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August*. G?L.
111 lt 18 Ul 11 111 1111118 m
L. C. KAYNE, %
Chas. C. Howard, $
m N1TI0N?L
?f AUGUST ?, GA.
L. 0. HAYNE, President.
FBANK G. P0BD, Cashier.
Surplus and Profits. 150,000
ISUt??^S* to .???. you open BO aeconut .
wi.s ttuunt, Cuatouieraand corree'?"dentstl .
anrod of erarj coorteiy and accommadation po*?!- ?
Me ander oonterraitTe. modern Bani i n t nVe.n?d? ,
lill ll 1111111 H i ? t lt fr
NO. 50.
?my People Cremated When
Tenement House Burned
lour Story Building of Brick and
1 Stone in Kansas City, Kan., Con
I taining 200 or SOO Men, Women
and Children, is Destroyed at Bardy
j Morning -Hour, Estimates of the
|Dead Varying Widely.
[ansas City, Mo., Special.-In thc
lins: of the chamber of commerce
:g in Kansas City." Kan., de
>yed by fire early Thursday, there
anywhere'from half a dozen to 30
)dies, according to ???u?ates given
it by firemen. The actual loss or
fe will not bc known until a thor
search of the nuns can be made, ,
?bafcly not then, as.some of the
.?einen assert that a number of bodies
have been burned to ashes. The
lding,.."used as. a tenement house
id containing 100 rooms, held, as
Iear as can be learned, between 200
nd 300 persons at the time the lire
woke out at 12:30 o'clock. Most of.
(hese composed families, many others
rere transients, whose names are un?
?own. . Of the injured, scattered
. half a dozen hospitals and at
private homes, 25 "were more or less
?rir>tvsiy hurt. Two or three of these
;'iea'st, w?l^die. . . ^
The total financial damage is esti
??$100,000. . Q? this amount,
50,000 was on the building, which
ras owen?d by W. A. Bunker. The
luilding Avas insured for ?40,000. .
Of Brick and Stone Alone.
The chamber of commercs build
lg was situated at Park and Central
streets, in tho River View District of
insas City, Kan, -The structure was
[four stories iii' height, with a deep
basement aui faced the two streets.
'It jwp'? built of brick and stone, alone.'
Tt contained ouc hundred rooms,
almost all of which were, as far as
eau be learned, occupied by families
or individual laboring men or railway
employes al thc time the fire started.
The ground floor was occupied by
W. A. Loveland's barber shop, Ed
ward T. Sommers* drug store. Central
Avenue Gas Fixture Company, Mrs.
Belle Waguer's restaurant, thc Smith
Overall Laundry, and The Labor
The fire brolte out on thc gio
floo?x fr'?m some unknown ca
Whirl the firemeu arrived thc cr
building was iu flames. So qui
?lid thetfllames spread? that a few :
ntes after tho fire .wis discovere?
means of "escape" by "the stairways
the scores of occupants, was cu
Oiu twp sides bf the building thc
yateil-'railway'tracks hemmed it iu
and.made still* harder work of tbs
firemen; .. ..
Five out of 150 Saved.
Norfolk, Va., ' Spacial.-Five sur
vivors of the great storm of last week
were landed here by the British
steamer Heatherpool, Captain John
Grieves commanding, which arrived
loi coal, from New Orleans to Rotter
I dam. Thc survivors are: Frank Re
vely, foreman, of Marina, Fla.; Gus
Johu sou, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; Ben
Clarke, of Somevilie, Mass.; Abuev
"Bell, of Kissimmee, Fla., and John
^Campbell, of Philadelphia. They,
with about 145 othersj were coustruct
ifig- a concrete viaduct for the Flori
da East Coast Railway, through the.
Florida keys, and were aboard house
boat Nb. 4, which lay anchored off
fticlcbast on the night of Oct. 17.
