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18l|l 11Ilill 8181 tl I ll H ll?
t Augusta, Ga..
L. CHA?NE, t
Clias. C. Coward, J
.fri I i m i n I I w n I 61 i I I n M fr
tr HE NA
L. C. KAYNE, President.
FEANK G. POED, Cashier.
Surplus and Profits.. 150,000
?Jf.t8.1^"^ ^"?*1 t0 y?u ?t*n an acconut
" Uh t?li Ban*. -Custoniorsaiitl correspondents as- i
sured or every courtesy and accommodation possl
Dla under coussrraUve. modern Banking method*,
NO. 13.
-- - -?*~ r ziAArrtncnci RT marni
Wm. Sdrwe?gert, Prest. A. S. Mon
Union Sav\
with resources of over Eight \1
a Board of Directors chosen fror
merrin the community, invites;
?8?Dg you every courtesy.
Correspondence invited.
Liberal Advances
Crops and Consignm
$#"Personal atten
; . CC
?744 Reynold - Street^
. "'Ibo Leading Insurance
No Fire Insurance. Comp
as much CASH Capital or Ce
flE^Lowest rates.
? ? T]
t). A. G Ri F
Will protect you aja:
Accidents; Sickness and
' It will be a pleasure to
your business will be he
Everything in fertilizi
cultural chemicals.
Blood and Bone good
Seed Meal Mixtures,
These reliable fertilizi
.trade for over a third of a
ing popularity attestr. theil
Using them is th ere ic
Factories Augusta, <
Sold exclusively at Edg
J^fXall on them for
Tiie toughness of pineapples is ai
lorst entirely eliminated hy slicing
the fruit up and down, from stem to
blossom end, ircrtead of through the
.core, as is usually done. Thrust a
fork info the blossom end to hold the
apple steady, and slice until you come
to the hard, pithy core, which can
then be discarded. The trick was
taught me by an oW pineapple grower
and makes all the difference in tue
world hi the tenderness ot this fruit,
which is usually hard and chippy
vbSTi sliced, with, instead of against
ae grain.
An Iowa woman who says she cao
not live without talking sues her taci*
turn husband for a divorce. Ile would
not even talk lack
Decomposed Body Identified.
Pillsburg, Special.-The badly de
'cpmposed body of a man with a bullet
hole through his head, which was foud
in a thicket on the outskirts of Roan
oke, Val, is that of Stnrley G. Arm
strong, the cashier of the Washington
^National Bank, who mysteriously dis-,
appeared from this city on January
2. The identification was made pos
sible when thc number 243241, attach
iopnd on the. body wag identified os
tbrjnuatber ct the accident-insurance
pli^-carried by the miking cashier?
is, Vice-Prest. Thos. S. Gray, Cosh
ings Bank,
.el$ Ocle*?
J a nd red Thousand dollars and
n the most successful business
you to become ? depositor, prom
ESTpaid ou Savings accounts.
?Y, JR. W. K. KITCHEN. Special
Made 011 Prospective
tion given all details.
)rrespondence solicited.
Augusta, Ga,
Company ot America"
any in the. United States has
ipital and .Surplus Combined.
Ixe .
inst loss by Fire, Death,
Wind Storms.
serve you at ali times and
?artily appreciated.
?lwiCfl? WORKS
2rs, plant foods- and agri
s, Fish goods and Cotton
?rs have been tried by the
century, and their increas
. merit. . ~"
re no experiment.
3a., Pon Pon, S. C.
efield by the
further information.
A New Torie correspondent In the
Philadelphia Ledger says: "All rec
ords broken," "a year of unprece
dented prosperity," will be on active
duty soon,, when the compilation of
the business record of 1905 is com
pleted. Some of these stupendous
and gratifying figures are already for
comparison-notably the totalings of
the value of gems imported at New
York. When the local custom house
close3 its doors on Saturday noon al
most $37,000,000 worth of diamonds
and other precious and semi-precious
stones will have been entered in the
year. Never before in the history of
the port have the importations been
so larg?. Last year's entries of gems
footed up $26,092,275, while the val
ues in 1903 aggregated $24,078,956.
