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jldffef?eM Advertiser
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 14, 1906.
t' ' i
?tee UL NeWs-j
Dr. Broughton's address last
?hight'-was one of the greatest,
grandest and most inspiring we
ever heard from mortal lips.
Clark?ville, Tenn., Chronicle.
.It is so easy to procrastinate in
the matter of registering for the
municipal election. Do not put it
.off longer. Call at the office of Mr.
C. A. Griffin and get a certificate.
"My boy", said a father to bic
son, "treat everybody with polite-j
ness, even those who are rude to
yon, for remember that you show
courtesy to others uot because
^tbey are gentlemen but, because
3 ou are one."
New Additions to our Cut Price
Embroidery eales made weekly
5, 7 and 10 c^ute.
J. M. Cobb.
Dr, and Mrs. J. T. Pattison and
M?BS Oltjna Pattison united with
the Edgefield Baptist church on
Sunday morning last by letters
from Giigal church.
The Advertiser job office is turn
ing out some first-class work.
Your orders will be appreciated.
Satisfaction guaranteed,
Just received a large stock of
"Eames, Traces, Back-bands, Plows
?a?dJPlow Stocks.. My prices are
very reasonable. Let me supply
your needs.
P. P. Blalock, Jr.
Rev. J. A. Holland bas been in
and around Edgefield several days
looking after* the business inter
ests of his firm, Messrs. Holland
Bros, of Niuety Six. Mr. Holland
says they have enjoyed a record
breaking business.
Large stock of the celebrated
"Old Hickory*' Wagons just re
ceived. All sizes at very reason
able piices.
Ramsey .& Jones.
Rev. Marvin Auld announced
on Sunday morning last that here
after he will preach in the Edge
field Methodist church every Sun
day morning and at Trenton in
the afternoon. There will be no
services in the Methodist church
Sunday evenings.
The papers contain so many
notices about women wearing
breeches, says an exchange, that
we are forced lo conclude that if
men want to preserve their indi
viduality as a sex they mu3t
change their style of dress.
Cerealite, Cerealite, Cerealite.
Ask W. W. Adams about it.
Mr. B. R. Tillmau, Jr., has been
at home for- a few days looking
?after business matters. Mr. Till
man's friends are pleased to know
that since the present session of
Congress convened he has received
au appointment to a higher posi
tion which pays a larger salary.
The postoffice department has
notified the promoters of ihe
Jamestown exposition that souve
nir stamps of appropriate design
commemorative of the exposition
will be issued. They will ba of the
denomination of one and two
cents. In du2 season the Edgefield
offices will be dispensing these
stamps in ?ny quantity desired.
The season for gardening ie
here. We have a Full and Fresh
Assortment of rBuist's Garden
Seeds of all kinds. There are none
better on the market. Let us sup
ply you.
. G. L. PENN & SON
The ground is yet wet and very
cold, but the days arc perceptibly
lengthening and soon lae sun will
beam more brightly, warming ur.'
tho earth. Already we are remind
ed by the appearance of the early
grass and- weeds here and there
that the germination season is not
far distant.
WANTED : A plow hand for two
mouths. Will pay extra wages
that time. Inquire of
W. J. Gaiues,
Trenton, S. C.
Rev. L. A. Cooper bas met with
signal success as financial agent
of the Greenville Female college.!
Since his departure from Johnston
the church has been without a
permanent pastor. Rev. L. A.
Mitchel, of New York "state, is sup
plying the church for a month.
H;s very earnest sermons are
making profound' impressions
upon the people.
ty. We solicit your Prescriptions,
davor night.
;\VE GUARANTEE pure drugs,
accurate compounding, and rea
sonable prices.
Fresh canned goods of all ki?dB
at very reaeouahle prices. Your
orders solicited.
P. P. Blalock, Jr.
Decorated Toilet Sets at $2.50
to $7.00.
Edgefield Mercantile Com pan .
See cur beautifully decorated!
Toilet Sets before you buy;
Roll foot and head, quarter
Bawed solid oak 70 inch Beds for
$8.00. Roil foot ?nil head, quarter
sawed, polished panels-84 in. bec1 B
for $10.00
Edgefield Mercantile Company.'
