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Capt. James Dora of our town, died
at the'residence of his son-in-law, Dr
Horace Parker, on Sunday afternoon
of this week.
Capt. Dorn has been living in our
midst for the last 8 or 10 year* and
was most highly esteemed and loved
by all with whom he caine in contact.
He was at the time of his demise 9i
years of age, the oldest member of thtt
old and numerous Dorn family, whose
ancestors came to Edgefield before the
. Revolutionary warland he was ever
noted for bis high character. In
tegrity in all his dealings, honesty and
truth were the rule of his life, and to
owe no man anything except love, was
his cr^ed.
His remains were interred in our vii
l?ge cemetery on Monday, where he
await? the last trump, that wilt sum
mon him before the Great White
Gentle, patient, and loving in his last
illness as he was through all his days,
let us
"Think of him as faring on, as dear
lu the love of there as the love of here.
* ? # # ? . ?
. Think of him still the same, I say ;
He is not dead-he is just away."
The following persons from a dis
tance attended the. funeral obsequies
of Capt, Dorn : Wm. B. Dorn, of Web
ster Co., Ga.; 'De m s ley Dorn, of At
lanta; Rufus Dorn, of thia county, sons
of the deceased. Dr Hammet Teague
and wife, and Mrs Pet Fowler, of Ai
ken; J. R. Easterling and wife, ot
Barnwell : Dr Fred Parker, R. A. Tur
ner, W. D. Turner, and Mrs "Bettie
Adams,of Johnston; Mr Aaron Dean,
brother-in-law, and Mrs. Morbelt,
daughter of deceased, from. Sleepy
Creake in this county, besideo several
grand and great-grand children.
Coton is slipping back, going down
a little.
Dr. J. F. Daniel, of Saluda, was in
town on Saturday last.
Mr J. Foster Cheltham has removed
to his old home near Liber y Hill.
Mr L. M. Dorri and family, near
Ropers, have removed to Aiken county,
near Vaucluse.
- A carload of new automatic desks
' and seats just received at the S. C. C. I.
A Jhri-tmas gift.
-Editor J. T. Parks, of Orangebnrg. J
has been elected one of the cotton
weighers of that town.
TbeS. C. C. I. resumed work on Mon
. v-tfbjr of this week with all the old and j
quite a number of new students.
Capt James Dorn was 91 years of j
age. Perhaps the oldest man In Edge*
^/fleld county at the time of his death.
Rev. P. P. Blalock has removed to tb*
Griffin place on Butler Hil?, and Capt
Ras Minis will occupy the Burckley
FOR SALK OB RSNT.-A nine room
house in Western Edgefield, Forterms
.apply to W. J?. BURNETT, Real Estate
. Agent.
The announcement in this paper of
tne marriage of Miss Avaline Schenk
was incorrect,our informant was mis
The cold weather flag was hoisted at
the Institute on Tuesday, yesterday,
and we may have another snow before
the weather clears again.
04 . v .
The Methodists of our lown are
pleased with their new pastor, Rev G.
W. Davis who is now domiciled at the
parsonage with hi - fami.'y.
Mr W. N. Buruect has opened a real
estate and renting agency in our town.
His advertisement of- lands, bouses,
etc., will appear next week.
The new law firm of Thurmond &
Calhoun will secure a big legal busi
ness m Edgefield and adjoining coun
ties if it is to be had by anyone. .
Mr. J. M. Bell, Jr., and Miss Julia
Henrietta Strom will be married to
day, Wednesday, at the home of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. C
Strom, of our town.
President Bailey sp??nt the Christ
mas holidays in Alab: ma and Florid**,
aud, as is his custom, brought bael
frpinihese States a number of i upih
. for the Institute.
The partnership at the law be
.^tureen Solicitor Thurmond and W. P
Calhoun, Esq., makes a strong team
. -This partnership is, of course, entirel;
on the civil side of the court,
Prontaut's, the famous jewelry hous
of Augusta, has a nevi advertisemen
in this issue of the Advertiser, devote?
entirely to hearts-silver hearty gol
hearts-solid goods at reason a bl
Mrs Bracie Denny came over fro?:
Columbia on Friday, reaching th
borne of ber mother on the same da]
Although not yet well she is mue
better than some weeks ago. which j
acause of great rejoicing to her tnent
and relatives here and elsewhere.