England to Reduce Navy;
London. By Cahle.-It'vvas announ
ced at the Admiralty Office-that ar
rangements ?re being made for.the
laying oA: of eight first class battle
ships and four armored cruisers and
! to strike eight first-class, battleships
from the sea-going list before the end
of the year. The result of this will
l o that the ships in home and near
by waters will number 18 to 20 in
stead of 24, and 8 instead of 12 ar
mored cruisers. There will be 5 ships
' in the Mediterrean Squadron instead
of 7. The strength of the fleet will be
minced about pne-fortk.
Criscom to be Russian Ambassador.
_Washington, Special.-It bas been
stated in high official circles that
. Mr, Lloyd C. Griscom w'ill he up
i jrointed ambassador to St. Petersburg
' v. hen "Ambassador Meyer enters the
?.iibiuet. It is quite possible that Mr.
Meyer will not eiiter the Cabinet un
til Secretary Shaw quits, in February
arKT-'it- is not yet announced which
post Mr. Meyer will get.
. Republican Campaign in Kansas.
Topeka, Kan., Special-In further
ance'pf the Republican campaign in
i M^Siate, Mr. C. W. Fairhanks, Vice
President of the United States, deliv
ered two addresses before very large'
.Midieuces. The Vice President was
heartily received. ;' Mr. S. C. Crum
mer, ehairmau of the Republican
.Plaie ceniral committee, and Gori
ly ressman Campbell :ahi? spoke.
Pope Collapses; Carrie^ to Room.
f?om?V'By "CahleATl?proughly ex
^baus?.ed as the result, of ? holding sev
. '-'c?-aT interviews, Pope Pips was forc
^t$p,rak? ni? bed. The Pontiff, was
?t3>??reaUy exhausted thee he hat] to
ie ctrrfied to his room' and a coir
lapse rame directly: afterward. :; He
^rlf^^?eceiyed a number of English
*^^i;.rim*:-fl?ainst the advice of the
.-Vatican' doctors, who, however, de
"Jare thai ,.hev Por^V/Wipositioh,
.pey /jp/ieft>^iS.only temporary, .
All Editors Must Buy Railroad
Tickets Like Other Folks
Chairman of Inter-State' Commerce
Commission Writes, in Reply to
Protest Prom Massachusetts Press
Association, That it Seems Plain to
the Commission That the Kew Law
Permits Payment for Services of
Inter-State Carriers Only in Money.
Washington, Special-.-under a rul
ing of the inter-State commerce corn
emission, transportation over railroad
lines no longer may be given to news
paper publishers of editors in. ex
change for advertising spafl? iii their
protest against this ruling has
tocen received by the commission from
the Massachusetts Press Association.
Thc association unanimously voted to
"enter its protest against tile report
ed ruling- in hpldiiig that the payment
for railroad transportation afc full
rates hi advertising shall bc treated
on any other basis than that of trans
portation paid for in cash,"
In a letter to Secretary Heffernan,
in response to the protest} Chairman
Knapp, of the commission, says in
part) after' quoting the section of the
law which prohibits thc issuance of
free transportation paid for in any
other way than in cash :
''You aro. of course, aware that ali
tariffs filed in compliance with the
regulating statute name rates in dol
lars and cents and do not in any case
provide that transport?t iou con be
paid for with property. It seems
plain to the commission that the law
above quoted, coupled with the fact
Stated, permits payment for services
of inter-State carriers only in money.
"This ruling of the commission in
no way interferes with br abridges
the rights of private contracts. News
papers aud their advertising space
may be freely exchanged for any
species of property upou such terms
as may be acceptable lo the parties
to the transaction, but the facilities
of the public carrier are not private
property, nor are they the subject
of bargain and sale like merchan
dise. "The right to travel or have
-jaroperly carried by rail, like the right
to see how an honest ue??^
seriously object to a ruling of the
commission which appears to be in
obvious accord with the provisions
and the pm poses of thc regulating
statute.'-* '
President Takes A Hand.
Washington, Special*. - President
Roosevelt has derected Victor H.
