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Edgefield advertiser. (Edgefield, S.C.) 1836-current, May 20, 1908, Image 3

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and Savings Bank
Augusta, Ca.
?I* Pays Interest on Deposits,
Jx?> Accounts Solicited.
.J? PltEaiDEM'. CASHIKu.
\H_ btdlto UAH s?ih??XoM bur.
t^x^flr HAYiffi. CBAB fl AM}*! T
MI? T ucsd uvad
?roi in.; !ai mo *
* 1EF?D. SI C.,' W^??SDAY,
'?i./. ^ j.;! oi 0 maJncroJ'; fae9iU aaeveJe .. wwral constmtae r*^?T,c"^ ..
[enO ./jfooJl bua rfeeiO ?rino H ?{??44444444^^M MHf-H*
.7Mr."i'j <?A: ir. a ii 07 ir t? o ; "*
;.{.,| a-?iU vq??TS TT????????? Oui ! ,80ei ,02 Y?1S .2Af?ga??QS
; * j : I ; i w '?11 ' . b a ? ' I i1 . 1 ,J 11 u ' I * . .1
.a--?';i:?ib?::o_bu'z II?HC fs^o?'io be?omlsaoo aa?/^ dow do ss
.'. ?- : . - ? ? ' j 1 j ' " i (L : (to< V ' iff -? '-?
ctoTilT-odJ lo ?inti JO
ii ). (L.-i-:/i:i .b??eos
bindo fi.ii l?i??i^w
iii-?? "
^fjcwi iiine?'?!1! ti^wjVd' yji?rb?m'&
it. bo?Uo b?i? wxbiws?oM bur.
alexio yq??ici
?ti] tir?'d ?YBti
aol ti?;i?ai j(iD ??O
hui ^?3 <>? tM<nL?do
,3s>?i:bibCH,r?-bif? fi "-ten
The bu?ino?* 6?
. ; ffl>,91*B ff ?-^T?th??????
dVsib -73?oo?I b?? rissiO a'moH
_.vTnnoo erdT nc a'irioiifdo
T??nU v~f?~~~5 Jcmjjno oui
,~i?ot ?o bs?ooil?aoo anw doiodo
?rf? i m- ?bi rfeiriw tm fr, i irrt nnr nd1
ff? carerB? consfrra?l^e peopi<iToii?<eti- -
art-town irisad? . ,
HttM?cs M-UnU ,
.8061 ,02 YUS ,S?
ctoTilT-odJ lo ?inti JO
ii ). (L.-i-:/i:i .b??eos
bindo fi.ii l?i??i^w
iii-?? "
^fjcwi iiine?'?!1! ti^wjVd' yji?rb?m'&
it. bo?Uo b?i? wxbiws?oM bur.
alexio yq??ici
?ti] tir?'d ?YBti
aol ti?;i?ai j(iD ??O
hui ^?3 <>? tM<nL?do
,3s>?i:bibCH,r?-bif? fi "-ten
The bu?ino?* 6?
. ; ffl>,91*B ff ?-^T?th??????
dVsib -73?oo?I b?? rissiO a'moH
_.vTnnoo erdT nc a'irioiifdo
T??nU v~f?~~~5 Jcmjjno oui
,~i?ot ?o bs?ooil?aoo anw doiodo
?rf? i m- ?bi rfeiriw tm fr, i irrt nnr nd1
ff? carerB? consfrra?l^e peopi<iToii?<eti- -
art-town irisad? . ,
HttM?cs M-UnU ,
.8061 ,02 YUS ,S?
'?jase ?j& naturia};: .sT?soufo^J^rjev?b^s?1:
Junnse'd.:.?.'Without such'^T^reasi^
2 knowledge- and utilization 'v?f 'fiattualt.
?rasour^s?,-po|h^^ ?)|row,,
-ftbf ;?nd?sm?s,sfi?^?i ft?r v?l%T^^ffi '
^Qc'fjxe, .heae)fct; df;??n?fi^ .;
cation, .on.:lhe hanks .qf.;:tlic-Nile;-and.
the:Etip?n,-at?8;'th'?! ?r|dHe4riftt^W^ess;
"??? thfe"- Wrlor??f Tgtft?e' ?n^^?^?yj^^?n
\b?c?s??nal J?t^^?,J^.^M ?^hjjlb
Ti4??y: <tt?tj5ft-?)l^C?B? ?AS ittCJ?OSa?^ap
.such: a xata .that inore ?pace- bas been
WrM-?^aT??Pb^cup?ed .^y'?^'rSn'dnj-1
j84r^^'?]%?U?uriB?p lhe~^te^d?ng:|i:|
^oiisiadi'^^i^ ??%$rH
^^S^Li?ties^fjntfee v^?byb;u?i? ?
piftirgjmb boca Iii vo' y-?, sis csiic isnot
A Diference of Degree.