- Large assortment of clocks
good.time-keepers- at low prices.
P. P. Blalock,'Jr. -
%: . i.- t's give the Episcopal ladies
a two-hundred-dollar house on
Friday evening. They deserve it
and the Wax Figures are worth it.
After au absence of some weeks
traveling in north Georgia and
wester.ii Nnrth Carol-na, Dr. But
ler came in ou Friday to spend
several days at hom?. He left ou
Monday, for a tour ut this state
and eastern North Carolina. Dr.
Butler expresses himself as bemg
greatly pleased with bis new work.
Full stock hames, traces, and
all kinds of farming implements.
P. *? Blalock, Jr.
In celebrating the ordinance of
the Lord's Supper a great mauy
churches are discontinuing the
use of ;wluf? containing alcohol,
using instead unfermeuted wine
which is the pure jule of the
grane. The Methodist church of
our town was the.fi st iu Edgefield
to adopt the unfermeuted wine
and it is probable that the other
churches will do likewise - at uo
very distant day.
" Swift's, Baldwin's, Baugh's,
Bradley's, and Etiwan . Guabos.
"You pays your money and takes
your Choice."
W. '?V. Adams.
Women are now vying with men
in almost every vocation, profes
si rn; trade, calliug, etc. The latest
role iu which they have appeared
is that of street car conductor.
Edgefield has no trolly lines as
yet but Capt. Samuel Rice had
better toe the mark or, to use
railroad vernacular, some woman
will "pull" him-;in other
words, take his job from him.
The cotton growers of Texas
have found that quail-better
known as partridg-s in this baili
wick-are the- most destructive
enemy of the boll weevil yet dis
covered. Judging from what some
of, the hunters say, partridges are
so scarce in these parts that a.sup
ply would have to be imported
were the weevil plague to be visi
ted upon us.
Our stock of Furniture is
always complete. Bed-room Suits
from $20. up. We buy in car lots
and can make very low? prices.
Ramsey & Jours.
Beirg unable to have their ad
vertisements iueerted in our col
umns, the liquor dealers ara re
porting to other means to reach
the people. An Augusta dealer has
written us as follows: "Please
send me your mailiug list for the
purpose of sending- out circulars,
and charge same to me." All we
have to say in reply to this is that
the combined fortunes of the
Rothchilds, Rockefellers and Van
derbilts could not purobase thc
Advertiser's mailing list for the
purpose of sending out liquor cir
The Knights of Pythias of
South Carolina are arranging to
celebrate the 42nd anniversary
of the Order in Columbia on thG
18th and 19th of February i This
is one ol the most flourishing of
the fraternal orders, and while it
is not among the oldest yet itt
aim, teaching and ideals are sec
ond to. none. Many of the be6t
meu iu the state, just as iu our
community, are Knights ot Py
thias. The committee in charge
of the celebration to be held in
Columbia urges a- large attend
ance. Doubtless many members of
the Edgefield lodge will be present.
Nice line, of Trunks and Suit
cases from the cheapest to the
Edgefield Mercantile Company.
To-day is St. Valentine's day,
and the young folks of our town
are observing tbe occasion more
generally tbau for many years.
Little Misses Instand Ciair Grice,
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. D. T.
Grico, entertained their little
friends with a Valentine party on
Monday afternoon. And Miss
Eileen Ouzts, who is quite a favor
ite iu Edgeh?ld's youuger social
set, will entertain with a Valentine
party this evening. Tho studeuis
of th ' college, through a special
dispensation of President Bailey,"
will enjoy a mid-week "parlor
night." The scores of pretty -girls
have made elaborate preparations
for their annual Valentine party.
Lttthe youug people enjoy them
selves while the,}' are young.
Leggett'e celebrated Teas, and
Roasted Coffee from 10 to 30 cents
per pound.
Nie3 Decorated .100 piece Din
ner Sets at $S.50 and $10.00.
Forty-two pince Sets $5.00T
Edgefield Mercantile Company.
