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Edenfield Advertiser
J. L. SUMS, - - - EDITOR
Subscription Priee~S -nt to any
address for one y,-- fer ?.50; for Mx
montn&, 75c; for three months, 60c,
Payable in advance.
Kates for Advertising:-One inch
first insertion, $1.00; each subsequent
insertion, 60c. Want Notices, one cent
per Mord, each insertion. Other local
?loiices, ten cents per line for 'first in
??rtion; (ive cents per line for each
subsequent insertion. Obituaries and
Tributes of Respect, Notices of Thanks,
and all personal notices of a political
nature, are charged for as regular ad
versements. Liberal contracts made
for thre*, six, and twelve months
Write for terms.
. Edgefield. S. C.
WEDNESDAY, MAR. 2, 1904.
There ie DO buBinesB being doue
by court, and next we will hear of
congested dockets and a great big
wail for more courts, more Judges,
more Solicitors to do- Nothiug!
Lexington Dispa?ch.
Two colored preachers had a
fight in the Republican conven
tion which was held in Columbia
a few days ago. During the melee
one of them dropped a pistol.
Johnnie Capers should have made
his brethren keep the peace.
It appears from a published list
of tho counties that have subscrib
ed to the Hampton monument
fund that Edgefield has only con
tributed the eum of $2. Historic
old Edgefield should give at lepst
one hundred times that amount.
A certain lady of Georgia, who
is a prosperous farmer, has set her
brethren of the plow a valuable
leeson in financiering. She re
sol ved.lartt year to pay c.ish for
the guaro purchased this spring
for the farm. In order to do thi6
she began saving dimes some
months ago. Recently she went
to town and paid for two tons of
fertilizers in dimes. Most men
would have scattered these minor
coins to the four winds and bought
their guano on credit. This is a
practical illustration of how
?mall savings count in the aggre
gate. Save, the dimes and the dol
lars will take care of themselves.
Notwithstanding the fact that
the South Carolina Military
Academy (the Gita
cation in South Carolina, and as a
military school it has been pro
nounced by United States inspect
ing officers to be second only to
West Point, which institution re
ceives several millions of dollars
annually from the national treas
ury. At a meeting of the board
of visitors of the Citadel, held in
Columbia a few days ago, it was
decided to send the corps of cadets
to the St. Louis Exposition in
June. This will be a splendid ad
vertisement that will require only
a small outlay from the treasury
of the institution, for each cadet
will pay his proportion of the cost
of transportation. In this matter
the board acted very wisely. The
annual commencement will be held
in Columbia upon the return of
the student body from St. Louis.
Public School Libraries.
Some people have not been cor
rectly informed as to the terms of
the recent act of the legislature
which makes provision for the es
tablishment of libraries for public
schools. Instead of furnishing
free text books, as some believe, it
states that when the patrons or
friends of a free public school
shall raise and tender the sum of
$10 to the County Superintendent
of Education for the establisment
of a library for the school, the
county and state boards of educa
tion will each contribute a like
sum, making $30 available for the
purchase of books Tom the list
selected by the state board. Only
twelve libraries will be establish
? ed in a county in one year. What
twelve schools will compose the
honor roll in our county ? Let the
teachers, trustees and patrons be
stir themselves, taking up the
matter at once. Raise the neces
s?ry ten dollars, then notify the
county Superintendent of Educa
tion and you will receive his co
In our judgment this ie out of
the best measures enacted by the
recent l?gislature. The great need
of the people of our county and
state is improvimeut of the com
mon or free schools. For so email
an outlay, we can not conceive of
anything that will be more help
ful to the faithful teachers in their
efforts to create in the minds of
theil pupils a thirst foreknowledge
'and a desire to read. Thirty dol
?ais v. ort li of attrac'ively hound
books placed in a public echool
will stimulate and arouse many a
dormant mind to action.
By Marion G. Woodward'
(Continued from last Week.)
"When he returned he said it was
his grandson, who had been sent by
his daughter to warn us. He said that
the bloody work of the negroes had
.ilready begun. A white family living
some four miles distant bad been
brutally murdered and their home
plundered and burned."
