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Edgtfield Adve tisor.
Oldest Paper in South Carolina.
Next June we all may Iocs ior the
ffcalmy days of January.
Possibly the? pet in the cat show
?would enjoy more keenly life in the
Some people can find a typograph
ical error who never find an idea of
their own.
We have yet to discover an egg that
has been improved by the cold stor
age treatment.
"Gaseous imbecility" has taken its
?place in the hall of fami beside "In
mocuous desuetude."
Higher education, too, has its dan
gers. An Illinois girl started for col
lege, but got married on the way.
, Chicago is to have grand opera In
{English neit season. If Chief Stew
ard bas his way it will dso have it in
In the Boston high schools 3,000
(girls ara taking the commercial
?course. The boys will have to go west
?or 6( ;th.
A Denver surgeon wa3 stricken with
-appendicitis while operating on a pa
tient for that disease. Maybe it is
?catching, after all.
That Jersey architect who failed to
provide a stairway for a new school
house must have realized that this is
the age of aviation.
Three and a half lillions was the
value of the foreign trade of the
United States last year. Pretty big
?country this, isn't it?
Russia affords a big market for
J^nerican typewriters. To judge from
tho cartoons we see, Russia is not a
"big market for American safety
There is a powerful movement lo
favor of grand opera In English, dc
?pite the fact that soch productions
tend to discourage thc elegant art of
/ ------
A Boston spinster wants a five-dol
lar tax on bachelors. Eut surely she
would not have any man value her so
cheaply that he would marry her to
save a paltry five.
Harvard astronomers have discov
ered a new star, but as said star is
not one of the football variety, the
discovery is not making much of a
idt with the students.
"Ch _go is a burglar's paradise,"
says a jurist who is in a position to
know. Asi^^rom that and a few
cth^jdjjtfWHk; " scud place to live
In u one'Tcn t particular.
Europe has now definitely decided
that Tolstoi was insane. This may
? Toe true, but it seems as though a lit
tle more of that sort of insanity
wouldn't hurt Europe any.
If the fashion of wearing tight
trousers and padless coats comes into
general use we know a great many
supposedly brawny men who will
dwindle woefully in appearance.
Many 'readers of newspapers have
wondered at the meaning of those oft
repeated words found at the end of
mysterious disappearance stories:
"Detectives have been assigned to the
At any rate the Chicago woman who
said she rode all night on street cars
to cure a headache has invented a
good excuse for persons who are
prone to stay out until the wee sma' j
A New York woman says she lost
ter respect for her husband when she
caught him with five aces in his hand.
She is perfectly right. A man who
allows himself to be caught that way
deserves no respect.
If that Buffalo man who would not
? give up a counterfeit bill to an agent
?T the government were to get the
fail penalty of $100 and a year's im
prisonment he might think he had
committed rome reo! crime.
We have it from a German eco
nomist that American women will
soon be forced to labor on farms like
men. Here we"have an outlet for
"tte surplus energy of these fair data
reis who s?ek "careers" in preference
to husbands.
A post-mortem examination of n
Missouri laf'y who Iu.d n mania for
neaw diet resulted in the discovery
cf 1.446 senara*? articles of hardware
In 1 er little in-ide. If there is any
truth in theosophy tho lady was either :
a goat or an ostrich in her previous
Most of these *wbo tell about rearing
?family ar.d saving money on $1,000 a
year do not have to find h^.v.ce are bet
ter able to theorize In the abstract.
A florist i New Jersey tums his
hennery into a summer garden with
all sorts of flowers and is getting
eggs of delicate flavor and various
tints, violet, rese and carnation flavors
treing in the lead. A hen garden of
this kind might be a handsome and
ir*aful addition to a combination club
house for the Ananias members and
Ute nature fakers.
