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Edenfield Advertiser
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 25, 1905^
ty* Wa solicit your Prescriptions
dav or night. j
WE GUARANTEE pure drugij
accurate compound iug, and rea!
son Able prices. j
Annual January reduction sa j
of Embroideries Bleaching Lawf
and varions oddjots of iuid-wt
tor goads is now on '. We've p
ned this sale at prices that w?
catch the spare change of tj
alert shopper. Feeling that we h
,wonyour confidence ou quai
and straght dealings we shall
to maintain and retain tbe sa
W. H. TURNER, ProprirAo;
FOR SALE: A cheap mule a|
to John T. Faulkner at piaf
Wa sell the celebrated fte
Ribbon Springs lor bads pd
?ruarantee them for five years
Creat Rugs aro oomothing/ew
in Edgefield call at Mercatile
Store >and examine them'.
New Maokerel-tba largetfat
kind at
Thdro_can ba no true happens
whpre comfort does ?ot ?xis We
can supply the comfort by Hiing
you -ona of our up-holeteredjiairs
Freeh candies of all kind also
Fruits in great variety an<?,bun
dance at
- Now is time to buy. Bbkets
.Comforts. We aro showing ti beBt
line we evor bandied, au.c tba
prices are lower than ever. jfore.
C. E. AY.
Bri?hten ?nd beautify your
bomas with uaw Rugs, Mting,
Pictures. Wa have them i eud"
less variety at var? reanable
prices. .
Heiutz'a Pickles and Irkee's
Salad Dressing at
In selecting Christie and
wedding present do not A to Bee
our stock of Cut Glaso, ld aud
Silverware aud Jewel/ ofll kiuds
Freah Shrimp aud Loiters at
. Wh?t will makeX^?^--sppro
prieta Christmas preset for any
member of the houaelld. than
a beautiful Wicker, Od or ' Ma
hogany Rocking CbairPur stock
pf these godds"W4?s nevelarger.
Now Mince Meat, sllatiues,
Seeded Raisins, Currah Citron,
Figs and Cocoa Nuts a
Genuine cowrboy sqile blan
kets for ?ale by Edgield Mer
cantile Company.
Just reewivod singlejj^Springc
and Mattress to fir.
Tbe best 10 cent?almon on
the market can be hf at
Fresh Oatmeal, 'flaker Oats
aud other kinds at ;
Our furniture stocjis complete
iu QV*?y departments^ our Bed
Rooms suite, WarfeeB, China
Closets Book cases.jjhiffonuiers,
Tables, and Chairs c ail kinds.
Our prices on theesjood9 are iu
reach of all. - j
The Wicker cbai offered by
tbe Mercantile Cr? any are the
handsomest ever sp in Edgefield.
There is no need o bake cakes
at home when you'n come to our
store and get delrgful cakei and
crackers that are frh.
Trojes BROS.
Just received ?.r load of "Old
Hickory" and "Bb. Grass" wagons
and two car loads'f "Rock Hill"
aud "Hackney" togiea, We want
to ?oil you.
Fresh Citron, (usants, Seeded
Raisins, Figs, NtitsOates Prunes
can be bad from aa'; very reason
able prices.
The highest te?of a wagon is
nine years war The Mitchell
-Wagon his beefed that length
of time witbou?epair8 right in
Edgefield count; Sold by
. Do you need aiood warm wiu
ter suit for jov boy.? We will
astonish you atie* way we are
catting prices ogetn.
C. E. MAY,
Come to uSr Cranberries
Mince Meut, Ge?ie and all of
the season's del if
The-iSiiie Kibb?Stauds at the
hoad of all bed sj^s Edgefield
MercanC i j e Com pi
3 j ve sfclaofgtheee
By gambling we lose botb our
;ime aud treasure, two . things
noet precious to the life of man.
Mrs. Missouri Lptt, of Johnston,
has been visiting at the homes of
Mrs. W. B. Cogburn and Mr. W.