J' - When the.founders Winls^n?^oa'
met 'kt Independence | Hall . 'fm Pk?af.;
I delphia : : th? conditio hs/? of"' '?nlmerbe ; j
"had not fundamentally ; changed "from
what they were ,v?hen; tfi^-Phoejiioi?ii
keels first furrowed the lonely water! r
eneas ,were^ thjO^e-pf .degree^, no^! OJ:
Ufnd, and they were1 hot "in'ali cases,
even those... of,, degree.'1 ' 'Mining' ?was
caTrieff: oh 1 fuhdamentally as it had
ji)een^rTi^d-Vn"^y^^Pha^r^"sT -iii
thenr5^j^^67diae?r tp'^O.-Red
ffifne Vaf?i *of DtBp^%Sfyh^jf%t '
??tbn-'lof??flrfr?est?ny IftG-ihe^arei '
of the merchaft?rPf Nineveh and.Sif
dion^jf. they went ;by iw$ter,^were^ai"r 1
'ried by boats' propelled by^-saihy. Or
oars; if they: .'went-by land:wejre7caii
ried' i?i wa^?ns /?^aW'ff- by^^eatft? of
draft? '; or . 'in *packs" :?h1 .tJie^b?cfcii" of
-beasts; of 8uroen]E. * 'Tfafc' :k?^-r%lu?t*
J.he 1?bi.p^,.^ha^^jha? 'W^e?^a^^hlB
aegean, oui they w&typft.-the'j . same.
Mypa?: 'after! all-rthey , 'w?ra'. .woodeh
;ihips. propelled: by; sail?i; i?nd on' land,
'the -roads 'were'--Bot ','as? 'g?'?d' ?V;the
.< .1 ?*.-\.-? *. f w;rr, r !.*.?*!I"?-:?*.! .
r:rnna; h?lS E??iq V'?l i f -! s'iTSoG ?C j
la-, ?Wasuingtoa V?:tim?u;.:ian?;hracitje
.:e?L :wa*,?known-, only i as-r a : jtiseless
black stone ; and t the^'grCat- 'fields of
bit?m?Rb?s .f&i?0 ^4?ral?^gq!
?Lr 'steiia/ !iw ^%<^^3(^^,^ '
.paT*. f^V.r|pp.^.??rX pr,o??'?l^?'? .Vi??t[ u'ik
?reamed bf" " Water w'a^'^rj^tjeaJly
the Qiilv source ofuower^^s^e^b^
SS?r oT^m?^a^?l^aniraa?^^ this (
o?wer -w?s -'u'sed only' i? fhtf'inosf.
primitive fashion..- -But a- fej^i^nalf '
iron deposits had'been fouhdfin this
lountry,; andutheaise of ironjity' Our
?ountrymen was very small;??"jpWoojd
ty^B. p^at?tically the. Vonly ??1, i?nid! ?
what lumber was sawed was ieonsum-1
?ard?d [chiefly I as' obstruction? :to set-:
. llejnent i|ad:icuUf^fttiO?l .^-.^.L-' !">'.v| <:
.-The m^re??iJ?xti'ase in our. consump-1
seeded the tptah con^umpfitlri in. A87?,>:
lttt? ' ?entemiia? ^ye&rJ :f?h? ^norm??i,
i?ores ?fimt?fral^ t?^gasK?t?;
^N?&b^goae." -Q~* natud?^watenvays."'
J-J^-not^g4>n^4)ut3ti^^ (?
li?ir bf^resp^orisih?lit^j a^^, utter Jack (
$ ^system in de^j?pgw?t?.them^ i^i?t''
?h?re is'less 'n'avig?uon lin'tnemmJw
than there, was. fifty years ago.! Fip
iMy, :we: beganfiwith soils of unexarhr//
poverishedt. them.- by .injjUdicious uke,
arid ^y1'falling, to ehe'?k erosion. that:'
^heir crop prod?cing.pbw.?r' is1 dimita
ishihg instead ' bf "iricrea'sihg. ! . .
''Srtch"was':the degree of progress
W which civilized mankind had ?t
.iained-wheiv thidna! ion ^bega?--its^ear .|
ceo.r.1 .If, is, alajotit impossible "for us;
in this day, to; realize ;hpw. little ,our..
teyojujiopary. ,a/icestoi-s knev.; of the
?reat store of natural resources whojse ?
"ni^c^rery^?^^usT^?^^een such
vital 'factors iu ithe grow'tb','art'd'/gre?t-.(
hess^c?ilhjsmatioihv'.and1 how littl? they
ir^urnqd. ! to (take; if rom. ;this. storer in
(O?dec to?;satisfy their needs^noii
After speaking?ypon -?thei. various
poiiits,, therein ?pur natural resources'1
should be conserved the President
eoIseT^as^fofiows :
Finar? i?t? uk rWiemb?r that the
wowserYation ,of TQ?I".uatur?l re?ources,'j
jthotjghiibe ;gravest ,pa^lemi:of:tordi|y,|'|
jig j yet hu.t; pa.r,t of ajnpihe^ and greater
RTpWerPi t?i t^^icfa ,t^i^. Jiat;pp ??jnot?
y$ ^wfke^but. tp wlj'igh. it w^^ awake:;
in time, and wi^th wbich^tani^t .here-:,
.problem .of national effic|ency^;lhe pja-;
tflotie Jd?ty J?f "irfsufing the', safety.]
antf Continuance 6t the nation1.*'When
j^'peop?e WM' V'tf!ei^l&t&]\t?p
I^cio?rfy'^n?^eTtake' td 'raise7 thttns^ves
'ay brtize'ts,'varid: the rrat?on'?lfd'y,th'?
