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L. C- r-AYNE President- " u. t>
FRANK Q. ORD. Cashier J
CAPITAL, - - $200.000
Surplus & Profits. $140,000*
. We shill be plcasr.fi to hare jon open onj
?ccount with this Bank. Customers andf
? correspondents assured of crerr courtesy^
X and accommodation possible, ur.der conser-^
w vattTe, moJern Banking methods, yr
& Krjo??F?ELD,-S.-C.-,- W?MESPA?, JANUARY 25.1905.
NO. 5.
Terrible State Of Affa
of The Czar
The Revolt of the Striking Workmen
- in the Russian Capital Culminates in
a Deadly Conflict With the Troops
One'Detachment of. thc Infantry Re
fuses to Fire on the Strikers, Throw
Jng Down Its ATHIS.
SL Petersburg, By Gable.-Thc re
frolt of striking -workmen culminated j
Sunday in a bloody conflict with the
.troops. At 9:30 o'clock p. m., it was
believed that 1,500 people had been
. killed or wounded, but air estimates
for the present must be accepted with
caution. Popular rumor says that
many thousands have fallen. The city
at 9:30 was quiet. Troops are bivou- ?
acked around camp fires here and :
there in the streets. One detachment.
j:{ "of infantry refused to fire on the peo- j
pie and laid down their arms, but Uh* j
Ians and Cossacks attacked thbse the
infantry would not. Firing continues j
.;"on th? ; Vassiliostroy. It is rumored -
that the workmen there have seisod ? ?
i?ynamite factory and also tho* 30,000 '.
" or 40,000 armed strikers from Kolpino, j
16 miles distant, are marching on St, J
Barricades erected on -the island of
Vassili Ostrov late Sunday "night were !
destroyed by troops almost immediate
ly, with the loss of 30 workmen killed.
The sympathy of the middle class ?5 ?
;ivJth the workmen. i
If Father Gopon, the master mind
' of the movement, aimed .at open revo-1
iution, he managed the affair like a '
genius to break the faith of the people 1
in the "Little Father," who, they were !
convinced, ana whom Father Gopon
had taught them, would . right fchiM?.
wrongs and redress their j?rri?Vances.
. Gorky, the Russian novelist, expressed
the opinion th?*. Sunday's work will
break this raith cf the people in the
Emperor. He said:
'.'This day inaugurated revoluti?ft m
"Russia. The Emperor's prestige wfU
he irrevocably shattered by the shed
ding of innocent blo?dv K? has alien
r ated himself forever-from his people*
. t??pon taught the workmen to, believe
that-an appeal direct^ to 'the' "Little
. Father" \voUld be heeded. They hav?
heea "undeceived. Gopon is now con
Tinged-that jiea?cf ul means Jxave failed.
-?nd that, the Only remedy is force. The
' itirst blood has been , shed," but more
^viU follow. It is now the people
. against the "oppressors, and the battlo
fjf?l be fought to the bitter end,"
.The military authorities had a firm
gnp cn every, artery in the city. At
daybreak, guards, regiments, cavalry
/ held every bridge across the frozen
Neva, the network of caiials which in
terlaces the city, andv the gates
leading from the industrial sec
tion; while in the palace square,
at the storm center. were
marched dragoons, infantry, and
Cossacks of the- guard?? Barred from
o' the bridges and. gates, men, women
and children crossed the frozen river
and canals on. the ico by twos and
threes, hurrying to the palace square,
where they were sure the Emperor
would be j to hear them. The street
approaches to the square were cleared
by volleys and Cossack charges. Men
and women, infuriated to frenzy by the
.. idss of loved ones, cursed the soldiers
; while they retreated. Men har
rangued the crowds, telling them that
the Emperor had foiled them and thatf^j
the time, had come to act. Men beganffjj
to build barricades in the Nevsky pros-'
* peet and at other points, using any gj
material that came to hand and even ?i:
chopping down telegraph poles. er
Mr. Croker Killed.
Ormond, Fla., Special-Frank CrokeS
of Nev,- York, son of Richard Croker)
the former Tammany chief, was seri,'
ously injured on the beach shortly brr
fore 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon. M.-j
Croker was in his racer, an 80-horsj
power machine, with his mechanicia;[
JRaoul, and was going a 40-second|i
"'mile a clip. His machine turned ovo?
and'he was/thrbwn to the ground,isq'i
faining injuries from which he ditji
Live ltem5 of News,
It will be several weeks before
jjew rules and regulations for
.steamboat inspection service will i
Into effect. Thc Board of "Supervising
Inspectors will meet in Washington
Thomas K. Kiedrfnghaus was elejt
ed United States Senator by the Mfe.
souri Legislature, and many other ?fen
atora were chosen, including Hale in
Maine; Aldrich, in Rhode Island;
Bulkely, in Connecticut; Depew in
New York; Knox in Pennsylvai ia;
Beveridge and Hemenway, in Indira;
Burkett, in Nebraska; Clapp in Miine
sota and others? . !
Gov. Preston Lea, of Delaware, fcas
Inaugurated at Dover, Del.
