Jewish
immigration to this country dur
ing th? year now drawing to a close
has be?n the largest for a number
of years. Of the total immigration,
it is said the figures for the twelve
months will show about ll per
cent, of Jews.
James Wilson, secretary of
agriculture, has tendered his re
signation. The president is now
looking for a man to fill the place.
Sono9 western, man will get it.
The secretary was forced to take
this step because of a mortal
Dun's last week trade report
shows that business is booming,
and that there have been fewer
failures'for the five weeks ending
Nov. 30tti,: than for a similar
says: "The prices, in pig, iron are
' strongly maintained. Hides are
again stronger in Chicago. Wool
advance further with much
speculative buying. Wheat has
risen three cents and coru a frac
tion. Atlantic exports of wheat
3,359,677 bushed: Pacific 886,172
bushels. The railway earning foi
October are relatively larger than
for any previous month this year.
Failures for the week are 221 in
the United States and 35 in Cana
We have received the following
telegram from Price, McCormick
& Co., of New York, dated Dec. 17,
1899 : "Considering news of British
reverses in Transvaal and the
financial situation in New York,
the cotton market bas acted ex
tremely well. With the slightest
improvement in conditions named,
will advance sharply. Receipts
below smallest estimates and crop
looks shorter than ev9r."
. This received on* Tuesday, 19th
inst., from the same firm : "Stock
market panic adversely affected
cotton to-day, but worst seems
over. It is understood that action
will be taken by Secretary of
Treasury aud New York clearing
house which will avert any trouble
to-morrow. Market seems to have
seen bottom to-day."
Brought Him to Time.
"Well," remarked the fond, but
bashful young man, rising \t a
late hour to go, "it seems hardly
Worth while for m6 to stay any
longer. We are not going to see
any meteors tonight. It it a great
disappointment, but I have enjoyed
the evening exceedingly in spite of
that. And there won't be another
great shower like the one we have
missed see?ng," he added, fingering
MB hat, "for 33 years 1"
"Well," responded the maiden,
looking dreamily out at the darken
ed skies, "if you'll come we'll
sit np and watch for that one, too."
Then be put down bis hat.
"Katie," he gasped, "do you
think I'll still be coming here as I
am now 33 years from this time?"
"It looks like it," she replied de
On rvhich hint he spake-and it
?as still later when he finally did
Buggies and Road Carts of every
description at jost the price to sui',
youmat A. Rosenthal's, Augusta, Ga
He Was a Good. M an.
Laurens, S. C., Dec. 15.-Capt.
Gt. W. Shell died suddenly at 1
o'clock this afternoon at his home
near this city. He bad just passed
his 68th birthday.
He was reared on a farm but in
early life engaged in commercial
pursuits and became an efficient
business man. When he entered
the Confederate service he was
for a brief period a lientenant,
afterwards serving as quartermas
ter in Kershaw's brigade, General
Kershaw being devotedly attached
to him. After the war he returned
to his farm but was subsequently
elected clerk of this county.
In 1890 he was made democratic
county chairman and ' entered
actively into poli tes. He was
elected to congress and served . for
two terms and then declined to be
candidate. As a congressman he
was industrious and faithful to
his constituency.
Captain Shell was of an eminent
ly kindly nature, very largely given
to hospitality and charity and
devoted to his friends. He was
especially generous in the neigh
borhood of. his own home. In
early life he was married to Miss
Diai, who died early, and he sub
sequently married Mies Hill, who
survives him with a large family
of sons and daughters.
At his death he held the import
ant position of supervisor of
census for this district, ' and had
just commenced actively upon its
He was a faithful and prominent
member of the Baptist church. A.
more devoted father and husband
and generous and kind neighbor we
have not known.-Special to The
Daily JNews.
Filipino .Fighting.
One of the American soldiers
gave the following interesting
aseountof the situation in th
Philippines shortly after the first
engagement with the natives :
'.The Filipino method of fight
ing seemed somewhat peculiar to
us. I saw several night engage
ments, which began precicely as
the engagement of Saturday,
February 4, is reported to have ^
begun. It was the custom of the \
Filipinos at some time during the t
night lo open fire on the Spanish
lines and keep it up for two or
three hours. The Spaniards from
their works would reply in the
same manner, and a lat ge amount j t
of ammunition would be expended
by both sides with little result
beyond a tew men wounded andL
possibly one or two killed. Such
j fights as these were of almost
uightly occurrence, and I have|t
no doubt that it was a fight of this
kind that the Filipinos began on J j
? the night of Febuary 4.
