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Advertiser Contest Department
February 22, 1911
Good for 25 votes in piano contest if filled out and
sent in within 10 days from issue
Plum Branch, S. C.
I desire to notify the public that I have just re
\] ceived a large shipment of Tennessee mules that are
strictly first class, and my prices are right. Also let
me supply your needs for horses that are high class in
every respect. We want our friends to know that
we are conducting a first class sale, trade and livery
stable. If I haven't got what you want, I will order
it for you. Call te see me and inspect my stock be
fore buying.
1 J. P. BODIE,
Plum Branch, - - - South Carolina
I Fertilizers :-: Fertilizers j
^ let us fill your orders for comic er ^
& eial fertilizers of all kinds. Besides
carrying- a full line of standard
brands and formulas, we have on nand
a full assortment of the ingredients for
mixing vour own fertilizer at home.
We can also supply you with nitrate
as a top dressing for your wheat and
oats and your cotton and corn.
i f?/\Y & PRESCOTT
We handle Southern States Phosphate &
Fertilizer (Vs. Goods.
P. & F. A. D. Bone. Augusta High Grade
Acid of all Grades
These goods are now in the warehouse
ready for delivery.
I beg to announce that I am now associated with
863 Broad St., Augusta, Ga.
and invite all my friends and acquaintances in Edgefield and
Saluda counties to write or call on me when in need of Gro
ceries or stock feed any kind. I will make it to your interest
to patronize rae.
M. Gary Satcher
Georgia Chemical Works, Augusta, Georgia
The famous brands, PATAPSCO, MASTADON,
and GEORGIA FORMULA. Also all kinds of Fish
' Goods, Blood and bone goods, Cotton seed meal mix
tures, Acid phosphates, and Agricultural chemicals
of every sort. 35 years of successful results proves
the merit of these reliable fertilizers. It is no experi
ment to use them. They are sold at Edgefield by
I The Edgefield Mercantile Company
A Long Credit
The motto of the highland host that
battled for the Stuart cause, .which
bonny Prince Charlie headed, appar
ently was that heaven helps those who
help themselves liberally. They levied
toll on the henroost, stable and, ac
cording to the author of "The Land of
Bomance," even on the pockets of the
At Swarthholm a party of these ma
rauders overhauled the house of a tai
lor, and when one of them was about
to cut up a web of homespun that had
taken his fancy the good wife earnest
ly remonstrated.
"A day'll come when ye'll ha' tae
pay for that," she solemnly assured
Scissors in hand, Donald paused.
"An' when will she pe hating to do.
that?" he asked.
"At the last day," said she.
"An' that will pe a fery goot long
credit," the robber coolly returned.
"She wass going to pe only taking a
coat but now she will pe taking a'
waistcoat as well."
A Mountain In the Sky.
Somewhere many miles away from
this earth an enormous mountain
twenty miles high is flying through
space. The mountain is known astro
nomically as the planet Eros. The or
dinary man has long taken lt for
granted that all the planets are more
or less round in shape. The small
planet Eros, however, is an exception
to this rule. According to the latest
astronomical information, it is a mere
mountain in space, "without form and
void," and as it turns upon its axis
first one corner and then another is
presented to view. .These small worlds
(few are over ten or twenty miles
across) are not large enough to have
sufficient gravity to draw their struc
ture Into symmetry and remain as
when launched into space-mammoth
meteorites. A tantalizing fact for as
tronomers is that Eros passed very
close to us about Jan. 24, 1894-before
the planet was recognized-and that
quite so near an approach is not due
again till 1975.
'The Mine's Blown Up."
I was sitting on the edge of my bed,
loosening the heel of one of my rubber
boots with the toe of the other, when
suddenly through the stillness of the
sleeping town, from the power house
half a mile away, came a low and ris
ing note, the great siren whistle in the
power house. Almost fascinated, I
listened as the great note rose higher
and more shrill and died away again.
One blast meant a fire in the town, two
blasts fire in the buildings at tho mine
and three blasts, the most terrible of
all, a disaster or trouble in the mine
Once more, after an Interminable
pause, the sound came again and once
more rose and died away. I did not
move, but there was a sudden cold
ness that came over me as once more,
for the third time, the deep note broke
out on the quiet air. Almost Instan
taneously the loud jingle of my tele
p\une brought mc- to n:> feet I took
cown the receiver. "The mine's blown
up," said a woman's voice.-Atlantic.
Saying No.
The author of "Pat McCarty," a book
of verse with a setting of prose, shows
how naturally some of the Irishmen of
Antrim dilute the wine of narrative
with the water of verbiage- In the ex
cerpt bielow-"The Way We Tell a
Story"-the diluent is used with a par
ticularly free hand:
Says I to him, I says, says I,
Says I to him, I says,
Tho thing, says I, I says to him,
Is just, sayB I. this ways.
I hev, says I, a gre't respeck
For you and for your breed.
And onything I cud, I says,
I'd do, I wud Indeed.
I don't know any man, I says,
I'd do lt for, says I,
As fast, I says, as for yoursel'.
