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Established 1835.
ONE '/EAR 5150
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 25, 1908.
? Whoever pays you more y
a court than he is accustomed to ?
fl pay, either intends to deceive I
I you or finds you necessary 13 ?
Atlanta is already making ugly
faces at Augusta because President
elect Taft is to spend the winter in
the latter-city instead of within her
<> borders. i ,
i -- ? --
I .Wireless telegraph stations are
J soon to be established in Augusta
) and Columbia. Edgefield is in the in
\ tervening atmosphere and, there
' fore, may/be said to be on thc new
! "line" of communication. ' .
The editor of The Advertiser has
learned with profound regret that
Mr. J. T. Bigham, editor and pro
prietor of the Chester, Lantern has
< sold his paper and will ret-re from
\ the field of journalism. The exalted
( character of Mr. Bigham as a man
' has always been reflected in his
. paper, thus making it a real bless
ing to every home it entered.
Blind tigers are scared out of
their boots in Spartanburg. A white
man of considerable prominence
was convicted last Friday on three
counts for the unlawful selling of
liquor and was sentenced by Judge
Klugh to pay a fine of Si,500 or
serve eighteen months in the peni
tentiary or on the chaingang. It is
encouraging to see that the circuit
judges are-opening their eyes to the
fact that light fines and short terms
of imprisonment do not deter the
tigers. A sentence or two imposed
in every county like the Spartan
burg sentence will drive the unlaw
ful sellers of liquor into other lines
of business.
. Hon. W. R. Parks, president of
the County' Union and State Ex
ecutive Committeeman from the
second Congressional district, an
nounces in this issue thatxa mass
" meeting will be held in the court
'house Friday, December the 4th,
under the auspices of the Farmers
lunion. President Harris, a practi
cal and successful farmer, will be
present and address the meeting.
\V?e trust that he will be greeted by
a very large number of farmers and
business men of other callings. The
Farmers Union is a splendid or
ganization and The Advertiser very
earnestly hopes to see it grow and
prosper throughout our county and
Establish Fertilizer Plant
For two years commercial fertili
zers, like everything except cotton,
have gradually advanced in price.
. No doubt there has been reasonable
and just ground for this advance, as
the material of which fertilizers are
made has advanced. But we rather
apprehend that the consolidation or
combination 6* large fertilizer
manufacturers which is being plan
ned will cause still further advance
in price. Now, it is for the farmer
to decide whether he will continue
to use large quantities of commer
cial fertilizers at the prevailing high
price, with a possible advance, or
will he make manure on the farm
and reduce his fertilizer bill.
The Advertiser is not antag
onistic to the fertilizer manufactur
ers, nor do we oppose a i.beral ap
plication of commercial fertilizer,
especially when judiciously used,
but we believe that the farmer who
has cows, horses, mules, and woods
from which to obtain straw, is un
necessarily burdened with large
guano debts. He is in a position to
set in operation a fertilizer plant of
his own.
Supply your lot, cow and horse
stables well with straw, and by that
means establish a fertilizer plant of
your own. Then, early next year
supplement your home-made manure
with commercial fertilizer. And
next fall you will find your land im
proved, your yield increased and
your fertilizer bill decreased. Try it
fust one year.
Mass Meering Called.
Pursuant to the call a meeting of
the Edgefield Agricultural Club was
held in the court house Saturday
afternoon, the president Mr. James
R. Cantelou, presiding. On account
of the small attendance the regular
topic was not discussed. Several
short talks were naade upon the ques
tion of organizing a County Fair
Association. Upon motion of Mr.
S^McG.^ Simkins, a resolution was
adopted calling a mass meeting of
the citizens of the county for the
1st Monday in December, in the
court honse imni'vliately after the
public sales are held. A committee
consisting of Mr. 8. McG. Simkins,
Mr. J. M. Mays and Mr. Betti s Can
telou was appointed to invite several
speakers to address the mass meeting
in December. After retiring for a
conference the committee reported
that they |had unanimously agreed
to invite Hon. John G. Mobley, of
Winnsboro, president of the South
Carolina Agricultural and Mechan
ical society Congressman J. (). Pat
terson, and Congressman A. F. Le
Mr. Cantelou, the president of the
club, was ?called upon to give an ac
count of the several fairs that he
has visited this fall. During his
remarks Mr. Cantelou stated that,
while he saw some fine stock, Mr. J.
