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\ **l have suffered with piles for thirty
six years. One year ago last April 1 be
gan taking Cascare ts for constipation. In
the course of a week I noticed thc piles
began to disappear and at the end cr six
weeks they did not trouble me at all.
Cascare ts have done wonders for me. I
am entirely cured and feel like a new
man." George Kryder, Napoleon, O.
Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. Taste Good.
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ninc tablet stamped C C C. Guaranteed to
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farmer's Rather Humorous Explana
tion for Telling Exceedingly
"Tall" Story.
Irving Batcheller once told a F^T
of a farmer on the Connecticut hills.
"Pretty steep land for planting, isn't
it?" a visitor asked the tiller of the
"Pretty steep." the farmer assented.
"I suppose it's quite difficult to
plant your corn?"
"Quite difficult." came the echo.
The visitor was interested, and
would not be put off with short re
"Eh-how do you manage to plant
on this hill?" he persisted.
The farmer gazed at him pityingly.
"We have to shoot it all into the
earth with shotguns, stranger," he as
sured his guest.
The visitor gasped. "Really?" he
ejaculated. "Really nov. ? Is that ac
tually true?"
The farmer sighed and turned upon
his guest a look of withering scorn.
"No, that isn't true," he answered.
Tm trying to make conversation."
Denominational Puzzle.
The wife of a prominent Unitarian
clergyman is still wondering what her
cook meant. She was a new cook, and
there was every reason to believe she
was a good cook. At any rate, she
had unquestionably served in good
families, and she brought the best of
references. Nevertheless, her new
mistress did not hesitate to give her
a few instructions.
"One thing I w;:nt you 'o remem
ber. Nellie," said she. "is the way we
like our oatmeal. Don't leave it wa
tery. But we don't like it hard and
dry, either."
"Trust me, mum." responded the
cook, confidently, "i'll get it right,
never fear. I've worked in Unitarian
families before."
That Awful Mrs. Joneo.
Mr?. S:nith-She is so unobserving!
Mrs. Erown-And'always complain-j
lng. Tile ether day, while ballooning
near a itorm center, she collided with
a rain-cloud and reported to the au
thorities that the driver of an aero
plane sprinkler had splashed water al!
over her best gowu!-Widow.
Important to Klothcr3
Examine carefully, every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years.
The Kind Yea Have Always Bought
Violation of Rides.
"They have expelled my favorite
waiter from his brotherhood," said
one hotel patron.
"Yes," replied the other, "he acci
dentally smiled and said 'Thank you,'
a dollar's worth for a 50-ccnt tip."'
Consulted Him Often.
Mrs. Benham-Health is wealth.
Benham-At the rate you have the
doctor ycu osght to "get rich quick."
Between Octogenarians.
"I understand thev sentenced him
to life imprisonment?"
"Well, no; it wasn't as bad as that.
He got only "99 years:"-Puck.
It is possible to hr.ve too much of a
good thing. The dog with the short
est tail runs the leasf danger of hav
ing tin cans tied to it.
Manyon's Cold Remedy Relier**? the
fcead, throat and lungs almost Immediate
ly. Checks Fever?, stops Discharges of
the nose, takes away all aches and pains
caused bv colds. It cures Grip and ob
stinate Cough? and prevents Pneumonia.
Write Prof." Muuyon, ftfrd and Jefferson
fits., Phi?n.. l'a., for medical advice ab?
solutcly free.
Wood's Trade Mark
best qualities obtainable.
Sow Clover and Grass seeds
in March on your fail-sown
Wheat cr other grain crops.
"Wood's Crop tells the ad
Special'' vantages of
these seedings, and gives
prices and seasonable infor
mation each month about all
Farm seeds.
"Wood's Crop Special" and
Descriptive Seed Catalog
mailed free on request.
Seedsmen, - Richmond, Va.
