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Dtice Of Election.
-County of
State of South Carolina
Edgefield: ,
Notice is hereby given that the
general election for State and Coun
ty officers will be held at the voting
precincts prescribed^ by law in said
County, on Tuesday, November 8,
1910, said day being Tuesday fol
; lowing the first Monday in Novem
ber, as prescribed by li?w.
The qualifications for suffrages
are as follows:
. Residence in State for two years,
in the county one year, in the,polk
- ing precinct in which the elector of
1 fers to vote, 4 months, and the pay
ment six months before any election
of any poU tax then due ?nd payar
ble: Provided, . That ministers in
charge of an organized 'church, and
teachers of public schools shall be
entitled, to vete after six ?months'
residence in the
q nal iii ed.
Managers of
State, if otherwise
election must re
Squire of eaoh voter the production
of a registration certificate and the
proof of the payment of all taxes,
including- poll tax, assessed and col- j
.lectible during the previous year.
'The" production of a certificate or
the receipt of the officer authorized
"to collect such taxes shall be con:
-elusive preof of the payment there
There' shall be separate and dis
^ ti net ballots and boxes at this elec
tion, for the following officers, to
v,iC: (l) governor and lieutenant
governor; (2) other State officers;
;1>.A3) State senator; (4) members/of |
.^house of representatives; (s) county
officers. On which shall be the
name or names of the person or per
sons voted for as such officers, res- j
p'ectively,! and. the office for which
they are voted.
Before the hour fixed for opening
the polls, managers and clerks must
?? takeandsubscribe tothe constitution
al joath. The chairman of the board
v v?fm?nagers can administer the oath
to the other members and to the
clerk; a notary public must admin
ister the oath to the chairman. The
manager^ eject their chairman and
Polls at eaoh voting place must
be opened at 7 o'clock a. m. and
, closed at 4 o'clock p. m. / except in
the city of Charleston, where they
. shall be; opened at 7 a. m. and clos
ed at 6 p. m.
The managers have the power to
fill a-vacancy, and if none of the
ma?agers attend, the citizens cap
appoint from ' among the qualified
voters, the managers, who, after
beyijg sworn, can conduct the elec
At the , said election, separate
boxes will be provided at which
qualified electors* will vote upon the
-adoption or rejection of amendments
to the State constitution, as pro-,
* vided-in tue following.joint resolu
The question. of adopting each
.^amendment shall be submitted ati
. the next general election to the elec
tors as follows: Those in favor of I
the amendment, shall deposit a bal
lot with the following words plainly
Sprinted or. written thereon: "Con
stitutional amendment of Section
-:- of Article -- of the consti
tution, relating to -:-- Yes.
^Those opposed to said amendment
.shall cast a ballot with the follow
? iug w:ords plainly printed or writ
. ten thereon: "Constitutional dmend
' meat of Section-of Article
-- of the constitution, relating to
' --NW*
No. 566.
A Joint Resolution Proposing to
Am?nd Section 7, Article VIII,
of the Constitution, Relating to
t? .. Municipal Bonded Indebted
Secti?n i. Be it resolved by the
General Assembly of i;he State of
S^outh Carolina, That the following
. amendment of Section 7, of Article
VIII of the constitution be agreed
to: Add at the end thereof the fol
lowing words: Provided, That the
limitation proposed by tKis-section,
and by Section 5, Article X of this
constitution, shall
of this constitution, shall not apply
lo bonded indebtedness incurred by
the towns of Aiken, in the county
of Aiken; Camden, in the.county of
Kershaw: Gheraw, in the county of
Chesterfield; Clrnton, in the county,
of Laurens; Edgefield, in the coun
ty of Edgefield, and St. Matthews,
in the county of Calhoun, when the
proceeds of said bonds are applied,
solely and exclusively for the build
ing, erecting, establishing and main
tenance of waterworks, electric
light plants, sewerage, system or
streets, and where the question of
incurring such indebtedness Ts sub- j
mitted to the qualified electors or
said municipality, as provided in
the constitution, upon the question
of bonded indebtedness.
Approved the 2?tli day of Febru
ary, A. D. 1910.
. No. 581?
A Joint Resolution Proposing to
Amend Section 7, Article VIII
of the Constitution, Relating to
Municipal Bonded Indebtedness.