E. Lott. .
Miss Hettie Sheppard Rpent,
several days last week in Augusta ?
as the guest of her sifter Mrs.
Carrie Miller.
MissesLee and Florrie Morrall
left on Monday for a prolonged
visit to their sister, Mrs. P. A. Jr- J
vin, who renides iu Atlanta.
Mrs. .Rebecca Jones, who ?B
greatly beloved in Edgefield, bas
returned after spending some time
at Tren ton with her daughter, Mrs.
O. L. Miller..
It is possible that a wise and
good man may be prevailed on to
gamble; but it is impossible that
a professional gambler should be
a wiso and good man.-Sel.
Mr. N. M. Jones has purchased
from Dr. J. G. Tompkins the very
valuable place where Mrs. S. A.
Morrall resides. Mr. and Mrs.
Jones will make this their home
when Mrs. Morrall's lease expires.
Rev. J. S. Beasley, presiding
elder of the Columbia district, will
preach in our Methodist church
on Suuday evening next. He is
very cordially received when he
comes to Edgefield, and is always
greeted with large congregations.
Go to the plauiug mill for shin
gler, no. 1 and no. 2.
During Jauuary of last year it
was not an unusual sight to pee
thirty or forty wagons npon our
public square loaded with guano.
Now one never sees more than half
a dozen. This indicates that the
farmers will either buy loss com
mercial fertilizers or buy later
than they did in 1904.
Messrs. W. E. Lynch & Co. BO
licit your prescription patronage.
Prompt and careful attention will
he given at all times, both day and
night. Every prep'cription com
pounded at their store is guaran
teed to contain only pure and
fresh drugs.
We have beenreliablv informed
that a bucket-shop broke, fourteen
men in and around Johnston while
one was doing -business in that
city. We truft that the men ir.
"thia neck of the woods" will be
discreet enough to let it alone; se
verely alone.
We are offering Bleaching, Em
broidery, Lace and P. K. at very
low .prices. The ladies cannot
afford to miss this opportunity.
Of- the many attractive cal
endars, which, through the kind
ness of friends who resido in and
out of town, have fouud their way
to our desk, one of the most beau
tiful is that issued by the McCor
mick Harvesting Machine compa
ny,-of which company Mr. E, J..
Norris is the local agent.
We do not know what signs
have lead to the production but
"knowing ones" Fay that the'fruit
crop will b<? heAvy this vear, It ia
probably too early to tell with any
degree of accuracy how tho crop
of fruit will be. A low temperature
continuing: fbroogh February and
March will retard vegetation there
by reducing the risk of the young
fruit being killer?.
Mr. J. Rubengiein has purchased
the stock of merchandise of H. 0,
Watsou.& Co. He has moved the
remainder of the Ashley Btock
which he orjrchased some months
ago into the store in the Chroni
cle building with the Watson &
Co. stock, Great bargains are now
being offered by Mr. Rubenstien
in all lines of merchandise.
The large and conveniently ar
ranged building that is being
.reefed by the Edgefield Mercan
tile Company in the rear 'of its
store is nearing completion, It ?sj
I constructed of wood' and sheet,
iron, which will greatly reduce
the fire risk, The building will be
used for storing vehicles of all
kinds, also for housing the beau
tiful new hearse of the Edgefield
Mercantile Company.
. The New York Racket Store is
the place to secure Baigains in
Winter Underwear. Blankets, La
dies' and Misses' Qloaks and all
Winter Clothing. To get our pri
cew and to seethe goods will con
vince you that this is the oppor
tunity of a lifetime.
There are very few" canarien in
I Edgefield. This most beautiful of
all wee birds seems not to
?have many admirers hero, A lady
in Anderson has a pair of canaries
from which five families of birds
were raised last year, Tbe female
bird legau laying again on last
Christmas day and from those
I eggg she has just hatched beauti
ful little birdlings, Tbis is the
first time birds, espooially canarios
have been known to hatch their
young at this season, mid-winter.
