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-Jf: L. MUS?S,.. " _._Editor
: llodern. education often covers the
fingers with ringa and at the- same
time cuts the sinews at the wrists.
The fair is on. Those wh6 attend
to-day will be highly entertained, but
it ii generally conceded that Thursday
and Friday will be the best days.
Begin now if yeti would have a full
1 flour ..barrel next summer. Prepare
your land thoroughly, fertilize it well
and the yi?id will not b? uncertain.
A feature of the fair that alone is
woath all the undertaking costs, is the
social feature. The coming together of
friends and rel?tives on such occasions
broadens their sympathies and in
creases the good fellowship and good
will that should prevail -in every com
munity, in every county.
Some persons look upon Wellman as
a fool or crank, but we. are disposed to
be more charitable. Things that we
now regard as common place called
forth great heroism on the part of
some individual or individuals in the
past. Wellman is a great scientist
si who is willing to hazard his reputation
and his:fife for the development of
aerial navigation.
Hurrah for Collier.
The Advertiser commends the citi
zens of Collier most heartily for thc
good work they are doing for the cause
of education in their community. Then
new school building would do credit tc
any rural community in South Carolina.
The fact that they went down in their
pockets .to erect such a building is con
clusive proof that the good people o?
Collier are in dead earnest in the mat
ter of educating their children and
young people. All honor to Collier!
[Attend the Fairs.
The holding of so many fairs through
rat the state augurs well for the agri
cultural future.of South Carolina. In
all fairs, whether large or small, thc
agricultural features predominate,
which ?tend to stimulate farmers to
higher and greater achievements. At
.'?fcnd the county fair, then if you can
. spare the time, attend the state fair
Sand Georgia-Carolina fair. The wide
awake, observing farmer will receive
benefit from all of them. '
Sow Largely- of Wheat.
. The increased acreage of wheat
throughout the south - during the past
year ha3 already been felt. The Manu
facturer's Record, than which there is
-. i-i-i_-*it-t.---r=r-- __
. iw a-uuu aauw.^ vj vii oui.ii UM??U>I,
says: "This year's Southern wheat
crop saves the day for that crop in the
United States. " Every sovfthern state
shows a decided increase in the yreld of
.wheat over last year. South Caroline,
h arrested about a million bushels more
than during the preceding year.
Thc good work has just begun. Let's
keep it up by sowing a'large acreage
in this county this fall. It is estimated
th at five times more wheat was grown
in thu county during the past year
than in the year before. Let's make it
ien times as much for the year that is
before us.
The flour tax that the west annually
levies on the south is enormous. In
fact; it is proving sq burdensome;, with
the advanced prices, that ffce farmers
of the south is rebelling. Some taxes
can not be avoided-but this barden,
this tribute to the ^est, the south can
The Advertiser will do its part. We
will ?gain offer prizes for next year in
order to stimulate and encourage the
farmers to make their flour at home.
, Begin now to prepare your wheat land.
. Very Helpful Contests".
The Clark's Hill .Agricultural
Club conducted several contests this
year, which- created considerable
rivalry between the members. The
- first was a prize of ?10 to the mem
ber who raised tbemost when!, .vd
the second was a like sum to the
one who grew the greatest number
of bushels of corn on hill-side laud,
both" of these being won by Mr. S.
-T.Adams. Mr. H. E. Bunch wo?
the $10 for producing the largest
number of bushels of corn on but
ton? land. These contests proved to
be a great stimulus to the Clark's
Hill farmers. Other ecommuhities
should do likewise.
Two Competitive Driils.
Tj? S. C. C. L cadets will give
twocompetitive drills in tho manu
als of arms during thc fair. The
first drill will take place in the arena
from two to three o'clock Thurs lay
and the second contest" will bc held
from one to two o'clock Friday.
Cash prizes will be awarded both
days to the best drilled cadet. These
contests are always very exciting
and will prove to be sn attractive
feature of Thursdays and Fridays
TTarr^ris rar Fridas r
re scorns to be some mis
un<tors:and:ng.about the prizes that']
be awarded in the floral parade !
v dd hy a fturnooh, Ve publish the
fist again.