Metcalf, Secretary of the Department
bf Commerce-and Labor, to proceed
to San Francisco and. make a thro
ough and complete inquiry into the
situation affecting the exclusion of
Japanese children from the schools,,
provided for while children aud the
determination to place Japanese pu
pils in separate schools. The Presi
dent is anxious to obtain at first-hand
from the cabinet officer, who is ac
quainted with local conditions in San
Francisco, full information affecting
every phase of the subject lo the end
that whatever action is taken by .this
government may be after an accurate,
understanding ol' the situation. The
President feels that every effort with
in tho power of the administration
should be exerted to see that all thc
rea ty rights claimed by the Japanese
for its people, residing in the United
States should be respected and pro
Moose Hunting in Maine.
Fastport, Me., Special.-Reports
from the White Mountain and North
ern Maine camps state that moose
hunters have arrived there in large
numbers. Though moose have in
creased in the woods since last whi
ter thc prisent conditions arc re
garded ns unfavorable for hunting
owing to the density of the foliage.
Frosts"r.nd fall winds, however, are
expected to remedy this condition in
the course of a week or two.
Admiral Endicott to Retire.
Washington, Special.-Rear Ad
miral Mordecai T. Endicott has an
nounced his intention of devoting his
entire tervico in the future to thc
isthmian canal commission, of which
he is a member, and intends to retire
from thc navy on reaching the .stat
.uary age, 62 years, Nov. 2Gth, next.
Rear Admiral Endicott was chief of
the bureau of yards and docks of the
Navy Department.
Negro Lynched by Cowboys.
Roswell,- N. M., Special.-"Slob"
Pitts, a negro, who was run out of
town two weeks ago, after serving
9*0 days for violating the Edmunds
act, was lynched by ' cowboys at
Toyah, Tex. The accessory, a white
woman, followed the negro to Toyah,
and they were living together. The
cowboys went in the night and plac
ed a rope around the neck of' the
negro, He war dragged to death and
then, hange?],
Senior Texas Senator Sharply
Criticises His Opinions
At Banquet Given by Dallis Citizens
to Next Legislature, Senior Texas
Senator Declares That Nebraskan's
Proposition Involves The Most Ad
vanced ? nd Aggravated Paternalism
Ever Offered Under a Free Govern
Dallas, Tex., Special.-At a ban
puet tendered by the citizen? of Dal
las to the next Texas Legislature.
United States Be?atbr Chlbfers?n vig
orously 'opposed government owner
ship of railroads as proposed by Mr.
Bryan two months ago. The cheer
ing throughout his remarks was gen
eral. Declaring that the future of
thc Democratic party dep?iids upon
its adherciieti to its fd?daiiiehtal prin
ciples and especially opposition to
paternalism and centralization, he
said that great as have been the of
fenses of the Republican party, any
single proposition in its history is as
uaught compared with thc policy ot
government ownership aud bpbration
of all railroads: Senator Culberson
declared this principle was first an
nounced in the platform of the Pop
ulist party, and declared that the
measure invoved the most advanced
and aggravated form of paternalism
ever offered under a free government,
unless perhaps its .companied Populist
measure, <the sub-T rcasury-..
Senator Culberson declared that
the doctrine, if applied, will eventu
ally iead to government ownership of
every business susceptible of monop
oly. He characterized it as "the es
sence of Socialism."
Women May Ask 'te Vot?;
Dehveh Col-.} Special.-Miss Hel
en Summer has been sent here by
the Collegiate League of Equal Suf
frage of Mew York to investigate wo
man suffrage as'as it is practiced in
Colorado. "It is very amusing to
me to see the Woiheii Us they act at
conventions,'* she said, in speaking
of her observations. "They jabber
away among themselves just as they
j do at a club meeting until a subject
! comes up lo be voted on in which
they are directly interested. Then
they ' stop talking, prick up their ears
^?dn^eirm-^leetionccr^g. They do
report ia .
start a campaign for Avoman sunruge
in New York.
Indians Giving Trouble.
Omaha, Neb., Special.-Word was
received here from the scene of Indi
an depredations in Wyoming to the
effect that Captain C. P. Johnson, of
Major Grierson's command, with an
orderly and scout, overtook thc lites
on Little Powder River, about 40
miles north of Gillette. It is said tho
Indians absolutely refused lo return
to their reservation and they were go
ing to Dakota. Major Grierson, it is
said, has determined to await rein
forcements before trying lo force a
removal of the band as the cow boys
report the Ules are holding nightly
dances and in a mood for trouble.