BOTHOS of ?*DT??5 ?Sf
ccrrwtf/rmo cr n.t.
s j
Archibald Terhune. a popular and In
dolent young bachelor of London, re
ceives news that he has heen made heir
to the estate of his Aunt Georgiana, with
an income of 52O.0O0 a year, on condition
that lie becomes enjraged to be married
within ten days. Failing to do so the
lcpacy will go to n third -cousin in Amer
ica. The story opens at Castle Wyckofl, ,
.w here Lord Vincent and' his Wife, friends i
of Terhune. are discussing plans to find
him a wife within the prescribed time. It
Scenic that Lady Vincent {s one of seven
persons named Agatha, all close girlhood
chums. She decides to invite two of them
to the castle and have Archie there as
one of the guests. A?atha Sixth strikes
Archie as a handpainted beauty. Agatha
First ls a breezy American Sflrl. Lady
Vincent tells her husband that Agatha
Sixth already cares for Archie. He gain?
from Agatha Sixth the admission that
she cares for him. but will require a
month's time fully to make up her mind.
Aga! ha First, neglected nv Terhune. re
ceives attentions from Leslie Fre?jr. Four
days of the precious time have passed
when Terhune is called to London on
business. Agatha First, on the plea cf
sickners, excuses herself from a motor
ir.p planned hv the Vincents. Later they
see Agatha First picking flowers with n
Btrang? man. Tho Vincents discuss.
Agatha's seeming duplicity. The follow
i<-<: day the party visits the ruins of an
cid convent. Terhune continues his at
tentions to Agatha Sixth. Then suddenly
he transfers his attentions to Asatha
First Vincent scores him for his appar
ent fickleness. The Inst evening of the
Wm.- l?oiod In which to become engaged
(CHAPTER IX.-Continued.)
The conclusion was obvious and we
fell away from our point of vantage
nt the door and looked at each other
with scared and troubled faces. Our
at: empts to make a match for Agatha
Sixth and win Terhune a fortune were
certainly going wrong with a ven
Hut the worse was not yet. ' Before
ve had time to more than breathe a
c?tr complication presented itself in
the shape of the sudden appearance of
Agatha Sixth upon the scene.
We met her at the foot cf the stairs
lust as we were going np, wrapper
clad and with long black braids hang
ing over her shoulders. I felt myself
grown quite cr.t-likc in regar;! to see
ing in the dark, and bad perceived
who she was ar.J the vital necessity
of keeping our discovery a secret from
her. before n:y wife had time to more
than gasp a greeting.
"is that you, Agatha Lawrence?"
she inquired.
"Yes. What is it?" whispered back
Agatha Sixth, peering at us from the
stairs, and ny Jove. I fe't so sorry for
the :;oor girl if she should see what
we had just seen that I rather lost
my head.
"Drgs," I said, my voice quite hoarse
with whispering, "one of 'em's got
shut in the'drawing-room some way.
and he's knocked over a vase!"
"Did ?ie also light the lamp?", de
manded Miss Lawrence- suspiciously,
PS she came and stood beside us. And
I cursed myself for a blunderer as
che- said it! Then Dearest had a go
at the situation, and I felt that if this
r.tterapt failed we could do nothing
!i<~!re to save the girl from the certain
misery she seemed so eager to bring
upon herself.
": iit the lamp, darling," she said,
standing directly in front of tho doors
i-f. that Agatha Sixth's view was cut
off, "to see if there was much damage
doric. We forgot to turn it out, but
Wilfred will do it now if you'll come
r.long upstairs with me and not both
er." But the girl was not to be turned
from her purpose so easily. Some in- i
s'.inct seemed to tell her that what ;
lay behind t!:c?e closed doors con- I
cerned her nearly.
'.Let me ino!:-Dearest," she said,
using my name for my wife for the
first time, as she's usually a cold Ut
ile thing, and Dearest, as if convinced
that it was fer the best after all,
stepped aside.
lt didn't take long, thc delivery of
the b!ow, and Agatha Sixth took it
like a martyr. One glimpse was
enough. Then she turned and silently
led l he way to thc stairs.
At the door of our nest's room
which we passed before reaching our
own suite, my wife stopped.