-. Here is a puzzle that puzzles
every-body : Take the number.of
your living brothers, double the
amount, add to it three, multiply
by five, add to it the number of
living sisters, multiply the result
by ten and add the number of.
deaths of brothers and sisters aud
! subtract 150 from the roeult. The
right number will be the number
[of deaths, the middle will be the,
number of living sisters anr] the
Lumber of liviirt
?rr~'-v f "t i* j ir""- jg
Mr. J. M. Cobb is haviug
large roomB added to the r<
the old Methodist pars?
which was receully rep
through jut.
The Tuesday afternoon p
meeting at ' the Presbyt
church has been regumed. E
l)ody is cordially invited tc
Married, by Rev. P, P. Bia
30 January the 12th, at the
dence of the officiatiog mini
Mr. J. F. Burton and Miss
gelleR. Talbert.
Mr. W. Ii. Daniel aud Johi
Daniel, Esq., two of the .brigl
and most promising young
within the borders of Saludad
ty, were in Edgefield on busi
In order to make room for
Bpriug stock of millinery w
will soon begin to arrive ]
Marj Buford is offering all wi
shapes and trimmed hats at c
Now is the time for the shop
bo save money on these, goods
The first division of the Ei
field Baptist association will
hold a Union meeting ou Sun
?ext (the fifth Su?day) as is <
tomary, hence Rev. C. E. Bu
will couduct tho usual services
the Edgefield Baptist church
The mid-winter season, wj
the air is cold and the groi
/erv wet and muddy, is the t
?-batpar?uts need and look for
irery beBt school shoes for " tl
jhiidreu. We have the kind t
took well and wear well at v
reasonable prices.
Hon. WV A. Strom left on-Si
Jay afternoon for New Orleans
il u nd the Cotton Growers' c
mention as a deligata from t
jouiity. It is Mr. Strom's purpt
toTeturu by way of Culumbii
reaching that city on Friday->
Drdor to assist in defeating I
Calhoun count}* moaBUre bef<
:he legislature.
The very numerous floral tr
Lites that were heaped upon I
casket that contained the mor
remains of Cashier Jacob
Daughman were exceedingly be?
tiful. Of surpassing loyeliu(
were the two wreaths from Pre
dent A. E. Padgett and Assista
Cushier W. H. Harting, who th
j?ave tangible expression to t
ssteetn and love they bore for th<
departed friend and associate.
We hear that ecme farmers w
employed bauds early at $10 p
monto (giving-them $8 and BU
plies) aro discharging them, t
lieviug that they will be unab
lo pay them uext fall. There is :
telling now what it will requi
-two, four or five bales of cotton
lo pay such a haud. Let UH *ho|
that two bales will sell for 1:
silver dollars nine months bene
The usual monthly uuion se
vice was beld in the Bapti
church on Sunday evening las
The Rev. T. P. Burgess, the pa
tor of the Presbyterian churc
preached a most excellent sermoi
For a year these uuiou servici
have beeu hbhl regularly evei
fourth Sunday evening, with tl
result that pastors and membei
of the several churches of or
town havo been drawn clofaer t<
gether.. On the fourth Sunda
pveniug in February the unio
service will be held in the Pre6b>
teriau church, at which Rev. Ma:
vin Auld will preach. .
Araoug the several iusuranc
policies that Mr. J. L. Cuughraa
carried up m his life was one fe
52000 in the Mutual Benefit Lil
Insurance Compauy, of Newarl
N.J. whigh is represented i
Edgefield by Mr. E. J. Norris. A
soon ag Mr. M. M. M atti son, th
state ageut for this company, not:
ced the death of Mr. Caughmai
in the daily papers he at one
mailed blank proofs of IOPB to Mi
Norris to be executed, aud did no
wait for a formal notice from th
latter. This promptness on th
part of the officials of this old re
liable company is to be commend
The gentleman who conduct
the Sunday Behool in the statt
penitentiary received a note froo
oue of the convicts-au old mar
who committed murder while un
der the iufluenee of liquor-ii
which he urged the passage of !