A federnl judge tells us that hens
.are not birds. Too true! Various
hens we have tried to eat bore a close
resemblance to fossils of the stone
A Chicago youth who admits that he
>1? "tall, chesty, very handsome and
smntrimonlally Inclined." advertises
'that he is open to wed any pretty
young blonde who Is wealthy, can
cook, play the plano and is willing to
stay home nights and behave herself.
.And then they tell us that the women
of tcday are without opportunities.
Governor Blease Has Not Signed Act
to Investigate Dispensary Commis
sion-Other Investigating Commit
tees Appointed
Columbia.-The general assembly
passed, enrolled and ratified a large
number of acts" and with the excep
tion of a number vetoed by the gov
ernor, these will now become a part
af "the law of the land." In the fol
lowing list will be found the acts
jf state-wide interest ratified, al
though the governor has ainee ve
toed a number of these.
To apportion *erPr?sentation in the
House of representatives.
To permit elections in cities of
more than 9,000 and less than 20,000
ind cities of more than 50,000 and
less than 100,000 for the adoption of
i commission form of government.
To amend the law in reference to
?ompensatioh of county officers.
Billiard Tables in Small Towns.
To require a license for pool and
Billiard tables not in incorporated
To require tho filing of written in
Itruments lodged for record.
To require the distribution of the
iispensary fund among the common
ichools and provide the method
To amend the law relating to mag
istrates, their constables, powers, du
des, jurisdiction and salaries.
To amend the law for the protec
tion of game birds and animals and
to provide a close season.
To promote the public health by
iraining swamps, building levees and
?stablishing drainage and levee dis
tricts, and issuing and selling bonds
therefor. ? I
To amend an act providing for the
payment of jurors in circuit courts.
To regulate the introduction of laws
>f other states, terri tone's and g^v
To provide houses of detention fer
!emale convicts.
To require the analyzation of ferti
izers without requiring the purchaser
:o furnish name of the manufacturer
Te regulate the buying and selling
)f cotton in bales and cotton seed.
To annul any clause in a contract
Jmiting time within which suit may
5e brought ether than the statute of
imitations as to such causes cf ac
To provide for the payment of one
innual pension for benefit of a de
?eased pensioner.
Must Pay Wages Promptly.
To provide a penalty and manner of
:ol!ection thereof where a corpora
tion fails to pay wages when due.
To continue the State hospital com
mission and to authorize it to erect
To provide fer the levy of taxes
!or county and school purposes for
rear beginning January, 1911.
To empower the railroad commis
don to require the installation of any
levice which will promote safety, pro
tection and comfort to train crews
ind traveling public.
To provide for an investigation of
the acts and doings of the state dis
jensary commission, and the acts and
loings of the attorney general in
lonnecticn therewith, and of the acts
ind doings of the committee of the
?eneral assembly, appointed under, a'
concurrent resolution of the general
issembly. ,
To authorize and empower the
soard of trustees of Clemson Agri
iuliural and Mechanical college to
rftablish two or more experiment
ita tiens.
To amend an act entitled "An act
Lo regulate the sale of cocaine," ap
proved the 20th day of February, A.
D. 1907, so as to further provide for
the regulation of the handling and
ase of cocaine and to change thc pun
ishment therefor.
To amend section 32 of an act to
ieclare the law in reference to, and
to regulate the manufacture, sale,
ase, consumption, possession, trans
Must Come Before Supreme Court'
Associate Justice Eugene' B. Gary,
telegraphed from his home at Abbe
ville to the clerk of the supreme
ttcurt, "Hold remittitur in Hunter case
mtil further order of the court." The
lefendant, Wash Hunter, was parol
ed by Governor Blease until July 1,
ft-hen Hunter expects te move before
i circuit judge for a new trial on
the ground of after-discovered evi
dence. Hunter killed Albert Cope
land at Clinton during a game of
poker several years ago. Governor
31ease was his attorney.
Non-Suit in Colored Pythian Case.
A non-suit was ordered in the Rich
land county court of common pleas
in the case o? Robert Little as ad
ministrator of W. A. Key, against the
negro order cf Pythias for the pay
ment of an insurance claim of $300.