"Good night. Wilfred," she said.
"Agatha, dear," to the girl, and taking
her hand, "you must let me spend the
rest of the night with you." And as 1
stumbled on lo my own room I couldn't
help thinking that if anything in the
worU could comfort her, if consola
tion was to be found, Agatha Sixth
would find it in (hose dear arms.
The following morning dawned up
on the Castle Wyckhoff house par'v
clear and balmy and lypically June. 1
For al! the wor!d as if the day it her
aided was not a critical one for one of
its members, and an axious one for his
two friends, Dearest and myself, who
bad Invited Terhune to the castle sole
ly to further his interests and welfare.
At least that was the way I felt about
it. Dearest may have had some other
object In view. I hadn't Keen her
since last night, by the way, and I
own I felt alarmed for the success of
our plans when I thought of the events
of that evening and the shocking dis
closure of Terhune's inconstancy, lo
the very one of all others from whom
it should have been hidden.
"Poor old Arch!" I said to myself as
f sat down at the breakfast table and
began to read the naper until the
others should join me. "I'm afraid he's
gone and done it now! He's made a
bally mess of lt this time, as sure as
eggs!" And yet even in spite of ap
pearances, secretly I hoped, if Agatha
Sixth were really as daffy about him
as my wife had seemed to think
But the entrance of both the young
persons my thoughts had just named
interrupted my meditations an? I rose
as they seated themselves and with
an amazing calm began a common-1
place little chatter about unimportant
things, just as if nothing had happened |
at all. Nor did the appearance of ?
Agatha First and Tcrfcune one after
the other at all disturb their beautiful
Strange to say, Terhune gave no
evidence of any inward disquiet or
cause for alarm. He showed not thc
faintest symptoms of a guilty con
science, but laughed and chatted with
his customary sociability. If it had
not been for his persistent avoidance
of conversation with Agatha First 1
should have been convinced in spite
of the evidence cf my own eyes that
he was not the traitor and double
ciealer we had every reason to think
him, but an upright and innocent gen
tleman deeply in love with Agatha
Sixth and" Agatha Sixth only, his
straying 'toward Agatha First having
been but a temporary swerving from
the path of loyalty, born'only of his
conceit and thirst for flattery. I'm
bound to concede, however, that he
made no sort of headway with Miss
Lawrence, who met his advances with
unfailing courtesy, it,is true, but a
pillar of ice could scarcely have been
more unyielding and the look on her
lillie white pansy face was rather piti
fully hard. Dearest was only a little
more cordial herself, and I pitied the
poor old boy as I saw an expression
that I could almost have sworn was
hurt and bewildered growing upen his
But I didn't get a chance to observe
them much longer than a first glance
before I plunged myself into the duty
of entertaining Agatha First, which
naturally devolved upon me. The
poor girl wasn't game for much con
versation, though, I could see that.
And by Jove, if Agatha Sixth looked
badly, Agatha First looked worse.
Ne\er saw such a hopeless wretched
looking young woman in my life. If
it hadn't been for the presence of thc
footman, who was in the room, I be
lieve she would have given way to
"What Do YOJ W:
tears at any moment. She certainly
looked as if she'd cried all night as it
was. and there was hardly a trace of
her splendid color ?left.
Gad,! If ever a girl had the appear
ance of having been run through a
wringer, she had. I began to feel
more sorry for her than I did for
Agatha Sixth, even though her con
duct had been more open to criticism.
After all, I soliloquizer], the poor
thing had as much right to be in love
with Terhune as Agatha Sixth aid.
and perhaps it wasn't quite fair of
Dearest to side so entirely with the
latter. Of course it was true, as Dear
est had explained to me often enough,
that Agatha Sixth had cared for him
months before Agatha First had ever
thought of such a ihirg, md I suppose
had therefore a sort cf first claim up
on him. And of course the point
that she should have seen how things
were from the beginning and not al
lowed herself to g?t interested, was
good, though I didn't argue with them,
that she had deliberately' tried to
alienate Terhune from his acknowl
edged preference for Agatha Sixth.
