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Edgefield Advertiser
WEDNESDAY, J lt LY 19,19U5.
. . v ._
I Lee^L NeWs. j
Poverty is a hard rmrs \ but she
raises healthy children.
Prof. Whitman, the Optician of
Augusta, will close his office dur
ing the month of August!
A woman always tells you it is
foolish to worry-but she worries
just: the same.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hall are
spending a fortnight in Edgefield
uuder the parental roof of the
Mr. A. S. Tompkins 'was in Co
lumbia and Charlotte the greater
portion of last week on important
The bu8?neH3 man who strives
morely to heep just inside tho law
is not a safe mau to trust with
your business.
Mr. J. E. Mims is taking a va
cation of two weeks, a portion of
which he is spending with bis
brother, Mr. H. A. Mims, in Wel
don, N. Ci
A woman's waist is located any
where between her chin and her
knees, being governed by the pre
vailing style aud the taste of her
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Burnett,
of Greenwood, accompanied by
their little daughter, Francie
Marion, have been spending sev
? eral davs with Mr. and Mrs. J.
N. Schenk.
Senator Tillman has bepu ejec
ted president of the state branch
of the National Audubon Society,
sud if he doesn't mind the W. C.
T. U. sisters will yet have him
wearing a bow of v-bite ribbon.
Mr, W. L. Holeon, a good sub
stantial citizen from the west-side,
residing just one milo from An
tioch church, announces himself
as a candidate for cotton weigher
for the town of Edgefield.
The farmers generally- barring
those who Jive in certaiu small
areas in which the drought still
continues-are very buoyant over
the crop prospect. Young corn and
cottoo seem to vie with each other
a?.; to which can grow the faster^
Miss Lillie Henders'on, of
Walterboro, is the guest of her
sister Mrs. T. P. Burgess. She is
very pleasantly remembered
by tne many warm friends she
made while among us two years
ago. I
Mr. N. R. Bartley, a very exem
. plarycitizen and successful far
mer of the Cleora section, an
nounces.himself as a candidate in
, this issue of tjj'e 'ATJVERTISEE for.
the position" of public cot to ir
weigher of the. tuwn of' Edgefield.
Little Miss Francie Burgess,
. who is very sweet ?nd gentie and
Jady-like in her mun liefs, bas
Koue for a visit of several week*
to her young friend, Miss Butler,
at Madison; Ga. The latter if
will be remembered was a guest
of little Francie last summer.
ty. We solicit your Prescriptions,
dav or night.
WE GUARANTEE pure drugs,
accurate compouuding, and rea
sonable prices.
- W. E. LYNCH & CO.
Every puree in Edgefield was
drained very dry nn Saturday
last by the venders of peaches and
watermelon and chirping chick
ens. Where is the starved mortal
who would not spend his last pen
ny for a basket of "Elbertas" or
even a "Cobb Gem", and a,3 for a
leg of a/Plymouth" Rock'', why, h .
would nell his last shirt to get one
At the Orangeburg District
Conference of the Methodist Epis
copal church held at Elloree last
week, the dispensary was called
a child of the devil. We are glad
the Conference has settled this
matter because a good many peo
ple were under the impression
that Tililman was the father of
dispensary. -Aiken Journal and
The purest, most highly per
fumed and cheapest-quality con
sidered-article in the way of
toilet soap that we have seen in
many a day is the Armour soap al
Penn's. Ask Mr. Penn to show
you the transparent tar soap
which he is selling for 15 cent9,
tbe usual ? price for such ?oap
being 25 cents. For sweetness and
delicacy of perfume Armour's
Heliotrope is without an equal
among soaps.
Let us fill your prescriptions.
We use only the best drug.
Go to the planing mill for shin
gler, no. l and no. 2.
Who is it that does enjoy the
luxury of a hammcck. See ours.
Try our delightful parched coffee
at 15 cte per pound. It will please
you. v
For shelf hardware and carpen
ter's tools of ali kinds come to oui
?tore. Qur asBortrneu't is large and
prip?e within easy reach of all.
Farmers, let us 8*11 you your
Grocei jes and Plantation Supplies
We are in a position to make very
plose prices, - -
Men who build good characters
need never worry about their rep
Mr. Wallace Sheppard is now
enjoying a visit to Edgefield, this
being his first return to his first
love since he departed for Jack
sonville some mouths, ago.