Missing Girl Re-Appears in Men's
Birmingham, Ala., Special.-Miss
Fannie Fennell, who so mysteriously
disappeared from her home, and who,
it is believed by the police was kid
napped, re-appeared al her mother's
home at midnight. She does not re
member anything that has taken
place during thc day. She says she
recovered consciousness a short lime
ago, and found herself alone in a
strange room from which she fled.
She cannot locate the house and does
not know how she managed to find
her mother's home.
4 .
Methodist Bishops.
Rochester, N. Y., Special:-From
all parts of America and from Eu
rope, Asia and Africa the bishops of
thc Methodist Episcopal church as
sembled in this city for a week's con
ference. Thc object of the meeting
is to arrange for the conference of
the church and io assign the bishops
to the conference over which they
will preside.
Estimates For Navy Yard Expenses
at Charleston.
Washington, D. C., Special.-The
annual report of Brigadier-General
Elliott, of the Marine Corps submits
an estimate of $100,000 for the con
struction of barracks and officers'
quarters at the navy va rd at Charles
ton, South Carolina.
Savings Bank Closed.
Washington. D. C., Special.-Theh
Peoples' Savings Bank of this city
was closed by order of the comptrol
ler of currency. The liabilities were
..>10,000. This is the secoud Washing
ton institution to be closed in a
The girl with light Lair is always
afraid people wee't think it is natur
Plan For Federa! Regulation
to Apply General^ <
- s
Statute Framed By Eminent Lawyers
and Statesmen Who Have Made a
Study 6f t?t? Divorce Evil, is Sub
mitted to the Secretary of the Na
tianal Divorce Congress'.
Philadelphia, Speen'. - Judge
Staakc, of this city, secretary of the
divorce congress, has received from
its committee on resolutions atfd for
wardco1 tb ike VariOiip delegates a
1 proposed measure for bringing about
uniformity in thc present diverse
laws of thc United Stales.
The, props ed statute is thc outcome
of study on the subject by eminent
lawyers httd juiliits abd prominent
Ckui'Chineh, all of whom arc conver
sant with existing conditions of the
so-called divorce evil, and the pro
posed new act is calculated to in
sure remedial results ali over the
I country i
Practically every Staiti and Terri
tory will bc represented at the re-as
sembling of the congress in this city
^on Nov. 13.
The proposed new act is divided
into three chapters; thc first consist
ing of jurisdictional providions; thc
secondj procedure; and the third, gen
! general provisions and is enti
tled "ali act regulating, aunulmeut
of marriage and divorce;"
Hearings to Be Public.
Wnile little or no change is niad<3
in, the given causes for divorce as now
existing, certain provisions of the new
act were evidently made with a view
of arresting the increasing demand
for. legal severance ol' martial bonds.
Under these stipulation secret or star
chamber sessions for hearing divorce
cases before masters .or other repre
sentatives of the courts arc done away
with, and "nil hearings and trials
shall bc had before thc court and
shall iii ali cases be public."
It is also provided "that a decree
dissolving the marriage tic so com
pletely as to permit tjhe remarriage
of either party should not become op
erative until thc lapse of a reasonable
length of lime after hearing or trial
upon the merits of the case."
Another enactment of thc proposed
new kw" prohibits the solicitation of
_?_divorcc case by adverlisemen, cir-''
*.i-'^'>~aaid_ur?iStribe;J for.
two kinds-absolute, or un>^v~
eulo matrimonial; and divorce from
bed and hoard, or divorce amensa et
thoro. Under the first classification
the grounds shall bc adultery, biga
my, conviction and ? sentence for
crime followed by two years' con
tinual imprisonment; .extreme cruel
ty; willful desertion and habitual ;
drunkenness for two years. Thc !
same causes will prevail in the sec
ond class with thc additonal cause of ?
"hopeless.insanity of tho husband."