' Section 1. Bc ii resolved bv the
general assembly of the State of
xSouth Carolina, That the following
amendment to Section 7, Article
VIII of the Constitution be agreed
tb: Add at the end thereof the fol
lowing -words: Provided, further.
That the limitations imposed Y>\
this^ section and by Section 5, of Ar
ticle V of this constitution shall not
apply to the bonded indebtedness'in
and by any municipal corporation
when the proceeds of ss id bonds
are applied solely and exclusively
for the purchase, establishment ami
maintenance of a waterworks plant*
or sewage system, or lighting plant,
and when the question of incurring
such indebtedness is submitted "to
the freeholders ?nd qualified voters,
of such municipality, as provided
io the constitution upon the 'ques
tion of other bonded indebtedness.
Approved the 28th day of Feb
ruary, A. D. 1910.
No. 583.
A Joint Resolution Purporting to
Amend Section 7, Article V1?3
of the Constitution, Relating to
Municipal Bonded Indebtedness.
' Section 1. Be it resolved by the
general assembly of the State of
South Carolina, that the followin:.. .
amendment to Section 7, Artie].: '
VIII of the constitution be' agreed
to: And at the end thereof tie fol
lowing words: "Provided, further, !
That the limitations imposed by
this 'section^ and by Section 5. Av-1
tide X, of this constitution, shall j
not apply to bonded indebtedness
incurred by the city of Aiken, but
said city of Aiken may increase ; -
bonded indebtedness in the manner
provided for in said section of said
article to an amount not exceed;!
IoScent. of the value of the taxable
property therein for the purpose of\
establishing, extending, completing
and repairing a system of w???fjj
works,yelect'ric lights and power. jj
Approved the 28th day "of Feb-"j
marys A. D. 19io. I
Fo. 580.
A Soint Resolution Proposing to
Amend Section 7, Article \ .
of the Constitution, Relating td
Municipal Bond-Indebtedness.
Section 1. Be it resolved by the
sreneral assembly of the State of
South ,Carolina, That the follow
ing amendment to Section 7, Arti
cle VIII of the constitution be
agreed to. Add at the end thereof
the following words: Provided,
further, That the limitations im
posed by this section and "by Sec
tion 5, Article X of this constitu?
tiou, shall not apply to bonded in
debtedness incurred by the town of
St. Matthews, but said town at Si.
Matthews maj increase its bonded
indebtedness in the manner provi
ded inlaid section of said article to
an amount not exceeding 15 per
cent, of the value of the taxable
property therein, where the pro-,
ceacls of said bonds to the amount
of twenty thousaml_i?2n.nnn\ A*\.
"See. I2> In all ?Lses decided b;
,the. supreme court, the concnrrenc
of three of thc justices ?hal! beaner,
essary for a reversal bf the jud;
iDtT>t below, subject to tile provi
sions hereafter prescribed; \V"h?n
ever, upon the bearing of any cans
or question before the supreme
court in the exercise of its origina
or appellate jurisdiction it shall ap
pear to the justices thereof, or an;
of them, that there is involved ;
question of constitutional law, or o
conflict between the con tit'utlo? an<
laws cf tbts"State and Si . L-ynit .
?t?t?sj or. betwetm th : ..
.o?."va:joj;h* of lier- e?:: .
same, upon th<i di IHI
which tl??-Vatire c<?? : i
or whenever; tpeYjiisti . ..:
court, or any vtwoor' ih>.*:n, d
on any cattle <>r' quesih i My '??
?lid court, ph'e tchief j -(:>:..' or 'ii
his absence^, the presiding a.--oca .
justice^ shrill ca il to thu (issiHtano.
of the Mij'ivmc cohn all of tin
judges ol' rln'i circuit euuH: Provi
ded, however, That when thc mal
ter to be suftminc.i -is involved ii:
an. appeal fruin j h.- circuit court;
the circuit fridge ch<? tv! id ' ?
c-an*e 'sha^ not sit. ? maj. ; i tv Ol
thc justices of the supreme court
and-circuit judges shall constitute
a qner'nin. Th? de?ision of thc
Court spy constituted,! ur a -?majori ty
of tho j Alices and judges si?irc-,
shall be final and conclusive. In
such case the chief justice, orin his
absence, the presiding associate
justice, shall preside. When?veT
the-justices of tjie supreme co?ft
and the cir?jiii judges mei ; .. ge Kiter
for the purposes aforesaid;,-, ii' the
number tlVc/eof bo qualified to -it
constitute an eton "J ii u ui b ? r.
t h e n ene ol' the circuit
judges runstr retire; and, the circuit
judges present slvail -: lerminis bl;
lot which oj' their punchersha?^re
tir?." :' . '?