"According to lhair custom they
probably considered it over when,
they stopped firing, and never for 1
[one moment supposed that the j
Americans would continue the
battle the next morning and
advance to the attack. When that
happened they where not' only
surprised, but utterly unprepared
They had never been in the habit | ]
of fighting or seeing civilized
troops fight outside of intrench- K
Iments, and it was beyond their
comprehension that soldiers could
be got to advance across the open 11
and attack fortified positions.
The experience was similar to L
nothing in their history, and the '
lesson, while it was a severe one,
r'as necessary and had a most
salutary effect on all future deal
ings between the Americans and
the natives. The belief that the
Americans were afraid because
they treated the Filipinos fairly
was dispelled. It probably became
apparent to them that the Ameri
can troops are not to be trifled
with, and that the commanding
officers were thoroughly able to en
force their orders.
Aluminum stoppers for bottles
are now being made at the rate of
several thousand pounds per week.
The banks are cut from sheet
metal, and after shaping rubber
gaskets are forced over them.
Such stoppers have retained the
gas of effervescent fluids four
years, while they are cheaper than
cork, and easily removed.
**"We have four children. With the first
three I suffered almost unbearable pams from
12 to 14 hours, and had to be placed under
the influence of chloroform. I toed three
bottles of Mother's Friend before our last
child camry which
is a strong, fat and
healthy boy, doing
my housework up
to within two hours
of birth, and suf
fered but a few hard
pains* This lini
ment is the grand
est remedy ever
w?Q do for every woman what it did for the
Minnesota mother who writes thc above let
ter. Not to use it during pregnancy is a
mistake to be paid for in pain and suffering.
Mother's Friend equips thc patient with a
strong body and dear intellect, which in
tura are imparted to thc child* It relaxa
the muscles and allows them to expand. It ;
relieves morning sickness and nervousness.
Ii puts all the organs concerned in perfect ;
cor ditton for the final hour, so that the actual
labor is short and practically painless* Dan
ger of rising or hard breasts is altogether
avoided, and recovery is merely a matter of
a few days. j
Druggists sell Mother's Friend fae tte bottle
The Bradfield Regulator Cb., Atlanta, Ga,
Send for our fres Mast ra ted book. _, >
706, 708 and 710 BROA]
-?- - ?
nd other makes of ? Fifi)! tili ?
iew Upright Pianos, =
?150 and Upwards. = n???-**!?,
EXPERTS. ? China C
I Book (
? Wardr
s Bed-Roorr
S Dining-Roo
E Parlor ?
= Library '
1 -rr t S Combinati
and VOtey ? Enamel.
i s Brass
Organs I ? ?T*y -
S and Cl
fOR PARLOR, j R?frig?r?t
CHAPEL ANJ) I Matti?g8>
? Curtail
Stock of Second - S
land Pianos and Or- 5
;ans always on baud. =
'iauos from $25.00 to iimiiniiiilllllllioi
1100.00. Organs from
?10.00 to $25.00.
706, 708 and 71C
A Judge on Pardons.
lu eentencii.g Levi Mooro to 99
ears in the penitentiary Jdge John
V. Wofford of the crminal court
oday made some remarkable state
oenta. Among other things, he
aid :
"When you go down to the peni
entiary behave yourself and
orne fool governor, who wishes to
listinguished himself for philan
hropy, benevolence and kindess,
nay pardon you. Yours is an ex
raordinary case and some governor
nay think he can become dis
ingusihed by pardoning ycu
Therefore the jury did you a great
)?h?fit'n?t to hang you. They
lave given you a chance to be
"We have had examples lately
>f governors seeking to become he
oes by pardoning murderers and
criminals in the this state. The
?ero factory has been working
)vertime iii the last 18 months,
[f a man can become a hero by
vading a river with the water up
?0 his shirt tail, why can't a gover
lor becomo a hero by pardoning
*ou?"-Kansas City Cor. St. Louis
Fine Northern Apples jut.t received
itL.E. Jackecn & Co.'s.
A Workman that Needetb not to
be Ashamed.
.We are in the world to build a
sharacter either good or bad, and
it is expected of us to be faithful
and helpful in our day and genera
tion, to set such an example that j
the world has been benefited by
our living in it. lt behooves us
first to make our homes happy
and cheerful and to do this we
must have them attractive. Paiut
your buildings and yard fence,
plant flowers and evergreens and
that you have a good orchard of
delicious fruits, and nut bearing
Now before ordering your paint
be sure to write to the Southern
Paint Co., of Pinebluff, N. C., for
prices' they will save you money,
for they are giving special low
prices to Southern people who
want to beautify their surround
, Colic, Neuralgia and Toothache
In five minutes. Soar Stomach
and Summer Complaints. Price, 25 Cents.