E. C. Stokes was inaugurated Gover
nor of New Jersey at Trenton, anrAd
vocated improveing corporation ?ws
' there. .
Rev. I. N. W. Irvine filed a su* for
slander in Philadelphia against bish
op Ethelbert Talbot, who was attend
lng a meeting of the church comn^|ttee
On Sunday school instruction.
The cruiser, Maryland will Jave
i speed trials January 25.
? ' President Samuel Woolner, off the
"union of American Hebrew ConAgg.
' tions.Jn bis. message to the nineteenth,
biennial meeting in Chicago, propMSjed
'the dowhfevftof Russian autoes
Fire- destroyed the Athenaeu
pother buildings in New Orleans, c
>-$?OO;?0O damages. -
Trial '-"of"; the- suit of John R.
.who seeks to- recover more than,
000 obtained from him by Hanna]
lias, a negress, began in New Tor
. ^Handwriting experts testified;!
Mabel Page murder- trial at "
llISSkN 1!
irs Exi?ng in Capital
s Dotniions
Fighting ?antime continued at va
rious place soldiers Volleying and
?charging mob. The whole city
was in a fte o? panie. Wemen were
running tibugh the streets seeking
? lost mem.l-s of their families-. Sev
eral harrides were carried by the
Towards o'clock in the evening
tho crov/tf exhausted, heiran to dis
perse, teaa? the military in posses
sion, A?fcey retreated up the Nev
sky Pro|ct, this workman put out
all the ?|tss Th? little chapel at the
Narva gs, was wrecked-.
Cu thfKi?.mi:l?stov all the lights
were extiguished and an officer was
found af mobbed. A general was
killed ojthe Nicholas bridge and a
dozen t>?fcrs were stripped of their
epaulets^nd deprived of their swords.
It is ruined that Mr Wilie will be ap
pointed^ tatpr, but the report is not
CO?ifirm?. The authoriti' ?, while they
seem brealize the magnitnc* ?f the
crisis vi which the dynasty and au
tocracyire confronted on account of
eventsjpparentiv are paralyzed for a
teSTft?fS THE WAR.
Aft iieial statement was promised
at micjght, at which hour it was an
nounq that it had been postponed.
Intent indignation is hound to be
aroust All over Rtts?ift-. T?i? workmen
and Kf?)h?t???iii?ts expect iiews from
MtiSct abd ether big centers, where
the tips are not of the same class a*
the gju-ris raiments of St. Peters
" ?' ?mber of the Emperor's house
holdf quoted as saying that, this con
flict gil end thf> ?ar ?f?ta Japan, and
tha'tnggia. will have a constitution, or
f?fi?wfc. Nicholas will lose his head.
Thfwarsaw & Baltic Railroad is
reperd to have been *orii up for a
mile.Vrj. p. i'?a!f, but the damage, is said
r; h?e been repaired.
Thjc are rumors of trouble in Fin
tand|ad disaffection rf the troops.
-Wo darkness it. wa? ??afetf the mob
oigb try to Iwot.aafi pillage and even
bara ?ut beyond the breaking of a
tewVi??'?ws in the Nevsky prospect
i2Q.he pillaging of fruit shops, little
iiscfler was reported. Most of tho
:hetres were closed, but at the Pe >
pl^Palace/^vhich was open, T-dberals
itteipted to barrage the audience,
W'O?ol?g. but at the close the aiidi
iSc?testified to their sympathy with
&e workmen, In the meantime the
?trie leaders met and decided to con
ato th6 struggle with^ arms^ No day
sva?jixcd for th? ll?mo'a^Tr?&?On. "Thc
?tr-ers are so excited, however,- tha:
:ro.ble is expected.
4: a big meeting thc fellowing mes
!a? from M. Gorky, the novelist, was
^Beloved associates: We have no
2|peror. Innocent blood lies between
iii and the people. Now begins the
ipple's struggle for freedom. May
Ifprcsper. My blessing upon you all.
puld I might be with you; hut I have
lieh to do,"
Ik workman who was introduced to
'eak in Father Gopon's name made
fiery speech. He appealed to Lib
?is to furnish arms. The meeting
iopted a letter denouncing the oili
rs and regiments that flied on the
gasmen and another letter extolling
ioscow regiment, which refused tc
W Revolt in Circassia.
l itoria.'British Columbia, By Cable.
f'~l>t. Orlan Cullen, representative o?
c- Imperial Marine Association of
nkio. received a cablegram from Ccn
antinople to the effect that 1,500
rcassians had revolted and killed the
ussian guard, numbering 200, at
avini, in the Caucasus, and that Rus
.tns and Turks in large numbers were
ossing the frontier into the Caucasus.
Valuable Laces in Chadwick Home.
Cleveland, O., Special.-United States
istoms Collector Leach has found
duable laces belonging to Mrs. Cassie
Chadwick in the Chadwick home on
jclid avenue. Mr. Leach is going te
aro whether duty has been paid on
e articles, all of which have been
iported. They are said to be worth at
ast $10,000, and a charge of sraug
ing.'will be preferred if duty has not
?en paid,
Steamet* Sinks a Sloop.