Mr. Oscar. S. Bushnell, a very
prepossessing young mau from
Augusta, is spendiug a fortnight's
vacation with relatives in Edge
field and vicinity, being to-day at
the home of Rev. P. P. Blalock.
Our f?llcw-townsman. Mr. Jas.
A. Timmerman, who is well known
to the people, and whg is fully
qualified to perform the duties of
the position is announced as a
candidate for public cotton weigh
er for the town of Edgefield.
Upon every band can be heard
expressions of profound regret
because of the contemplated re
turn.of Mr. R. ?. Ballowe and
his family to Eufaula, Ala. Their
departure will be a very distinct
IOSB to our community.
The work of remodelling the
Wardlaw house goes steadily on.
When completed Hon. and Mrs.
Thos. H. Rainsford will have the
most elegant home-very hand
some and very convenient in all
of its appointments-in this sec
tion of the state.
The friends of Mr. A. P. Broad
water, the gallant old veteran who
bas been in ill health for quite a
[while, are happy to see him look
ing so much better. Each succeed
ing time that he drives in town
he appears to be better thau ou
the former visit.
Immediately after the close of
the couuty summer school Mr. P.
H. Bussey, Jr., who recently
graduated from the S. C. 0.1., was
engaged to teach a school at Ul
mers, Hamptou county, during the
summer. He has secured the latge
school at Bellvue, Richland coun
ty, for the next session.
The people are right after the
dispensary. Besides Ihe mo\e
meijt in Edgefield, vigorous cam
paigns are being waged in tue
following counties: Laurens,
Saluda, Horry, Newberiy, Ander
son, Greenville, Spurtanburg,
Union, Chesterfield, Florence
Darlington aud Mariou.
Out ,*riend Joe Reese, who as
chief and caterer has made a
name for himself, will be in charge
of the commissary department at
Centre Spnug on to-morrow,
therefore all who go may expect
to find the long tables bountifully
supplied with a well-cooked, well
seasoned barbecued dinner.
While Capt. S. M. Rice acted
as conductor of the excursion to
Charleston on Wednesday ?nd
Thursday last, Mr. John L. Addi
son-Cript. * Addison, we should
have said-was conductor on the
Edgefield-Aiken road. Mr. Addi
son stands well with the officials
of the Southern and bas a very
^bright ?nd promising future.
Mr. Allen T. Samuel who has
been a veiy faithful salesman for
Mr. J. M. Coho for more lhan a
year is off ou a well-deserved va
cation. It is rather a siranga phe
nomenon : Allen is rus':icatmg and
recuperaling at his old hrrne at
Hephzibah, Gu., but he lett hit
Ilea: t in Edgefield.
The race for the position of
cotton' weigher is growing warm.
It is a "sett snap", so to speak,
and is well worth striving for.
.There is but very little manual
labor to be performed, little or no
responsibility in connection with
ihe discbarge of the duties of the
position , and it pays approximate-^
ly !|i600 per annum, tber3 being
r L'out 6,000 balee, of coti?u weigh
ed during the past, season.
Those who are uninformed as
to the advunce in the price of
bagging may be greatly surprised
when they go to purchase their
fall supply. Two-pound new bag
ging is now quoted in Augusta at
almost niue cents. Just what it
will sell for on the local market
depends upon when the merchauts
bought. The advance is attributed
to the failure of the jute crop.
Mr. J. B. White, the retired
merchant aLd capitalist of Au
gusta, has loosed his purse strings
and is now SDondiug some of his
mouey for the benefit of humani
ty. Seeing the need of a child's
ward in the city hospital of Au
gusta, this gentleman authorized
ono to be handsomely and thor*
oughly fitted up, and he is de
fraying the expense which is
several thousand dollars.
Sauer's Flavoring Extracts-all
Full line Passe Partout Binding
10c. each. Mat Boards any color.
All GeutB', Ladie?' and Misses'
Oxfords are now on the Bargain
Couu ter at the New York Racket
Have your pictures enlarged
free. For particulars see
C. E. MAY.
Full line of Household Paiuts,
Linseed Oil, Lead, ' Turpentine,
Varnish and Varnish Stains at
Disease taKes no summer
IF you need flesh and
strength use
Scott's Emulsion
summer as in winter.
Send for free sample.
SCOTT & BQWI?E, Chemists,
40^415 Pearl Street, ' Kew York. "
50c and ii.00; all druggist!,
"Mrs. E. B. Anderson, Mies
Ellen Duuovant and Mr. D. B.