This extraordinary importation of
gems has taken place in the face of
an advance in the price of 25 per cent,
and Ia considered proof that un
bounded prosperity prevails among all
classes and in all sections of the
United States, as New York is the
center in this country for gems. There
are scarcely any importations at other
"Your police and fire department
aeem to.hold each other in supreme
contempt," observed the visitor lr
"Well, yes. there is a little feeling
of that sort," acknowledged the native
Phrakvilliaa. "You see our police g-oj
robbed about a month ?p ?ad & weeli
later our enftoe<house burned* dow?,' J
A Progressive Movement By
the Southern Railway
Official Announcement is Made That
the Road's Stockholders Will Be
Asked to Authorize Creation of
New General Mortgage, at Four
Fer Cent, President Spencer Stating
That Dividends on Preferred
Stock Will Not Be Jeopardized
How the Vast Sum Will be Expend
ed-$99,834,000 to be Eeserved for
New York, Special.-Anuouuce
mentwas made tbat the Southern
Railway Company has decided to ask
the stockholders lo authorize the issue
of $200,000,000 development and gen
eral mortgage four per cent, bonds.
Of this amount $15,000,000 will bs is
sued immediately for the following
purposes: $4,962,774 to refund pay
ments for equipment heretofore made
and charged to capital; $3,500,000 to
refund investments in securities of,
and advances to, subordinate compan
ies heretofore made and for the acqui
sition of property- not heretofore
funded, and $6,536.226 for double
track, revision of grades, new yards,
ships, etc.
The balance, of $185,000,000, will be
reserved for the following- purposes:
$31,158,000 to retire divisional prior
lien bonds on properties acquired for
which no provision is made in thc con
solidation mortgage; $16,000,000 to
retire not later than April 1, 1900,
collateral trust fives; 1S,00S,000 to re
tire, as they mature in the next 15
years, equipment capital obligations;
$10,000,000 to acquire capital stocks
of certain lines'; $10,000,000 to pay,
not later than July ], 190S for the
eastern division of thc Tennessee Cen
tral and immediate improvements.
After provision for'the foregoing
obligations are made there will bc left
$99,834,000, which will be used to pro
vide for future acquittons and bet
President Samuel Spencer, of the
Southern Railway Company, in-?w"XT"
munication to the voting trus
the capital stock of the compar
tive to th* proposed bond issu
that the existing financial condi
the the company is such as to
the creation of a new mortga
the immediate issue of $15,000
the new bonds as proposed >
disturbance of the dividend no .. r.. ..
on the preferred stock.
England Launches Monster.
Portsmouth, Eengland, By Cable.
The monster battleship, Dreadnought,
which, when finished, will have cost
$7,500,000, was launched here Satur
day by King Edward.. The ceremony
was the most simple imaginable, the
King having v?toed all decorations
and pagentry on account of the death
of his father-in-law. King Christian.
There was n moment of suspense after
the King touched the electric button
removing thc last block, as the huge
ship hesitated and appeared reluctant
to take thc water. But, ultimately;
she glided down the ways in safely.
This is the heaviest and fastest battle
ship ever constructed.
Bigamist Hoch Must Hang.
Spiingfield, Ul., Special.-The Su
preme Court denied a rehearing in the
case of Johann Hoch, sentenced ta be
hanged in Chicago, Feb. 23, for wife
Two Brothers- Shot Down.
Rochelle, Ga., Special-At the home
of Jesse Hearn North, of Rochelle.
Joe Watts shot an4 instantly killed
D. S. McDuffie, sons of D.. S. McDuf
fie, Sr., and aged 19 and 16 respective-1
ly. They were at thc gate leaving for
home from a party. There were a
few words between Watts and the
elder McDuffie . Then Watts shot
both the young men through the heart,
killing them instantly. Watts fled
and is now being pursued by the
Three Struck and Bolled.
York, Pa., Special-Three men were
struck and killed by an accomodation
on the Northern Central Railroad,
near Seitsland, 16 miles south of this
city. The victims were part of the
ciew of a fast northbound train. They
were repairing a hurst tire of the
driving wheel of the locomotive and,
blinded and deafened by 1 he escaping
steam, did not notice the approach of
the accomodation.
Souvenir Stamps for Jamestown Ex
Norfolk, Special.-Postmaster Gen
eral Cortelyou has notified the board
of governors of the Jamestown Expo
sition Company that thc Posloffice De
partment will publish a special issue
of souvenir stamps cqirfmeino rating
thc Jamestown Exposition.- They will
he in d?nomination of one and two
cents and will be of appropriate
Nearly Wiped Out by Flames.
: New Martinsville, W. Va., Special;
-.Fire-broke out in Littleton, an oil
town near here, and before it coule
be extinguished nearly every busbies:
house was destroyed, about SOO of the
1,50 inhabitants were without borne:
and a financial loss of more than $200
000 TTW ^stained,,
Fast Passenger Train No. 34, on
Southern Railway, Orushea Into a
Switch Engine in Pomona Yards
Three Trainmen Instantly Killed
ftnd Two Scumb Later.