M. Mays can raise fiji cr colts than
any he saw, and that Mr. S. E. Mor
gan has a colt that would have won
first prize had it been placed on ex
hibition. Mr. Cantelou also said
Mr. Julian R. Strother eau grow fin
er turnips than any exhibited at the
Georgia Carolina fair. All of this
proves beyond doubt-that our peo
ple can come together and have a
first chiss fair of their own next
Talk up the mass meeting called
for Monday, December 7th, so as to
make the attendance large and to
create enthusiastic interest among
thc people in the proposed county
fair movement.
Kind Words That are Highly
In a very interesting letter to th?
News and Courier on Monday, the
Edgefield correspondent, Mr. S.
McG. Simkins, made the following
very kind reference to The Adver
"Although the Edgefield Adverti
ser is the oldest county- newspaper
in the state, its present owner and
editor, who is strong and talented,
is among the youngest newspaper
men in South Carolina. The Adver
tiser in its old age is becoming, and
very interestingly and intelligently
so, quite reminiscent, in hist week's
issue it reproduced the graphic story
of the great conflagration that visi
ted our town in the '80*s. In tin's
week's issue it gives a running his
tory of "The Edgefield Female Col
lege," that had its existence and
was in operation during the early
'so's. The Rev. John R. Gwaltney
was-its president and professor of
ancient and modern languages; Col.
James T. Bacon, professor of music;
Mr. R. H. Mims, professor of draw
ing and painting. All of these gen
tlemen are alive. Of Editor Bacon
the whole state is fully informed,
his past and present writing placing
him constantly before the people.
Mr. Mims, who is now the oldest
citizen of Edgefield,- still works at
the profession of which he was a
teacher, while thc venerable Dr.
Gwaltney is at Rome, Ga., connect- J
ed with the Female College of that
city. A catalog of the institution is
published and contains many dis
tinguished names."
One night as a Canadian doctor
who lives in eastern Ontario Ava?
driving into a village he saw a chap,
a little the worse for liquor, amusing
a crowd of spectators with the an
tics of his trick dog. The doctor
watched him awhile and said: "San
dy, how do yon manage to train
your dog. I can't teach mine any
Sandy, with the simple look in
his eyes, said, Well, you see, Doc;
you have to know mor'n the dog or
you can't learn him nothing."-Ex.
We live by cur blood, and on
it. We thrive or starve, as our
blood is rich or poor. There is
nothing else to live on or by.
When strength is full and
spirits high we are being re
freshed-bone, muscle and
brain, in body and mind-with
continual flow of rich blood.
This is health.
When weak, in low spirits, no
cheer, no spring, when rest is
not rest ana sleep is not sleep,
we are starved; our blood is
poor; there is little nutriment
in it. -
Back of the blood is food,
to keep the blood rich. When
it fails, take
It sets the whole body going
again-man, woman and child.
Send this advertisement, together with name
of paper in which it appears, your address and
four cents to cover postage, and we v, ill send
you a "Complete Handy Atlas of the World."
White Pearl a?d several other
varieties of Onion Sets just re
Succesosrs to G L Penn & Son
Get our prices ou shoes before
buying. VVe can please you.
May it TOLD pk ins.
We are ready for the hunters,
with a full stock of gnus, shells,
bunting ciats, l^irgingH. eic
Rain Fey & Jon's.
Beautiful Tribute to Carinad:.
Senator Carmack has died the
death of a martyr to the cause of civ
ic righteousness and public sobriety
but his cause is not dead/ Tennes
see will rise in her majestic strength
and with ten thousand scourging
thongs drive from her borders ber
social enemies who have brought
about the lamented death of her
most gifted and gallant son. The
prohibitionist is dead; but prohibit
ion, the choicest flower in our pub
lic life, will spring from bis grave
to give fragrance and beauty to this
fair State of the South. Gone is
the great man, but forever wiil re
main his great manhood. Editor,
Congressman, Senator, Statesman!
And may thy eternity ring with the
praises of those who have entered
into thy labors, and who will live
in the pure atmosphere made possi
ble by thy sacrifice!-Nashville
Christian Advocate.
Prohibition Convention.