Anderson are visiting relatives in
Spartanbuig and Greenville.
All right-thiukiiig Americans
< ondemn rioting in this country
but what would you do were you a
Russian peasant ? Doubtless you
would be a leader iu throwing
bombs and manipulating infernal
Mrs. Kate Black and Miss Lee
Morrall, both of whom ara greatly
beloved in Edgefield, have been
spending several days in our town,
the former being a guest of Mrs.
Mary J. Norris and the latter with
Mrs. S. M. Rice.
It affords us great pleasure to
chronicle the arrival in Edgefield
of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B. Harris
and Mrs. Ann Eliza Harris, of
Henderson, N- C., the father,
mother and graud-rnother of Mrs.
J hu R. Tompkins, who are to be
guests of the latter for several
weeks. With doting grand parents
in the home, whose absence has
doubtless accentuated .their affec
tion, don't you know that bright
little George Harris Tompkins
will wield the sceptre over the
entire household with a despotic
hand, being even more arbitrary
than the Czar of all the Russias. |
When Rev. C. E. Burts returns
early ic August Jae will be placed
oh extra duty. Rev. T. P. Burgess,
the Presbyterian pastor, and Rev.
Marvin Auld, the Methodist pas
tor, have each been granted a va
cation of one month. The former
will spend a portion of the time
on Sullivan's Island and the lat
ter wiil take his annual trip to
the mountains. So Mr. Burte will
be a lone sentinel on the tower,
keeping watch over the entire
community. He will have his
ban is full, especially for a newly
married man.
AuAtchi3on girl of fifteen gets
up in the morning, eats breakfast
which her mother bas prrpared,
goes upstairs and takes care of
her room and theu goes down
town, sometimes takiug two hours,
to buy a spool of thread. She eats
dinuer which her mother has pre
pared, wears clothes her mother
has.made, spends the afternoon
reading story books or gadding
with her friends, eats supper her
mother bas prepared, spends the
evening with her girl friends. She
has done nothing wicked all day,
and her mother is satisfied that
she is bringing her up right. "But
is she?-Atchisou Globe.
"Uncle" Nick Brunsou, when
not detained by an extra session
ofhis court, makes regular tri
weekly visits to his splendid farm
on Horn's creek to see what the
pigs and negroes and mules and
cotton and corn and grass are
doing. What delights him most
is to pull off hie hat, coat, vest,
collar and cravat, then sit out
under a spreading oak and watch
bis corn grow,. He says he can
actually see it "stretch-up" when
it pops; Y'oti" know he requires
"the truth, the whole truth and
not hing but the truth" from other?,
so what he eays never falls short |
bf nor goes "kelle de rise ot" the
The announcement that Mr. R.
A. Bal lowe had resigned his posi
tion as president of the Edgefield
Manufacturing Company has been
a great surprise to the entire com
munity. Thi? actiou we are in
formed, is not due to any seism or
misunderstanding existing be
tween him and the directors, for
Mr*. Ballowe is held in high favor
and esteem by all di rec tors..---and
stockholders. His successor has
not yet been chosen but it is very
Drobable that Air. Charles H.
FTsher_vii'ilJ'be elected. Mr. Rob
erts will doubtless return to Eu
fanla with Mr. Ballowe.
Clergyman-Are you saiisfied,
madam, to take this man aa your
Bride-to-be-Well, not quite,
but he's the best I could get.
Heinz's Baked Beans in cans at
We make a specialty of framing
Diplomas, odd size pictures etc.
W. E. LYNCH & CO. .
Tooth Brushes from 5 to 50
cents at
If you want an Iron Cot with
spring and mattress you should
see those for sale by The Edge
field Mercantile Company.
Rogers & Gallet's celebrated
Violet Water at
Don't forget that for strength
Style and finish no buggy goes
down the road ahead of the Golds
Our cigars are already the talk
of the town. Thia, market offers
n itbing better than a "Saborosa"
"Jefferson" or a "Bill Dugau" ci
gar. Try them,
Our embroideries are the talk
of the town. Don't fail to Bee them
before you purchase.
C. E. MAY.
I have just received a new lot
of the latest styles of Untrimmed
hats. I shall be pleased to have
the ladies call to see them. 1 am
closing out all of my Ready-to
wear hats at coBt. This is a goori
opportunily to get a nice hat very
Ladies should call at our store
8nd examine the stock of Novojo
and Smyrna Rugs. We have them
in animal and floral designs.