FOR SALE r I have for sale, at
a bargain, one Babcock Buggy
wnich has been used very little.
-If y flu wa ut a good buggy at a low
price buv this one.
-, " C. E.May.
Now is the time to prepare the
garden. We have just received
a lar^e assortment of Laudreth's
Garden Seed, also a full supply
of Onion Sets.
National Bed Springs are the best
.on the market. We have them in
iron and wood frame.
Lace Curtains, Portieres and
Table Covers, all styles, sizes and
prices at
Edgefield Mercantile Company
Itching Piles.
If you are acquainted with any
one who is troubled with this
distressing ailment you can do
bim no greater favor than to tell
bim to try Chamberiain's Salve.
It gives instant relief. Price 25
cents per box. Sold by GvL. penn
& Son Medici ne Daelers.
Mr. uii.? Mrs. J. Jj. i\'orrrii
"ertaiued very beautifully
lavishly last evening at t.
eh-gan* home in the capital i
in honor of Misc Addie Hug
of Trenton.
lue Wax ..Jnggera1' aro corni
uijti ttl? peuple tor lillies arul
tre mukiug ready tu see then
tue opera Duuse on linday ev
lug. xat? priu.ob ul aUWibbiuu \
oe ob eenie lor reseivud beule i
?O ccu IS lor g-rueru.1 uUiliiebluu.
50 Ladiec' Taiiur Made Sk
{ju ou cur Barguiu Counter al 1
iii au Cost lur 1U days.
. . *J. M. Cobb
The coining of Dr. Leu
Broughtou sDuuld draw la
oro Wild lo hUgciiOlU. We u?
already heur? ul a guud niai..y w
are coining lu fruin tue cuun
Lu hear hiuj. Keincinuer the a?
lutoduy evening next. Tickt ts
.-.uie at Mr. C. hi. May s sture.
The vieurgia drmwers are gui
tu mtuiuriuiize tho next legis
lure lu pass a law requiring p
prielurs ut ho.els tu uDuuge t
oueets uu all beds aller they ha
oeeu slept on uuce. IL ia pasai
strange :nat South Caruiina leg
laiurs nave nut thuugul of tu
ihey cave thujght ut everythi
else irurn Dan lu Beersheba.
A Bargain: 3,000 yards
SpringStyles iSuveity (iuignui
al?cenla pei }nrd,at this pn
lor uath ouiy.
W. H. Turner.
Those whu have labored so ?
?U?UUUBI) fur tue success uf i
play to be presented lu tue upe
Uuuse un hnday evtuiug shun
meet with a hearty respuuse lru
L?e people ul our luwu. We HU
mat every seat wilt be suld ai
L?at stand.ding ruuin will bo at
premium. The piueetds ot ihe e
leriaiuiueui will De ?evuled tu
very WUP Ul y object-mitt
?iaaiug .additional repairs upi
the Jipiscupai o?urc?.
Fresh stock ut' Art Squares ai
Rugs juat received.
Ed^elield Mercantile Coinpau
Al'ter spending sumo weeks i
the home of her cousin, Mr. J. 1
P. Roper, .Miss Emnaa Stewart h?
goue io visit relatives iu Ail?
aud .North Augusta. While iu ot
midst this youug^ady, bemg po
sessed of a very lovable dispos
tiou, made many friends who wi
always remember her v-ry plea
Oatmeal, Grape Nuts,Force.au
Postum just received at
A year ago the wagons upou oi
Equare were loaded with guauo an
the drivers, as they wended the:
way homeward, wer? loaded wit
'.booze." To-day the wagons ai
on the square by the scoreB, tb
guano is there by the tous . as c
yore, aud a full quota of drivel
is there but the booze is rarely i
evidence. Tbi3 alone is a parti*;
answer to the hackneyed qu-'stiou
"After the dispensary, what?-'
.'Model Queen" stoves etand a
the head of all cooking stoves. AV
have them in 22 in. ovens.