law providing imprisonment-fo
persons who become intoxicated
He suggests a seuten.ee of thirty
days for the first offense, doub
ling the sentonce with eaoh suc
ceeding offense. This would DO
be such a bad law. Many iudivid
uals'in our acquaiutauce woulc
imbibe less freely were sucha law
to stare them in the face. Th*
ouly objection to applying euch E
law tj Edgefield would be that thc
county jail would have ;o be en^
larged so as to cover a ten acrt
firild ip orcjer to meet the deipaudt
upou it.
Mr. J. W. Cheatham, the pub
lip cotton weigher, bas informed
us that up to Saturday last he hat
weighed, for the season of 1904
05,5150 bales of cotton. Th ip
amount of cotton was bought from
the wagons by the local buyers
and does not include huudreds ol
bales that w?ro shipped from
Edge?eld to commission men,
from whom supplies and money
had been. obtained. Fully niue
cen tu, this being aa average pr ice,
was realized fer this 5150 bales of
cottou, making the proceeds over
$200,000,00. Add to this the value
of that portion of the crop that ia
yat unsold^and? the cottou that
was shipped from this point tc
other markets, aud some idea of
the value of the crops that eau be
grown upon the red hills, lu the
territory adjaceot to Edgefield.
can be foran d.^K|^^.^t?^
-Faulkner the l?mber'man says
that cotton ie going up to stay,
when the farmer practicesjwh?t he
preaches. .
Children, and" Church Attend
ance. -
Wh?n the writer was a boy it
was customary for the sous and
daughters to sit with fathers and
mothers when they attended
church. Not so now-a-days. The
children, if they attoud church at
all, sit where they please, behave
as tbfy please-and oftentimes
they please to talk and laugh du
ring service. When we atteud pub
lic worship in.the country church
es we see very few children sit
ting with their parents, as was
their wont some years ago. As to
atteuding churches in town, the
parents exeicise very jlittle or no
contiol over their childreu. We
call to mind, however, one notable
exception, which is indeed very
beautiful. One moLherJin Edgefield.
(whose husband is dead but whose
example still lives) who attends
church regularly ia allaya accom
panied by her three handsome,,
promising, manly sons. They go
with mother, sit with her, and re
turn to their home with her. Other
children and other parents would
do well to emulate this example.
If small girls and small boys are.
required lo ait under Ibo eyes
of father and mother, at all public
gatherings, when they develop
into young ladies and young mein
they will always deport themselves,
properly at eucb gathering.
Edjrefield Literary Ulah,
For several years a faithful few
of Edge?el?'s ?terateurs have
succeeded iu maintaining an or
ganization known as the Auf
Wietersehen club, meeting at regu
lar intervals tor their mutual de
lectation- and edification. While
much genuine pleasure bas been
deriv. diro'm this literary club by
those who composed itB member
ship, much lasting good has been
accomplished for the community
at large. The founding and main
Leuauce of the public library is
due solely to those faithfulladieS,
On Wednesday aitornoon last
the Auf Wiedersehen club met at
the home of Mrs. J. H. Tillman,
the president. Not only the mem
bers ol' the club but a goodly
number of other ladies, not for?
m^rly members, accepted t'.ie in
vitation tobe present. The follow
ing-officers were elected to. serve
for the ensuing year: Miss Linie
MioiB, president; Mrs. A. E. Pad
gett, vice-president.; Mrs. Susan
B, Hill, secretary ; Mrs, Beaure
gard Tim mons," treasurer ; Miss
Grace Tompkins, librarian. The
prc gramme committee is compos
Kd of Mrs. J. C. Sheppard, and
Mrs. J. H. Tillman. It was- sug
gested that the name of the -club
be changed, and after. some . dis
cussion pro and cou it was.ydeci.
ded tttat it be called io future
ltEdg/?fiel'd Literary Club/',: The
ehange was a very wise. one. The
new name appeals to the commiir
nity or town pride of our people
and .will probably arous'o the sym
pathy and co-operation of '.acgreat
er number.. Already more-* than
half a dozen new nameB have
been eurolled, aud fully a score or.
more of the young, middle-aged
and old ladies should join;
HE above picture pf the
man and fish is the trade
mark of Scott's Emulsion,
and is the synonym for
?trength and purity. It is sold
in almost all the civilized coun
tries of the globe.