?States* iii'their several .sph?re?,:'fco'ithk:
highest ^Mtch hi excellence 'in-prrv?t?;
iStatef. and-.'national 'Ii femando to; jlo';
this because .it ?Is; the first. ot all! tire
du:tie8:;ef, Ibi?iM ; .patriotism?! then-: and-:
iijut Ml\jtben .the. future ,of( this ioatiqn,
in..gua^ty :flnd in. time, ?w^?]be ..asaur-.
ed. jr
f^^erB^f^e'?^^iG?r^^ .
f'oyeppr'E.-B,,,GJeui), / of Noritb.
?arb?ina, covered himself "w'tb^gloiry
'before ''fhe'^Pr'esidenr'aud the1 Gover
'flWj-fc. .'.H?-'?Btede-?"- v?ry-"- id?lfgh'tiu? '
'spei><-h.':ta'kiii?? a? hi's subjfec't the Ap
:palachidn-White Mountain park pro:!j
i iiectt i.?h?i Times) calls At . ilhe?> lone'
: startling j . featurei iuf ..:lbej.. session:
\mongv otjjfjr things,, Opvenppr^G.leiui
' Whefi, ! the . Ci,\;ilj. -w,fuy . ^sled:
yon ' p(f ' the,' Storth' told. (U?j 'tgkfr ive i
were A-fiiir, brothels. ^You said tljat,
\t i\;e want?d 'anything' tb 'come' 'to yjou
alid^we" would; ?et' ii. The' very: fifst.
time we have come to you' toIJ assist
are ,-rebuif ed. "0 This? statemdnt
brougni *forth round a?ttr round ;Of;
applause from Governors from iill
pdrte! off /tlie; United Sfalesi IJ j tni
Governor Glenn's reference to old
war times was, made . .during the.
course' o'f^ ah ' imp'romptii "address - in
which:ike?fpUowed.the-jine^of Presi
dent Roosevelt in condemning Con
?gresfH:tjr - il s -i n aet-ivi ty. i
"We have come here year after
year, ' '. said ^Go^ernor. 'QlhA* \ ' ' a;?d
asked that something be done to r?g
'?lal?'lt'h? .ikdhstry fot ?ot??-Bjta?e fbr
eatry, We can regulate intra-Sti^
forestry, hut we..cannot regulate the
'inteY-State ind?stiy!fJ Ahdf>ey?fy tite??
we oom* io rti^'fte?Wfctttftlvfetf ?l?!
mw Mi\fm tw^'Mn
bee? gifting for* yi?t
indu f. J .8 M .y It -;: ? ? rjh -, ?
pi %et 'Pttigr?rime .of the 'Last Di
.?.?wept Aside and', the Presider
il IVF?Ulfk ' : - . I I . I 'I . . (J : (! : ?
..,'., -yl^ , ,Ch^xa?teristic| ? ? Progressiv
H ?,neaanLets lt, beKaown That A?ti<
t. f;??-/Wha^ris,Needed. and. There ,Wi
, r.l>'e n?iHalting :f or. Precedent or Re
.Ta**.:.'?''. 1 ? .. y> lum .(. ..
Washington, ' Special.-The fin
conference-"ref*.?th?CGovattors rof .tl
>6to??g. ?fi tlie-..aLmeriean.'?Union' ende
'Fridays :The' - final <'aec?mpHsbmei
confbreneee, which has "been i
'progress at; thc " "Whitb 'House : fj
.three .'days.cannot*he set ;f?rth wit
'njathematio^L precisi?n. That'its- in
;mediate Results are more than ;pmp
ia the ..expression, of President.Roos
-velt and ?of thc -.Governors who pa
ticip'ated. ' . io LU
' 1 The'"printed-record '?f 'the tionf?:
ence, which .will later bb a'vail?b'?e 1
every American home, will be a con
,pilation: of facts, startling in the:
meaning, -convincing in their uni ve:
.sal conclusion that .the States mu?
act; and that thc Slates and , the "n:
tion must co/operate'that to the en
the whole people of tho nation ma
accure the-lastin^ benefit of its nal
ural resources.
' . "D?claration' of Co-operation."
Besides the cc-mpilalion, of fact
by the experts and tho'freely .e:
pressed opinion of thc Governors, tb
conference leaves as its permaner
record a- thousand word.'Sdeclaratio
of co-Operation".