Elizabeth City, N. C., Special.-Thc
d Dominion steamer Qcracoke sunk
e sloop Bay. which had aboard ?
ensure party, including several wo
en. The Qcracoke was bound here
om Newbern. Mr. Lem Champan, a
6mber of the pleasure party, was
locked overboard, but was picked up
' the crew of the steamer, which
ought all on the sloop to this city in
Telegraphic Briefs.
Russia, it is reported, has threateuei
invade China unless alleged dis
imination in favor r?f the Japar.es?
Thc verdict in the case of Deputj
ibricl Syveton, who was found deac
Paris, was that he met death b>
The cultivation of the olive is ia
easing constantly, though slowly; ic
iain. The area devoted to olives in
eased from 2.673.G66 acres in 1901 Lc
583,550 acres in 1902 and 2,690,963
res in 1903. The oil yield per acre las',
ar was 32 gallons, or 23.S galions
Die than the yield of 1S02-1903, 3 gal
as more than the yield of 1901-1905
d 2 gallons more than the average.
An avalanche of rock at Naesdal
Drway, caused the death of 59 per
The new Danish Cabinet propose:
liversal suffrage in communal dee
The Duchess "ot Marlborough (wh
is Consuelo Vanderbilt) inherited
love for the quaint melodies of th?
1 Southern plantation darkies, and
ice her residence in England slit
s rendered them so effectively tin
ey have oecome all tue rage in the
nilies of Lite nobility. The Duchess
"Westminster has taken th-m up
d .so has Princess Henry <jt Pless
y./? ? .'"i -"'.*
What ls Being Done By the Palme
to Lawmaker?.,
The i-fouso finished, ali b'usihess <
tho calendar and adjourned.until no<
Friday, a recess being taken in hem
Of the birthday oil Greil; Robert K. L,e
Th* 'g?'e-U?r part of the day s se'ssic
vas occupied in presenting new bill
GC in humber, and;iii i-eceiVing cor
n ittee report?, 14 being favorable ar
9 unfavorable; This .shows, that tl
committees arc doing something.
Mr. BGamg??fu ihtroauced ? con?u
rent resolution to -provide for .the a
ponitment cf tho regular comrhitti
to make quarterly examhi?Mbn of tl
books of the State treasurer, coiriptrc
1er general, secretary of state ar
che sinking fund commission. The re
olution was p?ssed and sent t? tl;
The following resolution,, introduce
by Mr. J. B. Watson was. agreed "1
ind sent tb the P?nale; "Pe ll; i'
Solved, etc., That the Senators and re
resentatives of this State in,the Co;
gress of the United\States be J;eqites
ed to procure Hy F?rloriil le^t?i?Hbn <
otherv??s? the prompt transmission I
mail to each cotton ginner in th
State a complete copy of ?ll ginner
reports in this State to thc agriculture
ilcpartmcrit o? the general goveri
ment as soon as the .same is receive
by said department^,", cte:
The H?usc tLgreeu io Mr. Haskell
j resolution to extend to the Daughter
of the Confederacy and certain othe
j ladies the use of the.hall of th?.Hous
of Representative hubsl?ay at noo
fer thc. purpose of presenting a po
trait of General Micah Jenkins.
Second Reading Bills,
The following bills were given se<
ond reading;. .u .... ., .,.
Mr. 9b!cbbf::*s hill io dispose of ni
ally all moneys in thc State treasur
known as tho "Direct Tax Fund." Th
bill provides in part: "That all claim
on the funds in the State Treasur
known as 'Direct Tax Funds,' for pei
ally ?rut interest,_c0h.eeted ftoni cit
zens of the fernier parishes St: Hi
lena and 8. T.iike?, now a part c
Beaufort county, on account of direc
tax by the United States, must b
piesented for payment before the firs
day of March, anno domini 1905, o
be forever parr.ed,?_?
Mr. atoll's bill to amend the charte
of the town of Kingstree.
Mr. Prince's bill relative to the ele<
tion of.professors at the Citadel 11
the b"uai u of visitors.
Mr. Sinkler's bill; "granting to th
United States the title of this State tc
and the jurisdiction of the State ovei
coi tain hinds on Sullivan's Island, i;
Charleson county, for military pm
Bili io amend the law fixing travel
ing expenses of county superintend
ents of education in Abbeville, Marl
boro and York counties.
Third Reading Bills.
Mr. Whaley's to permit the construe
tion "bf a permanent, ci ?mV ftcf b?s? $dbs
Mr. McColl's to permit the town o
Clio to issue ? 10,000 in bonds for th?
erection of another school house.
? Newberry delegation's bill to chang
the school law^ for the city of Newberr:
sp that there will be Ave .trustees in
?^eatl?^]^',T^?'#ffia|: they shalt; tn
elected for. ? definite terni ihste?ci o
holding a ?if?. t?^ur1?'. .
Mr. Morgan's bill relative to ap
pointment of foreman of petit jury.
Bills From the Senate.