Instead of writing to each minis
ter of the different denominations
in South Carolina a personal letter,
please allow me through your paper
to give them notice concerning our
Prohibition Convention soon to be
held in Columbia. First of all, we
want the ministers of every christ
ian church in the State to be pres
ent, and help us make this the great
est meeting of the kind ever held
in South Carolina. Brethren get
a feAV good men in your community
together, and arrange, not only to
come yourself, but bring others with
you to represent the county in which
you live. Several noted speakers
will be on hand, and a public mass
meeting will be held Thursday
evening beginning at 7:30 o'
clock in the Hall of the House of
Representatives, December the 3rd.
We hope fora full attendance :it this
meeting. We will meet again in
the same Hall Friday morning Dcc
cember the 4th, at nine o'clock to
attend to the important business
coming before the body. Let every
nmn interested in the cause ol*
State-wide Prohibition think about
it, talk about it, pray abont it, and
see to it, that several good men are
sent to this convention as delegates
from the County in which he resides.
J. JJ. Harley State Supt..
Anti-Saloon League ol* S. ?.
Spartanburg, S. C. November -J 1st.
S. C. C, I. NEWS.
Last Monday all the cadets were
drilled in company for the first time
this year. The recruits have done'
remarkably well and are progressing
steadily under the direct supervision
of Maj. T. J. Lyon and before long
the town of Edgefield will be sur
prised by the excellent drilling
which thc S. C; C. I. cadets are able
to do.
Last week some more officers were
aj. jointed and assigned to compa
nies. The foll owing", were appointed:
Sergeant-major, Taylor; sergeant,
West; color-sergeant, Davenport;
corporals, Tyler and Goss J. Cadets
Taylor, West and Tyler were as
signed to company A and Cadets
Davenport and Goss J to com pan v
. Cadet Herndon is at his home in
Ruffin, where he was called by
bis mother's illness. We all hope
Mrs. Herndon will speedily recover,
thereby permitting our colleague to
return to our midst.
Cadet Hazel who is suffering from
an attack of appendicitis, went to
his home in Columbia last Satur
day. He is being greatly missed by
his school mates. It is hoped that
upon his recovery he will return to
resume his studies.
A joint debate has been planned
between the Bailey and Pierian
Literary Societies. The subject is,
"Resolved that Lee was a greater
general than Jackson." The Pierian
Literary Society will defend the
affirmative. The speakers on the
affirmative are Taylor and Padgett;
on the negative Burk hal ter and
Hunt. The judges are to be Maj. T.
J.Lyon, Capt. P. P. Burns and
Capt. C. F. Colvin. The debate will
take place Saturday night, the 28tb
Mrs. F. N. K. Bailey left Edge
field the early part of last week for
a visit to her father's home in Smith
land, Ky.
to the mau who gives his mind
to his business. You cannot do
that if you speud half of your
time in worryiug over how to
guard your cash. No way you
can devise is as sale a? deposit
ing it in
Opeu au accouut to-day and
you eau give all your attention
to your business without having
the siigtest worry about ile
safety of what you already have.
The Farmers Bank
of Edgefield, S. C.
Seven Years of Proof.
"I have had seven years of proof
that Dr. Kind's Xew Discovery is
the best medicine to take for coulls
and colds and for every diseased
condition of throat, chest or lungs,"
says W Y Henry, of Panama, Mo.
Thc world has had thirty-eight
years of proof that Dr. King's New
Discovery is the le>t remedy for
coughs and colds, la grippe, asthma,
hay fever, bronchitis, hemorrhage
of thc lungs, and the early stages
of, consumption. Its timely usc al
ways prevents the development of
pnenmonja. Sold under guarantee at
WK Lynch & Co., Penn & Hol
stein, successors to G L Penn &?
Son drug stores.' 50c and ?1.00.
Trial bottle free.
Master's Sale.
Stat," of Routh Carolina,'
m KdgofHld Count v.
