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We have #the. interlined collara
that Deeds no-washing and looks like
linen. F. G. MERTT^S, Angnsta,
Residents of Edgefield Cannot
Doubt What Has Been
Twice Proved. -
~ In gratitude for complete relief
from aches and pains of bad back- j
from distressing kidney ills-thoa-1
sands have publicly recommended
Doan's kidney pills. Residents of
this vicinity who so testified years
ago, now say their cures were per
manent. This testimony doubly
proves the-worth of Doan's kidney
pills to Edgefield kidney sufferers:
R. L. Newsome, 219 Washington
street, Angusta, Ga., says;-"I take
pleasure in confirming everything I
said in regard to Doan's kidney t
pills in my former public state
ment, given in 1903. I have not had
occasion to use this remedy but once
since then. About a month ago I
"felt a lameness in jny back caused
by overlifting ang^^ again began
using Doan's kidney pills. They re
moved the tro?li?? " at ^^mce Midi
have not had a return attack. I .can
not say too much in praise of
Doan's kidney pills."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50c.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
sole agents for the United^States. -
Remember the name-Doan's and
take no other.
-Magistrate (discharging prisoner).
Now, then, I won id advise you keep
away from bad company.
. Prisoner (feelingly)-Tank you
sir. You won't see me here again.
Come soon and select your new
Easter Hat at RIVES BROS., made
-by- a competent -Milliner* from Balti
Have you seen Stuart's clipping
machines. Call at our store and ex
amine them--just . what you have
been wanting.
Stewart & Kernaghan.
Our "stock-of harness is tho lar
gest that -we have ever carried. ^
Wagon and buggy harness, single v
or. double, light or heavy. We have
any kind you want, with the prices
Ramsey & Jones.
Feb. 16th, loos'.'
Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton,
- N. Yr .
Gentlemen-My vocation > is that
of a brick mason. This trade I
have followed many years. About
one year ago I was attacked " with
severe pains in my back and limbs.
I got so bad I had to stop work and
walked on crutches for many weeks.
After taking many dollars worth of
medicine from physicians, I was fi
nally induced to try Swamp-Root
through the advice of a friend.
I purchased a 50c bottle of Swamp
Root and received such relief from
same, that I declared that this was
the medicine for me, therefore, I
bought (5) one dollar bottles from
the "Reynolds Drug Co." of Green
ville, S. C., which I can truthfully
say cured me ?ntirely. ' >-.."
Without a doubt if it had not been
* for your wonderful Sawmp-Root, I
would have been compelled to give
np my vocation.
Swamp-Root is a great, medicine,
and I wish to recommend it to eve
ry one afflicted with a lame back.
Yours respectfully,
Greenville, S. C.
Hudnut's Toilet Articles.
We have just added a complete
line of. Hndnut's celebrated toilet
articles such as perfumery, violet
water, cold cream talcum powder,
nail enamel, etc. There is noth
ing su per or to these on the market.
We invite the ladies lo call.
Penn & Holstein.
RIVES BROS. new spring goods
and millinery will arrive this week
showing all the late novelty of ^he
We make suits to order from
$25 00 up, F. G. MERITOS, Au
gusta. Ga.
A floor finish which, after it h
48 days, or 48 weeks, you cou!
scratch, stamping or hammering,
water for/24 hours was not affec
ticaily wearproof, WOULD YO
KyaMze Floor Finish
will stand it all. If not sold i
643 Broad Stree
"Building material iron
Penn & Holstein.
National Biscuit Company's Frui
Cake fresh by express. Edgefield
housewives know what it is.
B. Timmons.
Let us supply your table with
new crop Georgia syrup, Blue Rib
bon, Silver Drip, Silver Leaf syrup
or Cuba molasses. Can. please the
most fastidious taste.
B. Timmons.
First-class Shingles cut from long
leaf pine, delivered anywhere in
town. *
How Good News Spreads.
I am 70 years old and travel most
of the time, writes B F Tolson, of
Elizabethtown, Ky; Everywhere I
go' I recommend Electric Bitters,
because I owe my excellent health
and vitality to them, They never
fail. to. tone the stomach, regulate
the kidneys and bowels and stimu
late the liver, invigorate the nerves
and purify *the blood. They work
wonders for weak, run-down men
and women, restoring strength, vigr
or and health that's a daily joy. Try
them. Only 50c. Satisfaction is
positively guaranteed by W E
Lynch ?fe,Cb., Penn & Holstein.
I will open a first-class Chinese
Laundry in the Barker building on
the public square the first of April.
Your work of all kinds solicited.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
John Wing.
Large fat mackerel-just what
you want for breakfast.
B. Timmons.
as been applied 48 hours, or
d not scratch or mar white by
, a finish which if flooded with
ted in tho least, a finish prac
in your city write direct to,
t, Augusta, Ga.
ri foundation to roof."