The action was brought to test the
liability of tho insurance. He dfr
tdared that thc proper person had
net brought the suit.
Judge Watts allowed the plaintiff to
amend his complaint and to name
Duncan Key as the proper person to
institute proceedings.
Electric Trolley Lines Blocked.
Friends of thc Piedmont & Nor
thern railway aro receiving with re
gret announcement that Governor
Blease has refused Ids signature to
the act of the legislature incorporat
ing this company, thereby vetoing it.
Governor Blcase's action was on the
ground that the act gave this pro
posed corporation too much author
ity. The company was proposed with
a capital stock of $5,000,000, and
would operate a network of trolley
lines throughout thc piedmont- sec
tion of North ar.d South Carolina.
portation and disposition of alcoholic
liquors and beverages within the state
and to police the same.
Marriage Licenses . Required.
To require marriage licenses and to
regulate their issuance.
To declare the wilful or wanton
burning of any building or personal
property in which any person has an
interest as mortgagee, insurer, or
otherwise, a felony, and to provide
punishment therefor.
To provide free scholarships at
Clemson college for Jerry H. Moore
of Florence county and Archie T.
Odom of Marlboro county, successful
competitors of the boys' corn clubs.
To provide for a scholarship for
Hannah Plowden and Katie Gunter
at Winthrop college.
To dispense with publication of
legal notices in certain cases.
To require the clerk of court to
open and publish sealed sentences.
To amend section 3094, volume 1,
code of laws of South Carolina, 1902,
by making each first Monday in any
month a legal day for judicial sales
or transactions cf any other legal
To require the clerk of court of gen
eral sessions to enter upon the calen
dar the race to which"-the indicted
person belongs.
To provide for the custody of des
titute, abandoned and unprotected
Employment of Children.
To amend au act to regulate em
ployment of children in factories,
mines and manufacturing establish
ments in this state.
To provide for the appointment ,of
township commissioners.
To amend subdivision 8 of section
1893 of volume 1, civil code of 1902,
by adding a provision as to purchase
money mortgages.
The president of the senate ap
pointed the committee to investigate
the winding-up commission of the
state dispensary, composed of H. B.
Carlisle, John H. Clifton and G. W.
/The committee to examine into ex
penses and appropriations for state
educational institutions, J. W. Mc
Committee to examine into books
and accounts of penal and charitable
institutions, G. K. Laney.
Committee to investigate and check
up books of certain state officers, L.
M. Lawson.
Committee to investigate progress
of codo commission, Robert Lide.
As Governor Blease/ has not yet
signed the act to investigate the dis
pensary affairs, Speaker Smith has
not appointed the members of the
commission. He will make the an
nouncements later.
Reapportionment Bill Passed.
Under the provision of the reap
portionment bill the following will be
the apportionment for the various
counties: Abbeville three; Aiken
three, Anderson six, Bamberg two,
Barnwell three, Beaufort two, Berk
ley two, Calhoun one, Charleston
eight, Cherokee two, Chester two,
Chesterfield two, Clarendon three, Col
leton two, Darlington three, Dillon
two, Dorchester one, Edgefield two,
Fairfield two, Florence three, George
town two, Greenville six, Greenwood
three, Hampton two, Hcrry two, Ker
shaw two, Lancaster two, Laurens
three, Lee two, Lexington three,
Marion two, Marlboro three, New
berry three, Oconee two, Orangeburg
five, Pickens two, Richland five, Sa
luda two, Spartanburg seven, Sumter
three, Union two, Williamsburg three
and York four.
Homicide in Bennettsville.
Bennettsville.-Mr. C. LaFayette
Rivers was shot and instantly killed
here by Mr. W. Gary Smith. The
homicide occurred in a room in tho
rear of the Matheson building on
Broad street, near? the Bennettsville
& Cheraw railroad depot No one
was in the room at the time of the
shooting. They were brothers-in
law, and both men were drinking.