Court of Cocumou Pleas,
W. W. Hendrix et al Plaintiffs
Againpt \
E L Posey as administrator of
estate ol' Nancy Hendrix deceased
Pursuanf. to the decree in this
cans", I will off^r for sain, at pub
lic outer}' to the highest bidder
before the court homse, town of
Edgefipld, S. C., on saleeday in
D-cm! cr. 1908, tr.e same being
the 71b day of said month, be
tween the legal hours of sale, the
following described property to
w:t: - ? .; j:
All that lot or parcel of land
situate lying and be i cg in the
town of Tr<jnrou, an,d in the cnui;
ty and stat-; aforesaid, containing
one mid oi n-holf ncres m^re or
less, bounded on I he north b\
right of way of "the Cumberland
Gap railroad., (Tn tb?? <-aai hy ln?p
.>f W'ilM'e Lcppard, \V W W?MMIII'I
G T Duncan, on the south by i o' -
lie ptre-f running iii froni of the
Episcopal church and on the wvst
bv lot Of VV D Holland.
Turras of sate cash. Purchaser
to pay for pupers.
Master Pliiir- j'-lrj Con;?'v .
Master's Sale.
Sfaic "f-Son'ri 0> r ?hn?,
Kdgtf-fivld Couu'v,
Cour' ot C ?rnmon IV-ns.
Mr--. Liicf-i?ti* Wiiittaki-r ?-t .il
|dai ?i M ON ifM in-',
C B Gr;.y, et ul Defendant.
Pursuant 1.1 'bc d"?res in this
CUUPH, I wi'1 i}f?-*t bir sab' at pub
lic outcry to io? highst bidder
before fh< cunrt hou-f, town of
Edg-rfi^ld state of Sim th' Ca ml i cn,
o Li se.lHsday^ in ;Ppcrmb*r,!90S. th'?
sante ? be i i ; gt^?ie 7 li d a v of RH! d
month behwii the ?pg il hours of
sale the following deicribe l ie.) -
ty lo wit:
All that tract or parcel of bind
situate, ly inland bei ne in i h*? cor
poral j9 limits of the town nf Edge
field Kin the county of Edgffield,
iu the state of South Carolina,
containing 30 acres, moro or lesp,
and bounded on I bri Dorl h bv H
H Sander.0, county jail lot, Mrs.
Emeline Car'tlidge and VV H Tur
ner, on the esst hy lands of Dr. J
TPattison and th*'-- public sti>ct
leading from Edgefiebl court
house to augusta. Ga., south hy a
public 6treet in the town of Edg=
field known as Grav street, and
west by lauds of W \V Sheppard
Joe Butler and others.
This land will be cut into suita
ble lots and poid that way. Platp
exhibited day of sale.
Terms of sale cash. Purchaser
to pay for papers.
Master Edgefield Comfy.
Augusta's Oldest Furniture
Established 1878
Incorporated 1903
Tho store with Furniture
that's good.
Furniture at prices tnat arc
Has supplied furniture foi
the homes in this county for 30
! We invite you to coll; or
wrile us your wants.
Your uame and address on a
postal card will .bring you o
beautiful and useful souvenir.
J? l_0 Blowies
Faarni?isre C?J
1904 Broad St., Augusta, Ga. j
I . _ _:,/,. ?
Dr. basis's foiew LffiarPIEto
Tho best in the world?
Large stock of stoves, ,stov
pipe utensil?, otc, at reasonable
Ramley cfc Jonep.
We are headquarters fnr buggy
and wagon harnesp, both donnie
and Pingle.
_ Ramsev & Junes.
All th? new things in Dress
goods al reasonable prices.
Way cfc To rn pk i us.
How is Your Digestion.
Mrs. Mary Dowling of ?o. -?-?8
8th Ave., San Francisco, recom
mends a remedy for stomach troub
le. She says: "Gratitude for the
wonderful effect of Electric Bitters
in a case of acute indigestion,
prompts this testimonial. I am fully
convinced that for stomach and
liver troubles Electric Bitters is the
best remedy on the market to-vlay."
This great tonic and alterative
medicine invigorates the system,
purifies the blood and is especially
helpful in all forms of female weak
ness. 50c at W E Lynch cfc Co.,
Penn cfc Holstein, successors to G L
Penn cfc Son, drug stores.
Don't raase any mistake, but
remember the name, Swamp
Root, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
aud the address, Binghamton. N.
Y., on e^ery bottle.
Mind Your Business.
If you don't nobody will. It is
your business to keep out of all the
trouble you can and you can and
will keep out of liver and bowel
trouble if you take Dr. King's New
Life Pills. They keep billiousness,
malaria and jaundice out of your
system. 25c al W E Lynch cfc Co.,
Penn ct Holstein, successors to G
IJ Penn ct Son.
ll {Tc
?jg s
i l ll?