For sale by G. L. Penn & Son.
Buggies ! Buggies ? Buggies!
It means dollars to you. Write
or call and wo will do the rest, al
A. Rosenthal's, Augusta, Ga. .
The Union meeting of the let j
division of the Edgefield Baptist
Association will convene with the
Edgefield Baptist church-on Sat
urday before the 5th Sunday in
this mouth.
Organization at 10 o'clock, after
which verbal reports will be heard
from the different churches.
Introductory sermou to be
preached by Rev P P 'ack ; alter
nate. Rev J E Johuso.
The following que will be
1st. How can the Satu meet
ings in our churches be ii ,. roved?
Speakers. R T Strom and Rev G H
2nd. The heathen lost without
g Sewing
' s and easy running,
* , = with improvements
complete ? up.t0-date. Our pricer
Qprising I equal the lowest. We
I keep a complete line
Jlosets = of extra attachments,
""ases - parts, needles, and
' ? oil for all maaes of
abes, ^ sewing machines,
i Suites, S
m Suites, E
suites, =
Tables, E &
on Cases, =
3d. and E - (
ors, Etc.
lld S SS
Rug8) I STEARNS, j
^tC E Sundries and i He-:
E pairs for all makes of
iiiminiiiimiiiir? Wheels. Our Repair
Shop is one of the
Finest in the South.
the Gospel ; the duty or every
Christian in view of the fact?
Speaker?, Dr L R Gwaltnf-y, Revs
P P Blalock and J S Jordan.
3rd. The reading of God's word:
1st. Its great importance ; Speak
er, O Sheppard.- 2nd. Itecommon
neglect ; Speaker, S A Bronson1
3rd. Suggestions for promoting it;
Speaker, J B Mathews.
Suuday, 10 A. M.-Devotiou?
exercises conducted by Rev J D
Timmous, after which missionary
sermon by Rev A J Reamy.; alt?is
nate, Rey j E Johnson. :1
Sunday afternoon - Sunday
teachings. It shouldL be : lbt,,spi?
itual and doctrinal p Speaker J F[3N
K Bailey. 2nd, Practical and m is"!
sionary ; Speaker, Rev J E John
son. 3rd, Personal and evangpU
istic ; Speaker, Rev G H Burton
- J. B. MATHE.WS, Mod'r..,
T. E. BYRP, Clerk. ; .3
Advertised Letters.
List of letters remaining in the Post
Office at Edgefleld C. H., December
15, 1899. ? I
Stood Bitbs,
Wideard Caliham,
John Cofton,
G H Carter,
W M Frances,
O'y Galloway,
Elijah Faulkner, 5
Daniel Hayes,
M B Hamilton,
B A Jones,
Jerry Manigo,
Jim Mathews,
Coupe Mashe,
Jeesee Simkins, ' --.
Perry Simkins,
CEWessells, *
M D Wade,
Miss Mauce Whitney,
Miss Mary Addeson,
Miss Easter Cugston,
Mrs J B Johnson,
Miss Louise Philpot. --y
When asking for letters on this Hst
say "advertised."
Very respectfully,
Over-Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
All the blood In your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
The kidneys are your
blood purifiers, they fil
ter out the waste or
impurities in the blood.
If they are sick or out
of order, they fail to do
their work.
Pains, achesandrheu
matism come from ex
cess of uric acid in the
blood, due to neglected
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart beats, and makes one feel as though
they had heart trouble, because the heart 1:
over-working in pumping thick, kidney
poisoned blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases have their begin
ning In kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy ii
soon realized. It stands the highest for it:
wonderful cures of the most distressing case:
and is sold on Its merits
by all druggists in fifty
cent and one-dollar siz
es. You may have a"
sample bottle by mail Home of Swamp-Boot.
free, also pamphlet telling you how to fin<
out If you have kidney or bladder trouble
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmei
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
I nave re-opened m j
Livery Stables agaii
nt the old stand, when
I will be pleased t<
see and serve
friends and thi
public. Grate
ful for past pa
tronage, I sh al
endeavor to de
serve a continuance in the future.
i: .. -: ? -
Master's Sale.
P --CouDty of Edgefield-Court of
Common Pleas.
Miuuie WCook, Plaintiff, against
j W J Miller, Defendant.
Pursuant to the decree in this
cause I will offer for sale st public
outcry, before the Court House,
town of Edgefield, State of South
Carolina, on Tuesday, the 2nd day
of January, 1900, between the legal
hours of sale, the following de
scribed realty, io wit :
. All that certain tract, lot, piece,
or parcel of land, with tenements
and appurtenances thereon, lying,
being and situate on the waters of
Chavis Creek, county of Edgefield
and State of South Caroliua, con
taining one hundred (100) acres,
more or le?3, and bounded by lands
of Elizabeth Mundy, J C Shaw,
and S S Horne, the same being
known as the Munroe Mundy place.