Edgefield.-The county superinten
dent of education, W. W. Fuller, is
very hopeful over the outlook for the
Boys' Corn club. He has written all
of the teachers in the county, enlist
ing their co-operation and has already
received several names for enroll
ment. An attractive list of prizes will
be arranged. The banks, fertilizer
dealers and others have signified their
willingness to contribute to the prize
Demand Expense From Bondsmen.
Atterney General Lyon will make
demand upon the bondsmen of G.
Wash Hunter of Laurens for expenses
amounting to $141.65, incurred in
arguing the state's side in the appeal
to the United States supreme court.
The bondsmen are H. H. Evans and
Jos. Norwood of Newberry.
Governor Blease recently paroled
Hunter, now under sentence cf eight
years, until July 1, pending an ap
peal on the grounds of newly discov
ered evidence. The remittitur in the
case has been ordered stayed.
Will Adopt Drainage Law.
A drainage measure similar to the
South Carolina law will bc intro
duced in thc Georgia legislature. The
drainage measure was passed at the
last session of the general assembly
of South Carolina and has been ap
proved by the governor. Commis
sioner Watson and F. A. Eason, the
United States drainage expert, pre
pared the measure for this state, as
requested by the state farmers' un
ion. Mr. Watson say3 that a similar
law would be introduced in the Geor
gia legislature.
Newberry and^ Southern Power Co.
The city council of Newberry and
the Southern Power company came
nearer to an agreement when the
council receded from its position re
quiring a maximum rate proviso in
the franchise for the Southern Power
company. The council insisted how
ever, that the rates in Newberry
should bc no higher than in ether
towns its size and stipulated that
stations should be placed in that
town and that the company should
not sell electricity for resale. The;,
will come to an agreement.
Governor Blease Would "Chop Off
Their Political Heads."
Columbia,-A letter sent out to the
various clerks of court indicates that
Governor Blease will refuse to ap
prove a recommendation for the
appointment of any negro as notary
public. Following the action of the
governor in revoking all former com
missions this letter comes as no sur
prise as it was known that he wished
to change the old form of appoint
An effort was made at the last ses
sion of the genera laBsembly to limit
the terms of office of notaries pubilc
as is done in a number of states, but
this did not receive the favorable
Governor Blease, in his letter, re
quests the clerks of court, according
to the letter received by J. F. Walker,
clerk of the Richland court, to refer
to him the application made, to any
negro for appointment to this office
and further states: "If any of them
happen to slip through I will chop off
their political heads. So far none
have been issued for office and no
negro will he commissioned."
The law requires that notaries pub
lic file their names wita the clerk of
Governor Blease Makes it Known
That Power Will be Used.
Columbia,-Governor Blease had
many things to say concerning his
veto of the appropriation measure in
25 counts.
He said that he intended next year
to veto the items for the state colleges
if they were as large as this year and
that he would have vetoed the items
for the running of the schools this
year if he had put the members of
the general assembly on notice. He
said that if he bad vetoed the items
that it would have meant the discon
tinuance of the schools for 12 months
and that would not. have been fair.
"But," he continued, "I hereby put
them on notice that if the items for
the expenses of the state schools arc
as high next year as they were this
year that I will use my veto power."
He thinks that the state institutions
are receiving tco much money.
Governor Blease will abolish the of
fice of state geologist. He thinks the
office a needless one. He said that
when the term of office of Earle Sloan
expired that he would refuse to make
an. appointment to fill the vacancy.
This wotKl' abolish the office. .
He condemned the factory inspec
tion law as being needless and gave
a final verbal decree that the in
spectors; must go.
Governor Blease said that?he had
lef it generally be known that he
would veto Important items in the
appropriation bill and that the charge
that he had not gnade it known in a
way and that me'mbers of the house
and senate who left the city thinking
that the measure was safe was un
Opposed to Commission Government.