Tho following came over from tin
Senate and were read the first time
Senator Mauldin's bill to authoriz<
the Governor to appoint a commissior
to examine into the financial conditior
of Greenville county?
The resolution providing for ?n in
vestigation of the dispensary.
Senator Raysor's .bill to., authbHzc
school district No. 52 iii Orangeburg
county t? issue bonds.
In the Senate.
Nothing was done in the senate Wed
nesday further than the introduction oi
bills. The body adjourned until noon
Senator ??ri?. introduced twb bills
affecting r?ilrbadS; bn? to require rail
roads practically to abolish grade
crossings by thc use of undercuts and
bridges, the other limiting the time of
work of employes operating trains.
This latter bill allows employes to
work only 12 hours at a time, and then
not to work again until after eight
hours of rest except in cases' when
trains are prevented by casualty from
reaching the destination on schedule
Senator E. 3. Blease introduced a
hill to prohibit employment in the leg
islature or engrossing department of
any persons related to any member or
officer of the legislature or any State
Senator Butler introduced a bill
which is practically "anti-graft" in
substance. It is intended to punish the
corrupt giving, offering, promising and
receiving gifts and gratuities and
provides that whoever corruptly gives,
offers or promises to an agent any
gift or gratuity whatever, with intent
to influence his action in relation to
his principal's, employer's or master's
business, br any agent, employe or ser
vant who corruptly requests or accepts
a gift or promise to make a gift bene
ficial to himself; or any agent, employe
or servant who, being authorized to
procure materials, supplies or other ar
ticles by purchase or contract for his
principal, receives directly or indirectly
for himself or another, a commission,
discount or bonus from the person who
makes such sale or contract, shall be
punished by a fine of not more than
$500, or by such fine and imprisonment
for not more than one year.
The following bills were given third
Senator Raysor-Joint resolution re
lating to adjuornment of the general
Senator Raysor-Joint resolution re
lating to filling vacancies in the su
pr?me court and inferior tribunals.
Senator Hough-To fix the salaries
of the sheriffs in this State.
Senator McGowan-To amend the
charter ot'the Presbyterian College of
South Carolina.
The following bills were given sec
ond reading:
Senator Blake-To authorise Patrick
Calhoun. Augustine T. Smythe and
Granville Beal to courfniot a dam
across the Savannah*-river.
Senator W. E. Johnson-To amend
the code relating to general elections
as to apply the provisions thereof to
primary elc.-tions in this State.
Senator Warren-To provide for the
holding of the summer term of .court
of common pleas for Hampton county.
Senator Brice-To amend an act en
titled "An act to provide for the char
to flers for domestic building and loan
Senator Hay-To amend the code re
lating to change of venue.
Senator Bivins-To amend the code
firing Die time for'holding the courts
for -Doi chester.
Senator l[3>'^mmSs^M^^d pre*
iori .
.the manner bf "showing com?
. plaice witt? tbs requirements bf tte
(Constitution" to governor prior Ut {H?
ordering an election as to the creation
of ? new county.
. Senator McLeod- Including Lee
county hi e'fettain. provisions relating
to supervisor's pow?r?:
The following new bills were intro
duced: . .
Senator Bivens-To amend the law
relating to magistrates and consta
Senator Hood-To.. abolish days of
glace ofi ilotes all'i. other papers;
Senator Wells-To make th? at?t reg
ulating relief departments 'of railway^
a general law for all.corporstibh?: r..
Senator Mciver--T? have Chfcstdr/
field and Marlboro purchase the Che
raw bridge across the Great Pee Dee
Senator Hoorl--Relating to jury fees.
Senator Butler-T? puniSli e?rrtfp?
giving, etc: ...
[. Senator Earle- T? require railroads
10 a?j?liS?l grad6 crOsRine?
Senator Earle-To limit the hours' si
jvork of railway employes operating
trains.. . . ... r>. .. ..
?enator 9fic^Reia>lttg to .transfer
of persons from school districts.
Senator Mauldin-Giving authority
lo corporations intending to furnish
water and light power to condemn
. Senator ?' S' please-jjj present the
employ?t .?tj?l .certain persons', iii the
legislatiu bi- in the engrossing de
partment ... .... (. ......,
Senatoi arie-Relating to siurtlval
bi aoticth
. Senator L. Blease-Ratifying and
extending charter and power of the
Parr Shoa ower company.
Senator inning-Relating to the
payment cf -nnual license fees by eor
poi-qllrmB; (This bli) corrects ail 6r>
roi*. J
Senator Marshall-To prev?ilt MtFj;
one except the State electrician from
interfering with the new heating sys
tem of the State house.
Senator Blake-Incorporating the
hoard nt ?-?fctefls of the A. R. P. synod
ht thp S&vitv......... ,;r
A concurrent resolution introduced
by Senator Warren was adopted to hold
the following elections on Thursday,
January 26: Two circuit jujdges, to suc
f>w?rt ?uflg?js Ernest. .Oar* and . D.- A,
Townsend; a superintendent of die* pen
itentiary, to succeed Capt. D. J. Grif
fith; three^ members of the.board of
directors" of,, tript penitentiary, to sue;
ticed Johli G. Ivi??lcy, A? !<?: flanders
and M. 0. Rowland; one trustee of the
colored college at Orangeburg, to suc
ceed Cole L. Blease, resigned.