Terms Cash.
Purchaser to pay for papers.
Dec. '99. MaBter E. C.
Master's Sale.
-County of Edgefield-Court of
Common Pleas.
L H Nicholson, et al., Plaintiff,
against Willie H Nicholson, et
al., Defendant.
Pursuant to the decree in this
cause I will offer for sale at public
outcry before the Court House,
town of Edgefield, State of South
Caroliua, on Tuesday, the 2nd day
of January, 1900, between the legal
hours of sale, the following de
scribed realty,to wit:
Tract No. 2, containing one huu
dred and ninety-five (195) acres,
more or less, bounded on the north
by Little Turkey Creek; east by
Tract No 1; south by lands of D
R Strother and.Emily ? Walker,
and west by lauds of AR Nichol
Terms cf Sale: One-half cash,
balance on a credit of one year
with interest from day of sale at
rate of 7 per ceut peranuum. Credit
portion to be secured by bond
of the purchaser and a mortgage
of the premises so sold, or all'cash
at purchaser's option.
, Purchaser to pay for napers.
Dec 6, '99. Master E. C.
Campbell's Restaurant.
Bakery and butchershop are open to
the public at all reasonable hours and
at prices the 6ame. Rear of Bank of
Edgetield is the place. Give rae a call
Master's Sale.
.-County of Edgefield-Court
of Common Pleas.
W W Burnett, Plaintiff, against
Mrs M L Holmes, et al, Defend
Pursuant to the decree in this
oause, I will offer for sale at public
outcry at Edgefield C H., S C., on
.Tuesday, the 2nd day of Januaiy,
1900, the following described real
ty, to wit :
All that tract or parcel of laud
situate, lying and being in Colliers
Township, county and State afore
said, containing one hundred and
sixty-five (165) acres, more or leas,
boanded on the north by lauds of
F B Thomas; east by O O Burnett
and O J Holmes; south bylands
of G W Bussey, W L Holmes, and
Joseph Prince, and ou the west by
lauds of F B Thomas.
Terms of Sale : Cash.
Purchaser to pay for papers.
Dec e, '99. Master E. C.
Master's Sale.
. * ?-'County of Edgefield-Court of
Common Pleas.
R A Turner, Plaintiff, against
Emeline Ripley,
.i Pursuant to the decree in this
case I will offer for sale on Tuep
day, the 2nd day of Januaiy. 1900,
before the Court House, town oi
Edgefield and State of South Caro
lina, the following described real ty,
to wit :
AU that tract of land situate,
lying and being in the county o?
?dgefield and State aforesaid, ou
i he waters of the Edisto River,
containing eighty-four (84) acres,
more or less, bounded by lands ol
Jackson Holmes, Clint Ward, Luke
Lott, and Johu Bush,
Terms of Sale: One-half caen,
and the balance ona credit of one
year, with interest from the day of
?ale. Purchaser to give bond and
a mortgage of the premises to se
cure the payment of the credit
portion, or all caeh at the purchas
er's option.
Purchaser to pay for papers.
Dec. 6,'99. Master E. C.
New Restaurant
808 Broad Street,
Furnished and Fitted in tht
Beet Style.
A trial solicited.
J. E. CLANCY, Proprietor,
Insurance Agency
We respectfully solicit the patrol:
age of the insuring public.
Only the most reputable
and Solvent Compa
nieu represented.
Among them
Mina. Ins. Co., of Hartford,
Home lus. Co., New York,
Hartford Ins. Co., Hartford,
Phoenix Ins. Co., Hartford,
Underwriters of New York,
Hamburg-Bremen of Germany,
Northern of London.
All outside business will receive
our prompt and person
al attention.
See Our Life Insurance Contract
before you In nure.
M &
* .
Reliable Jewelry.
Sterii Silver,
Jil : :
Wi. SM? & Co.,
Cor. Broad & McIntosh Ste.
Master's Sale.
-County of Edgefield-Court of
Common Pleas.
M D Lyon, et al, Plaintiff, against
Minnie L Lanham, et al.