Columbia.-"I am opposed to the
commission form of government in
With this statement Governor
Blease vetoed the two measures pro
viding for a vote on the commission
form of government and sent the
hopes of the citizens o' Charleston
and Spartanburg glimmering so far as
the new form of government in the
two cities are concerned.
Columbia.-It is not so much the
general taxes that burden the people
as the many special levies that have
been laid and the bonding of tho
small communities. This year in the
general assembly probably seventy
five acts were passed giving to town
ships and villages the right to bond
themselves. This is well and good
for the cause of education and im
provements, but the people feel the
burden and yet lay this on the other
Laborsrs Went on Strike.
Charleston.-Several hundred ne
gro laborers went on a strike ' at the
several of the phosphate works in
the suburbs. The negroes wanted an
increase from $1.50 to $2.10, which
was refused and then the negroes
quit work. Some of them paraded
around with red banners, instigating
other negroes to stop work, and sev
eral arrests followed. The negroes
have been making these demands
generally every year and the ^orks
have been allowing them increases.
No Increase will be given,
Test Farm at Timmonsville.
Wasfiington.-A government ex
perimental farm will be established
at Timmonsville, Florence county,
and work will begin at once. Such,
at least, is tho word sent by the bu
reau of plant industry of the depart
ment of agriculture to Representative
Ellerbe and Representative Lever,
members of the house committee on
agriculture, both of whopi have been
active in their efforts to bring about
the establishment of this farm. The
farra to be established is to be used
in experiments.
Eleven Yearn to Make up Her Mind.
Spartanburg.-On account of in
juries received eleven years ago, suit
haB been filed in Anderson county by
Festus Burnett and his wife, Joannah
Burnett, against the Pejzer Manu
facturing company. Damages in the
sum of $50,000 are asked. It is set
forth in the complaint that while
Mrs. Burnett was employed in the
mill of the defendant company, she
was injured and this heoessltated the
amputation of her hand. Since the
accident she has married. It i3 not
known why the delay.
I have been Belling Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root for the past three years and those
of my customers who buy it, speak fa
vorably regarding it. I have used it in
my ?wn family with good results, and I
believe the preparation has great curative
value. Ycu may use this as you like.
Very respectfully,
' By C. B. Rupe, Mgr.
Seymour, Texas.
Personally appeared before me thia
20th day of July, 1909, C. B. Rape, Drug
gist, who subscribed the above statement
and made oath that the same is true in
substance and in fact.
J. P. and Ex-Officio.
J.-1 : rr lo
Dr. kit?rr A Ch
ninrlimmtn, X. T.
Prove What Swamp-Root Will Do For Yon
. Send to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bingham
ton, N. Y., for a sample bottle. It will
convince anyone. Ycu will also receive
a booklet of valuable information, telling
all about the kidneys and bladder. When
writing, be sure and mention this paper.
For sale at all drug stores. Price fifty
cenia and one-dollar.
First College Student-Don't you
think some people ask a good many
icol questions in letters?
Second College Student-Yes. Now,
ny father always wants to know if
fri a l-nnk.
Wifely Solicitude.
Appealing to thc police to find her
husband, who went to work and had
not returned home at eight o'clock,
but requesting that the officers nei
lin r arrest nor "talk cross" to him, a
'oman left a note in the hands of
Patrolman Hickerson at Sixth and Ed
mond streets containing information
concerning thc missing husband.
Tho note in addition to giving a de
scription of the missing man read
that the wife "was worried nearly sick
because it was the first time that he
had done this."
'.I don't want you to arrest him,"
continued the note. "Tell the police
to picas* net talk cross to him."-St.
Joccph Gazette.
Successful Life Work. -
"He has achieved success who has
lived will, laughed often, and loved,
much; who has gained the respect of
Intelligent men and the love of little
children; who has filled his uiche
and accomplished his task; who left
the wcrid better than he found it,
whether by an Improved poppy, a
perfect poem, or a rescued soul; who
ha? never lacked appreciation of
earth's beauty or failed to express it;
who has always looked for the best
in ethers, and given the best he had;
whose life was an inspiration; whose
memory a .benediction." - President
A Frequent Speaker.