If the cod fish became extinct
it would be a world-wide ?alan>
{ty, because the oil that ; comes
from its liver surpasses all other
fats in nourishing and life-giving
properties. Thirty years *?gq
the proprietors pf Scott's Emili*
pion' found a way of preparing
pod liver oil so that everyone eau
take it and get the full value of
the oil without the Qh^ectionable
taste. Scott's Emulsion is the
best thing in the world for weak,
backward children, thin, delicate
people, and ft!! conditions of
wasting and lost strength,
?Send for free sample.
SOo. Hud $1.00. AU druggists. .
?I ; Johnston.
Mis. Elizabeth Bleakley, of An
derson, who is a guest of Mrs.
James White, addressed the
Daughters of The Confederacy ou
Thursday afternoon at the resi
dence of Mrs. W. L. CoIemaD,
also addressed tho "Baud of Hope"
O:Q Friday afternoon, and will de
liver another address Monday
evening at the historical m?otiDg
birche D. C's. She is a great tem
perance worker.
Mrs. C. F. Strother entertained
Mrs. Juliau Neville and her love
ly daughter Mi?s Julia, with a
diniugon last Mot day.
The attitude of the Legislature
toward the dispensary is a theme
for speculation. In our opiuiou
the dispensary has filled its mis
sion i. e., shown-to the world the
euormity of liquor consumption,
abd ail thinking mem and women
should join in a crusade against
alcohol in any form aad shield
tbs coming generation.
Mrs. J. W.Brown bas been quite
Bick with La Grippe, but is con
Dr. C. F. Strother ha? entirely
recovered from what was supposed
to be blood poison on the ?fore
fiuger of the left hand.
Gu Sunday last a most excellent
sermon was preached :in our Bap
tist.chUiCh by Pastor L. A. Coop
on the Second Comiog of Chrisr,
a large crowd was nreaent and also !
a member of Btraugers. The ser- i
mon was a strong^ue, and. many i
prophecies were cited showing
thiit the time of the second com
ingis at baud, every one was im
pressed. lu church two men sat
side by side, one a Christian aud
the other a notorious siuuer. The
latter arose, picked up his over
coat a.ud commenced drawing it
OD. The Christian thiukiog o? the
loyaJy sunshine remarked : "You
will not ueerj that." He received
no reply, bu" a look that revealed
the fact the man was thiuking of
thu- otherworld.
Cold Spring.
A great mystery has been solved.
A ghost has beeu captured, killed
aud eaten. Some time last Novem
ber Dr. Prescott bought an o'pos
sum aud put it in a box and
placed the box in a oloset, ex pee t
iog to fatteu the "possum" before
licilliug it. One morning the animal
was missing and no one oould tell
how it got out or where it could
be, Some weeks after the possum
had disappeared Dr. Prescott's
house became hanted. One could
scarcely sleep at night for the
great noise about che house. All
said the house was "shore haunt
ed''. Last Tuesday when Mrs.
PreiM ott went to the closet to give
out breakfast to the cook, lo and
behold I thera was the possum
tn? ghost. Mrs. Prescott had ihr'
ghost killed, so Dr. Prescott bad
"possum and taters.1' The house
has befitu quiet ever since.
On Thursday last at the home
of the bride's father, Mr. K. Bur
nett, iii Greenwood, S. C. Miss
Maggie Burnett and Mr. Marcel
lus Talbert were married by Rev.