"After this piece of information, I
knew that there was no hope, and we
must face the fact that we were in
peril-deadly peril. But what could
we do ? nothing, save commit oursel
ves into the hands of God, which we
"About ten o'clock a great blaze
shot up from the east, and 1 knew that
Mr. Blakely's beautiful home was a
thing of the past. It was an old time
colonial home, valued more for it3 an
tiquity than for Its intriusic value."
"??trainingmy ears, I could hear their
hellish orgies as they danced around
the scene of their diabolical crime. 1
watched until tbe blaze died down and
there was nothing left to see, save the
reddish glow upon the heavens which
reminded one of the laud of the mid I
night sun. As 1 watched this phe
nomenon J wondered how many peo
ple over the state were being hurled
into eternity by these maddened de
"Ol Nemesis, thou goddess of jus
tice, why tarryest thou so long ? Hast
not the life's blood of our heroes paid
for the insurrection of the south?
Must women and children die?"
"The reddish glow had hardly faded
out of the east, before I began to see
dark shadows, stealing toward the
bouse from all directions. I then be
gan to think my days in this world
were limited, and wondered in what
manner they would put me to aeath.
Would it be horrible ? or would^thej
favor rae with an easy death ?"
"Thinking I would do some good
act before I died, I suggested, that
Uncle Aleck and his wife leave the
house while there was yet time, assur
ing them that thc time bad come when
their aid could only keep me for a
brief while. But the old man only
shoot* his head and grasped his rifle
more firmly."
"I thanked Cod, even in the hour of
Sanger, for the loyal heart that, beat
under the black skin of Vrnle A ec;c.
Long years befora when 1 ar a slave
jfmy father, he was ts' very il)
ivith fever, and I did no ow when
[ helped to nurse him tl. . i was cast
ing bread uptn the waters, that would
return a hundred fold."
"Uicle Aleck's wife, Aunt Caroline,
ny old 'black mamy,' on whose heart
[ had tlept many weary hours away,
when a baby, held mc in tier arms as
.he used to do of yore, and io that re
"uge I can almost say I felt secure."
"dome people seem to think that the
touth does not appreciate the services
)f the old time colored women, but
,hey are mistaken, and like some
luthor has truly said, 'tnere will come
i day when the south will erect a
nonument to the old black mamy ol
ong ago.'
"There was a quietness for a few
noments, like the culm which precedes
i storm, and then a blood curdling yell
ent the air. lt seemed to me chat the
louse was attacked from all side?, and
hat it would be lifted from ifs very
bundations by these infuriated ne
-roes. Window glasses were broken,
ind the doors were completely deraol
"In a few moments the lower floor
vas swarming with the blood thirsty
lavages, whose cries of 'kill de white
lebils,' so terrorized rae that 1 almost
wearne insane. 1 tried to break away
rom Aunt Caroline. I wanted to
cream, but I could not. God seemed
o have turned bis face away, as he did
hat memorable day from Calvary's
food that night.
Aunt Caroline was also terror
tricken, but she displayed wonderful
ourage under the circumstances.
Uncle Aleck was in the next room,
nd it would be necessary for one to
tass through that room before enter
ng our room.
Never to my dying day shall I for
get, how noble the old man looked as
ie guarded the intrance of our room.
Iis naturally bent form, seemed more
traight that night, and on his old
vrinklwd face, I saw written determi
"While, Uncle Aleek was a member
if the African race, yet, in my mind.
; never associated bim with the ne
groes. It seemed to me that he was
?n a higher plane of civilization than
'.Down tte stairs the fiends incar
late, were making havoc of the furni
ure, chinaware, and all other things
vhich they could destroy. It seemed ro
ne that hell had beer, turned loose on
he earth. The falling china-ware,
ind the awful oath? of the negroen,
;reated a din that was deafening. But
ibove the din, I could hear the stento
rian voice of the leader as he gave di
rect! ans."
"After the mob had finished their
?vork of devastation a rush was made
for the stairs, and a few moment.-?
ater, they bursted the door of Uncle
aleck's room aud demanded admis
sion to ours.