A very bashful young man, says
ao exchange, called upon a'very,
vivacious young lady who had in
the parlor a beautiful little baby
girl belonging to a neighbor..The
young mau was somewhat in a
dilemma over the many charms
that were before him, but finally
asked if he might be permitted to
kiss the weo little thing. There
upou the young lady rather pertly
replied: "Oh, well, I suppose you
can, if you are too cowardly to
tackle a person nearer yGur own 1
size." j
Edge fi eld Usually Wins. I
Some weeks ago the popular)
firm of Thomas & Barton, of Au
gusla, advert?s'd a word conteft
which consisted of spelling words
by using only the letters that ap
pear in I he -namei of the .firm.
Prizes were to be aw^f'd???b'trjose
who sent in tho* longest list of
words by a given date. Among
the prizes were fifteen $50 prizes,
four of which were won by the
following Edgefield persons: Miss
Mary Fair, Mrs. Jno R. Tompkins,
Messrs. J. P. Ouzts, J. C. Shep
pard, Jr. Each of these fortunate
winners holds a fifty ?tipllar due
bill that can be applied upon the
purchase of any musical instru
ment that Messrs. Thomas & Bar
ton have for sale.
Dragoons* Annual Fete.
All of the available buggies and
phae'ons and carriages and
broughams and tally-ho coaches
and auromobiles have been en
gaged io lbke tbf grfat multitude
out to Centre Spring on to-morrow.
Our town is filled to overflowing
with visitors who have journeyed
h'tbyr frcmdoz nis nf hamlets and
towns aud ciiieB, both, far and
near, to attei.d the th* aunual feto
of the Drag jons. And Capt. Block
er and hie corps of assistants stand
with open arms to receive -their
guests whom they will entertain
with tha lavish hospitaity which
has cbaracteriz d all of their for
mer picnics: The best band ob
tainable has been procured and
the vt-ry 6weet music will be an
inspiration to the old as well as
the young.
Attention, Farmers!.
On July 31st. and .August 1st
Farmers' Institutes will be held
at Johnston and Edgefield, re
spectively. The following profes
sors from Clemson college will bs
iu attendance: D. W. Daniel,
industrial education; C. C. Cham
bliss, en?omologist ; C. L. New
man, agriculturalist, aud Dr. L.
A. Klein, veterinarian, who will
be in charge. These gentlemen are
all specialists and rank among the
foremost educators in the country,
consequently the wide-awake far
mer, who is ever ready and anx
ious to learn something new, can
not afford to absent himself from
these institutes Not only will these
gentlemen deliver lectures that
will be very instructive but they
will stand ready to answer any
question thai; may be asked them.
All crops will be "laid by" baforei
August lat, so there is no good,
reason why hundreds of farmers
should not attend this summer
school of agriculture.
''Wasbee, washee, morn till night :
No git druukee-no go fight.
Mel ?can loafee all da}' long.
Spit on Chinee-say no wrong.
Chinee die, all is welle:
Mel i can bad man go to hellee 1"
j -Atlanta Constitution.
~B ?"[STS"ff]R?FP SEED : We
have juat received from the cele
bra;te'd Buist seed farms a full
-supply of all varieties of Turnip
Seed, such as tte Yellow Globe,
Golden Ball, Soul hern Seven 'lop,
Large Whit- (?iobe, Y- ?low Aber
deen, and Improve dYellnw-liu-ra
basa. It always pays ip get the
best and no thin ti better than
thP8'i eau be had. We always lead
iu seed.
G L. PENN & eON.
Iron Beds both pi nala and
d uble also lion Cribs. Spring and
mattress to fit.
Fresh Oatmeal, Force and Grape
Nuts at
If you want the celebrated
Quaker Oats that are fresh-two
packages for a quarter-go to
We have just received avery
handsome line of hats, for boys,
young men, and old men. Let us
show you. Correct shapes. Prices
C. E. MAY.
A large assortment of all widths,
oolors and styles of Picture Mold
ing just received at
We have Matting Paper in rolls.
If you want matting or carpets to
last use paper under them.
The best 10 cents Salmon on
the market can be had at
Wo want every housewife in
this vicinity to know that we pay
especial attention to our Fancy
Grocery "department. A complete
Hue of the choicest cannea goods
can always be found at our store
If we haven't what you watt we
will order it for you.