Perhaps greater in importance tha
all else was the determination of th
Governors of thes States to perfect
permanent organization whereby
heretofore unknown intimacy may b
developed, among- the Executives c
.the. forty-six soverign States, mad
strong by a common r. purpose. . an
made potont by a pro-announcement
which may not lightly be disregardec
. Of the last day the story is on
of ' many features. The set prc
gramme was swept aside. The Pre:
idept presided hrougho?t. The prc
-pared papers were not presented, bu
they will be printed in 'tue! permanen
record. Their places ,were taken firs
.by the "declaration" which .wa
.adopted -. after discussion, whie
I brought, to light .io serious qbjeetio:
to its affirmations.
President . Roosevelt .himself au
swerihg " .the Ono criticism-that o
: Governor .' Folk, ' pf "Missouri-to ' th
declaration, aro?sed -the; : conferenc
io- its7warmest demonstration of ap
?prcryat '. He swept aside the: "aca
l'demie question V of where the line o
;autborify should,.be. drawn-:betweei
vibe States ai(d the natipn. He want
-jed action, a,nd,w,hat h,c. said recejve<
endorsement. at each pejriod.. ' It j wa
r^r;V';Ro<)8ev?lt;fcr-Aptlom ?,,{... u
..i'Jnst/ja wbrd on?whatj;haa -beei
.called ?tjb.e' twi?ligh,t:j land ;b#\yeen-thi
ipqw?r-s of ft-hfljFederal and j:Jtate. gov
ernments. My primary 'aim., in. th
legislation that I have advocated fo
the regnlat?dn~_bf_fhc "great corpora
: 'Et?nsiibaad??encto' qSiov?de 'some 'elf ec
tive popular sovereign for., each cor
ppration. (I do not wish'tb""keep tIii:
'twilightland one' of large and vagui
boundaries, by judicial decision tha
in a' given case tlie State cannot act
and then a few years later by othei
decisions that in practically- simila;
cases ithe nation cannot act . cither
I am trying to find :ont .where one pi
?the other..can act, so, there, shall|ai
.ways., be . some .sovereign..power.,.thai
oq .behalf of. the .people'! can hole
every.' big corporation, ' every big in
dividual, to ?ii aecdmifabiiiy' so tha:
its or Iiis' acts shall be beneficia
tb the people'as a whole. Ttvmatten
that relate only to 'the people withy
the' State' .of course thc State l'y tc
i be; sovereign and it should; have tin
power fo act..'; If the,.mat tex is..stiel
that the State itself cannot act the'r
I wish on behalf 'of all : the. State
.that, lie national, .govern^nen.t/shoulc
.act,*,' .\.'.,' ,i , ;
', Thc declaration1, upon " which th'
Presiderif 's remarks were predicated
.was presented to' the conference ? bj
'? Governor1 Blanchard,: ?F Louisiana, a
the opehi'ng'Of th? session;- The ! de
-claratiOiv'begins: . . - . . .'?
1 ?"W.c, the"Governors of the State:
and Territories.,of .thc United State:
. pfi/America,, in .conference assembled
do hereby declare . the conviction, tha
.the great. prosperity .of . our cbuntr
.rests.jUpon .tho abundant resources! o:
..the i land chosen ' by pur. forefather
! for ' their' homes1 and wTiere they lau
' the foundation bf7fhis'grfeat nation.'.
" 'Thle d?'cl'?ratibiv states that the'nat.
i'i?r?l" ^'csoitrces- of the'country arc ?tin
common heritage." of all thc people
i and i th at: the duty-of Hie govei'nmen"
j ia ?to; censuro, the ?same fpr future gen'
derations. -t . ,.,; : ... ; ;. ? ,,...!''
, ,Reclamation work is advisqd hhc
the. steams and watercourses'shank
bc protected and improved.' Forbstn
o?grrt to bc eh'couragW by the Sta'te.?
and the general ^ov^rnhient. Tin
final work ?f tlie c'dn??reift?Avas tc
mdke -it a pennanency< :
fi . ?il lt:*---M- : OOl
cl ' Toifpedo Flotilla at Savannah J .
::''Sdvanndh. Ga.. Special.-The' jtor
,'pedo ' bo?t flotiln, commanded j bj
Lieutenant .W. G. Mitchell and com
..prising the Porter, flagship, De Long
Thornton,' blakeley ; and ' Tinjrej,-"
' reache"d here by the inside routi
from1' Brunswick and tied'up at Ith;
d?cks. At sunrise1 the vessels kwh
sail, taking the inside route &l
; Charleston; They are bound |fpt?
.Northern waters. .
.. -:
A Second Gillette Case, i ?3
Kanab, Utah, Spacial-Alvin Heat
on; aged 18, confessed to thc inuLU?e?
of Mary Slevens in the ca ny cn bael
of Orderville under circumstances re
.sembling Gillette's minder ot' (?r;(C(
Brown.. Heaton declared Ilia! th?
girl pleaded with him to marry her
^fri-hW ro desperation- he asked ?Ire?