Edgefield Mercantile Company
Hon. B. E. Nicholson has ver
wisely introduced a bill in th
legislature providing for a reeur
vey of the line between Edgefieh
and Aiken ccunties. A suryeyo
will be chosen by each county
.When the survey of Edge fiele
county was made by Mr. \V. H
Nicholson about a yoar agu hi
lound that the line between th<
counties had not been cor:eel h
established. As a result for a uum
ber of years property that sb ou lc
have been returned for tax?t?OL
iu Edgefield co ur, fy has been re^
turned in Aiken.- Let the linn b(
correctly .established. Edgefialc
needs all lloat is coming to her
And A.ken, we are confident, onlv
wants what is justly hars.
.Seed Irish Potatoes in all thc
leading and popular varieties
Rose, Goodrich, P?erless. Bliss
just received direct from thc
celebrated Buist farm.
G. L. Penn & Son.^[
Frech Jell-O. the popular "able
delicacy, just received.
G. L. Penn & Son.
Picture Easels and Fire Screem
in all colors and desigus.
Edgefield Mercantile Company.
Car load ol' Stoves just arrived
Can furnish sioves from $8. tc
35. Guaranteed to. give perfect
satisfaction or money refunded.
Edgefield Mercantile Company,
We -solicit your prescription
business. Utmost care is exercised
in corn pounding prescriptions and
only pure, fresh drugs are used.
Our prices are very reasonable.
G. L. Perm & Son.
Imports! macaroni and best
cream cheese.
P. P. Blalock, Jr.
A. A. Wells, M. P. Wells,1 J. M.
Mays, P. B. Mays, J. L. Hart, S.
W. Williams and Hamp Smith aro
now using Mitchell aud Owonsboro
Wagons. Apk them about their
W!-ak point before buying.
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
INE Tablets. All druggist refund
the money if it fails to curt?.
E, W. Grove's signal ure is on each
box. :J5c.
It makes no difference what fl?*
merits of a wagon nre. You can
lind one a6 good or better. Try n
Mitchell or Owensboro.
A full assortment of all kinds
of legal. ' blanke fur sale at tue
Advert iser office.
As a lecturer Dr. Broughton
raukswifh John Temple Graves,
Sari jones, Tom Watson and Bob
Taylor. He may uiver visit Edge
field again. Do not fail to hear him
.in the opera house on Tuesday
evening next.
Mr. P. P. Bia lock, Jr., an
nounces that his supply of planta
tion hardware is complete and ?L
vites the public to call". He has
just received large shipments of
plows, plow gear, plow 6tocks, etc.
(Try a barrel of my- guaranteed
flour at Five and a quarter per
barrel. Satisfaction or your rnon-?y
W. W. Adams.
Mr. W. H. Turner will leave to
morrow for the northern market?
to purchase a large stock of Spring
2oods dir-ect from the maiiufac
lurers, leading- jobbers and im
porters. Very soon the Corner Stoie
will blossom as the rose, the new
merchandise reflecting the excel
lent judgment and taste of Mr.
The entertainment at the col
lege on Friday evening was ex
ceedingly pleasant. Every number
on the program waB well rendered
aud provoked hearty applause
from the enthusiastic audience.
The proceeds amounted to $21
which will be expeuded in better
equipping'tbe art department.
Large shipment of Fancy
Crackers and Cakes fresh from
the ovens of the National Biscuit
The poor ri bins, tue pursued
robins, the persecated robinc
they are in perpetual motion at
tbJG benson. From early morn till
stark dark cock-robiu is k .pt on
the wing. He dare not light upon
a bough. Some pest y boy armed
with a sling-sbot or air gun or
parlor riflo or breech-loader is on
i he spot ready to take a crack at
We are headquarters for l.uggies.
Such as the Hackney, Tyson &
Jours, Rock Hill, Columbus and
ChasoCity buggies have stood the
.c=t of years, and always give
Ramsey & Jones.
We direct attention to Mr. C.
E. May's m.-w advertisement in
which he makes some tt-mpting
prices on new and seasonable mer
chandise. He has the goods to
snow for every statement that he
tnakes. Mr. May's 5 and 10 cents
counters are the talk of the town.