. Approved the S'S th d: y cf Y b
ruary, A. I). 1910.
' : ? - -?i- '- - Y ' '
A .lointiResui:.;]...>:) to Amend ?
lion -2, of.Article V Of ti..' C--u
' ystituiioi;, Re hui VAK ; Ai .?;.. ti;
. Justices ?d' tlie Yn[,t eau len rt.
Section l. De it resbjvfed by liss
generar.?sSerably ot tho Si wr of
South Gatpliiiii, ThattuC tol'ow?ag
a;ncn?mc?K to the cons retara ..??'
the'o?ate of G:iro.iins h ..
Ulitl?? to the .qualified electors of
the State ax tho r^:y igpn ejec
tion for repr^entatiyes. and ii' a
majority of the '..lector ? ?'"7. ."
vete for layaue^rv pi llh genWa]
s&r&?y yd?ing ?iefeon -hah feoi?-'T.i
'aver of suY-Ii amehdmi ut. &;.d a r?s
jorily of e?cii i/ranch oi'^he general
assembly shaii, alt ::- ?tipil ?lection,'
and '.before ;. :;..;.!..?':., ' rh,4:.'y raid
am?h'd?i??'t.b.v y&Y?tu} ?n-ys? ?l.at
^..llen i/w r. tf?h? Y ot ?
.u:u:ahj?v : Ye; <.-... ... A.
tices ' be. ameuu'. ? sirn sig
Section 1. Be if resolved by th
general assembly of the State, c
South Carolina. That the folkrvin
amendment of Seotion 0. of Articl
X of the constitution of-.tia?State o
South Carolina be submitted to th
q?aliiied 'electors of the State at th
next general election for represents
tivesj and if a majority of elector
qualified to vote for members of th
g?n?ral assembly voting- the;:eo:
shall vole in favor of [such aitij?nd
meat, and a majprit?rof each brand
of thc general assembly shall, afle
.j'adi ioeLion and before a?othei
? . .' . hy yeas an<
a.--- ... rt i eic X,. re
. . . <?!;t. hf a nj
..?-..??' :-.e at?-'?ded bj
fer;.'- .. ..- ie:] ?ftpi'?f?f. the fol
v ....?vid.V? Tba
?i ?i? ??.-?i*hy-- this sec
tith* s : ll iiot . pply Ur any townshi]
ih ..?,!;.<;: ? r.-ei: vi o?d, n o Mi
hip in ; !;e county of ??a
iie: . thro'ig?nn-hici!, in w&o'l?V>r ii
.? rt, tKe line oi raiiroad";?f Gr^en
vvbod and Saluda", liai'?road shall 'bj
loe.it* d and cons! meted,!hcsh?ll $}
.?--,- ry of Sabida, snell said town
hips in Greenwood county .ant
..at?c.a county, and the /county ol
Saluda being hereby expressly au
thorized to vote bonds iii aid of thc
construction of . .e said proposed
fd!road, under such restriction?
md limit tb us as the general, as
sembly may prescribe hereafter*:r
"Provided, That the amount oj
.Uch bonds shall not'exceed. S pei
rent um < f the assessed valuation'ol
he i-:?.xable prop?" ay of such tbtfn
'hip:.'' ? " ' .'