No divorce shall be granted if it
appears to thc satisfaction of thc
court that the suit has been brought
by collusion or that thc plaintiff has
procured or connived at the offense
charged, or has condoned it or has
been guilty of adultry not condoned.
Robbers Blow Safe and Are Pursued
by Citizens.
Guthrie, Okla., Sp?cial - Robbers
blew open the safe of? the State
Bank at Sparks, Okla., 50 miles east
of this city. They secured $2,500
and escaped after exchanging one
hundred shots with a number ol
citizens drawn to thc scene by the ex
plosion. The robbers arc headed foi
the Creek country apparentlj' and a
special train "?"Hh officers and blood
hounds lias been started from Shaw
nee, Okla., in pursuit.
$50,000 Fire in Savannah.
Savannah, Ga.,- Special. - Fire
which started at 2:30 o'clock Tues
day afternoon in thc barber shop of
J. H. Burton, colored, on West Broad
street, caused a loss ol' .$50,000, di
vided among a dozen small store
keepers of the vicinity. The Union
! station was in imminent danger foi
? a time. H. Lang and Bros. lost $7,
! 000 and were thex-hief losers.
I _-J_
Ohio Library Association.
Portsmouth, Ohio, Special.-Libra
i ries and library trustees of Ohio.
Weat Virginia and Kentucky are in
attendance on thc 12ili annual meet
ing of thc Ohio Library association,
which began here Tuesday. The val
uc of the free library, and what i
should afford to thc people of ti:i
city, the small town and the rum'
districts, is the main topic of th.
gathering, which will remain in ses
sion until Saturday.
Peace Negotations Resumed.
Washington, Special,-The advices
received at the State Department un
to the effect that negotations for
peace between the government and
the rebel forces in thc neighborhood
of Monte Cristi, .Sauto .Domingo,
which were recently broken off, have
been resumed with every prospect of
success and that the immediate dis
armament of tho vebelf is promised.
Philadelphia Negroes Make
Demeristralion Against Play
i ? . r--.--^
G?n?rr?led by Negro. Preachers, Who
Ha?(Prev?on6?y Made Formal Pro
U6t:U May?r W?av^f, Threatening
MoV Packe Streets Adjacent to
W?|iin? Street Threatre Half an
?our! Before Curtain Rosa on
Themas^Dixon's Drama of Recon
Pji?a?lelplii?i Special:-Under most
ullu?uai conditions ?!rT?lti dlftuf-rt??d"
. was ; ?produced here at thc Walnut
Street' Threatre. The colored clergy
of the; city bad made a formal pro
test?lo Mayor Wcnvcr against the
producti?ii'?f the play? claiming that
"ly^eii.hjg? ll?r'? been Encouraged by
the/play." The mayor infused" to
takc^any action.
?bout half an hour before thc the
atre,^ opened . Ninth and Walnut
streets, rwhere thc play house is lo
cated, were packed with colored peo
ple.:r Dit?ctt?i- Of FbWfc Safety Mc
Kenly, who, realizing llid danger, had
hastened lo the scene, begging the
ministers, who seemed to have com
plete control of the multitude, io dis
perse the mub.
A.i'iot call was sent in and live po
lice1 patrol wagons brought half a
hundred policemen to the threatre.
The colorai ministers surrounded
Diijector McKenlj and demanded that
lie islop the play; Thc director de
livered a brief speech, asking the
crowd to disperse, and saying that
he/would endeavor to have the play
discontinued. This seemed to have
a soothing effect on the crowd, and
it'^slowly scattered.
Early in the evening a colored mai;
attempted io create a disturbance in
the theatre. He was arrested, but
the police had considerable difficulty
ira rescuing him from the crowd in
the galleiy.
West Under DOGU Snow.
< .'. ,
.Denver, Col., Special.-Snow, wind
and cold extended over nearly tho en
tire country between the Rocky
fountains and the Missouri river
causing heavy lusses of live stock and
?f late fruit. Telegraph wires were
prostrated and railroad .schedules dis
arranged Monday. The storm is al
most unprecedented for severity at
tliis season of the year, and takes
jgnk^ae^ the weather bu
ern Railroad, s;iu? _
deep and traffic was lied up.