The Dispensary.
'}.'h* dispensary foi? mm bi he the
chief subject of interest in the Senate.
Not content with the other two bills
that hav? been introduced, Senator
Brice has put in still another. This
is not an investigating bill, but seeks
to chance tho law, anti ?3 along the lino
B? ;th.t^6^brai?4 ''Brice'' local Option
bili introduced Cy I?? Sen?tcF ffbn?
York in 1904.
It substitutes fol' the present, sec
tion 7, the following:
"Seo, 7, There may be one or more
c?Untj' (jlsp?ns?fa &ppbl8t64 tot each
.County, ..the plac? pf business .fi? gac?l
than one dispenser can be appointed
iu any county, and where the county
board designates a location for a dis
pensary, 20 days' public notice . of
which shall be given, it shall be com
petent for a majority of the qualified
voters of the township in which the
dispensary is to be located to prevent
its location iii such township by sign?
ing a,peiitioti pr petitions 10 il?? bounty
bbar'd requesting that nd dispensary
be est?blished in the township. Any
incorporated city or town may secure
the establishment of a dispensary or
dispensaries within its limits in the
fcdlowing manner: Upon the petition
of one-fourth of the qualified voters
of such town or city, as shown by the
regisl ration books of th? same, an
election, either upon the question of
the establishment cr removal of dis
pensaries therein being filed with the
intendant or mayor of such town or
city, he shall order an election submit
ting the question of 'dispensary' or
'no dispensary' to the qualified voters
cf such town or city, which election
shall be conducted as other special
elections, by managers, appointed by
the town or city council; and if ? maj
jcrity cf the ballots cast be found and
declared to be for a dispensary, then
a dispensary may bc established in
said town or city, but if a majority or
the ballots be found to be against
the dispensary, then no dispensary
shall be established therein, and any
dispensary already established shall
be closed. Elections under this sec
tion cannot be held oftener than every
four years.
"No dispensary shall be established
in any county, town or city wherein
thc sale of alcoholic liquors was pro
hibited prior to July l9tt, 1893, except
as herein permitted. Provided, That
where dispensaries have been estab
lished in such county, town or city,
they shall remain established until re
moved or closed as permitted In this
act. Provided, a dispensary shall not
bc established in any town or munici
pality without a majority vote of such
town or municipality In favor of such
Barring the introduction of new bills,
there was nothing cf deep or lasting
interest in the proceedings of either
the House or the Senate Tuesday, both
of which held short sessions.
The Senate occupied its time dis
cussing the Blease dispensary investi
gation resolution "and passed it with
amendments extending the scope of
the investigation to practically every
detail of the system from its inception
to the present. The commission -is tc
meet as often as it sees flt, and is not
required to report until the next meet
ing of the Legislature.
Among the new House bills this
morning was one by Mr. Boyd, mak
ing ordinary promissory notes invalid
if presented for discount at any other
bank than that, cn which they are
Mr. Fishburn introduced a bill re
quiring marriage licenses. The couple
is to get a certificate from the clerk
of the court, giving their names, age3
apd places of residence and setting
forth that there is no impediment.
This they are to present to the per
son performing the ceremony, who is
to return the paper to the clerk with
the endorsement that the ceremony has
been performed. Marriages contracted
in any other way aro not. to be recog
nized as marriage?.
Mr. Kershaw had a bill to amend
thc lav.- as to cock-fighting so as to
prohibit engaging in or attending a
fight anywhere. The law now forbids
this within two miles cf an incorporat
ed institution of learning.
Campaign Torch parried in 18C0.
Frank Willey of Rochester, N. H.. !
has a torch thar, was ftarried in tha j
eamuaisu of IS ii 3: - >1
Many Newsy Items Gathered ?ronr?
all Sections.
i.V. ?k?jrimi ??tton Market.
Mes? ..figured f?pfQ???i pri?es paid
ro wagnnS*:'-"
Strict goflrfvffiiddiing ;. : ; ; 7 1-?
Good middling / ; : ; : : ; ; ;. ; 7 ?-4
Strict raiddling.7 l-#
Middling ....... 7
Tinges. 6 to G 34
Stains : filil?,. 5 to 5 7-8
G?n?ral ??ttort rVlaTk-e*:
;., Middling,
Galveston, steady , ; ; : ; ; : : : : : ? 7 1-ifl
New Orleans, steady :::::::::: ? 7-fl
Mobile, steady. 6 7-5
Savannah, steady.:.7.00
Charleston-! firm.... 6 7-8
Baltimore^ 5iomini>i .-,. 7.25
New York/; dull ii::i t 7,2 ?
BOstO?i: quiet ..;.;;.;;. . :. ; ; ; ; ; ; 7;?3
Philadelphia; quiet 7.-50
.The" Good Roads Associator?*
.. fcp^}b,?a',"TSpsci?l:r-:The South Caro
lina ?'oo'? t'Hci?d^ Association assem
bled in annual sesslCc1 m ?h? court
house last .week.