That's teilta' ye no lie.
There's naught, says I, I wudn't do
To piase your feyther's son.
But this, I says, ye see, says L
I says, lt can't be done.
The Spectacled Bear.
The spectacled bear of Ecuador Is
so called .because of a patch of white
around each eye, which makes the
animal look as though he was peering
through a pair of great spectacles.
In size and general color the spec
tacled bear looks not unlike the Ameri
can black bear. But its hair is very
shaggy. At each side of the head is a
white bar, which gives the animal the
appearance of wearing a halter. But
the most distinctive feature is the
white around the eyes.
The schoolteacher was trying to il
lustrate the difference between plants
and am mais.
"Plants," she explained, "are not sus
ceptible of attachment to man as ani
mals are."
"How about burs, teacher?" piped a
nmqii boy who had passed the sum
mer in the country.-Chicago News.
Make Children Happy.
The first duty toward children ls to
make them happy. If you have not
made them happy you ha^? wronged
them. No other good they may get
can make up for that-Charles Bux
His Reward.
Lawyer Brown -So I called the
Judge a liar. Lawyer Jones-And then
what did you do? Lawyer Brown
Thirty days.-Toledo Blade.
And tho Grounds.
Lady Customer-Do you keep coffee
in the bean? New Clerk-Upstairs,
madam. This ls the ground floor.
Princeton Tiger.
Wh.ch Was Far Worse.
Williamson-Does your wife always
have the last word? Henderson-Well,
if she doesn't old fellow, she looks it
Smart Set
in spring and summer, it's
the natural time to store up
health and vitality for the
year. ? *
Scott's Emulsion
is Nature's best and quick
est help. All DrnggUU
Saving Useless Trips
1 ftrgol to tell yon (o bring some sugar."
"Alright, I am In the ste re now."
You can afford to forget things if you have
a telephone in your home. To telephone saves
hundreds of useless trips every day for those who
live in the country. You can have this service in
your home at small cost. It will save you money
and add to the pleasure of your family.
Our free booklet tells all about this won
derful service. Write for it today. A postal
will do. Address
Farmers Line Department
South Pryor St. Alienta. Ga.
We call attention to all Merchants and Farmers to the fact the season for
using Oyster Shell Lime is here.
And will bring your land to its full bearing powers by correcting the
Acidity and unlocking Phosphoric and Fotash deposits in the land.
The Department of Agriculture, Washington and various departments of
Agriculture of the Southern Srates endorse it.
We can giveyou a long list of farmers as reference if desired.
Bulletin No. 124 Department Agriculture, Washington; Clemson College Bul
letin No 1; Virginia Experimental Station Bulletin No. 1 endorse it.
It will save fertilizer and increase your yield. Special price, cheap freight
Sole Agent MECGETTS, S. C.
Former secretary N. H. Blitch Co., the largest Truck Farmer in the World
Who will G<
e Jj -i nw fl
$ ( ni ' '? ? '
Then hustle-for all
Will be given
bringing in the
Subscriptions fr
March 10th.
Charleston, S. C. and Cincinnatti, 0.
Cincinnatti, New Orleans & Texas
Pacific Railway.
A high class, modern solid Vestibule
Train, consisting of
Combined Baggage and Smoking Car, First Class Coaches,
Pullman Drawing Room Sleeping Car, Pullman
Observation Car, and Dining Car Service.
Offering the following convenient schedules
Lv. 9:00 a.m. CHARLESTON ?r. 8;oo p. m.
Lv. 9.30 a.m. SUMMERVILLE Ar. 8.05 p. m
Ar. 12.50 p. m. COLUMBIA Lv. 4.45 p. m
Lv. 1:09 p.m. COLUMBIA Lv. 4:05 p, m.
Lv. 4:15 p.m. SPAKTANBURG Ly. 12:55 p. m
Lv. 6.35 p.m. HENDERSONVILLE Ar. n.2oa.m
Ar. 7.34 p, m. ASHEVILLE Lv. 10.25 a?m
Lv. 6.40 p.m. ASHEVILLE Lv. 9:35 a.m.
Lv. 11:35 p. m. KNOXVILLE Lv. 3:55 a. m.
Lv. 7.10 a.m. LEXINGTON Lv. 9.00 p.m
Ar. 10:00 a. m. CINCINNATTI Lv. 5:00 p. m.
Immediate counnction at Lexington for and from Louis
ville and St. Louis, and at Cincinnatti for and from Chicago
St. Louis Indianapolis, Detroit, Toledo, Columbus, etc.
For detailed inform?tion, pullman reservation etc. call on
or address.
J. L. Meek, AGP A., W.E. McGhee, DPA.. A. H. Acker, IPA.,
Atlanta, S. C. Charleston, s. C. Augusta, Ga.
E. H. Coapman, VP&GH., S. H. Hardwick, PTM., H. F. Cary, GPA.,
Washington, D. C. Washington, D.C. Washington, D. C.
et the Piano
your competitors are ?
to the contestant
largest number of
om March 1st to

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