The girl had never seemed to me to
be aware of such a state of things In
regard to Terhune and M;ss Lawrence
and had always gone about her busi
ness with the air of a sleep-walker,
or as if her mind were on-other things.
However, whether that was true or
not, I must confess I made rather a
moss of my efforts to converse with
her and frankly abandoned them for
an attempt to get her to eat, but
failed also in that. She steadfastly
refused everything, even though Dear
est, who can't bear anyone to go hun
gry, however displeased she may be
with them, urged her with the utmost
cordiality. Dearest, makes the pret
tiest hostess imaginable, and it's only
recently that I've been half able to
eat for looking at her. Todaj in hon
or of its importance I suppose, she
had put on my favorite white linen
dress with a lot of lace or crochet or
something of that sort let in, and I
tell you 6he looked wonderful good.
Gad! lt's nice to have a wife!
But as i was saying, we were all
of us under a rather unusual strain of
excitement. I could see as we left the
breakfast table that old Arch had be
gun to have misgivings as to the sue
::f??8 of hts ?i'lt? and Trr?s looking very
^ssriou? as the realization began tc
dawn 1:1:0:1 him that between break
fast and one o'clock he would have to
put the decisive question. When he
had confided to rae last evening that
he intended to ask Agatha Sixth to
day, be had also told me that he meant
to wait until the last possible minute
to try his fate, in order to humor
Agatha Sixth's coquettish desire to
keep him waiting for his answer. But
he spoke tben with a geed deal ot
confidence as to tho favorable nature
of that answer, while now doubt and
anxiety seemed to be his only allies.
I was sorry for him. though I couldn't
help wondering if his flirtation and
disloyal conduct in regard to Agatha
First did not make his refusal a just
punishircnt, and I surmised that lie
had begun to wonder himself If the
crowning offense .of last night had not
become known. In any event, trou
bled was no word for his expression
as we separated in the breakfast
room, each to his own pursuits. How
ever deserved his refusal might be, I
couldn't help wishing that such a
calamity would' not overtake him. I
think the world of the old boy and I
want to see him as happily married
as I am-though of course that's not
literally possible, as there's only one
Dearest in the world.
For myself, I followed my wife out
upon the veranda and began to tell
her my appr?hensions for my friend.
"Look here, Agatha," I said, "I want
to know what Terhune's prospects
are. What chance has ho with Agatha
Sixth now? Any at all?" As I have
said, I had not yet had an opportu
nity of specking privately with her.
and she had been with Agatha Sixth
all night and was of cours? in her
confidence. I expected to hear how
matters stood with Miss Lawrence
that moment and with the fullest de
tail. I was therefore cs disagreeably
surprised cs I've ever bien in my life,
by Jove, when my darling eyed me
coldly and impersonally and remarked,
"What do you want to know for?"
.'Why. because I'm interested in
Terhune!" I cried, a little injured. "I
want him to succeed in Inheriting his
aunt's property of course! What else?"
"What else indeed?" retorted ray
wife scornfully. "If you don't know
what else," emphasizing the word
"know," "I can't waste any more time
talking to you!" Then, as she caught
:nt to Know For?"
my look cf utter astonishment, "0,
you men! You men!" she added,
shaking her head at me. "you're all
alike, after all! But I thought better
of you, Wilfred!"
"Thought better of me? But what
about?" I queried.
"Hove you forgotten?" she asked
me. without answering my question.
"Have you forgotten last summer, not
cuite a year ago, when you and Mr.
Terhune i st came through the fields
of .Wye and stayed at Castle Wyck
ho.T with us all-my aunt Mrs. Ar
mistead and the six oth?r Agathas?"
.Tather not!" I exclaimed. "But
what*? that got to do with the present
case? What do you mean, dear?"
"Don't you remember,she persist
ed, still ignoring ray question, her
voice thrilling with tears, "how you
yourself behaved at that time? Have
you forgotten why it was that you
wanted to merry me?"