? to meet him in the canyon, and slier
hov while alie begged.him io wed ICT
The body was fun-id h\o day? I i ty)
.yp'yp it, VJ}s hidd.ei;. Hilder .> pi|;l O'
rocks, ' ' .1 I ijj
Doings of .Our Rational'r?wrMake|r^
V,;, 'Day''by pay,'. . .,
I1 J :/ '. Senator l?yn?? ! fcpe?ia/ J ^
The', Senate' passed .'.the /.'pOstoffibe
appropriation bill ? carrying ' amounts-,
'tfggre^tihg-'^2?,02t;3'?7.. '('A<s ' pass jo
the bill allows !$l;'"pcr daiy'expenses'
for railway postal clerks 'when'-away
?from terminals-.which'.wHl 'ir??ur; &>?)-.-?
ital, expense: of about $1;000>060,-?J"
Amendments adopted by. rthe~ Sens
ate jpr?rt'idq for uW#igb$ng> ?Jae/.mails'!
annually instead,,of,eYery_fqip; yeaijsy,
and .add 'to -^Kc !.Ga}linger-jprovision'
concerning the ija'prbyem'jut of ocean
mail'servic? t^'the Philippine, Chink;'
.Japan,' Australia anoV South American-'
ports.. :> : viivasa lo ftioin io g.
. ? Senator Rayner spok'? 'on1',his" reso
lution' directing the President"*o or
der a court of ?inquiry into1 ?h?rgps
against Colone) ; William: F. Stewart,
United .States, armyn now stationl at
,Fprt Girant, ?rjz. fMr, Rayp?r/read| a
L?fter from .the.Pr?sident giying fens
ons foi- the'a?tionj that: had beep, tajkJ!
en against Colonel' Stewart, ,J ,whi ;h-:
the Senator declared* to .pe' trivial.' The.
President .in his letter ' said/'Gofopjol-.
Stewart was '-'impossible" as"a:!.?pmro
manding officer, mi'sfreatiiig: privates;
under bim, quarreling with civifiailsi
beings contentieus and incomp?tent.,
Mr. Rayner declaring that charaes'.
had "never been ifurnisbed to-tho arin v* '
officer said the [^pun^meXt/^wbicn
the 'President .was, meting out , to hjm
was unparalleled, and yi .defiance Ito
all precedents. He gave notice ; iliac -
he would call ' the' resolution . up ijor
action by tlie^ Se fiat?: later.
Several pension bills were prfssed
and at 5:30 p. ni. the Senate'adjourn- '
ed; 1 / .'? ..:.> 1 * '; " :- .>.
louse Summary. . '
i After a iebate1 lastiiig'practica ly
I be entire session, the House by a
v:ote of 130 to 124, agreed to the con
ference report on - the, naval -appro
priation bjlL , The insertion bf j a JJ nv
provision, relating to increase '.jo pay
for officers ?nd ..men of the, marma
corps Brid nav? ;dfew.'forth,!a gdod"'
leal -of-criticism tit 'the'-conferees Who;
tvere charged 'with hav?ng'tak?h liber*
tics and with- having violated, ?he",
>rust reposed in them hy the Hpujse.,.
As tho, conferee's reached a'complete'
agreement, the billvnow. gnes to thc
President,, .-,- .rig \. lu ij
Considerable j interest ;was raanifejst
?d on the. floor in ,the ;announcement
that the currency ,hill.wc-??d he,.cpn
?idered and disposed of onjTJuirsqay'
next: "''.' ": '.' '., , bu
Postoffice Bil! Passes."
Consid?ration of tho. postoffice.
I propriatioii bili was concluded''iii
Senate after which the'?jiH w?s1 pass
sdr ; ,if !;::-';.!' '5 ' \
? A point ofcor'derUvas m?d?'.by Rpn
ator Clay, of Georgia', - against:c'
.?mei?dm?nt. providing*' foi* increase
ocean mail?serfima to.tlie irhilippir
:Ghina,. A "strata,. andi iSou th >i Ami 'rif. jj
cap po?js as, gflnqralj legislation;'/Tho;
.amej^raent, was? declared itfjo?d?r "
lavofe. 6?$a. t?^gjafld^dftpJte^it
Tue ', co? qp?itp?e ?'pr/oyis? cm ^qr- .
'ing "the j mbrsj''annually jf?*t?yj&
?very four' years1 and ' the ajlqjtyap??
of $1 a day expenses for railway n ail1
clerks which will incur an expanse bi'
.$lM?0V00? annually w?re adopted. 1z
Wh?iv the committee ' am?ndra?nt
excluding from the se'rond-?lass.'jrii??i:]
ing privilege . '''any pubfic?t'ibri.' wlijich'-'
contains matter that Suggests,: 'advo
cates or; appr^es- the abolition; over-:
throw or destriiction of .'any- arid j all
gOv^rnmeiit,"; etc,, W?K reached;'Sen
ator Hale said; he ?boped that iSonaT
tors generally, nnderflood-its.-efEect j})
suppressing the freedom-of ?the, press..