Greensboro Special;-Fiv? trainmen
Were killed and one seriously injured
in a collision between riortb-botuid
passenger train No. 34, of the South
ern Railway, and aswitch engine nt
Pomonia, at 1:20 o'clock Sunday
morning. The dead are:
Ow en Norville, engineer of No. 34.
W. W. Sellers, engineer of the
switch engine.
Charles H. Johnson, fireman on
switch engine.
S. Y. Newman, yard brakeman.
William Bailey, telegraph student.
No passengers were injured. Wm.
Sparger, fireman of No. 34 was badly
hurt, bul will recover.
The wreck occurred )lear tile Po
mora yard office and almost directly
in front of the Central Carolina fair
grounds, one mile west of this city.
Train No. 34, in charge of Engineer
Owen Norville, ran into the Switch en
gine in charge of Engineer W. W.
Sellers. Both engineers!) Charles H.
Johnson, fireman on the switch en
gine., were instantly killed, and & G.
Newman, yard brakeman on the
switch eugine, and WillianTBailey, a
young man reported to be learing
telegraphy, who, it is supposed, was
riding on the engine to the Pomona
telegraph office, both received injuries
from which they died, Newman lived
only one hour after the accident and
Bailey expired at 12 o'clock at
Greensboro Hospital, where he was
taken for treatment. W. M. Sparger,
fireman on train No. 34, was also ih- \
jured, but will recover. - He is at thc
hospital and it is stated that he will
be able to bc out within a week.
Hasty's Trial February 26.
Gaffney, Special.-George Hasty, of
this city, who fatally shot "Milan Ben
nett and George Abbott Davidson, of
the "Nothing but Money" threatrical
company herc December 15, 1905, will
be tried on thc charge of murder Feb-,
mary 2G. Hasty, who has been in \
jail since the killing, will be defended
by local cornice]. Thc prosecution will
be conducted by T. S. Sease, State at
torney for the circuit- who urOi
Eastman, Ga., Special.-Saturday
night the town barracks with its three
inmates, who were placed there for
drunk and disorderly conduct, being
consumed. The inmates were D. A.
Cooper. Elbert Mullis and John B.
Hart, all white men. Cooper was
about o') years old and left a large
family. Mullis was about ?0 years
old and leaves a large family also.
Hart was a young man and left a wife
and child. The origin of the fire is
Clyde Lins Officers.
New York, Special.-Calvin Austin
and M. H. Campbell have been elected
president and treasurer, respectively,
of the new incorporated Clyde Steam
ship company of Maine. Mr. Austin ?
is president of the Metropolitan
Steamship company, which is one of
the Forse lines. Mr. Campbell is
president of the People's line, which:
operates steamboats between this city
and Albany. The directors of the new
company will be selected next week.
Ex-Senator Hill Improved.
Charleston, S. C., Special.-Since
his arrival here, the condition of for
mer United Stales Senator David B
Hill; of New York, has shown marked
and steady improvement. He is muc'
strengthened. Mr. Hill ' expressed
himself as being delighted with the
climate of Camden, which is proving
so beneficial to his health. He is to
remain here until the termination of
the season, having been ordered here
by his physician, the ex-Senator being
in need of rest and change of climate
Por Causing Run on Bank.
New Orelans, Special.-The sensa
tional run on the Germania Savings
Bank last year had its sequel in the
conviction for criminal libel of Peter
Kiernan, the owner and editor, and
Jesse Webb, the city editor, of The
Daily American, the newspaper which
caused the flurry. The paper has since
suspended, largely as the result of its
loss of popularity following the attack
on the bank.
Texas Central to Build Extensions.
Austin, Tex., Special.-The Texas
Central Railroad filed an amendment
to its charter providing for the con
struction of a branch road from Waco
to thc town of Stamford, in Jones
county, also a branch from Chairette
in Erath county lo Straw, in Palo
Pinto county, and for a branch from
Daleon in Comanche county to Nolain.
in Nolan county^ The total-distance
of (hese three branches will be 163
Five Die by Asphyxiation.
Boston, Special.-A woman- and
four children were found dead in bed
in their home on 29 Dennis street,
Roxbury district. An investigation
by the police indicates that the woman
Mrs. Annie L. Dixon, had killed the
children and herself by wyening three
gas jeta, .