I TK-'JC M/.fc-. RC6'D_
is ?M
May we have the pleas
new in Suits for
742 Broad
'Home of G
The time has c
ust Ha
and we are ready
kinds except the p<
We do not keep shoddj
ble makes.
The leading lines bei
Brown Shoe Co. St. Lot
Shoe Co., Lynchburg,
to $4.00 Ladies Shoes fr
oren's Shoes at all prices
shoe for children.
We are realb
this Season. 'Tis not a Y
we want every lady to s
Dress Goods that are va
pie dry goods at right p
Let us show you our 1
real values from 35cts t?
Counterpanes, Sheetin
prices. Get our prices
kinds. Full stock of Und
kerchiefs, Ties and all th
for a complete stock of
We appreciate all busii
ready to rafund money
Masters Sale.
State of South Caroliua,
Edgefield County,
Court of Common Pleas,
J A Holland und B S Holland
administrator* of the ?.stat? of
J .1 Holland deceased, anrf in their
own right plaintiffs against
Mr?. Martie Webb et al defend
Pursuant if: lim decree in this
cause, 1 will offer for KU!?1 ar pub
lic outcry !.> the highest, bidder,
h"forH il:? court, bou fi", ?own . >!
Edgetiel'l und state of S -utb (Jar
oliuo, on salesday in Decpirrb-r
1908, the sa me heine the 7ih dav
of said month, between Min IPL'K!
hou-s of sale, the fol lowing d'
scr.I)ud realty to ?vii :
Ali I bat ir;?ci of ia.nd s?mate >n
ita i cl county ?nd stale, contain
ing 2?4 ?cres nior=* or b-ss, ?nd
bounded on the north by ?heH B
Gal I man place, on the east by
.the Cbappells Ferry rona, on the
south by lands of John Spann and
on the west by lands of J H Bouk
night and by lands of the :Pickius
Thia tract of land to be cut into
two tracts and sold that way,
plats of the same exhibited the
1 day of sale.
j .Terms of sale: One-third cast1,
! and the balouce on a credit of one
I and two years with interest from
: the day of sale. Purchaser lo give
? bond and mortgage of the premis
es sold, mortgage and bond to in
clude ten per cent for afctoroey's
fees if broughUo snit, or all cash
at purchaser'^ option. Terms must
be complied witli or satisfaction
given to Master or he is authorized
to re--?ell the same on some subse
quent palesday thereafter at the
rifik ot the former purchaser
Pu rchaser to pay for pappre.
Master Edgefield Cou btv.
When von are in
Augusta call at our
store where you'll
feel at home the
moment you cross
I the threshold.
In other words, Sir,
If you buy your Fall
Suit here you'll get sat
isfaction, as well as
Clothes-not an adver
tised, fictitious ralue.
Snits at $12. $i5, $i8
to $25.
We've a magnificent line
of Fall Suits artistically
cut and tailored by ex
The new colorings in
=" the labrics are handsome.
Hawe's Hats
ure of showing you what's
the coming season.
9 Augusta, a.
ood Clothes.''
ome when you
to show you all
)or kind.
r shoes, but handle relia
ng those made by The
lis and Stephen Putney
Men's Shoes from $1.25
om $1.25 to $3.00. Chil
. See our Buster Brown
I proud of our
labit of ours to boast, but
ee that we are showing
lues. Everything in sta
'able Linens. They are
0 $1.00 per yard.
gs, Doilies, Towels at all
on Staple goods of all
lerwear, Hosiery, Hand
e small things necessary
ness given us and stand
for every unsatisfactory
Very Truly,
Master's Sale.
St&tp.of South Carolin}',
E o' {/-fi '?Ki County,
Court of Common Plc:.s.