Jui?ge Allen -has a very importa?
notice to executors, administrator
, guardians, trustees, etc., in this issi
of the Advertiser, callibg on them fi
their annual returns. It will be we
for such fiduciaries to heed this norh
as otherwise severe penalties will a
Solicitor Thurmond left forColur
bia on Monday afternoon of this wee
where he wi'l remain during the M
- aion of the legislature In discharge*
bis official duties. His par: uer, W.
Calhoun, Esq., will be found in tl
office here at all times except whi
absent professionally.
600,000 feet of lumber suitable f
any kind of building purposes for sa
by Joe H. Tompkins and Harry s. ll i
at Harry Hill's ? mill. OuV, \?
Poplar, C?.oar or l ine.
3?| reliable institution. Over 8,000 Gi
logue. Grand winter opening Jan
Merchant W. W. Adams how lights
his store with acetvline gas, a new and
most wonderful product. Eight lights
are horned at night, and the total co8t?
we hear, is only one-quarter a cent
per hour, excluding the cost of the
plant, which isabout one hundred dol
We violate no confidences in saying
that Col. W. J. Talbert will certainly
be a candidate for re-election to Con
gress, the House of Representatives.
We hear that there will be opposition
from one of the lower counties of bis
district, but it will be not only almost
but altogether fntile in our judgment.
FOK SALK.-250 acre? at Beech Tsland
depot, Port Booyal R. R., five miles from
Augusta. 150 acres cleared, 100 acres
high land, and 50acres river land clear
ed, all one bodv of land. Address Dr
W. R. Eve, Bluff ton, S. C.
Uncle Ben Glan ton was in town on
Tuesday of this week. He bas been
confined to his home for more than a
month from the effects of severe burns
received in his heroic efforts to save
bis wile who was burned to death some
months since, an account of which sad.
event appeared in these columns at the
steady and industrious colored men
single or married, with families, to
work the whole year for cash payments
monthly. Apply to Hollow Creek Farm,
I'oales P. O., Aiken Co., S. C.
Uncle Ben Glanton chews Early
Bird tobacco, a nc. that is the reason
ind cause of his early candidacy. And
it is a mighty pood sign of a mighty
good mau to get out in the open early.
Moreover he can have ample time to
run down and choke to death all the
lies that may be started on him. Zack
Boone used to give as the reason why
t e was never elected to office that
folks wouldn't tell enough lies on him ? i
ro give hun a standing with the people.
Sam Taylor's Weather f or Jan
"Preps n for a rough wi ni ry,
January, for it wiii bo the coldest
mouth during the winter." Jan
uary will enter with sleet and
snow storms in the uorth culmina
tion about the 2 to 4. The south
may look at first for rains, turning
to sleet and some snow from 1 to 4,
followed by a sold wave over the
whole country, 4 and 5 fair and
very cold, 6 and 7 fair and warmer,
8 partly, cloudy, 9 to ll cloudy
with some rain, probably thunder
and lightning followed by a cold
and frosty, 14 nearly cloudy aud
threatening, 15 and 16 look for
heavy snowfall in th9 Northern,
Central, Atlaotic and Southern
stLtes, foliowed by a cold wave over
nearly the whole country, 17 to 19
fair aud cold, 20 to 23 cloudy aud
damp, with heavy storms accom
panied by thunder and lightning
on the Gulf and Atlantic states,
followed by a cold wave, 24 aud 25
fair aud colder, 26 and 27 cloud
iness followedd by rain or sn>w,
2b and 29 fair and cold, 30 and 31
iook for a heavy fall of snowovery
nearly the whole country, followed
by a very cold wave, which will
reach iuto Florida. Sam Taylor.
A buggy that will stand the test
of roupn roads can be bought ouly
at A. Rosenthal's, Augusta, Ga.
g Hflppv m
?| I We ESar
I A New Year's
\ \i Our business fe
V V been a GRAN]
" to thank our
Ytheir.liberal pa
tinuation of tl
-|-^ save you monej
The Black Diamond Again.