. i>pri?v?-d '? ? 20th-'??JP of Fcbra
HW. A. 1). mil). -:' " .:.';"
At the close ot* the election tho
managers and clerk must .prdbeed
publicly T.o open the ballot boxes
iud .vimt the ballots ' therein^ and
... thane wit.hcnt adjou rp ment until
i oo..ave; is cot?jf.le,ted, and maleo a
-ra....:?'?. ot thc result.for each of
''.... .. : . th?-! sardfef. Within
;.-r.- ch=i. .-..after, ihe/'-chorrnnin
.;' th . .: -.; ], or' so-ne- one desigmi
y . 1;....m us?'^oliver'to
;\ ;f.-'S -;^f? .of ..election the
<.?.??' sh;-ing! the
: a... .? ii . . *. aatvrco-,;LS . *jt
fche r. :.a:is of eiV-rion.-- V
'! . fob '.VJ. v. r'c . :ag?fs of- elec
:...--. b?ca :ippoi?ii?d th hold
' .. :..ec.:oh a! liv.- ..ariuus precincts
Vfov^gers of, E?ecSii?? State and
County 1910.
... !h au.-h: ii .Cinders, ?l ?
'-. ls?;:, Y/'.f v\'hiiy. ,h,.: .'?.'.' ;
'. .J f ;-.iaun, Wbrreu hie.
?.?..I'M cl, i>* JJ ??..bert?on.
!v>d .Hill: W T..Brown, J.W
Baiio , O 0 Ti m merman.
Ch'-a'h;-j.:ns: D B -Jir'n^son, Jr,
.'.' .*. ."/ :V h iv.rTli^;v:>4. :'
. < ' . i's v; ' ? . ' ,* ' ft> .
We desire to n
spared no effort
?few gins, New F
?"oc:I results have
it is acknowledge
p; season that the,S?
of lint'cotton is t
We solicit your
We are in the ii
upon to pay all
sfr?t?d that last
. .JSJ iv!
^ pf!^ p| H JJ y ^
X ate and Conney Depository
A. Si ToiirKi^'sj ' C. C. FULLER
J 0. .SriEPj'ARi), President. ? , |j
-. Y\\ ?V. A":\\ys. \ricWPr?&?don?
otify our farrier' Mends that we -have
>r.money to thoroughly equip our gmnefyj
rosses-everyU" up-to-date; Already
keen obtainedWird the additional outlay*
.*. by those vivo brough-: us- cotton this
?ed ?re ginned ?l?an?r-and the turn-out '
he best ever obtained iTom the OH Mill
business. Satisfaction guaranteed.
JOTTO? 'SEED i ' > i
?arket for cotton scoc! and can he relied
that the market warrants. We cemcn
SC \
Our farmer Fnecc^pwill cet vi ?ely when they-are elliag cotton to leave
their morey in this b?.nk, because it fe: safe, and build up a credit rating
with this bank. Pay ail your bills with a ched: on\|iiis bank. It is the best
receipt you car/hold. ' ?
\ Every accomodation cor: [ste: : with :?::o? sound business
I ' extended to our c?stoz??rs. v
>"^fo our Edgefie-? Friends:
) Our ?ail s?oak is nev/ rea ly for your inspection. While in Ne,W York
j) our buyer, by searchifi- among the jobbers, purchased r.iany things^af old ^
prices, so notwithstanding the high price i.' co E a V e:cre in' position." ti.
serve you to the best-pbssxble advantage:
. v v
B-OTT ?T? ?^/S?P?O?? w? .' showing.* complete
Xt? X V.- ? - JD. ' >-dry goods from <
le domestics to fancy
dress goodla. Drop in to see. *
NOUONS: Oar notion department was neve: better supplied. s '
CLOTEINS: riiecspecial attention o? thc mer. ; ^invited to our clothing
from the beat manufacturers, j . ,
MILLINERY: Full stock of ;he latest stj les millinery goods at low
prices.^ . . , . /
LAD IL S DEPARTMENT: In skirts, waists and.Ta^r-ni?d? suits we
are unexcelled;
We give our Edgefieid friones a special invit?t: In to.call. We can save
you money oh every dollar you spend.
Augti^zc. bec Hive
Elf. NOBE'S, Agent -
?dge?eM, South karolina
Representing the HOME INSURANCE
COMPANY, cf New York, and th? old
KARTFORD,-of Hartford, Connecticut.
The HOME has-..a greater Capital and
Surplus tcqm?n?d than any ether
company."' :,
The HARTFORD is the: leading com
pany of th?* Worle,. doi greater
Fire business than any other Co.
"See Insurance He"eris
J . ? : LIFE'
Eo J?.?ilp:

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