Many useful household aDd
kitoheu necessities eau be found
thereon at very low prices.
Try my Suow Flake Flour.
Scores of the best people in the
town an 1 vicinity haye been
using this flour more than a year.
Fifty barrels just received direct
from the mills.
P. P. Blalock. Jr.
Ouly six days of grace are left
to those who have uot yet mado
their tax returns. The time ex
pires for making returns on the
20th of Februarv. After that date
the auditor will be compelled
under the law to add 50. per cent
penalty to all property uot return
ed. Do not delay this matter.
Your tax is already high, and if
50 per cent be added to it, you
might as well give the state that
dog or gray mule or cow and calf
or poor land or whatever else your
possessions consist of.
Miss Julia Haltiwanger came up
from her school at Trenton OD
Friday afternoon'and remained
iinJ.il Sunday aflernoon. Ou Fri
day evening she complimented a
number of her friends wi1 h a
chafing dish party. Tho novel and
unique fea turo of the occasion,
that, of preparing a d-light ful
menu in ?be prrjseuco of anti ov-^n
by the hand* of the guests them
selves-, was thoroughly enjoyed;
Tim young hostess presided ovr
one chafing dish wbil'i sevfral
others were under lue supervision
nf fair vouny; cu-s's. If rrxnuorx
serves us aright ibis is the fir?1
party of tho kind ever had within
the realm- of Edgr-field's society,
and it was greatly enjoyed by th>
Thtre ir, nothing on the market
superior to a -White Dove" Ham.
Try ono,
P. P. Blalock, Jr.
For reliable, high-grade barnes?
of all kinds-btiggy or wagon
double or single-come to us. Wf
buy direct, from the best makerf
in tho country.
Rnmsey & Jones.
Solid cir of Chairs. If you wan' I
that "fired feeling" relieved bu?
chairs from us.
Edg( fiele. Mercantile Company.
Hors?s and Mules: I leave thi
week for the market to purcha=<
a car of horses ?nd mules. As soo?
nf they arrive I will have then
for sale at my home near Cleora
Let me supply you.
W. F. Vance,
Cleorn, S. C.
When you want the best fmok"
io town try a "Franklin" or "Cu -
i co"-cigar.
P. P. BJalock, Jr.
A M ys I erv Solved.
''How to keep off periodic at
tacks of Mliiousiicss and habitua
cy n^l i pal ion was a mystery tho
( Dr. Xii g's N'-w Life Pills solve*
i for mi-", writes -John N. Piensan:
of 'Magnolia, Ind. The only pilb
J that are guaranteed to give pn
I ect satisfaction lo everybody p
j money refunded. Only 25c at G.
I. P-un ?Sc Son W, E. Lynch & Co,
You enn't break Mitchell wago
skein?. We gu?rante') them to b
of ?I.-HI maleable iron.
It does not cont;
phatic acid (which is
digested in sulphu.
(which is one-thir?
stances adopted for c
because of their che
Rev. Marvin Auld bns request
ed us toaunouuce that ou acuoimr.
of a severe and protruded cold
his physician has advised him not
to preach on next Sunday. There
fore, Ihe appointments for the
Methodist churches of Edgefield
and Trenton are called in.
Death of Mr JA. L. Barker.
Just before closing our forms on
Tuesday our community was sad
dened by the arnouncement of the
death of Mr. A. L. Barker. While
he had benin failing health for
some mojitb, bis last illness WHS
of short duration, consequently
his death was a great shock to our
community. At this writing no
statement as to the funeral has
been given, out.
Course of Five Lectures.
Many of our people have rend
ace mots of Dr. E. 0. Taylor's
lectures in other towns of the
state and are manifesting a great
interest iu his coming to Edge
field. His lectures are unique in
that they deal with the great sub
ject of Temperance chiefly from
a Scientific standpoint, showing
the injurious effects of strong
drink upon thebodyas well as thu
mental and moral natures. In one
of his lectures he makes a practi
cal analysis of a glass of beer,
showing how much alcohol it con
tains and what remains after the
alcohol has been taken from it.