Pursuant to the decree in this
cause, I will offer for sale at public
outcry on Tuesday, the 2nd day of
January, 1900, before the Court
House, towL of Edgefield, State of
South Carolina, between the legal
hours of sale, the following de
scribed realty, to wit :
A.l that tract or parcel of land
situate, lying and being in Eden
field county, State of South Caro
lina, containing one hundred and
eighty-two (182) acres, more or
less, and bounded on the north by
lauds of the estate of J A DeVore,
south by lauds of M D Lyons and
the Five Notch road ; east by lands
of the estate of Mary E Timmer
man ; west by lands of the estate
of J A DeVore and lauds of P B
Terms of Sale: The costs and
one-half of the purchase money to
be paid in cash, balance on a credit
of one year with interest from day
of sale. Credit portion to be se
cured by a bond of the purchaser
or purchasers, with a mortgage or
mortgages of the premises so soid,
or all cash at purchaser's option.
Purchaser to pay for papers.
D?c 6, '99. Master E. C.
Master's Sale.
-County of Edgefield-Court of
Common Pleas.
Fannie E. Wright. Plaintiff, vs.
W. L. Bolton, et al., Defendant.
Pursuant to the decree iu this
cause I will offer for sale on Tues
day, the 2nd day of January, 1900,
at public outcry, at Edgefield C. H.,
S. C., the following described
realty, to wit:
All that tract, piece or parcel of
land situate, lying and being in the
county of Edgefield, in the State
of South Carolina, on the waters of
Turkey Creek, containing one hun
dred and forty-eight and three
quarters (148?) acres, more or less,
aud bounded by lands of Bill
Holmes, A J Norris and the Miles
ur Cannon land, the said tract be
ing on the Weaver road.
Terms of Sale: The costs and
one-half of the purchase money
cash, and the balance on a credit
of one year with interest from day
of sale. Purchaser to give bond j
aud mortgage of tho premises to ;
secure the payment of the credit
portion or all cash at the pur
chaser's option.
Purchaser to pay for papers.
Dec. 6, >99. Master ft Ct
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Just Any Old Store Won't Do !
Therefore come to the New York Racket and see the Shirt-Waist Silks in
ill colorsaud style*, from 35c up to 1.00 per yard. Duchessee Satin for Waists.
1.00, worth 1.50.
Blankets and Counterpanes, from 50c to 3.50.
Velvets and Velveteens, from 25c to 1.50 a yard. Silk Velvet at 1.50, worth
RUSTS and Mattings, 82x72 inch rugs, 99c to 3.99. Small Rugs 25c to 2.50.
Bleaehings and Lonsdale Cambrics. ;
Bleached Homespuns, 5c to 9c. Lonsdale Cambrics,Sc to 12c. Long Cloth,
12 to 20c. Checked Muslins, 5c and up. Pink Eiderdown, 30c, worth 50c. Scrim
'or curtain*, 5 to 10c. Curtain Swiss 10c to 12c, Bleached Sheeting, 20 to 25c.
Unbleached Sheeting, 15c to 20o.
CLOTHING.-Our Fall stock is now complete and ready for inspection
Towels and Damask Goods
Linen and Cotton Towels, 5c to 25c. Some veiy pret;y Towels 20c to 25c
Doylies, 35c to 1.25per dozen. Bureau Scarfs and Stamped Piec.es for Embroid
ery. Bed Tickings. 5c to 15c. Damask for Table Cloths, 19?, 25c 30, 19c up to 75c
We have opened a branch HIDE HOUSE here. We buy.direct fur the east
ern faners, and are in a position to pay top market price? for Hides, '.'allow,
Wool, Furs and Beeswax. Your shipments solicited.
Strowger Phone No. 367. '
B. SCHIFF, Manager.
KEY & CO.,
Sole Proprietors of the Celebrated Key Bran s
of Old Fashioned North Carolina
Whiskies and Brandies.
Our brands are eo well and favorably Known throughout the
South that they need uo recommendation, as they are every where re
cognized as a standard aud high grade.
We have superior facilities for supplying customers with a high
grade N. C. Liquors at moderate prices. We guarantee absolute satis
faction and prompt ship meut.
Send for price list and descriptive circulars. Goods shipped Shme
day as order received.
SouLttxox-rt Itail^ueav.
No. 33
P. M.
1 10
1 40
2 15
2 45"
5 20
P. M.
No. 15
Ex. Su ny
A. M.
6 00
fi 50
7 30
8 00
A. M.
d EdgefieM a
d Trenton a
a Aik'-n d
a AuK>i*ta d
a Columbia d
No. 60
Dally El.
No. 34
A. M.
ll 30
ll 01
9 30
A. M.
P. M.
4 00
3 40
2 50
2 40
ll 45
P. M.
W. A. TURK, G. P. A., J. B. HEYWARD, T. P. A.
Wr ellington, D. C. , AngusSa, Ga.
S. H. HARDWICK, A. G. P, A* Atlanta, Ga?

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