A member from a northern constit
uency, who was one day reproached
by a disappointed supporter for never
evening h's mouth in the house, repu
diated the accusation with indignation.
Not a /iay passed, he declared, but
that he caid coimnhing: and it was
reported in the papers, too. In con
firmation of bb statement he pro
duced thc report cf the last debate.
r.nd pointed triumphantly to the
"Hear, hears," with which certaiu
cpeeches were punctuated. "That's
rae," he said.-Tit-Bits.
Dy Mother's Food and Drink.
Many tables have been launched
Into life with constitutions weakened
by disease taken in with their moth
ers' milk. Mothers cannot be too care
ful as to the food they use while nurs
ing their Labes.
The experience of a Kansas City
mother is a case in point:
"I was a great co ?Ice drinker from a
child, and thought I could not do with
out (it. But I found at last it, was do
ing mo harm. Fer years I had. been
troubled with dizziness, spots before'
my eyes and pain ia my heart, to
which was added, two years later, a
chronic sour stomach.
"The baby was born 7 months ago,
?nd almost from the beginning, it, too,
suffered from sour stomach. She was
taking it from mc! ?
"In my distress I consulted a friend
of more experience and she told mc
to - quit, coffee, that coffee did not
make good milk. I hr.vc since ascer
tained that it really dries up the milk.
"So. I quit coffee and tried tea and
at last cocoa. But they did not agree
with me. Then I turned to Postum
with the happiest results. It proved
to be the very thing I needed. It not
only agreed perfectly with baby and
myself, but It increased the flow of
my milk.
"My husband then quit coffee and
used Postum and quickly got well of
the dyspepsia with which he had been
troubled. I no longer suffer irom the
dizziness, blind spells, pain in my
heart or sour stomach.
"Now we all drink Postum from my
husband to my seven months' old
baby. Tt has proved to be the best
hot drink we have ever used. Wc
wou'd not give up Postum for the best
coffee we ever drank." Name given
by Postum Co., Battle Creek, Mich.
Get the little book, "The Road to
Wellville." iri pkgs.
"There's a Reason."
Ever *+*A *bf* nbnre lettT? A wrW
oue nnoetir* from time tn tim*. T?ey
lire ir cm: In c. (rue, and full of human
Little Rest and Less Peace for ths
Kidney Sufferer.
Mrs. N. U. Miller, 1509 Jackson St.,
Baltimore, Md., says: "There was
scarcely a moment I was not suffering
from kidney trouble. Every' move
ment caused misery and at night I
could not sleep owing to the intense
pain. Dizzy spells
were frequent and
obliged me to sit
down to keep from
falling. Kidney secre
tions were generally
profuse, then again
scanty and deposited
heavy sediment My
feet and ankles were
so badly swollen that mornings I could
not wear my shoes. Today I am free
from kidney trouble. Two boxes of
Doan's Kidney. Pills effected a com
plete cure."
Remember the name-Doan's.
For. sale by all dealers. 50 cents a
box. Foster-MIlburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
"I saw a pianist last night who can
play with his toes."
"Umph!-I've got a kid 18 ricnths
old can do that!"
Nine or Ten Deposits.
''It is expensive to learn to fly," said
Clifford Harmon at Mine?la. "Your
aeroplane costs more than $5,000. You
must pay a fee of $500 for tuition, ahd
you must deposit, too, about $500
more for damages. All the damage
you do to the machine you learn on
must be paid for, and your deposit
may easily bo eaten up.
"I was talking one day at Nice to an
English flyer.
" 'I learned to fly in a week,' I said.
'How long did it take you to learn?'
" 'Oh, nine or ten-'
"Tv hat!' I interrupted. 'Not nine or
ten weeks?'