While every lecture will be- free,
yet each one will be worth more
than some we pay half a dollar
for the privilege cf hearing. Dr.
Taylor will speak [in the Baptist
nen uren, the. fir st. lecture being on
Thursday evening, February the
22nd. Urge your neighbors and
frieuds to go tofhear Dr. Taylor,
who comes to Edgefield through
.the invitation of the resident
Cerealite Top Dressing for
Grain, Cerealite for Corn and Cot
ton Cheaper and better than
Nitrate Soda.
W. W. Adams.
All Run Down
HIS is a common expres
sion we hear on every
side. Unless there is
some organic trouble, the con
dition can doubtless be remedied.
Your doctor is the best adviser.
Do not dose yourself with all
Rinds cf advertised remedies
jct his opinion. More than likely
you need a concentrated fat food
?to enrich your blood and tone
up the system.
Scott's Emulsion
of Cod Liver Oil
s just such a food in its best form.
St. will build up the weakened
ind wasted body when an
3ther foods fail to nourish. Ii
'ou are run down or emaciated,
jive it a trial : it cannot hurt
ou. lt is essentially the best
ossible nourishment for delicate
hildrcn and pale, anaemic girls.
Ve will send you a sample free.
Be ture that this picture
in the form of a label is on
the wrapper of every bottle
of Emulsion you buy.
409 Pearl Street, New York
50c. and 51. Ail Druggists
T&ke Penn's Litters for th?
.Ker. There is nothi-g belter.
iias . Stood The
ain an atom of phos
the product of bones
s acid) or of alum
. al ph uric acid) sub
fther baking powders
Death of Mr. Swearingen. *
The immortal spirit of Mr. J.
T, Swearingen relinquished its
hold upou the fleeting aud perish
ble thii gs of earth and winged
its Hight to the angel-land on Mon
day. The interment was held in
the family square of the Hom's
Creek cemetery ou Tuesday morn
At the time of his death Mr.
Swearingen, who was a brother of
Mrs. B. L. Jones of our town, re
sided in North Augusta, having re
cently sold his farm near Ropers.
For many years the deceased was
one of the pillars in the Ropers
Presbyterian church. He doubt
l3fs did more than auy other indi
vidual toward the erection of the
church buildingat'High View. Mr.
Swearingen was an excellent citi
zen, being possessed of many
sterling trails of character. During
the latter part of the Civil war he
rendered faithful service for his
country, being too young to enlist
when the conflict began.
The deceased is survived by a
devoted wife, who before her mar
riage was Misa Mary Roper, a tis
ter of Mr J. H. P. Roper. His
children, three daughter?, ail pre
cedod him io that better land.
A Habit to Be Encouraged.
The mother has acquired thf
habit of keeping on hand a bottle
)f Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,
-aves herself a great amount o!
uneasiness and anxiety. Coughs^
colds and croup, to which chil
dren are susceptible are quickly
cured by its use. It counteract*
any te nd "ney of a cold to resul'
in pneumonia, and if piven at
soon as the first symloms <>f crou'
appear, it will prevent the attack.
This remedy contains nothing in
jurious and mothers give it to lit
tle ones with a feeling of perfec
'ecurity. Sold by G. L. Penn &
Son Medicine Dealers.
Our Iron Beds have been ad
mired by all who have eeen them
prices very reasonable.
In Self Defense
Mayor Hamm, editor and mana
ger of the Constitutionalist, Emi
nence, Ky., when he was fiercely
attacked, lour years ago, by Piles
bought a box of Buckleu's Aruicr
Salve, of which he says: "It cured
me in ten days and no tioufch
since." Quickest healer of BuruV
Soree, Cuts and Wounds 25c ai
?G. L. Penn & Son W. E. Lvncl
; & Co.
The Goldsboro, MeFarla; .
Taylor, Cnn nady ar.d Babjno
Buggies are st ill going down l!
road ahead of ul 1 others.
Edgefield Mercantile Company
Lame Back.