J i.i Holland Pt al plaintiffs
.i?H?iiiit Mr.?. Mnit?H Wnbb f-t ul
. Purptmnt to tho deere? in ibis
?au?*-, I will OITT for pal? ar public
iiu'cry lo the hiab^rt bidd"- 1?^.
for" ? I?f court hon*'', town ot E<1???
h'eld, S. C "ii Hillbil ly in Df-CPM'
hfr 1908 th- PK me tining ihn 7 h
dav ??f paid mont h b?tw?"?ii th?*
IKI.'UI'Iwuirs of SH|H th** following %
d^cri 1 -?-?Ii rValty ti? wi?:
Ali that tract of lund situ?t* in
Maid C 'U'itv mu! '.tn?* cni-iiniig
195 uer s mor . ;>r b?ss. ft<jdn.i*ig
lands of th" Mn o' . si a t'* mn! o-lvr'
land-' )-I tl);' sn id J J Ho lill ol M nd
utiVr i >i ii ti w iif;lh?* J:nd t?->rstor.
This traci of and will b? cn*
into three :r^cts of fand sud PO M
that way. Plats of the laud ex
hibited, on th? day of sain.
Terms <>f sale: One-third cash
and. the balance on a credit of one
and two years, with interest from
day of sale,purcbaser to give bond
and mortgage of the premises told
mortgage and bond to include ten
p"r cent for attorneys fees if
brought lo suit, or all cash at pur
chaser's option te^ms must be
complied with or satisfaction giv
en to Master or he is authorized to
ra-aeiltbe same day or some sub
sequent salesday thereafter at the
risk of the formar purchaser.
Purchaser to pay for Dapers.
Master Edgefield County.
Master's Sale.
Court of Common Pleas. ?
Milton Parker, Admr. of Estate of
Horace Parker, dec'd, et. al.,
Fred L Parker, et. al.,
Pursuant to the decree in this cause,
I will offer for sale at Public outcry to
the highest bidder before the court
house, town of Edgefield and state of
South Carolina, on salesday in Decem
ber 1908, the same being the 7th day
of said month between the legal hours
of sale, the following described realty
to wit:
Lot A.
The store lot, whereon is situated
the Parker building facing the public
square a distance of thirty feet and 6
inches about, and which store runs back
seventy-five feet having behind it a
lot running back about twenty-two
feet, making in all ninety-seven feet
in depth and bounded on the north by
the public square, on the east by the.
Advertiser building on the south by
other Parker'land and on the west by
alley lot.
Lot B.
The alley lot facing the public square
seventeen and a half 17J feet and run
ning back ninety seven (97) feet more
or less and bounded on the north by the
Eublic square on the east by the Parker
uilding, on the south by other Parker
lands and on the west by Ryan hotel
Lot C.
A lot of land facing Norris avenue
on the south about forty three feet and
eight inches and running back about
one hundred and twenty two feet and
bounded on the n^rth by the Adverti
ser lot and Parker building and on the
east by other Parker lands, on th?
south by Norris avenue and west by
the Ryan lot.
Lot D.
A lot of land facing Norris avenue
about forty three feet and eight in
ches and running back one hundred
and twenty two feet about and bound
ed on the north by the lands of the
Advertiser lot, on the east by the lot
of the Mercantile Company, on the
south by the Norris avenue and on the
west by the Parker lot.
Terms of sale: One half cash, and
the balance on credit of one year, with
interest from the day of sale. Pur
chaser to give bond and a mortgage^
of the premises sold, to secure the pay
ment of the credit portion, mortgage
to include ten per cent, for attorney's:
fees if foreclosed, or all cash at pur
chaser's option. Terms must be conr
plied with or Master is authorized to>
resell same day or on future sale day.
Purchasers to pay for papers.
Master E. C.
Notice of Special
In the Circuit @ourt of the United
States for the District of South
Carolina. Fourth Circuit.
D. A. Tompkins and D. A. Tomp
kins company, on behalf of them
selves and all other creditors of
the Edgefield Manufacturing;
Companv, Complainants.
Edgefield Manufacturing Company*
To all and singular the cr?ditais
of the Edgefield Manufacturing
Pursuant to the order of the Hon
J. C. Pritchard, Judge of the cir
cuit court of the United States of
America for the fourth judicial cir
cuit, dated at Asheville, North Caro
lina, on the 15th day of October,
1908, von and each of von are here
To present and prove before me,
at Edgefield court house, South
Carolina, before the 1st day of De
cember, 1908, your claims against
the Edgefield Manufacturing Com
pany, the defendant above named.
If you shall fail to present and
lirove your claims before me by the
above stated time, you will be bar
red and excluded from participation
ir the distribution of the assets of
said defendant company.
Special Master
Will Surely Stop That Gough.

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