Take Penn's Bitters for the
liver. There is nothing better.
We are constantly replenishing
pur slock of Jewelry. Cutlery aud
Silveiware of ali kinds. We carry
' lily reliable goods and want to
supply your needs. If we have uot
what you wish we will order it for
We have a very handsome line
of Clothing, Hats, Shirts and
Neck Wear for men. Give us a call
Wc can please you, '
C, E. MAY.
At Lanham Spring August 27th.
Capt. N. G. Evans and hi3 faith
ful committeemen are very busy
arranging all of the details for the
annual picnic of the Hussars that
will be held at Lanham Spring on
Thursday of next week. Scores
of swine and kine and sheep and
goats are being stall fed for the
occasion, and a royal feast will be
spread for the thousands of guests
who will be present from Augusta,
Greenwood, Saluda, Edgefield aod
Aiken counties. The announce
ment that Bearden's band has
been engaged for the day is suffi
cient assurance that the music
wH? meet the approval of the most
exacting, iris the purpose of the
Hussars to make this occasion
eclipse all former ones.
Election for Gotten Weigher.
~%~~We hereby give-notice that
there will be'an-election held at
Edgefield court house "on Satur
day, August the 5th, for the pur
pose of electing a public cotton
weigher for the town of Edgefield
for the term of one year, begin
ning September 1st 1905. All
qualified electors who market
their cotton at Edgefield are en
titled to vote in said election.
Board of County Commissioner.
I hereby announce myself a
candidate for re-election to the)
position of public cotton weigher
for tbs town of Edgefield, the term,
commencing September the 1st
I hereby announce myself a
candidate for the ' position ol'
public cotton weigher for the town
of Ec.gpfield for the term that
begins on September the 1st 1905,
pledging myself to render honest
and lait hf ul service if elected.
Trespectfully aunouuce that I
am acaudidate for the position
of public cotton weigher for the
town of Edgefield for the term be
ginning September the 1st 1905.
I promise the people that if eltc
t d 1 will be at my post ready to
serve them every day in I he year
except Sunday.
Franklin, S. C.
I take tb ie means of announcing
that I am a candidate for the posi
tion of public cotton weigher for]
the town of Edgefield to fill the
term beginning September the 1st
1905. I hereby pledge myself to
give my entire time, if elected, to
the duties of this position.
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessen0, an.bii.ion; beauty, vigor
and cheerfulness soon
disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it Is not uncommon
for a child to bc born
afflicted with weak kid
neys. If the child urin
ates too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able te
control the passage, It Is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first I
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as ?
most people suppose.
- Women_as well as men are made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble^
and both need the - sa m ?" ~ gTeaT^re mea j.
The mild and the immediate effect ol
Swamp-Root is soon realized. It is sold
by druggists, in fifty
cent and one dollar (
sizes. You may have j
sample bottle by mair)
free, also pamphlet tell- - Home ot Swamp-Root,
ing all about It, including many bf thc
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y., ba sure and
mention this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but
emember the name, Swamp
Root, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
and the address, Binghamton, N.
Y" on e^ery bottle;
No child is happy who is not
pushed in a Go-Cart bought from
The Edgefield Mercantile Compa
Hats for mon. The latest styles,
very nobby, just received.
C. E. MAY.
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Ribbon Springs for beds and
guarantee them for five years.
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"White Star" Coffee. Have you
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be bad.
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drop in on you with a house full
pf company. Don't fortit to Bee
those for sale by
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i Wagon come to us. We buy all of
?our vehicles in car lots from the
i best manufacturers in the country
'and are in a position to make
prices right.
We carry a full line of all
kinds of Paints, also Lead, Oil
and Terpentine, Large assortment
of bru?heB.
G.. L. PENN & SON.
Sickening Shivering Fits
of Ague and Malaria, can be re
lieved and cured with Electric
Bitters. This is a pure, tonic
medicine; of especial benefit in
malaria, for it exerts a true cura
tive influence on the disease, driv
ing it entirely out of the system.
It is much to be preferred to
Quinine, having none of this
drug's bad after-effects. E. S.
Munday, of Henrietta, Tex.,
writes: "My brother was very 1
low with malarial fever and jaun
dice, till he took Electric Bitters,
which saved his life. At G. L.
Penn & Son, W. E. Lynch & Co.,
druggists; price 50c, guaranteed.