The amendment/was. agreed ? ,t?.:, The,
hill was.'.ilion .passe^^j, ?'p ,? : , .
, Senate Vote's tp I^B^pre, jkqtto.
.?'The Senate committee, .on?-', tina nco
v'ofed . u?H.ni'm?p.s?y to report, rthe bili
already parsec! ,'bv the ^use(1p^oyid
ia'g for t?ie pei-manent rbst.oratiqn| of
r'he words1 '''Iii God;; We!!Triisf H ?tor
?old and silver:'c,olhs; of't^,.'United
States'.1 The ib?tt? was1 t?^eh'off Ithp
?coins by 'ordc^of' the Presider)^ ! '
': ' :" W'?;gTic?t?Wi'LBl'll!?
inancnt improvements irv-the national
t???&^-jt?^QWWSkf? St $?00,-Mg
as provided -by th^'House'' Of' Rcpr?-!
sent a ti ves was ' pf?ti'dedy 'giving "c r\?-1
half the amount asked-by? the -cl le?'
forester;.,'?The?ljilloprovidcsv't?iat 25
per? oent. of theiincomeiimrajthe rrrf-?
tipnal forest?, .shall. bfliiPai^ tfi ; tliSi!
States ? in ;\yhich :they arclocateq^j (his
money . to .be ^jrpended.? fpr,-? road ) andi
school improvemeiijs in ; t^xe coun,t|-ies
in wlrieh the'.,reserves, are s/tu?jed^
An 'amendment ,prohibi|s : expends
tures for the .p?blic?'tibi'i ofj any ?ar
ticle in relation to "the forest'r^
vice, 'hut it''is stiph?aled'',th?t' |hi^!(
shall not-prevent''the s'crVic?!;giv|ing,
out information on any : subject j qi'
public interest: ?
v. News of ;the Day. . 1 ';
.Atlanta, Georgia, ;sutfered ancither
-eribns : fire, seventy-five horsbs' {md
much other proporty being bmmed."::
. ? . ' . * j .i i ?
Secretary Taft: sailed from Colon
Tuesday afternoon., ' lt is/'reported;|
that he accomplished "the object j for
which he went' to Panama.
? Seven men were.killed instantly in
a-minc explosion.- near- WHliCsbaiTe,-1
?rTj??r.meeting of the ^r?sflieng and
^e^Goirtrnors. fit^M Jf?&fif^ f?atcs
to eou?ili ^hV)hV<r^<4u4vti?y 's| nat
ural- j?aa?rces^and their prote?lionJ
.Tli? ^n?|\ Carolina case workers
piet^ iii'G??en/boro last week.
'^itgi-uiani '?skeft;t? flbsfgtm Davis'
A rr : . Eirthd?y; :
J ? ?C=?& ..-. j oj u ^ t a \y is M r
\Slij;hfcOndJ Va,,. Special.-Governor
S^iJaAsili has is*??d*. Su prochuiiation
.r^i^siing.-lbe people of Virgii?ia to
?bse'i'vi ^?ne 3d, jfhc^'cHitennlnl of
|Presld|n(i^Mvis' birth-.- a holiday,
jpn ^h?t ;day the Da-vis Muonuinent
'frcctfid iWro by the "tfiffiVsoit Bnyia
?)'^;I?W<'J S?9W ?3T sor?J l?s? ??irv I brus ,bnuo? JIB
jo i?.U?I ?iixi <.
<?'<:j Hi'f? tdoi
0 '
laiionsn'? b-j?anq and uto
IO 0/? .h'-?CLT
Savings Jtep?ttnfeTitT*boT6T
r i W^lff Wff* ' T . '-188
i ??gi/oidT e?pt??ly?d S?rpla^?SQ^QOO.Qfk ?idrooIoO
0 0 ! r;
fci .oH .is<v{ eirjj
9?0-9I loi bon ja
- -J?&RLIlj^ ?^K^mh?
tai ifX-? .!?!.!:.?OHit!? VL'7 .'IM'
7 M? Bl ii
:vtU JJ JinLl[j w.
her; i roa j i >f:j "i ,ii ;'.{. M?lu
' v;o??T/T '{IT???" ?n
ino?i Bvnb
^JP?JJM ?a\
.evn }o nedi
Hi \
?J -? " ..,-".>i5 ?v? f-.trr i T so j Hgj g jj gfcgggg jj?g
~ . '*j *.'.*'' I'1 .'.*T! ? i 1 * ' ----- -
In-'pi?fsuanoi?'x?-a iharitto?*f dear
with Aldrich, Mr.. JStifaMvi suspended:
his ^f?^^Mti^hc^^?^
election. ' ' ' ^ ' .
many fa%i??iJsr^in9n?rgathercd at jthV
firef ^a^qjpft"-. Rqsoxfficqs;.; j??p^erenoe,
which bfigan ,al ,t.hc (.^hite .House.j t<?:
TJw Tait, managers are . said j to
?9i4fnunjoifLi uii\Jl
o..T io iniibVcril ^jdV/;
Pittsburg ?nst?ttrtioWUriafe?? to
fl l? eapidl l?flifl '.niJ ni sbjisnl
in.if:y n mn \,rkl\tiw>IRKINI
rM.ftiq laid *dt altr.M'>
'?j^^S^mk^^W ???jr1 ??