We present to thu farmers this week the Deere combination planter
and fertilizer distributor. It can-be used to plant any crop from mus
tard seed to cornfield beans. The distance apart and the quantity of
seed dropped can be quickly regulated. .If the seed are sound,, a farmer
who uses a Deere planter can have a definite idea as to the stand of the
crop when the seed are put in: the- ground. Nothing superior on the
market. Another strong' feature is that the quantity of fertilizer can not
only be regulated, but it is mixed" with the soil by the ' distributor, in
stead of being in a stream, whjch might prevent gemination should the
seed fall directly upon the guano.
Deere Diverse Cultivator
Another implement which we strongly recommend is the Diverse Cul
tivator which is easily adjusted to any width rows. Where rows are ir
regular, in width this cultivator can be adjusted without stopping the
team. The centre tooth can also be removed if desired. The Diverse
Cultivator is a labor saving implement that every farmer in Edgefield
county should own. It is not only labor saving but does the work in a
highly satisfactory manner. Wre study the farmers needs and carry an
assortment of the most improved implements to meet their needs.
Call to see us-if we haven't what you want, will order it for you.
My weight ran down to lau pounds,
Then I began to use Dr. King's
New Discovery, which completely
cured me. 1 now weigh 1V8 pounds
For coughe, colds, grippe, asthma
hemorrhage, hoarseness, crou.p
whooping cough and lung trouble
it's supreme. 50c $1.00. Trial bottle
free. Guaianteed by W E Lye nh <fe
Co., Penn & Holstein.
For Rent: Five-roo in" house con
venient to college. Possession given
xt once. Apply to
J. L. Mims.
For Rent : Six-room cottage with
11-2 acres land in South Edgefield,
half mile from court house. For)
further information apply at Dorn
& Mims store.
We are headquarters for seed
Irish potatoes, Early Rose, Bliss,
Irish Cobbler and Green Mountain.
Ours will insure a good yield.
v. B. Timmons.
Buist's Irish potatoes for seed
all of the popular varieties. None
better on the market.
Penn & Holstein.
In buying your seed Irish Pota
toes1 not leave off the Irish Cobbler,
the earliest variety known. Finely
flavored and cooks well.
Penn & Holstein.
Wre cover umbrellas while you
wait, F. G. MERTIN'S, Augusta,
Another car load of Pittsburgh
Perfect Fence just received-any
height you want. Now is the time
to rebuild your pasture fences. Use
Pittsburgh wire and you will have
no more fence troubles.
Stewart & Kernaghan.
Put out your onion sets as soon
as the ground is in order. We can
supply you with the best
B. TLnmons.
celebrated candy by
Penn<fc Holstein.
Enter The Advert?s
er's Corn Contest!
An Awful Eruption
of a volcano excites brief inter
est, and your interest in skin erup
tions will be as short, if you uk
Bucklen's Arnica Salve, their quicl
est cure. Even the worst boils, nd
cers or fever sores are soon healese |
by it. Best for burns, cuts, bruises,
sore lips, chapped hands, chilblains
and piles. It gives instant relief.
25c ai W ii Lynch & Co., Penn &
i is a shabby surface in your home' to be
imeled, stained, varnished or finished in
e have just what you need for producing
tish desired in the line of
show you colors for painting your house
mples of finishes for floors, woodwork,
igs or furniture. Let us help you make
:es look new and attractive.
IE IN and get a copy of THE ACME QUALITY
SIG GUIDE BOOK. It tells whatAcme Quality Paint,
stain or Varnish to use, how much will be required and
auld be put on. It not only enables you to tell your
. decorator exactly what you want, but it makes it easy
to refinish the many surfaces about the home that do
re the skill of the -expert-the jobs that a painter would
r with. Ask for, a copy. IT'S FREE. ]
? .
States Phos
Co's goods.
A. D. Bone \
Augqsta Hig^crratte
Acid of all grades
These goods are now in the warehouse ready
for delivery.
I beg* to announce that I ara now assoc:;;?:<\ w 'uh
863 Broad St., Augusta, Ga?
and invite all ray friends and acquaintances in Edgefield and
Saluda counties to write or call on me when in need of Gro
c eries or stock feed any kind. I will make it to your interest .
to patronize me.
M. Gary Sateher
mmmm :
j Let Us Supply You ?
,With groce ries os all kinds. We have a largess
supply of both HEAVY and FANCY GROCERIES ?
I at very reasonable prices. 1
We also carry a good assortment o? Tinware, j
glassware and crocker}'. If we haven't got what -j
I you want we will order it for you :-: :-: ^JH
? Cabbage Plants fresh from the Coast by ?
I expr?s :-: :-: :-: :-:
?. -
^IIIIIIIIUIinmMIIUiniItl!lll!ll!llillllUI!l!ll!M!IU^HIillllll!IIIIIIUIIIIIII!llllli(1!3llll?> Milli!! ?limjU!
?100,000.00 to loan on improved property in McDuffie eountjv
Give number of acres and improvements. We are headquarters:
No delayT 16 years in this business exclusively.
Tames ^rank cfc So:n.l

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