&?0 ipr thc prettiest, decorated
r?tc. '. v::-' '
: 0 for the prettiest float.
$5 fdr "thc most striking trades |
?These are the largest cash prizes
that have ever been been offered for |
Ihe floral parade.
3i? Air Ship to Fly at Georgia j
Carolina Fair.
The Curtiss aeroplane which is to
bei s'. c:n at the approaching Georgia
??rol?na Fair is bound to prove one
of tlie greatest attractions ever at a
southern fall show. Secretary F. E.
Be?n?, of the Georgia-Carolina
fair association, recently closed a
contract with Mr. H. W. Sutton,
representing Mr. Glenn Curtiss, and
aeroplane flights will be made each
day'during the fair which begins
here~on November 7th and extends
throngli the i3th. This announce
ment will probably draw thousands
lo the Augusta fair who otherwise j
would not have come, for the aero
plano is the greatest craze that is
affecting the entire world to-day.
For several years the Augusta fair
had dirigible balloons and other
forms of aircraft but these havel
long since ceased to be novelties
and the only thing that can thrill,
electrify, terrify and dazzle the peo
ple in tlie way of flying is the aero
plane. Several days ago Ex presi
dent Roosevelt made a flight in an
aeroplano in St. Louis and he de-1
jlare*] that it was the greatest ex
perience of his life, eclipsing even
the excitement and terrors of hunt
tug tlie beasts of the jungle in dark
est Africa. .
Augusta is indeed to be congrat-|
ulat'.'d upon securing an aeroplane
for the fair and it was only secured
?fier a considerable amount of
money had been spent, in fact the
aeroplane together with thc many
other splendid attractions al thc
coining fair is bound to cause the
fair to be the greatest in the histo
ry of " this section of the south.
President Jackson is back from
blew i prk and is enthusiastic over
outlook. A full report having
been.made . to him by secretary
Beatie pf ."the splendid prospects.
Ri ?ember the dates, November
?th to 12. There will cheap rates on
ali il-e railroads.
Two of a Mind
A v . il known humorist expressed
tU? opinion that the keenest repar
tee, after all, was the half uncon
scious" s'prt that sprang so whole
heartedly from the masses. Here is a
si ry that he tells in-support of his
A woman who had been selling
fish 'entered a street car with an
emptyVbasket on her arm, still giv
ing forth an unmistakable odor of
the finny tribe it had carried. She
took a vacant seat next to a young
tnuii. ;i noticeably '"swell" who
drew his coat tails away and plain
showed his disgust.
"\ < ? ose,*! remarked the woman
presently, "that you'd rather there
was a gentleman sitting beside you?"
"Ves, I wohl?T," . was the instant
reply: j
Tlier? was a moment's pause, and
theii she looked up at him and said,
"*&o would I."-Chicago Record
Sioro Your Cotton.
To The Kdgefield Public:
We wish to give notice that we
have ample storage facilities;at our
Wari'Louse, and Ave would b? pleas
ed to handle your Cotton for3*011.
We are prepared, to make liberal
advances 011 Cotton Stored with
ns. For full information etc., ap
ply to cither W. E. Lott <at the
Warehouse or W. W. Adams.
* Yours truly,
Adams Warehouse Co.
Do You Get Up
With a Lame Back?
Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almost everyone knows of Dr. Kilmer's
EvWiinp-iloot, the great kidney, liver and
bladder remedy, be
cause of its remark
p g i, bladder remedy, be
ii cause or ns remar K
I able health restoring
?i properties. Swamp
M }i 1 f~^\*? I-/'- fu'fills almost
J r Af M . every wish in ovcr
coming rheumatism,
?j!; I pain ia the bach, kid
jiij ucys, liver, bladder
\i; und every pert of the
.urinary passage. It
corrects inability ter
ii ld urieraud sccld&gpain'inpassingit
( ' ts:followingus?ofJ?qKor,wiuc
:.:. ? overcomes {hat unpleasant
t^ecessuy of being compelled togo often
.:h?<-!..;.:. tlie day, and to get up man\
tii 11 during tbs night.