The Ohio, Tennessee & Carolina
Railroad has been organized al
j Knoxville, Tenn, to supplant th?
scheme of Col. Albert A Boone tc
build the Black Diamoud from
Columbus, 0., to Port Royal, S. C
A failure to make a satisfactory
deal deal for the franchise of The
Black Diamond Railroad in Ten
nessee led Gen. W. K. Kirkby
acting as the agent for Englisl
capital, to organize the new comp
any. Kirkby has secured an op
tjon ou the franchise of the Blaci
Diamond in (the Carolinas ant
Kentucky. The route of th
proposed road was inspected h]
Sir Thomas Tancred, of England
about a year ago and highly re
com mended for English invest
ment. Gel. Kirkby claims t<
h av-? "t his back enough money ti
huila the road.--Ex.
Si AW OIL cure
J * Cuta/BuTM, Bruise?, Bherj
maiisin : Price, 25 cent?
For r- . 'e by G. L, Penn & Son.
obtained readily after taking a
course of BOOK-KEEPING and
SHORTHAND in this old and g?|
.aduates. Send for large cata
.1 to 15.
A, CA.
L. W. ARNOLD, . Y-Pres.
No Limit to Cottou Mills?.
Charlotte, N. C., January 1.-In
.o interview with an Associated
^ess reporter Mr D. A. Tompkins,
he well known cotton mill expert,
akes a most encouraging view of
extile conditions in the South,
n reply to a quest iou as to the
(respects of new mill construction
n 1900 Mr Tompkins said that ex
?ectationB in this line will be fully
net. "Tb<- machine manufact
urers in the United States," said
tfr Tom pk i UR. "can make 2,500,000
pindles a year. That is the ex
en t of their output. The new
nills to be built in 1900 Will re.
luire 2.000,000 spindles fol* their
iquipment, so that the mill con.
itruction this year will be very
?early equal to the capacity of j
;he machine plants to turu out
Continuing, Mr Tompkins said :
?New England has 13,000,000]
ipiudles, of which 7,000,000 are
ocated iu Massachusetts. There
ire now 5,000,000 spindles in the
South. At the end of 1900 the
South will have 7,000,000 spindles
md New Jd gland will still have
13,000,000. In Massachusetts new
spindles are being put in on fine
stuff s only, while the old ones are
jeiug discontinued ou coarse
"Old England has 46,000,00
jpindles; the South 5,000,000 ; the
Quited States,. including the
Middle States, 20,000,000. At the
.ate of 2,000,000 new spindles a
,?ear, the present rate of increase,
eu years from now the United
State would have about the same
lumber of spindles ab England.
3f tht.se. New England and the
biddle States would probably
iav^ 20,000,000, all on fine goods,
md the South 25,000,000. In
>ther words, the United States in
L910 will have as many spindles
is England, and the South will,
lave more spindles than New Eng- j
aud aud the Middle States com
Mr Tompkins says there is not
;he slightest fear of over-pro
luction if we properly develop
>ur maiket opportunit?*. The j
3rient, he says, might he developed
to take the product of 10,000,000
spindles in ten years, over and
Mid above the present production.
Just how remote the possibility of
Jver-preduction is, is manifest
from the fact that it will require
100,000,000 spindles to manufac
ture the cotton crop of the world
ii,to the average grade of cloth,
and it has been shown there -are
but 20,000,000 spindles in the
United States and 5,000,000 in
the South.
Campbell's Restaurant.
Bakery and butchersbop are opeo to
the public at all reasonable Hours and
at prices the same. Rear of Bank of
Edgefield is the place. Give me a call
Buggies and Road Carts of every
description at just the price to sui*,
you at A. Rosenthal's, Augusta, Ga
i ? m
tOIO.CL m mm
greeting to one and all.
)r the vear junt closed has
D SUCCESS. We desire
patron? and friends for
t ronage and'solicit a cun
te same. We can al ways
f on
The German Press Indignant
Berlin, January 5.-The eeizui
of the Bundesrath remains th
dominant topic of the Germa
press. Influential papers strongl
hint at the possibility of Ge
many's forming an Anti-Britis
coalition with Russia and Franc
The Anti-British feeling
clearly growing. A series of Ant
British demonstrations in tl
various cities is being organizi
by the Pan-Germanic League.