Blacksmiths and Machinist Foreman
Quit at Knoxville.
Knoxville, Tenn., Special.-General
Manager H. B. Spencer, of the South
ern Railroad, admiltcd that the road
has decided to employ new men lo
take the places of the striking ma
chinist in various shops over the sys
tem. Thirty-one more men. walked
out of the Southern thops at Ibis
point, they being ll machinist fore
men, 15 blacksmiths and live appren
tices. It is reliably reported that
the boiler-makers will be next to co
Falls Sixty Feet. '
. Columbia, S. C., Special.-Charles
Preker, a one-aimed painter, fell GO
feet from the roso window of St.
Peter's Catholic church, as he was
preparing lo go (ii work Monday
afternoon, while standing on a ?roods
box he had bab timi on two planks
struck through I ht- window from with
in. Contractor Rion says he had just
iffcred Parker a ladder to make him
satyr. Parker los) his ihm less, than
a year ago i:i a railroad accident.
Fertilizer Trust Cases Set For Dec. 3.
Washington, Special.---Iii ibe Su
preme Court of tho United States
the Virginia "fertilizer trust" cases
were advanced on (he docket and a
hearing set for Dec. .'* next. Thc eases
are in thc nature of bobeas corpus
proceedings, and the defendants, who
were connected with the alleged trust,
are resisting remove) from the cosi
era district ul' Virginia to tho middle
district ol" Tennessee for trial.
Strike-Breakers Imported.
Spouter, Special.-The ii isl de
tachment of strike breakers were dis
tributed over (he Soul horn Kail way
sysietn. Two car loads reached Spen
cer and promptly began work. Three
additional corloads were carried to
Allanta and other puiuis South. The
inaeliinsls were secured i;i Ballimore
Philadelphia and New York and have
been in readiness fur service for len j
News Notes.
M. Georges Clemenceau became
Prime Minister ol' France, succeeding
Premier Sarrieu.
The sunken submarine buat Lutiu
was located and preparations were
made to rise her. lt is believe:! her
2 officers and l i luci have perished;
Premier Slolypiu has ordered drum
head eourts-maitiai for all conscripts
who refuse to serve in the Russiau
Mrs. Fi cd N. Dillon was killed ."nd
Mrs. George P. ('irani badly injur
ed in au automobile accident near
Wn)thf,m, Mii.59,
Loads of Passengers Dumped
Into Deep Water
Twisted From Track on Trestle Over
Thoroughfare Inlet by Turned-in
Bail, Gars of Electric Train From
Camden Poise on Edge and Then
Drop 15 Feet into 30 Feet of Water
Witll Terrified Passengers.
Atlantic City, N. J., Special.-By
thc wrecking of a three-coach elec
tric train on tho West Jersey & Sea
shore Railroad Sunday afternoon at
least od passengers perished and the
lirst may reach the total of 70 when
all is known.
While crossing over a drawbridge
spanning the waterway known ase
'.'tho Thoroughfare/* which separates
Atlantic City from the mainland, the
traiti left Mi? track and plunged into
the water, with one or fwd excep
tions, were drowned. Up to mid
night 25 bodies have been recovered
and it is believed that at least 25,
and possibly Oth moro bodies still are
in the Submerged coaches;
The festers the worst that has
happened since thc terribie ?tf?'adow
wreck of July 30, 189G, occurred at
half-past 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon.
Thc train, made up of three heavy
coaches*, which left Camden at 1
o'clock iii thc ?fUhlbeh Carried, at
least SS passengers, as that humber
of tickets are held by the conductor.
That official is uncertain, however,
just how many passengers were on
the train, and until ail the bodies
have been taken from the submerged
cars, it will not be possible to. give
the true figures of the dead.
BecuerH Gould Da Little.
Tlie accident was witnessed by
many persons on shore and assistance
was promptly sent from Atlantic
City. Little could he done, however,
towards saving the lives of those im
prisoned in thc submerged coaches.