.Root is not recommended for
; but if you have kidney, livei
ir-I / trouble, it will be found just
c ly yotrnecrl. Jt has been thor
' y ic-sted iu private practice, and has
j roved so successful that a special ar
: :cnt has been made by which all
rea-ici s of this paper, who have not al
ready tried it^may have a sample bottle,
sent free by mail, also a book telling
inor? about Swamp-Root, and how to
Sro put if youhaye kid<
nev ur badder trouble
Wh?h wr'itingraention f?23flS??3|?!5SK2
reading this generous EESSKSSsSa
Or. Kilmer & Co., Ho?? Ti^^SZ
Binghamton, M". Y. The regular fifty-cent
andTone-dollar size bottles are sold by
all druggists. Don't make any mistake
br.t remember the , name, Swamp-Root,
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the ad
dress, Binghamton, N. Y,, on every bottle
Nights of Unrest
No Sleep, No Rest, No Peace for
the Sufferer From Kidney
No peace for the kidney sufferer,
Pain and distress from morn to
Get up with a lame back,
Twinges of backache bother you
all day. -
Dull aching breaks your rest at
Urinary disorders add to your
Get at the canse-cur? the kid
neys. .
Doan's kidney pills will work
the cure.
They're for the kidneys only
Have made great cures in this
very glad to "say that I have used
Doan's kidney pills with great
benefit. I was a sufferer from back
ache and pains through my loins
and kidneys and I could hardly get
around for days. It was almost im
possible for me to rest, I had but
little strength- or energy and suffer
ed from headaches. I spent a lot of
money doctoring, but did not get
satisfactory results until I heard
about Doan's kidney pills and pro
cured a hoi*. Sire? using them my
back does not pain me and my kid
neys are normal. I now feel like a
different woman and have told many
of mv friends about Doan's kidney
Fur sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buf
falo, New York, sole agents for the
United States.
Remember the name-Doan's
and take no other
Large assortment of perfumery
and toilet water.
JJ. Timinons.
A car load bf nev/ arrow ties tl
$1.00 per bunch.'
W. W. Adams & Cc
Now is the time to "lay tile Foun
dation for big i ogs, Kolbing will dc
this like Adams *.fc Cu's Brown
China fur baud painting for sale
by W. E. Lynch & Cc
Wc can lit von in the latest styli
coat suits. Thc correct coats are ;'<2
to 34 inches.
The Corner Store.
For Sale: Four hundred bushel;
of pure Appier seed oats at 7(.
cents. Apply at Edgefield Mercan
tile Company's warehouse or tc
J. ii. Tompkins,
' Edgefield, S. C
R. F. 1). No. 3.
We have the best Clothing oi
earth for thc money. Try us. F
G. Mertins, Tailor and Clothier
Augusta, tia.
Jn an experiment made by Joh
Perkins, . residing on rural roU|
No. 2, Henniker, N. H., the resu
obtained far exceeded bis expect;
tions. Mr. Perkins was so please
that be made a statement for genei
al publication, saying:
'For a number of years I was a
invalid from a combination c
troubles. I suffered terribly froi
constipation and piles, and was s
stiffened with rheumatism that
could not arise without assistance
(Prickly Ash, Poke
rhys'elans en dorsoP. P. P. as a splen
did combination, and prescribo lt with
groat satisfaction ?or tho eurea of aU
forms and stagos of Primary, Secondary
and Tertiary Syphilis, Syphilitic Bheu
xnatism. Scrofulous Ul cora and Bores,
Glandular Swollinga, Rheumatism, Sid
ney Complaints, old Curo ai o Ulcers that
hare resisted aU treatment, Catarrh, Skin
Ii Iso isca, Eczema, Chronlo Jennala
Complaints, Mercurial Poison, letter,
Bcaldhead, etc., otc.