A prominent official of tl
German foreign ?frica said th;
Great Britain had not yetanswen
Germany's request foran exp?an
tion of the seizure, but that tl
reply was expected in tho oour
of a few days. The foreign oiric
according to this official, has n
yet concluded, that Great Brita
is trying to ride rough shod ov
Buggies ! Buggies! Buggies!
? It means dollars to you. Wri
or call and WM will do the fest,
A. Rosenthal's, Augusta, Ga.
That I always keep a fresh assort
ment of Fancy and Heavy Gro
caries on hand. When' in need of
them give me a call. Satisfaction
?. Sheppard, Jr.
Thirty Thousand Fruit Trees Will
be Burned.
Atlanta, Dec. 30.-Thirty thous
and fruit trees, comprising the
entire orchards of D. C. and G; M.
Bacon in Mitchell county will he
burned Monday by order of State
Entomologist Scot*, owing to the
ravages of the SaaJoee scale.
In the immediate neighborhood
Of Dewitt, Ga., in the couuties ol
Irwin, Berrieu, Worth and
Mitchel], are more than 300,00?
tm it bearing peach trees, and in
justice to the owners of neigh
boring orchards as well as to per
form a service to the State, the
trees will be destroyed.
The work of destroying the
orchards will require several
Edgefield And Ridge Teachers.
Johnston, Jau. 5.-The next
meeting of the Edgefield County
and Ridge Teachers' association
will be at Ridge Spring on the
evening of Jan. 12th, and the
forenoon of the 13th. Friday
evening the subject for discussion,
will be ?'Elements of governing
powers in the school room." The
dissuasion will be opened by^j
Superintendent W. D. Holland of
The following IP th? programme
for Saturday's session :
Moral Instruction io Our
Schools-Prof. Watson of Bates
burg and Prof. Goff of Harmony.
Spelling-Miss McIntosh of
Ridge Spring and Miss Tony of
PunsiBbments-Prof. Beau of
Johnston aud Prof. Bowles of
Language Work in Primary
Department-Miss Wakefield of
Batesburg and Miss Williams' of
Monthly Reports-Prof. Atkin
son of Ridge Spring.
All teachers and those interestr-d
in tho cause of education are
cordially invited to attend. '
Surprise Baptists.
Greenville, 8. C., Jan. 5.-The
Baptists of South Carolina will be
greatly surprised to learn that the -
Rev. Dr. Riley, president of the
Greenville Female College, and
Chevaler Ferratta, director of
music iu the same institution,
have resigned, their posit IODE
lo take effect at the close of the
present college session, on June 20.
Dr. Riley and Chevalier Feratta
have bought an interest in the
Georgia Female Seminary aud
Conservatory of Music at Gaines
ville, Ga. Dr. Riley will have the
position of business manager of
the Georgia Seminary and
Chevalier Ferratta will be director
of music. Dr. Riley bas been presi
dent of the Greenville College
since August; 1894. Chevalier
Ferratta has been director of mu
sic for the past five years.
The College has prospered
greatly under the management of
Dr. Riley and bis place will
be difficult to fill. Chev
alier Ferratta has a European at
well as. American reputation ae
composer and teacher. Greenville
will feel the loss of these two
accomplished educators.
Suffering from female troubles should j
try the "Old Time" Hemed}*,
It has no equal. It strengthen! the
delicate ten?ale organs and builds a wom
an up. All suffering and Irregularities at
"monthly" periods can bo avoided by its
use. lt 13 for young girls maturing, ror
mothers, and tor women at Chanfle of Ufa.
Should be used before child-birth.
Sold by all druggists, or sent post-paid
on receipt of price $1.00.
Ladlea Bluo Book sent FREE to any one
on application. Address, "WOMAN 6 DE
PARTMEHT". F??w Spencor Medicina Co., Chat
tanooga, Tann.
Intention thitpaptr.
For tale by 6. L. Penn & Son.
I ll I mil 1 *??*e re-opened m
I I UL UV Livery stab]es
111 ll I at the old stand,wher
Ll I LU I I will be pleased t
see and sena P>
0 MUG,
endeavor to d<
eervea continuance in the future.
Sugar From Watermelons.
Bowling Green. Ky., Dec. 28.