Uncle Aleck refused and the in
furiated negroes exclaimed. 'Git outen
de way nigger I'll burst yer brains
out' and before Uncle Aleck could re
ply, a pistol shot rang cut and I beard
him fall."
"Forgetting my own danger in my
indignation, 1 threw open the door
and exclaimed, 'pro-pudor (oh for
shame 1) negroes to murder an old man
who has never done you any harm. J
wa* interrupted by hearing a shout'
and in a few moments all was in con
fusion. Negroes were running in all
"It was aband of Ku-Klux who had
suddenly appeared on the scene, which
stopped the pandemonium."
"One woulds think that a skirmish
would liave occurred, but not.so. The
negroes were on the lookout for these
riders of the night, and scattered in
all directions just as soon as the Ku
Klux were sighted."
"We lifted Unole Aleck tenderly
and placed him upon a bed and watch
ed beside his bed all of that night and
the next day. In the afternoon I saw
his lips moving and bending over the
bed I heard him say, Tsegwiue home,
ai d before I goes, 1 want you promise
me dat you will tell marsa dat X done
my duty,' after promising him, he re
quested thatl sing for him, and with
.?jes almost blinded with tears, and
with a trembling voice I sang that old
song "Jesus Lover of My ?Soul." And
when I had finished I heard Uncle
Aleck murmur '.Peace, peace.' And as
the twilight shadows began to steal
over our hume, God called him and he
Fearful Odds Against Him.
Bedridden, alone and destitute.
Such, in brief was (be condition
of an old soldier by the name ol
J*. J. Havens, Versai Us, 0. For
years he was troubled with Kidney
disease and neither doctors nor
medicines gave him relief. At
length he tried Electric Bitters.
It put him on bis leet in short
oraW and now he tesl i fies. "I'm
on the road to complete n cover)'.*'
Best on earth for Liver and Kid
ney troubles and all forms of
Stomach and Bowel Complaints.'
Only 50c. Guaranteed by Tb< I
Penn Drug Store. '
Feb. 22,1904. (
Correspondence to the ADVERTISER.
Mr. James Watson sent to
Augusta on Saturday last forty
large fat steers. The high price of
hulls renders fattening cattle rath
er an expensive business.
Mrs. James Sa'cher, we are
glad to say, is belter.
Mrs. G. P. Lott is quite ill with
Mr. J. P. Budwell continues
quite sick.
The Edgefield correspondent to
the Monitor has Mrs. Unr..h from
Utah. She is from Portland, Ore
gon. We are pleased to 'note that
the women of Edgefield are in
terested in Temperance. Let
them organize.
Quite ? large crowd assembled
in tb^ school auditorium Monday
morning. An excellent program
ur-.d been arranged and addresser*
V/ere made by Rev. W. S. Martin
and Rev. P. B. Grant. After in
teresting and well rendered reci
tations hy some of the pupils,
Mayor S. J. Watson spoke on
"Our relation, as a town, to the
school." The flag was raised by
Miss Rosa Lou LaUrone.
Mrs. Charles Bradford and
family have moved to Columbia.
They leave many warm friends
Miss Lizzie White entertained
Monday ?veuing in honor of Mies
Brandrot, of Greenwood.
Mrs. F. M. Warren and Mrs.
Maggie Hill returned laat Monday
from a weeks visit to their brother
Mr. F. A. Tompkins of Columbia.
'Ihe Sunday school teachers
met with Mrs. Lucia Larimer last
Quite a full meeting of the Now
Ce ltury Club was at Mrs. James
White' s ou Friday last. The reg
ular business program was enlive
ned by charming music by Mrs.
White, Mrs. Walker and Mrs.
Parker. One new IL'm ber, Mrs.
Stone, was received.
Mr. Ec. Lorrick of Trenton
came over for a bird hunt with
Mr. A. P. Lott.
Messrs A. P. and P. N. Lott
propose going "a fishing'' as is
eviueed hy a Jar^e bundle of poles
brought in.
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Moa nc,
of Augusta, t>re welcomed to Ins
old home.