The following were the delegates
present arid the counties from which
they jcaiH??
. Abb?viii4.i?.fi.HpdtvJsaf G.- W. Nicklea,
J. C. Umim ?nd.i-.?h m&?j Arider
s??,. S?perjris?r 'S. ?: jackson", j; W:
MhfiL:T4pk;- W?ts?ii, JOhn.K, Woori,
j. A.. H?liM, C. Lfctimej'; B? R Trib
ble, M. L.?Bonham and M. Plfr?ri;
Berkeley, ^Supervisor J. H. Harvey,
and J. Wl:! B. Breland; Charleston,
Supervis?rji' Wm. P. Cantwell. T. W.
Bacofc andPEarle Sloan; Chesterfield,
S*ip6fvistV> Smith 6?yef; Clarendon,
S^p'eivisMi f. C: ?vfS'?iji M: % Md*
Faddirt; riaflingtpnJ..C:. ?: .McCh?Il?hif?i *
Dorchester;;1 SUp&'l-'ft?r ?J. H; Gross;
Florence, '^/Supervisor J?ii??? If; Mc^
Bride, W"TB. Langston, W. B. Caus?1;
Greenwood,. Supervisor J. M. Major,
J, B. McCants, R. L. Lyon; Horry,
S^e/visO*'. J, Li Boyd, E. F. Todd,
W. L. -MisiieS; _ ff fii'shaw, Su por visor
J. M. Soweit, D. M. ?eth??eUL1.. /an
caster, 'Supervisor, M. C. Garo?i?f;
Marion,';gfopervisor J.'P. Stackhouse,
J. C. SlilVfers; Orangeburg, Supervisor
Olin M.- Danteler, T. D. A. Livingston,
?: ?; ?unks;,Sicilian?? Supervisor W.
m St^j? K ii Garrick; fe; Baton,
Wm;"mmlW'i N- H?wlffi?ofi; W; il
?pgh,x?;tH.? #yatt; ^ft?nbrifg, Sti
hervisorim M;..Miles, .M. F; Tarrier.
W. T.:?3ir3\y?'| Uniori. Supervisor T. j\
i ?qi
John J^Graham ; York, Supervisor
Thoma? .iW. Boyd; Barnwell, Super
visor Ji ?i 'dorris; Marlboro, Supsr
visor: M.|ia.- kaiirens, Super
visor H. ;B. Humbert.
-President -F. - H. Hyatt called the
meeting v|o corder. The proceedings
were opened by prayer by the Rev.
Jf W?J jp's?iiel. Mayor Gibbes, oh be
kQtj}jt)'0b City, welcomed the dele
? T'fa??$fcSw'I?g ??c?rs wef? elected
for thepnking'y??r7: Pi Bi f?y?ti
president;-; ; Earl, Sloan, secretary;'- 0;
M. Dahizler, treasurer.
Prest?e?? .Hyatt read his report for
last:;^r^whlch-tis;-full of interest.
. A-;-.??^^'ad. highly . appreciated
ad?r??? on 'the su&j?ct of improved
f?ads' th' Canada, the United Staes
?nd .M?ii??? Vras delivered by Dr. C.
Gov. Hey ward sent a m?s'??g?' tfs-:
pressing regrets at his absence, caused
by temprorary illness, but pledges his
warmest sympathies and most earnest
efforts in the interests of the South
Carolina Good Roads Association.
State Bat4 Association.
Th?.first sessi?h of the .twelfth.an
nual meeting 8f the S.outii Caro?iii?
Bar Association was called td order iii
the hall of the house of representatives
by the president, Mr. H. J. Hayus
worth, of Greenville. The opening ad
dress was delivered by the president
upon the subject, "Lynch law in South
Carolina?" The address was most in
teresting and. instructive and .v/as lis
tened to with m?rked ?tt?htioi?: ?ii
motiou, the Association requested that
it be published in the papers of the
State, and it will also be published
among the proceedings of the Asso
ciation. The following new members
of the Association were elected:
Messrs. J. Wright. Nash, Thos. S.
Seas?, W? Ax Holman, D. J. Baker,
John ft;. Cloy, W. S. Smith, W: H.
Wells, 'f. J. M?uldin, J. Harry Foster;
Lawrence Orr Patterson, Z. T. Ker
shaw, W. P. Conyers, C. P. Sanders.
Camden's New Court House.
Camden, Special.-The contract for
the building; of the new court house
for this county was awarded .to T. C,
Thompson <S: Bro. of Birmingham, Ala.
The firm's bid was between $31,000
and $32,1)00, that being the lowest bid
out of seven. The exact bid was not
obtainable tonight. Work will com
mence at on co.
To Meet at Marion,
Marloiii, Special.--The farmer? Of
tho county,have determined to organ'
ize for the purpose of reducing colton
acreage, A call., signed by ?onie of
the most prominent farmers of Marl
on, has been published in the county
papers, requesting all cotton planters
to meet at their respective voting
precincts next Frfday, organize and
elect delegates to,a cotton growers'
meeting to ba held at thc court house
next Monday to form a cotton growers'
county association. The purpose of
the association will be mainly to re
c'uco the amount of cotton produced
by a reduction of the acreagae and of
the amount of commercial fertilizers
Soul.-. Carolina Items.