D. Hanez, a farmer and gardener
bus recently made some successful
axperinients in making au ex
aellent quality of syrup from
?vatermelens. He will shortly
ittempt to convert eorae of the
syrup into sugar aud expects !o bc
Mr. Hansz figures a big profit in
nelous if used for making syrups,
in an interview he said:
"From eighreen melons, weigh
ing from 20 to 25 pouuds, we made
rwo gallons and one pint of syrup.
?Ve cut the melons in halves, cut
>ut the pulp, ground it in a cider
uill and pressed out the juice.
We bolled the juice in porcelain
settles on the kitchen stove for
twelve hours. With a cider mill
ind bot air or steam evaporator
: wo men can make 2 5or 30 gallons
af syrup per day. At the above
?gures it would take about 270
nelone to make 30 gallons of
syrup, worth $15. Melons would
lae worth* at wholesale about $6,
iud it would take them two or
three days to haul and sell them at
Harket. With a mill and an
jvaporator in the melon patch, a
Farmer and one or two hands could
realise 100 per cent more by mak
mgthem into syrup and feeding
the refuse to bogs, cattle, horses
ind chickens, which eac it greedily.
Mr. Latimer in A Row.
Washington. D. C., Jan. 4.-Tbe
lispute between Congressman
Latimer, of South Carolina, and
Admiral McNair, superintendent
af the Naval academy, is causing
aoonsiderable excitement in Was
hington and unless au amicable
settlement is reached foday Mr.
Latimer w?l probably prefer
charges agaiust the management
af the academy.
Whether the charges are pre ferr
ad or not Secretary Long says the
t?tair shall be officially invest?gate
??V . '
The row grows out of the resigna
tion of Cadet Maxwell, of Ander
8on, South Carolina, which had
been requested oy Admiral McNair
on account of Maxwall's alJeged
interference with the holiday
festivities. Mr. Lalimer went to
Annapolis-to eee Admiral McNair
and a stormy interview ensued.
. Fight for Capt Shell's Place.
Washington, January 5.-An
interesting fight for a ceusus
eupervisorship is attracting the
attention of the South Carolina
colony. The place in question
is that created by the death of Mr
Shell, of Laurens^ and the district
is the oue including the Congress
ional districts of Mr Latimer and
Mr Wilson. These gentlnmen and
Senator Tillman have united in
recommending lor the place J.
Thomas Austin, of Greenville.
Senator McLaurin, on the other
hand, haB recommended the Rev
A. J. S. Thomas, the Baptist
editor, whose home is also at
Greenville. It is understood that
Governor Merriam, the director of
the census, haB recommended the
?ppointment of Mr Austin, both
because of the fact that he is
supported by the senior Senators
aud the two Representatives direct
ly introduced and because Mr.
Wilson is a member of the House
committee on the census, and
Senator Tillman was a member of
the committee which framed the
present census law.
The appointment is made by the
President and Senatoi McLaurin
has made the fight in favor of his
The experiments of modern phy
sicians and scientists have
established the fact that many of
the germs of disease enter the body
by the inhalation of air laden with
bacteria or microbes. These germs
are very small but their work is
deadly. Still many of them are
comparatively harmless in health ;
but as soon as an organ is diseased
it is attacked. The experimets
of Koch and others have shed much
Ughtjupou this important subject
But up to the present time the
culture of bacteria appears to have
met with much better success than
theil* destruction. As we can do
do little to destroy these miuufn.
marnies, is not the mo6t sensible
course to strengthen and revitalize
the system BO that ii may repel
and resipt their destructive in
fluence, and does it not 8eem vi ry
tithing that the revitalizing element
should enter the body through
inhalation of oxgeu which is at
?mee a revitalizer and germicide?
The experience of years and the
testimony of thousands show
Compound Oxygen to be the agent
lt you wish further information
?write us and we will send you, "ree
?of charge abundant evider.ro.
Send for book of two huntued
pages, with record? and
testimonials of surprising cur^-E
of variou.1 forms of disease and
a-id debi Hy. It will cost you noth
ing to. convince hourself.
Home Treatment is sent out b)
express, to be used at home.
Office Treatment is administerer
here. Consultation free.