The water at the point, where the
train plunged in was not deep euough
to cover the coaches at first, but as
they quickly settled in the mud, and
as the tide rose, they were soon hid -
deu from sight except for the trolley
poles. Diver.* were sent down to try
to reach the dead bodies in thc coach
es but as darkness set in and as the
tide rail more swiftly, they were un
able fbi ft loiig time to reuch them.
Late iii tiie evening lt wrecking crew
arrived on the scene arid with their
aid and the use of a derrick, a dozen
-~-va hodieswere taken out and
lu. _
investigation shall have MCCIt ........ .
Mr. Atterbury declined lo make any i
T. C. Smith, of Newfield, and A. R.
Kelley, of Jeffersonvillc, N. Y., who
were passengers on the train, got
off at Pleasantvillc for no other rea
son than that something told them to
change their minds about coming to
Atlantic City. About 15 people got
off at Pleasantville, said the}', and
nearly as many more got aboard.
They said fully 100 passengers were
on the train, a great many women.
Jolni?-Eades, of 112 Bay street, this
city, a parlor car man, was on the
train and escaped by crawling
through a window of the rear car and
swimming ashore,
Thc old mau who attends tho
bridge, in speaking of thc accident,
declared that the bridge had been
opened about three minutes before
thc train came along. A yacht pass
ed through. He says that he saw that
the bridge was properly closed and
that the tracks were inspected. He
cannot explain, why the rails behaved
as they did.
Cotton Warehouse Burns.
En taw, Ala., Special.-A disas
trous lire here swop! away thc eastern
half of the Planters* Warehouse &
Commission Company's warehouse
destroying property estimated at
?rom $75^000 to $100,000. The ware
house contained from 2.000 to 3.000
hales nf colton. About 230 bales
stored in. thc western side mid ahoui
500 bales on the plat torin adjoining
the warehouse, were saved. Possibly
?inly 500 bales are. insured. The orig
iu of tin; fire is unknown, but il is
thought. I<? have been shirted by a
spark from ti passing locomotive.
Two Killed by Natural Gas.
Topeka, Kan., Special.-Two per
sons were killed, one is missing, four
were seriously injured and 20 more
were hurt in a terrible explosion nf
natural gas that demolished live two
story buildings at Coleyville. Kan.
The buildings were leveled tu the
ground. A lire broke out after the
explosion but thc flames wore quickly
Atlanta Man a Suicide at Guliport,
Gulf port, Miss., Special.-The body
of a man apparently 35 years of agv.\
was found on the beach near thc
Beach Hotel. The body was well
dressed and a watch and purse un
disturbed. There were no means o?
identification except the name "J.
H. Connelly, Atlanta, Ga.," cn thc
ccat lape!. The verdict of the cor
oiiovV jury wnp fuiddr? by ft pistol.
Augusta* $3o9
Tfith resources of over Eight (Hundred Thousand dollars and
a Board of Directors chosen from the most successful business
men in the community, invites you to hecome a depositor, prom
ising you every courtesy.
KOCK PER CENT INTEREST paid on Staving* accounts.
Correspondence invited. ,
W. J. Rutherford & Co.
ll I B I
Cement, Plaster, Hair, Fire Brick, Fire Clay,
Ready Roofing and other Material.
Write Us For Prices.
Corner Reynolds and Washington Streets,
Augusta, Georgi a_
Large Shipments of the best makes of wagons and buggies
just received. Our stock of furniture and house furnishing?
is complete. A Large stock.
always on hand. All calls for our Hearse prompt
ly responded to. Ali goods sold on a small mar
gin of profit. Call to see me, I will save you
money. _
South Carolina.
. We represent the best Old Line Companies.
Ins i srance Jk. g-ency
Will protect you against loss by Fire, Death,
Accidents, Sickness and Wind Storms.
It will be a pleasure to serve you at ail times and
your business will be heartily appreciated.
Aetna )...
Mutual Benefit, Life?
Fidelity & Casualty Co1#
Title Guaranty & Trust Co., Bowcl??
American Live Stock Insurance Com
pany, Horse and Mule ?siso
Real Estate Bought & SolsL

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