Frank Leslie Morrell, age fifteen
years, died at his home at Wellford
Tuesday afternoon. He was operated
on last Thursday for appendicitis
and it was thought that h? would re
cover. Complications set in and he
scon passed away. Leslie Morrell
was the son cf Henry Morrell. He
was popular in his county and gave
promise of developing into a good
and-useful citizen. His many friends
are grieved to learn of his death.
Railroad From Wards to Saluda.
Wards, Special.-The railroad com
mission; accompanied by Supt. H. A.
Williams, of the Southern Railway,
visited Wards for the purpose of look
ing into the matter of building a new
passenger station at this place. Plans
were agreed upon, and it was stated
by Mr. Williams that the work would
commence at an early dato, lt is
learned from a very reliable railroad
official that thc contract for building
th? railroad from Wards to Saluda
li?tB been' given out and work Will be^
yitbitt GO^??ayjlv
?6* ?orifsiirilri^ Two Headless Bodies
, F?urid ??ar Sp?rt?nb?rg.
Sp?i'?a^bnfg, Special-Quite a sen
sation was created Saturday afternoon
by the Anding of two ?&Jmi bodies,
headless, in a wooden box, in a df?vse
Woodland about four miles from th??
city b?fO?? Drayton mills and a mile
from th? pi??i??' fda?, The sheriff and
c?f???i* were s'timmori?/i ftrtd these
officials, w?t? fibril 50 tir J 00 r?sidants
of the city, went to ti?<3 gp?fe ?ftere
was a large gathering of the COiSntfy
peuple, and in the forest by the light
of lanterns the strnnge, uncanny spec
tacle Of fw"6 dissected bodies securely
placed in ? bftt, wi'?pp?d In oil cloth,
was brought to view. f?Wf?? *>hjcct.ri
were cadavers used for dissecting iii
tho ;tnnnai meeting of the State Under
takers'' Ass?ciation in Spartanburg.
about three vfiars ago. Physicians in
(he crowd surrounding ike box at once
saw w?tK f?i? eyes- Cf experts} that the
bodies had bce? Uiid?t. th? knives ot
*n-r?fi2ssionals and that th?ft? Was no
foul play, Murder or anything tragic
about the affair. Ta? ii'cideut was gro
tesque in the extreme, smaCkms of
the Pickwickian order of affairs. Thc
Sheriff,- coroner, newspaper man and
Other's left th? Spot somewhat cha
grined iit ?A d?rio??m?nt,
fd B?v?lop' d???!! Country.
George ul w?L Sp?cial.-it is now prac
tically assured tt?fU within, a short
time a weekly newspaper" Will be in
operation here, the purpose of V/liich
Will ba to advertise 'to the outslda !
world the great naturaE advantages of
l?wsr South Carolina, embracing the
whole cGSS? fccm?tr'y aitd the adjacent
Pee Bee section.- ? stock company is
now Ul. Motens of ?dtni??icm, The cap
ital is to be ?k?d di $10.060 divided
into -100 shares of $'?? p?f; share. Hon.
Walter Hazard has beeri tweeted tem
porary chairman and Messrs-E. ti,
Lloyd of the Atlantic Coast LutnW j
corporfi?0i?j. Jos Schenk of the Ka
minski Hardwafir Company and H. B. I
Springs a committeet" 1? solicit sub- (
I scriptions to the capital 3t&Ck. As !
I soon as $5.000 is subscribed JdcJitfy, j
Immanent organization will take place? j
?nd ??e'Jiff taken to begin publication i
ai the earliest j/ossibJe time. Thc I
.'owh's individual Citizens throughout j
thc territory (6 be c?vered arc expect- 1
ed to contribu?*? fis liberally as pos-si
f;?3 toward the support, tif the enter
prise, wfiiMT" it. is thought will result
in untold good l?r this section ?f?d
be the means of br'?f???tg in a desir
able class of settlers to ftii ap (fae
iv??t9 places, making this. edition",
blessed so Abundantly by nature, a
garden spot of agriculture and com
mercial prosperity. The" services" of Mr.
?Tames. Henry Rice, Jr., formerly the
brilliant and versatile editor of Tho
F??ld, will be secured for the conduct
Qi the editorial department. Mr." Rice,
fe?iizirig fully the immense pbssibili-.
t?e? ?G tir?* Svfought out. is deeply con
. cenied in th?" movement and sanguine
to enthusiasm ag ?G t>Uimate success.
The -lime has come, when the.,great"
1 coast country, of. South Carolina .must
seek and command recog?itld?'t?T'-tiie
priceless wealth tba?- -lies here un
I covered to the hand of him who seeks
! it with wisdom and industry.