J, T. Littlejohn. Mr. and MrB.
Talbert are at home to their
friends in their beautiful home iu
our town OD main street.
Mr. Byrd McClendon has a fish
trap io Turkey Creak. Last Wed
nesday he caught nicety six fish,
the largest one weighiog seven and
ODS half pouud?. Rose Cottage
enjoyed four of these Dice fish
Dr. A. H. Corley visited Mr. C.
C. Burkhalter, of Rehoboth, last
Mr. A. A. Edmuuds fell from
bis wagOD iast week aud sprained
bis knee, from v/hich be has suffer
ed very much.
Mr, BenjamiD Glaiitoo has been
.'lected Euperiuteodaut of the Sun
day school.at Antioch.
Mrs. R J. Parks, of Augusta,
visited her sister Mrs. Hugh Watea
who is quite Bick.
Dr. Prescott spent last Saturday
and Sunday at Jolmstou with his
daughter, Mrs. Dr,. F. L. Parkor.
The UuioD meetiiug of the sec
ond division of the Edgefield as
sociation will cou ven? with the
Parksvil." ? church ou Saturday and
Sunday u-'xt, We hope to see a
large atleudauce, knowing that
all who go will have a pleasant
and profitable time.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs, L, R
B'unsoa, a son.
A lar^e congregation worship
ped at ADtioch on Suuday.
Night Was Her Terror.
''I would cough uoailv all night
long", writes Mrs. Chas. Apple
gate, of Alexandria, Ind., "and
could hardly get any sleep, I had
coubumptiou BO bad that if I
walked a block li would cough
frightfully aud spit blood, but,
when all other medicines failed,
tbreo fl.00 bottleu of Dr. King's
New Discovery wholly cured me
aud i gained 5.8 pounds", It'i
absolutely guaranteed to cure
Coughs, Uolds, La Grippe, Bron
chitis and alT Throat and Luu?
Troubles. Price 50c and $i/jC
Triail bottles free at The Penn
Drug Store.
i FOR RENT: Good two-borst
[arm uear Elmwood with two-roou
ouse, spring of good watei, both
lot tom and upland. Terms rsa
onable. Apply to
Saluda, S. C._
Has Stood The
tasteless (
Having enjoyed a year ot pros
perity, now comes before the pub
lic feeling that they are in better
.position than ever to satisfy their
customers both as to quality and
prices. We have always kept
in stock a full line of Groce
ries, Wagons and Buggies.
Our line of Furniture has not
been complete for the want of
space. We. have overcome this
difficulty by tho addition of a
second story, and we now have a
full and up-to-date stock of Fur
niture. .
Mr. A. A. Glover, formerly with
Ramsey & Jones has charge of the
Vehicle, Furniture and Undertak
ing Department.
We invite an inspection of our
AU who Vi!
a cordial weh
; 805 Broad Street.
VV. B. YOUNG, - - - Pr?sident
J. G. WEIGU?, - ... Cashier
Interest Paid on Deposits.
FOR SALE : A well preserved,
second-hand piano in good con
dition. For further information
apply at this office.
Brutally Tortured.
A'case same to light that for
peraitteul, and uncu roiful torture
has perhaps uevor beon equaled
Joe Golobiok of Colusa, Calif,
writes. ':For 15 years I endured
insufferable pain from Rheuma
tism and nothing relieved me
though I tried everything known.
I came across Electric Bitters ant.
it's the greatest medicine OL
earth for that trouble. A few bot
tles of it eompletely relieved and
cured me." Just aa good for liver
and Kidney troubles and general
debility. Only 50c, Satisfaction
guaranteed bj The Penp Drug
Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy the Best Made.
"In my opinion Chamberlain's
Cough Roinedy is the best made
for colds," says Mrs. Cora Wal
ker of Porterville, California.
There is nr> doubt about its being
tbs best. No other will cure a
oold so quickly. No other is so
sure a preventive of pneumonia.