Occurrences of Interest from
AH Over South Carotina
A. Batch of Lite Paragraphs Coher
ing a Wide Range^What ul Going
Cn in Otu: Stated
General Cotton Market.
Galveston^' steady.
New Orleans, easy.10]
Mobile, quiet.
Savannah', steady.. >> >.
Norfolk, Heady < > << <>><
Baltimore/-, nominal II << ?i
New York, quiet.. ., > > >.
Boston, quiet.... '.
Philadelphia, quiet.
Houstou, ?tencly ...... . ?
Augusta,:,jst?ady .. * . > >. <
Memphis.uiomiuaL ? ?. .. . .IP
Louisville; firm , , ., ,.
Charlotte Cotton Market.
These figures' repressen t pri?es
Good middling.. .. .. ....
Strict middling.
Good middling, tinged.
Stains? i.k:> .91
Pow? Plant fit Neals ?ho?ij
Union, Special-After seviii-filj
preliminary trials, the electric
generated) at thc big power pl]
thc Unioi?Manufacturing and
company,ot Neal's shoals, was uiTO
on.at lhe."fiuffalo. cotton mills, and re
ports from Buffalo indicate that every
thing is tunning most satisfactorily.
The plant.where this power is generat
ed is located on Broad river, 34 miles
east of Union. Thc Union Manufac
turing and' Power company was or
ganized 'three years ago in March with
T. C. Duncan as president, and was
capitalized at $500,000, with privilege
of increasing to $5,000,000. Work on
thc dam* Which is 9S0 feet long, was
commenced the April following, and
the whole plant was not completed
until last October. This power com
pany was closely allied with the Union
and Buffalo-cotton mills, and after
their reorganization, everything rela
tive to itVwas practically suspended.
. o ^-~u~-a"R nation w?c hftoiin
and Buffalo will each utilize about
2,500 horse-power. It is possible thal
arrangements may be made with thc
city council to furnish them all da>
as well as night current and let them
distribute it to consumers in town thu
obviating the necssity of cons.tractin
sep?rale distributing lines, besides
which the I own can secure Hie .power
at a less rate than it can now generale
Small Charleston Bank Forced tc
Close Its Doors.
Charleston, Special.-After a run
which is'saic'i to have beenprecipitated
by the anxiety of several Greek fruit
erers with small deposits, the Colum
bian Banking and Trust company of
Charleston, closed its doors and the
directors made a general assignmen
of property and assets for the beuefr
of -creditors, naming Edward W
Hughes assignee. As no quarter!;
statement had been made since NOA
ember, 1905, the figures of liabilitie
and assets could not bc obtained. I
thc last statement a surplus of $G,50(
was showu and in January a dividend
was declared at the rate ot* ? per cent
per annum. Thc bank was capitalize
at $50,000 and was chartered in 189?
Thc financial troubles of a director,
however, caused uneasiness and the
run brought matters to a crisis. It is
thought that thc bank will be able to
pay up in full.
A Whole Week for State Fair.
At a meeting of the Slate Agricul
tural and Mechanical society at the
building, it was decided that tlie Stat(
fair this year shall open on Monday
October 22iul, and remain open fbi
an entire week. The report of lh<
different committees were received
omi the friends of the society will b<
glad to know that ihe soeit;., ftuanei
ally is in flu excellent condition.
Waterworks for Edgefield.
Edgefield, Social. -Topographies
Engineer C. C. Wilson, of Columbia
has been in Edgefield at (he summon:
of a committee appointed at a recent
public meeting to look into thc practi
cability of establishing waterworks,
and electric lights in Edgefield. Engi
neer Wilson has made a favorable re
port and our citizens will assemble in'
mass meeting on Friday afternoon
next to hear said report and to furlhei
consider the design ol' wa I er works ant
cleef ric lights.
Alleged Lynchers Relased.
Barnwell. Special.-Thc seven men
who were arrested last week and
lodged in jail for thc murder of Fran*
and John DeLoach at Uliner just be
fore Christmas were given a prelim
inary hearing hove before Mag
intrate C. W. Moody and have beer
released, the testimony not being sui
ficent to keep, rheta i,n jail,
liuniiKiaa MI nvww
lakers Are
: an oppor
ion of Mr.
ir action of
was pnrti
eutire day
lives-of the
.ming treat
ised by Mr.
hi lion
i? the
fi fol
j de
la con
|o or
_I with
lorado i3ena
ion immedi
ion of the
ss and ad
The facts
weedings ol
.a wa I from
lie minds of
ession practi
Tou.se concliid-v
)s to Hie pas
c bill,.ordered
sure., and put
util Thursday
jeni came at 4
ours following
lot hr came up,
of I
neran, 01 r?c?Y
il to the raeas
)ch. Mr. Mann,
in the minority
?xpounded the
ited everybody
mau Hepburn
a re tunen ts of
terms of the
346 to 7.