"Because I leved you!" 1 burst out,
as vehemently as if it were indeed
that wonderful self-same rroment
when I first had asked her. "What
"Grey" and "Gray."
What Is the difference. ' if any, be
tween "grey" and "gray," aside from
thc matter of spelling?
The editor of the Oxford Dictionary
some years ago made extended inquiry
as to usago, and found that opinions
in London varied. Replies to his ques
tions showed that in Great Britain
the. form grey is the more frequent
in use. despite the authority of Dr.
Johnson and later lexicographers, who
give the preference to gray. Many
correspondents Bald that they used
the two forms with a difference of
meaning, or application, the distinc
tion most generally recognized being
thnt grey donates a more delicate or
lighter tint than gray. Others con
sidered the difference to be that gray
is a warmer color, or that it has a
mixture* of retl or brown. Another
group held that grey has moro of
sentiment, gray more of color, which
may mean that grey is a suggestion
rather than a positive outline.
A little whitewash now and then is
relished ty the richest men.
CUT CF n J03.
Friend (consolingly)-So you've lost
your Job, eh? Well, don't worry about
lt I reckon you was only wastin* yer
time in a place like that
Young Bill (sadly)-Yes, that's
what the boss told me when 'e fired \
"I have been using Cuticura Soap
and Cuticura Ointment for the past
three months and I am glad to say
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Jpg skin eruption. It began by my'no
. ticing red blotches appearing on my
face and scalp. Although they were
rather disfiguring, I did not think any
thing cf them until they began to get
scaly and dry and to itch and burn
until I could cot rtand the suffering.
Then I began to uzs a different soap,
thinking tlat my old kind might be
hurting me, but that didn't seem to do
any good. I went to two different doc
tors but neither seemed to relieve me
any. I lost many nights' sleep in con
tinual scratching, sometimes scratch
ing till I drew the blood on my face
end head. Then I started in-to uso
the Cuticura Remedies and in two
months I was entirely relieved of that
awful pest. I am so delighted over
m y cure by Cuticura Remedies that I
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it" (Signed) G. M. Macfarland, 221
West 115th St., -sew York City, Oct. 5,
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Ointment (50c) are sold throughout
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Ellen Terry's Joke.
When Ellen Terry was presented
with a Founders' gold medal at the
New theater, New York, recently-an
honor conferred in recognition of her
great services to dramatic art-she
was called upon to make a speech 'of
acceptance. It so hanpened that tho
actress was exceedingly hoarse and
~~ -?v.crofnm forced io cut her
er CA._
know k can'i, but its a uc<u
think.' "
"You must have found the arctic
circle very unpleasant."
"Yes," replied the arctic explorer;
"but it has its advantages.- The cli
mate Is disagreeable, but the people
aren't always worrying you about
Garfield Tea purifies the blood, cleanses
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cates diseapc and promotes Good Health.
A woman always fears she won't be
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Mrs. Winslov.-'s Soothing Syrup for (Children
teething, softens the gion?. reduce* inMarama
ttoo, allaru puIn, cures wind colic, C5c a buttle.
A girl is always sure her latest love
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Garfield Tea is the best remedy for con
stipation. Take a cup before retiring.
Dwellers in glass houses should
keep out of politics.
Strong Healthy w
Il a woman is strong and healthy in a TI
crhood means to her but little suffering
ia the fact that thc many women suffer
disease of the distinctly feminine organi
lot motherhood*. This cen be rem?di?e
Dr. Pierce's Favorite h
Care? the weaknesses and diaordi
It acts directly on the delicate c
organs concerned ia motherhood,
healthy, strone? vigorous, virile
"Favorite Prescription" banishes the i
period of expectancy and makes baby
almost painless. It quickens and vit;
organs, and insures a healthy end rob
testified to its marvelous merits. -
It Makes Week Women Strong,
Honest druggists do not offer substii
as good." Accept no secret nostrum
contains not a drop of alcohol and nc
drugs. Is a pure glycerio extract of he
Miss Bangs ant
School i
and museums. Opportunity given ?or
educational and artistic value.
physical, with expert supervision in e\
and certain results.