" 'No, aeroplanes,' said he."
La".'-st Quotations.
"How would you like a game picture
for your dining room? A brace of can
vasbacks, say?"
"No cheap stuff for me. Paint me
a picture of a dozen eggs."
Many Children Are Sickly.
Mother Gray'? Sweet Powders for children
break up colds in 2? hours, relieve feverish
ness, headache, stomach troubles, teething
disorders, move and regulate thc'bowels, uild
destroy worn?. They are so pleasant to take
children like them. Used by mothers for 22
years. At all di^ggists, 25c. Sample malled
FE EE. Address, A. S. Olmsted, LeKoy, SI. V.
Have to Pull Them In.
Ella-There are Just as good fish
in the sea
' Stella-But you have to have a pull
to land them.
Ta',-0 ihn Oli Standard UKOVK*? TArfTKLKiS
CULL TONIC Toa know weat you aro taKir.tf
The formula is plainly printed on every bottle,
showing lt ls simply yuline andiron in a raste
lesH form. Tbe Oalmnu drives ont Ute malaria
nod Uie Iron builds np the system. Sold by all
lealers fur ?0 yean. Price Ut cents.
His Light.
Ella-He says that I am the light
cf his life.
Stella-That's gas.
Hicks' CAI'IDINE is the best remedy-re
lieves the bchiug and feverishness-cures Ihe
Cold ami restores normal conditions Ifs
liquid-effects immediately. Kc, 25c., andSCv.
At drug stores. .
Can a woman become a member of
the Daughters of the Revolution just
because her ancestors murdered the
king's English.
Taylor's Cherokee Remedy of Sweet Gum
and Mullen is Nature's great remedy
Cures Coughs, Colds, Croup and Whooping
Couch and al! throat and lung troubles. At
druggists, 23c. 50c and SI.00 per bottle.
The measure of what we love and
admire is the measure of our own
The Chicago Fire could have been pre- I
vented with one pail of water, but the ;
water was not handy. Keep a bottle of !
Hamlins Wfcard Oil handy and prevent !
the fiery pains of inflammation.
It is sweet to feel by what fine spun
threads our affections are drawn to
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate
and ir.vigor.tte stomach, liver and bowels.
Sugar coated, tiny, granules, easy to take.
Do not gripe.
Inconsistency often means those
deeds in another which I only half
/onrdrucpist ?lu r -.unu money If PA?O OrNT
MJfMT fails to ?ure nm- ra:-* ol' Itching, BUaa
Bleeding ur Protruding Piles Iii * to 14 aays. 60c
Sympathy sometimes means sitting !
In a car and pasting out soft words to !
lame folk.
Better health is sure to follow the usc of
! the natural Herb laxative, Garfield Tea.
i All druggists.
What women feel is more convin
cing to them than what men know.
Itch Cured In SO Minutes by Woolford':;
?anltaryLotlon.Ncver fails. At druggists.
j The ocean is crossed in love-by a
i number of bridal parties.
The family with young children that ls
without sickness In the house now and
then is rare, and so it ls Important that
the head of the boure should know what
; to do in the llttie emergencies that arise.
? A child with a serious ailment needs a
: doctor, it is true, but in the majority of
? Instances, as any doctor knows, the ciilld
? suffers from some Intestinal trouble,
j usually constipation.
There is no sense In giving lt a pill or
. a remedy containing an opiate, nor lu
! flushing of the bowels to be always rec
: Ommender]. Rather give it a smill dose
, of a mild, gentle laxative tonic like Dr.
I Caldwell's 8yrup Pepsin, which, by clean
ing out the bowels and strengthening the
The Final Settlement.
"A verdict for $10,000 isn't so tad,"
said the junior partner. "Hew much
shall we give our client?"
"Oh, give him $50," answered the
senior partner. "But hold!"
"Don't be hasty. Promise to giv?
him $50."