'Open -W'D?ob^filfitwi?
^n?i 1 Weather
J-'Haeve? N?lEtfett/7<m
I dj? ii nt -/id rm il r.-n
^'fltH??uft, ^9 Sp"
''fl?n?iry^rftibufl?tfff t?
r?Wt??tffc* ?ank? wttaxa
f1 Av* Uli air/ Mmrtgoim-v
'5he"}v*t^h't'^rothefs' to?^? 'iv ?flight,, {dfi??y oci?rgedjj?t?
The African Methodist E01^pfl.?L fcinfc * 2
GcnoraiT?diif?i-?ift?evj.?n\^;se^ I raf-"
.?^f^?^?^f? to.(eJ.eet_: five, -bish?pa
Virginia. 04d Fellows will rais^a/
^OOiOOtf WdWT?^em^fund for ?fj?(
Iinp?jmiag'c? ands?rd-?oJfcs?Lb'oSae j ar.
tUWt?Witttgil ti 7 [ova , t . c 'j . I ni s ! 'n
Two rjcf?ixs, memheriS '?tf ?the;?S?fri
fcLk, 5}rabjtj,^|ugj_sa,vejd^"the -life
l?ieir tuard aha were 'pardoned : by
??nvAr-Xorflctt .3?08 88E?0 ??,JJ?
?bank s funds, will
business My*8'!
-bpii miT)dpJr? winiai
CompTrbtoSf tW1^
W^fe#ia?a'?H cQ<
of'?lH?74)afhk.'?r 1? i
Until r^??ic?iiBBclaitl
pbetecter thnbiiianooT!
Ahotee^'tdf??ild'ln ti?e? Sbhth ?has
ft?n'6 m-\tt^-<?an)?ge,'fI .?oO :7_
SM6r^P??ft?Vta?hlfl?hN?%er??f^firi ci? i rweatfiti^the^?rHi i
'SaHicSPrant?Ko ftVrod'he officer^ and co?tiwia?b*isincss, i
|ime^of/ th?,f?eetioi aiedonoi ??P* 52^3
)P?riw^b?liia!'aTOongothe fldbfir?piS'?f a^^n^m^ouo^giioi
.ffaifi?B?mi.-Wogee, i]tb tb^)0w??j? |any diate needs
|jgrpun^ ipr 4h?YtheorY f'o.?.f^wij^lay. emergencies. " At ' tht
i?ishdpwHoristn'iaihvO.f// thgfjj?fttljoli? cMT?t^g^?ifeM
failure. rio?389aiao ***** ^I^?o^l?lf
anA&m?eg^ an, ? ?r^^?S
ito.escftfia from a-Eussian prison luepai^eTiruinfifa?D
io-/, ^ a^viopl.cu, l^ptf^r?^igbo }iajd?.p
Lter,a careful review
fsuspWs%h'^f,Jth'e %
r?p'?W neither onrnihFj
cth?a deejsioujj?faS) sc:
th? anti6?ncemcrr?D
10JK?f? 1 'live?';?t 'Hankow, ^hj?a. * j ai :
k . [Aljon r;^! (j, .(i'oYenior^ ?f .a'.gljilli
pinc t/prg?hi?gej ?a, dead^ ;'po?o ? Wq/fOP^
.fpjigi-^oP.?sse^jr h,e .ag^?nlttir?l
1,'(, Hp^s?,' ,aa?d, ^eqat e ^pM?rcep art > inc i?oss J^sWj (fu^fsi
, ?,. 'd?^?pck^^?r .'the-. ?eVion billh:, ; j ^-^V/^j
One more ly ?Mgg W HM S?d^?
Guinness farm near Laporfe, Ind. ^f10" ?naiv? as^
Japan ;s exoecfed IT inaugurate ?= ^MRV^
still m^'^gg^^njUlicy in K?r??'^ ,
I od King Ma brid! fi o? oi Portngdl fook; stiftma^ of dhe thy.
fiheiiohthiioflaflegi?fncbj aoiaivib ?n0r sfj; "io ETUtZTftm
p 'LUdV?^ic-Halev?-, 'tlie IFreneh-rnOvel-, ? . Present,.to I
'ist and dramatic authc4siB^|^ ]? ?"^T^* ?f
Moro^^i?Qfe?W/?anl8r8m |tf??' .?W?>^aftM|
? Spl?tt?Wft# : S: ; Ce ehaingang r-JjC?fi" *??W??? ;R?V W i?
day, but two were recaptured.';
?ni T?iti '?Gfe'nefnb i'l(3t^re?ce'a lof
rNbrMi?inv^?thodist??;chfiTcjl,i im [ses- hood before a largi
?sion at Baltimore, MatU-jbflgr daf'* ?fet??dSFi'at W?