FACULTY LARGE, each teacher a
vidual attention adapted to their respect
unique department known as the UPF
students desiring to spend the winter in
flhere, under the most favorable condltii
ntelligent advancement. The UPPER
the ordinary restrictions of a school.
Elocution. Languages and Dancing.
lng health, grace and ease of motion am
croises are in charge of a graduate of I
MER CAMP in New Hampshire.
eelved the highest commendation of th
well as of Ihe highest officials of the U
Whlton refer by perm'ssion to- the prc
and to Prudent and Mrs. Taft. Ex-V
President and Krs. Roosevelt, and tho <
Color mora MO4I briihter and fatter colors than any ot
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Hood's, S?
Which purifies, enriches ar
other does. 40,366 testimoi
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spring, because of thc unhealthful
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occur at this Ume.
Be sure to take Hood's this spring.
In a letter from Johnson
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months, before I tried Cardui
my case, but they did not*!
suffering until I began to tal
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tinued until I had used eight
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l\ine tiroes in ten when the liver it right tho
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gently but firmly com
pel a lazy liver
do iii ri'jty.
Cure* Con
Headache, and Distress after Earing.
Small Pill, Small Doa?, Small Pries
Genuine mint bur Signature
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.omanly way, moth?
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ind important
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tention given with the object of promot
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ind the Best Is
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est: efficiency fer tho cure of ail spring
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16 Months
City, Jenn., Mrs. S. H. Blair
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te your great medicine. After
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t bottles, and now 1 feel about
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c medicine, for women.
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r advantage of being a build*
pedal value to women.
: written to tel! how they were
Town remedy for their troubles.
?rience and advice, and test it
ic 50c Regular President Shirt,
?rst good turn j the second is
.00--an even motewonder
Ic to duplicate in T-TT other
Trade Mark
Makes Teething Easy
COB rt) ration. Diarrhoea. Convulsion*
Co!?c. bunr Si oiuu ch, eic. lt eauoTS
Wurm?, ?Uara VVferiatorsa and Ookl'a.
HaUl.KllgcHlion. Kmakes 1W;bl*fi*?y,
nruiuuir* Cbvcrfn leese asd prudacen
Hatnral tUcot'. Kur sulp hy all are mr I sta
a a I desden 2?CJL UiiUe. Manufactmed hy
to stop and perma
nently cure that ter
rible itching. It is
compounded for that
purpose and your money
will be promptly refunded
if Kant's Cure fails to caro
Itch, Eczema, Tetter, Ring
Worm or any other Skin
Disease. 50c at your druggist's, or by mail
direct ifbe hasn't it. Manufactured only by
Tte West Point Route
(Afloat* A West Pel nt Railway Co,
The Western Ballway of Alabama)
Io California
and the West
Cheapest Rates
Call at City Ticket Office. Fourth
National Ba^c B rr i ! di ne, or write
for rates and full information.
Dla*, rase. Agent Ces. Pass. Scent
1 Ot 30 MINUTES, Br One Apjdication of
Dr. David's Sanative Wash
WASH to eure ?ny case ol Itch tn Su min
ute?, if aced according to directions, or wa
wfll i dm J r?ar mr. '
li your Doe Scratches or Manjre Dr.
Dataid'aSsntfr* Wwk -triil core him at once.
Price, 50 Cents a Bottle
It cannot be mailed. Delivered at your
nearest expr?s* office free, upon receipt ot
75 cents.
Richmond Virginia
FREE!, !rial treatment for
DROPSY. Write at once for
Literature und tret?anc&c ?Vractaasal te
Rural Retreat, Virginia.
DEFERENCE:-VXSimi UBT. taral berat. Ta?
.^SSZFSS.11**9* attersja, You caa oj*
OKU O OO.. Oarfacy, UHmmtm*

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