? This ailment is usually cnn?ec
?by rheumatism ot the muscles anc
may be cured In' applying Char.i
terli?in'n Pain Balm two or tbr<<
times a day and rubbing the pm It
vigorously at e.-.ch application, ll
this does no' afford iv?ief, bind ni
a piece of flannel slightly damp
H??d with Pain Bal.n, and quid
..elief ii-: almost sure lo follow. Foi
-:>le by G. L. Penh it Son Medi
:iise De.T>rs.
ay. SO cents*
To the Planters of Edgefield County:
Baldwin's Fertilizers have stood the test of six
teen years in our county, its most liberal buyers
and best friends of to-day, are the planters v/ho
have used it contiually since its introduction in our
county, which fact proves the exceptional merit of
ZERS, the Cotton, Corn,
and Grain grower.
Before making your Fertilizer deals for 1906 talk]
with our representative,
who will give you the secret'of making a bale to the|
acre. * _
ui\ jan
To come in and examine the new Prints, Percales, Gingham, Lawns
and Linens we are showing.
Prints at 5 cents per yard. 30 inch Percales 10 and 12J? cents
Gocd quality Gingham 10 cents. 40 inch Lawns 10 and 10?? cents.
Persian Lawn and India Linons ?.t all prices,
White Linen for Waists and . Suits
at !Gyif 25 and 35 cents.
Remember, these prices are good six days in the week and the quan
tity is not limited. -
Our goods are all priced at fair and
X%[email protected]:ia.a/blG SPirof its
and we make no statements in our advertisements that \v? do not car rr
Get our prices on anything in Dry Goods, Clothing, SI1033 ani Hats
?ind we will be satisfied with the results.
See our
There are many very useful articles and at very low prices.
Within the next week we will have a
Large Shipmejit
of White Linens, White Waistiugs and Suitings, for
the carly sdring trade.
We contracted for these goods last summer, conse
quently at much lower figures than the same goods
would sell at now..
in all staple lines coming in this week to tone up stock
after the holidays.
Jj5?p"Get your Laundry in Tuesdays,
I Usc All Animal Matter Ammoniates
High Grade Fertilizers.
Oilice Ol 1, 912, 913 Prudential Jtfuiklingr,
TO FARMERS: For Cotton cultivation, a reliable fertili
zer made strictly from ALL ANIMAL MATTER AMMONIATES,
Dried Blood and nasal and boueTaukage, should be used. We
use nothing else as an ammoniate. Swift's Reliable fertilizers!
will not eat the roots ot plants in dry wealher uor leach iu
"et weather, which can be
attributed to Cd ton Seed
Meal fertilizers.
Write us for our new
1905 bookie!. Our fertil
izers are dry aud suitable!
for Drilling and always]
uuiform in quality. Ut??
Palmetto High-Grade 8-3
3, Planter's S-2-2 for cot
ton and com cultivation.
XV. ADA:>IS,Ed?ce?ield, S. C.
For ?ilieJ?y %.V
Clothing, Clothing.
We thank you for the liberal patronage of the past year. We are
now offering "the remainder of our winter Clothing and. Underwear
it very low figures. Call on us. We eau show you better than we
can tell you.
w". A.. Hart & Co. _
JgPNext to post-office,
Arable Pain
Never resign yourself to suffer pain. Women's
pains are curable. They are the sign of dangerous
conditions of the female organs, which should be
promptly attended .to or dangerous results will follow.
whenever she suffers from any of woman's biting and weakening pains.
It not only compels the pains to stop, but it follows up and drives out
the caute of the pains, which prevents them from coming back.
It makes you well. Try it.
Sold everywhere in $1.00 bottles.
freely and frankly, in strictest confid
ence, telling us all your symptoms and
troubles. We will, send free advice
(in plain sealed envelope), how to
cure them. Address: Ladies'Advisory
Dept.,Thi Chattanooga Medicine Co.,
Chattanooga, Tenn,.
writes Mary Shelton, of Poplar
Bluff, Mo., " I Cull do my housework,
although, before taking CARDU1, two
doctors had done me *>o good. ! can
truthfully say I was cured by CarduL
I want every suffering lady to know of"
this wonderful medidoe."'

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