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Notice is ?hereby given th?it the
General Election for Repre senta
tive in Congress will ' be held at the
voting precincts fixed by law in the
county of Edgefield on Tuesday,
November 8, 19?0, said day being
Tuesday following,the first Monday,
. as prescribed by law.
The qualifications for suff rage are
as follows: (
Residence in state for two years,
in the county one year, L? the poll
ing precinct in which the elector
offers to vote, four months, and the
payment six months before any
election of any poll tax then due and
payable: Provided, That ministers
in charge of an organized church
and teachers of public schools shall
be entitled to vote after six months'
residence in the state, if otherwise
qualified. . '
Managers of election must require
of the voter the production of a
registration certificate and proof of
the pnym?nt of all taxes, including
poll fax, assessed and collectible
during the previous year. The pro
duction of a certificate or the re
ceipt of the officer authorized to
collect such taxes shall be oonelu
? sive proof of, the payment thereof.
Before the hour fixed for. opening
the polls managers and clerks must
take and subscribe to the Constitu
tional oath. The chairman of the'
board of managers can administer
the oath to the other managers and
to the clerk; a notary public must
administer the oath to chairman.
. The managers elect their chair
man and derk.
Po'.?s at each voting place must
be opened at 7 o'clock a m., and
closed, at 4 o'clock p. m., except in
the ci ty of Charleston, where they
shall be opened at T a. m. and closed
at G p. m.
The managers have the no wer to fill
a vacancy ; and if none of the mana
gers attend, the citizens can appoint,
from among the qualified voters'/
,The managers and clerk must pro-,,
.ceed publicly' to. open the ballot
boxes and count the ballots therein
and continue without adjourment
f? until the same is completed, and
make a statement of the result for
?ach office, and sign the same. With
in three days thereafter. The chair
man of the board,' or some one des
ignated by the board, must deliver
to the commissioners of eleotion the
poll Hst, the boxes ' containing the j
ballots andi written statements of
the result of the election.
Managers of Election.
The following managers of ele
tioD have been appointed to hold
the election at the various precincts
in. the said county:
Managers of Federal Election
Plum Branch: J, P Hading, J C
Wells, T E Joiner.
1 1 Modoo: J H Elkins, J M Bussey,
J..M Holson.
., Redbill: W H Quarles,J H
Bosse^v H H Smith.
?heatham:T A Williams, LR
Branson, C M Williams.
<- Mathis: E B Mathis, T E Miller,
T C Mathis;
Liberty Hill: J D Hughey, W M
Corley, A G ?heatham.
\ Meriwether Hall: R W Glover,
H TMedlock, H A Strom.
Landrnm: Hugh Harrison, W E
Ousts, Robert Timmerman.
Tim mer m an: J W Scott; M H
- Williams, F E Randall.
Johnston: . A M Clark, W L Der
riok, W J Padgett.
Edgefield No. 1. J A Mays, W S
Covar, R C Padgett.
Edgefield No. 2. R T Hill, H C
sWatson, J M Cobb.
Meeting Street: J F Payne, J K
Allen, A G Ouzts. . '
Pleasant Lane: J B Minniok, S T
- .Williams, T J McDowell.
V- .Rehoboth: ?) I Morgan, P P
. Doolittle, Charlie Strom.
Elmwood: J M Bell, J R Block
er, J R Bryan.
Trenton; A ff Swearingen, B W
Bettis, BJ Harrison.
Gregg: Geo'. Swearingen, John
Curry, Sr., W J Gaines.
Ropers:Thoa. Timmerman, JW
Lanham, John Rains ford.
The managers at each precinct
named above, are requested to dele
gate one of their number to secure
boxes and blanks for the election,"
at Edgefield court house, on the
31st day of October 1910.
S B Mays,
z B D Etchings.
Commissioners of federal election
for Edgefield county, S. C.
Reaching The Top
in any calling of life, demands a
vigorous body and a keen brain.
Without health there is no success.
Bat Electric Bitters is the greatest
health builder the .world has ever
known. It compels perfect action
of stomach, liver, kidney? bowels
purifies and enriches the blood,
tones and invigorates the whole sys
tem and . enables you to stand the
wear and tear of your daily work.
After months of suffering it rom kid
ney trouble, writes W M Sherman,
of Cashing, Me., "three bottles of
Electric Bitters made me feel like a.
man, 50c at Penn- & Holstein, W E
Lynch & Co., B Timmons.
I offer my services as surveyor to
tbs people of Edgefield county. A.I1
wo *k carefully and satisfactorily
don?. Rates reasonable;
J. H. Cantelou,
Edgefield, S. C.
Sale of Real Estate.'