"When the butter won't
come put a penny in the
churn," is an old time dairy
proverb. It often seems to
work though no one has ever
told why.
It is like the penny in the
milk because it works and
because there is something
astonishing about it.
Scott's Emulsion is simply
a milk of pure cod liver oil
with some hypophosphites
especially prepared for delicate
Children take to it naturally
because they like the taste
and the remedy takes just as
naturally to the children be
cause it is so perfectly adapted
to their wants.
For all weak and pale and
thin children" Scott's Emulsion
is thc most satisfactory treat
We will send you
the penny, /. e., a
sample free.
Be sure that this picture in
the form of a label is on the
wrapper of every bottle oi
Emulsioc you buy.
409 Pearl St., N. Y.
joe and ?Loo ; all druggists.
What is Life ?
In the last analysis nobody
knows, but we do know that it ?B
uuder strict law. Abuse that law
even ?lightly, pain results. Irre
gular living means derangement
of the organs, resulting in Consti
pation, Headache or Liver trouble.
Dr. King's New Life Pills quickly
re-adjusts ibis. li's gentle, yet
thorough. Only 25c ai The Penn
Drug Store.
A large BOppl}' of School Books
always on hand al reasonable
pi ices at
J M. C
New Spri:
Dress J*
Excells anything on the
WE are right up-to-date.
What is To Become Of;'
Constantly Increasing"$
Number of Dnig {*
Victims ?
Can They Be Cured ?
This question is agitating M
minds cf the best ministers, div
tors aud thinking men of to-d&l
There are over a mill ion drngutjlk
in the United States alone,
the number is rapidly increase..
All unite in saying that a relief
cure is the only salvation. T?
ris no ordinary disease and yie|?
to no ordinary drugs ur meth||
of treatment. We now offerer
ti^atrnent which we guarantee vji
cure auj case of Morphine. Opiua
Laudanum, Cocaine or other dru
habit or refund your money. T
any person suffer i ug .from thi
dreadful disease we will send
trial package of our treatment abj
solutely free. Write to-day. "jdf
correspondence strictly confident
tial in plain envelopes. AddreB ;
Manhattan Therapeutic Associi
fiori, Dep't B., 1135 Broadways
New York, City. f
Frse Pre?
Stupendous offer made by aj
woil-kuowu Piiila. firm. j
Thousands of pd . ns in all sec-;
tions of the country have been ?
healed by this wonderful
Every educated pereon h'aaj
h on rd of Radium, i'"s woLderfoll
po wi rs and hinting qual ities haye!
nceuoied pngft after page in the!
Metropolitan publications. A4-j
mos', (?vi ry body knows that it ls
the greatest remedy '.hat Ood h?h
H ver given to suffering humanity.
Disease germ* of every descrip'ion
flee be for<? it-th*y eau ii i? ^t.-inid.
thp contact. .We have euch faith
in i-ur proposition that we guaran/;
te* absolutely Lo cure you. Wh??;
is more we will give you a written!
cou I met to that effect. This offer
bas never been duplicated. Fil):
ont the blank below and mark the
malady from which you are Buffer
*p^mi*i^?'l*$ ^ rflfnr" ""'"it in
Free Offer Free Ofter Free Offer I
S12 Drexel liniJding
Philadelphia, Pa.
Si KS:
Kindly 9end me free of cost
information re?rarding your Ra
dium treatment and your wondei
ful remedy ''Radios."
.Stn rp.
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
There ls a disease prevailing In this
country most dangerous because so decep
tive. Many sudden
deaths are caused by
it-heart disease,
pneumonia, heart
failure or apoplexy
are often the result
of kidney disease. Ii
kidney trouble is al
lowed to advance the
blood will attack the
vital organs or the
kidneys themselves break down and waste
away cell by cell.
Bladder troubles most always result from
a derangement of the kidneys and a cure is
obtained quickest by a proper treatment of
the kidneys, if you are feeling badly yo.u
can make no mistake by taking Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver and j
bladder remedy.
lt corrects inability to hold urine and scald-^
lng pain in passing it, and overcomes that
unpleasant necessity of being compelled to
go often during the day, and to get up many
times during the night. The mild and tho
extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for Its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root ls pleasant to take and sold
by all druggists in fifty-cent and one-dollar
sized bottles. You may
have a sample bottle of.
this wonderful new dis- f
covery and a book that
tells all about it, both nome of Swamp-Root
sent free by mail. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co.