New ?drfy Sefcool Bill
Newberry, Special.-A meeting of t-'hfl
citizens of Newberry was held Frl'daV
aftcrroon to consider the school
bill offered by the representatives of
thia county. The bill, which is in sub
stance" to chango the number of
trust??es of the graded school of New
berry from lit? 5 aiid to have them
elected in the general el?ct?d?, has
passed the house aad is now being held
up in the senate by Senator Blease
pending a hearing from the people of
this town: A resolution was passed to
request N?wb?rrry'? repr?sentatives to
make no change in the present arrange
ment which provides ofr ll trust???,
seven for. life and four elected by7 the
people. An amendment provided that
in case there was a change to have the
trustees elected at the annual school
raeeetlrtg and not at the general elec
tion s nd that each ward elect one of
j the five trust?es provided by the bill.
"Oh. Just For Fun."
Charlotte, N. 0.,, Special.-Max
Mowry, a well-to-do farmer ^of Coddle
Creek, Cabarrus county, cut his throat
with a pocket knife near his homo Sat
urday afternoon and died a few hours
later. He had on hand two crops of
cotton, and the decline in price is said
to have caused his oct. When found,
Mowry wa3 conscious and in .reply to j
a question as to the cause, said: "Oh, j
just for fun."
Scotchmen in Anderson.
Andeson. Special-Four young Inv j
migrant? front Scotland arrived In the
city Friday to accept employment j
here. One of them will be engaged j
in the city and the other three will go
to work on the fargo plantation of Mr.,'
W. Q. Hammond near the city. Some
time ago two Scotchmen came here to !
accpt employment under the direction
of the State bureau of outmigration,
and they are well pleased with their |
new homos. The young men that j
reached here yesterday are Samuel ?
Thomas, Edward King, George Hastie j
and Andrew Sinclair. All come from '
the vicinity of Glasgow.
South Carolina Items.
Within ten days two tvorkmen have
lost their lives in the construction of
the Sou .bern railway's new bridge
cn the Catawba river, near Fort Mill.
On the ?th instant Frank Ayers, a '
white man of Columbia, was killed. \
On Friday Alexander Campbell, col
ored, waa drowned by the capsizing
of a boat In which h: and another
negro man were removing temporary
beams from the bridge.
As a result of a pistol wound, the
source as yet undetermined, Scott
Clegg. sen ef Policeman John Clegg,
of Greenwood, is dead. The young
mau vas about 16 years old. He
was buried Tuesday. There are many
rumors in regard to ?he cause of the
young man's death. Thc facts as
brought out aro that John Clegg, the
boy's father, the dead boy, and a
younger brother, Pierce, aged about
eight years, went from Greenwood to
the house of a relative ten miles in
the Callison section. They returned,
io Greenwood early Sunday nigh??^B
' thc boy, Scat, nearly o^^aJflflHU
One Carload Keceiveq,
and more coming in, which includes the following HOLIDAY GOODS.
Boys wagons, Goat carts. Hobby Horses. Suoj-FIys Velocipedes
and ^Tricycle. A large au 1 fine assortment worth selliug.
Seven case3 of Chaae's fine plush aud b3av3r]rob33 from $1.25 to
$2?\00. Remember the Babcock vehicles
Sole Agent.
749 AND 751
The Bese in the world. The
Factory does chree quarters
of a million dollars worth of
business a year.
Quality considered they are
made. Over fifty now in
stock. Terms accommodat
ing. Write me before buying
elsewhere. Other magnifi
cent organs' in appearance
at Forty-Five Dollars, with
stool and box. Freight paid
J, A. Holland
J. Rutherford & to.
. Cement, Plaster, Hair, Fire Brick, Fire Clay,
Read)-Roofing and Other Material.
Write Us For Prices.
; Corner Reynolds and .Washington Streets,;
Augusta, || Georgia.
Thc Leading Grocers of Augusta Ga.,
839 Broad
J^"W. F. SAMPLE of Saluda County and
H.H. SCOTT, JR.. of Edgcfield County are with us
and want to see you. .
Wagons Buggies
LargeShiprn'Miisof tho best makes of wagons and burlies
juM received. Our *\ock of furniture aijd house furnis. ng*
JP complete. /. Large stuck.
al ways on hand. All calls for our Hearse pr pt
ly responded to". All goods sold on a small mar
gin of'proiit. Call to see me, I will save you
' ' O ISO. 3P. COBB.
Johnston. _South Carolina.
Bargain Store.
WE make our annual Fall bow to the Edfjefield shop*
pers and request them call to see our mammoth stock when
in Augusta.
DRY GOODS: We have everything
from staple Domestics to Finest Dress
Goods, the prices and quality right.
MILLINERY; Our Milinery depart
ment is filled with the newest and lates
CLOTHING : Men's'Boy's and Children's suits from
S2 00 ho $18 00. also large stock of Ladies' Cloaks, Reefers, ana
Walking suHs. Great Bargains iii Ladies Skirts.
Finest line of Men's Pants in the city from $1.10 to $5 00.
Sea our big values in Blankets, Spreads and Comforts.
Oar SHOE-? cannot be excelled ia the price, quality o
M KN? S HATS in all new shapes and colors.

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