No other is so pleasant and safe
to take. These are good reasons
why it should be pieferreu to any
other. The fact ?6 that few people
are satibfied with any other after
having once used this remedy.
For sale by All Druggists.
Always liberal to Churches.
Every church will be given a
liberal quantity of L. & M. paint.
Call for it.
4 gallons Longman & Martinez
L. & M. Paint mixed with three
gallons linseed oil, will paint a
W. B, Barr, Charleston, W. Va.
writes, "Painted Frankeuburg
block itb L. & V?. stands out as
though varnished.
Wears and cavers like gold.
Don't pay $1.50 agall?n for lin
seed oil, which you do in ready
for-use paint.
Buy oil fresh fiom tbe'barrel at
60 cents per gallou and mix it
with L. & M.
It makes paint soct about $.20
per gallou. Sold by The Penn
Drug Store.
Has Stood the Test 25 Years
The old, original GROVE'S Tasteless
Chill Tonic. You know what you are
taking, lt is iron and quinine inn
tasteless form. No cure, no pay. 60c,
The cold weather is just begin
ning. We have too many blankets
and comforts on hand, and have
determined to close them out at a
big reduction. Get our prices.
C. E. MAY.
If your eyes are worth
having they are worth saving,
Do so with the right kind oj
Geo. F, Mims,
When placing your Insur
ance give me a call. I rep
resent a very strong line of
Insurance Companies, our
Agent tor the New Year
XVI?HE: - - -
Insurance Co. I will ap
preciate a stare of yourbusi
ness. 1 can be found at my
office-Office No. a--over Bank of
Janies T. M IMS5
Test 25 Years
goods and a comparison of price.
Our stock of vehicles include the
King of Buggies. Babcock. The
Columbia,- McFarlaD, Brown,
Wrenn and Jewell. We sell the
Mitchell, Owensborro, Piedmont
and Russell wagons. We have the
best line of Cook and Heating
Stoves ever brought the Edgefield.
Our Steel Ranger are unexcelled
in style finish and durability.
Three sizes. . We offer also the
Iron King, Macks Leader, Cresent
Leader, Globe Leader and Stunner.
All sizes and prices to suit the
- In Furniture we have hand
some Oak Suits, Bureaus, Wash-,
stands with or without' Toilet
Chiffoniers, TableR, China Closets,
Wardrobes, Sideboards, Hat Rael
Chairs, Lounges, Iron Bed Springs]
We"'?ive the best line of Mat
tresses ever brought to Edgefield;
Rugs and Mattings we have in all
grades. We have also a full ?i
of Art squares?
Our new Hearse arrived and,
are now ready to respond' to
at reasonable prices.
Our Undertaking Depart?
is complete, we have a full lin?
Coffins of all kinds from ch(
varnished goods to best Metalic!
Our stock Draped Cloth an<
White Plush Caskets are as hand
some as ever brough i M o town. Wei
also keep in stock a nice line]
Burial Robes. ' i
sit our store will meet wit]
3ome and will receive polite
WE have on hand a large fresh supply .of all grades
and prices of horses and mules that we selected in person
from the stock farms of the Northwest,
By being "on the spot" in nerson we can get the
cream of title marliet
and bring direct to Edgetield to our patrons, thereby.
OUR supply will NOT BE REDUCED below 40 head
during the season giving those who buy from us a LARGE
. For spirited horses, that can go when you want t
to go, for kind, gentle family horses for ladies, for all-pi
pose from horses, and for first-class mules come to ou|
OUR prices are just as LOW as good stock ; can
sold at
fl?3~Stable in Rear of Court House.
Let us show you o
TION PLOWS which hall
an additigaiar Winff fb?""t<
Dealers in
Pianos, Organs and Sew?ni
The Cecilian Piano Player.
Quality the best,
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Sall on, or write us f<
prices and terms.
Georgia Chemical Works
. Equal to 700,000 Bags for Each Seasol
Mechanical Condition Excellent *

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