Binghamton, N. Y. When writing mention
reading this genero!^ offer in this paper.
ng Goods.
market for STYLE and
Please give us a look.
1 Why Use Many Words to Tell You That g
Si .?
The Best
On Earth
The Virginia
Chemical Co.
? Bey luve the Best Faculto, ase the Best
S and maintain the highest rejutotaeu te gi -,
evenness and vitae of their MUta* J
i Sfce Virginia-Carolina Chemie.1 Ci
- -- ^
Ji_. _ . -.. -.-' ^"^ "-"'? ?AI^^WM?
?ri.: <m>*v~~- g _
I ^e Sell
p 4 ND F. GU AA 0.
NOW in ware house READY for DELIV
WE are opening up this week as forerunners of
|the following NEW GOODS :
8o Pieces French and Domestic Ginghams.
30 " 36 inch Madras,
20 " 36 " Percals,
90 " Best Prints,
7 " White Mercerized P.ks,
60 " Bleaching and Sheeting.
These goods are being sold at old prices with
I only a few exceptions on some lines of domestics.
SS^Gtt your Laundry in Tuesdays.
Livery and Sale Stables,
\VF. have about 25 bead of fresh shipped H0RSE8 and
MULES in our Stables now aird will have auotb.-r cur of
Stock in a few days.
WE have nowpn hand between
65 and /o hoad o? h?R&LS and M ULKt5,aiid will carry a
heavy supply of them throughout tb? eutir? wintar and
spring sei-son. Prices rang?? from $25.00 $250.00 per head.
WE do not handle western or unbroken itock, we will
handle the veiy best etock that money and nxperi*n<;e can
buy for al) round southern us -.
WK buy direct fr- m the producer ai.d cballciigi* any
Bou?b?rn iu??kr>t on prices and quauty. WV have had .-x
tHusi^.i exp'Tiebcj in the burne husmees and think ww are
oapable ot' buying stock that will suit people in all avoca
tions of life. So peo.de will alwiya get what th?y buy and
pay for from us.
We have on hand now several head of extra nice driving
horses that eau show a 2.20 gait ary day.
Stables roar of Court House.
/T,"*X " _ Original an J Only Ocnuloc
fct?VBAFB. ilHirirelitl.Io I.M?H?-. wk DruMl.t
fi li' KR? ?nd UuLd inculllo boui. aealcd
? wild blue ribbon. Titke no other. Boru??
?Sj Huniterou? Riibilllulltra* ?ui<l linllm*
~ fr tluti?. Buy of your UrugfUt. or ?cnJ 4o. Isl
?jr ?uur,p? for I'ar-Oculnr*, TeatlmonlMU
"C* IJr tod "Velio " fur LnHle*,"In Utttt.hJ re<
turn Hull. ??.Of'OTi'?ilmouiuJ? 5<iM bj
. # all Dru;gl.t.. Chichester Chemical Co., |
th! I ?ot. ?ftdlioo Sanare, PllIJL? . l'A, ?
To Cur
Toke Laxative Brom
Soven MQBon boxes soU fal pott 12 am
Proprietor of
Is now in Naw York buy
ing his SPRING stock.
Watch this spac? for his
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and UNDERWEAR we cannot be
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Advertiser Building,
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and "Chief Jiistice'Bhoes
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Shoes for Women.
If you want Shoes w?
can please you.
0. E. MAY.
At Baltimore did not effect the financial standing
of any of our companies.
Hom? Insurance Company of New York.-Asgele-$18,O?5;7Vi?9S?
The Hartford Fire Insurance Company. $14,5^901 78
New York Underwriters Agency. $14592;9Sl 78
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losiei. * J
Fire, Life and accident Insurance.
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Factory does three quarters
of a million dollars worth .of
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Quality considere? they are
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