A Grim Tragedy
I is daily enacted, in thousands of
homeB, as Death claims, in each
one, another victim of Consump
tion or Pneumonia. But when
Coughs and Colds are properly
treked, the tragedy is averted. F.
G.. H?nfIS3M>f Oakland?n, Ind.,
writes: "My wfte-^faad the con
sumption, and three docT?rs^?Ve"'
her up. Finally she -ook Dr.
.King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, Coughs and Colds,
which cured her, and to-day she
is well and strong." It kills the
perras of all diseases. One dose
relieves. Guaranteed at 50c and
$1.00 by G. L. Penn & Son, W. E.
Lynch & Co. Trial bottle free.
??OrOffice over Post-Office.
Your Prescriptions Solicited,
Let us fill youi prescriptions.
Only the best drugs are used,, of
which we carry a large fresh stock.
For many years we have been com
poundeis of prescriptions, there
fore have no hesitancy in guaran
teeing perfect satisfaction.
FOR SALE : One .60 Saw Gin,
10 Horse-power Engiue, one Press
that ia operated by steam-all in
good condition. Will sell for a
bargain. Apply at this office or to
Edgefield, S. C.
Our stock of Undertaker's Sup
plies is complete. We carry all
sizes, styles and grades of caskets
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in plush and broadcloth are very
handsome. We stand ready to
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hearse responds promptly to all
Picture Frames
We have just received a full
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Frames. So we can make fraraeB
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sonable prices.
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at 35 cents pur yard. It is beauti
ful and very desirable.
Do you want a pretty picture
without money and without price.
Then call at our store. We are
giving pictures away-absolutely
Freeh supply of National Bis
cuit Company's Crackers in bulk
and in packages.
Don't forget to examine our
steck of harness when you need
anything in that line, you can
always find all parts of harness
made at
We carry a full stock of all
kinds of picture moulding and
can frame any size picture on
short notice.
Large assortment of tooth
brushes at
Beautiful Portieres just ar
Every housewife wants, the best
Flavoring Extracts or none at all.
Remember that we are headquar
ters for Flavoring Extracts. We
sell nothing but the best.
Don't forget you can get Lino
leum 6 feet wide in floral and
Tiling effects from The Edgefield
Mercantile Company.
Fresh supply of all kinds of
sweet Crackers. Stop baking cakes
this hot weather. We can supply
Two degr-oes, A. B, and A, M. Four
courses leading to the ?. B. Degree.
Nine professors.
Dopartments-i'Etlnos and Astrono
my, Mathematics, Physics, and Geol
ogy, Biology and Chemistry, Latin,
Greek, English, German and French,
History and Koonomios. Library and
Librarian, Tho Vf. E, Burnett gym
nasium undc-r a competent director.
J, B, Cleveland Science Hall. Athle
te grounds. Course of lectures by
the ablest men on the platform. Rare
musical opportunities. Next Session,
September 201 li.
Board from $S to $16 a month. For
Catalogue or other information, ad
dress J, 1. GAMEWELL,
Secrr?ery..Srartniiburg, S, C.
It is the fashion of to-day.
For examples of it, see the
best dressed men in Augusta
and Edgefield. They show
what our clothing can do for
The "Morning Coat" has
now put the time-honored
frock coad into the camphor
This garment adds dignity
to a young man and gives a
^ ''^^irfri'felr'ta fe'^ldeT
Fruit Jar Rubber,
Jelly Tumblers,
Blue Flame Kerosene Oil
We are showing the best line of low
Shoes for Infant, Misses and Ladies
that we have ever had. Every pair war
ranted solid or we refund your money.
Infants and Childs Slippers from
65c. to 90c.
Misses from $1.00 to $1.25.
Ladies from $1.25 to $2.00.
These Shoes are in Black Vici, Tan
Vici, Patten Vici and Patten Colt, and
cut in all Styles, 1 2 and 3 Strap Sandals,
Oxford and Bluchers.
Yours for business.
Get your Laundry in Tuesdays.
are the interests of our cus
tomers. We spare no effort
to make the store, the stock
and our business methods
worthy of their fullest confi
dence. We feel that we have
f done so and believe others
will think so too, when they
I and ascertain the prices at
which we sell.
yv Favor us with a visit and
^&JVi?;;'it give yourself the pleasure of
r^fy?*; seeing the good things her?^
e. E. MAY.
Summer Shoe,
Laces and Ribbon
Going at bargains.
For Fire and Life
We represent the best Old Line Companies,

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