Notice of Sale of R ?al Estate, Belonging
to the Estafe of mediate R. J. John
son,,. Decaased, by His Heirs at
Law.. /
Notice is hereby giveta that.^the
undersigned heirs at law and dis
tributees ofl-the late R. J.' Johnson,
deceased/ will, on the 7th day of
November,'?. D., 1910, the aime
being the first Monday before the
court house door, at Edgefield
court house, S. C., at the hour of
ll o'clock, a. m. of said day, offer
for sale the following described
tracts of land, both being situate in
tlie county of Edgefield, in the
state of South Carolina, and be
longing to the late R. J. Johnson^
Tract No. 1 Containing 233 1-3
acres more or less, and bounded by
lands of T. L. Miller on the north;
on the east by lands of M. C. Jack
son and Mrs. Mary Middleton, on
the Bouth. by lands of Jas. E. Mil
ler, and on. the. west by lands of J.
L. Miller, D,;T. Mathis and T. B.
Tract/No. 2. Containing 220
acres more,or less in Colliers town
ship, and bounded, on the north by
lands of Alice S. Norris, on the
east by lands of the estate of R. J.
Johnston, deceased, on the south by
lands of W. E. Prescott and T. H.
Rainsford, and on the we?t by lands
of W. E. and L. H. Prescott.
? Terms of sale cash. Purchaser to
pay for papers.
Mrs. Emma Johnson,
Mrs. Mattie J. Mundy,
Mrs. Anna West. 1
Heirs at law and distributees of R.
J. Johnson, deceased.
October 6th, 1910.
Notice of Election.
State of South Carolina,
( County of Edgefield.
Whereas there has been filed with
I the county board of education of
Edgefield county, S. C., a.petition
of more than onerthird of the resi
dent electors and a like proportion
of the resident free holders of the
age of 21 years of the Trenton
school/?istrict No. 27 fin said coun
ty and state asking an electfon m
said district for the purpose of vot
ing upon the question of levying
and collecting a special tax of two
mills on the dollar of all the taxable
property of said district to supple
ment ^he school fund of said dis
Ordered tbat T. P. Salter. M. M.
Padgett and T. J. Hunter as board
of trustees of said schcol district
are here ordered to hold an election
at J. M. Wise's furniture store in
I th? town of Trenton in said county
I and state on Tuesday, the 8th day of
November, A. I)., 19 lOi?f^ergiving,
notice of the time and place of said
I election in some newspai>er. publish
ed in said county and by posting
notices thereof in at least three (3)
public places in the said district for
two (2) weeks before said election.
At this election only such electoip
as return real or personal property
for taxation and who exhibit their
tax receipts and registration certifi
cates as required in, general elec
tions shall be allowed to vote. The
board of trustees shall act as mana
gers and the election shall be con
ducted as provided by law for gen
eral elections. At said election each
elector favoring the proposed
levy shall cast a ballot containing
the word "Yes" written or printed
thereon and each el?ctor opposed
to said levy shall cast a ballot con
taining the word "No" written or
printed thereon. Within ten days
after such election if a majority of
those voting shall vote for such
levy the board of trustees shall fur
nish the county auditor with a state
ment of the amount so levied. "The
polls shall open at 8 o'clock a. m.
and close at 4 p. m. and in all
respects compiy with section 1208
code of laws of South Carolina.
?A. R.Nicholson, Supt.
c G. F. Long,
Edwin H. Folk.
Members county board, of education
! Edgefield, S. C.
I Notice of Election Trenton School Dis
trict No. 27. Special Tax. .
. Pursuant to the order of the coun
ty board of education in ?nd for
Edgefield county, state of South
Carolina, an election will be held at
Wise's furniture store, in the town
of Trenton in the county of Edge
field state of South Carolina, on
Tuesday, the 8th day of November,
A. D. 1910, for the purpose of vot
ng on the question of levying and
collecting a special tax of two mills
on the dollar of the taxable proper
ty of Trenton^ school district No.
27. In holding' said election the
terms of ttjS-^.above order of the
county Board bf education will be
strictly enforced. i
' . M. M. Padgett,
T. J. Hunter,
T. P. Salter.
Trustees Trenton school district!
No. 27. Edgefield, S. C.
Trenton; S. C., Oct. 15, 1910.
Kills a Mur derer.
A merciless mutterer is appendij
citis with many victims. But Di
Dr. King's New Life Pills kill i|
by prevention. They gently ?timi
late.stomach, liver and bowels, pre
venting that clogging that invit
appendicitis, Curing, constipatioi
headache, billionsness, chills; .25c
WE lynch & Co., Penn &T He
stein, B Timmons.
(Continuedfrom. page l)
Best' single ear of corn, any va
Doris swing churn, value SIS, by
Vermont Maohine company.
Best individual display: Cash,
*25. . '
Nights of IJnrest.
Jo Slee p, Nc Rest, No Peace for
the Sufferer From Kidney
No peace for the kidney sufferer,
Pain and distress from morn to
light, i .
Get up with a lame track,
Twinges of backache bother.you
ill day.