P. P. P ls a powerful tonio and an
excellent wppittzer, building np the
system rapidly. If you aro weak and
feeble, and feel badly try P. P. P., and
.ve jukf"- rep?eui.^iiei
stock of school. Dooks- and can tar
nish any kind .ihaj^is u???d in the
schools of the eoiinv.y. Let us supply
you with what you?need.
Penn & Holstein.
is the original-has been
-the standard for thirty-five
There are thousands cf
sorcalled "just as good"
Emulsions, but they are
not-they are simply imi
tations^ which are never
as good as the original.
They are like thin milk
SCOTT'S is thick like a
heavy cream.
If you want it thin, do
it yourself-with' water
but dont buy it thin.
Bend Wc., nano "ot paper and thia ad. tor our
beautiful Savings B.\nk and Child'n Sketch-Book.
Each baiik contains a Good Lue'- Pensy.
SCOTT & BOW?.~ 409 TM'-? st. K??
GEORGS F jvi??.S,
rr T r. 1 t r- ?~>
iltZr?rCiit'iU, - C.. <v-.
; I haw my gasoline'engine-now
) ! installed and am prepared to dy all
- grinding. Thanking my friends and
) j patrons for waiting so patiently on
I me. >
Vf. 17: Parks.
Parksvillc, S. C. '
', j wool can bc h.ad .vt
Tlw Corner ? ors.
I was also troubled with dlzzinesia
My stomach was out of order????2
appetite fickle, I felt dull, wvak ]>??if]
tired all the time, and wast ;n ;
generally rundown condition.
"My wife and daughter b^vi/?;
both used the Cooper remedies lyiti
beneficial results. I decided to trj
them. They proved helpful beyont
all expectations. The New DiAeov
cry soon put my bowels int.- "
condition, and the piles di^:>!>.. >.
-cd. My appetite improved^ and '.
began to relish my meals, h a vb ?
no difficulty in digesting ali \X\u:
I ate. The dizziness soon lei'r. hue !i;'-<
has not returned.
"I used Cooper's Quick B*\h
lini'nent as an aM to *hv NV.*/ )>i*
covury for ruy rheumatisms ? ci
!KIS not troubled me now for
time. The Cooper remedi'-s wfivket
wonders for me."
n LT Cooper, whose medicine wa
:e used by Mr. Perkins, claims tba
lt stomach trouble is responsible io
i- nearly all illness, and that if th
d stomach is restored to noreuil am
r- healthy activity, such dii?h es :i
rheumatism, kidney am b
n ..les, etc., will quick h d:j?ip! . . ";
?f preparations have certainly Di
n remarkable record. Wy agent
0 for them in this commur.i;v.
1 (Penn & Holstein.)
Coot and Potassium.)
yon ?will regain flesh lind Btrength.
W Waatoof onorgyandaU distases resulting
[j from over taxing" tho ey G teri aro cured bj
tho nae o? P. P. P.
Ladles whoso oyatsmsaropolsonodand
vhoso bio od is In an Impure con di ti on dn e
to menstrual Irregularities are peculiarly
benefitod by tho wonderful tonio and
?zs i
blood cleansing properties of P. P. P*
Prickly Ash, Poke Root and Potassium,
Sold by ail Druggists.
Proprietor '
Savannah. - Ca.
OSTIIM?lS for the fair and other accessories in neat tailored styles
starring at $10.00 the suit rI hey come in stylish mixed grays,
diagna! ?erge.s. p!??inrserges in navy% brown and blue.
rt \ 7 T -n ? rr. .-. ri
for \y\omen and girls, men and boys, can "be found
ill'the new sweater section, the Gangway.
Handsome- long cloaks fur ladies and misses. Dainty bilk plush and . bear
cloth coaks'for in tan's are also displayed in the Gangway.
Beautiful and stylish head wear in the n,iiiinery parlor, or the annex, suit
able for street hats, dress hats and evening wear. . .