T the Hepburn
raili .embers voting
for I Republicans,
vote ilause greeted
tlie .result by the
Speaker. Littletield, of Maine; Mc
Call and Weeks, of Massachusetts;
Perkins, Southwick and Vreeland, of
New York, and Sibley of Pennsyl
' Mr. Sullivan, of Massachusetts, vot
ed "present," and was not paired.
There were 28 members paired, but
these pairs were general political ones.
None Of them of tiiem was made on
the bill and consepucntly did not in
dicate opposition.
The pension approprition bill, car
rying $139,000,000 for pensions and
$1,245,000 for pension administration,
was taken up, debated and passed
?without amendment. Thc feature of
the bill, aside from Ihc appropriation
made, is a provision making statute
law of the famous order of thc Presi
dent declaring age conclusive evidence
of disability.
Eilis Sick Woman and Suicides.
San Fransisco, Special.-Ebb Coley,
who lived near Macon, (?a., and who
was formerly a sergeant in thc Six
teenth Company of the Coast Artil
lery,, having also served in the Twen
tieth Field Artillery, shot and killed
Josie Labal, of Santa Clara, and (lieu
shot and killed himself. The shooting
occurred in a room at the Grand Paci
fic Hotel. Coley killed thc woman as
she lay in bed, sick and helpless. Th
couple had lived together for some
Paul Lawrence Dunbar Dead.
Dayton, Ohio, Special.-Paul Lau
rence Dunbar, the poet of the negro
race, died at his home of consumption.
For three years he has been seriously
ill and for a year critically ill, but lie
kept at his work intermitteiily and
wrote his last poem for his Christina!
book, ''Howdy, Honey, Honey," jus:
before Christmas.
Midnight Fire in Wilmington.
Wilmington, Special.-Fire ol' an
unknown origin which broke out short
ly before midnight totally desi roved
the Willard Bag and Manufacturin
Company's building, tho Gcrmani:
Hall building, several warehouses, an/
badly damaged adjoining property :.<*
one of the principal business blocks ui*
the city. Tho loss between $7.3.000
and $100.000, pretty well covered by
insurance. Tho loss in .the bag and
overall factory alone is $40,000,
IVdLone^r Oaiiiecl.
Consult your own interest. . Open Buggy including Harness and Uni?
brella ferino 00, or Top Buggy eua p?ete fer 49.00. Kein em ber, I
Sell Goods Lower
than any oilier house in Hie SoulJi. Chase's Fine Piii?li robe, from $1.
np. These are now b ing- sold at a sacrifice nf J0%, the moet beauti
ful line oversold in Augusta. 1 nm abo iacrilichig- 'J', miks, Satchels,
Suit Cases, etc., to rnake.room for oilier ilnes. Soie agent for tue fa
il,ous Babcock vehicles and thc best faun wagoi s on the maker, -,
Hm H.
The Carriage and Hardware Man of Ga.,
and 751 Broad Street, AUGUSTA, GKORGIA.
W. J. Rutherford & Co.
ll I 8 I
Cement, Plaster, Hair, Fire Brick, Fire Clay,
Ready Roofing and other Material.
Write Us For Prices.N
Corner Reynolds hnd Washington Streets,
Large Shipments of the best makes of wagons and buggies
just received. Our ?tock of furniture and house furnishing?
ia complete. A Large stock.
Soutn carolina.
The Leading Grocers of Augusta> Ga,,
839 Broad
. -W. F. SAMPLE of Saluda County and
H. II. SCOTT, JR., of Edgefield County are with us
and want to see you.
For Fire and Life
We represexU the best Old Line Companies.
My Carriage and Repair Shop at the Gray
Stables 19 now well equipped. 1 invite you to in
spect it.
Large fcrce of competent workmen-Full supply
of (he best material always oh hat d.
Can kui ld you a new wagon or repair your old
one 011 short notice.
Tire Setting and Horse Shoeing done in thc best
pcs i ble manner.
U?^Snlis?action Guaranteed.
Give ni? a call.
EX W. @
Dealers in
Pianos, Organs and Sewing
Machines. Also the Ceci
lian Piano Player.
Call on or write us for
prices and terms.

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