1112 Girard Street, Philadelphia,Pa
nan with characteristic tenacity,
ie had carried the fight to the
.^resident and it is a part of the
.ossip '.hat ho has active arsif tance
md support of Senator Hanna and
Senator Pritchard. Tbos"1 who
.re supporting Austin are doing
o because of his activity in
loliticp nnd not because they have
ny th in g against the Rev Mr
TiiM little coutest is being watch
d with more than ordinary iu
ereoi: by all the South Carolinians.
R. M. L.
tantra! Time at Jackaonrllle and Savanah,
Eastern Time at Other Poluta.
Schedule la Effect December 10th. ptdi.
Jaek?ouvii)e,(Plant Sys.).
Havannah,(so. ky.).
Charleston,(?o. Hy.).
O^raiil ie ville_
Tren ?on.
Columbia,(Union Depot).
Coiumbia.iBlandlng St...
Bosk Hill.
Lr. .Danville..
IT. Richmond
Baltimore,! Pa. E.A.)..
New Turk.
No. 81
JWv a
4 WP
4 4ttp
i 48p
l?o. 03
6 pup
7 (Ul
7 41 a
8 55?
9 23 al
10 15 tJ
8 81-p
8 29p
4 00 p
4 14 p
5 50p
6 10p
7 08?
7 61 p
b 28p
g Qua'
9 12 a
ll 35 i
8 08?
7 t?p
12 ?a
4 15a
4 U8a
4 47 a
4 li a
6 00a
Tl o?p
iii 00m,
1 56A
8 00 a
10 15 {>
ll 00p
ll 20p
2 lOn
6 15?
T 20?
8 lOn
8 47?
g Via
o ap
8 hov
ll 25V
2 56o
6 23n
kr. Cincinnati
Kr. Louirvnll?.
ll 40 a
8 10p
7 ??p
4 lea
8 80a
ll 25a
2 8/p
7 20p
7 60a
L/v. L?u?nE?.
Lv. Ciuoinnaii
JV. Knoxville..
'* Asheville.
" Spartnuburg.
kr. Comm bin_
No. 33
1 20a
8 05a
ll 45 a
No. 35
1 45l
8 25A
8 06P
fl 15p
9 Kio
Liv. New York. iPu. xi. xi.). o uup
" Philadelphia. 5 84p
" Baltimore. 7 55p
LT. Washing!on.tSo. Ry.). 9 50p
Li". Kiu-?ii.onii.. li uup
Lv. Du:, vi i;..-.I 4 asa
L?v. Charlotte. ? ui?a
" Bock HUI. 0 02 a
'. Obesrer. 9:? a
s\m.-.a'ooro. 10 21a
Ar. Columbia, (Blandlng St.).. ll 25 a
Lv. Oolumbia,(uuioa Dopos) .. ll 50 a
" Jonnstou. 1 Wp
" Trenton. 1 45p
ar. Aiken. 2 2t;?
" Grnnitevillo. 2 ljp
" Augusta. 2 5dp
Lv. Cojtunoia.cto. Hy.). 4 Oap
" Kiagville. 4 43 p
" Oran (coburg. ? 34 p
" Branchville.:. ? 02p
" Summerville. 7 33p
Ar. Charleston. 8 15p
Lv. Coiui.ibiH,iSo. By. ) .......
Ar. Perry.,
" ta:ly.
" Sprinrfleld.
?. Kaekftlte.
" Barnwell.
" havannah.
Ar. Jackj^jiyj ....vPiiutST?.).
ll Ola
1-' 42 p
12 50 p
? gs
8 20 p
7 40p
3 60a
6 22a
ll 15a
12 ?Im
5 4 8 "p
1U OJ tf
10 50p
11 26p
12 15 a
1 20a
4 90a
(?82 a
G 48a i
7 SO?
7 16o !
8 Ula
1 au a
2 ?I a
3 45 n
4 20 a
5 52 a
7 00 a
2 87?
2 45?
8 05a
3 20?
5 15?
9 25 a
S2*3v:hip: Oar Service.
Excellent 'J.-iiy passenger service between
Florida and Ni-.'- York.
No*. ?8 nnu i?-New York and Florida Ex
press. Dni\viii:r-rtK>m sleeping cars between
Augusta and New York.