New waisting* in white Madras Reps and silks at
12 1-2 io 2oc yard
Woman's dainty neckwear in many new styles that show a touch of ex
[jarid embroidered handkerchief? down to a neat hemstitched initial at ?cc
euch, D
Linen laces, neat patterns at 5c the yard
Attractive ginghams. Many new patterns in pretty plaids, stripes and solid
colors . '
Nt - petty coats ai 'li > o or up c? ;: prart? silk, one for $3.50
?vs ;ind babies. The dressy Queen Quality
<!, ,.-?!i,,hrfn] school and work shoe. Once
. ' ;ys our shoe friend theieafver.
cordial welcome awaits
; 7..:-~?
r - .
For men. women an., an 1
ti q
the -F?U?.
Isa ?res
'. -J persona to care for the babi?sT
extend to our friends, patrons and visitors
y !'v r!:o:?:uigh'l\ equipped with competent rjr*^
nd afford a qniet piree to rest and lunch. .
rm wmm -TORE,
a iv
up . .: :?. ?? i r?:ii, ri to serv?. the 1 dgefield public than we
?ti y .* ! has mn r irv larger purchases for ever j' department^
! . . ^qi- . t ' . :i tfi'n a position to make very reason
ab ; : \ o ?. 'ti , rv: ; . . ... - irij. the attention of the shopping public
v- it ? , .1.1 I in it'i i<i v 1 ? ni. -n interested to .call, and inspect every
iii " . t ' : - o ?;.T-V' W fn'vil? thc ladles especiall to call and see our
Rugs and Art Squares
ii j| in iiii? ?'?part>ii?.'..t. ?>i?;r . urwii^.^?s were, ve ry large consequently we are showing
5 h ' . . , . . ...v prices that' we have
k ? <' ..' ..? ?>.? ... L'?.ti . . . . .? . . c\''ci'i j'.;rrc Nothing adorns the
|| i ho: ic more tiwi ?.er, iittr?ctiyt? 'tigs or an art square. Husbard, make your
S g if:. !..%:?:.?.; h\ .Jr*': *: r?n '-er w?h ?. new rujr.
Furniture Department
? ii: or, especially in house furnishings,
. -l fur niture from leading factories
I il ' - rite beautiful Sideboards," Chna
.i. \* ai J nobes. Chiffoniers, Lounges,
.. /., k.. r.? ?i.ii' Bc: i-Coo m Suits of all grades. Come
fi ..?* . . ' .. Portmeni spf irpn.^gpj? enameled
; ?tten't?on'tq our Blue Rib
|| y tli'nl; .?..pailita 1 ff Ic ii t i.. ?4 I if.'l ^.1 : '...'.l'KC?.
f 1 r?: 'e.- i'.n.' MZi"*at reasonoble prices. We also
g y pi Hi
I I U -.l
^ ?? car_> .t ?: ? >ti.-pJ; ? it ?! and felt m;?tt-esses. Baby carriages for every baby
g I r .. " ; . *i>:- '.vif;?-a. ijood s?vvifig machine. We can supply you.
Stoves and Ranges
Efl ,:
o- the kuchen with a new cook stove
ian pVease the most exacting buyer.
Have a errate put in your
than wood and much "more
satisi.iCb'i \*
Buggies and Wagons
aiio wag?n department; Our leading
M.; S?d customers who have
i ! idg better on the rnark
. :-iuck of Surfies and Car
... 11: sell von a Mitchell wagon. I
2* wagdns. They will
xxarjbies? ano Baddies.
.:. to c
. u?n suppl}
.. biankets. Fn?i %
ri the very cheap wood jj ||
?di calls promptly, g
a t.
-.. ck of groceries and
? . We have not the
I i .vit; .ou to call, see what we
o~r-t: tte rest to ??ive us a share of
?ii.'sr vSh.
?i :'.y^-^'VTTOCTi.mjjftiaaMi 1 IM?HIM 11 'B

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