'i'de^sbu^rev'accused ??> ?he'jDoJuaa sity, iri
of;:mutilating thbmselves??^i/.jes:ape ^^^o?tt?P?rV^qfl
roW^?^rv^^.jdoI. ;i I .veil l-STilbl?ge.trfgsi co?npmo
Prince Philip zu Eulenbergn "
iplaccrf -4inder[{'aV-resjT0?(;)a [tfyirgi ?'o?T|
ipj^aryvii??nsonoo ylflb ^'niy* ' '
L .JRhja/pquM .f^op^f Wjco/i^r?iwf;
r.cpprt on B^ 1,,V}iri d*? C?n|tip?J
$7.000,000. mereas? - S"tay.. ? ' 4 1
' vi'?we?v;tt?'Jgtcat'^rt?a'd?a a,ifl'J ^
W?cisrc'o 1BaV.":ll';^ '?J aviJoni?
.Tw<>' <biiiinessT ( blockt 'H .vA?a'nf?, |
?G^ir^veveiburn?dr-the -lo'ss beuig est?1'
.matehV.afc'i$ly250^0(ij i^?onuido
11' "'The'-Schuylkill rivfcr? Tose .10; jffeetrj
and:oa:iis?5:l ^u?'li damagb.'in.'?Philadel^
pliia suburbs. .prnrM A ?.
All rof! theil 72! ^wreckers ?nd m?m
beravofi tho:;C^ew'?op ,tha.-,ship. T *Gt<
nickmei?8,.ywre/saved... ;(.,,...} y JJ ,
.r. After: a hot.;jdaa^e,,itihe .House; dp-,
i,;?ha ..battleship;';;fleet, purred j the
Golden Gate and San Franjeo .we?tJ
jvil.d.with.t4?.ligli^ t.R " QA. ' '
Work was resumed, ou ?Moudayj ex
cayatii>g thci:?eUar ;qf JLhq/'Ifouse o?
Horrors" or the G.unne-is.'|iom? at
Laporte, Ind
]\Irs. RussehSage has offered $50^
000 toward >ah -SfMSwiuent fund for
the' American"BiblOi.Sooiety". if j the'
rlatterffwUi rai?? H :hke, amoupt^, n
. , The Interstate-1Comiiierr.e ?k)npifh
sion states that it kno.wsi?f n<>,,pro'm
ise- of immuni.ty_J<?,r, ,the . .railroad
1 a-.aoY^e^e^ousea?-,DIJ^^^^O^^^^ THIS
o< exclude' tho, cajitjee;i:,from !v7 ' u JJ J vt * .!
^hornes , . ; irf4'.'^*ndvepaivax^Si??itf,at lfc
, ? ' ' J' . ."i;-^ ,1 i was his favorite song. {TEp President
w.liit-li arc ?not ctuuplying. ..with, the
''qommodity vlnusv':'' . . ,j in, .Q
President- Kdusevelt. in leltprsj -.tt
three .Senators, -assert?} his; vsupremt.
[authority over tho ur,my: without re
gard lo tho Senate. . . ; j *il
.The United 8tate?, Agricultural De>
partment glveB envploymeBt tot 9,187
pmw* lt Wjoyed. 99, The,
mm of ?ftlW?U#yitry ?WW
pin yu over 3,01)9.
?/WfWiba ^fedftmore.
A?Thafo wa^i:fo4havwd>tele?9aj^?ature
dele cates bv the Pi esident i im Mrs.
B?seVlft ifr^n?'!c'ofi'igV'?fi?Tfl?^ry
*i?s a^a'ffdonc?i o^?^rtalaiali^gage
er h ans no feati?re of
Wcci?WntH'? tfi?StPresi
?^0*mhreni^ihiigbb feh?afnjt?^sing
iW: tten?^^e*T?Tmwka of ?h<
G?Heral .Conference of wrEin Feste
fflK-^^fW^?fwi f?L?yjrighty
FOrvre?! isb?ur,??oflrYid?ndiyaarf s-mg
iig. " inp i'resi
then repeat^! a pWfio? ??fJHf?i first
veifee'JofVrAelior^inRj?Qrj^ tho
. . iVOn idgf-Ljjgfl^
:o)p; 'QhvtoftoA, Sid ftfin^RfiST1--The
H.^. .W^anx-Jir Ta?wS^?e^y of
Wai>,4arri?ed ^ ^a^pton harbor at
- spending a few
during time
he ?^Sn^^?W a?f1nniber
fo/'Was^ingtoti !?f ? :l??p:.i*W^a. tn?
AtKantic1 .Cotas* Mhe.Oii*piiii:<Se<?t;iary
expfessed -hihiaerf.a? eitce?d?nyltt well
pleased r<wi(ho!th?nprqgrfiS9H9lntke
w?rkrfienv? Jadl b^rmo?
?pmarl?s7^? Qa?qmo?e flun: New
I York iAmlll?fl of wealth jgt?&r w

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