Dull aching breaks your rest at
Urinary disorders add'to your
Get at the cause-cure the kid
Doan's kidney pills will work
the cure.
They're $or the kidneys only- .
Have made great cures in this
rery glad to say that I have used
m's kidney -pills with great
>enefit. I was a sufferer from back
|ache and pains through my loins
ind kidneys and l eonid hardly get
wound for days. . It was aim ost im
Ipossibleior me to rest, I had but
little strength or energy and suffer-,
sd from.headaches. ; I spent a lot of
money doctoring, but did not get
satisfactory results until I heard
about Doan's kidney pills and.pYo
cured a box. Since using them my
back does not pain me and my kid
neys are normal.' I now feel like a
different woman and have told many
of my friends about Doan's kidney
Fur sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co.,. Bufr
falo, New York, sole agents for the
United States.
Remember the name-Doaq's-'?
and take no other
655 Broad St. Below Ga. R. R. Bank
We tyaye a few care of newflour
attractive p rices. A word to the
rise is sufficient.
W. W. Ada ms & Co. I
ust received a few High Class driving
orses. They were sent to me direct
from Lexington, Ky., by Mr. B. B.
ilson^who is well and favorably
nown throughout Edgefield county.
They can be seen at my farm. This is
good opportunity to get a high class
Fine Pianos Reduced $100
A Quarter oi a Century of "Knowing How"
The delightful tone of Farrand Pianos has spread their fame
througho at America and England. 25 years of "Knowing How"
mixed with expert workmanship and the finest materials, has
: made the 1910 "FA RR AND" Model the ideal ofjPiano Perfection
The Construction and Materials
>From far-away Germany are imported the most expensive
Felts and Wires-for the Germans are Past-masters in the sci
entific manufacture of these materials which are to the highest
degree essential to the flexible responsiveness of action and ?
the superlative tone of high class pianos-giving these inst ru
? m en ts a mechanical atrengh that makes frequent
tuning unnecessary. Their structural beauty is an.
y artistic triumph.
the Guarantee, Free Timing and
free Hre Insurance *
As representatives of the FARRAND factory, ^
w? are authorized to, and DO warrant its 1910
Model Pianos for a term of 10 years. This guar
antee, backed by a concern worth millions of
dollars, is your absolute surety of satisfaction.
Also for a period of two years from the time
you receive it, we will keep the piano in tune,
and insure it against fire at OUR expense.
Price and Terms
THE FARRAND COMPANY has, as a fitting; occasion to inaugurate
a great special sale, Instructed us to sell to the people in this terri
tory, upon this the 25th anniversary of the founding of the great con
cern, 100 ol their 1910 Model $400 Upright Pianos for $300 which ls an
absoluteroductlonof $iooeach. The remarkable offer holds good only
tm 100 instruments have been sold: then the price will go back to S-in>.
It ls an opportunity of a Hf etlmo to Ret a fine piano at three hundred
dollars, and one hundred shrewd householders wm take advantage of lt.
Act qu?clcl y-bc one of the hundred.
During this great sale, we will furnish, without cost,afine Bcarf, a
nice stool and an Instruction book, with each plano. We are In a posi
tion to sell these pianos on easy terms, if preferred to a cash trans
action.'' .
? .. ..c.viy.?; .?'?....?? ' I
Information for Out-of-town Buyers
If you cannot come to Greenwood, we shall be glad to select one of
these splendid pianos and ship lt to you. Write us for further informa
tion. ^Youc Inquiry wUl be answered with a personal letter by a mem
ber of this firm, giving you full descriptions including a paper pattern
showing exact floor space required, and naming very attractive plans
for periodical payments. Write UH TO-DAY-a postal will do.
HOLLAND BROS.; Greenwood, S. C.
The Farmers Need
When you buy an implement you want the
best, especially when you can gej the best on the
market at a very reasonable price .
We want to call your especial
attention to Deere's Universal
Disc Harrows.
They are not only strong, being made of the
best material, but they are Adjustable and Rever-,
sible. Call and let us explain to you the advan
tages that the Deere harrows have over other har
rows on the market. Can furnish any elise.
is an implement that is being appreciated and- yak
ued more highly by farmers each succeeding year
One great advantage that this^cutter offers is .the
elimination of the jolting and'jarring to both, driver'
and team. Heavy springs are so attached and ad
justed as to break the force of the constant jolting
of the blades. The Deere St?lk Cutters have
steel frames and can stand the roughest use.
We want to keep ?n, close touch with the farmr
ers and will always take great pleasure in explain- '
iDg every detail of the implements we sell.
It should be the chief airn of the progressive
farmers to equip his farm with implements and
machinery that will minimize, labor and at the
same time do the ?work in the best possible man
ner. We stand ready to co-operate with them in
accomplishing this purpose. Cali to see us when
you come to Edgefield.
'Ali points for this plow that break will be
replaced with new ones.
Stewart & Kernaghan,
Edgefield, South Carolina

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