Pullmau drawing-room sleeping cars be
tween Pori fampa, Ju "k^on ville, Savannah,
Washington :'.K<\ New York.
pullman js?w.)ing ?Ars between Charlotte and
P.?PV.':1 i .= .laing card between Charlotte
and Savannah.
Xso...KJ ..... X-TJ. S. Fast Mail. Through
Prfllmau drawing-room bude: sleoping oar?be
tween Jacksonville and New York and FulP
man sleeping cari botween Augusta and Char
lotte. Dining cars serve all meals enrout*.
Pullman sleeping oars between Jacksonville
and Columbia, enrout? daily between Jackson
ville and Oincinnafi. via Asheville.
Third V-P.* Gea. Mgr., Traffic Mgr.,
Washington, D. C Washington, D. 0.
(?Hil. rSUt?. Ag't.. -.3 i ?*?...._? -o y..
Waehington, D. C. Atlanta, Ga.
-Couuty of Edgefield-In the
Probate Court.
W N Burnett, as Administrator of
the estate of Angeli T Richards,
deceased, Plaintiff, against \V T
Richards, Julia Richards, Mrs J
J Dye, J M Dye, Carrie Richards,
Ruth Richards, Thomas Rich
ards, J L Ried, Julia Ried, Mrs
Florrie Waddell, and Eleanor
Leach, nee Richards, Defendants
To the Defendants above named:
W. N. Burnett, as administrator
of the estate of Angeli T. Richards,
having filed his petition for a final
settlement upon, and distribution
of, the said estate of bis intestate,
you, and each of you, are hereby
summoned and required to be and
appear before the Probate Court, to
be holden in and for said couuty,
on the first Monday in April next
ensuing, being the second day of
the said month, at 10o'clock A. M.
of the said day, to show cause if
any you can, why the said W. N.
Burnett, should not be decreed to
distribute the said estate; and
you are further notified and re
quired to appear at the said Court,
aud on the day and hour herein
above appointed, to intervene Yoi
vour interest io said estate.
J. D. ALLEN, [L. S.]
Probate Judge E. C
Attorneys tor Petitioner.
Notice of Final Settle
ment and Discharge.
Notice is hereby given thatlwil
make a final settlement on the es
tate of Clarinda Don, deceased, ir
the Probate Judge's office at Edge
field, South Carolina, on the 2u(
day ot' February, 1900, and at tbj
?ame time will apply for a fina
JiHchargo as administrator of sai<
estate. E. L. POSEY,
Proprietors of
tOi??iT?.SSSOn j
Merchants. !
>. Mnmifarturers ot Setf-Rabiaq flour, Grist,
O Meei!, cul oil ki'.tds ot Corn Goods.
? Flour peeked either In Bulk or (
tia I'aper Packages of any aizo.
Ten Car? Choice texas Rust-Proof Oats, ttiie 1
?year's crop, at rotk-botiom prices. ......
LIBERAL ADVANCES made cn all kinds
fi of Country Produce. Correspondence tolieiUi.
Savannah, Ga.
*Sa-sre This Oheck.
?Jiiiiii?iiimiiiiiiimi ^iiiiiiiiinii ^miiiiiin niiiiiimiiiii^
[ ' Sell Our Goods. I " -.,. ?
= ? = Have your Pictures Frame? bert
-REMEMBER THE PLACE- . S at Lowest Pri es,
I W. H. TURNER, ? Pictures Enlarged
s 1136 Broad, Near Cor. Marbury Streets I? X 20 fOT $1 98
nniii iiiniimiiiiiiiiimm iiiimiiiiiimiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiir?
To Our Friends and Patrons
Appreciating your kindness in the piist we solicit your patronage fol
the future. Our stock of clothing is indeed handsome, stylish auc
serviceable. Our prices are lower than ever and will please you.}
MEN'S SUITS $6.50 to $23.00.
BOY'S SUITS from $3.00 to $12.00.
The Hat and Furnishing Departments are complete. Our Children'
Depcrtment has been refurnishing and the stock of clothing is bette s
than ever. We extend a special invitation to the ladies. * r
If you cannot come write us, prompt attention to all orders. "We psy
the expressage to you.