In all its forms among all ages of horses,
as well as dogs, cured and others in same
stable prevented from having the disease
Every bottle guaranteed. Over 600,000?
bottles fold last year $J>0 and $1.00. Any
good druggist, or send to manufacturers.
.Atrents wanted. Spohn Medical Co., Spec.
RContagious Diseases, Gcshen, Ind.
- .
Ii a man's wife can read about poll
tics without wishing she were a man,
he will never experience the pleasure
of being henpecked. .
Whether from Colds, Heat, Stomach or
Nervonn Trouble^ Capudlne will relieve yon.
It'? liquid- pleasant to take-actH immedi
ately. Try it. 10c, 25c., and 50 cents at dray
6torcs ?_
Some men will do anything for the
sake of a little newspaper notoriety.
tho slgnatnre ot E. W. GROVE. Used ito Work*
over tu Core a Cold in one Dar. 25c.
Peace with God without peace withj
men is an iniquitous thing.
Druggists Everywhere sell Garfield Tea,
the Herb laxative. It acts as a gentle aid
to Nature.
Intervention In love is equivalent to
a declaration of war.
Cured by Lydia E. Pinknarn's
Vegetable Compound
Morton's Gap, Kentncky.-"I suf
fered two years with female ?is?mera,
tf???I??^&?l111 y health was very
' bad and I had a
continual backache?
which was simply
awful. I could not
stand ^on my feet
long enough to cook
a meal's victuals
without rr.y bade
nearly killing me,
and I vould havo
such dragging sen-'
sations I could
_hardly bear it. I
had soreness in each side, could not
stand tight clothing, and was irregular.
I was completely run down. On ad
vice I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound and Liver Pills and
am enjoying good health. It is now
moro than two years and I have not
had an acho or pr.:n sicco I do all my
own work, washing and everything,
end never nave the backache any more.
I thflak your medicine is grand and I
praise it to all cy neighbors. If yoir
think my testimony will help'others
you may publish it."-Mrs. OLLIE
WOODALL, Morton's Gap, Kentucky.
Backache is a symptom of organ!?
weakness or derangement. If you
have backache don't neglect it. To
get permanent reliclf you must reach,
the root lof the trouble. Kothing wo
know of will do thi3 so surely aa Lydia
E. Pinkham's Compound.
"Write to Mrs. Pinkham, at
Lynn, Mass., for special advice?
Your letter will bo absolutely
confidential, and thc advice free?
Mexican Mustang Liniment is made
of the best oilsand pcnetratesquickly,
soothing and healing the a fleeted parts
IT makes good all losses occasioned
by accidents and is cheaper than any
insurance pclicy.
IT will take a curb off your horse or
cure him of the heaves.
IT will cure h>m of cracked heels or
rjrease heels.
No matter how long-standing or
deep-seated the pain, this old reliable
remedy will kill it.
25c SOc. $1 a bottle mt Drnjr St Gen'l Store?.
Restores Cray Hair to Natural Color.
Invigorate? and prevent* the bair from falling offj.
fat tala by Druggists, er Sent Direct fey
XANTHINE CO., Richmond, Virginia
fries ll Per Sattle s?mela Settle isc tana fsr Circular*
"sifflai Thompson's EyiWati-r
W. N. U., CHARLOTTE. NO. 9-19T1.
little stomach muscles, will Immediately
correct the trouble.
This ls not alone our opinion but that
of Mrs. N. H. Mead of Freeport, Kans.,,
whose granddaughter has been taking lt
successfully and of Mrs. J. R, Whiting
of Lena, Vr is., who gives it to her children,
and takes lt herself. It ls sold In fifty
cont and one dollar bottles at every
drug store, but if you want to test it ia
your family before you buy rt send your
address to Dr. Caldwell and he will for
ward a supply free of charge.
For the free sample ' address Dr. W. B.
Caldwell. 281 Caldwell building, Monti
cello. I1L

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