/. C. LEVY'S som & co,
k Hil Four Full Quarts ^_2??.^3==
jsL RHH Contents can't bo detcrfed. as we pack Ir. plain boxes;
?238 JmBKBBSffiS we deliver to your residence or business address.
^^BQ?^SS'^CTk. OLD TIMES WHISKY received nighest Award Gold Medal an?
lilWMMlf mHiMl TT*""*' Diploma for ?ll ages at the World's Fair In opon competition with the world,
45BxsB/n9r*? tiro ? wSSreW T* substantiates tho fact that lt l3 tho purest and best whisky for family and
-^^^"^TnltfdUlmCTlWCwk medicinal pur[>otcs. In order to allow you to test tho quality of Q|d Times,
nHjflBWWW wewlUshlpyou one gallon in mone Jup, or Four Full Quart ?joules of oui
fflffirffillfMniM^*^ seven-.ear-old Kye. Bourbon, ur Sour Mash, for $3.00 per pallon, which ir. only
mJ???HfWfSSDUt TS cents a quart. Thia ia our price to tho Jobbers ; you save the mlddlemmnll
^nHHMB^HnHBHB^nlHB prout by purchasing direct, ur.d Insures you a'strictly pure and unadulterated
|HHBiaWBiPHMBBBWyi whisky. Your neighbor will not know that you urn n-ccivnig liquor, os wa
fflBBMMB^MiMBgSlHBBHM pock all goods in plain tcaled boxes. Contents can not bo detected.
wWaraSE^fflKffiS^Pa OLD TIMES WHISKY isnutup tn plain waled boxw containing
^SIW?SsKSE?mlSXni&XrAi stone juan ot ono, two, and three gallons, kegs of 4J? gallons, and fall quart
nregSCWB bottles. WiUt?iip any quantity you may desire, and prepay all eipress ?barge?.
^BE?B^^^BIMBB^BM^BI on shipments of Oue Gallon, i our Quarts or more.
flmiBfflHBBBnKrWfflMlHB flnr Citararriaa Jewill refund yor.r money and pay all ?oataf baria*
I^^M^BBMMB 'JUI DUaialllCCi goods returned if you do not find the wUitrW ba th?
2^BSMQe|CM?jn| OLD TIMES received First Prize at World's Fair, .Crtcdy paz?, ?n
WMMMMBKfEBIrfl^ adulterated, and of our own distillation.
We are tho only firm sending direct to tho conjamer th? procnot or their.
""mines Distillera Dis?rltiDlIni Co., "TH:1**
P. a-Orders for Ariz.. Colo., Cal, Idaho, Mont-Ker, H. ?ei. Or*, Sta*.
BBHgySfMB Wach., Wyo., must bo f o" 20 qt?., by freight, prepaid.
WB Bfcjg We guarantee alwvu linn wUl do aa they agrooy-ED. WBe&VKUng pSMi
-Importer and Wholesale and Retail Dealer.in
Liquors, Fine Wines, Havana Cigars.
Agent for Veuve-Cliicquot Ponsardin.
Urbana Wine Company.
Anheuser-Busch'Brewing Co.
Buggie?, Carriages, Wagons, Harness,
Saddles, Bicycles, Buggy Robes,
Bicycle Tires, Etc., at
Sie aid Comity Dpilarj.f
fl *- .
Paid-up Capital, $58 000
Surplos and MMed Profits, $10,000.00.
A. E.. PADGETT, President.
j L. CAUGH MAN, Cashier.
W. H. HARLING?Ass't Cash'r.
* $ *
KJ ut
Pays Eight per cent, annual divi
Does a General Banking Business.
Acts as Guardian, Administrator
and Trustee for Estates.
Pays Interest on Deposits by spe
cial contract.
Money to Lend on Approved Se
Diaries, Photograph Albums, Bimi:
Books, PenB, Inks, Envelop*!,
Playing Cardi.
D e8iring to retire from busmen,
will sell my entire stock SB a whole
or in lots as may be desired. A
splendid opportunity to any one
desiring to enter the book business
in Augusta.
g0f Everything very cheap un?
til sold.
625 Broad Street, AUGUSTA, GA.
Front Room in Chronicle B'ld'f.
I respectfully solicit th; patronage of
She peuple.

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